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1987 MUH letter to Roberta -Jan.8

This January 1987 letter emerged from the archives recently, so will be squeezed into the "7" year letters, despite being almost a year (31 years actually) old.  Despite Aunt Mary mentioning that [her] Dad's birthday would be the 10th, I'm 99.99% positive his birthday was January 7, 1883 – 135 years prior to 2018.  He died January 13th, 1969.
THURSDAY – Jan. 8th (the 10th would be Dad's birthday . . he died 18 years ago and G/Ma still going STRONG)

Dear Roberta,

I would like to write to you often and I find myself talking to you in my head . . . usually some incident I'd like to share with you so we could both laugh . . . B U T . . . it never gets on paper.!!!

Appreciate all those phone calls . . . seems as tho I'm always in a RUSH when you call . . . sorry about that!!!  (Take THURS. off your phone agenda. ha)  Today was Circle and we were supposed to get to Va. Anne's EARLY  because of the STEPS and a small room to get situated in.  When we did get to the corner of 11th and K St. it was a grandiose MESS as the town's sewerage project had arrived at that corner where she lives.  We did get settled in and enjoyed the morning snack and Bob her son talked on CRIME in L.W.  He's almost ready to retire from the Army, now stationed in Calif.  CRIME has been his area and he sure has innovative ideas on how to curb crime.  This is another topic!!!!

I have written Catherine a note and today G'Ma will sign her "John Henry" to a check including Xmas and her birthday and get it on its way.  It's my error no doubt . . . should always double check when it comes to MONEY.  HA!!  I'd make a terrible book-keeper!!!

When we got your last ltr on the new note paper I thought it funny that you didn't say anything about it (ltr with picture of the red bike).  CUTE and PAPER NEAT AND ATTRACTIVE.  Well, today, guess what showed up?  Your Dec. 31st ltr arrived . . . on the back were two postal stamps from Ft. Pierce and another town in Fla . . . I never heard of?????  This had the cute picture of you and Santa Claus.  Who was the Santa???  That was some HOLD on you!!  If you're wondering why your folks haven't received that picture . . . now you know and it wasn't just because your Aunt is LAZY and a procrastinator . . . (irreguardless how you spell it . . . can't even get the simple words right . . .   I'm hurrying!!!  I should, like you, make a New Year's resolution to set aside a certain day and time to write ltrs.  I WISH YOU LUCK on that score.

We ALL enjoyed the DRIED FRUIT!!!  THANKS A LOT!!  G'ma still has quite a bit left.

It was FUN having a baby [Laura born Oct. 1986] here.  G'Ma seemed to enjoy watching her, etc.  She's such a good baby.  Never heard her cry any night she was here.  Of all the 'trappings' they brought . . . one would think they had come for the winter.  Cris had their new Olds station wagon jam-packed!!!  They took her to Xmas eve service and next Sun. to church and she slept thru both.  We ate out twice with her and she slept both times.  You never saw such a proud father as Cris!!  G'Ma really livened up while they were all here.  One day she talked a 'blue streak'.  With her poor hearing it becomes a problem in groups, etc.  Everyone says she look good . . . . I'm learning to get her hair up occasionally and with a touch of SOFT makeup she looks great!  Her main problem is getting on that toilet!  I usually, if here, try to hold up her clothes, etc.  But she can manage but TAKES HER FOREVER!!!!  So, when I'm here I usually help her undress, etc.

Now for TWO ADVENTURE STORIES:  (1).  The last Monday Cris was here, we all went to bed per usual.  About 4:00 AM Angela had nurse Laura and put her back to bed when she heard this female voice down the st. south of here screaming: 'PLEASE, SOMEBODY, HELP ME" . . .  it was warm and the windows were open.  Then Angela got up . . . Bill says, "CALL 911" we all go running out of the house in our nite clothes.  Angela says she saw a man taking off towards 10th Ave.  Before this, we heard this grinding noise and a car was stuck in the lot next to the commercial bldg, north end toward this vacant lot.  We assume the man couldn't get the car started and took off.  Search lights looking everywhere in the neighborhood . . . didn't ever find a woman but found a man in the yard at the corn of B and 10th ave . . . pretty well beaten up.  He wouldn't admit to knowing anything when the police questioned him.  We were a SIGHT . . . ALL of us in the street in our night clothes.  I went back in the house, I didn't venture very far and said the rest of them were crazy to go out and not know what's up ahead!!!  Right?  Want to get your head blown off or sliced???  I can still hear that woman screaming . . . gives you the jitters!!

Now No. 2 story:  Joe called us a couple days after New Years' Eve and said he had been mugged.  He and two buddies decided about 1:30 to go to Central Park from his apt. to see the fireworks.  They went to the exit ??? where they normally would go to get to the park but the police still had the Times Square area blocked off and wouldn't let them through . . so they decide to take another route and somewhere along the way they came to a corner and when they turned, here were 20 some guys who attacked them, screaming some NAME.  They didn't want money.  Joe said he curled up in a ball . . . hit in the mouth and said his left side was sore, knocked his glasses off, tore up his jacket . . . latter can be mended, glasses scratched but not broken . . . didn't knock out his "beautiful teeth."  Ha.  Rollyn who is tall and very blonde got the worst of it.  The 3rd boy put up a fight and ran, he had $100 on him but they didn't get the money . . . .  We should call to see how he is!  Maybe this might be an incentive to go "WEST" YOUNG MAN !!!

[Written in the margins]  Good Health & Wealth for New Year!  Keep riding that bike!!!  Finally read your Xmas ltr!!  Very Good!  A "dumb" ltr (MINE NOT YOURS)  I hope life at 1025 No. B. gets back to normal!  There were days there,  I thought "Xmas" would never end!  There should be a better way out!!  We "Natives" watched Fiesta Bowl – Disappointing that we lost & How even Bill stayed up to 11:30.  Cindy was a Big Help to me!   Meals, etc. here.  Have seen a lot of them!  Rob & Cindy fascinated w/Laura.  Could go on & on . . . But now 4:00 o'clock & want to write your Dad & Mom!  Looking forward to your visit!! 

Aunt Mary

1947 HH in Palm Beach Florida -Dec.31

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1977 Roberta's Letter -Dec.31

December 31, 1977
Dear Family,

It's Saturday afternoon and we stopped down at the school.  I've got Mary Virginia checking some of my typing – it's full of numbers that all need to be in the right place – so I'd much rather her catch the mistakes now than after they have been run off.

We just got done bowling – three games!!!!!  The first game was pretty bad, the second game was much better, then the third was down hill again.  We have done very little.  One afternoon after work we bowled a couple of games.  Wait till Mary Virginia realizes that I'm over here typing letters when she is up there working.  some reason this typewriter is not at its best . . . the r's, periods, and commas are not coming through.

So far none of the fish have died.  Mary won't go in the science room at all.  As for Buffie he is doing much better.  The first couple of days though were hard.  I'll be glad when my pet responsibilities are all over.  Buffie smelled so bad when we first picked him up.  Mary and I gave him one bath the first night, then the next two days he had professional baths.  (at ten dollars a throw)  Between dog baths and locking myself out of the Nova, I've wasted some money this week.  Not that I mind spending money, but on such things . . . .

