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1968 Picnic at Put-in-Bay -June

1968 Picnic at Put-in-Bay.  John, Jean & Roberta under the tree on left, Serena to their right, MV on far right?

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1968 Catherine's Dorm at K College 1967-1971

Trowbridge House, Catherine's Dorm in the 1960s
Still in use, this picture is from the Kalamazoo College website

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HH c1928

HH on front steps of New Vienna house c1928

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1968 Catherine's Letter & HH's note -July 13

[HH & Catherine plan a trial run overnight bike ride, a few days before Catherine goes to New England for a 600 mile bike trip with American Youth Hostel.]

Dear Mom & Dad,

I'm all packed (well, almost) and ready to go.  Dad your bike is all ready to go.  Please put the stuff you want to take in the powder room so I can finish packing.  You are still planning to go?  ▢ yes or ▢ no ( if yes proceed if no skip to bottom of page).  I'm getting up at 5:00 if the clock goes off as planned.  Would you like me to wake you all up?  ▢ yes or ▢ no ( if yes proceed if no skip to bottom).  Mom, you are going to take us to Wilmington? ▢ yes or ▢ no ( if yes proceed, etc.)  How about we eat a little before we go and stop later?

Also Dad, J.B. (your son) says he has almost forgotten what you look like.  No telephone calls – nothing new.


P.S. I hope you get home before I get up.  If you're hungry there is one piece of pizza in the frig.  Ha!  On back of page is some stuff I already packed.

Roberta just called – wake me up.  I'm too tired to write it all down.

W H Y   N O T?

Note from Dad written on the back:
Hi Everyone – 6:20 A.M.

We are on our way, your Mother is going to take us part way, Roberta is getting in Wilmington at 9:15, so your Mother may wait for her.  Take care of things and we will see you tomorrow.

Catherine & Dad 

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1978 Roberta's Letter -July 12

Tuesday Morning
6:30 AM
Dear Family,

It's not Tuesday – it's Wednesday – and Rob & I plan to go in the city again – he really does enjoy the city but he doesn't want to spend any $ there or any where else – but the gym – where he goes to work out every other day!

I'm pretty much planning on leaving here about 8th August – so would appreciate if Mary Va – or you all could bring the pile of things – including the FAN – would like if Mary Va. would bring it.

Hopefully details of flight #'s, etc. are on its way as to Mary Va's flight.

Mary – the Italian group is here now – they will be here till 21 July – so of course they are glad they will get to see you – Everyone asks about you –  [last four lines on first page have several names that are hard to read – feel free to study the scanned letter, if you want to try to figure them out.]

It has turned cool – can't imagine how it must be in Arizona – other than HOT.

Is there a sleeping bag at home I could have?

John, myself & Anne all enjoy John's subscription to Wilmington News Journal – read Jackie Walker's wedding write up today.

New T-shirts are really selling – especially blue – all sold out in adult size of blue in Small & Medium.

We've been playing lots of card games – if you have any extra decks Mary Va – bring them.  Also mosquito repellant.  They are really bad this year.

Rob & I want to see 1 good play this year – do you want to go w/us what would be your 1st & 2nd choice – Rob says GREASE – I say The King & I.

I've been swimming once so far.  My tan is sure fading.

What do you all do w/your old Arizona magazines – if you don't save them – I'd like to have them.

I got a bee sting on the bottom of my left foot on Monday – middle toe – was walking bare foot – It really hurt for awhile, swelled up, but fine by the next day.

There is a Sussex County Branch Library 2nd floor of the bank building at the intersection of 206/607 – just about 5 miles from the farm.  It's very nice.

Robbie is getting along fine – w/ everyone – he is very strict at the water front – which is necessary.  Yesterday someone stole his whistle – so he wouldn't let anyone in till it was returned – he got it back quick.

We've only been bowling 1 time – last Friday – Rob, Metra, Curtis, Scott [?],  Lester & myself. It was a riot!

John hasn't taken a day off yet – last weekend Mr./Mrs. Reem were gone – he was in charge – he did a good job.

Rob wants to see Wall St. today - also World Trade Center – if it's a clear day

Mom & Dad – have a good trip –
Mary Va – see you soon –


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1978 Family Letter -July 9

Sunday evening –
July 9, 1978
Dearest Family –

I am sitting here typing in the patio as we moved the typewriter here to be a little cooler.  The weather was just too warm to try use the dining room this evening.  At least I can see a breeze blowing the leaves of the trees.  Mary Virginia has gone to Villars Chapel to hear some singing group with the Rankins.  Dad and I are talking about going for a bicycle ride.  We just finished supper – the last of some banana yogurt that we made when the Hortons were here (which was plenty soupy then for we waited too long for it to season but refreezing it seemed to help it).  Also had some honeydew melon – not as ripe and good as the previous one (it was a real buy for 39¢ and delicious).

We were glad to hear from all of you this past week – another record !!  It was good talking to Catherine and also getting the letter.  Before I forget I'd better say now that don't give up hope if you call and don't find anyone at home next Thursday evening as Dad is to work at the ball park and Mary Virginia and I usually end up over there and sometimes helping there too. We were happy to hear that Wendy had acquired her second tooth without too much difficulty and glad to hear that she adapts so well to camping life.

Really glad that you made the decision to stay in New Jersey and not rush back to Arizona, Roberta.  Mary Virginia really held her breath for if you had gone back that would have left her wondering what to do the middle of July.  She is happy to get to see Marion and I.T. since their visits coincide.  Too bad that you will have to make so many trips to the airports – MV is also wondering if you will have room for her in their old room since it is so small and you already have a roommate.

Glad that we were finally able to find you at home, Serena, and hope that things work out for you to get a fellowship or possibly a chance to go to Denver yet.  You must really have an IN with UMKC if you are staying at the home of the head of the program there.  We do hope that you will plan to come home between summer school and fall semester or quarter if you aren't doing else.

Your letters are spaced wide apart, John, but glad to hear of you thru Roberta's.  Sound like those new t-shirts are going well as well as other things in the canteen.  Too bad you weren't reached sooner by Bell's office or whoever it was that wanted a youth coordinator but wonder how you would find much time for all you do now.

We went down to Rocky Fork Restaurant for lunch today as Grandma had been wanting to go – had planned to go while the Hortons were here but it didn't work out.  They now have a buffet available on weekends which they called a smorgasbord but though the view is wonderful we didn't find the food nor the service too good not to elaborate but servings generous!!   Dr. Hull's Fun in the Sun was not open but the miniature golf available.  I don't know whether it is closed permanently or what for this is certainly the season and Sunday would be one of the best days to be open.

Had a little more difficulty with the Mercury Friday when Wilma, MV and I went to Washington Court House to do a little shopping.  We scraped the bottom of the gas tank and it began to leak profusely and so ended up with us having to get it replaced.  In the meantime the fire department had to hose the streets and the service station.  Guess I was lucky no one was around throwing matches or cigarettes or it would have followed me fast!!  As Dad keeps saying the next thing to go is the exhaust system but so far that is about the only original fixtures under the body and hood.

