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1968 Catherine's Letter -Jan.22

Jan. 22, 1968
Dear Mother, Dad, Serena, John, Mary,

Hi!  I thought I would write you all a real letter instead of waiting for the next reply kind you send me.  I started in math class but as you can see I didn't get too much written before class began.

I really hit the jackpot with the mail today!  Not only Mother's long epistle, but also letters from Glen, Jeff (in Vietnam), Alice, and DENNIS.

Everything seems to be going along pretty well here.  I seem to be keeping up fairly well with the homework (sometimes I even understand the math after staring at it all night!) and I do have a little free time to write letters and stuff!

Saturday night I went out with Jon Kring, a sophomore physics major.  I had a perfectly terrible time -- about all he could talk about was physics and then to make matters even worse at the movie Dr. Wright (my physics prof) and his wife came and sat directly in front of us.  It was unbelievable!  We saw "The Comedians" with Richard Burton and Liz Taylor.  Even the movie was bad -- dead (like bloody dead) serious and the heroes didn't even win in the end!  Physics may be a pretty good major to meet the guys -- but very few are worth the trouble!

Bruce said that Bob Washburn (right name?) was their councilman or something.  Anyway, he had heard of him.

I went to SS and Church again yesterday.  I'm still going to the First Methodist downtown.  Doug Faulkner (don't get all excited, he's just a good friend) went with me, or I went with him -- anyway we went together but I couldn't talk him into staying for SS.  The class yesterday had only 6 people and 84% were from Western.

Sarah's connections were all right I guess – it seems like such a long time ago now!  I think she arrived in Chicago (O'Hare) about noon, took the bus downtown and then came on in to K on the bus.  I don't think I ever told you exactly what happened to me.  After I finally found my luggage at TWA I saw Carol Gargano who is in the room next door.  She had just flown in from Pittsburg (she lives in Washington PA) and her boyfriend John Frazier, and his mother were to to meet her.  They said they would be glad to take me downtown as they were also going into K by train.  I certainly didn't refuse such an offer.  They were waiting on Carol's guitar which ended up on its way to LA – never made it off the plane I guess!  Mrs. Frazier bought us all something to eat there – she wouldn't even let me leave the waitress a tip!  We then went to the Fraziers apartment in Chicago and I sat around waiting and reading my book while John did his packing.  It kept getting later and later and 20 minutes before the train was to leave the LaSalle stret station Mrs. Frazier gave us lunch.  She practically forced us to eat as we were all getting quite nervous about missing the train.  Finally, they decided to take us to the Englewood Station which is a little closer to their apartment.  We arrived about two minutes before the train was due.  After we all sat around that station for about two hours we went back to the Fraziers house and then eventually ended up in the LaSalle Station where we waited for another hour or so.  After the train arrived Mr. Frazier wheeled Jane (girl from Western who I met in station) and my luggage to the far end of the train where we were lucky enough to find seats.  I sent them a thank-you letter.

Sarah and I now have the distinction of being the only girls who have had a pizza delivered right to their 3rd floor room at 1:30 A.M.  Saturday night Sarah went out with her "latest" a guy from Western, lives in PawPaw, has a car, money, etc.  (Almost forgot, his name is Bob.)  They didn't have time to get anything to eat afterwards so they ordered a pizza and after Bob got Sarah back here in time for per he went back and got the pizza, we tied this rope we have to a bag and when he came we threw it out the window, he put the  pizza (actually only 1/2 pizza as he ate some, too!) in, and we pulled in the haul.  What a riot!

Saturday afternoon I went to the Public Library to do most of the research that went into "Miss Boopadoop Weds".  They were very helpful – especially the reference librarian.  I looked through about a year of Kalamazoo Gazette's (all on microfilm, one month on each roll) to find the first day ait had appeared in Kalamazoo.

The pictures are now hanging – they really help the room!  However, they make the postcards look really bad so they are slowly coming down.

My tutee is Helen Rancifer, in the fourth grade at Lincoln School.  She seems to have real problems with arithmetic but she reads very well.  I have only been once but tomorrow is the day to go again.

Is there anything I can do about getting my drivers license renewed?  It expires in a week.  Please tell me fast – I don't want to have that that test over!

I get so tired of reading technical books – wait till you hear of what I checked out of the public library for relaxation!  Young Scientist Takes a Walk, 101 Things to do with a Bike, and two others I can't think of at the moment.  I am slowly reading through "Papers from the History Seminar of Kalamazoo College" Right now I'm on No 1 (I told you I was going slowly!) which is "Kalamazoo's own Co. 'C' 1851-1941".  The next one is "The Development of Church-Related Colleges in Michigan between 1830 and 1860.

I like English because about all we have to do is read one short story a week, and write a paper – much easier than art!  I have been over to Miss Wood's office once to get my papers from last term but she wasn't in.

I think I have about exhausted my supply of subject matter but just in case I will leave this is the typewriter and go to supper.

It's a good thing I wrote most of this letter earlier.  I just got back from the library where I spent 2 hours doing three calculus problems and I still have six more to do!  Ugh!  Calculus just keeps getting worse and worse.  Three of my best friends are transferring to new schools: Sue is leaving the end of this quarter and Gina and Rich next fall.  At the library I talked to Rick (a junior) who keeps telling me I should transfer now before its too late.  He didn't and he regrets it!  I guess this is an all right school if you love to study.

It is 10 PM and I'm going to bed as soon as I finish this as I've been up since 4 this morning.

Good night!


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1938 Cochran-Ballantyne Wedding Ceremony -Jan.22

Cochran-Ballantyne Wedding Ceremony
Performed at M.E. Church
East Liverpool, Saturday Jan. 22d

An impressive wedding took place at 11:30 o'clock, Saturday morning in the Methodist Episcopal church East Liverpool, when Miss Harriette Cochran, daughter of Mrs. Blaine H. Cochran of Thompson avenue, became the bride of Mr. Robert Brown Ballantyne, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Wallace Ballantyne of New Cumberland, W. Va.  Before the altar which was decorated with palms, ferns and lighted tapers, Rev. J.K. McDivitt, pastor of the local Presbyterian church performed the ring service, owing to the illness of Rev. Paul Secrest, pastor of the M.E. church.

Preceding the ceremony Mrs. Harold Downard presented the following organ rectal: Prayer (LeNaigre), "Ave Maria" (Schubert), and "Oh Promise Me" (D'Koven).  during the service she played "I Love You Truly" (Carrie Jacobs-Bond), using Mendelssohn's Wedding March for the recessional

The bride was given in marriage by her mother, Mrs. Blaine H. Cochran.  Miss Betty Pickin was maid of honor and Mr. J. Scot Brown a cousin of the bridegroom, served as best man.

Gowned in an aqua ensemble with navy blue accessories, the bride wore a shoulder corsage of orchids and lilies of the valley.  She attended Ohio Wesleyan at Delaware and Washington School of Secretaries at Washington D.C.  She is a member of the Delta Delta Delta sorority and previous to her marriage was employed in the offices of the Metropolitan Life Insurance company in East Liverpool.  The maid of honor wore dusty pink brown accessories and her corsage was of camellias.

