Thursday, September 21, 2017

1967 Chicago Postcard to Catherine -Sep.28

Caption: 826 South Wabash Avenue 60605.  For Men, Women, Families.  2,000 Fireproof Rooms in Downtown Chicago.  2 Cafeterias Serving 3,000 Meals Daily. Convenient to all Transportation.  Guest Program Activities include: Social, Educational and Religious Events.

Thurs. eve.
Dearest Catherine,

Arrived here about 6:30 in RAIN!  & guess where we are staying?  Are now at the Conrad Hilton.

Glad to see you did a good job at choosing such a friendly - stimulating college!  We are thinking about you.  Do write.

Love, Mother & Daddy

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

1967 Catherine goes to K College -Sept.28

9/28/67 Jean & Catherine in front of "K" new library.  Left home the day before at 8am via Detroit (Kresge) & got to K about 6PM & moved things into her dorm.  Rom 217 Mary Trowbridge Hall.  Stayed the night at the Downtowner Motel, after trying the "K" Inn & two hotels (which left much to be desired).  Drove on to Chicago to the "Y" and Conrad Hilton.  Stayed the night at ABC (AGC?) Motel, just east of Fort Wayne, Ind

9/28/67  Harold & Catherine at K Campus – Chapel in background after the Recognition for new students program at 3 in the Chapel.  Each student met their faculty advisor at a certain tree (where the name was placed).  C's advisor was Jefferson Smith.  They had tea or coffee and cookie.  It was cold.  Note Jean's heavy coat in other picture.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

1987 Family Letter -Sept.29

Sept. 29, 1987
Dearest Family –

This afternoon has turned cold and damp with thoughts of upcoming fall in the air – last weekend continued to be so beautiful and a delightful time to be traveling.  We took off about 12:30 and drove to Wilmore where Mary Virginia gave us a tour of the Seminary.  We took Diane Allen and MV to dinner at the Beaumont Inn in Harrodsburg, KY.  We had tried to get in Pleasant Hill at Shakertown but they were filled but did have a nice dinner there.  When we got back at a little after 8PM found John Z had already arrived and was waiting for us.  Asbury was having a campfire about a mile off campus so we walked there.  After various people spoke they roasted marshmallows and we walked home again.  Mary Virginia had gotten us a really nice room on the bottom floor of one of the men's dorms so we got a nice taste of campus life and had breakfast in the student union building – delicious blueberry pancakes, etc.  And then we took off for Atlanta where there was a toyshow which we attended Sunday AM.  Atlanta is really doing alot of building still.

We had made plans to spend Sunday evening with the Zooks in Johnson City so enjoyed seeing them.  Mary Lynn and her husband were there too.  They live in one of the other tri-cities – Kingsport and so we had fun renewing old times.  Marge had blueberry pie for dessert remembering that John Uible liked it so well and was disappointed one time when we had a picnic together and Marge hadn't brought her usual dessert.  Mary L or jut Mary as they now call her said that she really had a crush on John when she was younger but she is very much married now to a tall Tim Smith, a mechanical engineer who works for Eastman Kodak and they are expecting their first child in January.  Pam has three boys and lives in Taos, N.M. and Sandy is married a second time and lives in Buffalo, N.Y.  Pam works for a nursery school where her boys get free tuition – she's an artist & divorced.  I think Sandy is a medical technician.

Yesterday morning they gave us a grand tour of Johnson City and Jonesborough nearby (Catherine, that's where the famous Storytelling Festival is & they were getting ready for it in two weeks)  We went in the library and the mall where the Karmelkorn shop is and they gave us samples of all their corn plus candy that they make there.  Lynn had hoped to sell the place a few years ago but he still has it.  We came home with one mammoth box of popcorn and small boxes of the other kinds – the cinnamon was real good – wasn't as fond of the sour cream and onion or the nacho.  They had many other flavors but don't go in for the weird flavors anymore as they weren't that popular.

We got home about 10PM last night and had letters from Catherine and Mary Virginia today, which we really appreciated.  We would have liked to stop in Wilmore on the way back too but it would really have been late as it is about 50 miles off course.  Since she plans to come home in two weeks it really won't be that long until we see her but glad to see where she is now, meet some of her friends and we REALLY thought it was a FRIENDLY PLACE – everyone spoke.  We hope to get over to Bloomington in a few weeks to see Serena as Dad hasn't been there since she moved and we haven't been there overnight.

The school representative for World Book Encyclopedia was in New Vienna for a special meeting.  They are promoting a Readathon in the school.  Each class that gets students to read 7 books a week for 7 weeks and gets sponsors will contribute toward getting a set of either World Book or Child Craft for their room – for $2 that the students collect, World Book will donate a $1 so I'm anxious to see how it turn out.  This is the 2nd year that they have had it – 1st time for New Vienna but she said that it has been going over real well.  The names of the children are put in front of the book and then it will be kept in the room (class).  I hope that the library may be able to get a new set from any extra money.

