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1978 Roberta's Letter - April 17

April 17, 1978
Dear Family,

Here it is Monday morning . . . have been thinking all week-end about writing . . . did get a letter finished to John that I had started earlier in the week, and also one to Catherine off.  John called about 11:30 Friday night.  I was half asleep, but we must have talked for about a half hour or so.  The connection was very bad . . . couldn't hardly hear him.  He said he would be home this weekend.

We have had some cool weather . . . had planned to go swimming this weekend, but it was cool . . . very windy.  It was only 50 some this morning !!!

Saturday I had a strange day as to getting things picked up from being repaired.  I did tell you that I dropped my good watch, so had taken it in to get fixed.  They told me it would be $13.50 to get fixed – main spring had been broken.  So when I went in to pick it up it was on the bill $18.50. . . so I readily said that it was supposed to be only $13.50 . . . after much talk, them telling me that I had agreed to pay . . . which I had not.  Finally the outcome was that my watch had not been fixed after all.  Now, I'll just wait til I get home to get it fixed.  In the meantime I bought a $9.00 timex, which I like alot.  It is brown, silver trim.  Large face (something like Mary's and has a second hand).

Then we went from there to the shoe store, where I had gotten my new pair of sandals.  I had given them my old ones to fix.  I had not asked how much it would be, so I was in for quite a surprise.  For a pair of sandals that cost me $18 to begin with . . . cost me $22 to get fixed ! ! !  I was in shock ! ! !  I felt like telling them to keep the shoes, but the guy had been so nice when he made the sandals for me.  Next time I'm going to ask how much before I leave something to be fixed.

We did practically nothing all weekend.  Until the car gets fixed, we won't be going far.  The seals seem to have all gone bad.  It is leaking transmission fluid bad.  I'm beginning to wish I had a more dependable car.  This one you can depend on spending money on it.  I have written John and also talked to him over the phone about the granada.  I'm telling him that perhaps he would like to take the money that he had paid Grandma and put that toward his own car.  I'll pay him that money back.  He talked about selling the granada.  Which makes little sense to me.  It should have some good years ahead of it.  I would need to put A/C in it, but that makes a whole lot more sense than putting it in the Buick.  Marion would like to keep the Buick in running condition to go back and fourth to school in.  Either that or she talks about getting another older car.  She seems to think that the Buick still has some miles left in it.  I'm anxious to see what the price of this transmission problem is going to be.  The guy said at least $180, and perhaps $350 if the metal has gone bad.  I'll keep you posted.

I'm trying to get this done too quickly – as if you all can't tell.  I've got so much news about what all has happened here at work, but for now I better not get into it.  Will get some memo's out and then come back to this letter.

Remember the Mexican Restaurant we ate at when you all were here, the one in Tempe, the Mandes took us there for supper on Saturday.  We all ordered these big dinners, but also ordered a cheese crisp – as like an appetizer – it was giant – like a huge pizza.  I could only eat about half of my dinner – so you know what I mean when I say how much food there was.  But then later that night we were at Fudgies . . . had talked about banana splits . . . but most of got just two dips.  Guess Rene had his banana split.

Sunday at Church there wasn't the crowd like there has been earlier.  The tourist season is really come to a close.  Eating out in the restaurants is another sure sign that the tourists are on their way back home . . . Sure don't see the Iowa license plates that we saw for so long.

As to license plates for the buick . . . I plan to buy Arizona tags . . . for a car that old it will only coast about $12.  For a new car, if its a big one a license cost about $120 or so.  Also has to go through inspection which cost about $5 . . . about smog control . . . doesn't have to be done on cars older than 1966 . . . so the Buick just makes it.

I better close for now . . . trying to get this letter out down here right now is not the easiest thing to do!!


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

1968 Catherine's Letter -April 16

Hi everybody!

Here is the health form.  I haven't been sick and my present weight is 124.  Thanks for taking care of it for me.

Sue's Easter care package arrived yesterday and the cookies went over big with all the guys.

I'm going to give some blood today.  It has been two months since I last gave.

The sun is shining but temp is [down].  No sign of the contact yet and I have even had all the expert contact finders in to help search.

Interesting article on Lions Club Addition.  We've payed jacks a couple times.  I have the cardboard dealie hung up on the door.


1968 Roberta's Letter -April 16

April 16, '68
Dear Family,

Hi!  How was your trip home Sunday?  About 9:00 that night it started a big storm here.  The wind was really blowing.  Did anything like this hit you all?

We are now reading Romeo & Juliet.  Ugh!  It's pretty deep!  (& boring)

Yesterday was Leslie Kendalls birthday and her parents ordered a great big cake for the whole dorm to eat.  It was really good.

Tr. Barbara is working hard on my portrait.  By next week-end it should be done.  (May 1st)  It costs $15 all together.  I paid $5 on it so far.  I have $5 in my envelope – so!  (I need another $5 at least!)

