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Switzerland - April 19-21, 1954

The 1954 Europe trip continues, traveling from Austria to Switzerland.
Switzerland postcard to M/M CJ Uible - April 20, 1954

20 April 1954
Now waiting for our lunch here in Interlochen Lucerne.  Came down here by train from Zurich (which is our headquarters on our stay in Switzerland.)  From here to Brunnen by boat across the lake and from there to Zurich again on the train.
Meeting many interesting people who recommend various travels, hotels, etc.  Heard Switzerland was very expensive but haven't found it so – thus far.  Wonderful chocolate and good milk.  Winter coats feel so good.  Love, Harold and Jean
Zurich postcard to Mrs. NW Ballantyne - April 20, 1954
We like Switzerland very much – the little we have seen of it.  Staying in Zurich and going today to Lake Lucerne by train.  Take boat across the lake to Brunnen and back to Zurich.  People said Switzerland was so expensive and Austria so cheap but we've found both very reasonable.  The chocolate here is delicious.  Last night they served a canned pear covered with chocolate sauce and whipped cream (the hotel's dessert.)  We've had snow and rain off and on for five days.  Pretty today but cold for spring.  We'd be frozen without our winter coats.  All our very best love, Harold and Jean
Herzliche Wunsche to Catherine & Roberta 4/20/54
4/20/54 [Heartfelt Wishes from Geburtstag]
We are on the train waiting to go to Lucerne - 25 miles.  There we are going to take a little boat trip.  We have seen lots of snow up in the mountains, if you two were here we would make a snowman.  If you go to our house you look in the World Book and see Switzerland pictures.  We get breakfast with our room and Mommie got plenty of hot chocolate.  They brought her a pitcher that held 3 cups, also rolls and bread with butter and jelly.  We see lot of people with skis, also bikes.  It is now lunch time and bought about a quart of milk which we had with some pastries.  Mommie washed her hair in Austria.  
XXX Daddy

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1984 Catherine's Postcard -Apr.20

The Hilltop Steak House was a favorite stop for Gerry's folks between Boston and Sanford. The hanging meat isn't very appealing to me.  As I recall I usually had fish, even though I wasn't as anti-meat then as I am now.  Though the card is originally from New England, it was mailed from Madras, postmarked Bend, Oregon.  Transcription follows.
 Hilltop Steak House, Saugus MA postcard -mailed 1984
Part of Caption: Photographs – Top to Bottom:
Frank Guiffrida's Hilltop Steak House
"Dodge City," with its western cocktail bar
"Sioux City," featuring a 28 foot fieldstone fireplace
"Kansas City" (not shown)
Walk-in refrigerator aging 1500 loins of beef

4-20-84 Good Friday.  We had a good dinner here in 1981.

Last weekend we had an excellent dinner at a Swiss restaurant near Rippling River [near Mt. Hood] – I had escargot.

Wendy has been enjoying the books you sent her for Easter.  We had a meeting w/school officials and decided to terminate her special educ. program.  She has made big progress and is up to her level now.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

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1984 Sid's Letter -Apr.17

Sid writes a good letter, but my transcription time doesn't allow for the entire letter to be included. The first paragraph and excerpts are included below.

Note from Roberta written at the top:
Hi!  I'm not sure how you all rated copy#1!  Sid says letter full of mistakes better than no letter!

Tuesday, 4/17/84

Dear everyone,

Here goes one of these long winded epistles but it is typed so it won't be as hard to rad and if you go to sleep before you finish it, well, just don't tell me about it.  First, we just always talk about the weather.  Hit 101 in Phx yesterday and any way you cut it 101 in April is plenty warm.  We recently broke a record for the longest dry spell - about 92 days I believe.  The pool is warming up nicely and I think I'll take the big splash sometime this week.  There are a couple of sweeps that need putting back on and I must get into the water in order to do this.  Mowed the grass today; it has been greening up quite nicely.  Have faertilized [sic] it a couple of times already and will give it another shot tomorrow.  The petunias and marigolds are blooming nicely in the back yard and in fact, with the heat, it is becoming a problem to keep them going.  The desert daisies are already starting to wilt back.  Should be a a good warm summer.  Haven't turned the A/C on yet but it won't be long.  The ladies in the houses do have their A/C on and they are already squabbling over it - those that have arthritis can't stand it oo [sic] cold and those that don't want it about freezing.  The thermostats have covers on them so the ladies can't get at them but there is a suspicion that some of the more agile ones know how to get around the covers.  That should be enough on the weather.

