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September 1, 1989-99

UK socks for Roberta

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1990 - Jean and I cleaned up around Wells, burning limbs across the street.  We took Edwin and Phyllis White to Carolyn and Mike Smith's wedding at Dodsonville UMC [south of Lynchburg].  We almost beat Carolyn there.  C.R.'s [Carolyn Rhonemus?] son was really informal.  Bruce Beam and ________ Arnold married today, reception on the train from Midland to Greenfield and return.  Hortons left for annual reunion.

Sunday 1991 - [Helsinki and Moscow trip]

Tuesday 1992 - Big article in 8/31 NYT about the NEW MALL in Bloomington MN, about 400 stores [and 4.2 million square feet].  Compared it with the Southdale Mall [four miles away] in Edina MN that opened in 1956.  [Southdale is the US' oldest fully-enclosed, climate controlled mall with 800,000 square feet and is still open although owned by Simon Malls, a company that specializes in "distressed" shopping centers.  Simon owned Metrocenter in Phoenix but sold it in 2004.  I think Metrocenter is now beyond stressed and closer to dead.  Since Trader Joe's closed we go there only for the library.]

Wednesday 1993 - Lions Club, 18 there.  Jim C. of the CM Hospital Foundation spoke, the new office wing is about to open.  Also the District Governor was there.  Problem with C. Smith at the plant.  IRS gal is there for the 2nd day.  New 6 year real estate tax valuations are out. 

Thursday 1994 - [Columbus to Wisconsin] Had reservations at the Kohler [American] Club in Kohler, WI, $185/night, a 4-star place [now 5-diamond], a big parking garage underground, a whirlpool in bathtub.   Had supper at Lesu's [?] near the sports area.  They have a shuttle service that goes to the different areas.  En route to Kohler [near Sheboygan] we saw the Discovery Center in part of the MPL [Milwaukee Library], very interesting, they plan to be in a new building in another year.

Friday 1995 - [to Lexington KY] After the Wagenseller/McKay closing in Wilmington we ate at Boston Chicken en route to Lexington to meet the Crowsons.  We went to the UK and got Roberta some UK socks, then had supper at the Coach House, very nice.  We had reservations at the Best Western at exit 110, rooms 104 and 106 for $44/each.  We used the pool this evening.

Sunday 1996 - John, Julie and Kate arrive.  MUH is wrapped up in the tennis on TV.  Started Proverbs in SS.  Serena came about 3pm. 

Monday 1997 - [Morgans visiting] Labor Day.  Cleaned up old apple tree and took limbs to parsonage.  Went to Fallsville, very little water coming over edge.  Talking about need of mission statement for our church.

Tuesday 1998 - Open House at NV Elementary.

Wednesday 1999 - Lions Club Program.  D.G. [District Governor] from Jamestown spoke, they have 12 women in their club.  Leon Salisbury sure has trouble getting around.  The DG has 47 clubs to cover and New Vienna was the first club he had visited.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 31, 1989-99

John flies, Serena moves

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - We cut the grass back from the sidewalk.  PM had 4 for 1 split, the 6th since 1966.  Took GHU to the Emergency Room with hemorrhoid problems.

Friday 1990 - John called, he's flying to Chicago to see Julie. 

Saturday 1991 - [Helsinki and Moscow trip]

Monday 1992 - Bill and Diane Wilkinson helped Serena move to 107 Village St. in Hamilton.

Tuesday 1993 - We went out to see John Hughes -- a fast? case of cancer.  Last fall he was in Russia.  Finally got some rain, seems like it has been a hot summer.  Rumor that Strebers Grocery is going to close. 

Wednesday 1994 - [to Columbus for flight to Wisconsin on Thursday] We leave for Columbus.

Saturday 1996 - We washed a couple of windows.  Got pictures from Roberta on the Montana vacation.  Also material on Holden Village on Lake Chelan WA.  Went to Wilmington, looked at kitchen floor covering at Rice's, Naylor's had wanted $1700 for the job.  Saw Grace Stewart and Garnett Fisher in the Recovery section of CMH.  We had supper there.  Got card on Joe's art show.  Jean reached Rona Thompson, Homer is now in a nursing home in Columbus.

Sunday 1997 - [Morgans visiting] After lunch of tofu sandwiches we went to Lebanon, saw Glendower, $3 per person, but used our pass.  The Warren County Museum also closed at 4pm.  Visited nice book store.  Catherine got me an interesting book on places to visit in the Midwest, like new but was in the used book section.  In Lebanon putting a new bridge just past the Golden Lamb.  Visited Otterbein Home, then supper at Waynesville.

Monday 1998 - Open House at NV Middle School.  We just happened to wander in. 

Tuesday 1999 - Back to the Dr. again for Jean, said she had blood in her urine.  Got 10 White Castle hamburgers for $4.10.  We came home and 5 of these with lettuce and tomatoes.  National Latex is having trouble paying their bills and they are well above $41,000.  Got card from Mary [presumably MUH] from New Jersey where she is visiting.

Monday, August 29, 2011

August 30, 1989-99

Copious Corn

HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1990 - Went to Wilmington P.L., then to ⃞ dance.  Jean Hendee got "the ring" on Tuesday from Larry Ferguson.  He is 56 and she is 62.  Got letter from Social Security that my monthly [amount] would be $960.  Had a little shower for Carolyn Rhonemous.  [she married Mike Smith on 9/1/90 and later married Donald Storer ~1996]

Friday 1991 - [Helsinki and Moscow trip]

Sunday 1992 - Had GHU here for lunch with the Hortons.  Went to see the Sisters Act, a movie about a gal who hid in a convent to escape the bad guy and pepped up the choir.  Bought corn on the way home for $1.50/dozen.

Monday 1993 - [Roberta leaves] Took Roberta back to Columbus, they no longer have parking meters at the airport.  Had ½ portion (that was enough) of pasta at Cookers on E. Main.  Had a hard time getting onto I-270, construction.  Did get to the play, Tecumseh, on time.  It was a full moon with a pretty outdoor stage, dirt which they wet down and make-believe hills on either side and the "Ohio River" behind the stage.  Tickets $11.  Lots of shooting in the drama.

Friday 1996 - We went to "the Beach" near King's Island at 6pm, they closed at 7pm.  Lots of long slides, the wave machine was on and off.  Admission was $6.95.  Ate at Perkins, slow service, but large portions.  I had baked potato with beef.  Cliff Cuffs came up and talked with us.  He left Ferno in 1986 and is now in Lebanon.

Saturday 1997 - [Morgans visiting] We went to Fort Hill, Jean walked to top and then made loop.  Had picnic there, about five other cars there.  Then to Serpent Mound, they have program ther e on Sunday before Labor Day.  Got a year's membership to Ohio places for $40 with a t-shirt.  Then to Rankin House and then to Moyer's at 5pm, four for $40.

Sunday 1998 - 50th Anniversary reception for Lou and Almeada Peters at their daughter's house (Mark Trampler's) on Clarksville Road just south of I-71, beautiful spot with a long driveway.  At the reception saw a lot of ⃞ dance folks, Alonzo and Margaret Gibbs went to Aiken SC three years ago and now all excited about Elderhostel programs.  Nice visit with Ed and Dorothy Bailey, also Bob and Pate Miles -- he is going to CMH for tests.  Article in today's NYT about cooking schools.  Recognized the Fire Department and the Medical Volunteers at Church today, so about 140 there.  Church has closed off the basement window to the west.  John Harner brought us about 30 ears of corn.  Told how difficult it is to work with his Dad.
MV added in 2010: 
1996: Cliff Cuffs left Ferno (AKA Ferno Washington), headquarters at airbase that mfgs. healthcare and/or emergency equipment.

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August 29, 1989-99

Double therapy

HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1990 - Bo Streber brought us a melon.  Hortons went with Senior Citizens to Bear Creek for the day.

Thursday 1991 - [to NYC, then Helsinki and Moscow]

Saturday 1992 - Jean had invited the Sankers and Bill's sister, Shirley, came also.  They were interested in our trip to Alaska as they are going there next month.  Serena moved to a new place near the library.  Mother was in great shape today.

