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1972 Roberta's letter - July 16

Roberta writes a letter from Greece in July 1972. Transcription follows.

July 16, 1972 

Dear Family,

Hi!  Thanks so much for the LONG letter I got when we arrived in Athens today.  Also for John's nice letter.

It was great talking to you tonight (this afternoon) for you!  Hope I didn't put you into shock!  It was quite an experience calling.  We all went to a telegraph/telephone office - it took about 2 hours before we got through.

I was really sorry to hear about John being sick.  I do hope by now he is all reap recuperated.  Do keep me informed!  I just know he will feel better once we get the van.

I sent you all (I think) 3 post-cards & a letter to Mexico.  Did you all get any of them?

I wonder how Vanessa did on the College entrance test.  She will learn to sit down for more than three hours if she goes to U.C.!!

Was happy to hear that Nancy Walker got the key to the Apartment.  I'm glad that someone will get some use out of it.

Beth - one of my friends on the tour - told me about the parachute ride that John & Mom went on.  She said it was really high - she didn't go on it because she is scared of heights.

We really have a busy four days planned in Athens.  We do have tomorrow afternoon free so a couple of us plan to go shopping - Beth wants to buy one of those rugs.

Greece is really a pretty country - tho I didn't realize how bad off the people were. (poor)  The roads here are something else – I don't think they have every heard of freeways!!

Delphi was interesting.  We went through the museum there this morning.  Also had our lunch there - which was real good.

I better be closing for now – I'll write more tomorrow afternoon or evening.

OK - I was wondering if you knew why Mrs. Matthews is in a private room now?  Is it just because she had been wanting one?  Which room is she in?  Must be the one in the same location as Mrs. Landrum.

Mom, have you been to Americare?  I'm wondering how Mrs. Matthews, Miss Judy [?], Phoebe Landrum, Mrs. Fawley, Mrs. Riggs & Louise, etc.  I'm anxious to see the article about Louise [?].

As far as the average tourist taking 10 rolls of film a week - I guess I'm rally below average as I'm still on my 2nd roll.  And I took about 1 whole roll in London alone.  After that I got tired of taking the camera everyplace - also got tired of taking picture of the inside of my purse or the inside of my coat pocket!!

Wow - we had a busy morning - hiked all over the Parthenon - had a beautiful view of the city.  Saw the Temple of Nike (Wingless Victory) etc.

What's this about Catherine & X going to Maine?  You mentioned it in your letter - but I didn't understand.

Keep me informed about the Democratic Convention!!  Also on the health of my baby brother.  Do tell Grandma Hi for me - I was sure sorry I missed talking to everyone else - but I know that everyone at Americare enjoyed seeing Grandma, Dad, and Mary V.

Well, I'll be closing - I'll write more when I can - Again - thanks for the letter and sure enjoyed talking to you, MOM.

Love, Bert
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