Monday, November 20, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter -Nov.19

 November 19, 1967
Dear Family,

Hi!  Glad to have spoken to you last night.  As I'm writing this I don't know what I'm going to write but I do know how I feel & that's pretty rotten.

It's now about 3:00 & I really should be studying but to be truthful it doesn't seem to matter anymore.  As I said on the phone – all my grades are going down.  I just don't seem to care and it's pretty hard for me to do something or a good job if I don't.

I really don't want to have to say this and I realize you all aren't going to want to hear it – here goes.  (I'm afraid it will take me awhile to say all what I want to say – and I doubt if I can.

I can't seem to relax around here anymore.  After spending a long time thinking about this  I  finally decided I need to get away from here to think & to start all over again caring about school and everything else too.  I've really thought on this matter seriously and  I  do think it is what I need the most (for now) maybe later after I'm back to my natural self again I could come back.

For natural reasons I can't tell Teacher Tom or Teacher Nan this.  It would be hard to tell any teacher this.  In fact it's hard having to admit this to you all.

So many people seem to have me wrapped up in a little box that is always happy with no problems at all – well – I can't go on acting that way much longer without sort of quietly going insane or something.  I'm tired of acting happy when I'm really not.  I want to be able to let my emotions out too.  Instead they are all bottled up inside of me which (to me) isn't too good.

I got your letter today that you wrote Thursday I guess.

I'm planning on calling you up Tuesday evening or if you want to call sooner it's fine.  I want to give you all a chance to think about it & also myself a chance to do the same.

I suppose you have called Teacher Tom or someone of some "authority" around here by now.  I'll speak to anyone before I speak to Teacher Susan.  She treats me like a "thing" without any feelings and then she expects me to come crying to her when I got a problem.  Same with everyone else too except for about 2 people.

Well – I've got pride.  The other teachers are too nice & busy to bother.

Please think about what I've said.  'll call Tuesday night unless you call before.

Love, Roberta

Sunday, November 19, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter -Nov.17

Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Hi!  I haven't gotten a letter from you all in quite awhile so I'll probably get one today after I mail this.  Roberta called us – I think it was Monday – I guess I spilled the beans about the Buick but you were right about it being Marion who bought it.

Mother, do you remember the girl upstairs who was pregnant?  She had a 7 lb. 14 oz. boy on Monday.  She was two weeks overdue.  I guess she is supposed to come home from the hospital today.  So now Wendy will have a playmate. Supposedly they are to move out within a month but they are not anxious to move so we'll see how it turns out.

We went to an open hose at DeeDee's school last night.  She has a really nice school – it was built about two years ago.  We got to meet some of her friends, her teacher, principal, etc.  They also had packets of their school work fixed up for the parents to look at.  DeeDee was kind of hurt though because the teacher had put pictures of pilgrims that the children had drawn around the room but she didn't put DeeDee's up.  Wendy didn't seem too impressed with her first visit to a school classroom.

Wendy is eating three meals a day now with cereal & egg for breakfast & supper and meat and vegetables for lunch.  She is nursing about five times a day and is also taking her juice and water much better.  I bought a different kind of nipple – playtex natural action type – and maybe that has made a little difference.  So far her favorite kinds of juice are orange and apple-cherry.  She isn't so wild about apple-grape.  Today she is having prune-orange.  She had a little before breakfast and seemed to take it real well.  She's had corn, peas & green beans – and corn is definitely her favorite although she ate the others OK.  The only kind of meat she has had is chicken so I can't say on meat yet.  We did buy her some turkey & sweet potatoes so she can have a real Thanksgiving dinner.

Speaking of Thanksgiving dinner I think we will be eating at home and getting together with some other people here at the apartment so we can share in the cooking and eating – makes for more variety and more of a holiday spirited meal.  We had thought DeeDee would be spending the day with her Mother but her Mother doesn't seem to have anything planned so I guess she will be coming over here after all.

Wish we had more of those Ohio golden grimes apples.  Ever since Grandma was here and made apple sauce I haven't been able to live without it!  I make a batch every week and eat it on toast, in yogurt, on oatmeal, cookies, etc.  I'm not so gung-ho on cottage cheese anymore or I'd be eating it with that too.

The whole letter seems to be about food!  I've been watching the scales so I can try not to gain back the weight I lost!

Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

Saturday, November 18, 2017

1977 Roberta's Letter to John -Nov.17

November 17, 1977
Dear John,

Everyday I get to work early so I can write one letter and this morning is your morning,  Doesn't it make you feel good????   I called home on Sunday trying to find out more about the Christmas holidays and you and the family's final plans, but don't know anymore since I made the call.

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is almost here, a week from today I will wake up and be in San Diego.  It seems like a long time since I was there last, and when we were there we were there for such a short period of time.

I have written the family and told them and will tell you the same . . . . I have decided that I do not want the Granada out here.  For as little as I would use it, I much prefer to let you keep it.  Besides I hear that you got the oil changed on it.  Good to hear that you are taking care of the car.  If you would like to have car in your name, I'd be willing to make a really good deal for you.

Did Sally and Annie call you?  We haven't heard from them, since the Yankees won the world series.  What all did they have to say?  From talking to them, did you find out how the dogs are doing?   You know I got to meet the dogs when I was in New York after the season, and they just seemed like dumb dogs to me.

Did I tell you that we had supper with Ella, remember her from the farm?  She really is a neat lady.  Her son and his family live out here in Scottsdale, and her grandchild goes to the school that Marion teaches in.  They live in a super-duper house . . . . . . kind of like . . . . gee . . . . I can't even think of a comparable house around New Vienna.  It's got the sunken living room, and its so big, has swimming pool, etc.  Ella says she thinks they are living in debt, which she finds kinda upsetting.  We told her that we would not be back, and she said she sure hoped you would be coming back.

Work is going fine.  The only thing that bothers me is that I don't have one person I'm really accountable to, but instead I've got six different ladies, and also the vice-principal that keep giving me things to do.  Sometimes that gets pretty hectic and it's hard to please all, if you know what I mean.  But, then my day is full of variety so I enjoy that.  There is a big bond issue to be voted on this coming week, the biggest in the state of Arizona.  Our school will benefit the most from it so of course it's discussed alot, and all kinds of people have been checking up on it.

11/21  You will be home!  Hello to All!  Love, Berta

Friday, November 17, 2017

1967 Catherine's Letter -Nov.16

November 16, 1967
Dear Mother, Daddy, Rober (I only do that when I type!), Serena, John, and Mary,

Hi!  Greetings from the North Pole!  Brrrr!  You probably received my last post card rather late as I wrote it on Friday and I don't think it went out until Monday.  I just dropped it into the mailbox downstairs rather than carry it all the way down to the big box at Bowen and then I remembered that the next day was Veteran's Day and they wouldn't be picking up the mail here.

The dance was really great!  The dress fit fine.  I didn't have the shoes died but now they are really a mess after I walked to the dance in the rain they are really muddy.  Any suggestions on cleaning?

