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1978 Family Letter -June 6

Tuesday evening –
June 6, 1978

Dad just picked two quarts of strawberries and I one so we are having a few more than last year.  There are many more coming on – not all good size but better than nothing.

School was out yesterday and Mary Virginia's eighth grade dance was last night.  Guess she had a good time but hasn't said a great deal about it.  It was held at the Lions Club and they were allowed to invite a guest – not too many invited anyone but she did – the only one from out of the school area – a boy that she met at Sears Graduation party – real nice boy from Cuba named Greg Watson.  He'll be in 9th grade next year too but at Wilmington.

Grandma had a letter from Aunt Mary this evening and they are thinking of accompanying Rob north when he comes to Hudson Guild – they (Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill) may stop in New Vienna and will fly back – possibly – at least we know more definitely that Rob is planning to be in New Jersey this summer.

We are anxious to hear about Roberta's possible job with the Westwood (?) school in Mesa – a 9 month one as security clerk which will enable her to be free in the summer.  Glad to know that it is more in her chosen field of study but whatever she wants to do.

We were really not prepared for the shock of another letter from Serena but so glad to hear – as I am sure the others were too – even aunt Mary mentioned getting a letter from her!!  Anxious to hear more now that you are enrolled in your courses and hear how things are going – take advantage of the pool too if there is one, Serena.

Am sure that Catherine and Gerry are busy with Gerry's parents there visiting but there is so much to see – and I'd be happy just to get to take care of Wendy – can't believe she is getting so grown up.  Was glad that Dad was home when you called last Friday even tho he did have to rush on to Wilmington for a real estate closing.

Doris Martin was here yesterday and today and did most of the painting of our bedroom and bath.  Used the same color (Blue Velvet) on walls of the bath rooms plus enamel of the same color on the shower area and the registers for heat so they will be easier to clean.  There are several more rooms I'd like to get done but don't want to do them all right away – Mary Virginia's needs it as well as kitchen & other bath.  She uses a flat plastic gimmick that has a handle and goes on much easier than a roller – the same kind that Dad, John and Steve used to trim with but this is for the whole wall area as well.  – Hard to explain but handy to use.

Remembered to vote before the polls closed today but not too many people exercised their right – will try to include the results for you John.  No issues to vote on but several races.

John – hope you enjoyed your visit with the Weisses while going to Seton Hall and also your trip to Boston +++.  Anxious to hear about your classes too.  What did you finally end up taking for sure??  Music and/or ???  Thanks for the picture you left on our dresser.  We took Ruth's and the article forKelly to church but they weren't there that Sunday but did get article to Kelly by way of Dad yesterday as Kelly started working at the shop.  He said that someone that you had wanted him to meet told him he had written to YAF about how to get a chapter started but had never heard from them.  Believable??

Nothing new on Mrs. Harner's condition but it is sad.  Orville was going up everyday but now three or so times a week for he wasn't able to sleep and it didn't seem to help her at all.

Mary Virginia went over to theHealth Spa in Hillsboro with Eileen Fisher Cline this afternoon – guests don't have to pay anything the first time.  They have a whirlpool and spa and pay something like $3.50 each time.  Several from the school have been going.

Mrs. Cline's recital for her piano students was Sunday at the Lees Creek United Church ofChrist – just her three students took part so it wasn't too long but very good.  Mary Virginia played Dance of the Dolls, Send in the Clowns and her original masterpiece she composed herself.  Another eight grade student, Diane Roberts played and Wendy Allen – youngest daughter of Jimmy and Norma Allen was first on the program and changed into her ballet costume and finished the recital with a dance to a recording of her piano accompaniment.  Mary Virginia is talking about taking from someone more advanced now as Mrs. Cline suggested she should – perhaps Kathleen Walker (Mrs. Cady's mother) who lives over almost to Sabina.  I had mentionedMax Carr ofWilmington College but Eileen thought he would expect very much and she wouldn't get to choose as many popular pieces but moe classical.  So hard to say .

At least we are relieved to know that band practice doesn't begin until August 14th which will let her go to New York area and not have to rush back before the ABA is over.

Dad has been out gardening the whole time I have written this plus a couple of hours before – that is his recreation for sure – a little goes a long way with me.  Dad is now in – it is dark at 9:30, but the weeds so outnumber the strawberry plants that the odds are good even working in the dark.

Never did hear myself on the radio plug for Judge Sprinkle.  Fortunately he did win by a two to one ratio, which ought to make him feel good . . . . especially when his opponent mailed out (so I heard) 16,000 letters at 15¢ each urging voters to elect him.  Both the school levies in Wilmington and Clinton Massie failed.  California has been in the news on that issue 13.

There has been two news items in the paper about the revival services at the Settlement Church with Mrs. Otterland playing.  The evangelist is also from Nashville.  They are optimistic in planning to have three services during the day as well as at night this week.

Got our first honey dew melons at Krogers – a big one at $1.19, have had several cantaloupes at 69¢ each.  Right now our garden staples are lettuce, asparagus, and spinach.

There was avery interesting article in last Friday's (6/2/78) Wall St. Journal =, page 1, about the young lawyer, think you would all enjoy reading it . . . . even tho he is in Chicago there are a lot of analogies with NV.

We went to Leesburg for dinner Sunday then on to Lees Creek for the recital.  So many people eat up there it is like going to a reunion.  Was reading in the paper tonight that General Mills owns both Red Lobster (who plan to add 80 new restaurants this year) and York Steak House.  It flabbergasts me when you read these items about some corporation taking another over for 300 or more million . . . what an age we are experiencing . . . that is one of the facts that I like in weeding the strawberries is that is such a simple operation.

Roberta, glad you got the radiator on the Buick fixed so simply.  Even our Mercury has been running great – still the original muffler so "some things" do have a good life.

It is now Wednesday morning and guess that Rhodes won the governor ship – the radio isn't too newsy on the election for some reason.  Neither of the school levies passed in the county.  Sprinkle got 70% of the votes.

[Love, etc.]

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1978 Roberta's Letter to John -June 5

June 5, 1978
Hi John ––

Always great to hear from you – especially these last couple of weeks when everything seems to have gone crazy – no dull routine –

I've got news for you – I'd like you to call me collect – I won't accept – call for Hudson Ream OK – then I'll get your # from you and call you right back – I'm considering coming to the farm – is the canteen job still available – your offer is too tempting.  I've had a hard Spring & really do need to get away – despite all the bad & problems at the farm – its a neat place & I know that.  I've applied for 2 jobs here – 1 with the schools – which would start August 23rd – so I would have to leave early – the other w/ the County – probation officer – about 3X more pay – but I really don't want it – I'd be working in Phoenix odd hours – etc. – w/ sheriff's Dept.

Mary Virginia may fly out this Friday – June 9th – to help me (keep me company) drive back –– When does the season start at the farm?

I.T. got here today – it's weird – very uncomfortable – like she is somehow jealous of me being here – hard to explain – but do you know what I mean?

Again – call me – and ask for Hudson Ream.

I really like the truck!

1968 Catherine's Postcard -June3

New York - The Sheraton-Atlantic postcard -mailed 1968
I may go crazy if I look at another math problem.  I think I'd rather flunk which I may do anyway.  There are alot of banquets this week – I'm glad I enjoy working.  Serena, thanks for sending pen.  How did the party go?  Did everybody march in Memorial Day parade?  See you soon!  Got postcard from you all today.
Love, C.