We bought some peaches Saturday and they are really good but going fast – I did freeze a couple of containers this morning but not sure how good they will be.

Joanne Rankin and G'ma seem to be getting along real well – she was staying at night over the weekend and also taking her to Sunday School and Church yesterday.  We wonder if Aunt Mary couldn't use help in Florida if G'ma goes down but neither Elaine or Joanne are footless since they both have one in school.

Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill had a nice visit with Joe but had difficulty getting out of NYC due to electrical storm so were late in getting back to West Palm Beach.  G'ma had a letter from both Aunt Mary and Joe.  The latter is looking forward to moving to Santa Fe about Nov. 3 – he did real well at the Washington Square Art Exhibit again this year over Labor Day plus the next weekend.  He said that he made over $2000 selling ten paintings, plus a gallery in Brooklyn is selling a good bit of his work.

Wendy had a nice birthday (#10) and had a small party and plans to celebrate another time when her Uncle Sid gets back in Phoenix and they will go to Bobby McGee's – her favorite spot for which she had gotten a gift certificate from her Dad.  She also got a nice 10 speed bike and computer spedometer.  There's another birthday coming up in the family this Sunday.  We had hoped that John might spend it in New Vienna since it is on a Sunday be he has to work on more political things for the Newark mayor.

The Wilmington News Journal announced their first price increase in seven years – going to $1.36 a week or 35¢ a single copy.  It was in the paper tonight that the Wilmington Library is going to make two floors from their present stack area and that the new elevator is now operational.  In addition they are going to pave the street and parking area behind the library.

This Thursday starts a new manager at Wells, as Mildred Cochrane (former M. Storer) retires after 24 years.  Gene Williams will be taking over and do believe that he will be a good replacement as he gets along well with people and also has good sense.

Hopefully John and Serena have gotten started on getting their passports for our January trip.  We are enclosing a sheet which needs completing regarding passport information.  Yes, January is right around the corner.  We were talking with the Sankers last evening about their trip to Egypt and they seemed quite happy with their experiences there.

[Love, etc.]

Monday, September 18, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter #2 -Sep.29

[postmarked September 29, 1967]

Dear Family,

Well, J.N. Carey and his wife just left.  They had supper and then Helen and I showed them all the "historical" sights.  I got Don O. to take J.N. to the boys dorm and show him all around while I took her to the girls dorm.  I think they enjoyed it at least I hope they did.  They are going to New Vienna tomorrow night.  Oh – yes, Faith Morgan knew her (Mrs. Carey's dad) I guess her father works in the meat department of a grocery in Yellow Springs.

My new glasses (one pair of them) came in yesterday.  They fit good and are about the same color of my hair.  I will try to draw them for you. (by tracing).  They are unusual I must say so myself!  Wait till you see the other pair.  They are both very unique in their own sort of way.  The other pair will (or should) come in tomorrow.

We have a short story due Monday for English.  We had to make it up ourselves and all.  Mine is about a man that goes to Sea.  I made my final copying of it this afternoon so I won't have anything to worry about this week-end.  (at least on English)

We are now beginning our proving in Geometry.  All the deductive reasoning isn't too bad.  We had to learn a bunch of postulates and all.

How do you like my stationery?  I bought it at Hallmark the other day.  White paper sure is boring.  I got tired of looking at my name all the time on the other stationery.


[written on envelope]  
P.S. Help!  I'm in dire need of name tags!  Have you ordered some:  If not, Let's get on the ball!  PLEASE

Sunday, September 17, 2017

1967 Roberta's Envelope -Sept.29

An example of a homemade envelope  in common usage in the late 1960s – made from magazine pictures.  The writing on this envelope is above and beyond the ordinary.  Evidently, Joe got a car.  

Saturday, September 16, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter -Sep.29

[Roberta added her letter to this English test page.  The school work is dated Sept. 14, but the postmark on the envelope is Sept. 29, 1967.]

Dear Family,

Hi!  Well, here I am in study hall and for once I have all my lessons done!

This was our first English test!  As you can see I got a 92 on it!  G r e a t  d i s c o v e r y!

I had just got done writing you all a letter and in cam Mr. and Mrs. Carey!  Boy did that ever surprise me!  I gave them a big tour of this place and all.

The new dorm is suppose to be ready by April 1st.  It sure is going to be nice if they ever get it done.

Now for the BIG news.  I had to order a gym outfit which cost $5.00 about.  I also had to buy a hockey stick which also was around $5.00.  This stuff is put on my office bill.  They were both very essential as far as teacher Susan thought.  The gym-suit will be navy blue with a "regulation type blouse."  ICK!

Tell Grandma & Granddad I said "Hi!" and tell them to be sure to write and I'll try my best to answer back.

Thanks again for the suit & dress.  I really like it.  They both fit real good.  Dates, raisins and prunes sure went fast!


P.S. The coat fits a lot better.  I really like it.

Friday, September 15, 2017

1967 Roberta's Postcard -Sep.28

[Postmarked 9/28/1967]

Hi!  Lots of things have been happening around here!

