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1978 Catherine's Letter -Aug.28

Monday afternoon, August 28, 1978
Dear Mom, Dad, Mary Virginia and John (?),

Hi!  The letter you mailed Friday arrived today so I guess that is not bad service.  I was surprised that you could get a letter from us in two days, especially two weeks in a row.  I mailed a letter to Gerry's folks last Wednesday and they called us on Friday and said that they had received it that day.  I guess cross country mail moves faster than the local!

Not much is new on the job hunting situation.  We didn't go to Klamath Falls.  This guy never called Gerry back to set up the interview and when Gerry called him he was "out".  And then we heard through a friend that is still at Clifford's [Gerry's previous employer] that this guy had been in touch with Clifford.  Gerry feels that even if he and Mr. Clifford didn't get along personally Mr. Clifford could at least say that he did the job while he was there.  Gerry also talked to Chico this morning and they said they haven't made a decision yet but at least they are not eliminating him on the basis of one person's say.  Gerry has several other people connected with International that he is using for reference also so that should help.  Today Gerry has gone up to Newark [San Francisco Bay area] (Horton Equip. that is opening the new store in San Jose).  They keep stalling him because they aren't ready to open the store yet, but at least they are still talking.  Doug (Gerry's friend who is still with Clifford) wants to get a salesman job with Horton so they were going to meet for lunch and trade notes.  There are a couple of other jobs in the San Jose area Gerry was going to check on also.

Tomorrow we are going down to Salinas to see what the job situation is there and possibly on Wednesday or Thursday we will go over into the valley – Fresno area.  Someone had told Gerry about an opening in Wellton, Arizona (near Yuma) but it had already been filled.

If Gerry hasn't found a job by the end of next week then we are going to try to sell our furniture and head elsewhere as we don't think it would be worth paying another month's rent here.  We are paid right now through September 20.  Gerry had heard rumors that his old job in Sanford might be available and his folks of course would like us to live nearer but I don't think Gerry is to hep on that.  We'll just have to see how things turn out.  It is now Tuesday A.M.  It doesn't look hopeful with Horton Equip. as he now says that the new store won't be open until at least January.  Unless Gerry could do something else and then start there in January – but there is no guarantee.  We were talking last night though about possibly staying here in Gilroy through October 20 so there would be more time for something to develop.  We'll see how the next two weeks go.  Right now it seems like we are turning over alot of stones but not finding much of anything underneath them.

It will be nice to see Roberta and Grandma.  Do they have any sort of itinerary?  Did they go to Yosemite last year?  We have all sorts of travel info and brochures on California parks.

We are leaving for Salinas in a few minutes so I better close.  I'll try to keep you informed by letter but we'll call if things get bad or if we have good news to report.

Catherine, Gerry
& Wendy

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1988 HHU's letter to John –Aug.26

Aug. 26, 1988

Dearest John –

Just wanted to send a note to you with our special delivery carrier.  Can't really think of anything that is especially new but will be glad to hear news of you from Mary Virginia.  She has already mentioned your going to Kings Island and a few other things.  We have tried unsuccessfully to reach you by phone but am glad to hear that you have someone new living with you who will convey messages.  Roberta reported that she had talked to "him."

The Randy Thompsons had a baby – a girl I believe.  I saw her Mrs. T. out with the baby while I was mowing the grass the other night but haven't seen them up close.

We enjoyed having MV here, tho briefly . . . she is a big help around the house.

Is it correct that you are now going on the "walk"?  After the experience we think you will agree that it was one of the highlights of your whole life.

Mother & Dad

Thursday, August 16, 2018

1988 Wendy's Letter -Aug.25


Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

How are you?  I'm fine.  Me and my friend Jade daughter of Roberta's former employee/friend, Beverly] went to Oaisis water park today.  It was alot of fun.  School starts on Monday.  I have all my school supplies.  Last Friday I spent the night at Jade's house and on Sunday we saw Who Framed Roger Rabbit.  It was a very good movie.  Last night I babysat for Mark [former neighbor] and got 5$.  Every morning at 6 A.M. me and mom go jogging.  Sorry I haven't written but I've been very busy.  About a week ago I saw the movie Big which was very good.  well gotta go LOVE WENDY, write soon

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1978 Roberta's Letter -Aug.22?

Tuesday Morning
Good Morning Everyone!

Thanks for calling on Sunday – was good to talk to all of you.  John did have a letter from you all – he brought it to breakfast on Monday – w/out my saying anything.

I'll be home a week from today – seems impossible that the summer is almost gone – it sure has gone by fast!  It flew!  It was great having you all here – though that time went far too fast!

Bet you all were surprised about my fast trip to Florida – I hated to see Rob have to make the trip alone – esp. when I knew he was in a hurry to get there.  Hortons house was really a mess – they were having plastering – painting – etc. done.  We got in at 1:30 – hadn't eaten lunch – and couldn't get close to the refrigerator.  Their phone bill will sure go up – w/ Rob at home now –  We all miss Robbie – but I would have done the same thing – maybe – if that was what I wanted to do.

