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1976 Roberta's India Letter -Jan.30

Jan. 30, 1976
Dear Family,

My – what I have gone through in the last 24 hours – but I'm now in Colombo – in a "hotel" about 3 or 4 miles from town!  Yesterday about 9:00 AM went to buy my ticket for the ferry – leaving my things at the hotel.  Got there & found out – after waiting in line for almost an hour that once I got the ticket I would have to proceed through all the formalities of customs, etc.  So ran back to the hotel (about 15-20 minute walk) & got my things – then back to buy the ticket.  With luggage I didn't walk – took horse drawn affair.

All foreigners had to buy 1st class tickets – 50 Rupees – !  2nd class only 28 Rupees!  There were alot of young people going over on the ferry – I met & am now staying at the same hotel of a brother & sister from Iowa.  Mike (the brother) just got out of the Peace Corps – taught Eng. in Afghanistan for 2 years.  His sister (Mary) came over in November & travelled overland through Europe 1st.  She is my age – he's a year older.  Most of the young people I've met travelling have been very disappointing – always trying to beg $ out of me – giving some sad story of "woe" – I don't trust any of them – I always say go & see Am. Saxle [?]

Anyway – ferry was to leave at 2:00 – it left at 3:45 – arrived in Ceylon 7:00 – trip was rough – then train for here did not leave till 10:30 – no sleepers available.  Before we got on train they gave us all these cards – BEWARE OF THIEVES on the trains.  Keep possessions secure near you.  Needless to say we all had a sleepless night – arrived in Colombo about 9:00 AM – did see some beautiful country this morning on the train.

Ceylon is – in general – I think cleaner than India – Animals look healthier – Money rate is 12.6 Rupees to a dollar – but everything is more expensive here.  I spent 6 Rupees for breakfast (Amer b'fast – eggs, toast tea.  Mike & Mary very picky about what they eat – they prefer Amer. food – haven't even tried alot of the Indian food.

I have a beautiful view outside my window – coconut trees, palm trees – everything nice & green!  It rained last night – 1st rain I had seen in Asia!

Hope all is fine – am going out now to eat & check the town out w/ Mike & Mary ––

WARM here – Humid – but I don't pay extra for Air/Conditioning.

Love, Berta

Saturday, January 30, 2016

1976 Joe's Dakar Letter -Jan.25

Jan. 25, 1976
Dakar, Senegal
Dear Uncle Harold and Aunt Jean and all,

I must not wait any longer to excuse myself for not writing my Christmas wishes to you all sooner than this.  But with the art show and Cathy's arrival I was quite busy!  We certainly had a fantastic time together and I'm sure you're already aware of this.  We didn't travel as much as when you were here but we did use our time as best as possible.  Our trips to St. Louis, Banjul and Joal were very relaxing, a lot of fun.  I must be wiser now or just a little lazier but those ordeals from Mopti to Sangha were not a part of Cathy's tour!  She seemed to like the beach a lot!  Alion my Senegalese friend gave her tours from day to day in Dakar while I was at the art show so she did do a great deal.  She did some terrific cooking – cookies and great homemade pizza. I gained weight while she was here!  She was an excellent guest and a joy to have around just like all the other Uibles who have been on Horton Tours Incorporated –

Cathy brought over a new camera and said that you all had bought it for me.  I thank you very much because my old camera stopped working after I got back from the States.  Now I'll be able to take those pictures that I surely will want to take my last days here in Senegal.  You are very generous people and I feel very grateful – Thank you –

Enclosed are some materials I used for the art show; the program, price list and posters.  I think you'll enjoy looking through them.  I'm sorry I live so far away that you couldn't come to see the show.  It was a lot of fun to do.  I am happy that Cathy was able to come when she did so she could share in this big event.

I'm wondering about Roberta.  How is she doing in India?  I know she'll do fine and that's she's having new experiences galore.

My friend Bill Tilton went to New Zealand and wrote me that it was truly wonderful.  He said he was definitely going back one day to live.  He did say that jobs were non-existent.  I'd like to hear about your trip there.