My hair is beginning to fall in about the middle of my head – in the back.  So far it doesn't show very much But ––

I was thinking about going to a Barnesville or possibly a Wheeling doctor & see what they have to say about my "falling hairs."  Dr. Terrell didn't really say much.  I'm going to see if it improves & all first tho.

I got my navy blue sweater today in the mail from Catherine.  She had 8 -6¢ stamps on it plus 2 pennies taped on.

Thanks for bringing us back & everything.  When did the Hortons leave?


PS The grapefruit & oranges are really good!

1988 Velma McGrew's Letter to Roberta -April 15

Epworth Village
April 15 [1988]
Dear Roberta

Believe it or not, I am still riding on that famous cloud that you furnished for me.  I wrote Mary and Bill when I thought they had returned.

The Cadena class had its banquet and installation of new officers, so will soon be getting the new year book.  I find it helpful to have on hand, even though I am not there.

Katie Schusterson whom you met on Sat. night, will be returning Ohio early next month.

Our building had some excitement for two weeks when the elevator broke down.  Meals were brought to us who found it hard to navigate the stairs, and they were very good meals, too.  ,ademe [?] feel ritzy, but not getting out was a real headache.  This was corrected a week ago.

One day this week the dining room observed "April in Paris" for no particular reason; on the 22nd we will have a western picnic between this building and #3.  I suppose the new activities director is planning these.  We now have a new administrator in the second high office – – – a young woman, replacing a man. I have not seen her as yet.

A great great niece graduates from hi sch in June but I will send her gift before that date.

It has been many years since I have sent a gift for this occasion.

Keep well.

With love, Velma

Monday, April 23, 2018

1988 MV's postcard to Roberta -April 14

Heart of Auburn motel postcard

Greetings from Spring Break.  Went to Ala. Sat. and came back yesterday.  Will spend the rest of the week studying and working.  I've signed up to take 7 hours this summer, so it looks as if I'm becoming a Kentucky resident.  How are things with you?  Tell Morgans hello.

Love, M.V.
Got a long letter from Roberta Phillips

1968 Catherine's Letter -April 14

April 14, 1968
[continuation of letter posted few days ago, thought this page was missing. . . .]
Now to get back to the things I am going to need for this summer.  Of course, I will only need these things if I am accepted by the AYH.  I have the questionnaire all filled out and I am going to have to call the Dr. on Monday to see about getting a physical.  How much do our sleeping bags weigh?  I need one that weighs five pounds or less.  I also need a money bag or pouch which has to be waterproof, something similar to an army mess kit, a ground cloth (either a large piece of plastic or a poncho), a cycle lamp which can be either carried or hooked on to bike, some elastic luggage straps, and AYH saddlebags.  I will also need a bicycle and there is a whole list of required equipment.

I went in the library this afternoon for about the first time this quarter.  I have been studying here in the dorm.  I hate to go in the library anymore because I see all these good books I want to read and they don't have anything to do with chemistry, math, or political science.  I did find one book that looked really good about Woman Suffrage which is kind of related to political science.  Do you know I realized yesterday that next year during the three quarters I will be here I have to take 3 physics courses, 3 math courses, and 3 German courses – what variety!  The kids who are starting out in German 1 this quarter are having a really tough time.  So I'm going to have to do as much as I can this summer.  Does the Wilmington Library have any German records?  I do have that Berlitz self-teaching book.

Treva (housemother at Lakeside) has invited me down for a weekend.  She is working a a motel in Toledo.  I would really like to go but I guess there is only this coming weekend.  The next weekend Dennis will be here and probably the one after that too.  If my calculations are correct the weekend after that is Mothers Day at K College.  Maybe I can go down one of those last weekends in May.

I better get back to the studying – tomorrow starts the third week in the quarter.  Two months ago today was Valentine's Day and two months forward from today I will be finished with my first year in this place.


[written on envelope]
Got your letter (Easter card) and a post card from G'ma & G'daddy.  I called a Dr. this morning about an appointment and the soonest they could get me in was June 27.  HELP!  I guess I'll try some other doctors.  I don't really need the brown envelope but how about the contents – stamps I need and I think there was a letter to Carol.  Mail it to U of I, . . .  Thanks!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

1978 Roberta's Letter to John -April 13

Hi, John!

I'm sitting in one of Marion's classes – she is showing a film – as a teacher she is fantastic – humor – rapport – really gets things across!

I'm glad to hear that the car is now paid for – and I'm still left w/ the question – how bad do you want it – I feel like I'm in the need of a dependable car – the Buick is definitely on its last leg – now summer coming up – we are in the bad need of air conditioning.  After checking it out – everyone discourages putting A/C in it – I need to know what your thinking is – I have planned to call – but will wait now till you get this – time to think – then I'll call.  Perhaps you would rather me pay you the $1600 – then put that toward your own car – I guess I would like the Granada – getting it out here though???  If you were to drive out – when could you – before or after Hudson Guild Farm?

Of course there is always AAA drive-away?  But I'd much rather you drive it out – I'll pay for return trip!

