Tuesday, August 23, 2016

1966 Roberta's Letter -Aug.16

[Postmarked Aug. 16, 1966 – Sabina, Ohio]

Dear Mom, Dad, Catherine, Serena, John, Mary Virginia and anyone else who reads this junky letter,

Hi!  Everyone  How is everything!  Dig this letter!  I called up Grandma's tonight spoke to Aunt Mary.  I guess she might come up.  Mrs. Beers came up tonight with Jeff & Mark.  It is now 1:30 in morning.  I is [sic]  a bit sleepy!  Excuse English please!

Alot of kids up here know Catherine and Cris.  Alot of kids from Greenfield and Milford know Catherine.

Shampoo spilled all over suitcase, a big mess.  Had to wash out several things ! ! !

Write Back

cause I sure don't want people thinking I am an orphan ?!

How do you like Dave?? ?

Doesn't he strike you funny.

Oh yes I forgot Myers David and Mike's parents wanted the papers stopped for good.

Boyle on vacation, the people that live behind Bartley.

Big bore up here.

People don't believe that I am Catherine's sister.

Mrs. Beers says she met Catherine, alot quieter or something of the sort was her comment.

Food is Terrible

almost as bad as school food but not quite?

I think I am getting sleepy!  I do believe I better go to bed it is now 2:15 we have to be quiet or councellor [sic] will wake up!  She went to bed at 1:00.  We wake up at 7:00 or suppose to!

Boy I thought Rev. Beers was bad driver with wife but ever worse without her.  I see what Serena means.  We got here in less than 10 minutes I think!

they decide we don't need to wear dresses for meals or nothing.  Big let-down cause I brought 4 skirts, 4 dresses.  I went to picnic with Beers Saturday alot of people was [sic] there.  Uncles, Aunts, cousins, grandmas you name it.  Then some guy by name of Dusty something gets up talks about how proud all the McKays and Collects should be cause they worked real hard.  I guess way back.  Well it is now 2:30 and unless I close pretty soon I will fall asleep!  I baby sat with Mark-Jeff Sunday afternoon no-pay type of job.  Lawful and christian duty I guess, can't think of anything else to say am sleepy don't expect this type of dumb, retarded, stupid old letter again.

Remember ME,
Roberta Uible

the unloved kid only a joke haven't gotten any mail sob sob nobody else has either

Monday, August 22, 2016

1986 Roberta's Letter -Aug.15

Dear Folks –

Hi!  I'm enjoying a leisurely afternoon – w/ the sun shining & cool breezes!  I attempted Long's Peak yesterday – but missed the summit by about 1/4 of a mile.  There was a terrible snow storm – I was prepared clothes wise but for my feet & hands.  It snowed so heavy you couldn't see & even the footsteps of those close-by were hard to find.

I kept going up – even tho everyone else was turning around & going back.  Finally 2 men insisted I turn around & head down w/ them.  (They too had not made it.)

Before I turned around my feet & hands were SO COLD! (gloves & shoes were SOAKED)

I had played w/ the idea of going back tonight – but now plan to go back Sunday.  Will attempt tomorrow to do Longs peak again.  Cynthia, Sara & some cousins did try today (it is a beautiful sunny day!) Too early yet for them to be back.  I left yesterday at 6:00 AM and Returned at 6:30 PM.

We attended Methodist Church last Sunday – about 50% guests & we all had to stand up & say where we are from.  Lots of travelers from Iowa, Missouri & Colorado!

Enjoyed having Mary Greene here – I think she enjoyed being her – meeting SID & all the KINGS.  I sure hope to get over to Taiwan to visit her – SOMEDAY!

We (Kings & I) stopped in 5&10¢ in Estes Park.  They sold Wells Paddleballs – told me he got them from (see 1/2 bag enclosed) – in Harlin, Iowa.

Tuesday it worked out for me to take Mary to the airport & p/u Sara & J.M. – only 3 hours apart.  I drove into downtown – stopped at library – it's HUGE – compared to PHX Main Library.  [New big main library in Phx opened in 1995.] Also stopped at a HUGE SPORTING Good Store – 5 stories high– each floor HUGE!

This would be a great place for a UIBLE get together.  [Which it was in 1994.]  Sid's brother & family in 2 different rental cabins.  Nice – tho nothing fancy.  Tho price right & averaged out $60 per person for week for them.  We have been eating suppers together – has worked out especialy well.  The 5 of us in trailer is NOT too crowded.

Hope NYC was a great trip – I'll call soon (esp. if I make it to summit of Long's Peak!)


Sunday, August 21, 2016

1966 Marianne's Smoky Mountain postcard to Catherine-Aug.

U.S. 441 Smoky Mountains postcard, mailed 1966.  Captioned: THE LOOP-OVER –US 441– GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK. In order to avoid an extremely steep grade the highway engineers at this point constructed a loop-over.  Located near the base of the Chimney Tops this has become one of the main points of interest on U.S. 441 through the Park.

[In Aunt Mary's handwriting: arr. 11:00 last nite.  Tues. A.M.]

Hi Cousin!

We only traveled 400 miles yesterday.  We only have 750 miles to drive today! Ha! Ha!  I feel sick as usual.  I hate to travel when I feel sick! Ha!  Cris drove 85 m.p.h. yesterday.  He could have killed us all.

Love, Mares

Saturday, August 20, 2016

1986 John's Letter -Aug.15

Friday Aug. 15, 1986
[envelope is postmarked from "North Suburban" Illinois]

Dear Mom, Dad and Grandma,

Thanks for your post card.  It was good to hear from you.  I guess Mary V. will soon be home so I should add her name to this letter.  We will be anxious to hear all about her summer.

I have finished my first day of classes covering such subjects as Fiduciary Law and Taxation of Trusts.  Sounds exciting doesn't it?  Believe me, it's not, but I believe the courses will get better.  Carol is driving up Saturday and will probably stay at the Holiday Inn here in Evanston.

I called Serena last night and we will probably get together with her on Sunday.  She is having a party Saturday evening and has a wedding to attend Sat. afternoon.  She said she gets her cast off in two weeks, but has not heard from Indiana Univ.

We have some friends we want to look up in Wheeling and Highwood, both suburbs north of here.

Someone here at Trust School from Jacksonville, FL asked me if was related to the John Uible in Jacksonville.  I believe there are two people here from his bank.  There are a total of 430 students in the program and about 140 in my class.

Well, I want to mail this before class so I should close.


Friday, August 19, 2016

1976 Catherine's Letter -Aug.8

August 8, 1976
Sunday evening
Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

We got your letter during the week but really haven't had too much sparetime since then to answer it.  It has also been sort of a quick weekend since Gerry had to work until 1:00 yesterday.  I went shopping with the wife of a guy who works with him (neither of us bought anything) but had a good time looking around.  We went to a really big mall where the big stores there were Sears and the May Co.  Then we met Gerry and her husband, Frank, at a Burger King near where they work for lunch.  Frank and Elma seem like a nice couple, they are both natives of Texas but he was in the navy here and they stayed (he's only been out of the navy 6 months.)

