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1978 Catherine's Letter -March 14

Tuesday morning
March 14, 1978
Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Thank you for your letter and the more detailed description of your trip home.  It arrived on Saturday.  It was good talking to you, Mother, and I will try to call again soon.  Gerry has been going to work earlier this week since Frank, one of his parts people is on vacation so it gives me more time to think about calling before 8:00.

We are having a hard time getting Wendy asleep at night.  She will go to bed and then wake up an hour later and be ready to play some more, just when Gerry and I are getting ready to go to bed.  I've tried feeding her more supper in case she is hungry, less supper, feeding her earlier or later, etc. but so far nothing seems to have any effect.  This has been going on for about a week.  One night we just let her cry and she eventually went back to sleep only to wake up a half hour later screaming like she was in real agony.  Maybe it's teething?

We didn't go to Andersens Pea Soup on Sunday after all.  It was a beautiful day with clear blue skies, slight breeze and temperature in the 60's so we went to Henry Coe Park instead.  It was much more congested than when we were there last.  Like there were about 40 cars.  We hiked to Frog Lake which looked like about the shortest hike and we weren't sure how good of condition we were in or how well Wendy would hold up.  It was three miles round trip but it turned out to be vertical distance instead of horizontal.  We could feel our muscles by the time we got back.  We took a picnic lunch with s and had a very pleasant day.  Wendy fell asleep in her back back and seemed to enjoy the ride.

Yesterday Wendy and I went over to Debbie's house.  She is the one I met in the grocery store last week who has a daughter two weeks older than Wendy.  They are both at about the same stage of development.  They didn't do much except stare at each other and chew on their respective toys.  Debbie's husband works in San Jose (she is from San Jose and he is from Watsonville) but they bought a house in Gilroy because the same house was selling for $16,000 less than in San Jose.  And we think they are expensive here!

We have started subscribing to the San Francisco Chronicle.  The first day we were to get it the paper boy left the San Jose Mercury instead but they seem to have it straightened out now.  We haven't had any additional problems with the Gilroy paper.  The boy stopped the other day and asked if it would be alright if he just threw it at the door from now on instead of knocking on the door.  He was very polite and he looked scared to death.

Idella is getting a permanent this morning and I told her I would pick her up when she is finished so she wouldn't have to call a cab to get home.  She said she had had some sort of surgery on her foot so she is't able to walk too far and her beauty shop is on 3rd St.  Her appointment was at 8:00 so her husband dropped her off before he went to work.  Did I tell you that Idella's apartment has only one bedroom and Ruby's has three?  To get to Ruby's third bedroom you have to go through the second bedroom.  She showed me all around when I was over there getting your picture.  She (Ruby) really has the place full of furniture.  The second bedroom has a double bed and a crib (for her grandchildren when they come to visit) and the third bedroom also has a double bed plus book shelves, dressers, etc.  She said when she first moved in her husband was still living, her brother was staying with them, and her son, his wife and their baby lived with them.

Well, Wendy needs some attention so I better be signing off.  Write again soon!

Catherine, Gerry 
& Wendy

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1988 Family Letter -March 13

Sunday evening –
March 13, 1988
Dearest Family –

Since Roberta is leaving in the morning – 5AM from here I wanted to get a letter off to the family in Phoenix so decided to send additional letters to Newark and Wilmore.

We arrived here about 9PM Wednesday night and G'ma and Roberta met us at the airport.  Thursday we picked about 9# of strawberries some of which we shared with Rob and Cindy when they came over that evening.  Friday we went to Naples to see Cy and Ellen Lippman & spent a couple of ours with them but we were gone most of the day since we left here at 9 and didn't get back until almost 8 that evening.  Saturday we did the Palm Beach Thrift shops.  We had dinner last night with Rob and Cindy – very good – cornish hens, corn on the cob and cauliflower, onion and pea salad with strawberry shortcake.  Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill had left 2 tickets for us to see the play "Cabaret" at the Lake Worth Play House.  She had tried to get additional tickets but none available so Dad & I went since I couldn't talk Roberta into using a ticket.  Every seat was filled & we did enjoy the musical comedy.

This morning we went to Sunday school and church and then met Cindy & Rob for Chinese food.  Don't think Rob particularly liked it but did go with us.  Took g'ma home for a nap while we went to a book sale at the West Palm Beach library – got quite a few books for $7.20.  After a bit of supper we went over to see Rob Garnett.  I know John has been there but we never had; so enjoyed seeing his deluxe apartment.

It is strange being here without having seen the Hortons but we are enjoying it and taking advantage of all the facilities.  Dad is making use of the piano having more free time than usual.  We will miss Roberta for she is such a help with G'ma and driving, etc.  She is a PRO in helping others.

Backing up to Thursday we went to FAU, had lunch on the campus and R saw a friend there on the faculty that she had known in Phoenix.  Yes, we did visit the library there.  Auto traffic is dense here, tho we have done bike riding on the "back roads".  The weather has not been too suitable for the beach.

Before leaving NV we tried to reach MV and John on the phone w/o success.  Be interested in hearing more about MV's job with Zondervan.  Could you get a KY license MV?  John, we were talking with the Colvins last Tuesday evening and they said how much they had enjoyed having you down.  Carol Brown told us they hope to get the Israel group together after Easter.

Cindy and Rob had the room ready for the new arrival . . . they think it is going to be a boy.  Roberta has been "teasing" them about the name.  Serena, I had forgotten that Cindy is a grad of I.U.  Rob is working on his Masters – goes to school in WPB every Saturday.

Backing up again – Rob and Cindy have decided on the name Chad but it will either be Robert or Joseph which Roberta was rooting for since he would have the initials C.J.  We viewed the sonogram (spelling?) so they are convinced it will be a boy but will have another sonogram made soon which will tell them even more.

Hope that MV is enjoying her new job with Zondervan and doesn't have any trouble about her expired license.  We are anxious to hear more what your position entails.

John, we told Carole Brown you had tried to reach them – I remembered later that they had a big meeting that same afternoon so do try again.

Mother & Dad

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1978 Roberta's Letter to John -March 13

March 13, 1978
Dear John ––

Good to hear from you!  As for going OD over grape soda – don't worry about that!  But here not much grape soda – perhaps the Indians like another kind better!

Here it is – middle of March – can't believe it – When are you going to Florida?  I'd love to join you down there but the idea is a dream –it's awful to be working class!

As for working – I've applied for another job – still in the school system.  This one for a security job at another high school.  The pay is much better – and the contract would be 9 months – having off May 28 - Aug.28th.  That is the main attraction to me!  The closing date for it was the 10th – last Friday – so perhaps this week I'll find something out.

