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1987 Catherine's Letter -Mar.18

[Mailed to Ouro Preto, Brazil c/o of Elderhostel]
Wed. March 18, 1987
Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  I have a job!  I just had an hour discussion with Kamala Stillwell the [Maricopa County] Library Director about the system and the position which is tentatively called Children's/Youth Librarian.  The county has 6 branch libraries (including Cave Creek) and 14 affiliate libraries (these being located in incorporated areas). I'm sure I'll know more about these details soon.  I start on Monday, March 23.

Thurs. 3-19
Good to talk to you last night.  I am now at a County Health Dept. for a chest x-ray.  Roberta & Sid dropped me off at the County Building earlier this morning where I filled out a bunch of paperwork & then walked here (1825 E. Roosevelt) since the next place I have to be is as the Occupational Medical Center (800 N. 1st) at 2:30 for a physical.  At least I'm getting a health check in the process of getting employed.  After that I plan to take the bus home.  Next Friday I have to return to the Personnel Office for a group meeting about the insurance.  Roberta & Sid were on their way to a luncheon meeting (NAARF?) in Mesa.

Wendy seems to be enjoying the Arizona life.  She loves being able to ride her bike to school.
(3-20-87) That certainly motivates her to get ready to go in the a.m.  A couple of mornings we've had to make her wait before leaving.  School starts at 8:05 but they can get in at 7:45.  K-3rd grade get out at 2:10 which Wendy says makes the day seem very short since she's used to going until 3:15.  4-6th graders go until 3:10 so next year sh'll be back to a longer day.

I passed all my medical tests yesterday and also visited the Phoenix Public Library while I was downtown.  Introduced myself to one of their children's librarians and got an extended tour of their children's department.  Also pumped her for info about county/statewide library service to children.

Tonight Roberta, Wendy, Jade (Beverly the cook's 8-yr-old daughter) and I are going to the county fair.  Gerry and I are playing golf later this a.m. since this is my last "vacation" day.

Thursday 3/26
Hello, again!  Your letter from Florida arrived yesterday so thought I'd finish this off and Roberta has offered to mail it tomorrow as there doesn't seem to be any post office within walking distance of the library.

My first four days on the job have gone fairly well.  It seems strange to be working in a library that is so heavily administrative and has such limited public usage.  I think my visits to the branches for programs will make me feel more publicly oriented though.  The library receives children's books from publishers to "preview" – they are available to area librarians (and myself) for 6-9 months and then they become property of the library.  It's neat to see so many new books.

I talked to a lady who is a liaison between the State Dept. of Education and the school libraries and we are hoping to get a group of children's librarians to meet monthly to review the new books -- sort of like what you have gone to in Dayton.  Can you send me any details on that when you get home?  You can let me know who the contact person is perhaps?

Gerry has an interview tomorrow for a parts manager job with an RV dealer that is located near Dunlap & Black Canyon.  And on Monday he has an appointment with Auto Shack which sounds like a possibility also.  I'm sure something will come through for him before too long.

Wendy has signed up to take a "Pom & Cheer" class after school on Tues. & Thurs. from April 21 to the end of May.  She seems to be interested in cheerleading lately.  She has also been enjoying her Pioneer girls (meets Wed. nights) at Bethany Bible.  Roberta got her an odometer/speedometer for her bicycle today which Sid installed for her so now Wendy can keep track of the miles she puts on her bicycle.  She is still thrilled about riding her bike to school and has really improved at getting herself moving in the mornings.

I have enjoyed riding the bus to/from work so far.  I'm able to get alot of reading done in the 35-45 minutes that it takes.

Hope your Elderhostel is going well.  We'll be looking forward to postcards (Wendy got one from Florida today) and further info!
Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

[from Roberta]
Hi – got caught in snow last weekend on bike ride.  I quit after 65 miles & was afraid I'd have frozen toes – but no damage done!  Quite an experience & hilly!  3,000 foot elevation change!

This weekend should be in 80's for 100 mile bike ride.  Anxious to hear more about your trip!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

1967 Roberta's Postcard -Apr.27

[postmarked April 27?, 1967]

Bobby returned Sunday from Cleveland.  She really needed to get away and relax and take it easy.

Got your post-card today in mail.  Hope all is fine with Grandma and Granddaddy.  Too bad about Serena's leg but time will heal it.

It is hard to believe in just a little more than 2 weeks I'll be 16.  What I really need is a small alarm clock.  I just want a small inexpensive one.

Don't plan more than the play for next weekend.  Helen and I want to take it easy – drink coke and listen to the radio!  No, not that well off but we would like to relax.



Wednesday, April 19, 2017

1967 Roberta's Postcard -Apr.26

[postmarked April 26, 1967]

Dear Family,

Got letter and permission in mail Monday so it was pretty fast.

Since you are going to be busy this week-end we will come home next weekend.  It really doesn't matter to us.

The play at the college sounds pretty good so if you can get two tickets for Helen and me plus how many ever you need for the family.

Do you think I could go to summer school?  I would like to take Geometry and Drivers education.


Monday, April 17, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter -Apr.24

[postmarked ~4/24/67]

Dear Family,

Hi – I hope by now you have written a letter to me or the school giving me and Helen permission to come this week-end with J.N.  I'll write more later, when I know more.

Included is the program of last night, this morning's pre-meeting program and the picture which we couldn't find last night.

Please take good care of the pictures (2) for they mean a good deal to me.  I also found a little round black thing – I guess it is a "coater" for the camera.  Will bring it home this week-end.

Thanks for all the food!  Most of the stuff is already gone.  "Smiley Eyes" says to tell you "thank you" for the cheese.  It didn't last very long with both of us eating it.  Be sure to tell Grandma that I enjoyed the oranges and the candy very much.

Well, better go and do my English so Helen and I will be able to ride bikes this afternoon about 4:00 or so.


Sunday, April 16, 2017

1987 Catherine's Letter -Apr.24

April 24, 1987
Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  We got your last post card from Brazil a few days ago.  Glad our letter got there in time.  Wendy & a friend have gone to movies & dinner with Roberta.  Gerry and I have been watching our new cable TV channels – just got hooked up yesterday.  We had promised Wendy we'd get Disney channel if i got the Glendale job so she's happy!

The workshop on Weds. for the juvenile detention teachers was interesting but they didn't like a lot of our suggestions – they didn't want anything violent or occult/supernatural which eliminated a lot of the books which are popular!  Today I went to a workshop in Tempe (at the CommunityCenter right next to the library – it brought back memories of a day in January when my farsighted mother said Glendale was a better place).  This one was on books & toys for birth - 4 yrs. in AM and on Summer Reading Programs in PM. Met several more (3) children's librarians from Glendale.