Cathy and I enjoyed your Christmas letter.  She wrote and said that you hadn't got postcards that she mailed from Senegal.  That seems very strange indeed –

How has winter been so far?  I miss the warm fire on a cold winter's night.  All that good food too!

In all probability I'll be coming home this summer – leaving Senegal at least for the present.  It will be difficult leaving friends and a way of life that has given me 6 years of happiness.

I'll be looking into that job for Saudi Arabia as soon as I get back.  I hope I can get something with Raytheon Corp.

Well, time to close and say good-bye – I'll be looking forward to hearing from you soon – thank you for your letters.  My Best to you in the New Year –

Love, Joe

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1976 Roberta's India Letter -Jan.28

January 28, 1976
Dear Family,

Am now in Rameswaram – am staying in a lodge run by the Ramanathaswamy Temple people – 6 Rupees a night – plain but clean – Laid down to take a nap as I took the 5:00 AM train out of Madurai – since I had no alarm I slept (?) w/ my light on all night – as it would have been trouble jumping in and out of the mosquito net to see what time it is!  1st time for me to ride "passenger train" – and what a riot.  To give you a hint of how it was – only 100 miles between Madurai and here but it took almost  7  hours!  Every ten minutes we made a stop – some short, some not so short!  It's HOT here – if air conditioned travel was within my budget I would sure use it.  But you can fly for the same price as you travel Air-Cond. on the trains!

Madurai I really liked – as I wrote the Temple is out of this world.  Also went to the palace there – built in the 17th century– it was OK. But not all that much after seeing the temple!

K.R. Baby gave me alot of handicrafts (birds carved from coconut tree bark, wine glasses from coconut shell, woven mats, etc. also some jewelry I'm not wild about.  I hate a heavy suitcase so I went to a tailor & got them wrapped up and sent on their way.  Also sent some clothes w/ them.  When I get home remind me to tell you all the hassels [sic] of sending a package out of this country!  But to "appreciate" it you must go through it yourself!

Back to Madurai – there is a Gandhi Memorial Museum there – it is full of pictures & quotations of his – told his life history also in story & pictures.  He was a great man – kind of like Abe Lincoln or Martin Luther King.  He was for the common man & the problems he faced.  I wrote down lots of his quotes – here is one I thought exceptionally good – "A civilization is to be judged by its treatment of minorities."  Also just 2 days before he was shot to death he said "Death is a true friend.  It is only our ignorance that causes us grief."

The museum also had alot of stuff that belonged to him – clothes, furniture, etc.  He was – I repeat – a great man!

The South in some ways is cleaner than the North – of course I say that w/out being an expert on the North – since my stay there was limited.  If I had the time & money I'd like to stay another couple of months.  I'm just getting good now at checking out hotel:  I look for 1) bugs, 2) bathrooms, 3) Bed.  Also I'm getting good at washing clothes out by hand & at asking questions & getting action.  Maybe I should try to write tour guide books for a living.  Fodor I find to be expensive – and India on $5 & $10 book is ok but some of the places he mentions – I swear not even an Indian would stay – rooms too small, poorly equipped, undesirable locations, slightly deteriorated condition – to make a long story short.

Next letter from Ceylon – Hello to all – hope everyone is A-ok ––

Love, Berta

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1976 Catherine's Letter -Jan.26

Monday-January 26, 1976
Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Received your letter of 1/21 on Saturday (1/24).  What is Serena's new address?  I sent her a birthday card to her old address.  I like the carpet you got.  That room must look really different.

As you may or may not know from the letter I wrote to Mary Virginia, I went to visit John yesterday.  I took the bus down in the middle of the afternoon and the last bus back to Sanford returning here about 11:15.  We had a good time.  I saw more of the campus than I had seen before (the only things I was previously familiar with was Browning House, and the library.  We had the buffet supper at the Exeter Inn which was very good and featured nice thick slabs of roast beef.  John really ate it up.  His new room is bigger and gets more light than his old one did.  There also seemed to be a constant stream of guys coming to visit him and he said that he felt much more at home than he did last year.  I showed him my pictures from Africa and he showed me a letter he had recently received from Roberta.

Thank you for stopping to see Mrs. [Priscilla] Walker.  I am glad that she got the flowers.