Monday was quite a day too for Duffie Doo Silver Streak unbeknownst to me rode to Wilmington and refused to come home.  I hated it especially for Roberta's sake for know how unhappy she will be on her next visit if that little furry thing isn't on hand to greet her.  Mary Virginia took it very well – it saved solving some questions of what to do about her while we are away but I am still having dreams of her and what may have happened to him (it).Patty Walker Ryan had a little girl just a little over a week after Jacalyn's wedding day so all came out okay.  Just noticed it in yesterday's paper so hope she got along okay.  They have named her Shellie Jo to accompany Shannon Dee.  If Jim was at the wedding we didn't know it for he is unknown to us but doubt if he made it.  Nancy sounded as if she has about given up going to Europe.

Tuesday didn't start off too sunny but we were on our way around 8AM and met Bob Gooding at the Canoe Livery (Morgan's) where we took their bus to the Caesar Creek area.  There Beverly was waiting with their canoe and we were soon on our way.  It was good that it was cloudy for it wasn't too hot.  The sun did come out while we were having a picnic lunch at the roadside park near the I-75 bridge.  We thought the tables would all be taken but they had closed the road dow to it because of a mud slide across the road.  Darlene Linkhart went with Mary Virginia.  Bob had to leave for Salt Lake City the next day for a couple of days so we separated after the canoeing.  Darlene had never been to Fort Ancient since she was real little so stopped to see the view there and the museum which really fascinated her.  There are several competitors for the Morgans now so had no trouble getting a canoe but had made reservations earlier.

Wednesday night was Lions Club and Dad was on the committee, had a basic menu of roast beef, baked potatoes, succotash, salads and pistachio pudding.  For the thirty people the cost for the four of us averaged about $7.00 each.  For the program we had a fellow from near Hillsboro who had been to Brazil and who was excited enough about it that he even wanted to buy land down there.  He is really sold on it as a place for the future.

Clyde Irwin brought a big mess of green beans last Saturday – ours will be ready in a few days.  We should be having tomatoes in a couple more weeks.  We should have an earlier garden next year for plan to get some more fertilizer before the next season.

The Wolfroms (all except little Jeannie) are leading a canoe trip in Canada.  The group is leaving tomorrow morning – Rev. Wise, Keith Rittenhouse and David Thornburg are among those going.  They are to be gone ten days.  If Dad didn't already have plans made to be gone he might have been influenced to have gone with them.

We have not told anyone around here about our upcoming trip but plan to leave Cincinnati Monday evening, July 17th.  Mary Virginia will be going that same afternoon to Hudson Guild to stay until we go over the first week of August.  We are due back I believe Tuesday, July 25th so hope to hear from all of you before we go and also have a letter when we get back ???  Grandma is planning on going to New Jersey with us about Aug. 3rd and if all goes well we will be at the farm that evening and then go to New York a couple of days later – more details later.  She (G'ma) will stay at the farm while we are at the Bar Meeting but hope that Roberta, and John may get to come into New York while we are there.  What are your chances of going with us, Serena, or are you interested?  Think Mary Virginia is coming to New York for some of the time.

Your trip into Oregon and possibly Washington sounds interesting, Catherine and Gerry and hope you get some possible prospects through the International Harvester dealers.  We would certainly love to see all of you and wish that we might all be together for a reunion.  I just finished reading a book written by Laura Hughes' sister about their family – their move to Ohio from Kentucky and the hardships they faced during the early 1920's and 30's.  Pictures of Mrs. Hughes as a little girl look so much like Weegie as I remember her growing up.

We do want to get this into the mail so that Catherine gets if before she leaves Oregon (Hillsboro) where she will be visiting her Kalamazoo classmate Sue . . . can't recall her name now and don't have the letter too handy.

We shall be thinking of all of you and always look forward to hearing from you.  Also glad to hear that Rob is enjoying Hudson Guild and vice versa.

With much love to you all and a special kiss for Wendy

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1978 Roberta's Letter -July 7

July 7, 1978
Dear Family,

Seems like this week has been especially busy.  Robbie & I had a good day in the city – as he says we went on a Walk-a-thon.  We did walk alot.

Drove to Dover – then took bus from there – it's much nicer than driving in – from Port of Authority we walked over to Fifth Avenue – up to Central Park – stopping by Rockefeller Center en route.  Then back over to 8th Avenue / 50th Street to see the play.  It was a good comedy – price was sure right for us.  After the play we walked down 7th Ave some – then took the subway down to get the Staten Island Ferry.  For 25¢ it's still a great bargain.  Rob seemed to enjoy the day ––  After the ferry ride we got on another subway – I thought we were getting off 23rd/6th – but it was 2nd Avenue – so we had a good walk to Chelsea – then back to Port of Authority.

As to lunch we ate at Mary Virginia's favorite place – TAD'S – for supper we bought ham & cheese at a deli –

Rob wants to go back to the city – he especially wants to see Wall Street.

Mesa Central called – yesterday – they had been trying to call since last Thursday after I talked to them & told them I would come back.  Mr. Vaughn said my voice had no smile in it – that he knew I didn't want to go back.  So he got on the case – did drop me as a county employee – but got me a 9 1/2 month contract w/ the school.  Which means I'll have to be back by 14 August if I take it.  I'm almost tempted to go back jobless & see what happens.  He said he had called here  7  times (Pay phone) & not once did I get the message!!!

I don't know whether it would be easier to get a job working – or not working.  But it sure isn't easy to look for work when you work full time.

Next week Rob, John & I plan to go in the city ––

Annie goes home Sunday – Sally's cousin – but she will still be coming up on weekends.

Breakfast time –––

What did you all do on 4th of July?


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1978 Roberta's Letter -July 4

July 4, 1978
7:30 AM
Cold & Rainy
Dear Family,

I'm staying – after much thought about it – I've decided it's worth it to have to go back knocking on doors again – in order to stay.  Besides I wasn't crazy about my job – and this way I'll be free & not waiting to get another job.

Seems I'm almost in semi-retirement up here this year – only have canteen open 2 1/4 hours a day – sometimes stay a little later in afternoon or evening though.  The new T-shirts are really selling – the blue much better than the orange.  Even have sold a few of the old styles.

Ann Bertram's [?] friends made it up here about 8:00 AM Sunday – they left at 9:30 PM Saturday night.  After breakfast they (w/Anne) left for NYC – then I guess they went back in last night.

On Sunday – it was overcast – but not rainy – Carol, Barry (John's YAF friend from Boston) and I went row boating at Tomahawk lake.  John had to work the office – then he worked the canteen for me.