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1988 MV's Letter -June 4

4 June 88
Dear Mom, Dad, Serena, Grandma,

Got my grades this week, so I'll put them in.  It lists what I'll be taking summer and fall.  The fall schedule is right but this summer I'm just taking Servant as Liturgist and New Testament History and Criticism.

I started my voice lessons for the summer two weeks ago, but this coming Wednesday will be the first lesson in her home.  I think I told you what a nice neighborhood it is – so I'm anxious to see what the inside of the house looks like.

Dr. Goold (head of Music dept and ministry of music) is in Bolivia for two weeks, so I get to direct the choir & lead music next Sunday (6/12).  It's a nice size choir (50+/-) and about 800+ congregation.

It looks like I'll be home late (around 9 or 10) 6/17.  I may (doubtful) have a couple people with me.  I will let you know definitely.

Mary Va.

1968 Catherine's Postcard -June2

First Methodist Church, Kalamazoo, Michigan Postcard -mailed 1968
Hi!  It's been a strange week.  We had a great time at the beach on Thursday!  The end of the quarter is coming too fast.  I'm up to 2 miles twice a day in running.  I went to communion and early church this morning.  Got a sunburn this afternoon.  Math test tomorrow – ugh!  Is Thurs. or Friday best for you to pick me up?  Friday would give me more time to get my stuff together but I can be ready Thurs. if necessary.  Love, C

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1978 Roberta's Letter -June1

June 1, 1978
Dear Family –

My what a mail day – letters from Mary Virginia, you all – and Serena!!!  I was glad to hear that she will be going to summer school this summer – sounds like between changing jobs, addresses, etc. alot is happening with her –

School Personnel called me today – I have an interview at Westwood tomorrow for security/clerk job there – it's a 9-month contract – which would enable me to work during the summers elsewhere – which I would like – Westwood is just up the street from us – of course job w/county pays alot more but –––

I'm sending the check back to you all – again I appreciate the loan – however you would rather work it out – give J.B. $165.00 – then I'll pay him back the rest –

I'm going to buy insurance – did get the Buick licensed – $20 – $5 inspection fee – $15 license – All it needed was a radiator cap – seems to be doing ok now – I've been using it back and fourth to school – Marion has been driving – for about the last week or so – drove to school a couple of time – she has done all her grading – so that keeps her busy.  Morning is by far her best time – by evening she is tired – worn out – fatigued.

Mary Va – when will you be coming out – Marion wishes you could come out while she is here – before June 19th – is that possible????

Do you know where my Irish hex ear-rings are?  If you see them – please send them out –– I think it's neat Mom & Dad are going to Ireland! 

We now use air conditioning constantly.


1968 Roberta's Grades -June1

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1988 MV's Letter -May 30

30 May 88

Dear folks;

Welcome back to the USA.  I surprised Serena this weekend at home.  She really had the yard looking nice.  A guy here at school was ordained at his church in Springfield yesterday so we went up Saturday and came back last night.

Still haven't gotten my official grades yet, but I did make out a tentative schedule to follow until December '89.  The Fall '88 is what I'll actually be taking (see enclosure); as far as the Spring '89 schedule, I hope to be able to take one of the classes in January in order to lighten the load a little.  all those classes are required under the new MA program.

Summer classes begin June 7 – June term.  I'm taking Servant as Liturgist, July term I'm taking New Testament History and Criticism.

Work is going well.  I think I told you that we'd be closed June 6-27 for total remodeling of the store.  I started my voice lessons for the summer last week.  This summer she's teaching in her home in Lexington, which I'm anxious to see (the house).  It a NICE neighborhood, a fairly new subdivision on the south side of Lexington.

There are very few people in the dorm right now.  Most of the ones that will be here this summer have gone home for the two week break between classes.

Not much else up.  Grandma seemed good; I stopped in Sunday morning on my way to church.  Saw Liz and Bill McCracken yesterday.  He gave me one of his brochures left over from the campaign.

You should have a letter from me when you get home.  Serena was going to Bloomington Tuesday to look for more jobs, but I think she planned to be there only a couple days.

Mary Va.

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1978 Catherine's Letter -May 30

Tuesday May 30, 1978
Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Hi!  It was good to talk to John on Friday but I am sorry that I missed talking to you, Mother.  Gerry had to take the car to get a new tire and I had to pick him up and take him to work so that is why I called earlier than usual.  This Friday I'll try closer to regular time.  I had wanted to ask you about pickling beets as someone gave Gerry about two dozen of them last week.  I followed the recipe in Joy of Cooking and Gerry says they are the best he has ever had so I guess I did OK.

We had a good weekend but very HOT.  Sunday we went to Big Basin and took a much longer (and very scenic) trail that we hadn't tried before.  It was almost a 6 hour hike (around 10 miles but alot of ups and downs); we had started around 10:30 when it was still fairly cool but around 1:00 it got super hot (in the 90's) plus it seemed like it was more uphill on the return journey but it may have been just that we were more tired.  I bought an old army backpack in which I carried the canteen, some food, diapers, etc.  After we returned to the picnic grounds we cooked some BBQ ribs and had quite a nice meal.  Monday we went on a picnic to Mt. Madonna but we gave our legs a rest by not doing anymore hiking.  Wendy held up very well although she seemed to have excess energy after we got home on Sunday and I had a hard time getting her to sleep.  Probably after being confined to the backpack all day she wanted to stretch her legs.  She can scoot around very well now.  In the kitchen or the bathroom she heads right for any open cupboard door and in the living room she likes the TV cord and the wastebasket.

This coming Sunday Newcomers Club is having a picnic which we are going to.  I went over to the house of Alice (one of the Newcomers who just moved here from New Jersey) last week.  She has a 7-year-old daughter.  I also met a woman who has two preschoolers, the youngest about two weeks younger than Wendy.  I have also joined Las Madres which is an organization of mothers of preschool children and is divided into sections according to the year your child was born.  So I am in the 77 group.  In addition to having monthly meetings in the evening they have three or four "park days" a month where the mothers and children go to different parks.  I haven't been to one yet since I just got the schedule and the next one is while Gerry's folks will be here but there is to be one the week following that which I hope to go to.  They also have other outings and occasional get-togethers for the whole family.

I'm going to have to go to the post office to get some stamps since all I have are 13¢ ones.  This postage increase sort of sneaked up.  I had headed there one day last week but I stopped at the library en route and by the time I got to the PO it was 2 minutes after 5 and they were closed.

Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

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1968 Roberta's Letter -May 28

May 28, 1968
Dear Family,

Hi!  Thanks alot for your letter today.  Sounds like we've almost had as much rain as you all.  We really have had the rain lately.

I have taken  3  exams and have  2  more to go.  The Geometry exam was really something.  I pray for a "D."  On the six weeks test in Geometry I got a 50% – Tr. Susan said she didn't know what to do with me – I made 70% & 80% on the two quizes but 50% on the test.

What about Catherine going to Germany next Spring?  Would she still go abroad her junior year?  Irene says it would be good even if it was for only 1 quarter.

Tr. Tom keeps telling me how sorry they are to see me leave.  He makes you want to feel like coming back at times.