J.N. Carey and his wife are coming tonight for supper.

Got a 90% on last Geometry test.  Will send it soon.

Sure am busy with all my subjects.

Faith and I are making a dress (for me).  It will be pretty if we get it done.  Glasses came in yesterday.


Thursday, September 14, 2017

1987 MV's Letter -Sept.27

Dear Mom, Dad and Grandma,

It was good to have you here and be treated to a Good meal Friday night.  I hope the trip to Atlanta went well.

John and I went into Lexington to Fayette Mall to walk around.  It was nice – a lot like Tri-County – a Lazarus, Sears and another anchor store I believe.  We had a late lunch in Nichlosville on the way back.  He left about 5pm, right before dinner.

This morning we went to Southland Christian Church.  It was okay, but just too big – about 1200 for the first service – we came out at 11:00 and there were people all over waiting to get in the second service.  I think I'll probably go to Wilmore UMC, which runs about 800 or 900.  I don't plan to get involved at all.  I'm ready for a break.  Diane is going to be the accompanist for their youth choir.

I started the take home test that's due Tuesday and it really wasn't as bad as I had anticipated.  Tomorrow I've got to practice for private lessons and I'm supposed to play racquetball with 2 different people (Diane then Donna) at 10AM then 3PM.  The exercise won't hurt me.

The seminar always has a really nice Sunday buffet that attracts town people.  They always have roast beef, 2 vegetables, potatoes, tossed salad, fresh fruit, and all kinds of desserts – then they don't serve an evening meal.

Thanks again for dinner and bringing my laundry down.  I think John Z is going to try to get John Uible to come down with him sometime.  Yes, I did remember JBU's birthday.  See you in 2 weeks.

Mary Va.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter -Sep.26

[postmarked 9/27/67]

Dear Family,

Hi!  got your letter today that you wrote Sept. 22, 196? – would you believe 1963.  Oh, well anyway I received a letter from you all today.

We are now getting into the "proving" part of geometry and it is interesting. (to my amazement!)

We (Debbie W., Vanessa B., and I) don't know what we will do about the Spanish part in Europe next summer.  Debbie says "just act rich" and they won't care where we are from.

My English teacher is teacher Elizabeth.  She is very nice and a good teacher too.  Her husband teaches Biology.  Teacher Marian is not here this year.

As for art class – I hate it!  Well, no I don't hate it, I just have strong feelings against it.  Art takes up a period on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday's and I'm sure I could make better use of my time than going there and trying to make a pinch pot or what-ever.  We have ceramics first semester and picture drawing second semester.

My room-mates are: Barbie Barras, a senior from North Carolina; Faith (Face) Morgan, a junior from Yellow Springs; and Gretchen Newman from Mainsville, Ohio, a freshman.  Then of course there is me a sophomore from big town New Vienna! (thrill)

No – I haven't heard much about the reading course except that it meets during free times and takes alot of time from your free time.  So far I have studied, wrote letters, read books, but not really just "goofed" off` during my free time.  I am now in free time and supper is in about 10 minutes.  I'll add on to this tomorrow because I got to run now and get over to the dorm, comb my hair and all.

Hi!  (again) study hall is almost over.  I have 3 whole minutes left and all my homework done for tomorrow.  Time for the "ding-dong" so I'll be closing for awhile.

Now Tuesday morning, I sure would have liked to have been able to stay in bed today.  BUT!

I now weigh 156!  total weight loss  22 pounds or 352 ounces.  I bought   3  dozen bouillon cubes and have eaten them lately as a steady diet.  I'm getting a little tired of them already.  Got to go.  Classes start in about 1 1/2 minutes.

PLEASE WRITE and that means you John, Serena, and everybody else.


Monday, September 11, 2017

1987 Wells Letter -Sep.25

September 25, 1987

TO: Wells' Employee

As you may know, Mildred Cochrane will be retiring from Wells on September 30, 1987

We certainly extend to Mildred our "Best Wishes" in every way.  She deserves it!  Yes, we will miss Mildred - - - she has set a great example of dependability, work and conscientious dedication since she started at Wells in 1963.  It is with mixed emotions that we honor Mildred's request for not having a farewell party.

Gene Williams will assume her responsibilities as Plant Manager.  He is well qualified because of his years of experience in management and production positions.  Gene is looking forward to the opportunity of working with with each of us.

Yes, we are optimistic for 1988 -- incoming orders and sales are ahead of last year.  A new shrink-wrap machine will be here shortly.

Thanks to those of you who have offered suggestions.  We are looking at each of them as to possible application.  Once again, we need your continued help and welcome your comments.