Rob is getting along fine – the two of us plan to go to the city tomorrow – his 1st time – of course we have to go after he works out – but that's ok – we have it all planned out – Rob will go w/John when he leaves for school – the gym is on the way – they will go in Rob's car.  In the meantime I'll have the Volare fixed – then pick up Rob at the gym.  We will go by bus out of Dover –

Did I tell you that I went in the city w/Barb on Saturday – I showed her around Chelsea – Hudson Guild Centers, etc.  We did go to Radio City – saw a movie named Matilda – about a boxing champion – who is a Kangaroo.

Talked to Marion last night – she will be in Augusta, Ill the last two weeks of August –this way if I leave the farm a few days early – I can pick her & Buffie up then head West –

I.T. & her have been doing lots of sight seeing.  They are using her sisters in Idaho as a base – then going to Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, etc.

What all do you hear from Catherine & Serena?  Gerry won't be the only one having to look for work –

I've got a cold – it's – hopefully – on its way out – have had it since last Thursday.

I'm in Room E –Marion & I.T's old room – the dining room girl is also in w/me – she is from Hamilton, Ohio – we Ohio people really do have a monopoly going.

Rob had all day yesterday free – due to the rain.  It was killing him though – because the gym was closed yesterday.  John & Barry went to Trenton yesterday morning – then the 2 of them were back by 1:30 – Barry left soon after.

Mary Virginia – send me details as to when you will be in – I'm sure glad its Allentown – both Marion & I.T. are flying in & out of Kennedy – of course at different days – please!  Bring the fan – though we sure don't need it now – w/ the weather we have – but it will get warmer – as the summer progresses.

Got to go –––


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1968 John's postcard -July 3 PM

Berghoff Restaurant, Chicago postcard -mailed 1968 

Thur. aft.
[July 3, 1968]
Dear People,

I want to thank you for all the mail you sent me.  I have enjoyed every minute of camp, but I still can't wait till Sat. morning.  Tell the Shumauns hi.  Dad, I have got alot done.

Your son and brother,
John Uible

Friday, July 06, 2018

1968 John's postcard -July 3 AM

Kellogg Company, Battle Creek, Michigan postcard -mailed 1968

Thurs. morning
[July 3, 1968]
Dear Everybody,

Hi!  I want to thank you so much for coming up last night.  I also want to thank you for the field book, the tea shirt, the cookies, cupcakes and karmels.  I am waiter for lunch and supper.  I already have breakfast over with.  While I was working in the mess hall it started raining real hard.  Everyone's things were soaked except mine because I had the frame which kept it off the ground and I had everything in it.

Your son,
John Uible

Thursday, July 05, 2018

1968 MV to John Postcard -July 1

[We all know how talented MV is – here's a postcard she typed at quite a young age, 
or more likely dictated to the typist]

Tuesday 7/1/68
Dearest John,

Found this card and thought about you.  Thanks for the card I received this morning and also one to the whole family.  Too bad you had to move but bet it makes Kevin feel better that you have farther to go.  Glad to hear the food is so good.  I am going out to Anita Penn's today and am to take my bathing suit.  Mother is cleaning the back porch and patio.  Catherine rode her bike to Wilmington or some place.  Do have a real good time & we are always glad to hear from you.


Wednesday, July 04, 2018

1978 Catherine's letter -July 2

Sun. Evening
July 2, 1978
Dear Mom, Dad & Mary V.,

Hi!  We came home from Yosemite yesterday.  It was beginning to get a little crowded with the weekenders so we decided to come home over the 4th of July.  We saw on the news tonight about the increased crime at Yosemite at unguarded campsites, etc. but we didn't have any problems. 

We figure now to leave on Thursday morning for our tour of northern California, Oregon & other parts.  DeeDee's friend, Stacia, is going to fly back to San Diego from San Jose on Thursday morning and then we're going north from there.  We have made plans to visit my friend Sue Steusloff Durham – formerly of Denver but now she lives on a farm near Portland, Oregon.  DeeDee is excited because they have horses, colts, goats, etc.  She has a 7-year-old daughter & a five year-old son but they are spending the summer with their grandparents in Colorado so we won't see them.  We are planning on arriving there on Thurs. July 13 and we'll probably stay a couple days so if you care to write us there the address is . . . .

I am going to try to send the hook-rug and needlepoint things tomorrow.  The hook-rug fell off the wall while we were gone so now all I have to do is find the needlepoint.  The other needlepoint that you originally gave us is buried in a box somewhere so I am sending the Raggedy Andy one which as I recall Mary did part of.

It is now Monday morning and we are headed to Big Basin today but we'll stop at the post office first and get the package off. 

Wendy is doing fine.  Her second tooth has been about to pop through for about a week.  It doesn't seem to bother her much though.  We have begun to feed her little bites of whatever we eat at meals so she will get used to real food.  Her favorite so far is macaroni & cheese.

We plan to be gone 2-3 weeks on our trip north so I guess that will coincide somewhat with your trip.  If you are still home on the 13th I will plan on calling you from Sue's – person to person for Wendy.

I will be talking to you before then anyway as I plan to call you tomorrow on the 4th from here.

Catherine, Gerry
DeeDee & Wendy

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

1968 Jean to John Letter -July 1

[Camp Cartwright Church Camp 7-1-68 Received?]
Dearest John,

You are still in bed asleep but already we realize how different it is going to be with you away at camp.  But we know how long you have looked forward to going and what a big time is in store for you.  Do make the very most of it – meeting many new friends.  It's fine that you and Kevin are going together for it helps to take the edge off the strangeness but don't cling to each other or you might as well stay home.

We are anxious to hear all about everything you are doing – your cabin-mates, counselors, and so many things that we will be looking forward to the mail so at least write once.  Do take some pictures and get the addresses of your new friends – and above all – enjoy yourself – It's a first experience of that sort for many others so help them as well as yourself get over the hump by being friendly.

Guess I've given enough instructions.  And since I can't tell you any news will close now and will try to get another letter off to you before you are packed up to come home on Friday.

Love from all of us 

Monday, July 02, 2018

1968 Serena's postcard to MV -June 25

[postmarked June 25, 1968]
Dear People,

Hi!  We're having a cook-out Wed. night.  Our patrol is having Hunter's Stew, lemonade, tossed salad, pie, and french bread.  Four of us are going hiking at 3:30.  Ya' see we are in interests groups: hiking archery, singing, and arts & crafts.  I wanted to be in archery but there were too many.  We went on our hike – it was fun.  My counselors names are Sue, Cindy, and Sue (Sam).  I have found out              Mires is in Knell.  How about transportation?  I have NOT met her yet.  Several people from last year are here this year.  Last night it rained real hard – I was asleep – I got to sleep about 11:45 & got up at about 6:30.

I am having a wonderful TIME!
Serena Uible

Sunday, July 01, 2018

1978 Roberta's Letter -June 29

[June 29, 1978]
Tuesday Morning
Dear Family

Good to talk to you all on Sunday but confusing when there is so many on both ends to talk.  The phone was passed around more than anything!

