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2003 Jean's Letter to Catherine -Dec.29

A hand-written personal letter was becoming rarer in 2003. This letter, in somewhat stream of conscious style, was written 20 years after Roberta's wedding to Sid and 40 years after the Key West trip during a Florida vacation. Transcription follows.


Dearest Catherine,

We tried several times to reach you while we were traveling home from  Columbus yesterday after having lunch with John and his family but were never able to reach you as the line was busy.  Did talk to MV and Ginny and Christian as well as Roberta.

Enjoyed breakfast at First Watch but I ate way too much & again at Cracker Barrel.  It was really busy & again I ate too much but we shared a chocolate dessert which Andrew and I ate the most of it.  Dad & John both refused but it was rich.

In cleaning up the table between our chairs in front of the TV I found the article about Linda Compton's son I mentioned I'd plan to bring with me.  Her dad had been quite sick – don't know if he was able to attend their wedding for he died not much after that.  The News Journal takes ages to get articles printed but maybe they hadn't had it sooner.

I did enjoy reading the Christmas letters you brought to First Watch.  In fact we both enjoyed the whole two weeks – all the special planning you did before hand.

I thought one of the best meals we had was where Wendy works.  She's a very good waitress and did a good job with our table.  We wish her success in [any] way she goes in her field and her marriage.  We both like X too and hope they are able to get another apartment to be rid of the bugs.  That's no fun!

I'd like Gerry's soup recipe too but forgot to ask when we were there.

Appreciate all your cards and telephone calls!

Much love, Mother

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1963 Florida Photos - Dec.

After Roberta attended 7th grade in Florida since Thanksgiving, the rest of the family and some of the Hortons joined the group for a trip to Key West over Christmas vacation.  In another memorable Key West trip, probably in the late 1950s, Roberta made an unsuccessful attempt to assert her independence.   

1963 Key West photo:  Marianne, Catherine, Cris, HH, & Roberta

1963 Photo December: HH & John hidden on far left, Catherine, Roberta & Jean

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1973 Gladys Heistand Uible Letter Dec.30

This letter from Grandma was included in the same envelope with one from Roberta dated December 29. Though undated we can assume this one was written the Sunday after Christmas in Lake Worth. Grandma believes in long paragraphs (to save space?) but a few have been added to make the printed version more readable.  Transcription follows.

Sun. evening
Dear Family -

At the moment it is rather quiet.  Supper over Mary & Bill left for evening service & Roberta is doing a little writing.  Cris & Laurna [this would be Uncle Bill's brother Cris 1910-1991, and his wife] were here for dinner & a pick up evening meal.  They enjoy watching the Ball games which were on this afternoon.

We were supposed to have a group of colored singers from Delray Beach for part of our morning service, for some reason they were late in arriving so Rev. Rabb didn't give them much time.  They were really good & we did enjoy hearing them sing.  We were told by one of the fellows after service there was a misunderstanding about getting gas Sat. & getting together to-day.  Starting next Sun. until Easter we will have 2 morning services.  No Sun. have we had an overflow to date & don't think we would.  There are a number of vacant apts. & rooms at the present which we haven't had for several years.  The tourist class was 29 this morning.

So far we have been keeping the cars about 3/4 full of gass [sic] with no trouble as yet obtaining same.  But for how long?  We have heard from each one of the family & it won't be long now until the weary (?) travelers will be coming into Miami Tues noon about 12:30 I believe.  [Referring to Rob, Cris & Marianne who have been visiting Joe in Senegal.]  No water during the day.  They have each written about the dirt along with several interesting happens. [sic]  I am sure they have had a good time.  Robbie is still thinking about his meals at home.  They had a Christmas tree & made their own decorations.  We are leaving ours up here at the house until the boys see it.  Rob will start to school Wed. & Cris leaves Thurs. I believe for Ga. Tech.

My new tax book came Sat. to use again so will total up some of my accounts in Jan.  I mailed the final check for 1973 taxes Sat. so that has been taken care of.

I did get to Dr. Tucker for my nose & throat examination & since he is a (true) allergic Dr. he said perhaps I should do this & that but at the present I am not inclined, throwing away my woolens, feathers & the like & taking tests.  I am not that bad off.

Between Lake & Lucerne from back of the library the Apt. house & several business places have been wrecked, up to near L for a new Bank bldg. Mary said.

Have the new Drs.? been busy or is there any comment here & there up to this time?  It is now bed time & I do have my heating pad in use so will get rid of it.  Have a Happy New Year every one. –– Love, Mother
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1923 Ballantyne photo of Rio Vista Florida -Dec.29

1923 Ballantyne panoramic photo of Rio Vista Florida -Dec.29
Gala Day at Rio Vista on the Halifax Dec. 29 -'23
Ballantyne automobile pictured in left mid-ground

Other sites and information from card:
Our car - Jean at Window with Mrs. Brown.  The rest of us out at Pier to see Aviator jump from airplane in River.  Seaplane getting ready to make flight.  Ormond 2 mi North - A new Suburb [Rio Vista] - Daytona 2 mi South
* * * * *
According to Daytona Beach and the Halifax River Area by Cheryl Atwell & Vincent Clarida, page 8: "The area [Daytona Beach] was very active during the 1920s, and the great Florida land boom resulted in the building of grand subdivisions such as the Daytona Highland, Rio Vista, and Gannymeade.  Real estate activity became rampant, and speculators came in droves.  This all came to an end with the destructive hurricanes of 1926 and 1928, and the Great Depression in 1929."

