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1986 MV's Letter - June 22

Dear Mom & Dad,

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and all the support you've given me, especially on my upcoming trip.  This trip would not have been possible without you – financially or physically.  Between your persistence about me traveling and a few other things, I think those are the main reasons I am going.

I am sure this will be a fruitful experience mentally and spiritually.  I'm sorry the stop in London on the way back didn't work out.  maybe next summer?

Never think I am embarrassed of you – I have every reason to be proud of you and being your daughter.  I can never repay you for all you've done.

I love you,
Mary Va

Thursday, June 23, 2016

1966 Jean's Letter to Catherine-June 20

The Clipping: Mr. and Mrs. Harold Uible and family have returned home from taking their daughter, Catherine, to Carbondale, Ill., where she is participating in an eight-weeks course in advanced mathematics at Southern Illinois University through an award by the National Science Foundation.

– – – – – – – –
West Virginia's 103 Birthday!
10:45 PM
Monday evening
June 20, 1966
Dearest Catherine,

We got home about 8:00 this evening leaving Carbondale a little after 7 this morning.  I'd like to have talked to you again but didn't want to waken all of Steagall [dorm] calling at that hour.

We drove to Cairo (KAY'-ro), Ill. where we planned to have a picnic breakfast at the park where the Ohio joins the Mississippi but the mosquitoes were terrific.  John was disappointed but he did take some picture(s) there.  

We reached Abraham Lincoln's birthplace about 1:00 so did have a nice picnic there with squirrels, blue jays & cardinals real close-by.  We probably spent a good hour there and then took the Kentucky Turnpike to Lexington then on to Cincinnati where we ate at the Colonade and home.

We found that (1) Roberta had broken the lens in 1 side of her glasses when she was swimming at Lake Cowan Saturday but ordered one to fit it this morning from Dr. Morand.  

(2) Kevin came down with the mumps yesterday so that will be just right for Mary Virginia to have them while Bible School starts (3 weeks from today).  He seemingly has them on both sides so he should be recovered in about a week.  John went into talk to him so he'll no doubt have them too.

You remember visiting Mrs. Schull* who lived on the corner where you turn to go to the hospital (Clinton Mem).  She passed away Saturday.

We read on the front page of tonights' paper where Ruth Lyons' daughter (Candy Newman) died today of cancer.  She was just 21 and on her way home from Europe with her parents.

Tom Green [NV policeman] was looking for Daddy for someone reported our old blue car had been down in front of the Christian Church for three days and they wanted it moved.  Granddaddy didn't know anything about it – Grandma thought it had been stolen from our garage & finally Fred Hughes somehow checked with Charles Knauff who had parked it there (in order to try to sell it) so it was moved back to his lot & T. Green is happy again.  No doubt someone complained to him.

I haven't talked to the Kuntzmans yet but they are getting packed up & C. Hause has been helping them.  We got a shock tonight when Roberta looked out in front about an hour ago and there was a big moving van double parked in the street.  It was there a good while but evidently just sizing up things for the move Wednesday.

They said there was a good crowd at Church Sunday – 166 + 6 children in the nursery (Cindy Burton stayed & Roberta helped after ushering.  Even the Roy Myers were there.

Papers were all delivered & we picked up Thompsons & Flints for they have gone on vacation.  Mrs. Penn got hers.

We think of you often and know you'll really enjoy your eight weeks at S.I.U.  Do write and tell us when you can spare a few minutes for your lonesome family back home.

All our love and XX, Mother

P.S. Your zip number?

[In Dad's handwriting]  P.S. A brochure this A.M. from Hiram College for you.  Try out those parallel bars at the playground.  

– – – – –
Martha Smith Shull (1877-1966) was the wife of James Mathews Shull (1871-1953). James Shull was the son of Andelia Eglantine Hudson Shull Rosier Uible (1845-1937) who was David Uible's second wife (Cecil's step-mother).  Thus James was a step-brother of Cecil Uible and Martha was therefore the wife of the Uible-Horton cousins' step-great uncle.  

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1976 Catherine's Letter -June 6

June 6, 1976
Dear Mom, Dad, Roberta, John & Mary

Hi!  Thank you for the letter and for the check.  That was quite a surprise.  I usually rush my money straight to the bank.  Anyway I now feel considerably richer.  We might even have enough money to take Mary Va. to King's Island.

I hope you were able to get tickets for the Wednesday afternoon game.  That sounded good.  Tuesday night sounds fine for the open house shindig.  I don't really care about who you invite.  The Bernards, Comptons, C. Collier, etc. are all ok.  If you don't want too many I'd say just invite the Bernards.

It was nice seeing you last weekend and I'm glad Mary Virginia had a good time.  I will answer her letter after I'm on the other side of New Vienna.  We are looking forward to seeing Roberta and Serena, too, when we get further west.  

We are still planning to get to N.V. on Sunday afternoon.  We put the box on the top of the car and the bike rack on this morning.  We had a trial packing to see how much we could get into the car.  The trunk is quite spacious.

As far as I know X has the foot stool.  I will be going out to his house one more time to return his furniture so I will check on it.  It was a nice little stool, I wouldn't mind taking it.

Well, we will be seeing you soon.  Thanks again for the money.