Sunday, September 10, 2017

1977 MV's Summer Vacation Report -8th Grade

 8th Grade [Fall 1977]

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

After school was out I went to a Reds game and got blue seats.  They played L.A. and lost.  Then on July 8 I went to New Jersey for 6 weeks, and worked with senior citizens.  They came from New York and spent about 2 weeks.  During the day they could do either pottery or macrame, which I and the lady I worked for helped them with.  Then in the evening I helped with the activities like Price is Right or Bingo.  Then on my days off Miss Fisher and I went into New York and [did] several things.  We saw 3 Broadway plays, "Chicago," "Bubbling Brown Sugar," and "The Wiz."  We also saw the Museum of Natural History, The Museum of Art, Lincoln Center (Metropolitan Opera House, Avery Fisher Hall, etc.), The Twin Towers, took a tour of NBC studios, went to Rockefeller Center, and walked through Central Park.  We also went to Macy's, Gimbels, and Tiffanies.  I met alot of really neat people this summer, who I will never forget.  I hope I can always stay in touch with them.

Saturday, September 09, 2017

1987 Catherine's Letter -Sep.24

Sept. 24, 1987
Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  We were glad to get your letter via Roberta and the present for Wendy.  She hasn't opened it yet as Roberta forgot to bring it when she joined us for cake & ice cream.  At any rate, Wendy will be glad to have one more present to open today.

Here comes the mailman down the street now . . . .

Gerry &

P.S. Thanks for clippings

Friday, September 08, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter -Sep.17

[Postmarked September 17, 1967]

Dear Family,

I got a post-card from daddy today.  He is in New York, isn't he?  The post-card had a picture of New York on it but could not read the post-mark.

To bad about Mr. Lytle.  Where was the funeral?  Was it in New Vienna?

I dropped Spanish.  I'm sorry I did but my schedule was too heavy.  I spoke to teacher Tom and he said I could either drop Spanish or Biology.  I really like Biology so I dropped Spanish.

Next year we are required to take only 3 subjects – English, History and Health.  I'm sure it will work out for me to take Spanish next year and my senior year.  Teacher Tom thought so too.

Included with this letter is our first Geometry test.  I got 9 out of 10.  In other words 90%.  I really like Geometry.  It's pretty exciting and I am getting along fine with it.

All my lessons take alot of time to do but I like them all and so far am getting along fine with them.


P.S.  I got a letter from Debbie Walvoord today.  WE ARE going to go to Europe next summer.  I'm saving my money!

Thursday, September 07, 2017

1987 Catherine's Letter -Sep.19

Sept. 19, 1987
Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Thought you might like to see this item I enclosed.  They (the Marketing Dept.) "interviewed" me early in August.  

The big events coming up here include Wendy's birthday and Roberta's return which will occur on the same day.  I'm going to take part of the afternoon off as Wendy is going to have some friends over after school and we'll go out for pizza.  Following by Pioneer Girls for Wendy and "Meet the Teacher" for us.  Wendy has reluctantly agreed to postpone her official birthday dinner at Bobby McGee's until Sid's return, thus stretching out the celebration!

Wendy's other news of course is her selection of a band instrument – the trombone!

Gerry and I are playing golf this afternoon.  I'm sure Wendy wishes Roberta were here so they could do something.  Fall weather seems to be settling in – the temp. hasn't been over 100ยบ all week.

We are getting busy at the library with lots of school groups requesting tours.  And we are also scheduling visits to the schools to do storytelling and booktalks, etc.

Do you have any books by Barbara Park in the school library?  She writes for 4-6th graders.  Her latest is The Kid in the Red Jacket about a boy who moves from Arizona to Massachusetts.  She lives in Phoenix!

Catherine, Gerry
& Wendy

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

1977 GHU postcard to John -Sep.19

Western Hills Motel - Denver Colorado postcard -mailed 1977. Caption: 5035 West Colfax, Denver Colorado 80204.  On Highway U.S. 40 West.  New Luxurious Units - Air-Conditioned . . . 3 Minutes from Down Town.

Postcard from Gladys Hiestand Uible "Grandma" to John at Denison
Mon. Sept. 19 – [1977]

Hi – Here we are this far on our way.  Having a good trip.  Arr. here Sat afternoon.  Have seen Pat & I.T.  Attended Meth. C yesterday had supper last eve – at I.T. house.  going to sight see around Denver today.  Tomorrow we are having breakfast with Pat & will visit her home & dogs as she leaves for school at noon & then we will leave for northern highways.  R doing laundry this morning – Love, Grandma

[Mom, Roberta, and Grandma started out on a trip west, but Mom flew to San Diego (from St. Louis?) after the Dr. said Wendy could be born within 24 hours on Sept. 16.  Maybe Roberta can enlighten us on Pat & I.T. and the trip through Denver.]

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

1987 Catherine's Letter -Sep.9

Wednesday, September 9, 1987

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  It was good talking to you and John on the phone Saturday night.  We had a nice long weekend since all three of us had three days off.  Gerry and I played golf on Monday at Happy Trails RV resort in Surprise -- 22 miles from our house --17200 W. Bell Road.  Roberta and Wendy went to a movie and out to lunch while we were gone.