How is all the YAFing going?  Did you look anyone up in N.Y.C.?  OH, Liz [?] is coming out here the 23rd – also I.T. – should be a real riot!

What job will you be doing at the farm?  How about dining room supervisors?

Did Nick go w/ you to Washington D.C.?  Anytime you get a chance call me – WATTS line.  My # at work is 962-7509 – at home 969-2779.  602 area code

Marion has her rental property – another town house just across from us – up for sale.  She has heard from every real estate person around – but is trying to sell it on her own.

What kind of business would you like to go into?  How about renting out Mo-Peds ?

I'll definitely be up to see you & Rob this summer – it will be strange to visit – I'm looking forward to it.

Glad that the brown beauty is in A-1 shape – I think of you both whenever I see a good looking granada.  Out here pick-up trucks are the in thing – think I'll get one next time I buy – in the years ahead.

When you are ready – make me a deal ––

Whose campaign will you be working on?  Republican or Democrat?

Got to go ––


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1968 Catherine's postcards -March

Kalamazoo Public Library postcard -mailed 1968.  Caption: Kalamazoo Public Library & Museum.  Kalamazoo, Michigan.  This view shows the library section of the building located at 315 South Rose Street.  The services of this building are provided to the people of the Kalamazoo City School District.  Library hours: Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

[postcard to Serena]

Yes, You may stay in the dorm with me 3/30/68.  If any of the guys I know are going to be here John may be able to stay with them.  See you in a week or so!
Love, Cathy

As it looks now I will be arriving in Dayton at 11:15 PM on Thurs.  If this is inconvenient for you all let me know and I can get the other bus which arrives in Wilm. 9:30 AM Fri.  I will call if there is a change of plans.
Love, Catherine

1968 Roberta's Postcard -March 13

It's Snowing!
[postmarked March 13]

Hi!  We would have room for one more, on the way home, wouldn't we?  Or do you think five would be too many?  I don't think it would be if you bring the station wagon & all.  If who ever is coming up would like lunch tell let me know pretty soon, ok?


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

1968 Roberta's Letter -March 12

March 12, 1968 P.M.
Dear Family,

Hi!  Nice to get to talk to you all last night.  As you can probably tell I wrote to John before I spoke to you all.

As plans go now Jo will come home with me & stay till Sunday morning. (first Sunday)  She of course wants to meet & talk to Catherine on Kalamazoo.  I haven't told Catherine yet but I hope –– it won't be hurting any plans will it???

Jo's boy-friend, Dale G, goes to Wilmington College.  (He went here last year – also lived at Stuckey's first semester)  Perhaps you've met him – I'm not sure.  Anyway I guess Wilmington College has vacation same time we do but he works at Randall Company from 4-12 p.m.  She will probably want to see some of him.

How's Catherine getting home?  By bus – I suppose.  Will she be getting home after me?  From sounds of her letter she gets out the 20th [28th?].

Please send permission for Jo to come – This school & permission slips are like blood sisters!

Do you remember seeing the gym-ex last year?  (night before Spring Vacation)  We still have alot of work to do before next Wednesday night.  I'm dreading it.

School goes on – I'm finally beginning to buckle down.  I always seem to start towards the end of school.  I want to see Mr. Hart sometime over Spring Vacation.  (Thought I would say that while I'm on the subject)

John, thanks again for the pen.  I haven't lost it yet – am using it now even.  It's great advertisement for N.V.

My toes are still there.  (But sore!)  Doctor gave me a pad to put underneath my toes.  I paid the bill with money from check.  He cut all around one toe nail & got alot of pus & other stuff out.  If it doesn't get better by next Monday I'm to go back again.  I sure hope it gets better!


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1968 Roberta's Letter -March 12

[postmarked March 12, 1968, addressed to Sheraton Hotel NYC]
Tuesday 2.00

Hi!  Got your letter this morning.  I have my doubts if this will get to New York in time but I'll try.  I suppose I could send it air mail but that would be 10¢.  Or perhaps I'll be able to find a teacher going into town that will mail it for me.  Well – I worry about that once I write a letter to you all!!!

I went to the doctor yesterday.  He cut all around my toe getting alot of puss out.  He gave me some black savve (spelling?) – seems to be like the stuff I had at home.  Also told me to buy a pad to put under my toes.  I did – it seems to help alot.  I'm to go back next week if its not considerbly (spelling?) btter.  I hope its (considerbly) better.  Doctors must be rich – the way they charge.  I paid for everything tho with money I had here.  (Thanks for 3.00 I rec'd today)

I think you have met Jo.  She's very nice & all.  Alot more out-going than Roi.  Her boy-friend goes to Wilmington College.  Dale G – went to here last year – lived with Stuckey's first semester.  Plans are for him to take her Sunday morning to Columbus to catch plane going to Michigan – – I wrote some about this yesterday in a letter I sent to N.V.

Got to go.  Grades go out this week-end.  I haven't seen mine yet but I hope (& think) they should be better than last.  But perhaps Geometry ––––––


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1968 Roberta's Letter to John -March 11

3-11-68 Sunday
Dear John,

Hi!  Thanks for your letter.  Gee – I sure do appreciate the pen!  That's really neat!  Where did you get it?  You're really getting to be a good letter-writer – – Catherine said she got a letter from you too!

How is your Pine Wood Derby coming along?  Isn't it some contest you enter into?  When will it be? 

Tell Serena to save some Girl Scout Cookies for me, ok?  We (up here) have stomach (for good food!) too!

Does Catherine get out before or after me for Spring Vacation?  Jo Smith (a senior here) was accepted to Kalamazoo last Monday.  She wants to meet Catherine some time.  There is a chance of her staying with me for awhile over vacation.  Nothing definite yet tho – I'll let you all know later when I know more.  ok?  Is it ok with you all if she would stay a couple (probably just two) days at the start of vacation, isn't it???

Today I also got a post-card from Dad.  Thanks!  My toes (mainly just one tho) are feeling slightly better.  I'm to go to doctor again tomorrow to get lotion to put on it.  I'll just pay for it unless the bill is over $9.38

Well, I really must go now.  Write when &  if you can.  Still plenty of time before Spring Vacation.  HA!  Catherine, I'm sure, wouldn't really mind if you wrote again to her!  HA!


P.S.  Thanks again for the pen; I'm using it now!