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1966 John & Roberta - June

1966 John on his bicycle - June
1966 Roberta at (old) New Vienna School playground -June

Sunday, June 19, 2016

1926 David Uible obituary - June 12

[June 12 - 1926, unknown newspaper]


Funeral services for David Uible, a long-time resident of the vicinity of Westboro, who died at his home Thursday at the age of 81, will be held Sunday morning at 10:00 in the M.E. Church at Westboro.

The deceased was Superintendent of the M.E. Church at Westboro.  He was well known to Clinton Countians as a man of sterling character and a good citizen.

His wife, three sons, William, Frank, and Cecil, and two daughters, Mrs. Serena Reynolds and Mrs. Adda Jones, survive him.  Two sons, Ennis and Clyde, and one daughter, Louise, preceded him in death.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

1926 Ola Moore Brown obituary - June 12

[June 12 - 1926, most likely from New Cumberland, West Virginia, newspaper] 

Mrs. A.W. Brown 
Called by Death

Mrs. Ola Moore Brown, widow of the late A. W. Brown, founder and publisher of The Independent, died at her home on Ridge avenue, Saturday morning at one o'clock after an illness which confined her to bed about two weeks.  Last summer Mrs. Brown . . .  last fall had enjoyed fairly good health until she was stricken suddenly ill.  Her condition was serious from the beginning of her last illness and Mr. and Mrs. N.W. Ballantyne and children were summoned home from Florida arriving about a week before her death.

Mrs. Brown was born in Pughtown.  She was a daughter of the late Abram Moore and with her father, moved from this county to Salineville, Ohio.  Her father was elected County Recorder of Columbiana county, Ohio and then the family moved to Lisbon, Ohio, where she resided until her marriage to A.W. Brown on June 9th, 1892. and since that time has made her home in New Cumberland.

– – – – – – – – – –

Ola Moore Brown was the second wife of A.W. Brown.  His first wife, Mary Virginia Morrow Brown, mother of Robert Morrow "Bert" Brown, and Lucie Brown Ballantyne, died in 1890, when Lucie was ten-years-old.

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1976 Catherine & Gerry after John's Exeter Graduation -May 30

The soon-to-be married couple are more dressed up in this picture than they were at their wedding!  Hard to believe the shortness of the dress.  The rule then was that the dress or skirt should come at least to the fingertips.

Monday, May 30, 2016

1986 MV's College Graduation -May

1986 MV's Wilmington College Graduation -May

1986 MV & Jean – MV's Wilmington College Graduation Dinner

Saturday, May 28, 2016

1986 Jean & Harold at NVHS Alumni Dinner -May

1986 Jean & Harold at NVHS Alumni Dinner - May (Bill Horton in background)
Jean was probably not thrilled by this picture as written on the back are the following words:  N.V. Alumni 1986 by Don Trop.  Jean wore the same dress in 1987 – when we got the picture.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

1986 Catherine's letter -May 22

May 22, 1986
Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  What's new?  Did New Vienna have it's usual Memorial Day parade? Or do they still do that?  We are having company from Madras for the weekend.  They are bringing our lawn mower which our previous tenant had used but the present tenant has his own.  Then we will be able to mow the trim that we are unable to do with the riding lawn mower.  Gerry mowed all the barnyard area last weekend -- it really looks nice.

Wendy has made her list of things she wants to take to Arizona and is really getting anxious.  She went to her friend Pam's house yesterday in honor of Pam's 9th birthday.  Hard to believe she and her friends are getting so "old."

The library has finally hired two new part time people to replace the two who are splitting Jack's job.  Jack has applied for a job at the university teaching "newswriting" (must be an all media approach).  He is a former editor of the Lewiston paper so that might be more in his line than library work.

I started signing kids up last week for summer reading and have 90 signed up so far!  The program doesn't start until the last day of school – June 5 in Moscow.  Wonder if we'll beat last year's record sign up of 910?

Catherine, Gerry
& Wendy

P.S. Please pass enclosed note from Wendy on to (her) great-grandma!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

1976 Roberta to John -May 26

Dear John,

So my little brother is graduating this Sunday morning from P.E.A. – hours before EC's graduation!

I asked Donna about getting off and she said that there was too much work to be done for me to take off – no seriously she said if it was closer she would like to go to!

Actually I've started moon-lighting.  Times are hard – overtime will be over after this week.  So I went on the search of a part time job – will be working for "the Doctor" Monday & Thursday nights, plus Saturday mornings.  He's a riot to work for, has a whistle that belongs out on a baseball field and blows it everytime he wants me.

I'm sorry to miss your graduation but Grandma & I will be thinking about you Sunday morning, then after Church we will eat out to help celebrate the occasion.

Also I felt it a good idea to stay home so Grandma won't be by Herself.  This way too you all won't have to rush back.

We'll be heading East in just over 3 weeks.  I hope you are happy about having Vince up there.  It will be nice to have a friend there, especially in the dining room (Kitchen – food!)

I'll see you when you return home – by then a full fledged Exeter graduate.  I hope they pronounce your name right –

My congratulations –

Using this paper to remind you of your high school days.


P.S. Dad says Saturday not Friday
 [Jean writes] R's quote not Dad's [about the following sentence]: Enjoy your last days at the Rich School.

[following paragraph written by Jean]
Looking forward to seeing you Friday evening or at the latest Saturday AM.  Sorry that this isn't fancier since this is the last letter to you at Exeter but happy you had the opportunity of going there to school – not just for the educational advantages but am sure the friends you have met and ideas you have received will be with you for a lifetime.