Wendy seems to enjoy her new bicycle.  Somehow she seems much more vulnerable on a ten-speed with the skinny tires than she did on her old bike.  She now locks her bike at school so that is a new challenge for her also.  She likes her teacher and hasn't had too much homework yet but time may change that!  Last night she did have some spelling homework and she thought it was real tough to have to use 8 spelling words in only 4 sentences.

My computer class [at Glendale Community College]  is interesting and close enough I can walk through the park when I have an hour off.  I have finished the word processing part and next comes spread sheet.  I haven't been down yet this week since Monday was a holiday we have been busier than usual at the library.

During the month of August the new Main Library circulated over 90,000 books, with 59,000 of those being children's books, 25,000 of those were picture books or easy readers!  Also registered 5100 new borrowers!

Programs started last week except for Time for Twos which will start next week.  I've been practicing fingerplays to do with that age group.  Should be interesting.  Also starting next week is a group for 10 to 12-year-olds called the B.R.A.T. (Books, Reading and Talking) Pack.  We've had 30 applicants and haven't really pushed it at all yet.

I'm trying to give you samples of all the different types of print.

Well my lunch hour is almost over so I better close.  Mother, we just got a complaint on a book by Katherine Paterson called Rebels of the Heavenly Kingdom.  Have you ever read it?  The complainer said it was anti-Christian and too morose for children.  I read it.  It's about the Taiping Rebellion in China in the 1850's.  From the blurb about the author I gather Paterson's father was a missionary in China.  I didn't think it was morose or anti-Christian, plus I think it would be difficult to get any child to read it but . . . .

We still didn't get your letter – must have taken a wrong turn somewhere!

Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

Monday, September 04, 2017

1987 MV's Postcard from Asbury -Sep.14

[postmarked Sep 14 1987]
Hi, folks!  Wanted to bring you up to date after the first week at Asbury.  Orientation (Tues-Thurs) was nice but about 2 days too long.  Wednesday we registered for classes and I'll be taking 14 hours this semester.  My classes ae Minister of Education as Servant, Church Music History, Hymnology, Singing Seminarians, Chapel Choir, Private Piano & Private Voice.  The first 3 are all 3 credit hours, the last 4 are 1 credit hour classes.  14 credit hours is considered a full load here – I can see how 14 hours would be a lot for M.Div. students, but music will never be as hard as Greek.

Shakertown didn't have any openings, but I did reserve a double guest room for you for 9/25.  My suggestion for dinner is to look in the Mobil Guide at Lexington, which would be not more than 30 minutes away.

Yesterday we went to a Pro-Life Rally held on the Capitol steps in Frankfort.  Melody Green & J.C. Wilke were the speakers.  Today we went to Wilmore UMC and I was amazed at how big it was.  There were gobs of College Students there.  The seminary has a big buffet every Sunday for lunch, so there were a lot of people from town there.  See you Thurs. night.

Love, MV

Sunday, September 03, 2017

1967 Roberta's Barnesville Postcard -Sep.13

[postmarked 13 Sep 1967]
Dear Family,

Did you get my card all about my schedule?  On Saturday I have Spanish, Biology and Math!  Gee!

There are two rolls of film on the kitchen cabinet that need developed.

Helen got in about 11:00 Monday night.  Bobby is not here this year.

The new cook is a man and is the food ever good!

I bought a notebook, dividers, pen and a notebook pad!  $1.95 already on my bill!  HA!

Please send curtains –

Saturday, September 02, 2017

1967 Roberta's Barnesville Postcard -Sep.13

[postmarked Sep 13, 1967]
Here is my schedule:
8:15 English
8:55 Bible (Tues. & Thurs.)
9:55 Spanish
10:15 Recess
10:30 History
11:10 Bio
11:50 Math
12:35 Dinner (all week)
1:45 Mon. Art, Tues. Bio, Wed. Eng, Thurs. Study, Fri. Art
2:45-3:45 Study Hall

Well, there it is!  Wow what a schedule!  Will write soon.


Friday, September 01, 2017

1987 MV's Asbury Postcard -Sep.9


Good to talk with you last night – sorry you had so much trouble getting through. Our dorm is really nice and our room is on the ground floor, complete with air conditioner.

This morning we had Chapel and a short orientation in our degree program (MA, not just Music).  My advisor is Prof. Whitworth, who I'll try to catch up with this afternoon.

Registration is tomorrow & Thursday and we picked up a schedule of class offerings today.

Our room is also next to the kitchen & bathroom in addition to the pay phone . . . last night an Indian student's brother called (from India) at 1:30am.  Needless to say it wasn't very conducive to sleep but it's better than having a fire drill.

Thanks for sending my contacts.  I'll check on accommodations & Pleasant Hill this PM.

Love, M.V.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter -Sep.8

Thursday afternoon, Sept. 8, 1977
Dear Mom, Dad, Mary Virginia & Roberta,

Hi!  Guess where I got this stationery?  You're right, we went to Pic & Save last weekend.  I also got a 49¢ jigsaw puzzle (which I finished putting together this morning), a desk organizer, and a cheese grater.  For Roberta's information we went to the one on Lake Murray Blvd.