What time will you be here commencement day?  We can leave after about 12:30.

Dad, do you remember Judy & Cindy Tyjossem?  (we took them to the air-port spring vacation) Anyway, their father got all burned up about a month ago.  Guess he's pretty bad off.  It hurt his face, arm, etc.  He's been in the hospital for about a week now.

We could buy large color class pictures for $2.50 a piece.  But instead I got the all-school picture for the same price.  They are to be sent (to us) sometime in June.

Well, I've got to go Supper is in about 10 minutes & I've got to find something to wear, etc.


1968 Catherine's postcard -May 28

Town Pavilion Motel, Macon, Georgia postcard - mailed 1968

Hi!  We're all going to Lake Michigan for Memorial Day.  Eat some strawberry shortcake for me and watch those tomatoes!  I changed majors so disregard next year's schedule.  How many customers on the paper route now?
Love, Catherine
I'm going to Europe for 2 quarters.  Are you staying with K's at Lakeside?

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1968 Roberta's Letter -May 25

May 25, 1968
Dear Family,

Hi1  Got your letter today and thanks alot.  We've had alot of rain also this week – one thing about it is – it has been consistent which they say is a good thing.  I just hope it is nice weather at Lakeside.  About Lakeside, I don't really care which room we do have but I'd like to have the porch if possible.  (not the whole porch just one side or whatever) I'm talking of the porch on the second floor.  Irene says she likes any food except for meat which is mostly fat.  Know what I mean?  She (Irene) does eat almost anything like she said.  She keeps saying she wants to cook some German food but I doubt if Lakeside is the place for that.

"Guess Who's coming to Dinner" is suppose to be a good movie like you said.  I think Catherine has seen it but I haven't.  Also Jo Smith saw it and said it really worthwhile.  How did Joe and Melissa like the Country and Western" singing group?  I bet it sound pretty "rural" to them.

How much was the office bill of mine?  (do I sound like Aunt Maude – or whoever always has to know what the price of things is???)  Probably alot of that is when James had to take us to Zanesville when the buses were on strike and also when James took me to St. Clairesville to meet the bus going to Wheeling when I went to the doctor there.

Lunch will be over commencement day about quarter till one.  Helen's folks are sending her the money for the ticket but as of now she doesn't have the money to send in a check for the plane ticket.  The plane ticket is $95.65.  so I guess we will have to wait and buy it there.  Oh, yes, TWA called and told her there was a change in her flight from Minn. to Billings. She gets in about 10:45 instead of ten o'clock as when we first thought.  That still sounds pretty good for her since before she always got in the next morning about nine o'clock.

I'm now all done with classes but have the exams of course to look forward to.  (HA)  Our schedule is as follows: Monday - English; Tuesday – Geometry and Bible; Wednesday – Biology; Thursday – History.  All the exams last two hours a piece and the rest of the time we will spend in study hall.  Friday will be mostly for packings and clean-up.  Well, Gotta go.

Love, Roberta

1968 Catherine's postcard -May 24

   Hotel Patten, Chattanooga TN postcard -mailed 1968
[postmarked May 24, 1968]

Hi!  Got letter, post card from you all today plus AYH stuff right after I mailed card to you.  Did I tell you David and I went to the Upjohn meeting?  Thanks for the clippings.  Where did the Huffmans move?  I've been by Lum's but never in it.  The all school picnic which would have been tomorrow was canceled.  I was really looking forward to it, too!   David and I are going to the love-in and then for a walk (It's girl bid night & that's all I can afford!)  Got a letter from Mrs. Walker today.

Love, Catherine

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1968 Family Letter -May 24

Sunday, May 24, 1968
Dearest Daughters,

We have really had the rain – all day Thursday and so much during the night that they cancelled school in most areas around here on Friday – supposedly the Seniors last day and Friday was the night of the Junior-Senior Prom.  Geary's announced on wmwm that due to the rain and flooding in their greenhouse that they would be unable to finish their corsages.  Haven't heard of any details of the dance but saw a number with corsages on so take it that it did go off.  Donna Williams said the seniors have to go back to East Clinton for a half day tomorrow.

Catherine, your room has been flooded.  John, Serena and I mopped most of Friday AM and Serena kept it up all afternoon except while delivering papers.  The sump pump hasn't been working so we carried bucket after bucket out of there.  I can't see where it caused any damage but it did get a fair housecleaning.  One of your paperback math books that you were to read before you started to Kalamazoo became a victim of the water and is still in the process of drying out.  One of the concrete blocks looked like it had a faucet for there was a continuous stream coming out of it – so low we couldn't put a bucket under it and the shallow pan kept running over.

The sun was out and most welcome yesterday but rain again during the night last night and more today but Serena reports no sign of water on the floor.  Six seniors were given Bibles in church this morning – Peggy, Carole, Anna Marie, Donna and Libbie and Barbara Rudisill (Her daddy was in church this morning – the first time since he had his first operation).

Melissa and Joe arrived Friday evening – about 7, I guess.  They didn't go to the Fireman's Benefit show but came up here and we talked til around 12:30 AM.  Melissa is real sweet and seemed to fit in real well with the family.  She is majoring in piano at the conservatory.  Grandma invited John and Serena to have dinner at Polly's with all them.  That afternoon they made ice cream and then took the tandem to Fallsville and got back just in time to eat and rush back to Cincinnati as Melissa was to sing in the May festival last night.  They did pick a real pretty bouquet of wild flowers they had collected along the way.  Daddy hopes they know what poison ivy looks like and didn't get in any of that.  They really thought Fallsville a beautiful spot.

Joe's junior concert or recital is to be June 16th (Sunday) so looks like you both will be home in time for it.  It is around 4 or 4:30 followed by Evensong (vespers) at Christ Church and then we thought we'd all go out for dinner.  Don't know whether we can talk Granddaddy into going and calling it their anniversary celebration.  It would be nice if Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill could fly up for it but Daddy says unless the market has a sudden upshoot we shouldn't count on them coming.

Catherine, I apologize for not writing anything about your mentioning going to Germany next spring – that was a real shock and I thought Daddy had written concerning it.  It seems a shame to go so far and only stay one quarter but if your advisor recommends it and this is satisfactory to you – we'll leave it up to your good judgment.  As to your changing you major – that is not for us to say but you are certainly having a big dose of physics (not meant to be a pun).  If you have doubts whether you want to major in it – try something else but if you do like it I am sure there are plenty openings in that field for women and there is always a great need for teachers of physics and math and know you could do a good job there.

Joe has started to work on his chances of getting a Fulbright scholarship.  He thinks he doesn't stand too good a chance without his master's degree but time will tell.  He is debating too about going five years and getting a combination of a Batchelor of Education and Batchelor of Music or perhaps one of these is a master's – but think that take even longer.

Roberta, we were glad to get to talk to you and hope Helen was able to get her trunk weighed and it isn't too heavy to take along with her on the plane – if it is over 40 lbs. she might as well send it by Railway Express for the car will only hold so much too and everyone can't sit in the front seat.  Daddy is looking up the airline regulations now so will send it along to you for her.  Just remember the trip over to Barnesville with all that weight and how the car swayed (suzanne's trunk didn't help matters.)

