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1967 Jean's Letter to Catherine -Oct.13

Friday –
Oct. 13, 1967
Dearest Catherine,

So good to hear from you this afternoon.  We also had a card from Daddy as no doubt you did too (Roberta just called & she had had one from him too en route to Calif.)  We had a letter from her this AM and it's all about her "Tests, tests, tests!"  She says she has two tomorrow – that plus her cold are about to get her down.  She got up at 4:30 this AM to study!  Can you imagine that?  Her roommate Faith has a horse & she wakes the whole room at 5 when she gets up to feed him.  I don't think she's been getting enough sleep & she requires quite a bit.  How about you?

John has been staying with Granddaddy this week.  After delivering the papers (28 pages ea.) he went to a Treasure Hunt at Kevin's.  Serena went to a Cadette Halloween Weiner Roast at Mary Jo Hughes.  (They live where the David Allens used to live).  That left just M.V. and I plus Granddaddy for supper.  Wilma did invite us to join the picnic of the Treasure Hunt but we had invited Granddad, and I had to take Serena out to Hughes  [It is now 10:50 & Serena isn't home yet; 4 1/2 hours of party?]

Evan Sugarbaker must be a real sweet boy, I'm sure he might be just as sweet with the last name Bullwinkle.

Mrs. Bernard said Shirley is struggling with Art.  The four E.C. girls have been going to the Methodist Church or Wesley Foundation together.

WHIO-TV just gave the score on East Clinton vs Xenia-Woodrow Wilson game 8-38.  No new news to report on our proposed trip [Serena arrived at 11:20]

John has enjoyed staying with Granddaddy – since Wednesday they have been going down to Polly's for breakfast – scrambled eggs, toast, orange juice & peaches.  (Arlene is working there and Bobby Curtis & Ricky Cline have taken over the 3R Restaurant for their Antique Shop.

Do you and Gina run around together?  Did you ever meet the Kline girl? or the other girl you's heard about?

Harriet Terrell wondered if you had met a boy named Elgin (in referring to a boy that had gone to Westtown).

Did I ever tell you Linda Eltzroth's roommate is from Alliance?  She might know Jim.  Mrs. Harner was saying that Elaine would consider Mich. State if it weren't for Bill.  What did you think about her doing so well on the Merit Scholarship Tests?  Kay Hottle & two others were pictured in Hillsboro paper for their "good work on that test" but that's all it said.  Elaine is worried about taking the ACT (?) soon.  No word on yearbooks.  The grade pictures are to be taken Oct. 19, I think.

How is math?  Did you get straightened out with Dr. Bousch?  How old a man is he?  Do you like Dr. Smith?  do you have mail delivery on Sunday?

The Bernards said "Barry Goldwater's Arizona" – a TV special was very good – of course they were interested because of Doug and Janette.  It was on Tuesday night during WSCS meeting so I missed it.

Mrs. Romney (?) was in Dayton today & interviewed very briefly but she is quite attractive.

Last night we saw Mike Williams receive rank of Eagle Scout – very impressive ceremony.  John had made up his mind to stay with Granddaddy so didn't go.  The church was filled.

Big day tomorrow with Daddy, Grandma & Rev. Perkins arriving.  The Cub Scouts are to go to the Fairgrounds for a Scout-o-rama.  It's really already Sat. so –––

All our best  love, 

1967 Catherine's Postcard -Oct.16


Hi!  It was nice talking to you all last night but you really have me confused.  I wasn't quite expecting your call.  I would like to come home – at Christmas but I guess I haven't been here long enough to get homesick yet.  New Vienna seems like a long way to come for one little weekend and I'm afraid when I got home I would have to study the whole time which wouldn't be too much fun.

I would like to see you on your way back from Expo if it is possible and practical.  For heaven's sake don't go 500 miles out of your way just to see me!  I can tell you all you want to know over the phone.

Dad, if it's G'ma & G'daddy's last weekend and R is home you can always come up here next year.  I hope to still be here!

You do what you all think is best and let me know what you decide. OK?  Love, Cath

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1967 Roberta's Letter -Oct.12

[Evidently written over several days, but postmarked Oct. 12, 1967]

[An undated note included with this letter, possibly written prior to the letter.]

Dear family,

I got back all safe & sound – to my own surprise.

Your letter with Catherine's included was here when I arrived.  Am saving C's letter & will mail it in next letter home.

Also got pretty yellow PJ's in mail.  Thanks!

Had English test today – probably didn't do too good as always.  Well, that's life.

Love, Roberta

* * * * *

Dear Family,

Tests, tests, tests – ok – how I'm sick of tests!  Some of them were easy & some hard but just the thought of them is enough to make me sick!

I don't think I have done too good on any of them.  I seem to know the material but get scared & excited and then I get all goofed up.

Today "big" committee met, they are walking all over the place, visiting classes and all!

Teacher Tom came to pick us up at Morristown or whatever.  He asked me "How I found my parents?"  I said, "Just Fine."  That was all that was said.  (thank goodness!

The pressure is beginning to get greater, at the same time my cold gets worse.  It seems like I'm always having to blow my nose!  ICK!  My nose is beginning to get sore!

Well, got to go – hope you didn't mind me writing every other line but it doesn't seem so tiring this way.  C's letter included.


Hi!  Here is is Thursday – and the tests keep coming on strong!  ICK!

[Return address on envelope says from "Your Darling Daughter – HA!]

1987 Family Letter -Oct.11

[John's copy]

Sunday, October 11, 1987

Dear Family:

M.V. is home this weekend or more correctly "in and out" of the house, doing laundry, etc.  This weekend is the Wilmington College Homecoming weekend, so plenty of activities

As Serena said in her last letter about letter writing – just get started and perhaps we should have heeded her advice about starting with a smaller piece of paper.  We are going out to see Serena this next weekend with the Orville Harners.  Mrs. Harner [fairly sure that would be Josephine] has a daughter working in the area, who recently graduated from I.U.  The daughter is also involved in the "Hilly Hundred" Bike ride, which is also this next weekend.  It's the 20th year for the ride and hope to participate.

We had supper with John on Wednesday evening on our way back from Cleveland.  He looked great and is certainly wrapped up in the Mayor's re-election campaign.  They are well organized.  He will appreciate the week off in November to go to Arizona.

The Morgans are at a library meeting in the Tucson area this weekend and Wendy is staying with the Kings.  Bet they are looking forward to the winter months in the Phoenix area in contrast to those in Washington State.  Our Arizona plans are vague since we can only make reservations five days ahead on the bargain Delta tickets.  MV is concerned that we will not get back in time for Thanksgiving . . . and she will not know what to do about cooking the turkey.

Roberta impressed us with her nearly 5,000 miles on her bike in her first "professional bike year."  Also thanks to her for sending out the books on the "Holy Land" to the various family members for all of us to read.  The MARCH 1977 issue of the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC also has an article on Egypt which visit we hope will be enjoyable, tho we feel that the pyramids will be impressive.

Dad has about covered everything.  Did get to hear Roberta's message about her new bike, which she is evidently picking up now as a call to her got no answer.