1968 Catherine's Postcard to John -March11

Birdland Swimming Pool, Des Moines, Iowa Postcard - mailed 1968

[postmarked March 11, 1968]

Hi, John!  Thanks for your letter!  Also, thanks for the NV pen. Is Mrs. Chestnut staying with you all?  Tell Serena she will be able to stay here in the dorm as it opens at 8:00 AM on Saturday, March 30.  I got two big maps through the mail yesterday.  Have fun in school!

Love, Cathy

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1968 Catherine's Letter -March 8

[Letter addressed to the HHU's at the Sheraton Atlantic Hotel, Broadway at 34th, NYC]

March 8, 1968
Dear Mother and Daddy,

Hi!  Would you believe I'm finally writing a letter?  I do hope you all are staying at the Sheraton Atlantic.  I called the ABA office to find out the address and they didn't have it listed so they gave me the phone number of the Sheraton in Detroit.

In case you are wondering why my writing is so bad –– Would you believe I broke my right arm?  Don't believe it 'cause I didn't.  Actually I'm sitting in the front seat of a Greyhound Bus beside my friend Sue.  We're going as far as Ann Arbor where some friends of hers are going to pick us up and take us to Ottawa Lake, Mich. (near Toledo.)  I think it is also near Blissfield, Mich.  Isn't that where the Horton's Aunt Frances lives?  It should be a really great weekend!  These friends of Sue's have three kids at home (one a boy our age), an indoor swimming pool, and a bunch of horses.

I did make it home from New York all right. Rich, the guy from Connecticut, got sick the first morning we were in NY and went home.  He ended up flying back to K.  As we were leaving the conference on Sunday another guy, Howie, informed us that he was going to fly back too.  So there were only 7 of us going back.  I don't know how we ever made it with 9!  We drove straight through – by way of New York State and Canada and made it into Kalamazoo by 6:30AM Monday.

I was really tired (for some reason) but Dr. Wright said he would like me to take the physics test I missed at 9 so I skipped English to cram.  I figured I could go to bed as soon as the test was over and get the health service to excuse me from PE.  At 9 Dr. Wright decided that since both John (my lab partner) and I had to makeup the test it would be better to wait until 4.  I studied all day except for PE, lunch and math class.  At 4 Dr. Wright wasn't in his office so we spent about an hour in the lab and then left.

At supper I found out that I was supposed to work for Sage from 7-9.  Sue offered to work for me so I could go to bed.  About 7:00 as I was ready to jump into bed (I guess a better term might be fall into bed!)  Sue came back sick so I did jump into some clothes and rush over to replace her.  I finally got to bed about 10:30 but I hadn't gotten any studying done and I still had that physics test to take.

I took the test at 9:30 Tuesday morning and somehow I managed to get 4 out of 10 points (average was 6).  I also had a nice long talk with Dr Wright about my calculus.  He can't figure out why I could get B's last quarter and this quarter on the two tests I have a D and a C-.  Mostly he just told me not to get discouraged and to keep studying.  He also goes strong on the pep talk about how a girl can be a physics major.  Everyone else has been telling me the opposite which isn't overly encouraging.

It is now 8:30 PM and we are here at their house.  Sue is cooking and about everyone else is watching TV.

Cuyahoga Falls was where we got the speeding ticket.  The court (police station or whatever) was about 15 miles from the turnpike.

Before we left Kalamazoo I collected nickels from a bunch of guys and then I sent them all post cards.  Of course they didn't get them until Wednesday but they did get then!

I met Dave who had been at the hockey game with his father and sister.  We went out to dinner at Jane Davies and then I caught the train to Westbury.  I had hoped to get to bed early but Pete, Sue's younger brother, felt it was his responsibility to entertain me so that I wouldn't get lonely.  Rich got his coat back but Greg didn't.  I don't think. 

You can tell John he now has a bunch of brothers.  We've established a family among all our friends.  Bruce is Pa, Sarah is Ma, Sue and I are the only daughters but there there is Joe, David, Tim, Cal, Rich, and a few more irregulars.  We have family get-togethers at every meal but they usually consist of only the offspring.  Pa joins us pretty often but Ma has another set of friends.  It's fun eating with all the guys but it takes real will power as they are all trying to gain weight.

Our first big family get together was when we went down town to storm Carver Center.  Did I write about that already?

Tim's birthday was yesterday and we had a little celebration.  We all autographed a napkin and I got one of the candles left over from my birthday which he stuck in his cake.  Sue and I gave him a postcard from Schensul's and a sugarless piece of candy (just what he needed).

On Palm Sunday I will become an associate member of the First Methodist Church in Kalamazoo.  I really like the church – especially the Sunday School class.  The guys from Western bring me home afterwards – they are all very nice.  One of the nicest, Jim, was going to take me to see "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" this weekend but I'm here and he's in Detroit as they are on break right now.

I've been working for Saga about 2-4 hours a week.  I applied for a job as a kitchen aid at the Senior Citizens House as they need people to work 15 hours a week.  There was an opening last week but they decided if they took me on now I would be leaving this summer and it wouldn't be worth it for three months.  I like working for Saga as a waitress and I can more or less choose my own hours.

As far as this summer is concerned I've done nothing really definite except take the civil service test.  I can always go back to Lakeside if I get my application in by about April 1.  That is the Sunday before Palm Sunday.

I know Patty had changed majors – I think the dietetics had a little too much chemistry for her.  She would like to go to Wilmington so she could see more of her beloved Ted.

The weather certainly has been nice lately.  We had five nice days in a row.  That must be a record for Kalamazoo.  All the Michigan people keep talking about what a mild winter this has been.

Only one more English paper and then the final exam.  We had our last scheduled physics lab yesterday but I still have the lab report to write up.  Tuesday we're going to go in the lab and mess around with the experiment we haven't done but we won't have to do the write-up.

The baseball and golf teams are going South over vacation.  Tim is trying out for the baseball team but he won't know until next week whether he makes it.  The choir is going on concert int he East.

I've been getting about a post card a day from Roberta.  Usually I get two post cards every other day!

I got the dress from Lazarus which is kind of big.  I'll wait until break and see what you think.

I suppose I have rambled on long enough now.  I hope you're having a good time in New York!


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

1968 Roberta's Letter -March9

[Postmarked March 9, 1968]
Dear Family,

Hi!  Nothing great new here.  It's hard to believe Spring Vacation being two weeks away.  Will you be coming up after us?  (John, Joe & myself)  I wonder about the tandem.  Would it be possible to bring it up then & take my bike home.  (Just wondering)

I gave my History report Tuesday.  I hated giving it but am glad now it's out of the way.  It will probably be a large part of my History grade.

