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2002 - Postcard to Wendy from Catherine & Gerry

This Florida trip was our first visit to Rob and Cindy's new house – quite impressive!  Transcription follows.
Flagler Mansion postcard sent to Wendy 28-Feb-2002

02-28-02 SW of Palm Beach, FL
Hi Wendy!
We took a tour of this place yesterday [with Marianne and Larry] then had lunch at a hotel about 1/4 mile away on the beach called The Breakers.  Quite ritzy!  Saw lots of expensive and very expensive houses and the outside wall of the Kennedy compound.  Today we are about to go to the gym then this pm to a microbrewery and a casino.  Marianne called Joe to make him jealous about the casino.  Last night we went to Chad's roller hockey game.  His team lost 8-5 but he scored 2 and had 1 assist.  See you soon!  Love, Mom & Dad

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jerusalem postcard sent to Wendy 28-Feb-1992

Though this postcard is postmarked 28-Feb-1992 in Cincinnati, it was written a few days before while they were still in Israel – must have run out of Israeli postage stamps and decided to wait until returning to the USA to put it in the mail.
Captioned: A view of Jerusalem with the Dome of the Rock
Jerusalem postcard sent to Wendy (and her parents) by her Uible Grandparents 28-Feb-1992
[undated, but approximately 2/26/92]
Hope you had a good trip and time in Las Vegas.  We thought about you there.
Snow is now covering everything here in Jerusalem – beautiful but so deep its difficult with many tourists here now.
We are leaving here today for Tel Aviv overnite and then take off for USA with stop over in New York City.  Have had a wonderful guide and good driver which makes for a good trip.
Much love, Dad & Mother

Monday, February 27, 2012

Big Kid Toys and HH

HH is not the type one would usually associate with Big Kid Toys – in this case referring to General Motors.  A postcard, however, is a different story.  This one sent to Wendy from her grandparents on their return to NYC after the Israel trip.  Transcription follows.
Captioned: General Motors Building* 767 Fifth Avenue, New York City.  Big Kid Toys.  Fast becoming one of the city's must see attractions, the lobby of the General Motors Building features high-quality new and concept automotive products in a colorful and thought provoking display.
General Motors Postcard to Wendy from her Uible Grandparents 27-Feb-1992
We are here looking around at the new models.  You would like this.
Drop us a line.
Love, G'Ma & G'Dad

*The General Motors Building is a 50-story office tower which occupies a full city block and was formerly the site of the Savoy-Plaza Hotel.  It was built in the 1960s.  In 2011 the lobby is occupied by FAO Schwarz's flagship toy store.  Also in this building is an Apple store.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

1982 Letter from Mom/Dad - Feb 27

1982 - MV & Mie Young are seniors at East Clinton, Serena is going to school in Chicago, Roberta has a fairly new job with a "senior village" in Mesa, Arizona; John's in Newark but still fairly new at Park National Bank, Catherine & Gerry are living in Madras, Oregon; Jean is school librarian at the (still old) New Vienna School; and HH is busy with being a Clinton County Commissioner, Wells and the law practice.  Transcription follows.

27-Feb-1982 Letter from Mom/Dad p.1
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27-Feb-1982 Letter from Mom/Dad p.2
Saturday, February 27, 1982

Dear Family:

Mary Virginia left this morning about 6:30 for Miami Univ. with some other students for their music tests.  The music keeps her BUSY, as they are singing at Sabina tomorrow night.  Dad went to the Church's Prayer Breakfast for men, which was also at 6:30 A.M. so our family had an early start today.

Mie Young is going this evening with some friends to see East Clinton play in the tournament at a school near Cincinnati.  EC did win first place in their league, so enthusiasm is high.

Thursday Mary Virginia and her Mother were at Wilmington College as it was Leadership Scholarship day.  It was an experience for MV to be considered for leadership and gave her an opportunity of getting around the campus.  Dad came out from the Court House for a half hour for lunch but the meal schedule did not mesh time wise for him.

Wednesday evening the two of us were invited to a dinner at the school for the Boy Scouts.  Clara Lynd (her son is quite active in Scouting as a leader) was there and we enjoyed visiting with her.  Gene Williams gave the program, which was about his different trips to Philmont Ranch in New Mexico, where John went in 1974, and Dad in 1972.  The pictures brought back memories that had escaped my memory.  We were introduced as the parents of John Uible, who got to the Eagle Rank at the youngest age.  [1972 – We'll be reading more about that in April.]  Some of the scouts talk to Dad about making an appointment for merit badge counseling, but never get around to it.  We all know that story.

Last Tuesday night we went to the Square Dance Class.  There is never a class night lesson that has a call that never "registered" with us before.  Class graduation is next week, yet we often wonder how we managed three years ago when we graduated.  Melva and Orville Harner were there, and Melba tires very easily.  The four of us signed up last fall to go back to Fontana next September, so it is questionable how it will turn out.

The tulips have poked thru the ground and the boys across the street are out in their short sleeved shirts ... so spring is in the air.  The girls are counting the days until their graduation comes.  No word yet on whether Mie Young's parents are coming or not.  She has also mentioned about her going home instead as another possibility.

Really surprised to get the pictures from Roberta with another dog – companion for Charlie – hope Toby works out and helps Charlie to adjust better.  Both are beautiful dogs – for the rest of you Toby is a red cocker spaniel – 8 week old pup who is able to hold his own with Charlie the Airedale.  Sorry that things haven't worked out for some of the residents at Senior Village but hopefully others will fill these vacancies and more too will come – the rest are so happy to be out of the nursing home environment.

Sorry to miss your call Saturday night, Catherine but MV enjoyed talking to you and was glad that you talked just to her since it was for her birthday that you called.  Did she tell you that we had gone to a dance at the Elks Club – it was the Yellow Rose Ball that is sponsored by a local sorority – a benefit dance.  The orchestra was especially good.  And we enjoyed the breakfast they served at 11:30 PM – didn't feel as much at home round dancing but didn't break any one else down if we missed a step.