I'm in Dover – waiting to pick up John after his class – have been in buying candy – before 4th of July weekend we will really have to be stocked up –

Sally & Annie came in on Sunday – good to see them – they will have their little cottage till July 20th I think.  Last night we all were down there –

Yesterday they got me to take them into town – all they needed was milk & bread – after 30 minutes they came out of the store w/ 5 big grocery bags – when they got home they realized that they forgot to get milk.

1st group of seniors got in yesterday – short trip – five days – Levenia [?] was on it – also Levinson's – others – but alot of new ones.  Of course all the old ones – ask – where is Marion? where is Mary Virginia??  Anne seems to be doing good.

Rob has been busy trying to find a gym to work out in – he finally found one – near Dover – guess he plans to work out 3 or 4 times a week.

The Volare [?] is really nice – I drove it in to Dover today – suppose to get vacuum something – put on it – but part had not arrived so made another appointment.

In the dining room all meals are buffet style this year – instead of family style – It's hard for some – esp. Senior Citizens to juggle plate, glass, soup, etc. alot less work for dining room people though ––

It's hot – different type of HOT than Arizona ––

Rob is getting along fine – all the kids like him – though he has thrown lots out of the water for acting up.

The new t-shirts are really popular – you all will have to get 1 (or more) when you come – have sold a few of last year's style –

Mary Virginia – I.T. is coming July 20th – Marion July 21st – I.T. will be leaving 28th – Marion will be leaving July 31st.  I'm glad you will be here when they are – and vice versa ––

Except for seniors – farm is mostly empty in main house area.  Everyone will be coming this Friday ––

Better go –––


Saturday, June 30, 2018

1978 Family Letter -June 25

Sunday –
June 25, 1978
Dearest Family –

May get a letter off a little earlier this week.  Dad just left for Columbus to get a plane for New York.  He debated about waiting until tomorrow morning but it is hard to get a good night's sleep when you have to catch an early morning flight so made final plans to leave today and get there in good time.  We had originally planned to perhaps do some sightseeing in Columbus after having dinner there or along the way as Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill used to live there and were married there 36 years ago yesterday.  But neither of them have felt too good and Aunt Mary was sick in bed yesterday and this morning with a temperature, cramps, and nausea.  If all goes well they will be heading back to PA. tomorrow morning but stopping perhaps briefly to see some of the Hortons in and near Steubenville.

The week really went fast – Roberta arrived Tuesday afternoon and we were glad to visit with her and see the Datsun truck w/shell.  She has already gotten alot of use out of it.  She went out to see the Johnsons.  They've had their truck four years but haven't as much milage as Roberta's in two months.  (They are still talking about the camping trip – have it all planned out but keep postponing the date of departure.)

Roberta took off early Thursday morning without any passengers and the Hortons arrived about 12 hours later.  We wanted her to stay but knew too that she wanted to be on her way.  Had hoped that she would call us that night but no news yet.  We tried this morning but in three tries had not been able to reach any of the group up at the farm.  The Hortons – Mary & Marianne, that is – are talking about going up to see Hudson Guild when they get back but imagine that Uncle Bill will be in a rush to get back to Lake Worth.

Robert Reed Kintner is real cute – can't believe that he will be four this coming November.  He has Cris's coloring but looks more like the Kintners and William Wesley looks like Marianne as a baby.  He is 13 mo. old and Wendy's ears as well as her parents should be burning for we have often talked about her and how we wish we could all get together. 

Yesterday we had planned to go to see Rocky Fork and have dinner at the restaurant there but because Aunt Mary wasn't feeling well we went to Lake Cowan, saw the sailboats, went swimming and then had a little picnic there.  On the way back we stopped at Ganos to see the cows and Wallens to see the chickens.  Had planned to go to Bob Walkers to see a horse but they weren't at home.  Mrs. Wallen was a super hostess and showed us her garden and flowers.  We brought home a beautiful rose to Aunt Mary (Uncle Bill had stayed home to keep her company and watch a golf tournament).  Also brought home four dozen eggs – the boys saw her pick one right off the nest.  Nick had gone swimming at Snow Hill so we just missed seeing him.  He is to go in for more exrays on his finger but it is coming along well they think.

Hope to get the kitchen painted tomorrow and do something with the hall if the latest thing seems to seal off the blisters we have been having.  If not we may have to either panel it or paper it – neither of which I particularly want to do. (or have done).  It has been a long, slow process.

Mary Virginia went over to Sabina church this morning to hear a former minister's daughter sing – turned out it was Beth Miller Green.  She has cut two records and MV thought her voice very good.  Sabina church has a new minister there this June.  I think I mentioned before that Rev. Briggs has moved above Springfield and none has replaced him at Sabina Camp Ground.  We do miss the summer theater there.

Mary Virginia got her hair cut Friday and looks a lot better and cooler.  She went down to the new beauty shop – Hairatage House of Styles.  Joanne Gruber cut it.  She has really made changes on that corner where Eleanor used to own.  Eleanor works there two days a week and Bonnie Wolfe some and Chris Linkhart on Saturdays.

Rev. Wise cut most of our yard – front and back yesterday – his wife, Carol, said that he was really doing it to get out of picking cherries.

Did enjoy talking to you on the phone Wednesday evening, Catherine.  Sorry that Roberta wasn't here – she walked in just seconds after we had hung up the receivers.  Hope the weather is good for camping.  Heard that there was a storm brewing off the California coast for this weekend but perhaps you were at home and it didn't affect you then.  Doesn't sound as if you are having the drought that you had last summer.

It is now Monday and we got letters from Catherine and Serena and also talked to Roberta, John and Rob briefly on the phone yesterday.  Glad to hear from all of you.  You didn't say how long you would be house-sitting Serena but take it that it would be for awhile since you were going to try to get out of your housing contract at UMKC.  Here is Serena's address for ??  6238 Valley Road, KC, MO  64113.  Sorry that you have so much work (reading for Politics of Administration plus paper to write.)  May be it is just as well that you have the time instead of having alot of work for E.J. Ross.  It was real good to hear though & take time again & keep up the policy of answering the letters please.

Good to find that you took time to write while you were in the San Diego area, Catherine and Gerry – we will enclose a picture of the Kintners but MV would like to have it back for her photography project – hope it won't be too inconvenient.

That was some phone call yesterday with the Hortons, Marianne and G'ma as well as MV & I on the phone to the Hudson Guild group.  Too bad that both Rob and Aunt Mary haven't been feeling too well.

They took off about 10:15 this morning and were to be in Steubenville by 2:00 or so so hope they made it okay.  Marianne makes a real good mother and has two sweet boys.

