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1978 Roberta's letter to John -May 10

May 10, 1978
Hi, John!

Seems like alot is happening and I want to keep you up on things!!!  Sure wish we had the use of a watts line more often!!!

We are rally (met to say really) getting the truck fixed up.  Bought some carpet yesterday and that is scheduled to go in the weekend.  Got the boot put it . . . . which involves the window of the truck and the window of the shell camper taken out . . . then they take and put in a leather connection.  It's neat!!!  Wish you were here to see it all!!!

Marion goes in the hospital tomorrow.  Last night she had the last visit with the Dr. before going.  It's a shame but she doesn't much care for the Dr. . . . which doesn't make for the best situation.  Her sister is coming in tomorrow and stay for about 10 days.  Marion knows that you know so I strongly encourage you to write her a note . . . she needs to hear from people.  There are so many complications that could set in with the surgery . . . I'll keep you posted as to what she is doing.

John, would Ray be willing to pay $100 for the radio?  Whatever he pays please subtract it from the money I owe you.  How big of a hurry are you in for the money???  I'd be glad to have Dad pay you, then I could pay Dad back.  Also were you able to sell the spare tire????  Remember us selling the tire in Netcong?  We really got a good deal.  Whatever you got for it, how about subtracting it from what I owe you???

Work is going about the same.  I want to quit, but then I'm afraid I would have a really hard time in finding another job, unless I take one where again I'll be low man (person) on the totem pole.

I understand that the family is going to give you the BIG WHITE CAR for the summer.  I'm sorry that things worked out the way they did and you are without a car.  You know I didn't plan it that way.  Poor Serena got the worse end of the deal.

Keep me posted as to what is happening with you.  I'm enclosing a prayer you might like.  Let me know what you think about it. 


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1978 Catherine's letter -May 9

Tuesday morning
May 9, 1978
Dear Mom, Dad and Mary Virginia,

Hi!  It has been quite warm here the past few days.  Yesterday it got up into the high 80's but our apt. stayed fairly cool and breezy so I think we won't get the worst of the summer heat.  The sun shines into the living room and our bedroom windows from about 5:00 on but by then it has lost most of its fieriness (sp?).

Sunday we went to Uvas Canyon County Park.  That is the one that is at the end of the road that goes through the Swedish American resort place.  We drove back there after we went to Winchester Mystery House.  This time it was a much nicer day though.  They have picnic grounds, camping, and hiking trails.  The trail we took was quite scenic, following the creek through the canyon and going by a waterfall where another creek runs into the Uvas.  With Wendy's new backpack she was able to sit up in it when we stopped to rest as it makes into a little chair.  We set her next to the water and she really seems to enjoy watching it.  We think it is about the nicest park in the immediate area of Gilroy and we are planning to go camping there when DeeDee comes up the weekend of 18-21.  We figured DeeDee and I can go up Friday during the day and get the tent set up so we'll be sure of having a spot.

Saturday afternoon we went down to San Juan Bautista and then had dinner at a Mexican restaurant there.  Maybe you remember seeing it.  The name of it is something like Jardains de San Juan and it was on the corner on the same side of the street as Casa Rosa.  The atmosphere was superb – outside tables in a garden type atmosphere – and the food was pretty good although overpriced, but the service was terrible.  The waitress kept forgetting to bring us things and then she would come by and say "Is everything OK?"  You know how it goes.  They didn't have any high chairs either which made it more difficult with Wendy.

In the past week Wendy seems to have turned from the perfect little baby into a squirming I don't know what.  She won't go to sleep at night – she just keeps crying and crying and crying and then when she finally falls asleep of exhaustion she wakes up 10 minutes later ready to get up and play some more.  Last night she finally went to sleep about 10:30 and when I went into cover her up she woke up again.  And then she woke up in the middle of the night which she hasn't done for ages.  Also I practically have to dress her on the floor now because she keeps rolling over or trying to sit up or pushing on the wall with her feet so that it is impossible to change her on the counter.  She thinks it is fun to stiffen her legs when I try to sit her down.  She can only stand for a minute or two now (with support) but everyday she gets a little stronger.

I have made friends with a girl named Sandy (she's 19) who has a son born September 20.  We had them over last week so her husband could meet Gerry and vice versa.  Her husband is 10 years older than her and is a student at Gavilan.  They live in an apartment over behind G-Mart.  He is from Martin's Ferry, Ohio.  His mother still lives there.  They seem like a nice couple and Sandy seems quite mature – I had thought she was probably around 22.  She'll have her hands full next year though as she is expecting another baby in September.  She says they only want two and decided if they had them right together then she could go to work sooner.  On the same subject I read an article in Parents Magazine about when to have the second child or rather when is the best time to have the second child and it says the best time is when the first one is three or if you want to wait longer then have the second when the first one is five.  It says that two years olds and four years olds can be especially difficult around newborns.  The two year old because they still need alot of attention and the four year old because they think they can do more than they really can.

Well, give our regards to Roberta if you talk to her this weekend.  I got a birthday card for her which says "For a Special Aunt."  I better get it off in the mail though.  Mary Virginia, there should be a letter for you in the mail in about three or four days.  I have to wait for something new to happen after writing this.

Catherine, Gerry
& Wendy

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1978 Roberta's letter to MV -May 9

May 9, 1978

Dear Mary Virginia,

HI!  It's 7:00 a.m., just got to work and thought I would at least start a letter your way.  How many other people write you at 7:00 in the morning?????

Thanks alot for your letter . . . . . it is always good to hear from you.  Yesterday's letter was especially long and good!!!  You sound like you are really doing good in your swimming lessons.  You should plan on coming out here this summer and putting your lessons to use.  Did I tell you that the Mandes are having a swimming pool put in???  It's not all that big, but it takes up the whole back yard.  It's already been dug, and is suppose to be poured or whatever today.  I keep telling them that my doctor says I need to be in a private pool three times a week.  Their boys are really excited about having the pool.  Last week sometime was Muryl's birthday, and we finally celebrated yesterday by having a mud pie.  That was the first mud pie we have had since your birthday . . . golly that seems like a long time ago.

We really had a busy weekend.  There were alot of things that Marion wanted to get done before she goes in the hospital.  Part of which is helping me decide about what all I want to do with the truck.  In Grandma's note I mention how we came about getting the shell on the back, now we are trying to find remnant carpet for the bed of the truck.  Do the Morgans have carpet in theirs???  I've seen some really nice jobs done.  For sleeping in it, or just for sitting the carpet would really be nice.

As of this letter, you all now officially know of Marion having cancer, and her going in the hospital this Thursday.  Now you are more than welcome to call or write her.  The address of the hospital is 1400 S. Dobson Road, Mesa, 85202.  She will be in there for five days or so . . . . depending on how she gets along.  The doctor will be doing alot of exploring once she is opened up.  Her surgery is for Friday, and after that I'll be able to tell you all more.  DO NOT LET ON THAT YOU KNEW AHEAD OF THIS ABOUT IT . . . ok???  Thanks!!!

