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1975 Roberta's Letter -Mar.23

March 23, 1975

Dear Family,

Hi!  Can't believe that one week of my vacation is over – I've been sitting here trying to remember how I spent it!  I did work 4 days & 1 night shift.

Also I got my job at UPS which I feel is quite an accomplishment.  I had 2 interviews, an aptitude test (is that the word?) plus a physical to go through!

I was sorry that I missed your call – I had planned to call you that night & fill you in on all the news but I imagine that Grandma & Uncle Bill did a pretty good job.

At UPS I'm what they call a pre-loader.  They used to have the truck drivers doing this – but somebody figured out it would be cheaper to hire us (I'm not sure how many – but about 20 – all college students) to do the job – and then let the drivers be out on the road those extra hours.

About 68,000 packages come into W.P.B every day!  Those packages are run down a conveyor belt.  We are to stand by the belt and each one of us will have at least 1 truck – maybe more if you are near the end of the line.

Each one of will be assigned a truck – thus a certain area we must learn.  You know the packages have to be put in in a sequence order – as they will be delivered.

It is good money – I start out at $4.25 an hour [*see below] – after 30 days we get a 25¢ raise on the hour.  Also paid holidays & other benefits.  One of the big disadvantages (?) is that we have to join the union after 30 days – $10.00 to join – and about that much a month after that!  It's a Teamsters union out of Miami.

They told me that probably the summer they could use me full time but time will tell about that!

I did get a C on my last test in statistics – which I imagine mans I'll get a C out of the class – since I had a C on the 1st test and a B on the 2nd.  It's such a good feeling to have it behind me.  Last quarter I kind of let everything slide by so I could get through it.  I'm afraid I even got a C out of a criminal justice course I had – just because I didn't have the time to spend on it properly.

Also gave up alot of working hour (making $) and some socializing hours (so was able to save $ there).

About 2 weeks ago I had a short letter from Jackie Phelan.  She apologized for not showing up as expected at the bus station – just said that an emergency came up!  She also asked me for my address (Kinda crazy huh?) so she could send me some things she got for me in Africa. About a week later I had an air mail package from her w/ a billfold, change purse, & ID card holder – all from Dakar.

Yesterday Grandma, Aunt Mary and I went to the Breakers for the luncheon & stage show for the benefit of the American Cancer Society.  It was quite an affair!  I'm glad I had the opportunity to eat there  I won the center piece at our table – it's a pretty Easter arrangement.

I'm sending you all a package.  The calculator is for John or Dad – or whoever wants it.  The red & white "thing" is for Mary V – you may have to shorten it!

I signed up for field experience for next quarter – I'm to be at Sabal [?] Palm School – which is about 2 miles away for UPS – which will work out well.  As it is now – I'm planning on going there 2 half days – after work.  Sabal Palm is where all the delinquent kids go to school – there are kids there from 8 years old – up to 17.  About 80 in all.  The 1st day I was there 3 girls ran off.  It should be very interesting.  For awhile I thought of dropping it and taking criminal law instead – but after buying the book (for $18.50 – it can be returned & I'll get my $ back) I've decided to put up w/those kids at Sabal Palm.

Aunt Mary is really getting ready for the Kintners – she has bought a big box of disposable diapers, plastic bags to put them in, bunches of baby food, has the bed, etc. ready.  Of course G'ma thinks half of all that is happening to be unnecessary!  Uncle Bill is all excited – he's made plans to take little Robert to work w/ him one day & I don't know what all else.

OH! by the way – I don't think I even told you but the calculator I'm sending you all is only about 2 weeks old. The Saturday before my final the 2's & 9's started "shorting" out on me.  They weren't all lighted up.  So I called Sears up – and they said they would send it to Atlanta & have it fixed for free – but that it would take about 6 weeks.  I gave them my sad sob story & they said if I would bring in my receipt & old one they would give me a brand new in exchange.  So I hunted high & low for the receipt – luckily I found it – under-neath by bed!  It's a good thing I don't clean up that often! (Ho-Hum!)

Rob got the catalog form Tri-County.  Did you know they also offer courses at the vocational school in Wilmington?  That would be much better for him.  He jokingly said he wanted to take "farm equipment" – I told him he could get an A out of the course if Oscar Johnson helped him.

Oh!  When I had my physical the doctor told me I was _3_ pounds over weight.  I'm no longer _15_ pounds under weight – sorry to say.

I'm enclosing an article in the Miami Herald (a poor subject after the paragraph before) I found it to be quite interesting – thought Dad would enjoy looking at it.

Last night I went to talk to a Mrs. Foreshay [?].  Grandma knows her – she came to Florida in 1913!  A real pioneer!  You know, I was suppose to talk to Mr Garnett for my science class on how Florida has changed – but I messed around & now he is on a 2 week cruise.

It was really interesting talking to Mrs. Forshay.  She told me about when there was a 1 room school house here in L.W. – and how for 3 years – every year they would add another room.  Then they built a 12 room school house & everyone thought that was really a crazy idea – because they would never be able to fill it up!  She said how they sold the land down here for $1.50 an acre because everyone knew it wasn't useful land.

She also talked about when the railroad came through in 1926.  She told me about going to Miami (by car) how it was such a long trip – especially one time when they had to stop & patch a tire - 6 times!  At that time she said Miami was about the size of Lantana!!!

Mrs. Foreshay drives a 1955 Packard.  Where they lived from 1913 to 1973 – had to be torn down – for I-95.  But she says that is progress!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their vacations – those of you on vacation.

John – I appreciate you doing my income tax.

Serena – what have you been up to?

I've got to go – once I sit down & start writing – I have no trouble writing – HA!

Love, Berta

P.S.  I'm to be measured April 1 for cap & gown!

  1. *The minimum wage increased to $2.00 an hour in 1974, $2.10 in 1975, and $2.30 in 1976 for all except farm workers, whose minimum initially rose to $1.60. Parity with nonfarm workers was reached at $2.30 with the 1977 amendments.
  2. History of Minimum Wage - US Department of Labor
    United States Department of Labor

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1985 Roberta's Letter -Mar.22

[3/ ~22/85]
Dear Dad & Mom

Hi!  We do want to thank you both for the Sunday Brunch at the Hyatt – it was quite an experience – and delicious!  We just can't believe it was a whole 2 weeks ago!  We were talking today about all the choices & how beautifully prepared!

We were glad to that we had invited the Stubbs – they enjoyed it as much as we did – their 1st experience of fine dining – buffet style. (something 300% plus better than Duffy's style!)  The view was beautiful – 26th floor – rotated about every 30-40 minutes!

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to put this thank-you on paper!  We sure appreciate the gift – had lots of fun deciding what & where to eat!  Next we might try AZ Biltmore Sunday Brunch!  Probably not while Miss Wendy Jean is here!

Love, Roberta

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1985 MV's letter -Mar.18

March 18, 1985
Dear Mom and Dad,

Thanks again for lunch, movie, shoes, ice cream, and the care package with fruit in it yesterday.  That was the first time I had been to the Dayton Mall since Christmas, and I really enjoyed it.  Last night I got "home" from church about 10 pm and decided to move my room around.  I am not finished yet, but I like it.  I still have to move the desks and couch.  I even changed my sheets this morning.