I think I stayed the same as far as grades.  I probably went up in Biology.  (Would have been hard to go down) Bible was bad I'm afraid.  English about the same with a C+.  That leaves Geometry left.  It would be better not to say about it.  My grade card will be coming too soon the way it is!

Catherine and I keep writing post-cards to each other to keep us busy. (HA!)  Jo Smith (Roi's sister) applied to Kalamazoo College.  She, as of yet, hasn't heard from them.

Last night I must have gotten at least 6 hours of sleep.  Every (well - almost) night Kathy says she going to get up early so she sets her alarm for 5:30.  When 5:30 comes she decides she doesn't really need to get up.  The "thing" always wakes me up and after trying to get back to sleep I usually decide to read.  For instance right now I'm reading "In Cold Blood."  It's pretty scary & all about how they found the family of four in Kansas all killed in all.  But, I suppose you already know how it goes.  I bought the paperback (for 1.25).

I've got alot of books (almost all paperback) that either the English department buys for us (but we pay for) or I bought that I'll bring home Spring Vacation.

Helen is going home over Spring Vacation.  It's costing her a fortune.  Something like $93 one way.  She got her ticket yesterday, I guess.

Got to get ready for supper now.  Will add more afterwards.

Hi!  It's now Friday night I think I wrote the first part of this Tuesday instead of Thursday.  I must have gotten the days switched around.

I'm now finished with In Cold Blood; it was really good & the way it was written you felt like you knew almost all of the main characters.  You sure are right about Silas Marner being boring at the beginning – like the beginning 143 pages (that's where we are now).

I got Mom & Dad's letters both yesterday.  Fine with me for you all to pick us up.  (in fact great!)  We can "check-out" any time after lunch which would be about 12:30 (p.m.)  Is that OK with you please?

We have really been doing great collecting sap.  Sometimes it has to be done  6  times a day.  As long as it gets cold (real cold esp) and warm during the day-time it will really run.  We have 2 gallons of actual syrup.  If we sell it we could get $7.00 a gallon for it.  We have to collect it in Big (& heavy) milk cans.  They are the type that stand up about three feet or probably less.

I think I failed Bible & Geometry six weeks test.  Included is History test (six-weeks) which I think I did pretty well on (conceit!)  Also a Geometry quiz - which as you can see didn't do very good on.



PS  Only  13  more days of "Early Waking!"  Woop-de-do!

1968 Roberta's postcard -March7

[postmarked Mar 7, 1968]
Thanks for letter & package!

Hi!  A busy week!  We have been having six weeks tests today & yesterday.  Trouble is most of them take me.

I got your letter yesterday.  And package today.  Now.  Is it a dress or a duster type of thing???  What-ever its pretty.  I'm back to soaking my toes once again.  The next to the little one on right foot.  Can't be I picked the toe nail because doctor took it out – not even back yet.  (toe-nail)

Love, Roberta

Monday, March 12, 2018

1968 Catherine's note to John -March6

Hi!  I don't have much time to write as I have alot of studying to do.  I am sending you some rubber bands which my friends David, Joe, and Greg helped me get.  Thank you for the letter and clippings.  Tell everyone HI!


1978 Roberta's Letter to MV -March7

March 7, 1978
Dear Mary Virginia<

Hi!  I'm sure glad its Friday – this working is beginning to get to me – I think I need a vacation – at least 1 month long.  Your letter came yesterday – Thanks!  It is always good to hear from you – though we (speaking for both Marion & myself) are not the best letter writers!

It is really getting HOT here – in the morning its OK – but by lunch time – I don't enjoy being out.  Then – after supper its decent out again.  I can't imagine myself here in August! 

It does seem strange w/out any company – for awhile it was really exciting – Liz, Marian's sister & family – I.T. – Lately – this week – we have had lots of running around to do – I'm looking forward to next week & just taking it easy.

Rene is down in Mexico helping to get a plant going for the company he works for.  So we have been there w/ Murial & the boys a couple of times.  They are getting a pool built in their back-yard.  After its built they won't have much yard left ––

We all went to Catholic Mass last Sunday – it was a folk mass – full of music & all.  I really enjoyed it – and before I knew it – it was over!

When will you all be out of school – our last day is May 26th – Marian's too – but then she is to go on a 5 day trip then for the course she is taking about the Armed Services.

Dorothy did get your letter – she was showing it to everyone in the office – I think she is like the rest of us – not so good in writing back!  This weekend her & her family were going camping – they have a trailer on their truck – plus use a tent.  She asked Marion & I to go along – but we already seem to be busy all weekend –ยบ

How is G'ma getting along?  I wish I were close enough to drop in – but I'll be home some this summer ––

Thanks for all  your letters –  Keep them coming!

Love, Berta

1968 Catherine's Postcard -March2

Hi!  (3/2/68 3:30PM)  I've been sitting here at a table in Macy's Houseware Display.  Just like studying at home!  Yesterday after the conference Greg, Dennis and I went to Battery Park to look at Statute of Liberty (wind was really cold AND strong!)  We walked up to Wall Street but got there after the stock exchange closed.  Radio City was our next stop.  The Rockettes are still kicking!  Saw "Private War of Harry Frigg."  (nothing outstanding.)  After consulting our budgets we ate at Tad's where we decided we could get the most food for least money.  After walking around Times Square we found the new MSG – Penn Station and took LIRR to Westbury where Sue lives.  It felt pretty good to sleep in a bed!  This morning I listened to a panel discuss how terrible the suburbs are – "isolation, no culture, advantages of city are lacking, etc.  I came to the conclusion I'm pretty lucky to come from New Vienna where we don't have such problems.  I left the K group before lunch and came down here.  Had a bowl of soup at Chock Full o' Nuts and some yogurt at a delicatessen for dessert.  I'm to meet Dave at MSG in 45 minutes.  Sent him a card to tell him I was coming to NY but I guess he didn't get it.  Tomorrow we start back to K – hope it doesn't take 22 hours. 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

1978 Catherine's Letter -March7

Tuesday morning
March 7, 1978
Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Hi!  How does it feel for all of you to be back in New Vienna?  I guess you left Arizona just before the floods.  It has been raining here but not as much as in southern California and Arizona.  The only thing we noticed that is flooded here is the road which goes past the Christmas Hill Park.  It was closed on Sunday – the road, not the park but the only way into the park was to go around by the college and in from the westerly side.

We went to San Jose on Saturday and got Wendy a high chair at Gemco.  It is a Peterson "tri-chair" as it converts to a youth chair and then sort of a kitchen stool if you take the arms off.  She really likes to sit in it and eat or play.  It has a large plastic tray with a rim around it so she can roll her ball around on the tray without it rolling out of her reach.  It is a teddy bear pattern with blue pink and brown teddy bears on it.  We priced some items in the grocery section and they were a few cents cheaper than in Gilroy but still more expensive than San Diego.