Did I tell you that Catholyn Smith is working over at Doris's Beauty Shop – she was in church this morning but I have never seen her going or coming from Doris's.

All this rain and no sunshine hasn't helped to ripen the strawberries but if they don't drown we may have some – about the time we are in Lakeside again.  We had lettuce out of the garden last night on our hamburgers.

[Love, etc.]

1968 Catherine's postcard -May 23

Hi!  (5/23/68) Guess what!  Today's Thursday.  I don't know what is so exciting about that except for some reason I feel really good today so I figured it must be because it is Thursday and tomorrow is Fri.  Next Thursday (Mem. Day) we are all going to Lake Michigan.  Gee, that will be exciting, too.  Dick got a new '68 Chevelle (?) yesterday so he and Sarah and Dave and I all went out in it last night.  I didn't mean that to sound like I wasted the whole evening (although I never would consider it wasted) 'cause we were only out about an hour.  I did do some studying.  This morning I got up at 6 and went down and ran around the track.  The morning is really the best time to run – and then I feel better all day long.  The President's Luncheon is today.  The shoes came yesterday.  (The AHY stuff still has not come.)  I was expecting the shoes but when I saw the box I thought maybe you had sent me something else.  It's good to have my shoes back.  How was Babes in Toyland? 

The typewriter doesn't work too well as I get closer to the bottom of the page.

I am thinking again of changing majors.  I like physics but I'm beginning to wonder if maybe there isn't something I would like better.  And how am I going to know unless I take something different besides physics and math.  Of course, then there is the problem that if I do decide I like physics best my whole schedule is ruined as far as going back to physics.  Any suggestions?  Three weeks from today it will all be over – the whole freshman year, over and done with.  How are the tomatoes?

Love, Catherine

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1978 Catherine's Letter -May 23

Tuesday morning
May 23, 1978

Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary V.,

Hi!  Your letter arrived on Saturday although we didn't get it until Sunday when we returned from our camping trip.  We had a good time.  DeeDee and her friend, Jenny, slept in the truck while Wendy, Gerry and I slept in the tent.  The weather was quite cooperative with warm sunny days and cool nights but we all kept warm in our sleeping bags.  We did quite a bit of hiking.  Saturday we went on the Uvas Creek Trail (the only one Gerry and I had been on previously) and the Swanson Creek Trail as far as Upper Falls and also seeing Black Rock Falls, and Basin Falls.  Sunday we went up (and I mean up) the Alec Canyon Trail to Triple Falls and then we came back the Contour Trail to the Old Hot House (where there were lots of rusty pipes and broken glass – I can't imagine who (or why) someone would build a hot house in what appeared to be the middle of the wilderness.)  The contour trail was quite narrow – DeeDee and Jenny thought it should have been declared unsafe.  Wendy managed fine – of course she didn't have to do any hiking.  She just sat in her backpack and looked at the scenery and both days she took a nap while we were hiking.  The backpack is fairly snug so she doesn't bounce around too much but the motion but be conducive to sleeping.

Wendy seems to be in an extra good mood lately.  She has an empty tin can (quite large – it held the 6# of jalapenos) which she bangs on with her hands or her spoon or whatever she has handy and she sings along with her music.  She has been trying out different sounds lately and putting different sounds together sort of like syllables but nothing too intelligible yet.  She still isn't really crawling but she has perfected her "creep" so she can go forward so she does that now instead of rolling over.

I bought her a blue and green rugby shirt at the Salvation Army yesterday for 30¢ (along with another shirt and a pair of shorts with ruffled suspenders – total expenditure $1.00).  It is a size 3 so I figured I would save it for awhile.  However, when I tried it on her this morning it fits quite well except for being a little large in the neck so she is wearing it today.  I'll have to find her a blue and red or yellow and blue to match ours.

I just called Nob Hill to see if the roll of film I had taken in to be developed is back and they said it is so I am going to go there now – we'll ride the bike – and get the pictures and try to get ack before the mailman comes so I can send you some of them.  I also had the copies made of the one of Dad, Wendy and I so I will send you a copy of that also.

Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

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1968 Family Letter -May 23

Thursday –
May 23, 1968

Dearest Daughters,

Do appreciate the letters and cards we have been receiving for we do look forward to hearing from you often.  This has been another busy week and we are looking for Joe and Melissa tomorrow evening; they will be staying with Grandma and Granddaddy and leaving Saturday afternoon.

Monday night was Twig meeting at Sarah Powell's in Wilmington and Tuesday was Mother's Club Guest Tea; I took Serena and Mary Virginia but the latter was a little bored with the program – three silent movies – more for older guests who like to reminisce but good for younger ones to see how movies have progressed.  They had said Mary Virginia would enjoy the program so that is why I took here.  It was held at the Friends Meeting House (Fairview).  Mrs. Eltzroth told me that Linda is going to work in the elementary library this summer.  Shirley Bernard gets home the day before Sharon's wedding & plans to work at Lake Cowan this summer.  Patty is still looking for work as far as I know.

Mrs. Mires is going to teach in Wilmington next year according to tonight's paper.  Quite a few of the teachers are leaving.  Miss Jones to Bellbrook, Mrs. Vergne to East Clinton, Mrs. Adams (new baby) as well as Mrs. Kilgore who is moving to Columbus and hard to tell how many others.

We have really had the rain today and with more predicted; it has rained most everyday this month so if the farmers didn't get their crops in in April they are out of luck.  Daddy has most everything planted that he had planned to plant by now except sweet potatoes.

Guess what?  We went to a movie last night – just your Daddy and I and saw Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.  Glad you recommended it for us to see and now we are recommending it but not sure some of our friends are so broad minded.  Interested in getting their reaction.  Wilma may leave Kevin here while she and Dan go to see it.  Did NOT recommend that they take him although I can think of movies that are much worse for young minds.

Rev. Beers has a new part time secretary – Marilyn VanZant – don't know how he happened to hire her or who is paying her but we have gotten a news letter this week and Daddy got a letter inviting him to some special planning meeting to discuss the goals for the new year.

Everyone is asking when you two will be getting home and glad to tell them it won't be too long now.  Sorry to hear about the water in your watch, Roberta and we'll see what it needs when you get home.  The jewelry store in Lynchburg was broken into last Monday or Tuesday.  Someone has also been shooting at school buses over in the Lynchburg area.

Mrs. Chesnut called & asked that Serena start delivering the News Journal – she gave us such a lecture about how outrageous the delivery price was last March that I never thought she would ever take it.  They have quite a few new customers.  We'll have to call and increase the number tomorrow for we didn't even have one for ourselves tonight.

The school bought a Polaroid Camera and have been taking pictures with it – the Contemporary World Affairs class went to visit the Court House and the Historical Society on Tuesday and Wilma went along (as photographer, chaperone, etc.) and guess there will be a picture in the paper in a few days.  They took one with most of them in the jury box but missed getting Susan McMillan or Terrell (one of them) so the one in front of the Historical Society will probably appear instead.

The volunteer firemen are having some country and western singing group to make money for them (they hope) tomorrow evening.  Grandma got Joe and Melissa tickets as she thought that would be different from what they are used to hearing – no doubt about that, I imagine!

I am in the process of writing to Mrs. Kuntzman about what we will be taking to Lakeside in the way of food and other supplies.  If you have any requests as to what you'd like, speak up soon.  It won't be too long before we'll be leaving for there.

