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1978 Roberta's Letter to John -Feb.12

 February 12, 1978
Hi, John!

Sunday night . . . . writing letters, and it's great to have yours to answer . . . . seems like lately that is the extent of my letter writing!

Hope that Rob does go to the farm this year – would be good for him – and know he would enjoy it lots!  As for me going back – it's not in the books . . . I'm glad for my 3 summers there but . . . . And what about M. Mahanes [?] going – is she serious?

I'm going to keep my job at the school – it's ok – wish my wages weren't frozen – but that's the breaks working for the county!

We went to the play – "Bubbling Brown Sugar" yesterday eve really enjoyed it – are you familiar with it?  All black cast but 1 white guy – good!!  Lots of soul music – of the 40's and 50's.

Ruth is coming on Wednesday then on Saturday Mom & Mary Va – then on Tuesday – Dad.  Also Liz might be coming out for the weekend only.  What a shame that I have to hold a job down during all the tourist season!

Does it feel good to be back in school – or not???  do you have good feelings about all of your tripping around? 

We put a AM/FM/8 Track in the Buick – w/ even speakers in the door.  It's a pioneer – really good sound!  Wish you were here to listen to it!

We are taking this course on book of John – at the Church – it's almost like being in a retirement community –

Tell me what else did they (?) take from the house?  did Dad report it?  It's so disgusting – How did they get in?  How much of a mess did they leave?

I've been getting the News Journals – my the winter you all are having!!  I'm sure glad to be out here instead of there though!

What is happening in your life lately?  Write & keep me posted!!

What is the plan for going to Florida in April?

Love, Bert

Sunday, February 18, 2018

1988 MV's Letter -Feb.11

2PM 2-11-88
Dear Mom & Dad,

Had an uneventful trip down yesterday and arrived about 2 P.M.  Have already finished up for the day.  I think I like having classes in the morning rather than strung out all day.

Betsye (the girl I'm going to Alabama with next weekend) and I walked about 3 miles last night.  And in one of the basement rooms of the dorm they've put some free weights and a stationary bike, so I also went down there.  This afternoon we're going to play racquetball and walk later.  Betsye's parents have a big auction service, so we'll be working at some sale next Saturday morning.  Should be interesting.

There are several new students this semester.  Last fall no one lived in the basement and now there's five people living down there, along with other women on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors.

The Spring trip to Florida has been cancelled for singing Seminarians due to financial belt tightening for the school.  Everyone seemed disappointed but it will be nice to have the time off!

Enclosing my grades from last semester.  The GPA should be a bit higher due to the fact they didn't get my handbell grade on there.  Hope the trip to Mew York went well.  See you the 26th.


Tues 8-1,3-4
Thurs: 8-1
Friday 8-10

Saturday, February 17, 2018

1978 GHU's letter to John -Feb.10

Feb. 10th [1978]
Dear John –

It is always good to hear from you.  Enjoyed receiving your picture that your Dad sent to us along with the write up of your activities.  You don't seem to be too settled as yet for I believe you have been meeting your Dad both going & coming in Columbus from his trips.  Hope you don't get stranded in the snow nor rain like some of the people we read about. 

We have been in a stir the last 2 days as Marianne called yesterday & said she & the 2 boys would arrive to-morrow evening in Ft. Laud. – by plane for a few weeks.  Larry will come later.  She had first planned to come next week.  If all is well & I remain the same, it would be nice drive home with you the first of April or when you return you will perhaps need to look after yourself more than usual as Aunt Mary is having a lot of trouble with her shoulders (Bursitis) & is trying to not do as much as usual.  She is not going to be able to handle the little boys alone & of course I am no help so it may make a difference in Marianne's plans for going here & there. 

As to the number of days to take when returning north it would depend on the route taken & where we might want to stop to sight-see, if any, & of course the weather.  It remains cool in Fla, with a lot of cloudy weather with more showers than usual.  I suppose you would want to spend most of your time at the beach & surely it will warm up when March arrives as Easter comes early.  Has your friend ever been to Fla?  When you have time you can let us know ore about your Spring plans or hopes

Rob is going to go to N.J. at least he sent in his application so will see what happens.

Bed time has a way of coming along so must close & get my shut eye.

Love, Grandma

Friday, February 16, 2018

1988 Calvin Smith Letter -Feb.10

[paragraph breaks are added for easier readability]

February 10, 1988

Dear Harold,

I'm sitting here during an office hour (in which nobody has shown up even though several essays are due in the next few days), looking out on a sunny village-scape of snow, bare branches against the sky, and a white cross on the church spire across the street. 

It all somehow reminds me of New Vienna, that other village of my life, which has by now become entirely a village of memory, existing only inside my head.  But then of course you still live there, right across the street from the locus of my earliest memory of the place; and your mother still near the center of town measuring out her days one by one with a sturdy tenacity – praise be! 

Even our old school principal who we visited not too long ago (and can I recall his name?  No!).  Only the other day I was remembering the study hall stretching along the front of the second floor, and the sixth-grade room downstairs from which of an early afternoon one could look across the playground to the railroad and the little rise beyond.  But you I always see, along with Melvin Long, in the high-school years:  working on "Vienna Viewpoints" (I ran across a batch of them not too long ago as I cleaned out a cupboard); my trying to keep you two from snitching tickets to – what? the junior class play?  and not succeeding; your serving as cashier down in the lunch room and (to my horror) drinking off some cans of evaporated milk. 

Then what year was it?  We both went down to Miami University for the statewide achievement tests.  And the Great Peach Ice Cream Episode.  And then your inviting me up to Cleveland, and the concert at Severance Hall, which I thought was the most beautiful place I'd ever seen. 

I must tell you also that your father's series of Packards triggered an early dream of mine even before I knew you: at about age eight or ten, I asserted that my ambition in life was to own a Packard and drive to Florida.  The vanity of human wishes!  Before I'd even got my first paying job (aside from clerking at Streber's or competing with you in the newspaper-boy business), Packards had disappeared from the market. 

And now that I could go to Florida I have no wish to . . . .  In fact, with the two little strokes wherewith I was stricken last year has come a curious revaluation of things for me.  Although I have no observable physical effects, my whole outlook on the world has shifted ever so slightly so that things have taken on a different aspect altogether:  not many things seem really worthwhile.  Not that there aren't still thousands of things to enjoy and delight in; but their transience seems all too apparent, and transience is disturbing. 

I am understanding, really for the first time, the necessity out of which the idea of God must have been formed:  an ultimate, an all-encompassing eternal holding the bubble of time for a nano-second, a Point for all the goings-on of human life, which would be pointless without it.  I regret that I have outlived my faith in that God, as I hope you haven't.  For without a God to give it all Point, this village-scape outside my windows and the village in my memory where you live are a bit absurd.  Yet that I am enjoying the winter scene outside and getting much joy from fingering my memories of New Vienna and your large part in them does invest both with a worth that might be called, I suppose, sacred . . . . 

I hope you're still living gracefully, you and Jean, peddling across Iowa, leading little kids to books, running your jacks factory (are you still making jacks??); it's nice to know that you're there, now a pillar of the town, helping to keep it going in the flesh as I keep it alive in the spirit.


1968 Roberta's Postcard -Feb.12

[postmarked Feb. 12, 1968]
Monday afternoon

Hi!  Nice to talk to you.  Bus comes in Columbus at 3:55 – or is suppose to.  Let me know if you won't be there.

Chris Stanley's (my room-mate) grandfather died suddenly which makes the room worse than ever!  Boy!