El Centro is about 100+ miles east of San Diego on the Arizona border. [not exactly – it's another 90 miles from El Centro to Arizona] Both La Mesa & El Cajon where you say the Browns used to live are near to us.  El Cajon is where Gerry works, it's about 10 miles from here and La Mesa is between here and there.

I wrote a letter to John and Roberta and got a post card back from John but I also have heard nothing from Roberta.  I got a letter from Grandma also this past week which I will answer in a few days.  I'm going to try fixing tongue after we go to the grocery store again which should be about Tuesday.

We took DeeDee to a place called Organ Power Wednesday night.  She'd been there before and talked us into going.  It's a pizza place but the big attraction is a huge Wurlitzer "one-man-orchestra-type" organ which a guy plays.  People can make requests and they played about three of our five requests.  The pizza was good too.  She stayed all night last night with us.  We didn't do too much except go swimming twice.  She gets a kick out of sleeping in a sleeping bag on the couch.

Gerry worked 54 hours this past week.  He doesn't much like working all that overtime so hopefully there won't be as much of it during the coming week.

You should have told me that the New Vienna church plate was for ornamental purposes only!  We had Frank & Elma over for dinner one night last week and we used that plate since we only have three other ones.  Then when I washed it half of the church disintegrated, it didn't look too good with a big hole in the middle of it, so I had to scrub the rest of it off.  I felt pretty bad about it but that's the way it goes I guess.

Well, have a good week!

Catherine & Gerry

Thursday, August 18, 2016

1966 Jean's Letter to Catherine -Aug.7

 August 7, 1966
Dearest Catherine,

It is now Sunday and we got home from the wedding yesterday.  We drove up Friday stopping at Glendale, W. Va. to see Sarah and Chauncey Hinerman for lunch that day.  Then on to Pittsburgh where we met Virginia & the bridal party outside the church at 7PM and on to Fox Chapel Golf Club where Tom Walkley (groom)'s parents were holding the rehearsal dinner.  It was WAY on the other side of the city – so we didn't eat til about 9:00 by the time everyone got there.  It was a delicious dinner – will tell you more about it when we see you.  We stayed at a motel not too far from Virginia's and the church.

The wedding was at 10:00 Sat. morning so didn't have time to do much of anything – didn't even want any breakfast after the huge meal of the night before – including turtle soup, no less.

It was a beautiful but very small wedding in St. Bernard's Catholic Church in Mt. Lebanon.  Maureen was a junior bridesmaid and Sarah the matron of honor.  – the only feminine attendants.  Tom's brother, Buzz, was his best man and Joe and Tom Dailey were the ushers.

Mary Ellen looked beautiful in long white gown with big train and all.  It was the first Catholic wedding I ever really remember attending and sorry the rest of the family couldn't be there too.  Maureen and Sarah both wore long blue gowns – Virginia wore a pale pink and white suit and Mrs. Walkley a pale green – both very pretty.  I felt real bad though for couldn't help thinking how much Mary Ellen's father would have enjoyed everything.  Bill (Freeman) walked down the aisle with her, shook hands with the groom and that ended his part of the ceremony – unlike the Protestant where the minister asks who is giving the bride away.

The ceremony lasted almost an hour so then we went down town to the Duquesne Club – another exclusive place for another big meal.  And that all lasted until 2:00 P.M. by the time Mary Ellen and Tom left (no one is supposed to leave until the bride and groom have let).  They were going to Cape Cod but would only drive as far as Hershey that evening.  Do you remember that big Hotel Hershey up on the hill – Spanish architecture.

We brought Joe and Tommy back with us – we picked up their suitcase before the wedding so we could leave from the Duquesne Club but Tommy hadn't put in half of his things so we had to go back to Morrison Drive after all and finally got home about 8:30 last night.  Wilma and Kevin stayed with the family here.

They hadn't gotten any mail so found your card and letter today at the shop as well as a letter from Mrs. Kuntzman.  – Very welcome pleasure for Sunday afternoon.  We are sorry Dave will not be coming back with us for we had been looking forward to have him visit here for a couple days if he could.  And Carol won't be coming either – we wouldn't have minded taking her home even if it wasn't right on our way.  Haven't heard anymore about the Horton's arrival but if they don't get in until Friday evening won't plan it at all.

I am writing this with the typewriter on my lap and find that it begins to get both warm and heavy after a while.

We went to Blanchester this afternoon with plans of going in their pool for it was open house there today and next Sunday but only members are allowed in the pool.  Mr. and Mrs. Roy Myers were both  there along with David and said we could go in on their membership but it was $1 for over 12 and 50¢ under so would have cost us $5 – Roberta stayed home with Mary Virginia as she was still taking her nap.  We ended up over at the J-R.  There were quite a few when we got there but had really thinned out by 5:45 when we were leaving.

Daddy says to tell you that we will call you between 4:30 and 5:00 Friday afternoon depending on what time we get in – or earlier we will just take a chance on finding you near your room.  Don't wait around if you have other plans and we will definitely call by 5:00.  The dinner is at 5:30 isn't it?  Serena has been invited to go back to Pittsburgh with Joe and Tommy but we don't know whether she will go for sure.  She hates to miss the trip to Carbondale and seeing you and all but time will tell.  I think the boys will go back Wednesday as I have to work at the Producer's Livestock Sale the next day.  There is a bus they can take from Wilmington at 6:40 AM that goes to Pittsburgh without changing but there is a layover of over an hour in Columbus (for breakfast and freshing up no doubt).  Neither of them have been on a train and they are hoping to take a train home.

The fair opened this evening with the annual 4-H barbecue and church services.  Joe is planning to work tomorrow for Tom McMillan.  Daddy is getting Dick Terrell to take his place and also Granddaddy's.

Tom thought we had plenty of church today for he went to mass with Joe and then came up to our church for services plus the hour mass yesterday.  We had told him we would go tonite but hadn't really planed on it.

The reason I addressed your letter to Susan B. Anthony was your return address of your last letter had that name in the corner c/o C. Uible.  Did you not write that?

Glad you got to see some of St. Louis on your own plus the conducted tour by John Paul.  I'm wondering about your trip with five boys plus your solo walk around the arch area.  I had thought there was to be another couple going with you.

I am enclosing a clipping about John Hiestand which was in the Hillsboro paper but please save it as I am sure the Hortons would be interested in seeing it.

They had a Sr. MYF planning meeting the other night – I guess without Mr. Perry but they are going to have a picnic down at Pike Lake for members and family on Aug. 21.  Greg Linkhart called about you attending the meeting of the officers and Roberta told him you were at College so he wanted your telephone number there thinking you were at Wilmington, I guess.  He was surprised to learn you were clear out in Illinois.

No doubt this will be the last letter to you at SIU unless you decide to use the scholarship there that you just might receive but we are rooting for Carol if she wants to go there.

And now it is only six more days till we see you.  Daddy says to tell you that there was an article on St. Louis in the Oct. (or Nov.) 1965 issue of the National Geographic.  We do have it here in case you are too busy this week to look it up.  Hope you finished your paper ok – I'd enjoy reading it if you made a carbon copy or get it back.