We all went bowling Sunday night – I had Carlos & Indira for a day & a half – wish you could see those 2 bowl – Carlos bowls on a league in the city – does pretty well – but really a comedy.  Indira gets up there & throws the ball w/ both hands – and got 3 strikes in a row!  Wow!

I've been doing lots of crewel – not needlepoint – I'll have to show you all what I've got going & doing – but hope to save them for Christmas presents – It's so much easier – and quicker than needlepoint.  I usually go down & sit out in front of Kaufman – and work – that way – if I need help I've got it all around!  They tend to be very critical – which I guess doesn't hurt.

Had a letter yesterday from Marion – she was back in Denver after trip to California – was to fly to her parents last Friday – she does want to drive out to Arizona – with us – Buffie & myself.  But we will plan to take 3-4 days – leaving Augusta morning of 31 August.  Why doesn't Grandma plan to fly out 5th or 6th of September – I'd like to get to Yellowstone before the cold weather does!  Last year was just a preview – it would be neat to stay at the Yellowstone Inn – according to my book – it only costs about $22 a night.

Serena – are you still interested in going WEST w/me – you are welcome – but don't do it unless you want to – did you check out the differences – money wise?

Dawn Rosario is sure enjoying her stay/work at the farm!  She says all the time – how she wants to come back next year & work in the dining room again – and Mary Va could come as canteen operator ––

Wednesday night we – Dawn & I plan to go into the city – spend the night & Thursday – it will be my last trip in – haven't been in since you all were here – or rather there.

Time to get ready for breakfast –

 –– now 9:15 – John & Carol & about 12 teenagers have left for the "shore" not exactly sure where – in the Red Avis Van – they won't be back till about 6:00 - supper time.

I too had a letter from Pat Paxton Peters – all I can say is that I hope he gets along w/ the dogs.  [anyone have an idea about his relationship to the family – I'm thinking he could be a great-grandson of Aunt Luna? Grandson of Aunt Luna's daughter, Gladys Paxton?]
What's the latest as to the Morgans?  I can't imagine them moving to Ohio – it will be interesting as to what happens ––

Got to go – am to meet a bus – Ray's day off –


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1978 Catherine's Letter -Aug.22

Tuesday, August 22, 1978
Dear Mom, Dad, Serena, and Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Here is some new stationery I got at Pic & Save the last time we were in San Diego – six of these with envelopes for only 10¢.

There is one new development in the job hunting situation.  Gerry talked to a guy yesterday from Klamath Falls, Oregon (actually the dealership is in Merrill – southeast of Klamath Falls on the California/Oregon border) who is looking for a parts manager.  His previous manager left to work in where else but Gilroy.  He had children in San Jose and I guess that was his reasoning in coming to Gilroy.  Anyway we may be going back to Oregon faster than we thought.  Gerry sent him his resume and if it sounds good then we may be going up there this weekend.  They offered to pay $100 toward travel expenses for an interview – it costs $102 to fly round trip from San Francisco but we figure if we drive then we can all go and it still won't cost too much more than $100.  And then assuming both Chico and Merrill were interested in Gerry we would be able to choose which place we liked better.

We weren't expecting you to come up with a job for Gerry.  We just thought you might have some idea of the job market in those area.  It is all part of our contingency plans if everything else fails out here.  If we move somewhere in the West then we can keep our furniture which isn't worth shipping too far.

Thank you for the pictures.  We haven't taken too many lately.  I think I might have one from the last batch that is more recent than others you have seen.  I'll try to find it and stick it in with this letter.

I went to a Newcomers meeting last week but it is hard to get too enthused about the club since we will most likely be leaving the area.  The program was on genealogy.  The man who spoke is a Mormon and he passed around several pamphlets that the Latter Day Saints put out.  He also had a scrapbook of sorts with pictures of his ancestors, etc.  It made me think of Roger Ballantyne and all the pictures he has of the Ballantyne clan.  The next newcomers meeting is a trip to San Juan Bautista and a luncheon at Jardines restaurant there.

The mailman just came and went and I didn't have this finished so I'll mail it later this afternoon when we go out.  Since I am no longer rushing to finish this I found two pictures for you.  Wendy can walk around the coffee table with no trouble at all – when this picture was taken her balance was still a little shakey.  She can't get the cupboard doors open yet but if we leave one open she will quickly empty it for us.  She also has discovered the toilet paper and we have to keep the lid on the toilet so she won't play in the water.  She loves to play with books so we have a few old phone books and AAA books we have given her but of course the library books are always much more appealing.  She doesn't say much that is distinguishable beyond MaMa & DaDa and an occasional hi or bye but she talks alot – especially while she is reading her books.

Mother, I don't know if you were serious about helping us move.  Of course, we would love to have you and it has been a long time since you saw Wendy.  It is hard to believe she will be a year old next month.  I made a cake a few weeks ago just to see if I could still do it.  Wendy loves ice cream so she ought to have a fine birthday.  So, if you weren't serious about coming out then think again!

Gerry has been fixing lunch which is almost ready so I better sight off here and go set the table.  Did I mention that your letter arrived yesterday so I guess the connections weren't as good since it was mailed the same day as the post card.  Hope to hear from you again soon!