It is winter coat weather today – damp and cold.  Grandma treated us at the Village Inn in Leesburg – no fabulous crowd or waiting, but it was well filled – must have been at least 20 from the Fairview Friends meeting there – they had monthly meeting today so were a little late in getting there – thought at first that they must be somewhere else but finally came in.  Saw a lot of others that we know by face, but not by name. 

M.V. came home to help John Z celebrate his No. 27 today and also attended the Homecoming Dance.  They had planned to go to the parade AND football game but decided against it when the weather turned rainy as well as cold.

[handwritten note to John follows]

So good to see you Wednesday night but worry that you are not getting enough rest – Glad that you have the campaign to occupy your mind but do get adequate rest, relaxation and good food – fruits & vegetables & meat ––– 

Seemed like a very nice group that are active in Moore's behalf.  You will need a vacation if you keep up or accelerate your busy schedule the next 3 1/2 weeks.

Love and XXXXXXXX,
Mother & Dad

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1967 Catherine's Letter -Oct.11

Dear Mother, Daddy, Serena, John, Mary V.,

Hi!  Got Mother's letter just today so decided to write you all a short note.  I am at the library now or I would type.  I don't go back to the dorm between breakfast and the time when I get finished (?) maybe I should say stop studying at night.  It is much more convenient because the library is closer to all my classes and with this constant downpour of rain . . . .  Gina and I rotate signing each other out so we don't both have to go back to the dorm. 

It is kind of funny because usually the same people sit in the same place at the same time day after day.

I really should be studying art now as I have class in a few minutes – however, I am sick of studying art.  Physics and math I can take but art – UGH!

Remember Elaine's [Harner] old friend Bill?  Well, I thought for sure I was rid of him as I didn't even give Al [Bill's friend] my address.  However, today I got a "warning" from Donna Coleman saying she had received a call from "that Bill character" asking for my address.  I guess the world is too small!

Please send the package from the Noble's.   I haven't the faintest idea what it is.  I haven't heard from Jenna but I did get a letter from Mrs. A.

Have to go now to that most enlightening and delightful art course! (Cough! Cough! Choke!!)

Hi!  It is now 10:00 A.M. Thursday and I just discovered this letter in my math book!  I got a letter from you this morning which must have really zipped here as the postmark reads yesterday!

Serena, I was glad to get your letter also and I will try to write back sometime in the near future (?).

I just got back from talking to Dr. Bausch my math prof.  I really flubbed up on the papers he handed back yesterday so I thought I better get it straightened out before it gets any more serious.

Last night we had our little get-together with the faculty counselors.  Ours was at Dr. Smith's house which is very nice.  They have one little boy (5) and Mrs. Smith is expecting.

I am looking forward to seeing you all whenever it is that you're coming.

Evan's last name is Sugarbaker.  Does that make you feel better?  Why on earth is there such a think about last names.  His last name might have been Bulwinkle!

I've got to to get back to the library now and then off to physics quiz!  FUN, FUN FUN!  At least I don't have art today.


1967 Jean's Letter to Catherine -Oct.10

Marianne says she's going to have her hair cut even shorter by a beauty shop.

Oct. 10, 1967
Dearest Catherine,

Was really good news to find two letters form you at the Post Office this evening – one written Sunday and one on Monday.

Serena had quite a time with her envelopes last night.  She had tried to make one out of a magazine ad and then was a bit miffed when I said I was afraid the post office wouldn't take the one she used as an inner envelope.

Garner Ted Armstrong is blaring in one ear and its a little hard to concentrate.  Decided to try your faithful WCKY.

That was quite a Sunday and glad it turned out so well.  Evan the Baptist sounds very nice.  Your Sunday letter was the first mention of him and I doubt the last even though your reserve his last name for a future time.  Don't even remember hearing of Thom before, not to mention his wild envelopes.  Glad to hear Dave is still in there pitching.  Perhaps I'd better pitch some stamps his way – after all he's got a long hard struggle ahead of him.

Did I tell you the Amer. Stationary Co. said they would correct their mistake (on Grandma's stationary).  Too bad we didn't have your room number on yours but perhaps you'll get to stay in the sophomore part & finish it up.

How did you like the Methodist Church?  Any sign of a Wesley Foundation?  They are ordering "gold cards" which Mrs. Hughes is to send to proper place concerning Methodist college students.  This was all brought up at WSCS tonite (at Caryl Lou Allen's).

Mrs. Noble had quite a program on UNICEF – timely but after she finished it she produced another type projector with about 50 slides of Eugene's trip to Korea & her trip to the United Nations and a few of the Grand Canyon (part of Faye & Eugene's honeymoon).  For some reason the projector wouldn't work for her and we only saw the first four – never touching land but view of or from the jet during take off.  We were al quite relieved after she finally gave up – reminded me of our experience last spring.  Timing! [or Tiring!]

We are getting ready for the New Life Mission (Evangelistic services) beginning next Sunday evening.  We are to house Rev. Perkins (he's the father of Arnold, Greg Schamaun's friend).  Guess we'll give him the choice of your room or Roberta's though Rev. Beers suggested the Guest House out back [the play house?!?]   He had originally said he (Rev. P.) could stay with them.

Your art course sounds most intellectual so I'll expect you to replace all our "paint by number" with ___________ or maybe some of your originals.

Roberta is doing ceramics for six weeks – next 6 weeks she's to do weaving.  Or perhaps each runs 12 weeks.

Mrs. Drake was asking about you tonite.  (Heavens, Garner Ted came on this station!  Back to WLW, quick!  Music til dawn is a happy relief.)

Daddy is to be gone for the Mother's Club Guest Night so I've invited Wilma & we're to go to the Lafayette – near Washington Court House.  I suggested I could invite Elton Haskell, Raymond Elliot or Virgil Moriarity (sp?) but he wasn't a bit jealous.  Wilma even offered Dan.  It's tomorrow night (Wed.) by the way.

Grandma says we have relatives living in Kalamazoo but she doesn't know their name now.  They have visited the Stockwells (Hillsboro furniture people) so we may find out their name eventually.

Any other repercussions from your wild envelopes?  What are you doing in Phys Ed – any choice – I read the catalog & seemed to me it was primarily calisthenics.

The mail must take about 3 days, but your letter written Monday after PE – really flew.

Roberta brought home a real elaborate bus schedule & it only takes 12 hours from Kalamazoo via Indianapolis to Dayton.  You can fly it in three hours by either changing in Detroit or Fort Wayne to Cincinnati.

It's getting LATE and I have to have more than six hours – I'm past 19.

We do look forward to your letters!  And details.


Friday, October 13, 2017

1967 Catherine's Letter -Oct.9

Dear Everyone,

Hi!  Just received your letter and decided I would write note before sending R's letter and material back.

I just got out of PE!  The tights and leotards are really too much!  Everyone looks perfectly ridiculous!

The library isn't crowded at all except on Sunday when everyone tries to make up for all the studying they missed during the week.

I think Dad's day here is November 4. Is that a Saturday?  Whenever it is, it is on Saturday.