Haven't talked to Judy yet about their trip to Acapulco but will try to call her tomorrow night to learn the details.  Just finished getting out the NARFE Newsletter and got a much better copy this time than last.  Used Roberta's typewriter with a one-time ribbon and it made a fantastic copy.  Then the Credit Union, that reproduces it for free in return for advertising space, had it copied rather than printed . . . . About 20 went yesterday to see "Terms of Endearment".  Roberta said she felt a little ill at ease having taken them.  R & I did see Robin Williams in "Moscow on the Hudson" last Saturday nite and "Police Academy" another night.

Roberta has been in a Weight Watchers diet and has had considerable success.  She must be down close to 15 lbs in three weeks.  She has stuck to the diet without deviation.  Tonight R had cod and baked potato (no butter), spaghetti squash, broccoli, and W/W ice cream.  Serena and I had BLT's with french fries, broccoli, and cherry turnovers with ice cream.

On 5/5 R & I are going to Yuma and will stay in the Suni-Sands Trailer Park.  On 5/7 Roberta will take a bus to El Cajon (near San Diego) to visit her friend Lois Bruce.  You step-daughters out there; don't forget your wicked step-mother's birthday on 5/14 which is when we come back.

I think I may have told you that when R was in Florida, Margaret, the last original resident, fell out of bed ... later in the day she passed away while sitting outside smoking a cig.  Had h heart attack and that was it.

Love ------------------Sid and Roberta

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1994 Bexhill Postcard -Apr.15

HH and Jean start their trip to England with a visit to Sid's daughter, Cynthia.  A few entries from HH are included below followed by a postcard Jean wrote to Wendy and her parents upon their arrival.  Transcription follows.

From HH 1994 Diary:
Friday, April 15, 1994 - [England] Rental car from Alamo, 2 weeks for $330, drove down to Bexhill where we saw Cynthia and she had [arranged] a B&B for us -- Mrs. Hill's at 33 Woodville Rd., 30# a night, about $45.  We had lunch at Cooden Bay Hotel.

Saturday, April 16, 1994 - [England]  Drove to Canterbury, about 5:00 we were at Battle Abbey and coming down the steps from the museum when Jean's ankle cracked.  They were having a convention of M.D.'s in Hastings who were visiting the Abbey and were helpful.  They took her by ambulance to Conquest Hospital in Hastings, actually St. Leonards-on-Sea.  After x-rays she was put in a 6-unit ward in Cooker Orange Hospital just two years old.  We had tickets for the evening program, but....

Sunday, April 17, 1994 - [England] Cynthia rotates around to 19 churches on the circuit.  She had the service at the church near the library in Bexhill, then in the evening at the Springfield Road [Christchurch Methodist] Church in Bexhill.  They were having their annual meeting at 6:30, plenty of snacks.  Enjoyed talking with Virginia _______, who had been to Romania on a mission trip and had stayed on because of illness of daughter's boyfriend.  They put a plate on Jean's ankle and also a pin.

Monday, April 18, 1994 - [England] Moved to the Chimes in Silver Hill area of Hastings. Had nice front room over the dining area for 15# per night and also more choice for breakfast. Peggy Pealle died at 69, retired 9/93 after 24 years as County Treasurer.

Tuesday, April 19, 1994 - [England] Walked out to the hospital and then in the afternoon took bus T105 to the old town and then walked back to the hotel. [Also on this date in 1999, HH shared the news about the closing of Wells with office staff.]

Wednesday, April 20 1994 - [England] Went to Bexhill, lost the bank card in the machine -- wrong # -- met Virginia in the Public Library and then tea when I ran into her on the street. She was nice to come to the hospital to see Jean and brought flowers. Cynthia and Murray also came several times to the hospital. Trying to get Jean to use the elbow crutches or a walker, she likes the latter. The hospital was free but for the walker and the x-ray.

Thursday April 21, 1994 - [England] Jean discharged from hospital about 4PM and we went to Brighton at West Beach Hotel, very near the old pier and had room in front.
[Diary continued in a future post.]

Bexhill-on-Sea postcard -mailed 1994
   1994 Jean's postcard to Morgans from Bexhill -Apr.15
Arrived here about 9:30AM after getting rental car at Alamo – Vauxhall at Gatwick airport – trip didn't seem too long.