Afterwards we went to get a pizza.  It really turned into a chaotic evening!  We put the order in for the pizza and after we sat around waiting for about 40 minutes we decided nobody could be that slow with a pizza.  When Evan went to check it turned out that some man had come in and said our pizza was his, and he had just left the place.  Of course just as we are running out after him to get our pizza back he zooms off in his car.  By this time its is 1:10 A.M. per is 1:30, the pizza is not ready and we are 15 minutes away from the dorm!  The pizza place really put out the steam and gave us a pizza (the wrong kind, but nevertheless a real pizza) in five minutes.  Somehow we made it back to the dorm and had a few minutes to spare, but how I will never know!

Sarah (my new best friend and comrade) and I decided that Sunday was still part of Girl-Bid weekend so we did some more work in that line.  She invited a guy to served dinner which we have every Sunday noon but he said he had too much homework and was planning to skip the served meal.  (I can see why he had too much homework, he is in my physics class!)  I invited John Schaeffer to go to church with me but it turned out he is a Catholic so he invited me to served meal!  Sarah ended up with his roommate and we had a nice foursome.

After supper the four of us (Sarah, Cal, John and I) went to this house where Sarah was babysitting for a five-year-old boy (she brought him to supper.) and played hide and seek for awhile.  It felt pretty good to get out of that studying rut!

The whole end of our hall is playing musical beds in an attempt to come up with a roommate for next quarter.  Sarah and I want to room together but the total move would involve eight people and there is one girl who is pretty adamant about staying.  You can see how one person could foul the whole thing up pretty well!  We were supposed to have our slips in yesterday about roommates for next quarter but since our mess is so complicated they gave us an extension to work things out!

Last night Sarah and I went to see "School for Wives" by Moliere which was put on at Western.  The Western kids stared at us like we were foreigners or something.  What really shocked them was when we pulled carrots, celery, cucumbers, lettuce and marshmallow apricot salad out of our pockets to eat during intermission!

The real highlight of yesterday was when I went to the library to study between PE and math class.  Math starts at three and I must have fallen asleep for when I looked at my watch I discovered it was 3:45 and I was still in the library.  I grabbed my math book and my coat and zoomed over to fourth floor Olds in record speed so that I was arriving as everyone else was leaving.  Dr. Bausch was very understanding when I told him how embarrassed I was, etc.  Today we are having a test so he said if I had any questions I could come in and ask him!

We also had a big physics midterm yesterday which I don't think I did too well on.  I guess time will tell.  Do you know if I ever decided to go to graduate school I am going to have to work triple hard all the rest of my four years here just to bring up my first quarters grades.  What an encouraging thought!

The chemistry test was too much!  We haven't gotten the results but if I did like I think I did I will probably be taking chem next quarter.

Are you going to Bruces for Thanksgiving?  Speaking of Thanksgiving, next Monday night we are having a Thanksgiving fast for freedom which means that for every person who doesn't eat they save so much money which goes to Vista or somewhere like that.

Save this letter it may be the last one you get before Christmas!

(alias Annie Anonymous)

Thursday, November 16, 2017

1977 Roberta's Letter -Nov.14

NOVEMBER 14, 1977
Dear Family,

It was good to talk to all of you yesterday, even though I don't know anything more about your Christmas plans than before.  I am going to start hinting around today about the week between Christmas and New Year's.  As of yet, I'm not sure what I'll be doing that week work wise.  If I can't get the whole week off, at least I'll put the day off I have for New Years, and the day off I have for Christmas, and have another day in San Diego.  As to goIng to San Diego, I will just go with you all, when ever you all get here.  If you are just going to stay one night, I strongly recommend just staying at Marions she has plenty of room and wouldn't mind in the least, yoU all staying.  (also she won't be there -- ha, ha)

As to the car, I don't want to have it out here, or should I put it differently, I would rather John have the use of it for now.  I kinda like being without a car, of course, having a car to use, when necessary is nice though.  Rene, Marion's neighbor, bought this old 67 beat up Datsun, it rides like a tractor they keep teasing me that they got it for John, that they knew how much he would like it.  The car is one continuous dent, and the seats all have big holes in them . . . just what John would enjoy driving . . . .

It's time I get back to work for now, so will add more later

4:10 PM
We are going out to eat tonight – at Ella's family – they live in the super rich part of Scottsdale – Ella thinks they are super in debt!  Mary Va. she wanted me to be sure & tell you HI.

We went to see the move "Oh God" – it was kinda funny.  George Burns played God – I guess if anyone could – he could – John Denver was also in it.

I'm watching my usual amount of T.V. – very little.  Maybe it's because Marion is such a sports fan (all types) and lately it seems that is alot!  (Basketball & football)  She has 2 T.V.'s though – I do like Alice & watch it alot.  You know it's supposedly filmed in Phoenix.

Your letters came today – Thanks – alot of good reading material – in return I'm sending an article that was in yesterday's (Sunday) Magazine section of the paper – Mesa Central has alot of different things going – Next Tuesday (22nd) there is a 30(0?) million dollar bond levy to be voted on – here in Mesa – the biggest one ($ wise) ever to be in the state.  We hope to get a new building for Spec. Education – also alot of remodeling to be done –

Again – I want the car to remain in Ohio – hate to get all those miles on it – bringing it out – plus if John had the oil changed ––


1967 Catherine's Postcard -Nov.16

Lee-Hi Motel Cleveland, TN postcard -mailed 1967

11/16/167 P.M.
Just got letter from you all.  Thanks.  I think you know more about K than I do.  You can brief me in a month!  J. F. Peto is not too well known – actually I made him up!  Ha!  I'm going to see whatever play K is putting on (something about Greasepaint & Crowd) tomorrow night with John S.  Latest grades:  Physics - bad, Math - worse, Art - lower than low.  Nick el?  [?]  Jenna gave me that stationery.  Got results of chem test today!  Can't leave a blank space! HA!  Love, Catherine

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

1967 John's Letter & more -Nov.11

4:00, Nov. 11, 1967
Dear Cathy,

How are you?  I am sort of wet.  I just came out of the rain and had a bath.  Last Wed. and today I got bit by the same dog.  I hope I don't have any more dog trouble for another ten years.

On Monday and Tuesday Mom, Dad, and Robert[a?] were the only visitors at school in our class.

I got a haircut today.

Your sweet, smart, lovable brother, 

look on back

P.S. Last week was National Education Week and the parents were invited to see the rooms.