Must go.  See you all Thursday.  Where I can can check into Wilmington Summer School program?  I sure am interested in it.

Love, Roberta

Thursday, February 15, 2018

1988 Family Letter -Feb.7

Dearest Family –

We finally put in a new typewriter ribbon and I am sure that you can tell the difference.  I also used the typewriter cleaner that Serena left here a long time ago.  Sorry that we have waited so long to do such a simple thing.  As the saying goes it is the little things that add up.

Mary Virginia is non-committal about any date for a wedding but still says she'll let us know six months ahead of time.  She does not want us to set the date – like November – Thanksgiving time so until you hear further from her or us . . . .

Glad to hear that DeeDee has set the date and know that Wendy is all excited about being in the wedding.  Keep us up with the details.

We leave Thursday for the Toy show and Bob and GG Walker are going with us – hope the weather is warmer than it is here now – in the single digits and below.

We are to help drive a group of intermediates to a skating party in Hillsboro.  We had planned to go out for dinner so will wait til after we have delivered them and then eat plus get some groceries and odds and ends that we've been needing.  We get in free  plus free skates but Dad told them we didn't skate so maybe that's just as well – I don't think we need any broken bones.

We'll be back next Monday, Feb. 15 from New York and then Dad goes on his "Walk to Emmaus" the following Thursday (Feb. 18 through Sunday (Feb. 21).

The one garage door opener is so nice that we have ordered one for the other door.  You have heard the saying that the fool always does eventually what the wise person did in the first place.

Glad that Serena had an "uneventful" drive to Phoenix . . . it's a long trip, especially when Delta makes it in three hours.  Hopefully we will fly to WPB on 3/9, but a ? mark since with the Sr. tickets we can only reserve 6 days ahead.

I have the United Methodist Women on Tuesday nite and haven't done too much to get ready.  Mrs. Fanny Moore and Eloise are my co-hostesses.  Mrs. Moore is planning to make cookies and I asked Eloise to come and help cut up fruit for the fruit cups.  Mrs. Moore's daughter and her husband have bought Donald Matthew's house (Donna's father, Catherine).  His wife died and he and Gladys Sheffield were married recently so are evidently living in her house in town.  Anyway the Marshalls moved last week to New Vienna to be nearer her mother.  He is still a minister at Sinking Springs but will stay until they get another minister (not Methodist church).  They are sure needed in ours as more and more are going elsewhere.

The Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts took part in the service this Sunday and we had some families from other churches attending which helped increase our few but it was sparse.  A young lady from Hillsboro came who has a delightful voice but she could only get one little girl to come up to help her sing a song about Kids – Holly Culbreath.  Kristen helped her dad with the puppets that he used before the adult sermon.

[Love, etc.]

1988 Roberta's postcard -Feb.8

Squaw (in 2003 became Piestewa) Peak, Phoenix postcard -mailed 1988, Photo c. by Jerry Sieve

[Postmarked Feb. 8, 1988]

Hi!  Busy Weekend here – Successful garage sale – got our cupboards clean & made over $350!  Today ate brunch at WestCourt – near Metro, then went for 25 mile bike ride!  I've signed up for the 3/27 Tour of Tucson Mountains – 62 mile.  Did you see our names in El Tour recent mailing?  AZ is making history w/ Mecham!  Talked with John today – his line had been busy for long time – I told him must have been a widow or minister but he said it was Newark mayor.  70º plus today!  Sid working on NARFE newsletter!  Love, RUK

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

1978 Roberta's Letter -Feb.7

February 7, 1978

Dear Family,

Yesterday was really my mail day, got your letters, plus one from Grandma.  I was going to get my income tax stuff done over the weekend, but didn't get it done.  So came home yesterday, and went right to it.  I'm getting a big refund, thats the reason for the rush to get it in this year!!

After talking to you all last night, called Dad this morning to find out from him which airport and what time he would prefer Ruth to Fly out of.  Then called the Airlines and got  a good reservation for her on the 15th out of Columbus (which Dad suggested) at 3:50.  He had said sometime between 3 and 4 in the afternoon.  She will get in here at 7:30 so that is really a good flight for her.  I'm going to pick up the ticket tonight.

Seems like we have really been busy the last couple of weeks.  Mandes' as you know got into their new home.  They have all these projects going now.  Over the weekend we went to see the movie "The Goodbye Girls"  It was really good – super funny.  We plan to se Heroes soon Mary Virginia.  Have you seen any other movies??  This weekend is the play "Bubbling Brown Sugar."  I noticed that in April My Fair Lady is coming to Tempe – A.S.U. auditorium.  We noticed that the 2nd part of The other side of the Mountain is going to start this weekend.  But we will wait until when you all come to go and see it.

Sunday at Church there was another special program.  This time the group from like age 5 to 12 put it on.  It was called 100% chance of rain.  All about Noah, and all that stuff.  Really enjoyable.  The Church is having a bazaar in a week or two.  Marion has been cleaning out some of her things.  We took three big bags with us last week, which was just a beginning.  She also has a bag or two saved for Mary Virginia. Mostly clothes.  No, as for the couch, she did not get the one she had been wanting.  Wait till you all get here and see the changes.

Hi!  Here it is Wednesday morning.  I seem to have trouble getting this letter out!  Called Ruth this morning to let her know of the reservations, she seemed all excited.  It will just be a week from today that she will be coming.  I sent her ticket last night, registered mail . . . no certified mail.  It was going to cost some $3.00 for registered mail!!!

Last night ate out at Humpty Dumpty here in town.  They have a giant size toy chest but you have to ask the cashier to open it up for you . . . power operated.  I didn't know that, and almost broke it trying to get the thing opened.  Then we went to the first of these series of classes at the Church. I was the youngest one there, then there must have been a few between my age and Marion's but we were still the youngest by far.  It should be interesting.  Its on the book of John and will last 7 weeks.

Marion's Wednesday night class did not get started, not enough people.  She is really upset . . . wants to get into either another class or something this semester.  If not she will have to go this summer which she does not want to do. Her and I.T. have plans just to travel and take life easy.

I had a letter from Grandma, which I will be sending on . . . . . not now but later, as I'm at work now, trying to get this out so I can mail it when I go for Lunch.  Which is 1 minute away now.

Mary Va. you are welcome to come . . . but we know that you would like to see the Bruces and all that.  We were saying last night that if we could get a AA-Con [?] car to San Diego that weekend we would, and then drive back with you all.  Where do you all plan to stay and all that?  Also, when do you plan to leave?  I'll be off that Monday, and Marion can take off.

In Grandma's letter she writes that Rob has written Mr. Ream about going to the farm.  Also that John is playing with the idea of coming to Florida and then driving her back.

How long will the Morgans be in San Diego???  I'd really like to see you all that weekend if things work out.  Must go . . . . .

Love, Berta

1968 Catherine's Postcard -Feb.8

[Postmarked Feb. 8, 1968]

Hi, everybody!  I was just about to go to bed when I decided I would send you all a little card first.  Not much is new here.  The weather has been beautiful which will probably make it all the worse when it gets bad again.  This is mid-term week but I don't have any mid terms.  Nice, eh?  John, if I forgot to thank you for the letter and the paper on Australia, I'm sorry – Thank You!  I got some literature from the Australian Consul today – very interesting.  Calc and physics are still getting increasingly bad while English is still mediocre.  Did you all know that the Cincinnati Reds first game is April 8?  Not long and by then a couple of the primaries will be over . . . .  I'm going to have to take the day off this Saturday and return the stuff to Sears, take the Civil Service test, go to the bank, Revco, and  all my other haunts in Kalamazoo.  A week from today is Valentine's day – Thrill!  Tomorrow is physics lab – if only the lab reports weren't so bad!  Thee was a big ballgame this evening but I refrained from going.  I can always read about it in the paper tomorrow.