Plan to see a Gilbert & Sullivan live Show here tomorrow night & will go to Cynthia's church on Sunday – it's a super busy weekend for her so won't really get together til Monday!

Much love, Dad & Mother

Vienna, Austria - April 16-17, 1954

1954 Itinerary:
Mon. March 15 - flew from ? to NYC via Pittsburgh on TWA
Weds. March 17 - dinner with Luna and Bob Herron and 3 children at their house
Fri. March 19 - board Saturnia or Vulcania
- First stop at Lisbon, Portugal
- Second stop at Gibralter
Mon. March 29 - Barcelona
Tues. March 30 - Genoa
Wed. March 31 - Sorrento
Thurs. April 1 - Monreale, Sicily
Friday April 2 Palermo
Saturday April 3 Capri, Naples
Sunday April 4-9 - Rome
Friday April 9-12 - Florence
Tues. April 13-14 Salzburg Austria
Weds. April 15-19 Vienna Austria

Sicily Map Card from Vienna to Catherine & Roberta - April 16, 1954
From Vienna to Catherine & Roberta - Friday, April 16, 1954
[Front of postcard's Sicily map is from the stop in Sicily on April 1]
4/16/54 Here we are in "Vienna."  Stayed Wednesday night in Salzburg.  It is cold – a little snow and a little rain and they are tight with the heat.  We have a big room here @3$ a night, lunch cost 50¢ and supper 60¢.  We are going to the concert tonight.  You see a lot of bomb damage around here, but would not know you were in the Russian Zone [1945-55].  We had to get a special card to get in, a formality.  Vienna is pretty and worth the departure from our rough plans.  We are going to leave Sunday night for Zurich, Switzerland.  We have seen some big mountains snow covered. XXX Mommie & Daddy
Vienna Austria postcard - April 17, 1954
Vienna postcard to M/M CJ Uible - April 17, 1954
Spent the day walking around riding the streetcars, saw the special tombs and the Hofburg Palace  – 23 rooms – makes one appreciate modern conveniences.  This is a picture of the Opera House which was bombed during the war and they are rebuilding it now.  There is a lot of bomb damage.  It is hard here to find even postcards, etc., quite unlike Italy.  We are gong to an American Church tomorrow.  Saltzburger Nockerel [?] Zurich Monday.  –H&J
Vienna postcard to Mrs NW Ballantyne - April 17, 1954

Vienna postcard to Mrs NW Ballantyne - April 17, 1954
[Saturday] 4/17/54
Arrived in Vienna Thursday from Salzburg.  Had planned to stay there but terrible rain turned to snow.  Its lovely here but oh so cold for spring.  The food is delicious and we have a huge warm room – We're going to Schönbrunn tomorrow.  It used to be the summer place for the Austrian royalty.  We went to their winter palace (Hofburg) today and also the Imperial Tombs, both very interesting.  Plan to attend church at a military chapel (U.S.), our first church service since New Vienna.

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1984 Roberta's postcard to Wendy -Apr.11

Roberta sends an animal postcard from the zoo to six-year-old Wendy.  From the postmark on the picture side it appears the postcard made a side trip to Hermiston, Oregon.  Transcription follows.
1984 Roberta's Zebra postcard to Wendy -Apr.11
Captioned: Grant's Zebra - Phoenix Zoo, Phoenix, Arizona
The stripes of the Grant's Zebra act as camouflaging by breaking up the animal's silhouette.  Photo by John Heyer.

Hi, Wendy,
We were at the zoo today – fed the left over popcorn to the birds – they loved it!  Do write us!  When do you go to Ohio?

Love, Roberta & Sid

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2004 Catherine's postcard to Wendy -Apr.