[from HH]
P.P.S. Just rec'd the K college Parents Bulletin.  Sounds like a good deal on the music – 4 concerts for a $.  The opera Carmen is worth $4 itself.  They also mention their new students center in Hannover, Germany.  Glad to hear about the bank – is it the one near "K" or downtown?  Is there a charge for cashing checks?  Looked in the encyclopedia for Mr. P--- but found nothing.  We are leaving after lunch tomorrow for Fla, Will leave there Wed. P.M. for N.Y. for 2 days & will meet the family Fri. Eve. in Columbus.  The Bruces have invited us up for Thanksgiving. ––Dad

[from Jean]
Where did you get the pretty new yellow stationary?  Do you still use your pop art envelopes?  Enjoyed the Parents Bulletin very much – four full pages plus a list of parents that are representative of each class – Margaret Verdier's parents and Tom Fehsenfeld's represent the Freshman Class.  ––Love, Mother

[from Serena]
P.P.P.S  Linda Sue Allen stayed overnight with me last night (Friday).  We fixed lunch & had meat loaf, baked potatoes, sour cream, ice tea, raspberry jello with black raspberries in it, peas with mushrooms and chocolate chip cookies.  We also fixed breakfast which consisted of scrambled eggs, grape juice, sausage and toast.  Don't forget S.U.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter -Nov.10

Thurs. AM, November 10, 77
Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Hi!  We were glad to get your letter and the school newspaper with Mary Virginia's poem in it.  A very nice poem – we especially liked the subject matter.  Wendy likes to push against things with her legs but she hasn't gotten to the point where she is ready to walk yet.

I have started her on cereal (with cooked egg yolk added) in the morning and vegetables for lunch.  The first day she fell asleep before supper and slept until 2 a.m. But yesterday she stayed awake long enough to have some cereal for supper.  The Dr. said it is important to get more fluids down her – i.e. juice and water – as she tends to go two or three days without a bowel movement and the vegetables won't help the situation.  I am having a hard time though because she doesn't like the bottle and I don't have a breast that dispenses juice or water.  I try giving her juice or water before nursing her but she still doesn't take too much.

We went Christmas shopping last weekend and again last evening so we have made a good size dent in our shopping.  We have to get things to mail to Maine ready to go so they will get there in plenty of time.

DeeDee is sorry you won't be here sooner but she does hope she will get to see you.  She will be returning from Canada on the 2nd.

Have you got flowers blooming from all the warm weather you are having this month?  Every day we look at the temperatures in Boston, Cincinnati and Spokane and so far Spokane seems to be having the worst weather.  However, that is still the area we would most like to be in.  It is getting cooler here in the evenings but the days are still warm and sunny.

We got a postcard from Roberta yesterday but she didn't have much new to say.  Have you heard anything new from Serena regarding her Christmas plans?  I suppose though that you won't know what her plans are until the last minute.

I'm going to have to get Wendy some new clothes.  She has out-grown practically all of her original outfits.  Yesterday I tried a 15-20# size on her and it seemed to fit fine.  It was one of those Sears terry cloth sleep & play type.  I'm sure her growth rate should be slowing down a little.  If she continued to gain four pounds every six weeks she would weigh almost 40 pounds by the end of year!

Gerry's knee has been bothering him again so he hasn't been jogging but we have been doing some exercises every morning.

Hope to hear from you again soon!

Catherine, Gerry 
& Wendy

1967 HH Postcard - Nov.14

Holiday Inn (Lake City FL) postcard - mailed 1967

Stayed here last night, now at Lakeland – 168 miles – for lunch with Mares.  It is hot here – be extra hard to think of books.  Plan to be in L.W. for supper – 180 miles.  Had WLW on radio last P.M.  –Dad [driving GHU & CJU to Florida]

Monday, November 13, 2017

1967 Jean's Letter to Catherine -Nov.10

Friday morning,
November 10, 1967
Dearest Catherine,

We were really PLEASED to receive a LETTER from YOU this morning.  We have appreciated hearing if only a post card but this was a real treat.  A real RED, RED, RED letter DAY.   Glad to hear that Evan is going to the girl-bid dance and we shall be thinking about you.  Wish we had a picture of you that night to see you in your new dress not to mention getting to see Evan too.  Just be careful of any Polaroid coater.  Speaking of coaters do you have something appropriate to wear over your gown?  And how did the shoes come out.

We are interested in other things beside your social life though I have dwelt on that so far.  We had been wondering how you made out on your chemistry test but not real sure when you were taking it.  Good luck with it, whenever it is or was or will be.

Glad to hear you had a little rest from art – that would be a pleasant surprise.  Your comments on Dr. Bausch are amusing.  Is there any connection between him and the Bausch and Lambe (?) company and your science medal?  You might use it for a bookmark or paperweight in this class to get a little more use out of it.

The 1st Nat. Bank and Trust doesn't sound like the name of the one down over the hill from the college but it must offer some advantages.  There haven't been any visible changes at the bank here but Daddy says they plan to move into other quarters this winter during their big remodeling program.  Seems he said they are planning to use the mayor's office but not positive about this.

Mr. Hughes and Tim were here for dinner last night and they are real encouraged about Laura.  She may still be on the critical list but they did let her sit up a bit yesterday.  It will be a long time before she is well.  Karen's baby's name is James Michael (don't know where I came up with Maynard).  He was telling us what a time he had getting through to Weegie – tried for hours and always busy and then the switchboard closed and finally got thru by calling the housemothers room.  She came home last weekend for the first time but since her mother is better will not be home this weekend or perhaps not til Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving we received an invitation from the Bruces this morning to come to their house for the day.  We didn't receive too much encouragement else where but haven't answered their letter or really had time to discuss it yet.  Let us know if you have changed your mind or if there is any possibility of your getting home.  Mrs. Bruce thought she had heard us say that we were at loose ends and regretted that neither you or Roberta would be able to come.

Donnie Achor is really in bad shape.  They were operating on his leg when he went into convulsions and started hemorrhaging so they rushed him to Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati and he has only a 50/50 chance to live.  There is rumor that he and Larry Saunders were racing after Larry took Fay McVey home and it happened out by Burch Layman's.  Donnie's father has had a stroke and not able to do anything which makes it all the worse on him.

Is Howe's book "The Story of a Country Town" required reading  or are you finding some time for recreational reading?  Sounds interesting  & I'll see if Wilmington has it.

There were no contests in the New Vienna election but Wilmington had quite a few for mayor, council, and board of education.  Many were surprised that a man from Martinsville (Barnes) was able to win a seat on the latter.  His wife's recipe was in as well as her picture the same night as the results of the election – quite timely (the night the paper was so late)  They have six children (three of them are adopted).  The Hospital issue passed very favorably.

Sorry to hear you were without a pillow all this time.  You had mentioned the mirror.  How about an end for your towel rack?  What is your usual rising time?  Doesn't sound like you have much time to use a pillow for your head.  How about your beauty sleep?  Could you use another blanket?

We left tomatoes here to ripen before we went away and we are still waiting.  We did have alot of broccoli and Brussel Sprouts which Daddy brought in last weekend.

We realized after we left you that we hadn't gone to the grocery to stock you up on the things that had been mentioned including ULTRABRIGHT.  Could be you used some other brand when Evan was so indefinite?

Did I tell you that Elizabeth Johnson fell off the back of a chair and has most painful back.  Garnet Fisher told me the doctor is quite worried about her – thinks she pulled a muscle or something.  She was at the Open House at Blanchester Sunday but was carrying Bufferin with her.

We have had snow flurries but none of it has really stuck to the ground.  It is in the 60s today and to stay that way with rain predicted for tomorrow.