This last week has not been an easy one – last Wednesday 5:00 PM – we got a telephone call from Marion's Dr. – she had been in for a routine pap smear – to make a long story short – the Dr. found she needed a D/C (medical term) & he did that & found cancer cells – so yesterday she was back in the hospital to find out where the cells have gone – and what kind of treatment she will have to go through.   She has at least an immediate hysterectomy ahead – but perhaps radiation treatments before that – but she has alot of thing's going for her – her age – humor – etc.  Today at school she had to cover just one class – so I took off to come with her.  She is a little weak & sore from what all they did yesterday.

She will be out of school rest of school year – Dr. says good 8 weeks to recover.  Good thing the Farm was not on her schedule.  Please!  Keep it quiet as to Farm people – I have told Mom & Dad – but want it kept quiet as to Mary Virginia.

Let me hear your thoughts on the car –


Saturday, April 21, 2018

1968 Catherine's Letter -April 13

April 13, 1968
Dear Mother, Daddy, Serena, John, Mary and Grandma and Granddaddy,

Hi!  Gee, I'm worn out after that long greeting!  How is everyone?  I got the card, letter rather, from Dad yesterday along with the check which I deposited.  I got a total of 90¢ interest for last quarter.

Right now I am saving the money up for all the stuff I need for the summer.  For instance:

April 14, 1968
Well, while I was looking up the stuff I'm going to need for the summer I got tired and decided to go to bed.  Alot of good it does me to save my money because last night I dropped my contact on the floor.  After searching for an hour I gave up and went to bed.  I figured maybe the good fairy would put it back on the dresser over night but no such luck.  It may still turn up and in the mean time I am wearing my glasses.  One right contact doesn't do my left eye much good.

I don't remember when I last wrote – oh, yes, I think it was Wednesday.  That evening I worked for 2 1/2 hours.  I served a banquet for the German dept. and I felt pretty weird saying, "Coffee, sir?" when every one else was prattling in German.

Thursday evening Joe, David, Sarah, Bruce, Dick, and I all went downtown to see Robert F. Kennedy.  Dick [yes, the same guy I would marry three years later] has a car as his home is here in Kalamazoo.  Did I say we went to see him?  Actually, I saw a mob of people and after we waited 1 1/2 hours I did get glimpse of him from a distance of about 100 yards.  He spoke for about 10 minutes and I can't say as I was overly impressed.  As soon as he was finished I ran to the church and got there just in time for the communion service.

Friday was another easy day because all the afternoon classes were cancelled so my only class was chemistry.  I served a luncheon for the chemistry dept. and put in 2 4/5 hours work.  Among the guests were my chemistry prof, Dr. Wright my old physics prof, and Dr. Deal who I have babysat for.  All my friends together . . . .

The Methodist Church had services Friday afternoon every half hour from noon until three with different speakers.  As soon as I finished with the luncheon I came back here to the dorm to get Roberta's package, my money for the bank and rushed down to the church.  I got there at 3 just as the last service was ending.  When I got to the post office I found that I didn't have enough money for the package of Roberta's sweater so I carried it back to the dorm again.

Yesterday afternoon I helped with the Action Now group which is canvassing the white districts of Kalamazoo.  I have been spending alot of time with Marsha, a girl down the hall.  We have alot in common – the No. 1 thing being that at the end of last quarter when Sue went to Colorado her best friend went to New Hampshire.

David and I went to church this morning – both services were packed!  He is a Mormon but there isn't any Mormon church close-by.  It has been pouring all day long.  There are severe thunder storm warnings out until five.  What an Easter.

Easter dinner was a joke.  All week long the rumors have been going around about what a good dinner we were going to get – real yeast rolls instead of brown and serve, even!  Well, there were tablecloths on the tables and that was about the only difference.  Instead of brown and serve rolls our table got bread – plain, old bread!  The ham was in long skinny strips like bacon, and the beans were cold.  Two of the people at my table got so disgusted they left before the jelly bean cake came!


Friday, April 20, 2018

1988 Family Letter -April 10

Sunday, April 10, 1988

Dear Family:

Yes, we survived our 40th anniversary and the video tape of our "earlier" days was most appropriate.  It brought back many memories.  Recently, Elizabeth Johnson's sister gave us a SCRAP book that Elizabeth had made of our trip with them in 1957 to NYC and Boston . . . she had copies of hotel bills (like $7.50 a night) and "detail" descriptions of all the things that we did.

Thursday we went to Cincinnati to get Grandma, she seems better than last fall.  As they say in Sunday School that if everyone had as much grit as she had the Church would be overflowing.

Yesterday was a full day, making a living in the morning and at 12:30 we were at Wilmington College for the International Student Day . . . the foreign students fix foods of their nationality, which also serves as a fund raiser.  The Liggetts, with whom we are going with next month are in charge of the program.  They are responsible for bringing a number of students here from Malaysia and to them the trip to Malaysia will be like going home.  We leave May 11th.