In the WSJ I always read the article in 1st column on front page plus all the condensed news and the editorial page.  The time has come for all typists – good and bad alike – to turn off their typewriters, switch off the light, and dream of 4.0 averages without having to study – or maybe to dream of 4.0 averages with studying!  I usually only dream that the telephone buzzer is the alarm clock.  Good night!  Love, Catherine

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

1968 Roberta's Letter -Feb.7

[Feb. 7, 1968]
Roberta –
Please may I confer with you about your plans for next year?
Ok?  Thanks
            Tr Tom

[postmarked Feb. 7, 1968]
Dear Family,

Hi!  This morning I found this note in my box, and after I got my nerve all up I went to speak to him this afternoon.  The list of credits is what I can count for last year & this year, From F.B.S.  do I have any I can count for my Ninth grade back home?  Could you check & find out (please!)

He (Teacher Tom) said they would miss me (HA!) and wanted to know the reason why I wanted to do it?  He said it wasn't really important for him or anyone else to know but for myself to know.

Got to go.


P.S. "Life only demands from you the strength that you possess – NOT to have run away."  – Dag Hammarskjold

Monday, February 12, 2018

1978 John's Letter (YAF) -Feb.6

Feb. 6, 1978

Hope all is quiet at home now after our initial shock.  I received this check in today's mail; otherwise I would have deposited it myself.  It is a reimbursement for our January expenses.

Nothing in our mailbox for Franklin wholesale today.  Hopefully, we'll receive something from your friends later in the week.

Tell Duffy hello.  I'll plan to see you Feb. 14th or 15th.


Sunday, February 11, 2018

1968 Roberta's Letter & Class List -Feb.6

[Postmarked Feb. 6, 1968]
Friday Night

Hi!  This is a list of stuff I've taken since beginning of 9th grade at New Vienna.  I would think I could have credit for Science & Currents which I took at N.V. in 9th grade.  I don't know.

I got your post card yesterday and your letter today.  Wow!  Helen & I (Reb is going home) will take the bus home.  We aren't able to work out anything with the Cinncy. Kids.  There are six of them which makes a full load without us.  We'll buy bus tickets to Wilmington unless you would really like to pick us up in Columbus or before.  I'll check tomorrow on the time.  And will let you know later.

A boy left yesterday; rumors are around of more (I don't know how many) are going.

Prof. Reed (from Wilmington College), his wife & son (who is an 8th grader maybe coming here next year) came in tonight.  They are staying for the weekend.  Teacher Tom asked me if you all knew them & I told him we each had several acquaintances or something dumb like that.

Helen cut my hair – it is rather short – the bangs are the longest part now, all combed over to the side sorta.

Got to go.  Heard from Mrs. Schamaun today.


P.S. Quote: "Only the hand that erases can write the true thing."  (Meister Eckhart)

Saturday, February 10, 2018

1988 Orville Harner Letter -Feb.

Feb. 1988

Dear Harold,

I am taking a few moments to relate to you in appreciation of your kindness, friendship, and various experiences that I have enjoyed in your life and you in mine.  I think of the time you stood at the head of the church doing a reading when Jean asked me if I would like to go to Sorrells to square dance on Sunday afternoon.  When you came to the back of the church, you had your western clothes on and ready to go, covered so no one would know the difference.  That day we ate lunch at Wendys and danced all afternoon.  Then we went to the Manchester Hotel in Middletown for supper, visited Target to check on Wells toys, then back to Sorrells to dance all evening.

The  trip to Fontana with the hot radiator and how we searched for water, to be rescued by a man from Dayton who said that he spent last nite in jail and gave us jugs of water to get to Careyville.  With a tight schedule after repairs, how you could handle the curves to Asheville where you had reservations at the hotel at 11pm, and we made it on time.  I remember the trip to Atlanta toy show where Josephine and I were thrilled with the eastern route 77 through Bluefield to Statesville with the wonderful visit at Cris's and how his wife wanted to fix my dental problem, the visit to Clark fork lift and square dancing; on to Atlanta (Josephine bought 3 dozen critters for gifts.)  Cyclorama of the Civil War at Atlanta.  On to Nashville to visit Sunday school publication, Nissan, Swans. (bottle machines).

The trip to New York will always be remembered, seven days and nites.  Meeting more of your family.  Tavern on the Green.  Racing on foot in Central Park.  United Nations, first U.S. Capitol.  City bus tour and on and on to Atlantic City, checking a rubber blender on our way.  The casino's were a show in itself.  (Josephine lost 80 cents!)  An unforgettable experience and a place to visit rarely. 

The night at Cherry Hill – Square dancing and cherry tomatoes proved to be a nice evening to remember.  I could write on and on about other trips Fontana, Gatlinburg, etc. all have been exciting, productive, happy, a bit of mystery and educational.  Josephine and I are looking forward to August where we again can enjoy whats around the mountain over the hill or on the north side of Niagra Falls.

Your friend,
Orville Harner

PS  How is "Cracker Barrel" stock doing?

Friday, February 09, 2018

1968 Catherine's Postcard -Feb.6

Addressed to "Best Family in Town"
[postmarked Feb. 6, 1968]

Hi!  Got postcard from D today and a letter from M. so glad to hear from you all.  Our pancake supper went over really well.  There were five of us girls and 10 guys which is pretty good odds!  We had it in the TV lounge downstairs which has a kitchen right off of it so even the guys got to help cook.  I keep alternating between Evan and Bruce with an occasional Pete and Tim thrown in!  I guess Evan is leading right now . . . but tomorrow is another day.

What do I have to do about the income tax?  I got a letter from The Patio (you forwarded it) which is a W-2 form, copy B and C.  My job here consists of waitressing special banquets.  Last week I put in 2.25 hours so you can see I don't work too much!  It pays $1.40 an hour.  I went to SS and church as usual yesterday.

The Sears package was here at the dorm – how it got here I don't know.  As far as my diet goes I'm working toward 110-112 pounds.  Don't worry, I go to three meals a day (I wouldn't miss any, they are the social events!)  and I eat all the proper foods – meat, vegetables, and lots of salads.

Do I send congratulations or sympathy to the school board pres.?  I'm glad to hear Serena and John are doing so well.  I can't really say how my grades are now.  Only 45 days until finals will be over!  I haven't gotten the seat on the bicycle yet – I'm waiting for a little warmer weather and then I'll draft some guy!  As for now, I'm tired and I'm going to bed.

Love, Catherine

Thursday, February 08, 2018

1968 Roberta's Letter -Feb.6

[postmarked Feb. 6, 1968]

Dear Family,

Hi!  Ouch!  I just saw my grades – and ok – I sure hope you are in a "peachy keen" mood when you see my Biology grade!!!  Of course you will need to be in a good mood when you see the others too – but especially the Biology.

I got Dad's post card today – thanks.  Helen & Reb might come home with me so if you could send permission slips for Helen Old Coyote and Rebecca Winner to come home with me over forced weekend it would help things.

Reb's father died on Christmas Eve this last Christmas.  Her parents were separated but she was closer to her father than mother.  She wanted to go home (Balt. Maryland) for 2nd semester but her mother would not let her.  Things have been rough for her (esp. recently).

