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1972 Roberta's letter - July 27

Roberta writes a letter from (old) Vienna to John, who is in the hospital with typhoid fever which he contracted during a trip to Mexico. Not sure if there was a prohibition of using the word "Van" but "you-know-what" seems to be the term used instead.  Transcription follows.

July 27, 1973

Hello John - 

Got Mom's letter today about you being in the hospital – I really feel bad that I'm not there in your "time of need" but know Mom was there, and I can just see her playing "Nancy the Nurse"! I hope by now you are at home - well on the road to recovery!!

Good Sam. Hospital is where Cheryl Rogers - my girl-friend works - did you be chance get to see her?  How were all those Nuns?

I sure thought about you tonight as we went to the really big amusement park in Vienna.  I got really brave - I rode the Biggest roller -coaster.  It went 70 m.p.h.  Wow - was it scary!  I sure wished that you & Nicky could have been there!!  I also went on the Ferris Wheel.  It was SO BIG!  The sears are actual railroad cars!  It took 15 minutes to make a complete round!  And the view was really something!

When I get home we will have to fill the "you-know-what" full of people and go to King's Island again!  Mom - want to go again?

In Vienna we really aren't staying in a hotel - it is like a college dorm - and sure looks like one.  Some priest of the Catholic Church runs the place.  We are on the 7th floor - you wouldn't believe the elevator!  Holds 2 people - so after standing in line awhile you decide that the stairs really aren't that BAD!

Mom - I'll have to try some Hot Chocolate w/whipped cream.  It really sounds good - as it has been pretty cold!   I'm glad I brought my sweater!

Thanks for sending Joe & Peggy [Fawley?] an iron!  I know they will appreciate it!

John - I've seen alot of stamp stores over here.  Would have bought you some but of course don't know anything about the "things" myself.

Well, I hope you are feeling much better – Be deciding where you want to go in the 'you-know-what" when I get home!

I heard from Dad today – also Aunt Mary and Janice Carroll (and Mom).  I wrote Serena this morning - so really has been a "family day!"

Hello to All!

I'll write again –

Lots of Love, Bert
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