After Gemco we went to Eastridge Mall and wow was it crowded.  It reminded me of Christmas shopping.  We had lunch (at 3:00 P.M.) at the Worlds Fare and we had to stand in line at the Chinese place and then practically fight to get a table.  We bought Wendy two new outfits at Macy's but that was all we bought there.  We got her one yellow and white sleep & play suit for everyday and a pants suit with yellow flowers on a smock top for more dressy occasions.  I'm going to have to get her more everyday type clothes plus some new sleepwear and t-shirts as she has almost reached the limit with the ones she has.

Then we went to a catalog store called "Best Products" which Cindy (the former Daytonian) had recommended.  We picked up a catalog and bought a basketball.  There are basketball courts in the school playground between 8th and 9th Streets.  We went over last evening after Gerry got home from work and played for about 45 minutes.  Wendy sat in her stroller and played with her keys very contentedly.  It will be nice when daylight savings time starts and we will have even more time in the evenings.

There is a new ring in the dryer behind the other building now.  It still falls out but at least it is in one piece and goes back in a little easier.  The trouble now is that the dryer door does not want to close.  This morning I had to slam it about 10 times before I finally got it to catch.

I took Wendy out for a walk in her other stroller yesterday so we could return the empty milk bottles and pick up some more milk.  And her big stroller has the basket on the back to hold the bottles.  But we got there and they were all out of the bottled milk.  The lady said the truck was due in 45 minutes but I figured that was a little long to wait.  Wendy doesn't ride in that stroller quite as comfortably.  She bumped her head on the tray in front of her and then she got kind of fussy.  She will probably be better in it when she can hold herself up a little better.  Last week she sat up in the grocery cart while I did the shopping.  At Safeway she sat up real well but when we got to Albertson's she was getting tired and she kept slumping over so we didn't stay too long.

I was going to call you this morning, Mother, but I didn't think of it until it was past 8:00.  I'll try and think of it sooner tomorrow morning.

I've got to go and get the clothes out of the dryer now so I will finish this off.  Hope to hear from you soon!

Catherine, Gerry
& Wendy

P.S.  I'll mail you pictures soon.

1968 Roberta's Grade Sheet -March6

Saturday, March 10, 2018

1978 Roberta's Letter -March6

March 6, 1978

It's 6:15 A.M., and I have all the work I usually try to have done by 7:30 here at work . . . . could be because I stayed till 4:00 on Friday afternoon -- or that I got here at 5:45 this morning!  Marion will be part of the crowd fighting the Tempe bridge this morning.  And from looking at the roads, for a number of mornings to come!

We went out both Friday after school and yesterday after Church looking at what used to be the roads.  Country Club crossing is by far the worst.  The water was very high and the road must have been out for like a mile on both sides of the bridge together.  The water was really moving very very fast.  They make you park your car way back, because part of the road going up to it is all messed up . . . . like eaten up from underneath.   Alot of people in Tempe had to leave their homes, etc.  I've got some pictures (and a letter started at home) that I will have to send you all.

The tickets for "My Fair Lady" came the first part of last week.  The tickets are for Saturday afternoon -- which was our first choice.  The tickets are for the 7th row -- and right in the middle -- so we were very fortunate.  I could not have done better myself.  It is tonight that we go see "Same Time Next Year" -- at least ASU is on the right side of the Tempe Bridge for us.

I'm feeling fine -- last week the first couple of days back at work, I would just barely make it through the day, then I would come home and collapse.  It was a crazy week because of the flu going around the office, and also the weather.  Alot of absences -- on part of the students, but the two Jeannie's were both out Thursday and Friday.  Pat was out Wednesday and Thursday -- Dorothy was out on Tuesday.  Verna -- the new one that they hired to answer the phones -- but who hates to do it -- got much better at answering them.

Things in Arizona are really in an uproar -- with the floods, and the governor dying.  He was only in office 4 months -- today they are having viewing of the body in the capital.  I don't think I'll be going down.  Everyone seems to like the new governor the guy used to be Attorney General and guess he did alot in land fraud cases.  [see below for Arizona governor info]

Mary Virginia thanks for all the mail.  We got a good laugh out of the Mrs. Magill and Robert A. Marion does wear your hat and the teeth some.  The Mandes' came over Saturday night -- we went bowling -- and she had them both on.  First she went upstairs and then came down with both of them on.  It does look pretty weird.  She says she is going to take them both to school some day, but she didn't take them today.

I have some (alot) of letters I should be getting out . . . . seems I've gotten out of the habit of writing.

Thanks again for everything.  We enjoyed having you all here.  But, again, I'm just sorry I wasn't feeling better, though I don't when else I could have four nurses at one time!  (live-in)  We look forward to seeing "My Fair Lady" -- thanks for the fine tickets!!!

Sure hate to have to send back Check #1000!


* * * *

Wesley Bolin, age 68, served from October 20, 1977 until his death of March 4, 1978.  He was replaced by Bruce Babbitt who served from March 4, 1978 until January 5, 1987.

"Bolin died in office at the age of 68 on March 4, 1978 and was succeeded by Attorney General Bruce BabbittRose Mofford had been appointed by Bolin to finish his term as secretary of state, and thus was ineligible to succeed Bolin until she was elected to the office. Babbitt, being second in line and an elected official, finished the remaining nine months of the term and then was elected to two terms as governor in his own right."

Friday, March 09, 2018

1978 Roberta's Letter -March5

March 5, 1978

Hi, Family!

Seems hard to believe that it was just a week ago, we went to the lake picnic-ing!

The weather has remained warm but – oh – the rains – as I said today – the only way now you can get from here to Scottsdale is across the bridge in Tempe.  It's going to make it rough on Marian & many many others.  She didn't go into work on Friday but according to news & sources it was taking 2 hours to get from here to Scottsdale – 1 hour plus just to get across the bridge.

I just got done Watching Alice – did you all see it?  It was Mel's 50th birthday.

This last week has been a crazy week at work.  Dorothy was out 1 day – flu – Pat was out 2-1/2 days and both Jeanie's were out Thursday & Friday due to the floods.  Perhaps this week things will be back to normal – though I will be off Wednesday & Thursday – have permission to go to a seminar in Scottsdale w/ Marian – it should be good.  It is being put on through the Scottsdale Schools – about motivation, goal setting, stress release, etc.  I have to go in at night & type bulletin & absences – but I'll be paid for at least 1 of the days I'll be gone.