Sunday 1993 - [Roberta visiting]

Monday 1994 - Jean had her last therapy on her ankle and her first therapy on her shoulder.  We rode bikes out the Cemetery Road tonight.  Having a few cantaloupe out of the garden.

Tuesday 1995 - Spoke with Kims about our not going to Columbus for their children's graduation.  Jean helped Lana Sue Carey [wife of Bob Carey NVHS'64] at school, selling books, open house.

Friday 1997 - [Morgans visiting] We went to Spillway Lodge for supper with the Morgans.

Saturday 1998 - We went down to NV Senior Citizens for the program by Hugh Heiland (1916-2007).  Got some nice pictures from the Crowsons of Ginny and Christian.  Had peanut butter and tomato sandwiches for supper.  Got our Schuler interview [on tape], stressed how important a belief in religion is and how we need to put the family first.  Interesting time line article on Harding.

Sunday 1999 - Had last 8 chapters of Ezekiel for SS lesson, luckily SS promotion Sunday, so only 30 minutes class time.  In the evening we took the Salisburys to Martinsville UMC for program by Robin McMillan.

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August 28, 1989-99

Morgans host exchange student

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - Kathi McIntosh starts at GHU's.  She is to be there at 6:30 to get up, then at 1 to go to bed, 3 to get up, 8:30 for bed time and 12 for toilet time.

Tuesday 1990 - Now Kathy wants to work 6 hours a day during the week.  Went to Cincinnati today, to start Carroll estate.  Parked behind the library.  Ate lunch at Arnold's Bar & Grill.  Gas 126.9¢, Honda turns 3300 miles.

Wednesday 1991 - Mother quite sleepy, did eat the grapes.  Got six stumps chewed up, $75, less than ½ hour.

Saturday 1993 - [Roberta visiting] Roberta, Serena and John went over to see Grandma.  We went to the Rocky Fork Restaurant for lunch, a family from Chillicothe is running it.  Liver and onions were $4.95 while the buffet was $8.25.  The Hortons drove there on their own.  We went to Fort Hill, nice museum there.  Roberta and I [or J] walked the Fort Trail, a good hour, believe the sign said 4 miles.  Nellie Roush [wife of Everett?] VERY contrary.

Monday 1995 - Vision 2000 meeting but minister did not show up.  GG went to Dr. about her ear problem.  Got Elderhostel acceptance for trip to eastern Europe next June.

Wednesday 1996 - Morgans hosting an exchange student from Switzerland [Petra] this school year.  Went to Dr. H, to have cataract surgery.  Got order of sale on Zurface.

Thursday 1997 - [Morgans visiting] Went to Wilmington and ate at Walkers.

Friday 1998 - Went to Hillsboro on legal business, then had 11:15 appointment at CMH for an echo cardiogram, there about ½ hour, very painless, they read these waves in your heart, can even hear the beep of the valves.  Got gas for 92.9¢.  Looking at Wells annual report, I'm ready to have an auction.  The personnel are always pointing their finger at someone else.  MO raised their dividend to 44¢ from 40¢.  Market down 350 points.

Saturday 1999 - Jean still sort of pep-less, she did eat a half pizza for lunch.  Breaking ground for new Senior Citizen Building in Wilmington.

Added in 2010:

1996 - The name was Zurface [corrected]. Turned out to be a good estate. The family had two brothers who were not particularly friendly, and the one brother who was the original executor passed away before we got things wound up, then his daughters wanted to be the executors as did the other brother so there was litigation about that. The two daughters, who I represented, did prevail.

1989 - Always a problem in getting people to take care of GHU. They wouldn't show up, or someone else created this and that problem not to mention the area of food.

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August 27, 1989-99

Kate in first video

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - Sunday School picnic promotion Sunday.  MV has recital at Port William Church.  Her singing does bring tears to our eyes.  UMC song fest 1:30-5pm.  Unleaded gas is 91.9¢/gal.

Tuesday 1991 - Went to Wilmington, they are looking for a new librarian.  Got letter from New Zealand, both Joe and Mary Hiestand have passed away [the New Zealand Joe and Mary, not the ones from Hillsboro].  Got the two pictures from Joe [Horton]. 

Thursday 1992 - Busy day at the office.  Went ⃞ dancing, we have been on 43 raids.  [According to Glossary of Square Dance Terms, a raid or "banner stealing" is "A planned visitation to another club, with enough attending club members present to "steal" the visited club's official banner.  Many areas use a single banner for their club, while other areas have many banners.]

Friday 1993 - [Roberta visiting] John, Julie and Kate came for supper.  They have their first video of Kate.  She puts out a nice smile.  Serena also here, she is looking good.  James Terrell in office, he thinks an emergency.

Saturday 1994 - Took MUH to Cincinnati airport for flight to Albuquerque, where Joe and Roberta will meet her.  Got windshield "rubbers" replaced at the Honda dealer in Florence.  We had lunch at Ryans Steak House, just east of the Hilton on Turfway.  Went to Office Max at Eastgate Mall, place just opened this summer and got new Brothers Word Processing machine.  Oh yes, got gas in KY for 96.9¢, 117.9¢ here in Ohio.  New bypass about to open on 28 just east of I-275

Sunday 1995 - Article in NYT about what is doing in Cleveland Ohio, new "Rock" museum to open there.

Tuesday 1996 - Calling hours for Mary Etta Penn.

Wednesday 1997 - Morgans arrived, went to GHU's and sort of cleaned house.

Friday 1999 - Jean went back to CMH for a sonogram, ate at Jay's, cup of soup and sandwich $4.95.  Jean had onion soup.

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August 26, 1989-99

Play House painted

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - We painted the play house.  Dutch Boy Water Base Paint from K-Mart, 1 gallon $19.95 reduced to $11.95, supposed to be 10 year guarantee.  Bought four marked down muskmelons at Kroger's for 69¢.  Jean and MUH went to UMC for Gruber-Morgan [Joanne's daughter] wedding.

Sunday 1990 - The Gruber-Morgans [mentioned in 1989 entry] are now expecting a baby in December.  Went to Blanchester to eat.  During lunch Mother didn't seem herself, like a light stroke, speech garbled.  Open house for NV Emergency Squad, new 62,000 mile vehicle.

Wednesday 1992 - Worked at Lions Club Booth at Clinton County Implement Sale at Fairgrounds.  Sold about 600 sandwiches at $1 each, sausage more popular than burgers.  GHU was great today.

Thursday 1993 - [Roberta visiting]

Friday 1994 - [Chicago IL to home]

Saturday 1995 - [Chautauqua NY to home with Aunt Mary] Went to Farmers Market for breakfast.  Mad a stop at Quail Lakes Motel, quite nice.  Came into Cleveland on I-90 and got off at East 140th St, what a run down section of the city.  On Hessler Road several were out cleaning the gutters.  Ate at the Place on Bellflower [which in 2008 was undergoing a transformation and reopened at L'Albatros, property is owned by Case Western.], had black beans and rice.  In Columbus Mary visited the Hortons, 19 were there, while we went to the Little Prof Book Store in Worthington Mall.  Got gas for 99.9¢/gal on US 62 south of Columbus.  Had a snack at Yummers, they have changed hands for the worse.  "C" [Chautauqua, presumably rather than Cleveland or Columbus] was a nice place to visit.

Monday 1996 - Jean had meeting in Hamilton and met her at Wilmington P.L.  Because of building program couldn't get Consumer Reports issue so after supper at Bob Evans, we went to Blanchester P.L.  Got two dozen ears of corn at $2.50/dozen.  Democratic convention starts.  Replacing AC in GG's office.  Got our driveway and parsonage driveway coated.  (Dave Henderson did it again 7/99)

Wednesday 1998 - Went to see Betty Streber on legal business, then on to Ed Johnsons to take them to Murphin Ridge for lunch.  Ed was born 1/19/25 [and was a USAF pilot prior to ministry].  Still have this cough and not too much energy.  Rained 1.1" last night.  C.A. Flint here to look at trees, $300 to top the two trees in front of parsonage.