2004 North Carolina Map postcard from Catherine to Wendy
Captioned: North Carolina "Tar Heel State, Old North State."
Capital: Raleigh.  Area: 52,712 sq. miles.  Motto: Esse Quam Videri, To Be Rather Than To Seem.  Flower: Dogwood.  Bird: Cardinal.  12th of the Original 13 States.
Hi!  Thanks for the airport transportation service.  We did have a good time but won't add Raleigh to the list of places we would want to revisit – still no place like New Orleans – or home for that matter!  When will we get to see your mosaic?  The butterfly design sounds cool.  Did you find out what the hours are for the butterfly thing at the Botanical Garden?  Let me know what will work for you.  I'll try to check on the Penelope Lively and Alice Hoffman books today.  Love, Mom

2004 Catherine's postcard to Wendy -Apr.13
Caption same as above.
Hi, Wendy!  Happy 10 days before the 23rd!  Hope you are feeling better.  Thanks for the Kartchner card.  Glad to hear of your health focus.  I just read in my Simple Abundance book that the best diet is one of "Self-Love" – the one that works best for your personal long term well being.  The newspaper today says eat healthy 80% of the time.  Let's still try to get to the Botanical Gardens and hit some golf balls in the near future.  I love you and I'm very proud to be your mother.  Love, Mom

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1974 Catherine's Letter to MV -Apr.12

April 12, 1974
Dear Mary,

Hi! Sorry I have taken so long to answer your last letter.  It was good to talk to you last Saturday.

We had a real bad snow storm (the worst one of the year on Tuesday & Wednesday.  The library was closed on Tuesday because of it and the schools were closed on Wednesday.  Next Monday we have the day off as it is Patriot's Day (only celebrated in Maine and Massachusetts).  The schools will be closed all week for spring vacation.

Somebody is coming to pick up the first puppy tomorrow, and then 3 more will be leaving the middle of next week.  They are now able to get in and out of their pen but they have yet to wander out of the one room in the basement.  It won't be long though and they'll be all over the house.

I hear you've been doing some cooking.  Are you taking cooking in 4-H?  I made a new kind of cookies yesterday called "Chocolate Crinkles" but X wasn't overly wild about them.

Hope to hear from you again soon.

Love, Cathy

Venice, April 12-13, 1954

1954 Itinerary so far:
Mon. March 15 - flew from ? to NYC via Pittsburgh on TWA
Weds. March 17 - dinner with Luna and Bob Herron and 3 children at their house
Fri. March 19 - board Saturnia or Vulcania
? - First stop at Lisbon, Portugal
? - Second stop at Gibraltar
Mon. March 29 - Barcelona
Tues. March 30 - Genoa
Wed. March 31 - Sorrento
Thurs. April 1 - Monreale, Sicily
Friday April 2 Palermo
Saturday April 3 Capri, Naples
Sunday April 4-9 - Rome
Friday April 9-12 - Florence
Monday April 12 Venice
Venice card to  Mrs. NW Ballantyne - April 12, 1954

Monday, 12 April 1954
Arrived in Venice this afternoon and have walked from the Rialto Bridge back to our hotel after taking a public motor boat up there.  Either you walk to where you're going or take a gondola or motor boat.  Not cars, no buses, taxis or anything else.  Plenty of little shops.  I'm watching for your pretty Venetian beads but all are real large so far but hope to find small ones like yours.  All our very best love, Harold & Jean
Venice postcard sent April 12, 1954 to CJU's and Mrs. NWB
Venice card to M/M CJ Uible - April 12, 1954
[To M/M CJ Uible] Monday, 12 April 1954
[Written by Jean:] Arrived in Venice this afternoon and have seen part of the town by motor boat and a lot by foot.  Found a hotel near the station 3600 lira [Written by HH:] including supper.  All these hotels have a fellow at the station trying to sell you – but we do better shopping around.  We had linen sheets (now Tues.) on the bed here.  Water is the streets and seems damp with no heat.  This bridge here is lined with shops.  No building lots at all in this town.  They say now is a good time to be here due to the smell.  Hope you had a * mail over the weekend.  [* Express mail?] – H&J 

Venice postcard sent to Catherine & Roberta - April 13, 1954
Note on front of card: 13 April 1954 Get on the ship in England 1 month from today.
We rode in a gondola like the one in the picture.  A lot [or it's not] like Lake Cowan – are you two ready for a picnic?  Leaving here at 6:26 AM tomorrow for Salzburg, Austria where we will be tomorrow night.  We went shopping today and bought cheese, ham, bread, butter, apples, oranges to eat tomorrow.  We see lots of signs in German now and can only guess what they mean.  Wonder if Roberta talks more yet?  Love & XXX, Daddy & Mommy

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1974 Roberta Letter -Apr.12

April 12, 1974
Dear Family,

Hi!  The 1st part of the movie "The Greatest Story Ever Told" just came on so decided it would be a good time to quit studying & write a few letters (& also watch the movie).

