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1966 HH's Letter to Catherine -June 23

June 23, 1966

Dear Catherine:

We got your letter today and your new style envelope came thru in first class shape.  Necessity is the "Mother of Invention".  Grandma also got your card.

Everyone enjoyed reading about your many activities.  The trip to St. Louis sounds like fun.  You will also see the Jefferson Arch as you "zoom" by -- which is quite a sight -- even at a distance.

Just had a phone call from the parsonage about some plumbing difficulties so picked up the afternoon mail en route.  Your "2nd letter" was there which I took home.  Roberta said "How do you read this?"  You will have to tell us the answer, Catherine.  [probably contained data punch cards which could be "fed" into a computer for word processing – seemed innovative at the time!]

Yesterday, the Scouts, including John took their initial swim lessons at the Clinton Swim Club.  Then today the Girl Scouts went.  The lesson lasts about a half hour.  Tuesday night we had the Kuntzmans over for supper -- ice cream and strawberries.  Then last night Mother (her birthday) and Dad for more home made ice cream, but no lemon flavor.

Your mother has been helping the Kuntzmans pack for the last two days.  About seven this morning the moving truck showed up, which reached from their porch out to the street.  It got away a little after lunch so you can see that by the time they get the truck unloaded they will have had a BIG day.

John & Tommie slept out in the tent yesterday or rather last night.  Karol was going to stay with Serena, but after about two hours decided she wanted to go back home.

See Mr. Short's car up at N.V. school each morning, perhaps he is helping out on the summer program.

The Reds won yesterday -- thanks to some errors their opponents made in the 9th.  Ruth Lyons daughter, Candy, died of cancer.

Look forward to hearing more from you, Catherine, but remember we can't read the "holes" too well.


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

1976 Roberta's Letter -June 24

June 24, 1976
Dear Family,

Hi – We appreciate you all calling – I think J.B. & Vince are beginning to like their room better – after getting carpet put down on the floor & getting some of their own stuff in it to make it look more homier.

Tuesday we went to Dover – J.B. bought his candy – then that evening we just drove around the area & ate at a small "diner."

Yesterday it was into the city – I drove – figured I need the experience (understatement) Drove straight across Manhattan to 1st Ave. & about 38th Street.  Walked to the UN – took tour there – then walked to Rockefeller Center – went to Radio City – movie wasn't anything to brag about "Harry & Walter go to N.Y.C." – about two musicians back in the 1800's – floor show was good – bicentennial.  Then as we were walking out of it we got asked about viewing a TV program – CBS – we went – it was a closed circuit thing of Amos & Andy – guess they are thinking of putting it back on the air.  They wanted each one of us (about 15) to make comments – fill out a questionnaire about it.

From there (about 5th & 51st) we went to Macy's  – also by foot.  We spent about a half hour in Macy's – I could have spent half of a day there.

By this time (6:30 pm) we figured it was time to be getting out of the city – so continuing our mode of transportation we walked back to the car (1st Avenue & 30th St.)  We did get some exercise yesterday.

Now – I was driving down Manhattan about 3rd Avenue & 2nd streets away from the tunnel & fumes (air) start coming out of the vents giving off a very undesirable smell & the Red light comes on.  As you know gas stations are not in abundance in Midtown.  We pulled over – Vince looked – then undid the Radiator cap & it all bubbled out – John went to a restaurant & got 3 bottles (3 different times – 1 bottle each time) of water in the Ivory Liquid bottle I had in the car.  We waited awhile – then we decided we would try to make it across the tunnel – the fumes started again bad & the red light came on.  But we risked it – Vince kept waving the smoke out of my way so I could see good – John was in dead silence.   Even on the other side we had trouble getting to a gas station – finally – after about 5-10 long minutes we found a Sears Auto place.  We met another car w/ the same problem.  The Sears man came through for us – looked car over good – must have put 1½  gallons at least of water in it – then we took off again and had a safe trip home.

I hope that is no preview of what the summer will hold as to car trouble.  The van is the old yellow one – has 78,000 miles plus.

As to meals – we "ate cheap"  at Zum-Zum's for lunch.  We were in a hurry to get to Radio City by 12:30.  For supper we stopped at the local pizza place in Netcong.  John & Vince got a small pizza – which they could only eat ½ of together.  It was alot of pizza!