The bridegroom is a graduate of the University of West Virginia, Morgantown, where he is a member of the Phi Kap]a Psi fraternity.  He is associated in business with his father in the West Virginia Fire Clay Manufacturing company

Following the ceremony a wedding breakfast was served in the Traveler's hotel for members of the immediate families and friends.  Mr. and Mrs. Ballantyne left by motor for Florida, later visiting Cuba.  After March 1st they will reside in Mt. Lebanon, Pa.

Among the out-of-town relatives were Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Wallace Ballantyne and Miss Jean of New Cumberland and Mrs. James F. Dailey of Cleveland, Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Brown, Mrs. F.W. Simpson Somerset, Pa., Mr. and Mrs. Jack McDonald, Ligonier, Pa., Mr. and Mrs. Keith Chambers, Wheeling, W.Va., Mrs. Cora D. Crawford, Mr. and Mrs T. Wilmer Crawford and Miss Sue Rupley of Pittsburgh and the following local friends: Mr. and Mrs. John Miskelly, Mr. C.A. Ballantyne, Mrs. Fred Fisher, Mrs. Kate Cramer, Mrs. F.R. Yount, Mrs. Richard Solomon, Miss Virginia Marshall, Miss Jennie Sanford, Misses Elizabeth and Margaret Williamson, Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Brown, New Cumberland, Mr. Stewart Williamson and son Robert Wilkin, of Steubenville.

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1968 Catherine's Postcard -Jan.22

New Intercontinental Golden Fan Jet postcard -mailed 1968.  Caption: The most powerful, longest range aircraft in the world, the Intercontinental Golden Fan Jet joins the continental Airlines fleet to permit long range overseas operations under Military Air Transport Service contracts to Hawaii, Japan and Southeast Asia.  The Intercontinental Golden Fan Jet is shown on the other side upon arrival at Honolulu International Airport in Hawaii.

Hi! Got M's volume today.  Really appreciated!  I will try to write a letter to keep you all caught up.  I also have a copy ofo mhy latest Eng. paper, "Miss Boopadoop Weds" to send you.  Hope everyone is OK.  Got post card from Roberta Fri.
Love, Catherine

Saturday, January 20, 2018

1988 Catherine's Letter -Jan.21

Thursday, Jan. 21, 1988

Dear Mother, Dad, Serena & Mary V.,

Hi!  How was the trip?  We're looking forward to hearing all about it from your letters and from Roberta and soon Serena in person.

Sid is coming over for dinner tonight in honor of his birthday.  Wendy is master-minding the celebration.  We haven't seen too much of him while Roberta's been gone, he just got back yesterday from an RV trip.

We spent all last weekend looking at houses for sale.  We looked at existing houses and we looked at model homes.

Time to go now ––

Catherine, Gerry &

1968 Roberta's Postcard -Jan.22

[postmarked January 22, 1968]

Hi!  Well, I went up to see Nurse last night.  First she had me soak it in epsom salt water & then she put a band-aid on it.  After all that I couldn't even get my shoes on so I'm wearing my slippers.  She says it will get better in time – 3 toes are now white.  Ugh!
P.S. Thanks for post-cards & envelopes & week-end.

Friday, January 19, 2018

1988 MUH letter to Jean -Jan.20

Wed. – January 20 – 1988

Dear Jean:

How is the Spiritual Retreat going?  Did you find it worth-while and revitalizing?  Did you find the need for it?  Well, I'm not supposed to be asking you a lot of questions . . . . but write you a letter.  (I hope I can get my mind working???)

We have had a lot of fun-times together since that first time you spent the night with us in Hillsboro before you were married.  Remember we talked until the 'wee' hours.  Many doubts, fears go thru your mind shortly before getting married . . . . and you had a few???  Well, you've survived raising 5 children and doing many jobs for the church, community and for yourself.  I often wonder how you accomplish so much and so efficiently.  HH was so fortunate to find you . . . . you two work so well as a team in anything you do.  Work or pleasure!!!

When we lived in Hillsboro we spent a lot of week-ends in Dad's backyard.  Wasn't it fun when we each had our first girls?  Taking pictures of Mares and Catherine on the grass?  Now look how the years have passed and they're both busy adults.  Do you find it difficult to imagine "C" will soon be 40?  I'm glad that the cousins grew up together and shared some of their lives.  I feel as though I missed something not having a sister or brother near my own age.  I hope that both Cindy and Angela have another (2nd) child . . . (Cindy hasn't had her first one yet . . . but she has done a great job keeping her weight down, eating the right foods, exercising, and reading 'all the right books' . . . ha).  They're so excited about the up-coming event.  Rob is actually settled down and studying hard to get his Masters.

THANKS for being my sister-in-law! !  You have been a loving and helpful daughter to my Mother and I REALLY APPRECIATE IT.  I tell Mother you do more nice things for her than I do!  G'Ma is a fortunate woman to have a devoted daughter-in-law and son.  I'm sure she would like to tell you the same if she were able to write !  I tried to convince her that if she would talk to me I'd type a ltr for her to you.  She doesn't like to be bothered and it's hard for her to express herself . . . especially FEELINGS!  But I know she thinks the world of you and happy that HH is in 'good hands'.

Looking forward to seeing you in March!  There again . . . shows how generous you two are in sharing your time here so that Bill and I can get away for 3 wks.

I do hope that your WALK TO EMMAUS was rewarding and gave you a spiritual renewal! ! !  (I'm real sorry that I did not write MV a ltr. when she went last Summer. . . .I just didn't realize what it was all about or that the letter would mean that much to her!)



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1988 Mr. Luck's letter to Jean -Jan.

January 1988
Dear Mrs. Uible,

I hope your weekend has been a very rewarding spiritual experience.  In writing this note I recall the many pleasant occasions we had at New Vienna School and the associations & friendships I developed.  Your friendship is one I cherish very much.  I have a deep respect for you as a person as well as your professional knowledge of books.  I always was impressed with your knowledge of the content of the books in our library.  I observed you helping young people with book selection  – be it for pleasure or to complete an assignment.  I placed complete faith in your ability to select materials for the library.  Your moral and value system was the same as mine so I didn't worry.  You have a very pleasant and pleasing personality as well as intellect that permits you to be comfortable with all people.

A memory that will always remain with me concerns John's illness.  I will never forget how serious his condition was nor how badly he looked when I saw him recovering.  I can still remember searching for the disease that afflicted him.  I was extremely happy that the condition was treated and he fully recovered.  I also remember when John, Sam Terrell and Kelly Grooms had the disagreement which resulted in Kelly's feelings being hurt.

John always (generally) was very serious.  Mary was very fun-loving.  Remember the Spanish Program Mary performed with [?] in the New Vienna Gym?  I certainly enjoyed her singing and acting that evening. 