Our room hasn't been going to hot yet.  I'm hoping & trying tho.  I can't sleep at night which doesn't help any the next day at all.  At an estimate (& maximum) I sleep  um  6 hours a night.  At least I'm learning the virtue (?) of patience.  If nothing else.

Do you remember Dave Byjeck?  (smily eyes!)  Well – Teacher Tom is going to make him & several boys go home if they don't get their hair cut.  Boy!  He's (Dave) so stubborn & says he won't get it cut.  It's not really all that long either.  Teacher Tom called it discipline.  I suppose if I were Dave I would go home if it (long hair) met that much to me.  Will know more in time.

We got a new boy last week.  He always speaks very profoundly – ick!  sounds like he came straight from Yale or Harvard.  It takes all kinds

I'll be back at E.C. next year, for sure now.  This place sure hasn't help me me none ( um – Any!)  At least NOT academic wise especially.  Guess I'm just dumb though – sorry.


P.S.  Please send permission slips as listed early.  It is ok if they come, isn't it?  How would you like to come & get us Feb. 15, 1968???  Think about it!

I might call next weekend – probably Sunday.  OK?  Want to be sure about Forced week-end & also it will be good to talk to you all after seeing my depressing grade card toay.

You said you would like to come after us???  It would be quite easy to have a full load  no problem there!

SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN!  I have $14.50 at present to my name here in actual currency which all but $1.40 of it is in my envelope.  $7.90 is Sears check – (that I cashed!)

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

1988 Leslie Reynolds letter -Feb7

1988 Leslie Reynolds letter -Feb 7

February 7, 1988

Dear Harold

Joan and I were thinking about you and Jean the other day and we came to the realization that it has been ten years since you visited us at our place in Valencia.  I can't remember when I last saw Mary.

Since we saw you we have been busy working our call cattle ranch here in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains in Kern County.  Strangely enough about 60 miles from where all the Reynolds Kids were born.  We've also been occupied building a new house.  A nephew on Joan's side of the family is an architect and he designed for us what we call our tree house.  We're on the side of a hill and our living room looks right into the trees about 20 feet above ground.  The place is somewhat unusual in that the living room walls which are floor to ceiling glass fold back in the summer time and we expand out onto a screened deck that goes all the way around.  The nephew, a local retiree and I started on it in April of 1981 and we "took up camping" in it in December.  We spent the next year finishing it up.  It's all done now and we really like it.  The house has a guest bedroom that is just waiting for some Uibles to occupy it.

Our weather here is rather a far cry from what is generally thought of as "California weather."  We at 4,000 feet elevation so we get cold and snow with frost each night for about six months.  Gardens have a season of from 90 to 120 days.  So far this winter it has been down to 5º.

All this kind of cold weather gets us to thinking like the birds and we head south as often as we can.  In fact, we are leaving early tomorrow morning for Mexico.  We go down the Baja Peninsula to the small Mexican seashore town of Mulege in our fifth wheel and live it up on the beach for three or four weeks at a time.  We also visit the desert communities in southern California and enjoy the warmth and  sunshine there but there is not the good fishing that can be found in Mexico's Sea of Cortez.

Do you get to Southern California any more?  If you haven't been here for a while you wouldn't believe the place.  There are so many people; jammed freeways, tall buildings, etc. that its hard to relate it to what we grew up with.

I guess everyone feels that way any more, though, as rapidly as things are changing.  Joan's Dad who is 94 remembers when it took two days in a wagon to get from this area to the closest major town (Bakersfield) and a couple of years go we took him and Joan's mother out to Edwards AFB to see the Shuttle come back from space.  They thought it was remarkable – and so do we!

As I sit here writing this letter I am thinking about the summer of 1940 which I was so fortunate to be able to spend with all of you in New Vienna.  I have many fond memories of that time.  The garden your mother had and the delicious corn that came from it and the string beans – the croquet we played and the ice cream suppers we had on Sundays.  Good living!  I also remember the time your dad let us use his Ford Coupe and, foolishly I brought it back late without filling the tank which really created a problem when we got ready to depart for a road job early the next morning.  Your dad was whistling "South of the Border" whenever I was around for the next week!

Well, Harold, it's been a long, long time since we erected any new memories together.  Let's try to see more of each other (and all of us). Joan and I are really fond of all of you and are thinking, we need to have more contact with my family.  Gayle, our daughter, is planning to be involved in some kind of function in Cincinnati this fall.  Maybe we can make a get together out of it.  I'll investigate it more and report what I find.

Please write (or call) and let us know how all of you are, what you are doing, etc.  By the way you may not have our new phone # –––.

Give our love to your Mother and Mary.

As ever, Leslie

1988 Roberta's Postcard -Feb.2

Sunday 2/2/88

Hi!  We have had a great weekend – did one of our favorite hikes yesterday & a shorter one today.  Sid & I have been out hiking both days – he is up to 20 miles now – getting back into it!  My nose is sun-burned!  Serena & I went up to use showers / hot pool tonight – met lots of snow birds!  Thought of you both this weekend – Mom home & Dad at Emmaus!  We have enjoyed our retreat here – 8:00 pm Serena will join us at yogurt shop & then will drive back to PHX tonight.

Love, RUK

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

1968 Roberta's Letter -Feb.6

[postmarked Feb. 6, 1968]

Dear Family,

Hi!  I got your letter today.  I'm glad you spoke to Mr. Hart.  It sure sounds like something is being done – at least more than they (E.C.) was done sending in my grades this time last year.  Right?

Teacher Mae gave me these [notecards] for Christmas.  This is the first one I've used tho.  They seem too short unless you want to write on every side like I'm doing now.

My check came from Sears today for $7.90 – the skirt was only $6.98 – what happened there???

Don't count too much about my grades – maybe I'll be lucky & get a "D" in Geometry.  I'm expecting to do better in English this last six weeks.  I spoke to Teacher Jane several times – all she does is start talking about the bad condition in Viet Nam.  Big HELP!  Sarcasm!

Enjoyed article about Dad getting head of Ed. board.

What about forced weekend?  Where do you want to meet me?  Only a week & half away.  More later on it.


Monday, February 05, 2018

1968 Roberta's Postcard -Feb.2

Addressed to "Harold Uible Tribe"
[postmarked Feb. 2, 1968]

Dear Family,

Hi!  How about this?  It's not every-day that I type – is it?  I've given up on everything else so I decided I might as well learn how to type at least half decent.

I got the skirt yesterday and thanks, it fits real well and goes real good with my sweather [sic].

Your post-card came today and I also got a letter from Linda S. and Charma.  Thanks!

Whew!  That awful typewriter !  (also my great (?) typing ability.) HA!

Things are getting worse – every-thing.  Reb is "planning" on going home next week for good.  I might as well too.  But ––


1968 GHU letter -Jan.31

Sorry to hear about Donna's father.
Wed. morning –
10:15 A.M. [~Jan. 31, 1968]
Dear Harold, Jean, Serena, John & Mary V.

Dad went down to the "office" & when I noticed the time decided to write a few lines before dinner.  I have meat cooked with several left overs, it will not take long to get the meal together.  Even have part of a raisin pie, Bill has been wanting a pie for a month especially raisin.  Since his birthday is today I made two raisin pies yesterday afternoon & gave hime one (the larger) to take home.  I tell them to buy a pie but some how they think my pies taste better.  This evening we are to go to Mary's for supper & she plans to have oyster soup.  She made a birthday cake yesterday.  [Uncle Bill celebrated his 54th birthday in 1968.]