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1973 Roberta's Letter to MV - Dec.29

Grandma may have supplied the postage (8¢) for this letter as a letter from Grandma, which will be on the blog soon, is included in the envelope. Transcription of Roberta's letter follows.

December 29, 1973

Dear Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Thank you very much for the Christmas card AND Christmas money!!  You really know what I can use.  I haven't spent it yet, but when I do (and I doubt if it will be too long now) I'll let you know what I buy with it!

What did you all do Christmas day?  I was sure surprised to hear that you weren't up till about 7:30!!  But that's about what tome I got up!

Have you been able to do any magical tricks w/ your "Hocus-Pocus" game?

Yesterday was the last day of the after-Christmas clearance sale of Christmas cards and wrapping paper, etc.  Last night we boxed up what was left - which wasn't very much at all.  We didn't have them before Christmas - but we sure had a job the last three days!

When do you have to go back to school?  I don't have to go back till January 7th.  I'm only going to be working 2 days this coming week so I'm really going to take it easy!  I'm hoping the weather will cooperate w/ me and be really nice so I can do a few things outside.  I haven't ridden the Pink Panther for so long – I'm not even sure if it still works or not!

When I took Grandma to get her shot at the doctor's Mrs. Zimmerman asked about you.  She was the one that gave Grandma her shot - but I couldn't look.  I think the shot hurt me more than it did Grandma!

Does your choir sing anyplace very soon?  Aunt Mary often wonders about how you are coming along w/ your piano lessons.

Well - gotta go.  Write again – don't wait till next Christmas.  HA!  Thanks again for the money!

Hello to everyone ––

Love, Berta
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Friday, December 27, 2013

1973 Catherine Letter to MV -Dec 28

December 28, 1973

Dear Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Thanks for the letter and the clipping about Shirley Bernard's wedding.  I like your big stationery.

We really enjoyed your Christmas present – especially since we knew you made them yourself.  They are X's favorite kind.  I hope you liked the chair.  How big is it when it's blown up?  We'll be looking forward to your coming so you can make us more goodies.

It is warm (45º+) and sunny outside today so I washed three loads of clothes and hung them out to dry.  Kuman and I also went for a walk.  It has rained alot lately so everything is soggy and it is good to have some sunshine.  Our driveway is full of muddy ruts –– I hope it dries up some before it freezes.

After today we don't have to work again until next Wednesday.  X will be working with Mike Gallo on the chalet they're building.

What other things did you get for Christmas?  I got some tarot cards, a big puzzle, a nightgown, perfume, pants suit, bicycle light (generator type) and a bicycle odometer.

Well, I've got to change my clothes for work now.  Write again soon.

Love, Cathy
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Thursday, December 26, 2013

1973 Roberta Letter Dec.27

December 27, 1973

Dear Family,

Hi!  This may be a pretty short note because I'm really tired, worn out, and fatigued!  I'll sure be glad to see the end of this week come – because then I'm only going to be working at B's on Saturdays & Sundays – and 4 hours on Thursdays.

We've been so busy at work today & yesterday.  Yesterday we sold almost 23 hundred dollars worth of Christmas cards, Christmas wrap etc!! - ALONE  That's not counting games or stationary.  We had three cash registers in the dept. and about eight women who didn't know what they were doing!!  All in all - it was a real RIOT.  I worked from 9:40 to 5:40 and boy did the day go fast!  Also get this – we had 45 boxes of Christmas cards that had to be unpacked.  I mean huge boxes!

Today again was busy –– but nothing like it was yesterday!  Thanks Goodness!  Never in my life have I experienced anything like yesterday.  People were shoving - elbowing everyone – you name it!  All the Christmas cards, wrap, etc. were half price.  Some people really went crazy buying!

After my relaxing (HA!) day yesterday I had a W.W. in Boynton Beach last night.  Only six people came to be weighed in.  I'm so afraid we're gong to have alot of weight gains next week.  OH –– starting next week my Boynton Beach class will be meeting in Lantana – which is much better for me!

I went yesterday morning to be weighed in myself and pick up some things I need for my classes.  I've lost another 8 ounces – I remember when I lost pounds – now I love ounces!  But I'm not complaining!  I got my Christmas presents from W.W. – I got a big "Weight Watchers" plaque to put on the front of my car - you know instead of a front tag.  But I can't use it because of my Ohio licenses.  Also got a W.W. date log - full of cute sayings, etc.  And a W/W name badge - along w/ lots of lecture ideas.  (I REALLY NEED THEM) But – in general - I usually have no trouble in lack of words at my meetings. (HA!)

I want to thank you all for the check and both pair of ear-rings.  Where did you get the crab pair - they are most unusual!