Catherine, Gerry
& Wendy

Monday, August 13, 2018

1988 Mie Young letter -Aug.21


How's everyone?  I know it's been a long time since I wrote.  I always think about calling or writing but my timing is terrible.  I'm still living at home and I am still at the Westin Hotel.  Things are going fine and everyone at home's doing fine.

My brother went to Australia to work and visit a friend of his from Korea and In Young's going to summer school.  She'll be going to New York for 2 weeks to visit our aunt and I'm still just working away.

Mom's working to get her driver's license and she's having a hard time during her parking test.

Dad finally got his dealership underway.  They are getting the property in Florence KY by the mall.

So overall, things are going smooth for us.  How is everyone in New Vienna?  When Dad called he said he spoke with Roberta?  I wasn't sure if he was right?  Maybe I thought because you two were away she came to visit Grandma.  How is Grandma?  She should be getting ready to go to Florida soon.  Right?  I'm sorry I haven't visited in a long time but you are always on my mind.  I always think about the things you've done for me and I know I don't do a good job of repaying back the love you gave me.

I'm just dropping a few lines to let you know I'm still alive and thinking about you.  Maybe we can set a time to get together for dinner.  It's very easy to find and it only takes an hour to get here. 

Won't you come over for Mom's great cooking?  Let me know when you would be ready.

We'll love to have you and to see you again.

Don't forget that I love you both and that I miss you too.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Love Always,
Mie Young

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1908 GHU postcard -Aug.21

[This post originally published Sunday, September 20, 2009.  Some of the questions at the end of the post have been answered since then.]  

On March 1, 1907, Gladys Hiestand was probably looking forward to the spring washing of her hair. Bigger news on that day for post card aficionados was the US Postal Service changed their rules so that postcards with a divided back were finally permitted. According to A Brief History of Postcard Types by Stefano Neis, The address had to be written on the right side of the back of the postcard while the left side was reserved for writing messages. At this time in American history the postcard hobby became a public addiction.

Postcards from this period are most collectible when they do not have writing on their fronts. Ones in prime condition currently go for $300 and up on vintage post card sites, whereas one like Grandma's, not including the historical family value, can be found on ebay for 99 cents. This "Real Photo" printed in England was considered of lesser value than those printed in Germany.

I like this card as it is the oldest card that has a message from Grandma. 

Fri. morning [Aug 21, 1908]
Dear Mary: We arrived safe and sound Wed. morning and surprised them all greatly. Mamma got along better than usual. We enjoyed the pears greatly and ate them all but one, but Ellen & Roberta [Aunt Luna's daughters] soon made way with it. Found them all well. Gladys

• • • • • • • • • •

Questions to be answered:
How long did Aunt Luna live in Mound City? At some point she moved to Columbia.
  • Married at her parents house in 1901, had wedding dinner, then took the train to Mound City, MO. (Her obituary states she was married in 1899, but a clipping in February 1901 describes the wedding and sets the date as 20 Feb 1901.)  The family moved to Columbia MO so the children could attend the University of Missouri.
What did Uncle [first name unknown to me] Mitchell do in Mound City?
  • Aunt Luna's husband – Robert Glenn Mitchell, was born 1869 (five years older than Luna) in Hillsboro.  In 1900 he is listed as a clerk in Mound City; 1930 a carpenter.  He died in 1943.   
How long did it take to get from Hillsboro to Mound City via train in 1908?
  • Probably 12-16 hours – would have required changing trains in Cincinnati and St. Louis.
When was Aunt Luna born?
  • Luna Hiestand Mitchell 1874-1970 
When were Ellen and Roberta (and their siblings) born?
  • Ellen Mitchell Lippmann 1902-1999
  • Roberta Mitchell Phillips 1903-1993
  • Lois Mitchell Schuetz 1908-1990
  • Robert H. Mitchell 1910-
  • Gladys Mitchell Paxton 1912-2000
  • Luna Mitchell Herron  1915 - 

Did "Mamma" not travel well or was she poorly in general?

   * * * * * * * * * *
Other blogposts about Aunt Luna can be found here.  

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1978 Roberta's Letter -Aug.19

". . . I don't get to go very many places . . .  --Roberta

Thursday aft.
Dear Family,

Did you notice the post-mark on this?????? [West Palm Beach]  And wonder what happened?????  Rob got a phone call on Tuesday -- saying that he had a teaching job in Florida -- 5th grade but that he needed to be there for screening by Friday and then would start to work on Monday.  So I decided -- since I don't get to go very many places that I would come down with him and then fly back -- but didn't realize then that I would just be spending the night here -- the best flight -- both money wise and otherwise is for me to leave here tomorrow at 7:40.

We left the farm after breakfast yesterday.  Took 206 South to I-95 and then just kept on going.  We did pull off the road just south of Savannah -- and slept awhile -- in the parking lot of a Holiday Inn.  Got in this afternoon about 1:00 -- good time.  We had a good trip -- took turns driving and all went well.