At least the booklet of Lucile's arrived and we have all read it.  It is certainly original and one poem fit in with last Sundays' Sun. school lesson.  Margery's husband Henry did write poems which he tried to sell.  Aunt Serena said when she was home the last time. [Margery Reynolds Guild, second oldest daughter of Aunt Serena, was married to Henry Hughes Guild, a salesman.] 

Hope Catherine didn't mind being away from home on her birthday.  At least I remembered it & sent her a little box.

Mary wondered if Roberta might be irritating her toe by picking at the nail or skin.  She said Joe was forever having trouble because he would break the nail back & last summer he had so much trouble that he had to go to the "foot Dr."  This Dr. happened to be a choir member & Joe said he didn't charge him much & he did something to the nail I most forget.  He either removed it or fixed it so it will not grow.  Roberta sent us a picture card of her school.

Mary should hear from Cris to-day.  We hope he stays well for the change to N.Y. weather is not good for him.  He was hoping to have a wonderful time.  He will do well to get home with all his borrowed things.  Such as overshoes – he tried to get Dad's on but his feet were to large.  Cris wears a 10 –.  He did take Dad's hat which was a requirement.  Mr. Garnet gave him a suit case.  These kids have quite a time.

I am glad that Laura H. is able to get out.  It will take her a while to get back to normal.  There must be something wrong with Mr. Harper for he certainly couldn't take off like that if he was in his right mind.

I had to laugh about a dog dieing [sic] from the effects of a jack stone & then blaming the shop.  Too bad to lose their dog but why didn't they keep the jacks away from him.  These import articles are much cheaper but they don't pay hardly any wages in these foreign countries, they should have to pay more "duty" or is that the word.  Sales are good to start the year.

We have had just one car wash since Nov. & that was by the rain.  Must get busy or we may not eat.

Love, Mother

Sunday, February 04, 2018

1968 Catherine's Postcard -Jan.31

10:30 PM --1/31/68
Hi!  Yesterday I had about the best birthday party of my life!  There were about 20 girls here in the room and they had each written a little paper on "I like Cathy because . . . ."  As you can imagine the answers were varied!  Just as I blew out the candles on the cake there was a commotion outside the dorm and here were all (well, at least some) of my friends -- Evan, Randy, John S, Tom W. (Chillicothe), Tom E, John McD (Bruce's roommate), Cal Johnson, and maybe some others who I've forgotten.  Anyway, they all sang "Happy Birthday" and it was so sweet only the screen prevented me from jumping out the window!  Instead they were all invited in and we moved the party downstairs.  The cake was supplemented with popcorn, cookies and of course kool-aid and everything disappeared almost immediately.  The radio station even dedicated a song in my honor.  I just remembered I forgot to mention Charley who is the one guy I shouldn't have forgotten. 

I got a package from G'ma today, also cards from Shirley, Marianne & a card from Dennis's family.  I'm really having a riot – Bruce has dimmed again but Evan is coming on strong.  I change my mind about every five minutes so I know you aren't any more confused than I am.  Sue, Sarah, and I are having  a big pancake supper Sunday night and inviting all our male friends.  It should turn out to be very interesting.  Gina said I was the only one who could every get by with inviting so many guys!  In case you wondered I do spend a little time studying – I didn't mean to make it sound like I think of nothing but the social – but it sure is a lot more interesting to write about!

Love, Catherine

1988 Family Letter -Jan.31 (John'a Copy)

Sunday, Jan. 31, 1988

Dear Family:

Its a very great feeling to be able to sleep most of the night now rather than waking up at midnight and thinking it is time to get up.  We got our four rolls of film back . . . most of them turned out pretty well and especially like those of us on the camel en route to the Pyramids.  We have not heard when the group is going to get together to talk about the trip.  It was a great 40th Celebration and happy experience that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

Three big sewer tile are on the corner of our lot and they are actually digging in another part of town.  We can only wonder what this project will do as far as adding to our utility bill.

Jean has been on the Emmaus walk since Thursday at 7 P.M. at the Wilmington United Methodist Church.  M.V. has been a very active working on this project, but NO contact with her Mother.  M.V. goes back to school on Feb.10th.

I am back home now after a most pleasant Walk and would recommend the experience for everyone.  It was most rewarding but also tiring for we got little sleep in all that time (72 hours).  Dad will have to catch you up on the news as I haven't seen a newspaper or had much contact at all with the outside world.  Glad to talk to Catherine and Roberta on the phone tonight and sorry that we weren't able to read John yet.

We think of you often and always glad to hear from you or better yet see & talk to you.  Looking forward to seeing you Feb. 26th-28th weekend!  Much Love, Dad & Mother

John – Sorry we didn't reach you.  Heard you have talked with the D.S.  Any details available?  Serena has reacher Santa Fe.  Ken has cut off his beard.  Thanks so very much for the letter which you sent for my Emmaus Walk.  I hear there's a possibility you will be going on one soon / or in the near future.  You will love it!

Saturday, February 03, 2018

1968 Roberta's Postcard -Jan.31

[postmarked Jan. 31, 1968]

Dear family,
Hi!  I got your letter yesterday – thanks alot.

I guess I don't want to go to Lakeside so go ahead with Beers or who-ever.

Now!  I need information about making "our" family tree.  It's for a Biology project on Heredity and it's due March 20, 1968.  I already wrote & asked Grandma about it.  Well, How about it???

[Love, Berta]

1968 Roberta's Letter -Jan.30

[postmarked Jan. 30, 1968]
Dear Family,

Hi!  I got your letter – um post-card yesterday.  Nothing much has happened.

Three boys (from here) were caught shop-lifting from Bi-low's (drug store near Binns) and now due to a Angry phone call from there by the owner & manager we aren't allowed to go there any more.  Boy!!

Today we changed office work.  I'm on dish crew this time.  At least it's better than office work.

OH! Yea!  The dry-cleaners place in town (where I had my coat!) burned down.  It must have been a pretty bad fire because the town kids got out of school & they had all kinds of fire departments there.  I DID get my coat Monday morning and it burnt down Monday night.  Pretty close, huh?

The police article is in Feb. 6, (Sat. Evening Post) I think.  It was real good – worth your time.

I also spoke to Teacher Tom about being a senior next year.  He said it was very possible but I would have to see my own school – East Clinton.  He said I would have to have had Health, 11th grade English, and American History.  He said the sooner I found out the better.  So!!

He (Teacher Tom) said I could at least graduate in a year 1/2 for sure without taking summer school, if our school had a program like that.  He said that would probably be better.  Does East Clinton have that type of thing?  How about Lake Worth ???  HA! NO – take me serious there.

Got 75% on English Exam.  Got  A  on one part of Geometry test and D– on the other.


Friday, February 02, 2018

1978 Roberta's Letter -Jan.29

January 29, 1978

Hi!  We didn't make it to early church – instead we were almost late for the 9:45 service!  We were right up in front.

It got up to 79 today – but we helped move furniture at Mandes'es – and some here – wait till you see the changes!

I did call up Ruth – as Dad knows – if I take advantage of excursion fair – I must buy by February 6th – so please let me know – one way or the other!

Of course we hope you all will stay here awhile –

Catherine – how was it to spend your birthday in Gilroy?