I'm planning on saving the money till the Spring clothes come in - which won't be long now.  I did buy a red/white/blue jacket yesterday.  It had been $40.00 but it was marked down to 26.00 - w/25% I only had to pay 20.00 so I think I got a pretty good deal.  It's really pretty & goes w/ my navy blue pants and also a navy blue skirt that Aunt Mary gave me.  It used to be hers – but now it's too little for her!  Now for the bragging - the jacket is a size 10 and fits me perfect.  I'm almost completely flat chested now!  HA!

I made my apple cookies tonight - they were real good - except they stuck to the wax paper!  The recipe made about 12 cookies & I got to eat them all – I did give Aunt M & Uncle B & Grandma all a small one!  It (the cookies) used up my entire milk allotment & 1 fruit.  NO "pudding" for me tonight!!

Serena – how is work going?  How many days of work are you going to be able to get in?  What all are you doing down there?  Tell everyone hello for me. ––

The Wigets also called me on Christmas Day.  I don't think they will be doing much traveling soon in their big trailer.  You know – the kind you drive.

We had a very nice Christmas here - we went & got Aunt Sarah about 9:00 A.M. & then opened up the presents, etc.  I had bought them all some donuts (Dunkin donuts - John!) so they had donuts Christmas morning.

I got a pair of silver ear-rings from Uncle B & Aunt M.  Also a stand for my ear-rings.  And a check for a new dress - or something.

Well, I better close – Thanks again for every thing – Happy New Year!

Love, Berta

Mary V – look for "something" in the mail.
John – don't you & Mary V. eat too much candy!!
Serena – initials are for you.  I have some for everyone else too – but the others are temporarily LOST.
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1973 MV's Santa Claus letter

An incomplete letter to Santa Claus offers a couple clues as to Mary's 1973 Christmas wishes and several questions:  Was this a first draft and Santa "destroyed" the final copy?  Santa arrived before the note was finished?  Hopefully MV received more than 1½ gifts and Santa intuited the other two items.  Transcription follows.
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Dear Santa Claus,
Hi!  There are four things
I would like very much. They
are a small calculator, a vinyl
covered Bean P [presumably Bean
Bag chair.  --MV 12/73]

Sunday, December 22, 2013

1993 Roberta's Letter -Dec.23

Twenty years and one day after Roberta's 1973 letter, is this letter from Arizona in 1993. Transcription follows.

Dear Mom & Dad,

This will be short – you know it's not till 1994 that I said I would do better in writing – HA!  (Aunt Mary technique)

We do want to thank you both for your Christmas check & Anniversary check.  The ten years have flew [sic] by - if it wasn't for Sid's Christmas letters I would forget the major details of the years!  I have bought us a surprise for Sid a 12 piece of each dinner plate, small plate & 2 sizes of bowls of a pretty corning ware – Corelle pattern - at the factory outlet store.  I've been thinking of doing this for years.  The total was $92.00.  I'm also thinking of buying 2 new kitchen chairs – the 2 we have now have had it – got them w/ a table w/ other $ Grandma gave me before we were married – years before – soon after I got to AZ.

We also just replaced the microwave we got when we got married - it cost LESS than the one we replaced – And has lots more buttons!  Quick as for minutes 1–9 –– you would love it Mom.  So pick & choose what you want your gift money to go toward.  We just appreciate it – and your generosity!

I called Angela about what weekend her pinning would be – or better if we would all come another weekend.  I can come now for $216 & w/$25 coupon - $191.  Much better deal than WPB at over $450 with $100 coupon.

Do you all have your dates for AZ yet?  Just let us know – I'll hold off on WPB ticket – mainly due to PRICE!

And how was your time in KY & further south?  I'm sure Mary V & Don enjoyed having you w/them & now that their life is back to normal (???) happy to have Miss Ginny back.  I still think of spelling it w/ JENNY!

Your time must seem extra having the active 1½ year old around!  We would like her to come here – in about 4-5 years!

We had dinner w/Morgans last nite.  Wendy had on T-shirt & shorts – Scottish weather she must have got used to.  We ate at TGI FRIDAY's – we hadn't been there for years.  I want to take Sid to Applebee's.  There is one North of us – on Bell.

Sara (Sid's daughter) will be her 1/16 – 20th or so.  She never seems to worry about AIR FARES – flies in on Sunday – instead of the cheaper Sat. nite stay.  Tho this time works out better for us – Wendy will be here 13th - 16th.

OH – I gotta go – thanks again for all – we appreciate GUIDEPOST – too – mostly keep it in the Bathroom!  HA, HA (as Mares would say!)

CHRISTMAS BEST –––––  Love, Roberta

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1973 Roberta's Letter -Dec.22

Christmas is fast approaching in south Florida, 1973.  Roberta's using the stationery that was misprinted by Burdines.  Transcription follows.

December 22,
Dear Family,
Hi! Only 2 more shopping days till Christmas and boy am I glad!  After today I'm completely worn out!  I just don't see how the shoppers all have so much energy – most of them must have desk jobs!  HA!

It's 10:45 p.m. - and I just got done eating my supper.  Despite the late hour I still had a pretty good one - liver, aparagus (sp?) and green pepper (w/my liver) It was all very good.  I've gotten so I really like apagarus [sic] - except it's so expensive!

I've worked late every night this week.  Tomorrow (Sunday) the store will be open 11:00 till 7:00.  Monday the store will just be open till 5:30.  Then after Christmas I'm not going to be working as much!