All our very best love and XXXXXXXXXXX

Mother and 
Daddy & all

P.S.  We also forgot to tell you that you are one of the 2 captains of the Rally Day Attendance Contest which runs during Sept.  Greg L. is other one.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

1976 Jean's Hudson Guild Postcard to Serena1976 Hudson Guild postcad sent to Serena & GHU -Aug. 6 -Aug.6

Hudson Guild Farm postcard - mailed 1976.  Address listed as Andover,
Sussex County, New Jersey 
1976 Hudson Guild postcard sent to Serena & GHU -Aug. 16
Monday, Aug. 16, 1976
Having nice time here.  Saw the Horton Clan yesterday & they are leaving Lancaster Friday after Joe's appointment in Boston Thursday.  Wish you had come with us – to make it more complete.

Roberta & John are both busy – Ruth, Dad & I are going into NYC Tues over night.  See you Sunday.

Love, Dad & Mother

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

1976 USF Library postcard from MUH - Aug.9

University of South Florida, Library Building, Tampa, Florida postcard mailed 1976.  Captioned: A five-story sturcture designed for 250,000 volumes in open stacks. 

Aug. 9th - on Campus - 1:30 P.M.

Dear Mother: Couldn't get away from here in time to catch auto train North, so will be on it Tues. heading North & really an unpleasant  trip – just SWELTERING HOT - walking across campus, back & forth & getting no where! Very slow procedure! Hopefully when Rob [?] returns 19th Sept. he will be registered & housed. We stayed in Gamma Hall (girl's dorm) last nite. May go to Clearwater this P.M. to see Kintners! Had a nice birthday – had a card from Jean – but no mention whether they'll be in N.V. 21st? Would like to know!

Monday, August 15, 2016

1976 Roberta's Lake Mohawk postcard -Aug?

Lake Mohawk postcard - mailed 1976.  Captioned: Aerial View of Lake Mohawk.  Sparta, Sussex County, New Jersey

[Aug. 1976?]
Hi!  I go past this every AM when I get the papers.  Have you ever known me to be such a bad letter writer?  Relax – I'm just having a busy summer & enjoying it.

John goes in this AM with the Senior Citizen bus (big bus from city).  Sally & Annie will be staying through Labor Day – you'll enjoy them – full of fun!

Today in 90's – must be very hot in city.  Love, Berta

Sunday, August 14, 2016

1996 Zook letter – Aug. 5

Dear Uibles,

We enjoyed hearing from you.  Yes we are still in the land of the living!  We don't seem to stay as fit physically as all you sturdy Uibles, but in general do OK and definitely still walk.  Marge's second back surgery makes that possible.  We stay busy mostly volunteering for lifeline which keeps us moving around in about a 50 mile radius.

We were in Ohio finally in early July.  We really wanted to detour through New Vienna but were meeting with Mary's family and with Sandi (who has recently moved to Columbus) for a sort of nostalgic visit to Toledo and Cleveland so missed the trek to your fair hamlet.  Oddly enough, Marge and I are planning (90% sure) a trip to Alberta and the National Parks there at the end of the month or first week in September.  Will fly to Calgary.

Our extended family is much smaller than yours, but the last two weeks all three of our girls got together at the same time for the first time in 8 years.  We had a house full – especially in this small retirement house.  However, we are prepared and have ample room for a visit from the Uibles the next time you come within hailing distance of Johnson City.  In spite of our never seeming to makie it to New Vienna, we would greatly enjoy seeing you.

You are right in saying that we have much to be thankful for that we take for granted and I guess getting older makes you more aware of this.

Give our best to all your children – and we will see each other again in one way or another.

Linn & Marge

Saturday, August 13, 2016

1986 Roberta's Letter -Aug. 4

8/4 3:00 AM or 8/5?
Dear Folks,

According to my memory – you all leave for NYC this AM – so welcome back by the time you get this.

It would work out great for me to come to Ohio the end of Sept. – I'll plan on being gone about 10 days.  Just let me know your plans – I may try to come in the same airport /same day (as you all) or perhaps a day or 2 earlier.

I'd really like for Grandma to come back with me & stay AT LEAST 2-3 weeks with us.  Id'd appreciate it if you folks could talk this up with her.

I'd just like to be able to take advantage of the lowest air-fare rates – so need to have firm dates in mind – so I can make reservations 30 days in advance.

Then need to check with Marianne – and when it might be convenient for a visit.  This is my year to 'visit' w/ Horton cousins – having seen Rob & Cindy in FLA, Cris & Angela in Ohio & Joe in Arizona.

We got the nicest letter from Joe.  I'll have to take it to Colorado w/ me for Sid to read.

Sid has had a great trip – Albuquerque NM 1st night, Colorado Springs 2nd night.  Very happy about the new truck – 10 miles per gallon!  Also very happy about this summer's gas prices – 65¢ gallon for diesel cheapest & 88¢ most expensive on the road.  Now he is talking about the possibility of driving back to South Bend this fall.

Sid doesn't mind the driving – nor does he mind driving alone – actually I think he prefers it.  (esp as compared to traveling w/ two 8-year-olds as in this summer going to Las Vegas!)

I'm looking forward to going to Estes Park – Cynthia will be there – just got in today to Denver.  But the majority of Sid's brother's family won't be in till Sunday Afternoon. (8/10).  So thankful we will have a few quiet days before that!  Sara & J.M. are to arrive 8/12.  They will be coming back to Arizona with Sid about the 24th – via Yellowstone.  Hard to believe – by the time you all read this it will all be history.

One of our residents (Rose Burns) died here last week.  I attended her funeral on Friday.  I don't mind spending my time nor my $ to come back this fall.   Rose had been at Sr. Village three years.  She had 7 grandchildren & all of them were at the funeral.  Only 3 of them had been to Sr. Village.  Out of the other 4 – 1 lived in Flagstaff.

I just wish Grandma would come back with me.  I'm fortunate to have a job w/ flexible hours & a very very helpful husband – who would love to cook – etc. for Grandma.  The Living Room makes an excellent bed-room for Grandma & with the rental of a potty chair we are all set-up.  Talk it up!!

Did you notice the time I started this – now almost 3:45 so I'm going to try to sleep in a little more.  Got up at 2:00 A.M. due to S.V. resident who couldn't sleep – wanted to know what to do.  I told her (after apx 15 minutes) to go ahead & get up – write a letter or read & when she is sleepy go back to bed.

I'll nap by the pool this afternoon.

I've read 2 books since Saturday – Indian Summer of the Heart – excellent – about Quakers.  also Joanna's Husband & David's Wife by Eliz. Forsythe Hailey – gal who wrote A Woman of Independent Means.  I do most of my reading on the exercise bike – yesterday did 60 miles, 25 in AM & 35 in evening – that's not bad – considering the tension is pretty high on the bike.  I'm in training for Long's Peak.  Did 50 miles total both Saturday and Sunday!

We plan to do Long's Peak on the 14th.  Sid & Cynthia will be doing lots of short hikes this week.