We went to the Dr. this morning and he said there is no change since last week so the chances are good that it will be at least another week and possibly longer.  It has been very humid at night lately which makes sleeping difficult but otherwise not too bad.  I've been getting some suntan and going swimming during the day – I don't really swim I just sort of float in the water.  That helps keep me cool.  At any rate I have another Dr's appointment next Thursday morning.  We had our last LaMaze class and I've got my suitcase packed so I'm all set.  Gerry is taking the car into a garage on Saturday morning to have the U-joint replaced so that the car will be in good condition to get us to the hospital.  

The Baby Book arrived yesterday.  Thanks for sending it.  There is nothing particular that we need you to bring us from New Vienna.  It sounds like you are going to have a car full anyway.  We are hoping that Roberta will decide to spend the winter in San Diego - we miss having her here.  We are anxious to hear what her plans are.  She should be here to make sure that her niece (or nephew?) is properly cared for!

It seems kind of quiet around here since Gerry's folks have gone back to Maine and DeeDee has gone home.  I haven't been doing too much.  I try to do all my chores first thing in the morning as that is when I have the most energy and then I take a nap in the afternoon.  One of the things LaMaze stresses is to be well rested when labor begins.

Fri. AM
Woke up this morning to find the plumbing all backed up – the bathroom flooded and the bathtub full of water which had drained down from upstairs.  Ugh!  I guess this whole side of the building has the same problem – earlier in the week the other side's plumbing was backed up.  At least the washing machines were OK so I was able to do the laundry as I had planned.  They are here working on the plumbing right now.

I'm going over to El Cajon later this morning to have lunch with Gerry.  He's going to take a late lunch and then I'll spend the rest of the afternoon in El Cajon so I only have to ride the bus one way.

Today is (actually Wednesday 9-7 was) California Admission day but they they are celebrating today due to Monday having been a holiday – the banks and state offices are closed.  But stores are open as usual for last minute school shoppers – school starts Monday.

Catherine & Gerry

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

1947 New Cumberland First Presbyterian Church Bulletin -Sep.7

Nothing particularly pertinent appears in this Church Bulletin, though N.W. and R.B. Ballantyne are listed in the Session category, while J. Scott Brown and C.A. Ballantyne are listed as Trustees.  A possible theory on why this particular bulletin was saved is that HH attended church in New Cumberland that Sunday, perhaps for the first time.

Monday, August 28, 2017

1957 College St. Landscaping Invoice -Sep.17

Time to plant with fall approaching following the Uible family move into the house on College Street.  Wonder how much research was done on what plants to purchase?

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

1987 Family Letter -Sep.2

Wednesday, Sept. 2, 1987

Dear Family:

Our immediate New Vienna family is shrinking.  Serena left last Saturday and M.V. will be going this next Monday.  In fact she has been gone a lot this week.  John is to be down this weekend and the Kings in two more weeks.

Bill Smallridge passed away last Sunday morning, you may recall that his son, Clarence died last year.  Bill's two daughters with their husbands arrived yesterday from L.A.  They called me about going to the Lions Club this evening.  They seemed to enjoy getting away from the "mourning."

Mother got her new hearing aid Monday afternoon . . . most of it is on the outside of her ear, which is more comfortable than the previous one.  The new one also has more flexibility on controls.  For volume there is a range from one to four and she uses the low mark of one.

We are sorry to hear that the Morgans cannot make the January trip, tho we certainly understand.  Last Sunday evening we went to a preview of the trip.  One of the couples going on the trip are good friends of ours – she teaches at N.V. and her husband is an executive with Krogers in Cincinnati and is also a pastor at a nearby Church (talk about being busy).

Have heard that Clyde Irwin has cancer . . . after he got married again he moved into his wife's home near Dayton, so we don't see him much anymore.  One could not ask for a better neighbor than Clyde.  You will recall that he always looked the picture of health.

Catherine, you asked about my schedule.  I think I will work Tuesday afternoon, all day Thursdays and Friday mornings.  Nancy Cooper is there full time now so the library is covered and after she learns "the ropes" I may be able to take more time off.  The 6th grade classes are contained to themselves and only the 7th and 8th grade classes among each other so there is a lot less walking thru the library.  It is a lot different this year.

We enjoyed reading some of the reports Serena brought home from library school and know she felt good from the Prof's very positive comments.  She will be finishing up in December.

The Clinton County "Y" is now under construction . . some 2 Million worth which was raised voluntarily in the area.  It will be a nice addition to the present Wilmington College facilities.

[love, etc.]

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter - Sep.2

September 2, 1977
Friday morning
Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

hi!  We received your letter of 8-29 yesterday.  Sounds like you had a good trip to New Cumberland, Mother, and I'm sure you are all busy with school having started.  Glad to hear that Dad and Mary Virginia survived the trial run as Gerry and I are definitely planning on you coming out, Mom, later this month.