Thanks today for the Christmas Newsletter & also personal letter.  We also heard from Cris today.  He didn't say anything too shocking – said that they had eaten hamburgers & F.F's.  It (the letter) was written the day after they got there. [Senegal, visiting Joe]  It's hard for me to believe that I was there just a year ago this time.

We've had quite a few Christmas cards from some of the shop people – Donna Brown, Arlene Curtis, Rosemary Gilland, & Mrs. Salisbury.

I didn't win the contest.  Fran Quightey [?] did – she'll be happy when she gets back.  She left this morning for Chicago for a week.  My divisional manager said that on almost every form w/out fail that a customer filled out on me that they said that I really knew my merchandise & stock.  He said he was happy about that.  Now that I didn't win I don't have to worry about spending the money!!  HA!

It's been so cold down here – but still not as cold as I read about in the paper for Ohio – or Maine!!

I'm enclosing an article that was in the Palm Beach County paper.  The picture is of Jennifer - my dept. manager and one of our display tables.  I thought it was a pretty good article.

When I was out at the shopping mall on Friday I bought some dry soybeans - Grandma cooked them up yesterday.  They tasted pretty good - on W.W. you eat them instead of meat.  They are much cheaper – also a nice change!

The other morning I had blueberry pancakes – except they turned out to be more like a pudding.  I put a piece of white bread, an egg, and ¼ cup of blueberries in the blender – w/some vankilla, artificial sweetner & water.  After I blended that all up I added the other ¼ cup of berries – then put the "batter" in a teflon skillet.  I guess I added too much liquid – but like I said it was a very good pudding.  I just put it in a bowl & got out a spoon!

I've got a good recipe for apple cookies – I'll let you know how they come out.  I'm afraid most of my W.W. people aren't trying too hard w/ the "holiday season" here.  they all seem satisfied if they just stay the same.

Tomorrow at work there is a free buffet – for anyone who works.  I'm going to go – hope there will be some food there that I can eat!

Better get some sleep for now –

Love, Roberta
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1963 John's Sunday School Postcard -Dec.22

John and the rest of the family, except for Roberta who was already in Florida, attended Sunday School at the Methodist Church in Cordele, Georgia on Sunday, December 22, 1963.

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1983 MV's Letter -Dec.20

MV writes to her parents who have preceded her to Arizona and to Roberta in December 1983 prior to Roberta's wedding to Sid. Transcription follows

Dear Mom, Dad & Roberta -

Greetings from the frigid North!  The average temperature here has been about 10-15º, and it is supposed to be cooler this weekend.  Brrrr ––

Things have been running smoothly here - Mie Young & I have been taking it easy – Sunday we had a fire in the fireplace.

My trip to Port William Saturday was a total waste - I was the only one in my class that showed up, and I ended up taking nursery duty.

On my way back from Port William I did get some shopping in Wilmington - I bought a nice sweat suit at Meeks with a portion of Grandma's Christmas money.  I got a 10% discount as it was pick your own discount day - it is bright red with navy trim.

We are finishing up the Roast Pork today - I made Sweet & Sour Pork with the help of a La Choy – will probably finish the soup tomorrow.

Mie Young is glued to the TV whenever she is home, every waking moment.  Sunday night, Steve, Chad & I went to Cuba Friends Meeting to give a chalk talk.  Real good attendance.  Cloe (sp?) Van Pelt was the one who had invited us to come – she is Larry Martin's sister-in-law.

I have been reading the book Lorraine gave me for Christmas - Chuck Swindoll's "Dropping Your Guard" - Very good.

Last night at work we had two groups of carolers – the Brownies & a group from New Antioch Church of Christ.  I guess the Church of Christ (Murkle) and the Youth Group at the Catholic Church brought out packages for every patient – baby powder, etc.

Charlotte Hause called up this morning & invited Mie Young & I for Christmas dinner.  I declined as I wouldn't have enough time& I had already gotten an invitation from Strykers in Port William.  I am anxious to see what Christmas is like at work.

They're having a retirement party for Helen Cline on Dec. 28 from 2-5 p.m.  Sorry I can't go.  I found my Flight Schedule Saturday night.

December 28
Depart Cincinnati 4:30 p.m.
Arrive Phoenix 7:57 p.m.

January 2
Depart Phoenix 3:10 a.m.
Arrive Cincinnati 12:30 p.m.

Several Christmas cards arrived yesterday – I will bring all of them out with me instead of forwarding.  I did forward John's letter yesterday.

Roberta must be sick. I haven't talked to her since last week!!  I think the phone is going into withdrawal symptoms.

Will call Christmas Eve when I get home from work – Hope there weren't any complications on the trip out.

Love, MV
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

1973 Catherine's Letter to MV -Dec.19

Catherine writes to Mary, December 1973. Transcription follows.

 Wednesday morning

December 19, 1973
Dear Mary,

Hi!  Thanks for the letters and the Christmas card we've gotten from you lately.  Your present arrived yesterday, we thought we'd wait until Christmas to open it though.  I hope you like what we got you.

Your Christmas card was the first one we received.  We haven't gotten too many, but that could be because we only sent one.  It was one that somebody sent to us but they didn't sign it so I signed our names to it and mailed it on.  Personally, I would rather get a letter than a Christmas card so I send people letters.

