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Mary Elizabeth Fawley 1887-1888

  • Mary Elizabeth Fawley 1887-1888 is 2nd cousin to GHU or 2nd cousin twice removed of Horton-Uible cousins.
  • She is related to us through our 2nd great-grandfather Noah Fawley
  • Noah Fawley's younger brother George married Noah's wife's (Sarah Wilkin) niece Rachel Pence
  • This is confusing
  • There are at least forty-four Mary's in our family tree

Mary Elizabeth Fawley was born January 20, 1887 in Hamer Township, Highland County, Ohio, and died at the age of 19 months on August 27, 1888.   She had one sister, Bertha who was born in 1883 and married Lee Williams.

Mary Elizabeth was GHU's second cousin as their grandparents were siblings.  Therefore she would be HH's second cousin once removed and our second cousin twice removed.

GHU's mother, Mary Ellen Fawley Hiestand (1853-1929) was the daughter of Noah Fawley (1824-1914) and Sarah Wilkin (1828-1901).   Noah was the oldest of 12 children of John Fawley (1795-1892) and Mary Hawk Fawley (1804-1865).

Noah's brother, George Washington Fawley (1828-1876) and his wife Rachel Pence (1834-1913) were the parents of eight children, the fifth of which was George W. Fawley (1858-1909) who married Sarah Ollie Webster and were the parents of Mary Elizabeth Fawley.  They lived in New Market, Highland County, Ohio.

Rachel Pence Fawley's mother, Mary Ann Wilkin Pence, was the sister of Sarah Wilkin Fawley, GHU's grandmother.

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    1967 Serena's 12th Birthday

    1967 Serena opening birthday present, Mary Virginia & Roberta look on -Jan.20

    1967 Serena's 12th Birthday - Julia Murphy on left

    Wednesday, January 18, 2017

    1977 Catherine's Letter -Jan.13

    January 13, 1977
    Thursday Evening
    Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

    Thank you for all the letters we have received during the past week – including the one dated Dec. 12.  We are anxious to hear how the big wedding [Cris & Marita] came off, and your trip to and fro.

    We have not been doing too much since John and Debby left.  Roberta was down with a cold for a a few days and I missed one day of work due to some sort of bug.  It seems to be going around.

    We did buy ourselves a new bed.  We got a Ortho Supreme queen size if that means anything to you.  It is quite firm but we have both adjusted to it from the saggy thing that came with the apartment.  We had previously parked our bikes in the bedroom but with the bigger bed we have moved them back to the living room.

    Speaking of bikes, Gerry's has a flat tire.  We were all set to patch it with my tube repair kit which still has a Daye's Hardware sticker on it (I  must have bought it in 1968).  The patch was fine but the glue had all dried out so we're going to have to buy some more rubber cement I guess it is.  Did I mention that we got DeeDee a bike for Christmas, or rather we had one made over that had been her cousins.  She has not yet completely mastered the technique of balancing.

    I had no idea Linda & Barbara Rudisill were in San Diego.  Roberta sad she thought they were in L.A.

    We have been having some work done on the car.  Last week it got a brake job and this week we haven't been driving it as the muffler is about to fall off.  Frank, a guy that works with Gerry and only lives 2 blocks from us has been taking us to work.

    We've given him a ride several times when his wife needed the car or it was in the shop.  We plan to take it to Midas first thing Saturday morning.

    Winter has arrived here in San Diego.  We have had several days of rain and the temperature has gotten down into the 40s.  Not too far away it gets colder than that and I guess the snow starts around 3000'.  Alot of people drive up to the mountains on the weekends to see the snow, go sledding, etc.  We really haven't felt that much desire to see it.

    Hoping to hear from you all again soon –

    Catherine & Gerry

    Monday, January 16, 2017

    1977 Catherine's Letter to John -Jan.13

    Thursday Evening
    January 13, 1977
    Dear John,

    Hi! How are you doing in the big city of Washington?  How much of the inauguration will you get to see?  Please tell Serena "Happy Birthday" for us as we don't have her address.  We will be sending her a card to New Vienna I guess.

    We certainly were sorry you couldn't have stayed in SD longer but we did have a good time while you were here.  Since you and Debby left it doesn't seem like we have done much except work.  Roberta went on Dr. Atkins diet starting January 1 and I guess she has been sticking to it.  Pauline is also on it.  It is a diet where all you can eat is meat and cheese and fish but you can eat as much of that as you like.  Gerry and I tried it and lasted eight days but on the ninth day we went out and had a pizza.

    We went to see "The Enforcer" which is a real blood & guts movie with Clint Eastwood.  A little bit of that goes a long way.  Last Saturday night we went bowling with Roberta.  We bowled three strings and she started out poorly and improved each time.  I did the best I have ever done on the first string which was 112.  I still have a ways to go.  This weekend DeeDee is staying over night on Saturday and we are talking about going to see "Wilderness Family."

    Did you go the big wedding in Philadelphia?  [Cris & Marita] You'll have to write and tell us all about it since we haven't heard.

    We've had to spend some money on the car during the last couple weeks.  Gerry took it in for what we thought was going to be a $39.95 brake job last week and it ended up costing us $117.00.  Now it needs a new muffler. We haven't driven it since Tuesday since the old muffler could fall off at any time.  Frank, the guy who works with Gerry has been taking us to work.  We're going to take it to Midas first thing Saturday morning.

    Will you be able to ride back to Ohio with Serena or does she leave before you?  When will you be back in Granville?

    We will be waiting for our first hand report of the inauguration.

    Catherine & Gerry

    Saturday, January 14, 2017

    1967 Catherine, MV, John, Serena in rocker -Jan.14

    Captioned: 1-14--67 (John had just had haircut).  Catherine, Mary, John, Serena.  We had been to Barnesville, Ohio today.  Charles Lord went with us.  

    Thursday, January 12, 2017

    1987 Catherine's Letter to John -Jan.12

    Dear John & X,

    Hi!  Thanks for your letter and the McD. coupons.  We always enjoy free food!  There is a McDonald's in Moscow.

    We had a good time in Maine.  Sanford seemed alot busier – more shopping centers, restaurants and lots of traffic.

