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Uncle Bill 1914-1994

August 8, 2014 would have been Aunt Mary's (Mary Uible Horton 1913-2012) 101st Birthday.  It also marks the 20th anniversary of the date Uncle Bill's (William A. Horton 1914-1994) obituary appeared in the Wilmington News-Journal.  The obituary is scanned and transcribed below.  Bill's middle name is listed incorrectly as Arthur (should be Arnold), and the last line(s) of the obituary has been cut off in the photocopied version.
Wilmington Ohio News-Journal - Monday, August 8, 1994 page 2, Deaths, Funerals column
William Horton

William Arthur [Arnold] Horton, 80, of 69 E. Main St., New Vienna, and 1025 North B St., Lake Worth, Fla., died Saturday (Aug. 6, 1994) at University Hospital, Cincinnati.  He is survived by his wife, Mary Uible Horton, whom he married in Columbus June 24, 1942.  They met at Fort Hayes, Columbus, in Civil Service 5th Corp. Area Medical Corp.

Mr. Horton was born Jan. 31, 1914, in East Springfield, Jefferson County, the son of Joseph and Selina Weals Horton, both of whom preceded him in death.  He was the third of four children.  He grew up in East Springfield and graduated from Amsterdam High School in 1932.  Mr. Horton attended Indiana University at Indianapolis in business administration.  He was a veteran of World War II as a master sergeant, and served in the Medical Unit in Calcutta, India.

Upon returning to the states, he resided in Hillsboro for seven years.  In 195w, he relocated his family to Lake Worth, and this remained his home until his death.  The last five years he enjoyed his summer months in New Vienna, and was an active member in the Senior Citizens Center and the New Vienna United Methodist church.  

He became licensed as a stock broker for the brokerage security firms of Sutro Brothers of Palm Beach, Hirsch and Co., and Dupont, Glore, Forgan, Inc. of Lake Worth, and Dean Witter of West Palm Beach, Fla.  He retired from Dean Witter in 1979.  

Mr. Horton was an active member of Calvary United Methodist Church, serving as lay leader, member of the board of trustees, finance committee and other leadership capacities.  He was a life-long member of the Masonic Grand Lodge, F&AM, of Florida.  Mr. Horton was past president of the Lake Worth Lions Club.  He enjoyed playing golf and was a member of the 9 Holers of the Lake Worth Golf Course.

He is also survived by a son, Joseph Uible Horton of Santa Fe, NM; a daughter Marianne Horton Kinter [Kintner] and son-in-law Lawrence Reed Kinter [sic] of Lancaster, Pa.; two sons and daughters in-law, Robert Hiestand and Cindy Bussing Horton of Lake Worth, and Cris Weals and Angela Patter- [end of photocopy]

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1964 Camp Indianola Family Camp Roberta & Catherine

Roberta wins second place in a Derby Day contest at Camp Indianola but was actually the first place winner when the first place winner, "Kathy," was disqualified for being too old for the age category.  This was the first year that the family attended and possibly Marriane accompanied us and Mary Virginia stayed home (per the instructions at end of July for baby schedule).  There is a picture of MV at family camp in 1965 so we will look at it next year.

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1954 Jean's Letter -Aug 15

1954 Jean's letter to her mother
First and last pages scanned.
Sunday –
Aug. 15, 1954
Dearest Mother,

Guess its all settled that we will take off this coming Saturday, the 21st.  It will be late in the afternoon at the very earliest so don't count on us for dinner.  Daddy Uible has decided to accompany Harold to New York so they'll leave early Sunday morning and be back the next Friday (Aug. 27th) and then we want you to come home with us for three or four weeks.  Harold will be traveling off & on & we'd like you to keep us company.

Mary & Bill & family left Friday morning for Florida so they'd be getting into Lake Worth today.  They had a grand time in Utah & Bill enjoyed his school training there.  Mary said they were lost without the children but the time went real fast.  Mary became interested in Mormonism so enjoyed talking to the people who owned the motel, etc. & seeing the things of historic interest there.  She (rather they) brought the girls leather bracelets with beads of various colors on them which made quite a hit, a paperweight for Harold and a honey dish shaped like a bee hive with a ceramic bee on the top.  The honey also made a big hit for we've had it for almost every meal.

Harold had to work over at the County Fair for three days (9-4) directing traffic.  The Lions Club's bid of $700 for policing the fair was accepted so they all had to put in three days there.

We (Mother & Daddy Uible and all the children) went over Monday to see the animals & had some of the food the fair offers (foot-long hot dogs, ice cream, candy, etc.)

Wednesday evening there was a picnic for Mary & Bill, Aunt Mary, Uncle Harry – Joe & Mary Hiestand & their family, Paul & Miriam & their family, Helen & Wibb Carr & their boy (Helen is Aunt Mary's daughter by her 1st marriage) & all the Uible-Horton clan.  It turned cool that day but was still good weather & we all had a good time.

We told [about Serena's expected arrival] the family the night before Mary & Bill took off – at almost the last minute & about that time more company arrived & we left & thats all thats been said.

We had a tube go bad in our television set but finally got it fixed and might so every enjoy it again.

The girls like their new bed real well & are anxious for you to come down & try it out.  I separate them in the afternoon for their naps (usually Catherine just rests anyway) but they are together in it at night & are finally learning to sleep in it without being crosswise in the bed.

Don't go to any trouble for us over the weekend for Harold & Daddy Uible may not even be there for a meal & we don't want you to be too worn out to come home with us.

All our very best love,
Harold, Jean, Catherine & Roberta

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

1954 Jean's Letter -Aug 8

1954 Letter from Jean to her mother - Aug. 8
First and last page scanned.
Aug. 8, 1954
Dearest Mother,

Glad to receive your letter yesterday and had hoped to hear that you would come down.