Looking forward to meeting John and X on Friday March 12 to get together to go to Chicago.  The girls won't be sure exactly what time they can leave that day but for sure by 12:15.  Any ideas where we could meet you near the interstate (I-70) on the west side of Dayton?  At 1:30 P.M. – hate to have you use any of your valuable vacation time - could you work til 10:30 or 11:00 and make it there by then?  We plan to be in Columbus Wednesday afternoon and early evening and could call you for your input of ideas.  Will you be working that afternoon at the bank, John?  If we shouldn't be able to get in touch with you then we could call you Thursday or Friday morning before 8:00 at home?

If we leave this early we could meet you earlier Serena – say by 6:00 or 6:30 perhaps (that is Central Standard Time).  We could have some soup at the apartment of the John Hancock Building Apt. and then go out for dessert at D.B. Kaplans or go there for a sandwich or snack.  Or any place that you might suggest that you think we all would like.

Great to talk to you on the phone last Monday, Serena and looking forward to seeing you – I meant to ask how your classes are going but somehow we covered other subjects but not that.  I did see a neighbor of the Haines tonight and she said that Martha had been in the hospital for three days only – she is out and has had a couple of seizures which may go with her brain tumor -– she is not worse but not gaining ground either.

The Harners are planning to go to Florida for a couple of weeks – the Dr. Boyds have offered them their apartment there at Naples or nearby for the time and she can get her cobalt treatment in Florida.

Mother Uible, we are wondering if a Sunday might work out at all to meet you like March 28 – or Harold has a trip to Atlanta and might fly down and back in the same day and could work something out that same week (March 30?) ... get into Cincinnati around supper time.

Can't recall writing about the Keith Rankins having a baby girl on 2/2/82, weight 8# 15oz.  Joann and baby were in Church on Feb. 14th.  Their two oldest boys had gone to Texas in January for work, Jody is now in the hospital in Galveston and the other boy had an accident on the job, so they have had more than their share of misfortune.

[Love, etc.]

Saturday, February 25, 2012

MV's letter to Mom/Dad 25-Feb-1992

Mary writes a letter to her parents in February 1992. Transcription follows.

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February 25, 1992
Dear Mom and Dad,

Welcome Home!  I hope you had a good trip; you were certainly in our thoughts and prayers as we kept hearing about the Middle East in the news and the attacks between Israel and Lebanon.  You probably didn't have any trouble though--we hope!

I feel quite a bit better knowing that my class is nearly over.  The only thing left for me to do is to give a final exam and turn in grades (Thursday night).  I've enjoyed doing it except for the hours and long drive to and from, neither of which have been ideal.  I'm enclosing a copy of the final for you to look over for fun; you may know some of the answers even.  Give it to Aunt Mary to see how she does!!

Well Simpson Memorial has changed their mind once again; the Sunday before you left, they had a church meeting and were gung ho about trying full time, at least for a year; and by their county they thought they could do it financially.  Absent that Sunday was the church "boss" who is very negative about trying anything new and especially anything that big.  The next Sunday, in Don's absence, they had another (final) meeting, where they decided not to do it!!  Of course you can imagine that the church "boss" was there and did a good bit of the talking.  Don is taking this better than I; I'd like to give them a piece of my mind for being fickle, but.....anyway.  The D.S. says that there could be a possibility of putting them on a charge with another church and making this full time so that we could stay.  At this point, I'm not holding my breath.  I am checking around Somerset to see who has the best looking boxes (for moving).

Thank you for the birthday money!  We did go see the NY opera at Danville do Puccini's "Tosca" on Friday night.  It was excellent and we found out that Centre College has an artist series (this was part of it).  Their auditorium was 3-4 times the size of Boyd (including a large balcony).  I believe that quite a few people from Lexington probably drive down for the series (only 45 minutes).

Don is well into his Spring semester; he preaches his first sermon tomorrow for his senior preaching class.  He is also taking Greek exegesis (finding the meaning of scripture from the greek--yuk), Pentateuch (first 5 books of the old testament), and an independent study on pulpit ???  He has to write a paper for it on etiquette, grooming, etc and submit to his professor who hopes to publish it.  And of course, Ichthus is the last weekend of April, which will occupy some of his time.  So far he has been to all Dr's appts. with me.  He's ESPECIALLY excited about going next week as we are scheduled for an ultrasound.

The baby seems to be doing fine, and the kicking is becoming more pronounced (can be seen at times when I'm lying down).  I'm just barely starting to show; I've "outgrown" the first set of maternity pants I've borrowed, so I broke down and bought some.  Clothes are so expensive to buy only to wear 6 months (4 before and a month or two after).  But it seems a little more justifiable if we can use them again or sell them at a yard sale or something.

I got a letter from Dee Bell saying that Walk #8 (my first team in Wilmington) is having a reunion in Wilmington on 3/10.  I am trying to clear my schedule to make it.  I'm hoping to leave after Kindergarten that morning (10AM), come to New Vienna via Hillsboro and then go to Wilmington that night for the reunion at 6:00 and gathering at 7:00.  I hope this will not put a big kink in your schedule(s).  (If you are not able to go to the gathering that night, don't worry about it.)  Then I would need to leave Wednesday morning to get back for my Wednesday afternoon/evening activities.  I'm sure we'll talk on the phone before this comes to fruition.  And we'd like to know when you folks will be down here to visit!!

Well, dinner is nearly ready and I need to grade some papers.  Anxious to hear about your trip and to have you home.