    Haven't heard anything yet concerning the job I applied for in Tempe.  If we move it will probably be to the Phoenix area.  Our second choice would be Oregon.  Or possibly something will turn up for Gerry in this area.

    Thanks again for the coupons and hope you have a Happy New Year!


    P.S.  See you in April 1988 if not before!

    Wednesday, January 11, 2017

    1977 Joe's Letter -Jan.11

    January 11, 1977
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    Dear Uncle Harold, Aunt Jean & Mary V. –

    I enjoyed your Christmas letter which arrived this week.  It takes at least 2 weeks to get a letter from the States, you know.  I also heard from Cathy and Gerry too.

    I moved out to the desert around the 23rd of Dec.  I'm now in a 2-room apartment about 10 kilometers from Jeddah.  A bus takes me to school each morning and then brings me back home again.  The nearest habitation to my Motel-6 home is a cement factory – Occasionally there are camels that pass by on their way to munch on the the garbage the construction workers throw away near our building.

    Last weekend I, two other Americans and a Jordanian drove to the mountains of Taif and spent a day there.  Beautiful desert sands and rocky mountains.  The city is on a plateau about 6,000 feet above sea level.  It was cold – we visited the souk and then took our lunch out to a Waadi and had a picknick.  The area looks like a typical Biblical scene – barren rock – a few shrubs, sheep and camels.  It was really a nice day.

    You asked about Tunisia – I highly recommend it.  We spent a few days in Tunis and then went to the holy city of Kairouan.  We also visited Sousse which is very touristy – lots of hotels there along the beaches – much like Miami Beach.  There is a lot to do there (in Tunis), a lot to see.  The weather during the months of Nov. Dec. was ideal.  I stayed at a Hotel called Tunisia Palace on Avenue Carthage – right downtown for practically nothing.  I saw 2 art exhibits, bought a rug and met some very interesting people – One was an art teacher at the Art Institute there – Tunisia reminded me a lot of Dakar, Senegal because, I guess, of the French language and their influence on the people.  I thought Egypt was a big tourist trap but nevertheless, it really is an interesting country.  I loved Florence, Italy.

    I now work a 40 hour week – That doesn't give me much time to paint, play tennis and meet people, does it.  I work on my Arabic everyday.  It's really a challenge!

    I miss Senegal so much but the nostalgia isn't so bad now because I'm learning more and more about where I am and I'm growing to like it.  May you be blessed with the happiest of New Years ––

    Love, Joe –– Thanks for your letters!

    Tuesday, January 10, 2017

    1987 Catherine's Letter -Jan.12

    Monday, January 12, 1987
    Dear Mother, Dad & Mary Virginia,

    Hi!  This is the first time I've used the typewriter since I got it back from the repair shop (had to get a new motor belt) -- seems to be working well.  I've been thinking about getting a new one.  Just saw one advertised recently that can also be used as a computer printer.

    We got your "new year's" letter last week with the Jane Brody clipping, thanks.  Also appreciated your phone call and of course the Christmas package.  We have been using the scented hot pad.  Those are nice matching watches that you sent Gerry and me.   Cute necklace for Wendy also.  We appreciate the $$ very much too!

    I got my birthday card and check from Grandma today so she is on the ball.  Also included was our Christmas check (for 1986) and a letter of apology from Aunt Mary for "forgetting" us!

    Also in today's mail was a letter from "Focus on the Family" informing us that you are giving us a gift subscription.  I am familiar with some of Dobson's books so looking forward to the "materials and magazine" they say I will receive soon.

    We have been enjoying the Betty Crocker items from Mary V.  Gerry fixed the pasta salad last week and it was quite tasty.  We checked the store here in Colfax and they don't carry it but do carry little foil dressing mixes for pasta salad.  We may try one of them next as we both like pasta salad.  Wendy and I looked through the Buffet cookbook yesterday.  Some very fancy sounding (and terrific looking) recipes.  We'll have to stock up on some more ingredients.  We all ate plenty while we were on vacation so have been trying to eat "lighter" since we have returned home.

    Saw where there was a snowstorm in the midwest -- did that hit you?  The ground remains bare here with temperatures in the 20ºs.  Road conditions have been good.  Only two more months until spring!

    Storytime is back in swing at the library.  I only had 12 for my 10:00 session lasts week but then had 42 at 11:00 so I think several mothers were just running late!  The after-school session for school age is going fairly well.  I try to get volunteers to bring snacks and it seems like the same ones are doing it all the time so I'm trying to track down the parents of those who come regularly and haven't "volunteered."  I did booktalks at the Troy (13 miles east of Moscow) elementary school last Friday.  The 6th grade girls there have a "Storytellers Group" and they read to the younger classes.

    Wendy and I are both enjoying the keyboard -- we play lots of duets with one of us playing the melody and the other the chords.  She has been practicing her hand positions and fingering.  I am impressed with its variety of rhythms and instruments.

    Always glad to hear from you . . . .

    Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

    P.S.  Forgot to mention I did call Aunt Harriett who was very vague about Roger & his wife.  (She wouldn't tell me her name or whether she was from Sanford.)  She did take my # though and Roger called a couple days later.  Both Roger & Harriett said to give you their regards.  (His wife's maiden name was Thompson – she's 11 year's younger than Roger so also younger than Gerry.)

    [Roger's wife would be Betty and she is from Sanford.  Aunt Harriett Cochran Ballantyne, 1908-1990.  Roger, 1943-2008.]

    Sunday, January 08, 2017

    1967 Uible Weekly News(paper) -Jan.9

    The date in the newsline of this edition of the Uible Weekly News is incorrect (should be 1967, not 1968 – which can be determined by the dates of the sporting events, and the trip to Barnesville).  Great glimpse of home life in 1967!

    Friday, January 06, 2017

    2007 Wendy & KC -Jan.

    2007 Wendy & baby KC (1 month old) - Jan.

    Wednesday, January 04, 2017

    1987 Family Letter -Jan.4

    Sunday, January 4, 1987

    Dear Family:

    The Christmas things are put away and we have the new calendars in place.  The tax forms and the seed catalogs have come in the mail and we can begin to see the hours of daylight growing.

