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July 18, 1911 Grandma travels by Steamer

July 18, 1911, originally uploaded by morgazgc.
 Tues. morning.  I know you all wonder why you did not receive word Tues. but I wrote a postal on train, but we were nearly 2 hrs. late arriving in Detroit so we had to go direct to our steamer.  We are getting along fine.  Cecil is doing his best trying to take care of M. [Mary presumably], H. [Helen?] & myself.  We girls got up at 4:30 this morning.  We had a hard time getting to breakfast for there was so many a head of us.  It will be about 3 hours before we arrive in Buffalo.  (1600 on board.)  (Gladys)

Grandma is off on another adventure -- five more cards to come from this trip!

Information is available about the "City of Cleveland" steamer which because of a fire while under construction in 1907, did not go into service until 1908.  Designed to carry 4,500 passengers (so it could have been even more crowded) with sleeping accomodations for 1,500, the City of Cleveland was over 400 feet long and was the first boat on the lakes to have a grand salon three decks high.  Another website reports that the steamer was in a collision with a Norwegian freighter in Lake Huron in 1950, in which four passengers were lost, did not sail again and was scrapped at Buffalo NY in 1956.  One large bronze ship's bell labeled City of Cleveland was sold at aunction in 2005 for $9,100 and is currently on display at the Dossin Great Lakes Museum on Belle Isle in Detroit.  [Dad, have you been there?]

Monday, December 21, 2009

September 2, 1910 Grandma takes Traction

Post Office, Cincinnati, O., originally uploaded by morgazgc.

September 2, 1910, originally uploaded by morgazgc.

Fri.  Am having a lovely time.  We are now in Harrison.  Going into City tomorrow morning.  Do not worry for we are getting along fine.  Do not expect ... to you see me come home home Sun. night for only bought a round trip ticket from Hillsboro over traction so I suppose we will come home on traction.  If L. & I come alone we will come up on 8:10 but if Cecil comes with us we may not come until 10:10.  Went to Conf. yesterday at W. Hill.  Has not yet rained a drop.  G.H.   I may know then when I will come home.  If I write tomorrow you will receive it Sun. morning. 

So the questions here about Grandma would be:  Why is she in Harrison?  Who is "L"?  What does Cecil have to do with this trip since he may or may not be accompanying them home?  Was the Conference in West Hillsboro or some W. Hill part of Cincinnati?  There was Sunday mail service?  This was mailed on Friday, 9/2/1910 and would have been the beginning of Labor Day Weekend, which became a national holiday in 1894.

Traction?  Now that's an interesting subject!  Turns out "Traction" is another name for Electric Railroad (now in Phoenix, called Light Rail) and there was a C&C - Cincinnati & Columbus line, which opened in 1906 between Hillsboro and Norwood, at the edge of Cincinnati.  Line was never extended further north than Hillsboro, was badly damaged in a 1913 flood, and was abandoned in 1920.  An interesting article on Cincinnati Traction History has more information about this line, as well as the CM&B (Cincinnati, Milford & Blanchester) line.  The article includes pictures (taken in 2008) showing the ROW (Right of Way) of the C&C and says the end of the line, was at the Highland County Courthouse in Hillsboro, looking northwest at the corner of Main and High Streets. The C&C looped around the courthouse.  Here's picture #110 of 111 of the C&C Route along W. Main Street in Hillsboro, looking west. N. Elm Street is at the second stop light, the B&O yards are at the bottom of the hill.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

June 14, 1910 Helen to Grandma

June 14, 1910, originally uploaded by morgazgc.

Dear Gladys, -- Didn't you [have] a grand time but I know you did. I took a good look at Westboro as I went through. Auntie and I went down town this morning and went in several of the stores and there were so many things I wanted but if I had bought everything I wouldn't have gotten home. Please write 5341 Woodbridge Ave. Helen

This is a card from Grandma's friend to her, possibly commenting on Westboro because of Cecil. Helen later travels with Grandma on her second trip to Niagara Falls, but that is mentioned in a postcard yet to come. Both Grandma and Helen use this sideways writing style, which may have been common to their age (or just to them) as all of the non-family postcards I have from this era do not write sideways on the card.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Red Roses True Love - June 8, 1910

Red Roses True Love, originally uploaded by morgazgc.

June 8, 1910, originally uploaded by morgazgc.

Tuesday, Well Mamma I received a postal from Dorsa saying that they would stay one day longer if O.K. with me & of course it was. So will not arrive home until Sat. night. I received a letter from Cecil today & he had intended to come to H.[Hillsboro] Sat. evening but I wrote & told him not to come until Sunday morning. But do not go to any extra work. Nurse going away to-morrow, Sis is feeling fine. We had several callers. I will have a pleasant surprise for you when I arrive home. We are still eating strawberries. I made a cake Sat. & was all gone Sun night. Robert ate 3 pieces for dinner & 2 for supper & he is still alive. Had a shower this morning. I guess I still have enough money to get home on. G.H.