I have never attended a spiritual retreat but am aware that this is an excellent opportunity to renew one's spiritual feeling.  I will always value your friendship.  I wish only the best for your family and you.

James A. Luck

P.S. I have not edited this letter.  If I used incorrect grammar or misspelling – please overlook.

1968 - Serena turns 13 -Horton Greetings

SWAPS - Winner of the [1955] Kentucky Derby postcard -mailed 1968.  
Caption: Was sold for 2,000,000.00 to Mr. and Mrs. John Galbreath.  
He stands at Stud on the Darby Dan Farm, Lexington, Kentucky


Happy Birthday Teenager!! 
Have a good day in Cols?! (No School) – Love Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill

Had to hunt to find a stamp – Love, Grandma

Happy Birthday Serena!  You're almost 21 years old!  – Love, Joe, Melissa

Happy Birthday !  –Uncle Bill

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1988 Holy Land Trip to Celebrate 40th Wedding Anniverary -Jan.


From the newsletter which Sid edited for his NARFE (National Assoc. of Retired Federal Employees) group:  In this issue of the Newsletter, the Editor had hoped to display a photo of a a two humped camel, a time-less pyramid and ROBERTA (UIBLE-KING, that is), the Editor's wife, but not necessarily in that order.  ROBERTA, a four year member of Chapter 1469, had recently returned from a trip to Egypt and the Holy Land with her parents.  The film was taken to the photo shop, and the return of the processed pictures was awaited with great anticipation.  Alas, the Editor had to choose between photos of the rear end of camel, a pyramid that resembled a Phoenix slump block backyard fence, or a headless ROBERTA.  Since all of these photos could be categorized as "non-newsworthy," the Editor had to settle on a photo of ROBERTA with a slick Jordanian operator who was trying to sell her an antique bridge across the Sea of Galilee as well as a genuine sliver from the stable where the Baby Jesus was born.  And, yes, those are ear muffs ROBERTA is wearing, she has very delicate ears.

1988 John on Holy Land Trip -Jan.

1988 Jean on camel in front of pyramid in Egypt -Jan.

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1978 Roberta's letter to John -Jan.19

January 19, 1978
Dear John,

President Carter is on the television and Mother and Marion are listening so thought I would get something worthwhile done and get a letter written to you.

Your letter came today.  I'm glad you are enjoying your traveling for YAF.  How many miles did you go all together???  Did you feel like you got everything done that you set out to do?  Do you have a job yet . . . no, I met [sic] to say a place yet for your job in Columbus?  What about the interview you had in Washington D.C.???  Again, met to say, have coming up . . . .  This typewriter takes some getting used to.  From this letter you would never believe that I type for a living.

Did you hear that I did not get the job that I so badly wanted?  I'm thinking about applying for some more jobs in the school system, or perhaps, just wait till Summer then try to find another job.  I like Mesa alot, and of course enjoy the warm weather, and all that stuff.  Marion is so neat to live with.  Very open, honest, and very much of a friend.  It's nice . . . .

I hope you didn't get too shaken up over the scratches in the car.  I'm glad that you didn't get hurt.  I won't be needing the car this summer, so the car is yours to be used in whatever you do.  I'm surprised that Carole is thinking of going back to the farm, and how about your plans?  You could do good working in the office and canteen both.  I'll come up and visit you and help you out.

This is some of Marion's fine stationary,

Love, Berta

Always put #140 in address!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

1978 Jean's Letter to HH -Jan.18

Wednesday –
Jan 18, 1978
Dearest Harold,

Talked to Catherine & Gerry last nite and they have found an apartment and will be moving next Friday with their furniture to arrive between Monday and Wednesday.  As it now stands M.V. & I will leave here Sunday or Monday to drive to Gilroy arriving there Tuesday afternoon.

M.V. got a big envelope from the school yesterday with her new assignments plus mid semester tests.  She has taken her science one under Marion's supervision.  She has been studying and anxious to get the others out of the way.

The Morgans got an apartment which they seem very pleased about – one of four.  Theirs is on the 1st floor with 2 bedrooms and patio and all electric kitchen.

They are moving to the Motel 6 until their furniture arrives.  The Clifford Equipment has been putting them up at another but they say it is too expensive and not near as close to their new place as Motel 6.

Yesterday M.V. and I went to the library where they let us take out 2 books without R's card.  (M.V. had chosen 3 on her own!)  She even wants to go back today to work on health terms so we are making progress.

Had baked steak yesterday at the Magill Town House with roast carrots, potatoes and onions + salad.  Then celebrated at Fudgies with their coupon & 10% Tuesday reduction.

Roberta did get a long asked-for pressure cooker at LaBelles after looking all over – Diamonds had one on special sale but wasn't near as reasonable but 2nd lowest.

Do hope you found everything going well in New Vienna.  Please tell Esther how much we appreciate looking after the cat and the plants.

By the way I thought I'd send those keys back to San Diego but haven't located them yet.  Did you possibly take them with you?

M.V. went in the pool yesterday but still a little cool for me.  Marion does get out of school at 11:45 today and said if the weather was warm enough she would venture in – first time in four years.

Meant to add that Wilma wrote a nice note about weather, cancellations, etc.

Catherine's new address is:  540 Fairview, Apt. A, Gilroy CA 95020

Have been to library this AM – and now at apartment  / town house doing laundry and getting ready to fix lunch.  Hope all is going fine with you.  We do miss you – as Marion says she is still counting 5 instead of 4 when we go anyplace, etc.

Will call you when we get to Gilroy – possibly Wed. AM.  OK?  Say around 10:50 your time?  or ?

With much love – MV is waiting to mail this.

Jean & M.V.

1968 Catherine's postcard to Serena -Jan.19


Hi!  Did you say you wanted a pen pal?  I think Dennis's sister Judy is going to write to you.  I sent your address.  How was your birthday?  Do you have exams next week?  HI to everybody!

Love, Catherine

Saturday, January 13, 2018

1978 Catherine's postcard -Jan.15


Hi!  We have about 200 more miles to go to Gilroy.  Plan to arrive early this PM.  Wendy is doing real well on the trip.  We visited some people in LA that Gerry knows thru work – they have a 6 mo. old daughter – she & Wendy gooed & gahhed at each other.  Wendy has really begun vocalizing.  It poured rain all day yesterday so we're hoping the weather will be better today.  Thanks for calling.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

1968 Laura Hughes to Jean -Jan.17

Dear Jean,

Since this is the last one of the pretty notes, I feel you are entitled to it.  You know, it's embarrassing to admit to such absent-mindedness but I actually can't remember if I wrote a formal "Thank You" before for the many thoughtful acts you did: entertaining and feeding Tim & John, your pleasant visits to me, the note paper, your cards and letters, getting books from the library – and on & on.

I used to spend many of my wakeful night time hours thinking of the notes I would write the next day and composing them in my mind.  It would be interesting to know how many existed in thought only, and how many I actually got sent.