First off – Wednesday I really lightened my heavy load (HO, HUM!) I dropped the course "population & Urbanization!"  I'm just not that good of a student to take 20 hours – plus I just didn't feel like being bothered!!  The course was really way beyond me – I was just taking it as an elective – where the other 3 courses I'm still taking now are all requirements.  Hopefully now maybe I'll come up w/some good grades this quarter now!!  Also I've decided I'm going to buy a new swimsuit & start going to the beach.  I refuse to go back to Ohio looking pale!!

Mother – "the purses" came today – of all days when we didn't think there would be mail service (because of it being Good Friday).  Aunt Mary really liked her purse – it's very pretty w/ the red initials.  And my purse is just the right size – and of course the right color.  (BROWN) [HA]  Thanks alot Mother.  They came before they were supposed to – didn't she say they would come about the 1st of May?  I think I'll write her & pay for the postage of them to get here.

Today the stock market was closed & no school but Weight Watchers have no holidays!  Our class met as usual – though we had very few people there.  Only 11 people – you know the Jews have been having their holidays & I'm afraid that alot of them might have gained.  Once they gain – they may never be back!   had 5 people this morning that were eligible for a pin because they had come for 16 weeks – if they had lost 10 or more pounds.  Well, of that 5 – only 1 of them had lost more than 10 pounds.  Really a good group huh – you can see how hard they work on it.  For some reason all the groups that meet at the mall seem to be like this – I think most of them come just to go somewhere or they just plan (& enjoy) on getting out & shopping & eating out!!!

Remember when we went to Cincinnati – or was it Columbus – to see this movie?  I remember how LONG it was!

I work tomorrow & then I don't work again till next Thursday – what a good feeling!!  The Monday after Easter the Hallmark Man will be there to pull off all the Easter cards & put out the Mother's Day cards!!

My girl-friend Nancy is coming over tomorrow night & then we are planning on getting up for the Sunrise service. Easter Sunday the L.W. Lions club has both breakfast & lunch pancake meal out at the park.  Since Uncle Bill has to be out there & Aunt Mary doesn't like pancakes & Grandma & I can't eat them we are going to go to Bonanza to eat lunch.  Aunt Sarah is also going to go w/ us.

Mother – if you can do try to find Grandma some salt-free food before she gets home.  Esp. bread, butter & anything else you can find.  (ie – cottage cheese, hard cheese, cereal, crackers, etc.)  OH – she especially likes to have some salt free cookies – she uses them to help get down her pills.  This is good – because she is so limited on her water.  I've found alot of things at the different health food stores around – but alot of groceries have diet sections you might check out. 

John – thought you might be interested in where judge Gayliardi went to school!

We had a nice letter from Catherine – she said she had lost about 7 pounds & wants to lose 10 more.  Grandma nearly had a fit!

As for myself – I'm still pretty upset w/ my dear Doctor Schnebly & his friend Dr. Thompson!  I manage to stay about 8 or 9 pounds more than where I'd like to be!  I talked to the health service down at school & they said that that's to be expected but that alot of it might be fluid.

Well – I've got 1 more orange to eat.  Did you watch the movie – NO – I guess you're "lodging" it tonight!

Love, Berta

Florence-Pisa, Italy April 11, 1954

Leaving Rome on April 9, 1954, HH and Jean travel by train to Florence, about 180 miles north.   While in Florence they also make a side trip to Pisa to see the famous leaning tower.  Pisa is some 60 miles west of Florence.  Two postcards with the same picture of the Leaning Tower were sent and one more Easter card as shown below.
Easter postcard from Florence to Mrs. NW Ballantyne April 10, 1954
[Saturday] April 10, 1954
Arrived in Florence yesterday after taking the train from Rome.  It's a beautiful city with so many interesting little shops – especially on one of the bridges across the Arno River.  We start sightseeing this am.  Plan to go to Pisa to see the Leaning Tower there, perhaps Sunday.  All our best love, Harold & Jean
Leaning Tower of Pisa postcard sent to M/M CJU - April 11, 1954
Sunday, 11 April, 1954
[Jean writes:] Just got back to Florence after going to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa – one of the Seven Wonders of the World* – climbed clear to the very top of it and oh the steps! – 297 of them.  [HH writes:] About 50 miles over.  Our heavy coats feel good today.  Plan to leave tomorrow for Venice.  [Have] Seen several women washing clothes on the rocks along the river.  Tell Catherine & Roberta that I remember this from history.  –H&J