How are the tomatoes?  I just read somewhere yesterday that tomatoes are bad for your skin so I am glad I just now found that outQ

I did pretty well on the mail situation today!  Not only your letter, but one from my old friend Glen, one from Treva (my housemother in Lakeside) who is in the hospital.  I also got a notice that there was a postage due letter for me.  After I walked all the way over to Bowen I found that it was from one of my old acquaintances Dave, who obviously is pretty cheap!  Either that or he thinks I am rolling in money here at K.  There was only 5¢ due but I didn't have change and ended up paying 10¢ for one measly letter!  WHAT A GYP!  HA!

Tonight is the Big-Little sister picnic but because of rain they are having it inside;  We were going to go to this big park which is located somewhere within 20 miles of K or so but . . . .

Well, better go now!  I have to be in math class in a few minutes.  I have one class on the top floor of Olds-Upton, one in the basement, and one in the Fine Arts building.

No classes tomorrow morning so I am hoping to catch up on the sleep I have been missing.  I figure I need six hours every night (same as at home) so right now I am only 5 hours behind.

Love, Catherine

1967 HH Miami Postcard to Catherine -Oct.13

Though the postcard is from Miami, the postmark is from Columbia, MO (where GHU had been visiting Aunt Luna).  The cousins mentioned would have included Leslie Reynolds, who lived in California near the Pacific Ocean.  HH is pictured with Les & his son Clint, in a recent photo posted on 9/29/17, which can be found here:  1967 HH, Les & Clint Reynolds.
Deauville Hotel postcard - mailed 1967. Caption:  NEWEST, LARGEST AND MOST LUXURIOUS HOTEL in Miami Beach – DEAUVILLE – 550 ft. on the ocean at 67th Street.  600 incomparable guest rooms and suites - 2 pools - 2 night clubs - 3 dining rooms - ice skating rink - 18 hole championship golf course - complete shopping plaza - 100% air-conditioned. 

10/13 [1967]
On our way home – had nice visit with our cousins – they live just off the ocean.  This smog here [California] is a good ad for Miami Beach.  --Dad

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1987 Catherine's Letter -Oct.8

Thursday, October 8, 1967

Dear Mother & Dad

Hi!  What's new in Ohio?  We talked to Serena (who called us) and John last weekend.  And of course we're looking forward to seeing you and John next month.  Wendy and I haven't decided whether we want to ride in the 25 mile Tucson ride yet.  I'm inclined to say no but we haven't ruled it out yet.

Gerry and I are going to the storytellers conference this weekend which should be fun.  It is being held in the Pine Camp Center in the Chiricahua (pronounced Cheer-a-ka-wa as close as I can figure) mountains of Southeast Arizona so will get to see some new territory.  It's a fairly primitive type place, we take our own sleeping bags, etc.  The brochure does say it has hot and cold plumbing so I guess it's really not that primitive.  Elevation is 6200 feet so I imagine it will be cooler than Phoenix!  Wendy's feelings are somewhat hurt that she doesn't get to go but I know Roberta will keep her well entertained and she'll do more fun and exciting things than she would if we stayed home.

Wendy just got a pen pal in Kentucky so she was all excited last night about writing a letter to her.  Her whole class is writing to a class in a school there.  I think the town is Cold Springs where the school is but in the letter the girl said she lives in Highland Heights (?).  At any rate it appears to be near Covington.

We got the long letter from Serena in yesterday's mail.  The quote from Garrison Keillor was very interesting.  Serena said on the phone that she is looking for a library job in the midwest so wonder where she will end up in another six months!

Well, I better close as I have some other letters to write and then I need to go home and get ready to go to work sine I work from 1-9 this afternoon.  Hope to hear from you again soon!

Catherine, Gerry
& Wendy

1967 GHU Missouri postcard to John -Oct.11

Missouri University postcard - mailed 1967.  Caption: The columns of Missouri University a part of the revered tradition of this top-ranking school at Columbia, Missouri.

Wed. afternoon [postmarked Oct. 12, 1967, Columbia MO, presumably Grandma was visiting Aunt Luna.]

Just 4 oclock & finished washing the dinner dishes.  My nap can wait until tomorrow.  You would enjoy seeing the men saw these large trees in the yard & especially the round saw that they used in cutting up the large trunk in the ground.  We are enjoying the vegetables & mushrooms.  I know you are taking good care of Granddaddy.  Love, Grandma

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1967 Catherine's Letter -Oct.8

October 8, 1967
Dear Mother, Dad, Serena, John, and Mary V.,

Hi!  Got Mother's letter and the typewriter ribbon on Friday.  Thanks!  I think I can sell the typewriter ribbon that I bought -- the one you got was more expensive so I doubt if anyone would want to buy it.  They are both for Smith Corona portable electrics though.

Right now I am about to go to vespers.  It is now 6:00 P.M. and I thought I would leave about 6:12.  How's that for planning?

Did I tell you about the guy I met at the President's Tea last Sunday?  Well, he is very nice.  I went to the dance with him last night.  This morning we went to the Judson Baptist Church which is about 4 miles outside of K.  The church sends people in cars to pick us up.  It is a very nice church, quite small and they practically cater to the college kids.  (Extremely different form the 1st Methodist.)  After the Sunday School today (the church is first) they had a potluck dinner and the individual families took one or two of us at their tables.  In case you didn't guess by now, Evan is a Baptist.  His brother is going to some Baptist divinity school in California.

Alot of the kids either went home this weekend or their parents came here to see them.  Did you know that 50% of our class is from Michigan?

Last night was steak night.  You know, I am not overly wild about steak but I guess it was all right as far as steak goes.  They grilled it out behind the dining hall. 

More later – got to go!

7:44 P.M. Same day, same place!

Now would you like to hear about what almost became the major fiasco for the week?  Last Sunday, Charley and I agreed that we would go to the early church service today so we could be back to get a good place in the lunch line – but I didn't remember this until 1:15 A.M. this morning after I had told Evan I would go with him.  To make matters worse they were both supposed to come at 9:30 this morning.  (Ordinarily, my social life isn't quite so confused – thank goodness!)  After debating for a couple hours over which church to go to and with whom I almost decided to go to the Christian Science with Gerti (the girl across the hall) and leave Charley and Evan to fight it out.  However, I do have a little more courage than that.  At 9:20 A.M.  I called Charley.  All I said was, "Hi Charley, this is Cathy!" and he blurts out with, "Gee Cathy, I'm glad you called.  I knew you wouldn't want to go to church in the rain but I didn't want to call you up and tell you I didn't want to go.!!

I think I have an erratic mail box!  I go for about 3 days without any mail and then I get about 6 letters in one day.  For instance:  I got your package late Friday night (after getting no mail on Thursday or Friday) and then Saturday I got letters from Roberta, Carol Tapella, Patty, Alice, and one from my wild-envelope friend, Thom Ashby.

Math and Physics are pretty difficult but I find that generally after I stare at the book for a couple of hours I get some faint idea of what it is referring to.  I like my math prof, Dr. Bausch, the best.  Since class starts at 3:00 he generally keeps us a couple of hours late.  Not really, the latest we have gotten out is 4:15.  As long as he is explaining it I really don't mind though!