Love from all of us –
Dad & Mother

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1956 College St. House Timeline - May


5/7 Church board voted on parsonage 8-3 (R.C., G.H., J.E.) [assume these are initials of those voting against]

Work stopped on parsonage til voted upon by the congregation (Rev. Schamaun found fine print in Discipline).

May 10
Footers were poured

May 11
First blocks laid.  Did four corners & four high on short ends of basement (Bill Achor, Bill Stricker & Floyd Crabtree)

May 21
Brick (1st load) arrived for parsonage.  Man came from Morrow to look over ground for septic tanks.

May 22
Congregational meeting + quarterly conference.  The latter voted 6-4 in favor of parsonage.  Congregation 20-18 against so fell through.

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1986 Family Letter -May 20

Tuesday, May 20, 1986

Dear Family:

The Hortons arrived in New Vienna this evening, spending one night en route in Georgia.  Aunt Mary is to be the spokesman for her class of 1931 at the NVHS Alumni this Saturday evening.  They plan to be here two weeks.

Last Wednesday afternoon we left for Cincinnati . . . had a dinner invitation with a lady who use to live in Wilmington and now lives in a fancy retirement home in Cincinnati, with a dignified title "New England Club."  The next night we ate with the Sankers at a new restaurant and came home Friday evening.

We had meetings all day Thursday (including a tour of the IRS headquarters) and Friday on various legal matters.  We have reservations to go to NY for the ABA . . . some of you will recall our staying at the Waldorf Astoria at the last ABA meeting in NYC.

Two weeks ago Sunday the Goodings invited us up for dinner and a hike.  Lisa continues to have serious health problems.  Oh yes, while in Cincinnati we looked up Jim Gooding who is restoring an old house in an old neighborhood . . . he has lots to be proud of.

Last Sunday evening was Recognition Night at Wilmington College – both MV and MY were recipients of awards . . . and special recognition.  MV is all enthused about her upcoming trip and the support for the cause . . . which includes a $1,000 from the Port William Church.  (Wish New Vienna would give but it is most doubtful for they are not mission-minded enough).  Prof. Haskins really praised MV for her musical ability – being able to sing tenor, alto and soprano as well and all very well.  She had him put in jail last week (benefit of the American Cancer Society) and raised $300 I think to have him bailed out – charges were crazy conducting.  He also referred to this and said that was the only way such a group could be conducted.  To our surprise he announced that she would be conducting an orchestral group to music that she had composed at a Sunday evening concert June 8 – wish you could all be here for that.  She was also recognized for being chosen for Who's Who Among College & University Students.  Mie Young was the recipient of several awards including the Leadership Award as was Bill Kincaid – both announced for the first time that night.  Four other East Clinton students were recognized so our school was well represented.

[Love, etc.]

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

1976 GHU letter to John -May

[May 1976]
Thurs. evening
Dear John,

Wile I am watching TV program which is a repeat there will be time I can keep my mind on writing – perhaps.  It is the Walton picture where there is a lady air pilot & John Boy thinks she is the "one."

This writing paper has a good "Heading" for my Lilies of the Valley are in bloom.  As your Dad came across the yard Mon. he stopped long enough to pick a nice bunch.

I am glad that I came home early this year for the trees, flowers, asparagus & rhubarb are all ahead of themselves coming forth so early.  Even the spirea is in full bloom & in a couple of weeks will be ready to trim back again.  I notice there seems to be a lot of little tiny cherries trying to grow, but wonder if they will hang on to ripen after all the cold weather they may begin to drop.  May be a pie, later on for the lady – Mrs. Rankin, who is working for me this year says she likes to make pies.  Perhaps you know the Rankin boys.  I believe Randy graduates this year.  Robbie has been doing some yard work for me after school now & then.  He is so involved in track practice that his time is short for working.

I had several sugar trees cut back last Sat. & they had a mill or ? that ground up the limbs into saw-dust & blew it into a truck.  I need several fruit trees cut back but this is not the right time of year.  Next thing I am having done is a ramp built starting at the far end of the porch & going to the narrow walks by the bedroom on the south side. Mr. White is to start Mon. to build it.

I don't like the change of time.  Too dark in the morning & I forget about supper time since it is so light.

I will be thinking about your graduation but the distance is simply too far for me.  It takes too many things for me to travel unless I am staying for awhile & have some room for every thing.  When you reach New Vienna I will have a gift for you.  I am sure you have enough things to bring back as it is.  So have a Happy time.  Aunt Mary wrote that she & Uncle Bill enjoyed the golf tournament in Augusta GA & their visit in Lancaster Pa.  Uncle bill seems to be quite taken with golf but it seems to me a lot of walking for what ?  I like to see something accomplished.  Every one to their own I guess.

Wishing you a good month during May.

Love, Grandma

P.S. Maybe I can get up to Dennison [sic] to see you when the time comes.