The college career center puts out a newsletter each week and last week they had a blurb about a nursery looking for part-time help to bale [?] and burlap trees, etc.  It's for this Spring and summer.  I may check into that.

My schedule for next quarter is: Mon-Friday, classes 8-1, Work on Wednesday & Friday 2-5, Saturday (?), Choir on Wednesday, Young Disciples, Thurs.  Basically that's about it.  If anything new develops I'll let you know.

Hope you've recuperated from Mexico & enjoy Atlanta.  Thanks again for everything yesterday.

Love, M.V.

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1985 Roberta's Letter to GHU -Mar.17

July MARCH! 17, 1985
Hi Grandma!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Did you have on your green today?  We had cooked cabbage & corned beef tonight – but no green beer!

How do you like this stationary?  [Symbol of the Los Angeles 1984 Olympics is on the back.]  It was a real bargain – 12 of them for 29¢!!  Also bought some other bargains while out shopping yesterday.  One of the 'bargains' should be arriving at 1025 N. 'B' before too long!

I talked with the folks Friday night – They were going to meet with Mary Virginia today to celebrate her birthday!

Sid washed the car today – looks so bright & shiny!  He even cleaned out the inside plus the trunk!  All the time he was doing that I was in the back yard working on my sun-tan!

Love, Roberta

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1975 Roberta's Letter -Mar.13

March 13, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  Thanks for your letter & tape yesterday.  Mary Virginia – we all enjoyed your music – especially Aunt Mary !!  Rob says he will help you w/ your music when (and if) he is up North this summer.

Yesterday was exam day for e – I had my criminal justice exam plus my statistics theory test.  It was really bad – we got the tests about 7:00 pm – about 7:45 a boy walks up to the professor – tears his answer sheet into about a hundred pieces, sticks all the pieces in the prof's shirt pocket than pats the prof on the cheek – and walks out!!

John – does it feel good to be home & working  instead – instead of at school & working?  I wish I could send you my income tax to do – but as of yet I haven't gotten my W-2 (or is it W-4) form from Ranch House yet!  About a week ago I told them I was going to contact Internal Revenue & let them get it for me!

Right now I'm at work – I'm working today & tomorrow – probably same next week!

As for when I'll be home – definitely (sp?) some time in June!  After great thought I thought it best for me to stay here.  My science course – as boring as it is – I shouldn't miss 2 weeks straight.  It won't be done w/ till April 29th.

Also – and this will shock you – I have an appointment for a job next Thursday.  It's a part time job – just mornings w/ United Parcel Service.  The pay is really good – but I don't know if I want to quit here.  (as you might recall – I quit here already about a month ago – but every time they ask me to work I break down & work)

Serena – if you are serious about the idea of coming South for the summer – let me know – ok?  I've got you a job here – you could go to F.A.U. – or perhaps get a course at the Junior College.  Would you be interested in staying at a dorm at F.A.U.?  If you would need a car I'll let you use the Buick. – (for the summer – I'm planning on being up North) as long as you don't let anything happen to my Good tires!

I better close – maybe over my vacation (starts officially March 17 – after 2nd part of statistics test) I'll get a tape off to you all ––

Thanks for letter & tape again

Love, Berta

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1975 MV's Note -Mar.10



I have my piano lesson at 5:00.  Please pick me up at 5:30.

Love, M.V.U.


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1995 Bob&Pat Letter -Mar.9

Dear Jean & Harold,

Hope this finds you both well.

We have been busy this winter trying to do cross country SKIING which is hard since mother nature hasn't been too good for us.

We both enjoy reading the Guide Post magazine each month.

Pat and I are going back to the Dude Ranch  in N.Y. this Sept. then we are planning to go to NANTUCKET Sept. 25-30.  We would really enjoy it if you both could make it there then.  If you can you can pick-out a B&B or we enjoy the B&B we stay at last year.  WE are open for your ideas.  On the cover of the book is the inn we stay at and is right down town very handy and the price is very reasonable for the area.

Give our best to the rest of the family and hope some day they all can make a trip to N. England.

Take care
Pat & Bob

[from Pat]  P.S.  I had to pull the Nantucket Guide for someone who is going down in April and the other brochure will follow later.  – Pat

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1985 Roberta's Letter to GHU -Mar.8

Sunday pm
Dear Grandma,

Hi!  I've been cooking for the last 2 hours –– so I'm ready for a change!   Actually most of that time was spent preparing - made a whole bunch of marinated vegetables and a pumpkin mousse.  Both of these being "diet recipes."

Last nite at the Presb. Church we attend there was a potluck & special musical program.  It was a group based in Florida called Paradise of Praise – 40 singers ranging in age from 18 to 78 years old!  It was good music – but almost like an old time revival – not quite our style.  13 Resident of S.V. also attended.  The supper started at 6:00 pm & we got home at 11:00 pm.  We (had them in S.V. houses) kept 3 of the singers overnight.  It was a long evening – esp. for the residents – most of them are used to going to be at 8:00 pm!

Then it was also a short night – had to have the 3 singers back to the church at 6:00 AM – one girl couldn't find her alarm clock so I had to call her at 5:00 AM.  Sure hope it is a quiet night tonight – I've got to catch up on my sleep!

Sid drives the trailer over to California (near Palm Springs) tomorrow.  He will leave it there & then be back Tuesday afternoon.  After it gets fixed – I'll drive over with him to pick it up – and for a mini-vacation!

Today we had brunch at a down town hotel with our friends Rick & Dorothy Stubbs.  At on the 24th floor – a revolving restaurant.  So much good food!  So tonight had some yogurt with strawberries (59¢ a pint).  Sometimes it seems all we do is cook or eat –

Hope all is fine w/ you.

Love, Roberta

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1985 Roberta's Letter -Mar.8

March 8, 1985
Dear Folks,

WELCOME HOME!!!  We spent the most of two evenings typing the newsletter, but then we had the ribbon in that could be corrected, so mistakes could be covered . . . . now we have the 'cheap' ribbon in so you all will just have to suffer through the mistakes!!!!

We will be anxious to hear the details of your trip.  Thanks for the two postals.  Sure sounded like you all were having a grand time, using your Spanish, etc.  Did you all take any pictures???

We have reservations on TWA to leave here May 21st on a direct flight to London.  It does stop in NYC to refuel and such.  Then on the 4th of June I'll be returning and Sid on the 18th of June.  The tickets are $810 each.  They say the fares are going up apx first of April so to cover ourselves we will pay for ticket by then.  Of course they get you coming and going.  If I can book People's by then I'll do it.  But if not we are then going to have to go through with TWA.  If you cancel or even change the flights there is a 25% charge.  In someways I would just as soon stick with TWA - Sid's first long flight and might enjoy the comfort of TWA vs. People's.