The art course is beyond description.  I didn't think it was possible for anyone to be so completely ignorant in art as I seem to be.  My grades may be terrible but I am bound to learn something with the hours I put in slaving over all the art books!  There are about 12 books on reserve in the library which we have to read.  I have my choice of either signing out for two hours during the day or overnight.  I generally take them for overnight so I can have them from 9-9.

We had our first "quiz" in physics on Friday.  It was extremely simple – too simple in fact.  I guess it was just to determine if we still remembered anything that we had previously "learned."  There is one girl in the class who hasn't had any physics at all – she has it bad!

Do you know I can get WCKY on the radio up here at night?  It seemed really weird to hear all about Cincinnati again!

Saturday I rode my bike down down – but not for pleasure!  I had to go to the art museum, draw a sketch of one of the pictures (Can you imagine?), and then thoroughly describe all the technical details of the picture.  I was really dreading it, but it turned out to be kind of fun – it does have a slight resemblance to the picture!

Write soon!

Love, Catherine

P.S. I had the seat tightened up on the bike.  I am keeping a detailed account of every penny I spend in case you are wondering whEre all the money is going.  Phys. Ed. is about the most expensive class!


1967 Jean's Letter to Catherine -Oct.8

October 8, 1967
Dearest Catherine,

It was good hearing from you so soon again – we were afraid you were snowed under up there after the first letter was a week in coming.  We read it on the way to Westboro to their semi-annual Smorgasborg at the Methodist Church there.  The ticket taker there asked if our eldest daughter wasn't missing.

We had a surprise Friday when Mrs. Beers called up to ask if she could come over for she had something to show us – I feared trouble but when the doorbell rang there she stood and behind her was your boarding school sister [??].  She had wanted to surprise us so had called Beers and made arrangement for them to meet her in Wilmington.  So you weren't wrong in starting to address the envelope to her too though you caught it & crossed it out.  We had just written her a letter that morning too and had sent your letter that we had received on to her but guess you two have been corresponding and don't want to stop that.  I told your granddaddy that she heard that he was treating us to come all the way from Barnesville.  Mr. Nichols was asking about you there) – he started talking to Roberta and asked if she was girl taking Math after she told him who she was.  Her reply was – "No, I'm the dumb one."  She is anything but that for she had to have word from each of her teachers that she had an A average before she could miss her Friday afternoon classes.

There were quite a few in church home from college – Marlena, Patty, – Carolyn is home this weekend but not in church.  Wilma said she hopes to work each weekend at the Telephone Company but that was news to me.  Her mother (Mrs. Collier) did tell me that she and her roommate are getting along much better.

Mr. Gano told Daddy that Sybie is in with three other girls – one is a 2nd semester Freshman and the other two both flunked out last year and are trying again –"if she can survive her roommates, she's got it made."

Patty was real pleased to have gotten a letter from you but couldn't understand why your classes hadn't begun.  We told her you got underway Tuesday.

We are thinking of going on to Expo 67 from Parent's Day at Barnesville Oct. 21 and if all works out will try to work out our plans to come home by way of Kalamazoo if OK with you – that would be about Oct. 27 or possibly the 28th.  We had called Aunt Virginia and she offered to take care of Mary Virginia but that way we would have to come back by way of Pittsburgh so may just get someone here for think it would be too much of a trip for her. [Note from HH in margin by this paragraph:] Does K or W.M. have game that weekend that would make motels scarce?

She (Mary Virginia)  went & sat with Grandma & Granddaddy after the Children's sermon this morning but after a while worked her way back to us and hadn't been there but a minute but was so sick at her stomach.  Everyone around threw Kleenex (good advertising?) and we stayed in our seats but we were a mess.  Then on the way home she had trouble at the other end.  She slept while we ate dinner and got up feeling fine.  Daddy took John and Serena over to see "The Sound of Music" – held over for 3rd week.  Then he came back and we took Roberta to Wilmington to catch the 3:10  bus (25 minutes late).  They were holding Open House at Pyle Center so after going there and to the King's (Ethyl & Bill) 25th Anniversary celebration at the Home Federal Building were just in time to pick up John & Serena after the movie & then home.

Daddy has gone down to the shop to finish up some odds & ends in preparation for the trip tomorrow.  Everything has begun to green up again after the rains that we have had and even the lawn mowers are buzzing again.  Heard Rev. Beers with his yesterday soon after Daddy did the tract below the garage that grows when no where else does.

Saturday evening I rode with Roberta over to Sabina while she visited some of her friends.  Cathy Cline's sister has been working at that new restaurant at the intersection of 71 and 68.  Her mother told me that she had gone along with Debbie Smith when she went to apply not having any notion of applying herself but later they called Sue and Debbie never was called.  She is to be 18 next week and may look for a clerical job now.

Today was Layman's Sunday – They asked Daddy to do one of the talks but as he had just done this last year asked for a rain check so he did then read the Scripture.  Mr. Collier and Mr. Fawley had the main parts and did very well.  Peggy F. had the invocation, Tommy Rudisill the Responsive Reading and Barbara R. the children's sermon.  (She has a fall (sp?) but it really blends in with her hair remarkably).  Another shock came when Serena marched in with the choir – she had said if Melissa Rupp would join she would but Melissa had gone to choir practice.

Daddy says to tell you that we have not forgotten about your desire for tomatoes but they just aren't perfect enough to trust the mail carrying them thru in good shape – they are either blighted or starting to burst open or something wrong with them.

Grandma, Granddaddy, Serena and John went mushrooming Friday before dinner and brought back a huge bucketful – part of which we ate and the rest I froze so you could have some when you come home.  They (all but John) went out again Saturday morning and got alot more and we had more for dinner today and we now have four bags in the freezer.  Serena has requested one for her birthday.

Mr. & Mrs. Walker, Jacalyn and Betty Ann were also at the King reception and Mr. W. asked how you ever happened to go to Kalamazoo and repeated the conversation I mentioned in a previous letter.

Did Daddy mention to you that you got a box about the size or note paper or rather stationery (this) that came from the Noble's address.  Would You like us to send it on up to you restamped or do you have an idea what is is and not want it forwarded on to you?  Have you written to Jenna and told her the coincidence of your roommate's name and how pleased Charlie was to hear the name again?

I've really gone on long enough now and perhaps Daddy will want to add a note or will remind me of something else we had planned to mention.  So glad to hear thru Roberta that you went ot church last Sunday even if you did run into Charlie again.  Keep up the good work.  And do hope you find a minute once in awhile to write your devoted family


P.S. Dr. Read asked us if we were the parents of the Catherine Uible that sent him clippings about his son?  How's that for remembering?

1967 Hotel Bill from Hotel Queens, Montreal -Oct.23-24

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

1967 Serena's Letter -Oct.

[Undated but after Oct. 3, 1967]

Dear Catherine,

Really sorry I haven't written but I really haven't had time.

OH, guess what SURPRISE I joined choir Sunday!?  I was really drafted into it when I was looking Melissa Rupp.  She was putting on a robe and – well I was drafted.  Will be going to practice on Wednesday.