Mrs. Harry W. Carey's brother roomed in the same Ohio State dormitory that was damaged by fire yesterday morning where the girl died.  He rooms on the 18th floor and the fire was on the 11th.  Just the 9th graders are to march with the East Clinton band for the Memorial Day parade; it is to be held around 3PM.  Remember how cold it was last year and what a full day, you had.

They rushed Gene Smith to the hospital Monday; they thought he had some kind of a heart attack or something.  They are giving him tests to determine the damage.  It happened at the funeral home in Blanchester.

There are nine seniors in this year's class that are to be honored in church Sunday and the MYF recognition dinner is that same evening.

John went to a skating party tonight with Bill Allen.  They are moving to Martinsville area as soon as school is out – the Martinsville 4-H is sponsoring the party tonight.

Serena is planning a "Come as you are" party for next Wednesday night – the night before Memorial Day.  She has invited fifteen or sixteen girls.  Then Barbara Bernard is having a birthday - slumber party at her house the 31st – just two days later.

Anxious to know moe about your plans for this summer and sorry that I didn't think to give Daddy that envelope from AYH for it is really taking a long time in getting there.  How is the bicycling coming?  You will need to stiffen up those muscles if you have to ride very far this summer.  Any plans for your bike as far as leaving it in Kalamazoo?  Perhaps Dick's family might keep it for you.  It was nice of her (his mother) to have you all out there for dinner.  Their church was really informal but don't imagine they are so much when they aren't having a picnic afterwards.

Our address will be 167 Peach Street while we are at Lakeside. 

All our very best love to you,

1968 Roberta's postcard -May 23

May 23, 1968
Dear Family,

Hi!  I got your post card yesterday, Dad.  Thanks.  The big news is that we called T.W.A. AND MADE RESERVATIONS for Helen on the flight you mentioned at 4:10.  It works out pretty good and she will get in Billings around ten o'clock that night.  She has to change over to NorthWestern in Chicago and also changes in Minn.  I was quite busy on the phone when I was trying to get flight numbers and times and everything else.

We only have two days left of actual classes left.  When you come for commencement you wouldn't have to come until after lunch time if you want to or what-ever other time you want to come.

We have to be in Columbus 45 minutes early to buy Helen's ticket at the air-port.  Unless you have a chance to go in the airport & buy it.  Then she could just buy it off of you.  We got it confirmed in Helen's name.  OK?

Love, Bert

Thursday, June 07, 2018

1978 Catherine's Letter to John -May 22

Monday morning
May 22, 1978
Dear John,

Hi!  Sorry it has taken me awhile to get this letter off to you.  How did your meeting with Batchelder go?  Do you think you will be working for him this fall regardless of how the California race comes out?  Did I send you the clipping about how all the candidates for governor are upset because people are paying more attention to the tax issue than they are to the governor race?  This tax deal is a real big issue – it was even on 60 minutes last night on TV. 

Wendy is acting like a one-person band right now.  She is hitting a tin can with a spoon and singing along with her "music."  She has really been vocal lately – trying out all sorts of new sounds.  This past weekend we went camping – DeeDee was here and we also took along DeeDee's Gilroy friend, Jenny.  They can really make Wendy laugh just by laughing with her.  We had a good time camping – it is a county park that is fairly remote and doesn't attract too many tourists (like Yosemite for instance) although it was fairly well filled up over the weekend.  We saw maybe two or three empty spots out of about 30.  They don't take reservations so DeeDee and I had gone up around noon on Friday to get a choice spot.  We did quite a bit of hiking.  While we were there a five year old boy got lost in the woods – he and his parents were hiking around three in the afternoon when his mother fell down and while the father was helping her the little boy wandered off.  They didn't find him until around noon the next day.  That must be a pretty scary experience for both the child and the parents.

We are hoping to see Roberta this summer as she has mentioned she may be coming this direction.  Debby is also planning to come out during her vacation which is in July.  She broke up with the guy she had been going with for over a year but we gather that she found a new boyfriend in pretty short order.  We haven't seen her since Christmas of 76 so we are looking forward to her coming.

Well, I guess your address will be Hudson Guild for the summer so I will address our next letter to you there.

Let us know what is new with you on the political scene.

Gerry, Catherine
& Wendy

P.S. Read in today's paper (which Gerry hasn't read so I can't send the clipping yet) where YAF supports Davis.

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

1968 Roberta's Letter -May 22

[postmarked August 22, 1968]
Dear Family,

Hi!  Got your long letter today along with news clips.  Thanks.

Today I got a card from all the women at the shop.  It said: "The Thought of you There & me HERE makes my eyes all red & watery!"  Then inside it said "I think I'm allergic to your absence!"  It was signed by all the women at the shop & Ralph Trenary & Arthur Vance.  Grandad even signed it too & beside his name it said – "I work here."

I also got a Geometry quiz back today with 80% right.  Pretty good, huh? I'll include it.  I must admit – things are looking up in Geometry.

Do you remember where I got my shoes in Columbus.  It's a "special" in sizes 10-13.  Anyway, I got a birthday card & a sales card like of their's & it says "Happy Birthday – Bring this card in for a 10% discount on your next pair of Russell's Shoes."  Russell's is the name of the place.)  I think I will put the card in with this letter or I'll probably lose it.  Don't you guys go & lose it now, OK?

I've been getting alot good out of my typewriter.  Irene is using it now typing her term paper or I would probably be using it myself.



P.S.  My hair is actually starting to grow back in!  I don't think I need to go to the specialist in Cinn. or anything.

[on the envelope]  I got alot of water in my watch (by accident) last (a week ago) Monday.  It's still there but the watch still works.  Should I take it to a jeweler or ???

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

1978 Roberta's Letter -May 21

May 21, 1978

Sunday morning – with 2 newspapers to read – enough reading material for all week.

It was good to talk to Mary V. yesterday – wonder who did call for me – maybe Jackie Phelan!!  I was happy to be able to give Mary Virginia the news of the 2nd test.  How was your weekend Mom & Dad?

Yesterday I was out for about 2 hours by the pool – did swim a little but mostly did needlepoint & read some.  Out from 11:00 to 1:00 – and today I'm a little red – just on my shoulders.  Want to get out some today – but not for 2 hours!!

Marion is doing great – she & Rachel came down to see me at work on Friday – which was a big surprise – to me & others!  Yesterday we went shopping for a little while – she bought a blouse – so you know she is beginning to feel good – Does seem to have trouble w/ constipation – which gives you uncomfortable feeling.

My plans for July are still unsettled – depends upon job situation here –

I'm really not too tempted to go door-to-door route w/ books this summer – though I talked to Mary Greene yesterday and she said all systems say go – The company has NO investment in you – as you must pay transportation – also expenses while in Nashville for a week's training.

Rachel is leaving Wednesday morning – early – think it's 7:00 AM – her & Marion are as different as night & day – It's been good having her here – I just hope Marion's not too spoiled – like clean sheets everyday!!

We got curtain rods yesterday for the truck – now want to find a pretty print terry cloth material – or perhaps towels for the curtains ––

It's still quite warm – tho not as warm as last weekend when it was 108º!  I can take the heat alot more than I can cold winters!