Monday, May 16, 2016

1976 Catherine's Letter -May 19

May 19, 1976

Dear Mom, Dad, Roberta, and Mary,

Hi!  Sorry I have been delayed in getting this letter off to you.  Things have been pretty hectic here.  The new librarian has started so things are pretty confused at work.  Also Gerry and I are trying to get our stuff together and decide what to take, what to toss, and what to store.  We got a new car – new to us anyway, to get us to California.  It's a bronze 1970 plymouth duster.  We also bought a tent, a cooler, and our wedding rings.  At the moment we are planning our marriage for June 11th, which is also our last day of work.  Then we plan to leave Sanford on the 12th and arrive in New Vienna during the latter part of the 13th. I'm not sure how long we will be staying as we want to get to Denver either Friday of that week or Monday of the next.  I can't say as I am enthused about a reception.

At any rate, I am looking forward to seeing you all in Sanford on Saturday.  I don't have to work so I should be at home.  Gerry and I are planning on coming to Exeter on Sunday for the graduation. Also Gerry's sister, Debbie, will be coming with us.  It doesn't really matter to us about dinner – wherever is convenient for you ––  We should make reservations on Saturday though since there will be a number of us.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

1986 Roberta's Letter -May 17


We have had a great time – but 3 days always goes to fast!  Ended up in a nice R.V. park in Apache Junction – as County park was closing (at $6.00 per night they can't afford to be open w/ air conditioners going!  We did do some hiking – but really too hot for desert hiking!

On Sunday we met George Ketchem & his girl friend for Brunch at Gold Canyon.  Remember when he came out & worked for me so I could go when you folks were here!  They enjoyed!  We went out to see Hamiltons – she is going to teach 2 classes at local community college – along w/ her job at News paper.

I'll see you all in a month!

104º today!

Love, Roberta

Friday, May 06, 2016

1946 Jean's library promotion -May 14

Jean changes jobs – according to a wage report on March 1, 1946, she was working at the Glenville Branch of the Cleveland Public Library and her salary was increased from 81¢ per hour to 93¢.  If she worked 40 hours/week (which is doubtful) that would come to an annual salary of $1934.40.

According to this notice (May 1946) she has been appointed assistant in the Main Children's Room at the East Cleveland Public Library at a salary of $2000 per year beginning July 1.

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1996 Family Letter -May 12

May 12, 1996 (Mother's Day)
Dearest Morgans,

It is early Sunday morning and I wanted to write before the family got up and this seemed to be the best time.  But without my glasses to read the symbols on the computer I could do nothing.  Of course I wakened Dad when I went back to get them but think he'll go back to sleep.

We really enjoyed Wendy's papers and have shared them with all the family.  We could especially see various members in the tightwad one but did get some good laughs out of it.  No one took offense but thought them all very good.  Had to use the dictionary for one of them but that's good for us too.

I want to thank you too for the Mother's Day cards.  They were lovely and Wendy's was the first one I received.  It's always good to hear but as you know Dad says a special card is not necessary.  I got one in the mail addressed to "Grandma Bubble" but luckily it had the box number on it so the post office knew to whom it should be delivered.  Kate calls herself "Kate Bubble" or as sometimes she says "Kate Ashcraft."

It was good seeing so many of the Estes Park reunion together though we did miss the Morgans being there.  Bob, Beverly and Lisa Gooding as well as Betty and Jerry Ashcraft came and of course John, Julie and Kate Uible.  Mary and Cris got there too as they arrived from Florida just the day before.  When we got back Angela was at Grandma's house with Laura and Will.  I forgot to mention that we all met at Young's Dairy Farm and Ginny and Kate not only enjoyed the food there finishing off with ice cream but got to go out to the barn and saw the cows, pigs, sheep and also the goats.  They sold goat food (pellets) and Ginny and Kate finally got brave enough to feed them.  The goats would only eat if you held the food that was in your hand and they would lick it off.

Jim Gooding wasn't able to come as he had to go to a funeral of a young friend of his but the others all talked about the experiences of rafting, hiking, etc. at the Y in the Rockies mentioned how they were sorry that the Morgans couldn't be there with us yesterday.

We had originally planned to go to a fancier restaurant in Yellow Springs but the numbers and children coming kept increasing so though some were disappointed (adults), we know the children would have been more comfortable at Youngs.

Serena met Roberta at the airport when she came from Phoenix (which you probably had heard was to happen but John and family were there too and then they all had dinner together.  We met them the next day for brunch after attending church with J, J & K.  Then that afternoon was the big #3 birthday party for Kate with the Sr. Ashcrafts and two of Julie's sisters, her brother and all their children (and spouses minus one).

Even Joan was there with her 15 day old baby Abigail which only Joan and her husband were allowed to hold.  I didn't even see G'ma Betty holding her.

We did enjoy having Roberta here and seeing a little more of Serena, even taking her to the airport Tuesday when she took off for London and other parts.  We would like to get a card from her but that's rather doubtful.

I have been going on and on but will leave some space for Dad to add a note.  I wasn't sure the computer would work after Ginny, Wil and Laura kept fighting over whose turn it was to use it last night.  We are all to have lunch together at the Elks and then we will be on our [way] to the airport with Roberta with a possible stop at one of the two outlet malls on the way.

Wow, "Luscious" wears me out to think that she typed all this while I was resting. Anyway I better not hit the wrong keys to erase all this work she has put into this long letter.  Seriously, we do enjoy all the faithfulness that you all show in calling and writing.

[love, etc.]

Monday, May 02, 2016

1956 College St. House Timeline, April-May

April 23, 1956
Harold went up to see Raymond Deck about selling his vacant lot behind his house.  Wanted to think it over.