Please wipe the idea of me and a car out of your minds.  If I wanted a car I could have the land rover, or I could sell the land rover and buy something more compact and easier on the gas mileage.  However, I DO NOT WANT a car.  If after a period without a car I decide that I do want one then that would be the time to get one.

I am tentatively planning to go to Philadelphia on February 13 and returning through NY on either the 15 or 16.  The 16th is a holiday.  I have not yet heard from Doug and Debbie in Phil whether this is agreeable with them.  If Dad is going to be free the following weekend I could gt to NY or he could come to Sanford or we could meet in between.  I am quite flexible on that account as long as I don't take too much time off from the library.

I went bowling again last week and although I improved slightly over the time before I still have a long ways to go.

I got a birthday card and a letter today from Grandma.  She and the Hortons seem to be doing well.

Well, I hope to hear from you soon and please let me know what options you come up with for getting together in February.


1906 J.W. Ballantine letter -Jan.24

Today we have a letter from J.W. Ballantine to Nat (Ballantyne), written on stationery  of Hill and Ballantine, Hardware and Groceries, Bellevue, Idaho.  We can presume they were related, though the connection is currently unknown.  Nat had a younger brother, James, who moved to Idaho sometime between 1910-1920 and in 1920 was a general store merchant in Boise.  Possibly there is a connection.

J.W. "Uncle Jim" Ballantine – who was he?  Here are some details:

  1. He wrote a letter to Nat Ballantyne in 1906 signed "Uncle Jim"
  2. He was partner in a a Hardware / Grocery store in Bellevue, Idaho in 1906
  3. Nat's father, Alexander Ballantyne (1841-1885) Had three brothers who would have been Nat's uncles, David (born 1837) – nothing is known about him after 1860; George, who died in 1900 and James, born in 1840, died in 1907.  Alexander also had four sisters.  
  4. A woman named Lena is mentioned.  Jim's wife, Philena, born 1843, died in 1907.
  5. In 1889 James W Ballantine was appointed Postmaster of Muldoon, Idaho.  Muldoon is now a ghost town in the mining area, not far from Bellevue.
  6. According to Pennsylvania Veterans Burial information, he had been a Col. in the Civil War.
  7. Though his Civil War records show his name spelled as Ballantyne, he evidently changed the spelling as not only does this stationery show his name spelled Ballantine but his and Lena's gravestones in the Homewood Cemetery in Pittsburgh also has the Ballantine spelling.
  8. Jim and Lena had a daughter, Clara, age 4, listed in the 1870 census.  Presumably she died before 1880 as she is not listed in that census.
  9. Lena and Jim both died in 1907 and are buried in Pittsburgh.  

The letter follows:

Jan 24th, 1906

Dear Natt

I should have written you long ago – but I expected that I would have made arrangements to visit Pittsburgh this winter but my partner (Mr Hill) has been afflicted with rheumatism that he could not attend to business – so I had to remain at home –

Lena – met with an accident about 3 months ago – we started on a visit to Boise City – and in getting of [off] the cars at Shoeshone missed the platform in the dark and struck the edges of the platform and injured her leg below the knee – she did not complain at the time – but on arriving at Boise City – it became so bad that I had to take her to the hospital – and she had to remain there two weeks before I was able to bring her home –– she has intirely [sic] recovered now and joins in sending love to all – We had a severe snow storm about a week ago – snow falling to the depth of 3 ft – and has had the effect of cutting of business almost entirely – and will remain so until the roads can be opened up again.  The outlook for business here in the spring looks very favorable – as quite – a number of new mines are being opened up – and will be in shape to produce ore as soon as the roads are opened – in the spring ––

We send love to all – and tell your mother we would be glad to hear from her ––

Your Uncle,

More about J.W. Ballantine can be found here – Idaho State Historical Society, Reference Series about Muldoon