Marion bought Kevin – her nephew who is graduating from high school – 5 shares of Honeywell Stock – paid 53 for it – saw where it was up to 59 this last week –

She sold the rental property – across from us – some $3,500 each for her & Rene – not bad when they didn't have to put any cash down on it – just assumed payments –– She is taking now about putting it in stocks – any good ideas – John or Dad?  I've talked to a young girl – stock broker – at Dean Witter - Scottsdale – where we got the Honeywell – she recommends Ariz Public Service ––

I'm growing my finger nails – have been offered $1 for each one when they grow –––


Monday, June 04, 2018

1968 Family Letter -May 19

Friday, May 19, 1968

Dear Daughters:

It is now 9 P.M. and we just got in from the Church were Rev. Marshall showed slides of their life in Argentina where they spent about 17 years.  The family also sang two songs in Spanish which were good.  He said in all of Argentina they had about 50 miles of four laned roads.

This afternoon John, Kevin, their Mothers and me went to Dayton to their Museum of Natural History.  Believe we were all there about four years ago with the Bruces but we couldn't seem to recall much of it.  There were several animals very much alive - like the wolves, owls, etc. that were on a leash but right out in the open view and reach.  We also went to the Planetarium show which emphasizes how little we know about the universe.  The reason for going this afternoon was that the Boys' Scout troop was making it a project.

Yesterday your Mother and the Beers drove the Intermediate MYF up to Worthington to the Methodist Children's Home and the Methodist Theological School, there were about 14 who went.  There was also some Scout program on yesterday which conflicted with several of the boys.  Several of the local Boy Scouts are going out West this summer on one of those BIG camping trips and this meeting yesterday was a prelude for this.

Harpers are trying to sell their house in NV.  Perhaps we told you that Mildred Storer and her family bought where the Vaughn Huffmans use to live.

The Fawleys are telling us that Peggy is going out to the Univ. of Iowa this summer and then going to Eastern Kentucky this fall.

Last night we all went to the School house where the music dept. put on "Babes in Toyland" which sorta of a theater in the round presentation.  The band was on the stage and then the audience sat around the other three sides.  They had a partition up at the back two corners from the stage where the players could get in and out for their parts.  John won a prize for his poster, the prize being a free ticket, so went both nights.  We saw the Beans there and Bruce is still "nuts" about trains.

Had our first radishes out of the garden this weekend and have three tomato plants with tomatoes set on – they had blooms when they were put out.  Strawberry prospects look good if the weather continues to cooperate.  It seems like we have been having the monsoon season for it rains again before the ground gets dried out from the last downpour.  We have had asparagus several times, both from our patch and also from the patch on the lot near the Church.

Daddy is now working on our bathroom's usual plumbing problem.  So I took over.  He has really told you all the news there is to tell and some that I hadn't heard myself.  Word is also out that Dr. Custis has sold his practice and is going to work in a small animal clinic in or near Lebanon but will retain his home here.  I don't know where the new veterinarian will be located.

We stopped at a Lum's restaurant near the Red Barn in Xenia on the way home from the Natural History Museum & had some very good sandwiches.  John had one of their specialties – hot dog steamed in beer; it also came with sauerkraut but he didn't try that.  I have noticed one in Kalamazoo – did you every try it, Catherine?

Roberta, we got an invitation from Mrs. Hinerman to stay all night in Glen Dale with them when we go to pick you up but will have to write and tell her that we have other commitments at that time.  We would like to get back to Raven's Rock some time.  Do you think we could get there without Teacher Tom's map?  That was a big help.

Debbie Walvoord came over and talked to us last night during the intermission of the musical.  She was one of the ones in charge of lighting for it – a real job in staging, etc.  Tom Mitchell was one of the best and also Elaine Harner (you could really hear her) and I was surprised at Johnny Joy in his part.  Steve Brandenburg and Wayne Smith were also good.  We saw Cathy Cline – she was one of the dolls.  There were ninety some in the cast so you can see what a big production it was.  They gave Mrs. West a pin and earrings and Mr. Perry a gold watch after the performance on Saturday evening.  Friday night they sang "Happy Birthday" to him.

The Marshalls are moving to Dallas Center, Iowa as soon as school is out.  It is a few miles west of Davenport and just south of I-80.  The Savages are also moving to Iowa – a real small town there where someone says they already own a house.

I picked up Phyllis last Friday when I took a cancer patient down to Cincinnati to see her doctor.  Phyllis had a real nice trip – had spent one day with the Hortons.  The same day they got word that Joe had not gotten the Rotary Scholarship so they were a little downcast about that.  He had said that if he didn't get it he would start working on a Fulbright scholarship which would be as much but wouldn't entail speaking to Rotary Clubs in France (in French).

Perhaps Irene can give Catherine an intense German course if she comes home with you for a few weeks, Roberta.  They can concentrate on it here and at Lakeside.  The Beers told us that his mother and father are planning on going with them to Lakeside this year but I didn't ask if they had a cottage yet or what.

We are anxious to know more about the possibility of your going to Germany next spring, Catherine.  How about that?  Will this combine your career-service or you will take it after you get back?

Mrs. Walker rode with me when we went to Worthington yesterday.  She said Patty is hoping to get a job and if she doesn't her daddy says she has to go to summer school in Wilmington.  Her mother is going first summer term.

Mrs. Fawley says Stan is in a quandary as he has rushed through college only to end up in the armed services the way it looks now.  He finishes next January and Yale where he has applied for Divinity School cannot accept him until the following fall.  So he will probably end up going to Ohio Methodist Theological Seminary as they will accept him in February.  Otherwise Uncle Sam beckons him.

One thing we forgot to mention about "Babes in Toyland" was their playing with jacks, balls and the paddle ball, which we are about to begin making.  Haven't really decided on a name yet for the paddle ball, so may just end up calling it "Wells Paddle Ball," though we need something zippy like our competition in their "Fli-bac" or Bo-Lo."  Fred did have the printing press running yesterday as a demonstration so we widen our horizons a little wider.  Have had a couple of complainers recently where people have bought ropes and when they did not last but a couple of days thought they had been gyped – and so forth.

Spring is really here as I am doctoring the first poison ivy, it would be nice to be immune to that stuff.  But it could always be worse.

John and Mary Virginia are counting the days to Lakeside.  The days really are flying by and we are looking forward to the time when you will all be home again.  We are enclosing a few paper clippings for you to read.  We had a Republican reorganization meeting last Friday night for the next two years and Harold Thornburg and your Dad are back on the Executive Committee for the next two years.  They are planning a big dinner the early part of Sept. with a big name speaker (like Senator Tower of Texas) at $10 a plate and will also honor Congressman Brown who will no longer be our representative thru the reorganization shuffle.  As Harold T. said wonder if we could go and divide a plate and then eat at Burger Shef later for the balance of the meal.

The present Enquirer boy does not have too much zip – even in May (hate to think what it will be like when Winter comes) as he gets around now around 8 A.M. and on Saturday it was 8:45.  Serena got her Girl Scout camp registration for two weeks, starting the last week in June, which is the period she applied.

No sign of the Frump family across the street yet, tho they were up recently and mowed the "high spots" on their front yard.  The Kiblers also got home this past week and Gibsons up the street have put a huge aluminum awning out over their driveway.  The big brick opposite the School is still vacant and Mike Williams is doing a good of job keeping the grass mowed.  Write when you can for we always enjoy hearing from you.