We talked to the Morgans last night.  After talking to them, why don't you all after your plans have been made up make the motel reservations through the motel 6 in San Diego.  Just go at night when the phone calls can be made cheaper.  Besides the nearest Motel 6 here is the other side of Scottsburg.  [Scottsdale?]  It would be great if the Morgans could come with you all.  Perhaps the following weekend would be better, then Dad could fly right out, and Mom could go back with the Morgans.

I will have off the 16th either way.  It's called an in-service day, and classified personnel either have to work or take it as a holiday.  County people just get it off.  I am one of three for the job.  I would like the job very much, but I was told that it is not a ladies job, as I would be in charge of all textbooks.  Tuesday I'm going to approach Dr. Crandell (our principal) and tell him I have applied for this job, and I would like his support – or whatever.  If I don't get the job, then I'm going to try to get this job in Iran – through Mike Greene.

I had a letter from Liz, she is coming out for the weekend – the 20th of January.  What is John's address?  I wanted to write him and thank him for the tank of gas.  Besides the locksmith, I only  invested $5.00 worth of gas in the car.

How was your trip up the coast????  What all did you see and do????  Mary Virginia just found that I left one whole teacher out – good thing she is checking it.  I'm going to work a very short day tomorrow – I've got all done that I was told to get done now – it's a good feeling.

Mary Virginia can sure go through money.  She drinks one of those frozen things of orange juice in one or at the most two days.  We went in a music store last night, and she came up with about ten dollars worth of music she wanted (sheet music – she said that she couldn't find it any place else)  I talk her out of that and before I decide the tape I'm going to get, she has one bought.  I took the tape back that broke my tape cassette – I got it back from the repair shop – they wanted $28.00 to fix it.  I told them I'd just as quick take it back without getting $28.00 in it.  Then they wanted to charge me $8.00 for keeping it on their shelf for two weeks, and giving me this estimate.  I told them what a way to do business – they let me out without paying the $8.00 ! ! !

I bought a Charlie Pride tape – 8-track so that it will fit Marion's player.  Just can't understand why everyone doesn't like Charlie.

I had a nice note from Grandma today . . . guess Uncle Bill had a cold so the relatives did not come in for dinner, said that it was cold in Florida – 42 I think.  Here it has been raining – kind of bad, because I can't leave Buffie out all day.  He doesn't even want to go out for a walk – which he usually loves to do.


PS  Again – if it would be better – wait & come weekend of 13th it might work out better –

Mary V. will be fine – I'll have her on a strict budget ––

1977 MV's Letter -Dec.31

December 31, '77
7:15 a.m.
Dear Mom and Dad,

Hi!  This morning Berta and I got in our first "fight."  Last nite we bought two 8-track tapes – she got Charlie Pride, and I got the Carpenters.  So we fought over who would play theirs first.  Berta got to.  So this morning I got sick of Charlie Pride, and hid the tape, while Berta took Buffie for a walk.  Well, to make this short, she sat on me, pinched me, hit me, etc.  Till I told her where it was, then she made me go get it!

I found this stationary yesterday, when I was looking around in my suitcase – it's really pretty!

Well, the mirrors are here, and the guy is supposed to be here to put them in in 45 minutes.  They really looking nice – with gold metal trim, etc.

Roberta also replaced the windshield on the Buick, there was where the wipers scraped it, a rock place, and an almost bullet hole – I guess one of Marion's kids tried to shoot at her.

Please tell Gerry & Cathy to come to Tucson!

Mary Va.

Friday, December 29, 2017

1987 Roberta's Letter to John -Dec.30


Hi John ––

Sorry for the delay – I kept thinking I would call (& did try several times!) to find out how much my share would be!  Hope this covers it!

Sid's wrist surgery is today – I'm fearful that it will be painful – esp. afterwards – But hopefully desired/successful finish in the end!

See you in about 2 weeks!  I'm still not sure what happened to December – except we had about 20 more activities not on this sheet!  [Senior Village calendar on opposite side.]

Again – sorry for the delay ––

Much Love,

Thursday, December 28, 2017

1987 Roberta's Letter -Dec.29


Dear Folks,

Here I sit at our new typewriter and word processor, perhaps I will be able to master this one!  It's more "user friendly", or at least so says Sid!  It sure does have all kinds of features, everything from a thesaurus to a punctuation check!  (tho, I can't quite figure out that -- or rather how it works!)

Thanks for your letter today.  I'm glad to hear that the garage door opener is now a reality!  I feel much better having more security for the bicycles!  And speaking of bikes, I sure appreciated the bike socks and the bike keychain, and the small bike.  I got a total of four bikes for Christmas, that is the coffee table kind.  Some people collect coffee table books, but I collect bikes!  I do have some bad news about my Cannondale, it's now in the repair shop.  I had the unfortunate experience a week ago Sunday of hitting the back end of a parked car.  Landed on the trunk, mostly just hurt my lip along with some black and blue spots on the arms and legs.  I sure scratched my helmet.  Was lucky that I did not go thru the back windshield.  It happened about a block from Sid's accident.  I had done about 28 miles and thought I would just ride around the safe side streets here to get an even 30 miles in!  Sid came after me, we left a note on the car -- it also got some scratches -- the guy called a few days later and wasn't worried about the scratches!  It wasn't a new car -- perhaps my bike is worth more than his car!  It was necessary for me to get a new pair of glasses -- others broke right in the middle.  But, don't fret, I'm now fine, and the bike should be good as new soon.  (parts had to be ordered!)

Thanks too for your Christmas card and check.  I hope to do some shopping while we are on our trip.  I won't just put it toward buying coca cola!  Tho I am wondering what the going price will be over there!  I don't think I will plan on taking any with me!  HA!

I did call up Lois Bruce night before last.  She was really down and out because her good friend there had just died – Clara – who had been her "tablemate" since her husband had died.  Also just the day before Christmas the only nephew of the San Diego family, actually his wife had had a miscarriage.  Lois Bruce had also been wondering what had happened to me since I had quit writing.  Hopefully – with the help of the PWP (Personal Word Processor) I shall do better in 1988!  Already feel like I am off to a good start, getting this letter started and did get a Happy New Year card off to Grandma.

Remember Georgia Flittner – she helped us with our wedding?  Tho I don't think she was all that knowledgeable – but then I don't mean to insult her.  Her husband just retired, think in October and died just a few days before Christmas.  The funeral was yesterday and I went.  Church was sure full.  It was an open casket service – not really my style.  A sad note – he was just 60 years old.

Tomorrow we need to be at the hospital at 6:00 – Sid's surgery is scheduled for 7:30.  I'll sure be relieved when it is all over, and I know Sid will be too.  The surgery should take about one hour and a half, and then about that long in the recovery room.  I'm going to take the day off from work – or at least most of the day – one of the advantages of being in "management."  I'll let you all know how Sid gets along, tho I'm afraid it will be quite painful!  Just hoping that the surgery will correct the wrist and make it as good as new again!  He is talking about best places where we can go and bicycle once he is able to again!  Tho he is uneasy about the surgery (and I don't really blame him) we were talking tonight over Chinese food that it could be safer than riding a bicycle on the streets of Phoenix!  After the Chinese meal we went over to our favorite yogurt place and both got yogurt.  Sid is now eating the Chocolate flavor.  Actually yogurt is suppose to have a calm, soothing effect on the stomach. (and perhaps the mind)

Our phone bill finally did come, according to my rough calculations about $20.00 would be yours.  Actually this bill isn't our all time high – looks like this month will be – between holidays and hospitalization – the phone company really makes the money!