  • In April, 1883, J. W. Ballentine came out from Pittsburgh to organize operations at Muldoon more efficiently. That spring he had twenty charcoal kilns in production there. Then he contracted for a forty-mule pack train to bring eight tons of upper Fish Creek iron ore six miles each day to a wagon road.
  • Running out of operating funds, he had to shut down entirely in October. In November he managed to add ten miners to his staff of four; encouraged by finding some carbonate ore rich in silver as well as lead, they undertook a lot of additional development which incidentally provided an ore reserve of more than four hundred tons that winter. By May of 1884, they had blocked out enough low grade values to justify an investment in a fifty-ton concentrator. That spring Ballentine returned to Pennsylvania long enough to obtain a lease, June 1, that would enable him to enlarge his plant and operate Muldoon's mine with a partner.
  • By October of 1885 he completed a large moving project, hauling all his tram and mining equipment from Muldoon to a more promising North Star lode on the east fork of Wood River. Then in 1886 he went into cattle ranching at Muldoon.  

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1986 Family Letter from HH & Jean -Jan.26

Sunday, January 26, 1986

Dear Family:

We have just finished dinner in the living room by the fireplace.  Leon Salisbury has been cutting down some of our old trees so we have plenty of wood to use.  The DP&L crew is also to come and cut out some of the bigger trees.

Today at Church was "Women in the Pulpit Sunday."  Ann Bailey, a teacher in the New Vienna Schools spoke on the provocative subject, "Zipper Your Mouth."  The Bell Choir had the special number and we had a good turn out.  Jane Ann Hause ?, her husband and their baby were at the services.

Yesterday, we went to Wilmington in the afternoon, made a stop at the new Super X Drug Store in Wilmington and got a few of their specials.  Supper time found us at East Clinton High School where the Band Boosters were having a supper for fund raising.  Think it was the first time we had been back to the high school for a long time.

Last Wednesday we took off in the truck for West Virginia.  We stayed at an old country inn, the the Wells Hotel in Sistersville that had been in Country Inns, the one the Morgans gave us a few years ago and the ones put out by Norman Simpson (Country Inns and Back Roads).  The next morning we went a few miles north to Paden City to get a load of marbles.  They have quite a facotry there where we saw it in operation and also the Corning factory just across the road.

We just listened to the tape Mary Virginia gave us for Christmas (hadn't been able to find the tape recorder) and enjoyed it so very much – her synthesizer is used along with some background tapes really is a wonderful tape: something to cherish for many years to come.  Also played the tape that Roberta sent us that Anne Hamilton had been sent by her family on her 72nd birthday and found it enjoyable and glad she was willing to share with us.  They had written new words to Yippee-eye-oh (spelling?) and it was so clever.

Interested in hearing how Serena's classes at Roosevelt are going as well as Roberta's at Phoenix Community College on meal planning.  Both of Serena's are math related – computers basic & possible college algebra.  Talked to her on her birthday before any sessions and not able to reach her afterwards yet.  Yes January is a birthday month for Carol, Catherine and Bill Horton also have birthdays to celebrate this month.  Glad to have had X, John, another couple and their two children spend part of last weekend with us.

It was nice having John and X and their friends here last Sunday and Monday (Martin Luther King Day).  We hated to have to leave them Sunday evening but couldn't talk them into going to the concert at Wilmington College where Mary Virginia was singing and playing.  Mie Young's parents were there and they stopped off in New Vienna afterwards to see John and meet X.

[Love, etc.]

1976 Roberta's India Letter to GHU & Hortons -Jan.26

January 26, 1976
Dear Grandma, Uncle Bill, Aunt Mary & Rob,

Hello!  And happy Independence Day – Indian that is!  Since I've been here there have been so many holidays – 1 reason for that is that there are so many different religions here and whenever one religion has a holiday – everyone celebrates.

I'm now in Madurai – it is one of the 4 holiest cities in India.  It has one of the biggest & most beautiful temple here – inside the temple is a hall that is called 1,000 pillar hall – but there are actually only 997 pillars.  (I didn't count them – this is a known fact!)  The Hindu people flock here to see & wash their feet in the holy water!

I'm staying in a gov't run tourist bungalow in Madurai – it's plan and simple – but clean – costs 6 Rupees a night – about 72¢!  No hot water but cold water from 5:00-7:00 AM and 6:00-8:00 PM.  That has been the case in most places in India.  Very few places can you just go & turn on the water anytime during the day!