April 25
Dickering on a price – Raymond thought $1000 an acre (about 3 acres) but measured little over 2 acres.

April 27
Decided on price & he took off $100 in case of building parsonage.

April 28
Staked off lot – Daddy Uible & V. Huffman

May 7
Man from Hillsboro here & dug basement - Used to work with Daddy Uible  (Urick and Colliers)

May 8
Finished our basement & started on Schamauns [parsonage].

Saturday, April 30, 2016

1906 Nat to Lucie Letter -May 6

Lucie's father, Adrian Wilmer "A.W." Brown, whose health is mentioned in this letter, died ten days after the letter was written, May 16, 1906.  Born November 24, 1854, he was only 51 at the time of his death.

Paragraph breaks have been added for readability but grammar and alternate spellings, e.g. untill, have not been corrected.  Transcription follows the scanned letter and notes follow the transcription.

Home May 6 '06 [1906]

My Dear Lucie

Received your letter on Tuesday as usual and fully intended to answer on this but have been away from house and seemed couldn't get time untill today.

Lucie have thought the folks were writing to you discouragingly about your Papa and as he was so accustomed to these spells didn't think it would be long untill he would recover again and last evening when I saw him he seemed so much better.  He said he and your Mama were going down to see you on the Queen City leaving on Wednesday eve. so you will likely see them in a few days.  Do hope the trip will benefit him and he will enjoy it.

Our Organ is completed and will be dedicated on Tuesday eve.  Wish you were here to go along.  It is certainly fine and Mr. Richelson has been giving us some music on it every evening.  He plays fine and will no doubt have to play it more or less.  however Mrs. Trimble has been practicing and she thinks she will be able to get the music out of it.  Everybody's so enthusiastic about it.  Prof. Herbert Sisson of Cleveland gives the Recital and he comes well recommended.

Now must tell you about my trips to Pittsburgh to attend the Banquet of the Hancock County Colony.  It was in the Union Club in the Frick Building and was certainly a nice affair.  Mr. Marshall & I were the New Cumberland people who attended.  The Pugh family and the Mahans were the only ones from the County.  There were about one hundred and fifty there.  Send you one of the Menu Cards.

Met your Cousins Mrs. Scandrett [1] and Miss Alice Morrow [2] her sister.  Liked them very much and they were very nice to me during the whole evening.  They were with Mis Taylor, (Celia) Mr. Taylor & Mrs. McLane and they all asked about you all.  also saw Herman with a fine young lady forgot her name.  Saw the Justias [?] boys and their mother, all the Porters and the Stewarts and the Morans who were formerly from King Creek.  Bob Morrow [3] and I were together most of the evening.  The speeches were fine and very interesting as all the Speakers talked of the good times they had had and many incidents even related and stories told that happened before my time.  Now don't laugh!

Mr. R.H. Jackson made a very interesting talk and Mr. Ed Porter gave a good history of the many good times he and Mr. Linsey, George Stewart and others had years ago.  The crowd began to gather about 6 o'clock and after a general hand shaking and renewing of old acquaintances everybody was seated for Dinner about 7 o'clock which lasted for about an hour and a half.  Then the speeches began and lasted until after ten.  Then everyone had a general good time untill about 11:30 when they began to leave for home.  The Colony became a . . . .

[The conclusion to this letter is missing, though may only be temporarily lost if it was found separately in the archives with no date and has gotten separated from the first part of the letter.] 

* * * * * * * *

[1] Agnes Morrow Scandrett (1869-1953), daughter of James Elmore Morrow (1837-1904).  James was the older brother of Lucie's mother, Mary Virginia Morrow Brown (1857-1890).  Previous blog posts about Agnes, James, and the Morrow family can be found at these links –
[2] Alice Morrow (1871-1940), also daughter of James Morrow.

[3] Bob Morrow - relationship unknown

Thursday, April 28, 2016

1976 Catherine's Letter -May 4

May 4, 1976

Dear Mom, Dad, Roberta, and Mary,

Hi!  Thanks for your letter which arrived with John on Saturday.  He said he was going to write you Sunday evening so perhaps you have already heard the events of the weekend.  I think he had a good time – at least it was different from his Exeter life.

Gerry and I have decided that June 11 will be our last working day in Sanford.  We are hoping to start west on the 12th.  We may rent a U-Haul trailer to bring our winter clothes and other things we won't be needing right away as far as New Vienna.  Then you could ship them to us when we are more settled.  Otherwise we hope to get all our belongings in the car.  We're going to get a bike rack too.  I assume you won't have any extra space when you take John home.  If you do we will be glad to help you fill it up.

As far as the Memorial weekend is concerned you are welcome to come to Sanford anytime, although I would think it would be best for you to come Saturday afternoon or evening since you want to get started back to New Vienna on Sunday.  Gerry, Debby and I are planning to come to Exeter on Sunday for the graduation.

Well, let me know what your plans are.


P.S. X wants to know if Roberta has Dave Beatty's address.  Please send it if she has it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

1976 Roberta's letter to John -May 2

May 2, 1976
Dear John,

Hi!  I'm sitting back enjoying your stereo system – it has of course been kept in A-1 condition.  The house is quiet (except for the stereo) because Dad, Mom & Mary V went down to the ball game.