Tomorrow morning Wendy & I are going to a "Partners in Education" conference that the school district is putting on.  Gerry has to work.

We don't have any firm plans for Wendy's summer yet.  How does the Iowa bike ride (Congrats!) affect your plans?

I got this stationery at a new Pik & Save near here – cheap!

How's Grandma doing?  We haven't gotten an announcement form MV yet.  Are we on her list?

Love, Catherine, Gerry & WEndy

Saturday, April 15, 2017

1987 Catherine's James Stevenson postcard -Apr.16

Hi!  Hope you are both recovered from jet lag by now [trip to Brazil].  It was good talking to you on the phone.  Is Grandma all settled back in Ohio?  We had our first 100º today – didn't seem too hot though.  Maybe we are getting acclimated!  We have to leave the air conditioner on about 80-85º or the house feels like an oven when we get home.  Wendy got her first report card (here) last week and did well – especially well in spelling.

I'm helping to do a workshop next week on choosing books for juvenile detention libraries.  I'll be doing reviews / book talks on "series."   These places have 80% boys so the focus is on high interest/low reading level for teenage boys.  I'm doing this as a "county" employees along with a H.S. librarian & a YA librarian from Glendale.

Lots of love,
Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

Friday, April 14, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter -Apr.21

April 21, 1977
Dear Mom, Dad, Roberta & Mary,

It's been over a week since we heard from you so I thought I'd get a head start on answering the letter which we should be getting from you.  Last Friday we got letters from Roberta, Mary Virginia, John and a friend in Sanford and then we haven't gotten any mail since.  Saw in the paper where the postal service might eliminate Saturday deliveries to save money.

Tonight we are going to the concert – Ronnie Milsap, Tammy Wynette & The Statler Brothers.  Should be good – especially the Statler Brothers.

April 25, 1977
Well, still no letter from you.  So perhaps I should go ahead with this.

We will be moving this weekend.  Both the phone co. and the gas & electric co. are coming on Friday the 29th to change the service over from "Y" to "A".  And Frank is going to help Gerry move the furniture on Saturday afternoon.

Daylight savings time began over the weekend as I'm sure it did in Ohio.  It seemed funny that it was light until 7:30 last night.  It'll give us a chance to ride our bicycles in the evening.  Tonight we plan to go to the library.

Tomorrow night we are going to DeeDee's as her uncle is going to help Gerry change the exhaust manifold (?) on the car.  Speaking of cars – I drove in San Diego for the first time on Saturday.  Tell Roberta I drove all the way to Adams Avenue and back.  (It's about 10 blocks.)  I had to go to the bank and it was almost closing time so didn't have time to ride my bike.  Plus the furniture was about to be delivered so Gerry had to wait at home for that.

Tuesday 4-26
Other big news – Home Federal Bank sponsors a deal where at every ball game the radio people pick a person's name (if you have filled out the entry blank at the bank) and an inning number.  If the Padres get a home run during the inning the person wins $100.  Well, Saturday we were listening to the game – they were playing a double header in Houston – and during the second game they drew my name.  It sure surprised me – hearing it on the radio.  I thought it was probably somebody with the same name but then they announced the address and it was me!  Only the Padres didn't hit a home run during that inning.  At least they won the game.  Supposedly I get a consolation prize – we'll see.

Gerry has been having alot of trouble with his knee.  I finally made an appointment for him with an orthopedist (?) for next week as he kept putting it off – hoping it would get better.

I just finished reading, Random Harvest by James Hilton of Goodbye Mr. Chips fame.  It was really good.  Best book I've read in awhile.  So last night I got Time & Time Again also by Hilton.

Well, I hope we hear from you soon.  I sent the post office a notice changing our Apt. as of May 1.

Catherine & Gerry

P.S.  The music box you sent DeeDee is real cute.  She has quite a bit of jewelry and like items to keep in it.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter to John -April 18

Dear John,

Hi!  Thanks for the post card.  We appreciate any mail we get.

We went to a Padres vs. Reds game Saturday night.  The Padres won it 5-4 in the ninth inning.  But Cin. won two out of the three games in the series.

Roberta says she may be out in June.  I suppose that will be during the time you are at Seton Hall.

We're still not sure exactly when we will be moving.  We're hoping to have some of the furniture we just bought (table & chairs & rocking chair) delivered this Saturday.  It all has to be finished off so we were hoping we could do that before we moved.

I got a letter Mary V.  She seems thrilled that she will be able to go to Hudson Guild for at least part of the summer.  Is Serena going too?

How much time do you put in on Y.A.F.?  How much money do you take in?  Are you going to continue during the summer?

Drop us another card if you have a minute!

Love, Cathy & Gerry

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter -Apr.16

[postmarked April 16, 1967]
We will be allowed to wear shorts for Industrial Arts!!!

Please being me some real thread!

My navy blue shorts split, I tried sewing them up with jiffy sew but really goofed bad and made it even worse!

I'm sorry this is so messy!!!

Love, Roberta

Forget all about bringing Vanessa.  She is not the social type and I fear she would feel out of place here on Parents's Day.

Tell Grandma & Granddad and the Hortons (if they are still there) that I send them my best.

Love, Roberta – for the second time!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter -Apr. 17

[Postmarked April 17, 1967]

Was so glad to hear from you today.  I hope Grandma and Grandaddy arrived all right and everything is A-OK!

Today was monthly meeting, they discussed all these unimportant things like the up-keep of the meeting house, and other stuff on that order. (ugh)

This week-end was both the "German social" and the movie "The Loneliness of the Long Distant Runner."  The movie was really good – it is about this boy who is sent to a reform school and all the reasons behind it.  Friends Service Committee sent it to the school

The German Social was really nice, too.  First we had a German cooked meal and then we played all these German games and songs.  Everybody went around speaking German – it was quite confusing at least for me!  They printed a German paper too.  On the first page it is in German and then on the second the same stuff is written in English.  You will [find] it included with this letter.  Please save it, OK? [And yes, it was saved along with this letter, but is not included in the blog post.]

I'm so glad you all can come for Parents' Day.  If it is not to much trouble could you bring a camera?  I would appreciate it very much.  I don't want to keep it but would like to have some pictures of my friends and other things.  See you then.


[written on the back of envelope]
I do not want to have to open the letter since I would have to break the seal.  Please bring up Girl Scout cookies with you.  Money arrangements will be made.  Is this OK?  I sure want to get my money's worth on this since I am paying 10¢ (in postage). [Double the regular postage rate of 5¢, perhaps because of the included newsletter.  The Postal Service though interpreted the extra postage as a desire for AIR MAIL service which is stamped on the front of the envelope.  Air Mail does not make a lot of sense though from Barnesville to New Vienna, where would the plane fly exactly.]