Kerela state (South India) was beautiful – it reminded me of how Florida must have been a hundred years ago.  Beauty without commercialism!  Rice & tapico [?] (something like a potato) is the diet of the South.

I'm planning to go Thursday to Ceylon – the 29th of January.

Grandma – I haven't seen a wheel chair in India yet!  Travelling in India is an experience – I always thought I was strong willed before but this trip has made me more so – good or bad I'm not sure which!  Sometimes things don't come so easy here – but then the sense of accomplishment is a great feeling!

I hope all of you are doing fine – often I think of you – how Uncle Bill must be playing golf (& reading the Wall Street Journal) – Aunt Mary practicing the piano, How is the SOAP OPERA?, Rob working out & listening to his music (or studying!?) and Grandma washing the dishes, folding clothes and peeling vegetables (& watching some T.V.).

Me – I'm getting good at living out of a suitcase.  I'm already dreaming of a trip to the other Asia countries in about another year – I'll have to work a little in between.

Hoping ALL is A-OK.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

1976 Roberta's India Letter -Jan.26

January 26, 1976
Dear Family,

Hi!  Have been busy the last hour trying to get out postcards to people I've been meaning to write since I got to India some 10 weeks back!

Got to Madurai this morning – 7:00 AM – came on night train from Trivandrum.  Kerala is by far my favorite place in India – not so much to see & do there but oh the land was beautiful.

Just in the last 2 days I've been convinced what a small world it is.  1st on Sunday I went w/ K.R. Bady [?] to Mitraniketan – "an experiment in education – community centered" & met & talked to the director – who went to Antioch College (Yellow Springs) & studied under Dr. Morgan – whose daughter I went to FBS w/.  Also he worked w/ Pendle Hill [?] – Philly & thus knew alot of the good Quakers I know!  He is an Indian – most interesting program he has going – then in the Trivandrum bus station I met a girl from Chlesea (sp?) area – N.Y.C. – whose family happens to belong to Hudson Guild – but have never been out to the farm.

Alot of mosquitoes here – they buzz all around my netting – but don't get in w/ me – the South is nice but the bitter comes w/ the sweet.

I never went into details but from Trivandrum to Cape Camorin I sat w/ a couple from Bangalore.  When we got there we went around to the hotels – mostly full – we went to the room – anyway they got a room for  3  & treated me like their daughter.  She has a brother in Pittsburgh – he is in the Air Force & she used to teach English literature in college before she was married.  Have just been married 2 months – both in their 30s.  I have their name in my suitcase – and I don't want to get out from under my net.  Really a nice couple – I have met very few people that have given me trouble – if they do I zap them w/ a story than I'm an advocate (attorney) here on business – the story works like medicine every time!

The temple here is beautiful – I went around w/ a guide for 2 hours almost so you know it must be something!  Such details found in the carvings – etc.  Temple most beautiful one I've seen in India.

Plan to go to Ceylon 29th – oh – I made reservation in Trivandrum – March 12th – 1;15 AM – leave Delhi for NY.  15:35 – arrive N.Y. Leave La Guardia (sp?) at 19:00 – arrive Columbus 21:00.  Is this ok?  Please confirm.  Best connection I could get – I must be in Columbus landed by March 13th or ticket not good.  Will find out in Madras if flights are confirmed.  It was funny – the man said Columbus has 3 airports – you will be flying into the Columbia S.C. one – Finally we got it straightened out –

Thought I'd never find climate too hot for me – but plenty warm here!

Love, Berta

1986 Roberta's Letter -Jan.26

1/26/86 11:00PM
Dear Folks,

I've been getting out the January birthday cards – Carol, Catherine & Uncle Bill!

Mother, remember the play we saw advertised in Diamond's Dept Store – I did go back & buy the tickets.  It was quite an experience!  We enjoyed the play & also the experience!  The Unitarian Church is sure liberal.  They had a full Bar right in the back of the sanctuary – lots of people sitting in the sanctuary drinking beer & eating pretzels.  Lots of booths – pro abortion & other issues – Serena would have loved it – Mary Virginia would not have been caught dead there!