Dorothy had us over for cake and homemade ice cream this last Sunday.  It was to celebrate my birthday, she wanted to do it early so that Marion could enjoy it too.  We go over there quite a bit . . .maybe once a week or so . . . or they come over to visit us.  Usually everytday I eat lunch with Dorothy now.  Sometimes we eat in the school cafeteria or sometimes we bring lunch and then go to Pioneer park to eat.  Or sometimes just go to McDonalds or Jack-in-the-box.  If we eat in the school cafeteria it costs 75¢ – for a full meal, or a big chef salad.

Starting the end of this week – or probably last week, I'm going to start taking off for 1.5 to 2 hours for lunch, then work just a little later.  That way I can visit Marion in the middle of the day.  Either that or might just skip lunch and them come home earlier.  It won't be all that serious until her sister leaves.

I've been thinking that maybe you would be able to come out this summer and then drive back with me.  It would be cheap . . . we could sleep in the back of the truck.  Marion bought a round-trip ticket from here to Denver, even though she would only be able to use it going from here to there.  The one-way ticket cost $77 and the round-trip cost $92.  I talked her into the two-way telling her she could try to sell it in Denver and make $40 or so by selling it.  I need to figure up how much it would cost for you to fly on your own to Denver, and then pick up there being Marion Magill.  There are alot of possibilities.  In a way it would be alot easier if she could sell her ticket, or maybe you would like to come out on the bus.  They have a special price for something like $59!!!  Check it out on your end . . .ok? 

I'm trying to let my finger nails grow long.  Marion will pay me $1 for each nail I let grow.  So far I haven't made any money!!!



1968 Roberta's Postcard -May 8

[postmarked 5/8/68]
Hi!  Gee – I got lots of these post-cards to use before June 1st! (when my "address" changes)

I still haven't heard if Cathy can come & when you are coming.  (today is Wednesday morning)

If you could bring up the following I would appreciate it but I can buy them on my own if you don't bring them
1) tooth brush & tooth-paste (ultra brite)
2) Ivory liquid
3) remember about stuff for Stuckeys
4) my gold suit – it's in my closet

I don't really care about getting necessarily Ivory liquid but on the order.  See you –––?


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1978 Roberta's letter to GHU -May 8

May 8, 1978
Dear Grandma,

They make these here at the school . . . the students in the printing department.  Usually they are used when you want to write a friendly note to someone in the schools.

Thanks for your letter.  Seems I've done little writing today . . . . or met to say lately.   Yes, it was a shame about the accident.  Hope Serena is doing fine by now.  You would really like the truck.  Yesterday we put in the 2nd tank of gas, so we were able to figure up our gas as for miles per gallon.  Was just under 25 miles per gallon, and that should get better as time goes by.  There seems to be a short in the cab light – inside – only works when the passenger's door is open so taking it in tonight for them to fix.  The warranty is good for 12 months or 12,000 miles.  I've got a feeling that the 12,000 will come first.

Saturday we spent the morning looking at shells to go over the bed of the truck.  That way I could use it for sleeping in, or for carrying stuff back there and it won't get wet.  The new ones were really expensive . . . . like close to $500 for the one I wanted.  It turned out that Marion had mentioned it to her friend Sally, who mentioned it to her brother . . . who just so happened to have one he wanted to sell, it fit just fine . . . which is amazing because they come in all shapes and sizes.  It has a little orange trim, which is an all-right contrast with the yellow.  He wanted $200 for it, and helped us put it on.  I had to turn my head when he drilled the holes on the side for it.  It is in excellent shape, he had had it for two years, but didn't use it all that much.  I think I'll just keep it on all the time.  Want to get carpet inside it, but will have to take time on getting it fixed up.  Unless I just have a week to come home, I know I'll drive home in it.

I didn't pass the test for the probation job I wanted.  You had to have a 75 to pass and I got 73!!!!  I'm glad I did that well – if I had done worse, I would have really felt bad, not if I take it over again I know I'd do much better.

I'm still wanting another job.  I've applied for several jobs, and keep reading the papers.  Know that something will turn up.  I just wish it would come up soon!!!!

Less and less people here now.  The tourists have all headed home, and with this heat, I sure don't blame them.  I've got a feeling I'm going to spend alot of time this summer in the pool.  Have met alot of people there . . . none my age, either children, or parents of . . . .


1968 Catherine's Postcard -May 6

Dear Everyone,
Hi!  Got postcards from Mother & Dad today.  Will be watching for Dad and Grandma on Saturday afternoon.  Could you bring my green dress?  (Sleeveless, perma-press, A-line with 2 pockets in front) I don't know where it is or why I didn't bring it.  I worked about 3 hours today – tests tomorrow and Wednesday.  Ugh!  David will be going to the banquet with us Saturday night and Cal is going with us to "Death of a Salesman."  Might be nice to go on a picnic Sunday – or maybe you don't want to.  It doesn't matter to me that much.  I got a copy of Aerobics but haven't taken the 12 minute test yet.  I sent $80 to AYH.  Never got to go campaign for McCarthy and primary is tomorrow (actually today as it is 2AM)  Problems with prowlers around the dorm lately.  Dennis went home.  Everyone's happy and I'm tired!  Good night.
Love, Catherine

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1978 Roberta's Letter -May 5

May 5, 1968
Dear Family,

Hi!  Gee – thanks for all the post-cards.  It was nice talking to you Friday night & all.  While I was at the Hinermans I said something to the effect that you all would be up May 12, & she (Mrs. Hinerman) said we should all come over for lunch or dinner.  She also said I could bring a friend from school if I wanted.  Well . . . the way I see it – Cathy wouldn't be that much different than somebody here.

Have you decided when you are coming?  (whether Sunday or Saturday) If you can let me know as soon as possible – it would be appreciated.

OH – yes. Next week "Billy Bud" is going to be shown. (on Saturday night) You (of course) could see it if you come.

Yesterday was Chris's birthday.  It was very funny because we thought her parents would bring a cake and her parents thought that we would have a cake for her.  Needless to say there was no cake for  Chris.  Only a week and a half ago was Carol's birthday.  Now in only a little more than a week is my own.  June 5th is Kathy Boynton's birthday.  Of course she will have hers celebrated too.  All these birthdays sure don't help my budget.  (neither does buying medicine!)

I was just using Corrine's type-writer.  It is brand new & types really nice.  (By the way Chris, Kathy & Carol are my room-mates!)

I still need a good dress for commencement – just thought I'd tell you.  I was thinking of making something simple but I thought I would wait until you came. (Don't you feel lucky!)

We had a camp supper last Friday & it about the middle of it – it really started raining.  We were about ten miles from school on the picnic.  On the way back we got stuck – wow – what an experience!

Got to go.  Let me know when you're coming & if Cathy can come.


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1978 Roberta's Letter to John -May 5

May 5, 1978
Dear John,

Seem to have some time on my hands so wanted to get a quick note started to you.  Don't know what or how much you have heard from the folks lately, but I have lots of news to tell!!!

But first off . . . . . thanks so much for your letter.  I always enjoy hearing from you, but this letter was especially great . . . you sound so happy and for that I am glad.  What book are you studying in the Bible????  Marion and I have been reading a type of devotional book, called the Pain of being Human. It's fantastic . . . . . well written, and really makes you . . . or gives you the challenge to think.  It's by a Catholic Priest, he also has alot of other books out -- the joy of being human . . . . etc.