Monday, April 10, 2017

1987 MV's Letter -Apr. 17

April 17, 1987
Psalm 119:32
     I will run the way of Thy commandments, when Thou shalt enlarge my heart.

"Are you thinking something is impossible to do?  Perhaps you don't see why it should be done at all.

"There are two possible reasons for this.  One is a kind of smallness of heart that the devil delights to encourage.  The other is a dullness of sight that comes only too easily if we look at ourselves and not 'away unto' our Lord Jesus.

"The one certain way of escape from these two conditions is: Look at Calvary.  Look till your dull eyes clear and you see love that poured forth all, counting nothing too precious to give for love of you.  Don't hurry away.  Look, and as you look a change will pass over you.  You will see that what previously looked impossible is really the only possible thing for a follower of the Crucified to do.  It will be as if scales fell from your eyes (as they did from Paul's), and you will see clearly again.

"Then your narrow heart will become enlarged and you will run to do what you could not even crawl towards doing before."
–Amy Carmichael

I feel as if I've only begun to look at Calvary -- and at times I wonder if I'm even crawling!  Hopefully by now you've discovered that this isn't merely a xeroxed insert for a graduation announcement, but a vehicle to share some of the things the Lord has been doing since I might have communicated with you last.

First of all, God has opened the door at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore Kentucky (just south of Lexington -- or is it Louisville?!) . I'm so excited about this new phase and to be starting in the Church Music program there in September, which will take two years to complete and will result in a Masters of Arts in Religion degree.  Asbury is a small, fundamental seminary which is closely tied with the evangelical wing of the Methodist church.

In the meantime, God opened yet another door in the way of a job opening.  I had asked originally that He would give me a part-time job at minimum wage, just so I could have some income.  Beyond my wildest imagination, God blessed me with a salaried, 8-5 job as an advertising representative at the local daily newspaper.  It's a very challenging job to meet deadlines and try to please picky clients, but God is teaching me through it and I get to get out of the office to go visit my clients . . . . I couldn't have asked for a better job or more chances to witness!!

I am in the process of planning a trip West this summer with my parents.  As of this moment, all plans are tentative, no details definite.  I hope to be able to see many of you, and will let you know if the Uible-mobile (name of our van) will be in the area.  (Check this same station for further details)

Seriously, I sincerely apologize for the xerox, but I PROMISE a personal reply to anyone inclined toward communication.  Keep looking toward Calvary . . .

[Love, Mary Va.]

Sunday, April 09, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter -Apr.14

Dear Mom, Dad, Mary & Roberta,

Thanks for your letter.  Your birthday card to DeeDee and the one from Grandma both arrived last Saturday, the day of her party, so we took them to her.  The package arrived on Tuesday – her birthday – but we haven't gotten it to her yet.  We've both been under the weather but I think we're sufficiently recovered to go see her tonight.  Some kind of flu/cold bug hit us both.  We couldn't find the Baby Alive deal she wanted so we got her a dart game and some other odds and ends.

Did I tell you we bought a bassinette from the people moving out of Apt. "A".  We gave them $12.50 for it.  It is white wicker and the legs fold up under it.  It has king of an ugly white skirt but I think we may skip it.  They moved out yesterday so now we just have to wait for Mr. Roemmich to get it fixed up.  I guess he's going to paint.

We still need more lamps (we only have one) and a dresser.  The kitchen has an overhead light but all of the other rooms will need some light.  One bedroom is larger than the one we have now and the other is about the same size.  All in all twice as much space as we have now.  Maybe we can keep the bicycles and other misc. items in the second bedroom.

Say hello to Grandma for us.  I'll try to write to her soon.

Catherine & Gerry

Saturday, April 08, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter -Apr.14

Dear Family,

Thanks for the letter, it is the first I have gotten since last Saturday!  Was glad to hear too that you can come up for parents day.  Do bring John, Serena, and Mary Virginia.  I was also wondering if you would have room for somebody else.  I thought maybe Vanessa Brown could come up but of course arrangements would have to be made.  Alot of kids are having friends come up.

I haven't done anything yet about calling Aunt Virginia or anything.  In fact I'm not really sure if I want to take a week-end off.

I haven't heard anything yet from New Zealand.  I should be hearing something soon.  What part of New Zealand do our relatives live in?

The clipping from the paper sure was interesting.  The German boy at the table when you Serena and John were here was there.  Also Kit – the girl you sat by when you heard the Viet Nam discussion by Teacher Jane.

The school is going to have a Peace Vigil maybe.  It will be held somewhere in Belmont County with others from the area taking a part in it too.  We are also planning on having very small meals in the place of large ones (Sunday noon) and then send to the children of Viet Nam the money.  We are working on all kids of projects for the children over there.

Well – better go – and finish reading "The Devil and Daniel Webster."  plays are really good – at least some of them are!


Friday, April 07, 2017

1967 Letter to and from Roberta -April 4,11

[Left side from HH to Roberta]

[at top of page]   The carbon here is [???] carbon, really a thin coat.

April 4, 1967

Dear Roberta:

Here is the form that we had talked about earlier.  This way the person you write to has less excuse not to answer you for all they need is a pencil, etc. to send a reply.  Yesterday we wrote a person in Akron on this form and they called this morning about the shipment, so it got pretty fast service.

How was your bus trip back?  Did the bag hold up?  Harold Thornburg told me at Church last night that there was a lot more traffic past his house since they have closed Route #28 off.  Wonder how long it will be before they get I 70 that you take out of Columbus finished?  Did you read about your MYF write up in last night News-Journal?  That is pretty fast service.

Hope Teacher Tom had a good vacation along with the rest of the staff.  The next time you are in Binns see if they still have our competitors ropes and jacks, Roberta.

- - - - - - - - - -
[Right side from Roberta]

[at top of page]   The carbon never worked!

[postmarked April 11, 1967]

Dear family,

Hi!  Today we started reading plays in English.  I am reading "The Importance of Being Ernest."  It sure is funny!  As soon as I get done with that I'll read "The Devil of Daniel Webster."  It is suppose to be good too!

Are Grandma and Granddaddy home yet?  Tell them all I said "Hi"!

Do you think you will be up for Parent's Day?  I guess most parents come about 10:00 in the morning and then leave after the special program that night.  The original play-writer's are putting on the program that night.

If you all can't come for Parents Day or don't want to come that day maybe it would be better for you to come some Sunday (maybe my birthday) and bring Grandma up and stay for the afternoon!

Parent's day isn't going to mean that much to me and I think I would rather you just come some Sunday.

Don't get me wrong I would love to have you up for Parents Day!

Well got to go only ten more minutes till study hall starts!