We had a big storm last night with no electricity for two hours – MV and I were at G'ma's so had to come home and get out candles here.  Thought about you Roberta for we had left the cat in the house and I missed seeing an accident in the bathroom in the dark but soon realized what had happened.   It was off from 9:20 to 11:30 PM.

Mary Virginia is waiting for me to mail this – so will get them on the way.  Always happy to hear from you all and anxious when we don't hear.

With much love from all of us

1978 Catherine's Postcard -June 26

Yosemite National Park postcard - mailed 1978


Here we are at Yosemite and scheduled to stay in the camp ground until Friday and maybe longer.  Thanks alot for the anniversary present.  It is appreciated.  I didn't get Mary's stuff mailed – we were pretty rushed on Sunday between groceries, laundry, returning library books, etc.  I'll try to it next time we are home.  Wendy seems to enjoy camping.  She is sitting in her stroller at the picnic table now.  DeeDee & Stacia are trying to keep the campfire going.

Love, Catherine Gerry, DeeDee & Wendy

Friday, June 29, 2018

1988 Catherine's postcard to Wendy -June 24

Frank Giuffrida's Hilltop Steak House, Saugus MA postcard -mailed 1988
[This steakhouse was a favorite place of Gerry's parents] 
Friday, June 24 [1988] 
Dear Wendy,

Hi!  It was good talking to you this morning!  You got some mail here – a big magazine type book about California.  Do you remember sending for it?  I have the day off today so I'm going to have lunch with Gerry.  Tell everyone "hello" for us.  We love you.

Love, Mom & Dad

1988 MV's Letter -June 24

24 June 88
Dear Folks,

There's plenty of Homework, but I feel as if that's all I've done for the past three weeks, so I'm taking a couple hours off.

One thing about summer school is that the classes certainly move much faster.  It's hard to believe our final is Friday; I feel sorry for the people taking Greek.

The trip to Alabama was cancelled at the last minute; Betsye's parents separated this week, so she thought another weekend would be better.  They "celebrated" their 24th anniversary last weekend.

If I didn't have so much homework to do, I would've come home, I don't know how I would've gotten it all done in Alabama.  I've been averaging 3-4 trips to the library a week.  I really don't feel well! ☺️

And Dr. Goold's wife called tonight; he has to be in Indianapolis over Sunday and wanted to know if I'd direct the choir again.  I said yes before I realized that I have no idea what they'll be singing – I suppose it'll come off; they have choir practice at 9:15 Sunday morning, then sing at the 10:45 service.

Hope you're enjoying Wendy and Roberta.  The phone call was certainly a surprise!

Mary Va.

PS I have another voice student – total of 3 now.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

1978 Roberta's Letter -June 23

June 23, 1978
Hi ––

It's 8:30pm – Rob, John, Carol & her friend have gone to a YAF meeting in Morristown – seems like I've been on the go all day – so good just to sit back –

Went into N.Y.C. w/Ray [or Roy?] (he drove the new van) this A.M. to pick up Liz, Carlos, Indira & all her belongings for the summer – First time Ray ever drove in the city  – he did fine – Ann also went in – I gave them a royal tour of Chelsea – visited Fulton Center – Guild Center on 26th Street – etc. – Ann said N.Y.C. looks like 50 Daytons.

I'm already questioning Ann's common sense – John & Rob seem to be around Carol & her friend Barb more – Ray & Ann seem thick – he talks too much for me ––

I'm in Room E – would be nice to have it by myself – but time will tell – Buffie's picture is on my night stand –––

Really seems like a good staff – remember Charlie Wagner [?] he is a counselor this year – Program Director is a guy about 50-60 – nice guy.  He has a T.V. – and I asked him about watching Alice on Sunday night – he said fine.

Mary Virginia, Marion wrote that she plans to come to the farm for a week in July – I'll write & ask her about coming after the 17th – Will you bring my fan with you when you come – or is it possible to have it sooner – via UPS – it really is HOT – but cool in the evenings ––

Scotty & Curtis keep after me about going bowling ––

After John's class this AM he stopped & bought candy – the soda man & ice cream came in today ––

John likes the truck – we will go to the new high school parking lot and let him learn to use the clutch ––

I'm going to bed early tonight!

Love, Berta

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

1978 Catherine's Letter -June 22

Thurs. morning
Dear Mom, Dad & Mary V.,

Hi!  It was nice talking to you last night.  I forgot to ask where you took Grandma for her birthday.  It must be/have been busy with the Hortons there.  How is Marianne & her boys?  Did you go out to eat with them?

Wendy is doing fine.  Her sunburn has faded over night (we put Noxema on it) and she is in a good mood today.  She just pulled herself up to a standing position by the sofa which is a first.  She has also started lifting her feet up & bending her knees when we "walk" her.  Only she likes to take gigantic steps which is rather awkward.  She likes Wesley to play with her - he is just over 2 – but he is so rough – it makes us nervous.  He is not used to being around babies. 

Tonight we are going to stay with Frank & Elma as they have asked us several times to stay with them and we have always stayed with Hal & Cindy [parents of the above mentioned Wesley].   But now Frank & Elma have gotten settled in their house, which they bought about 3 months ago.

We liked both King's Canyon & Sequoia Nat'l Parks.  Those big trees are really something and to think they came close to chopping them all down a hundred years ago.  . . . controlled fires within the parks & national forests.

We are taking DeeDee to Yosemite though to see the waterfalls.  Her friend, Stacia, is coming with us and will then fly back to San Diego in a couple weeks.  Stacia is her friend from San Diego – her parents are from Maine but her father is in the Navy.

Gerry plans to take a few more weeks – to tour northern California and possibly Oregon & Washington before looking for another job in the Gilroy area as we would really prefer to live there rather than in San Diego.

I will try to send Mary's things.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

1988 Catherine's Letter -June 21

 June 21, 1988
Dear Mother, Dad & Serena,

Hi!  How's life in Ohio?  I'm sure Wendy & Roberta will add some liveliness to the scene.

We had a good trip to San Diego in the Buick.  It was about 7 hours driving time.  We went to the beach, the zoo and Sea World.  It was pretty cold – relatively – not getting above 70º which is 35º cooler than the average high here.  The wedding [Dee's] went real well.  We took a few pictures which are on the roll of film currently in Wendy's camera.  I figured the professional photographer would do a better job than me so I didn't take too many.  Gerry & Wendy both looked great.  Gerry wore a long-tailed tux and of course you saw Wendy's fancy dress.

Our landscaping hasn't been started yet but hopefully will be under way very soon.  Pictures that Sid took when we first moved in are in Wendy's suitcase.

We really appreciate Wendy being able to spend some time with you.  She's really been looking forward to it too!