What have you heard from Mr. Ream.  He is really a burger not to have written you to let you know what is happening.  We wrote him a nice letter, then never heard back from him.  If he bad feelings, is too bad.  I'm glad that Rob will be there too this summer.  I want to have complete details of what all is happening . . .

We had a busy weekend this last weekend.  Saturday we were out by 6:15 a.m. looking at trucks.  I had decided I wanted a small truck, like a Datsun or Toyota.  I like to look while there are no salesman around, while it is cool.  After looking till 10:00 we came back, rested awhile, then went back out.  This time I left my pocketbook at home.  And

  • Hi there john sign maryann sandoval I have heard alot about you your sister roberta is very proud of so I must go know nice meeting you  bye maryann sandoval a friend/....
then we went back out to the Datsun place and I bought a new 1978 bright yellow short bed truck.  It was a demo with some 1,600 miles on it.  It has a bumper, and side molding.  Also has an AM radio, but in time I want to put the radio that is in the Buick in it.  Did we tell you that we put this really neat Peinner radio AM/FM, 8-track in the Buick.  Really good sound.  There is the best FM station here.  It plays the best music.

Anyway, I really like the truck, I had wanted one when I got the Granada, but then I knew that I wanted one that I could take Grandma around in.  This summer, some time I want to get a basic shell to go over it, so we can go camping up in the mountains . . . the cold . . . or should I say the cool region.  I'm anxious to see what kind of gas mileage I'll get with it.

The Buick has really had it.  I don't know whether I should sell it – get nothing out of it – or go ahead and get it licensed.  Seems that there is very few times that we need two cars.  Marion still drops me off on there way to work, and picks me up in the afternoon.

Marion is to go in the hospital this coming Thursday, a week from today.  It will be a hard time for her, but then it will be great when it is all over.  I'm very anxious – as she is – to find out what the doctor finds when he operates.  Good thing we didn't plan to go to the farm this summer.  The doctor says she will be in the hospital for 1 week, then will be about 7-8 weeks before she feels like herself again.  She knows that you know, so if you want to write her, or send a card, feel welcome.  I know she would like to hear from you.

I've been busy applying for jobs, taking tests, etc.  Yesterday I went out to Mesa Lutheran Hospital. They have a social service worker job open.  While I was there they told me about a job that they aren't even advertising . . . it's one for Public Relations Director.  It pays good.  plus it sounds like a really interesting job.  There are rumors flying around here that I wan to get another job, so its kind of weird working under it all.  I am really on the look-out . . . . . but not for typing type jobs!!!


Keep me posted as to what is happening w/you ––
You'll like the truck!

1968 Roberta's Postcard -May 3

Hi!  Got your post-card yesterday.  It's fine with me if Hinermans have dinner with us.  I haven't got any good place to recommend.

My hair still itches the ointment helps a little but the itch is still here.

Percey won the election with Romney as vice president.  Wow!


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1968 Catherine's Postcard -May 3

Yamato Japanese Restaurant, San Francisco postcard -mailed 1968

Hi!  Got postcard from Mom yesterday.  I seem to be getting my homework done OK although I haven't seen much of Dennis.  Tonight I have a big date with David, tomorrow Dennis is taking me to the car races in Grand Rapids (sound exciting?)  I got a long letter from Roberta yesterday.  I will try to write and tell what I'd like to have brought up.  (NO winter clothes, please).  Midterms are next week.  Ugh!

1978 Catherine Letter -May 2

Tuesday morning
May 2, 1978
Dear Mom, Dad, Mary Virginia & Serena (?),

Hi!  We have been appreciating the notes from Serena in the past two letters since we normally don't hear much from her.  We were sorry to hear of her injuries and glad they weren't worse.

We went camping in our truck for the first time this past weekend – going to Clear Lake which is about 250 miles north of Gilroy.  We came back via the Napa Valley (I read the article about Napa Valley in the Ford Times you sent which arrived yesterday along with your letter).  We took a tour of the Christian Brothers winery.  The Christian Brothers are a teaching order of the Catholic church and started making wine in the 1600s in Calif. for sacramental purposes.  As Gerry said, they must have found wine to be more profitable than bingo as it is now a big business.  At any rate we slept fairly well in the truck.  We put Wendy's playpen pads under the sleeping bags.  We are thinking of getting a foam rubber pad tho and cutting it to fit the back of the truck and then put carpet over that.

I took Wendy to the well baby clinic yesterday for a checkup.  They did a very thorough job testing her reflexes, hearing, peripheral vision, etc.  She weighed in at 19#2oz. and 29" long.  The Dr. (they had two – a young oriental woman, and an older woman with a figure resembling a washing machine – we got the young one) – said that Wendy was healthy but shouldn't be gaining weight as fast and that I should eliminate cereal and fruit from her diet.  Or at least give her milk first as she said that is still the #1 thing.  Meat & vegetables are OK.  So I am back to giving her just milk for breakfast & lunch and she had the meat & veg for supper.  She also said that Wendy is ready to crawl.  I'll just have to get down on the floor and move her hands and legs until she gets the idea.

Thanks for the clippings, also.  That cottage cheese one was interesting.  As for the LA Times invading San Diego County – we have seen a couple other articles on that – as well as plenty of advertising in the San Diego area.

I have to go to Sears today and pickup the bicycle basket I ordered as well as some jeans for Gerry and the short-sleeved shirt for Wendy.

Tell Grandma, I was wishing she was here to help me yesterday.  We bought a big box (1/2 bushel or so) of bruised apples for 50¢ in the Napa Valley area.  I made a big batch of applesauce out of the worst of them yesterday and I still have plenty left.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Catherine, Gerry
& Wendy

Thursday, May 17, 2018

1978 Family Letter -May 2

Tuesday Evening, May 2, 1978

Dear Family:

This time change is nice as far as working in the yard in the evening, was outside this evening until 8:30 mowing the yard for the second time and also going between the rows in the garden with the cultivator.  The other half of the apple tree by the playhouse has blown over.  We had our first meal of asparagus tonight and hope to get the patch larger this summer, Bert and John do you recall what a nice patch there was up at Hudson Guild?

At the monthly church meeting last night the Board voted to raise $20,000 over a year (yes, the word three should be first ) period to put a new roof (the present one has been there since 1876), spouting, storm windows and more insulation.  Jim Wright the pastor at the Christian Church left yesterday to become a chaplain in the service – he has been going to school for some time for special training in this area.

Sunday night was the annual Senior Citizens Banquet at the Church and we helped serve.  There was an excellent program by a lady from Dayton, who pretended to carry on conversations with others by herself.   The meal was unique, which really does not sound like the right word, but there was just enough chairs to seat all the guests and the workers . . . what luck.

The Methodists have closed Camp Sabina and Rev. Briggs there has been assigned a church in the Springfield district.  Heard that they are trying to sell the grounds to the Village of Sabina.