Thursday, April 06, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter -Apr.10

[Postmarked April 10, 1967]

Dear Family,

Hi – got a post-card from Dad yesterday saying that John, Serena, and himself were planning on going camping.  Did everything work out?  The weather here is terrible today!  It has been raining but fairly warm.

This morning was the last of the "Viet Nam" sessions.  I will write later about the people that spoke cause I'm not sure how you spell their names.  Most of the sessions were pretty interesting, but, one was completely unbearable!  The one that was unbearable was when this guy spoke for almost two hours on the monsoons, how much it rains, and about all these winds coming over Viet Nam!

We even had a Viet-Nam meal – Wow!  Was it ever different!  It had Rice, a whole gob of spice and I don't know what all in it!  I have the recipe for it and will bring it home this summer!

Yesterday Helen and I went to town, I bought a shaver (not electric) and a couple of other things.  All together – I spent – No, maybe I better not tell you!

We also changed our room around yesterday and bought a new mirror and a new chair.  The mirror cost $2.00 and the chair $5.00.  The chair is a Persian design and is really cushioned!

I have my name tags on most of my stuff by now, it doesn't take very much time when I use Jiffy Sew!

Is everything settled about going to Lakeside?  Is the house the one the Kuntzmans talked about?  Is the whole Beers family going?

Well – better go and do my algebra!


P.S. We aren't going to have any regular English class this week cause Teacher Tom will be in Phil. for a meeting of the Quaker schools principals.  So instead of having English we will be reading plays out of all these books he has gathered for us.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter to CJU/GHU -Apr.10

[postmarked Apr 10, 1967.  Addressed to North "K" Street, Lake Worth]

Dear Grandma and Granddaddy,

Hi – How is everything?  Thanks so much for the letter!  I'm sorry I haven't written back before this.

This week-end has been "Viet-Nam" week-end.  The school had several guests to come in and speak to us.  One man lived over in Viet Nam for four years so he sure had the facts.  There was another man to represent the military and to tell about the military importance over there.  We even had one Viet-Namese meal – Wow – Was it ever different.  He gave us the recipe for it so I'll love to make it sometime this summer for everybody!

I only have two more weeks of home-ec and then the girls take "shop" and the Boys Home Ec!  I'm excited and scared both about taking it, but I'm sure I will live through past it!  We won't be graded in it, the teacher will just give a comment

We are allowed to have a weekend away from the school a semester, since we only get from Friday night till Sunday night I'm planning on going to see Aunt Virginia and her family my week-end.  I think I will take the first week-end in May off.

Well, better go and iron some clothes or I won't have anything to wear this week!

Love, Roberta

P.S. Hope your trip to New Vienna goes fine and all of the Hortons are fine.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

1897 A.W. Brown Letter -Apr.9

National Hotel
Largest Hotel in Washington. 350 Rooms
All Modern Improvements
Opposite Pennsylvania Depot
Six Stairways to Ground Floor & Fire Escapes on all sides.
O.G. Staples, Proprietor
Walter Burton Manager

[This letter written a month after the beginning of William McKinley's first term as U.S. President.  McKinley, the 25th President took office on March 4, 1897 and was assassinated in September 1901 at the beginning of his second term.]

April 9, 1897
Dear Old Bert & Lucie:

Reached Washington all O.K., this morning.  Met E.D. Marshall and Col Taylor here.  This afternoon Col Taylor took us to the White House, and we were shown through the entire house by  a messenger who has been there since Abraham Lincoln's time.  We were shown all the private parts of the House where the President & family live, something that is not often done with visitors.  We were in the private dining room, state dining room, the private parlors, the Cabinet Room and in President McKinley's office and talked with the clerks.  He receives an average from ten to fifteen thousand letters every day.  The President is out of town on the Dolphin, taking a trip and will not return until Monday.  I looked into the White House kitchen as the door was open as we passed by.  We were shown many ornaments, selected by Arthur, Mrs. Harrison, Mrs. Hayes and others.

I am feeling well, and we have had a delightful time so far.  We expect to call on Senator Elkins and others.  He is in N.Y., and will not be back until to-morrow or Monday.  If you write me and I hope you will do so on Tuesday direct care National Hotel.  Col. Taylor certainly stands in at the White House as all the clerks and door-keepers know him and he seems to have all the privileges.  He told the head man he wanted to show some friends through, and he delegated the oldest & best man to take us into all of the apartments & explain us everything.

I must close with much love to all the dear ones at home.


  * * * * * * *
Other letters referenced or of related interest:

Monday, April 03, 2017

1967 Roberta's Postcard -Apr.9

[postmarked April 9, 1967]

Hi! – Was so glad to hear from both you and Grandma today.  Please tell Grandma that I'm sorry but I'll have to write later – only three tests tomorrow!

Yesterday we had Algebra test, I did pretty good. At least I understood it alot better than I would have last year.

I'm so happy you all can come up – I really would like Vanessa to come but I don't want to make car too crowded or too much trouble on your part.  Will make reservations at the place you said.  Food would be welcomed!  Please bring detergent (All, Tide – I really don't care what kind.)
Love, Roberta

Sunday, April 02, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter to John -Apr.8

April 8, 1977

Dear John,

Thanks for your letter.  We wondered why we hadn't heard from you for so long.

So do you have the Buick now or have you taken it back to New Vienna?

I hear Serena may go to Hudson Guild this summer too.  Are you going to go to school besides working?  When does Denison let out?

DeeDee is celebrating her 9th birthday tomorrow with a party at Farrell's.  Should be a real humdinger.  Mostly adults which will probably make it wilder than if it were more children.

Have you heard we are moving to Apartment A.  It is the first apartment downstairs on the right side.  The only one that is a two bedroom.  We will probably be moving around May 1st.  The new owner wants to fix it up some.

We have tickets to go to a Padres vs Cincinnati Reds game on the 16th.  Padres should have a pretty good team this year – not as good as the Red though.

I have to start work now so I'll sign off.  Write again soon!

Cathy & Gerry

Saturday, April 01, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter -Apr.7

[postmarked April 7, 1967]
Dear Family,

Last night and today both we have these people, about 8 of them from a Quaker school in Mass.  There program is alot different from ours.  They have no dorms, they live in a "family unit" of 8 kids at the house of a teacher and his family.

Tomorrow starts "Viet Nam" week-end.  Since these people are not coming till Friday night we are going to change our schedule all around so that we have free time all tomorrow and Saturday all night and all day we will be hearing about Viet Nam.  We will be able to go to town and everything tomorrow just as if it was Saturday!

This morning Teacher Tom announced that no week-ends should be taken after May 7th.  Except for special reasons – funerals, weddings, that type of stuff.  Should I write Aunt Virginia a letter asking if it would be OK for me to come and spend a week-end with her?