I've got all kinds of big news – I'm now the proud owner of a Schwinn Air-Dyne.  It's a fantastic machine.  Exercises both the legs and arms at the same time!  I had been talking that I wanted a trainer for Christmas so Sid did get a real good one (Schwinn) – but then once I had it I realized that between the exercise bike (that I really enjoy) and the cooperative weather most of the time in Phoenix, and the fact that I was turning our family room into an exercise room – and the additional fact that it was no easy task to hook up the bike to the trainer . . .  we made a trip down to our favorite bike store and made a major decision.  (Now, that is officially a ran-on sentence!!)  Returned the trainer, traded in the exercise bike, put some more money on the table and got the Air Dyne.  It is a great machine.  It's top of the line.  That's us . . . top of the line, with the Cannondale we have an image to keep!  HA!  I used it for one half hour last night and actually sweated!  Now that is a real accomplishment for me!  I'll let you all use it when you come to Phoenix next!  And I'm sure Sid will let (will be happy to show you how) to use the PWP.  He rally does enjoy it and is already doing great things with it!

Thanks for calling, we appreciate your concern.  It's not a real happy thought of the surgery tomorrow . . . but again hopeful that the outcome is successful!

Much Love,


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

1977 MV's letter -Dec.27

Dear Mom & Dad,

Hi!  Right now Roberta and [I] are at the school – sorry she just left.  She went for an interview for her new job.  She's had me working most of the morning, filing, alphabetizing stuff, etc.  How boring!!!!

John, you'll be glad to know that we got all the way to Gila Bend Ariz. on your tank of gas!!  I was about to have a nervous break-down, because we'd been riding on empty for about 30 miles, and Roberta thought it was exciting!!!  We only made 2 stops - one for 5.00 worth of gas, and the other for cheese-burgers, which we ate on way.

Well, as soon as we got back, we dropped our stuff off, and went to pick up Buffie.  Buffie was over-joyed to see us – but it wasn't exactly the same way with us – he smelled as if he had chased a cat thru' the sewer!  So we decided to hose him down it was so bad.  Poor Buffie!  After that he still smelled a little bit, so Roberta decided to get an appointment to give him a bath.  But, last nite, when we went over to pick the Buick, Buffie almost went to the bathroom on the ladies good carpet!  So last nite Roberta set out newspapers, and told Buffie, if had to go, to go on the newspapers.  Well, he did it but not on the newspapers!  What a head-ache!!!!  Remind me to stick with the Silver Streak!!!

Well, today Roberta topped all of her bad days.  When she went out to go to her interview, she discovered that she had left the key that locks the locked door to the Nova.  So she called the police, who told her to call the Fire Dept. who couldn't get in so she called the lock-smith who finally got it to open for $15.00.  And the afternoon is yet to come!!!!

If I get any Mail, please send it here!  Thanks!!

Mary Va. (A.K.A. Frizz Wiz)

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

1967 Catherine to Florida -after Christmas

Hi!  Saw the ocean – it's still the same!  Grandma & Granddaddy are fine.  If I leave here at noon on Wednesday I will arrive in Cin at 2:15 on Thursday from there I will take bus to Wilmington and call you all.  OK?  Weather is beautiful!

12/29/67 Happy New Year!
Hi!  Got Mother's letter today.  G'ma & G'daddy came for lunch – had strawberry shortcake.  Joe leaves tomorrow morning and should be in NV by Monday.  My grades were BBCC (Physics, Math, PE, art).  Went to see "To Sir With Love" with Dennis – one of Marianne's friends last night.  We went to Lion Safari yesterday!  Neato.  Haven't bought anything yet!
Love, Catherine
Bus leaves WPB 1:00 noon on Wednesday
Arrives in Cin. 2:15 P.M. Thursday
Cin. to Wilm (?)
I will call from Wilm.
Ocean is great!
Dennis is cool guy
Marianne is better.
G'ma and G'ddy are fine.
Hortons are fine.
I'm fine
Everybody's fine.
Went to dog races tonight with Dennis, Marianne, and Jim.
Saw Lion Safari yesterday.
How's snow?
Thanks for forwarding mail.
May go on bicycle hike tomorrow.
Went to see "To Sir With Love" at drive-in last night wtih Dennis, Marrianne and jim
Going to bed now.  Night!


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1947 Marion Plum Christmas Card

[postmarked Dec. 16, 1947]

Dear Harold,

I just received your note and I want to congratulate you and Jean – I know you will be very very happy.

Things here in Ann Arbor are about the same – I keep very busy and am anticipating vacation.

Best Wishes again,

Saturday, December 23, 2017

1967 Roberta's Barnesville postcards -Dec.

[postmarked Dec. 16, 1967]

Hi!  got your letter yesterday with money and Wow!  Thanks so much!
Unless something happens I will come on bus to Columbus & meet you there at around 4:00 p.m.

Helen has simply BAD connections.  Can't leave the 20th because already full.  I really feel sorry for her.

Love, Roberta

[postmarked Dec. ??, 1967]

Sunday night
Hi!  Was glad to get your letter mother along with stamps, money & news-paper article.

Joe Stuckey says they have a full car – so I guess that leaves good old dependable greyhound.  No-one is sure yet about who is driving with the Stuckeys.  Trouble is no one is never sure!

Ron (the cook) is in the hospital and has pneumonia real bad.  Teacher Bill also in hospital in Phil. Penn.  (He teaches Biology) Before he got all sick.

Grades will be bad (mine at least) but I deserve them.  Thanks for $6.00.  Wish it could cover everything (Hint!)


1977 MV's Driving Poem about John -Dec.23

[December 23, 1977]

We keep passin' them wild truckers
And John is at the wheel,
We must have been goin' 90,
When I had a cravin' for a meal.

We keep passin dozens o' billboards,
All colors, sizes, an' Shapes,
Then we pass a guy lookin like Kojack,
Playin' his 8-track tapes.

Daddy keeps lookin' at the road maps,
With a puzzled look in his eye
I think we better stop for gas
Before this junker dies.

We're on our way to California,
With hope down in our hearts.
We may never get there,
If this old junker never starts.

Friday, December 22, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter -Dec.15

[undated probably around Dec. 15, 1967]
Dear Family,

Hi!  Well only six more days!  All I can say it that I hope I dream tonight tomorrow will come sooner and if tomorrow comes sooner tomorrow night will come sooner and so on and so forth till next WEDNESDAY!  When I won't have to do any English & Biology & Bible & Art & History for a whole two weeks!  Notice I left Geometry out!  Mainly because I HAVE to study it!  ICK!

I now have a private little old tutor in Geometry.  Pretty Classy, huh?  Pretty stupid too! (me)  I tried to change over to Algebra but that didn't work so – now look what I'm stuck with!  We meet for 1 hour every night.  Tonight is the first night we met and also the first time I got all my Geometry done and understood!  So!  I guess there are advantages!