I'm loaning News Journals to Dr. Matthews – hope OK –


1968 Catherine's postcards -Jan.29

1:20 AM, January 29, 1968! ! !  Hi, everybody!  Guess what?  I just finished opening the presents .  Thanks for everything.  As you can see I am putting the post cards to immediate use!  The mirror with the lights is just what I needed – the light in here is so bad!  The bicycle rack is perpecto and the scales I love – 15 pounds now I've lost, I'm down to 115 and still watching those beautiful calories which I'm not eating.  However, all the clothes are too big – (I haven't tried the petty pants or slip yet but the shorts are unbelievable..)  Can I return them to the Sears here or do I send them someplace, save them for Roberta or what?  Tonight was the fireside at Pres. Hicks, very informative and lots of good food!  Last night I went to a movie with John M (Bruce's roommate).  It wasn't a date, we just went together because we both wanted to go the same place.  Bruce was there alone so the 3 of us ended up together.  What a weird triangle!  I went to church this morning and then I met this very interesting guy, Dave, who has almost talked me into joining the Yoga group here on campus.  I went to the session today but I wasn't properly dressed so I didn't enjoy it too much!  It may conflict with some other things tho!  did I tell you I'm working a little?  That's what I needed the black skirt for.  So far I've worked a total of 3 hours and made $4.02.  I'm not rich yet, in fact I don't even have enough to go to Florida on – at least I think there might still be reason to go!  What's the latest on Spring vacation?  I get out the 21 – last exam ends at noon!  Thanks for all the presents and the stamps!  Love, Catherine

Helloe friends!  At the rate I'm using these postcards they're going to last about a month at the most!  Today (it is now 1:20 PM 1/29/68) I got two more packages.  What a beautiful outfit!  And how did you know blue was such an appropriate color?  the skirt will have to be shortened but other than that it is a perfecto – mucho perfecto!  The other package was a real shockeroo from Al Kates.  (Besides one Christmas card I haven't even heard from him since September)  He sent this pillow cover from Niagara Falls in Canada.  Also in the mail today I got a card from Dennis (his package was a two-eyed yellow goobie gook with long hair!).  I got a nice present of about $30 from Greyhound and also an admission ticket to the civil service test on Feb. 10.   I got my "Miss Boopadoop" paper back today.  He doesn't give grades – just comments.  I'm writing my next paper – due Wednesday – on the advantages of not getting married until you reach at least the trip old age of 26-30.  I'm sure I'm a real authority on the subject!  I was going to write it on why every woman needs three husband but that didn't quite fit the assignment.  Serena, have you heard from Judy yet?  Oh, yes, I was going to tell you what the assignment for English was – we have to pick some aspect of family life as described in this essay by Margaret Mead and attack it either negatively or positively.  I better get over to the library now and study calculus some more before class.  I've switched over to the WSJ from CSM as far as news papers!  How could I have forgotten to thank you all for the KC box of stuff – it comes in very handy and being KC makes it all the better!
Love, Catherine

Thursday, February 01, 2018

1968 Roberta's Postcard -Jan.27

Sat. [postmarked Jan. 27, 1968]

Hi!  Well, we changed rooms yesterday.  I'm in 15 in the attic – across from where I was last year.  Was it ever a mess changing rooms both before and after.

I'm not really very happy with it as of yet but I hope it will work out.  One girl is far messier than even me and one is a perfectionist (sp?), and then to top it off one just sits and talks from the time she gets up till the time she goes to bed – ALMOST – OH! Well!

My feet are getting better, the soreness is going away.  I am to change the steel for rubber one soon.  That will at least make less noise.


Monday, January 29, 2018

1988 Roberta's letter -Jan.26

January 26, 1988

Dear Folks,

It is 1:30 in the morning and I am wide awake, it will take me awhile to get used to this change of time . . . but I sure want to thank you both for such a trip.  It was so much all I thought it would be and more . . . as the name implies a real educational opportunity!  It was also a real pleasure to sped a week with you both, and Serena, John, and Mary Virginia.  Actually, all the people that were on the trip, from Ruth (with the minks) to those Baptist ministers. (remind me later to tell that story)

I am most anxious to get the pictures back.  I have all of the film that John and I both took.  It will make it somewhat easier to show and tell Sid of the trip, once the pictures get here.  I am happy to report that he is feeling much, much better – the arm is slowly healing and he missed me lots while I was gone.  He had written me lots of letter while I was gone – about thirty pages.  (actually 32 pages!)  He does love to write, especially with the word processor.  I am using it now – one nice advantage of using it is the quietness of "typing" . . . I'll just wait till I ran this off.

Senior Village didn't change all that much while I was gone.  We do have one new resident, a hispanic lady who speaks very little English.  The rumor has it she does understand enough to play Bingo so she should do fine!!!  We have the prospects of several new ones, so I must plan the garage sale.  Did I mention to you about getting a houseful of furniture just before I left.  We converted one of the large double rooms into a storage area.  It is packed with furniture!!

There are alot of colds and flu type symptoms going around at Senior Village.  I have managed to catch a little cold myself, tho not a bad one!  Have you all had a hard time adjusting to the time change?  I go to bed at ten or eleven, then sleep fine, til about one or two in the morning!!

I have enjoyed passing out the bookmarks and the small olive crosses to the residents and to others.  I had enough of the bookmarks to let people choose two of their choice.  Also the residents appreciated the Israel coins.  I bought them at the tourist shop near the bathrooms that I remember so well . . . got about 80 of them for a dollar . . . price was right!

I did wear my UIBLE-KING necklace to the horse races on Sunday and got a few comments on it.  Did you find the necklaces for Catherine and Miss Wendy?  I bet on three races on Sunday – $2 bets and on the last one won $7 so did come out ahead!  (of course I am not counting the $16 it cost to get in and for the brunch!)  But, that was tax deductible!  Sid does seem quite concerned on the new tax laws and what effect they will have on us!  I don't worry too much about it, knowing that the choices are limited, and besides he worries enough for the two of us!

It's now Monday night the first of February – we are now in the midst of end of the month reports.  There are a total of five of them.  We usually have them all done and handed in the very first day of the month but this month the nurse did not fill out last week's service report so couldn't finish them.

I again want to express my thanks for such a great trip.  Hope it wasn't too much on you both to travel with four of your "kids".  We will all for years and years to come be talking about the trip in 1988!  Oh, looking over the first part of this, did I tell you all or just the Morgans about Grandma telling me about "be careful about those Baptists, and how they were just a little bit below us."  Sid did tell me that it was his grandmother that had told him that!!

I do think it is exciting about John getting into the Methodist Minister Scene.  Mary Virginia could be the music director!  Her singing sure did make the trip all that much more special!!!

Thanks again, and I'll be glad to help organize the trip for your 50th!  By then, if I'm still with FSL I should have four weeks vacation a year!  Or is it five weeks?  Maybe I'll be retired" by then and have ??? weeks per year.

I (we) have decided that I will plan to go to Florida on March 4th and then stay till the 13th.  That does mean a couple of days off without pay, but will give me time down there with Grandma.  We need to work out the details, Aunt Mary thought Grandma would be game for a trip to see Ellen and Cy and also to see Velma McGrew.  Maybe we could meet you all in Naples.  Do you think I should plan to rent a car?

Nothing definite now but I may not try to come to Ohio in June for Grandma's birthday – between the March Florida trip and the fact that I don't really have time off officially until November 1st.  I also have plans of joining Sid in Estes Park for a LONG weekend.  I might plan to make the Ohio scene the first part of November – with my ear muffs and gloves.  I would just have to borrow a winter coat!