We are now studying "The tragedy of Julius Caseur (sp?)" in English.  It is the second time I have studied it now so I hope I do pretty good.  We all got the paper back edition of it (cost 50¢).

I am done with "The Robe" and tonight I want to write the report so I can type it Sunday.  They aren't due until the first of May!

Did I tell you all about wanting to go to New Zealand to school my last year or maybe even the last two years?

Since I won't be taking German next year there is no chance of me being able to go to Germany.  But, in New Zealand the main language spoken is English  I want to take Spanish 1 next year and then continue it if I go to New Zealand.  I sent off for some literature in these three schools over there.  One was pretty near Wellington (the capitol) and the other two are both in the Southern Island near the bottom.  One is real close to a town called Gore and the other one is in the mountains somewhere.  I'll tell you more when I hear from them.

The 14th of this month (I think) we are going to see the movie "The Loneliness of the Long Track Runner."  I think that is the title of it.  Have you ever heard of it?

Today in the mail I got a letter from dad, post-card from mom and a letter from Grandma.  I think I will just wait until they get to New Vienna to write them back.

Well, I suppose I had better go and do my English – be sure and write and tell me what to do about my week-end off – what should I do – write Aunt Virginia and ask her?


P.S. Thanks again for such a GREAT VACATION!

Daddy, I got another bag in Lazarus!  cost 25¢

Friday, March 31, 2017

1987 Catherine's Letter to GHU -Apr.5

Dear Grandma,

Hi!  Since we can't come to Florida with Roberta, the best we can do is send you a letter along with Roberta – she's faster than the mail and 22¢ cheaper (for us anyway!).

My new job is going pretty well.  I've been there 2 weeks but I've already visited the six branch libraries.  Aguila is the furthest away – 78 miles northwest of Phoenix.  I will be able to use a county car to visit these libraries and put on programs for the children.  In May I will be visiting schools to promote the summer reading programs.

Gerry got a job as parts manager for an RV dealer.  He starts tomorrow.  It is only about 2 miles from our house so he plans to walk.  I'm able to ride the bus so our transportation is well arranged.

Wendy seems to have adjusted well to Arizona life.  She loves being able to ride her bike to school and being close to Roberta & Sid is great for her.

4-6-87 Monday

Hopefully the weather in Ohio will be more spring like by the time you get there next week.  We saw a picture in the paper a couple days ago of a snow storm in Columbus.  The hottest it's been here (since we've been here and we came the end of February) is in the 80's.  That seems like summer to us!  Hopefully we'll be able to cope when summer really gets here!

Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

Thursday, March 30, 2017

1967 Roberta's Postcard -Apr.5

[postmarked April 5, 1967]

All is fine, a little on the cold side!

Today I sent Cris Horton a birthday card!

Tomorrow we are having "BIG" English "Inquiery (sp?) into the present state of knowledge of freshman English class", UGH!  It is going to be over a whole bunch of stuff – plays, vocab, short stories – the whole works.  I do not want to go to Scatter-Good – But – now would like to go to New Zealand a year – my senior year!  Gunhild thinks I can do it!  English is spoken in New Zealand!


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter -Apr.4

Dear Mom, Dad, Roberta & Mary,

Hi!  It was rally quick service on your last letter.  You wrote & mailed it Thursday and we got it Saturday.  However, the tops have not arrived.  Either they are moving slowly or they got lost.

Well, we will be moving the end of this month.  The present manager is moving out and the new manager is going to live in a one bedroom apt. so we will be moving downstairs to Apt. "A".  We're not sure of the exact date.  They are moving out the 14th but Mr. Roemmich wants to paint it and fix some things.  So we'll let you know when to change the letter. [from Apt. "Y"]

Yesterday we went to an unfinished furniture store and found a table and chairs we really like plus two stools and a rocking chair.  We're going to have it delivered after we move.

I have to go to work now so will get this off in the morning mail.

Love, Catherine & Gerry

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter to Roberta -Mar.28

Dear Roberta,

Have you finished your travels for awhile?  I'm sure you and Grandma had a good trip from Florida to Ohio.

We have some big events coming up during the month of April.  On the 16th we are taking DeeDee and going with Frank & Elma to a Padres vs. Cincinnati Reds game.  The Padres seem to be doing real well in spring training (in Yuma) so we'll see how the season goes.

On the 21st Gerry and I have tickets for a country music concert.  The Statler Brothers, Ronnie Milsap and Tammy Wynette are all to be in it.  It's at the Sports Arena.

And on the 15th I have a Doctor's appointment.  Nothing much new on that front though.  I'm trying not to gain too much weight.  I'd like to keep it to a total of 15 pounds.  So I still have 12 to go.  I haven't started wearing maternity clothes as I don't look pregnant yet.  Only a little fatter than normal!

Write again soon and tell us how life is in New Vienna after a nine month absence.

Catherine & Gerry

Monday, March 27, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter -March or April

Monday [unknown date]
Dear Family,

I had all these important things to tell you and then after I start this I can't think of anything!  Oh golly!

This week is the last in this six weeks so we are having all kinds of tests being put at us!  I think my grades will be pretty good – all except for Geography.  "I DON'T GET GEOGRAPHY!"  I can't see packing my head with how many inches it rains in South Viet Nam or where the winds come from!

Lately we have been eating some of the meals outside – when it is nice. [Maybe the date should be April or May if it is nice enough to eat outside!]  I hope we do that again tonight.

I sure am beat today.  We played baseball this afternoon, so I am all hot and everything.  I suppose I better go and take a shower before supper.

Hi – (again) at supper they asked us if our parents & family were coming for parents day – Would you like to eat lunch here and then maybe go out to eat for supper??  I really don't care but sure would like to go out to eat!  (did you get the hint) ??

Study hall starts in 15 more minutes so suppose I better be closing.  Here is a list of stuff I would like you to bring up.

  1. brown stretch denim shorts
  2. some of my sweatshirts (but not the Olney one, its to hard too keep clean)
  3. some of my shorts – I'm not sure which would be best – use your judgment!
  4. food ? ? ? ? ! ! ! ! . . . . . . . .
  5. yourselves

Sunday, March 26, 2017

1987 MV's Letter -Mar.30

This letter appears to have been photocopied, so copies could have been sent to other family members.  The envelope attached show that this copy was sent to Mom & Dad in Ouro Preto, Brazil.

Dear Family,

Wow!  The weather sure changed – Last week in shirt sleeves and the sixties and now we are supposed to have 6" of snow tonight.  March is certainly leaving like a lion.

I thought about calling everyone instead of the letters, but I know H.H. will appreciate me considering the advantages and disadvantages and deciding in favor of the letters, but hearing from me is such a rarity that we might all have something to keep and show for it.