Still!!! Uncertain about getting home and with only six days away I better just plan on taking the bus!  Unless I should have to hitch-hike because of lack of some green stuff!  Don't get me wrong – I really wouldn't mind hitch-hiking – also wouldn't mind having "green stuff" go to rot with bus fare & Christmas just around the bend.

OH!  Ron (the cook) has now developed double pneumonia – which I guess is worse than the stuff just plain.  And – has resigned.  I understand he was going to anyway because he likes the idea of being able to use more money when cooking so the stuff would be worth eating which he couldn't do here.  So now Teacher Nan, Teacher Jane & about all the women teachers especially Bertha Coppe are taking turns.  Also two men teachers are leaving which will mean the school will have to hire some more.

So!!  If you see some young (would also help to be a teacher!) man who wants to hear 68 bells during the day and likes fresh bread – you can send him here!  HA!

We got another new student for the boy who just dropped out.

Really got to go – did you get my post-card I wrote this morning during collection?  – Um!


PS  Hey!  Just think of me as a dumb illiterate person!  Then my grades will sound better!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

1977 Roberta's Letter to MV -Dec.13

December 13, 1977
Dear Mary Virginia,

The tear at the top of the page is meant to add class to the paper, not to look like I just tore off some bad typing . . . just thought I better tell you, or you might just get the wrong idea!!!!

Your typing is much improved!!  Just learn the right way to do it, when you are learning.  If something is learned the wrong way in the beginning – it's hard to change . . . so . . . .  Had anyone told me when I was in high school that someday I would be typing for a living, I would have really had a good laugh!!!

I'm anxious to hear more details of the bowling on Sunday.  It must have been a riot!  We went that night, but didn't get a lane, after waiting an hour.  It was disgusting!!!  We won't go back there again, it isn't where we usually go anyway.  I might get a pair of shoes, if I used them enough they would pay for themselves.  Besides it is embarrassing to ask for a size 9 in mens everytime.

We had alot of good laughs in your letter, but we are wondering who is spreading the rumors in Chelea (sp?)  Mr. Ream sent Marion a list of suggestions that were brought up in the meetings of the farm.  It seemed full of cuts . . . like anyone interested in going on the trips from the farm will be able to go in future years . . . .  that all materials used for farm programs will be paid for by the farm . . . that there would be office help to stay for the entire summer .. . . that there should be a wheelchair ramp built.

Here it is Thursday afternoon . . . it seems this has been in my purse for the last two days . . .  it was good talking to you all again this morning . . . seems like you all are getting ready to come West.  What will you be doing in January as far as school goes????

As far as the job goes that I've applied for . . . it is for bookstore manager in one of the new junior highs that will be opening up January 16th . . . for second semester.  It would mostly be working by myself, and of course with students and teachers . . . all books are issued and collected through the bookstores, like when a student withdraws, or at the end of the semesters.  Also they sell all sorts of stuff from t-shirts to pencils, typing paper, etc.  It would be a ten month contract  The last day to apply was Monday – the reason I had put it off is because you are supposed to have book-keeping experience  So I checked a book out of the library and called that experience.  I'm going to wait it out till tomorrow and then I'm calling John Sherman's office (head of personnel) and ask them when I can come in for my interview.  I haven't told anyone here that I've applied – as if I do't get the job, it might make it kinda uneasy.

Better go . . . . .

Just "hit" me!  You all are leaving N.V. Monday – Hello Serena!


Wednesday, December 20, 2017

1967 Roberta's Postcard -Dec.14

[postmarked December 14, 1967]

Well grades are out.  They are nothing to look forward to.  Don't expect good grades from a dumb lazy kid like me.  ok?

Reading program is now over.  You will get some kind of elevation (sp?) sheet about me in it soon.  (about two weeks)

Still not sure how I will get home.  Any ideas?  Always the bus!  Ick!  Would be better than nothing – always could hitchhike!!!

Love, Bert


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

1987 Catherine's Letter -Dec.12

Saturday, December 12, 1987

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  This morning was Wendy's B.R.A.T. Pack [Books, Reading & Talking] meeting at the library which ended a short while ago.  She is talking with some of the other girls in the group so I thought this might be a good time to get a letter at least started to you!  The B.R.A.T. Pack is putting on a Christmas play and puppet show so we had the final practice for the performances which will be next week.  They were pretty disorganized but hopefully all will go off without too many hitches next week.

Hope you have recovered (if that was necessary) from your birthday Mother.  I'm sure you're busy now preparing for the next holiday which will be here real soon.  We are appreciating the nearness of Metrocenter when it comes to holiday shopping.  In years past it has been a major journey just to get to a good sized shopping center.  We have finished most of our shopping for Wendy, although I do plan to go to Pic 'n Save one more time to pick up soom small stocking stuffer type presents.

Last Monday and half of Tuesday I went with another gal from the library to Pagemaker training on the Macintosh.  The Pagemaker is a special program on the computer that produces newsletter type documents.  It is quite complicated (it was a 9 hour class and we just covered the basis!)  It allows intermixture of text and graphics more so than the straight word processing program.  I have been reading the want ads lately to see what a used Macintosh might cost to buy form a private party.  To get one with much capability appears to be around $1500 to $2000 – there are some for around $700 but they don't have the disc storage that I would want.  I figure I'm in no rush to get one but it's never too soon to see what's available!  Someone told me that a few months after Christmas is often a good time to pick up a used one from someone who got one for Christmas but then can't figure out what to do with it other than sell it!

Wendy and I are both going to get our hair trimmed later this morning and then we'll meet Gerry at Metrocenter as he is working this morning.  We put of our tree earlier this week.  We bought a 7' artificial Scotch Pine which looks remarkably like a real one.  The real ones are so much more expensive here than they were in the Northwest.  So our living room at least is looking Christmasy.  Several houses up and down the streets around us have outside lights and decorations.  It seems like a larger percentage decorate here – perhaps they need to do that to make up for the lack of snow!!!

Well, it's about time for us to go so I will close.

Catherine, Gerry
& Wendy

Monday, December 18, 2017

1967 Catherine's Letter -Dec.12

Dear Mother, Daddy , Serena, John, Mary,

Hi!  I'm now in PE class waiting Mrs. Benne to show.  I have a calc class at 3:00 and that will be my last class of the quarter. Yeah!

Got both a letter from Daddy, and one from Mother, a card from Roberta, a card from Robert & Lil (at least that's what it looked like – by the way, who are Robert & Lil?), a letter from a guy in Viet Nam, a letter from Annette in Oklahoma, and a letter from one of my Lakeside friends.  I never got so much mail in my life!

I will be leaving her 7:45 on Thursday.  I have no idea when I will be arriving.  The lady at the bus station is so crabby.  She must have terrible home problems – like no husband, 20 kids, a one room house, and all the kids under 5.  Bruce offered to walk me to the bus station.  I went to church with him yesterday at Judson Baptist.  Bruce is a really great guy – I guess I should thank Evan for introducing us.  Speaking of Evan, he is still around.  He does sit with me in Physics but thats about all I ever see of him.

I'm now in Calculus.

I didn't get too much written in calculus class as Scott came in and sat beside me. 

Since I wrote the first part of this letter (9 hours ago) I changed my mind about how I'm coming home.  I just talked to Cinda Hargrave (you met her Mother) and she has gotten a car from somewhere to go home on Saturday.  There is also a guy from Cincinnati, Bruce Sherwood, who is driving home on Thursday.  I'm going to talk to him at breakfast in the morning before I mail this.