We got a refund check for the sales returned right as you were leaving for Mexico.  It sat on the desk . . . . I kept thinking of what we could or should spend it on.  Then yesterday morning I sent Catherine a check for $200.00 -- to cover Wendy Jean's air fare and some spending money for her to leave home with.  This is a long story . . . but then I realized we could put that $119.95 toward Wendy Jean's trip.  So today I took the check and deposited it in our checking account.  Hope this is ok with you all.  Seems to me Catherine could use the extra money because when I talked with her one time concerning the trip she was saying that the truck had finally come apart . . . that they were ready to count their losses so to speak and move on to another car.  Then it looked like they would have to move and that would cost X amount of dollars.

I had said originally we would help with Wendy's trip . . . we really do look forward to having her.  Perhaps you have heard this story through Mrs. Salisbury, but at one point they weren't going to let Catherine take advantage of the super saver prices of the ticket since Wendy would be traveling alone.  Unless we knew someone in Denver.  I called up Pat and can you believe that the time Wendy arrives is not convenient with Pat due to her Church service.  Or perhaps you have heard this story from Catherine.

Of course, we had to find someone real fast because Catherine had to buy the ticket 30 days in advance.  As it turned out I had lots of offers from people who knew people in Denver.  Offers from everyone but my own distant relative Pat who is at least temporarily on my black list.  Glen Parker (our handicapped friend) has a sister-n-law there who will be meeting Wendy.  She is retired so works out nicely.  Mrs. Salisbury had lots of good ideas including the Salvation Army -- guess she had talked with Pucketts, Wendy the preacher's wife, etc.

I call up John (at work) to see if he knew anyone in Denver.  Also wanted to tell him we had sent in for the plastic money card -- and sure wanted him to get the credit.  I put his name on the outside of the form envelope, on the form itself, etc.  but you never know.  Also talked to Serena to see if she knew anyone in Denver . . . . I sure can't figure out why she lives in Chicago.  Even New Vienna would beat Chicago!!  Sid said I could have flown to Denver myself to meet her.  I could have put the price of all the phone calls I made concerning fining someone and that would have paid for one way travel!!!

We have reservations this Sunday at the Hyatt Regency for their brunch . . . . we are using the American Express "passes" . . . . thanks so much.  Have invited the Stubbs to join us.  Dorothy especially loves fine eating and doesn't have much chance.  I was surprised that Rich Stubbs was willing to go along with it.  We have invited them to be our guests.  Thought since we got to be treated we should extend the invitation.

It's now Saturday morning.  Have some good sales going on so I have to go and look over the lay of the land.  Again, welcome home, good to have you all back on the USA soil!! . . . and within reach of AT and T.

Love, Roberta

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1965 MV's Schedule & Info -Mar.8

Harold and Jean prepare for their annual trip to the Toy Show in NYC.  Must have been a new babysitter – possibly Ruth Shoemaker.  Interesting details about the everyday household schedule and daily life in New Vienna.  Transcription follows.


MV's schedule at 1 year + 1 week

7:15 Breakfast
  • MV's cereal – Pablum or Heinz (about a full bowl mixed with warm milk.
  • Glass Milk (plastic glass or cup)
7:45  Get dressed – clothes in pull out drawer above diapers

9:30 – Back to bed for approx. hour nap

12?   Lunch –
  • Jr. Food - Warm in bottle warmer or sink tho doesn't like some
  • or Soup - crazy about saltine crackers
  • Milk
1:30 or 2:00 - Back to bed

5:30 – 6:00 Supper
  • Jr. fruit in cupboard or mashed banana
  • Food from table
  • Milk
7:30 – 8:00 - Bed
  • Pajamas & sleeping bag & double diaper
Our address ––
  • Sheraton - Atlantic Hotel, 34th & Broadway, N.Y. City
  • or call Phyllis at shop (7-5181)
Notes ––

  • MV's toys are in bottom drawer of glass china closet in corner of dining room
  • Zwieback in pantry cupboard
  • Call Dr. Fullerton if needed for anything
  • Girls will get milk & anything else you may need at grocery.
  • Bedtime for John – 8:00
  • Serena – 8:30
  • Roberta – 9:30-10 or sooner
  • Catherine – 10
  • Girls know how to run dishwasher if you need help - also washer & dryer.
  • Call Charles Thompson if you have difficulty with furnace, fuses, etc.
  • Call Dayes for refrigerator, dryer, washer repair
  • Russell Ramsden of Hillsboro - furnace
  • Pepto-Bismol for upset stomach
  • Aspirin for whatever needed
Remember – You are boss & what you say goes! !  
[Written in someone younger's handwriting]  that's what she thinks!

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1975 Catherine's Postcard -Mar. 8

Mt. Katahdin, Maine from Summit of Turner's Mountain postcard mailed 1975. 
Captioned: Hikers admiring a spectacular view of the Great Basin and such famous spots as Keep Ridge, Pamola Peak, Part of the Dudley Trail and Cathedral Trail, and other well-known points of interest.  Color Photo by Paul A. Knaut, Jr.

Your letter arrived yesterday.  Things here are pretty much up in the air –– changing daily.  One day I decide one thing  & the next day I change my mind.  It has been raining alot but there is still some snow left.  Please send me the buy price of Foremost-McKesson stock when it was bought.

Love, Catherine & X

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1975 Roberta's Postcard - Mar.5

Roberta visited the Hinermans who wintered in/near Stuart, and this resort evidently was where their daughter's family stayed.
Outdoor Resorts of America at Nettles Island postcard mailed 1975. Captioned: Located on the ocean – with an island connected by causeway in the Indian River, Outdoor Resorts at Nettles Island is 130 acres of fun and excitement.  On highway A1A near Stuart, Florida, this unique recreational vehicle resort has 1585 beautifully landscaped sites with paved drives, concrete patios, picnic tables, and 5-point hookups.  There's a golden sand beach, two swimming pools, and facilities for all sports relating to the out-of-doors.  A staff of activity directors plan games, contests, and parties.

Got your letter, thanks!

Hi!  Was nice talking to you all – bet my statistics test really shocked you – now I'm really working toward a 'B'.  Its funny – at 1st I thought I'd be completely satisfied w/ a 'D'.

I've put up ads around school for ride to Ohio.  Had a good time in Stuart – this is Kengree's (sp?) place – Love, Berta

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

1975 HH speaks at Mother's Club - Mar.4

[Wilmington News-Journal March 4, 1975]

Legal Tangles New Vienna Mothers Club topic

Mr. Harold H. Uible, New Vienna Attorney, gave the program, Legal Tangles, at the New Vienna Mother's Club Tuesday night at the home of Mrs. Arthur Bernard.

Among the "Tangles" discussed were: traffic tangles, deed to properties, death and taxes, dissolution and annulment of marriage, wills and witnesses, wills and human organs, estate planning, right to recision law investments, car payments, broadness of law, law schools, municipal court, and court news in the daily paper.

Mr. Uible was introduced by the program leader, Mrs. Harold Uible.

The business meeting was opened by the president, Mrs. Lawrence Terrell by reading legend of the Easter Flower by Grace Mathew Walker.

The Bernard home was decorated with spring bouquets throughout.

A dessert was served from a tea table centered with lighted floating candles with Mrs. Lawrence Terrell presiding.