With love – Mary Va. & Don

Friday, February 24, 2012

2002 - Postcard to Wendy from Catherine in Florida

In February 2002 Catherine and Gerry flew to Florida and visited Gerry's sister near Daytona Beach and also the Hortons and Kintners further south.  This was before Joe was spending winters in Florida.  Aunt Mary was still in her larger apartment and I remember her speeding through the hallways with her walker.  Transcription follows.
Florida postcard sent to Wendy 27-Feb-2002
02/27/02 Lake Worth / Lantana / Hypoluxo
Hi, Wendy!
Marianne & Larry are to pick us up in a few minutes and we'll be off for a day of sight-seeing.  Yesterday we had dinner at Aunt Mary's retirement place "Lakeside Village" and then went to Rob & Cindy's for dessert and the hot tub.  Cindy to Chad: "You remember Gerry & Catherine, Wendy's parents."  Hope you are doing well – you beautiful, smart, wonderful daughter!  Love, Mom & Dad

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Roberta to Wendy postcard from Israel Feb 2002

Roberta sends a postcard but doesn't like to put the date – can be enjoyed forever though!   She was traveling with HH, Jean, MUH, the Baileys, and other people who evidently liked to shop.  Transcription follows.
Roberta to Wendy Feb 1992 - postcard from Israel
Hi, Miss Wendy,
How would you like to shop here?  Streets are very crowded – we have a few with us who are constantly shopping!  Never on the Bus on time.  Love, Roberta

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bethlehem Postcard 22-Feb-1992

Postcard of Bethlehem sent to Wendy in February 1992.  Also on this Israel trip were the Baileys, Roberta and Aunt Mary (MUH).  Transcription follows.
Bethlehem postcard sent to Wendy from her Uible Grandparents 22-Feb-1992
Postcard is not captioned but does say "Church of Nativity" on front

Feb. 22, 1992
Dearest Wendy –
They keep us busy but we are enjoying it and the time is going fast.  We were surprised to hear you are looking forward to having a foreign student with you.  That will be a wonderful experience for all – anxious to hear more about her.  Bethlehem is very near Jerusalem and very interesting place.  Much love, G'ma & G'Dad U.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2002 - Emails from Roberta

Selections from several emails from Roberta in February 2002:

  • 12-Feb-2002 - Greetings from 103rd....good to be back home after being at Sr. Village the last four nights and most of the days too.  We now have a greater appreciation of those who stayed while we were gone.  Glad to know the folks made it back to Newark [after visiting AZ] – but sorry that Julie is not feeling her best.  Glad she is not an "old lady" or it really would have hit her hard.  Sid and I just back from a walk of two miles, tomorrow we will start the treadmill routine.  He has a treadmill test scheduled – which he wants me to change so he will have more time to practice.
  • Unknown date [part of a forward] Helped  one of my ladies who wanted to sell her jewelry to make needed cash.  It was pitiful – a big white looking diamond that was not a diamond, AND the same for a red rock – not a ruby.  Then another cocktail type ring with lots of small diamonds, that she thought would be worth one thousand dollars, was $12 – as in one dozen dollar bills.  I think I will stick to the stock market.  She decided to keep her rock collection.
  • 13-Feb-2002 Had a call today from the gal that is the director of the new facility in Sun City West – 151st Ave and Deer Valley Road.  She wants me to come out tomorrow to talk about working for her in life enrichment activities in a "limited memory" facility.  We shall see....
  • 22-Feb-2002 Sid and I just got back from taking Sharon to the airport, enjoying the $2.99 breakfast special at Coco's, stopping at the Foundation downtown office, Senior Village, and then a stop at a new Safeway grocery at 83rd and Cactus (West side is the place to be!) and home again before 8:30 AM.  Of course in order to do all that, we did leave the house at 5:08.  We were up before Sun City was!
  • 23-Feb-2002 Just a short note as Sid is fixing supper, we just got back from the pool.  Joan and I also did get in our 30 miles [bicycling].  We rode through the Biltmore area and ate at the Wild Oats Grocery at 40th St. and Camelback.  [Since closed.]  Did I tell you that I got an email from Lisa Gooding?  She is moving to Cincy, across from Jim.  Love, Roberta

Sunday, February 19, 2012

1972 - February trip to Washington DC

A February 1972 trip to Washington DC and a visit to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing brought this response from MV.  In case you can't read her postcard in this blog post, check this link.  Transcription follows.
MV's postcard to Bureau of Engraving 14-Feb-1972
[Monday, 2/14/1972 9:30AM]
It was nice.  That is a lot of ink you use.

On a side note to this trip – a letter from Bill [Freeman] Dailey indicates he received a call from Jean and Harold on Saturday, February 12.  He then lived in Rockville, MD, about 20 miles north of DC.  Letter will be arriving in the blog soon.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

1982 Letter from Mom/Dad - Feb 18

Mostly written by Mother, but last two paragraphs by Dad.  Who is the generous couple that left the money for the EC Library?  Same people that helped fund the Sabina Library??  Transcription follows.
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Thursday – Feb. 18, 1982
Dearest Family –

Just got back from New York and glad to find letters from Catherine and also John – sorry that we are late in getting letters off to all of you.  Thank you, Wendy, for the Valentine – would sure like to see you in person in your new red dress.  Also got two letters from Roberta and a phone call from Serena before we went.  Do hope that you are all over your flu, Berta, you sure had it rough for quite a few days.

We were happy to hear that John and X are planning to go to Chicago with us to see you, Serena, the 12th of March and that you don't have any classes that Saturday.  Looking forward to us all being together.  The toy show there doesn't open til that Saturday afternoon but hopefully we'll be able to work it all in, – at least see that Dad gets there.

Our three days in New York went so fast – we flew over Sunday afternoon (TWA's $35 fare) and enjoyed our stay at our bed and breakfast house, an interesting brownstone on 87th Street.  Its location was good in that we were close to the 86th Street crosstown bus and also a block and a half from the Broadway line and even closer to the other bus routes.  The upper west side is an area that we hadn't been too acquainted with but feel that we know it much better now and is so much more pleasantly atmospheric that the Times Square area and more appealing.