I hope Grandma's Mamma had good eyesight, otherwise she would have needed a powerful magnifying glass to make out Grandma's small handwriting. Mary Ellen Hiestand (Mamma) was 55 in 1910. The mention of changing her plans to come home a day later because of Dorsey (1877-1959) might indicate they had traveled together and then he had gone on to somewhere else since he had to send her a card to tell her of the change of plans -- at least nice to know she wasn't traveling alone. I like the signs of humor in the cake part and of course the mention of Cecil -- still two years before their wedding.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

June 6, 1910 Grandma in Missouri

June 6, 1910, originally uploaded by morgazgc.

Sun. Night [June 5]. Was out driving this afternoon with Jamie [James? Jamil? -- appears to be a dotted i]. We are going to theater Tues. night. Just when I am having a good time I will have to start for home. Sis sat up all day & ate at the table today. Robert is getting along fine. I made the cake yesterday & it was very good all gone this evening. R.G. made the ice cream. We went to church this morning & I wore my best white dress. I may write later if I do not, expect me home Friday if nothing [indecipherable] G.H.

The 1910 census records show "Lana" Mitchell (~1876) living in Mound City and married to Robert G. Mitchell (1871). In 1920 her name on the census records is listed as "Luria" but by 1930 the name is correctly spelled. In 1910, she and Robert are listed as the parents of Ellen (1902), Roberta (1904) and Lois (1908).

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Flight tracking

Sort of an interesting site for tracking flights - several different ways. Flight Aware. And, by the way, my next flight is December 10. Should I call super shuttle?

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June 1, 1910 Gladys to her Mamma

June 2, 1910, originally uploaded by morgazgc.

Wed. Evening. [June 1, 1910] I received your letter all O.K. Was glad to hear you were going to the class play. Mamma please do not worry about me working too hard for I have not done hardly a blessed thing since I have been in M[ound]. City, but go down town for the mail twice a day. I am invited to a birthday party Friday. Girls and I got ice-cream soda this afternoon. Robert picked 12 gallons of strawberries out at farm today & is not yet through. Sis getting along fine going to sit up in bed Sat. Took a drive Monday evening. Received a letter postal from Donna [?] today & also a letter from Cecil & Helen G. sent a postal. G.H.

Grandma is visiting Aunt Luna (her Sis) in Missouri, evidently Luna has had surgery or been very sick as one can infer she has been/is bedridden. No mention of a new baby. Perhaps they had some household help if Grandma is to believed that she hasn't been working too hard. Who is taking care of the girls, Roberta and Ellen? Who is doing something with the 12 gallons of strawberries? Glad Granddad is staying in touch. Where (or who) would we be if they had not gotten together!

I like Grandma's use of the word blessed, as in "blessed thing". Not an expression you hear anymore. And of course I like the book related postcard which is in excellent condition. The silver design around the edges makes it look like something battered and torn. This card says in tiny print on the bottom (as pictured) of the message side something about London and "printed in Germany." As for going for a ride, there is no indication it is an "automobile" ride which I think might still have been uncommon for 1910. There is at least one more card from this trip which should be arriving (to us modern day folks) via blog next week.

Mary, your guess is as good as mine as far as interpreting Ira's handwriting. I don't think there are any more postcards from him or we might get more clues.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

October 26, 1909 Ira to Dorsey

October 26, 1909, originally uploaded by morgazgc.

Ira to his son Dorsey
Oct. 26, 1909 Will start home to-night
arr. [arrived] o.k. -- I. H
You can Gslef [??best guess] home the rest of the folks.
You can give this card to Gladys.

Here's a card from a man who was probably more used to writing notes than postcards, we do know at least that Gladys was given the card since we are now reading it a mere 100 years later. I have studied the indecipherable word and can't come up with anything better than "Gslef" -- any guesses on what he was trying to communicate? We will assume that he is traveling by train and perhaps he (and his wife? since the card is addressed to their son) had gone to visit oldest daughter Luna after getting in the fall harvest on the farm.

Mound City appears to have a wide electrified unpaved Main Street with one of those new-fangled traffic signals or warning lights at the near and far end of the street. In 2008, Mound City's population was 1,074, so perhaps about the same size as New Vienna, 24% with German ancestry according to City-data.com accessed 11/14/09.

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New Vienna United Methodist photos

When I saw Karol she gave me several photos of the NV Methodist Church - although it is rather odd because they are rather clearly from when Rev. Schaumann was there.

Anyway, I seem to be having some trouble posting them here on this blog, but they are in the Picassa album - here

Hard Hat Library Visit

While in California visiting our friends, we visited the Lafayette Public Library, currently under construction.