Members and guests attending were Mrs. John M. Hughes, Mrs. Paul Eltzroth, Mrs. J. Warren Terrell, Mrs. Eugene Drake, Mrs. A.W. Hause, Mrs. Linley Moore, Mrs. Ernest Cochran, Mrs. Joe A. Eaton, Mrs. Gerald Bernard, Mrs. Floyd Carey, Mrs. Wendell Walker, Mrs. J. Vinton Wolfe, Mr. and Mrs. Uible, Mrs. Charles D. Hildebrant, Mrs. Frank Meier, and Miss Kristan Meier.

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1995 Jean Hospital Auxiliary

1995 Clinton Memorial Hospital Auxiliary 
Pictured: Madge Bezona, Jeanette McKinley, Esther Conner, Kathleen Havey, Jim Chroust, Lois Allen, Peggy Bennett, Jo Miller, Jean Uible, Dorothy Adams, Mary Alexander and Phyllis Newton.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

1972 HH, MV & Jean in Mexico

In honor of Mary's birthday, here's a picture we missed in the "2" year.
1972 Harold, Mary & Jean at Chapultepec Park, Mexico City, near train ride. (June)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

1975 Roberta's Letter -Feb.26

February 26, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  Just got done eating my supper – am at school – and now waiting for Dorothy to come on the bus.  She lives in W.P.B. – every Monday & Wednesday drives to Lake Worth to catch the bus down to school for statistics.  Then on Thursday when we both just have stat lab she drives.  Next quarter I'll be taking the bus down & she will be driving most of the time because she will have a 3:30 class and she doesn't get off work until 2:00.  The bus is a good deal – as it picks you up right along Dixie & lets you off right at F.A.U. – runs every hour and only costs 75¢ (no I think that was raised to 95¢)

Gee – didn't realize it would take me so long as to the bus –

Thanks alot for your letter & check today.  You can put your mind to ease as far as the $ going toward a good cause!

I took the Buick down yesterday to have fixed anything that they could find wrong!  They couldn't find one thing!  Except – they said I did have  4  BAD tires.

So right afterwards I made 3 phone calls – then took my car to the Goodyear place & you'll never believe what I had put on the car this morning?  A brand new set of 4 – that are each guaranteed for 40,000 mils!!  ANY GUESSES?  It was a pretty good deal – where you buy 1 at regular price – then the 2nd one is half price.  I convinced myself it was worth it – now I hope I'm not proven wrong!  Uncle Bill is sure I did the wrong thing – he told me I should just buy the cheapest – Grandma generously paid 1/2 of the price – but she doesn't want Uncle Bill to know so don't mention it in a letter.

Tomorrow we register for Spring Quarter – hopefully I'll get everything I want to take.  They are making us pay our tuition $ out also tomorrow.  Used to you could wait till just a day or two before the quarter – but not anymore.  I guess the school is hurting for $!

Did I tell you all that I'm going North to Stuart for the weekend – to visit the Hinermans.  I called them up last weekend and invited myself up.  Will be going up Friday afternoon.  (I weakened and said I would work till 1:00 pm.)  This is inventory weekend and it will be BAD – since we had that stuff stolen.

I hope tonight's lecture doesn't mess me up too much – it will go on the 3rd Test – right now we are just in the middle of the 2nd test.  Had the theory part Monday night & will have the homework part tomorrow night.  I'm so bound & determined to pass the course!  Dad – I will "will" you my calculator – hopefully I won't need it after March 12th.  If you can't use it (don't need it) just give it to John.  It's been a real life saver for me –

I'm getting some good wear out of the heavy sweater Uncle Bill & Aunt Mary gave me for Christmas.  It's turned cool the last couple of days!  Did you even see the sweaters I sent Serena or Catherine?  Mine is just like Catherine's – and Serena's is also the same style – just a different pattern.

Yes – we saw the article in the W.N.J. about Oscar & Elizabeth (19Feb1975, can be found at this link) – that was something.  [Article is about their use of wind power, includes a picture of them.]

Dorothy's bus is really running late – it's now 6:25 & it's supposed to be here by 6:00.  That why you can't take the bus if you are running on a tight schedule!

Did I tell you all that I went to the "Society of the Arts" building in Palm Beach w/ John Murphy to see this movie on producing a movie.  I didn't realize where we were going so I just had on my pans & a tip AND my tennis shoes!

Need I tell you that 99% of the women there had on long dresses & their mink stoles (sp?) to make it all the worst – out of the whole bunch there – there was only us – plus 4 others under – say 40 to 50!

It's now Thursday afternoon.  I'm all registered & now cramming for the test tonight.  I'll call you when I get the results – probably Monday night then you'll know whether or not you need to come in June!  My advisor told me this morning just to be w/ a D – I said I would be if I would be guarantee that.

Love, Berta

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

1985 Catherine's Letter -Feb.25

Monday, February 25, 1985

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  How has your stay in Mexico been?  We have finally had a few warmer days here and the snow is beginning to melt.  Our house is surrounded by trees though so our yard and driveway are still full of snow and ice but grass can be seen elsewhere in town where there is more southern exposure.  Gerry and I went for a long walk yesterday past the golf course where there seemed to be alot of standing water so it will be a few more weeks before we will be able to play any golf.

Wendy has reservations to be in Phoenix from March 31 - April 10 so of course she is really excited about that.  And we're looking forward to a vacation from parenthood!  And then it won't be too much longer and you will be visiting us.

We got a new washing machine about two weeks ago from Sears.  They delivered it from their Colfax store and hauled away the old one so that worked out pretty well.  It is definitely more convenient than the laundramatte [sic], especially since our truck seems to be having more and more problems and has become totally unreliable.  We may be buying a car in the next couple weeks instead of waiting until June as we had originally hoped.  The car that we are planning to buy is an Oldsmobile Cutlass, 1978 that appears to be in excellent condition.

I have to be off now to stop at the Post Office on my way to ready Wendy's class a story.  I was originally scheduled to read to them the Monday before Valentine's Day but there was not school due to snow, and then last Monday was President's Day.

Hope to hear about your trip soon!

Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

1975 Roberta's Letter -Feb. 23

February 23, 1975

Dear Family,

Hi!  Can't believe February is about over –

The Buick really looks nice – now I've got a two-tone car!  Green on the outside & beige on the inside!  I just couldn't see paying to get the inside painted – thought that would be plain & simple vanity!  HA!  But it does look lots better – about 5 years younger!

Hope you all had a good time in N.Y.C.  I'm glad Catherine was able to meet you all.

OH!  Ranch House was broken into last night – through the air conditioning deal on the roof.  They didn't get any $ – but they tried!  They did get a couple of boxes of steaks, also some hams & turkeys.  (You know what I mean – not whole turkeys but like rolled turkey)

I did work on Saturday & Friday.  A full day on Friday & just 3 hours on Saturday (5:30 to 8:30 AM)  Then I went down to school & studied statistics w/ this boy in my stat class.  Poor thing – he's as dumb as I am and he's scared to death he will flunk & that would be awful because his father is a Doctor.  (I don't know what that has to do w/ him flunking)  I told him he shouldn't feel bad if he does BAD in stat – cause my Dad's a lawyer & I really struggled through a political science course!!