Last week was pretty busy – Tuesday I got my permanent – Jean Eaton [Baugh] gave it to me at her house.  Wednesday night was the Lions Club picnic which we had to have at the church because of rain (among other things I made one of those cakes (A&P orange chiffon) with whipped cream and peaches which was a big hit).

Thursday morning we all (4 of us) went to Hillsboro & I got a summer dress on sale – kind of a dimity with a crinoline slip – real pretty.  And we also purchased a double dresser in sold maple & a Hollywood bed with a maple head board – both very pretty for the girls' room.  Mother Uible had a mattress & springs so we're using those on it (They came Saturday).  

Thurs. afternoon was the WSCS picnic at Mrs. Howard Penn's.  Mother Uible insisted on staying home with all the children so they had an indoor picnic due to rainy weather again.

Thursday night the Firemen were putting on a show & we felt obliged to go to it.

Friday a whole carful of us (Donna Cornelius, driver, her mother Mrs. McClure, Jean Eaton, Alice Rudisill, Charlotte Hause and I) went to Cincinnati for the day.  Harold had a trip to Sandusky so took both the girls with him.  I half looked for summer dresses but there weren't any decent ones left.  I also looked at maternity house dresses but they had only 2 piece one which didn't appeal to me.  I did get a real pretty Bates spread for the girls room.  Also found baby things on sale so really stocked up – 4 doz diapers, 8 shirts, 4 kimonos, 4 bath towel sets and 5 yards of sani-sheeting.

We got home about 6:00 & Harold & the girls about 6:20.  Mary Ruth & Bob were having a dinner party at 6:30 so it was quite a rush.  It was one of those affairs put on my a stainless-steel co. to sell their pots & pans.  The whole dinner is cooked & served by the salesman & then you get sales talk before & after the dinner & he makes appointments to see you in your own home the next day.  They only wanted $146 for the small set & $235 (5 pieces) for the larger sets (about 8 or 9 pieces).  Plus they they want you to book another dinner party for them.  What a racket!  

From all I hear there were only two of the six couples invited who didn't buy a set nor book a party.  Jean & Joe Eaton were the other couple.  I can't see any pot or pan worth $30 a piece.  We might have booked a party but I couldn't see invited 5 other couples who would feel obliged to be rooked.

This morning we had no church services.  I taught the 6-8 year olds in Sunday School class and will have the group next Sunday too as their teacher is away on vacation.

I forgot to tell you that when Mary & Bill were up at Bill's mother, they started up to see you & someone told them the road was under construction for four miles and due to the terrific dust they thought it best to turn around altho they were sorry not to get to see you.  Mary was rather miserable the whole time she was in Ohio due to the dust.  

Catherine is fine now – snapped out of her sick spell right away & Roberta is as impish as ever.

The Horton children seem to get along fine without their parents.  Mary & Bill will be in prob Tues or poss Monday or maybe Wednesday.  She wrote & said she'd never go as far from the children again.  Mother U. wanted to know if we felt that way – & we said we missed them but would go again if the opportunity knocked – guess we're just callous.

I've been feeling fine – probably will go to the doctor again this week as my pills have run out.  Still haven't mentioned it to Mother & Daddy Uible altho I imagine they have guessed it from some of their remarks.

Harold says to tell you we will leave New Vienna two weeks from yesterday Aug 21 (Saturday) & will take you home with us the following Saturday (Aug. 28) so please make your plans to come.  I have to entertain the WSCS Sept. 2 so want you here then.  We won't take "no" for an answer this time.  We've got a better bed for you now.

All our very best love, 
Harold, Jean, Catherine, Roberta & ? [unborn Serena]

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2004 Catherine's postcard -Aug. 5

St. Louis, Missouri received a $1 million dollar gift from Andrew Carnegie to build their new central library in 1901.  25¢ bought the postcard below about 100 years later.  In recent years the library was under a $70 million dollar restoration and renovation, expected to reopen in 2012.
St. Louis Missouri library postcard c1925
St. Louis Missouri library postcard c1925 address side mailed 5 Aug 2004 from Catherine to HHUs
Recognize this handwriting?  I wasn't around in 1925 to write the message but saved it until 2004.  Here's my exciting message of 5 August 2004: Hi! Glad we were able to get our tickets to fly to Ohio at a bargain price ($99 one way) so close to Thanksgiving [family get together to see Kate perform in the Nutcracker].  Seems like fall already with kids back in school and we are immersed in planning fall programs.  Summer session of storytimes ends this week.  Total registration for children's reading program this summer was 11,333 an increase of 5% over 2003.  Next week is meeting to begin planning for 2005.  When do you leave for Asheville?  Love, Catherine & Gerry

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1954 Jean's Letter -Aug 1

1954 Jean's Letter to her mother - Aug. 1
First and last pages scanned.
August 1, 1954
Dearest Mother,

We should have sooner [written] to tell you we arrived home safely about 8:00 last Sunday night.  We stopped on the way to eat, see Melvin & Helen Long (they weren't home but saw their little girl & Helen's family who were baby-sitting) and later Aunt Vertie and then at Mother & Daddy Uibles to see them & the Horton children.

Tuesday afternoon Bill Sanker called from Cleveland to say he was leaving then for Cincinnati & so he arrived at 12:30 that night (we had left everything ready for him) but didn't hear him come in.  He left after breakfast (around 6:30) & stopped on his way back Thursday night – stayed for supper & all night & left about 4:00 AM for Cleveland – when we again didn't hear him.

They are tearing down the house behind the filling station across the street where Arlene & Dick Curtis used to live.  They plan to put up a super-modern station there.