THANK YOU again for that trip of a lifetime!  And now to lose that 10 pounds I gained !!!

Much, Love,

P.S.  Aren't you glad I typed this – instead of trying to read my writing?

Sunday, January 28, 2018

1968 Catherine's Letter -Jan.26

January 26, 1968
Dear Mom, Dad, Serena, John, and Mary,

Hi!  Gee thanks for all the packages!  Yesterday I got two from you (one via Sears) and one from Dennis and then today the cake came.  I opened the one box yesterday which had the two presents in it.  I didn't open the presents though!  The paper was slightly torn on the cake box so I could tell it was food!  I haven't opened anything else though.

Today must be double day or something.  I got two letters from Dennis and a post card and birthday card from Roberta.  She said something about Marietta which I didn't understand.  Did you all go?

Bruce may not have faded completely out of the picture or if he did he is now coming back in.  I sure wish Jon K would fade out and stay out, he called yesterday and asked me out for Saturday night, I told him I had other plans so he asked me our for Friday at which point I told him I again had other plans.  He never gives up – his next question was just exactly what were my other plans.  Tonight I'm going to a party – a studying party at the library and I can't remember what I said about tomorrow.

Yesterday I flunked a calc exam and today I did very poorly on a physics quiz.  It really makes me feel good to realize there may be one or two other people who know as little as I do.

Sunday night I'm going to a fireside at President Hicks house where we are all discussing the evolution of the Kalamazoo Plan.  Anybody can go to one of these fireside dealies as long as they sign up in advance.

Saturday night – or maybe its tonight – the foreign students and other interested peoples are preparing a smorgasbord of foods from 21 countries which I signed up to go to.  It seems like all you do around this place is sign up.  Pretty soon they're going to start rationing drinking water!

It's almost time for lunch now so I bid you all farewell and may you function in peace, harmony, and hilarity!


Saturday, January 27, 2018

1968 Roberta's Postcard -Jan.26

[Postmarked Jan. 26, 1968]

Hi!  Got letter & money today.  Thanks.  Bought a pair of soft hush puppy men's shoes size 9-9 1/2 D - the doctor said a soft leather shoe but I thought hush puppies would do just as well.  We change rooms tomorrow.

Exams all over – flunked them all – well! Not quite!


1978 Jean's Letter to HH -Jan.25

Tuesday Wednesday – 
Jan. 25, 1978
Dearest Harold ––

So good to talk to you on the phone yesterday and thought of other things afterwards but – another time.

Also glad to get your letter, clippings and Grace's letter with picture.  Her little girls are adorable & look like Les.

Wendy is sitting in the bean bag chair which we just unpacked today.  It had developed a hole somehow just before they left San Diego.  So Catherine had to sew it before it could be used.  We thought at first we'd have to empty it completely of the plastic beads but she was able to fix it without doing that.

MV & Cathy rode downtown this AM on their bikes, Gerry bought one in SD before he left – just like the other except brown & a little lighter & newer model.  They got a lock for the bikes – real sturdy and a gift from the shop thru the Welcome Wagon – a can of Instant Seal 'n Air.

Wendy was awake when they got back so we took her for a walk in the stroller to a grocery nearby.  It is a huge place but absolutely no business – aisles are empty so wonder how long they can exist that way.  There's a 7-11 store on way where we compared prices.  Milk is cheaper 75¢ for 1/2 gallon and 1.50 per gallon against 79¢ and $1.60 at the G-Mart.  It is a beautiful day so we all enjoyed the walk – not real warm but nice.  Cathy had wished for gloves – if you see a pair on side of closet – not too heavy but long in wrist length you might bring them.

We are waiting now for mailman so no doubt will come while I write.  Just made some baked custard while Cathy fed Wendy and M.V. just took her English exam with just one more to go.  Marion helped her thru the 3 hard health exams – even borrowed a book from Roberta's school as Marion thought M.V.'s book worthless.

Cathy got birthday letters from G'ma w/ birthday money which she may put toward a desk for living room.

There is a Greyhound station but haven't looked at any schedule as we think we'd like to meet you at S.F. airport or at the very least San Jose.  Hughes Air West and United are some of biggest that fly in to San Jose.

Mailman just here now so will close –– if I'd been home I'd just have my Woman's Club program over ––

Miss you very much but looking forward to seeing you Tuesday ?  ––

Love to you and John too if he is home this weekend.  Anxious to hear about his Washington weekend.

With much love ––
Jean & M.V.

Friday, January 26, 2018

1978 Roberta's Letter -Jan.25

January 25, 1978
Dear Family,

Hi!  I've got a letter started at work, but can't seem to remember it when I rush out the door at 3:30.  By the way, I might have to start working until 4:00 again, but I'm fighting it.

Mary Virginia, got your letter today. Also the Penny Saver came today.  Usually it gets here on Tuesdays . . . . there is a Kitchie's coupon in this one.  You can get four brownies for $1.00 – usually 39¢ each!!!

Marion bought a clothes hamper this evening, and guess what, the box sides were just the right size for sending the picture to her sisters.  The big news now is that her brother-in-law just bought a four passenger plane and they they will be flying down for the spring break in it.

Buffie and I have really enjoyed the beef tongue.  I'm beginning to understand all the rockings of the little dealie.  Have been using it almost everynight for frozen vegetables.  Poor Man's microwave!!! 

We went bowling tonight right after school.  Marion still is not bowling, but kept score.  I played three games – and would you believe averaged just over 100 per hame.  One game was like 112, the others 95 and 96.  Have you been bowling Mary Virginia????  Thats the first time we have been bowling since you all left.  Also we haven't eaten out since Saturday evening.

How cold does it get in Gilroy?  Here – it is almost to freezing at night – I've gotten out my coat, mittens & hat to wear.  We got tickets to go see "Bubbling Brown Sugar" – didn't you see it Mary Virginia?  Our tickets are for the afternoon of the 11th – February.  I'm wondering who will be out that weekend  Liz – you all or what?  It will be at the auditorium in Tempe at the University.

One of the teachers from school – the one in charge of teaching Auto tune-ups, came over Monday night & fixed the Buick – now it no longer makes noises after you shut it off!  Didn't even cost me anything!

Now 5:50 AM – and I need to wash my hair ––

Let us know when you are coming  back ––

Love, Roberta

Thursday, January 25, 2018

1978 Rob's Letter to John -Jan.24

Jan. 24, 1978
Dear John,

I read your letter and the more I think about the coming summer, I think it would be a great idea to work up in N.J.  It would be great if we could room together.  I wonder if my Vega could make the trip up and back?  HA!  I feel transportation will not be a major problem.

By June 8, I will have completed my senior year at F.A.U.  When do you start the program at the Farm?   I am anxious to receive information from Curt Ream.  I wrote him a business letter Jan. 24th.  I mentioned your name in the letter.

Do you think I could save any of my earnings or do you have to use alot on the farm?  You said the room & board is provided.

You know I am very serious about my weightlifting.  Is there a gym I could train at nights.  Not every night, but maybe 3 or 4 nights a week in ANDOVER.  There's got to be something in Andover.  It is a big city?  Or is it?

Sunday I went to the Pepsi-Cola Grand Slam at Boca West, the prize money came to $125,000 for the winner, $60,000 for the loser.  Borg beat Connors, 7-6, 3-6, & 6-1.  The ticket was $25.00.  If you had box seats it was $600 for a seat.  These retired people are loaded.  They collected stamps early, I guess HA!