Science is really TERRIBLE.  Guess what I got on two tests a 100 & 67 (ha, ha) but I LOVE English!?  Reading & Spelling is so-so.  I tend to dislike History but I don't HATE it.  MATH is a LITTLE better than so-so.  Band music is TERRIBLY HARD the bells music is great but oboe is quite another thing.  Say I'm in 7th grade girls chorus – not as if I had a CHOICE but I'm in it whether I like or not.  (I chose alto from I soprano & II soprano).  Ruth Ann Johnson also picked alto even though her voice isn't as low as mine – after the first song she acts like she to sing BASS or something.

Mrs. David Allen's (Linda Sue's mother) baby was due Tuesday (October 3, 1967) but we are still waiting.

Say, how do you like my lines & paper NEAT EH!?

Well all I've been talking about is myself.  How are you, your roommate (whatever-her-name-is), Mrs. M., your big sister (seems rather FUNNY that YOU should have BIG sister), Charlie, _______  ________ Nelson, and  ___________ KALAMAZOO?????????

Your dear, loving, beautiful, charming, IMPOSSIBLE SISTER

Look elsewhere for my name (as if you don't know)

Monday, October 09, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter -Oct.6

October 6, 1977
Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Well, thought I'd write a letter to send back with Grandma.  Wendy is sleeping in the bedroom right now so I hated to interrupt her to use the typewriter.  She slept straight through the night last night for the first time.  Although we are still having difficulties getting her to go to sleep in the evening.

Roberta and Grandma will be leaving later this afternoon.  Wendy and I were going to go as far as El Cajon with them but it has been raining today and is still rather misty so I think we will stay home rather than venture out into the weather.  There are enough nice days here that we don't need to go out on a bad day.

Roberta and I just went to Food Basket to see if the reprints we had ordered were ready yet but they weren't so Roberta will have to wait for the pictures she wants.  We don't think Wendy's baby picture does her justice so glad you have some other pictures besides.

It has been rather hectic here this week with Roberta and Grandma.  Roberta is always on the go of course.  I was able to get my nap this morning so that will help.  We have been watching the ball games this week but at least the evening games start here at 5:00 so we don't have to stay up late to see who wins.  We're hoping it will be Kansas City and Philadelphia for the World Series.

Yesterday Roberta, Wendy and I went out and picked up DeeDee and she had dinner with us and spent part of the evening.  That was a little easier than us going out there visiting.

I haven't been progressing very fast on that last jig-saw puzzle that we started before Wendy was born, Mother.  Maybe I have been averaging 4 or 5 pieces a day – at that rate I'll be lucky to have it done by Christmas.  I did put it on a sheet of newspaper so I can move it around and I can still get the typewriter on the table.

We took the sewing machine to the machine shop yesterday.  I called today and they said the repairman hadn't had a chance to look at it yet.  They also ordered me an instruction book.

I started doing some exercises earlier this week but I haven't been keeping them up – hopefully next week things will be a little calmer and I'll be able to stick to them.  The only exercise I couldn't do were sit-ups – but the magazine says to keep trying do do them everyday and soon enough the muscles will be firm enough to actually do them.

Wendy has her next Dr's appointment on Nov. 7 – I guess the Dr. will start her shots then.

Roberta does real well with Wendy as long as Wendy doesn't do anything unexpected – if she spits up or gets the hiccups or even burps Roberta gets all excited and starts yelling for me.  She has been trying to get Wendy to hold two fingers up to indicate that she is two weeks old.  I told her she might be wiser if she started working on getting her to hold one finger to indicate one year.

I have been stalling on finishing this letter so that the mailman would come and there might be a letter from you.  Monday he came about 11am but yesterday it was 2:30 and I guess it will be pretty close to that today.  Well, the mailman finally arrived (3:00) good thing since Roberta and G'ma were getting restless.  They will be leaving shortly.

We got the letter from you and the clippings – thank you.  Mother, I opened the letter from Mrs. Fisher (Tat Ballantyne Fisher) and called Mrs. Bruce and told her the news.  She said she was glad about Mrs. Neel and sorry about Mrs. Bossick.  Thanks for the news – we will have to look up that consumer magazine.

Write again soon!

Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

Sunday, October 08, 2017

1987 MV's letter -Oct.5

Dear Mom, Dad & Grandma –

This past week went so quickly – it doesn't seem possible that I'll be coming home this weekend.  I plan to come home Saturday morning.  I want to try to get my studying done Friday night so I don't have to worry about it over the weekend.

Wilmington's homecoming is Saturday, which you've probably heard – I wanted to spend the day over there – hopefully Lorraine will come down and then there's the parade and football game.  Would it be possible for John and I to have dinner with you Saturday night before we go to the dance at the college?  Sunday is his birthday and his mom has planned a big dinner after church so I won't be in much at all Sunday and then Monday I'll be leaving -- so that's the whole weekend.  If you have other plans for Saturday night don't worry about it ---- I just wanted to let you know the schedule.

This past weekend I called at the last minute to sing with a group that was going Indianapolis – We sang for a fund raiser for the school that was held at the Holiday Inn North.  They really kept us busy so I didn't have a chance to call Serena.  We drove up late Friday night and came back in the wee hours Sat. night / Sun. morning.  8 of us sang for a group of about 150.

Diane's parents are coming the night of Oct. 20 just for the night.  I think she told you they would be coming on their way to see Civil War battlefields.

A couple girls from the dorm went down to Highbridge yesterday said it was real pretty but no trails or anything to do except look at the bridge.  Diane is still amazed that Dad wanted to walk down there.

Well – I need to study and practice before I play racquetball this afternoon.  Hope everything is well in New Vienna.  Will see you Saturday morning.  Have you heard anything from JBU?

Mary Va.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

1967 Catherine's letter -Oct.5

October 5, 1967
Dear Mother, Dad, Serena, John, and Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Got Dad's letter last night and I am glad to see someone is still kicking besides John!  Hey Serena, did you forget how to write?

I could go into great detail about life here in Kalamazoo but that would take lots of paper, lots of time, and lots of energy and I don't have a surplus of any of those three.

The big event of my life yesterday was that I asked this guy who went to Westtown if he knew Jon or Brian Terrell and he said "Are you from New Vienna?"  It certainly was a shock to talk to someone who has actually heard of it!

I have to go to physics quiz group now so I will continue later.

October 6, 1967

Hi again!  I heard Dr. Petrovitch speak on the Russian Revolution.  He was really good.  It was held in the chapel, which was even fuller than when we were all there.  Some kids had to sit up in the choir section.  Next week Kerensky is going to speak.  He must really be ancient by now!

I do all my studying in the library (I practically live there ) except for what has to be typed.  You would think we had assigned seats or something because every time I go the same people are always there in the same place.

The food, so far, has been pretty good.  We generally have plenty of selection with at least two kinds of meat and a variety of salads and desserts.  I don't know what meal we miss because we haven't missed any yet!  Two nights a week we are supposed to have a served meal but I guess they figure it is too much work because it is always cafeteria.  We haven't had any steak yet.

Did I tell you that one of my floor counselors lived in Carbondale, Illinois until this past summer?  She and the guy who taught us calculus last summer went to school together.