Mother and Dad

P.S. If you or your friends have any good ideas for the paddle ball name let us know.

1968 Catherine's Postcard -May 19

H, Everybody!

This has been an exciting weekend.  Last night we all went to Battle Creek to see John's girlfriend and she won!  It was really exciting.  Sarah and I didn't have time to make it back to the dorm so we stayed at Bonnie's (Miss BC) house and John brought us back this morning.  There were 7 of us who went.  We got back this morning just in time to go to church with Dick and Dave and Dick's Mother.  He goes to Chapel Hill Methodist out in Portage.  They were having a church picnic and then a guy was going to talk on family camping.  It was a very informal service – men had sports shirts and slacks and women were in skirts and knee socks.  The kids seemed to be really enjoying – even the organist had on slacks.  We went to Dick's house and had a delicious dinner, even custard pie for dessert!  His Mother seemed to enjoy having us, he is the only child and his father died in March.  I'm changing over to cycling program in Aerobics.  I have to get ready for this summer.  I got some books on New England yesterday.  How's paper route?  How many days of school?  Haven't heard from Mrs. Walker lately, how's she doing?  When does Roberta get home?  I deposited my money in the bank yesterday.  Write soon!

Love, Catherine

Sunday, June 03, 2018

1968 Roberta's Letter -May 18

May 18, 1968
Dear Family,

Hi!  I got Dad's postcard today.  Thanks alot for it.  This week has gone pretty fast.  We have only one more week of actual classes and then a week of exams . . . ugh.  It is very hard to believe that two weeks from today is commencement.

Helen would like you to get a reservation from Columbus to Billings Montana tourist class.  I guess you would have to call or write the airport.  We would do it ourselves but we do not know what time to make the reservation or anything.  I do not think you have to pay anything just for a reservation, do you?  Again, we can leave before lunch if we have to in order to catch the plane for Helen.  Neither Helen, Irene, or I care a great deal about staying for lunch.  So if you get a reservations where we would have to leave before lunch we would not be at all disappointed.

Our old table went on the picnic as planned.  It turned out very nice.  We went to what is called the Barnesville Reservoir.  (all that is – at least here in Barnesville – is a lake, where a bunch of people were fishing.)  We all went in a back of a pick-up truck.  On the way back we went on all these old back roads which was pretty nice.

I only have 150 sheets of paper like this so I decided I would use some of this up while my address is still FBS, Barnesville Ohio 43713.  And then my orange stationary along with all the rest of it some other time.

By the way, what is our address up at Lakeside?  Or do we know yet?  We will have the same cottage as last year?  Did it ever get worked out about who we would share the cabin with?  Are the Beers going to stay with us this year?  I just hope they have a baby-sitter of some sort.  Irene is still coming home with me and we are going to Lakeside.  (Just thought I would tell you)  Do you think we could camp out MAYBE!!!!????  Just an idea.  After our house Irene will be going to Baltimore.

Well, I better go now.


P.S. The type-writer is really great.

Saturday, June 02, 2018

1968 Catherine's Letter -May 18

Dear Mother, Dad, Serena, John Mary,

Hi!  How about this -- a real letter?  I figured I could get just as much on a postcard but then you all would miss the thrill of seeing my proposed four year program.  Of course, this is just tentative.  I figure if I can't go to Australia for two quarters, I would just as soon spend the two quarters on Career-Service.  Then, when I graduate I can go to Australia for as long as I want.  I would be going probably to Erlangen [Germany].

I got the letter yesterday from the Alumni along with your post card inside.  Yes, David is the one we almost went back and picked up.  It's probably a good thing we didn't – it might have scared him off.  Daddy and Grandma's description sounds fairly accurate – only he's not so quiet once you get to know him.  Actually, he is more the philosopher type – everything is well thought out.  I get overwhelmed just with the thought of how brilliant he is.  He probably finds my ignorance a challenge. 

The math test Thursday was pretty difficult and I probably lost my B average.  It was nice while it lasted!  If I got a B- or better I will be sure and let you all know via the first mail – I guess you better not expect to hear soon because the lower the grade the guiltier I will feel if I'm not studying more.  We decided that it isn't that students at Kalamazoo study more than those at other schools it's just that we feel guiltier about not studying.

Roberta sent me one of her pictures yesterday.  I thought they were pretty good.  We get ours retaken next Wednesday as the ones they took last quarter were all ruined.

I never did get anything from the Hostel this week even though Daddy said something about you all had forwarded something on.  Maybe he was referring to something else.

I went to the love-in last night. David didn't go 'cause he had to work on a English paper but he did come up to the open house afterwards.  Tonight we (I'm not sure who all that includes – Sarah, Bruce, John (Bruce's roommate), and I for sure) are going to Battle Creek to see John's girlfriend in a beauty contest.  I think John got 7 tickets so I suppose there are others going, too.

I got a letter from Elaine Harner this morning and she has some ridiculously low number of days of school left.  We only have three full weeks plus exams.  It is really going to be sad though since we'll all be so far apart.  Oh, well, there is always the U.S. Mail.

You can get more on the cards with that new typewriter.  Roberta said she got a typewriter (which you already told me, I think) and new stationery in addition to some other stuff.  But the letter I got from her was written out on notebook paper.  She was probably writing it in class.

Yesterday I increased my running time to 13 minutes, and made it almost 1.5 miles I sure hope I can improve over that.  I enjoy going down to watch the track team so I don't really mind the running.  Today is the last tract meet though so they won't be practicing any more.

Thanks for sending the stamps – they are always appreciated!

Late mail just came – I got a letter from G'ma.


Friday, June 01, 2018

1978 Robert's Letter -May 17

May 17, 1978
Dear Family,

Jut got back from having lunch at home - that is if you call birthday cake lunch!!!  They (the office people) had gone together and got me a cake today.  So took a big hunk of it home for Marion and Rachel.  It is amazing how good Marion is doing.  She was up this morning soon after I got up.  Came down and walked Buffy with me . . . then told Rachel she was ready for her breakfast like she had yesterday in the hospital . . . pancakes, bacon, etc.  Tho, we just had homemade bread . . . and real grapefruit/juice.  We bought a whole bunch of grapefruit . . . guess I told you all.  Paid $2.50 for a bushel.  A large bushel.

Catherine called me yesterday morning, when the rates are low.  It was good talking to her.  She really seems to enjoy life with Family in Gilroy.

Talked to Ruth today.  Sure I surprised her when I called.  Am happy to have been able to give her the good report about Marion.  She feels so much better after talking to the Doctor and finding out what he told her.

Mary Virginia, I've been meaning to tell you . . . both phone conversations that one thing Marion took to the hospital and used alot – was your turtle . . . or what was it . . . pillow that you made for her.  She had it on her bed, then she found out that it was good for putting under her arm, so really used it alot.  Everyone commented about it, and she always said that Baby Uible made it.

Talked to Mr. Vaughan today about vacation . . . funny that he should bring it up.  I had just talked to Mr. Vaughan about looking for something in my major.  Now he says that if I work through the month of June (the time when it will be super crazy here) I can have the whole month of July off - with whatever pay (vacation pay) I have coming, and the rest without pay.  Of course, if something comes up in the meantime I will plan to quit here before the month of July.  What does your calendar look like in July?  I want to spend some time here looking for work – which would probably be the last two weeks.  But then that could change . . . depending upon what happens.

