Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1982 Roberta's letter to MV - July 17

Ten years after Roberta's college trip to Europe, she's in Arizona writing to MV after June's visit to Ohio for GHU's 90th birthday. Transcription follows.

July 17, 1982

Hi Mary Virginia!

Here are a few of the pictures – I've got them going out today to  all points of the USA – Florida, Oregon, etc. ––

Are you eating right now that you are on your own???  Working at Wells you really need to!!

Charlie is at a pet CAMP – he was just too much for me – he can now jump the fences – so it was impossible to keep him – we are going to have to build our fences higher!!

Carl – the friendly alcoholic left - did I tell you that before?

Marian is tripping to Idaho to see her sister – taking her folks with her.  She will be back in AZ end of July – then will probably spend most of August up at the cabin.  I don't blame her ––

When do you start school?

How's Grandma?  Must be pretty quiet there - compared to the time around her birthday –

Gotta go ––

Love, Roberta
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