I signed up for the tutoring  program but because of my erratic schedule it is almost impossible for me to tutor.  So, I am going to work in the tutoring office instead.  It is nice right now because I can more or less put in whatever hours I want.

Yesterday I got a letter (as did every other freshman) from the Republican club on campus.

After those first few rainy days the weather here has been quite nice.  I spent 70¢ on my laundry yesterday so I am keeping my clothes clean!

How is everything in New Vienna?  I better close now and get ready to go to breakfast.


Friday, October 06, 2017

1967 Family Letter to Catherine -Oct.5

October 5, 1967

Dear Catherine:

Recd your letter this morning along with two post cards for John which we all enjoyed.  Your schedule appears to be interesting, at least you will not have to rush from breakfast to class.  We wonder how many classes you have on the 4th floor of the Science bldg.?

Am enclosing a deposit slip which will give you some operating capital for a while, also two more dividend checks, one on the little side the other not so little.

Mrs. Julia Smith was telling me at noon today about Debbie up at Capitol and how the teacher was giving them a lecture and ask if everyone understood it.  All the hands went up that they didn't and there was more lecture and still as many hands went up that didn't know what was going on, including Debbie.  So don't be easily discouraged Catherine.

Is the K library crowded at night?  Have you been in the public library?  How often to you have dorm meetings or does it just depend on the occasion.  How often does mail come?  How about Sunday delivery?

Hi – Daddy brought this home last evening and I wanted to add a note today.  We were getting most anxious about you and glad to receive your letter yesterday.  John was pleased with both his cards too.  He'll be writing you again for you know how he likes to receive mail (as we all do).  How does your schedule work with your roommate's?  It looks as if Tuesday and Thursday mornings (except for Physics quiz) would give you breathing spells to concentrate on interrupted study or do you find it necessary to go to the library for that?  Your room sounds like it would be real pretty with the brown and plaid and green walls.  Did you ever find the end for the towel rack?  I tried in Marshall Field but they wanted to sell me a whole set and even then I wasn't sure of the proper length.  You can buy just the end pieces (you do have to buy a pair) but take the center down to a hardware and they will match it up.

We got an invitation or rather an announcement of the Homecoming Activities at K College but doubt if we make it for that – not that we wouldn't like to see you but you know us and football, etc.  How are you hoping the World Series will turn out?  I hate to desert the National League but guess I'm really rooting for the underdog.  Daddy will be coming back through St. Louis and if the series is till on he may have to sleep in the airport for everything is tied up – also bad at Kansas City with the FFA convention in full swing that week.  Daddy and Grandma are leaving Monday morning (10/9) and Grandma will keep the car (hers) in Columbia MO at Aunt Luna's and Daddy is flying on to Los Angeles coming back Friday and home Saturday.

It started raining last night and is still keeping it up so we are finally getting the ground wet but too late to do much good.  Just hope it lets up during paper delivering – collecting this afternoon.  Kevin is doing fine substituting – of course his mother is taking him around on Serena's route until he learns it but at least he is nearer home when he finishes it than on John's.

I am enclosing Roberta's letter and the swatch of material if I locate it before the letter gets sealed.  (Do you have any samples of material from your curtains – we'd be interested in seeing those.)  Roberta also included a six page paper she had written on "How the Aborigines Survive" with a bibliography of 5 different sources.  The teacher gave her an A- and told her she had a good bibliog., picked good points and to "Keep at it!"  It was most interesting.  If it hadn't been for her spelling she probably would have gotten an A but at least she showed her own inimitable self throughout.

Grandma brought up a letter which she had received from Aunt Mary – really a letter from Marianne with just a note from Aunt Mary – about her haircut – everyone thinks she looks older, and the problems she is having with two of her friends (not roommate).  Julie Norton is so homesick and the girl next door came in so drunk – they tried to get her to her room quietly but the housemother heard her and told the girls to take her to the infirmary (and reprimanded later).

By the way, I guess everyone has his problems – Diane Hise is suing her husband for a divorce.  He evidently has gone under two names for they are both listed in last night's paper.  It seems I had just seen her with him a day or two ago helping him with the Noble project (whatever that really is).  Daddy says they they have 2 prospective pharmacists in mind.  [Norman Cyril "Doc" Noble died in March 1967.]

The East Clinton Homecoming game is to be on Thursday night, Oct. 19, and the dance is on Friday night.  Treva Moore is the Homecoming Queen with her attendants not known as of yesterday.  There is no school on Friday – the teachers are to observe elsewhere that day so no school either on the 20th or 27th.

I haven't heard a thing yet about the yearbooks so take it that they ae not in or yours would be delivered – eventually.

We also go a you a new typewriter ribbon – in Ft. Wayne – the only one I could find that would fit and Daddy was really shocked to find it was a silk one for $2.50.  Bet you got a better price than that.

Anxiously looking forward to any and all mail from you.


P.S. Guess what I found out beside Dayton's car on the school walk yesterday – the same thing you lost last year except is wasn't so new.  I took it back up and put it in Wilma's drawer but don't know whether anyone will have the nerve to ask for it.  Mr. Raisch was in his office & I was afraid he would ask me what I was doing.  [???]

Thursday, October 05, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter to Catherine -Oct.5


Dear Catherine,

Hi!  I got your letter today.  I like your stationery, how do you like mine?  I got it at Hallmark in a little folder like it also has other letterhead too.

I plan to lose 50 pounds!  Since I have already lost 23 I only have 27 more pounds to lose!  ICK!

I have both pairs of glasses now.  You are right, they are unusual!

Oh, yes!  I got a permanent in my hair!  You should see it now.  We left it in double time so I would have lots of "body", WELL!  The hair all burned at the end.  So!  We decided to cut it!  It's shorter than it ever has been before!  I haven't told Mom & Dad yet – am not sure how to.

What is Charlie's (from Lakeside) last name?

How's Gina?  I got a letter from Mom today and she said they met her & was real impressed and all – you know how the story goes.

[There may be more to this letter but only the first page is currently available.]

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

1967 Catherine's letter -Oct.3

Dear Mother, Daddy, Serena, John and Mary,

Hi!  Sorry this letter is so late in coming.  I just don't seem to be having too many spare minutes in which to write.  Right now it is 7:50 and our Monday night meeting will start in about 10 minutes.  It is now a little later and I will attempt to finish this letter.

Today I registered.  Whew!  Am I ever glad that is over.  It really wasn't too bad as I didn't have to stand in any lines or anything it was just confusing.  I will now attempt to tell you exactly what my schedule will be.

[Not transcribed but included Physics, Chapel, Art, PE, and Math, with one class that met on Saturday to emphasize we were not to leave for the weekends!]

Tomorrow is the first day of classes, but rather than having my regular Tuesday schedule I will go to every class which meets on the hour.  I bought two of my art books second hand -- both paperback but they have never been marked in.  The physics and math books are all new because they have never been used for the course before.  I guess I am going to get them tomorrow.

Gina and I went downtown Saturday and bought bedspreads and some material for the curtains.  The bedspreads are brown but the curtains are plaid.