Last Saturday we virtually toured the county looking at cars – prices have zoomed up since we bought a car in 1974.  Started out and ended up getting a car at Tolles here in NV – he is celebrating his 11th year as a dealer, the vast majority of which has been as a mobil home dealer.  The car is listed as getting an average of 22 miles to the gallon, so we are curious to see how it works out.  Wilma Croghan got a car new to her – a Mercury – like ours, only newer.  We got a Plymouth Vellare or rather we are to get it this coming weekend after it has been rust-proofed underneath.  As part of his 11th anniversary celebration Gary is offering that service for only $11 – supposedly a $85 value.

Dad has written most of this letter and Serena is going to add a couple of lines.  It was nice talking to both Catherine and Roberta this past weekend and we missed talking to you John on your Watts line but glad to get all your letters, family.  John, yours came this AM which was quite a long one for you – had wanted to call you to relieve your mind about transportation but it is hard to get through to you.

We (Dad and I) are going to take Serena to Dayton and Dad will go to the Ohio Bar Convention which is conveniently meeting at this time.  We plan to stay at the Stouffer Inn – Dayton's newest hotel.  Ruth is to stay with Mary Virginia.  And Kelly is to stay here Friday night but we will be back by then.

Really thought those were such nice notes that Marion wrote to Mary Virginia in her Nothing Book and in the front of her "Illusions."  I've started to read the latter and find it very interesting.  Hope that all goes well with her.

[from Serena]
Roberta, John and Steve went to Mount Vernon and got some of the accessories off of the Granada.  Ray is willing to buy your stereo and is willing to pay about $80 for it.

I got the last of my stitches out yesterday and am more or less back to normal except for trouble in my left elbow joint.

We went to the Mother-daughter meeting of the Mother's Club tonight which was alright.  All the guests got an African violet.  I think that I will leave mine home for Mother to kill.

I was over at the high school yesterday and Mrs. Mandrell and Mr. Garber asked about Roberta.

[back to Dad or Mom?]
Wednesday morning:  Sun is bright and hope the danger of frost is over with so that the garden will do some growing – the strawberries are out in bloom.

Wendell Mahanes is to come this morning and relay our chimney – a number of the old bricks in the chimney had splintered which let water in and then we had a leak in the living room ceiling, so we hope this will take care of the problem.  Wendell fixed Grandma's porch railing where it had disintegrated.

[Love, etc.]

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

1978 Roberta's Letter -May 1

May 1, 1978
Dear Family,

Seems like there have been alot of phone calls lately, and little letter writing . . . . at least from this end.  I've started several letters, but then after the phone calls they seem outdated.  I'm glad that Serena wasn't hurt any worse . . . . . She must be sore . . . . what a terrible way to spend her vacation!!!!  She told me that she would be flying back, and that is good.

We had some weekend . . . . . . Saturday all day we looked at cars . . . . or should I say trucks.  I had decided I wanted a small truck.  We looked at the Ford place . . . they make something they call the Courier. . . it doesn't get that good of gas mileage, high priced.  Also spent alot of time at the Toyota place.  They did not have a short bed (six foot) but were willing to give the long bed truck at the short bed price.  But as for driving, and other things (like expense of putting shell on) it wasn't a good idea.  It drove alot harder.  The lot was full of long bed trucks and they would have loved to have sold one.

Both the Datsun place and the Toyota place is on Broadway . . . . between Alma School and Dobson.  I've got all the details at home, but guess I told you all most of them.  We looked at two trucks at the Datsun place.  The one was what I got.  The other was one with just Air/Conditioning.  It was a burnt orange.  Price wise it was just about the same as the one I got . . . . since it was not a demonstrator.

The Buick I'm afraid has had it, now the radiator is not leaking, but it doesn't hold pressure like it should.  It boils over easily.  As soon as I parked the car on Friday in Phoenix before the test.  It emptied out on me.  Luckily enough I had two gallons of water with me, so have the test I just filled it up.  It seems to do fine except for when you have to be in traffic . . . . sitting still idling (sp?) is when the trouble begins.

I'm now in time room – proctoring it – thats where the students have to come to serve time – for unexcused absences, homework not turned in, etc. – So far no one is here – but the 11:15 (lunch bell) just rang – so business should be picking up.  I'm doing it for Dorothy – as she has to be gone all afternoon – so she needed time this AM to work ––

It's just as well you all know about Marion – she will be going in the hospital on the 11th of May – surgery is set up for 12 May – 7:30 AM.  Doctor says she will be in from 5 to 7 days – she will then have to take it easy for 8 weeks after that.  On the 15 June she hopes to go to Idaho – by plane – to her sisters.  In July she plans to spend in Augusta, Ill w/ her folks – in August her & I.T. plan to do some travelling.  I.T. will be coming here – by plane 5 June – then they will fly to Denver 15 June – then drive to Idaho from there in I.T.'s car ––

I've gotten letters from John, Catherine – seems I need to get busy writing some letters.

It's after lunch now, and seem to have a few spare minutes, so will add a few more lines.  I just now talked to Martha about my time off for taking the test, etc.  I sorta messed it up since I took off Friday morning to study and take it easy.  She told me I could count it all off as sick leave.  I hate to use up much sick leave that way, but we will see what happens.  In one of the letters I started before I mention how I got a hold of the ARCO book, Probation and Parole – its a civil service study guide type book, actual tests, suggestions, etc.  The only one in the valley – after calling up bookstores, libraries, etc. was one in the downtown Phoenix library.  Marion and I went down after it Thursday evening.  I got a interlibrary loan deal from the Mesa Library.  Now I just have to return it to the Mesa Library.  Dad, you might be interested in that they are considering building a new library here in Mesa.  They say the old is too small to remodel.  It really is a nice library.

Marion had sun screens put in the two windows upstairs.  They really make a big difference.  Are to keep the room 15 degrees cooler.  You can see out but people on the outside can't see in.  They cost about $100.00 for the two screens.  Her sister had given her money for her birthday, so that was what she spent it on.  Since she got the news of cancer, she has really cut down on her shopping . . . or should I say buying.

The heavy rains hit us the day you all left (February 28th) and just this last week Alma School Road was finally opened up.  It will make it alot easier for Marion coming home.  Today is a cool, rainy day.  Funny because we have air conditioning to use for the first time.

All day yesterday we spent cleaning . . . except for going to the 11:00 church service.  The place really looks clean and as Marion says neither one of our Mothers are coming to visit.  Now that the house is clean, do come over!!!!  I'd be proud to give you all a ride in a bright yellow truck!!!!

We have been buying alot of cantaloupe lately.  You can get six small one for $1 – which is a good buy.  Lettuce has really gone high . . . . . about $1 a head, sometimes more.  I don't know how these salad bars are making it now.

What is Serena's address in Kansas City . . . . I don't know if I ever did have it?  I feel badly that the accident had to happen to her.

Dad, as to the settlement on the car.  Two things . . . . we put side molding on the car . . . . that was about $80, and the radio was close to $300.  John said it didn't work like it should but they don't need to know that.  Guess the one speaker wasn't working.  I'm glad that John got a good year out of it.  It was fun buying it, and he seemed to enjoy it . . . . but often I wish I had bought a smaller, more economical car.  I want to keep good records on this truck and see what it costs to operate it.  The Buick was beginning to use up gas like crazy, so should be able to tell quite a difference.