As it looks now I will leave the farm for New Vienna on Monday -- guess that would be the 28th.  I'll leave on Wednesday morning for the West.  I still have not heard from Marion as to whether she will be able to make the trip.  Have had quite a few cards from her on this trip, and she has enjoyed it very much, except for San Diego -- with us and there about 10 years ago she had never been to California.  They spent about 5 days with I.T.'s brothers – in Napa – or at least using that as a base.

I'm using Aunt Mary's new electric typewriter – its really nice – except for the fact that I'm not used to it.  Right now she is out getting her hair done – Rob is taking a shower – I just got done with one – sure felt good.  We did not use the air-conditioning all the way down.

G'ma plans to travel this fall – Sept. 5th – for about 2 weeks –


Friday, August 10, 2018

1988 Family Letter -Aug. 19

August 19, 1988

Dear Family:

This evening is the first cool weather we have had for a long time, in fact, we moved to the basement to weather the heat wave and to keep our sanity.

Last weekend went well in getting Serena to Peoria.  Her new address is 2116 N. Linn #30.  We just saw the exterior of the library where she will be working and it did look nice.  One of our meals out was at the Bishop"s Buffet . . . they still have the lamp on the table that one turns on when you want service.  We recall how John would love to turn on the lamp for attention.  Peoria is the home of the CAT Co. and is a city of 100,000+.

On the way back we visited the neighborhoods where Bill Horton lived some 60 years ago.  Supper time found us in Cincinnati at the Music Palace which Mary enjoyed  Oh yes, Serena did a great job in loading up the van for the trip.

The Hortons left today for Mares for a week, then on to Cris for another week.  They really enjoy the N.V. Senior Citizens and especially the meals there.

We appreciated hearing from all the family this week.  M.V. will be home next Wednesday evening for the "summer break."  John is already talking of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  As far as we know now we will be in NV at those times and we would be glad to have any of you join us.  I'll add an AMEN to that (JBU now typing).

G'ma gave us one of the mangoes from the Hortons and it was really delicious.  Had it with other fruit in a big salad which is primarily what we have been eating in the evening with the hot weather.  We finished up the peaches which we bought on the way home from Canada last week.  We have a tree which is bearing peaches for the first time but they are still quite green.  Hope we get them before the scavenger animal or human around the neighborhood.

I've been working at school trying to get things ready.  We have so many new people this year – more than I can ever remember – some have been teaching at Sabina and others are new to our system.  Mr. Murphy has retired and Mrs. Mongold (Cheryl Cluxton) is taking his place after teaching English primarily and mostly 6th last year.  There will be only one fifth grade and one sixth this year and two levels of kindergarten – two morning and one afternoon).  Mrs. Bailey is combining kdg. & elementary reading.  That is just a few of the changes.

Haven't talked to the new librarian at Wilmington but told Janet Esmail our daughter had heard of her in Idaho.  She has been super busy every time we have seen her working.

Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill went to Peoria with us and stayed with friends of theirs who used to live in Florida (but moved there last March).  They live in a retirement center.  He is 89 and his wife is 85.  We took out the back seats in the van to make room for Serena's things which gave her alot of space to fill.  Coming back we had only the 2 front + 2 lawn chairs (& empty boxes).  We plan to leave it that way for awhile til we really need it.

Dad is cleaning the street on the Rt. 73 side of Wells while I'm doing this.  The rain settled the dust & he is working under the street lights.

GG's typewriter is nice but I've got alot to learn about it – does seem easier than one Dad brought home earlier. 

The next two weeks will be hectic getting things in shape to leave on 9/3 for Holland & getting ready physically for the trip.  Have been going biking at 6:30 AM as is too hot otherwise.

Always glad to hear from you & even better in person.  Grandma is FINE.

Mother & Dad

Thursday, August 09, 2018

1988 Catherine's Letter to John -Aug.17

August 17, 1988
Dear John,

Hi!  How are you doing?  What's new in Newark?  Are you planning to visit Phoenix this year?

We have been busy getting all the back to school stuff done.  Yesterday we went shopping.  As I write this Wendy is getting her teeth checked.  Tomorrow she has an appointment to get a perm.  School starts here on Aug. 29th.

Tomorrow night we're going to Bobbie McGee's with Roberta, Sid, Cynthia, Sarah & Jonathon.  Then Sid is taking Sarah & Jonathan to San Diego.

We've had a busy summer at work.  About 5900 kids joined the summer reading program.  Sometimes it seemed like they were all there at once!  Now we're getting all geared up for our fall programs.

Gerry and I have played a fair amount of golf, trying out some new courses this summer when the rates are at the lowest.

Write soon!

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

1978 Catherine's postcard -Aug.16


Wed. 8/16/78

Hi!  Sorry I forgot to mention on the phone when I would call again.  Maybe I'll try on Sunday or a morning the first of the week.  Gerry has an interview tomorrow for a parts mgr. at an IH dealer in Chico.  Wendy & I will go along for the ride and to check the town out.  Wendy has her 4th tooth now.  I went to a Newcomers meeting last night.  The mailman is here.