Friday was a busy day for me – going w/ Sr. Village to the Disney Ice Show – we were given 30 tickets ($9 value each) for the ice show.  Only 12 from here went – so enjoyed giving rest of tickets away to friends of S.V.  Sid picked me up there & then we went to PC.

We have tickets this Thursday to the play – Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf – at Phx Little Theater.

We continue to enjoy the exercise bike – now I've got ear-phones to the Radio/TV that I can use when on the bike.  Sid uses the bike w/ more tension that I do!

Would you please send back Ladies Against Women article to me?

Thanks for calling this p.m. – always enjoy talking w/ both of you –––

Much Love,

Monday, January 25, 2016

1976 Catherine's Letter to MV -Jan.25

January 25, 1976
Dear Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Thanks for your letter.  It was good to hear from you.  I am sitting under the hair dryer right now so thought it would be a good time to answer your letter.

This afternoon I'm taking the bus to Exeter to visit John.  We are going to go to Vespers, then to a pancake supper.  After that some guy is going to talk and then I will get the bus back to Sanford.

Thursday night this guy named Gordon took me out to dinner and then we went bowling.  We were going to go snowmobiling but it was too cold (about +2º) and very windy.  I had veal and eggplant for dinner.  I'm still not very good at bowling but I'm getting better.  I remember once a long time ago going bowling with you in Wilmington and you beat me.  Do you go anymore?

It's too bad you didn't do so well in school the last six weeks.  Maybe you should study more!  What kind of stuff are you learning anyway?  Have you read any books lately?

Well, I hope you write to me again soon!


1976 John's Letter –Jan.22

Thurs. Jan. 22, 1976
Dear Family,

As you may notice my enclosure, you probably realize the reason for this letter.  I was taken by surprise to receive application forms from Cong. Harsha for a page (summer) appointment.  It just came today so I am very anxious to complete it as soon as possible.  If you will please fill it out and send it to him (Harsha) directly, I would appreciate it.  I, myself, have forms, essays and transcripts to prepare.  But if I have any chance whatsoever, it's well worth my time.

All is going much better this week for me.  I was able to make changes in my schedule so that all four of my classes are from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., the perfect schedule.  I still have only three classes each day and work in library an hour each morning.  In addition, I can stay in my squash section.

Political activity is picking up.  Several Presidential candidates are coming to speak at the Academy, including Shriver, Reagan & Carter.  The others are sending representatives.  I met Shriver's son last night, as he stayed with Father Morrissey.

I have a very busy weekend coming up.  Catherine called last night to say she was coming down Sunday evening for a few hours.

The weather is really cold.  The wind today, about 20 m.p.h., reminded me of Chicago as I was practically swept off my feet.  Down to -5º tonight.

Well, sorry to make this so short.  However, I have alot of paperwork to dive into and afternoon mail is picked up shortly.  Hope all is well.


P.S. I could sure use some 13¢ stamps.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

1956 J. Scott Brown passes away –Jan.24

John Scott Brown was born on September 19, 1911, in New Cumberland, West Virginia, the child of Robert Morrow "Bert" (1877-1946) and Leora Hay Scott Brown (1880-1944). He married Margaret Virginia Wilson (1913-1976) on June 15, 1937. They had one child during their marriage, Robert Wilson Brown (1941-1983). He died on January 24, 1956, in Weirton, West Virginia, at the age of 44, and was buried in New Cumberland, West Virginia.  He was a nephew of Lucy Brown Ballantyne (1880-1957), first cousin of Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible (1922-2011) and first cousin once removed of the Ballantyne-Dailey-Uible cousins.

1956 J. Scott Brown passes away –Jan.24
John Scott Brown, 44, editor and publisher of the New Cumberland Independent, a Republican weekly publication, died in Weirton General Hospital at 6:50 a.m. Tuesday [1/24/1956].

He was admitted to the hospital Sunday night.

Mr. Brown also engaged in the real estate and insurance business in Hancock County.  He was a member of the executive committee of the Hancock County Republican Party.

He was a charter member of the New Cumberland Lions Club and held memberships in the New Cumberland Boosters Club and at Williams Country Club, Weirton.