We stopped tonight to see the McElwee's newly-moved-in-to house.  They certainly have the rooms now.  Three bedrooms, huge attic, basement (with big billiard table & fixed up like a recreation room).  I'd think they'd really get lost in the house after their former one.

Mother & Daddy Uible & the 3 little Horton's were down for supper tonight.  They brought a watermelon & I doctored up a bought Angel food with strawberries & whipped cream and we had some cold roast beef & turkey sandwiches (the latter thanks to Thanksgiving – the last package).

Catherine didn't feel very good this past week but is fine now.  Wednesday she had a fever of 102ยบ & complained of sore throat.  We had Dr. Fullerton Thursday morning & he gave her a penicillin shot, sulphea medicine & some other pills & she soon snapped out of it.  He said its primarily her tonsils & wants to see them this fall & see that they're taken out if need be.

Mary & Bill are due back about a week from tomorrow & I'll bet G'Ma & G'Dad are counting the days.  The children don't seem to be a bit homesick.

I'm to get a permanent Tuesday.  The Lions Club picnic is Wednesday night – Thursday is the WSCS picnic & that night the Firemen [?] are giving a minstrel.  Tomorrow night is Church Board Meeting and I have a Hospital Twig meeting too.

The Fenwicks have gone to Florida for a little vacation.  His sister lives there (in Miami).  John didn't go.  I guess he has to work.

No doubt Bob & Harriette & family are home or almost so by now.  Do hope they had a nice vacation.

Would you ask Virginia if she might have packed the belt to my navy dotted nylon or perhaps it will turn up some old place at home – anyway I hope.

We're counting on you coming down soon so please plan on it.  Harold is planning to go to New York in about 3 weeks.

All our very best love,
Harold, Jean, Catherine, Roberta & ? [expected baby Serena] (We haven't told M.&D. Uible yet so shhhhhh please)

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1984 Scotland, Wales postcards - July 25-31

Scotland postcard - Piper in Wallace Tartan - mailed 1984
1984 Wallace Tartan postcard from Jean & HH -July 25
Wed 7-25-84
Glasgow, Scotland
Have enjoyed learning about the Scottish Clans & Tartans here in Glasgow – near where Ballantynes lived in Paisley.  Also tie to the Wallaces on front.

Really appreciated your aerogramme, MV – hope your roses do well & yard isn't too much for you + gardening, work, softball, etc.

We have a 9-hour bus ride today to Bangor, Wales – the area were the Hortons came from.  Have been in several Woolworth stores & did buy bubbles.  They have a lot of items from Hong Kong also.  --Jean & Harold
Anglesey Beumaris Castle (Wales) postcard - mailed 1984
Monday, July 30, 1984
Hi –
We visited here yesterday where they put on a 13th century "battle" - all in costume.  The castle was started in 1295.

Attended the local Methodist Church - had 5 hymns - w/all verses sung.  also had 6 P.M. service.

We have had Yorkshire pudding twice – a speciality – but wouldn't go out of our way for it.

Wales is such a beautiful country and they still retain their language as well as English though there is no similarity.  Enjoyed a youth choir and a harpist last night who played & sang Welsh music.

Love to all – Harold & Jean
North Wales Castles postcard - mailed 1984 Top: Caernarfon, Rhuddlan. Bottom: Harlech, Conwy
1984 Wales Castles postcard from HH -July 31
We got our rental car today – near the lower right hand corner castle.  It's a right hand drive & shift w/ the left hand.  It's a Ford Fiesta.

Plan to drive down the Coast of Wales – then to Bath/Bristol area, & then toward London

Went to the grocery today & got "provisions."  Also a jack set.  Wales has been great also – makes us want to read ore history.  Glad to get MV's letter today.  See Proverbs 25:25.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

1964 MV's Schedule at 5 months-old -July

Not sure where Mary Virginia's parents might have gone to necessitate leaving a schedule with someone else but the details are transcribed below.
1964 MV's Schedule at 5 months-old -July

Mary Virginia's Schedule 7-27-64

  • 8:00 Up & Changed
  • 8:30 Breakfast - Fill small insulated cup about 1/3 full [of cereal?] & mix with about 2 oz. formula.
    Rest of bottle.
  • 10:00 Vitamins
    3 cc (Bottle in refrigerator)
    Bath (easiest in kitchen sink)
    Nap – (not usually too long)
  • 12:30 or 1:00 Lunch 1/2 of rest of lamb & vegetables heated in another baby jar in bottle warmer.
  • 3:30 or 4:00 Orange Juice (oranges in bottom of refrig)
    1 T. strained & 1 T. water.  Spoon it from plastic or paper cup.  Likes to try to drink it.
  • 5:00 1 jar baby fruit (unheated)
  • 7:00 or later 1 bottle or more
  • 8:30 Bed & double diaper
    If hot put on gown later.
Formula – Mix in qt pitcher & strain w/funnel into 3 1/2 bottles.  Repeat.  put in rack in sterilizer. Do not cap bottles too tightly.  Put 5-6 oz water in bottom.  Plug in & heat for 25 minutes.  cool completely before refrigerating.
  • 1 can milk
  • 18 oz boiled water
  • 1 Tablespoon Karo
Diaper Pail
Mix about 4-6 Tablespoons bleach (under bathroom sink) with hot water.

Friday, July 25, 2014

1994 Roberta's letter -July 24

A two page letter from Roberta following a family reunion to Estes Park, Colorado.  Roberta writes movingly about families and our good fortune in being part of the family we have.  The first page is written on the back of a budget spreadsheet from Senior Village and the second page on the back of what appears to be a quarterly report from Senior Village about the residents, staff and facilities.  The paragraph Roberta mentions about Grandma and Heartland is transcribed after the rest of the letter.  Transcription follows.