I went to the computer dance with a guy named Clark.  (For your benefit, Mother his whole name is Harrison Clark Nelson.)  He lives here in K so had a car which was kind of nice.  I haven't even seen him since Saturday night but we weren't really that well matched!  All the kids here are really great!  Everyone is really friendly and I feel like I have known them for alot longer than five days.  The closest I have found anyone to New Vienna is a guy from Columbus and a girl from Eaton.

I got a new typewriter ribbon but I thought I would try using some of this red up first.

I signed up for the tutoring program but may work in the office rather than tutor because my afternoon classes conflict with the setup.

I better be signing off now as I want to get a full night sleep before classes start tomorrow.


1957 Furniture from New Cumberland -Oct.2

Inventory list of the furniture that was moved from Dear's [Lucie Sarah Brown Ballantyne, 23 May 1880 - 1 Feb 1957] house in New Cumberland to New Vienna. The freight bill totaled $81.84 for shipping 1370 pounds a distance of 236 miles at a rate of $5.80.  [The math on this must be tricky.]

The codes for condition are listed on the back.  M/S means marred/scratched.  Furniture was shipped via carrier Aero Mayflower Transit Co.

Monday, October 02, 2017

1967 Roberta's letter -Oct.2

[Undated but assumed to be about Oct. 2, 1967]

Dear Family,

Well, how does this impress you?  [School report on "How the Aboriginal's Survive" included in envelope.  Teacher's notes included at the end of the letter.]   I have never been to a school that has you do a report every 2 1/2 days or so!

This report was for Ancient History.  We could pick almost any subject as long as it went along with ancient history.

Do you get the message about my permissions?  I hope so.  I called up Aunt Virginia in hope uf us (Helen ad I) going to her house next weekend!

Well, she said she wasn't sure if she would be home or not but that she would write.  So!  Then we got the idea that if we couldn't go to Pitts. we would try and go to Hinermans.

So!!!!  If you haven't sent permission yet please do.  And as fast as you can.  We are suppose to have all our permissions on Monday of the week that we go.

It costs me $8.40 to go to Pittsburgh on bus.  Got the hint!

Did I tell you Faith and I are making a dress!  It is green and orange material.  It's really pretty material – at least I think so.  The pattern sort of straight with a little bag to it – (loosely fit) it has a yoke at the top on the front.  I'll enclose a little piece of material that we have left in with this letter.

My other glasses came in and I'll trace them below.

Hi!  (again) it is now Monday and I have given up the idea of going any-place this weekend.  Mainly because they are having a good movie here this week-end and I want to stay and see it.

I will draw my other pair of glasses on the next page, something came up when I was going to draw them the last time, and I haven't got them with me right now.  So! ! !  I'll have to say, it will be later, again.

Here is a piece of the material that we making my dress.  We have all the pieces cut out, the darts in, and the yoke gathered so far.  How do you like the material?  The whole thing – 3 yards of material, pattern, thread, zipper and eye & hook cost $3.92.  How about that?

John, I sent you your birthday present in the mail today.  It will probably take awhile to get to you but it will come.  I thought I would send it first class but there was a thing called money so I sent it parcel post or what ever.  I hope you don't already have it – if you do I'll just keep it myself.

Well, I got to go.  See you all Oct. 21 (??) .  Well anyway November 2, 1967!  One month from today.  (I think)

It is now 10:00 and I will have to mail this tomorrow.  Because my stamps are over in the dorm.


[Tracing of glasses]   They (my glasses) are a speckled sort of brown & rust color

* * * * *
School Report notes written on last page of 6-page written report.
Grade:  A–  Roberta writes "Get that will you!"

Teacher writes:

Bobbey –– Roberta's note "They still call me that - ICK"

You picked good points.  Keep at it!  – Tr. Jane

Sunday, October 01, 2017

1967 Jean's Letter to Catherine -Oct.2

Oct. 2, 1967
Dearest Catherine,

We keep thinking every day that we'll hear from you – even a post card but perhaps tomorrow.  Daddy said he wrote you this morning so there isn't much new to tell you.

I saw Mr. Bernard tonight and he said that Shirley, Brenda and Vicki are coming home this weekend but Weegie doesn't plan to come.

Mrs. Fisher said Alice has a list of things she needs every time she writes – first it was a white uniform that she has to wear to her Home Ec class(es).  The last letter said she needs white shorts for gym class.  But Mrs. Fisher said she'd (Alice) have to get that herself as she couldn't be sure of her size.  I doubt if she would have any luck around here finding any shorts, let alone white, remembering your luck.

Mrs. Collier or Ruth S. said Carolyn is dissatisfied with her dorm – she was home last weekend but I didn't get to see her.

Tonight was the Home and School League Open House.  I worked today to get both libraries ready for inspection – don't know who really inspected them but they did look alot better.

Mr. Raish [sp?] introduced me to his wife and she's a real BLONDE BOMBSHELL.  Quite a shock but seemed very nice.

Mrs. Walker told me Jack's sister & family were down from Bloomington, Mich. and they couldn't speak too highly of K College to what a high scholastic average you have to have to be accepted.  They (Mich. Walkers) couldn't believe that someone from New Vienna would be going there.  Evidently Mrs. Walker told Mrs. Hause for she told me the same thing & how proud they all are of you.

Both Mrs. Walker and Mrs. McKenzie told me how attractive they think you look with you hair and contacts.  [Watch your headsize now after all these comments].

Ruth Shoemaker & Mrs. Collier evidently got along fine with the younger three.  Ruth had helped Serena bake 2 apple pies Saturday A.M. & had made a cake to have for John's birthday dinner yesterday.  He had invited Grandma & Granddaddy & wanted to have Mrs. Smith so we invited her too.

Saturday was the Chicken Barbecue at Fairview & it was real good and well attended.  They were even sitting eating on the benches in the sanctuary.

Mrs. Robinson told me her brother-in-law had driven them around the new library at K College so they could see where you would be studying.

We are most anxious to hear from you and how everything is going – whether the Computer Dance was very reliable for matching – how your classes work out & what you are taking & when, if you went to church & where – plus hundreds of other things.  I saw alot of bedspreads & curtains at Marshall Field but knew if I sent anything it would either duplicate or clash with your purchases or ideas.  You have a real nice room and Gina seemed real compatible.  Hope you have fun along with all that studying you'll no doubt be doing – the competition will be stiff but you've got what it takes – don't try to live up to Debbie Smith's reputation.  You are more well rounded than she – not figuratively speaking.

It was nice meeting your adviser and the Davis'es (Charlie's parents?) & many others.  Hope to hear soon.

All our very best love, Mother

1967 HH Letter to Catherine -Oct.2

October 2, 1967
Miss Catherine Uible
217 Mary Trowbridge House
Kalamazoo College
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001

Dear Catherine:

We got home Saturday about 3 PM after spending the night near Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Stopped to see the Schamauns Saturday A.M. and they have a beautiful Church there, built new in 1960.  The parsonage is right next door.  Did you know that Greg had a little accident with his bike in Fla. and they [Greg's school?] have a meal ticket with Howard Johnsons five days a week but the other two days they are on their own as far as eats.  What meal does K miss?  How is the steak night?  In fact we are interested in hearing all the details.