Love, Catherine, Gerry
& Wendy

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

1988 Wilmore UMC Bulletin -Aug.14

Pertinent Info:

During the year ahead, Miss Mary Uible will be doing her Supervised Ministry under the direction of Bill Goold.  We welcome Mary and look forward to her help among us.

Monday, August 06, 2018

1988 MV's Letter -Aug.15

15 Aug 88
Dear Mom, Dad and Grandma,

I trust the trip to Illinois went well and you got Serena all situated.  I certainly hope her new job works out well and she enjoys it.

I'm enclosing the bulletin from yesterday [see tomorrow's blog post];  it announces my S.Min [Supervised Ministry] and I was responsible for the Ladies Ensemble that sang during the service.  My SMin officially starts next Sunday 21 August.

We have been extremely busy at work.  The back to school crowds have been running about two weeks early so I've gotten some extra hours the last couple weeks.  In less than a month we'll be putting out our Christmas merchandise; it's hard to believe that it's time already.

The controversy over the new movie is interesting.  (Last Temptation).  The Lexington paper carries Cal Thomas' syndicated column which was good yesterday.  Have you read either of his books?  I just heard him on Dr. Dobson a couple months ago.

As far as schedule next week, I have a meeting from 8-9 on Wednesday night, so we'll be coming after that.  Betsye (my Alabama friend), Sandi (she was the dorm R.A. last year, now Assistant dean) are definitely coming.  I'm hoping to find one more person so that there's not 3 of us (odd number) for Kings Island.  They'll leave early Friday, then Friday afternoon I'll head to Columbus.  Probably come home Sunday night, then I have to be in Lexington Wednesday at noon.

School starts Wednesday for public schools here.  Now will you have to help at the school at all this year, Mother?

Hope all is well in New Vienna.  See you soon.

Mary Va.

Sunday, August 05, 2018

1988 John's Letter -Aug.9

Aug. 9, 1988
Dear Mom + Dad + Grandma,

Since Serena is coming up I thought I would take this opportunity to send some news back with her.  I hope you had a good time in Canada.

The Divorce Support Group has kept me occupied the past few months.  Besides the camping, we have had picnics, potlucks, game nights and eat out.  I have met some nice people and developed friendships with 2 in particular.  Sometime I will want to introduce you to Kathy and Cindy.

The Moores and McConnells have told me about someone they want me to get to know.  She also sounds very nice.  My problem is I have difficulty finding time for all these people.  I am getting calls all the time because there are so few guys in our support group.

I have been trying to get in touch with Ken and Nancy Colvin but have not found them home.  It looks doubtful for me to attend the walk Sept. 22-25.  I hope to talk to the Calverts about the Columbus walks when we see them Aug. 27th.

Do you know where you will be for Thanksgiving or Christmas yet?  The Moores invited me over for Thanksgiving but I wonder what your plans are.

I am thinking seriously about sharing the house with another guy I talked to a teacher who is interested and perhaps a pastor as well.  Since I am not home much, someone might as well get use of the place!

I am also looking into short-term mission opportunities – probably next year as I am running out of vacation time this year.  The minister from 1st Presby. gave me a brochure with trips to Australia, Morocco, Jamaica and Mexico.  Sounds interesting, doesn't it  I'll keep you posted.

Have a safe trip to Peoria.


Saturday, August 04, 2018

1968 Catherine's postcard to John -Aug.9

Roger Conant Statue, Salem Mass. postcard -mailed 1968

Hi!  I was glad to get your letter yesterday.  How was your party?  I went to the bay beach.  Tomorrow we go to Nantucket.  How are the Hortons?  I will be seeing you soon.

Love, Cathy

Friday, August 03, 2018

1968 Catherine's postcard -Aug.7

[postmarked Aug.7, 1968]

Hi!  Sorry I haven't written lately.  We've been having really fouled up doings with the train and buses but that is over for awhile and today we have a rest day here in Truro.  A couple of the kids are going to Provincetown but I think I'm going to the beach here.  We spent Monday sightseeing in Boston.  Alot of the kids took the Freedom Trail and then went shopping.  I didn't want to go shopping so I went to the library and then on out to Christian Science Church & Publishing House.  I couldn't remember going through the church before.  I ended up walking back to the hostel which took 2 hours.  At least I saw Boston!  I went by the Copley Sq. Hotel.  Remember how snowy it was before?  The hostel in Boston (Christ Church on Dix St. & Dorchester Ave.) is only 2 blocks from the Fields Corner subway station so if you want me to meet you somewhere . . . you have the phone no. don't you? 

How come the Hortons are coming early?  Can Marianne stay until I get home?  It's not fair for her to come all the way to NV and then leave before I get home.  Would somebody do me a favor and send 10¢ for a recipe booklet to The Savers, Dept. M, 600 Madison Ave., NY 10022.  Thanks.  We have a mail stop tomorrow so maybe I'll get the mail I missed at Gloucester!  Ha!