We enjoyed having Serena here and now we're looking forward to having you come.  Kuman is especially lonesome with Serena gone as Serena played with Kuman alot.

I just put a new ribbon in the typewriter before I began this letter but I guess the typewriter needs cleaned or something because it isn't working too well.  It makes a funny loud noise instead of a hum too.  It sounds more like an idling motorcycle than a typewriter.

What are you going to do during Christmas vacation?  How much time off will you have.  WE took a vacation day yesterday but we didn't do much but read and then in the evening we went to the college library.  We get the Saturday and the Monday before both Christmas and New Years off.  So we will have two four day weekends.

This is some old stationery I found at the library.  [Picture of old house on reverse]  I also found a whole bunch of postcards that say to put a 1¢ stamp on them.

I have worn that cape you gave me last Christmas quite a bit.  Earlier in the fall when it was cool but not cold enough for a coat I wore it to work almost every day.  I really like it.  I was thinking that sometime I might make myself another one in a different color.

Where did you get the stationery with the frogs on it?  I like it.

X is about to take Kuman to the vet to get her 1974 license and I have to go hang some clothes out so I better close.  Write again soon!

Love, Cathy
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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

1973 Roberta's Letter -Dec.18

Roberta's school semester is over, but life continues busily with Weight Watchers, Burdines, and Christmas in December 1973.  Transcription follows.

December 18, 1973
Dear Family,

Hi!  Was sure a nice surprise today getting that phone call . . . . . that is once I was sure nothing was wrong! (HA!)

I just got back from WW in Boynton.  Remember the woman that I told you about losing 13½ pounds her first week?  Well – she lost 2½ pounds this last week!  She's the only new one in the class – but I imagine after the 1st of the year we'll have lots of new ones that ate their way through the holidays!

As I said on the phone I got my grades today – got a 'B' out of my Criminal Justice course and also out of Psychology.  That nasty 'C' came in my deviance course - the one I had the take home exam in.  Of course – it's a 5 hour class!  But the CRJ course was a 5 hour class & Psych 4 hours.

I almost had trouble cashing your check today - the tuition check - down at the bank.  The teller didn't want to cash it - or rather told me I couldn't because I didn't have that much in my account.  But I told her I wanted to talk to Mr. Garnett – after a few minutes after I talked to him I had no trouble!

I got a really nice note & Christmas card from Ruth Shoemaker today.  I finally got all my cards out last night – but did send n=out more than the original 25 as I had 1st planned!!!

The "We-Care" contest at Burdines will be over this Saturday.  So Saturday I'll know if I win the big $100.00 or not.  The other 3 winners – one man & 2 ladies (both much older than me) are all very nice.  The four of us do get "treated" to a dinner in the tea-room – I've never even eaten up there yet!  (They say the food isn't really too good!)  I'll let you all know when I call Christmas who wins.  By the way - the other three have all worked for B's for years!  My friends were all kidding me that I hadn't worked there long enough "To Go Sour!"

We've been so busy at work.  I was suppose to work every day this week but then personnel dept said we couldn't work 7 days straight so I got today off.  I think we've sold more games since Thanksgiving than we have ever since I joined the dept.  Also the good pens (CROSS PENS, etc) are good sellers.  We're also selling lots of picture frames & photo albums.  Well – in general we're selling lots of everything.  But  imagine after a week from today business will slow up quite fast.  So will my hours – HA!  I did see the list for our dept of mark-downs for the after Christmas Sale.  There are going to be some good buys – games that had been $8.00 marked to $2.99 - etc.

After Christmas I am planning on getting my picture taken as a Christmas present for you all.  A late Christmas present.  I hope though by now you have gotten 3 packages from me.

Well - gotta go.  Thanks again for your letter today Mom and also that phone call!  Will call you a week from today –– to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Love, Berta
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Monday, December 16, 2013

1972 Roberta's Christmas Card from Senegal -Dec.18

Roberta's 1972 trip was one of many family trips to visit Joe in Dakar, Senegal: Harold & Jean in April 1971; Marianne, Cris & Rob went at Christmas time in 1973; Catherine, Christmas 1976.  Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary also visited.  Another family trip to Senegal occurred in December 1931 (about forty years before Joe's arrival) when Agnes Morrow Scandratt, first cousin 2x removed of the Ballantyne-Dailey-Uible cousins, described her visit in her book, Lights are Bright, Sir.  Her Senegal visit is transcribed in this blogpost,  uible.blogspot.com/2012/12/agnes-morrow-scandrett-book
Roberta's Christmas Card from Senegal, December 1972 
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Dec. 18, 1972
Hi!  Over here - really keeping busy.  Saturday we went to the island of Gorée – had a picnic lunch before going right near the bay.  In a tree right near us we saw 4 monkeys.  It was really funny.  Joe said it was the 1st time he had seen monkeys right in Dakar.

This morning we are to go & see Joe's class.  That should be interesting!

Yesterday we went to the Univ. of Dakar & ate lunch & was shown around by 2 students from Nigeria - friends of Joe's.  From there we went to the museum downtown of African Art.  The two from Nigeria went down there with us.  They explained alot of the stuff to us.