Next stop was the Crisis Pregnancy Center (MV was "hep" on this) People to People Auction at Roberts Arena.  They had some 170 items donated, such as free dental check up to such things as "color coordination for you" which we bid in.  Dad admits he needs help in this area.

Last night was our square dance club annual "All Nighter" which is a virtual literal translation for a long night.  We do have a great club group tho we shouldn't have said yes to be the president, tho it is an experience.  This morning came very quickly.

Our street looks like the A Bomb went off there as a result of the sewer line being laid up the middle.  It is worse than a gravel road.  With the new garage door openers it is no effort to keep the doors closed.  We really do appreciate the family getting us started on these door openers.  The other was installed this past week.

It has been too wet to make garden, tho am anxious to try our new garden cultivator.  We will have to mow the grass for the first time this next week, so Spring is here.

Serena went to Bloomington last Wednesday and expects to back this week and hopes to get some job interviews.  It will be interesting to see where.

[remainder is personalized to Roberta]

Appreciate your calling us this afternoon & it was nice talking to you, Joe, Wendy and Catherine.  As I told Catherine we had planned to call you but Jeanne Sanker was here.  Bill was to come but was snowed under with work as he has taken over another employee's position who got upset & quit recently.  Lowell is to be married May 28 – a 1st grade schoolteacher – they are going on a delayed (2 weeks later) honeymoon to Hawaii when her school is out.  Bruce is to be honored at Purdue next weekend where he graduates in June – studying electronics.  May try for space job.

[in HH's writing]
Roberta, do let us know about the L.A.-PHX plane fares & the need for advance reservations, etc.

John & I are going bike riding next weekend.  The Dr. told me last week that if I could ride across Iowa on bike I didn't need any advice on exercise.

Mother & Dad

Thursday, April 19, 2018

1978 Roberta's Letter -April 10

Mom and Dad –

As to Marion, she will probably be going in the hospital either next week or the following week.  She would like to make it through this school year, but the Doctor does not want to wait that long.  Of course she is happy over the fact that radiation treatments are not necessary.  She is taking it all very well – – "says that a little cancer never hurt anybody."  . . . . at first though she lost her sense of humor for a day or two.  It was hard until the results of the tests came in on Friday.  Up till then she did not know to what extent it had spread or what treatments (radiation) would be necessary.

She will be in the hospital that is close by . . . beside the entrance to the freeway . . . . right across from the community college.  In the last week, we have learned it quite well, as that is where the out-patient work was done.  (testing)

She won't be telling her parents, but has told I.T., her sister, and a friend of hers in Illinois.  She wrote them letters, and then they called us all the same night.  Just this last week all that happened.  All that happened the night before she went in for all the tests . . . know she was happy to give them good (?) report on Friday.

She is to go in to see the Doctor again tonight.  At first he was very quiet . . . . didn't answer her questions, and she said that you would think that he was afraid that he was going to catch cancer from her.  Now she seems much happier with the Doctor.  With HMO all medical expenses are paid in full.  So that is good.  One bad thing is that she doesn't have much sick leave built up – only 7 days, so that is kinda bad.  Some of the other teachers in the Science dept. have offered to donate their sick leave . . . . call in a sub for them . . . . and then have the sub cover Marion's classes.

I'll keep you all posted . . . . .

I've told John – but as I said before – don't tell Mary V ––

[Love, etc., Bert]

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

1968 Catherine's Letter -April 10

Did you all happen to find a brown folder with 5¢ stamps, aerograms, letters, etc. in it?  If not, I must have left it in Chicago.

No classes yesterday because of funeral [MLK].  K College has been quite active in peace marches, etc.

That folder from AYH gives a list of whole bunches of things I'm going to need – will send details later.

Dennis is coming on April 25.  I have R's sweater ready to mail.



How's paper route going?  Serena, how's that math coming?  Cal told me he got a nice letter from you, John.  Hey, Mary, how come you never sent me that post card?

Are you all enjoying Easter vacation?  Color some eggs for me!


1968 Roberta's Letter -April 8

8, 1968
Dear Family,

Hi!  Nice talking to John last night but sorry Mom & Dad weren't there.

If you can please send permission for Helen, Reb & Irene to come home with me, ok?  It is ok if they come isn't it?

We decided we could go to Hinermans on Saturday & stay till Sunday night.

For Sports I need a tennis racket.  We had our choice between soft-ball & tennis.  I thought I would like to learn tennis – well, now I find we have to have our own rackets.  There is a used one for sale here for $12.  I'm hoping for something less expensive because not having played tennis I don't want to "invest" too much in it.

Got to go.


P.S.  Please let me know about this week-end.  If it OK & all.  Also for Helen, Reb & Irene.  Helen will come for sure.  Irene probably & Reb doesn't know yet.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

1968 Roberta's Letter -April 7

April 7, 1968
Dear Family,

Hi1  I got Dad's post-card Friday and Mom's letter today.  Thanks.  If you want to send the red shift up I would appreciate it.  I probably won't be able to use the green dress much more.

Are you planning on coming up Parents' Day?  Perhaps maybe the first week-end in May would be better.  Or perhaps around my birthday.