I went to the Dr. again yesterday.  About all he had to say was that the baby is getting bigger and it would be at least a week - most likely several weeks before labor begins.  Next Tuesday we have our last Childbirth Class so we should be all set.  We did hear an interesting quote from a former member of the class that La Maze worked for the first nine months but not for the last nine hours.  Time will tell how well it works for us.

Gerry's folks arrived on schedule and we have had a full week.  Tuesday DeeDee and I took them to the zoo.  Wednesday we sent them on a bus tour of Universal Studios, yesterday Gerry took the day off from work and we went to Tijuana.  Then last night we went out to dinner at the Islands Restaurant at the Hanalei Hotel - a real atmospheric place with waterfalls etc. around the restaurant.  Roberta will remember it as the place where we had buffet dinner last Thanksgiving.  I wasn't able to eat too much - it seems that as the baby gets bigger my stomach is shrinking.  I also have had heartburn during the last few weeks which I have never had before.  I had gained another 1/2 pound when I went to the Dr. yesterday which brings my total to 14 1/2 - at least I won't be too far from my anticipated gain which was 15.

Glad to hear that Serena has gotten a job at the KC Library.  I would be interested in hearing what type of work she is doing.  I wrote her a letter last week but I am not holding my breath in expectation of hearing back from her.

Thanks for sending that letter from Priscilla Walker.  I was glad to get her address as I have not had it since she left Happy Hours or whatever that place was in Wilmington.

Later this morning we are all going to El Cajon to meet Gerry for lunch and then do some shopping at Parkway Plaza.  Gerry's folks are also going to see if they can change their tickets and possibly stay through the end of next week instead of leaving Monday for Maine.  I think we have convinced them that while they are here they might as well stay as long as they can.

DeeDee starts to school on September 12.  We are not sure if she will be moving back home this weekend or the next weekend.  She does not seem especially glad or sad about going back to school.

Well, I better get this off in the mail and get myself ready to go to El Cajon.  Hope to hear more of your plans soon.

Catherine & Gerry

Monday, August 21, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter -Aug.29

Monday morning
August 29, 1977
Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Thanks for your letter of 8-23 which we received on 8-26.  We are very glad to hear that you are coming out, Mother.  And your plan to come with Roberta and Grandma sounds like a good one.  Perhaps as the date gets closer the Dr. will be able to tell us how accurate Sept. 16 is for the due date.  Last week he said that he can tell once the cervix starts to "thin out" it will be 1 1/2  to 2 weeks however it hasn't thinned out any yet.  I asked him how big he thought the baby would be (since I haven't gotten that big and haven't gained too much weight we sort of figured that meant a small baby) but the Dr. said that the baby already weighs over 6 1/2 pounds and would probably be between 7 1/2 and 8 at birth.  I go again this Thursday so will let you know if there is anything new.

Roberta was right about Gerry's folks arriving the end of this month.  They land in San Diego at 7:35 P.M. today and they leave next Monday (Labor Day).  I think perhaps I mentioned that in my last letter to you.  I have been busy this morning trying to make the place look presentable and doing the laundry.  Dee Dee will be staying with us until the middle of next week as her school starts on Sept. 8.

I have been doing some bike riding lately – Gerry and I both went for a ride yesterday while DeeDee went to visit her Mother.  I figure the exercise is good for me as long as I don't over do it and I try to be extra careful so I don't fall off or anything. Gerry has also started jogging in hopes of losing the weight he has put on since he quit smoking.  I had ordered him a warm-up suit which was on sale in the Sears catalog so he looks like the real athlete.

We also picked up all the baby things I had ordered from Sears – diapers, undershirts, nightgowns, rubber pants, diaper pail, bath tub.  And we got DeeDee some new clothes for school at Sears also.  So Sears got the major portion of the money we spent last week.

What's new on the Horton front?  I understand Joe will be back in the U.S. around September 12.  Will he be coming to New Vienna – I gather his folks are planning to be in NV around then.  All he mentioned in his last letter to us was that he wouldn't be coming out to the west coast this trip.

We will also be interested in hearing the more definite itinerary for Roberta and Grandma.  When do Roberta and John get home - right around Labor Day?  Then I suppose John has to be in school shortly after that.

We'll be anxious to hear more from any or all of you!

Catherine & Gerry

Saturday, August 19, 2017

1977 Roberta's Letter -Aug.

[Aug. 1977]
Dear Family –

Hi – I'm not sure how long it's been since I've written – but wanted to let you all know that I haven't forgotten about you!

Today I started in the dining room – which means that I won't have much time to get bored this week!

Last Tuesday on my day off I had a big day – went to Coney Island – in Brooklyn w/ the Rosario girls – rode all the crazy rides & ate junk food.  The place was really run down – most of the rides, were 75¢ or $1.00 – a big rip-off!