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

1968 Roberta's Letter -May 1

May 1, 1968
Dear Family,

Hi!  My portrait is now all completed.  I got Kathy Boynton to take a picture of it but it (the portrait) doesn't look as bad as the picture makes it.  I wanted to wear my glasses during it but Tr. Barbara said that way she couldn't draw my eyes like they should be drawn.  So!  When you come up the 12th you can get it.  In the meantime I have it on the wall in our room.

It's hard to believe there is only one month of school left.  Am I signed up for Summer School?  I would like to take Economics or perhaps psychology if you could see if they offer either of them & if I would be able to take them I would appreciate it.

When would you be coming up the 12th?  If you come the 11th Serena could stay in the dorm and mother & Mary in the "guest room."  Just an idea.  As I said before do you think it would be possible for Cathy to come up [Cathy Cline]  She could stay in the dorm also.

My hair is still falling out today.  Monday it didn't seem to come out hardly at all but today it started up again.  We had a short test today & 1 tomorrow.  Saturday we are having our big test over Romeo & Juliet.  (Ugh!)  I'm planning on studying for it & then take it easy.  I hope my plans carry out.

Well, I better go.  I got a letter from Mrs. Schamaun today.  She got back from Haiti the 11th but had to wait in Florida a week for Greg to finish exams.


Monday, May 14, 2018

1968 Roberta's Letter -April 29

April 29, 1968
Dear Family,

Hi!  I got your letter today.  Thanks alot.  The new type-writer sure does type small.  Is it electric also?

It's fine with me for you all to come up the 12th  Do you think it would be possible to bring up Cathy Cline also?  Or perhaps somebody else?

John & Joe came back yesterday with a big pie plate of cookies for me.  They also gave me some stuff at parent's day.  Nice people, huh?  Perhaps when you come you could bring some food for them since they gave me some.  Just an idea and perhaps you could call their folks & see if they want anything sent up.  Just another idea.

I don't think I'm losing so much hair now in fact I've lost very little since last Friday.  The doctor said it when it grows in it will probably fall out & continue that way for awhile.

I can't really say what did cause it.  I'm sure it is a combination of several things tho.  Yes, Dr. Terrell said I did not have alopecia.  So I'm glad I did go to a specialist.  The specialist suggested going back to him sometime in the last of May.  Any ideas?  He does have office hours till noon on Saturday so perhaps something can be worked out.  There is an 11:00 bus going to Wheeling which would be after classes & all.  Time will tell.

I could use some skirts but I'm not sure size & color either.  The green perma press skirt of mine the zipper broke.  If you could bring the catalog up when you come perhaps.

Well, I've got to go.  I sure hope you understand about this times grade card.  All the six weeks tests were the day before I went to the doctor & I wouldn't doubt it if I did bad on all of them.  You should be getting my grades soon.


Sunday, May 13, 2018

1978 Catherine, Gerry & Wendy -April in Gilroy CA

1968 Catherine's Postcard -April 29

THE RONEY PLAZA, Miami Beach, Florida
Hi!  (4/29/68)  Life is beautiful here!  I got a B+ on the first big math test.  I was overwhelmed.  That's the best grade I've gotten in math here.  Boys – I like Dennis and David both and all is working out quite well!  I got a letter from Joe today.  He said he'd seen you all.  1/5 of the 5th week of the 3rd quarter of the 1st year is over!  I'm sending the AYH $80.  My definite assignment [for summer bike trip] will be sent to me "in the Spring"!  How do you like EDT?

Love, Catherine

1988 Horton Robbery Clipping -April 29

Saturday, May 12, 2018

1968 Roberta's Letter -April 27

April 27, 1968
Saturday p.m.
Dear Family,

Hi!  How do you like my new stationary?  I got it on special sale in Barnesville (two for the price of one!)

I got Dad's postcard today & thanks alot.  It was nice talking to you last night also Mom.

This week-end over half of the school went on a week-end.  Jo Smith, Joe & John Stuckey all rode with J.N. Carey to Wil. or where-ever.

Our classes were cancelled today since so many were gone.  Instead we had a study-hall where we were suppose to read.

On the last Geometry test 3/4's of us failed it.  It was the six weeks test.  I got 17 out of 40.  Tr. Susan isn't sure what she's going to do yet about it – I guess.

I told you most of what the doctor told me.  The "visit" itself was only $5.00.  The medicine (lotion) was $2.83.  Do you want the bill for income purposes or what-ever?  If so I'll send it.

Hinerman's house is really something, isn't it?  That purple bathroom still gets me!  And then the guest room – Wow!  The house itself looks like a mansion!!  She also gave me a bunch of chocolate chip cookies & nut bread & pimento cheese sandwiches!  Wow!

She (Mrs. Hinerman) seemed to think this place (F.B.S.) was really strict.  She asked me if I was allowed to take food back with me.  I said "of course" of course (sounds confusing!)

She (still Mrs. Hinerman) drove me to the state pen (jail) in Moundsville.  It was an awful building and I was awfully glad to be on the outside of it.  I also saw the "mound."

When I was on the bus we went past the Wheeling Telephone building & there were alot of people picketing.

All in all it was quite a day.  I just wish my hair would start growing back instead of falling out.


Friday, May 11, 2018

1978 Catherine's Letter -April 25

Tuesday morning
April 25, 1978
Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Those packages you sent both arrived yesterday.  Thank you very much.  We appreciate the Mobil Tour Guide and the clothes are really cute – looked like you got them at a bargain price too.  The only things I've seen on sale around here are winter clothes.  They are a little large for her but not too much.  The pink one piece affair she'll be able to wear on the next hot day.  We may be having some hot weather soon and those outfits will fill a gap in her wardrobe.

Wendy seems to be enjoying playing more now that she can sit up.  She is able to use both of her hands to hold on to her toys or to play with her busy box.  When I took her into the Nimble Thimble (when I took my sewing machine in) she pulled a tablecloth off of a table which wouldn't have been too bad except on the table was a big basket of artificial flowers made out of cloth and they scattered everywhere.  At the library now she tries to pull the books off the shelves – at least those she can reach from her stroller.  Yesterday she waved at Gerry when he came home for lunch which was a first – her waving that is.

Sunday we rode our bicycles to Denny's for breakfast.  It is near the freeway on the north side of town and then we went for a ride – almost 12 miles in all.  Wendy got a little fussy toward the end, we're not sure if it was from too much riding or if she just thought it was lunch time – which it was.

Is Serena still there?  We were glad to read what she had to add to your last letter.  How was the YAF banquet?  I have had an envelope addressed to Serena for about a month but I have been slow in getting the letter written to go with it.  I also owe one to Roberta.  Along with some pictures that I promised her.

It has been raining here both yesterday and today but I do see a little blue between the clouds so perhaps it will clear up before the day is over.  It seems like for about the last month we keep hearing that we  are having the last rain of the season (the new season begins July 1) and then a few days later we have another last rain.