    We are enjoying having M.V. home with us, she is a big help around the house.  Serena has completed moving from Chicago to Bloomington, IN. and will be home this week before her school starts.  Our thoughts will be with the Morgans today as they fly from Boston to Spokane.  John and X were going to northern Ohio this weekend and we wonder how much snow they had.  NV ended up having none of the storm.  Roberta is sending us plenty of information about bike rides.  She sent us a clipping on "Americans are dedicated to fitness, and to parking as close to the stadium as possible."  The enclosed clipping is last Wednesday's weekly health column from the NYT.

    In the Upper Room on Jan. 1st they talked of the motto: "Fifty-seven rules for making a success":  1. Deliver the goods.  2.  Never mind the other fifty-six.

    [Love. etc. ]

    Monday, January 02, 2017

    1967 John's Thank You letter -Jan.3

    College Street
    New Vienna, Ohio
    January 3, 1967
    Dear Mom and Dad,

    Thank you for the electric train.  I have a lot of fun with it.  I like to put sticks in the green car.  I really like it.

    Your son,

    Saturday, December 31, 2016

    1986 Roberta Letter -Dec.31

    Hi ––

    This is some note paper we got from our hiking friend DORIS.  It's from a picture her son took over in Superstition Mtns.

    We sure thank you for the watches – neither of us had "good" watches – so especially glad to have to wear for 'dress' occasions!  It's nice too that they are battery run – so they keep on running w/out constant setting and rewinding!  I'm not giving this watch to MISS WENDY!  It's classy too – for us to have matching watches!

    THANKS too for the generous $100 check – we have it in the bank (not the checking acct) right now – but will be putting it to good use on something special.  Maybe in the trailer – we have several projects we want to do in trailer & with Joe coming we now have a deadline.  Or maybe we need to put the $ into frames – of the pictures Joe has given us!  Actually that's a good idea!

    Enclosing picture of JADE taken on her 8th birthday – Her Mother Bev is one of Sr. Village cooks & stays here when we go out overnight.

    We are going out weekend of January 9th – for  3  nights.  No special bike ride – so will get in some good hiking. (+R&R)

    Bike now has 1200 miles – & had 1st flat tire today – Happened 35th Ave. between Bell & Union Hills (about 5-6 miles from here) Sid was actually up at the trailer – only a few miles away – but he did get message & picked me & bike up about 2 miles from here.  So – I did get in a little walk.

    Sid is already talking menus when you folks are here.  Nothing elaborate – grilled fish & some new vegetable recipes we have tried.  Tonight we had the best Rice dish – w/ added mushrooms, almonds, bamboo shoots + green peppers!  Was it ever good!  Also had some pineapple in it!  Also had stir-fried vegetables w/ chicken in it.

    We saw the movie Children of a Lesser God – w/ the head actress being deaf.

    Thanks again for watches and check!

    Much Love,

    Thursday, December 29, 2016

    1936 HH's writing ~Dec.30


    (Spelling and grammar were probably not a priority, and have not been corrected.)
    [written between Christmas and New Year's Day 1936]

    Today it has been raining, last night went to see Cristmas tree lane.  It was a mile half long with grown pines.

    We went down [to] San Digo the weekend before exmas that night we went down in to Mexico, they had the longest bar in the world.  The longest next day we went to the naval base on the islands.  We visited Ramona's marrage place in old town San D.

    We started for Los Angeles that afternoon.  I've have only went twice swiming in the Pacif the other time in B. Pools.

    For Christmas I got game of monopoly, play dog, nuts, 4 bannas in stockings.  My cousin got a football and a couple other things.  He has been trying to teach me to play football.

    Half of the presents was for Srena Pugh a baby that has not been born.  [Serena Reynolds Pugh, 1914-1968 and her husband, Keith E. Pugh 1914-?, were expecting a baby at Christmas time, 1936.  Keith Pugh, Jr. was born a few months later.]

    We may leave for San Francisco if it clears up.

    We leave for Fla. Jan. 5, 1937.  Our address will be 915, 13 Ave. (or B. St.?)  We stayed there last year.  We had a white tinted tree for Christmas.

    Harold H. Uible

    Monday, December 26, 2016

    1976 Joe's Saudi Arabia Letter -Dec.28

    December 28, 1976
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    Dear Uncle Harold, Aunt Jean and Mary Virginia,

    Your letter was dated Oct. 18 and I'm just getting it!  The mail system doesn't function well here.  Just recently the one and only Post Office had a fire in the international mail room which destroyed a lot of letters.  I know for a fact that many of my letters written have never reached their destination.

    I have been living in an apt. downtown for 2 and a half months but just last week I was moved to Rayville whisch is an American community built by Raytheon about 10 kilometers from Jeddah.  It is in the desert.  I must depend on a bus service everyday to get about.  Near my apartment building there are about 50 camels that graze on the trash in the dump - yard in the afternoon.  At one horizon you can see the bare mountains that work towards Mecca.  I live in a Pre-Fab house – very modern with 2 rooms + kitchen and bath.  I have hung a few of my paintings and masks from Senegal.  I finally got my air freight shipment which was sent by sea.  Sometimes boats must wait 5 months before they can unload their cargo.  I was very lucky to get my stuff after 3 months.

    You are always welcome in Saudi Arabia.  If we get together it will not be as easy this time – I do not have another vacation until the 1st of September and I hope then to take a vacation in the U.S.A.  I work 8 hours a day!  I wake up at 5a.m. to take a bus and get home around 3:30 in the afternoon.  Hotel rooms are expensive here over 100 dollars a night for 1 person.  Raytheon was paying $1,500 a month for the apt. I was living in downtown!  If you come you will be able to stay at my place but it will be like camping in the desert!  Perhaps on a weekend I could fly with you to Riyadh or Ta'if for 2 days.  They say it's not very expensive to fly in country – you would need to rent a car and while I taught school you could get about easily.  There is really nothing to see in Jeddah.  Can you believe that?  It's like a mining town during the Calif. gold rush!  Construction sites all over the place!  I wish I were back in Senegal!  Well I wish you a very Happy New Year and hope to see you in Jeddah.