I've been trying to get in touch with J.N.  I've tried calling after lunch (about 1:30 p.m.) and can't seem to get ahold of them.  I was going to see when & if they would be going home.

I got a letter from Mrs. Hinerman today and she says for me to set the time and she will arrange it.  So!!  I don't really know yet.  We aren't allowed to take weekends after May 1st.  (or Parents Day weekend) As I said before Irene, Reb, Helen & I are wanting to go together (or at least would like to).

Mrs. McKenzie was working when I went over there one day – I can't understand.  I went to see Tr. Susan about Geometry.  Out of luck I now have a D+ average.  She says that is pretty good (for me!).  We've only had one test so far and only have 2 more to go this six weeks.

You know I got some jacks for Dale's younger brother & sister.  Well anyway I spoke to them after lunch & I guess they don't know how to play.  So could you send a copy of the rules in the next letter.  I would appreciate it. 

Yesterday we went to town & I got a dress.  It's actually a shift.  It has green, orange & purple stripes going down.  It's really comfortable.  I thought I could use some sleeve-less dresses for summer.

I also bought (from the school) these yellow stickers say "War is not healthy for children and other living things."  Actually, I guess the money went to help Viet Nam children.

I got a post-card from Catherine today saying she would be mailing my sweater.  I'm sure glad I left it there rather than somewhere in Chicago.

In English we are on poetry.  It's pretty bad.  We are suppose to get the stresses & all.

Well, enough said?


P.S. The immersion coil is really getting good use. 

1978 Catherine's Letter -April 4

Tuesday morning
April 4, 1978
Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Thanks for your long letter which arrived on Saturday.  We were glad to hear that Grandma made it to Ohio and hope she is doing OK.  Is the weather staying springlike?  We are noticing a big difference here with the sun coming up earlier each morning.  Of course, in a few weeks daylight saving time will make it come up an hour later.  Wendy has been waking up around 6 AM lately which I attribute to the morning light.  She doesn't make too much noise though and usually goes back to sleep or at least lies fairly quietly until we get up about 6:30.

Yesterday was a traumatic day as Wendy fell off the counter in the bathroom.  I had bent down to put the diaper in the diaper pail and whoosh she was down on the floor beside me.  Needless to say she cried for awhile and the bump on her head swelled a little but she didn't have any of the danger signs that Dr. Spock says to watch out for after a fall.  She seems to be doing fine today and I have been keeping my hand on her whenever I put her on the counter.  Other times I keep her either on the floor or in her walker.  She has discovered that she can get around faster by rolling over rather than crawling.  She twists the front of her body or should I say the top (meaning her head and shoulders) in the direction she wants to go and then she rolls.  She moves all around the living room with no difficulty at all.  She especially likes to push herself sort of halfway into the open parts on the end of the coffee table and chew on the edges.  I put all her toys on the bottom shelf of the bookcase so she can reach them.  Right now her favorite seems to be the pooh bear you got her at Disneyland last year.

Sunday we went to the Pinnacles.  We went to the reservoir where we made our little hike to before.  We were going to go further on the Chalone Peak trail but the strap on Wendy's backpack broke (the one I had sewed) and since it is much more difficult to carry her when she is not in the pack – especially now as she seems to be really squirmy and grabby  – she'll grab at anything that looks like it might be within her reach and when there isn't anything in her reach she practices clapping her hands together.

We finally finished the roll of film and the pictures are to be ready on Thursday so I'll send you some.

Catherine, Gerry
& Wendy

Monday, April 16, 2018

1978 Roberta's Letter -April 3

[postmarked 4/3/78]
Sunday Morning
7:00 AM –
Good Morning!

I seem to have a good start on the day – as I've got the paper read, had breakfast – and even more-or-less picked up my room.  It would be a good morning to go to early Church – but of all mornings we are going to go to 11:00 service – as I.T. wants to go to Mass & Renee needs a ride to the Airport.

We talked to him last night about his driving the old car (he has a 1966 Dodge now) to the airport – then when we take I.T. to the airport – one of us would drive it back – but he didn't go in for that idea.

We have really had a busy last 2 weeks –– not only here but at work.  Our student count was off more than 100 people – with withdrawals that never went through Data Processing – or new students that were not properly enrolled – thus they never went through Data Processing!

Then on top of that the state auditor came – and spot-checked 3 students – we failed the test on all three.  We didn't have transcripts for two – one had w/d but was carried on teachers roll for some time.

This on top of that grades went out – and all the head-aches there.  Plus we are figuring out next year's registration – and it is really mixed up.

One thing we have been doing this week is swimming for a half hour or so after work – I've gotten to know more kids the last week at the pool – than I've known since October.  By 4:45-5:00 the pool is usually empty or close to it.

Liz really got dark(er) while she was here – that is all she seemed really interested in doing – she would get up early – And 1st thing she would do was to put on her bathing suit!