Mr. Brown was a member of the Masonic Lodge No. 22 AF & AM in New Cumberland.

He was a graduate of New Cumberland High School and attended West Virginia University where he was a member of Phi Kappa Psi social fraternity.

Mr. Brown was a member of the Presbyterian Church.

A native of this community, he was born Sept. 11, 1911, a son of the late Atty Robert Morrow Brown and Leora Scott Brown.  Mr Brown inherited the paper from his father who was a Republican leader.

He leaves his widow, Mrs. Margaret Wilson Brown; one son, Robert Wilson Brown, 14, at home and an aunt Mrs. Lucie Brown Ballantyne of New Cumberland.

Funeral services will be held Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Funeral home, in charge of Rev. Wm. S. Flurkey, pastor of the Presbyterian church.  Interment in the local cemetery.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

1946 Jean's Salary

In 1946 Jean W. Ballantyne began employment with the Cleveland Public Library at a salary of $0.81 (81¢) per hour.  A paycheck and a salary increase notice are scanned below.

According to the Cleveland Public Library website the Glenville Branch opened in 1909 in the Village of Glenville's old Town Hall.  In 1927 a new building was built at 660 Parkwood.  That library was replaced in 1978 and is now located at 11900 St. Clair Ave.  The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History website informs us that Glenville was incorporated as a village in 1870, settled first by farmers and then by immigrants from Scotland, Ireland and England.  In 1905 it was annexed into the City of Cleveland.  It's lakeshore location made it a fashionable summer residence for Cleveland's affluent families.  By the 1930s the population was of mostly Jewish background with a growing contingent of African Americans.  Riots occurred there in 1968.

Later in 1946 Jean was promoted and moved to a different branch.  We will learn those details in a few months.

1946 Jean's paycheck from Cleveland Public Library -Jan.23
at 81¢ per hour this paycheck would reflect 12.2 hours
1946 Jean's Salary Increase -Mar.1 Glenville Branch, Cleveland Public Library

Friday, January 22, 2016

1976 Roberta's India Letter to John -Jan.20

Jan. 22, 1976
Dear John –

Thanks for your "Christmas letter" – and glad that you are thinking about working at Hudson Dream Farm – to me the job as concession operator would be a good one for you.  You would be the one to decide how much you would make – as it would be your job to keep "merchandise" in – also you decide the hours you want to work – and of course – the more hours, more effort put into stocking it – the more $!

I'm thinking seriously about going back – as driver.  I must be writing Mr. Ream but as it stood last year I pretty much have the job wrapped up!  You sign a contract for such & such a job – so you should be safe from being switched to another job.

I'll be there for your graduation!  My calendar is marked – I don't want to miss seeing the 195th class of P.E.A. graduate – which includes my sophisticated brother.

Yesterday I had some day – came from Alleppey [Alappuzha] to Quilon [Kollam] by boat –46 miles – took 9 hours – not the luxury type boat either.  It was a riot – packed full of people getting off & on w/ all their things every 10 to 15 minutes.  Was beautiful – coconut trees along the say ––

I can't believe the classy offices at Wells – who is going to get them?  Yes – I want where the action is – the braiding room ––

The South is really nice – but few "fair skinned" people make it down this way – thus I seem to be the center of attention.  In Trivandrum [Thiruvananthapuram] I'm treating myself to a 1st class hotel – hot water, western toilet – comfortable bed!  The South has more than its share of bugs – I'll be in Ceylon in about a week – will try to get you some stamps from there.

Hey – did they ever find out about the thieves?

See you in March – but in the meantime let me hear about your program for the summer of 1976!


Thursday, January 21, 2016

1976 Roberta's India Letter to Hortons -Jan.22

January 22, 1976
Dear Uncle Bill, Aunt Mary, Grandma & Rob
      (and could I forget Kitty)

1st of all if my memory serves me right – it is the time of year to wish you a Happy Birthday, Uncle Bill!  I hope you have a happy one and I'll be thinking about you on the 31st!

I'm now in Trivandrum – just 50 some miles from the Southern most point in India – where I plan to go tomorrow.  Three oceans meet there – the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea, & the Indian Ocean!