No, I have not heard from Asbury yet.  I fully expect to within the next week.  My friend, who applied to Asbury after I did, got her letter of acceptance just over a week a go.  She didn't have to have an audition tape for her major, though.

Tonight is a big t.v. night with the big Syracuse/Indiana Game and the Grammies (or is it emmies?!).  At any rate, I'm not watching either – There's some NBC Family Special on that basically serves the purpose of noise.

This coming weekend John (Zeller) and I are going to see Two by Two at La Comedia and then the next night Sandi Patti will be in Dayton, which I'm sure will be a highlight – I've never been to a concert which is totally Sandi Patti (I've seen her at the State Fair with the Gaithers).

Work is going well – Our annual Farm Edition is Wednesday and even with us working one person short, we outsold last year.  Not much else is new.  In case you're wondering, my mailing address is still Box 325.  (Think Serena and I are related?!?)

Love – Mary Va.

Mom and Dad –Happy Anniversary!  I'm still wondering where we'll be celebrating next year?!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

1937 Andelia Hudson Shull Uible (1845-1937) Obituary -Mar.25

C.J. Uible's step-mother, Andelia Hudson Shull Uible, died March 25, 1937, at the age of 92 at the home of her son J.W. Shull, in Liberty, Indiana.  She married David Uible in 1892 after the death of CJ's mother in 1890.  Andelia and her first husband, John Shull, were the parents of five children, two daughters and a son were pre-deceased.  David died in 1926.  She is buried in the Blanchester (Ohio) IOOF cemetery.

Andelia is shown third from right in front row below:
Uible Reunion Sunday April 19, 1925.  Gladys Hiestand Uible third from right standing.  Will Uible further right standing.  Presumably David Uible seated with cane and his wife Andelia Eglantine Hudson Shull Uible to his right.  Gladys would have been pregnant.  Could Mary be peeking out second to the left of David?  Where is CJ?  Possibly in the back row between two taller men.  David died the following year.

– – – – – – – – – –

More information about Andelia can be found in the following posts:

Family Research: Uible, Shull Family  published April 29, 2012

Cecil J. Uible 1883-1969 published January 7, 2013

Friday, March 24, 2017

1977 MV's letter to John -Mar.7

Monday, March 7, 1977
Dear John,

Hi!  What are you planning to do this summer?  You aren't going to sell Bibles are you?  I hope Bert talked you out of it yesterday.

Not too much is new around New Vienna.  WSRW burned down last Thursday night.  They are slowly getting back on the air.

We had sort of a busy day yesterday.  After church we went to Leesburg to eat, then we went to Carolyn Thornburg's parent's 50th Wedding anniversary.  After we were home a little bit, Bert and Marion called.  It was a big surprise.  She said she was going to call you.  I asked Marion if she was going to make Bert pay for the calls and she said she might have to beat it out of her!

Melodee Mahanes said you were going out when you came home!  Are you sure there isn't anything going on between you two?

Well, studyhall is almost over.

Mary Va.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

1867 George Dunlop Ballantyne letter -Mar.23rd

My latest family history "find" is an 1867 letter from George Dunlop Ballantyne, 1843-1900, to his parents from Yale. George would be our great grand uncle who became a Dr. living in Huntingdon PA (east of Altoona in central PA) in 1880. His parents, Nathaniel (1815-1892) & Sarah Wallace Ballantyne (1812-1875), would be our 2x great-grandparents, or our grandfather, Nat's grandparents. Therefore, George was Nat's uncle. This letter would have been written a year before Nat was born, and George died when Nat was 32-years-old. George's middle name came from his maternal grandmother, Mary Dunlop Wallace (1784-1849), 3x great-grandmother of the Ballantyne-Dailey-Uible cousins.

I'm not sure that George Ballantyne ever lived in WV as he was born and grew up in Pittsburgh area Allegheny County. Then college at Yale and later central PA. His brother, Alexander Bell Ballantyne (1841-1885, Mom's grandfather) married Virginia Irene Freeman and lived and died in New Cumberland.  George was the fifth of nine children, our great-grandfather, Alexander, was the fourth child.

Yale College, Mar. 23rd 1867

My dear Father & Mother:

Your letter reached me yesterday evening.  Its contents pierced my heart : I felt as if I had almost murdered you with my neglect and indifference.  It made me sad and melancholy and almost impelled me to leave everything and go home.  Dear Mother forgive me for my faults.  Believe me it was the result of constant application to subjects which so engrossed all my thoughts that letter-writing, social amusement and sometimes even my regular studies, seemed foreign and distasteful.

It is not for me to chide dear Mother, but from the affection and love which I have for you as well as from justice to myself I must complain of your indulging such gloomy and fearful conjectures and speculations concerning me as a drunkard.  O Mother have you lost all faith in me!  Can you believe that I have so utterly forgotten the truths you instilled into my mind, so cruelly despised and trampled on the love which has unceasingly sought my happiness and indulged my every wish as to bestialize myself a receptacle for the vilest stuff than man in his lowest and most degraded condition ever concocted!  Do you think I have lost my common sense my reason!  O Mother banish these corrosive consuming fears.  Even if severe so weak, so lost to all that is good & true and noble, the memory of those midnight wanderings would rise to rebuke and deter me.  I have been very unhappy sometimes so depressed that life itself seemed a weariness and a burden but never have I sought for solace or for oblivion of disturbing scenes in the wine-cup.  I have heard too much of the misery and ruin it has caused and is still working.  Beside my pride would not let me.

It is plainly to be seen from your letter that you are very unhappy and uncomfortable at home.  Your account of the health of Yourself and Father and El[?]  gave me much anxiety.  You are wearing yourselves out.  My determination is [?].

I will be home in a few weeks and will not leave until circumstances mend.  My conscience always rebuked me for entailing so much additional labor and so great an expense for my education.  I am tired of spending money which I have not earned.  It galls and worries me.

I will come home and never leave you.  You need help and assistance and these shall come from me.

I am determined that henceforth I must not be pampered by your self-desire that I shall not enjoy ease while you are to  . . . [indecipherable] . . . at Yale yet it is not worth the cost of your health & comfort.

When I come home we will talk the matter over.  Only, Mother, when I think of what I have received I feel as if a lifetime devoted to You & Father would be an insufficient reward.

My health has been tolerably good.  The weather has been wretched and as a consequence I have been troubled with cold.  A decayed tooth has given me some trouble.  I forgot to tell you in last that I have been attending the Medical Lectures.  Four are delivered every week between the hours of 3 & 4 thus allowing me an opportunity to go to them without interfering in regular studies.

The experiences in Natural Philosophy have been deeply interetsting, and instructive!