We went to Mandes' [?] last night for dinner – now Marian will have to cook a big meal for them.

I made up both orange juice and grape fruit juice today – the electric juicer is still not working – so some time is involved.  But – oh– sure tastes good!

Same Time Next Year – was really good – but oh the traffic – lined up to go across the bridge – took us 45 minutes to get to ASU – place was full ––

Love, Roberta

1978 GHU letter to John -March5

March 5 – [postmarked 1978]
Sun. afternoon
Dear John –

The sun is really shining to-day but the air cold.  So the heat is turned on & it feels outside as if the cool air may linger for a few days.  It seems as if most of the week ends are cool.

Sounds as if you may be taking on an interesting project next week, just so you have the time for so many projects.

I shall plan to return north with you if all is well.  When you spoke about a friend coming with you I had in mind a young fellow.  But if Carol's parents approve it should be alright with me.  She seems to be a very sweet girl.  As to going home by Washington D.C. that will be fine, but as to seeing the C. blossoms it will have to hurry & warm up some.  When your Dad & Mother were married the 3rd of Apr. I believe the blossoms were about gone that time, but the shrubs were pretty along the way.  We might drive by where Cris is living in N. Car. (Hickory?) since I do not have a map we can figure are route after you arrive as to your time as I have no schedule to meet.

Marianne & her 2 boys have been with us for 3 weeks & will be returning home soon.  

We plan to go to a concert at the church tonight.  Then on Mon. Aunt M plays for Sr. Citizen group at the church.  It is called V.I.A. (a very interesting age)  I wonder?  

Hope the YAF is progressing.  They may have to find a way for us to have coal.

As to going to N.J. during the summer I haven't gotten that far in planning.  Try to let us know later when you may arrive in Fla.

Love, Grandma
[On margin of front page]
Hope your folks are having a safe trip home.  Don't expect extra service when you come as Aunt M. is not equal but enjoys company.

1968 Roberta's postcard -Mar.5

Roberta's Quote: It is not the load that breaks you down; it is the way you carry it.

[postmarked March 5, 1968]

Hi!  Got the check today.  Thanks.

Nothing much new except for a series of tests coming up.  Wednesday is end of this six week tho it only lasted 5 weeks.  Only 16 more days.

Love, Roberta

Thursday, March 08, 2018

1988 MV's Letter -March4

4 March 88
Dear Mom and Dad,

I got a call today from the Zondervan Bookstore at Fayette Mall (on Rte 27, South of Lex).  They have hired me part-time, starting tomorrow morning.  It is $3.50/hour, and they hired me contingent upon the fact that I'd be able to work this summer.  It's a nice size store, about the size of the one at Dayton Mall.

I'm also supposed to go Alabama next weekend with Betsye.  We'll leave Friday morning, return Monday afternoon.  I think I told you she's youth director at her church.  The following weekend Lorraine is scheduled to visit.

I guess with the job I won't be going far on Spring Break; I'll still be home for Easter, it's just I don't know when I'll have to work that weekend.

Got a real nice letter from J.B. today with Calvert's address in it.  Thanks for your letter this week also.  I'll write more next week after I know more about the job.

Much love,
Mary Va

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

1968 Roberta's Letter to John -March3

March 3, 1968
Dear John,

Hi!  Boy!  I bet you're surprised to get this all-ready.  What's new?  How is boy scouts coming along?  When do mom & dad go to New York?  Have they already gone?

Nothing much is new here.  Last night we changed our room around and now we have all the beds in "bunk" style.  I got stuck with the top bunk.  All I do is hit my head on the ceiling all the time.  I'm not able to sit up anymore in bed even. (without my head hurting for a couple of hours.)  What a life!

I just got back from Sunday lunch.  If I remember to put in the place mat I had, I will.

Better go!


Tuesday, March 06, 2018

1978 Catherine's Letter -March1

Wednesday morning
March 1, 1968
Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Hi!  I hope you had a good trip home and the weather and the car were both cooperative.  How is Serena doing?

It seems so quiet here now.  I think of you often.  Last Saturday night we went out to eat at Augie's – the Mexican place – and the Blackwell's from the Gilroy Hardware were there with two daughters.  The older one is in high school and said she would love to babysit for us.  I gathered that they also have a son who was not with them.

I haven't been to Nob Hill so I don't know if your picture has come back.  I'm waiting for the paper to come out today so I'll know what is on sale before I go.  Speaking of food, I made a batch of bread the other night to go with our eggplant and it came out about the best yet.  Too bad you weren't here to help us eat it.  I made two loaves and put one in the refrigerator before it had finished rising.  According to the cookbook it will continue to rise – very slowly – and then it can be baked later.  I'm going to cook it this evening so I hope it comes out OK this way.  I finished up the bran muffins yesterday.  When I fix it just for myself I bake it in the bottom of the corning ware pan – thus producing a round flat muffin just the right size.  It comes out a little crisper on the edges but that's the way I like it.  I think I'll make half a batch of your recipe as that should last us quite awhile.

I think Mary Virginia must have told the mailman here not to leave any mail after she left as the only thing we have gotten since you left is one postcard from you.  We haven't even gotten any junk mail.

Saturday we are going to go into San Jose and do some shopping.  We thought we'd check out Gemco for a high chair.  Maybe we'll have dinner out while we're there.

Wendy is doing much better.  I have quit giving her the cold medicine as she doesn't seem as congested.  She is taking the other kind – Ampicillin or something like that with penicillin in it.  She has to take that for two weeks.  Yesterday we walked over to the bank near Safeway and then picked up some airline tickets for DeeDee who is coming up March18th through the 25th.  It is her Easter vacation.  She is spending the week with us and then going back to San Diego on Saturday so she can spend Easter wit her mother.

Mary Virginia, did you know that every fifth child is Chinese?  Frank Lopez (a Mexican who you met at Christmas dinner if you recall) told me that he is the fifth child in his family and therefore he is Chinese.

I told Idella that you had called her daughter-in-law.  She described her as a "scatter brain."  I don't know what your impression was.  They didn't go anywhere this past weekend – I don't know if they are paranoid now or what.  She did tell me that they went to the Presbyterian Church Sunday.  I told her that you had liked the services, but she didn't sound overly enthused about them.  She said there was a guest minister so they didn't hear the regular one.  Then they went to the Elks pancake breakfast – which lasted until 1:00 so they were able to go after church and later to a jazz concert at the college.  So they didn't sit home and twiddle their thumbs.