Dorothy is here – we're going to try & get our statistics down pat.  This 2nd test will show where we stand –

Got to close – have a Happy Birthday Mary Virginia!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

1965 Birthday Card to MV from CJ/GHU

In the "5" world – MV prepares to celebrate her first birthday and receives this birthday card from her Uible grandparents.

We plan to go to Aunt Marys this evening (Mon.) for supper.  She is having oyster soup because it is a cool & cloudy evening.  We would love to see you Mary Virginia on your birthday.

Grandma & Granddaddy

Sunday, February 22, 2015

1975 Roberta's Letter -Feb.17

Roberta starts her letter at the end of Grandma's letter of the same date and the letter continues on notebook paper plus the page with the "half mile long formula."  Only the letter, not the math problem, are transcribed below.

Hello –
One month from yesterday & we will be all done w/statistics – next quarter – except for Biology should be a breeze.  I'm also planning on taking more hours than I need to graduate because F.A.U. is offering a new course – "Death & Dying" and I want to take it – plus one of my favorite professors is giving this course "social work procedures" and I decided I also wanted to take it.  Then I need a 5 hour criminal justice course so my advisor is letting me do a field experience.  I have an appointment w/ him next Wednesday about that.  And of course I need biology.  Now – I will have to change all my plans if I should have to retake stat.  I was looking over my transcript and if I would get a D in statistics it will be my very 1st D (in college).

NO – I wasn't allowed to take it pass/fail – which is the reason I'm trying so hard – HA!

The Buick is now being painted – but I changed the color to Holly green – kind of a dark green.  I couldn't see another yellow car – as the Oldsmobile & Camero are also yellow.

I'm going to take the car next to Trogdens – have a "preventive check-up."  Then to a tire place to get wheels aligned & I'm afraid new tires – as I've got bald tires (just in spots) on there now.

Uncle Bill wants me to buy his old tires off the Oldsmobile then he would buy new tires – but I think I'd rather just buy new tires.

I've put over 5,000 miles on the car since arriving in Fla. in September.

I'm glad I quit work – I just worked 2 days last week & said I would work this Friday – I guess I just see the $ signs every time they ask me.  (Ho, Hum!)  They told my replacement that she was to replace me until I got "feeling better."  This I just found out – I was wondering because last week everyone kept asking me how I felt!!!

Better go – I've got my 1st science test tonight – and of course there is always statistics!

Love, Berta

Thursday, February 19, 2015

1970 Aunt Luna's Obituary

Mrs. Luna Mitchell

Mrs. Luna Mitchell, 95, of 408 Price Ave., died at 3:30 a.m. Monday at Boone County Hospital.  She had been ill several months.

She was born in Hillsboro, Ohio, Dec. 13, 1874 to Ira and Mary Fauley [sic-1] Hiestand.  In 1899 [sic-2], she was married to Robert G. Mitchell.  He died in July, 1943.

Mrs. Mitchell had lived in Columbia for 50 years and was a member of the Presbyterian Church, Mound City.

Survivors include five daughters, Mrs. Cyrus Lippman, Naples, Fla., Mrs. George Phillips, 408 Price Ave., Mrs. E.L. Schuetz, Indianapolis, Mrs. Lester Paxton, St. Louis, and Mrs. Robert Herron, Haworth, N.J.; a son, Dr. Robert H. Mitchell, Kansas City; a sister Mrs. C.J. Uible, New Vienna, Ohio; 12 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

Services will be conducted at 2 p.m. Thursday at Memorial Funeral Home Chapel by the Rev. David Holt, First Presbyterian Church.  Burial will be in Memorial Park Cemetery.

Friends may call at Memorial Funeral Home after noon today.

Pallbearers will be Cyrus Lippman, Dr. Robert Mitchell, S.J. Hanna, Leighton McCormick, Jr., George Phillips, Jr. and Thomas Mitchell Schuetz.

* * * * *
[sic-1] Fawley
[sic-2] 1901 per clipping about the wedding

Monday, February 16, 2015

1975 GHU's Letter -Feb.17

Mon. evening
Dear Family,

This is supposed to be a Holiday* but since the days are changed around to suit ? it makes one wonder what we may be observing.

Bill has been working on his tax papers, Mary washed clothes, Roberta studying for a test this evening or (is it to-morrow) or next week.  Robbie is in school as usual.  Then this morning we discovered the freezing compartment was defrosting because the door was some what open evidently all night.  Now to eat some things that must be used sooner than we had planned.

I have spent most of my time doing some sewing on a couple of Mary's dresses, then there was a few rips in the laundry that was found when folding the clothes from the drier.

The vac-cleaner did a real good job cleaning the hall rug that got the much dirt.  There was evidently enough sand mixed with the dirt to keep it from the rug yarn.  This has been about the warmest day we have had this year.  The doors & windows have been opened & we are very comfortable.  Let's hope it doesn't get any warmer for several weeks.  At least we haven't needed the air-condition on.  Mary will not use it until she really gets hot for she does not like it too well at best.

Thanks for the pretty Valentine & we always enjoy the letters.  We were glad to read your name Mary V. in the paper.  So you must be doing real well in school.  Do try to do better in Math – & you will learn to like those problems for it is really fun to add, multiply, etc.  Even now Roberta has a little trouble with fractions  Even the lady that helps her with her Statistics tells her to stay a little longer & they will go over another problem for she seems to enjoy the work very much.  Even does pages for Roberta in detail, but with formulas for this & that it is away above my mind.  I still like to use my mind to add & multiply rather than punch keys.

We enjoyed the tape giving us the music that the ladies brought to you all.  Hope people will continue to attend service.  We had an extra large audience at church Sun.  More visitors than usual.  Enclosing an article which is misleading.  It is said that people traveling in campers & trailers are having trouble to find places because parks are about filled up.  Right now is the height of the season.

Last Mon. it was said we had 7" of rain so you may know how the rain rolled down the alley with the sand going along.  Rob worked hard with the shovel and wheel barrow putting some of the sand back along the walk & driveway into garage.

There is road work going on above us on the Cor. of A & 10th.  One of these Clover leaf streets to make an approach on to a highway that is being built.  I don't know much about it except there s working going on.

Had a nice letter from Mrs. Thornburg.

Love, Mother

– – – – –
* George Washington's birthday, Feb. 22, was declared a federal holiday in 1879.  In 1971, the federal holiday was shifted to the third Monday in February by the Uniform Monday Holiday Act.  By the mid-1980s, with a push from advertisers, the term "Presidents' Day" began it's public appearance. --Wikipedia

Sunday, February 15, 2015

1975 Roberta's Letter - Feb. 14

February 14, 1975
Dear Family,

Good Morning!  It's 5:15 & just guess what I'm doing up so early –getting ready to go to work!  Ranch House in Delray just couldn't make it w/out me – HA!  No, I'm just working for today.  I stopped in on Wednesday and the manager cornered me into working today.  Inventory is tonight & I've got the feeling that's the reason he wanted me down there today – as always before I would get him all set up for doing the inventory.