Love, Catherine

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

1988 Catherine's Letter -Aug.4

Thursday, Aug. 4, 1988
Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Does it seem quieter without Wendy?  And now Serena is leaving too – you'll be back to the "empty" nest!  Wendy seems to be readjusting to lie in Arizona fairly easily.  She has gone for bike rides both Tues. & yesterday and today is going on a 4 mile hike with Roberta and others.  She's also looking forward to camp which begins on Sunday afternoon.  We're going to Payson on Saturday though and will spend the night at a place Roberta recommended.

We certainly appreciate Wendy being able to visit you and everything you did for her.  She's full of stories of the fun and exciting things she did.

Time to go to work now . . . .

Catherine, Gerry &

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

1978 Catherine's Letter -Aug.4

Friday morning, Aug. 4, 1978
Dear Mom, Dad, Roberta, Serena John & Mary V.,

Hi!  Gee, I'm not used to writing to all of you at once anymore.  It was nice talking  to you on the phone the other evening.  You really took us by surprise and now I can't remember very well what I told you.  I know I mentioned that I had taken Wendy to the clinic.  She weighs 20 lb. 11 oz. which is 1 lb. 3 oz. more than three months ago which they said was a nice moderate gain.  Now that she is moving around more and getting lots more exercise it is OK for her to have more solids and she has been getting a mixture of babyfood and table food depending on what we eat.  I also asked about shoes for her since she is standing up now but the Dr. said to think in terms of shoes for protection only – like if she is walking outside on a hard surface.  They said it is best to let her feet muscles develop without shoes so we'll let her feet get a little bigger before making the big purchase.

My weight has been holding steady at 110 since we have been home and I have been eating three solid meals a day plus lots of fruit & yogurt in between.  After years of worrying about putting on extra pounds I must say it seems nice for a change.  Yesterday Gerry went up to Richmond (above Oakland) to the IH parts depot for the west coast and the rest of us went along for the ride.  On the way back we stopped at Eastridge in San Jose and I bought two pairs of slacks which were on sale at Penny's.  They are size 9's so you can see I haven't wasted away to nothing.  I just don't think it would be good to lose anymore weight.

Gerry is hoping he will get the job that he went on the interview for on Tuesday.  Right now they have a store in Newark which is about 20 miles north of San Jose on the Oakland side of the bay but within the next 3 months they are going to open a store in San Jose so they will need more people plus then we might not have to move depending on what part of San Jose it was in.  the name of the place by the way, is Horton Equip.  We are hoping to hear one way or the other before we go to San Diego next week so Gerry will be better able to evaluate the possibilities.  We would prefer to stay in this area and it would definitely be easier not to move but if Horton doesn't come through then probably the next best thing would be San Diego.

We found out that the Duster [car] does have problems with the engine which would require several hundred dollars to repair as well as the brakes which need about a hundred and then yesterday someone ripped off the gas cap.  We are going to wait and see if we move before  deciding whether to junk it or put the money into it.  The truck is running fine so that is some relief.  We put over 5000 miles on it this summer between San Diego, Yosemite & the northwest.

Did I tell you that Wendy has a top tooth now?  It has become dangerous to put a finger in hr mouth – they may be small but they are quite sharp!

Write soon! "Hello" to eveyone!

Love, Gerry, Catherine, DeeDee & Wendy

Monday, July 30, 2018

1988 Family Letter -Aug.3

Wednesday, August 3, 1988

Dear Family:

We miss having Wendy around and look forward to having her visit us in 1989.  Having her around brings back many memories when our family was that age.

Serena has been going thru things getting ready for the move to Peoria.  Plan to drive out on August 13th and return on the 15.  She starts her job on the 16th and has rented an apartment.  The Hortons have some good friends in Peoria and may go out with us.  It will be an interesting development.  Uncle Bill will return from Florida this Friday.

Tomorrow morning we leave with the Harners for Hamilton, Ontario for the square dance convention and then on to Toronto for the Am. Bar Meeting.  We will be gone for a week.

Our refrigerator has been acting up, water in the wrong places on the inside and outside.  Seem to be getting the run around from the repairman.

The grass has really greened up  and mowed the yard for the first time in about two months.  Our garden is really nothing because of all the dry weather.

We have talked with all of you recently so there is really nothing new in this letter, tho we could repeat that it is still hot here.  MV is busy going to school and working part time at the book store. . . she will be home the last of this month.  People are always asking us how she is getting along.

Serena and John plan to get together this next week.  John is hard to reach on the phone, we think that is a "good" sign.

We are really happy with our new minister and his wife . . . he is a retired Air Force Officer, so has a wealth of practical experience in getting along with people.  He remarked that something seemed to be missing in his material life so went into the ministry as a result.  This is his 4th year as a minister.

[Love, etc.]

Saturday, July 28, 2018

1958 Family photos - College Street, New Vienna

1958 Jean in garage, New Vienna
HH's Attorney Sign in back corner
1958 Jean, Catherine, Serena, Roberta in Recreation Room, New Vienna.  John's playpen in foreground.