We went to the Gavilan Golf Course and hit some golf balls Sunday morning – Wendy sat behind us in her car seat and played with old score cards that Gerry had in his golf bag.  I found out they give a class in golf at the college which would be an inexpensive way of getting some lessons – even if they are group lessons.  I had hoped they would give them in the summer as it would be easier to get a babysitter during the summer.

I hope your meetings go well, Mother.  At least you'll get them over with quickly and then you can relax a little and enjoy springtime in Ohio.

Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

Monday, March 05, 2018

1978 Roberta's Letter to John -March1

March 1, 1978

I've got at least 3 letters started to you – it's not that I'm not thinking about you!  I'm glad Rob is going to HGF – that should be a riot – I'd like to be there to join in the fun!  Can't say I'm looking forward to my summer of typing here in AZ.  I'm thinking about trying to get another job w/ the county.

The family left yesterday – last night it sure seemed quiet.  For Mary Virginia's birthday we went to Roach's [?] – the school house – had Alice as our waitress – but she was not her usual self – perhaps she missed you!  Then we came home & ate Mud Pie from Baskin-Robbins.

As for the car – are you interested in it – or a new one?  I'd be happy to give you a good deal – my situation is that I owe Grandma  just under $2000 – and I want to pay her back.  Would you have any interest in playing banker?

What will you be doing this summer – office canteen or what?  I'd go w/ new t-shirts if going in the canteen.

You should see Miss Wendy Jean now – she has really grown!

How is school – or are you just politicking?



Sunday, March 04, 2018

1968 Roberta's Letter -March1

March 1, 1968
Dear Family,

Hi!  I bet you love me for using this paper [mimeographed pages titled "Golden Age of Pericles"] but I only have about 60 pieces of it.  Teacher Jane wanted me to have 15 pieces run off so I told Teacher Tom  15  and he thought I said  50  !  And then to top it all off he ran off 75 pieces so I'll have "plenty."  Well – I sure got enough.

The 5th boy left last week.  This one was a senior – he kept having some kind of nervous attacks I guess.  Now I guess he's in the hospital indefinitely.

Dan's trial was this last Tuesday (Feb. 27th).  He was sentenced to three years starting June 3rd.  If you could will you please look in the Enquirer for the write-up on it.  I would be interested in keeping it.

Three months from today (not the day Friday but the date, March 1st) will be the end of school.  That's pretty hard to believe.  Next Wednesday is the end of this six weeks.  (It only lasted five weeks tho.)

Did I tell you all I joined a book club?  Well I got the "4 books for $1.00" yesterday.  I got: Christy, Stories That even Sacred [Scared??] Me  by Alfred Hitchcock, Hammond's New World Atlas & Emily Post's Book on Etiquette.  The deal is that you have to order 4 books within the next 12 months.  You pick one out from this preview they send you.

The Atlas was printed in 1967 – I'll bring it home over Spring Vacation.  Alfred Hitchcock's book sounds good too.  I'm anxious to read it.

Well, I've got to go.  Write soon.  I'll wait till tonight to mail this, who knows??  You all might have written me??

Surprise! Surprise!  I got Mom's letter and a post card from Dad.  Along with a post cards from Debbie Walvord, and the Hinermans who are both in Florida.

Thanks alot for the newspaper articles and the stamps.  I use more stamps.  –– Here I just asked you to send about Dan's trial.  I thought about starting all over, but I'm too lazy.

Included is a magazine article.  Save it.  I might need it next summer for moral support.  Ha!


1968 Catherine's postcard -Mar.1

[postmarked March 1, 1968 NYC]

Hi!  We finally arrived here at LIU [Long Island Univ.] at 7:00 AM after leaving Kalamazoo at 9 AM yesterday.  We drove straight through except for a lunch break yesterday and some rest stops.  Saga gave us a whole bunch of food – 5 loaves bread, ham, cheese, peanut butter, jelly, cereal, hard boiled eggs, cake, oranges, apples.

The Penn. turnpike was really bad – we averaged about 35-40 miles/hr.  We also lost some time in Ohio because we were speeding.  The police took us directly to court and they had an immediate trial.  $25 fine + $8 court costs. 

On Penn. Pike the car skidded once and we rammed into the guard rail.  No one was hurt and not too much damage!  The car (just like ours with facing seats in back) was rather crowded with our luggage, books, etc., 3 people in front, 4 in middle and 2 in back.  One guy, Greg, left his coat in Wyandot, Ohio where we stopped for lunch.  He's now wearing a blanket.  Another guy, Rich, picked up the wrong coat when we stopped at 3AM at Woodrow Wilson Reststop in Penn. this morning.  He didn't realize it until an hour later when he found a pipe in his pocket.

This morning I'm in a workshop on "The City and Its Communities" and tomorrow one on "Urban Amenities."  Will write details later – hope no more problems!

Love, Catherine

Saturday, March 03, 2018

1988 MV's Letter -Feb.29

29 Feb 88
Dear folks,

Made it back just in time to unload the car and run to church at 6:00.  The weather was beautiful on the way down, and looks like Today will be more of the same.

Thanks for all the birthday presents – the doctors, sweaters, magnet and the nice card.  I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.  I'm sure we can have a rain check with the Colvins – it probably worked out just as well.

Thanks too for mailing that stuff (glasses, record, Emmaus application).  I'll write more later this week.

Love, M.V.

1968 Roberta's postcard -Feb.28

Roberta's Quote: The only job in which you start at the top is digging a hole!

Feb. 28, 1968

Hi!  Well, I can see you all now celebrating Mary V's birthday while I eat my prunes.

It started snowing again last night.  So far almost an inch and a half on the ground.

Only 22 more days!  Write!

Love, Roberta

1968 Catherine's Postcard -Feb.27

Stetson Chapel, Kalamazoo College postcard –mailed 1968


Hi!  I've been saving this card for a long time!  Do you all know someone named FIGGINS who works for DP&L (from Wilm.)?  I babysat for the children of his brother the other night.  Only 23 days til finals are over!  Too soon, yet not soon enough.

Love, Catherine

Friday, March 02, 2018

1988 Family Letter -Feb.27


Dear Family:

So nice to hear from all of you this week.  This year has been zooming, what with the Holy Land trip, New York City and the Walk to Emmaus experience.  The walk was most unique and rewarding berty [very? really?] touching . . . it's not often that my eyes get moist.  We could go on at great lengths about the "walk," but we don't want to spoil it for any of you who may eventually be going on it.

Just the fact that one is out of circulation of the world for three days adds dimension.  The dedication of the leaders (several are personal friends of ours in the Wilmington area) went beyond one's normal expectations.