Lois Bruce has a B'Day the 15th of August.  Oops – history by the time you read this!  Just now tried to call you all – but take it you are on your way to NYC.

Did you see Joe – Rob & Cindy?

Much Love,

Friday, August 12, 2016

1966 Jean's letter to Catherine -August 2

August 2, 1966
Dearest Catherine,

We got your letter yesterday and hope all went well on your trip to St. Louis.  You had enough problems just trying to get there.  It was good to talk to you Thursday evening on the phone.  You brought us so many things I don't know whether I can remember them all or not now.

Daddy thinks it would be fine to stay in the dorm – quite an experience for John and Serena.  I am a bit leery if we would have to furnish bed linens and wonder about the quietness the last night.  Just don't cancel our Holiday Inn reservations yet anyway.

We should have room for Carol and could even manage your bike if you really want to bring it back – no doubt it is a sentimental attachment for it wasn't in the best of shape when we got it.

Granddaddy said that he hadn't any address to send the jack rules but evidently he had filled it without realizing it.  Daddy can tell you the best way for Dave to get back home if he is able to ride part of the way or he is welcome to visit us in New Vienna for a few days.  No doubt his parens are anxious to have him at home too, though so anything that works out best for all concerned is fine with us.

We took Serena to Columbus yesterday (just Mary Virginia, Serena & I went) for her monthly check-up with Dr. Hull's office.  Our next appointment is Aug. 29 and Dr. Kioursis thinks she needs an upper brace.  We got M.V. a pair of shoes at Gilbert's for next winter and Serena got a pair of PF's for $1.84 as they were having a sale on canvas shoes – it's quite a place.  After waiting a good ten minutes for our clerk to come back, he finally appeared and said I'll get you another clerk as this is my first day here and I can't find anything.

Last night we had a meeting here to plan the program for the Enright Circle for the coming year – Hilda Williams is the new chairman and Carolyn Thornburg, Irene Puckett and Wilma Croghan were on the committee.

The shower for Linda Hughes out at the Wests was very nice.  I sat beside Weegie.  We were given tissue paper, scotch tape and pins and had to make a wedding dress for Linda.  Another game was to see how many different words we could get under each of the letters of h-o-n-e-y-m-o-o-n.  The o's were the hardest - Ethel King had 106 all together but I had 96 so did't feel so bad.  Linda got alot of beautiful things.

We had thought the ball game was Saturday but evidently it was Sunday for you mention missing Sunday School.  Or did you figure you would be just that worn out?  It was a coincidence you mentioning it would be the first Sunday that you had missed in 3 years.  Mrs. Drake asked Daddy if you were attending out there for she said if so you would be eligible for your attendance pin.

Sunday night was the Redeemer's Picnic out at Williams pond.  They have a beautiful spot there.  It was the first time I had ever been out there.  There were only five families there – 23 altogether but we had a good time.  The Eatons were co-hosts and they had just gotten back from St. Louis where Joe's uncle is quite sick.  The Walkers minus Patty and Nancy were there and the Beers family.  It was their 3rd picnic that day as Auburn and Felicity had had ones earlier in the day which they managed to attend.

Mrs. Ella Ryan passed away on Sunday morning and is to be buried today.  She had been well – in fact had done everything to keep her husband, Joe, well for he has such poor health.  Leonard Shaw is a son by a previous marriage.  Knauffs have moved to Jack Carter's house so Roberta has to leave their paper at the station.  She had hoped she wouldn't have to be stopping there since Lee Bartleys are moving to Lloyds former home but now she has to deliver Knauffs there instead.  Mrs. Bartley is a sister to Charles Knauff and Mrs. Puckett.

Pete Demas seems to be coming along well now and may be home soon.  Mr. Doyle Wright collapsed in the doctor's office and is recuperating out at his daughter's, Dorothy Bernard.  Mr. Fred Deck is not at all good.  Your customers, the Paul Wilkinsons now are the parents of a daughter born Sunday or Monday.

Grandma looks for the Hortons this week but from all I've read doubt if they make it until the latter part of next week.  Roberta suggested we take Marianne out with us to pick you up but think we will have a carload coming back.

The Enright Circle has the next two Thursdays at the Producer's Livestock kitchen and Roberta and I are both working 10-3 shifts.  The second one is during the fair week so doubt if business is too rushing that day but have to prepare for them in case.  Roberta has laryngitis – both she and John had bad colds but Roberta is having a harder time getting over heres.  I gave them both hot lemonade the other night but neither one were sold on it like their oldest sister is.

Aitch told Roberta to tell you that he has missed your sugar cookies.  He asks about your frequently and last night gave us the delightful news that Friday's paper is to be 60 pages – 20 to a section.  I told him he could forget to leave them that night – no wonder the Aker boys were overwhelmed by them and delivered some the next day.  The Laymans have started getting the paper and Tom Greens may – they are getting it on a trial basis this week.  The bill is due to arrive today and we have a whale of alot of headlines to send back – with various people going on vacation, etc. they add up.  The Pinkertons who have been getting it in the door have three weeks piled up here so Roberta asked the other Mrs. Pinkerton the sister-in-law if they have been on vacation or what as we have not been notified to cancel them.

You may be surprised when your work on computers may come in handy.  Just knowledge of them is something for everything leans that way for the future.  Someone said they are going to get a computer among the new office equipment at the high school for the students to learn to use.  East Clinton may not be so backward.

I'll leave space for Daddy to add a line

All our very best love until we see you in just about eleven and a half days from now.  XXXXXX – Mother

Hi, this is your "fired" tomato friend.  The easiest way EAST is to get on the train at Greenfield or up at Xenia, or of course the plane from Columbus would be quicker.  If he has plenty of time the bus would be the best bet.  If the weather is not too hot think we will stay in Carbondale for S.S. before leaving.  Due to the hot weather and everything else going on doubt if we get to Washington this summer, at least at Christmas time would not be bothered by the heat.  Not sure yet just which week I will be going to Chicago this month.  See you next week.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

1976 Catherine's Letter to GHU -July 27

July 27, 1976
5:25 P.M.
Dear Grandma,

Hi!  Thanks for your card (letter) from Hudson Guild Farm.  I am still at work right now but I thought I could at least get a letter started to you.  Gerry usually picks me up at 5:15 after he gets off work but it is so busy where he works that he has to work overtime.  One of his friends who lives near us is going to pick me up when he gets off work at about 5:45.

I usually crochet before and after work while I'm waiting for Gerry and during my lunch hour.  Just today I finished a centerpiece.  It's about 24" across.  It's a really nice white one but it will look better after I starch and press it.  Next I'm going to finish the curtain I started in Maine which won't take too long.  After that I'm going to try a pattern for a sweater.  It is amazing how much I can do putting in about an hour and a half a day.

My job is going pretty well.  They keep me pretty busy typing and doing other office type jobs.  I like the hours much better than I liked the hours in Maine.  At the library there I had to work until eight and I like working only until five.  I'd much rather start earlier and get done sooner.  Also I like not having to work on Saturdays.  Gerry has to work Saturday mornings sometimes but that gives me a chance to do the laundry and some cleaning up.