1958 Serena, Roberta, Catherine & John in backyard wading pool

Friday, July 27, 2018

1968 Catherine's Letter -July 29

July 29, 1968
Dear Mom, Dad, Roberta, Serena, John, Mary, Cris, Grandma, and Granddad,

Hi!  today was our second mail stop and I was quite pleased to receive 13 letters.  Thanks for forwarding on all those that went to NV.  I got a letter from Joe.  He said he and Melissa had taken Cris up so I assume you are still living.  I almost called yesterday (Sunday) but I figured you had to take Serena to camp (?) so I called about 6:00.  Needless to say, no one was at home.  Then I was glad I had save the money because I figured I would get a letter, or at least a post card.  I guess I should have spent the money on the call 'cause there was nothing from any of you and I lost my change-holder with about $4.00 in it.  Nice, eh?  Now I'll probably have to cash a travelers check.

Right now I'm lying on a bed – a real luxury as the last two nights we spent at the Gunstock Recreation Area.  It was a very nice campground but it was also very cold and damp on the ground under the stars.  Next we spend 2 nights at a "tent area" near York Beach [Maine].

I must say I've made some wonderful friends.  We get 50¢ a piece for lunch now so Ardy and I buy yogurt usually.  We're both on diets so it works out well.  Altogether there are four of us on diets so we try to get lots of stuff like lettuce, tomatoes, celery, carrots, cucumbers, lo-cal dressing, bouillon cubes, etc.  The diet plus the exercise should bring results!

I've been reading quite alot 'cause by the time we get somewhere we are too tired, hot, cold, or too far away to do anything else.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you all at the next mailstop – at least a postcard.


Wednesday, July 25, 2018

1918 Nat Ballantyne with Auto Group

1918 Nat Ballantyne back left, on Auto Trip to Deland

Seems a bit strange that only Nat is wearing a light colored suit, if this auto party is traveling in July in Florida.  Did read that Deland, known as "the Athens of Florida" and the home of Stetson University, opened a new train station in 1918, to encourage travelers from the northeast to visit.

From Take the Highway: Crosswords Series - Deland, Florida

  • In 1918, DeLand built its own train station on New York Avenue a few minutes west of town.  The station is located on what it now Old New York Avenue; old but charming and still maintaining the rural character it’s had for the past 98 years.  The station is built among the trees, complete with a dirt parking lot, and hardly a house or building in sight.  Today, the DeLand station serves as an Amtrak passenger train stop.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

1978 Catherine's Letter -July 27

Thurs. afternoon
July 27, 1978
Dear Mom and Dad,

Hi!  Nice talking to you on the phone yesterday, Mother.  Sorry I didn't get to talk to both of you.  I forgot to mention that we got a nice letter from Grandma.  Maybe I'll send the reply to Hudson Guild.  How long will she be there?  Glad to hear that you had a nice trip.  Did the weather cooperate?  It is pretty warm here but there is a breeze and the apartment does not get too hot.

Wendy's diaper rash is drying up very nicely now that she is back in her regular diapers and she seems to have readjusted to her bed.  She seems to be taking longer naps now that we are at home.  She has been sleeping for about two hours in both the morning and the afternoon.  Last night she slept through the night and I am in hopes that will continue now that she is back on three meals a day.  She can crawl all over the house without any problem at all and pull herself up to stand and sit back down without too much trouble.  We just try to keep her away from our end tables in the bedroom as they are not strong enough to hold her weight and they fall right over.  Two of her top teeth look like they are about to come through and then she will really be able to chomp at her food.

DeeDee's swimming lessons begin next Monday and run through August 11 - 45 minutes per day.  She will probably be going back to San Diego shortly after that to spend a couple weeks with her mother before school starts again.  It sure seems like the summer has gone by fast.

I am in hopes of getting my haircut in the near future and perhaps getting it curled.  Gerry needs his trimmed again now as it has been almost two months since his last permanent.

Do you know yet if Serena will be home before she goes to Denver?  How about Roberta's plans for the fall.  Will she be going back to Mesa or does she know herself yet what she will be doing?  Debby was going to come out and visit us in August but it doesn't look like she will be coming.

How long will you be in New York?  Shall I write to you there or at Hudson Guild?  I guess we can discuss it when I talk to you on Wednesday.

Tell Grandma I will answer her letter soon.  Hope you are all well.

Catherine, Gerry
DeeDee & Wendy

Monday, July 23, 2018

1968 Catherine's postcard -July 25

   Deerfield, Massachusetts postcard -mailed 1968. Caption: Original Indian House Door, Displayed Memorial Hall

Hi!  We're getting ready to leave Claremont.  Yesterday was the worst day – all [up and down = very hilly] and it rained!  Today the sun is shining and we don't have too far to go.  We saw Steamtown U.S.A. (near Bellow's Falls, VT) where there were a bunch of old steam locomotives.  We don't travel tomorrow or Sunday so should rest!

Love, Catherine

Sunday, July 22, 2018

1968 Catherine's postcard -July 22

Deerfield, Massachusetts postcard -mailed 1968. Caption: The Brick Church (1824) and Old Manse (1768)
7/22/68 – *Cont'd 7/23
Hi!  Went through this place this morning.  Also went swimming in a dammed up river in Greenfield.  Tonight is the first night in Vermont. *Yesterday I had some spiced apple yogurt – was it ever good!  This morning we will be going through Brattleboro to pick up our mail.  Had hot applesauce on raisin bread for breakfast.