    My trips to Greece, Italy, Tunisia and Egypt was exciting – Now it's all WORK and no play!

    Love, Joe

    Saturday, December 24, 2016

    1976 Roberta Letter -Dec.28

    December 28, 1976
    Dear Family,

    Hi!  I went back to work today, wasn't planning on going back till January 3 . . . . but decided I would go wacko that long without working . . . guess it is just in my blood now.  Actually I just worked two hours today, Fred and Pauline have gone on a two day vacation so went out by myself.  I know it would be hard to go out day after day by myself.  But in two hours I got seven orders -- five with deposits, two without.  Not bad at all.  I've got alot of deliveries to make the 3rd, and then again on the 15th.

    It was nice having John here for a week.  It went by fast, I hope he thought it worth his while to come out.  We were sorry that the rest of you all couldn't make it, but next Christmas will be here before we know it.  Doesn't seem like we got to do that much while John was here, but then we seemed to keep busy most of the time.  The weather wasn't super hot the whole time he was here.  Of course I'm sure it felt cooler to me, than to him.

    Thanks alot for everything -- the foot warmers are already getting some good use out of . . . . . the money went toward another pair of earth shoes.  Remember the ones you bought me in Columbus?  They were so worn out and ugly that one day I left them downstairs in the kitchen, and when the cleaning boy came he put them in the trash, but Nina -- the woman in charge saved them.  I'm going to get  a pocket-book, and not sure what else, but I will let you know.  The ear-rings will make a nice change from the one pair that I have out here.  (my jade ones)  And the billfold will be saved until the one I have now must be thrown out.

    As for the towels, they too are muchly needed, as the YWCA budget doesn't seem to cover such things.  It was so nice that John was allowed to stay here.  Very convenient and of course the price was right.

    What did you all think about the suit he got?  He almost got two -- I found it all quite shocking . . . . . but then the night before he had paid Debbie's and my way into the movie.  Debbie seems very nice . . . very considerate and all.  On the quiet side . . . . as compared to John and I!!

    What do you think Serena thinks about the idea of coming out here, while I'm in New Jersey?  To me it would be a good deal for her -- either if she wants to just take life easy -- or if she wanted to work, I don't think she would have a hard time out here in the summer finding work -- I really can't imagine Serena wanting to spend the summer in New Vienna.  The Y is ideally located . . . near the State University . . . one half block from taking local buses (though I have never taken one)  If I'm back in San Diego next year, I sure hope or want to live here.

    John and I watched some television -- last night I watched the GE special move -- about a college president who took a year's leave and had a job as a cook in a restaurant, etc.  It was good . . . . That is one thing I'm getting, experience in alot of areas.

    The big wedding will be here before you know it.  When we called the Hortons, that was the big subject of conversation.  I'm glad that Grandma is planning on going.

    I got another certified letter today from the bank.  I've learned to dread them as they always mean a bad check.  This one was a check for three dollars written on a closed account.  Of all the nerve.  I'm going to have to check it out tomorrow.  These bad checks, etc. cut into my profits.

    I again thank everyone for all the nice presents . . . . and I wish you could have heard Pauline talk about all the toys . . . . John did get to meet Fred . . . . wish he could have met Pauline.  We had alot of good laughs about Fred's car --- I'm sure you must have heard about it!!!

    Hopefully I'll do better in 1977 about letter writing!!!!


    Thursday, December 22, 2016

    1976 Catherine's Letter -Dec. 27

    December 27, 1976
    Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

    Well, I guess it has been awhile since I last wrote.  We had a really nice Christmas and I hope to have some pictures to send you with the next letter.

    We did quite a few things while John was here.  Tijuana, the zoo, the beach, plus Roberta kept him busy while we were working.  Debby will be here until Sunday so we hope to do some more things with her.

    Thank you for the Christmas presents and the check.  We are going to buy a bed.  Those button towels are just the thing for our refrigerator and I'm sure we can make good use of the apron and placemats.  Gerry has already worn the shirt (sweater?) you sent him.  He likes the button type so you made a good choice.  The pants suit you sent me is very nice looking and it fits!

    Deedee gave us a nice plant for Christmas.  I'm not sure what kind.  It has leaves that look like elephant ears.  Roberta got us a blanket – queen size since our sofa bed is queen size and we plan to get a queen size bed.  She also got us an ice crusher.

    Dec. 29, 1976
    Gerry and I both had yesterday off so we took Debbie and DeeDee to Sea World.  Wow!  What a place.  Since it costs $5.95 to get in we weren't sure if it would be worth it.  But there really was alot to see.  We spent five hours there and probably could have spent a couple more.  They closed at 5:30 though.  We wanted Roberta to go with us but she decided to go back to work yesterday.

    Roberta is going to take Debby and I over to El Cajon tomorrow after I get off work to meet Gerry and we can show Deb the biggest shopping center in the area.

    Last night we decided to go to Houlihan's Old Place which is a new restaurant in San Diego.  Roberta's been wanting to go there.  So we went about 8:30 and they said there would be a two hour wait.  So we decided we'd wait until it got a little older.  They won't let you make reservations after 5pm.  We ended up eating at Victoria Station which is just down the street.  We had to wait 5 minutes for a table there.  Roberta said she had eaten at Victoria Station elsewhere but it was our first time.

    We got back our Christmas pictures and they came out really good.  I'll send you some.  The picture I took of Deedee wearing the top you sent her and holding the necklace would have been alot better if I hadn't aimed so bad.

    Well, I still haven't heard from you but I Guess I'll go ahead & mail this.

    Write soon.

    Catherine & Gerry

    Wednesday, December 21, 2016

    1986 Catherine's Sanford postcard -Dec.27

    Sanford is second only to the Biddeford-Saco area as the leading industrial / commercial city in York County, Maine's fastest growing county. [York County Population in 1970 = 111,576; 2015 (est.) = 201,169. Maine population 1970 = 992,048; 2015 (est.) = 1,329,328 Per Wikipedia]  Photo by Peter Randall.