[Jean to her Mother] Sunday 11 April 1954
Winter coats feel good here.  Just got back to Florence after going to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa – one of the Seven Wonders of the World* – it really leans – climbed clear to the top of it – the very top – no elevator and oh the steps.  Will probably leave Florence tomorrow for Venice.  All our very best love, Harold and Jean

*The Leaning Tower of Pisa is on the list of the Seven Wonders of the Medieval World, which follows: 

  1. Stonehenge
  2. Colosseum
  3. Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa
  4. Great Wall of China
  5. Porcelain Tower of Nanjing
  6. Hagia Sophia
  7. Leaning Tower of Pisa
Other sites sometimes included on such lists:
Taj Mahal, Cairo CitadelEly CathedralCluny Abbey

    The Seven Wonders of the Ancient WorldThe historian Herodotus (484 – ca. 425 BCE), and the scholar Callimachus of Cyrene (ca. 305 – 240 BCE) at the Museum of Alexandria, made early lists of seven wonders but their writings have not survived, except as references. The seven wonders included:

    The earliest lists had the Ishtar Gate as the seventh wonder of the world instead of the Lighthouse of Alexandria.
    The list known today was compiled in the Middle Ages—by which time many of the sites were no longer in existence. Today, the only ancient world wonder that still exists is the Great Pyramid of Giza.

    Wednesday, April 09, 2014

    1954 HH Letter from Italy

    The intrepid travelers arrive in Firenze [Florence], staying at the Albergo Bonciani hotel. Here is a link to the hotel website – looks like a nice place! Dad will have to enlighten us as to how much it has changed in the 60 years since their first visit.  No indication to whom this was mailed – the CJ Uibles most likely (if they were home from Florida) but possibly Wells.  Transcription follows.

    Saturday, April 10th

    We left Rome yesterday at 8 A.M. & arrived here at 12:15, a distance of 184 miles.  We came 3rd class on the train, which was 1836 lire as against 3100 each for 2nd class.  The European trains have the aisle down one side with compartments – 2nd class they hold 6 people, 3rd class 8 people – but there were only 5 of us in our compartment so had plenty of room.  They were all students.

    Saw several teams of oxen plowing yesterday with their wood plows, also people breaking up the clods by hand.  Their farms are about one garden size. 

    Say if you see any good prospective renters for the vacant apt. rent it to them @$20.  I had hoped Mrs. Frost might want it again, but I don't know what her situation is now.  Would rather have it vacant than the wrong people.

    We walked around town yesterday afternoon & evening & bought a guide book which we we have read upon & will start out today to see the sights.  Florence is quite an old town & has its share of magnificent public bldgs & churches.  It is quite a leather center & the main bridge over the Arno is lined with little shops.  There are lots of little places where you can get snacks – all kind of pastries, beverages and sandwiches – where we usually make one meal a day anyway.  Also lot of fruit stands & they have wonderful pears – grown from around Venice [?? looks like Vemince, but Venice is about the right amount of miles] – 170 miles more.

    Motor bikes, etc. are as prevalent as auto & it seems that half the people walk in the street – so maybe we should have taken out that accident ins. that the travel man wanted to sell us – Ha.

    The hotels have radiators in the room, but use them from 11/1 to 3/15 & then they charge extra for the heat – 400 lire (625 to the $) the hotels have dim lights – about 40 watt, so we added to our equipment a 100 watt.

    Believe our next mail stop is Frankfort, Germany, where we should be passing thru in about two weeks.  Glad we are on our own & not on a conducted tour.

    Coming over on the boat we turned up our clock 42 min. each night so that now we are six hours ahead of Ohio, which difference we haven't really got use to yet!  Just this letter so please take or mail on out to the Johnsons. 

    – Harold & Jean

    Tuesday, April 08, 2014

    1974,1984 Roberta's Letters -Apr.9

    [4/9/74 - mailed with GHU letter]

    Know you all will have a fantastic Easter w/ C.W. [Cris] there! I'm hoping to get up for the sunrise service – it's at 6:45 A.M – well – time will tell –

    Have a great Easter!  We read about Wilmington in the Wall Street Journal – WOW!