Thanks alot for the Valentine Card & check – also the letter.  I didn't get any valentines out myself – since I still had a full box of Christmas cards that didn't get used I figure I wouldn't invest in valentines.

I've got an appointment Monday to take the Buick & get it painted.  I think I'm getting a good deal.  First the guy looked at it & said $220.00 dollars.  I just shook my head and asked him if he had ever heard that times were hard now days.  Then he said $190.00 – and I told him I really wanted it done but $190.00 would buy an awfully lot of groceries.  Finally he (after about 2 minutes of awkward silence) said he could do it for $140.00 – but he would not take out the back window - as he would for $220.00.  Instead they will just put some kind of seal around it so hopefully water won't come through again – thus causing the rust.

Then we had to decide on a color – I had in my head a nice pretty shade of orange – or something w/ a little bit of color in it.  Well – the guy told me I had to remember that I had a 4-door passenger car – not a sports model!  So we finally decided on Sunset Yellow.  It will be pretty – but not exactly what I had 1st in mind – but as the guy said that a bright color doesn't turn out that well on a big car!

Now – would you all like to contribute to this good cause?  I was thinking – though I'd really like to  – I better stay down here over Spring break.  It's too expensive to fly up when I'll be back home in June – just some 2½ months later.  So – instead of paying my way home (bet you didn't know you were going to do it – HA!) if you would like to contribute to the paint job – I would greatly appreciate it!

It's now Friday night – got the pills & tape today in the mail – thanks.  The tape is really good.  I'll try to make you all a tape & then send it & mine back to you all.

Mary Virginia – thanks for your letter.  I'm glad you won't have to miss school when you come down in June – that is if you all have to have a reason for coming down.  I'll know after the next statistics test.  I now meet w/ my tutor twice a week.  This course is costing me an arm & a leg.  I've never encountered anything like it before.

In April I'm planning on taking my GRE exam.  You have to take it if you have any dream of ever going to graduate school.  I really don't think I'll ever make it to grad. school – but then when I graduated from high school I had no idea I'd ever make it to college!

It was good to work today – but I'm not going back on any permanent basis yet!  George – the district manager came in and was kidding me how I must have been homesick for work.  I just laughed & told him that my "good grades" would not pay my bills!

Rob has joined a health spa type of place – you know one of those muscle-building places.  He loves it – and in just over a month you can really tell a difference.  But – now don't ever mention about this in a letter because Uncle Bill would not allow Rob to join.  So he did it behind his fathers back.  Grandma, Aunt Mary & I all laugh about the whole deal.

Well, thanks again for the letter, check, tape & medicine.

Love, Berta

[Written on side margin of first page] I'm having the Buick painted at the place that just paints cars.  It's where Uncle Bill had the ford & camero done.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

1905 A.W.Brown Letter -Feb. 10

This letter makes me more curious about the West Virginia State Senate in 1905, and A.W. Brown's connection.  Here are a few details that I learned:
  • Oliver S. Marshall (1850-1934), from Hancock County, served in the WV State Senate from at least 1897-1901.  He was President of the Senate from 1899-1901.  His oldest son, John (1881-?), later became a delegate to the Republican National Convention from West Virginia in 1920, 1924, 1928 and 1936.  Oliver Marshall's house in New Cumberland is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Judge Reese L. Blizzard (1863-1941), elected judge of the Sixth judicial district in 1896.  He was appointed US district attorney in 1900 by President McKinley.  He was also editor of a Parkersburg newspaper.

[State of West Virginia,]
[Senate Chamber,]

Feby 10 – 1905
Dear Bert and Lucie :

It is now 10 minutes past 7 o'clock, and as I write I suppose you are getting ready for the fortnightly party.  I trust you will have a nice time and that every one will enjoy the occasion to the fullest extent.  The senate adjourned until noon to-day morrow morning.  John Marshall went to Parkersburg to-day with Judge Blizzard.  Mr. Marshall was anxious to have Judge Blizzard meet you Mamma and introduced her to him on the floor of the senate, Mr. Marshall and Mr. Darst have a racket in the senate nearly every day.  Mr. Marshall is too much for him and in fact is one of the best ready debaters in the senate when he wakens up to it and in fact he takes a big interest in the business of the sessions and is generally present right on time.  

Time flies very, very fast here, and as we do get not get up very early in the morning the days are very short.  We never get to the capitol until about 10 a.m.  We hardly even get to any mail until 8 o'clock in the evening.  The mail page brings mail up and we wait until that time at the capitol.  Tonight we [are] waiting in our office on 3rd floor and both writing.  With a world of love,

Your Devoted
Father AWB

Thursday, February 12, 2015

1965 CJ Uible - 82 Years Old

In former days it could be months before pictures were developed and the photo viewed of recent special events.  Though that is no longer the case, these pictures were delayed getting posted.  Along with the pictures taken at the Hortons, with Granddad first enjoying his oyster stew and about to cut his birthday cake, is a picture of the Florida garage apartment where he and Grandma lived at 213 K Street, Lake Worth, for at least 25 years.  As of February 2015, the apartment still is in use though the main house that was formerly in front of the apartment has been demolished.  Parking is now in the front in a driveway area on K street instead of in the garage in the alley.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

1955 Mary B. Postcard -Feb. 8

She lived in Providence and had a daughter named Marilyn, two clues about the identity of Mary B.  We can assume she was a friend of Jean's probably from college.  Anyone have a clue?  I like the comment about the "third little 'skirt'."

Feb. 7 '55
Dear Jean,

Sending a small pkg. to Serena even tho I realize that Catherine & Roberta are being "cheated!"  Expect that a third little "skirt" will have plenty of hand-me-downs, and expect think she'd enjoy these useful items.  Know how busy you are since I feel only slightly emancipated even tho Marilyn is now on three meals a day.  Love, Mary B.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

1975 Roberta Postcard -Feb. 7

[7 Feb 1975 postmarked]

[from front of postcard]  HI!  Got your letter yesterday.  Hope that Dad is well over the flu.  Just realized I am on the wrong side . . .

[from back of postcard]  Guess I'm in too big of a hurry . . . the postman will be here soon.  Seems I'm always racing him.  Did want you all to know that there will be graduation service for the graduating class of 1975.  It will be on June 15th.  If that date is not convenient, that's ok -- I won't bother going through the deal unless you all come down., so let me know though ok?  The quarter isn't over till June 12th.

I do have about a 2 and a half week vacation in March from F.A.U., but my science course at the junior college goes straight through till about April 15th.  It does only meet once a week, so maybe I could miss one class and leave right after one.

Of course now I don't need to worry about work.  It's a very good thing I did quit; I've so much work to do.  Statistics is very time consuming, also I've got tests in everything else coming up ––

Love, Berta

Sunday, February 08, 2015

1975 Roberta's Letter -Feb. 4

February 4, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  I've got more shocking news – I got a 'C' – even a good 'C' on my first statistics test.  So, now 1 down and 2 to go!

I still can't believe I've quit working – but it will be a good feeling not to work this weekend.  If I'm remembering right I've worked every Sunday since about the 2nd week of October.