Mom and Dad with Bob and Pat

Jean and Harold with Bob at the Montgomery Inn Restaurant

Jean and Harold with Pat at the Golden Lamb

Jean and Harold at the Cincinnati Museum

Jean and Harold on train trip

Newer Pictures of John, Julie, Kate & Andrew

From the pictures Bob & Pat Ballantyne sent.

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Happy Birthday, Julie!

Happy Birthday, Julie!
We are so glad you're part of the family---not just because you've added alot of class, humor and very importantly you amazing culinary and homemaking skills!
With love from ALL the Uibles....

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December 23, 1909 Grandma to Granddad

A Happy Christmas be yours, originally uploaded by morgazgc.

Hello Cecil! Did you get to see "Old Santa" in the city today? I will write as soon as possible. Received your card yesterday. G.H.

Now that Halloween is over we'll move on in the postcard life of 17-year-old Gladys to Christmas, five months after the trip to Niagara Falls. This is the first card I have from Grandma to Granddad. I'm assuming that by "the city" Grandma means Hillsboro. Don't know if any of their letters were saved.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Postcards from Grandma July 29, 1909 night

Gates Circle, Buffalo, N.Y. , originally uploaded by morgazgc.

July 29, 1909 night, originally uploaded by morgazgc.

Wed. night (11:00 P.M.) Have packed up things again ready to move on to Buffalo tomorrow at 8:30. If nothing happens will arrive home Fri. night. We are all visiting, talking & eating candy, pop corn, cracker jacks & fruit. do you think we will sleep any tonight? G.H.

Grandma eating candy and popcorn? I'm glad she added fruit to the end of that sentence! And this card gives us the approximate travel time from Niagara Falls (leaving for Buffalo at 8:30am Thursday) to Hillsboro (arriving Friday night). I'd love to know the route and connection details, just like it would be nice to know WHO she was traveling with -- the "We" sounds like a group of girls.... At least we know she made it home safely.

Today's History Lesson: By 1900, Buffalo was the 8th largest city in the country, with a population of 352,000 and went on to become a major railroad hub, the largest grain-milling center in the country, and the home of the largest steel-making operation in the world. In the 2000 census, Buffalo, with a population of 292,000 ranked 69th in population, between Newark NJ and Plano TX (Glendale AZ ranks 74th). Buffalo's population topped 580,000 in the 1950s and has been declining since then. At the peak of the railroad era Buffalo had 319 passenger trains, and 476 freight trains arrive and depart daily. (Facts obtained from
US City Guide: Buffalo New York and the references listed therein, accessed 10/26/09)

Those of you with sharp eyes will note the green markings at the top of the picture part of the postcard -- something is stuck on the card but I'm reluctant to scrape too much off for fear of damaging the card.

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KC underwater 10/09

KC underwater 10/09, originally uploaded by morgazgc.

A collage - Sisters - and a few others

Yes, MV - I do plan to share photos. You can download off of Picasa - although the resolution will not be that great. I've done some of the photos - maybe 15 or so in 300 dpi, but mostly 600 which works out much better if one wants to blow up a photo or crop much. Costco will do CDs for $3.50 with maximum of 600MB - so when I reach that I'll probably go ahead and have the CDs made. I'll probably just give yours and JB's to Catherine, the responsible one.
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Postcards from Grandma July 28, 1909 evening

July 28, 1909 evening, originally uploaded by morgazgc.

American Falls from Goat Island, Niagara Falls, N.Y.

July 28, 1909 evening, originally uploaded by morgazgc.

Weds. eve. Have had a fine time today. Went out riding on "The Maid of the Mist." .60 [cents] more gone. But it was worth the money. G.H.

Considering inflation, today's cost of $13.50 seems fairly reasonable and might not even horrify Grandma. At least she thought it was money well spent at the time of her dwindling funds!

For today's history lesson, I'll add that both Canada and the US made Niagara Falls a park in 1885, in the US it was and is called Niagara Reservation [State] Park. In 1892 Niagara Falls, NY was incorporated and the fourth Maid of the Mist was built (1892-1955). Made of white oak, 89 feet long with a 19-foot beam and powerful double engines, it was christened Maid of the Mist II. President McKinley was assassinated in 1901 at nearby Buffalo's Pan-American Exposition and Theodore Roosevelt road the Maid of the Mist. Eight years later our grandmother was a passenger. Both Maid of the Mist I (1885) and II were destroyed by fire from a welder's torch in 1955.

For a hint of what the future holds, there is one more postcard from this trip yet to post and two years later in 1911, Grandma again visits Niagara Falls.

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New collage -- with captions

I'm thinking this is the sort of collage that would be best to take to Aunt Mary. Or maybe divide photos into those that have captions and those that don't and then do different kind of collages. Also, the kind of collage on the previous post is mosaic, not montage.
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More old time photos

I just downloaded the latest Picasa which does some nice things not possible with older Picasa - Windows only at this point. I like the montage (I think that is what this kind of collage is called), although one can't include captions which is rather of a bummer.
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Items from Uible photo album