Thursday 1999 - Jean had MD appointment then went to CMH for some tests, which turned out pretty good.  Crowsons in Nashville today.  Don has interview for position with Upper Room.  The Waco TX deal [Waco/Branch Davidian Siege:  In August, 1999, documents were uncovered which indicated that during the raid on the Branch Davidian compound, the FBI used a limited number of flammable tear gas canisters.] is back on the news.

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August 25, 1989-99

Wendy to Scotland

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - Jean had breakfast at the Corner Restaurant with Helen Weekes [she left Wilmington in 1990, returned for poetry reading in 1997] who is doing an article on the small town restaurants for the WNJ.

Saturday 1990 - Mares got traffic ticket, didn't like the expression "gray hair."

Sunday 1991 - GHU at noon, George Steele was good before his operation four months ago.  We met Serena in Lebanon, walked around and had supper at Kansas City Stockyards.  She is talking of going to USSR next summer to see Koha..... [?].

Tuesday 1992 - Calling hours for George Henderson, brought back memories of picking strawberries there in the 30's.  Had our 2nd espanol lesson with Jim Marshall [Fannie Moore's son-in-law, former missionary in Argentina].  Getting Art Bloom and Joan Sheffields [related to Lyle? or Gladys?] estates started.  

Wednesday 1993 - [Wendy leaves, Roberta arrives] It was a short night, Wendy was up about 4am, plane left at 9:55, we left here about 7:30.  Roberta came in an adjoining gate at 10:10, so went directly to Hillsboro to see GHU.  She now weighs 97.6 pounds.  Wendy left one bag here, so went with two large and heavy bags to Motherwell Scotland.  Got 13# turkey at Kroger's for 49¢/lb.  

Thursday 1994 - [Richmond IN to Chicago IL] Had an on the run lunch at Merrillville IN.  Visited exhibit at Newberry Library, also the fancy Nike Store on N. Michigan Ave.  Stayed at Red Roof at Northbrook and had dinner at Le Francais Restaurant (5-stars) in Wheeling [now closed but couldn't find any details].  Early bird dinner was $35 each.  We were there two hours, three mini chocolate desserts.  Lots of construction work on I-94 on north side.  

Friday 1995 - [Chautauqua NY with Aunt Mary] Had breakfast at the deli in our hotel.  Program on the press and reporting.  Lunch at the UMC, $4 each.  We walked down to the Bell Tower and then took the tour of the grounds at 4pm, $2 each.  For supper we ate at Tally Ho, nice meal.  The USO Band put on the evening program.  We sat in front of Dr. Temaris and De. Selznick from the Cincy area.  We went to Vespers at 9:15 and then social hour at the Presbyterian House across the street.

Sunday 1996 - Went to Corwin and rode bike trail to Oregonia, 6 miles and had supper at the Little River Cafe, $30 for two of us.  Bike path recently opened.  

Monday 1997 - [Coral Gables FL to home] 

Tuesday 1998 - Finally went to Dr. Hamak [?] at Family Practice, Dr. Holten is in charge there.  Got chest x-ray at CMH.  They say I may have heart valve problems.  Staples opened in Wilmington.  500 #10 security envelopes for $7.87.  Duane Terwilliger [?] (lives in old Raymond Deck property] was here on some legal business and he offered to help us on the internet, a big help.  Filed Leach will.  Article in WNJ about possible bypass around Wilmington.  The west end would come out near Oglethorpe Road, 8-10 years down the road.  

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August 24, 1989-99

Mati Hari, Pete Rose, Chautauqua

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - Went to Hillsboro, saw Quill [Orville?] Purtee at Oakland Nursing Home.  Brief visit to the Hillsboro Public Library, open 8 to 5.  Visited Harners on way back from ⃞ dancing, got green beans.  So much publicity about Pete Rose and his resignation.  [from Cincinnati Enquirer Pete Rose timeline:  Aug. 24, 1989: Rose agrees to lifetime ban from baseball following a six-month investigation of his gambling, a deal announced by Giamatti. A five-page document signed by Rose and Giamatti has no formal findings. However, Giamatti says he believes Rose bet on baseball, while on the same day Rose denies it.]  Dow Jones Index hits a record high.

Friday 1990 -  To Murphy Theater to see Greta Garbo in "Mata Hari" [1931 World War I spy movie] and "Ninotchka" [1939].  She was a serious comrade (no smiles) but did warm up.  Pic & Save special on Honeydew for 99¢ each.  Don Isaacs 22nd Anniversary.

Saturday 1991 - Went out to Apple Tree Apartments open house, rent is 30% of your income up to $16,000 maximum.  Cleaned walk at Wells.  Ox Roast at Lions Club.  Planted asparagus seeds.

Tuesday 1993 - [Wendy visiting]

Wednesday 1994 - [to Richmond IN via Columbus]  Went to Columbus to file Probate papers for Elsie Fullerton, and had reservations in Richmond IN at Best Western Motel where they had a combination microwave and ice box.  Had supper at Taste of Town, 1616 E. Main St., fair.  Drove by the Adam Bartel wholesale place, across the street from the abandoned RR Station.

Thursday 1995 - [Chautauqua NY with Aunt Mary] Went to Economics program at Kellogg Hall, charting stock market action.  We had lunch at St. Elmo's.  Afternoon program was too deep for us at the Hall of Philosophy.  Had supper at the place next to the PO.  At the bookstore NYT are $1.25.  Band group in the evening.

Saturday 1996 -  Cleaned out play house and restacked wood pile.  Went to Wilmington.  Bob and Carl's had bananas at 19¢/lb.  Had supper at Donatos, veg. sub and Hawaiian pizza.  Still looking at stoves at Lowes and Steinbergs.

Sunday 1997 - [Naples to Coral Gables FL]  Went to church at North Naples UMC on Seagate, plan to move to a new location in 1999.  Emerson Colaw is the Bishop-in-Residence.  Had buffet lunch at the Biltmore in Coral Gables for $39/each, a big spread.

Monday 1998 - Lots of rain.

Tuesday 1999 - Randy Thompson over re Victor Thompson will.  He is having a time re his Mother who is 72.  Can't take care of herself and doesn't want to be in a nursing home.  Doris Martin is having same trouble with her aunt from Florida who is now with Doris.

Monday, August 22, 2011

August 23, 1989-99

Wendy eats shrimp and steak

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - MUH went with us to Hillsboro Episcopal Church where they had a "dress rehearsal" of Taming of the Shrew.  Daniel Lord and two others were the whole cast.

Thursday 1990 - [Roberta leaves] Serena left for breakfast library meeting at Fairborn.  Jean took Roberta to meet the Goodings for lunch, then Roberta flew back to Phoenix.  Raspberries coming on strong.  Mowed the grass and trimmed low limbs on trees in the back.

Friday 1991 - Lots of apples and pears.  Hortons got new refrigerator at GHU's.  $557.29.

Sunday 1992 - Had Deuteronomy 29-30 to teach in SS lesson.  GHU very good today.  Ate at Ponderosa.  The Donald Bernards went with us to Hillsboro to see Steel Magnolias at the Cut and Curl Beauty Shop.  Bernards have been going to Florida for seven years.  Talked with Donna Hardin re her trip to South Africa.

Monday 1993 - [Wendy visiting] Went to the Court House while Jean and Wendy went up to look at Antioch College.  Had supper at Ponderosa.  Wendy ordered both shrimp and steak.

Tuesday 1994 - [Newark] John had invited us to a seminar at the Newark Country Club at 7:45, sponsored by PNB.  About 20 people present.  John made the introduction.  Paul Ward spoke about estate planning.  Got form at Franklin County Probate Court, 22nd floor, for Elsie Fullerton Estate.  Bought wool slacks at Brooks Bros. outlet mall for $49 (50% off.)

Wednesday 1995 - [to Chautauqua NY with Aunt Mary] MUH left with us for Chautauqua NY at 8:30 and got there about 3:30, 350 miles.  Lots of construction around Erie PA.  We had reservations at Carey Cottage, doubles are $81, very convenient to the Auditorium.  We had Room 208 and Mary at 202.  Had supper at Sadie J's.  Evening program was Diane Bish, organist at the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale.  She was terrific.  We had a special gate admission, still $27 per person for admission price.