We're still working overtime [at Wells] – 9 hours a day but no Saturday work.  It makes for a long day but a good paycheck.  I've been helping Donna pack.  We've had alot of deals to go out – I think #320 – but I'm not always so good on my #'s.

Linda & David Trenary quit.  David missed 1 day of work – then the next day he wasn't going in so Linda took it upon herself to call in and say that they are both quitting.  Now there is a new woman in the braiding room from Wilmington.

Audrey – across the street had a little mishap – guess her hand went in the space that the paddle ball usually goes in – she broke 1 bone in her hand& crushed the others.  It made for alot of excitement at the time.  They called Donna – but the Emergency Squad took her to the hospital & all.

The Senior prom was this last weekend.  K.D. took Karen Henderson after all.  At least that is what I hear from Grandma – through Mrs. Rankin.  Grandma & her make quite a pair.

How is school?  Your days at Exeter are numbered?!

I've been trying to catch up on the news I missed while away – just yesterday I realized that Carter was a democrat.  I thought I'd be voting for him in the primary.

Sandy Hazelbaker is going to coach one of the teams (softball) this year – the little girls group.

Enclosed is article about Hudson Dream Farm ––


Sunday, April 24, 2016

1976 MV's Letter to John -Apr.25

(John) [referring to the sticker]

April 25, 1976
Dear John,

Hi!  As you can see I have not forgotten how to write!

Next Sunday Vanessa, Bert, Dad & I are going to see the Reds play the Expos.  We got Box seat tickets from Diamond International.

I have been planting in my garden.  So far I have onions, lettuce, broccoli, green beans, potatoes, corn and bachelor buttons (flowers).  The onions should be ready next week.

Liggets came over yesterday at 7:00 pm and left at 11:15 or 11:30.  When I went to bed Roberta was watching "Saturday Night."  I don't know whether or not she saw "Chevy Chase."

Nothing much is new at school other than the variety show the first of the month.

The Reds should have it easy next Sunday with the Expos.  They won yesterday and again today 7-0.

I am starting to have a collection of quarters.  I have 16 of them.

Am listening to the Reds game on radio. They are playing Phillies. The score is 9-9.  When I went to the last game I bought a yearbook.  So that's one thing I won't have to buy.

Well, better get to bed.

Mary Va. Uible

P.S. Please tell Bill Albret that if wants to call me names, he better write it to me and not in Jane Ann's letters.

Friday, April 22, 2016

1976 Catherine's Letter -Apr.24

April 24, 1976
Dear Mom, Dad, Roberta & Mary,

Hi!  Sorry I have been delayed in answering your last letter which did arrive on Monday.

The new library addition opened Monday so things have been hectic there.  We had to cut the hours from 54 hours/week to 39 hours because we haven't got more money from the town yet.  There will be a town meeting the middle of May so they may appropriate money then.

A new librarian has been hired – they interviewed 3 men – one refused the job offer and the Board didn't like the other two.  So they finally interviewed a woman and hired her.  She is to start May 3 and Dick's last day will be May 7.

Someone has signed a purchase agreement on X's house so he is pretty happy about that.  In some ways he hates to sell it though.

John is coming up next weekend I think.  He seems to be quite tired of the academic scene.  Perhaps the summer off will help.

Ask Roberta if she has read any books about Indian on the enclosed list.  I think most – if not all – of them are set in India.

Well, I have to get ready to go to work.


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

1986 Catherine's Letter -Apr.21

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Well, it looks like I'm finally going to be able to send the pictures to you.  Sorry it has taken so long.

Tonight is Wendy's spring concert – grades 1-6 all sing a few songs.  She plans to wear that white dress she got in Spokane.  She wore a sundress to school today – it's been so warm – 70º both yesterday and today.

I am going to the Washington Library Assoc. conference in Spokane on Friday and Saturday.  On Saturday there is only a one-hour session I need to go to so Wendy is coming with me.  A friend from Moscow and her 1st grade daughter are going with us.

In the mail today were some press-on name tags for Wendy.  I figured I'd better mark her clothes before she goes to camp this summer.  Now I just have to get out the iron and start "pressing."  Ugh!

I planted some onion sets, peas, radishes & spinach in the garden last week.  Nothings come up yet & the onions are looking rather limp but maybe this nice weather will help.  Also planted some tomatoes indoors – a few of them have come up.

Catherine, Gerry 
& Wendy

Saturday, April 16, 2016

1986 Family Letter -April 20

Sunday –
April 20, 1986
Dearest Family –

I am trying out GG's new typewriter and hopefully you will be able to read this without too much trouble.  It has been so very long since we last wrote to all of you but haven't had too many letters from you all with a few exceptions.

We have had rain all day today and it has been good for the soil but hard on the political signs.  We have three in our yard with others possibly coming.  Grandma called and she thought she shouldn't go to church this morning but Dad did get her in the van.  She had dinner at our house and then went home to take her nap, etc.  We did talk to the Hortons before she left.  They are leaving Tuesday for New York (and no doubt Lancaster) but coming back to Florida May 1.  They are planning to come to New Vienna High School Alumna Dinner & dance.  It is Aunt Mary's 55th and they are having another celebration that day too.  The Hortons plan to fly both trips Florida and People Express flights are hard to beat.