"The Time is Now" was one of the better books I read these past 2 months.  You must try & read it some time.  It's the most different from any of Pearl Buck I've read.  I received as a gift Thornton Wilder's "The Eighth Day" – his newest book.  You are welcome to read it some time if you'd like.  Charlotte has it right now.

Isn't January sort of a "birthday" month for you too?  We're going to celebrate Linda's & Kenny's both on Jan. 28.  Weegie will be home then too for "semester break."  My broken rt. heel bone & left knee cap is all that's keeping me down now.  Am so anxious to get out among people again.  Almost forget how to act!  I'm taking up knitting – Betty Gano is (bravely) trying to teach me.  It's fun & fascinating, if I never master it!

Sincerely –
Your grateful friend,

Friday, January 12, 2018

1968 MUH Letter -Jan.12

Tuesday AM – 12:30
[From the letter we can determine this was written on January 12 or 19, 1968]

Hi, there!

This is really going to be a DASH!  Just hope it makes SENSE when I finish!  I wish I had time to make this a leisurely ltr with a lot of running commentaries about your daughter and the NEW ROMANCE . . .  ha!  As Mares, says, "I just introduced them; I wash my hands of the whole affair."  Typical!

Before I forget . . . thanks for the TISSUE!  Nothing could be more appropriate and appreciated to the Hortons with all their runny noses and MESSES.  HA!  Caused quite a bit of speculation upon arrival . . . I had the giver narrowed down to you and Roy G and he came in that same night and he said he absolutely didn't send it . . . ha and then when Mother finally got here retrieved from Mr. Decker . . . that was a dead give-away.  We have tissue cached away all over the house.  And boy is it soft!  I'm getting over a cold and it was real tender to my nose!  Dad was sure pleased with the jacket you sent him for his birthday.  How do you do it?  You're lucky he liked it.  I suppose G'ma told you we used the knife to cut the Xmas turkey.  Thanks for the loan.  HA!  She almost got two of those for I was going down the day after she received yours to buy one.  You're always a jump ahead of me!  That's the 12 years difference . . . MY AGE is showing.  HA!

First of all . . . it was fun to have Catherine here.  Your kids are always EXCEPTIONALLY helpful and cooperative when anything is needed done.  She helped me a lot in the kitchen . . . (she did come home to eat and change clothes . . . ha).  We really did want her to have a good time . . . that turned out to be an UNDERSTATEMENT.  HA!  [Then comes a long paragraph + + about a Christmas romance, his family, etc. – way more than I want to transcribe.  Read the scanned copy if you want all the details!  As a preview of what happened when he came to Kalamazoo for his spring break, I can add it didn't go well, maybe more details when we get to that time period.]

Mary & all

[Added at the top of the page]  
Thanks for taking care of Joe for a few days.  Had a ltr to-day and WHAT WEATHER!  He is getting a new roommate.  John is going out on co-op.  Busy memorizing and wishing for another vacation.  Cris is busy trying to get ready for the MYF UN-Washington tour.  They fly from Jacksonville the 26th.  JUST HOPE he stays well and gets on that plane.  First Mares had "it", then me, and now Rob.  That was cute stationary John wrote on and SO NEAT!  Rob enjoyed the ltr.

1968 HH to & from Catherine -Jan.13,16

[from HH to Catherine]

Dear Catherine:  Having more snow this A.M., in fact comes next Monday it will have been on the ground three weeks. On our Morris Ill. acct the name is The Century Wholesale Co. and the buyer is Robert Washburn.  I think they have several five & ten stores and may do a little wholesaling also.  I was there some years ago on the old route 6 and was it a narrow twisting road, which now has been replaced by an interstate route.  Let us know if Bruce knows of this company, Catherine.

Nothing definite on Florida yet, but some place like Boston or Williamsburg would be more educational and besides we wouldn't want anybody to flunk out of PBJC.  Possibly in the next few weeks something might "jell" for you that you would prefer over Florida.  Have you gotten any of the pictures up yet?  Mailed a round tube to you recently, hope you can use the contents – thought it was a nice picture calendar.  Look at February's picture.  Dad.

P.S. A spare [message/reply form?] is enclosed.  Probably you can buy these at an office supply store.

[from Catherine]

1/16/68  Hi everybody!  Are you people trying to get out of going to Fla already?  How about New Orleans?  -- just a suggestion!  If we do go East I'd like to see more of the Rev. War type stuff.  What about Roberta?

I will ask Bruce about the Morris Illinois stuff.  I haven't seen too much of him lately – although I did go out with him lat weekend I have met alot of new guys so I have by no means settled down!  HA!  I hear from Dennis about every day and I'm saving my money – maybe I can fly down over Easter or something!  NOTE, I'm not saying I don't want to go over spring vacation, it's just that I don't want you all to be bored with such a "non-educational" trip!  I've lost five pounds and I'm still on my diet!  Mrs. Benne (PE teacher) asked me if I had lost wt over vacation.  I didn't tell her that I hadn't started my diet till I got back here!

I sent for an application for a summer job at the Claremont  [or Crestmont?] Inn in Eaglesmere, Pa.  Where's that ?  Anyway, it sounds like a good job!  I like what we're studying in physics, I hate the math, and I could do without the English!  Only 66 days until vacation!

Love, Catherine
I'm sending pink copy to Roberta.

1968 Catherine's Postcard -Jan.15

Kalamazoo Downtowner Motel postcard - mailed 1968.  
Caption: on West Michigan, 5 blocks from heart of city, on U.S. I-94, U.S. 131, 
and Mich. 43.  Near WMU-K-College.


Hi!  Got M's letter today.  Thanks for calendar – very pretty!  Could you send my black wrap around?  I would appreciate it.  Lots of snow here.  Went to S.S. & church yesterday.  College class all Western but me – met some kids anyway!  The train left Chicago late because it had frozen to the tracks (?)  Jump ropes are coming in handy as clothesline!  I found a job to apply for in the Pocono Mts.  [shorthand] (Write soon)
Love, Catherine

1968 Roberta's Postcard -Jan.15

Friends Boarding School postcard -mailed 1968. Caption: Established 1837 by the Religious Society of Friends in Barnesville, Ohio.  The Hilltop town providing a friendly and healthy environment for people and industry.

[postmarked Jan 15, 1968]

I got about  50  of these [postcards?] Sunday.

Got your letter yesterday.

We've gotten close to  4  inches of more snow in the last two days.

When is Uncle Bill's birthday?  Is it the last of Jan?  I bought him a neat card to send.


Thursday, January 11, 2018

1968 HH to & from Roberta -Jan.13,15

[from HH to Roberta]
Saturday A.M. 1-13-68

Dear Roberta:  How do you like this stationary, but please excuse my typing.  Got your letter yesterday but you will have to do a little budgeting or your money will run out before school does.  Another payment is enclosed, Roberta.  Bet about everybody in your classes have had a loss of memory over the holidays.  Don't think about the bad parts, be thankful for all the opportunities.  Look at the story of David and Goliath.  You might enjoy reading the enclosed clipping and the "D" average. 