Mrs. Wilson came today – the first time in three weeks so you can imagine how much she was needed.  I may get a little housecleaning done as the only time she had any extra time is while Grandma is gone.  They are still planning to leave Sunday about 1:00.  Just dawned on me that I ought to offer to do your job in helping to turn off and close up the house.

This was just to be a short note – but see how your letters inspire me!  We'll be most anxious to hear all about the dance, chemistry test, and anything else on your mind.

Love and kisses,

PS  Charlotte Hause's sister and Eddie Hiestand & his wife & son were all on the Boeing 707 that crashed on take off from Cincinnati Monday night but none were hurt.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter to Catherine -Nov.9

Dear Catherine,

Hi!  I got your letter written on gold today.  Gee – thanks!  Did you really like the pj's?  I was going to make a dress out of the material but I didn't want to put a zipper in so I just got something simple.  They sure were easy to make.  I think I'll make some for Serena for Christmas or something

How was your exam in P.E. Don't exams almost make you sick?  They sure do me!

This cute little reading program costs a big $75.00 started yesterday, which dad & mom so kindly paid so I could take it.  So far we have just answered all these questions like age, sex, name, parent's name, occupation, what you like to read, what you don't like to read, hobbies, magazines we read, and so on & so fourth.  I tell you it's more like the state police.  We've had 2 sessions out of 25 so far so boy they sure do rook you!  It meets 5 days a week – for 5 weeks an hour each time.  Boy – I sure hope this is worth it.

This Friday night the girls ask the boys to the social.  It's all pretty dumb because all the girls don't know who to invite and by the time they finally get up their nerve all the good ones are already gone. 

I asked Dan Osborn, of course, have you even seen him?  He's the tallest boy in the soph. class, a high 6 foot 1 inch and 1/2!  Wow!  I am 1 year and 18 days older than him but he said he didn't care if I didn't.  So!  I (of course) don't care.

This one crazy (?) boy didn't come back after forced weekend.  He's from Minnesota, but went to Richmond, Indiana for the weekend.  Well, on the way back he gets off the bus in Dayton and now 2 days later the police are still looking.  He had been in a lot of trouble here at school and was (by no means) an angel.  He got caught in the pool-hall (which is strictly forbidden to us) and was also found smoking.  In general he was a pretty queer kid.  He kept "boasting" of being on drugs and how many times the police have had him.  He supposedly is with a "hippie" now which makes him probably feel in cloud #9.  Wow.  What a kid!  Well, got to go.  Do write.


Saturday, November 11, 2017

1977 Roberta's Letter -Nov.8

Dear Family,

I really enjoy getting to work early and get myself ready for the day by typing one letter – also this way of course I can see what time everyone gets here.  Thanks alot for your letter and for the tape.  I had almost forgot about sending for it – think I did it sometime in August from the farm.

This week is really a crazy week at work.  Most of all because grade cards are going out – and also because Federal Impact Cards are due back into the office.  We have to track kids down, and try to impress upon them to bring the cards back in – which isn't the easiest thing in the world to do.

I really do like my job – did I tell you that Litton called me and that I had the job there – but I'm glad I stuck with this – even though the holidays off would probably be about the same !!!!  If I decide to stay out here – I'm sure I could find a better job in the school system.  Yesterday they passed around a job opening in one of the junior high schools – but shorthand, etc. was necessary – but I'm glad to see that sort of things gets passed around.

I carry my lunch everyday – and also to your surprise (besides selling the Buick) I carry a big container of tea with me everyday.  Remember the yellow container we started out on the trip with – I think it came from S&H stamps – I drink that everyday.  I was buying soda – but decided I did not want to spend my money on it.

As to getting an apartment – I want to get one after the first of the year.  I enjoy staying with Marion –she has a nice big place – but then I don't want to overdo my welcome – and being without a car, I'd like to be closer to work.  Her neighbors who are building a house, which is not finished yet – but have sold their townhouse and must move out of it this week found a nice one bedroom apt. furnished about half way between here (the school) and Marion's.  It is $150 – but the people are charging them $168 because they want it only for two months.  I might check it out – as of yet have not seen it inside – but Rene is very picky so I'm sure it is mighty fine.  It is a small building – only three other apartments – all filled with older people.

Mary Virginia that was really a good poem about Wendy Jean . . .  all except for the part in there about the cat.  I could have done without it!!!  I let Marion read it and she really had a good laugh about growing old.  She keeps kidding me about being a kid.

I better get started to work – maybe the more I do now the easier it will be this afternoon – but things don't seem to work that way.  What do you want to do about the things that I want out here?  Do let me know!

Love, Berta

1967 Catherine's Postcard - Nov. 10

Barding's Voyager Inn - Decatur, Illinois postcard - mailed 1967

Hi!  Boy do I have loads of homework this weekend!  And the dance is tomorrow night!  Miss Wood (art prof) has been sick since Tuesday – so no class.  Gina is going to Girl-Bid with Randy – Evan's roommate.  It should be really wild!  We have Cinderella per which means we can stay out 30 minutes late (1:30) if we give 1¢ each minute to send to our orphan in Korea.  Snow has all melted – almost!  It has been warm and rainy.  Homework waits!
Love, Cathy

Friday, November 10, 2017

1967 Catherine's Letter -Nov.8

November 8, 1967
Dear Mother, Daddy, Serena, John, and Mary,

Hi!  NOTICE!  This is a letter.

Received your letter today.  I really appreciate it but this morning it was rather anticlimactic!  First of all I went to physics class where I saw Evan, whom I had not seen for two days.  To make things worse when I had last seen him two days ago I asked him to the girl-bid and I think I shocked the poor boy so much that he just said something like he wasn't sure.  Talk about definite answers . . . .  Anyway, after I worried myself sick for two days over whether he really hated me or just didn't want to go to the dance, I asked him this morning if he had made up his mind.  His reply was something like, "Well, why wouldn't I?"  Boys!  At one point I was feeling so frustrated I almost asked Charley!  At least now I know Evan is going and I can go spend the $3 for the ticket.

After such an exciting physics class, I had two hours of art to look forward too.  Ugh!  When we all assembled in the class room it was discovered that dear Miss Wood was unable to make it today and so after seeing a 20 minute film we were dismissed one hour and 40 minutes early.  Halleluyah!

I haven't tried the dress on but I'm sure it fits fine.  It really is a beautiful dress!

Too bad about Mrs. Hughes and Tim.  I haven't heard from Weeg for about two weeks or so.

The snow here is still on the ground – all 12 inches – or however much there is.  The highest temperature in the last four days has been 33º.

I still have one tomato left which refuses to ripen up.  The tomatoes were alot more popular than the apples.  Alice (across the hall, from Texas) likes tomatoes so much I practically had to hide them to keep her from eating them all at once.