I spent about 3 hours this evening studying physics.  The worst part about this studying for exams is that I don't really know what I should study.  At the moment I have a B+ average in physics, C in math, and a D- in art.  I figure if I study the physics and get an A on the final, I can get an A in the course, but to do that I have to neglect art, and if I flunk I get no credit.  HELP!

Right now I just wish they were all over and it would be to late to do anything.

I'm going to bed now – more in the morning!

12/12 – I talked to Bruce S and he also is going on Saturday.  So, I don't know who I will be coming home with but don't look for me until late Saturday or Sunday.  If I find out before Thursday I will write a post card and hope you get it.  Otherwise I will call when I find out anything definite.


Sunday, December 17, 2017

1967 Roberta's letter to Serena -Dec.10

[approximately Dec. 10, 1967]
Dear Serena,

Hi!  Was glad to get your letter today & also glad to hear you got home all right & that the bread was good.  Goldie (the cook) said she was afraid it might be a little stale.  Was it?

Now!  Would you like to know what "plain language" means at a Quaker school?  If not just skp the next page or so!)  Plain language is the use of thee, thou, thy – I can't really think of any others right now.

Yep – I did tell Gretchen your message – in fact she even read it for herself.  She says quote "You're welcome." Unquote.  & on & on like she always does.

Well!  Only two weeks till the Christmas Holidays at F.B.S. in 1967.!!!

Ask Mom & Dad to call up the Stuckey's and see what is going on.  Nobody seems to know at this end of the line.

Of course tell everyone I said – quote "Hello & will see you in less than 2 weeks! (1.5 hours less than two weeks)" Unquote.


P.S.  You did take the package to Charma, didn't you? 

Saturday, December 16, 2017

1977 Roberta's Letter to MV -Dec.9

December 8--no,9, 1977

Dear Mary Virginia,

Thanks for your letter last night,  I like you new stationary.  I need to go on a trip, and get some new stationary myself . . . . either that or just go to the store and buy some . . . .that might be cheaper.  On my trip to San Francisco, I didn't get any new stationary . . . the YMCA's just didn't give out stationary!!!  I don't need luxury, but then I hope I never have to sleep in a cold gym, where you can hear everyone breathe -- again.

Right now it looks like I'll be off work from whenever you all arrive here till the Tuesday after Christmas, the 27th I'll have to be back.  I will be doing all sorts of weird things at work over the holidays, like watering plants, and feeding rats and snakes (want to help me?) along with feeding 26 tanks of fish.  They said if any of them die on me, I just need to pick them up, and throw them out.

What did you all do for Mother's birthday????  I've been meaning to get a birthday card out but as of yet, I haven't even gotten to the store, to buy one, so I'm not having an easy time in getting it in the mail.  Maybe tomorrow, the day before her birthday, I'll get it, and then I can read it to her over the phone.

I called the newspaper and had them put the ad in for John.  They wanted his license number and all this information, so I gave them mine, after talking to all these people, and getting the ok to do it that way.  I'm anxious to find out how the response goes . . . the ad will be this Sunday.  Catherine wrote and said how she had put one in too, so maybe between the two of us, he will have something turn up.

I had wanted to go to U.P.S. tomorrow and mail some things, but I'm just not ready to get things in the mail, seems the same story as the card for mother.  I got Rob a pair of gym shorts from Berkley, that say of course . . . Berkley . . . no, I just decided that it's spelled Berkeley, after all.

I got myself a jacket -- the sweatshirt kind, that has a hood and zip up when I was there, it says Berkeley, and everyone at work teases me about such a radical jacket, for such a conserative (sp?--) but you know what I mean) person. 

Progress reports went out today . . . what a mess.  In order to flunk the kid for the semester, the teachers had to send out a progress report, saying that the kid was flunking.  It's just another job for us in the office.  Some teachers sent out one to every student, just telling how many absences, etc. they had.  The end of the semester is January 13th.  We have about 40 students that will be graduating then.

You don't sound like you are on weight watchers, if you had some of that good pizza in Wilmington.  There is a really good pizza place near Marion's . . . it says on the sign . . . New York style pizza.  It tastes like Carmen's in Netcong.

Is Eileen all excited about getting married.  It won't be long now!!!!  One of the teachers here is getting married December 31st -- isn't than when Eileen is getting married?  Who is going to be her brides maid?

Except for Liz, I haven't hardly heard from anyone from the farm.  I've written Annie, and Sally a few times but of course they don't write letters.

I better go, I've tried to write this in five minutes and my typing speed and efficiency just don't go together that much at such speeds -- so I better quit and get back to work . . . .


[Please note: the spelling of stationery/stationary has not been corrected – the shortcut to remember is stationary means to stay still or where you are, or stay at. Stationery writing paper has an e as in email.]

Friday, December 15, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter - Dec.8

Thursday noon
December 8, 1977
Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Well, it won't be long now until you will be heading west.  Are you going to be driving the Granada?  I so, how will you be getting back home?  It's too bad that Roberta won't have that week off between Christmas and New Years.

I have Herman (the landlord) $100 to hold the apartment.  He wrote me a receipt which says if you stay less than 10 days he would refund at the rate of $10/day and if you stay longer that can be negotiated according to how long you stay.

Wendy is doing well.  She has really become aware of her hands in the last week or so.  She holds them up in front of her so she can see them then she makes fists and hits herself or she'll at something else if it help up in front of her.  We got her the umbrella stroller yesterday.  It is a really deluxe model but well worth it since we saved so much on the other stroller.  It folds up really easily and unfolds in nothing flat.  She likes it because she can sit up and see what's going on whereas in the other stroller she always had to lie down.

We have put up a few Christmas decorations and we are going out with Frank & Elma Saturday to a place in Ramona where you can cut your own tree.  DeeDee is excited about going with us because she & Gerry will be able to sit in the back of Frank's truck.  We have about 95% of our shopping done so now I just have to finish wrapping it and get the cards mailed out.  We have ordered some extra prints of the four of us and I am in hopes they will be ready of the first of the week so I can include a picture with some of our card.

I got a letter yesterday from Grandma with the clipping about Joe. She did't say to send it back or anything did you want it?

Not many Christmas lights up around here yet but all the stores are really gung ho with the Christmas spirit.  The stores have been really crowded everyplace we've gone.

It's about time to give Wendy some lunch (she's having spinach and beef) so I better get going.  She's had banana with her supper the last two nights and she seems to like it real well.  Tonight she's going to try peaches!

We'll be seeing you soon!

Catherine & Gerry
& Wendy

Thursday, December 14, 2017

1977 Roberta's Letter to John -Dec.7

December 7, 1977
Dear John,

Only two weeks of school left in 1977!!!!!!  I'm going to have to work over the holidays but at least it will be a change of pace -- after having half of my day now filled with absences and typing bulletin - etc.

Thanks for your letter -- I called the newspaper up this morning and the ad will be in the paper this Sunday.  I'll keep you posted -- sure hope you get a ride from here -- so you can spend more time here after Christmas.

