Friday, July 19, 2013

1983 Sweden Postcard - July 13

A postcard to Roberta from Sweden during HH and Jean's Scandinavian Elderhostel trip.  The message is somewhat similar to one posted yesterday which was sent to Uibles - Kim - Wells.  I like the part about Roberta being a good tour group leader.  Transcription follows.
Rönnäng Sweden postcard mailed 1983
Wed July 13, 1983
Really enjoying trip - Norway & Sweden were both beautiful.  Seeing so much of the countryside, staying in gorgeous folk schools.  There are several other groups at this one on Sweden's 4th largest island, Tjorn.  Spent one night in Oslo (hotel) so have seen city life too.  They keep us busy - some lectures on what we are to see, nature walks and much sightseeing.  Have met many interesting people (48 in our group) from many walks of life - most have attended other Elderhostel.  Think Dad is youngest & only attorney but many professions represented.

This is very little fishing village we saw yesterday - helped their economy somewhat.

You'd be a good leader of 1 of these groups!  (Please save for us.)  Love, Mother & Dad

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