Catherine & Gerry

1978 Catherine's Postcard -June 18

Andersen's Pea Soup Restaurants postcard -mailed 1978

Sunday, June 18, 1978

Happy Father's Day!  We arr'd here in King's Canyon N.P. yesterday.  Today we are going south to Sequoia to spend a few days before we go to San Diego as DeeDee won't be ready until the end of the week.  Wendy is enjoying the outdoors.  It rained a little last night but not enough to get us wet.  Cooking is easier with our cook stove.  We bought a Golden Eagle Pass.  Hope you are all well.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

Monday, June 25, 2018

1978 Family Letter -June 20

Tuesday –
June 20, 1978

Dearest Family –

The week goes so fast and I never seem to get half accomplished that I would like each day and I wake during the night thinking of what I didn't do but . . .  this morning I awoke suddenly and for some reason I realized that June was two-thirds over though at first I couldn't even remember what day it actually is – but the worst thought was that June 11 had come and gone and I had never acknowledged your anniversary, Catherine and Gerry.  The worst part is that I already had a card on hand – no excuses – and what makes it worse – I have talked to you on the phone and it never once entered my mind that the day came and went z- thanks for being so patient but a little prodding of the memory would have relieved my mind much sooner.  Anyway it seems late now to send the card but our best wishes are with you both and hope you know what a wonderful couple we think you are and wish you only the best happiness now and always.  Please excuse me this time and don't hesitate to throw a reminder for my mind leaves much to be desired in the way of keeping it all together.

The pictures and letter came yesterday that you wrote Friday, Catherine and I agree that the one of Wendy and Gerry is especially adorable but what better subjects could you ask for?  Grandma also shared the ones you had sent her and they are all cute – also glad to get to see the outfit that you had made for Wendy.  I do wish that in your travels you could get back to Ohio but also face the reality of the expense of such a trip.  Much luck in finding a job wherever – we will be anxious to hear.  In the meantime enjoy your unplanned vacation trip – or perhaps it was planned?  You really took us by surprise with your news.  The letter that same day mentioned Wendy's upcoming tooth likely but nothing about Gerry's changing jobs.  Look forward to talking to you on the phone Wednesday evening if at all possible.

Roberta's call was really a shock but glad to hear that she was able to get two month's leave of absence at Mesa Central and hope something develops this fall if she wants a change then.  She is scheduled to arrive tomorrow evening on her way to Hudson Guild for the summer (Knew they couldn't survive without her).  Really think she might get in today as she doesn't linger once she gets behind the wheel.  Have wondered if she had any difficulty driving through the stormy areas.

I realize that this letter has been long on excuses for the Morgans but we do appreciate hearing by mail, telephone, etc. and glad to get a letter from John in the midst of his busy schedule.  It was nice of Mrs. Weiss to fix those big lunches that carried you clear through dinner not to mention putting you up for those couple of weeks – pool, tennis courts and all.  How long do your courses last and what did you take in place of music?  Be sure you get plenty of sleep and not try to burn the candle at both ends working at the farm and going to both colleges.  I'm sure you are glad to have Roberta there and I imagine that she will find more than the canteen to keep her busy.  Rob was overjoyed to hear that Roberta was coming too.

Saturday after we had resigned ourselves to the fact that the Hortons would not be getting to New Vienna – the call came that not only were they coming but also Marianne and her two boys as well.  Grandma has everything under control and looking forward to having them here to celebrate her 86th birthday.  Hope that we can keep Roberta over long enough to see them.  They plan to arrive Thursday and leave Monday according  to their call.

Dad is also planning on going to New York City for a couple of days and thought that he might ride over with Roberta but he can't leave so early plus the fact that he wants to be here for most of Hortons' stay.  Think that he is scheduled to go Sunday afternoon or Monday now by plane.

Mary Virginia enjoyed Bible School and her group sang for the closing program and also at the Sunday morning worship service – she had a solo both times and though the song was quite high her voice sounded real GOOD.

Mrs. Harner's death came as no great surprise and yet so sorry about it for she has suffered so much and had looked forward to being so much better following this operation but she never regained consciousness.  She passed away Sunday and is to be buried tomorrow – the funeral is at Fairview Meeting House.  The Mothers Club is going as a group.

Joanne Rankin, the one who has been helping Grandma was involved in an accident backing out of her driveway last Monday a week ago and was to get home yesterday.  She really banged up her shoulder and was having problems there.  Perhaps they were concerned too for she was expecting a baby next January and has lost several – one last winter.  I really would have been upset if I had been the Wises for they loaned the Rankins their car in March til they could afford to get a new one and it was their car which Joanne was driving (three months later).  They are very good friends but that is really stretching friendship.

We ran into difficulties painting the back hallway – for some reason the paint wants to blister and nothing we have done thus far has been any solution to the problem.  Dayes have called their paint company (Perry & Derrick) but they have never had such a thing happen except when someone painted a room when the weather was cool – the house was 60º at one height and 70º toward the ceiling.  That certainly wasn't our case but it only blisters up to about 4.5 feet.  Dad called Cincinnati Varnish and they are sending up something which we hope will work.  In the meantime we have been torn up for ten days and still no end in sight.

Leon Salisbury is to bring us back a quarter of beef today and am afraid to hear the price of it – not the best time to buy but we are very low and have been wanting some steaks, etc. for weeks.  Hope its good and we can enjoy while Roberta and the Hortons are here – not to mention later on when hopefully some of the rest of the family will be here???

Sorry to find that I have repeated myself about some things – but thought it had been nine days since I had written – before Joanne's accident.  Just found one of the carbons of the last edition's second page.

Dad has been picking cherries at Grandma's and she has sent up some cooked ones to us.  I enjoy them with the home-made yogurt (since I have been adding sweetener to what I make).  I wasn't anxious to freeze any as I have plenty from last year – some even marked with date that the Morgans were here two years ago!! and that didn't even remind me of your anniversary!!

We went out and got eggs at Wallens last Sunday evening – they didn't say when they could get them in and both Grandma and us were getting low.  It was pouring rain – storm warnings out – Mrs. Wallen wanted Dad to stay and talk but he had the excuse that I was waiting in the car.

Stan Fawley, Jr. was ordained last Wednesday at Lakeside or did I tell you that, too?  He had to have a year's experience as a minister before he was made an elder so having served a year at Zanesville completed that.  They have just bought a new home there so will be getting more settled.  Guess the church bought it rather as they had not had their house furnished before.  The Nussbaums and probably some of the other relatives accompanied the Fawleys, Sr. up there last week.

Serena, I had been wondering about your raincoat as you had never mentioned it – wonder why it was so long in coming.  The cancelled check came back a long time ago.  We have wondered if you are finding much time to work for ?? Ross or what ever the name of the group is.  Does your schedule permit you to have enough free time to work anything like that in?  Hope you are also able to get in some swimming too – the campus does have a pool or perhaps you could go to some place to an outdoor pool.  You are such an excellent swimmer – I sure wish I had that ability!!  I did learn some things at Wilmington College's Hermann Court lessons.  They really stressed learning drown-proofing.