Friday 1996 - Hard rain, we needed it.  Went to Sankers, MUH went with us.  Had beef stroganoff.  Bill took us for a ride in his '35 Ford Coupe with rumble seat.  Saw two videos on car history, a 59-day trip across the US in 1909 by four gals.  Got home at midnight.

Saturday 1997 - [Naples FL]

Sunday 1998 -  Had SS lesson, 2nd Peter 2:13 to end of chapter.  Met at Shaffers at 1pm for picnic, we were home by 6pm.  They had two gas grills.

Monday 1999 - Got appointment at 1:30 with Dr. Glick.  Said Jean had a urinary tract infection so she got a shot and a new prescription.  We were there for two hours.  At 8pm tonight she seemed to be feeling better.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 22, 1989-99

Yonkers filming in Wilmington

HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - Wore pedometer, 2400+ steps.  Reading Route 66 book, 18' wide and finally all paved in 1928.  At first they had rental tents for the tourists for 50¢/night.

Wednesday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] Read in the WNJ where in the 1920s there were 25 school districts in Clinton County.  I do recall when there were 13, and now there are four.  [By contrast Maricopa County AZ (which is much bigger but still) has about 240 school districts, some of which are Charter Schools, and at least 10% are elementary school districts separate from the high schools.  AZ is long overdue for educational reform/consolidation.]  MV and Don came in from Canada via Michigan and brought us peaches and blueberries.  Had turkey for supper.  Hortons left for Indiana to visit Cris.

Thursday 1991 - John, Julie and her parents came down for the afternoon.  Cathy from Washington State called us about calling Elderhostel and getting them to go forward with our Russian trip.

Saturday 1992 - Walked around downtown Wilmington, they are filming part of the movie "Yonkers", a lot of false front store fronts such as a bakery, Chinese laundry and about 20 1940s vintage cars including a street car.  From Xenia we rode our bikes 8.5 miles to Yellow Springs and had a snack at Carol's near the PO where you pay by the ounce for what you put on your plate.  Mother wouldn't eat much today.  Cleaned out ditch in front of Wells.

Sunday 1993 - [Wendy visiting] Met Serena at Der Dutchman in Waynesville, lots of traffic on 73 near Flea Market.   We were a half hour for the two miles.  Then we went to the Ohio Renaissance Festival [Harveysburg], had tickets for ½ price so $20 for the four of us.  We were there from 3-6.  One show was this fellow swallowing the sword and the 36" balloon - ugh.  The mud show – how could anything be worse.  Had ice cream at 73 & 42 in Waynesville.

Monday 1994 - [to Newark] Jean had therapy appointment in Wilmington, also Dr. appointment about her shoulder tendinitis.  Had reservations at Cherry Valley Lodge, Room 139, facing inside, $85/night + $7 tax.  Ended up eating with John and Julie, then they came out for a swim.

Tuesday 1995 - First day of school.  Have several guardianships for school purposes.  Picked a couple gladioli.

Thursday 1996 - Leadership Clinton meeting.  Tobacco stocks are ꜛ and ꜜ.

Friday 1997 - [Naples FL] Spent some time on 3rd Street, especially Mole Hole, all those fountains.  Had lunch on South side of street.  Walked out on the pier.  Nice supper at St. George the Dragon.

Saturday 1998 - We went to Wilmington for Tom Young sale, all these toys, etc.  Had lunch at Sangers [?]. We split an entree and soup.  Virginia S. [Smith?] came in and got pie.  Allan and Mark (he was painting a barn) [or bank? or something else?] were there also.  Stayed at WPL until 4pm.  Stopped at Walmart for new watch band, black.

Sunday 1999 - Shaffer Picnic.  George asked us to bring pop, it looked like everyone brought pop, so there was plenty.  Jean not feeling well so we came home at 3pm, hard to get her to eat anything.

HH added in 2010: From Dad: (1995) school guardian refers to new students in the district who are not living with their parents and the school district requires a [legal] guardian. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

August 21, 1989-99

John undecided

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - We met John at Brown Derby at Eastland at 5pm.  Several dinners for $5.95.  John was to meet International Students in Newark, now he is undecided whether to go with Frontiers or International Teams.  Got Sundaes at McDonalds in Jeffersonville, 85¢ each.  Hard rain the last 10 miles.

Wednesday 1991 - Don Bernards came in and we visited re our trip to Alaska.  They have a great scrapbook.

Friday 1992 - Heard through a returned envelope that Dorothy Ann Terrell had passed away on 8/7/92 in Chicago on the street and they were holding the body.  Rosemary called from Germany.  Hortons left to visit Mares, etc.  Serena called about her new phone # and address.

Saturday 1993 - [Lexington to Frankfort KY to home] Motel has continental breakfast.  We went to the Fayette Mall, they have a new upscale addition.  In the Disney store are neckties for $28, nice McAlpin's.  [McAlpin's bought out by Dillard's in 1998.]  Lunch at the Lexington Green, then to the bookstore.  Left there about 2pm visiting the floral clock, the present capitol and the old capitol in Frankfort.  Supper at Bob Evans at I-75 and Buttermilk Pike.  Stopped at new Kroger store off 28.

Sunday 1994 - Rev. Johnson had baptisms at Leesburg Roadside Park, then we went to Greenfield to see Ed Kantner who is having therapy at the Greenfield Hospital for his knee replacement.  Went to Hillsboro UMC for another ice cream supper, both voluntary offering.   Then the play 3x3x3 at Weaster plant [?] in Hillsboro.

Wednesday 1996 - MUH went to Lithopolis with the NV Senior Citizens.  Had Bible study here.

Thursday 1997 - [Sanibel Island to Naples FL] Stayed at Hampton Inn in Naples, supper at Palm Restaurant, then visited David Johnson (an MD whose wife is a nurse), looked at videos of his Dad [Rev. Ed Johnson] preaching here and greeting people.  They are in a large golf development.

Saturday 1999 - [Columbus to home] Had breakfast at McDonald's, what a line at 9am.  Drove by the Polaris shopping development, new Barnes and Noble.  Visit to Worthington PL, they have a new library in NW part of town.  Had lunch at Clarmont Steak House, their 50th year, a BIG bowl of bean soup.  Drove by Thurber's house on Jefferson Street.  Another time we will try to find that "herb garden."  Talked with the Larry Hunts [?] in Aldi's, their son is moving to the "gold area of California."  Bought bunch of pop for the Shaffer get together tomorrow.  8pm and Jean is in bed, hope she is better tomorrow.

HH added in 2010: In 1992 I was guardian for Dorothy Ann Terrell and it was up to me to send her a check every month from her funds and with power to send extra $ if I thought it was necessary. She was always having an emergency AND the need for extra money. She reported me to the state ethics commission (they never found anything wrong) whenever I said no to requests for the extra funds.

Rosemary was her half-sister who married Dr. Irwin Smith who was high up in Abbott Drug. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

August 20, 1989-99

Jean not up to par

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - Eloise S. taught SS class, what a long 45 minutes.  We went to the Parker House in Hillsboro, buffet $6.75, really good.

Monday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] Melissa Holbrook Toedtman [Joe's friend] came up with her dog.  She is talking about starting a restaurant in Cincinnati.

Thursday 1992 - Reading a book about 100 best stocks to buy.  PM was at top of list.

Friday 1993 - [to KY] We left about 1pm for Lexington to meet the Crowsons.  Brief stop at Sankers, he is going to have Flints come down and "chew" up the tree stump.  Had reservations at Greentree Motel, the hospital rate at $30/night.  Had supper with Harvey and Marguerite ___________ at Pomeroy's [?] on Tates Creek Road, a noisy place, though reasonable.  Got gas for 99.9¢.  Honda turned 62,000

Saturday 1994 - Billy [or Betty?] Walker brought us some corn.  They are talking about moving back to town.  Trimmed shrubbery around the house.  Got Elderhostel catalog supplement.  Jean processed four heads of cabbage.  Heard from John, MV and Roberta about getting the stock.  Went to Highland UMC for Ice Cream Social.  Honda turns 78,000 miles.