    Hi!  Thanks for your letter & clipping.  It arrived yesterday.  We had a good flight and have been visiting lots of Gerry's relatives. Several new shopping areas in vicinity – traffic is terrible!  It has been in high 30ºs with blue skies mostly but did rain on Xmas.  Plan to get together w/ some friends and library people next week.

    Love, Catherine
    Gerry & Wendy

    Monday, December 19, 2016

    1976 Roberta's Letter -Dec.25

    12/25/76 [??]

    Dear Family,

    Hi!  John is outside trying to soak up some of the sun's rays . . . . . so thought now a good time to stay inside and get something in the mail to you all.  It's 4:00 and I just told the office girl she could go home, and I'll watch the phone.  The office will be closed now till Monday, which means I won't get any messages taken for me, unless I'm here, because Janice the other girl that lives here left this morning for Santa Barbara.

    Did I mention earlier they said it would be fine for John to stay here.  He did stay at Catherine's last night, Debbie [Gerry's sister] won't be getting here till tomorrow.  Thanks for everything you sent out.  The pecans, granola, and clothes.  And of course whatever is in the packages is greatly appreciated too, anxiously awaiting the 25th!!  I wish I had been more on the ball and then you all too could be opening up something from me on Christmas.

    This morning John and I went shopping.  He found the book on politics that he wanted.  And we got some small things.  We've been busy talking about life on the farm and the possibilities of this coming summer.  I would very much like to go back, and would except that I hate to lose my room at the YWCA.  I wouldn't mind paying the rent, but I really feel like they want someone to be here, so I'm going to work on the idea of finding someone suitable to stay here.  I thought about Serena, would you be at all interested????  I'm very close to the San Diego State University.  Or maybe you would rather work, which if that is the case, I might be able to help arrange a job.  Let me know if you would like to spend a rent-free summer in San Diego.  I'll pay the rent in advance -- I just want someone to stay here so I can have the room next fall.

    It's been cool here, but John talks about going to the beach.  He wanted to see the Bruces, so called them up yesterday and plan to go there next Monday afternoon.  I don't plan to work until January 3rd --- when I have oddles [sic] of deliveries to make.  Maybe 70 sets of pans, and about 15.00 worth of Watkins . . . . as a Watkins sales person I'm a failure . . . . you can tell what I push.  Actually I imagine alot of these pan orders will not be completed deliveries on the 3rd . . . . . I have an envelope I mark . . . . . push or cancel.

    I hope you understood that the pans are from Grandma.  She sent me the money to send both you and Aunt Mary a set.  The samples I take credit for, but not the pans.  The degreaser is good . . . . and super concentrated . . . . at least that is what everybody said.

    John is busy sending out cards . . . . Catherine said last night he fell asleep on top of the couch, with his clothes on, and said this morning at 7:30 he was in the same position.  Imagine he would have been tired.

    The box came today from UPS -- thanks, thanks, thanks, . . . . I wish you all could meet the Speyers . . . . such nice people.  Pauline is always telling me that that she has enough food storage for me and my family . . . . but then Fred is always telling me that I should start my own too . . . . just one year of everything and enough of the basics for two years. Instead I spend my money on a new television set!!!!

    We ought to be going over to the Morgans.  Mary Virginia, thanks again for the towel and letter.  I haven't heard anything from Marion lately but then there is a good reason for that . . . . I haven't written.


    Sunday, December 18, 2016

    1976 New Lamps -Dec.24

    Christmas present for the house – two new lamps, a Rembrandt table lamp and an Acme Floor Lamp purchased from G.M. Rice in Wilmington on Christmas Eve, 1976.

    Saturday, December 17, 2016

    1986 Family Letter -Dec.21

    Sunday, December 21, 1986

    Dear Family:

    We had a nice Church service this morning and are having another program tonight, part of which will be with a live manger scene and then a brief service inside.  Our new Church organ is now a reality and it is paid for.  (Thanks to Dorothy Bernard's will.)

    It has been nice having Mary Virginia home with us . . . she is to start in mid January as the choir director of the First Baptist Church in Washington C.H.  They wanted her sooner but she had promised to sing here at N.V. on the 11th.

    Friday evening we had a new experience for the year – that of baby sitting.  The minister called us about 6:30 and offered us tickets for some program in Dayton saying that their baby sitter failed to show up.  Anyway we went over so they could go and baby sitting with four children brought back many memories of the good times in our household.  Turned out that the Nusbaums were to have come but they had forgotten which is another long story.

    Mary V. had her Crisis Pregnancy Center Group (Board + Volunteers) at our home on Thursday evening . . . really have a BIG tree in our living room plus upteen lights on the outside and all the minor touches on the inside.

    Put some straw over our strawberries yesterday plus some odds and ends.  We have been enjoying getting Christmas cards and especially those that have some personal news.  Our FFA fruit has been very nice this month and much better for us than the many pastries that are so tempting.  We did go to the new Ponderosa in Wilmington which was crowded with people.  The Golden Corral steak place will be just across the street so plenty of choice.

    [The following is from John's personalized version of this letter which is the handwritten part.]

    The service tonight by the children was very good, written and staged by themselves – part outside by a live manger scene.  Kevin's step-daughter was Mary.

    Sent you a small box which we hope arrives before the 25th.  Thanks for the lovely birthday card and the nice message.  Belated greetings to Piper!

    We look forward to seeing you Jan. 3rd.

    Dad and Mother

    12/22  Thanks for your ltr today, if O.K. we will be up on 1/3 between 2 & 3 & be glad to go w/you to the services the next day.  –Dad

    Friday, December 16, 2016

    1966 MUH Letter -December

    [unknown day, December 1966]

    Dear UIBLES,

    Wish you could spend Xmas with us!  We'll be thinking about you anyway.  I plan to give the folks the phone and one of the church poinsettas from church and will put ALL OUR NAMES on it.  The Hortons are getting more realistic every year about Xmas giving . . . or would you say materialistic???  Mares already has hers (a dress) because she wanted it to wear for Christmas parties before the great day, and the rest pretty much know what to expect for they have already put in requests far ahead . . . . we need some little folk in this household like MV to keep the 'Santa' spirit alive!  Ho! Ho!