Dear Dad & Mom,

First of all I want to put it down on paper how much we (Sid & I) – as a part of the bigger We (Uibles/Hortons) & the "fringe" [?] enjoyed greatly the E.P. Experience!  Your generosity in making it possible – the Uible et al family reunions – is appreciated beyond words!  As I grow older I appreciate all the more connecting w/ the family more & more.  You both put Focus on the family on a very real/personal level.  We will always treasure the memories – (& pictures!) of our 1994 Colorado [indecipherable].

Thanks for the corporate sponsorship of all of us Uibles & for the generous transportation check too.  I'm saving my $ now for China – would like to do it in 1995!

Thanks again – I see such tragic family situations here at SV – people who don't know where their own children are / if their brothers /sisters are still alive.  Also brothers & sisters who do not get along & want different course of action for their parent – etc.  Makes me realize how very important family unity within family is!

I'm using up scrap paper – we have enough to last us the rest of our lives.  Speaking of family this paper must be from 2 or 3 summers ago when Grandma was at Heartland (see 3rd paragraph other side).

I'll enclose some postals I got at or local Walmart – the new touted bookmark/postal – perhaps you have someone you would like to mail 1 to – or keep for yourself.  I'll enclose 2 – 18¢ – cheaper than in Colorado!

Thanks again for your making the trip possible for all of us – it was a great present that we will never lose!  We enjoyed it & will enjoy talking about it for a long, long time!

Will close soon to find out about Uncle Bill. [Uncle Bill died about two weeks later, on August 6, 1994.]  Wish we could stop in just to visit!

Love, Roberta & Sid

* * * * *
Paragraph from Senior Village report mentioning Grandma in this letter:

I am enclosing a letter that was written by Audrey, daughter of one of our newer residents, who had visited her mother at the Village in June from out-of-state.  I can personally identify with her feelings of appreciation of where her Mom is since it has become necessary for my Grandma to live in a "care" facility.  I know the pain of having a family member out-of-state, and yet the peace of mind knowing that the member is content and receiving the best of care.

Love, Roberta & Sid

1984 Scotland Postcards -July 21,23

1984 Glasgow Cathedral The Chancel postcard -July 23
 [July 1984 though undated]
Hi – we came the 425 miles from London on the train in just 5 hours.  Great scenery.  Saw Sids daughter & her husband on Sun. at Felixstowe, then on Monday we ate out w/ them & went to the theater.

We are in a new dorm here in Glasgow & have walked downtown. It is light here past 10 P.M. & HOT during the day.  Got Mothers letter here today & hope you have apples & tomatoes to eat soon.  Had porridge & fish for bkfst this morning.  Had beans available.  – Jean & Harold
Scotland postcard -Mailed 1984
Postcard to MV
[postmarked 7/21/84]

Hi – You would enjoy the beautiful roses, etc. here – the LONG days here have a positive influence.  We have been all around Glasgow (& 1 library too) & go to Edinburgh tomorrow.

Had such a nice visit with Cynthia & Murray Park last Sunday & Monday – visited them in Felixstowe & met them in London Monday afternoon, had dinner & went to play at the National Theater.

The lectures are real interesting – hope to remember much – people are enjoyable too – mostly from east or west coast.  Much love, Dad & Mother
Glasgow Cathedral The Chancel postcard -mailed 1984
Hi – We got MV's letter today.  Went to 2 services here yesterday – dates back to the 14th century.

The group went up to the Trossacks this afternoon, which is the gateway to the Highlands – really narrow roads – feel better when I look out the side window rather than the front window.

Sun. afternoon we saw Loch Lomond – maybe MV knows the song about the Lake.

Did you notice the reference to "Lifeline" in the Upper Room today?  God Thought.

There are 1½ pages of Ballantynes in the local phone book – the area that Jean's family came from.  She has another connection to the Scots thru the Wallace clan.  Haven't seen any W.S.J. here but plenty of news.  Love, J & H

Thursday, July 24, 2014

1984 MV letter to family -July 22


Dear Family –

I didn't get down to the factory today, but wanted to get a letter off before the week is too far gone.  Hopefully my handwriting will be more legible than last week's typing.

Another busy week has gone by with lots of activities.  I figured out today I get a minimum of 50 miles driving a day with work during the day and church at night.

Church ball team will be over this week, as our last practice and game are Monday & Saturday respectively.  We will finish out the season in third place with a record of 3 (losses wins) - 5 (losses).  Not bad for the first year.

I got to Bible School 3 nights at Villars chapel this past week.  One night I taught for a friend who had a birthday.

It seems hard to believe that Mom and Dad have been gone nearly 2 weeks.  Glad they are having a good time and I really praise the Lord for giving me peace of mind about staying alone.

Grandma and I went to Leesburgh [sic] for lunch after church.  She is having the house painted and it looks good.  I think they're about done.

The week after Bermuda I am going to try to go to Faith Homes which is in Northern Illinois –Gordon (my pastor) is going to call & try and see if they have room.  I told him September 3-7.

This week I start my serious dieting.  Not only do I have 10 lbs. to go to get Roberta's $$, but I am joining the diet class at church called Overeaters Victorious.  They use books called "Free to be Thin" by Neva Coyle.

Guess that's about it.  It's 11:00 and I have to be up at 4:00 to go to work.  Hope all of you are okay.  I take it for granted you're still alive as last weeks letters weren't returned with address unknown or addressee deceased.

Love & Prayers,
Mary Virginia

1994 Howard Uible letter -July 22

Howard Perin Uible (1909-2010), first cousin of HH, was the third of four children born to Frank Crossen Uible (1871-1953) and Clara Louise Schloss Uible (1874-1960).   Howard's father, Frank, twelve years older than Cecil, was the second oldest of the seven siblings with C.J. being the second youngest.