I don't know what I am doing wrong but every once in awhile it just refuses to type and the eraser isn't working too effectively.  I'll have to get further directions from someone – that is sure . .  A light comes on that says "D.Set" Set Wow ––

We have talked to all of you on the phone recently which makes letter writing less necessary.  Mary Virginia has been over the last two Saturdays and though the rain stopped her from working outside we did have more of a chance to visit.  They haven't set the dates for "Guys and Dolls" yet but have begun to work on it so it is probably the last part of May or first of June.  Graduation is the 14th or 15 of June so it will be before that.  MV has already made her reservations to fly to Amsterdam about June 26th and will be there for about 6 weeks – not there but traveling over much of central Europe – we tried to talk her into planning to stay over for a short time but felt like we had deaf ears for an audience . .  I am sure if she knew someone else would be doing the same it might be more enticing.  I can't believe she will be that anxious to get back to New Vienna.  Maybe Port William.

Serena is making some plans to go to Indiana University at Bloomington, as she is talking of making application to their library school.  Hopefully she and John can get together in Chicago in August when he is there for two weeks for Trust School.  We were glad to have had the chance to see Serena in coming and going through Chicago.

Roberta and Wendy plan to be here for a week starting June 17th. .  we hope John and X will be able to get down while they are here, plus we know that Grandma and us also would be glad to have them.  We do need G.G. here to help us "trainees."  This typewriter must have uncountable controls.  Roberta and Sid are doing much better on their new typewriter than we are here.  They are at a convention this weekend in their fifth wheel.

Had a great visit with the Morgans . . . yes, Wendy catches on quickly (like our children, naturally) and does know the different state capitols.  Both Washington State and British Columbia had impressive building and grounds for visitors like us to see.  We enjoyed seeing where Expo 86 will be held in Vancouver.  And Victoria was a lovely city as both Roberta and Grandma had said as well as others.  We also had a nice visit with the Nugents whom we had visited during the Seattle World Fair in 1962 – not too many remember them I am sure but they are not easy to forget.  We will tell anyone later.

[Love, etc.]

Thursday, April 14, 2016

1966 Congressman Clarence J. Brown letter -April 19

Clarence J. "Bud" Brown, born 1927, succeeded his father in the US Congress when he was elected in a special election to the 89th Congress due to the vacancy caused by the death of his father, U.S. Representative Clarence J. Brown Sr. in 1965.  He served until January 3, 1983.  He ran for Governor of Ohio in 1982 but lost to Richard Celeste.  He also served as the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce and Acting Secretary of Commerce, 1983-1988.  He grew up in Blanchester and has a bachelors degree from Duke University and a Masters from Harvard Business School.  Mike DeWine succeeded Brown in Congress.  [info from Wikipedia].  

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

1926 Ballantyne Ridge Ave. postcard -Apr.17

Ridge Ave. New Cumberland WV -real photo postcard mailed 1926 
[written in margin]  Doesn't it look lonesome. But wait until June.  Only sign life Aunt Mary's wash.
[Mary Conley Ballantyne & her husband, Charles "Alexander" Ballantyne and their children, lived in the house to the left of the Nat Ballantynes.  Assume the "wash" is the whiter specks behind the house on the far left.  In a magnification of the picture it appears there is a person leaning against the tree near the washing.]

Addressed to R.B. Ballantyne, 233 Ocean Ave., Daytona Beach, Florida

Sat. Apr ? [postmarked Apr 17, 1926 or possibly 1928, Pittsburgh]

Dear Bob and all,

About ready to leave for N.C. [New Cumberland] Aunt ______ is coming in to go along.

Fine day. Uncle Alex phoned. Roads were good.  Its awful lonesome down there (NC) Wish was going to Daytona, but have to stay and go to work so cannot say when I can get away.  Trust you all keep well.  Write often.

Love to all, Daddy [Nat Ballantyne]

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

1965-66 Serena (+MV) letter & Schedule

April 16, 1965
New Vienna, O.
Dear Grandma & Granddaddy,

Sorry to hear about your accident.  Hope you feel much better.

I still have the troll you gave me last year when you came home from Florida.

I decided to take cooking in 4H.  I am in Fun with Snacking & Packing.  Which is first year.  We have had two mettings [sic] already.

My next appointment with Dr. Hull or (orthodontist) May 1, 1965.  We go to Dr. Hause April 20, 1965.

Tomorrow we are going to Leesburgh [sic] on the train and then walking back on the tracks only this time we are going to take our luck [lunch?] with us, also the Beam boys are going with us.  Bruce really is for trains.  Well I better be closing now.

Your Grandaughter,
Serena Uible

[on the back side is a letter from MV "dictated" to and translated by Serena] 

Go Gah
bo bah, Ga
ba ba & coo,

sa ba bo aba ga                                  
ga ga baba

ba ba ba


April 16, 1965
New Vienna, O.
Dear Grandma & Granddaddy,

We miss you very much.
Your Youngest Grandaughter,
Mary V. Uible                        

Sunday, April 10, 2016

1966 MV's Sunday School Class -Easter April 10

New Vienna United Methodist Church Sunday School Class - Easter Sunday, April 10, 1966
First Row: Diane Pegan, Jill Allemang, Anita Penn, Kirk Carey, Shari Flint, Mary Virginia Uible.  Back Row: Chad Carey, Tammy Bartley, Tami Anderson, Susan Lacy, David Thornburg

Thursday, April 07, 2016

1976 Catherine's Letter -Apr.8

Thursday morning
April 8, 1976
Dear Mom, Dad, Roberta and Mary,

Hi!  Thanks for your latest letter.  I'm glad you liked the card.  I hope you have gotten the package by now.