    We're taking Mom and Dad to the Lions Xmas party for the blind next week.  I think they will enjoy that.  Mother will be going to the Glee Club show but I can't talk Dad into it . . . . "The seats are TOO hard."  You know him.  Well, why not take a cushion then, if that is the alibi.????  There will be two choir concerts at church coming up . . . youth and adult contata.  I imagine Mother will go to both.  This PM is the children's Xmas party at church.  Next week will be Highland's.  They gave their musical program last week.  And Serena, only the 4th, 5th and 6th grade performed.  OUTDOORS . . . . and you might know, it only rained just long enough to scurry every one indoors for the last two numbers.  They have a colored teacher this year and the singing was exceptionally good.  Three part harmony and rounds.

    Catherine, I wish Mares had your brains or application or whatever it takes! [Mares had and has plenty of what it takes to be the best, just not in that particular case.]  With her test scores she'll be lucky to get into ANY college.  Just heard from Fla. State and she didn't apply early enough; her test scores were not high enough to be on a preferable list in Sept. and she did not apply EARLY enough,  Admitted Jan. '68.  So maybe  Fla. Southern!

    Should I wish you SNOW for Xmas??? Happy '67.  Love, Mary & all

    Thanks again for all nice things you do for Joe!

    Wednesday, December 14, 2016

    1986 Catherine's Letter -Dec.15

    12-15-22 1986
    Dear Mother & Dad,

    Hi!  It was good to talk to you on Saturday, Mother.  Thanks for calling!

    We got our tickets today – leaving Spokane at 9:30 AM w/ a 3 hr. layover in Denver.  We'll get breakfast & dinner on those flights.  We'll return to Spokane at 7:10 p.m. on Jan. 4 and hopefully get home in time for Wendy to get some sleep before school the next day!

    Received a package from Mary V. today but waiting for Wendy to get home from school before opening it.  We are going to her class after school today to see a 10 minute demonstration of a Pioneer Christmas Village they constructed complete w/ an electric train running through it.  Wendy is one of the "readers" saying who built what, etc.  She was thrilled last week as she was one of several who got to read a Christmas story to the Kindergarten classes.

    Our next communication will probably be from Maine!

    Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

    [The following is in Wendy's printing.]

    Hi from Nobody  M.J.W.

    Tuesday, December 13, 2016

    1986 Roberta's Letter -Dec.15


    Hi –

    We just returned from a great weekend – now to get this out before the mail-person comes!

    Had a gook bike ride on Saturday – over 1,000 rode – I came in #208 – that is misleading tho – as that doesn't count the ones that got the gold award – the 23 miles in less than 70 minutes!  I did the 23 miles in apx 1 hour, 50 minutes & there were lots of hills, 1200 foot elevation gain! (worst 'hill')

    Then Sunday we went on a hike in Superstitions –– lovely both days – mid 70's & sunny.  My nose got semi-burnt.

    Saturday afternoon we rang the bells for Salvation Army in East Mesa – Sid's NARFE group had the day for the bell-ringing.  I made a point to say Hi to all who passed by & most donated.  I admire Mary Virginia for having done it for the 'season' – even if she did get paid for it.

    Talked briefly to Hortons on Saturday & got the good news on Aunt Mary.

    I'm (we) are home now for awhile – I've been gone alot past few weeks – between Conf on Aging, San Diego, & 2 trailer outings.  Not bad for someone who works full time. (and didn't use vacation time)  This last weekend left Friday at 12:30 pm after lunch & returned at 11:00 AM Monday.

    Thanks for recent letter & clippings.

    Love, RUK

    Monday, December 12, 2016

    1976 Roberta's Letter -Dec.12

    1976 YWCA flyer for Christmas Open House

    Hotel del Coronado 1976 Rates – may have seemed expensive then, but would be quite a bargain if they honored those prices today.
    December 12, 1976
    Dear Family,

    Hi!  Just can't believe that its Sunday already again . . . . this last week went by super fast, and with all that happened in it, I'm glad to have starred a new week.  But with a new glass in the Buick, and a new set of keys things seem to be under control.

    The big news is I'm very busy with pots and pans.  I've decided to share the wealth, so to speak and yesterday had a delivery boy out, he did a good job, only came back with seven (out of 24) and got bigger deposits on all the seven that he brought back.  He's a good Mormon boy . . . . about seventeen . . . . senior in high school . . . . I don't need him now until Wednesday . . . . the first and fifteenth of the month are my busiest times.

    Right now most people are wanting theirs delivered after Christmas.  We are back in Mexican people's . . . . so am using my Spanish again.  They are good pays . . . . and they love the word "special".  Three days this past week I sold ten sets . . . . that's pretty good, if I say so myself.

    I got out yesterday and sold two sets in about 40 minutes, so that more than paid for my delivery boy.  Then I just came back and starred my bookkeeping system.  I keep orders separated as to delivery date in envelopes.  What I am trying to do is to get a 3 by 5 card written out on all orders, keep them in a file box in alphabetical order.  Then I can refer to them if a customer calls, and then by having delivery date on the file card, along with other information I can find order quickly.

    I bought a major (minor) appliance.  I figured with the money I saved, by not buying a new window for the car (instead of figuring the money I spent by having to buy a used window) I would treat myself to a TV.  I just got a small 12 inch black and white portable, by RCA.  It was just (ha) 84.00 . .  . . The one I bought for fifteen dollars turned out to be more of a tease.  Everytime I wanted to watch something, would get the picture on it, and sure enough within minutes I would lose the picture, or it would get all distorted.  I started to wait till after Christmas to buy it, but then I wanted to be able to see some of the Christmas specials that will be on before Christmas.

    Went over to the Morgans today, they had their tree all up, with gifts surrounding it.  We are sorry you all won't be out here.  But then I can understand why you don't want to miss any of the cold weather and all.  (ho, hum)  I'm glad that both Serena and John will be in Washington D.C. Just what will Serena be up to?

    Mary, what would you like for Christmas?  You know with you all changing your minds as you did, your Christmas might be coming late.  That way I can miss all the crowds at the post office – ha.  I should say, they can miss me . . . .