Well it sounds like a good change for me to go up to N.J.  I am getting tired of FLORIDA!  I want a different environment & setting.

I told Mr. Ream, that I was interested in a lifeguard position or recreation counselor.  I also said that I will work very hard & that I am in good health.  Let me hear your thoughts on a typical day at Hudson Guild Farm.  Especially the FOOD. (QUALITY)

Take Care,

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

1968 Roberta's Letter ~Jan.24

[postmarked Jan 24, 1968]
Dear Family,

Hi!  Enjoyed speaking to you all – well, just Dad – last night.  All the pain is back in my foot today so it doesn't feel too good.

I had "planters warts" on the bottom of my feet which were all burned off.  (After 3 shots of painful Novocaine!)

My toe-nail on the toe next to my little toe was taken out – after one shot of novocaine there.

This was all done at the surgeon – THEN – I went to the foot doctor – (next door down – behind the hospital!) and he told me I need bigger shoes or smaller feet but he didn't know where or how I could get smaller feet so he suggested I get new shoes.  I also am suppose to get a metal bar called a Met ______ placed on the outside of my shoe on the sole to release pressure on this one part of my feet.

GEE!  WHAT A MESS!  OH! YEA!  I went to nurse Sunday night – the 21st for her to look at my foot – she said it would just take time.  So!  Monday Noon I went to Teacher Susan showing her all my infections and she called the surgeon asking to see what time I could get in that afternoon.  I guess it was pretty BAD!

Right now I can hardly walk – I'm not able to put weight on it very successfully!

I somehow managed to forget and/or not to have the cheese again.  I GIVE UP!

My office bill is going to be around $10.00 – not counting all these recent stupid doctor bills.  I paid the foot doctor $7.00 which just included office call, pads to put between my toes.  Inflation, huh?

This crazy school charges 70¢ to take you to the doctor & back.  For 50¢ more I could enjoy the luxury & convenience (HA!) of a Taxie.    Now what do you think of that?

A couple of kids are thinking about not being around (HERE) 2nd semester.  Don't be too surprised if I decide to do it.  I'll call you up first though.  OK?


Tuesday, January 23, 2018

1968 Catherine's Letter -Jan.22

Jan. 22, 1968
Dear Mother, Dad, Serena, John, Mary,

Hi!  I thought I would write you all a real letter instead of waiting for the next reply kind you send me.  I started in math class but as you can see I didn't get too much written before class began.

I really hit the jackpot with the mail today!  Not only Mother's long epistle, but also letters from Glen, Jeff (in Vietnam), Alice, and DENNIS.

Everything seems to be going along pretty well here.  I seem to be keeping up fairly well with the homework (sometimes I even understand the math after staring at it all night!) and I do have a little free time to write letters and stuff!

Saturday night I went out with Jon Kring, a sophomore physics major.  I had a perfectly terrible time -- about all he could talk about was physics and then to make matters even worse at the movie Dr. Wright (my physics prof) and his wife came and sat directly in front of us.  It was unbelievable!  We saw "The Comedians" with Richard Burton and Liz Taylor.  Even the movie was bad -- dead (like bloody dead) serious and the heroes didn't even win in the end!  Physics may be a pretty good major to meet the guys -- but very few are worth the trouble!

Bruce said that Bob Washburn (right name?) was their councilman or something.  Anyway, he had heard of him.

I went to SS and Church again yesterday.  I'm still going to the First Methodist downtown.  Doug Faulkner (don't get all excited, he's just a good friend) went with me, or I went with him -- anyway we went together but I couldn't talk him into staying for SS.  The class yesterday had only 6 people and 84% were from Western.

Sarah's connections were all right I guess – it seems like such a long time ago now!  I think she arrived in Chicago (O'Hare) about noon, took the bus downtown and then came on in to K on the bus.  I don't think I ever told you exactly what happened to me.  After I finally found my luggage at TWA I saw Carol Gargano who is in the room next door.  She had just flown in from Pittsburg (she lives in Washington PA) and her boyfriend John Frazier, and his mother were to to meet her.  They said they would be glad to take me downtown as they were also going into K by train.  I certainly didn't refuse such an offer.  They were waiting on Carol's guitar which ended up on its way to LA – never made it off the plane I guess!  Mrs. Frazier bought us all something to eat there – she wouldn't even let me leave the waitress a tip!  We then went to the Fraziers apartment in Chicago and I sat around waiting and reading my book while John did his packing.  It kept getting later and later and 20 minutes before the train was to leave the LaSalle stret station Mrs. Frazier gave us lunch.  She practically forced us to eat as we were all getting quite nervous about missing the train.  Finally, they decided to take us to the Englewood Station which is a little closer to their apartment.  We arrived about two minutes before the train was due.  After we all sat around that station for about two hours we went back to the Fraziers house and then eventually ended up in the LaSalle Station where we waited for another hour or so.  After the train arrived Mr. Frazier wheeled Jane (girl from Western who I met in station) and my luggage to the far end of the train where we were lucky enough to find seats.  I sent them a thank-you letter.

Sarah and I now have the distinction of being the only girls who have had a pizza delivered right to their 3rd floor room at 1:30 A.M.  Saturday night Sarah went out with her "latest" a guy from Western, lives in PawPaw, has a car, money, etc.  (Almost forgot, his name is Bob.)  They didn't have time to get anything to eat afterwards so they ordered a pizza and after Bob got Sarah back here in time for per he went back and got the pizza, we tied this rope we have to a bag and when he came we threw it out the window, he put the  pizza (actually only 1/2 pizza as he ate some, too!) in, and we pulled in the haul.  What a riot!

Saturday afternoon I went to the Public Library to do most of the research that went into "Miss Boopadoop Weds".  They were very helpful – especially the reference librarian.  I looked through about a year of Kalamazoo Gazette's (all on microfilm, one month on each roll) to find the first day ait had appeared in Kalamazoo.

The pictures are now hanging – they really help the room!  However, they make the postcards look really bad so they are slowly coming down.

My tutee is Helen Rancifer, in the fourth grade at Lincoln School.  She seems to have real problems with arithmetic but she reads very well.  I have only been once but tomorrow is the day to go again.

Is there anything I can do about getting my drivers license renewed?  It expires in a week.  Please tell me fast – I don't want to have that that test over!

I get so tired of reading technical books – wait till you hear of what I checked out of the public library for relaxation!  Young Scientist Takes a Walk, 101 Things to do with a Bike, and two others I can't think of at the moment.  I am slowly reading through "Papers from the History Seminar of Kalamazoo College" Right now I'm on No 1 (I told you I was going slowly!) which is "Kalamazoo's own Co. 'C' 1851-1941".  The next one is "The Development of Church-Related Colleges in Michigan between 1830 and 1860.

I like English because about all we have to do is read one short story a week, and write a paper – much easier than art!  I have been over to Miss Wood's office once to get my papers from last term but she wasn't in.

I think I have about exhausted my supply of subject matter but just in case I will leave this is the typewriter and go to supper.

It's a good thing I wrote most of this letter earlier.  I just got back from the library where I spent 2 hours doing three calculus problems and I still have six more to do!  Ugh!  Calculus just keeps getting worse and worse.  Three of my best friends are transferring to new schools: Sue is leaving the end of this quarter and Gina and Rich next fall.  At the library I talked to Rick (a junior) who keeps telling me I should transfer now before its too late.  He didn't and he regrets it!  I guess this is an all right school if you love to study.

It is 10 PM and I'm going to bed as soon as I finish this as I've been up since 4 this morning.

Good night!


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