Sunday 1995 - SSCC had open house in Hillsboro.  Kent Walker was on the ball team.  Program by the Columbus Zoo.  K-Mart had milk for 99¢ for the first gallon.

Tuesday 1996 - We went to Cincinnati for hearing test.  I need one, but wasn't happy, what with her old business card, waiting until receptionist got there.  We met Serena at Joseph Beth's book store and had lunch at Chesters Road House, entrees were $8.95, iced tea $1.50.  Serena gets her $'s worth.  Spent afternoon at the Book Store, got Michelin California book and LA map.  Had supper at Boston Chicken.  Got home about 8pm.

Wednesday 1997 - [Lake Worth to Sanibel Island FL] Drove to FL's west coast, had reservations at West Wind Inn on Gulf Drive.  Really great library facility here and on Captiva.

Thursday 1998 - Got 40 hamburger and 20 ostrich burgers at Saeger's for $49.95 for the get together this weekend.  Got some Robitussin DM for my mucus.  Pulled weeds in front of W. C. of C. [Wilmington Chamber of Commerce?] Nice article in WNJ about Hugh Heiland, Director of Theater from 1947-1986 at Wilmington College.  Told how they used to have practice in the gym after the basketball practice and they turned down the heat.

Friday 1999 - [to Columbus] We went to Columbus for CLE program at OSBA builiding, can now fill in the forms with pen.  Had lunch at the first restaurant on West 5th.  Jean not up to par – no pep, no appetite and wants to sleep most of the time.  Had reservations at Radisson North, got through the internet on Price Line for $50.  Room #372.  Supper at Cameron's on 161, just west of 315.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

August 19, 1989-99

News of the world

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - Mowed grass, first time in 3 weeks.  Took the Jim Allens (he is 54) and George Shaffers (he is 60, she is 57) to Harry Allens in Cincinnati in our van.  Shower at UMC for Nancy Henderson Hamilton [this was probably a baby shower as her daughter, Lisa, was born in 1989], they live in Dayton, near Beaver Creek.]

Sunday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] The nine of us went to Wooden Spoon, $5.95 each.  Betty Terrell called, putting Paul in a nursing home in Hillsboro. 

Monday 1991 - Rita Johnson is 39 today.  PPR meeting, moved to have Rev. Johnson return.  Upset in USSR today, wonder about our trip?  [From Wikipedia: The 1991 Soviet coup d'état attempt (August 19–21, 1991), also known as the August Putsch or August Coup was an attempt by a group of members of the Soviet Union's government to take control of the country from Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev.]

Wednesday 1992 - Republican convention on in Houston.  Marilyn Quayle and Barbara Bush both spoke.  [Clinton-Gore won the 1992 election.]  Put dirt around end of pole across the street.

Friday 1994 - Had our drive way coated, $120.  Henry Harend (?) and Mark Tague [?] here, possible Wells interest.  Had big bonfire across the street last night.

Saturday 1995 - [Newark to home]  Left John and Julie's about 1pm.  Made a brief stop at the Wexner Museum in Columbus, then to Mall on US 35 and I-71, got light tan pants at Brooks Bros. then had supper at Highland UMC.  Kim called about graduation from OSU for their two children.  Roberta promoting trip to Australia in October 1996, got packet of material for China trip next month.

Tuesday 1997 - [Lake Worth FL] Breakfast at Lake Worth Beach, always good.  They have formal dinner in evening.  Lorraine Marco Basco joined us, I recall her from 1936, her husband (2nd marriage) Fred died 10/96.  Talked of her fast walks, thought she was overdressed, finger nail polish, etc.  She and a friend are going to Greek Isles.

Wednesday 1998 - Grant Douglas and Dennis Smalley here re Wells.  Jean seems to have no pep.

HH added in 2010: 
Both Jim [1934-2005] and Harry Allen [1908-1998] have passed away.
In 1997 I knew Lorraine from elementary school in FL.
In 1994 and 98 I had forgotten how long we had tried "to move" Wells. Thanks to John in the trust dept., he knew someone who knew someone who didn't know much about the toy business. Think they are down to one employee in NV.
In 1990 Do you remember we use to go to Terrells and get milk?  lt was not homogenized at 60 cents a gallon and made ice cream from that cream. [I do remember that we got milk, cottage cheese, etc. delivered to the door even after we moved into the new house in 1957, but seems it ended shortly after that. That "raw" milk was quite a bit different than the non-fat drink of today, but I'm sure made far better ice cream.]

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 18, 1989-99

Murphin Ridge opens

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - Jean had appointment at Main Medical.  Got new watch at Wil-Car [?], brown strap for $19.95, Timex Quartz.

Saturday 1990 -  [Roberta visiting] Tom Salisbury spoke at NVUMC Prayer Breakfast on his trip to Leningrad.  Lunch at Murphin Ridge, near Dunkinsville OH in Adams County.  They just opened this summer, have ten rooms, $70 for a single +$5 per extra, includes breakfast.  Quite a nice experience.  Mares, Robert and Wes arrived.  They have new Honda wagon.  Got our China tickets, Elderhostel catalog came.  Betty Terrell called several times.  Talked with Roberta about her nursing helper

Sunday 1991 - Mother seemed fine, she asked about some stock, never got it figured out.

Wednesday 1993 - [Wendy visiting] GHU now weighs 97 pounds.  She ate 100% of her lunch.  With Wendy we went to North Beach at Rocky Fork for a swim and a picnic.  Seems like it has been years since we went on a picnic.  Then a visit to Bo and Betty Strebers at the place they got in 1988 at 7530 North Shore Road.  They are resurfacing US 50 through Hillsboro.

Thursday 1994 - Charles Kurtz came from Philadelphia, he works with Larry Kintner, possible sale for Wells.  Ate lunch in NV, their lunch is $4.50

Friday 1995 - [Newark]  We babysat Kate, her parents went to Lancaster and had lunch at Shaw's.  In the evening we to the Chinese Restaurant in the Holiday Inn in Heath.  Visited new Target store.

Sunday 1996 - Had SS lesson, James 5:1-6.  Ate in Wilmington at Samuel Walker's brunch, out of the roof garden, $8.95 for seniors and $11.95 regular.  It wasn't worth it.  Then visited Ruth Shoemaker, Harry Allens, Dorothy Laughlin.  Barnabas program downtown.  Sid Clay spoke on the H.B.C. [?] then they had ice cream and big cookies.

Monday 1997 - [Miami FL to Lake Worth/Lantana after trip to Peru]  Visited Vizcaya and had lunch there.  Lots of cameo rings.  Drove to Lantana to see Mary.  We had the guest room at $40/night.

Wednesday 1999 - Another Linkhart hearing, now set for trial for 10/10 and 10/19.  Jean, Marie Cooper and Virginia Hildebrant went to volunteer at the hospital.  Marie's son Tom has a restaurant, Four Seasons, on a lake near Chippewa Falls.  Article in today's NYT about the restaurant, Tadich Grill founded in 1849, now 150 years old in San Francisco at 240 California Street.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 17, 1989-99

Uible family get-together at Woody's

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] Jean has cholesterol tested, now down to 198.  Roberta took Ruth Shoemaker to dinner at the Denver House.  Donna Brown's birthday.  Anna Louise brought us a beautiful watermelon filled with fruit, nails on the end so the fruit could flow over.  The painters, Charlie Lewis, finally came to Mother's House, $10/hour.

Saturday 1991 - Got the rocks across the street leveled out and some dirt to cover them.  Woody and Barbara Uible invited us down to their house in Indian Hills.  They had just finished an addition.  The Hortons went with us and we picked up Jane and Howard Uible.  He is 82 [and died in 2010] and Dick Uible is 78 [he died 2007].  Dick and Verna have six daughters and three sons.  Carol, their oldest is 47 and her husband, John Moeller, live in North Bend, Ohio.  He [John] was celebrating his 50th birthday.  Sally [the third daughter, married to Billy Helms] teaches 2nd grade is Tuscaloosa AL.  Woody and Barbara had put in a new driveway, the three children were out front to greet us.  Cleaned the walk around Wells.  Had phone call from John.