I dropped my watch the other day – picked it up real fast – but still the damage had been done.  Took it yesterday to the jewelers to get it fixed but will be 10 days - 2 weeks.  I'm thinking about buying a Timex to wear – maybe one like Mary Virginia's – large face, etc.  There are alot of times when I wish I didn't have quite as nice of a watch – like over at the pool.

We've done alot of cooking outdoors – even though we have been eating late – after dark – it has still been nice enough to eat outside.

Did I tell you that I got a new pair of sandals – custom made ones.  These have alot more class than my others.  They are yellow leather – have the strap & all around the heel – but the shoe part looks like this [diagram of a sandal with cross straps]  The straps going in & out of the circle in the middle.  They have a crepe heel which is real comfortable.  I've been wearing socks w/them when I wear them to school – but they don't bother me at all.

OH – I.T. frosted my hair – it is far too blonde – too heavy –  I'm getting a haircut 1st of the week so that should help some.

Marion gave me a subscription to Sunset magazine – for Easter.  Her & her sister's family really celebrated Easter – It seemed I was just on 1 end – the receiving one!

When is the last day of school for New Vienna?  Here school is out May 26th –

We ate at Rouch's School House this past week – we of course had Aunt Alice – she doesn't know us by name – but she does recognize us now!

When does OHIO license plates expire – I'm thinking about buying Arizona one ––

Better get some more letters out while I've got this fancy stationary in front of me.


Sunday, April 15, 2018

1968 Roberta's Letter -April 3

April 3, 1968
Dear Family,

Hi!  I gave the paper to Tr. Tom today about not coming back.  He stood there & said how sorry he was & all.

I left my red dress (shift – one mom got me just a couple weeks ago!) at home.  Would it be worth it to send it?  I sure could use it.

There are four of us (Helen, Reb, Irene & myself) wanting to go on a weekend somewhere together.  Only trouble is nowhere to go without bus money.  I don't think Mrs. Hinerman would "enjoy" all of us.  I thought about J.N. Carey but again that many of us.  Any ideas?

Helen got back in time.  To my surprise!  Her hair is now short.  She didn't get home till Friday night – the 22 of March.  Guess she spent Thursday night in Detroit because of her plane being canceled.



1988 Catherine's Letter -April 2

April 2, 1988
9:15 AM
Dear Mother, Dad, John & Mary,

Hi!  We are at the airport snack bar with 25 minutes before Serena's plane takes off.  Had no difficulty getting to the airport this morning since it is a weekend.  Also the airport parking lot was almost empty so this must not be the peak of the holiday traveling.

We had a nice dinner at Roberta & Sid's last night for Serena's farewell.  Wendy made the cake.

We finally got the pictures developed from when Wendy got her new bike and from when John was here.  Also the ones we took of the house – we just took them on Thursday.  Several of them didn't turn out due to malfunction of the camera.  On Thurs. the cupboards had been delivered but weren't installed yet.  Also the stove & dishwasher were there.  The solarized shades for the kitchen have been ordered as they take 3-6 weeks.   The others are made locally.  Soon we should be getting a more fixed move in date.

Wendy has enjoyed her break – staying up late, etc.  She came to the library for two mornings.

Well, Happy Easter AND Happy Anniversary!

Love, Catherine

1968 Roberta's Postcard -April 2

[postmarked April 2, 1968]

Hi!  this post-card look familiar??  We got back about 1:30 yesterday after-noon. 

Corrine & I (girl from Oberlin OH) messed around most of the afternoon.


PS Thanks for all.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

1978 MV's Letter to John -April 2

Dear John,

Were you serious about letting me run the canteen this summer?  If you were, I'm sure we could work something out.  I would like to spend the summer at the Farm, so think it over.

Last nite a concert was at church, with 2 groups singing, one of which was the Messangers, and a group from Chillicothe (sp?).  Some of the Villars Chapel group was there, so it got to be interesting.

We celebrated Mom & Dad's anniversary by going to the Wooden Spoon for lunch.  We saw several people from New Vienna, among them were the Carl Wests; and Mrs. Walker and her mother.

After lunch we stopped at Heritage House Styles Grand Opening.  It's Joann Gruber's Beauty Shop that's now where Elanor's used to be.

Mary Va.
April 2, 1978

Friday, April 13, 2018

1968 Catherine's Letter & Grades -April 1

April 1, 1968
Dear Mother, Dad, Serena, John, and Mary,

Hi!  I'm lost in mounds of homework already and this is only the first week of the quarter.  Help!  I don't hardly have time to eat.  Yesterday morning I got up at 7 to go to breakfast but then I decided I should watch the news so I did that instead.  (I did have a piece of bread which you all so kindly left me.)  I made it to lunch after chemistry class (more about that later but I had to rush because I wanted to look over my math again before class.  After three hours of class in the afternoon I went to the gym to do my daily exercises and I didn't get out of there until 5:20.  Well, it so happens they quit serving supper to freshmen at 5:00 yesterday afternoon so that the juniors could have their major department banquets.  So, I had another piece of bread which I am rationing quite well.  This morning I watched the news again and ate another piece of bread.  I do hope to make it to lunch in about an hour. 