Well, I can't think of too much more.  I must have used up part of my news in writing to Mary Va. yesterday.

Gerry has been looking at the plans for the new Clifford Equip. building and figuring out where he wants bins & shelves, etc.  It is to be a prefabricated type building but the holdup is with the land which is tied up in an estate.

Hope you are all well!

Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

Thursday, May 10, 2018

1968 Roberta's Letter -April 24

April 24, 1968
Dear Family,

Hi!  Well the first part of the convention started last night with a Doctor Southerland giving a speech & all.  It was pretty neat & all getting close to a real live candidate.  OH-Yes he (Dr. Southerland) is a Rep. & running for Congressman of 18th district.

This morning each candidate had 1/2 of an hour to campaign.  Wow – what a mess.  Stuff coming out of windows – every thing went.

I got your letter yesterday with the check & all.  Thanks.  We got our pictures taken yesterday.  I could not find my glasses so of course I don't have my glasses on in the pictures.  (I found them in my duster later) Boy!  OH – yes - - - - I also got my bangs cut so they all comb down in order to cover all my bald spots.  But trouble is my bangs are REALLY short!

I'm leaving on the bus for Wheeling at 8:15 in St. Claresville.  I'll be in Wheeling at 8:45.  My appointment is at 9:20 so I've got enough time & all. (I hope!)  Mrs. Hinerman said she could meet me at the bus station so I wrote her telling what time I would get in on the bus.  If she does not meet me I'll probably take a taxi to the doctors.  Since I'm not all that acquainted with Wheeling's streets.

The convention goes on – I'm a Maryland delegate.  Big thrill!  Reagen's group gave free Brownies.  Each group had something to try & get your vote.

Hi! (again)  We had to go over all this proposal platforms – what a time consuming thing!  We won't get to the election until tonight.  That will be the best part.

Well, I better be closing.  Thanks alot for the letter & check.  The portrait is really nice.  I'll be sure & let know about what the specialist has to say.


Wednesday, May 09, 2018

1978 Roberta's Letter -April 25

April 25, 1978
Dear Family,

Back at work, after a long weekend . . . .  I don't think I'm going to mind a four day week much !!!!  Yesterday was a full day for me.  I was in front of the county personnel place by 7:45, after dropping Marion off at Sagaro . . . . guess that is Saguaro.  [On the west side of Phoenix we spell it Sahuaro.]  I applied for six jobs, all that are currently open.  Three of them are just available for those who are already with the county, the others being open to anyone.  One job . . . . which sounds the best to me is for child placement investigator.  You get a county car and everything.  The pay is some $800 a month to start out.  Other jobs that are open are like a position in the detention center, one at a vehicle inspections place, etc.  Most of the jobs had this Friday, the 28th as the closing date for the jobs.  After that I should hear something.  I talked to the lady that I had contact with down there before, that set up the interviews for me.  She remembered me even by name.  I've got a good feeling that she will help me out again.

After picking up Marion at school, and getting back to Mesa I went to the school's personnel office.  Told them that I was very happy with the schools but that I would like a 9 or 10 month contract with them so that I could get off CETA [Comprehensive Employment & Training Act, federal job program administered locally from 1973-1982].   There I also got to talk to John Sherman who interviewed me before I got this job.  He said that by the end of May the transfer list would be shaped up, and that he would keep me in mind.  He said that if nothing came around then that looked good to me . . . . that I would then have to wait through August.  By then they have the picture for next year funds wise.  What I would like to do is stick this job out through June -- because this office will be really busy after school, then if I knew I had a job lined up for fall I could relax and enjoy my summer.  Spend most of July in Ohio.  I'll just have to wait and see what happens at this point.  I know that I won't be doing much running around in an unairconditioned car this summer.  Yesterday it was 94ยบ out, and here I was in the car roasting!!!

We really enjoyed MY FAIR LADY!  It was soooo good!!!!  The matinee (sp?) started at 2:30 and was over just after 5:15.  The time went by so fast.  The music was especially good.  Also the costumes were really well done.  Guess they were done by the same guy that did it for when the show was on broadway.  The music of course was good!!  Marion really enjoyed the show, and so did I.  Thanks again for buying the tickets for us!!!!

Marion had a nice card from Ruth for her birthday.  Also a check so we have been thinking about where we should go out for dinner using it. We really have been using the gas grill alot.  I don't think we have used the stove for a long time.  Last night we had steak, baked potatoes on the grill.  Several times I have fixed mushrooms and onions put them in a pie pan covered on the grill.  Really tastes good!!!!

The buick is really running good.  It should.  I am anxious to see what will go next.

My hair is cut pretty short.  It is more or less just a pixie.  No part . . . . . we haven't been in the pool much lately but its easy to take care of so I'm going to enjoy having it this short when I start going swimming again.

Serena, how did it seem to be back in New Vienna????  See many changes??? One thing I really like about living in Mesa is that there is constantly changes being made, especially right around us.  Southern Blvd. is really getting built up.  There is a big shopping center going in right across from Woolco . . . there by Fry's Grocery . . . . except at the corner of Southern and Country Club, opposite Woolco.

Love, Bert

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

1988 Family Letter -April 24

April 24, 1988

Dear Family:

Serena left this A.M. for Bloomington and will end up the week in Pittsburgh at a library meeting.  Our own plans did not start too smoothly as the van battery was down, so the Salisburys took the three of us to Leesburg for lunch and then on to Greenfield as their High School was having open house this afternoon.  It was our first visit there and have always been curious about their facility and "all" the art work. The school was a gift to the City back in 1914 when a local native son made "good" on the horse collar invention.

Last weekend dad spent with John in Newark, plus seeing the sights and most important meeting some of John's many friends.  He is wondering if M.V. is still planning to come to his area to sing in June?  We are wondering if it would suit M.V. if we came to Lexington on Sat. May 7 to see her . . . hopefully we could meet her for lunch etc.  M.V. do let us know about this day for if OK we will ask Virginia Walker if she can also go to see her daughter there.

On Thursday evening we went to Wilmington to hear Jim Trelease speak on the importance of reading to your children – about 40 years too late for us.  He is an excellent speaker and author of "The Read Aloud Handbook."

This paper will bring back some memories.  Serena taped the program on the pyramids for us to watch as we were out that evening.  We also had an early morning experience in Wilmington as we were on the Emmaus breakfast crew . . no one goes hungry at those meetings.

The "g"s and "s"es were so bad so got out Serena's typewriter cleaner and they seem to be working much better now yes//??

We did plant some things in the garden yesterday – beans, spinach, zucchini, beets, and carrots – not to mention broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage plants.  Dad did most of this the really hard part.  He also planted fruit trees and evergreens and others not only in our yard but also at Culbreaths, Grandma's and a renter's yard.

We hate to see Serena leave but know she is anxious to get started doing something in her field and hopefully will get to do some interviewing at the PLA conference.  She went to Bloomington to do a little work, pick up a friend to go to Pgh and back to Bloomington and home but not sure when that will be.

Glad to hear that Wendy's plane schedule is shaping up and that her departure for Phoenix is after 6PM instead of AM as we first thought.  We are most anxious to have her.