Monday night Kay Levitt & I ate at a Greek restaurant – I had cheese & spinach pie.  Then we saw the play Chicago – it was disappointing – full of bad language & the music wasn't even so great!  Mary Virginia – I want to see Annie!

We are having a heat wave up here now – for so long it was really cool!

All the staff is gone now but J.B., myself, & ? & Donnie.  The place is really full – all the old-timers – most w/ cars which makes the driving easy.  Tomorrow if men have to catch the 6:00 bus – going into work.

I had a letter from Marion – they got to Columbus Friday at 8:30 p.m. – where they wanted to spend the night – but state fair – so everything was full.  They kept stopping & finally found a place in Richmond, Indiana at 1:00 A.M.

We had the last carnival yesterday – which I more or less organized – took in $130.

I'm planning on packing up the Buick on Sunday or Monday – then go into the city Monday p.m. for a few days – will leave the car here.  I'm not sure if I'll be home for the weekend – but the 15th is fine for heading West.  Mom – I'm glad you are planning on going out & of course we'll have room.  I am taking the Buick – probably will sell it out there – then will fly back home.

Vince, Kelly & Carol left this morning.  Mr. Ream asked me tonight where Carol was – talk about bad communications!

Drove the seniors down to Flemington last week – made 2 trips w/ the Red van – one on Wednesday, other on Thursday.  Then on Friday after my last trip into the city we took the van back.  So now just have the V.W. w/ the crazy door that keeps falling off!

It was nice of you to have Jackie come – how long did she stay?  Did she have alot to say?  How is her appetite?  What's new with her?

Tomorrow is Tomahawk – with just the VW van.  There will be about 5 trips each way.

Mary Va – we went bowling tonight – Liz, Kids, Curtis & Scotty –  I didn't bowl – just kept score.

Charlie Wagner, Frank Tiffany & Mr. Hodge are in Marion & Ito's room.  It seems strange.

My new sandals – ordered a pair – custom made – are really comfortable.

We went to Burger King tonight – at the table next to us the girl cracked her tooth eating a hamburger.

Love, Berta

Friday, August 18, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter -Aug.22

Monday morning
August 22, 1977
Dear Mom and Dad and Mary Virginia,

Thanks for your letter – it was a real epic.  It certainly sounds like you crammed alot of things into your trip and glad that you got to see Serena.  At least you are able to see her once in awhile even if she doesn't write much.

I took DeeDee and Robbie to Sea World on Friday.  We were able to go by bus – only one transfer and the connections were good.  We got there just before they opened (9A.M.) and stayed until 4:30 so we had a full day.  DeeDee has been there several times but it was all new to Robbie.  They had changed the whale show since I went in December but all the rest were the same – still very entertaining and well worth the admission price.  They also enjoyed Capt. Kid's World which is a special playground for children 4-14 (or under 105 pounds) – all sorts of slides and nets to climb on.  They also have a place where you swing from arm to arm (I don't know the term but they are in most playgrounds) only this one has a pool with a few inches of water in it underneath so if you don't make it to the other side you fall into the water.  Alot of kids were getting wet!

Today we are going to El Cajon and have a picnic lunch with Gerry.  Then DeeDee and Robbie are going to see "Herbie goes to Monte Carlo" at the movies while I scout around for diapers, etc.  Gerry has an interview with John Deere dealer at 5:15 so he is getting off early to change his clothes, etc. so he will drop us off at home before going there.  They called him about two weeks ago and he told them he was interested in changing jobs but because of his insurance benefits he couldn't really afford to do so until after the baby is born.  They called him back last week (evidently they didn't have any luck finding anyone else) and said they would still like to talk to him.  I don't know anything about the John Deere dealer but I know Gerry would rather work for them than IH if he was given the choice.  It will be interesting to see how his interview goes this evening.  [Gerry had worked for John Deere in Maine before we moved to California.]

Did I mention that while Gerry was on vacation they fired the Parts Manager at International?  The branch manager had previously discussed with Gerry the possibility of his taking over the job but they ended up hiring a man from outside the Company who has never worked with International before.  Both Gerry and Hal (another guy who works with Gerry) would have been quite capable of handling the job – plus that they know the system and what needs to be changed to make it function better.  They are both upset that they were passed over.  Hal figured he was second in line behind Gerry and if Gerry doesn't get a promotion when the opportunity arises where does that leave him.  The biggest thing seems to be that the Branch Manager likes to surround himself with "yes men" while both Gerry and Hal are the type that will speak their minds especially about things they think should be changed.  Neither of them are at all happy about the situation.

Robbie is to fly back to Boston on Thursday.  And then Gerry's folks will be arriving on Monday for a week.  We are planning to send them up to L.A. one day on a bus tour which goes to Universal Studios, Farmers Market and tours Hollywood.  They should enjoy that.  Plus we thought we'd take them to Tijuana and perhaps some other sights around San Diego.  They have never been to California before.

Mom, we are still counting on your coming in September and we expect to see all of you at Christmas time.  Let us know your plans!

Love,  Catherine & Gerry

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