    Love, Berta

    * * * * *

    Dear Folks,

    Hi!  Our May 'Vacation' plans are now made.  Plan to leave here Saturday May 5th to Yuma.  Will have a day or two to see the sights & then Sid's conference starts on Monday – lasts thru Wednesday.  On Wednesday aftn we will head toward San Diego – and be there till Sunday May 13th.

    Have reservations in both places to PARK the 5th Wheel – both parks are rated '9' on the Good Sam Club Scale – with a 10 being tops.  Both have swimming pools – I'll probably get some good swimming/sunning esp. in Yuma while Sid is conferencing.

    I got a Richard Simmons exercise tape – we have been using it.  I've also been to the water exercise group at the spa.  [Would that be Cortez Pool?]  In fact I have blisters now on the bottom of my feet from it.  Serena went swimming this AM before work – rode bike up there & back.

    Lots of changes happening at work.  Ann Pierson is planning on leaving Long Term Care.  She has applied for Director's job at Mesa Sr. Center – will find out next week.  She used to be Asst. Director there.

    Starting July 1st all residents will be getting back $47.10 per month from county.  No matter how much there income is or what size room they have here.  County will take over all buildings – which is fine with me!

    Tomorrow Sr. Village goes to the zoo  we got 30 free passes – worth $4 per person!  Plan to have a picnic lunch afterwards.

    Hope you all are dong fine ––

    Love, Roberta

    Easter Cards from Rome 1954

    Easter card to Roberta from Italy - April 8, 1954

    Weds. April 7 [1954]
    Hi, Roberta, we had spinach and cauliflower for vegetables last night.  There are lots of little stores selling pastries, fruit and milk.  We bought this card in a 5&10.  Buona Pasqua means Happy Easter and you will have to wear your new dress then.  Do you still have the bird pictures over your bed?  Read in the paper where you had snow on the 5th. XXXX D&M
    Easter card to Catherine from Italy - April 7, 1954

    Weds. April 7 [1954]

    Hi, Catherine, how do you like these different picture cards? Have you gotten any alike yet? Thought you would like this card for Easter and Roberta can tell you what Buona Pasqua means. Have you tried out your new shoes yet? Does our grass need mowing yet? You ask Granddad to get someone to mow it for us, maybe Newt. Mommie and Daddy have ridden a lot of buses here in Rome, but not streetcars yet. XXXXX Mommie & Daddy
    Easter card to Mrs NW Ballantyne from Italy - April 8, 1954

    Happy Easter! - 8/4/54
    Dearest Mother, This is our last full day in Rome – this trip, as we leave tomorrow for Florence.  Preparations are really getting underway for Holy Week here.
    We have seen a lot still much yet to come back to see.
    Sent letter on to Mother Uible to send on to you (our 2nd from Eliz.)  Hope to hear from you and her here. 
    All our very best love, Harold & Jean
    Easter card to Catherine & Roberta from Italy - April 8, 1954
    We got a letter yesterday from Grandma, who said they would see you soon!  No other letters here.  We saw 2 big churches today – St. Peter's and St. Paul's.  We get around town pretty well on the bus and streetcar.  How do you like the new calf?  You will have to show him to Granddad.  We see people everyday that we remember from the Saturnia.  We have been to the grocery twice and bought milk and there's lots of fruit stands where we buy fruit.  Say hello to Granddad and Grandma for us. XXX  M&D

    Monday, April 07, 2014

    1974 GHU Letter -Apr.8

    Note from Roberta added at the bottom of the back page is also transcribed below.  The date is inferred from the envelope which is postmarked 8 Apr 1974, and a look at the April 1974 calendar which indicates April 8, 1974 was a MondayRoberta must have made a trip to the post office after the letter was written to have it be postmarked the same day.  The envelope has an 8¢ Eisenhower stamp and a 2¢ Frank Lloyd Wright stamp attached for those of you interested in the philatelic information.

    Mon. evening
    Dear Family –

    Received your letter to-day.  I sure am sorry about the check & of course will wonder what happened to it & hope no one tries to cash in on it.  I had hoped that some one might find it & return to me, but no luck so far.  In the near future will send you a duplicate for the same amount.