I finally had to break down and buy some more solution stuff for my contacts and also some tooth paste.  (Yeah Ultrabright!)  I opened the saving account at the First National Bank and Trust Company – grand total of $32.57.  The interest is figured quarterly.  I get two free withdrawals each month and 25¢ for each additional one.  If I close the account within 60 days of the first deposit there is a charge of 50¢.  People at the bank were very nice – friendly atmosphere like NV.  How is the NV bank coming?

So I won't forget what it is like living in a place like New Vienna, I am now reading The Story of a Country Town by E.W. Howe.  I took it out of the Kalamazoo Public Library so I can get full use of that library card.

How were the elections in New Vienna?  Anything exciting?  I haven't heard how they came out here but there were somewhere between 11-14 people running for the eight-man city commission.

I gave up studying for the chemistry test.  I figured if I don't know anything about chemistry I might as well find it out now and take chemistry during the winter quarter if I have to.

Math class is still plodding along.  Dr. Bausch thinks we are all mental retards or something.  However, when he gives a test he changes his psychology and asks us to do very difficult things and thus we prove his theory about how dumb we really are.

This morning I didn't get up until 4:45 as I didn't have too much art to do and there is always physics!

Yesterday afternoon I had a date with this guy who was going to "explain" the physics lab stuff to me.  It turned out he knew less than I did which wasn't too helpful!  At least he thought he was enlightening me!

Time for lunch.  I like lunch but it has unpleasant associations as it is followed immediately by PE.

Love, Catherine

P.S.  I finally got a pillow yesterday – felt kind of good after sleeping for 6 weeks without one!  We also had a new mirror hung up and I am being extremely careful not to break it as I figure an average of two a quarter is bad enough.  It's a good thing I'm not superstitious!

Thursday, November 09, 2017

1967 Lois Bruce Letter -Nov.7

Nov. 7, 1967
Dear Uibles ––

Have you voted?  As parents of a future president I'm sure you have.

Have you made plans for T.G.?  Why not come to Dayton & spend it with us.  We'll plan to have dinner around 1:00 & that will give us time to digest our meal before eating turkey sandwiches in the eve.  I remember hearing that Kathryn & Roberta won't get home & we'll miss them but we'll be glad to have 5 of you so do say you can come.

Your trip sounded good & I'm sure it was fun.

There will be lots of nap space for those who find it desirable.  We might even get in a trip to the new Mall.

So come



Wednesday, November 08, 2017

1987 MV's Letter - Nov. 7

10:05 PM
Dear Mom, Dad, Grandma –

It's seemed like a busy week.  Had a take home test in Christian Education this week which was a real bear.  It was due Thursday morning at 10AM – I finished it at least 20 minutes early!  Doesn't seem possible that finals are only 6 weeks away.

John came down Friday to surprise me.  He had yesterday and today off work, so he and Diane had worked out details like getting a quad room.  He came yesterday just after lunch and left right before dinner.

Last night the Dramatic Ministries of the Seminary put on 2 short plays ("The Apple Bit" and "Cell Cele") so we went to that, the girls that Diane used to work with came down to spend the weekend, so they arrived about 10:00 PM.  Today we went to the mall in Lexington so John could get his eyes checked.  He needed glasses for everything except to drive, so he got them at Sears.

Tuesday in Chapel a group of us are singing.  It's Holiness Emphasis week and Dr. Goold picked 8 of us out of Singing Seminarians instead of having the whole group learn it.

I'm going to call Desiree to see if I can get my hair cut Friday afternoon, but I'll definitely be home for dinner.

Hope everything is fine and plans are shaping up for Phoenix.  See you Friday.

Mary Va.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

1977 Roberta's Letter - Nov.6

November 6, 1977
Dear Family,

Hi!  Just got back from Church & now have the day ahead of me because it's only 10:30 – went to the early service.  More & more out of state cars around – the winter people are coming!

I have made my reservation to go to S. Diego – leaving on the night flight Wednesday night and returning on the night flight Saturday night.  Because of work, etc. didn't want to fly in late Sunday night – and the day flights Sunday are filled.

Called Catherine & Gerry Friday night – and they seemed glad I'm coming – we joked about her writing the Bruces – a timely letter just before Thanksgiving.

It might come around that I can have the week off between Christmas & New Years – I'm working on the idea now ––

When do you plan to get out here?  Marion is leaving Wednesday, Dec. 21st, so try to get out here before she leaves – so she says!  Would you like me to make motel reservations – or what?  Marion says you are welcome to stay here – but that is up to all of you.

Mary Virginia – how is school going?  How many days will you miss over Christmas?

I'm selling the Buick – which might come as a surprise.  The bike is all fixed up & I'll ride it back & forth to work.  Sooner or later I'll need a car – but for now – the bike is fine.

I've been looking for a new pair of shoes – Millers – of course they are hard too find – especially my size.

Mom – I would like your yogurt recipe w/all details.  When you come out – I'd like all my cookbooks.

Winter is here – tonight I could see my breath – but it was up to 71º today ––

Love, Berta

1967 Catherine's Postcard - Nov. 7

Casa Marina Motor Court - St. Augustine FL postcard - mailed 1967

9:30A.M. 11/7/67
Hi!  Was hoping for a letter from you all but box just stared at me blankly!  Did get letter from Dave – jacket is OK.  I have been up since 4:30 studying physics and chem.  At 10:00 I have an appointment with Miss Wood (art teacher).  Had pancakes, sausage, grapefruit and hot chocolate for breakfast.  I thought I was exaggerating when I said 6" of snow but "Kal. Gazette" reports 12." construction work still goes on.  Do you need my address?
Love, Cathy

Monday, November 06, 2017

1967 Catherine's letter to Serena -Nov.5

November 5, 1967

Dear Serena,

Hi!  Just in case you thought I might have forgotten you, this letter is to remind you that your beautiful intelligent, talents, (I could go on, but I don't want to make you feel too inferior) oldest sister is still existing and after you finish reading this letter you will owe me one!  Get the point?

How are you doing in the choir?  Do the people actually sit and listen to you sing or do they jump up and run out when you start?

How is school going?  Have you reclassified your subjects since you got your report card?  The last I heard you had them rated like this:

  • Science : TERRIBLE
  • English : LOVELY
  • Reading and Spelling : So-So
  • Math : little better than So-So
  • History : worse than So-so
  • Band : Terribly hard
How were the grades? Or shouldn't I ask?

I hope you made it home all right and enjoyed playing fish pond, or whatever it is you do at the Halloween Carnival!

I haven't forgotten that I promised you could stay in the dorm the next time you come.  What's new in Old Vienna?  Or should it be what's old in New Vienna?

Everything is just wonderful here except that I keep spending more and more time studying, less and less time sleeping, and the grades just keep going down.

Only 50 days until Christmas!  We have four inches of snow on the ground today!  I guess winter has really arrived now!

Well, don't do anything drastic while I'm gone!  WRITE SOON!  OR I MIGHT FORGET ABOUT THAT PROMISE ! ! ! ! !