We looked into tickets for a couple of plays but 12.50 and 14.50 (these were the half price ones available the day of the performance were not that appealing – wonder who wants to pay the $25 or $29 prices.  We ended up going to see "On Golden Pond" with Katherine Hepburn and Henry and Jane Fonda – well done but not the sweetest language.  The lines were so long Sunday evening but did go on Tuesday with no line at all but well filled theater.

Monday evening we had dinner in our area with the sales representative and his wife from Houston and found that  they also have been square dancers for a number of years.  Dad spent Monday and Tuesday at the Toy Bldg. at 23rd and 5th Ave. and saw most of the salesmen that work for Wells.  Had lunch on Monday with Jack and Bill Bozung [or Bezung?] from L.A. and especially happy to get a $8500 order from a California account the next day.  Another of our salesmen was complaining to me that our California competitor is selling an item comparable to our $2.88 item for $2.43 dz. PLUS six months dating - it is a crazy world.  It does irk me that the manufacturer does not get a fairer share of things when I see Woolworth taking an item that they pay us 17¢ for and it retails for 99¢ (their suggested retail is 54¢).

Your mother made a shopping trip down to lower Manhattan where the bargains are suppose to be, including the usual stop at Barnes & Noble BIG bookstore on 5th Ave. at 16th Street.  Also a visit at Alelxander's across the street from Bloomingdales where the prices are literally out of this world for people from N.V.

We met the girls at the high school last night as there was a dedication program for the new addition and an open house.  Mie Young helped with refreshments and we enjoyed seeing the new facilities.  This couple in Sabina left some $400,000 in a trust with the income to go to the EC Library, so there should be a lot of sprucing up in that area in the years to come.

[Love, etc.]

Friday, February 17, 2012

emails from MV 2-17-02

From MV
To All
Sent Sunday, February 17, 2002 12:18AM
Subject: Lexington in April

Hello, folks!

Regarding meeting in Lexington, what about Tuesday and/or Wednesday nights?  That would be April 2 and 3, which would leave us a night in Somerset before and one or two after.  The big drawback would be your anniversary on the 3rd!  Let me know what you think about this.

I have been working on the GA reunion and open to suggestions but here is what I have come up with:

Rooms available - Occupants
2 villas - Rob Hortons, Cris Hortons
Dix (2 queens) - John Uibles
6 Doubles (2 queens or 2 fulls) - Kings, Crowsons, Kintners, Robert Kintners, Joe, Aunt Mary
Single King Rooms - HHU, Wendy, Morgans

I am assuming Wendy would like her own room and there are still additional rooms left, which means we can add Serena in her own room or sharing with someone.  This combo uses all rooms that have two beds available!  I also want to check on handicapped accessibility for the rooms.  The villas, as I understand it, have two beds, plus a couch, which is why I tried to give them to those with the oldest children.  The only drawback to this place is no roll away beds, so if siblings do not want to sleep together, one would need to sleep on the floor or negotiate/switch to stay with cousins or aunts/uncles, etc.

Prices per night are: Villas $149, Dix $115, Doubles $89-98, Single $89

Right now I am planning to offer horseback riding one day and canoeing another; there is also golfing and the Appalachian Trail begins in Amicolola Falls State park, not far from Dahlonega, where we are staying.  The area is beautiful in the mountains rich in history and lots of outdoor activities.  It will be a wonderful time together!  Love, MVUC

From MV
To Mom/Dad
Sent Sunday, February 17, 2002 9:33 PM
Subject: Re: Lexington in April

We would be glad to do one or both nights---up to you!  Just let us know what works best for you.  Go ahead and make reservations and if you would, please get two rooms as I invited my friend, Cheryl and her little girl, Becca to come along to help with driving since Donny has to work.  I will be glad to pay for the extra room.  Again, we don not want to intrude on your anniversary or any celebrations you have planned!

I don't think I told you we have made reservations again at the Cloisters, this time for April 18 and 19.  Don is helping lead a seminar on St. Simon's that week and I will just go down and meet him.  Cheryl has already agreed to keep the children for us, so I think/hope we're all set!

Re: getting you a double room in Dahlonega, I would like to but, right now they are all taken with the families with children and I was thinking Joe and Aunt Mary would want double rooms in case they brought along someone and would want the extra bed.  If that changes, that would certainly be a workable option.

For meals, I figured we would plan to eat dinner together Monday and Tuesday night there in town and I will get that set up.  Sunday night, folks may well want to eat at the Inn (they have a restaurant that serves breakfast and dinner) where we are staying; they have a wonderful home style meal they serve (family style) until 7PM.  If folks get in after that, there are other options in town as well.  I just thought it would be easier to be able to eat right there.  The Inn does do a continental breakfast each morning.  If we use the rooms as planned, they will have only 4 rooms left in the place those three nights!

Hope you all have a good week and our love to you!  MVUC

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Roberta's letter to Grandma - Feb 16, 1992

Roberta has always done a great job of staying in touch. Here's a letter she wrote to Grandma in February 1992 before going on a trip to Israel with Mom and Dad, Aunt Mary, and I'm not sure who all else. The background shows the Foundation for Senior Living stationary. Transcription of entire letter follows.

Roberta's letter to Grandma - page 4 of 4 - 16-Feb-1992
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2/16/92 [Sunday]
Hi, Grandma,

This is actually a Valentine card [enclosed? not currently attached] that Sid got for me from the CATS  – but I thought it was too cute to just throw away!

My suitcase finally got out – so the CATS are nervous!  I leave Monday for New York City – that is where I'll meet Aunt Mary and the folks to leave for Israel.  I'm happy I get to go and Aunt Mary has been looking forward to going!  (Tho she doesn't know what she should take – clothes wise.)  Uncle Bill didn't want to go so I'm glad she will go without him.