This is the last week of classes for seniors, and next week will be the last week for Juniors and sophomores.  Right now things in the office are more or less at a stand still but everything is gong to let loose when classes are over.  I can't say that I am looking forward to working during the month of June.

Got the Probation and Parole book from the library again.  This time one of the librarians was going toward the city and went in and picked it up for me. . . which was great for me.  Last night we took one of the practice tests and all of us did pretty well.  Rachel is a riot to have around.  She treats Marion like a ten year old . . . which is pretty funny.  DON'T REPEAT!!!  She will be here till next Wednesday.

Thanks again for nice card – note & check – hope you had a nice Mother's Day Mother!


Thursday, May 31, 2018

1978 Catherine's Letter to MV -May17

Wed. PM, Mary 17, 1978
Dear Mary Virginia,

Hi!  This is in response to your letter number three of the year – in case you are keeping track too!  We hear that you got teeter-tottered out.  Who is this Tim Larrick – I never heard of him.

Wendy is playing in her playpen right now.  She has a spoon which I bent the handle in half so it sort of comes up under the spoon part – that keeps her from sticking it down her throat.  (The other day she tried to swallow Gerry's belt.)  Anyway she is playing with this spoon.  she puts in her mouth for awhile and then she waves it around in her hand.  She likes to wave things around.  She got her first balloon at the bank last week and she has had a good time playing with it.  I hope it doesn't burst and scare her to death.

In my last letter I told you how I was reading this series of books called My Friend                   .  Well, I finished all seven that the Gilroy library had so I ordered some others through interlibrary loan but they haven't come yet.  In the My Friend books the main character is an author named Janet Sandison who has written a series of books called Jean in the Morning, Jean at Noon, Jean in the Twilight & Jean towards a new Tomorrow which are books actually written by the same author.  The My Friend books are by Jane Duncan.  But it turns out that both Janet Sandison and Jane Duncan are Elizabeth Cameron.  How's that for confusing?  I am now reading the Jean books.

DeeDee is to arrive tomorrow night and we are going camping Friday and Saturday nights taking DeeDee's friend Jenny with us.  DeeDee and I are going to go early on Friday and get the tent set up and thenGerry is going to pick up Jenny after she gets out of school and meet us there. 

So what else is new with you?  How much more school do you have?  When are you planning to come to Gilroy to see your niece?

We just finished a roll of film last night and I took it to Nob Hill this morning for developing so we should have some more pictures to send you by next week.

So when are you going to take Grandma to Hudson Guild?  How long will you be staying?

It's about time for the mailman so I will put this out for him to get it started on its journey to New Vienna.

Write soon – we'll be waiting for number four!

Catherine, Gerry
& Wendy

1988 MV's Letter -May 17

17 May 88
Dear Mom, Dad and Grandma –

Sorry I couldn't remember the exact date of your return, so I thought I would simply go ahead and write.  Thanks for coming to visit last week and lunch and the check – I just wish we'd had more time, but there will be another visit to see the Horse Park, etc.

The voice recital went well last week; both Dr. Goold (dept. chair) and Ginny (my instructor) said they had seen such a measurable improvement over the semester, so I was encouraged by that.

And just this past weekend was the retreat in Alabama where I led the music.  It went extremely well and we had a lot of fun.  The church took really good care of us.  The only snag was a huge thunderstorm on Saturday night.

I'm done for the semester except typing my paper for vocal pedagogy, which I'll do tonight.  I'm anxious to see my grades next week.

I've tried to call John several times over the past few weeks to set a date in August to go sing/visit.  Since I'm not going up there June 12, I'll only be home the weekend of June 19 for Grandma's birthday.

Hope your trip went well.  Anxious to hear from you.

Mary Va.

1978 Roberta's Letter to John -May 16

May 16, 1978
Hi John!

Thanks!  so much for your birthday card – note & check!!  I appreciate all – greatly!!

I've got the best of news to tell you about Marion – she is doing great – lab report came back – the cancer was all in 1 place – Dr said that their was no indication of it having spread.  She will have to see the Dr every 4 months ––

She is feeling good –– got home today – has gone out w/us walking Buffy, etc.  She does have pain – but not all that much – bearable.  She seems to tire easily – but that's because she has been taking walks – took a shower – etc. –

I was told today that I'll have month of July off – if I work through June –– of course I hope to find a job before then –– I'm to be retested for probation & parole job again this Friday –– we've got the study guide book – put out by Civil Service people – have been studying ––

John – let's keep in touch – future business partners should do that –––

I've run out of space.

Thanks again for $ toward carpeting in truck.

Love ––

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

1968 Catherine's Postcard -May16

Hotel Duval Postcard, Tallahassee FL -mailed 1968

Days are flying!  As it looks now I will go to Germany next Spring and then have two quarters for career-service.  How's the running?  I'm doing about 1 1/3 mile in 12 min but I hope to improve with practice.
Love, Catherine

Monday, May 28, 2018

1978 Catherine's Letter -May 16

Tuesday morning, May 16, 1978
Dear Mom, Dad, Mary Virginia & John,

Hi!  Your letter arrived Friday afternoon.  I also notice another week has gone by and I didn't get the letter to Mary Virginia written as I mentioned last week I was going to do.  The weeks seem to go by so fast.

Wendy is sitting in her stroller on the patio right now – singing (if you want to call it that) and waving her cup around in the air.  It is quite a pleasant day – temperature around 70º and quite breezy.  Yesterday it threatened rain all day so it is nice to have it clear today.

Gerry got some sort of 24-hour bug on Friday night but after spending practically all of the night and Saturday in the bathroom he felt well on Sunday and we went to Big Basin State Park.  We hiked about 6 miles on the trails and still left quite a few to hike the next time.  Big Basin is the one we went to with DeeDee after Henry Cowell – up through Felton & Ben Lomond.  We had thought we might have Sunday brunch at the Greenhouse in Soquel but cars were parked for a mile on either side of the entrance and people were standing in a long line in the driveway so we had our brunch at a small cafe in Boulder Creek.

What are your plans for the summer?  Do you think you might be able to get out this way?  We feel somewhat guilty that we have not been able to get back to Ohio or Maine but we have our next vacation to remedy that situation.  At any rate, we look forward to your next visit to Gilroy.  Now that I can ride my bicycle I have become acquainted with the sights to be seen in the back streets of Gilroy as well as our Sunday trips to the parks in the area.

Thanks for the articles – we must have been thinking about the spacing of children at the same time.

It is about Wendy's lunchtime as well as time for the mailman to come so I will close.  I'll look forward to talking to you on Friday, Mother.

Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

Sunday, May 27, 2018

1968 Catherine's Iowa Postcard -May 14

Caption: STATE FAIR GROUNDS –Educational Building and Grand Stand - mailed 1968.
Hi!  Got a post card from Dad yesterday but hostel stuff hasn't come yet.  Hope everyone got home ok.  Food is all gone now.  I gave Charley some cookies.  He may work in a Cokesbury bookstore in Illinois.  I go to see Dr. Wright tomorrow about next year.  Big math test on Thursday.


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