Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1972 Roberta's Italy postcards

Via Aerea -- first thought this postcard was addressed to someone named Via or Vic, but Roberta evidently wanted to make sure her postcard traveled by "air" rather than one of those slow boats from Italy.

Venezia [Venice] The Island of St. George - postcard mailed July 1972
1972 Roberta's postcard from Venezia (Venice) - July 8
July 8, 1972

Hi! am now in Florence - but still had this post-card of Venice!  Had a busy day - morning we got all the Italian Art & culture; then this afternoon went shopping - bought a leather purse for myself & also one for you, Mom.

Please get an appointment for me at the eye doctors in Wilmington - ok?

I bought some mineral water today – sure does taste different than regular water!!  We go to Rome tomorrow - to see the Pope!!  (ho, Hum!)  Love, Bert

Rome postcard - mailed July 1972
1972 Roberta's Rome postcard - July 12
July 12, 1972
Hi! Grandma –
Went to the Vatican this morning & guess who we saw?  The POPE!! [That would have been Pope Paul VI, who was Pope from 1963-1978] But we weren't very close.  He rattled off for about a half of an hour in Italian – so we didn't get much out of his message!

also went thru the Vatican museum this morning - saw the present that Pres. Nixon gave the Pope - some kind of bird made out of China.  To Naples today. – Love, Bert

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