Really warmed up here today to the 80ยบ mark.  Ruth Shoemaker had made John a birthday cake so celebrated his birthday yesterday.  Had Grandma and Grandad up along with Mrs. Smith and they all stayed till 4 P.M. which is pretty much of a record.

Had 19 at MYF last night.  Your Mother had the program which was on decisions.  She wrote several letters like to Dear Abbey and then handed them out and asked the members to write a reply which seemed to go over pretty good.

Mrs. Walker was talking to us about seeing her sister-in-law who lives near Detroit and told her how hard it is to get into K College because of their high standing, etc. etc. etc., so we are sure you will have some wonderful experiences.

Have you used your bike any yet?  Is the computer still in the box?  Enclosing your Kimberly Clark check which I have endorsed over to you.  Let us know if you have trouble cashing checks for may have to make other plans, if so.

We have some clippings up home but they can come at a later time.  Good luck, Catherine.


Saturday, September 30, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter to John -Oct.1

Oct. 1, 1967
Dear John,

Hi!  We were planning to send you a birthday present with Mother but she left last night before we were able to get anything.

Therefore, please use the enclosed to buy yourself something from us.  Our suggestion is you buy a reading pillow so you can return Mary Virginia's to her!

Well, we hope you have a good birthday.  We got your letter a couple of days ago.  Sounds like you are pretty busy – politicking (sp?) and studying.

We are taking good care of your niece – she is waiting to meet you at Christmas.  We sent some pictures back with Mother.  She (Wendy – not Mother) is a real good baby.

Write when you have a chance.

Cathy, Gerry & Wendy

Friday, September 29, 2017

1967 HH, Les & Clint Reynolds

1967 Harold Uible, Leslie Reynolds Jr, Clint Reynolds at Reynolds home in Newport Beach CA

Thursday, September 28, 2017

1977 Roberta letter to John -Sep.28

Sept. 28, 1977

Hi, John!

How are you doing?  As you can see – we are in Boise – will be in Mormon country – or should say Mormon headquarters tomorrow – Salt Lake City.  From there to Las Vegas, then San Diego so our trip is fast coming to an end!

Before we left Seattle I took the luxury car into J.C. Penny's garage, told them I wanted the regular stuff done – tune-up, oil change, etc. & also any thing else wrong, please find & fix.  They said it was in A-1 shape – the wax job is just lately beginning to show wear!

How is school – and of course how is YAF?  You should have heard I.T. talk about you in Denver – she was telling these people that someday – they will hear the name Uible coming out of Wash. D.C. – a young, honest politician from Ohio – and they can say they met his sister.

I use my tape player AM/FM radio alot – both in the car & hotels.  We tend to stay at low key operations.

I'm still not sure as to my plans.  Some how I feel its time to settle down – tho the idea itself depresses me – or should I say frustrates me!

As much as I like S.D. – can't seem to get excited about being there for the winter.  Wrote Marion about the availability of jobs & low key housing in Phoenix – as if she would be an expert!  Have been thinking too about going to Florida.  I could get a job easily & know people down there which is both good & bad.  [Glad you decided on Arizona, Roberta!]

Then there is the idea of going back to New Vienna – besides the cold weather, I'm totally turned off by New Vienna – Dad told me that if I start at the factory, it would be permanent – no vacation here & there.  I'm glad he said  that, because that discouraged me – already I know that I would be on again, off again.

G'ma is doing fine – says she feels as good as the day she left New Vienna.  She seems to take alot of quick naps in the car – as we travel, which is just fine.

John, could you please see about getting the scratch out of the car – guess go to the local Ford dealer.  Have you had any trouble w/ it?  I'm honored to let you use it!

Write! c/o Morgans – Did you hear that Auntie Ann Faherty died?  Day after I left NYC.  OH!  Please send me Carol's, Rick's & Betsy's address – please!  Do you hear from Carol?


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

1977 GHU letter to John -Sep.27

Sept. 27, 1977
Tues. evening - Portland, Ore.

Dear John –

Here we are Roberta & I in Motel 6.  She is playing cards & I will try to write a few lines so you may know that we are moving along with our driving schedule.  We just returned a few minutes ago from visiting the town Newburg where Roberta went to school in Oregon.  It seems to be a very nice looking town & the school buildings are nice looking.  She visited a friends parents.  It has been a very disagreeable day weather wise.  Rain & rain this afternoon & evening.

Yesterday we went from Seattle & returned by boat after visiting Victoria.  It was a nice trip.  We didn't eat in the dining room on boat as the price for breakfast was $4 & dinner in the evening $8.  I made the purchase of new dark blue hat.

From now on we will be working toward San D., leaving tomorrow for Salt L City which will take two days.  We talked to Catherine Sun. evening by phone.  She says they are fine & Wendy is a good baby.  Your Mother was swimming in the pool but came in she said dripping to talk.  She may be returning to N.V. the last of this week.

Hope school work is moving along nicely & do take time to have a "Happy Birthday" which I believe is coming up soon.  Use the enclosed check as you may wish, as that is my present to you.


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

1977 GHU postcard to "Uncle" John -Sep.25

Caption: Col. William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody – painted from life by Rosa Bonheur, in Paris, France, 1889.  This famous painting is a gift of the W.R. Coe Foundation to the Whitney Gallery of Western Art.  Cody, Wyoming.

[postmarked 25 Sep 1977]

Hello Uncle John B –

Do you feel much older today?  Will write & tell you all about the new family member after we arrive in San D.  We are in Wenatchee Wash. tonight not far from Seattle.  We have had some cooler weather than expected even snow while at the Yellow S Park so we didn't tarry very long.  Did see Elks, a bear & herds of buffaloes.  Getting along nicely.  Hope school is interesting.

Love, Grandma

[PS]  We are in the apple section of Wash.  Bought plums, nectarines and apples this evening.

Monday, September 25, 2017

1977 Dee, Wendy, Catherine & Roberta -Sep.

1977 Dee and Wendy -Sep.24 

1977 Catherine, Roberta & Dee -Sep.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

1977 Blessed Event - Wendy's Birth Announcement in WNJ Sep.24

The official announcement in the Wilmington News-Journal, the day after Wendy's birth.  Gerry's name is spelled incorrectly and the time possibly was forwarded three hours (and 6 minutes) to reflect Eastern Time instead of Pacific!

Draft birth announcement for the News Journal, had Wendy been a boy, "Bradley John."

Friday, September 22, 2017

1967 John's Lakeside postcard to Catherine -Sep.29

Caption: Swimming Area, Dock and Pavilion. Lakeside-on-Lake Erie.  The pavilion houses four modern meeting rooms, snack counter, youth lounge and sun decks.  Arising high in the sky is The Bellow Tower and Carillon topped with thirty foot high stainless steel cross.

Thur. 29 [September 1967]
Dear Cathy,

Sorry I couldn't write sooner.  Tell Charley hi and good luck.  I want Charlie's address.  Hope everything is OK.  Love, John

P.S.  It rained Wed. on the P.R. [paper route] It was about 40 degrees Thurs.  It's getting cold.

Items from Uible photo album