I need another prescription refilled.  The # is 12043.  There's no hurry on it – I won't have to take any of them till March 1st –– But that will be here before you know it!

Mary Virginia – when did you learn to count change?  Dorothy's daughter Monica, who is 10 can't get it straight there are 4 quarters in a dollar, or 5 dimes in 50¢, etc.

Do you all buy any fish from the Curtis's fish store?  As far as prices go they sell it cheaper than you can get it down here – that I can't figure out!

I had a nice letter from Julie Wiget.  She is going to Oberlin College next year.

It's now Wednesday morning – I've got to get on the ball.

Oh – when I talked to Nancy Walker on the phone she told me that Jackie [omitted for privacy sake.].  Is that still what's happening?  Is she still working or what?

Love, Bert

Saturday, February 07, 2015

1985 Family Letter -Feb. 3

February 3, 1985

Dear Family:

So good to be in touch with all of you recently . . . seeing X and John in Newark, Roberta in Florida, M.V. at home, and Serena and Catherine, the two January birthday gals via telephone.

Right now the sunshine here in NV is brighter than it was in Florida most of the time . . the temperature here is around the zero mark.  It was a  truly a winter wonderland outdoors with the snow on the trees, the fresh snow glistening and virtually a full moon overhead together with a dependable furnace in the house.

Last Monday evening we had a "replay" of life of twenty-five years ago when the four Culbreath children joined us for supper and the evening.  How quickly we forget how "it was".  . . . . twenty-five years earlier in our lives.

We have made reservations to visit the Morgans from May 12 to the 21st in Washington. . . it is amazing how "cheap airfares are for certain flights like this one.  Our last visit to central Washington was in 1962 for the Seattle's World Fair.

Re-reading the foregoing paragraph reminds me that I should be studying English more, rather than listening to Spanish tapes, at best we have some confidence on handling espanol numero.  We will be staying at the Hotel Senorial, Portal de Flores 6, Oaxaca, Mexico for two weeks from February 23.  We are going to spend three nights on our [own] at Cancun on the way down and another three nights in Mexico City on the way back.

Dad has covered the news and weather very well so will just add a line.  The planned trip to Columbus for two days never materialized as the weather was so bad Friday that Ann Bailey and I just got as far as Washington Court House on the freeway (I-71 and Rt. 35) so turned around and came back.  I thought I'd get her back in time for school but it had been cancelled too.  The week previous they had kept 30+ East Clinton students and 14 teachers overnite so were not taking that chance again.  The rest of the schools in the county dismissed early both Fridays.  Hope we have better weather when we go to New York (Feb. 14-17).  We plan to see Joe there.  Feb. 18 is a holiday so may or may not see John and X on the way back that Sunday, Feb. 17.  We just have time to catch our breath before we leave again Feb. 20.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you whenever and however you care to communicate but always to like to hear - never often enough.

With much love,

Friday, February 06, 2015

1955 Serena Uible Reynolds letter -Feb6

Aunt Serena writes a letter after hearing the news of the birth of her great-niece, Serena.  Transcription follows:

806 No. Poinsettia Pl
Los Angeles 46 Calif.

Dear Jean, Harold, Catherine, Roberta & Serena,

Well don't you know when your that little announcement came & it was addressed to Mrs. Leslie Reynolds I thought it was for Joan because it was unusual for me to get a letter addressed that way, but since no other one came I decided it must have been for me, so congratulations and what a thrill to know the name Serena is being carried on.

Don't be discouraged Harold and Jean for we had four girls in a row.  Who does Serena look like and of course the girls are proud of her !

Serena and Keith have decided to stay back there and she wanted some of her things shipped to her and so that freed me from the house, yard, rooms [?], & so forth that we had there and now I am in a little apartment by self and I am so happy here & grateful & say Thank You God every minute of the day.

I have a television, radio & record player, telephone & every thing that I want or need.

I am north of Wilshire Blvd which is towards Hollywood.

Everyone is fine and it has been rather cold for a few nights, that is down around freezing.  Of course Dad and Mother [CJ and Gladys] are enjoying Florida.  It is so nice that they can go there each winter and I suppose will be back in Ohio for part of April.  So nice that they can spend that time with Mary and family.

Some of these days I will get something to send to Serena.

With all my love, Aunt Serena

Thursday, February 05, 2015

1975 Roberta's Letter - Feb. 3

February 3, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  Well, you all might be hearing from me more now because I worked my last day at Ranch House yesterday.  After flunking (I Think) my statistics tests I decided I had better.

The theory test -- on Wednesday night was by far the hardest.  There were 25 multiple choice questions, each question having 6, 7 or 8 choices.  I had never seen anything like it!!  First it gave you four different choices,then you could pick "all of the above"; "A and C of the above"; "none of the above".  then Thursday night was the homework part of it.  There were 20 problems and I was on the tenth one when the time was up.  (2 hours)  The graduate student who is in charge of the Thursday night classes graded the test afterward.  I got seven right -- out of twenty.  He said that was about average -- but I don't know about that.  If they took the math majors our of there the rest of us would have a chance.  The grades are to be posted tomorrow (the only day I don't have classes at F.A.U. -- so I told Grandma that maybe we would take a trip South -- to get the results.)

I told the manager on Friday that I wanted to quit, with Sunday being my last day.  That still really gave him more than a weeks notice because I (supposedly) would not have worked again till this Saturday.  The district manager was in on Friday and I told him I was quitting and he was very nice, shook my hand told me the best of luck, etc.  He also told me that he was going to be district manager of the stores in Broward County starting next month and to look him up when I was through with school.  This really surprised me that he was moving further South.  It is a secret to everyone thought that he is leaving.

Yesterday the manager stopped in and I told him I wanted to give him all my keys.  He said just to keep them.  I (kiddingly) asked him if they had made plans to change all the locks or what.  Then he wanted to know if I would work next Friday and Saturday if they couldn't find anyone; I started to say yes; then I told him I was sorry, but I had already made plans.  I turned in the keys.  Oh, on Friday when I said I was quitting, they all said that anytime I wanted back on, they would make room for me.  I hated to quit with these hard times we are having; also I really liked working there.  I learned alot from the job; which I hope someday to put into practice on my own.

Since going back to weight watchers I have only lost 3 pounds.  That is in a period of 4 or 5 weeks.  Now, that I might have more time I hope to start going to the beach, and I imagine the exercise will do me good.  The big problem is that all my clothes are tight.  I read an article the other day about women taking the kind of pills I'm taking and all the side effects.  One of the bad ones was gaining weight; from a few pounds up to twenty.  I'm afraid I'm one of the ones that got hit hard.  As I've really been super weight watchers; but not much luck.  Oh well, I'm not going to give up that easily.