The 2:00 math class is math 14 which I took last quarter but we use a different book and there is a different professor so it might as well be an entirely different curse [maybe it seemed like a curse but fairly sure I meant "course".]  It is just as difficult as the math 15 and I have been spending about 4-5 hours per night just on math.  The chemistry so far isn't too bad except for the lab.  I am in the first lab group and nobody knew what they were doing.  I only got about half the stuff done that we were supposed to do and I don't even know how John (lab partner) did.  A guy (quite young) teaches the political science course and the lectures are quite interesting although the reading gets kind of bogged down.  He expects us to "Practically memorize" (those are his words) the constitution.  He said we don't have to give it back to him verbatim but he does want us to give it back.

Jenna is coming this weekend which is another reason I have been studying so hard now.  It wouldn't be very interesting for her to sit around and watch me study.  I also have to study hard now because of Dennis coming the end of the month – 22 days to be exact.

I found the tax info from the Patio and filled out all the forms so I have that out of the way.  I also got my pass from the AYH [American Youth Hostel] with a little note saying they are temporarily out of handbooks.  I haven't received anything yet concerning the trips this summer.

Tongith (I must be thinking in errors) I work my first special party for Saga.  I just finished pressing the black skirt and the new blouse.

Have a Happy Palm Sunday!


Thursday, April 12, 2018

1958 Kyung Ho Kim Letter -April 10

April 10, '58
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Uible:

I am very glad having an opportunity to write to you again.

I am wondering how are you getting along?  And are your family all well?  I really must write to tell you how much I enjoyed my stay at your house.  You were so very friendly and hospitable that I felt as if I were in my own home.  It was such fun visiting with your family & sharing your hospitality.

I always appreciate your kindness very much for such an enjoyable time.  I shall not forget all you and your lovely children have done for me.

Throughout the country, as spring came up this way.  There was sunshine and rain . . . . clear skies and cloudy . . . . warm breezes and winds that were snow and sleet-laden.  We are beginning to enjoy lovely wether, aren't we?

In my next letter I am going to write more about my classes in school and social life.

Please give my best regards to all your club members and tell lovely your daughters that I said "Well Hi."

I am looking forward the day to see you before long.

May god richly bless you and hoping that in the best of health and wishes.

Cordially yours,
Kyung Ho Kim

P.S.  I enclosed my photograph which although is not turn out good, but I wish you will like it.  Just Memory

Roberta, Good bye! Uible [with Korean translation]

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

1978 Catherine's Letter to MV -March 28

Tuesday morning
March 28, 1978
Dear Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Since I now have two letters from you which need answered I figured I better get busy and write to you.  And, since you included your letter to us in with Mom & Dad's I guess I can send you yours in with a letter to them.  Turn about is fair play you know!

I can't believe how long a bag of apricots is lasting me now.  I eat about five a day and I am just finishing up the bag I opened right after you left. At that rate I'll be eating dried apricots until the fresh ones are ready.  I like the dried ones, but I love the fresh ones!  Do I sound like the commercial for bran chex?

Yesterday a little kid came around to the door selling garlic. He wanted 10¢ a piece but I talked him into giving me three for a quarter.  Then I felt guilty because he went through his bag to give me the biggest ones he could find.

What is the Waltons Easter Story about?  I saw the Christmas story on TV but I never heard of the Easter story.  We saw alot of Easter specials on TV last week while DeeDee was here – Charley Brown, Bugs Bunny, etc.  We saw alot of other stuff on TV too, like I Love Lucy, My Three Sons, The Courtship of Eddies' Father . . ..

I have been reading Ellery Queen mystery stories.  Did you ever see any of them on TV?  It was a series a couple yeas ago.  They are good books as far as mysteries go.  While DeeDee was here she read "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing".  Did you ever read that?  It is about a fourth grade boy who has a three year old brother named or rather nicknamed "Fudge" who is always doing weird things like eating his turtle, pretending he can fly and diving off the jungle gym, etc.  DeeDee told me all the exciting parts, that is why I know so much about it.

Have a Happy April Fool Day! Or is it April Fools Day!  Whatever!

Love, Cathy, Gerry &

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

1978 Catherine's Letter -March 28

Tuesday morning
March 28, 1978
Dear Mom and Dad,

Hi!  Your letter arrived yesterday and left me confused as to who, if anyone went to Florida.  It was interesting to hear about the Kuntzmans.  For some reason I thought Rev. K had died.  I must be related to you, Mother – or is that joke in poor taste (thinking that people have died when they haven't?)

I took Wendy to the Dr. yesterday morning.  I called about 9:00 to make an appointment and they said to bring her in at 10:45.  We had to wait about a half hour as the waiting room was filled.  Wendy was real good and smiled at everyone in the waiting room and spent her time studying everyone there.  She got her third polio deal and her third DTP shot.  Evidently it didn't hurt too much as she let out a little whimper when the nurse put the needle in but as soon as I turned her over she smiled at the nurse and that was that.  She now weighs 17 pounds 11.5 ounces and is 29 inches tall.  I have to take her back when she is nine months old for a tuberculosis test.