Your letter has made me long for home.  I am going to bring a very fine sunshine with me, the shape of a firm resolution to .  . . [indecipherable] . . .  my deovotion in future.

Rejoice always.  Be of good cheer.

God bless you all
Your affectionate Son

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

1987 Mary Uible Horton letter -Mar.30

Monday Noon – March 30th [1987 per postmark]

Dear HH & Jean:

I'll make a stab at getting off a few lines to you!  What's NEW?  Same 'ol' routine here.  The weather has been WINDY, cloudy and RAIN.  The 'ends' of March . . . going out like a lion?

We enjoyed your SHORT visit and if you'd stayed longer we could have picked MORE STRAWBERRIES!!!  THANK YOU . . . they were SO GOOD and I think they disappeared in three days!!  We had more over the week-end . . . compliments of PUBLIX.  HA!

Cooking for Rob is like feeding an ARMY!!  I didn't get much else done the two weeks he ate with us.  ha!  No LEFT-OVERS!  Which called for a fresh menu every day.  It was good to have a YOUNG person in the household plus SCOOTER.  Cindy returned last night and will probably see her this evening.  I understand she got a lot of thing [paper torn] while there. . . supportive anyway.  It is hard on all of them!!

We received your ONE CARD . . . you were on the way to Miami.  Hope your rental car got you there safe and sound.  How's the group?  What did you think of Rio?  I notice in the Miami Herald the temp is around 80º so a lot like Florida.  Have you had interesting speakers?  Wish we were meeting you in Miami to hear ALL ABOUT YOUR TRIP!!!

We're looking forward to seeing Roberta (as briefly as your visit here) and sorry to miss John as he arrives on Th.  The '3 of them' will have a great time.  Probably eat out a lot as I'm not leaving any food.  Not very nice of me is it?  G'Ma will have to dig into her pocket book!

I hope the weather cooperates while we're in Augusta.  If it RAINS . . . . it can be miserable.  I don't do well when I get WET!!  Better take reading material along with me just in case I'm stuck in the motel!!

Either one of you familiar with a magazine, "50-PLUS"?  We subscribed to it recently and found it interesting.  One article in March issue, 'KINGS OF THE ROAD' re two extraordinary men are locked in a race to visit every country on earth."  HH thought you might like to join the race. . . One man is 61 the other 67.  They belong go Travelers' Century Club, an organization whose membership comprises those who have been to 100 or more countries.  Initiation fee is $100 and yearly dues $15.00  I think you would find the article intriguing.  They are both LAWYERS . . . AND everyone thinks they have a WACKY HOBBY.  "and in a way they are right.  But then, many of them have their own activities, like Golf, or sailing, which can turn into manias."

G'MA seems okay . . . she's done really better this winter than last . . . pottie accidents, etc.  She sure does eat well . . . and LOVES THOSE STRAWBERRIES!!  HA! I'm sure she will enjoy Roberta and John's visit.  Roberta is so good to her!!!  She's one in a million!!!

Wonder if we'll get a card from you all before your return?  Are you already planning your next trip?  Ha!  Any recommendations from others?

Joe called us yesterday.  Guess it was a nice day in New York as he went to Sheridan ?? Sq. or ?? to paint a bldg. from early AM to 2:30.  He always has a big gathering watching him, he must really concentrate to block out all the on-lookers.  He got his 10 pictures framed and in the gallery . . . hope they sell . . . would be good out-let for him.  They will have a person show in June.  Write-up in the newspaper, etc.  Cris called last week and they have their mortgage re-financed and the 'sewer' problem resolved on his land.  He was happy about both.  We're anxious to see Laura.  She should be real cute at this stage. !!!  Good tripping and stay WELL!!!! HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU.

G'Ma read in the WNJ that they burnt down the shelter in Denver Park and plan to build a more substantial one this summer.

Missed Mail Man – (1:30 P.M.) But received your card from Icarai (etc) Hotel.  Sounds Great!!!  Love – G'Ma, Mary & Bill

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter -Mar. 18


Dear Family,

Well what do you all think about coming down next Wednesday night?  It sure would be nice if you could get it worked out!

Below are a few advantages and disadvantages.


  1. must change dentist appointment
  2. would have to get paper substitutes
  3.  to bring up Marilyn Thomas
  1. being able to be with your daughter longer (me)
  2. be able to hear meeting
  3. have better and more detailed look of school
  4. save on bus fare
  5. can stay with Evelyn Thomas – saving on lodging
  6. Mrs. Thomas's cooking is really great
  7. could come to my classes and meet teachers
  8. gym-ex is really something important!
  9. I really want you all to come
I'm not real sure how much you know about the gym-ex but it is an yearly affair that is always the night before spring vacation.  Some kids get working on acts and stuff at the beginning of the school year.  I'm in it but don't have any major part.  Alot of people come see it from the meeting on the Hill.

I checked and Catherine and Serena would both be able to stay in the dorm with me.  If they want to.  Kathy (my roommate) always sleeps with Roi anyway and somebody can sleep under the window on the mattress.

This week is C.P. week, do you know what I'm talking about?  Well, last Sunday we picked names out of a hat and that person we picked we do stuff for her without her finding out who we are.  I picked Teacher Marian's name, so far I have made her bed a couple of times, unrolled at night, sent her small little notes and told her to leave anything she wants ironed or shoes to be polished at her bed.  My C.P. has done alot for me, too.  We find out this Sunday who they are.

I'm sorry I haven't written very much this week but been busy and everything.  Gym-ex starts about 7:00 Wed. night.


P.S.  We see David and Lisa tomorrow night, then will have discussion groups about it then we will be able to see it again (if we want to).  

Was great talking to you on the telephone!

We would have discussion groups and seeing it the second time on Sunday, of course.

Please let me know as soon as possible that you can come up, we wouldn't be able to leave till after lunch on Thursday, which would be about 12:30

Marilyn Thomas is going to teach Spanish here next year.  Evelyn Thomas says you would have to call her dorm to get in touch with her.  She also says that she wouldn't have that much stuff.  Evelyn would be willing to pay you, you should get to know Sylavia's mother.  She paints and writes stories and sells them, very nice too!


Monday, March 20, 2017

1987 Family Letter -Mar.8

Sunday, March 8, 1987

Dear Family:

It seems that Spring has "Sprung" with temperatures in the 70s and got us into gear in yard and garden work.  The printing of the peas said "maturity in 70 days" so hopefully we will see the results in mid May.

We were glad to hear that the Morgans have rented a house which is eight houses from where the Kings will be moving next week.  Wendy will still be going to school at the same place and understand that things are going smoothly for her there.