Marian and I.T. got in Wednesday night – then left Thursday morning for Boston.  Marian has got a new customized VAN – wow – is it ever neat!  I'd love to have one –but my trip around the world comes 1st.

My roommate has not arrived yet – should she not be nice – I hope she also smokes – then I'll have a good excuse to move her out or vice versa.

I do have a nice room – right off from the ladies restroom – looking down on the drive way – from 2 of the windows & other window faces the garden (courtyard).

Mary V – be sure & let met know whenever you know for sure – How are your ball games coming?

Group of 30 got her yesterday – about 25 senior citizens will be coming tomorrow.  We'll all start working tomorrow.  I hope that van runs in A-1 condition – if not I may be spending alot of time reading a "fix it" book & have little time for letter writing!

Hope this summer J.B. & I won't be writing you all the news in duplicate – at least you will get 2 different versions!


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

1976 Hudson Guild postcard to Roberta -June

Dear Roberta:

When do you, your brother & Vincent Pratt plan to arriver here?  Marion & I.T. plan to arrive pm 6/24.  Our season officially begins with the arrival of the oldsters for lunch on 6/25.

Look forward to your working with us again this summer.


Friday, June 24, 2016

1986 MV's Letter - June 22

Dear Mom & Dad,

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and all the support you've given me, especially on my upcoming trip.  This trip would not have been possible without you – financially or physically.  Between your persistence about me traveling and a few other things, I think those are the main reasons I am going.

I am sure this will be a fruitful experience mentally and spiritually.  I'm sorry the stop in London on the way back didn't work out.  maybe next summer?

Never think I am embarrassed of you – I have every reason to be proud of you and being your daughter.  I can never repay you for all you've done.

I love you,
Mary Va

Thursday, June 23, 2016

1966 Jean's Letter to Catherine-June 20

The Clipping: Mr. and Mrs. Harold Uible and family have returned home from taking their daughter, Catherine, to Carbondale, Ill., where she is participating in an eight-weeks course in advanced mathematics at Southern Illinois University through an award by the National Science Foundation.

– – – – – – – –
West Virginia's 103 Birthday!
10:45 PM
Monday evening
June 20, 1966
Dearest Catherine,

We got home about 8:00 this evening leaving Carbondale a little after 7 this morning.  I'd like to have talked to you again but didn't want to waken all of Steagall [dorm] calling at that hour.

We drove to Cairo (KAY'-ro), Ill. where we planned to have a picnic breakfast at the park where the Ohio joins the Mississippi but the mosquitoes were terrific.  John was disappointed but he did take some picture(s) there.  

We reached Abraham Lincoln's birthplace about 1:00 so did have a nice picnic there with squirrels, blue jays & cardinals real close-by.  We probably spent a good hour there and then took the Kentucky Turnpike to Lexington then on to Cincinnati where we ate at the Colonade and home.

We found that (1) Roberta had broken the lens in 1 side of her glasses when she was swimming at Lake Cowan Saturday but ordered one to fit it this morning from Dr. Morand.  

(2) Kevin came down with the mumps yesterday so that will be just right for Mary Virginia to have them while Bible School starts (3 weeks from today).  He seemingly has them on both sides so he should be recovered in about a week.  John went into talk to him so he'll no doubt have them too.

You remember visiting Mrs. Schull* who lived on the corner where you turn to go to the hospital (Clinton Mem).  She passed away Saturday.

We read on the front page of tonights' paper where Ruth Lyons' daughter (Candy Newman) died today of cancer.  She was just 21 and on her way home from Europe with her parents.

Tom Green [NV policeman] was looking for Daddy for someone reported our old blue car had been down in front of the Christian Church for three days and they wanted it moved.  Granddaddy didn't know anything about it – Grandma thought it had been stolen from our garage & finally Fred Hughes somehow checked with Charles Knauff who had parked it there (in order to try to sell it) so it was moved back to his lot & T. Green is happy again.  No doubt someone complained to him.

I haven't talked to the Kuntzmans yet but they are getting packed up & C. Hause has been helping them.  We got a shock tonight when Roberta looked out in front about an hour ago and there was a big moving van double parked in the street.  It was there a good while but evidently just sizing up things for the move Wednesday.

They said there was a good crowd at Church Sunday – 166 + 6 children in the nursery (Cindy Burton stayed & Roberta helped after ushering.  Even the Roy Myers were there.