Howard's siblings were Mary Serena Uible Sterrett (1901-1990), Frank Crossen Jr. (or Clifford?) Uible (1904-2001), and Richard Clyde Uible (1912-2007).

Howard wrote to HH after receiving a postcard from the 1994 Uible-Horton family reunion in Estes Park, Colorado.  Another blog post about Howard Uible can be found at this link: 2003 Howard Uible, HH & other Uibles.  Transcription and a picture follow.

1994 Howard Uible letter -July 22
July 22, 1994
Dear Jean and Harold –

We were happy to receive your card from Colorado.  To gather 38 related people, widely scatter I'm sure, to a family reunion is quite an accomplishment.  I know you must have had a wonderful time.

Yes, we too are proud of David's publicity.  We see David and Cindy occasionally and knew about some of the story.  He must have a lot of ability.

Things here in Cincinnati are going along as well as can be expected.  Jane has not been well and our activities are slowing down.

Steve and his two boys are doing well and Howard (St. Petersburg) is enjoying life in the sun.

Best wishes to all.

Jane & Howard

2003 Howard Uible (center) with HHU (red shirt)
Presumed left is David Uible of buffalo ranch fame, and Woody Uible in the black shirt between Howard & HH.  Gentleman between David and Howard could be Howard's oldest son, also named Howard.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

1974 Family Letter -July 22

Lots of clues but not too many facts – speculation and memories could perhaps fill in more details of this letter which appears to have been entirely typed and handwritten by HH; except for the date, probably added later, written by Jean.  Reference to C.W. indicate that Cris was visiting.   Did find an online document titled "History of Girl Scouts of Western Ohio" in a section about the Buckeye Trails History (Dayton Area), that Camp Mac-O-Chee started with a donation of land near Bellefontaine in 1949; in 1983 the camp was modified for accessibility to campers with disabilities; property was sold in 1996.

My guess is that Jean and MV attended the Girl Scout Camp along with other Girl Scouts from New Vienna, while Dad, Roberta (working at Wells), and John stayed at home.  Transcription with some corrections follows.

[July 22, 1974]
Sunday Afternoon:

Dear Family:

We saw your cars at Burger Shef and you folks should be getting well acquainted there.  Hope that they have refilled the salad bowl.  C.W. had to stop for gas en route to L&K as the car gets 9 miles to the gallon and we had a good lunch there with Mother getting enough fish to give each of the rest of us one piece . . . even John ate a piece of fish.

The Don Sanders were eating there and wanted to know where the missing members of our family were.  Think you mentioned, but they told us anyway that they now live on Timberlane and to stop in and see them.  Said she wanted to have us for supper but you know how that goes.  The former camer[a] shop man and his [wife?], oh yes their name is Haines were also there.  Back to the meal, where the vegetable of the day is green beans.  Guess, who ended their meal with blueberry pie?  Do you know who that is M.V.????

The lady told us that the motel would be open sometime in August.  the pool is pint size - smaller than our kitchen.  C.W. got away (in no particular hurry) about 1:30 and we stopped at Americare - talked with Mrs. Cline briefly and Mrs. Matthews.  The Columbus Matthews are back from Arizona.

How is Camp Mac-O-Chee?  Hope you will drop us lonesome people a line on how things are going up there?  Okay?  Reading the Church Bulletin today it sounded like someone had been doing a big selling job on the 7 and 8th grade camps.  Oh yes, did you see the Bill Marine branch office in Urbana?  Hope M.V. has time to do some swimming and keep up her conoeing technique.  C.W. thinks his parents would really go for that overnight canoe trip, buy my enthusiasm does not go that far.  Tho Joe might enjoy an overnight camping trip to one of the state parks.

Can you tell us in what drawer in the kitchen are the scissors kept?  No big problem, but could have made the enclosed clipping a little more compact . . . . but hopefully still interesting for you Campers.

Supper is now over & all of us are still on speaking terms and all the dirty dishes are in the dishwasher.

Take care, with love from the home folks

Yes, Beth has been over to see you M.V. and twice to return things.

Practiced my typing on Serena & the Halls.

1974 Letter to MV -July 8

Thought the message part of this letter was missing, but then realized it was written on the inside of the envelope! Jean provides MV with good motherly advice about making friends at Camp Miami in Germantown, Ohio. Was this the first camp experience? And where would John have been?  Camp also?  Boy Scout camp in New Mexico?  Transcription follows.

Monday –
July 8 1974
Dearest Mary Virginia;

Elizabeth and I got back home about 1:30 today after stopping in Wilmington on some errands and lunch.  We do hope that you are enjoying camp by now and are not afraid of introducing yourself to others as they feel just as strange as you and want to make friends too.  As I told Elizabeth, you are alot like Roberta and don't seem to find it too difficult in meeting new people.

The house sure seems quiet.  I went down in the basement to work on some books as it is cooler down there but felt called to come up and write a note.  Mr. Faris was just here with the lawnmower which he evidently got fixed as he took it off the truck and rode it up the driveway into the garage.  So it will be all ready when you get back to take off on it.

Grandma also heard from John today and he hopes that her grass doesn't grow too fast while he is gone.  I'm sure that you can do part of the mowing before he gets back but even I am a little afraid to do the rolling part near the sidewalk.  The painters were well at work when I went by on my way home.

I found the stamp in the car when we got to Wilmington but hope that it doesn't stop you from writing to us for we surely are looking forward to hearing from you and how everything is going.  It is a beautiful campus – looks like it might have been a college or something at one time.  You'll probably hear more about the history and can tell us when you see us if you hear what it used to be.  I thought later that you might want extra money for a picture or something if they take one of the group but hope that you can pay for it when we see you on Friday.  We hope to know more definitely about our plans to go to Lakeside then.  Til we see you, Remember that we love you much, much, muchly and hope you are keeping someone from getting homesick.  Love and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,

Mother & Daddy

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

1984 Catherine letter -July21

July 21, 1984
Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  How are you doing with your studies?  I've been reading a series of books (by DeLa Roche) and some of the action takes place in Wales.  Sounds like a beautiful place.