Love, Catherine 

Saturday, July 21, 2018

1988 HH's letter to John -July 21

7/21/88 – John, how was Indpls. & Chicago?

Jane Ann told us about your luncheon meeting.

Wasn't David Shoemaker in school w/you?

The rains have come & now there is mud – had an estate auction last night & rain, rain, etc.

Got a referral from the Bk – to set up a generation skipping trust – got any good forms?

Bill is going to Fla. on 7/27 - 8/15 from Cincy.  We leave for Toronto 8/4 - 8/11 for the ABA.

Mother & Dad 

Friday, July 20, 2018

1968 Catherine's postcard to CJU's -July 21

   Sunderland MA looking toward Mt. Sugarloaf postcard - mailed 1968

Hi!  I'm having a great time.  I feel like I've known the rest of the girls for years – we're all the best of friends.  We are in groups of 3 for buying & cooking food, setting & clearing, washing dishes, and we shift everyday.  We usually have peanut butter or baloney for lunch with more elaborate breakfasts and dinners.  Usually travel in two's or three's depending on speed.  I don't feel too sore!

Love, Catherine

Thursday, July 19, 2018

1968 Catherine's postcard -July 20

Greetings from Southwick, Mass. postcard -mailed 1968
Mt. Holyoke College

Hi!  This is the middle of our first day riding!  Everyone showed up, the girls are all great.  Bep [the AYH guide/leader from Belgium] has a little difficulty understanding us and vice versa.  We fixed spaghetti and tossed salad for supper.  We couldn't get the toaster to work so we fried our raisin bread on a metal tray – delicious french toast even without syrup.  We're going on to a bike museum, now.  The bike is working fine.  Cheese, meat, and peanut butter sandwiches for lunch.  It's a beautiful day, only windy.

Love, Catherine

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

1978 Catherine's postcard -July 19

San Francisco Cable Car postcard - mailed 1978 


Hi!  We left the Durhams [Susie, who some of you have met more recently] early on Monday but your letter never arrived.  They said they would forward it.  They only live about 5 miles from Newburgh which is where George Fox College is.  We are now in Hayden Lake, Idaho at a beautiful spot right on the lake.  It is a public campground well off the beaten track and it is free!  We plan to spend a few days here and then head south.  We'll call on 25th or 26th.  Wendy is doing better. 

Love, Catherine, Gerry, 
DeeDee & Wendy

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

1978 MV's letter -July 21

After lunch, Wednesday

Hi!  Arrived safely Monday – I was sorta panic-y when I arrived at Allentown, when Roberta wasn't there to meet me, but she arrived a few minutes later.

On Tuesday, one of the Seniors died – we thought she had just had a heart attack, but the life squad came and said she was dead.  She was staying in one of the main house area cottages and since she was afraid to stay by herself, Roberta was staying with her.  She took sorta hard.

You people will never believe this, but I went in swimming this A.M. and planning on going again this afternoon, as soon as I get the canteen closed.  I promised Roberta I'd run it – she thought she'd go shopping or relax.

Carol & John are back together.  Robbie doesn't really have a girl friend, and Ray is in love with Ann, but she's going with this other guy, so Ray is very depressed and won't talk to anybody.  And in turn it makes him very unpopular with the staff.

I.T. is coming in tomorrow night at Kennedy, which Roberta is real excited about, plus she's coming in at 10:30 P.M.  Marion's coming into Newark Friday at 11:30 P.M.

I don't think I'll go to pick up either of them.  I've got to sleep.

I've got a small room to myself at the girls cabins.  It's not quite as nice as at the main house, but it's "rustic" and quiet.  If I want activity, I go up to the Main House.

I moved in yesterday – Full of cobwebs, dust, etc.  GROSS!  Barb (one of the counselors – super nice) helped me clean it up, and find furniture around the farm for it (Nobody has been in it since last summer).  It doesn't look too bad – so far I've made my bed everyday, and the room isn't cluttered up at all.

Not too much else is new, and if I wrote much else, you might think I'm homesick, so . . . .

Mary Va.

Monday, July 16, 2018

1968 Catherine's postcard -July 19

Connecticut River Valley Tobacco Farm postcard -mailed 1968
Hi!  I still have 11 miles to Springfield, but I think I'll make it!  I bought an egg & 2 pieces bread from Pratt's (they run hostel) for breakfast for 10¢.  I had to fix it myself though.  It cost a dollar for the night.  The house was built in 1750 and the swimming pool (1927) is fed by a brook.  I saw lots of the covered tobacco yesterday.  On the way to the Hostel I passed the Newgate Prison where they kept Tories and spies during the Revolution.  It is very overcast today.  Mark the map – Rt. 57 from Granville to Southwick (that's where I am now!)

Love, Catherine

Sunday, July 15, 2018

1968 Picnic at Put-in-Bay -June

1968 Picnic at Put-in-Bay.  John, Jean & Roberta under the tree on left, Serena to their right, MV on far right?

Items from Uible photo album