    This last week, just a few             --- Now about an hour later, and I can't think what I was going to say.  Got Grandmas Christmas present this week. When over at Morgans, DeeDee showed me two two dollar bills that Grandma had sent her.  That pleased her.  They had popped all this popcorn this afternoon to hang on the tree, but when they went to string it, it kept breaking.  Janice needs to use the typewriter so I'll finish this later.

    --- Now Monday AM –– ready to walk out the door for work ––

    Love, Berta

    Friday, December 09, 2016

    1976 GHU Letter -Dec.9

    Thurs. Dec. 9 [1976]
    Dear Family,

    How is every one?  Since it is now time for you Harold & Jean to be home from your Carib. trip & we haven't heard a word we are beginning to wonder if mail is suddenly slow or if all is going well.

     This evening Robbie arrived from school & then after supper he & Mary went to a musical at the Mall theater where they have 2 season tickets.  Bill, he has gone on an errand to Uncle Cris'.  They arrived at their trailer home Sun. night for the winter.  I am watching the Walton program & it seems to be interesting & full of difficulties for Christmas time but as all programs it is going to end all right.

    I went with Mary to the U.W.S. at the church today as they had their Christmas program with Mrs. Bruhl (?) the minister's wife giving a book review for the main feature.  Many of us didn't hear much for it seemed difficult for her to use the mike & in that large church her voice was weak.  At least the lunch was good, Creamed turkey over a biscuit, peas & small piece of cranberry sauce & a square of ? a lady at our table said it was mince meat placed in a crust made of oats & the recipe is on the can when you buy it.  Whip cream on top, coffee or tea $1.25.

    Had a card from Roberta today saying she had gone to the Zoo with Catherine, Gerry & D.D.  She sent me a small square of fruit cake & a package of cashew nuts.  I wonder if she got the fruit cake at a health store.  It is delicious.

    While we are not having snow the sun is not too bright, the air cool & a lot of wind.  As the natives always say – This is unusual.  The Miami Herald has not made too much out of the northern weather, may be because they can't brag about their own this winter.  They are concerned about the tourist trade for they made the statement – too many people are going to other places for a change.

    Mary still has trouble with her cold or has more.  Hope she gets over it before Jan.  I am getting my papers all right & the mail seems to be coming through all right from the P.O.  Let us know your new Box number, Harold.  I am sorry to bother you but please take care of the enclosed paper for I know I have Denbentures [?] of Gen P.U. which are supposed to be sent in by this notice.

    Love to all – Mother

    Wednesday, December 07, 2016

    1976 Catherine's letter to John -Dec.8

    December 8, 1976

    Dear John,

    Glad to hear that you are coming out.  I won't write an epic since we will be seeing you soon.  We haven't heard yet whether anyone else is coming or not.  We have not mailed their presents yet so I hope we hear soon one way or the other.  Debby will be arriving around noon on the 23rd.

    We are having Christmas for Deedee on the 23rd since she is going to L.A. on the 24th for Christmas & for her uncle's wedding which is the 26th.

    We have been planning lots of stuff to do while you & Debby and whoever else is here.  Gerry and I are not sure yet what days we will have off from work.  But both of us are trying to get as many as we can.

    We have done most of our Christmas shopping which is good since I don't feel like doing much more.  We have also started mailing some packages and cards.  So far we have received one Christmas card and that was from a lady I work with.

    Well, John, hope to see and/or hear from you soon.

    Gerry & Catherine

    Monday, December 05, 2016

    1986 Family Letter from HH -Dec.7

    Sunday, December 7, 1986

    Dear Family:

    Grandma left on a non stop flight from Dayton yesterday for Ft. Lauderdale.  Dayton is now a "Hub" for Piedmont Airlines so lots of service available there.  Yesterday was also the annual Church Bazaar Day, so we had a complete range of activities from draining the waterpipes at Mothers to other things.

    Serena left here Wednesday A.M. and spending the night in Bloomington  IN on the way back to Chicago.  We are glad that she will have a dorm room when she starts school there in January.  We talked to her Thursday evening and things went well with her on the trip.

    Mary Virginia has been busy . . . . .  with her Senior Concert and participating on Friday and Saturday, both this week and next in the Madrigal Program in Hillsboro.  We went on Friday night and really enjoyed the performance . . . . and the meal.  It was a full house.  Tonight she is in the Christmas Concert at the College.  There will be parts of Handel's "Messiah" and she is the featured soloist.

    The Morgans are going to Maine for the Holidays . . . it will be nice for them to visit with Gerry's family.  This will be another big trip for Wendy.  Catherine is making progress on her dental care.

    Roberta is still bike riding and is now in San Diego for a few days.  Hopefully if she decides to go on a "long" (?) bike ride in 1987 that she will invite the other potential family members.

    We were glad that X and John made it for MV's concert and also were so good to Serena when she stayed with them.  Serena brought home a "newsy" Church Bulletin where they attended the services.

    NV had a big Christmas parade . . . Gene Drake invited me to join him riding our bikes.  Several of the merchants had "open house" with complimentary refreshments.  It was a candle light procession and there were also candles in the business section along the street.

    [Love, etc.]

    Saturday, December 03, 2016

    1986 Roberta's Letter -Dec.5

    Hi --

    Thought I had got this in the mail last week . . . .

    Last Sunday rode w/ ARIZ Bike Club (ABC) on their Sunday morning ride.  This ride left from Apache Junction & rode to Superior.  60 mile Round Trip.  Rode out past Gold Canyon Ranch.  Good ride w/ few hills.

    My next organized ride will be 12/13 – a 23 mile one in East Mesa.  We plan to take the trailer out & make a 3 night vacation out of it.

    Aging Conference was good – saw lots of people I had met thru East Mesa Sr. Center & Sr. Village.  Pearl Bailey was the best speaker –

    Our newly elected Governor was there.  He was supposed to speak at the Banquet – came late & had to leave early.  Didn't really speak on aging / senior issues either!


    Thursday, December 01, 2016

    1986 Catherine's Letter -Dec.1

    Dear Mother & Dad,

    Hi!  Now that December is here I can use my Christmas stationery!