After we got done at the Dr.'s (we still didn't see the Dr. but at least I knew what to expect this time) we went to the library, and then to Sears as I wanted to check to see if there had been any new sale catalogs lately as I hadn't gotten any since we moved here.  I also bought Wendy two pairs of the larger size bootie socks at Penney's.  When we got home I found a Sears sale catalog in the mail box!

Ricky (?) the girl upstairs who has the two-year-old daughter brought me down some summer outfits for Wendy yesterday.  I had mentioned to her that I needed to get some new clothes for Wendy.  She gave me a couple of cute sunsuits and some t-shirts. Melissa (her daughter) will be two in May.

Sunday we went over to Andersen's Pea Soup place for breakfast (it was OK, they had Birkholm's pastries for sale) and then we came back to Gilroy by way of the mountains east of San Jose.  It wasn't nearly as scenic a route even though it was less traveled.  Maybe next week we'll go down to the Pinnacles as Gerry hasn't been there yet. That is about the only direction we haven't been in yet.

DeeDee saw quite a few commercials for Marriotts Great America while she was here.  We will probably make it up there sometime this summer.  As things stand now DeeDee will be coming to Gilroy right after she gets out of school (June 17 or around then) and she'll stay at least until Aug. 1st and possibly longer.  Her new friend, Jenny is a real nice girl and they got along fairly well.  Jenny brought over her Life game (I found a pink peg in the carpet this morning) and they enjoyed playing that.  They also played lots of jacks.  Jenny is real good at "Around the World" and double bounce.  I had to keep picking the jacks up off the floor though as Wendy thought they tasted good.

I can't think of too much else that is new here.  Hope to hear from you all again soon!

Catherine, Gerry
& Wendy

Sunday, April 08, 2018

1948 HH & Jean's Wedding Reception -April 3

1948 HH & Jean Honeymoon Pictures -April 8

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Saturday, April 07, 2018

1978 Roberta's Letter -March 27

March 27, 1978

Hi!  It's 5:45 AM – the Stanley's just left – I don't envy their 925 mile home trip.  They all have to be in work/school tomorrow.

We have really been on the go the last week or so.  The 1st part of the week Marion did the finishing on the two dressers –

Seems like a long time since I started this – Good night – it's been a long & busy day –

March 27, 1978
[same day as above??]

I'm out by the pool – soaking in the sun – it's funny when you are in the water you don't feel it – but when you get out it sure hits you fast.

We got your letter today Mom – thanks – have been meaning to write & then meant to tell you over the phone – thanks for your last letter & check (signed check – that is)  For now I plan to put it in the bank – but have several ideas for it.  Perhaps the most popular one – w/me – is the deal like the Bruces bed – the thing that works like a hospital bed.  I haven't had the chance yet to investigate out details ––

I.T. got in today – after Marion picked her up at the airport they came around & picked me up – at school – maybe 1:30 – so you can see I had a short day – but I got much more done than I thought.  I'll enclose 1 of the things I did today – it was the most fun by far – they are all true stories.  Most of them came from the parents of special education students –

Now 11:00 I'm all ready for bed but wanted to finish this.  We all ate at Malta's [?]  tonight – Liz will be here till Wednesday morning – I.T. till Sunday afternoon.  Her school is off all this week.

I never called Lou [?]  but will call Dr. Matthews – I always seem to think about it at bad times!

Mary Virginia – your package & cards finally came on Saturday – Thanks!  Talk about slow mail – Marion appreciates – even though she is so bad about sending out thank yous – but then you know her letter writing. . . .

Liz has been out in the sun (pool) almost constantly since she got here – has gotten a good bit darker – than her already dark skin.  On me you can see bathing suit lines – on Marion just freckles!

We had a  picnic yesterday – at Falcon Field – a park near the private airport.  Malend [?] (Marion's brother -in-law) just recently got a small plane so of course he is quite interested in that sort of thing.  He has a 4 passenger – but because of possible bad weather they were afraid to come down in it this past weekend.  He says that this summer he will come down after us & take us to Idaho for a week-end of so.

We had planned to go to Sunrise Service – set the alarm – so I thought – but it didn't go off.  We woke up at 5:55 – it started at 6:00 – we didn't make it!  The 9:45 service was packed – starting this Sunday there will be alot smaller crowds –

Marion, her sister & brother-in-law went to Tucson – see DeGrazie's studio – her sister got a $80 pillow – she is another big spender!

Talked to John yesterday – sounds like he has a flying trip this week – hope all works  out for Grandma to get back w/him.

I've got to get my sleep ––


Friday, April 06, 2018

1948 Jean & HH Honeymoon Pictures -April 6

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September 7, 1947, Jean Ballantyne (Uible) - picture from the courting phase rather than the Honeymoon but found with the Honeymoon pictures.

Items from Uible photo album