Is Joe back in the states yet?  I am hoping he will be able to get out here to see us.  Please tell him that if you are writing to the Hortons.  I know he has a good friend in San Francisco so maybe he will be able to do both – visit us and him that is.

July 31, 1976
On my way home the day I wrote the first part of this I left the letter in Frank's car so it took me awhile to get it back.

Also, Grandma, please send me your directions for cooking tongue.  I know you told me but I don't remember the details.

Say hello to everyone else for me.

Catherine & Gerry

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

1966 HH's letter to Catherine -July 27

July 27, 1966

Dear Catherine:

Hope you have recovered from your weekend visitor.  I think Roberta is still catching up on her sleep. It does seem lonesome around home with Serena also gone this week to camp.

Yesterday evening we went to the lamb barbecue at the Fairgrounds which was especially good.  Besides lamb they had potatoes with cheese, green beans, cole slaw, beverage, ice cream and brownies.  I went back to Wilmington to the County Bd. of Education meeting where we had a man from Columbus talk on vocational schools -- who was quite windy.

Large supply of books have come in at School and your Mother has been over there working away.  We had a laugh that someone over there was telling your Mother about those Wilmington lawyers he had experience with etc., not knowing what her husband's occupation was.

Foxes put up a "For Sale" sign on their house today.  Mrs. Smith is getting her house all fixed up.  Pete Demas was returning home from his Daughter's home (near Dayton) and I understand blacked out running off the road and an artery was cut causing quite a loss of blood.  Guess he is in bad shape.

John jumped off the low diving board at the J-R yesterday.  He really takes to the water.  Said in his swimming lesson today they had them all swim 30 feet, on which he went beyond.  He has been reading -- he has his own library card to the bookmobile.  Books on Henry Ford, Oliver Wendell Holmes and his favorite, Abe Lincoln.

[Grand]Dad had their first corn last night, we should have some soon.  We did beat them on tomatoes.  Can have some fried tomatoes when you return home.

That McDonald (sp) Aircraft in St. Louis is a huge place.  One of our customers in St. Louis told me what high salaries they pay that he can't compete


Monday, August 08, 2016

1966 Jean's letter to Serena -July 27

July 27, 1966
Dearest Serena,

It seems like you have been gone such a long time and we really miss you around here but look forward to your getting home tomorrow.  I'm taking a chance that I will see Rev. Beers when he gets home today so that this will be delivered to you.  Nothing much has happened since you left and I had already written you about our Sunday activities.

Roberta got home safely and enjoyed her trip to Carbondale.  She met Dave and alot of the other students on the same program.  She stayed in the room next door to Catherine with a girl from Alabama so Roberta developed a quick southern accent.  When Catherine and Dave met her at the bus station Roberta asked where to get the taxi but they told her it wasn't far so they walked all the way from downtown to the campus!  At least they had some male assistance carrying the suitcase.  Roberta wore the heels way down on her shoes she had just had repaired so they must have done alot of walking.

Roberta also brought back a picture of the group that had been taken the week before so you can see who all Catherine has been talking about.

Mr. Demas blacked out (sort of fainted) while driving home from Dayton Monday and was in an accident and is now in the Kettering hospital in serious condition.  Miss Purtee's mother died yesterday.

I have been working at the school a couple hours each day for there are about ten big boxes of new books to unpack and get ready for circulation his fall – miss you to help me but Wilma and I worked together yesterday afternoon.  Daddy picked up the papers Tuesday afternoon and so they were all through by 4:30 and we went swimming.  I heard you all got to go swimming twice in one day the other day.  It sure feels good in this hot weather.  John has a big surprise for you about his swimming ability.  Mary Virginia and Mark swam in his little pool the other day.  If it was just a little bit bigger I would have been tempted to jump in.

Virginia was over here the other day to see you.  It must have been Monday and we told her that you had gone to camp so then she wanted to borrow your bicycle but we didn't loan it to her.

Mary Virginia now says – when we ask her where you are – "Camp" but someone asked her where Daddy was and she replied the same thing – guess we confused her about Mark's daddy going there too.

We got our slides back from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands that we had ordered so we will wait until you get back to have our first showing – providing we can borrow the church's projector or someone's.  They look real good by just holding them up to the light.

All our very best love 
and XXXXX, Daddy & Mother

Sunday, August 07, 2016

1976 Catherine's Letter -July 25

Thursday evening
July 25, 1976
Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Thank you for your most recent letter which we received today.  I'm sure it probably came yesterday but we left before the mail came.  Glad to hear that you had a good trip.  We got your post card a few days ago.  We got a card from Grandma at Hudson Guild farm.  I will be writing her in a few days so that I will have something new to say besides what I write to you all.

We took Deedee camping last night.  We went to a private camp ground about 30 miles outside of San Diego, a little ways into the mountains but still pretty low.  They had a big swimming pool (20' x40') so we went swimming which she loves to do.  The campsites are fairly nice, we had a shaded one but the ground is hard as a rock.  We bent all of the tent stakes which we hadn't already bent on our way out here.  Deedee slept fine but Gerry and I could have used air mattresses.  I think we'll either buy air mattresses or foam pads before we go again.

We are also thinking of buying a sofa bed.  That seems like a practical piece of furniture to start out with.  The apartment is furnished but not with what you would call the highest quality of best appearing furniture.  We haven't spent any of your gift money yet but it is safely in the bank until we do decide what would best suit our purposes.

Gerry is working really hard at his job.  One of the other men in the parts department quit last week so the rest had to work harder to keep things going especially since the manager was gone to Chicago for the week.  He put in 9 hours of overtime including Saturday morning.  My job is going OK.  There sure is alot of paper work involved with moving and storage.  Especially with government shipments which there are quite a few of since there is navy, coast guard, and marines in San Diego.

Please keep the ashtray or dispose of it as you wish.  It certainly is not worth sending.

I tried calling the Bruces but didn't get any answer so yesterday I wrote them a short letter giving them our phone number so now perhaps we'll hear from them.  Have you heard from them since you wrote them when we were in New Vienna?

That dish with the eggplant sounds really good.  I really like eggplant.  We're going to try making eggplant parmesan sometime.  Send us the recipe for the moussaka if you try it and like it.  We've been eating about the same kind of things here that we ate in Maine.  I thought maybe stuff like lettuce & tomatoes would be cheaper but they seem to be about the same – at least in the grocery store.  Maybe at country roadside stands it is cheaper but we can't drive to the country every week to buy food.  I did see some fruit stands on our way to and from the campground where you could buy 10# of oranges for $1.00.

It takes about three days for a letter from NV to SD although we got the letter from Grandma in NJ in two days.  At any rate keep the mail coming we like to hear from you.

Sorry this letter is smudged – it is the erasable kind of paper and I put my arm on it while I was looking at the phone book – you should se the print on my arm!

There are quite a few Browns in the phone book – 12 under attorneys, but no C. William.  The closest is Wm. E. or Wm. Kilgore.