1967 Catherine's Postcard - Nov. 6

Leesburg, Ohio U.S. Post Office postcard - mailed 1967.  Captioned: Established February 12, 1816.  The new building constructed fall and winter of 1960-61.  Dedicated April 30, 1961.  First postmaster, Harrison Ratcliff.  Present Postmaster, Samuel R. Kerns.

Hi!  Just finished taking PE midterm.  Ugh!  I don't have midterms in Physics or Art but I don't know about math.  Met someone this morning who had heard of me through someone who had known somebody else in Lakeside.  Talk about confusion.  Big snowfight on quad last night (6" on ground).  One contact got dislocated in middle of fight but luckily instead of coming out when I got hit it just slipped off!!  Big chem test on Thursday to see if we can test out of chem 3.  I'm trying to review but it's been a long time since I took chem. 

Spirits still [up arrow] but only physics is following the trend. 

Didn't make it to church.  Lack of sleep + excess homework and snow!  Love, Cathy

Love, Cathy

Sunday, November 05, 2017

1967 Jean's Letter -Nov. 5

Sunday 9:30 PM
Nov. 5, 1967
Dearest Catherine,

MYF is just over and Daddy has taken Kit Zantz (?) and Roberta to Reesville to take Debbie Walvoord (?) home.  Roberta & Kit came Thursday with the Stuckey family and 3 other girls from Barnesville headed for Maineville or Cincinnati (10 in a microbus – 6 with luggage).

Glad that the shoes fit fine – I looked at slippers numerous places but never right size &/or style.  I wondered if you wanted evening bags, gloves, etc. or perhaps you can borrow up there.

Too bad your typewriter and shoes weren't ready when promised so no doubt you have to make an extra trip.  Did you get your dress & it fits OK?

How was your trip to Chicago Art Museum?  We thought about you.  Good luck on the paper you have to write concerning painting or whatever you choose to write on.

That was a terrible wreck [Laura Hughes hit bridge head-on on SR-28 two miles west of New Vienna, Tim was only passenger.] and Mrs. Hughes was in critical condition but Tim said tonight that she has been taken off of oxygen and off intravenous feeding and they'll begin to work on her kneepcaps.  Tim was just in the hospital overnite – broken right wrist – he blacked out so doesn't remember any particulars of the accident.  They don't know what caused it yet – whether she blacked out, bright lights blinded her or what.  We came over the bridge where it happened & it is terribly rough.  Their car looks like an accordion on the front right side – lucky they got out alive.  She had on a seat belt, Tim didn't.  Kaen's baby hasn't come yet – She (Laura) went over to see Karen while Tim had FFA meeting.

We went to Blanchester today to the Open House at their new Jr.-Sr. High School.  It is very beautiful yet very practical.  We saw David Myers & Marilyn (?) Brumbaugh who asked about you.

Mrs. Myers is very proud of her library.  They plan to move back to New Vienna to live after David graduates this year.  She'll still work there but they won't live in trailer as they are doing now.

Have you had much snow and cold weather?  We've had snow flurries since Saturday but no accumulation.  Dr. Custis said it was 20º at his house this morning.

The Lions had a good crowd at their bean supper.  Had choice of bean soup or chili, hamburger or hot dog, relish plate, pie & beverage.  The parking was the big bug-aboo. 

Last night Kit and I went to see "The Sand Pebbles" – a real gory, war story – well done but anything but entertaining.  Roberta didn't feel good so she went to bed early.  [sweet girl].  It ran 195 minutes plus 10 minute intermission!  Kit was hep on going or don't think I would have made the effort.

I'm sitting in front  of the fire – first we've had for    ?    except for last night which I didn't get to enjoy.

Both Kit's parents teach at F.B.S. – Roberta has her mother for Ancient History – I've heard her lecture & quite interesting – her father is Asst. Principal.  She has 5 younger sisters (3) and brothers (2).  She hopes to become a doctor & go into research.  She talks like a brain.

I saw Sybil at church today & she says school is going fine.  She was only Freshman college student I saw home.

Saw Mr. and Mrs. Fenwick at Blanchester today and she told me Jane found boys on top of cabinet & had thrown 2 whole dozen eggs on floor – a slimy mess.

Granddaddy mentioned the possibility of leaving for Florida next Friday noon – that would give Daddy a little longer than 16 hours to be with the Hortons if they don't leave until Sun. He plans to come back to Columbus via New York & we'll meet him there after Serena's appointment with Dr. Hull on Friday Nov. 17.

We are to take Roberta, Kit & 2 Stuckey boys back tomorrow & perhaps a girl from Maineville.

Roberta wants to know if you got her package & says "Hello."  Also Elaine Harner sends regards thru Daddy.

Love – and looking forward to your letters & cards, Mother

Saturday, November 04, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter -Nov.3

Thursday morning
November 3, 1977

Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Well, Mother it was good talking to you on the phone the other morning.  We are certainly looking forward to seeing you all at Christmas time.  It won't be too long now.  Have you any ideas on what you might like for Christmas?  We'll try not to make it too bulky since you will have to take it home with you.

We got our bean bag lounger this week.  (The word bulky reminded me of it.)  It is really big although fairly light weight so it isn't hard to move around.  It is really comfortable and fills up the empty corner of our living room very well.  As you can see from the pictures we moved the furniture around since you were here, Mother.

Gerry called the insurance company to find out why they only paid us $135 toward the Dr's bill instead of the $350 we figured they should pay.  They checked their records and discovered that by mistake they had paid us the benefits of a miscarriage instead of a normal pregnancy.  So they are gong to send us $215.  I guess it is a a good thing Gerry called – the girl said otherwise the mistake wouldn't have been discovered.  The anesthesiologist bill came to $175.  Can you believe that?  If he had told me that ahead of time I would have said forget it.  I can stand a lot of pain for $175.

This is the last of this note paper.  I appreciate your leaving it for me.

Wendy has gotten herself on a fairly regular schedule.  She wakes up about 6 and nurses and goes back to sleep fairly quickly until 10, nurses, then usually we go for a walk, she nurses again at 1, stays awake for awhile, sleeps for maybe an hour, has some juice, nurses at 4, sometimes we go for another walk after that feeding.  She's awake then until she has her cereal between 6 and 7 and then she nurses again before she goes to bed between 9 and 10.  Sometimes she is still a little fussy when I put her to bed but if I turn her on her back for a few minutes and then back on her stomach again she seems to quiet herself down.

We are having some of our things sent out which we had left in Maine.  So far we have gotten two boxes (I think we had about 8 which we left there) and it is sort of like Christmas opening the boxes and finding things which we had forgotten we had.  In the first two boxes I got my diaries and scrapbook as well as some table clothes and a long dress (robe) which I had gotten in Africa.  Gerry got some sweaters, a pair of pants, his winter underwear (it's been in the 80's the last three days) and some gloves.