I had a super crazy trip to San Francisco.  The teacher that went along was as crazy as the kids -- drinking, smoking, etc.  I laid the law down and said there would be no drinking in the van while I was driving -- which of course made me very popular.  coming back I did all the driving -- everyone else was sick -- mostly just lack of sleep -- but some had stomach flue -- or something.  It's not a trip I wish to repeat soon.

How was your Thanksgiving at home????  I wish I had been there -- instead of driving with 9 high school students upcoast. But, the trip was worth it -- seeing Mary Greene and also Mike, Maureen, and Billy Sutter. Teresa Maloney had another girl – #5!!!  The buses were on strike while I was in S.F. -- the subway didn't run on the weekends -- it was, putting it mildly -- hard to get around in the city.  Mary Greene of course lives on the one side of the bridge -- then about ten miles --  and they lived on the other side.  Maureen now has the craziest looking hair -- she must have had a curly permanent about 6 months ago -- and it has grown long -- and just sticks out all over the place.  Billy is trying to find work -- couldn't get over how nice S.F. [?] was -- I'm glad he got out of the city.

Had a nice letter from Liz yesterday -- it was just like being with her.  She had the report form the farm meeting -- how the Uibles were mentioned with -- well, you know -- such good workers, etc.  How much Marion and I.T. will be missed at the farm.  Guess the cottage mothers wanted a job description of what Liz is supposed / not supposed to do.  I'll let you read the letter when you get here.

Guess what Marion got me for Christmas???  Got it last night -- a bowling ball and a neato  bag to carry it in.  The ball is black and white -- we will have to use it over the holidays.  I had to be fitted for it -- now to see if it helps my game. 

I had a letter from Catherine saying she knows the travel plans, so now I'm anxious to hear them.  I'll be able to spend a few days after Christmas before getting back to work, and I'm glad of that.

Must go -- it's getting late . . . .


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

1987 MV's Letter -Dec.7

Dear Mom & Dad,

Had a good visit with John and John this weekend.  We went to Shakertown for a tour and dinner and then there was a concert here on campus.  Sunday we went to church at Wilmore UMC then the Seminary Advent Services were at 4:00 & 6:00, so they left right after the 4:00.

The Advent Service was put on by the music dept, so I was running between Chapel Choir, Singing  Sems [?] and Hand Bells.  I was the only one in all three.

This week is busy with final papers and finishing up work.  The biggest thing I have to do is write my 10 page Music History paper.

I should be home by 5:00 on Friday.  Hope the trip to Indiana went well.

Got a cold Friday – By yesterday I felt terrible, but it's better today.  Tomorrow morning is the Sing-A-Long Messiah (I have the Alto solo), and tomorrow night is the recital for all the voice students.  I'll be glad to have that over.

Mary Va.

1967 Catherine's Postcard -Dec.6

Simpson Memorial Chapel postcard -mailed 1967.  Caption: The Methodist Building 100 Maryland Avenue, NE, Washington DC.  The chapel honors Bishop Matthew Simpson, close friend and consultant of President Abraham Lincoln.  Bishop Simpson attended Mrs. Lincoln on the death of President Lincoln, and delivered the funeral oration.  The unique cross over the altar was hand-carved especially for the chapel.  Public worship services are conducted each Wednesday at noon by guest speakers, ad the chapel is open daily to the public for prayer and meditation.

Got letter from you all today!  Things are really piling up here!  In 1/2 hour I have math, then there are stockings to be stuffed for the tutoring party tomorrow. I can get a bus out of her at 7:45 PM which I may take.  I'm getting crumbs all over this from the rice krispies!

Love, Catherine

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter -Dec.7

Dec. 7, 1967
Dear Family,

Hi!  Since I've got lots of stuff to do before 9:10 I'll come right to the point instead of beating 'round Robin Hood's Barn.

This letter is an urgent plea for money!!! (Got the hint?)  It is "tradition" to buy your counselor, big sis, mistress (I'm her maid – all seniors have maids) & best friends gift at Christmas  Now!  You would hate me to have to break this tradition because of lack of funds.  OR!  Would you?

I got the coat in the mail yesterday.  Pretty fast, huh?  BUT still no mail from you all except for Serena's letter!  How about it John?  Just cause there's only 13 days left is no excuse!!!

You can use your best sense in sending money but remember how much tradition means to "us" old Quakers!  HA!!  And that since people earn more now-days the stuff costs more than in former years!!!

Love, Roberta

PS I get to go to Wheeling next Saturday – the 16th – I think money might be handy to have by then. 

1967 Catherine's Postcard -Dec.5

Ellinor Village Shopping Center postcard -mailed 1967.  Captioned: The Million Dollar Ellinor Village Shopping Center, three swimming pools, the Ellinor Village Country Club with its 18 hole seaside golf course and 650 vacation villas by the sea await you at Ellinor Village"Florida's Friendliest Vacation Resort."

Hi!  9 days and the pain and agony will be over – at least temporarily!  Christmas Carol Service was Sunday.  Tonight I'm going to an athletic dessert with John.  This afternoon is the last physics lab for the quarter!  I passed the PE final but I failed the last art test.  Calculus is getting me down, but I'm still plugging away!  Have to go to art museum now!

Love, Catherine

Monday, December 11, 2017

2007 Jean and Harold photos -Dec.

Happy Birthday, Mom!  The following pictures were all taken in 2007, though the first one is from January, the other two from December.

2007 Harold, Jean & KC -Jan.29

2007 Jean & Harold -Dec.1

2007 Harold & Jean -Dec.3

Sunday, December 10, 2017

1977 GHU letter to John -Dec.5

[Dec. 5, 1977]
Mon. evening
Dear John –

Just to let you know that I arrived in L.W. on schedule & thanks a lot for your help in getting me to the plane.  It was cool so I was very comfortable with my heavy Ohio clothing.  We are now having regular Fla. weather so we open the windows & doors part of the time.

Since Christmas time is here you will find enclosed a gift which you can use as you wish & do have a "Merry Christmas" & a very "Happy New Year."

Had a letter & note from Catherine & Roberta last week.  C. is looking forward to the family arriving & R. was glad to get back from her San Fran trip.  Now enjoy your Christmas vacation.

Love – Grandma

Saturday, December 09, 2017

1977 Roberta's Letter -Dec.4

December 4, 1977
Dear Family,

We're watching "The Gathering" – how about you all – did you see it?  Thats a good thing about this time of year – alot of good Christmas specials on T.V. – beats the high cost of going out – HA – also helps me get caught up on letter writing.

I went on another bike ride today – this time only 6 miles – didn't leave until 5:15 & by 6:00 it was getting really dark – should have left alot earlier.  But w/ the sun setting on the mountains – it really is pretty.

I didn't tell you all about the excitement of the last week – I usually take Buffie out for a short bike ride in the morning – and Thursday I had him out – as usual – he was running by the bike.  As I went around the last corner, I noticed he wasn't behind – but it was super cold so I went on inside – which sometimes happens – then later he always comes.  Well – to make a long story short – we both looked & looked for him – then Marion said we had to get going – so off we went.  2nd period she doesn't have a class so she came back & looked & looked – all the garbage cans, etc. – but no show!  So she went back to school & then came back 4th period – after getting someone to cover her classes.  And Buffie was at the door waiting for her!  I'm sure glad he was there – else I would have come home – not even taking time to pack. (HO, HUM)

Had a letter from Cathy – she said she had gotten your itinerary so I'm anxious to hear it!  I'm having the ad John requested to be put in next Sunday – should be interesting to see the response!