Papers were all delivered & we picked up Thompsons & Flints for they have gone on vacation.  Mrs. Penn got hers.

We think of you often and know you'll really enjoy your eight weeks at S.I.U.  Do write and tell us when you can spare a few minutes for your lonesome family back home.

All our love and XX, Mother

P.S. Your zip number?

[In Dad's handwriting]  P.S. A brochure this A.M. from Hiram College for you.  Try out those parallel bars at the playground.  

– – – – –
Martha Smith Shull (1877-1966) was the wife of James Mathews Shull (1871-1953). James Shull was the son of Andelia Eglantine Hudson Shull Rosier Uible (1845-1937) who was David Uible's second wife (Cecil's step-mother).  Thus James was a step-brother of Cecil Uible and Martha was therefore the wife of the Uible-Horton cousins' step-great uncle.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

1976 Catherine's Letter -June 6

June 6, 1976
Dear Mom, Dad, Roberta, John & Mary

Hi!  Thank you for the letter and for the check.  That was quite a surprise.  I usually rush my money straight to the bank.  Anyway I now feel considerably richer.  We might even have enough money to take Mary Va. to King's Island.

I hope you were able to get tickets for the Wednesday afternoon game.  That sounded good.  Tuesday night sounds fine for the open house shindig.  I don't really care about who you invite.  The Bernards, Comptons, C. Collier, etc. are all ok.  If you don't want too many I'd say just invite the Bernards.

It was nice seeing you last weekend and I'm glad Mary Virginia had a good time.  I will answer her letter after I'm on the other side of New Vienna.  We are looking forward to seeing Roberta and Serena, too, when we get further west.  

We are still planning to get to N.V. on Sunday afternoon.  We put the box on the top of the car and the bike rack on this morning.  We had a trial packing to see how much we could get into the car.  The trunk is quite spacious.

As far as I know X has the foot stool.  I will be going out to his house one more time to return his furniture so I will check on it.  It was a nice little stool, I wouldn't mind taking it.

Well, we will be seeing you soon.  Thanks again for the money.


Monday, June 20, 2016

1966 John & Roberta - June

1966 John on his bicycle - June
1966 Roberta at (old) New Vienna School playground -June

Sunday, June 19, 2016

1926 David Uible obituary - June 12

[June 12 - 1926, unknown newspaper]


Funeral services for David Uible, a long-time resident of the vicinity of Westboro, who died at his home Thursday at the age of 81, will be held Sunday morning at 10:00 in the M.E. Church at Westboro.

The deceased was Superintendent of the M.E. Church at Westboro.  He was well known to Clinton Countians as a man of sterling character and a good citizen.

His wife, three sons, William, Frank, and Cecil, and two daughters, Mrs. Serena Reynolds and Mrs. Adda Jones, survive him.  Two sons, Ennis and Clyde, and one daughter, Louise, preceded him in death.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

1926 Ola Moore Brown obituary - June 12

[June 12 - 1926, most likely from New Cumberland, West Virginia, newspaper] 

Mrs. A.W. Brown 
Called by Death

Mrs. Ola Moore Brown, widow of the late A. W. Brown, founder and publisher of The Independent, died at her home on Ridge avenue, Saturday morning at one o'clock after an illness which confined her to bed about two weeks.  Last summer Mrs. Brown . . .  last fall had enjoyed fairly good health until she was stricken suddenly ill.  Her condition was serious from the beginning of her last illness and Mr. and Mrs. N.W. Ballantyne and children were summoned home from Florida arriving about a week before her death.

Mrs. Brown was born in Pughtown.  She was a daughter of the late Abram Moore and with her father, moved from this county to Salineville, Ohio.  Her father was elected County Recorder of Columbiana county, Ohio and then the family moved to Lisbon, Ohio, where she resided until her marriage to A.W. Brown on June 9th, 1892. and since that time has made her home in New Cumberland.

– – – – – – – – – –

Ola Moore Brown was the second wife of A.W. Brown.  His first wife, Mary Virginia Morrow Brown, mother of Robert Morrow "Bert" Brown, and Lucie Brown Ballantyne, died in 1890, when Lucie was ten-years-old.

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1976 Catherine & Gerry after John's Exeter Graduation -May 30

The soon-to-be married couple are more dressed up in this picture than they were at their wedding!  Hard to believe the shortness of the dress.  The rule then was that the dress or skirt should come at least to the fingertips.

Items from Uible photo album