Sid will work for me while I'm gone – I wish I could stop and see you on my way back – but it is necessary for me to get home – to work – and for the CATS and my husband.  Looks like I'll be able to come and see you in APRIL – that should be warmer then – but I'll still need to borrow your COAT/  I'm borrowing someones COAT to go to Israel.  The average temperature in February is 45° – Aunt Mary and I both will be COLD!

I'll get you and Sadie something in Jerusalem or Bethlehem.  Will send you some postcards too Grandma!

Remember – I'm the one that is supposed to be on a diet ≠ not you!  Hope you are eating enough.

Love, Roberta, Sid and CATS

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1992 Catherine's letter to Mom/Dad Feb 14,16

Bifocals, RVs, and exchange students.... First page of the letter scanned below. Transcription follows.
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Friday, February 14, 1992
Dear Mother and Dad,

Hi!  Happy Valentine's Day!  Thought I'd get a letter started today as I'm not sure when I'll be seeing Roberta to pass this on.  Right now I'm sitting in Booth 9, Building 1, Pinal County (Casa Grande) Fairgrounds where Best West is displaying some of their wares and promoting their service at a FMCA (Family Motor Coach Assoc.) Rally.  About 700 RVs here with people from all over.  The sun is shining today but it is still quite damp with lots of standing water.  We heard that yesterday it was like a lake here.

Wendy appreciated the Valentine and the $.  She's been saving her money lately.

Sunday 2/16/92
Now at Best West and getting ready to head over to Roberta's before I go to work myself.  Tomorrow Wendy and I both have off so we can get packed for our trip to Las Vegas. [RV related trip]  We don't leave until 3:00 on Tuesday so we'll all have time to put in a partial day at work/school.

I had an eye dr. appointment last week – thought I might need bifocals but the Dr. said to wait a few more years.  Meanwhile I should just take my glasses off to focus on close up things.

We are progressing in our efforts to line up a foreign exchange student for next school year.  We're supposed to meet with the local rep. of AISE [American Intercultural Student Exchange, though we ended up going with ASSE - International Student Exchange Program] the end of this month.

We will probably be making our reservations to come to Ohio (~June 20-27) [for GHU's 100th Birthday] in March.  We'll try to coordinate with Roberta if possible.

I need to get to Roberta's now so I better close.  Hope you all have a great trip [to Israel].  We'll look forward to hearing about it!

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Costa Rica postcard from Ohio Feb. 2002

After visiting Arizona, Jean writes a post card to Wendy. I'm not sure when the Costa Rica trip was, perhaps 2001? We'll have to wait until I find more postcards! Transcription follows.
Uibles to Wendy - Costa Rica postcard sent 2/14/02 from Cincinnati after trip to Arizona
[Postmarked 14 Feb 2002]
Thanks so much for all your hospitality and your Dad and Mom's!  Good vacation and look forward to Georgia [Dahlonega reunion] and Hawaii.

Found the [Costa Rica] cards in our suitcase.  Enjoyed seeing Rusty in the Dog Park.

Love from Uible Grandparents

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Postcards to Wendy

Happy Valentine's Day from 2002 postcards to Wendy from Catherine.  "Today is a great day to write a post card." –Catherine's personal quote from a card which is not copied here.  Transcription follows.
Valentine Postcard from Catherine to Wendy 11-Feb-2002
Greetings, Wendy!  Which is more important – the journey or the destination?  "Who, being loved, is poor?" –Oscar Wilde.  Thanks for putting up with me and my family.  Hope it wasn't too stressful for you & X.  "To be beat is to be at the bottom of your personality, looking up." –John C. Holmes.  My new books deal with love, peace, dreams, joy and serenity.  All things I wish for you.  You are my brainy, beautiful, beatific, bright, brilliant, brave book-loving daughter.  I love you just the way you are!  Love, Mom
Valentine Postcard from Catherine to Wendy 13-Feb-2002
Hi, Wendy!  What's happening?  Are you ready for more company?  I have writers block this AM.  When and how are you celebrating Valentines Day?  Do you have plans for the weekend?  We will be busy getting ready for our trip [to Florida] The pen (or is it my brain?) is really struggling today.  Happy Valentines Day to my loving , beautiful, kind, gentle, sensitive, soulful daughter.  The best of Valentine wishes for your love and happiness.  Love, Mom

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Emails Feb. 12, 2002

From John
To All
Dated Tuesday 12 Feb 2002 6:51AM
Subject:  Re: BIG DAY

The Senior Uibles arrived safely Monday night right on schedule into Columbus about 8:40PM.  Andrew and John met them as Julie came down with the flu and Kate took care of Mom.  Because of our illness, Mom and Dad stayed at the Place off the Square, hotel downtown owned by Longaberger.  I plan to have breakfast with them about 8AM.

Sounds like the folks had a grand time in Phoenix, Glendale and Sun City.

From Mom/Dad
To All
Sent Tuesday, February 12, 2002 9:03PM

Hi Everyone!

Yes we are back to the NV routine.  We do appreciate all the family hospitality, the update on the Georgia reunion (had a letter today from Joe Horton and he is planning on coming) and the definite plans for Hawaii from Julia (who we hope is feeling better and regret that we failed to get your books back to you) and John.  Hopefully the Morgans will get a positive response from Joe's Mother on the Georgia time.

Our SW plane had only about 25 people on board.  "Supper" was served about 3:30 (5:30 in Columbus time).  Yes, we had plan B ready for a more balanced diet.

Home seems so spacious after being at home for fourteen days in our small cabin on the boat. [They took the Panama Canal Cruise before visiting AZ.] The Spring flowers are about 4 inches up and the grass is showing signs of greening up.