Monday 1992 -  PharMore filed for bankruptcy, just 10 years since they started, now have 300 stores and $3 billion in sales.

Tuesday 1993 - Ed and Evie Johnson invited us down, off Harriet Road on to Sinking Springs Road, a lovely site which they bought 21 years ago.  Their son Brian is building across the road.  Ed will be 69 in January and he wants to quit the pastorate next June.  This is his 6th year.  Met John, Julie, Kate and Wendy at Engine House #8 in Columbus for supper at 6:45.  Their air conditioning was broken down.  About $80 for the five of us.

Wednesday 1994 - Spoke with Tom Sullivan about Ted's rough letter writing.  Our Lions Club worked at the Clinton County Implement Sale.  I was there 11-1.  Probate Court in Wilmington getting new lights.

Thursday 1995 - [to Newark] Drove to Newark.

Saturday 1996 - Got bike helmet for Jean at K-Mart, $21.95.  Arby's had 5 patty melts for $4.

Sunday 1997 - [Lima Peru to Miami FL] Flew to Miami, stayed at Red Roof Inn.

Monday 1998 - Got canceled dental appointment, my right molar had a big cavity.  We went on to Dayton to file Wilder Trust suit.  Had lunch at Peasant Stock.   Visited the big book store but no purchases.  [President] Clinton faces Grand Jury, heavy dose on the TV.  Donna Brown's birthday.

Monday, August 15, 2011

August 16, 1989-99

Dreaded Mayonnaise

HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - Pastoral Relations Committee meeting

Thursday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] We met the Goodings at Kim's restaurant near Hara Arena for supper at 6:30.  Serena also came from Greenville.  We were there for 2 hours.  Bob is quite a talker.  They had been to Virginia on vacation.  Visited Salem Mall before hand.

Friday 1991 - Went to Cincinnati for CLE Meeting, Jean spent the day with the Sankers, then we went to Hamilton to meet Serena at the Academy for supper.  Tickets for USSR trip came, there are 17 in the group.

Sunday 1992 - We took Rev. Charles and Edith Jenkins out to lunch at Friendly Village Inn, for four of us it was $28.  The Leesburg UMW had given Jean a gift certificate for $20 for speaking at their church.  The Hortons came up and we watched their anniversary video for 1¾ hours, very interesting.  The Jenkins plan to retire to the Jackson area.

Monday 1993 - 94 South in Wilmington is closing.  Sent in application for UMC Cuba trip in November.

Tuesday 1994 - Been reading John Grisham's book The Client, a great novel about the attorney Reggie and her client, Mark, an 11-year-old who witnessed a suicide. 

Wednesday 1995 - Had Mary Ruth Young  [291 W. Church St NV in 1991] hearing at Probate Court.  Took a load of stuff to CMH rummage sale.  Also Lions Club having refreshment stand at the Fair Grounds.  Then Leadership Clinton "open house" from 5:30-7, took fresh fruit.  Had plenty of snacks there.  Still up in the 90°'s in the PM.  Article in WNJ about Damon's breaking ground in Wilmington.

Saturday 1997 - [Lima Peru] Met Tom and Emily Salisbury at noon, they had car, quite a large compound for Wycliff Translators.  Had a nice meal and visit with them and also a stop at a deluxe ice cream place.

Sunday 1998 - [Mohican State Park to home] Left about noon, went back to Malabar to get a video, to Mansfield where John and Julie are "thinking" about John's taking a job at the PNB there.  We had a picnic in the park in Lexington OH.  In Newark they had torn down the building where the new library will be.  Coming home we ended up at Taco Bell as service was very inefficient at Wendy's/Tim Horton's.  Honda turned 55,000 miles.

Monday 1999 - [Newark to home] Visited John at the bank.  The bank had their annual picnic at Cedar Point yesterday and a breakfast tomorrow at 7am.  They can go informal for a week on their wardrobe.  Finally got to Lithopolis, the restaurant is closed, not much left in town except for the very nice library.   Ate at the Roundtown on North Court St. in Circleville.  The coleslaw was 120% mayo.  Went to the library there, same old building.  They are building a new library in Ashville.  In WCH library got looking up Hiestands who came from Botetourt County in Virginia in 1804.  Librarian is Duane Powells ex-wife.  Ate at Memories, a year ago was a former downtown drugstore.

1939 Municipal Building Dedication Newspaper promotion

June 15, 1939 New Vienna Reporter, top page 1
Pictured: C.J. Uible, Dusty Miller, Mack Sauer, G.C. Wright, James R. West

Here's the link to the NV History blog which includes the rest of the front page and transcription.  

Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 15, 1989-99

Andrew naps, Kate sleeps

HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - Jean took papaya to Extended Care and I went to the Court House.  Went to Wendy's then shopping.  Kroger's had bananas for 29¢/lb.  Gas 93.9¢

Wednesday 1990 - [Roberta visiting]  Appraisal at Margaret Ross's house and farm, what a MESS.  Serena and staff member going to Canton today to return their bookmobile for a paint job.  Roberta and Jean met Margaret Drake at the Denver House for lunch.

Thursday 1991 - Got new screen and cutter for my electric razor.  Getting roof painted on old Church Building.  [Assume that would be the former Quaker church at 3rd and Church Sts.]

Saturday 1992 - Mother in good spirits.  More rain, wiped window sills at Wells.  Went ⃞ dancing in Hillsboro.  Jean made zucchini bread.

Sunday 1993 - Had lunch at Hamblin House in Waynesville on the porch.  Visited the "Moss" gallery.  She will be coming here the next to last weekend in October.  Took us 10 minutes to get past traffic tie up at the Flea Market area.  Ruth Anna and Ben Page celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, they went on their honeymoon at Indian Lake.  Wendy arrives at John and Julie's today.

Friday 1997 - [Cuzco to Lima Peru] Staying at the Gran Bolivar Hotel, built at the turn of the century, large room and right on the square.  The group went to a floor show which got started about 11pm.

Saturday 1998 - [Mohican State Park] We had breakfast with group ($6.95 in restaurant).  Went to Bromfield's Malabar Farm [Malabar Farm State Park], nice wagon ride for $1, about 45 minutes, then a tour of the house, $3 each, took about 45 minutes, very interesting.  Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall were married there in 1945.  Had lunch at the Malabar Sun, surprisingly nice.  Had supper at the Lodge.  I had the steamed vegetable plate, way too much food.

Sunday 1999 - [to Newark] Jean had SS lesson on Ezekiel.  Got to Newark about 1pm.  Waited until 2 when Andrew was ready to get up from his nap.  Went to the new Bob Evans at Cherry Valley.  We checked in to the Cherry Valley Lodge, #242 for $99/night.  Their posted rate is $149.  Newark builders are having open house at their annual Parade of Houses, we visited 3 houses.  After supper went to the motel for a brief swim.  Kate did well in sleeping.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

August 14, 1989-99

Emails from Sid

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1990 - Serena met Roberta at Dayton airport, she had beautiful postcard pictures of CWRU area.  We went to Emmaus meeting in Wilmington.  Serena had nice write-up in Greenville paper about her new job.

Friday 1992 - GHU very uncooperative in eating, wants to spit out the food and will take very little swallows of liquid.  Couldn't even get her teeth in.

Monday 1995 - Jean and MUH went to Hillsboro, had lunch with Vivian.  Mary is "talking" of moving into a retirement home in Lancaster PA which she had visited this past week.

Wednesday 1996 - Up until midnight watching the Republican convention in San Diego, some of the states are "quite wordy."  They have added a lane of stone on part of Cemetery Road.  Had a new water heater put in at Mary's [GHU house].  Article in NYT about the Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley CA – "fresh food."

Thursday 1997 - [Machu Picchu to Cuzco Peru] Back to Cuzco on the train, nice hotel between the ⃞ and the Plaza.