    It was nice of you to call on Thanksgiving and good to talk to Serena and Mary Virginia – glad the "Touch of Burgundy" went well.  We had a good Thanksgiving dinner – yesterday we froze what was left of the turkey.

    Wendy got your advent calendar on Friday.  She is doing it 3 days ahead of schedule so that she'll have all the windows open before we leave.  Both of us like the pictures!  Ashley Wolff has some excellent picture books too.  I assume you are familiar with them.

    We got out our Christmas decorations which we hope to put around the house tonight.  We aren't going to put up a tree.  Alot of our nicest decorations are from you – thanks again – we think of you when we see them.  I really like the Tomie de Paula The First Christmas pop-up book that you sent Wendy last year.

    Although we are looking forward to our trip to Maine I wish we could be in Ohio at the same time!  Wendy is very excited especially about meeting her younger cousins and flying accompanied by her parents!

    I have a dentist appointment in 27 minutes so I need to go do my final brushing!

    We love you!

    Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

    Monday, November 28, 2016

    1986 Family Letter - October 1986

    [October 1986]

    Dearest Family –

    Dad brought home a new typewriter and I did try using it but it was really different than this old one. It beeps when you misspell a word in its limited vocabulary and had alot of features this old one has.  It was nice but we ended up taking it back and will try another one later on.  I did like the correction part – either a letter or word at a time.  The same typewriter was about $100 or so cheaper through Service Merchandise so it might be a better place to shop.

    We did have a wonderful trip and as always are glad to be back.  Our group was so small we really got acquainted.  There were four other men and no other women.  Two were from Puerto Rico who had been on the same Commerce Tour last year so knew their way around.  One man was from Anaheim who had recently gone through bankruptcy but very, very personable.  The other was from Boston, separated from his wife and anxious to impress her with his many purchases – furniture for his new apt/house, two tailored suits plus extra trousers from Hong Kong and more like things from Korea.  They were both quite young and very interested in importing.  The toy shows were varied – relatively little in Manila but we did tour a stuffed animal factory there which was very interesting.

    Mary Greene was very nice to us [same Mary that showed us great hospitality in Hong Kong in November 2016] – sent flowers and a note to our hotel, took us with a driver south of Taipei where we visited a number of toy factories (?).  The first was actually a factory but the other two were makeshift factory/homes where one made & packaged paddles and the other made rubber balls.  That evening after dinner we went to Mary's apartment and it was luxurious.  Our living room and bedrooms would fit in hers easily and she had a balcony and also a roof garden.  She does want Roberta and Sid to come and visit and does have the space.

    We did find the hotel where we had stayed 14 years ago but hardly recognized it for the whole area had changed (built up) and just about one block from our hotel this time.

    The Philippines was interesting and would have been nice to have more time on our own there.  The night before we left they had a 1st grade typhoon which made it more memorable.  Also a 7 course dinner with escargot and cinnamon sherbert.

    Hong Kong was fascinating – like a homecoming for we had good recollection of the beauty of the city.  We had a room with a "view" and made good use of our four days there.  Covered the area pretty well via street car, incline, boat, ferry, bus, train and taxi.  The toy show here was nothing exciting, but found that the people were more than anxious to come to your hotel to show "their wares."  H.K. seems like more of a bustling place than New York City.  Oh yes we did go back to the same tailors here we had bought items 14 years before, but we found it much more expensive but still many bargains there which we regretted not taking up on as they said Korea had same things but cheaper.

    Mrs. Kim met us at the airport with Kim's sister and took over as our tour leaders.  It was good for the man who was to meet us never came to view at the airport altho he said he was there & looked for all of us.  Seoul is really a modern city with many skyscrapers and wide streets – 14 lanes wide in some places.  They use tunnels under the street to accommodate the pedestrians getting across the busy thoroughfares.  We attended the largest church perhaps in all the world –they have seven services each Sunday morning with 15,000 at each and many people standing.  Sunday school was conducted for the children in the outside area around the church.  It was a real traffic jam both before and after.  Luckily they had seven language speakers in the area where we sat so the headphones translated it very quickly.  The hymns were very familiar – the music that is and very touching to see and hear everyone participating.  The song service between services was interesting too with someone relaying the numbers to us in our area reminding us of football calls.

    We said goodbye to the two Americans in Tokyo and found ourselves in business class from there to San Francisco which was a nice experience.  The many amenities spoiled us for the rest of the trip but we didn't resist too much when they luckily moved us there.

    We are still recuperating – waking up in the middle of the night but can hardly hold our eyes open after 8:30 P.M.  We were glad that Roberta had come to be with Grandma the first week we were gone and then the Hortons came before she left so had a nice visit with her and stayed for three weeks.  They left Friday for the Kintners and Joe was to come for the weekend.  We are all waiting anxiously for news from Cris and Angela as the due date was last weekend.  [Laura?]

    [Love, etc.]

    Friday, November 25, 2016

    1976 Roberta's letter to John -Nov.29

    Roberta's Return address ––
    4848 Seminole Dr. [YWCA]
    San Diego

    John's address at Denison ––
    Slayter Box 2271

    Nov. 29, 1976
    Hi– How's school – almost out – are you ready for finals to be over?
    I'm excited about you coming out – what would you like to do?  I am thinking maybe we could take a quick trip to Mexico – should be good for a laugh –

    I turned down a $975 a month w/ the Hamburger people – McDonald's.  My girl friends out here think I've lost all good sense!  Someday we'll be in New Vienna – I have that factory in my blood – I'm getting excellent business experience now – tonight somebody called up – after using their pans 4 days they want their money back!  I was speech less!  I told them I'd stop by Saturday to discuss it.  Think I'll just offer them $10 for the used set – hoping they would rather keep the pans –

    What about the bus connections out here – when will you be arriving?  I'll put the $ saved by not having a calculator toward your trip – does that sound fair?

    Now Tuesday AM – got my case ready to go out – think you'll want a case so you can go out selling while you're here?

    What's new in New Vienna – and the factory?  I miss it all – but then I like it out here too.  How does Mom seem to you – I just hope she is not doing too much –

    What do you think about a present for Cris & wife?

    Love, Roberta

    Items from Uible photo album