Hi, everyone, your Mother has done a great job in writing.  Polly Gibson's house up the street is for sale at $49,500, think they paid around $17,000 for it, though they have made some improvements.  Such is life.  The doctor's office is also for sale.

[Love, etc.]

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1978 Roberta's Letter to John -June 14

Wait till you see the truck!
June 16, 1978
Dear John,

I've started lots of letters to you but seem to have trouble finishing them and getting them in the mail.  I've had a busy week as plan to leave tomorrow morning for the East and so many loose ends to tie up before I go.

Did call Mom this morning about my coming.  Was afraid that I would get to New Vienna and find them gone for the short time I'll be there.  Mom will call Ann for me about getting together for the trip up.  We will try to get there on Thursday . . . it will be nice to have the company and someone to help me drive.

As for the canteen . . . can you buy a few things ahead, I will need to borrow money from you to get started . . . just to get me on my feet.

I do have news that is new . . . I've got to be back in Arizona on 14 August.  instead of quitting this job, like I tried to do, they talked me into taking a two month leave of absence.  That means that when I get back I'll still have my in with both the county and the schools.  As for the job I was going to turn down with the county I told them that I've got to go back to Ohio for two months due to a family situation and they said fine, that my file would be marked acceptable and that I should contact them in the fall.

I need to get to work . . . will write more later.

Here it is almost lunch time and I've had no time to write.  I'm really looking forward to being at the farm this summer.  I appreciate you letting me run the canteen.  Hope that my having to leave early won't be too much of a hassle.  I'm going to take Buffie with me to Marion's parents house . . . that should be interesting . . . .

See you soon?  What room will I have ???


P..S.  I'll be home Wed. night – let me know if you need anything ––

Buy caramels – ok?

Saturday, June 23, 2018

1978 Catherine's Letter -June 16

Friday afternoon
June 16, 1978
Dear Mom, Dad, Mary Virginia & Roberta,

Hi!  Just a quick note as I wanted to send you some of these pictures.  I included a few with the birthday card I sent to Grandma but then I remembered I hadn't sent any pictures to Roberta recently so thought I would send some more.  I think the one of Wendy & Gerry is really good –I'm going to get another print of it to have in my wallet.

We are leaving tomorrow for San Diego but we are going to stretch the trip out so that we don't arrive until Monday – camping en route.  We had thought of going over to Mesa but since Roberta is not going to be there I think we'll stay out of the desert.

The sewing machine has been working very well.  I finally finished sewing the curtains for the truck and made some semi-fancy tie straps for them besides.

I will try to call person-to-person for Wendy on Wednesday evening unless we are out in the middle of the wilderness or somewhere else where I can't find a telephone.

Well, I have some things to do to get ready for our trip and it is about time for the mailman so I will put this outside.

Catherine, Gerry
& Wendy

Friday, June 22, 2018

1978 Catherine's Letter -June 14

Wed. AM, June 14, 1978
Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Sorry I didn't get a letter off to you last week but my duties as tour director kept me pretty busy.  Gerry's folks really got a whirlwind tour but they seemed to enjoy it.  We all enjoyed Yosemite, especially the waterfalls and the giant sequoias.  We hope to go there again in July after DeeDee is here (not on the 4th though).

Last night we had Alice (the woman I met at Newcomers) and her 7-year-old daughter over for dinner as her husband is out of town for the week.  She and I are the co-chairman of the Newcomers membership committee.  This afternoon I am going with her to Northridge which is the shopping center on the northside of Salinas.  And later this morning Wendy and I are going to the park where the Las Madres 1977 is having a parkday.  Las Madres is the organization of mothers of preschool children which is divided into groups according to the birthday of the child.  I have met a couple other 77 mothers thru Newcomers but we should meet some more today.  So we have been keeping pretty busy.

The weather has been beautiful – clear sunny days with a cool breeze.  Wendy and I went for a bike ride yesterday since we hadn't been at all last week except on Sunday when we rode with Gerry over to see how the truck was doing in the garage.  We haven't checked the car yet to see if the engine is burned out or possibly it is just the oil pump – at any rate it will cost us some money to get it repaired – if it can be.  The truck meanwhile still needs some work and a tune-up which we hope to have taken care of next week.

Gerry has been working hard but he is training his new man now and hopefully he will work out.  This new man is 35 and married with 3 kids so perhaps he will be more stable than the others have been.  Gerry did get some bonus this month so we bought a few things we have been wanting – two lawn chairs – the lounger (plastic) variety, a coleman cook stove, a new sleeping bag for DeeDee (the old one will be passed down to Wendy), a set of binoculars which were on sale at Sears so we got a good buy on them.  We had hoped also to get an AM/FM portable radio with 8-track player with the optional car hookup or plug-in at Best Products but they were all out of stock so we will wait on that for awhile.

Wendy loves to stand up now and lean on whatever is handy – the sofa or coffee table or in her playpen.  She can stand up real well in her walker which I'm sure helps to strengthen her leg muscles.  Whenever I try to sit her down she stiffens her legs right up so that i have to lie her down instead.  She can pull herself up to a kneeling position but not into the complete stand yet.  although one day she did pull herself up onto the wicker stool.  Sometimes she sits back down very gracefully – although slowly – and other times she just plops right down on her bottom.

We think one of her bottom teeth is about to come through as you can feel a bump on her gum.

Love, Gerry, Catherine & Wendy

1968 Roberta's Postcard to CJU's -June 13

Perry's Victory postcard mailed 1968.  Caption: Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial National Monument.  Put-In-Bay on Lake Erie's South Bass Island.  The Monument, commemorating Perry's victory during the War of 1812, rises majestically 32 feet above the water.  An elevator trip to the top is a thrilling experience that offers a never-to-be-forgotten view.  In the summer you can usually look down upon the sailing flotilla at anchor in Put-In-Bay Harbor.

[postmarked 6/13/68]

Yesterday we went to Kalamazoo to pick up Catherine.  We are all fine.  Today is a little cooler than before.  Love, Bert

Thursday, June 21, 2018

1978 Roberta's Letter to GHU -June 13

June 13, 1978
Hi Grandma!

You must be wondering about me – yesterday when I cleaned out my desk I found  2 letters  I had written to you but never mailed.  As you can tell – my desk really needed a good cleaning!

We have really been busy at work – getting ends tied up from last year – and getting it all started – paperwork wise – for the new students coming in.  The worst part of it is that there are no interruptions – so you just have to keep at it.

Marion is doing really good – she has been going to the pool w/us almost everyday.  Doesn't really swim – but says the water really feels good.  We usually go in about 5:00 pm – there are usually just a few people there then – and it's not  so HOT  out!

Any more the only cool part of the day is before 7:00 AM – now at night it just doesn't cool off that much!

Are the Hortons going to New Jersey w/ Rob – how much time did they spend in New Vienna?  Rob will really like it at Hudson Guild – when do you plan to go up in July?