Friday 1998 - [to Mohican State Park via Newark OH]  We went to Newark to meet John and Julie and go to Mohican State Park for two nights.  Had supper at Village Inn in Gambier, right next to Kenyon College bookstore, open every day from 7:30am-11pm.  Nice place.  Got to Mohican about 9pm.  We are in room 102, John and Julie 104, and Ashcrafts in 106.  They had trouble with water coming up the drain in their lavatory.  We had a humming noise from the laundry room next door, it was better the 2nd night.  We all went in the indoor pool.

Saturday 1999 - A very light rain.  Email from Alice Nugent, they will not be home in Seattle when we get there next month.  Always an email from Sid, a lot of spam as he calls it.  Not to mention Arnold Appel.  Went to Wilmington, got printer cartridge at Walmart, noticed their balloons from Mexico.  Had summer toys reduced.  Ate at Subway, 2-6" subs.

Friday, August 12, 2011

August 13, 1989-99

Hitting Bottom

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - Sermon on Hebrews 11.  Went to Wooden Spoon for lunch, buffet $5.95, didn't seem as good as usual.  We rode out to Salisburys and got a large bag of garden produce.

Tuesday 1991 - MUH, Jean and I took Roberta and Joe to Columbus airport for 6:30 flight, went out to see Thelma Holmes who gave us a paper re her obituary.  Supper at Bob Evans as Cracker Barrel had a ½ hour wait.  Stopped at new ice cream place in WCH.

Thursday 1992 - GHU seems real good, gained 3#, now weights 94 pounds.  Picked a few raspberries.

Saturday 1994 - Woke up this AM with a dizzy feeling, fine when laying down, but hard to even walk to the bathroom.  Larry and Mares go back to Lancaster PA.

Sunday 1995 - Had SS lesson on Job 15-30 "Hitting bottom."  Met Serena at Joseph Beth new bookstore at Kemper and Montgomery in greater Cincinnati.  Had lunch at O'Sheas, then met MUH at airport on her return from Harrisburg.  Had supper at Boston Chicken.

Tuesday 1996 - Leadership Clinton reception.  Roger Ballantyne and Dick and Gretchen Cochran arrive.  Dick had to go to the hospital in Wilmington.  They stopped in Newark and had lunch with John and Julie.  Roberta called about plans for next April in Arizona.

Wednesday 1997 - [Machu Picchu Peru] We walked to the Inca Bridge.  Rode the bus (3 miles) to Aguas Calientes where we had a slow meal at a local restaurant on the ⃞.  The RR is really the main street, lots of vendors, hostels, and restaurants.  Some of the group went swimming, quite a lot of steps to get there.

Thursday 1998 - The Pastor reported the Nusbaums were retiring after 21 years as custodians of our Church.  Plenty of tomatoes out of the garden.  Email from the Crowsons that Candy, their babysitter for the past 6 years is getting a job and will no longer be babysitting.

Friday 1999 - Went to Wilmington.  Got bread machine.  Mix up in Bernard deeds.  Fred Ernest [Everest?] called, takes too much $ to redesign all the cards, etc.

Serena Uible Reynolds & "Four Little Kittens"

Serena Uible Reynolds (sister of CJ Uible) and "the four little kittens" Helen, Marjorie, Serena, Lucile.  Blanchester, Ohio 1919, before Leslie's birth.

Serena Uible Reynolds 1882-1963, was one year older than Cecil J. Uible.  Her husband, Leslie Clinton Reynolds died in 1924 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  She died in San Mateo, California on December 20, 1963.  They were moving to California for his health.  Not sure if they made it to California or if he died en route.  Since daughter Serena was born in California they had obviously been to California previously.

Helen Reynolds Hancock 1910-1963, married Paul W. Hancock, Jr. (1915-2002) before 1942, she died in Los Angeles on July 31, 1963.

Marjorie Reynolds Guild born June 22, 1912 and died February 17, 1994 in Los Angeles.  Married to Henry Guild.

Serena Reynolds Pugh born April 17, 1914 in Kern, California, and died February 4, 1968 in San Francisco.  She married Keith E. Pugh and had a son Keith, Jr., who has 3 daughters and two sons.  One of Keith Jr.'s sons, Scott Christopher Pugh died in 2004.

Lucile Reynolds (1-Robert Triplett, 2- Dustin Hunnicut) Ito 1916-?.  Her last husband Naboru Ito.

Leslie Clinton Reynolds 1922-1998, born three years after this picture.  He married Joan Berry.  He became Leslie Sr., when his son, Jr. was born and he also had a daughter.  Leslie Jr. has two daughters.
Here's another picture which MV originally posted in 2008:

Supposedly L-R: Harold Uible, Gladys Uible, Leslie, Serena, Lucille Reynolds and CJ Uible.  Something seems funny though if Leslie is supposed to be three years older than HH.  Could this be one of Serena's grandsons?  Keith Pugh, Jr. maybe who was born in 1937?  Could be a son of Lucille except I don't know if she had any sons....

Harold, Gladys and CJ traveled to California in 1936 spending some time with the Reynolds, where HH learned to ride a bike on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles..  See this post: 1936 & 1944 trips - California and Florida for more information.  [Some of the pictures need to be reposted though.]
There may be more information about Aunt Serena's family in my possession, but this is what is currently at hand.  Corrections and additions welcome and I'll post more when I find it!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

August 12, 1989-99

Home again (except for Machu Picchu)

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 -  MV has left for a week trip to the Carolina coast.  We rode 10 miles on bike.

Sunday 1990 - Went to Harvest House Restaurant in Hillsboro, plenty of quantity.  Art and Virginia Bernard's 50th Anniversary at the NV Senior Citizens.

Monday 1991 - Hortons up for supper.  Jean fixed the fish that we had shipped to us from Alaska.  Made home made ice cream.  Joe stayed until midnight, we did buy two paintings from him, the mail boxes and the high valley scene.  Mares called, Wes is doing great in tennis and they are having trouble with Larry's Mother, Zoe.  Chas Lewis and Terry [last name?] started painting roof on old Church building.   [Assume that would be the former Quaker church at 3rd and Church Sts.]

Wednesday 1992 - Felt tired today [got home last night at midnight from SF].  GHU not wide awake but ate cantaloupe well.

Thursday 1993 - [First day back in NV after two weeks in Oregon] Busy day at the office.  GHU seems about the same, weight is 94#.

Friday 1994 - Van Guilder [?] auction sale in Blanchester.  Visited Thelma King there in nursing home, she had broken her hip.

Saturday 1995 - We took some of GHU surplus to a garage sale for Pregnancy Crisis Center on 73 west of Wilmington.  Then to the library and Extended Care, then to movie at 5pm ($2.25 each) $5 after 6pm.  Movie was "Babe" about a talking pig who turned into a sheep herder, filmed in New South Wales.  Got milk at Bob And Carls for 69¢ per half gallon.  Talked with Ginny on the phone who asked "What are you doing?"  Mowed the grass for first time since end of June.

Tuesday 1997 - [Cuzco to Machu Picchu Peru] Left for Machu Picchu, stayed at the hotel at the ruins.

Wednesday 1998 - Went to see Betty Streber in regards to Bo's estate.  Then ate at Rocky Fork Restaurant, had sandwiches, $4.50, small tossed salad was $2.25, lemonade, etc., $1.40.  Then we went to see Evie Johnson.  Ed was at Ohio Northern.  Brian is working at K-Mart pharmacy.  Dan and Rita love Naples.  Ed still had 3 churches – Prospect and two others.  Gas was 97.9¢ in Hillsboro.

Thursday 1999 - Email from Don Crowson, he is one of three candidates for this job in Nashville.  MV has applied for job in Lexington.

Bermudian Magazine April 1996

The Bermudian, a glossy travel magazine, is "the island's premier monthly magazine" available in 1996 for $40/year.  In 2011 it's partially available free online or a hard copy can be delivered to your house for $29/year.  Today their subtitle is "the source of culture in Bermuda."

The April 1996 issue features an article entitled Age of Discovery: Elderhostellers experience "real" Bermuda by Nancy Acton.  She joins the group on a field trip to Nonsuch Island, an isolated and usually off-limits living museum.