I could not believe Catherine and X's house.  I don't know what I thought it would look life, but gee, it is really nice.  I will have to get up to see them this coming year.  Oh, I talked to some people yesterday from Three Rivers; they thought they knew X -- but they weren't real sure.  If he was ever in 4-H they knew they knew him.  They also had a daughter who went to K college in 1970 and 1971.  I also met a woman yesterday who told me she was 74 years old and she had a newspaper route of 450 customers.  She said she has two young boys helping her, but she could outdo them.  She delivers mostly to condominums. (spelling)  She was in the restaurant about 8:30, said she had done her days work.  Told me she gets up at 3:00 on Sundays.

Well, I've been trying to beat the mailman . . . . . he will be here very shortly so got to close.

Love, Roberta

[hand written at bottom] These Ranch House dinner specials are just in Broward and Dade county.  Palm Beach County turned the idea down.  More details about it later.  G'ma sees the mailman coming!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

1955 Serena Birth Congratulations

A sampling of the birth congratulations that arrived at the Uible house after Serena was born, including one that misinterpreted Serena's name . . . .

Friday, January 30, 2015

1955 Mary & Harry Hiestand letter -Jan. 30

Mary Olive Cope Spence Hiestand, 1883-1971, is the primary author of this letter.  Her handwriting and style is not the easiest to interpret but she obviously means well.  Mary was the second wife of Harry Clarence Hiestand, 1872-1967, oldest brother of Gladys Hiestand Uible, and thus great-(step) aunt to the Uible-Horton cousins.  Harry's first wife, Ella Gabriel Hiestand, died in 1925 at the age of 49.  Harry and Ella had three children: Lina (or Luna?) Ruth, 1903-1919; Joseph Franklin 1906-2004; and Paul Bryan 1909-1980.

They lived on the corner of South and Elm Streets and I believe the new school mentioned in the letter has now been demolished.

The beginning of the letter is slightly confusing with three lines written upside down in two different handwritings, between the date and the body of the letter. For transcription purposes they will be considered a postscript and added at the end.

Hillsboro O
Sunday Jan 30 1955

Dear Folks,

We rec your card and glad every thing is O.K.  We had been waiting for the news.  I love the name of Serena.  The fifth will be Harold Jr. – Now I am afraid to come over.  I'll sit close to the door.  Mr. Birch Riber [?] had 4 girls and the fifth was a boy Birchie – he is in college now.  Girls are so much nicer when we are old – Boys are just as nice when we are young, and combine them, – They are the most prized and precious possession God ever gave to us humans.

Grandad [sic] & Grandmother will be flittering back in a few wks, to see their new offspring.

We will be over soon as the weather moderates. – I think we have your spoon. – will bring yours over choose two.  I hope.  – I just blunder off and forget things I want to do.

I wonder what kind of weather they are having in Lake Worth?

Mr. Carr (Wilbur Parr) father went home with his daughter to Augalia [?] Fla, that is 150 mi + maybe north of Lake Worth and he stayed 1 wk & flew back. – He said it was to cold to fish.  I was not to cold to fish when we were there.  We just pulled them in and had meat plates piles high.  – The Kids say we are going again this summer. – I am not saying.  Their bones are not so close to the surface.

Mr. H has his tobacco gone – and now he is out of imployment [sic] – He has a wonderful view from the window and never seems to tire of the varied and many sights that pass.  Our new school building is in plain view.

Our oil burner, so far, never seems to tire.  Every body is well and thankful and grateful for the many blessings.

I go to Cinci next Friday to Dr. Heidleman, [?] I am better, and not near as nervous – or not so silly.

We do our own work and by summer time you will think we are a couple of birds much past 16.

Love to all
Mary & Mr. H

[Written in at the top of the first page P.S. from Mary] 
Harold – see if Mr. H and I can get Farmers Compensation Social Security.
[from Harry] I hired lots of men to work for me – [from Mary] carpentry work, etc.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

1985 Catherine's letter - Jan. 29

Jan. 29. 1985
Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Just a quick note to send off with this airline article.

Thanks for the check and the call.  Both are appreciated.  Thanks for the life – that has to be the ultimate gift!

Gerry made stuffed pork shops for my birthday dinner.  Delicious!  Do you ever have them anymore?  Now I'll have to try not to eat too much cake!

Wendy gets her report card today.  She has been studying dinosaurs lately

We're all looking forward to spring and of course your visit!

Thanks again for everything!

Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

1975 Roberta's Letter to MV - Jan.27

January 27, 1975
Dear Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Right now I'm in school – wait till you get to college – then you can write letters in class too.

We all enjoyed your last letter.  How many girl scout cookies die you sell?  What kind were the most popular?  I bet it was the mint ones – they were always my favorite.

Friday Grandma, Aunt Mary & I went to see Mr. & Mrs. Hinerman.  Mrs. Hinerman, Grandma & Aunt Mary are really a riot together.  You should have been there – we could have had some good laughs.  Of course if J.B. had been there too it would have really been funny!

I had a nice letter from Aunt Ruth – next time you see her tell her thanks & be patient.  Remember when you told me to be patient about hearing from J.B. – well, I didn't have to.  He wrote me right back.

I've been trying to let my finger nails grow – so far it isn't working!

For my statistics course I have had to learn a little about playing cards, because we have to be able to figure out the probability of picking an ace, or a king so on and so fourth.  Sometimes it gets pretty complicated because they ask you about what the probability of getting this on the 1st try, 2nd, or 3rd try given you got it for the try before.

On our way to the Hinermans we stopped at Jonathan Dickinson (sp?) Park.  It was kind of disappointing.  1st it cost us just to drive in the place.  Then I had a list of trees, plants, etc. I was suppose to identify but nothing was marked.  We did see a bald eagles next.

There were canoes you could rent – also there were horse you could ride - for $5.00 an hour w/out a guide or $4.00 w/ a guide.  I stopped to talk to the guy & asked him why it was cheaper w/ a guide and he told me that in the long run its cheaper if the guide just goes w/you from the beginning instead of having to send one out later looking for you.  Of course Aunt Mary, Grandma & I all took a canoe trip and went horse back riding.  (HA,HA!)

We've been having some slow days at work lately.  Down here there are so many people without jobs.  One of my girl-friends just got laid off from work – but I got her a part time job at Ranch House as a waitress.  She worked yesterday for the 1st time – and was making a milk shake (strawberry) and spilled it all over her getting it off the mixer.  I had to go to K-Mart and buy her a new uniform.

Karen has never done waitress work before – but I think she will be a good one – once she calms down.

Do you use your calculator very much?  Are you allowed to use it at school?  We're having our tests (1 theory, 1 actual problems) this week.  I'm very thankful we can use the calculator for the tests.  My problem is I make little simple mistakes – like decimal points or when I want divide – lets say 3 into 12 I put the 4 in first then I divide by 12 so instead of getting the 3 I'm supposed to have I get .333 – it's all out of habit.

I'm now waiting for statistics class to start – I better quit & get my mind ready for what is coming up.

Write when you can – also did you know Uncle Bill has a birthday coming up the 31st of January?  You could send him a belated birthday card.  I'm sure he would appreciate that!

Eat a mint Girl Scout cookie for me –

Love, Berta

[at the end in Grandma's handwriting]  Mary Virginia if you save me a couple of boxes of cookies let me know so I can pay you.  Perhaps Mother doesn't have the room in the freezer for boxes.

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