Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1963 Jean's letter to Catherine - July 31

Appreciate all those letters through the years but especially those which came while we were away from home. Transcription follows.

[postmarked 31 July 1963]

Dearest Catherine,

Kim and Song arrived about 11:30 yesterday morning.  Daddy, Roberta, Serena & John picked them up at the Wilmington bus station.

After lunch they rode out to Hauses & spent most of the afternoon.  We went out to Shaffer's & Kim, Roberta & Serena swam but it was getting so cool - the rest of us just waited on the beach.  We had taken peppers stuffed with corned beef hash (really stayed hot in the Penguin cooler-heater). + other things.  Shaffer's had company but came out just as we had finished eating.  Cheryl plans to go with them to Mammoth Cave.

Debra Brumley signed the treasurer's report & tried to reach Shirley Bernard 3 times but no answer.

I talked to her later & she said each club would get about $7.15 so we used that amount and mailed your book in this morning to the Agricultural Extension office.  So at least you made some profit this year.

Shirley & Linda stopped later with your fair ticket.  They said Lydia Messimer was in town for short time and had ridden in to see her at Shela's.  Someone called you – perhaps Shela & she said she had forgotten you were at camp.

We miss you & sorry you are missing Kim & Song but perhaps they'll still be here.

Love and xxxxx, Daddy & Mother

[written on left margin] Planning on picnic with the Hauses tomorrow evening.

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