Dad has written much of this which is very adequate.  Still reading the Wilmington News-Journals that we missed.  They are all there except the Saturday WNJs which is no great loss.

We did enjoy everything - glad to see that you are all such good cooks and chauffeurs and I too hope Julie is definitely on the mend and John's back is feeling better and not the beginning of the flu or something else.  With much love from Your Mama and your Papa

Saturday, February 11, 2012

email from MV 2-11-02

From MV
To All (including Hortons)
Sent Monday, February 11, 2002
Subject: Georgia reunion dates

Dear Family,

We arrive in Dahlonega on Sunday, July 21 and depart on Wednesday, July 24.  The Inn will not take reservations more than 6 months in advance, so that should be finalized soon and then I'll send out packets about activities, etc and more details.  If you are making flight plans, it would be easiest for you to fly into Atlanta as it is only 1 hour from Atlanta and 4 lane most of the way.  From any other direction, it is CURVY mountain roads!

More details forthcoming!  Love to all, MVUC

Friday, February 10, 2012

10-Feb-1962 Stockwell's Furniture Store

Saturday, February 10, 1962 must have found at least some of the family shopping in Hillsboro for a new bedroom set including mattress and springs, two lamps and a Fairfield chair.  Also appears that whoever wrote up the statement, miscalculated the total by $10 and thereby miscalculated the tax.

Would this have been when the office was converted to a bedroom?

Stockwell's slogan, "Hillsboro's Newest Suburban Store" seems a strange thing to be advertising, except perhaps that is to inform us how "modern" they are or were in 1962.  I found references online to Stockwell's from 1962 through 1966.  

The address listed on the statement as "Cincinnati Pike" is 935 W Main St., is currently occupied by Holthouse Furniture and there slogan is a more currently apt, "Shop Smart Buy Local."  According to my Hillsboro contact, the Stockwells were bought out by the Starbuck family (presumably not the coffee people) and then Holthouse took over from them.  The Holthouse lady has cancer, someone else is currently interested in the building, and there is currently a going out of business sale – in case anyone wants to rush to Hillsboro for possible furniture purchasing.  [Don't bother rushing, they have since closed.]
10-Feb-1962 Statement from Stockwell's Furniture, Hillsboro, Ohio

Thursday, February 09, 2012

MV's dream career 1972

In case you missed it, last week on the NV History Blog was a picture of MV and her second grade class, which did not then include her new friend, Billy Kincaid.  According to a comment Bill wrote on Facebook, he joined Miss Purtee's class after the Christmas break.

MV - Second Grade 1971-72

I'm appalled at the sexist nature of the career choices listed:
For boys – Fireman, Policeman, Cowboy, Astronaut, Soldier, Baseball Player
For girls – Mother, Nurse, School Teacher, Airline Hostess, Model, Secretary

At least there is a line under both boys and girls to enter something else.   Evidently this was not yet the era of "girls (and boys) can do anything."

Mary Virginia could still go to law school and become a justice-singing judge.  Below is the illustration of MV as a judge.  Is that a modern looking lap-top on the desk?  Or is that the gavel?  Or her leg??

MV's 2nd grade wishing picture "Be a judge"

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

1982 Letter from Mom/Dad - Feb 7

Back in the Sunday routine, a saga of true stories and events of the week. Transcription follows.

Letter from Mom/Dad - Sunday, 7-Feb-1982
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Sunday evening - February 7, 1982
Dearest Family,

Happy Valentine's Day to each of you.  My good intentions of sending each of you a special card went for nought today - had personally picked a card for each of you and then realized I didn't have my purse with me in the Dayton Mall so when I finally found Dad - rushed back to Hallmark to find the chained door in place!  I know I shouldn't have waited til so late but that is a true story so you will have to accept my apology this time.  I also had a birthday card for Mrs. Matthews [Blanche Matthews 1886-May 1982, wife of former NV Dr.] who will be 96 this Tuesday - a real bright one which I hoped she would be able to see ... but to retract a little....

Sorry to hear that you have a bad case of the flu, Roberta, but do hope by now that you are feeling much better.  Bet your little ladies miss you checking in on them so often.

Tried to reach you by phone, Serena to check to see if the weekend of March 12-14 would be okay with you but never found you in.  John and X are to let us know if they are able to join us on the trip.  It should be fun - Dad has the two apartments reserved at the John Hancock building.  Is that the weekend you have free between semester or not?  Let us know if there is anything you want us to bring with us.  So many people have been asking about you and if you have moved????  What temporary job(s) have you been doing?

So glad to hear from you, Catherine, and to get a letter from you after several weeks but know you have been extra busy with filling in for so many sick at the library and catching up with the Elks business.  Wish we could see Wendy in her red dress [a Polly Flinders that Mom had gotten her] and also her dance outfit.

Tuesday night was the first basketball game at East Clinton's new gym - we played Leesburg (Fairfield) and the place was packed when we got there at 6:00 PM.  Had to see MV in the jazz band and Mie Young on the drill team - both did a very good job and we won both games which were so close!  Got a peek at the band room and know you all would have enjoyed the new facilities there if it had been available when you were in band.  Mr. Wilson says he can tell immediately when anyone if off key in the new room because the acoustics are so good.

Went to see the game Friday night too with Greenview (Jamestown) for Mie Young had a new show with the drill team.  Both these games were so close too.  Sat with the Donald Bernards who asked about all of you and Mrs. Mandrell also, especially Roberta who she knew the best of all of you.  She is taking Cynthia Saylor's place this spring teaching home-ec when she has her baby.  [According to Cynthia's sister-in-law, Stacie Saylor Young, Cynthia has now retired.]

Last night we went to Wilmington and after picking the girls up at the hospital [Candy Stripers?] (had dinner there) we went to hear Doug Oldham at Wilmington College (Hermann Court) - he was very good - had a big crowd but they had hoped to sell out all the seats in order to send a group to Haiti to build a parsonage there.  Harold Thornburg was in charge of the sound as they used the Messengers' sound equipment.