I talked to John on the phone last night.  Gerry and I are taking him out to dinner on Saturday.  I'm not sure yet if Gerry's sister will be going with us.  John said he hadn't heard from you yet.  He is counting the days he has left.

I have been bowling once this week and got an average of 83 which is good for me.

Nothing is any more definite as to the wedding plans.  I'm pretty sure we will get married here because that would enable us to start west all the sooner.  We should know by sometime in May when we will be able to leave.

I envy you people your early spring.  The grass here isn't even green yet.  The days are getting longer though and some of the trees are beginning to bud.

We went down to the beach last Sunday.  Some restaurants are beginning to open up and train their summer help.  Most places don't open until May.

Well, I have to be at work by ten so I better get a move on.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Tuesday, April 05, 2016

1996 Family Letter -April 7

April 7, 1996

Dear Family,

First, thanks for the anniversary cards and / or calls this week.  We had several conflicts on the actual day, but did make the library circuit and eating out on the day before.

The big news is that we reached Serena on the phone and met her today for lunch in Cincinnati.  Going to meet her again in another two weeks.  She told us that she is recuperating from mono.  On May 8th she plans to go to England for four weeks.  We also talked about the possibility of her meeting Roberta on May 5th and their going on to Newark, where we could join them the next afternoon for Kate's birthday party.

As you can see we are trying out different type of fonts but haven't settled on any one yet.  We also have an encyclopedia with the computer so can use it in our spare time.  It has been a snowy.  [sic]  Thankfully it doesn't last (the snow, that is).  We changed the bulletin board at the church and about froze before we finished on account of the icy wind, but didn't think we needed to have the Easter schedule up any longer.

Wish that at least one of you would be on hand for the UMW Guest night coming up this Tuesday. It's to be at the Senior Citizens Building and a pot luck followed by 5 clowns from the First Church of Christ of Wilmington.  I've got to wrap door prizes for it and blow up balloons we are using for decorations.  Guess who is President of the NVUMW?

It is now on "cuckoo" font – sorry I thought it was but it is "jester" yet.  Mary Virginia just called and said that beside her other activities of Easter morning that she had invited 11 guests for dinner.  She didn't come home to dress Ginny for Sunday School and church and Don had done a good job but her dress was on backwards with pocket and flowers in the back.

Judy Henderson McCord and her mother fixed breakfast for the ones who stayed after the sunrise service.  The youth put on a short skit and the choir sang some special numbers.  By the way Judy said she is going with Kevin Croghan now and has so much more in common with him than her first husband.  Kevin also brought his granddaughter (his step daughter's baby – they all live with him so it may be some mixed up family if Kevin and Judy ever marry.

Sorry we couldn't make it to lunch with John, Julie, Kate and the Ashcrafts.  We would have liked to but knew timewise it wasn't feasible.  Four weeks from today Kate will be celebrating her birthday – hard to believe that she will be three.  Roberta will be coming into Columbus the day before.  And the day after Mary Virginia will be bringing Ginny to visit us for a few days.  That will be a busy week end plus!

Things are busy at the office . . . the home stretch for tax returns is here.  On the contested estate matter we won on the first round in the local court, and now the opposition has appealed the case.  Hopefully there will not be a conflict with our June trip to Europe . . . not to mention the Montana plans.

[Remainder is handwritten, the personalized part]

Glad to get a report on your activities by phone from you & today from Roberta.  She seemed real pleased with Wendy joining them for lunch & church.  Said how very thin she's getting & how nice she looked!

Really like the Encarta on the computer now we just need the knowledge of what key(s) to punch.

Mother & Dad

Sunday, April 03, 2016

1996 Happy Anniversary HH & Jean -Apr.3

Sixty-eight years ago, April 3, 1948, our personal family life began with the marriage of Harold Hiestand and Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible.

Full of sweetness and joy and peace, 
marriage is a gift from above.
While the years seem to fly
– none can deny –
that time only strengthens true love.

Not a fancy card – but hope it conveys my Appreciation & Admiration!  Happy 48 !!

Thanks to both of you we have many Happy Memories (tho not always in a neat photo album!) – to enjoy & cherish!  

I just don't know how you all survived w/ the five of us!  I remember Easter – with the egg decorating / hiding / finding – the outfits that matched – getting up early for Sun Rise Service – your anniversary I remember the most was when I was in FLA  (73 or 74) & the      ?      hit ZXenia! (I still can't spell!)  [Tornado hit Xenia April 3-4, 1974]

I'm very thankful for all – but I'm especially thankful that you both had your priorities straight & how each day would start w/ the Upper Room – God & an every day FAITH was an important part of our upbringing!  (+ states & their capitals!)

I'm sorry I missed little Joseph's memorial service.

Lots of love,
Roberta & Sid

Saturday, April 02, 2016

1996 Happy Anniversary Eve HH & Jean -Apr.2

How sweet the years have been . . . .

     the message is from John but the picture is from the card Roberta sent.  Her message will be posted next.

Items from Uible photo album