Things are shaping up for our trip – we leave for the West Coast on Wednesday, May 11 so will be busy from now on.  We will miss alot of things going on here – end of school, Memorial Day and NVHS Alumni meeting dinner and dance but it's impossible not to miss something.

[Love, etc.]

Monday, May 07, 2018

1978 Catherine's Letter too MV -April 24

Monday morning
April 24, 1978
Dear Mary,

If you are going to write us more than nine letters this year then I guess it is up to me to answer the letters that you do write so you will have a chance to write again, so here is the answer to the last letter that you sent to us, and now (after you have finished reading this, of course) it is your turn to write.

Wendy is sitting in her walker right now – occasionally jumping up and down but mostly chewing on an empty toilet paper roll which I just gave her.  One of her favorite toys is an empty wax paper roll.  She talks (if you want to call her vocalizations talking) into it which makes her voice sound funny.  If we say hi to her she says hiiii back and when she is really upset and crying she says "mamamamama."  Nothing else too distinctive yet.

I met a woman last week who had just moved to Gilroy and has a little boy who is the same age as Wendy (three days older to be exact).  He is crawling over everything and pulling himself up to stand and doing all sorts of athletic things which Wendy hasn't even started thinking about yet.  I guess boys are supposed to develop a little faster physically than girls.  Anyway, this woman was all excited because the Welcome Wagon lady was going to come and visit her today.  I told her not to get her hopes up too high as it really wasn't all that much to get excited about.

Your friend the paper boy came to collect for the newspaper last Friday.  I asked him if he wanted the money for April and he said "Oh, no, I'm only collecting for March."  I guess it gets into high finance when more than one month is involved.  It costs $1.35 per month.

Since this stationery says it is from Wendy I should let her write a note but she isn't too good at handling a pen yet.  She would probably try to eat it.  In a few months I'll get her some crayons and then she can draw you a picture!

I did get some nursery rhyme books out of the library and I read them to her.  I have to keep the book out of her reach though as she tried to either tear or eat the pages or both.  We were going to go to the library today but it is raining so we will probably wait until tomorrow.  I have been reading books by Jane Duncan.  She has a whole series of books titled MY FRIEND __________.  So far I've ready My Friend Sashie, My Friend Madame Zora, and My Friends Tom & George.  From the titles they sound like books for babies but they are really good.  According to the jacket she has also written books for "younger readers."  Have you ever heard of her?  Ask mother if she has.

We'll be waiting for #3 letter.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

Sunday, May 06, 2018

1978 Bev Gooding Letter to John -April 20

April 20, 1978

Dear John:

It was good hearing from you last night.  It would have been great to see you "perform," but, as you know, we had been planning this trip to Morehead for some time, as Jim has only about 3 more weeks before summer vacation, and we are taking a birthday cake along decorated by his girlfriend (she took a cake-decorating course).  We certainly will be thinking of you, though.  Speaking of performing, we've seen you "perform" a number of times, but, of course, this will be for "real."  I hope you still have your sense of humor, though.  We'll never forget you at Catherine's wedding.  You had us laughing constantly at the reception.

In my letter to your parents, I asked if you would be going back to New Jersey this summer - - I seem to remember your saying in the call after New Year's that you weren't.  I thought if you did, Lisa could visit you, as she is quite close to that area.  I hope she gets a fairly decent job, as the apartments are quite high, at least higher than we're used to around here.  I told her she should consult Roberta for advice on how to go job hunting – I'm sure she would have many tips!  Lisa was finished with her job at UD as Assistant Editor of the REVIEW OF RESEARCH (a magazine put out about every 2 or 3 years), but it hasn't been printed yet, so she doesn't have a copy to give prospective employers.

Mary Virginia wrote us a couple of times when they were in California – she is following in Roberta's footsteps with the letter writing.  She signed one of them: Happy Snow Storms!  A few days after that we did get the first bad snow.

Jim hasn't got a job lined up for summer yet, but he will probably paint houses with my Dad.  He did that last summer, plus working at a restaurant as bus boy.  I had thought that my father would give up the painting, but he has some houses lined up.  He's 81, but he says that helps him keep in shape, climbing up and down ladders, etc.

Bob is going  back-packing for a week (1st week in May) in the Smokies with his usual group (mostly from UD), so he is getting everything ready for that, as he will leave a week from Sun.  When we see you, he'll have to tell you about his experiences this winter back-packing in the snow.  It would have been beautiful to see the woods at that time, but what you have to suffer . . . !  Of course, he would probably do it again.  So far, I haven't joined him in the back-packing – I don't think I could take it -- but I did go with him on an 8 mile walk down through John Bryan and clifton around the first week in March, and it really was beautiful.  It was just beginning to thaw, and it looked like little glaciers in the gorge.

I'm doing this on my lunch hour, and one of the girls just said, "You're writing a 'Dear John' letter!"  I suppose people have mentioned that to you before.

Seriously, though, John, we learned from the newsletter that you have really been doing some great things -- we're sure it's just a sample of what you will do in the future.  So, keep up the good work!

Bev & Bob

P. S. Hope your parents or Mary Va. take some pictures of the event!

Saturday, May 05, 2018

1968 Catherine's Postcard -April 26

Rodeway Inn, Salt Lake City postcard -mailed 1968
[postmarked April 26, 1968]
(11 PM)
Hi!  Glad to hear from you all!  Thanks for the stamps.  Not much new here.  Dennis called tonight.  I've been seeing alot of David and Cal too.  The Reds book came.  I think I did OK on math test but I'm waiting for results!  It has been extremely cold – snow flurries even!  Got letter from G'ma today.  I will send in reservations for May 11 (?).  Are you all going to fast on Mothers Day?  Good night!

Love, Catherine

Thursday, May 03, 2018

1968 Catherine's Letter -April 24

April 24, 1968
Hi Everybody!

I've been waiting for days for the 5¢ stamps to come but I finally gave up and decided to write you all a letter to see if you are still there.  If the contact cost so much you can't afford stamps any more forget the contacts and I will wear glasses.  At the top of the page you will see my address.

Dennis will be here tomorrow and today it is snowing.  Last weekend I went to a love-in on Friday night with David and a bunch of other kids.  We help at the Community Reformed Church with about 70 kids who drop-in for the evening.  Bedlam reigns!

Saturday David and I went canvassing for Action Now.  We got this real ritzy section of town and everyone was very polite but rather vague.  I even talked to the Mrs. Gilmore whose family practically supports the college.

Saturday night we went to see "The Fox."  Dave's roommate, Dick, is from K and has a car – what luxury!  Sunday David went to church with me and then Cal's recital was that afternoon.  Monday night David and I did our civic duty and went to the city council meeting.

I worked banquets Monday and Tuesday night and now not again till Friday noon.  This weekend it is the case of Dennis vs. David.

I have a C in chem, no grades yet in math 16 or polly sigh but I'm getting A's in the math course that doesn't count.  I call it my confidence course!

Got to go!