Well, I assume that we will be getting a letter from you either today or tomorrow since you said you were writing one.  I did want to get this off though – so you might get it before Sunday if the mail goes fast enough.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

1967 Catherine's Postcard -Nov.4

[postmarked Nov. 4, 1967]

Hi!  Got Upjohn letter and letter from Dad this morning. (11-4)  Thanks for $.  I am at PO now, on way to get shoes, dress, typewriter, books and get $ at bank.  We had about one inch of snow last night which is still on the ground.  Wonder how it will affect football game this afternoon?  There are a few parents around but not many.  Got package from Roberta this morning.  Chicago was all right – but all I saw was the Art Institute.  I am going to do my research paper on John F. Peto if I can find enough info.  If you want to know why I never write letters it is because I can't even think of enough to put down on a post card.  Last night I spent an exciting evening at the library studying physics.  I could spend 40 hours a day just studying that stuff!  The main problem seems to be keeping awake!  I guess Christmas will be a good time catch up on all of that.

Love, Catherine N.M.I. Uible (just in case you thought I had forgotten my name.)

Friday, November 03, 2017

1987 Roberta's Letter - Nov.2

NOVEMBER 2, 1977
Dear Family,

Not that I don't want you all to call, but thought I would try to do better this week at writing.  Now that I'm working time seems to go very fast, and its the end of the week before I realize it – as you all also know.

I talked to the principal's secretary yesterday about the possibility of getting off the Friday after Thanksgiving – and working Nov. 11th.  She is the one that gave me the list of my holidays off.  She said that she could see no reason why I couldn't do it – because both days that won't be classes.  Then the principal came through about 20 minutes later and said that they had thought about it; and I would be able to have both days off – that the county doesn't know what is going on out here anyway – or to some idea.  First, when he said that they had changed their minds – I thought that it meant that I had to work the Friday after Thanksgiving after all.

Now I must begin to make my plans.  Air Fare is $96 round trip.  That's pretty high for even a four day weekend.  The bus schedules are not only bad, but also very time consuming . . . . . some 11 and a half hours.

I'm getting to school now at 6:45  – yesterday morning I went right to work – but today I'm tending to personal matters.  Marion has sold her car.  After putting ads in the paper for weeks and hearing very little; she started parking the car on a empty field about a block from the Datsun dealer.  On the second day there, a man called up, and the next day had it in his name.  So she is using the Buick and drops me off on her way to work – then last night I walked home – tonight I think I'll get a ride at least part way with one of the women here.  It's 2.8 miles here – not a bad walk.  The bike I had last year is now at the repair shop – guess it was in a bad wreck this last year – also tires that won't keep air in them.  I plan to ride it back and fourth to work after it gets fixed.  There are bike paths all the way here, so it will be a nice ride.  A little cool in the morning, but nice in the afternoon.  This morning it was down to 58º !!!!

Work is going just fine.  I do quite a bit of typing and I can notice my speed and also accuracy picking up – but then this letter doesn't show that well.  Alot of the work I do is the in and out sort of stuff – filling out forms, etc.  I type alot of lists and some memos  – the bulletin is almost always two pages – usually alot  of announcements which I sometimes feel like that are not read – because the teachers are always asking each other the questions that are answered in the bulletin.  The absences are also listed – some days are really heavy.  Yesterday there were very few – but then that might mean that there are just gong to be that many more today.

I had a letter yesterday from Jackie – she is in Wash. D.C. –working until she gets her money together to come to San Diego.  She has a sister there she is staying with, and is working at a temporary job placement service.  I bet she really entertains the places she works.  Maybe the other employees are glad she is only temporary.  I'll keep you posted on her – that is if I hear from her again.

Better stop for now and get started on the work for the day.  Time does go fast – always seems that something needs done – and the boring stuff makes the other more bearable.  Or should I say the other makes the boring stuff more bearable.

Mary Virginia, Ella called last night – she is visiting her son not far from Marion's – about 10 miles.  She said she had a good picture of you.  We are to get together with her this weekend.


Thursday, November 02, 2017

1987 Roberta & Sid's Letter to GHU - Nov.1

Since this letter is very readable in original form, and I am overwhelmed by trying to transcribe Sid's lengthy letter, you can read the original today instead of the transcription. 

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

1967 Roberta's Postcard -Nov.1

Tuesday evening [postmarked Nov. 1, 1967]

Hi!  I got your letter today with permissions & newspaper article.  Thanks! 

Last night was Friendly Beggars night – we collected for UNICEF.

There are 10 people riding home with the Stuckey's – counting Mrs. Stuckey & her two daughters.

Would it be possible for you, Dad, to drive the shop truck back with tandem & couch if mother decides to [get] rid of it.  All the Cinn. kids think this is a great idea & so do I.  We would all ride in the back of it you see.

Love, Roberta

Hope this gets home before I do!

1967 Catherine's Postcard -Nov.1


Neither typewriter nor shoes were ready on Tues!

Hi!  Shoes came today – $15.50 total.  Fit fine!  Leave for Chicago at 8:00 A.M. tomorrow.  I did make it to church Sun.  Ate bkfst (box apple-jacks to keep bullies away, and an apple) on way.  Visited Bronson Methodist Hosp. – nice lobby and beautiful chapel.  Got your letter today.  Glad you all could stop by.  Are you going to K meeting on 11/8?  Got $5.00 worth of stamps.

Love, Cath

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter -Oct.30

Love Roberta's Congratulatory Note and the way she addressed the envelope!

[postmarked Oct. 30, 1967]

Hi!  Now Monday morning again and as busy as ever.  I guess I should have done my lessons yesterday but I went bike riding instead.  It was a beautiful day, the leaves so pretty, everything was just wonderful.  Wonderful until I came back and faced reality and all my homework.

I suppose by now you have seen my dear old grade card.  It sure was pretty awful.  And to think I had good grades until those dear old (?) 6 weeks test came up.  I think I will go back to my old routine of not studying.  I studied for those tests and where did it get me?  A "45%" in Bible – Wow!

We changed office work, included is a note I got in my mailbox on the first day of my new office work.

Spoke to John last night on phone and I hope he got across my message.


1967 Catherine's postcard -Oct.31

Hotel Avelez postcard -mailed 1967.  Caption: Situated in the heart of Biloxi business district, two blocks from the beach.  All rooms with either tub or shower bath.  Single $1.50 to $2.50 – Double $2.50 to $5.00 


Hi!  Letter  from R and newspapers from G'ma arrived yesterday.  Business office here refused to cash check – said they didn't have any money.  I guess either the typewriter or shoe store will have to take a check, as for the C.O.D. who knows?  Got up at 4:30 A.M. and did laundry and studied art – which doesn't seem to do me a whole lot of good!  Midterms are approaching fast!  Spirits up.  Grades down.    Love, Cath

Monday, October 30, 2017

1977 Roberta's Letter -Oct.30

October 30, 1977

Hi!  Thanks for your long newsy letter – and the telephone calls – just wish the connections were better!

This last week it seems has been specially hectic.  I'm all organized now at work – on the attendance part of my job.  I've typed up alphabetical lists of senior, juniors, and sophomores.  Now when I get a call I simply mark my list.  When I go to type up the bulletin as to absence – it's a breeze.