This afternoon we went up to the Dayton Mall to square dance there. Was surprised when Melba Harner called about going with them.  She got out of the hospital Tuesday and still has some stitches.  She also wanted to do a little shopping - a wig as she will probably lose hair because of the therapy treatments but is in hope that the treatments will cure all malignancy and/or help others in the future as guess she is also a guinea pig too.  Had good steaks at Jed's Steak and Ribs on way home - place was filled with square dancers.  Good and reasonable.

By the way, Mother Uible, we enjoyed the article you sent to us from the Christian Science Monitor about folk dancing - it is a cousin to square dancing - would be interested in seeing it done sometime.

M.V. is one of the ten finalists at Wilmington College for a leadership scholarship.  They are having a special day for that on Feb. 25th, which includes the parents.  The lady that I have been riding back and forth to Wilmington with, has resigned her bank job, so hopefully we can locate another person whose schedule is fairly close to mine... it is hard to....  [and there the letter ends, must have been concluded in the margin as no other page is attached.]

[love, etc....]

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Hawaii trip that never happened 2002

Email from John
Dated Thursday, February 7, 2002
To All
Subject: Dates for Hawaii

Wilson travel has confirmed our travel dates for Nov. 2002, departing Monday Nov. 25 arriving in Honolulu.  Uibles depart Columbus via St. Louis on American and direct flight to HI.  Morgans and Kings depart Phoenix thru LA on American as well.  Crowsons depart Atlanta to St. Louis and fly with Uibles (6) direct to HI.  Crowsons want to return on Sunday, Dec. 1st whereas the rest of us fly back on Wednesday Dec. 4.

We sill spend three nights on Honolulu and six nights on Maui.  Any questions or concerns please let me know as they want flights paid before Monday Feb. 11 and deposit made on hotel.  We will put on our Visa unless I hear from you.

Everyone is well here.  Love, John

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Uible to lead Friends of Scouting (2002)

From the Jan. 31 - Feb. 6, 2002 Our Town weekly newspaper serving Newark, Heath, Pataskala, Utica, Hanover, Buckeye Lake, Hebron, Johnstown, Alexandria, Croton, Lancaster, Zanesville.  Page 3.  Transcription follows.

Dellner, Uible to Lead Friends of Scouting
John Uible, Friends of Scouting clipping Jan-Feb 2002

NEWARK - Local bankers James P. Dellner and John B. Uible will lead the Community Friends of Scouting campaign for the Licking District, Simon Kenton Council in 2002.

James Dellner is Assistant Vice President and Trust Officer at Park National Bank.  Dellner has worked in the financial services industry in Newark for over 20 years.  Dellner is a graduate of Denison University and holds an MBA degree from Miami University.  He has served on the boards of the Newark and Licking County Chamber of Commerce and Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Licking County, where he also served two terms as president of the board.  Dellner, an Eagle Scout, has been a Scouting leader and volunteer in various capacities.  Dellner is a member and past president of the Newark Rotary Club.

John Uible is Assistant Vice President and Trust Officer for Park National Bank.  He has served as a personal trust administrator in the bank's Trust Department for 20 years of his 22 years at Park National.  Uible is also a Denison University graduate.  He has served on the boards of the Newark Public Library and the Institute of Industrial Technology.  Uible is a past board member and board president of Family Counseling Services.  He has been a Newark High School Call to College volunteer.  Uible is an Eagle Scout and serves as a Scouting volunteer.  He is a former Finance Chair of the Licking District of the Boy Scouts of America.

The Community Friends of Scouting campaign provides an opportunity for individuals and businesses to provide financial support for Scouting.  Along with the Family Friends of Scouting campaign, which is run through Boy Scout troops, Cub Scout packs, and other Scouting units throughout the county, and the annual golf outing, the Community Friends of Scouting campaign is one of three major annual fundraisers for the Licking District of the Simon Kenton Council, Boy Scouts of America.

Other old news from the Our Town newspaper that week:

  • Virginia Artz, an original member of the Hebron Historical Society, will present a program on the "The History of the Hebron Library"
  • Nutcracker Family Restaurant in Pataskala has a Tuesday and Friday all you eat special
  • The Licking county YWCA in Newark sold their building, 140 W. Church St., at public auction for $270,000, and officially ceased operation.
  • Financial tips for newlyweds includes these tips: communicate, track finances, realistic budgeting, debt reduction, manage credit, pay yourself first, and take advantage of savings opportunities.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Roberta's letter to Mom/Dad 2/4/92

Roberta writes a six page letter, the first page of which is scanned below. Transcription of entire letter follows.

Roberta's letter to Mom/Dad February 4, 1992 p. 1 of 6
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Dear Mom and Dad,

Thanks for your letter yesterday – Yes! I've talked to Aunt Mary and she is quite excited (anxious!) as to the upcoming trip.

In the meantime quite busy here - between day to day goings, cultural events - this week the play "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" - residents should not have any trouble hearing it - with all the yelling and screaming in it! Last week Symphony with classical guitar - didn't excite me much!

Next Monday one of our famous SV [Senior Village] fashion shows! We are pushing to get lots of coverage!

Could you please put in 2 hear/ear covers I left in Ohio - 1 new  1 red/white, 1 for me, 1 for Aunt Mary

Have you heard of movie - Fried Green Tomatoes - we are going to see it tonight. Sid has been busy getting out NARFE newsletter - Taxes next!  Glad I'll be gone for that!

We did go to Church Change Conference - a lot of people went to a lot of work!  Served a great lunch for $3.00.  Where people paid most attention was on preacher's salary  - $71,000 for Senior Pastor with 4 Associates getting $45-50,000 each.