This was a disappointing week for me as I went to my interview for the Children's Librarian job (which I thought went really well) but I didn't get the job.  They called me on Thursday to tell me I came in a strong second and that I would have a good chance if/when they have another opening.

So my next plan is to go put my application in at Washington State Univ.  I plan to go there on Monday while Wendy is at Day Camp.  The Whitman County Library (here in Colfax) has a bond issue coming up in Sept. and if that passes there will be two more positions open here so I have that possibility too.

DeeDee is scheduled to arrive in Spokane on July 29th and she will return to San Diego on August 18th.

Gerry is just entering his busiest time at work as harvesting begins for wheat, lentils and peas.  He will have to put in lots of extra hours so hopefully he will have some free time while she is here.

Wendy is anxious to go to the Post Office as we are going to the park after that.  So I better close.

We got a nice letter from Mary V. earlier this week.  Have a good rest of your trip.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

Monday, July 21, 2014

1984 MV Letter -July 20

Around the Nation – Around the World
World Communications Year 1983
Evidently this aerogramme was commemorating the World Communications Year which was proclaimed by the United Nations to "stimulate accelerated worldwide development of communications infrastructures" and the international postage had remained unchanged in 1984. MV sends a letter to her parents while they are on an ElderHostel program in the United Kingdom, in Wales at the time of the receipt of this letter.  Transcription follows.

Dearest Mom & Dad –
 Thanks for the postcard this week.  Grandma got one today, which makes a total of 4, I think.  Also got an aerogram from MYK saying that she was stay 2 weeks longer and Greg (from Middletown) will pick her up.

I discovered last Sunday that the dodge has been leaking oil, so I called Barthy & asked them to pick it up & fix it.  Yesterday they still hadn't come, so I called again.  If they do not pick it up on Monday, I will call elsewhere.  Driving the van eats holes in my pockets.

I have been gone every night since you left, and it looks like only 1 nite at home next week.  I have been going to VBS at Villars Chapel plus my regular activities at Port William.  This afternoon I am going to clean the house & then go to a carry-in dinner at Villars Chapel.

I can't remember if I told you that the microwave was broken – anyway, he came (from Bellows Appliance Service - Wilm) on Monday.  The high voltage transformer has burned out.  It will take 2-3 weeks to get on in.  So hopefully it will be fixed by your return.

Several people have gotten apples.  I have gotten for Grandma twice.  She is doing fairly well.  Some days are better than others.  They are just about done painting her house,  Tomorrow we are going to Leesburg for lunch.

I have been fine staying alone, so don't worry.  I stayed with a girl I worked with from Clarksville this past week (1 night).  She's real nice, plays softball all the time and is Mormon.  But I think I'm a good witness & influence.

You got an invitation to a cookout (steaks, etc.) at cooper's (Snyder).  G.G. sent your regrets (it's to be 8/4).  No family mail.  Will pick up at 5:00 in 3 weeks – Everything's fine, so enjoy yourselves.

Love & miss you –

Mary Virginia

Saturday, July 19, 2014

1994 MV's postcard - July 16,19

 Charles Ingalls Family of the Little House books postcard - mailed 1994.  Captioned: Pictured left to right on front: "Ma" Caroline Quiner Ingalls, Carrie Celestia Ingalls, Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder, "Pa" Charles Phillip Ingalls, Grace Pearl Ingalls, and Mary Amelia Ingalls.  Laura Ingalls Wilder endeared them to the world in the LITTLE HOUSE books.
1994 MV's postcard -July 16
Burr Oak, IA 7-16-94
Visited here today, a hotel they managed for a year in 1876.  Very interesting.  Then drove up US 52 to Rochester, MN.  Saw some Amish women selling baked goods & jellies out of their wagon on the way.

This morning visited 2 of the Amana colonies, which I vaguely remembered.  Tomorrow I think we'll rest then go to Twin Cities on Monday.  Conference starts Monday.  

Love - M.V.
 Holland Hall Tower postcard - mailed 1994.  Captioned: The tower of Holland Hall is a landmark at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota.  Built in 1925 and modeled after a part of the fortress-monastery of Mont St. Michel in Normandy, France, Holland Hall set the date for much of the stone architecture which was to follow as the St. Olaf campus expanded.
1994 MV's postcard - July 19
[postmarked 7-19-94]
I don't know how much of Northfield you remember, but St. Olaf has such a beautiful campus.  The emphasis this week is on singing the psalms, which is very interesting.  They keep us busy from 7AM-10PM, which makes for a long day but certainly get your $'s worth.

Will probably arrive in NV on Sat. night after dinner.  Appreciate your TLC for Ginny.