Then last night we helped Joe grade some papers, add up his grades, etc.

Yesterday we also went into the home where Joe eats part of his meals.  They were all very nice - though only 2 of them could speak English (very little at that)

We are learning a little bit of Wolof - Joe is a good teacher!

Well - I better be closing –
Joe is waiting on me –
Will write more later ––

Love, Bert

Sunday, December 15, 2013

1993 Cynthia's letter -Dec.18

Most of us have been recipients of the Guideposts gift subscription, but Cynthia wins the award for what must be one of the best thank you letters. Transcription follows.

 Little Common Methodist Church
(Hastings, Bexhill and Rye Circuit)Little Common, Bexhill-on-Sea, East SussexMinister: Rev. Cynthia Park, M.A.

[Sticker with home address]
18 December, 1993

Dear Harold & Jean,

Once again thank you so much for the wonderful gift subscription to Guideposts.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate that little magazine.  I so look forward to receiving it and it cheers me no end.  I have to ration myself so I don't read it all at one sitting!  Thanks so very much.

As you've probably heard we had Wendy with us for a few days.  We had such a lovely time with her – showing her around and introducing her to our friends.  We did try to get her into the school here in Bexhill – but, alas, they were full up.  We were so sorry.  We would have enjoyed getting to know her better and it would have broadened her experience that much the more.  But, alas, it was not to be.

We were both so sorry to hear of Mrs. Uible Senior's death.  She lived a wonderfully long life – but in a way having had her so long makes it that much more difficult to live without her.  But we do know she is at complete peace - and in her mind and body living a life of great joy.  And we know too that one day we will see her again.  For all this we can be thankful.

And again I'm very thankful indeed for you kind gifts.  Guideposts is so special to me.  Thank you so much.

God bless you, 
and every good wish 
for 1994,
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Saturday, December 14, 2013

1972 Roberta's Madrid Letter -Dec.14

Dec. 14, 1972
2:20 p.m.
"Siesta Time"
Dear Family,

Hi!  Hope you all are fine!!  We just got back from doing some shopping.  We went & spent most of the morning in this really big department store - called 'Galerias Preciados' - it's only about a block away from us.  Also - according to my "Europe on $5.00 & $10.00 a day" it's a good place to shop!

Today has been the nicest day since we have been here - though - it really hasn't been cold at all.  But it's been really foggy which makes it bad as far as taking pictures go.  I did buy 5 slides of Madrid and five slides of Toledo today.  I guess I paid a little over 15¢ a piece for them - which I didn't think was too bad!

I'm not really sure what all I've already told you all - so if I should repeat myself - you will have to forgive me.

On Tuesday we took a quick tour of the city (in about 3 hours) it was good in that it gave us good ideas as to what we wanted to see, also a better idea of where we were staying in relationship to everything else in Madrid.

There were only 6 people on the tour - so that was nice.  One couple from Washington, and another couple (about 70 hears old) that were coming from Australia - after being missionaries there.  I talked to them - and were they ever interesting.  She told me that I would have to make it there sometime.  I told her my Father had always wanted to go - she told me that I would have to talk him into travelling [sic] & tell him that travelling is really worth it.  I told her that I didn't have to convince my father of that!  They (the couple) were on their way back to the states - they were Mormans [sic] - from Utah!

Wednesday morning we got up early - about 6:30 and went on a tour - just to Toledo.  The whole tour consisted of us and a boy from Tokyo (plus the tour guide & bus driver)  It was really good – apart from the bus being very bumpity!  But because of the fact that there were only 3 of us - very personal!  The guide had been to the states twice - once to Miami, Florida and once to New York City.  She didn't think too much of New York City at all - but did like Miami.

So today is our last day in Madrid - in a way it seems sorta sad because I'm really getting to know my way around the city & all.

By the way - we never did go IN the Prado Museum - but did see the outside of it several times - if that counts.  Also it cost 20 pesetas . . . . .

Madrid has 2 beautiful parks - both VERY BIG.  One is right in the middle of the city.  It's a good place to go and breathe - the smog here is terrible - due to the cars I guess.

Our trip to Toledo was by far the best thing we've done.  I really liked El Greco's town!  We spent about five hours there - but no doubt could have spent more time there.

We didn't go to the "Valley of the Fallen."  Maybe we should have but we thought it might be a 'monumental bore.'

As I guess I've already written you - our hotel is really nice.  Everyone here has really gone out of their way to help us / be nice to us.  Though most of them just speak Spanish (one of them speaks Good English!) we don't understand very much of what they say.  But they are always smiling – and we can understand that!

Just to show you how nice they are – Our hotel has revolving doors - well they always start them for us.

Also at night a maid comes in and puffs up our pillows & turns down the covers on our beds.

The room itself is quite nice - very large - w/ both a shower & bath tub.  Also a 'bidet' (sp?) we are really living in luxury!

Now for the price - it's a little over $4.00 a pie for us a night.  We thought that to be pretty reasonable!

Do you remember Nancy & I talking about the rate of the peseta - I guess she said the rate was about 64 = 1 dollar.  Now it's just a little over 63 = 1 dollar.  Not too big of a difference - I guess!