The school has almost 800 students – out of that there are about 170 special ed. students, the school is made up of mostly part time students who either work part time or go to another high school part time.  The school is in the original high school building in Mesa.  It's an old school – spread out over about a block and a half.  Where I am used to be the library.  The school now has about 20 "portables" which they use as classrooms.  They really have a wide variety of courses – you'll have to go through the school when you come.

Friday was a weird day at work – except for the vice principal there for about an hour I was all by myself.  I got alot done – except for a few phone calls – I had not other distractions.

I've got some (quite a few) things I'd like you to bring out – or would you rather send it out otherwise.

How is Ruth?  I had a letter from her the same day your letter came – she said how she enjoyed your phone calls, Mother.  I couldn't believe that John was still in bed when you wrote the letter.

Does he say anything about going back to the farm?  How about Carol coming for Thanksgiving?

Dad, I hope you had a really great birthday – now I can't even find the letter I wrote – there is a brown shirt hanging in my closet for you – it's printed & long sleeved.

I hear from Cathy quite a bit.  I'm going out to Arizona State University & put up an ad about going to San Diego.

Have some other correspondence to catch up on ––

Mar Virginia – where will you go in the city in February?  Have you written the Rosan's?  I had a letter from Dawn.


1987 Catherine's Letter -Oct.29

Thursday, October 29, 1987
Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  I started a letter to you last week while I was at my computer class but lost it when the computer glitched before I had a chance to get it printed.  So, I'll try again.  I'm now on my supper hour (work 12-9 today) and had planned to pick up Gerry and take him home while grabbing something to eat, but we had a gigantic rain storm at 5:00 so he called and said someone from work would drop him off.  Therefore I didn't have to go out into the storm.  It seems to have let up now and the sun was out a few minutes later so I guess the worst is over.

I went to Wendy's reading class this morning and listened to the students present reports on communication.  Wendy did hers on monkey communication and used two monkeys puppets from the library) as part of her project.  She had read some of the books about monkeys that learned sign language, different kinds of sounds that monkeys make, etc.  I also put in a little time at the school library.  I think I've totaled 4 volunteer hours so far, done some weeding and trying to put the card catalog in proper order.  Evidently for several years someone filed who wasn't really familiar with the alphabet and/or filing rules!

Roberta as usual is busy all the time.  Last night Gerry and I went down and visited with Sid for awhile as Wendy was at Pioneer Girls.  Roberta was at a fashion show or somewhere.  We went on half (13.5 miles of the Grapenuts Bicycle Ride last Sunday with the.  They took us and our bicycles down to the State Capital and then they made the round trip back to their truck while we stopped off the route (which came closest to our house at the Crescent Hotel (25th & Dunlap).  Wendy bogged down after about four miles but then got her second wind and made it the rest of the way pretty well.

We're looking forward to seeing John in the near future and then you folks shortly thereafter.  How was the birthday, Dad?  You were another day older, huh?

Well, I better get back to work now.  It will probably be a semi-slow night since the storm will have scared some people into staying at home!

Catherine, Gerry
& Wendy

Sunday, October 29, 2017

1967 Jean's Letter -Oct.29

Oct. 29, 1967
Dearest Catherine,

Enjoyed our visit with you and anxious to hear how you get along with your shoes.  If the ones from N's aren't satisfactory – by all means – do not  keep them & I'll try to pick up something either at Wade's or elsewhere but do let us know.

John & Serena did get to go to the carnival as we got in about 8:00 last night.  It was surprising how quickly they got the car unpacked in order to get to go on over to the school.  The Kuntzmans were down – but only John & Serena saw them.  Al & Rev. K. didn't come.

We picked up Mary Virginia & Mrs. Thornburg said she's been so good & never mentioned us.  Mr. T. had fallen out at the farm, infection developed & he has to be in bed for a couple of weeks.  Wilma said it was a blessing Mary V. was there as it took both their minds off Mr. T's troubles.

We talked to Larry Pope's mother & he started to some United Electronics School last week in Louisville.  He goes to school 4 hours in the afternoon & then may work from 5PM to 1AM at a Kroger store.

Linda Hause has been stuffing things in her mouth & she choked to death yesterday.  They are having private funeral services Tuesday – no calling yours but contributions may be sent to the Parents Volunteer Organization at Orient  in lieu of flowers.

Mrs. David Allen had a little girl Oct 22 – Jodena – 4 names altogether.  7#14oz.

Got an invitation to an Alumni & Friends of K College meeting at some home in Cincinnati, Nov. 8 (Wed) They plan to show a film "Face Michigan" and give the latest news of K.

Mary V. wanted to know today if you were counting your money.  – Don't know exactly what she had in mind but think she knows you pretty well for "counting your pennies."

Sorry we didn't get to meet Evan – Did you get to Church this morning?  We actually got there early – As someone said, we could use an extra hour every Sunday AM.

Thought of lots of things afterwards – that we didn't get asked or tell you but will try to make up for it at Christmas unless you decide to come home sooner.

Got R's permissions off to her – She called while were at UNICEF – Intermediate MYF tonight but John talked to here.  We collected $65.52 – $1.02 more than last year.

Love ––– Mother

1977 Catherine's Letter -Oct.27

Thursday morning
October 27, 1977
Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Your letter arrived yesterday right after I mailed the post card.  That's what you call instant response.  I would have mailed your birthday cards sooner, Dad, if I had known you would be celebrating in advance.  Glad that you like the jacks.  Driving to San Diego seems like a smart idea with all the drivers you have.  What does that mean as far as Mary Virginia and the wedding are concerned?  So you will be coming through the southern route after you go through Kansas City?

We went out to see DeeDee last night.  Her mother says size 6 boots would be fine if you have room to bring them.  She and one of her friends are all involved right now in making a mobile of the solar system for a science project.

I don't know if it was the excitement of going to see DeeDee or what but after we got home Wendy proceeded to vomit her supper all over me.  So she woke up in the middle of the night probably because without that food in her she got hungry faster.  She has been spending much more time awake and alert during the daytime with just a few shorter naps scattered between feedings.  She is also less fussy and seems better able to entertain herself for longer periods of time.  We have gotten a few smiles out of her but she isn't making a habit of it yet.

We ordered a bean gag lounge from that store that you and I went to, Mother.  They didn't have one in stock in the material we wanted.  It is sort of a brown stripe.  We are in hopes it will be in by tomorrow.  Wendy and I are going to take the bus to El Cajon and meet Gerry again tomorrow.  I carry her to the bus in that little pleated seat [sling?] which works real well because once we get on the bus I can fold it up and put it in my purse.  Gerry takes the stroller in the car.

Tuesday night alot of people here at the apartment got together and had a barbecue.  Everybody donated some meat – ribs, chicken and steak plus we each brought one side dish.  One of the guys is a real barbecue chef and the meat was really good – he marinated it in sauce – his own blend and then grilled everything.  I took a batch of brownies.  There was lots of good food and it was easy to keep an eye on Wendy since we wen't more than 25 feet away from home.

Well, the mailman should be here any minute so I will finish this now.  Hope to hear from all again soon!

Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

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