Sure nice of Helen to bring you the gift.  Do you still have hopes of going out there this next summer?  We are having more snow this morning – guess this is an unusual winter, but spring is not far behind. 

Is the new library in Barnesville open yet?  How is the apple supply?  Who is the new cook?  How did you like shopping in Wheeling?  It is hard for me to remember to put on 6¢ for mail.  Sorry about S's driving  . . . .

[from Roberta to HH]
Jan. 15, 1968

Dear Dad, got "this" this morning.  NOW!!  Library is not done yet in Barnesville.  We have (as of yet) no new cook.  Apples are still of plenty but are getting soft.

I liked shopping in Wheeling.  (only spent $4.00 dollars!!)  Did you all get the card I sent from there?

Am planning on taking 11th English this summer.  Any good ideas?  About correspondence??  Also would like to take Amer. History.  I had 1/2 of a year of it (last year 1st semester) but I sure liked it.  (Especially compared to this old Ancient History!)  It's for the birds.  So is Geometry.  Oh well, two long stories.  Be prepared for grades.  Um – another long story.

Thanks for money.  I never was one to save.  But perhaps I better start.

Lots of Love, Roberta

[from Roberta to Jean]
Dear Mother,

Hi!  What's all this about going to Florida over Spring Vacation??  OH – yes – make a doctors appointment for me February 15, 1968 1:30 P.M. if possible.  Doctor Terrell!  I've lost  4  pounds since coming back from Christmas.

Right now 1/4 of the school has the flu.  I'm not part of it yet but I got more than my share of cold.  (Kleenex's really are handy & nice at a time like this!)

I'll be rooming with four of the biggest talkers.  No sleep – OH!  Not again.

Love, Roberta

1958 Alice Nugent letter -Jan.13

We visited the Nugents on the 1962 trip to the Seattle World's Fair.  Think they were living in Seattle then, but could be wrong.  The memorable part of the visit was that the family was on a gluten free (?) diet, or some such restrictions as when their children discovered we had bread in the car, they gobbled it all up in very short order.
January 13, 1958
Dear Jean ––

We surely enjoyed your Christmas note, & were so happy to hear all the news of you-all – imagine!  A new home and a son all in the same year!  Three cheers!  Do you live very far from your other place? 

You must be busy indeed with four – but aren't they fun?  We've enjoyed the picture of your little girls that were on other Christmas cards – they look like you.  Does John?

Rickey-Bug had a fall at Christmas – next year he'll really have comprehension of what's going on.

Now that Rickey's two he finally beginning to talk & his vocabulary is growing quite well.

Carl's on surgery now & it's hard work, but he likes it.  I'm busy sewing at the moment with church activities & folk-dancing keeping my time full.

Do squeeze a minute to write me a line!  I think of you often.  Have fun!

All good wishes,

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

1968 Roberta's Letter -Jan.13

Dear Family,

Hi!  I got my watch back today with the bill included of $2.50 which you will find in this envelope.  (Bill not money is included!)

I also got my navy blue skirt that I ordered from Sears an "18 Tall" which is TOO big.  Now – should I send it back or can I wait & return – say over in Wilmington at the Sears store.  I have $7.00 & a little more tied up in it already.  What should I do???

Really got to go.  Thanks for taking care of watch fix.  Am flunking out of History.  Just thought I would tell you – um – warn you.

Love, Roberta

Hi!, Me again – Helen got me an Indian necklace that her mother made – WOW!  Is it every pretty.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

1968 Roberta's Letter -Jan.11

[Jan. 11, 1968]
Dear Family,

Hi!  I got your letter yesterday with the stamps in it.  I've used up most of the 6¢ ones but the 1¢ should last awhile especially since I bought $1.00 worth of them myself.

Today we had a BIG History test.  Man – that stuff is so ancient – I guess that's the reason they call it Ancient History.  I sure hope we get into something interesting next six weeks because what we have now is just names & dates.

Do you remember how well I knew that Geometry stuff over Christmas?  Well ~~~~~ yesterday we had a test on it and if I didn't flunk it I came pretty close.  I might as well not even try to understand it.

I'm trying to think up new ill-nesses for the last week in January.  That's when our semester tests come! – (Just Kidding) I sure am dreading them.  I suppose I'll just have to flunk them like always.

OH!  Helen got back LATE Tuesday night, or last night.

This week-end I have to buy some more of my pills.  They cost $6.00 – WOW!  I spent $4.00 in Wheeling so I'll have a whole $1.00 left after I buy my pills.  Unless I spend it.  HA!


 P.S. Hair-dryer works good.  I'm using it now. (This very minute in fact!)  Thanks for ALL!

Monday, January 08, 2018

1968 HH to & from Catherine -Jan.9,11

[from HH to Catherine]

Dear Catherine:  We tried to call you Sunday evening, but they advised us you were out or perhaps not in yet.  Anyway we are anxious to hear how things progressed after gate #11?  It was sure a cold day.   We got to Kuntzmans about 10 A.M. in time for about a half hour of S.S., then Church then had lunch with them. 

Stayed until about 3 P.M. and was home for supper and then MYF that evening.  Next Sunday evening our group is going to Martinsville as guests, so that will save us one program.  How are the new courses going?  Many changes in the bldg. program since you left. 

Bet Florida seems like a dream with this zero weather – at least the weather is consistent.  Drop us a line when you can for anxious to hear how everything is.

[Signed] Dad

[from Catherine]

Hi!  I am glad to hear from you all again.  Things here are about the same as last quarter – they keep getting increasingly difficult.  The math and physics, of course, are just continuations and I really haven't had enough of the English to tell much.

Say, Daddy, do you remember you were telling me about someone (or maybe some co.) that you know about in Morris, Ill.?  Please send me more details so I can tell Bruce.  All I could tell him was that I didn't remember! 

Pledging starts either this week or next but I haven't been paying much attention as I don't plan to pledge! 

I went down town Tuesday, took my shoes to the repair shop and did some other various errands.  The only book I had to buy this quarter was for English.  Later on in the quarter I will have to get a new physics book and I'm not sure about the math. 

I met one guy who was sick last quarter so this is his first quarter as a freshman.  Are we still planning to go to Florida over vacation?  I really would like to know so I can make plans!  OK?

Love, Cathy

Sunday, January 07, 2018

1978 Catherine's Letter -Jan.9

Monday morning, January 9, 1978
[mailed to Roberta in Mesa]
Der Mom, Dad, Roberta and Mary Virginia,

Hi!  We were sorry to hear that you won't be coming back to San Diego sooner but I'm sure that you must be finding things to keep you busy in Arizona.  I'm also sorry that we won't be able to visit Roberta but I'm sure we can count on her to come visit us at some future date.