    Looks as if the church has a problem to raise that given amount but I guess if we all give "generously" it can be met.  Will try to give my share when I get home.  Right now I am getting papers ready to send out to my Dr. & hospital bills paid by medicare Ins. Total about $1700.00  It is a crime the way they charge, but what can a person do but go along.  I know that my right foot is better but my left is not doing so well.  At least I went to church service Sun. & was able to wear my shoes.  Cris took me & we used the wheel chair.  I want to go to Sun school & service next Sun. if all is well.

    The Lions have their pancake day at the th Park but Mary & I don't plan to go as there will be salt in everything & Mary doesn't like pancakes anyway.  Roberta will be home for the store closes for Easter.

    I had Cris to order my plane ticket Sat. for the 27th so hope you can meet me in Cin. that evening Harold I am not sure of the time Harold but I believe it is 5:35 P.M.  Will let you know later.  I wrote to Mrs. Wilson to day hoping she will open up the house once more.  So you two can make your plans hopefully for about the week of the 21st.

    Jean if you are any place where a health store operates will you please get me some food that is salt free.  That is going to be my problem.  I may like to stay a couple of days with you until I get Marie started again.  I plan to write a note to her soon.  Since I don't walk as much as I did I may have a little trouble but I don't think so.  With Mary V's help things will go along fine.  We enjoyed your type written letter.  (Hope the letter with church check) & Mary V money was sealed & reach N.V. all right.

    Cris is getting ready to leave us Wed.  He plans to spend a little time with his girl friend in Atlanta.  He made a good Mulberry pie last week.  I cut the stems off for him & then Fri. we tried bread.  He made 3 loaves & it was very good.  He enjoys baking.

    Notice in the News J. that Mr. Ridgeway is trying to stir up something. 

    [part from Grandma ends here, and the following is the note from Roberta]

    We read about Wilmington in the Wall Street Journal – Wow!  Appreciate all the mail from College St. – Mary V. your typing is good!  ––Berta

    Rome 1954

    1954 Itinerary so far:
    Mon. March 15 - flew from ? to NYC via Pittsburgh on TWA
    Weds. March 17 - dinner with Luna and Bob Herron and 3 children at their house
    Fri. March 19 - board Saturnia or Vulcania
    ? - First stop at Lisbon, Portugal
    ? - Second stop at Gibraltar
    Mon. March 29 - Barcelona
    Tues. March 30 - Genoa
    Wed. March 31 - Sorrento
    Thurs. April 1 - Monreale, Sicily
    Friday April 2 Palermo
    Saturday April 3 Capri, Naples*
    Sunday April 4-8 - Rome

    *HH adds: Do recall Naples in 1954 as still having war destruction areas to be cleaned.  We had a general idea of the areas we wanted to visit, but no advance reservations and we hadn't heard of credit cards then, just had travel checks and cash and two suitcases w/o wheels.

    Rome - St. Peter's Square - card sent to Mrs. NW Ballantyne, Catherine & Roberta, and Wells

    Rome card to Wells Mfg. - April 6, 1954
    Have spent about 3 hours here looking around - quite immense and beautiful.  This is a great place for anyone interested in old buildings for they are at every turn.  Right now we are up on the roof of the Church where the Vatican has their P.O.  Have seen lot of little gardens and they use every inch and wonder if the rhubarb is up yet at home.  We are going to stay her probably 2 more days then northbound, it is warm here.  "Happy Birthday" Reatha [Reatha Hakes, HH's Secretary] Have quit writing to Fla. for hope all in Ohio when this arrives.  -- Harold

    Rome card to Catherine & Roberta - April 6, 1954
    Here this morning, had breakfast just outside marked with an X [bottom of picture just right of center].  St. Peters is an immense beautiful cathedral.  Have been watching for the Swiss Guard soldiers who wear very colorful uniforms, they guard the Pope's palace but haven't seen them yet.  Certainly miss you both but know you are being well taken care of.  Love, and XXXX, Daddy & Mommie

    Jean to her Mother, April 6, 1954, St. Peter's Square
    (Reg. Mail) 4/6/54
    Spent the morning here and will have to come back tomorrow to see the Sistine Chapel and other things.  If I hadn't brought my low heeled shoes, would be miserable, for so much walking.  My raincoat and winter coat seem very adequate and I have adequate clothes with light blue suit, sweater, etc.  This card won't arrive as fast as those sent air mail but this is being sent from the roof of St. Peters where there is a P.O. and souvenir shop.  All our very best love – Harold and Jean

    Items from Uible photo album