Love, MV

Friday, July 18, 2014

1984 Roberta's AZ Postcard -July 8

Roberta writes Wendy a postcard.  Gerry (and possibly Sid) knew the photographer of this card, Dick Dietrich, who had an RV.  Transcription follows.
Monument Valley (Arizona) postcard mailed 1984 by Roberta to Wendy.  Captioned: The wonders of Monument Valley.  Photographer - Dick Dietrich 
[7/08/84 postmarked]
Hi!  What's new with you & your parents in Colfax?  We are getting ready for our August trip – especially Sid who is doing alot of work on the truck.  We went to a movie – Ghost Busters – have you seen any movies lately?  Have you been swimming – are you getting a tan?
Love, Roberta & Sid

Thursday, July 17, 2014

1974 Stephens Carpet Store Statement -July

Would this have been the carpet for the Recreation Room? –– 27.33 square yards of Tiffany Gold at $6.30 per yard and a labor cost of $1.50/yard, purchased locally from Stephens Carpet Store on Main Street in New Vienna.
1974 Stephens Carpet Store Statement -July

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

1984 London Postcard to MV & Morgans -July 15

This is London postcards written July 15, 1984
Identical cards were sent to Morgans and Mary
Postcard sent to Morgans
7-15-84 Sunday am
[written by HH] Hi!  Thanks for your letter which came yesterday – real service.  We are putting our 7-day bus pass to good use & like the ride on top of double decker buses.  Been studying about Roman London - 55AD:200AD & some of the walls are still up.

[written by Jean] Glad to hear Wendy is enjoying the swimming lessons.  We'll definitely have to go sailing w/her next time.  We're on our way to meet Cynthia King Park & her husband in Felixstowe going by train from Liverpool station getting glimpses of Petticoat Lane Market which is open on Sunday mornings.  Would have had time to spend there but didn't know that train would be 15 minutes late in leaving but really saw enough.  

With much love to each of you, Dad & Mother

Postcard sent to Mary
7-15-85 [84, written by Jean] 
Dearest MV,
On our way to see Cynthia & her husband in Felixstowe – taking the grain to Ipswich where he is to meet us – plan on going to a church service on the beach where Cynthia is to take part.

Have had rain but none in sight for today for which we are thankful.  Hope you & G'ma get along fine – we are thinking of you often especially when we see the beautiful flowers – roses are gorgeous.

Our flight is getting into Columbus earlier than we said as schedule has changed.  Just meet us at the baggage area about 5PM 8/10/84 (Friday).  Love from both of us, Dad & Mother

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

1984 MV's letter -July 15

Mary provides me with a chance to once again discuss the art and challenges of transcription. To be a true transcription letters should be transcribed exactly as written – typos, misspellings, mark-overs, spacings, redactions, etc.  However, the primary purpose of this blog is to share moments in time when letters were written and the conveyance thereof. Therefore, I frequently take the liberty of correcting and/or editing with the occasional use of [sic] to indicate the exact spelling or wording used. In the following letter I will correct most of the spacing oddities, and will probably make some new mistakes in the process. The exact transcription of the original or my edited version can later be the subject of a true transcription by a future generation.  Also those of us old enough can appreciate the ease of corrections on a computer as opposed to using typewriter or a pen.

Edited transcription follows:

July 15, 1984
Dear Family,
Praise the Lord!  Things have gone well in the nearly past week that Mom and dad have been gone.  I have managed to stay as busy if not busier than usual with activities nearly every night.

My diet has been going well over the past 5 weeks, taking 15 pounds off so far.  Roberta's incentive helps alot . . . I only have 10 more to go before I can start counting the money!!!  It was so nice to walk into the store and be able to get a 34 in jeans instead of the 38-40 a year ago.

This past week was Vacation Bible School at Port William.  We had about 90-100 kids (ages 2-18) every day.  I helped teach the 5th and 6th grade, and we had an attendance of 13 everyday.

Whenever we don't have church, (on Sun. Eve.) I got to Villar's chapel, and have gotten to know Sybil (Gano) Tyo and her daughter fairly well. She invited me down for a cook out for dinner, so I am heading down to Blanchester when I get this letter done.  The house seems so quiet after having Roberta, Serena, and Wendy there.  But for now I am enjoying the solitude, as I know there will be lots of company when Roberta and Sid are here.  I am so looking forward to meeting Greg (future brother-in-law?).

Yesterday I worked on my roses, putting new peat moss down.  I got 3 4 cubic feet bales - 12 feet.  I made the mistake of carrying them (75-100 lbs.) and today I am so sore . . . even my ribs hurt.  I told Grandma and she said I had no business doing that kind of thing (I could tear my insides apart and get a hernia.).

Last Night I went to see Fiddler on the Roof at Wilmington College.  It was the last musical that Hugh Heiland was to direct.  It was very good.  In two weeks they will be dong the Wizard of Oz.  Eileen (Fisher) Cline was in Fiddler and my voice teacher will be in both productions.

Well, guess that's about all the news from here.  Don't forget to write.  Mom and Dad would really appreciate it.  Until next week; Closing with Love and prayers,


Monday, July 14, 2014

1984 Catherine's Letter -July 14

Saturday, July 14, 1984

1984 Catherine's Letter -July 14
Written on stationary from
Universal Motor Hotel in Toronto, Ontario
mailed to Glasgow, Scotland
Dear Mother and Dad,
Hi!  I hope you got the letter I sent to London.  If not it will catch up with you eventually.  We got your letter from N.V. on Thursday.  Thanks.

Wendy's luggage was delivered about 5:00 p.m. on Monday.  Everything arrived in fine shape.  We have been enjoying the cheese, cookies and candy.  I really like the collapsible tote bag.  Gerry & Wendy like it too so we have been sharing it.  It fits well on the back of my bike.  Next time you go back to Totes, Gerry would like a red one and Wendy want a blue one like mine.

I heard from the library in Pullman that I am one of 3 finalists for the Children's Librarian position.  Now they are checking on references and then will schedule interviews for the end of next week.  They will announce the selection on July 26th.

Wendy is enjoying her swimming lessons.  She swims a few strokes underwater but has difficulty with the raising her head to breathe aspect.

Colfax is celebrating "Krazee Daze" this week with a Wild West theme.  All the stores are decorated, employees in costume, sidewalk sales, organizations have booths, etc.  Today is the culmination with a parade at noon.  Wendy gets to ride on a combine from Jones Truck & Imp.  Gerry and I are playing in a Krazee Daze golf tournament this p.m.