Our plans right now are to leave here Saturday afternoon and drive part way and then arrive in Gilroy early enough on Sunday to have time to look around together before Gerry starts work on Monday.  I might stay for the whole week and then come home the following weekend and finish packing things up so we could actually have our things moved between the 25th-27th or the first of the next week if that is not possible.  Clifford Equipment Co. will be paying our relocation expenses so I'm going to call Sullivan/United Van Lines later this morning to see if they will handle it for us.  [I worked for Sullivan the first year we lived in San Diego.]

Of course I don't know what all your plans are but I was thinking maybe Mom and Mary could stay in Phoenix for an additional week and then Roberta could help drive them back here the weekend of the 20-21st since I probably won't be here until then.

DeeDee will be spending the rest of the school year with her mother but will probably fly up for school vacations and then spend the summer with us.  It is also possible that starting next fall she will live with us and spend the vacations with her mother.  Time will tell but DeeDee seems to be taking it fairly well.

Gerry came back with very favorable impressions of both the town and his new job.  I am looking forward to seeing it myself.  I called Ardie yesterday as she and her husband and year old daughter live in San Jose which is about 30 miles form Gilroy.  She said that they live on the south side of San Jose so they are only about 20 miles away.  So it will be nice to have some ready made friends in the vicinity.  Gerry said his boss – Jim Clifford – is very friendly and down-to-earth type and is quite active in the community.  Gerry also met his wife and 10-year-old son.

I will call you Thursday morning between 7:30-8:00 (San Diego time) at Roberta's number.  If nobody answers I will try again on Friday morning.  If there is some other number where I should call you instead of that number you can call person-to-person or collect for Wendy and I will get the number and call you back.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

1968 Catherine's Postcard -Jan.9


Here's your Mich. postcard!  The quarter has just started and I'm already flunking out!  It must be at least 10 times harder than last quarter.  I don't have any classes at all on Tuesday!  I've gotten 2 letters from Dennis – should I tell him I'll be down during Spring vacation?  I used the hairdryer tonight – very nice!  Hope everybody is OK!
Love, Catherine

Saturday, January 06, 2018

1968 Catherine's Postcard -Jan.8

Holiday Inn of Ann Arbor, Michigan postcard -mailed 1968

12:10A.M.  1/8/68

Hi!  Got in Chicago fine and decided to take 1:20 train to K, however because of "slight" delay it didn't leave Chicago till 6:55 so I didn't get here until about 10:15!  Hope you all got to Kuntzmans all right.  Classes start 8:00 A.M. so goodnight! 

Love, Catherine

1968 Roberta's Letter -Jan.9

[postmarked Jan. 9, 1968]
Dear Family,

Hi!  Well here I am in dear old Geometry class.  I would probably be talking to Helen right now but since she isn't here yet I'm writing this.  OH!  Teacher Susan is gone for the period.

About Helen – her father called the school last Wednesday and said she would be coming in Friday.  Now it's Monday and she still isn't here & no word at all.  Teacher Tom as he put it is "rather perturbed."

In two weeks we will be having finals.  I'm dreading them something awful.

Got to go.


P.S. Is this worth 6¢ (for mailing!)  (over!)

We (our room) celebrated Christmas Saturday, Jan 6.  I got 1) pair of mittens – knitted by & from Faith.  2) a blouse – pretty! – made by & from Gretchen.  3) a stuffed animal – given by Barbie.

More details later on what I gave & what I received.  OK?

Friday, January 05, 2018

1987-88 MV Grades & Classes at Asbury

1968 Roberta's postcard -Jan.5

[Postmarked Jan. 5, 1968]

Hi!  Helen isn't back yet!  Teacher Tom doesn't think she will be here 2nd semester.  I doubt if she will be either.

Was in Wheeling for  2  hours Wednesday.

Joe Stuckey failed his license test for the 2nd time.  COLDALOT OF SNOW!


Thursday, January 04, 2018

1988 Catherine's Letter -Jan.4

Monday, January 4, 1988

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Now that the holidays are over things are settling down again at our house.  We put the tree and all the trimmings away, well packed up, so they will be ready to move as I'm sure we will be moving long before next Christmas!  (More on the house situation later.)  I was glad to see Wendy get back to school today (although she didn't seem overly excited about the prospect).  She seems to do fine home alone though and I went home every day on my lunch hour.

Thank you for the Christmas $$ and the birthday check for Gerry.  We put both those and Grandma's check toward a new sofa.  We have looked several different places for a sofa but haven't found one we really like yet.  We are thinking of getting a matching sofa and love seat.  Which brings us back to the prospect of moving since we figure we might as well move first and then get the new sofa delivered to the new address!

Our lease will be up in March so we are checking into the possibility of buying a house, either right in the same neighborhood, bounded by Peoria, 35th & the canal, or at least in that radius of the library.  We had a heavy rain storm about two weeks ago and our present house suffered quite alot of water damage with leaks in the kitchen, Wendy's bedroom, and the dining room (all of which are under the flat roof area).  The landlord promised to be over in the "next few days" but has yet to show up.  Perhaps he's hoping it won't rain again for a long time!  Gerry checked out the roof and found several areas in need of repair.  At any rate we figure to be living in this area for a long time so we might as well find a more permanent residence!

We are excited about getting a "new" car [Elizabeth Johnson's] although Wendy has her reservations  She is afraid it will have "velvet" seats which she hates the feel of.  We have been looking everywhere we go for Buick Electras but have only seen one which was in poor condition so didn't impress Wendy at all.

Are you all set for your Holy Land trip?  Sorry we won't be there with you but you can think of us and vice versa.  Do you have a copy of your itinerary (sp?) to send us or does Roberta have a copy?

Gerry and Wendy talked to DeeDee recently and she and Robert (her fiance) are now planning to get married in either June or September of this year.  Previously the date was not set, which I guess it still isn't but at least they are narrowing down the options.  Wendy is to be a Junior Bridesmaid which sounds quite exciting to her!  We are in hopes of getting over to San Diego for a long weekend in the next few months and hopefully we can find out the final plans then.  Robert is in the navy and is assigned to a ship which must be docked one or the other of those months in order for him to make it to the ceremony.  DeeDee will get her "Associate Degree" this May and then hopes to pursue a paramedical career of some sort.

These are some examples of new things I learned in my computer class.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

1978 Roberta's Letter -Jan.4

Jan [4, 1978? or possibly 1979?]

Another busy day – but not as bad as Monday – we aren't closing down now for lunch – just each other taking off for a half hour – while the other work's alone!  The lines do get long!

Saturday – after working 9:00-12:00 – actually 8:30-1:00 – we went w/ Stubbs to Mesa's Christmas House – each year a house is picked – decorated by Deseret Club – and is it some house this year – 10 rooms – 8 bathrooms!   Money all goes toward scholarships – last year made 11 thou off the 2 day showing of the house – each year different house – $1 to get in – all sorts of homemade crafts & baked goods for sale.