Roberta and Sid are "formally moving" this next week down the street.  It has been interesting hearing about Roberta's so called job interview and wonder if there will be any fire out of all the smoke.

MV has been gone this weekend visiting friends in Urbana, Ohio.  She did survive the Crisis Pregnancy Center Pancake Brunch, tho unfortunately someone loaned them a new teflon pan and it got scratched.

Tried to call Serena today without success, her roommate told us that Serena's foot was much better and how busy Serena is.  She is to let us know about meeting her next Saturday in Columbus Cincinnati.

John is talking of going to Florida to see Roberta and to help with Grandma . . tho nothing definite yet.  Depending on Serena's plans we plan to go to Columbus and/or Newark to see them this week.

Friday night the Sankers invited us down to go to a pot luck dinner at the Hyde Park Methodist Church.  It is a regular monthly program, probably 200 people there.  One man asked me if I was related to Howard Uible, who he sees regularly.

This afternoon our Church had a "Financial Planning Seminar" in which a CPA spoke on tax changes and a panel of four attorneys answered questions.  For you people that get the WNJ there was an article and pictures in last Tuesdays paper.

Dad has covered the news very well.  I started a letter on Carolyn's new typewriter at the shop but too many new fangled things on it for me.  It does have alot of wonderful features though – it is on approval but sounds like she may be able to keep it.

It was good talking to so many of you this weekend – including Wendy who is getting acquainted with her neighbors, passing out cards to let them know of her availability as a babysitter – seems not so very long ago that she had one herself.  Did regret not to talk to Serena but hope to know her plans for this weekend soon.

Dad did a fine job on the panel with the three other attorneys including Kay Dick and Judge Hottle.  Not many people there to take advantage of all the free legal and tax information.

[Love, etc.]

Sunday, March 19, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter -Mar.23

Written exactly six months before Wendy was born. . . and Joe is new to Saudi Arabia.

Dear Mom, Dad & Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Well here's another sample of Pic & Save stationery.  I don't think this is as nice as the name kind.  We were glad to get your letter and the article about Pediatricians.

We got a letter from Joe yesterday which he wrote on 3-6 so that is a little over two week mail service.  He said that since Roberta is sure our baby will be a girl, he thinks it will be a boy.  It sounds like he is getting adjusted to the life there.  Gerry knows a guy at work who spent 19 year working overseas as a diesel mechanic.  I guess he made alot of money.  But his family is glad to be back in the states again.

I am reading "The Moonstone" by Wilkie Collins.  It is pretty good but it moves slowly.  Gerry is reading "The R Document" by Irving Wallace.  We went to a different branch library last week but this week we tried to go last night (Tues.) & it turns out they are only open of Mon. & Wed. nights.  Our "regular" branch is open Mon., Tues & Wed. nights so we went to that one after all.  They have been building one out near where Dee Dee lives which should be opening in the next couple months.  Then we can take her when we go to see her on Wed. nights.

We haven't watch too much television although we buy the TV guide to see if there is anything on.  Maybe we watch 3 or 4 shows a week.

We got a letter from Roberta yesterday.  She must have made good time crossing the country.  The trip to Ohio will seem short in comparison.

Gerry is applying for a new job.  We'll send you some details if anything comes from it.

Our love to everyone.

Catherine & Gerry

Saturday, March 18, 2017

1977 Catherine's letter to MV -Mar.21

March 21, 1977
Dear Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Thanks for the letter.  Glad you liked the cards.  What else did you get for your birthday?  DeeDee's birthday is coming up in about three weeks.  She wants to have a party at Farrell's.  We haven't got hardly anything for her yet.  The only thing she has especially requested is something for her Baby Alive.   Do you have any suggestions?

Saturday we went to see "Peter Pan" and "Freaky Friday."  F.F. was pretty funny – especially the car chase at the end.  Then yesterday we went for a picnic at the beach.  The water was only 57º which is 3 degrees cooler than when you were here.

Not much else is new.  We got a letter from Mom & Dad yesterday.  Spring is here now but it seems just like summer, fall & winter.  Nothing much changes.

We have watched a little TV since we got Roberta's TV but mostly we read our library books.  I finished the needlepoint but I haven't got a frame yet.  Now I am working on a crewel kit that Gerry gave me for Christmas.

Write again soon!

Cathy & Gerry

Friday, March 17, 2017

1987 Catherine's Postcard to GHU -Mar.16

Morgans stayed at this motel in Willows, California, when moving from Washington state to Arizona in February, 1987.
Golden Pheasant Inn postcard - mailed 1987.  Captioned: Golden Pheasant Inn, WillowBrooke Restaurant and Tavern, 249 North Humboldt Ave. Willows, CA 95988.  Northern California's "New Look" in lodging and dining.  104 Elegant garden guest rooms, plus our award winning restaurant and tavern.

1987 Catherine's Postcard to Grandma -Mar.16

Hi!  Our furniture finally arrived and we are now settled into our house which is fairly close to Roberta's.  I had an interview with the County Library last week – haven't heard the results yet though.  "Hello" to all.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

Thursday, March 16, 2017

!977 Catherine's Letter -Mar.15

Dear Mom, Dad & Mary V.,

Hi!  We read your latest letter with some difficulty – shall we send you some onion skin?

Roberta called Saturday.  Person to Person for "Roberta's niece" so we called her back in Phoenix.  She just wanted to say goodbye before she heads east.  She said she planned to arrive in Lake Worth on Friday.

Our car broke down last Friday.  Something about the head gasket.  At least we think we've found someone reliable to fix it.  It's supposed to be ready tomorrow or Thursday.  So we haven't been much of any place.  We're lucky that Frank lives so close and can take us to work.

DeeDee's birthday is coming up – April 12.  Her mother wanted to get her a TV but we're opposed to that as they already have one (& only two of them to watch it) plus she watches more than enough TV already.  We're pushing for getting her either a Captain's Bed frame or a book case.  She also wants to have her birthday party at Farrells.  I guess with four or five friends.  Probably we would have that on Saturday before Easter.  She will be 9.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.  We're going to have a little party at work as the original owner, John Sullivan – was a real Irishman.  He's gone, but they still celebrate.

I went to the Dr. again last Friday.  It was really nice as the other times we've had to wait and wait.  This time I had an 8:00 appointment.  The Dr. was on time and I was in and out in 10 minutes.  He had some kind of deal so I could hear the baby's heart beat.  It was real fast.  Also I gained three pounds.  So I've been trying since then not to eat too much and I switched to powdered milk.

Is it possible the sour dough can go flat?  It bubbles still and seems OK but it seems pretty runny. One of the women here at work told me never to use anything but a wooden spoon in it as anything else would make it go flat.  If that was the case mine would have been flat long ago.

Write soon!

Love, Catherine & Gerry

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