I don't see the word "Uible" in the article but you will recognize the couple in the foreground of this picnicking picture.
Picnic Lunch in Bermuda - HH & Jean Uible with an Elderhostel Group in Bermuda.  
Picture from p. 24 of The Bermudian, April 1996
The Elderhostel trip of which they were a part was February 6-11, 1996

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 11, 1989-99

Wedding Bells for John & Julie

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - [home from Hawaii] Changed planes in Chicago.  John Hardin finished up our sewer hook up, $631.  The facing on our flower bed "fell off."  Parking charges at airport were $27.

Saturday 1990 - Bill Burns is "smoothing" off dirt across the street from us.  Went to Wilmington, exchanged camera, then to WCH, had supper at Terrace Lounge, buffet $8.95.  Jean is looking around for place for October Mother's Club guest night to meet.  Then to Ames (used to be G.C. Murphy) who is having a 50% off going out of business sale.  Bought a brownish Pierre Cardin silk necktie for $3.50, a Pauly and Forbes white shirt for $4.50 and a Botany 500 dress shirt for $6.50.
Sunday 1991 - John joined us in going to Church at 2nd Presbyterian.  Roberta checked on GHU.  We had ordered room service for our group which was better than we had expected.  Three kinds of juice, mixed fresh fruit, bagels and cheese and sweet rolls.  Roberta arrived in Newark at 1:00 with GHU, MV and Don (who had gotten out of the hospital at 10am).  A very beautiful wedding with reception at the Hotel, then a buffet supper at the Ashcrafts.  Their neighbor, The Bogs [?] are real talkers.  The Walkers drove Mother and Sadie back to Hillsboro.  The Goodings and Sankers both made it, plus the Williams from here and the Walkers.  Amazed at Steve Weiss's memory.  John kissed Mother as he came out for the wedding.

Tuesday 1992 - [San Francisco for ABA to home] Returned from SF via Salt Lake City and Cleveland.  We got home at midnight.  The Walker luggage ended up in Cleveland.

Wednesday 1993 - [McMinnville OR to home] Visit to George Fox University [which Roberta attended ~1970], then to Oregon City where we visited the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center.

Thursday 1994 - Serena took Joe to the airport in Cincinnati at 7:15 and then Cris took the Rob Horton family to Indianapolis airport.

Sunday 1996 - Jean going through family history.  This young man spoke at length at Church.

Monday 1997 -  [Cuzco Peru] Took taxi into town, 2 sols (2.6 sols = $1).  Form letter from NV City Council as to whether to keep Chief of Police or create a new position.

Wednesday 1999 - Ted telling me that National Latex credit is getting worse.

Fontana 1959-1960

"Great memories of [the Hortons] vacationing with the Uibles. A special time." --Cris
Fontana NC - postcard packet picture c1955
August of 1959 and 1960 – and possibly 1958 or 1961 – found the Uibles and Hortons enjoying the wonders of the Smoky Mountains at Fontana Village, North Carolina, where former dam-worker housing and buildings of the 1940s had been converted to a tourist destination.
Fontana vacation - Wilmington News-Journal clipping, August 14, 1959
Mr and Mrs. William Horton and children, Joseph, Marianna [sic], Cris and Robert, of Lake Worth, Fla., and Mr and Mrs. Harold Uible and children, Catherine, Roberta, Serena and John, of New Vienna met at a lovely vacation spot at Fontana, N.C., the first of last week for a ten day outing.  They both returned to New Vienna, the Uibles' home, and the Hortons to visit for a few days with Mrs. Horton's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Uible, before returning to Lake Worth.
Horseback Riding at Fontana Village, 1960. Uibles and Hortons.

In 1959 the Hortons stayed in Robbinsville, a nearby mill town, not far as the crow flies, but by curvy road with carsick children much further than the 20+ miles shown on the map.  Robbinsville had the advantage of cheaper accommodations and fewer crowds.  Not many tourists, nor all of the Hortons, relished staying in a boarding house with the bathroom down the hall, and a mill whistle that blasted every morning at 6am.

The Uibles stayed in Fontana Village in a cottage with a porch but I remember staying at the Boarding House at least one night,  it was an experience as well as a good example of Uncle Bill's conservative nature.
Fontana NC info from postcard packet c1955

Joe, as the oldest of the children, remembers:  "Our father put us up in Robbinsville next to a paper mill. The smell from the factory was awful. In the mornings, the bed and breakfast would have lavish food on the table which we ate plenty of.  However, the drive over to Fontana Village was through the mountains and thereby traversing many curves. Us kids, would get sick - car sick - and thus give up our large breakfasts before we arrived at the village! I do remember the fun of art classes where we would make ceramics. I also have memories of getting really sick at the village (that particular year we stayed on the property of Fontana Village] really bad fever etc. and I spent most of the vacation in bed! We also spent many hours in a car discovering the TVA dams that were in the region."

Serena, at age 4, would have been the oldest of the preschool crowd in 1959 followed by Rob and John who would have been toddlers.
Fontana NC postcard from HH to M/M CJ Uible August 5, 1959
Weds. A.M. [August 5, 1959]
Here we are.  The Hortons over and all fine.  Rained all day.  Bk. [Breakfast] at Ripley and lunch near Corbin and supper here at 7 P.M.  Lots of curves.  The kids are full of energy.  --Harold
Marianne's memories:  "We went to Fontana three years. The Hortons stayed in Robbinsville at a boarding house that served family style meals. On each floor there was a large bathroom at the end of the long hallway. One of the three years we stayed in Fontana next to the Uibles. It was glorious!! Joe, Cris and I would get mighty car sick coming across those hills to Fontana everyday. Either Dad was "Cheap" or he just didn't have the money to put us up in Fontana.  Ha. On a few occasions, I would stay with you overnight which I was glad for considering how sick I got every morning. Anyway, Dad loved this place in Robbinsville. The rest of us including Mom hated the place."  Marianne also remembers making a tin plate in the arts and crafts program.

HH adds that Bill Horton was "conservative."  He also was an early riser, so probably thought the morning whistle blast would help get the rest of the family out of bed so they wouldn't "waste" their vacation time.  When the Uibles rented a pontoon boat, Bill thought that was risky and expensive, so he probably stayed ashore and tried not to worry about his wife and children enjoying themselves boating.

Cris has a good memory, since he would have been 8-10 years old.  "The strongest memory I have of Fontana as a kid, was I never understood why our family had to stay in Robbinsville twenty some miles from Fontana Village while the Uibles got to stay on site at Fontana? We had to travel daily to Fontana on those “curvy” roads which was not enjoyable, because someone in the family was always car sick “throwing up” the morning’s breakfast. I hope Dad got a good deal on the accommodations!! I remember we stayed on a second floor that had only one bath room at the end of a long hall for the whole floor! I don’t remember how we handled that – maybe I tried to block it out of my memory as a kid. The food was great though as I remember. It was served family style – a lot of it. Didn’t know how people could eat so much as a kid."

Cris continues:  "My special memories of Fontana were the horseback rides. I seemed to always get a slow horse though. I remember square dancing and crafts making a belt out of leather strap which I still have and can actually still wear (added a couple of holes for the belt loops though).  Great memories of vacationing with the Uibles. A special time."
Fontana NC postcard from HH to M/M CJ Uible August 1960
Thurs. [August 5, 1960]
All are getting along fine.  Hortons are 1 cottage up and children have big time together.  Sorry to hear about Dr. F.  Enjoy especially the square dancers.  Miss our garden.  Sulphur works fine.  --Harold
Several things to ponder on this card.  First of all the good news that the Hortons got to actually stay in Fontana in 1960 instead of making that sickening trek to and from Robbinsville.  "Dr. F." would be Dr. Fullerton, New Vienna physician at that time.  Possibly the bad news might be about his diagnosis prior to his laryngectomy which was about 1961.  The sulphur?  I have no idea.

And what do I remember about Fontana that no one else has mentioned already?  The library!  Yes there was a small lending library where I remember browsing and being frustrated by the limit they placed on how many books could be checked out.  Were they trying to stunt my education?  No, probably just trying to make sure every vacationing child who wanted a book could borrow one.  I did not take it kindly at the time as there was no crowd of other children lined up to borrow the books they were preventing me from checking out.

Items from Uible photo album