We stood in line 1 1/2 hours to get in – but it was worth it.  We've made another wreath – wait till you see them – so full. 

Sure cold this AM – 

Good to talk to you yesterday AM, Mom –

Is my (?) small calculator at home – if so I'd like it.  When you all come out –


Tuesday, January 02, 2018

1988 Serena's Letter -Jan.2

January 3, 1988

Dear Everyone,

Well, I have more or less finished my library science degree – more or less because I have to finish up a paper for an incomplete yet.  I left Bloomington on December 20, but it already seems like a long time ago.  I am now temporarily sponging off of my parents and living in New Vienna again.

Anyway, I have several plans for the relatively near future.  I am going with my family (most of it anyway – my parents, two youngest sisters and my brother and I) to the Holy Land – Israel, Jordan and Egypt.  We leave on Monday, January 11 and will be gone just under two weeks.

Then when we get back from there, I am planning on driving my sister's "new" used car [Elizabeth Johnson's 1978 Buick Electra] out to Phoenix for her.  I expect to make various stops along the way to see friends and family.  So those who would like to see me, particularly those willing to put me up, should let me know soon.  I intend to head west soon after returning from the overseas trip as some friends and I are supposed to have a small reunion over Valentine's Day week-end in Bloomington (Indiana, of course).

In between all of that running around, I hope to get a job somewhere in the Midwest doing reference and or computers in a public library.  If I don't have a job by mid-February, I plan to move to some place like the Indianapolis Y, work as a temporary, plus pester all the public libraries in the Midwest until someone takes me in.

Perhaps I should call this my Christmas letter since I didn't get one off this year, as usual.  Christmas was fine here in New Vienna.  Mary Virginia – my favorite younger sister – is home from Asbury Seminary where she is majoring in vocal music.  My brother John came down from Newark.  So the whole family was together (more or less) in Phoenix or New Vienna – my two older sisters live within about a block of each other in Phoenix.

For those of you who don't already have it – my parents' address and mine for the time being is – POST OFFICE BOX 325, NEW VIENNA, OHIO  45159.  The phone number is 513/987-2264.

This past week I have kept myself entertained by working at the office, getting over a cold, reading library books, and waiting to get some mail to read.  My cold is gone, and my "job" is almost over, so please send a letter for my entertainment.


Monday, January 01, 2018

1978 Roberta's Letter to John -Jan.2

January 2, 1978
Dear John,

Happy New Year!!!!  I'm at work and have great news . . . something two weeks ago I thought would have been impossible.  I've got everything done that "they" wanted done over the holidays.  It's a good feeling!!!!

Now what are you up to, and where are you getting your mail????  I wanted to thank you for the nice Christmas gift, I'd always wanted a book on how to use the telephone.  I also wanted to thank you for the gasoline which got us to Gila Bend, where I put in $5.00 worth, other than the use of the locksmith, I had a super good deal!!!

You would have just died laughing if you saw Mary Virginia and I yesterday.  We locked ourselves, not just out of the house, but also the gate.  So I was trying to get her over the fence . . . and that didn't seem to work, so I got a neighbor and he took the lock off (unscrewed it).  Then we had to worry about getting in . . . . so we got the screen off the downstairs window, and the window would open up so wide, but that was it.  I was on my way over to Pat's (the lady I work with in the office) and Mary Virginia saw a Locksmith van, so we pulled it over, and he came and had the door open with just a bobby pin in about half a minute.  Of course he gave me special bargain rates of only $5.00!!!!  That's the last time I'm going to have to use a locksmith for awhile.

I wanted to send you this picture to bring back memories of Maggie.  The AAACon man here was really nice – I told him anytime he had a care [car?] going to San Diego to let me know.  And he has already called me once!!!!

We haven't been in yet to see Aunt Alice, and get some of the biscuits that she promised us.  I just hate to her get in a bind.

Mary Va and I have been bowling several times.  It's always good for a laugh.  Liz called and she is coming the weekend of January 20th.

Have a great year, it was great to see you . . . just too short of a time.  How is it going this month as to YAF???  Did you get to the place in L.A.????


1948 Jean's Payroll Info - (East?) Cleveland Library

Sunday, December 31, 2017

1987 MUH letter to Roberta -Jan.8

This January 1987 letter emerged from the archives recently, so will be squeezed into the "7" year letters, despite being almost a year (31 years actually) old.  Despite Aunt Mary mentioning that [her] Dad's birthday would be the 10th, I'm 99.99% positive his birthday was January 7, 1883 – 135 years prior to 2018.  He died January 13th, 1969.
THURSDAY – Jan. 8th (the 10th would be Dad's birthday . . he died 18 years ago and G/Ma still going STRONG)

Dear Roberta,

I would like to write to you often and I find myself talking to you in my head . . . usually some incident I'd like to share with you so we could both laugh . . . B U T . . . it never gets on paper.!!!

Appreciate all those phone calls . . . seems as tho I'm always in a RUSH when you call . . . sorry about that!!!  (Take THURS. off your phone agenda. ha)  Today was Circle and we were supposed to get to Va. Anne's EARLY  because of the STEPS and a small room to get situated in.  When we did get to the corner of 11th and K St. it was a grandiose MESS as the town's sewerage project had arrived at that corner where she lives.  We did get settled in and enjoyed the morning snack and Bob her son talked on CRIME in L.W.  He's almost ready to retire from the Army, now stationed in Calif.  CRIME has been his area and he sure has innovative ideas on how to curb crime.  This is another topic!!!!

I have written Catherine a note and today G'Ma will sign her "John Henry" to a check including Xmas and her birthday and get it on its way.  It's my error no doubt . . . should always double check when it comes to MONEY.  HA!!  I'd make a terrible book-keeper!!!

When we got your last ltr on the new note paper I thought it funny that you didn't say anything about it (ltr with picture of the red bike).  CUTE and PAPER NEAT AND ATTRACTIVE.  Well, today, guess what showed up?  Your Dec. 31st ltr arrived . . . on the back were two postal stamps from Ft. Pierce and another town in Fla . . . I never heard of?????  This had the cute picture of you and Santa Claus.  Who was the Santa???  That was some HOLD on you!!  If you're wondering why your folks haven't received that picture . . . now you know and it wasn't just because your Aunt is LAZY and a procrastinator . . . (irreguardless how you spell it . . . can't even get the simple words right . . .   I'm hurrying!!!  I should, like you, make a New Year's resolution to set aside a certain day and time to write ltrs.  I WISH YOU LUCK on that score.

We ALL enjoyed the DRIED FRUIT!!!  THANKS A LOT!!  G'ma still has quite a bit left.