It was good to see S.F. – Mary Greene & Mike & Maureen [Roberta's friends from India, also saw Mary in 2016 in Hong Kong] – but the trip was not an easy one – or one that I would repeat.  I was the only non-smoker out of 11 – also there was alot of drinking – though I made my point that it would not be drunk in the van while I was driving.  Not my idea of an enjoyable trip – I'll fill you in on the trip when I see you – also we saw alot of really bad accidents – especially Wednesday night on the way to L.A.

And speaking of accidents – we saw a terrible 3 car accident today – as we were walking out of church to the car – the Minister had said during the service that last week – there was a close call – because of people jay-walking – so we were down using the cross-walks – had we walked where we usually do – we would have been out in the road when the accident happened!  Was really bad – one car – the innocent car – waiting to pull out of a parking lot was the worst one off – people couldn't get out.

This morning was the 1st morning we went to the 11:00 service – it was like being in a retirement center!

I rode my bike to the library yesterday – got the book "Papa Married a Mormon" by John Fitzgerald – it's good & quick reading – must be half way done already!  Also got a book called "Winners & Losers" by Harris – it's good – you all would like it.

The show is over & I better get ready for bed – I'm just now beginning to fell all caught up w/my sleep from my trip –

Love, Berta

PS  I'd like you all to bring

  1. dictionary
  2. Harper's Study Bible
  3. Carl Sandburg's book – HONEY & SALT
all should be in my bookcase.

Friday, December 08, 2017

1967 Catherine's Letter -Dec.3

December 4, 1967
Dear Mother, Daddy, Serena, John, and Mary,

Hi!  I just had to write you a letter to show you my latest style envelopes!  Besides I'm sick of studying (I don't know why, I haven't done too much lately) and if I'm not doing something I get these terrible guilt feelings.

I am now in room 218, but you do not need to change the address on my letters as I still have the same mail box.  Sarah and I get along beautifully.  She may come to NV for a few days just before we have to be back here.

It is a good thing the quarter is about to end before my grades could possibly fall much more.  We had an art test on Wednesday (luckily we haven't gotten the results yet) but if anything I did worse on it than I did on the previous test.  That really sounds encouraging doesn't it?  We still have the final to go but I doubt if that will help much.  I quit worrying about the grades (if I flunk it won't really matter anyway!) and right now I'm just trying to get through the remaining 11 days.

Friday night I went to K's first basketball game (which they won very easily) and to the dance afterwards with Scott.  He is in my physics and math classes.  I guess I had a good time, but it was nothing compared to last night.  Bruce and I went to see "What's Watt?" which is a French play which some senior girl translated and adapted for her senior thesis.  [Perhaps that's where I got the idea to do translation for my senior thesis!  Had forgotten about this.]   Afterwards we had a pizza and then he walked me to the Vecchios where Sarah was babysitting as I had agreed to keep her company.  Since per is at 1:00 they had planned to be back in time to get us to the dorm but the roads were so slick we didn't reach the dorm until 1:08 which meant Sarah and I both received 8 late minutes.  Big thrill!

This morning Bruce and I went to church.  (I think that makes 3 Sundays in a row!)

Tomorrow we have our PE final exam.  Sarah and I spent all of yesterday afternoon and a couple hours today reading the book and now all we have to do is study the notes for awhile.

Everyone is getting really tensed up about finals!  To alleviate as much pain as possible we have Christmas decorations all over the dorm, all over the campus, and even all over Kalamazoo.  They are having a dance on Wednesday night to help us get through the week -- boy are we ever going to need it.

If it is all right with you all I will plan to come home on the bus via Detroit, Toledo, Columbus, and Wilmington.  It I timed it right, I might even be able to catch the bus for New Vienna from Wilmington. I don't know exactly when I will be arriving but maybe if I can save a dime I will be able to call you all from Wilmington.  Is there anytime you would't be able to pick me up?  Like maybe between 10 P.M. and 8:00 A.M.  If I recall I already gave you a wide range of days to choose from.

If anyone is writing a letter to Santa Claus I can use some scales (not the kind for vegetables) but I guess it might be kind of impractical unless SC could leave them here.  When does Santa come to New Vienna?  How about to church?

Thursday is the Tutoring Christmas Party.  What a mess!  I am in charge of transportation.  I had to get two buses to go to the Lincoln school to get those kids and then we need six cars to take the kids from Woodward home, not to mention the boys needed to keep order on the bus!

I will be so glad when these next 11 days are over and I can come home and sleep for about two weeks!


Thursday, December 07, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter -Dec.3

Dear Family,

Hi!  Well I suppose you have heard all the latest news of "Olney" from Serena like the weather, the messy rooms, & food; but I'll try to say more than "Hi!"

Yes!  Thank you for making my license test the 28th of December.  I will need a week to practice, esp. my parking.  I do hope I will be able to use the car some if I do pass my test.  If I don't I won't be able to drive after the 30th of Dec. for my permit runs out then.

Wednesday I picked corn!  Was that ever some experience!  My [by] hand even!  You get the "things"  – ears of corn – off the stalk then peel all the stuff off it then throw it in this wagon.  I did it for 4 hours – 80¢ an hour.  Which sure helped paying for some of those telephone calls!

I was going to pick corn again on Friday but I had sports & also home-work which needed done.

I'm glad you liked some of those papers.  But I'm afraid you are wrong in saying I'm not doing badly!  My grades sure won't be too hot this time.  By the way they will be coming out next week.  But sure won't be anything for you all to look forward too.

Serena missed a good movie & also some classes but she said she didn't want to go so I didn't say much.  By the way be sure to give Charma Little the package.  Sure appreciate it.  (You giving her the package.)

As you can see my coat needs dry-cleaned!  Also is ripped under the one sleeve.  Thought it would be better to bring home now instead of waiting till Christmas Holidays & try to bring everything I own home.

Did not buy a navy blue skirt.

Only 17 days till Christmas Holidays.  How will I get home?  From here to Columbus by bus?  Sure wouldn't mind if you all came to F.B.S. to get me.  If things work out so you could. 

How will Catherine get home?  By Bus?  By Plane?  Plane would be neater!

Really must go.  Thanks for food & all.  Enjoy your letters. Please send coat.

Must go, (yes, again)
Love, Roberta

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

1977 Catherine's letter to John -Dec.2

Friday morning
December 2, 1977
Dear John,

Well, here is your ad.  I haven't received any calls yet but today is the first day, it will also be running Saturday and Sunday.  I will let you know if there is any response.  Also you might note the two ads with stars (*).  They are in the paper almost every day and you might be able to get a car going to Ohio that way.  The paper has some dumb rule that to run an ad about driving or riding the person placing the ad has to come into the newspaper office & identify themselves.  I told them I wasn't going to have anything to do with driving or riding but they said it was their policy so yesterday I went down and identified myself.  And then they weren't sure they could accept a passport as a legal identification – geez!

I hear that you went on a one day trip to Washington – was it connected with the YAF?  I assume it was.  I guess I better not ask you any questions since you probably won't be writing to us again this year.  It won't be but a few weeks until you will be here.