Catherine & Gerry

Saturday, August 06, 2016

1976 Roberta's postcards - July 27

Hi – Thanks for your letter and pictures.  The time you are coming is fine – we have made your reservations for  4  – glad that Ruth is coming.

Went into NYC this AM – less than 3 hours round trip.  Now at hospital w/ woman – tonight slow – just 3 buses to meet!

Hot & Humid here – must be really bad in the city.

Love, Berta

July 27, 1976

Hi – thanks for your card.  Happy you made it home safely.  After you left so many people said they were sorry that they did not get to say good-bye – that you left without seeing them.

I'm busy as usual – 2 trips to the hospital already this week – and it's only Tuesday.  Last Friday I took a woman in who had had a light stroke!

I'll be driving into New York City again this Friday – 8 seniors going home & 7 new coming back with me.

We enjoyed having you here – anxious to hear about Mary V's time & Mom & Dad's.

J.B. still selling lots of shirts – We're both fine.

Love, Berta

Friday, August 05, 2016

1966 Jean's Letter to Catherine -July 27

Thursday –
July 27, 1966
Dearest Catherine,

The weather here is HOT again so sure you must be having more of the same.  We have been swimming everyday since Sunday (Roberta has only gone twice).  John has become quite adept at learning to swim this summer and has a surprise for you to see.  Roberta said you had a bad sunburn so hope you are feeling more comfortable by now.

Aunt Virginia called yesterday and we (Daddy & I) are invited to the rehearsal dinner Friday evening ยบ Aug. 5 so probably Wilma will stay here with Kevin and the rest of our family – they had planned on going but didn't seem to mind if the Croghans stayed here instead.  Perhaps we will bring back one of the children with us – Dailey children that is.

Did Daddy tell you that Rev. Kuntzman fell and knocked his arm out of the socket.  He has to wear it in a sling for a month but came close to breaking his neck – fell down the stairway, we think.  They went to Camp Cartwright but guess Al (alias Rennie) would have to help his father with the boys.  He (Al) was to have gone to Boy Scout camp but lost interest when found the Lloyd boys weren't going plus his father's misfortune.

Daddy said that Mr. Demas is in serious condition at Kettering Hospital – blacked out while driving home from his daughter's.

Aleda Purtee's mother passed away yesterday.  So Aleda is left all by herself now.  Too bad but she had devoted her life to her parents so now – if it isn't too late – she needs to enjoy life herself.

Rev. Beers was called back for a funeral today for a Mr. Richardson of the Auburn community.  He (Mr. R.) is to be buried in Dayton so he won't have too far to return to Camp Cartwright (Rev. B that is).

We went to the lamb barbecue at the fairgrounds last Tuesday – it made a real full day for Daddy for he had been to Wilmington on business, came home with the papers and as soon as they were delivered we went swimming and on to the barbecue and after he brought us home he had to return for the county school board meeting.  The worst part of it was the the barbecue began at 6:30 and they were late in starting to serve.  It was delicious though – the rest of the meal was catered by the Moffats – wish you could have been here to enjoy it too.

I've been working over at the school a couple of hours each day this week as there are about 10  big boxes to get ready for circulation.  After getting a good start on one of the boxes realized that it was labed for Holly, Michigan school so don't know what they will want to do about it now.  Wilma and I worked together yesterday afternoon.  See what you might be doing if you were home.  We really do miss you VERY MUCH and counting the days until you return.  Not just to help with the books either.

Mary Virginia, when asked where you are, says:  "College" and what you are doing "Studying."  She told someone Roberta went out on her "bike" to see you.  She has a wonderful memory and though she doesn't talk in sentences yet does say alot more.  "Gracious" and "Special" are a few of her favorite expressions.

I found the article enclosed perhaps a little late to do you any good but thought I would include it anyway.  Looking forward to seeing you a week from tomorrow – sooner by the time you get this.

All our very best love & XXXXXXXX
Mother & Daddy

Thursday, August 04, 2016

1976 GHU note from Hudson Guild -July 18

5 o'clock Sun. [July 18?, 1976]

After dinner Roberta took me for a ride & sight seeing in the W. chair & afterwards we called Cris thinking it would nice for him & M. to come down next week end on Sat. afternoon & stay until Sun. after dinner.  R. said M. can room with her & Cris with John.  We were fortunate to find Cris at home he had started to make a rhubarb pie from canned R & he said it was so watery he wondered what do do with it.  There are only 2 choices either thicken the liquid or drain it off.  He seemed to like the idea of coming down so we shall look forward to their visit.  R. thought the drive could be made in 3 and a half hours & she is sending him a map showing the way to come.

We had a big dinner of fried chicken, baked potato, lettuce, gravy, salad, corn  & ice cream tea or coffee.  R & I went down to see Joh's cozy corner & he was busy while we were there.  You need  2  good legs at this place for it is up and down slopes & can see into high hills.  The steps are every where.  Roberta & a girl went to service but she said too many stairs for Grandma.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

1966 Jean's letter to Catherine -July 24

July 24, 1966
Dearest Catherine,

Roberta has no doubt come and gone by now and we are looking forward to hearing all about her trip when she arrives home tomorrow morning. . . which incidentally is just five months until Christmas.

Daddy brought home a rather unusual letter addressed to Jacks Saturday which he just found lying on Granddaddy's desk from a David Roeltgen.  It said enclosure but didn't see it.  I wondered if he sent for the rules or if he is waiting til the extravagant lad saves up a dime.  It was real clever and we got a kick out of it.  Thought you were just kidding when you said we might receive a Jack letter – thought you might be referring to your acquisition of envelopes.

After putting Roberta on the train Friday morning we drove out to North Bend – a suburb of Cincinnati where we saw William Henry Harrison's tomb – a small but very pretty place located up on a lovely knoll facing the Oho River.  You can walk right into the tomb which is at the base of a tall shaft of a memorial.  We were already to leave there when the key ring fell apart and the key to the ignition went under the seat.  After almost a fruitless half hour we were able to extricate it but found out that the front seat is definitely not removable without taking out the bolts.  We did about 45 minutes shopping after having lunch at the Colonnade and then on to Swallens and home – all off us quite tired.

Last night Daddy and I went to see the third of the summer series of plays at Wilmington College – "Visit from a Small Planet" with Wilma and her friend, Dan Mayham (spelling?) from Williamsburg, Ohio.  He is very nice but just doesn't seem quite her type.  Perhaps I told you that he has a son entering Ohio State this fall to be a veterinarian and a sixteen year old daughter – They were all up at her house for dinner today on the latter's way to 4-H camp near Clarksville.  Mrs. Mayham was killed in an auto accident some time ago.

Weegie and Wayne and Lynette Hodson and ? sat directly behind us and Stan Fawley and ? Georges a few rows in front.  We stopped at the Mel-o-Dee afterwards and Charlie Collier was there in wild plaid shorts with a girl (we didn't know her).

We got your letter Saturday morning and sounds like you are having to take plenty of tests.  We haven't heard too much about computing so it must not be too difficult.