It was FUN having a baby [Laura born Oct. 1986] here.  G'Ma seemed to enjoy watching her, etc.  She's such a good baby.  Never heard her cry any night she was here.  Of all the 'trappings' they brought . . . one would think they had come for the winter.  Cris had their new Olds station wagon jam-packed!!!  They took her to Xmas eve service and next Sun. to church and she slept thru both.  We ate out twice with her and she slept both times.  You never saw such a proud father as Cris!!  G'Ma really livened up while they were all here.  One day she talked a 'blue streak'.  With her poor hearing it becomes a problem in groups, etc.  Everyone says she look good . . . . I'm learning to get her hair up occasionally and with a touch of SOFT makeup she looks great!  Her main problem is getting on that toilet!  I usually, if here, try to hold up her clothes, etc.  But she can manage but TAKES HER FOREVER!!!!  So, when I'm here I usually help her undress, etc.

Now for TWO ADVENTURE STORIES:  (1).  The last Monday Cris was here, we all went to bed per usual.  About 4:00 AM Angela had nurse Laura and put her back to bed when she heard this female voice down the st. south of here screaming: 'PLEASE, SOMEBODY, HELP ME" . . .  it was warm and the windows were open.  Then Angela got up . . . Bill says, "CALL 911" we all go running out of the house in our nite clothes.  Angela says she saw a man taking off towards 10th Ave.  Before this, we heard this grinding noise and a car was stuck in the lot next to the commercial bldg, north end toward this vacant lot.  We assume the man couldn't get the car started and took off.  Search lights looking everywhere in the neighborhood . . . didn't ever find a woman but found a man in the yard at the corn of B and 10th ave . . . pretty well beaten up.  He wouldn't admit to knowing anything when the police questioned him.  We were a SIGHT . . . ALL of us in the street in our night clothes.  I went back in the house, I didn't venture very far and said the rest of them were crazy to go out and not know what's up ahead!!!  Right?  Want to get your head blown off or sliced???  I can still hear that woman screaming . . . gives you the jitters!!

Now No. 2 story:  Joe called us a couple days after New Years' Eve and said he had been mugged.  He and two buddies decided about 1:30 to go to Central Park from his apt. to see the fireworks.  They went to the exit ??? where they normally would go to get to the park but the police still had the Times Square area blocked off and wouldn't let them through . . so they decide to take another route and somewhere along the way they came to a corner and when they turned, here were 20 some guys who attacked them, screaming some NAME.  They didn't want money.  Joe said he curled up in a ball . . . hit in the mouth and said his left side was sore, knocked his glasses off, tore up his jacket . . . latter can be mended, glasses scratched but not broken . . . didn't knock out his "beautiful teeth."  Ha.  Rollyn who is tall and very blonde got the worst of it.  The 3rd boy put up a fight and ran, he had $100 on him but they didn't get the money . . . .  We should call to see how he is!  Maybe this might be an incentive to go "WEST" YOUNG MAN !!!

[Written in the margins]  Good Health & Wealth for New Year!  Keep riding that bike!!!  Finally read your Xmas ltr!!  Very Good!  A "dumb" ltr (MINE NOT YOURS)  I hope life at 1025 No. B. gets back to normal!  There were days there,  I thought "Xmas" would never end!  There should be a better way out!!  We "Natives" watched Fiesta Bowl – Disappointing that we lost & How even Bill stayed up to 11:30.  Cindy was a Big Help to me!   Meals, etc. here.  Have seen a lot of them!  Rob & Cindy fascinated w/Laura.  Could go on & on . . . But now 4:00 o'clock & want to write your Dad & Mom!  Looking forward to your visit!! 

Aunt Mary

1947 HH in Palm Beach Florida -Dec.31

Saturday, December 30, 2017

1977 Roberta's Letter -Dec.31

December 31, 1977
Dear Family,

It's Saturday afternoon and we stopped down at the school.  I've got Mary Virginia checking some of my typing – it's full of numbers that all need to be in the right place – so I'd much rather her catch the mistakes now than after they have been run off.

We just got done bowling – three games!!!!!  The first game was pretty bad, the second game was much better, then the third was down hill again.  We have done very little.  One afternoon after work we bowled a couple of games.  Wait till Mary Virginia realizes that I'm over here typing letters when she is up there working.  some reason this typewriter is not at its best . . . the r's, periods, and commas are not coming through.

So far none of the fish have died.  Mary won't go in the science room at all.  As for Buffie he is doing much better.  The first couple of days though were hard.  I'll be glad when my pet responsibilities are all over.  Buffie smelled so bad when we first picked him up.  Mary and I gave him one bath the first night, then the next two days he had professional baths.  (at ten dollars a throw)  Between dog baths and locking myself out of the Nova, I've wasted some money this week.  Not that I mind spending money, but on such things . . . .

We talked to the Morgans last night.  After talking to them, why don't you all after your plans have been made up make the motel reservations through the motel 6 in San Diego.  Just go at night when the phone calls can be made cheaper.  Besides the nearest Motel 6 here is the other side of Scottsburg.  [Scottsdale?]  It would be great if the Morgans could come with you all.  Perhaps the following weekend would be better, then Dad could fly right out, and Mom could go back with the Morgans.

I will have off the 16th either way.  It's called an in-service day, and classified personnel either have to work or take it as a holiday.  County people just get it off.  I am one of three for the job.  I would like the job very much, but I was told that it is not a ladies job, as I would be in charge of all textbooks.  Tuesday I'm going to approach Dr. Crandell (our principal) and tell him I have applied for this job, and I would like his support – or whatever.  If I don't get the job, then I'm going to try to get this job in Iran – through Mike Greene.

I had a letter from Liz, she is coming out for the weekend – the 20th of January.  What is John's address?  I wanted to write him and thank him for the tank of gas.  Besides the locksmith, I only  invested $5.00 worth of gas in the car.

How was your trip up the coast????  What all did you see and do????  Mary Virginia just found that I left one whole teacher out – good thing she is checking it.  I'm going to work a very short day tomorrow – I've got all done that I was told to get done now – it's a good feeling.

Mary Virginia can sure go through money.  She drinks one of those frozen things of orange juice in one or at the most two days.  We went in a music store last night, and she came up with about ten dollars worth of music she wanted (sheet music – she said that she couldn't find it any place else)  I talk her out of that and before I decide the tape I'm going to get, she has one bought.  I took the tape back that broke my tape cassette – I got it back from the repair shop – they wanted $28.00 to fix it.  I told them I'd just as quick take it back without getting $28.00 in it.  Then they wanted to charge me $8.00 for keeping it on their shelf for two weeks, and giving me this estimate.  I told them what a way to do business – they let me out without paying the $8.00 ! ! !

I bought a Charlie Pride tape – 8-track so that it will fit Marion's player.  Just can't understand why everyone doesn't like Charlie.

I had a nice note from Grandma today . . . guess Uncle Bill had a cold so the relatives did not come in for dinner, said that it was cold in Florida – 42 I think.  Here it has been raining – kind of bad, because I can't leave Buffie out all day.  He doesn't even want to go out for a walk – which he usually loves to do.


PS  Again – if it would be better – wait & come weekend of 13th it might work out better –

Mary V. will be fine – I'll have her on a strict budget ––

Items from Uible photo album