So far we have mailed out 8 brochures - mostly just giving them to prospects that drop by or heard of SV by word of mouth.  1000 brochures may last a long time.  Tho I'm to work a couple of Senior Citizens/Community fairs.  See you all soon!  Love, Roberta, et al

Am mailing pkg to you all for Sadie.

To Grandma:  I better get back to work - the phone is ringing and I have 2 ladies not getting along!

Do hope you feel like drinking - be it water, juice or coffee or coke!

Would you like Sid or the cats to come with me in April?  Perhaps I could get someone to work for me so Sid could come.

DRINK GRANDMA, it's so important!

Much love, Roberta & Sid and of course Mozart and Beethoven

If Sid comes to Ohio I'll also have to get someone to take care of the CATS.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Eddie & Judy Eaton with Serena, Roberta & Catherine - 1955

During the summer of 1955, Catherine and Roberta got their first (of many) permanents, the only ones that I can recall from Jean Eaton (Baugh).  This is a picture of the results and a momento of the day.
Roberta, Eddie Eaton, Judy Eaton with Serena, Catherine - Summer 1955

Eddie appears to be the only one focused on the picture taker.  Serena, Roberta and I are all looking at something else.  Judy is taking the job, of holding Serena, seriously.  I assume this is taken at the Eatons house.  I remember the permanent process as being smelly and hair-wrenching.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

email from John 2-2-2

From John
To All
Sent Saturday, February 02, 2002
Subject: Uible update

It was nice to hear from everyone.  Julie's grandfather passed away Jan 26th and the funeral was Wednesday morning.  Very nice service with a lot of people attending.  All her family were if for calling hours and services.  The Methodist Church her grandparents attended hosted a lunch for the family after we returned from the cemetery.

Kate read an entire book yesterday.  Catherine, your nice note must have encouraged her.  It was one of the Cul de Sac Kids series.  Andrew and Kate are busy with swim lessons at the YMCA for three more weeks.  The bank is keeping me extremely busy right now.  Started our income tax return two days ago and want to finish it soon as we expect a refund for first time in years.

Tell Mom and Dad, plan to pick them up Monday Feb. 11th between 8:45 and 9:00PM.  Roberta and Sid, glad to hear the move went smoothly.  No more news about Serena since hearing she may be in Chicago.  Love, John

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

1982 - Letter from Mom/Dad to family

1982 continues.... Transcription follows.

Letter from Mom and Dad - 1-Feb-1982
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Monday morning --

February 1, 1982

Dearest Family -

Monday morning again and we didn't get a letter started yesterday with a full schedule - so good talking to three of you on Saturday (or Friday afternoon).  Hope all the birthdays went well and you all have a good new year healthy and happy wise.  Wish Serena the best in her trying temporary positions for awhile and hope she enjoys her new courses at Loyola - writing and philosophy.  Do let us know when your spring break is so we can make plans to visit you that weekend in March and hopefully John and X might go too.

Sorry to hear that the Elks is taking all or so much of your free time, Morgans but hopefully the paper work will soon be complete for the year and reports and you'll have some extra time.  [Gerry was secretary for the Madras Elks Lodge and Catherine did the bookkeeping for a couple years.]

Glad you are enjoying your message phone, Roberta and would like to see how it works.  Sounds like it has a lot of super features on it.  Anxious to hear how Marie the cook finally comes out.  I do hope it ends on happy note for her but can't see how it could possibly work out for to continue with Senior Village - too bad so many have lost weight.

Dad went to Ashland Wednesday to call on a ball factory that has been buying Wells' sponge balls (they make the gas pill type).  He had an interesting visit with them - lunch in their private dining room, etc.

Thursday afternoon we went down to see Melba at Holmes Hospital.  She looked so much better - she is on medication and starts treatments this week - one a month - chemotherapy and cobalt treatment, one which she will be able to have in Wilmington (Clinton Memorial) and hopefully she'll be home in the meantime getting home sometime today.  Saw Stan [Jr] and he had his wife had nice visit with Marvin and his wife - saw the mudslide area around San Francisco - wasn't able to go very far north or south because of this but did see Muir Woods.

Saturday MV, Dad and I went to Sabina and Dad got quite a few signatures on his petitions - only needs 50 but has well over that but it is a good way to meet some staunch Republicans who are active in their own locality but not known county-wise.  He also took some voter registration blanks and was able to get four new voters as well as signatures at one house - MV's EC friends.

As soon as church was over yesterday we took a group to Kettering to go ice skating  - plenty of ice on trees though roads weren't bad.  We ate at Wendy's on way there and then attended a Malaysian dinner and entertainment at Wilmington College on way back (just Dad, Mie Young and I).  The Wolfroms drove their van so were able to take the rest of the group home.

This week Dad changes his commissioner's schedule from Fridays to Thursdays (as well as Mondays) so he will have a little more time for Wells without just the three middle days of the week.

Kept forgetting to tell you Roberta that the oranges and grapefruit arrived in good shape and we shared them with many here - Thompsons ([former NVUMC] minister), Ruth [Shoemaker] and office staff of Wells as Eliz. Johnson.  Still have quite a few left of the grapefruit -- really good when we see Krogers advertising them 2 for $1 though theirs are slightly bigger.

Doug Oldham [gospel singer and entertainer 30-Nov-1930 to 21-Jul-2010] is to be in Wilmington Saturday night sponsored by the Church of God who hope to raise money from this to send a group of carpenters to Haiti to build a parsonage for a minister there.  The college won't believe they need or will be able to see 300 seats for this which would fill both sides of Herman Court bleachers.  It will be interesting to see and hopefully they will make it.  John and X are you able to come down for it?  Would be happy to have you.

Mother Uible, Mrs. Moore had another lump removed last week but was in church yesterday to refute any rumors that she was confined to the hospital.

[Love, etc....]

Items from Uible photo album