After Serena left with Rev. Beers for Camp Cartwright we took John, Kevin and Mary Virginia over to Sabina to the open house for the new pool.  It is real nice – the same size and shape as the J-R but perhaps a little nicer.  We talked to Janet Klingensmith and her father and met the other children – Judy is working in Foster's this summer and has a part time job at Miami this coming year – either in the dining room or with Mr. Kettlewell.  We also saw your very good friend Rita Ann Thomas there.  Mr. Lawhorn is the manager of the pool and Lynette Hodson was working at the concessions stand today.  They had a nice crowd there but not as many as I had imagined might have come if the weather had not been so rainy beforehand.  Afterwards we drove down to the intersection of Rts. 22 and 729 and saw where the Baileys and Klingensmiths live in one of those circle drives of new houses.  The latter's home is especially pretty.  Hoopers, Fosters  also live in that new subdivision.

Mr. Frank Achor, widower of Lizzie Achor died this past week.  Mrs. Wilson hasn't been at all well and so she went to the doctor and he won't let her work anymore – almost complete rest for two weeks (had wanted her to go to the hospital for a week).  Grandma has Jennalou Noble taking her place if all works out.

The latest news on the Hortons is that they are taking three weeks stopping off first at Duke University Hospital where Cris is to take a series of allergy tests then on to Chautauqua and then here about the 13th.  But I doubt if they stay too long for that is their third week and Uncle Bill will want to rush back.

Daddy wrote to the Holiday Inn about the change of reservation dates but has not heard anything yet.  You might check up by telephoning them to be sure we have a place to stay – a room with 2 double beds in the back for the last time was awful noisy right near some air compressor or air conditioning plant or something.

We saw Hugh Heiland's television program yesterday (it's now Monday - 10:30 A.M.)  – Summer Scene about Summer Theaters in the area.  They did a scene from "Of Mice and Men" which is EC's next production and another theater group did a scene from the Marriage Go-Round.  This is all on Dayton, channel 2 at 12:30 Sunday afternoon and may be given later at night too.

Just finished this paragraph I started yesterday.  The train arrived right on time and Roberta had to get off between it and a couple of boxcars that were on the siding.  She enjoyed her visit very much – not too anxious to go by train again though.

Boy, was I embarrassed for Wilma found the first page of the letter with Dan's name at the top of the page and between her and Roberta she found out what I had written about them.  You could hear me screaming for blocks when Roberta was reading the part in which she was interested.

I don't know how accurate Roberta's description of Dave was but she thought he looked like Freeman (now known as Bill) Dailey and talked like Tommy D.  Also said he reminds her now of David Myers.  Sounds real OK to us.  And if he doesn't mind being crowded in at the last moment he is welcome to come part way home with us.  We haven't decided whether to bring Mary Virginia yet and guess Roberta will go to camp (Sabina) the Sunday we are to come back.  By the way we have an invitation to Linda Hughes's wedding which is Aug. 14 so Roberta may be the only one that makes it.  There is to be a shower for her this Saturday given by Harriet and Pamela West.

So glad to get your letter and it looks like Roberta went out there the best weekend for know she would rather see Carbondale than St. Louis.  The picture helps to identify many of the people you have mentioned in your letters or that we met the first Sunday.  John keeps threatening to write Dave a letter – just brotherly interest in you I guess.

By the way, that lecture on productivity is fine up to a certain point but 20 hours is going over the deep end.  Sounds like you took him seriously if you only got 4 hours sleep Saturday night.  Just don't take Dave too seriously.

That test must have been horrible – glad I'm not under such pressures and have to take such tests.  In the first place – I wouldn't be smart enough to be an NSF student.

John found an article about this water strider in the July issue of the Ford magazine and wanted to know if that's what they use in New Jersey.

Say, we stopped at a Volkswagen dealer and I actually got the little thing in reverse so there is a possibility we may trade in the old Chrysler someday?  It had a sun roof which fascinated John and Serena so we started negotiations with Mr. Dennis (Max's brother that married Linda Hiestand).

Hi, there, Catherine.  This is your Father.  We can bring back your bike, but will bring a wrench so that we can make it more compact than when we took it out.  Granddad said the jack letter from SIU had no return address, so we are enclosing a couple of folders for you to deliver personally.  Serena got off yesterday to Camp, she had a list from A to Z of things to take with her.  The latest word from the Hortons is that they will arrive here around 8/13, but as Grandma said their plans are subject to change.

Had card from the Fenwicks who are up in Maine vacationing.  Said it was so crowded that it was difficult to find a place to park. Picked two tomatoes yesterday.




Love from all,
The family

Monday, August 01, 2016

1966 Roberta's St. Louis postcard -July 22

1966 Roberta's St. Louis postcard -July 22 
[postmarked July 22, 1966]

HI!  So far so good!  Food is expensive on the train, plus you write out your own order.  I met somebody who is a good friend of some Uible in Cinn.

Their [sic] sure are funny looking people here!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

1976 Postcards from Greece -July 19

North Gate Ancient Mycenae (Acropolis) Greece postcard - mailed 1976
1976 HH's postcard to Roberta & John at Hudson Guild - July 
We left Athens yesterday on this 3 day cruise to the islands.  Getting use to the rock & roll & appetite is good – always too much food on these ships.  Good (?) place to start a W.W. club.  Ship is good location for refreshments – as you have a captive (to say the least) crowd.  Have met people from all over – from Ohio to N.Z,  Our ship cabin is next to Brumleys.  Bet Grandma had big time.  Love, Mother & Dad

Sounion Greece postcard -mailed 1976
1976 Jean's Greece postcard to MV & Hortons -July 19
Mon. July 19, 1976
On way home now after really wonderful trip – islands were beautiful, but didn't get to see enough or stay long enough.  Hope you get to take similar trip sometime – or round the world cruise.

Not looking forward to getting into New York at midnite (too late to call New Jersey or Fla.) – or Columbus at 3 AM Tues.  Looking forward to seeing you in a few days & Hortons next month.  Much love!
Island of Santorini Greece postcard -mailed 1976
1976 Jean's Island of Santorini Greece postcard to Roberta, John & GHU at Hudson Guild -July 19
Mon. 7-19-76
Last card from Greece – now on way to Shannon - New York and home.  Wanted to call but Dad says it would be after midnight.  Have really enjoyed the trip.  Gotten many compliments on orange Indian blouse.  Also the wrap around skirt.

Had much delicious fruit that wish we could share.  Hope to make moussaka w/ eggplant & ground beef & cheese.  Have had it nearly everyday.

Please save card.  Hope business is good & cars running well.

Love, Dad & Mother

Saturday, July 30, 2016

1966 Jean's Letter to Catherine -July 21

July 21, 1966

Dearest Catherine,

We received your airmail letter this afternoon so don't think the air service is much faster than regular mail.  Enjoyed reading a typed letter from you.  I feel real guilty when I use your typewriter for I'm sure you would have enjoyed having it out there.  If it weren't so late we would send it out with Roberta.  I seem to hit so many of the wrong keys.  I just left it unguarded to put some cans back in the cupboard that Mark kept handing me.  (While I was gone he took over the typing.)  He and Jeff are here this evening for Rosalie's grandmother passed away.  I realize now what a great help older sisters are in looking after little brothers.  Just a minute ago he was gone and Serena and I went in opposite directions looking for him.  Serena found him over at Frumps having chased a ball there.  OH me!