I checked a book out of the library here called A lifetime's reading: the world's 500 greatest books by Phil Ward (Stein & Day 1982).  It suggests reading ten per year and then in only 50 years you'd have them all read!  I've read maybe 10-20 of them (quite a few I never even heard of) mostly in high school and college.  The only one I read recently was Complete Sherlock Holmes which I read last year.

I just got a call from the library in Pullman and my interview is scheduled for 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday.  By the time you get this it will be over.  Hope I do well!

Interesting article in Spokane paper about Elderhostels in this area.  I'll send it to New Vienna!

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

1974 Catherine's letter -July 14

July 14, 1974
Dear Mom, Dad, Roberta, John, and Mary

Hi!  We were really overwhelmed to receive two letters yesterday.  Appreciated your sending those from Aunt Mary and the clipping was very interesting.  Too bad we don't have more space we could do something like that.  We have built more shelves in the attic of the library in an attempt to make three years growth space for the magazines.  Even with the new shelves we have still been found it necessary to discard some things which we would keep if there were more room.  The preliminary plans for the [building] addition are still in progress.  The architect (a member of the board) seems to be the busiest man in town.  He says he'll have something done by a certain date and then we're lucky if it's done a month later.

We had dinner last night at Tom & Mary Ellen's.  It was the first time we had been to their house and wow is it big.  They have 3 bedrooms plus the master bedroom and the "guest suite," a formal living room, a gigantic family room, an office and the basement.  I'd get tired thinking about cleaning a place like that.  We didn't see their youngest son, Jimmy, as he was already in bed.  Mike, the 4-year-old, reminded me of Tommy – blond hair.  Tom seems to be working hard at the printing business.  Mary Ellen sends out the bills.

On our own house we're coming very slowly.  We poured the second half of the foundation last Tuesday and almost had a disaster.  One of the sections of plywood wasn't braced very well and when the cement went in it bowed out at the bottom and in at the top.  And because the cement was there we couldn't straighten it out again.  So we poured the rest in very slowly and fortunately it didn't give altogether.  However it turned out to be only 10 inches wide at the top and we were planning to put a 12" wall on top of it.  On that side now the wall will be only 10" thick.  We have more or less decided that we won't go all the way up with stone, but perhaps 8 feet and then frame in the rest so that we can have it enclosed by fall winter.  Right now we're about two weeks behind our projected schedule as the foundation took longer than we had anticipated.  Yesterday we put the coating on to keep it from leaking.  Today we're going to level the basement floor so we can pour a cement floor, and we'll start setting up the forms for our stone work.

"Hello" to Grandma.  Hope you all write again soon!  Love, Catherine & X

Sunday, July 13, 2014

1984 MV's letter -July 14

Dear Mom and Dad,

We got your postcard today written from N.Y.C. and Grandma got a postcard from Roberta.  The only other personal mail was a thank-you note from Lynn Sanker.

After dropping you off, Elaine and I went shopping – first to J.C. Penny outlet, then Eastland (on Refugee Road) We found Joann's Fabric's fine and got enough felt for two banners.

Wednesday night I went to Bible Study at Villars chapel after having Delinda Jackson for dinner.  She coaches the softball team at Port William.

Thursday was pretty much the same except I had Chad cove over and mow.  I couldn't figure out how he got done so fast.  I found today he only mowed and trimmed 1/2 the backyard.  From Thompson's on back is yet to be touched.

My hair looks about the same except it's wavy.  She only cut 1/2 inch off, but I got what I wanted, which is body.

We played a black ball-team this morning.  There are two, and they hold 1st & 2nd place.  We lost (12-8) but I'm sure we are third out of the 5 teams.

Tonight Diane Allen & I went to see Fiddler-on-the-Roof.  It was real good.  Afterwards we went back stage to see Eileen Cline and several others.

Grandma & I are eating here tomorrow noon.  I spent this afternoon fertilizing roses, etc.  Every thing's fine here.  Just enjoy England.  I stopped at Radio Shack.  they have to send it in.  They said it ought to be ready in 10 days.  Don't forget to write sometime.

Love and Miss you,

Saturday, July 12, 2014

1964 Marianne's Statement -July 12

This statement brings back memories of a day when there were lots of chores to be done – a Monday so most likely laundry day with loads of clothes to be hung out.  Marianne was not so thrilled with younger siblings – hers, mine or both!  She lived up to this statement by having only two children.  The definition of "bunch" according to TheFreeDictionary.com in this context is "a group or company." Transcription follows.
I will not under any terms get married and have a bunch of children!  I do not want a Mess!
Marianne Horton
7/12/64 age 15¼

Catherine Uible
& her father 
          Harold Uible

Friday, July 11, 2014

1984 London postcard to Wendy from HH & Jean -July 13

City of London Policeman postcard. Mailed 1984.  Captioned: LONDON: The City of London Police are distinguished by their Roman type helmets, brass buttons and red and white armlets.  They are also known for their physique, for no man is accepted under 5/11" in height.  The average height of the Force is in excess of 6'1".  The force inherits a tradition as old as English history itself.  They police an area steeped in history, the Londinium of roman times was known as a town of the highest repute.  Photo: E. Ludwig, John Linde Studios.
1984 London postcard to Wendy from HH & Jean -July 13.
Dearest Wendy –
It was so good talking to you on the phone last Sunday.  We really missed you after you left.  So many asked about you and want you to come back.

We arrived here Wed AM & are having a good time.

Plan to see Cynthia King Park & her husband at their home in Felixstowe Sunday.  I know she remembers you!  Love to you & your Mom & Dad.  G'ma & G'dad Uible

Items from Uible photo album