We are all enjoying the electric garage door opener . . . thanks to your generosity.  The 2nd opener is here, just waiting for spring to become a reality so it will be more pleasant to put up.

A few things are beginning to sprout thru the ground . . a few of the trees still are holding some leaves from the 1987 season.  We look forward to finding out if the things we transplanted last fall will green up this Spring.

Nothing definite on our trip to Florida, for on our Delta Sr. Citizen tickets we can only make reservations six days ahead, so will start making calls on March 3rd for the following Wednesday.

Business has been good at Wells . . . interviewing job applicants is the easy part, deciding on who to hire is when one tries to separate the true person from the one projected.  One's heart goes out to all the people that turn up looking for work.

As usual Dad has written about everything.  It is nice to have Mary Virginia home this weekend.  She and John Z. (or A.J.) have gone to dinner in Dayton with another couple.  We are happy that she has decided to continue her studies at Asbury for another year in order to get her master's degree.  At Christmas she had said she wouldn't be going back next fall.  Her wedding plans seem to be on hold.  Hope that she didn't think we were trying to discourage her too much for we did have mixed feelings.  It will be good for her to get a degree whether she makes use of it or not.

They burned the house down across the st (where Davis's used to live). 

John U. came & surprised MV after visiting Colliers, overnite & church . . . .

[Love, etc.]

1968 Roberta's postcard to Serena –Feb.27

[Postmarked Feb. 27, 1968]

Remember – um – last Thanksgiving?  [Everybody got sick after having Thanksgiving at the Bruce's the day before.]

Hi!  Got Dad's postcard today.  Too bad about fire!  How much was ruined??

Has Mary's package come yet?  I hope it comes in good shape.

WRITE!  Love, Roberta

Thursday, March 01, 2018

1968 Roberta's Letter -Feb.27

Feb. 27, 1968
Dear Family,

Hi!  I got your letter today, thanks alot!  I'm glad you enjoyed the Sandy Springs news paper.  Did you read what the one person said about "social comm."?  This week we are playing Japanese or some sort of funny games.  Next week we are going to show the movie "The Mouse that never Roared."  It should be good.  We are going to sell pop-corn and something like coke during the movie to help pay for it.

Our Biology class started sapping trees today.  Actually all we got done today was wash a bunch of stuff, drill holes and get the buckets placed right.  We'll be doing this until Spring vacation I guess.  The sap is to be collected three times a day.  We are divided into groups so each one of us only has to go out every other day for one time.  On the other days we must boil the sap.  And to top it all off in order to get 1 gallon of syrup you must have 40 gallons of sap.  Boy!

I haven't told Teacher Tom yet about not coming back for sure.  What did he tell you when you brought me back, Dad???

I'm doing better in almost all my subjects but come the end of the six weeks and I'll fail all the exams (which of course count the most!).

Got to go.


PS  Did Mary get her package?  I figured up last night how much it was and I got around 60¢,  Most of the stuff were scraps of felt I had or got from other people.  I had alot of fun doing it & all. (probably cheaper!)

Dan's trial is today.  I'm anxious to see how it turns out.

1968 Roberta's postcard to Catherine -Feb.26

Mills Restaurant postcard - mailed 1968.  Caption: Mills Restaurant, 77 South High Street.  Mills "77" has been a popular landmark in Columbus for over 41 years.  The spacious interior features murals depicting the history of Ohio.  [According to "Historic Columbus Restaurants List" Mills Cafeteria opened in 1911 and closed in 1976.] 

[postmarked Feb. 26, 1968]

Hi!  Only 24 days till Spring Vacation!  Have you decided where WE are going?  HA!

Weather is great here – I hope it stays for awhile.

Love, Roberta

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

1968 Roberta's Letter -Feb.23

Feb. 23, 1968
Dear Family,

Hi!  I got Mom's post card in the mail Today.  Thanks alot.

I cam in the infirmary Wed. afternoon and hope to get out tonight.  I came in with a head-ache, cramps & need of sleep.  Now I have a bad head-ache, sore throat & an all over bad feeling.  At that rate I'm anxious to get out.  I told Nurse I felt alot better since I didn't want to be up here the rest of my life!

In History I'm doing much better – I just wish I could say the same for the rest of the stuff.  In English we quit the play early this week because she didn't think we were interested enough in it.  We are now reading Silas Marner.  Ever hear of it?  It's less than exciting by a long way. (so far at least!)

I forgot to go to social comm. meeting both times this week.  On Tuesday I just plain forgot to go & on Thursday I was sick!  We meet over lunch on those two days.

Dan B. (the boy who came to take somebody's place from Cinn.) is going to be on trial next Tuesday because of not registering for the draft. (what you do as soon as you are 18).  I forget what they call it.  He is guilty and will probably have to go to Prison.  I wonder if they will let him finish or if he will have to go to prison right away.  He sent out invitations to his trial.  AFSC is backing him up.  (that's a Quaker group of some kind.)  Time will see.  I'll tell you more later.

Welly, only 27 days till Spring Vacation.  It's coming, It's coming!  Alot will happen before then.  Write soon.


1968 Catherine's postcard -Feb. 22

Hi!  Got Mother's long letter today.  I may have to change majors because I'm flunking math, I'm getting C's in physics but I don't really see how I'm doing that well since I'm so totally ignorant in math.  I found someone to help me so I may improve (I obviously can't get any worse) but the process is a long and painful one.  English isn't too hard (at least it doesn't take up an excess of time) but I hate it.  It is so ridiculous to sit around tearing essays apart and criticizing everything.

Hope you had a good trip to Pittsburg and got Roberta and Helen back all right.  I don't care about Spring vacation – the way things are going now I just wish I could hibernate for a week (or a year) not hibernate I guess but at least forget about math.  I finally got an application from The Crestmont Inn, I guess I'll send in the application – there is a place for parents signature so I'll send it on.

Next Thursday I'm going to NY for a conference on Urban Affairs so I'm going to study hard this weekend to make up for all I'll be missing.  Tonight I studied till 9 and then went to listen to a tape of a speech by Robert Kennedy on Vietnam at Dr. Deals.  I still have some English to do but since it is 1 AM now I guess I will go to bed and get up in the morning and do it. 

Let me know about Spring vacation.  If we're not going anywhere I might invite someone who lives too far away to go home, to NV.  It's up to you all – most kids already have plans anyway so it is doubtful if anyone would come.  Going to St. Louis and Chicago sounds fine to me.  I'm agreeable to anything but right now I'm going to bed.

Love, Catherine

Items from Uible photo album