Love, Catherine

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

1988 Joe's Letter to Roberta -April 23

Joe's notecard "Mathaloum Buildings" Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Sat. April 23, '88
Santa Fe, N.M.
Dear Roberta & Sid,

I rec'd your Gila Monster postcard and thank you!  I also rec'd your check Thursday and a big thank you.  I thought we agreed on $? so Roberta you are too generous – I do appreciate the business!  – My first in months.

I hope these paintings arrive safely – if not I'll replace them with something else.  The box is Food Bank – I also hope you don't have to pay a lot for the other frame.  It is a standard size 12" by 16" so it should be found ready made – Hence, not too expensive.

I'm on my diet.  I haven't bought any frozen yogurt since last Sat. although I drive around TCBY each day contemplating breaking my fast.  It's Ramadan in the Middle East so it's proper that we should be fasting for a month.  We are Moslem aren't we?

Enjoyed reading Sid's newsletter – he is truly gifted with writing.  I miss you all too!  Wish we could redo my time in Tucson and Phoenix.  Trust everyone will enjoy the paintings and thank you.

Love, Joe

1968 Roberta's Postcard -April 23

[postmarked April 23, 1968]

Hi!  I got an appointment with a Dr. Bog (Mrs. Hinerman recommended him) this Friday at 9:20. (A.M.)  I have to take the bus both getting there & back (ugh!)

My portrait (spelling?) is almost done.  All that is left to do is the coloring of the dress.

Tomorrow we get the pictures taken.  They are to be in color.

I'll let you know about my hair.


Tuesday, May 01, 2018

1988 MV Letter -April 22

April 22, 1988

Dear Mom, Dad, and Grandma,

It's been a really busy week; my biggest project was a 9 page paper on incest for Pastoral Care and Counseling, which got finished early Thursday morning.  And end of the semester things are coming up, so there's always something begging for attention.

I got my mid term from Wesleyan Hymnody back – scored a 9.5 out of 10, which I was happy with.  Got a B- on the one in Pastoral Care and Counseling.  I'm hoping to get at least a 3.5 this semester.  Registration for Fall is next week.  I'm still debating on whether to take 11 or 14 hours  The course hanging in the balance is Church History, which is supposed to be difficult

Next year Asbury is eliminating the MAR degree for MA, so our class has a choice between the two.  I chose the new MA because it is strictly a music degree (without the Christian Education minor).  The requirements are a bit different (it'll take a semester longer to complete) but much better for me especially if I decide on a DMA down the road.  The requirements are 30 core hours and 30 music hours.

I've also decided to take voice lessons this summer from my teacher who lives in Lexington near "my" mall; I really feel I've made some progress and find myself wishing I had more than 1 lesson a week!

I'll be starting another student of my own on Monday – a 12-year-old from here in Wilmore.  My other student (13) will be leaving in May when her father graduates from the Seminary (they're from Kansas).

Work is going really well. I like the job and both managers seem very satisfied, so I'm hoping for a raise at my 90-day evaluation next month, and maybe some extra hours this summer.

I was asked by several people to take their apartments for the summer, but the dorm is cheaper by far – the cheapest apt. is about $150 plus utilities.

Got a call from Kara Hughes (Wilmington College) asking me to play for an alumni luncheon next Saturday.  I declined due to work, homework, plus the pay wasn't enough to drive all the way from Kentucky.  I will be leading the music at a retreat in Alabama May 13-15.  It's my friend Betsye's church– a church wide retreat.  6 of us will be going down to do the leadership.

I think that's about all the news.  Everything is going extremely well.  How was the weekend with John?  Did Serena finish her paper?  When will you arrive back from Malaysia?  Hope all is well in New Vienna.

Much love,
Mary Virginia

1968 Roberta's Letter -April 21

April 21, 1968
9:00 PM
Dear Family,

Hi!  After you all called back I called the Hinermans.  I spoke to Mrs. Hinerman & she gave me the phone number & name of a dermotoligist (spelling?).  She (Mrs. Hinerman) said her husband's mother had some sort of trouble with her hair & they went to him.  And that this doctor used to live near them.  She said he was very good & all.  Also said if I were to go to to see if I could come out & see them.  I'll let you know.

Parents day was pretty nice even if you all were not here.  The Stuckey's were here I spoke with them awhile.  She gave some brownies which were real good.  John & Joe are going home this week-end.  Mrs. Stuckey asked me about going etc.  Anyway we got on to J.N. Carey's.  They (John & Joe) are riding with them.  Mr. Stuckey knew J.N. before & all.

I've got to go to be now.  I'll write more in the morning.

Hi!  (Again)  We have been having all these tests lately.  In the one on Silas Marner I got 70.  I don't know about the others.  But they are probably also bad.

I better go.  I've got about 4 letters to write before 6:30.  If I'm lucky I'll get two done.


Monday, April 30, 2018

1968 Roberta's Letter -April 19

April 19 [1968]
Dear Family,

Hi!  I got your (Mom & Dad's) post-cards yesterday.  The mail around here is all goofed up I'm not sure why.  I guess about half of it was stolen or something.  So – if you should send me money send it in check, OK.  (HINT) NO – seriously I need to $5 to pay for my portrait.   It really looks like me.

Thanks alot for the grapefruit and oranges.  They were really good.  It's the Horton & Grandma & Grand-daddy that should be thanked I guess.  So – if you could for me.

The Republican thing is really getting rolling.  Convention is what it is.  There is Reagan, Nixon, Rockerfeller [sic], and Romney.  Each has about 15 people working for them.  The group for Rockerfeller will do your dishcrew.  So & So is having a coffee-house.  Real Politics!   It's really neat (& interesting)  The actual convention is next Wednesday.  Tuesday nite (of next week) a sate senator is coming to speak.

We got out of classes Wednesday afternoon for a work privilege.  A work privilege.  Man!  We all did jobs outside.  It was a very nice day so I enjoyed it pretty much – but a work privilege!  I helped wash windows.

Yesterday I started reading This stranger my son.  It's written by Louise Wilson.  It's about her son who is a schizophrenic.  Needless to say I read it almost all afternoon & then on into evening study hall.  I finished it this morning about 6:00!!  (I got up to study but I read the end of it which was only about 12 pages.  You should read it.  It's good reading.

This week-end I hope to get Vanished from the library in town.  The new one is open!  It's about the time near a presidential election & all of a sudden this Washington D.C. attorney & close friend to the president vanishes.  Then an F.B.I. agent and a newspaperman also vanish.  Have you ever read it?  I think Fletcher Knebel wrote it.

Romeo & Juliet is as bad as ever.



PS  Another boy left school this last Monday.  He was a senior – I'm not sure what he's going to do at home.  Go to school or what.

Only 43 More Days!

1968 GHU postcard to Catherine -April

Florida (Seminole) Indians.  Musa Isle, Miami, Florida postcard - mailed 1968

Thurs. [April 1968]

Here we are in Atlanta, Ga.  Uncle Bill & Granddad are looking at things in a "Paddle Ball" factory.  We have driven 620 miles so must call it a day, but will stay overnight out of Atlanta.  Aunt Mary is writing to Marianne.  Robbie is with us so he & John will have a little visit.

Love, Grandma

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