I've been consciously trying to grow fingernails – and its really a struggle for me!!

Every Thursday night for about 1 hour I've been going to a nursing home here in Mesa – to feed supper & talk to 1 particular patient – her name is Cora – she is pretty much confined to her bed – the 1st week I couldn't get her to talk at all – but now she is talking alot.  I found out she loves dogs so I took a picture of Buffy down – then later took him down.  She remembered his name – but has trouble remembering mine!  This volunteer program is through the city of Mesa.

Really like the truck – but can't seem to remember to take a picture of it at the right time!


1968 HHU postcard to CJU's - June 12

"Put-In Bay" postcard mailed 1968.  Caption: The "Put-In Bay" auto and passenger ferry en route to the Kiln Dock on South Bass Island from "the Point" of Catawba Island Peninsula.  It is one of the Miller Boat Line Fleet.
6-12-68 – We went over there Sunday

Had a hard rain & wind about 7 P.M. – and we were on a picnic with the Zooks.  Had gone swimming earlier in the Lake.  Jean & the rest left about 7 this A.M. for "K" to get Catherine.  We will be home Sat. & will be ready for both of you to join us Sunday for Cincinnati – about 3 P.M.  How are the berries?  –Harold

1968 Jean's postcard to Catherine -June 7

Colorful Autumn Postcard mailed 1968.  Captioned: View of Memorial Chapel, Lake Junaluska Methodist Assembly. Lake Junaluska NC

Friday, June 7, '68

Hi!  Guess what we found.  Started a letter to you but typewriter not working well so Daddy took it in to be fixed.

Looking forward to seeing you Friday.  Hope your exams go well.  We're gradually getting packed up for Lakeside.
Love, Mother

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

1978 Roberta's Letter -June 11

June 11, 1978
Hi Family –

I don't know where the time goes – but doesn't seem I've written for quite awhile!  Perhaps this summer I'll be a better correspondent!

Right now I'm out sitting by the pool – have read the Sunday paper – been in the water for about 40 minutes – Marion & I.T. came over w/ me – about 10:00 – Marion isn't really swimming – but she does enjoy the water.  Her freckles are coming out in full.  We went to early church – so now have the day ahead of us – They have cut out the 11:00 service – as of today.  The crowds are really thinning down – in fact only 1 section of the pews have been used the last couple of Sundays.

The truck is getting 27.5 miles to a gallon – that is almost 100% in-town driving w/ air conditioning.  I'm curious what it would get on the highway.  Buffie really likes the comfort of the bed of the truck – and he can peek over at us.  He really does have a good life!

I have a final interview w/ the Sheriff's office this week – I want to quit Central in a bad way – but then I hate to lose my "in" w/ both the county & the schools. 

Dad wouldn't you like a Uible (ME) to represent you in this area??  I know I could do it – and would enjoy it – I'll never take another office job again!!

Mary Virgin1a – I'm sorry it didn't work out for you to come – just don't spend your $ so you will be able to come out later.

Last night we went to see the movie "Annie Hall" – I didn't care for it at all – there was no story to it – and it cost $3.00 – have any of you all seen it?  If you haven't – Don't!!

I finished my needle point yesterday started it when Marion went in the hospital – so almost took me a month.  It's a combination Mother's Day – Father's Day present so you all will be seeing it some time.

There are all kinds of changes all around Mesa – alot right near us.  The City Projects (my name for the housing development) right caty corner from U/totem on Alma School – they are almost completed.  Then the lot w/ the old house right across the street from there – right next to the U/Totem coming this way – has been torn down – and they are bulldozing all around.  Don't know what will go up there.

It's really HOT – I keep going back in the water to cool off – Dorothy & her daughter & son have come over w/ us several times to go swimming – last week at work – we rode back & forth together & had lunches at one another's houses.

Marion, I.T. & myself all went to the Dean Witter office in Scottsdale –– it's near the shopping center w/ the Goldwaters store – on Camelback Rd – near Scottsdale Rd.  We called ahead of time – and met Debbie – Marian's stockbroker – she has only been in the business 8 months – was an air line stewardess for PanAM for 5 years after she graduated from college w/ an English major – She is currently working on her Masters in business at ASU – Marion has been thinking about it & did buy 50 shares of Ariz Public Service stock when they offered it last week at 19 something.  She follows Honeywell like a hawk – she looks at stock page in paper 1st thing every night!  Seems she has taken a big interest in the Wall Street world –

Will close for now – going in the air conditioning – and cool down!


Tuesday, June 19, 2018

1968 Roberta's Postcard to CJU's -June 9

Sandusky Bay Bridge postcard -mailed 1968
[postmarked 6/9/68]

Hi!  We got in this after-noon about four.  The weather so far is nice – hope it keeps that way!  Went on a picnic supper.  Irene says "Hi!"


1978 Catherine's Postcard -June 7

Motel 6 Gilroy CA postcard -mailed 1978

Wed. 6/7/78
Hi!  Gerry's folks arr'd fine & I have been showing them around.  Yesterday we went to Big Sur/Carmel/Monterey & the car broke down on our way home – about 8 miles south of Gilroy – oil pump or something so it is out of commission for a few days.  Today we are going in the truck to San Juan Bautista & tonight to Eastridege.  We put the backseat of the car in the back of the truck.  Write more later.  Love, Morgans

1968 Catherine's Postcard -June 6

[June 6, 1968]
Dear Everyone,

Hi!  Got post card from Dad (?) today -- 6/6/68 and glad to hear you all are still going strong.  Not much is new here I haven't been doing anything but working and studying (in about that order, too.)  I like to work, I hate to study, and now that I have decided to change majors the math seems even less important which makes it even harder to study. 

I will be leaving as much stuff here as possible if I can find boxes to put it in.  Think I will still have about three suitcases to go home though, and the typewriter.  My last exam will be Wednesday afternoon.  Gee, will I ever be glad when that is over.  Say hi to all my friends in Lakeside.  Charley is going to somewhere on Cape Cod this summer so he won't be back either. 

I wish I would hurry and here from AYH concerning dates, etc. so I could start making some plans.  Weather has been very nice – hot!  I think next summer I will keep a sleeping bag in the library.  I don't know what my major will be as I haven't decided on anything definite.  Who know, maybe German, econ., poly.sci., history, etc.  Anything but math!  The swimming pool opens this Saturday, but I'm going to have to get: hand lotion, contact solution, etc.  Some other things I want: German records.  I won't get my paycheck until next Thursday so should I get the stuff then or will we be going somewhere soon thereafter?  I assume conditions in the car will be cramped. 

Have fun and I hope the weather is nice.  Depending on when Kennedy's funeral is it may foul up my exam schedule.  I'll let you know if anything changes.  Love, Catherine

PS See you soon!  Hope you get this, I lost the address.  Will tell about Upjohn meeting later.

Items from Uible photo album