Well, I guess I better be closing - I've got some washing that needs to be done - etc.

I'll write again soon ––

If I have enough peseta left I'll mail this after I get to the airport - but if not I'll mail it when we get to Africa!  I've really got my pesetas counted down to the last one - or near last one (And we've got to have enough pesetas to get to the airport!)  ALSO TO EAT!!

Hope all of you are fine.  Hoping to hear from you soon ––– about everything!

Love, 'Bert'

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Friday, December 13, 2013

1972 Roberta's Madrid Postcard -Dec.13

Madrid Postcard: Captioned (in 4 languages): Sun gate or entrance – The Bear and Madrona Monument
1972 Roberta's Madrid Postcard -Dec.13
Hi! Am really enjoying our stay in Madrid - at a very nice, clean & cheap Hotel - Hotel Capitol - it's right in the center of town - went on a tour of the city yesterday - went today to Toledo, spent about 5 hours there!  Food here is interesting - there is a pastry shop right next to our hotel!  Will write a letter soon.  Love, Bert

* * * * *
For more information about Roberta's 1972 trip to Spain and Senegal see the following posts published last year:


1972 Roberta's letter - Dec. 10

Roberta writes a letter while on the airplane in December 1982. The letter was mailed from Spain (Espana).  From Spain, she and her friend Julie went on to Senegal to visit Joe.


1972 Joe's letter to Uibles - Dec. 31

Joe writes a final letter of 1972 after Roberta's visit with him in Senegal.  

Thursday, December 12, 2013

1973 Roberta Letter -Dec.13

Busy time in Florida, mid-December of 1973. Background information on Burdines found on Wikipedia. Transcription follows.

 December 13, 1973

Dear Family,

Hi!  I just got done w/ my supper, the Lawrence Welk program is on so thought I better get a letter off to you all – along w/some Christmas cards.  I bought one box of 25 cards and when they are used up – I'm done!  I got started last night on them – got a grand total of -8- out!!

Mary Virginia _ we all enjoyed your Christmas cards and also your letter.  Mom – we got your letter today written on the say to Cincinnati.  I'm glad Serena made it up to Maine after all.  I hope she doesn't get too cold up there – I think I'd go there in the summer - HA - in order to stay warm!!

I handed in my last exam yesterday.  It was a take home.  Grandma rode down w/me when I took it down.  If I drive down to pick up my grades I can get them either next Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.  OR – they won't mail them out till after the 1st of the year.  I think I'll go down & get mine.  I figure uncertainty is worse than bad news!  HA!

The Buick got its new battery last night.  It was completely dead – Uncle Bill had to start it w/ jumper cables in order to get it going!

As I told Dad on the phone one of the women at W.W. lost 13½ her first week.  She told me her husband was sure she had read her "program" wrong because she was eating so much!  She was overjoyed that she had lost so much – and of course I was pretty happy myself!  The Boynton Beach class is a new one – only -8- people so far.  We meet in the Ephs (sp?) Church down there.

Mother did you mean that Shirley P. M. had gained 10 or 100 pounds since I knew her last?

I didn't lose anything this last week – but didn't gain anything either.  Everytime I sign the payroll at W.W. I have to put my weight after it – weighed in by somebody else even!  Sunday there is going to be a party at the main office for all W.W. clerks & lecturers but I couldn't get off work at Burdines.  They are even serving everyone lunch.  I'll be anxious to know what they serve!

Larry – Marianne's husband just called –– he's in Florida for a few days visiting his mother.  He said Marianne was sure excited before she got on the plane [to go to Senegal with Rob & Cris]!  They talked to her Monday night – and she said that she had more than 44 pounds of luggage!

Mother - hope you had a real nice birthday – we were sorry we missed talking to you when we called.

I worked today at Burdines –– we were quite busy!  I work tomorrow morning for W.W. –– then starting Saturday I'll be working at Burdines for the next 8 days straight.  But not all full days – 1 day only 4 hours and 2 days only 6 hours.

Thanks for sending the Lynch address – I had planned on sending them a Christmas card.

John - let us know when you find out the results on your test.

Dad - thanks for renewing the insurance on the Buick.

Well, I better close –– I'll drop you all a note later.

Love, Berta

PS Mother - you must be busy - we saw in the paper one night your name on the society page three times – 1) Lions party 2) meeting at Elzroths and 3) shower you had sent a gift to.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

1922 Jean's Baby Book

1922 Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible - Baby Book
Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible Baby Book - Our Baby
Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible Baby Book - Cover
Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible Baby Book
Miss Agnes Tueby and Miss Mildred Mabeu, Nurses.  Dr. W Clarke Maxwell, Dr. Hartman - interne.  Baby's Name: Jean Wallace Ballantyne.  Born Dec 11th 1922 Monday 4: P.M.  Place of Birth: Columbia Hospital Pittsburgh Pa  [Columbia Hospital was on Penn Ave in Wilkinsburg, just outside of Pittsburgh.  The hospital was associated with the Presbyterian Church, when a new building was erected across the street the old Columbia became a nursing care center.  The newer hospital closed ~1993. --Rootsweb]
Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible Baby Book - Facts: Weight, Parents and Grandparents
Baby's Weight 
at birth 6 lb. 9 oz. 
January 8 - 7lb 9oz
January 11, 1 month old - 7'14"
February 11, 2 months - 9'12"
March 11, 3 months - 11'
4 Months - 12½'