There seems to be little new outside home.  Roberta is all excited about her trip and Serena has made numerous lists of what she should take to Camp Cartwright.  Rev. Beers is a counselor so that save two trips to Camden – we hope unless something unforeseen comes up.

I hope we are sending you everything you mentioned.  I didn't get out of town to get you anything new but no doubt you would say you don't need anything.  Roberta had Doris cut her bangs – much against her will – she had made an appointment for a week from today – and she was heartbroken when she came back – Doris had cut FAR more than I thought she might and Roberta was really heartbroken.  She can't wait til it grows back to its former length.

The Hortons have written that they are leaving for someplace the 30th of July depending on what weekend or rather week suits the Browns of Chautauqua the best.  They even have considered going to Washington the same time that we go – that not having been decided on yet by us – depending on whether you want to battle more heat and crowds in order to see Washington at its height as far as the latter two are concerned.  It is also possible that we postpone our trip to the end of October when you all have time off from school and everything else is more in our favor as far as going.  Or we could combine a trip to Washington at the same time either before or following Mary Ellen's wedding.  You can let us know via Roberta or give it a little more thought.

We went to the Lees Creek Ice Cream social last night and took Grandma and Grandaddy.  They seemed to enjoy it though the weather was on the cool side (first in many weeks) which curtailed the selling of much ice cream and perhaps deterred a few people.  Shirley Bernard's parents were there and said she had received a letter from you they thought but both she and Barbara are at camp (4-H) this week so she had not opened it of course.

Daddy has been working on cleaning up the vacant lot next to Thompsons.  He loaned Charles our new mower which is a real joy to ride compared to our old one.  It has a combination brake - clutch which is something to get used to – like driving a Volkswagen or any car without automatic transmission.  We have been mowing Rev. Beers yard and so teased him by telling he he was to mow our back field and he did most of it yesterday til the mower ran out of gas.

You might be thinking about what you want to do with that bicycle – if you have a friend you want to give it to out there – perhaps the church could give it to a deserving child or would it be worth the room it will take up to get it home with seven people in the car.  Roberta hasn't decided whether she is going to Carbondale to get you as it is the last week of Senior High camp – no one else is going from here but she has a friend who may go from someplace else.  Rev. Beers is also a counselor that week of camp.  Rev. Briggs is to go the first week of Sr. High Camp so they told her one or the other would be able to look after her.

Perhaps Dave would like a ride partway home if his grandparents don't come after him – if he could stand the trip with all the Uibles.  That would be a long way for one to come from New Jersey for a few hours of talk.  He has a long long road of studying ahead of him if he plans to become a doctor – perhaps a psychiatrist if he is taking psychology (you have never said but I figured the mice he has to take care of would not be for the computers group anyway.  [Dave became a neurologist, I saw him last summer in New Jersey.]

Serena's swimming class was cancelled this morning due to the cold – it got down to a low of 48 and noticed the weather out in St. Louis has been cooler too which should be a relief to you.

Tomorrow will be a busy day if we have to get Roberta to the train in Cincinnati by 8:00 A.M. so better close – Do appreciate your having Roberta come – her short hair almost made her cancel the trp at the last minute – but it does not look near as bad as she imagines it – it was clear down to her eyebrows.  Anyway thanks again and keep the letters coming.

Love from all of us,

Friday, July 29, 2016

1976 GHU letter/card from Hudson Guild -July 16

Grandma's recent choice of postcards and notecards must have been limited to what was available at Hudson Guild.

Fri. morning. [July 16, 1976]

Hello Family –

I am here & there this morning.  Went to the TV room to read the N.Y. Times for no one was listening to TV & the room was light and no windows open.  Then comes a lady or 2 who wanted to talk.  After 15 min. I said I must wash my teeth & left.  Now I wanted to write & the cleaning lady has her equipment in the hall so I can't make it to the lounge to write so will stay in my room with card on my knees over papers.

Roberta told me this morning that Cris phoned last night so we are expecting him & M tomorrow from 10:30-4 – He or they had plans for the rest of the week end.  Would waited to write after their coming but wanted Mary V. to receive the picture before returning home & to mail Mon. might be too late.  The folks here all like Roberta & John very much.  R. left at 9 o'clock with 6 ladies who were to N.Y. or ? then she will return with a load.  The Van holds eight.  Hope she gets along allright.  We have had a card from the Greek travelers.  I have answered more questions than you can think, about this wheel chair.  They marvel the way I get around & to travel by plane would be unthinkable.  I have listened to some of the political talks etc. & of course to hear the Dem, – If Carter gets to be Pres. everything will be fine.  (We have heard that before.)

I am still for Ford regardless.  Now I am in the Lounge with several who are reading & have use of table.  Oh the food they serve.  I would rather have less food to look at & more maid service.  Clean linens were placed on the bed but you have to make your own & clean floor with mop.  I asked a lady about a mop because I wanted to get ride of the fuzz? from wool blankets.  So she gets the mop & cleaned my floor & wanted to make my bed but I told her Roberta would take care of that.  R. likes her roommate.  I always straighten up my bed each morning but don't change sheets.  The weather stays cool.

With love, Grandma

People read, crochet, knit, fish, swim, walk, card games & eat.  They have had 1 picture shown, or rather 1 evening.  1 Bingo, 1 dance, 1 singing, 1 The price is right.  It was real clever.  John drove the head lady here & myself to a retreat park about 1 mi. out of town.  A very pretty place.  It was fixed up by a priest for people to enjoy.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

1976 Greece postcards -July 14-15

Athens Greece postcard -mailed 1976

1976 Jean & HH Greece postcard to MV -July 14
Wed. – July 14, 1976
[Note from Aunt Mary – Hi, MV:  we enjoyed the card too!, Aunt Mary.]  Going to Delphi so am writing this on the bus.  Had a nice supper at restaurant overlooking the Acropolis & then saw the Sound & Light Show.  We ride the city bus around the city – quite clean & modern and tourists everywhere.

Delphi is about 100 miles & has lots of OLD history, makes our 200 yrs. seem like nothing.  Have you read about the Acropolis yet?  It is one of the Wonders of the World.  Love, Mom & Dad

[Another note from Aunt Mary – Thurs. Really HOT – Joe phoned from NYC – all O.K.!]

Ancient Corinth Greece postcard -mailed 1976

1976 HH's Ancient Corinth (Greece) postcard to Roberta, John & GHU -July 15

Hi!  Enjoying all the sights.  Here is like going back to Bible times saw where Paul spoke here, etc.  Now on way to Mycenae area that goes back to 1600 B.C. – reminds us of M.P.  J.B. except no hard boiled eggs,  a # of back packers at various sites.  Tomorrow we get on the boat to visit the islands.  Love, the 2 Travelers.

Items from Uible photo album