We had a nice Thanksgiving but we were sorry that Roberta couldn't be with us.  Also sorry that we missed talking to you when we called New Vienna.  We've been checking out restaurants so we'll know places to go when you are all here.  We were thinking maybe we'd go to Vacation Village again this year for Christmas dinner.  It was pretty good last year we thought.

Wendy and I are going to take the bus to El Cajon later this morning and meet Gerry for lunch and then go shopping this afternoon.  I have most of my Christmas shopping done but there are a few odds and ends I need to pickup.

I can't think of too much more to write – we're looking forward to seeing you.

I'll let you know about the response to the ad.

Catherine, Gerry &

1977 Roberta's Letter -Dec. 2

December 2, 1977
Dear Family,

This seems to be the slowest day at work . . . even the telephones are not their usual self, ringing constantly.  So thought I would come back from lunch early and get a letter off to you all.  Sure have enjoyed all the mail coming this way, and wish there was moe going out from this end.  I'm slowly getting pulled together again after my week-end trip.

We didn't get home till around 6:00 PM, Tuesday night.  Everyone, but me, was sick on the way back -- so it was quite some trip.  One that I would hate to repeat soon.  First, they forgot the address where they were suppose to meet me, we had agreed on meeting at Gardelli (sp? Square -- which is near Fisherman's Wharf -- at the intersection of Beach and Larkin.  I had written all this down, which they lost.  Quite by accident they drove by -- and after waiting almost three hours, was I every glad to see them.  We left the city at 5:00 in the afternoon -- just in time to hit all the traffic leaving the city.

The plans had been changed, and we were to stay at the Hollywood YMCA.  Even at 2:00 in the morning, traffic was still pretty crazy getting into L.A.  We were supposed to leave L.A. that morning at 4:00 -- but I simply said that I was not spending the night for a period of two hours.  So we stayed on -- and left the city about 9:00 that morning -- after calling here, and telling Dr. Crandell the situation.  I drove all the way home and thats a long way.  Except for 40 miles I drove all the way -- good thing I have cross country experience.

Coming aback to work was something too -- alot of work in my basket to do.  Mostly typing, running things off, etc.  I still enjoy my job a lot -- as I've said before, I'll never by a Phyllis, but I am turning into a lot more efficient office person.

Today is the Christmas bazaar at school -- all the classes are selling things, and it is quite a big affair.  All kinds of food, and homemade things for sale.  I bought a ceramic mug -- and some Indian brea.  Also there is an egg toss, and a dunk-em machine -- which seems to be very popular.

We got busy – right after I got this started – should have known!

This week at work sure went fast – only way to start a week on Wednesday!

The Buick is still in my name – for the purpose of license plates -- who & how much do I owe for insurance?

Mary Virginia it's always good to hear from you – you must be doing alot of letter writing to hear from Mary Thompson & Jennifer Maloney.  I saw Billy South in S.F. – Teresa (Jenifer's mother) brother.

Are you enjoying my stereo – I didn't realize that it was my old stereo – but glad you are using it & you are more than welcome to it.  What records do I have at home – do I have any fok or Christian songs – they would be long albums – not 45's – if you find them – I'd like to have them here.

Do I have any shoes at home?  Especially miller-type – comfortable – They are now $45.00 – so I've put off buying them.

I've started my shopping – Mary Virginia, what size do you wear now?  Or would you like something else other than clothes?  I'm very open for ideas ––

Did you watch the Bing Crosby Special?  I watched some of it!  I noticed where this week Billy Graham in Cincinnati is on T.V.  I'll watch it – look for you all.

What have you heard from Serena?  I had a nice letter today from Grandma & Ruth.


Tuesday, December 05, 2017

1967 MUH letter to Serena -Nov./Dec.

[undated late November, early December 1967, probably Nov. 30]
Thursday PM

Dear Serena:

SURPRISE!  Letter from Serena!  Was thoughtful of you to write.  Sorry to hear you and the family were sick.  NO FUN, THERE!  Everyone cured?  We had a touch of (?) about the time your Dad arrived but we were all taking an antibiotic and no one was too sick except for Cris.  He missed a whole week of school and lost several pounds . . . and that he doesn't need to do!  But he is back in full force again . . . spear-heading the HIGH SCHOOL membership drive this week and playing tennis when he finds time.  The school tennis matches do not begin until Spring.

I saw the pictures of you three that G'Ma has.  Serena, I like you hair-do.  Real attractive!  And tell John he has joined Rob's LONG hair group.  HA@  I'm not against LONG hair however!  Looks contemporary.  John needs some of Rob's fat and Rob could use some of John's height.  I bet Mary V. keeps you all a steppin'!  She sure is growing and so cute!  It would be nice to have a litle one in the household at the Hortons.  Guess I'll have to wait until I'm a Grandmother!  HA!

I did actually get your addresses.  Don't faint!  HA!  I called a Cain in the phone book (only 10 or more names) that lived on A Street; I thought it logical that your friend lived there if she attended Highland school.  Had a nice chat with her mother.  Cain's: 521 North A St. Zip code:  33460.  Cindy Deese lives on 3121 Vassalle Ave.  Same Zip.  Her father died a year ago Thanksgiving week-end.  He drove his truck (Jewel Tea Co.) over into a canal.  Accident or suicide no one really knows.  I've heard different opinions.  Too bad in any event.  Difficult for the family.  Their mother works at the telephone company.  Now get busy and catch up with your correspondence!

Serena, you should see our black cat!  He is so BIG and fluffy.  For several months a lot of his hair was out in patches; especially on the hind legs.  He was skinny too.  So all our effort (weekly medicated baths plus pill hormones brought him out of it) paid off.  If we are faithful with the bi-weekly powdering he does very well now.  He's a family parasite though for all he does is EAT and run for cover.  He doesn't like to be petted.  Though if I'm under the clothesline he comes from 'nowhere' and wants me to rub his ears!  But he hates it indoors.  Probably because he figures we want to either give him a bath or rub something on his skin.  HA!  Rob has an interesting book he is reading (believe it or not he is actually enjoying reading!)  "Zoo Doctor" by Wm. Bridges.  Each chapter is about a different animal at the Bronx Zoo and how the doctor treats him.  I found it informative and unusual too!  Do you have an estimate of HOW MANY books you have read?  Must be a BIG sum!  You should be a very knowledgeable young person.

Do you still have the hamster?  How do you like Junior High?  And what's "cooking" with the Girl Scouts?  Who do you enjoy playing with?  You are the 'First Chief' now being the eldest at home.  It seems strange around here with just Cris and Rob.  Did you enjoy your Thanksgiving?  I had a ltr from Joe yesterday and he visited Catherine on Friday.  He passed her on the walk and she didn't even notice him.  HA!  They ate lunch together and he met some of her friends and saw the campus.  Mares and a friend, Vicki, were here for Thanksgiving.  Lots of activity while they were around!

Ask Mother and Daddy about SUGGESTIONS for G'Ma and G'Dad for Xmas and we'll go it together!  OK?  Write again.

Love, Aunt Mary & All

If any of your family sees Humphry's music critic Column in the Enquirer this week on Dedication & programs of UCCM's Bldg.  how about mailing them on?  (Complicated sentence)  MUH

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