Baby's Parents
Lucie Brown Ballantyne [1880-1957]
Nathaniel Wallace Ballantyne [1868-1949]

Adrain [sic] Wilmer Brown [1855-1906]
Mary Morrow Brown [1857-1890]
Alexander Ballantyne [1841-1885]
Irene Freeman Brown [1840-1906]
Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible Baby Book - Gifts
 Baby's first Laugh
Jan 20th

Baby's Gifts
Sweater & Bonnet & Booties - "Dear" [step-grandmother Ola Moore Brown 1862-1926]
Dress, Pillow, Pina[fore?] & Booties - Aunt Leora [Leora Hay Scott Brown 1880-1944]
Stockings, Dress & Blanket - Uncle Bert [Robert Morrow Brown 1877-1946]
Shoes & 1.00 - Aunt Cora [Cora Brown, sister of Adrian, 1856-1923]
Blanket - Aunt Sur. 
Booties - Bertha McLane
Brush Comb Mirror Set - Eleanor Eva Stuart
Brush & Comb Powder Box - Cousin Scott [John Scott Brown 1911-1956]
Crepe de Chine jacket - Mr & Mrs Dixon
Hoop holder for Robe - Cousin William
Clothes Hanger - Mildred [?] Shoup
Knitted [?] Sacque [gown] - James Mordfert [?]
Pillow Cover & Bonnet - Nancy S... Lowrey
Stork Pants - Mrs. Edith Se...h
Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible Baby Book - Events
Babyhood Events
Jean Wallace Ballantyne
was baptized Nov. 11, 1923
by Rev. W. E. Allen at the 
Presbyterian Church.  A fine 
little girl.  11 months old
that day.

Jean had her hair bobbed
April 13, 1925
and went to her first
party At Milly Love 
Gardner's.  She enjoyed 
London Bridge very much 
and all the games.

Among the first words
she said was "Mamie"
her nurse's name
"Oh! Boy! - Sure
"Poppy." Mommie

Her first trip was to New Cumberland in February 1923.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

1972 Roberta's postcard -Dec.11

Assumption is that this postcard was sent from NYC en route to Madrid and Senegal.  Not sure if Roberta actually spent the night in this motel or flew to New York.  Transcription follows.
L & M Motel Harrisburg PA postcard mailed 1972.  Captioned: "Finest in Motels" Open all year; Free Coffee - Color T.V. - Air Conditioned.  Individually thermostat-controlled hot water heat.  7 miles East of Harrisburg on U.S. 22, From the Pennsylvania Turnpike (Exit 19) Follow U.S. 83 Bypass and turn right on U.S. 22 "Exit to Allentown."  7100 Allentown Blvd.  Mr & Mrs Edward Brokans Owners (Your Hosts)
1972 Roberta's postcard -Dec.11

[postmarked 11 Dec 1972]
Hi!  Got here about 8:00 p.m. – really made good time.  Did call up Aunt Mary & all – said to tell you hello.  Mom - hope you had a Happy Birthday!!  Will write more soon – Love, Bert

Monday, December 09, 2013

1993 Roberta's letter -Dec.9

A quick note from Roberta after she returns home from Grandma's funeral. Transcription follows.


Dear Dad & Mom,

I can't believe it's been over a week since we got back [from Grandma's funeral].  I just got my suitcase unpacked so I'm beginning to make progress!

It's been a busy – busy time at work – usual Christmas rush with individual & groups all wanting to do something "special" for us this season.  We are only here 12 months a year . . . . .

Bet you all have received lots more sympathy cards – I've received lots here – esp. from Sr. Village residents – & their families.

I'm enclosing the original & a copy of Rev. Johnson's service.  Thought the graveside service & memorial service for Grandma were very well done –– meaningful.

When are you all coming to AZ?  We would be happy to see you all use the trailer.  The switches are easy to use – and learn to operate!!

I sent Charlie & Nadine one of those cute CAT Christmas decorations we got last year at Cracker Barrel for 75¢-1.00.  They were originally $4.00.  I'll enclose a note received from Heartland.  I did tell them the $ came from all the family.

We had never heard of BARNEY before being around Miss Ginny – now we constantly see BARNEY toys – sheets, etc.  We think it's great for you both to be taking care of Ginny this busy holiday season.

Enjoyed the play – CHRISTMAS CAROL last night at the Herberger.  We had 20 tickets – at $25 each!  (given to us!)

Hope this gets to you on your BIRTHDAY – but if not thought you would rather have a note w/ –– even if arrives late!  Will try to be a better letter writer in 94 - HA, HA!  (As Mares would write & her mom!)  Much love, Roberta
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Sunday, December 08, 2013

1973 Roberta & Joe's Camaro -Dec.8

Back of this picture is labeled "Roberta & Joe's Camaro" dated Dec. 8-1973.  Would Roberta have been driving Joe's car while he was in Senegal??  Roberta says it is NOT Joe's Camaro.  Whose car is it then?  Did Cris have a car like this?  Looking good -- whatever the year!
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