Yesterday I had an experience – came by backwater from Alleppey to Quilon – took about 9 hours to cover 40 some miles – beautiful all the way – coconut trees lined the water – Then from Quilon came on here by bus ––

I like India – but travelling is some kind of experience – getting from place to place is almost as "rewarding" as seeing the sights once there!

In Trivandrum I'm treating myself to the luxuries of life – comfortable bed, hot water, western style plumbing, etc.  It's costing me just less than $5.00 a night.  OH – I even have a bath-tub!  In most of the places I stay you take a bath out of a old medal bucket!

I bought a "Hindi made easy book" and learned alot of phrases, words, etc. But these people don't speak Hindi – Even the Indian people have trouble when they travel outside of their own area.

Except in the big cities (Delhi, Bombay & Calcutta) the telephone numbers are only 2 or 3 digits (i.e. 29, 62, etc.)

You can write me at Bombay – then they will forward it on to me.

Hope 1976 is off to a good start for every one ––Eat a green salad for me – I eat enough rice for all of you ––

Love, Berta

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

1976 Roberta's India Letter -Jan.20

January 20, 1976
Dear Family,

Am now in Alleppey – came by bus today from Cochin.  It was with comfort in mind.  The journey just took 3 hours – but if you consider it is only 64 km (about 90 miles I think) you see that travel in the roads are slow.  The roads themselves are not good – narrow in alot of places – where only 1 way traffic could go at 1 time.  I was really taken in by the beauty of the land – should have taken alot of pictures but instead talked to a Catholic priest most of the way here.

None of my tourist books gave any hotels for Alleppey – when I got here I asked an older couple sitting behind me if they could recommend a suitable hotel.  The wan went off & asked a policeman – soon there were about 10 men gathered around discussing where would be the best place for me to spend the night.  Finally it was decided the YWCA would be the best – so they put my suitcase & sleeping bag in the police "car" and I jumped in – and they personally delivered me to the YWCA.  I felt a little funny getting out of the police car – more like a jeep – all eyes were upon me as I got out!

My room here is adequate – 1 chair, 1 Indian type bed – no sheets – no pillow – Do have attached Indian style bathroom.Am paying 5 Rupees for the room – and could have had 3 meals for another 3 rupees.  But I decided against that as I wanted to go out this afternoon & check the town out.  Also I'll be leaving tomorrow AM before breakfast is served.

Alleppey is a water-borne city – it is the coil center – of Kerala.  Coil rope is made from coconut husks – then made into mats & carpets.  The food here is also cooked w/ coconut oil – had an egg omelette for lunch – for supper had vegetable Biryani.  That is just a fancy name for RICE – It's like fried rice – has good stuff mixed in w/ it – a nice change from white rice.  I have 1 request – when I get home NO RICE, POTATOES, or BREAD!  I would love to see a Ponderosa right now – eat a big steak & good salad.  I think I would leave the potato though!  Also ICE would be a treat for me.

Lamb (mutton) is very cheap here – also fish – but I'm careful where I eat meat.  Chicken is always the most expensive thing on the menu.

Tomorrow I leave for Quilon by boat – – it takes 8-10 hours – cost 1.50 (18¢), that's a pretty cheap days entertainment & means of getting somewhere at the same time.  The boat is to leave at 7:00 AM – but I am to be down there by 6:00 AM as they don't sell tickets ahead of time.  I could have left tonight to Quilon by boat at 10:00 PM but I decided I would rather put the $ out for a hotel room so I could make the trip during the day time.  Since I don't have an alarm I have to go to bed early so I'll be sure to wake up!

I got your letter yesterday – written Jan. 1st – THANKS – was good to get news from home.

–– It is now Wednesday – 21st of Jan.  Have to laugh when I reread above paragraph as to going to bed early – Last night as I was writing this 3 girls at the YWCA knocked on my door & wanted to know I wanted to go with them to hear a revival – so I went.  Happened to be an American preacher from PA – but did not have a chance to talk to him.  Service wass suppose to begin at 8:00 – we got there early at 8:15 – it got started a little after 8:30.  About 10:15 we got back – the mistress made some tea and we sat up & talked till almost 12:00, came to find out one of the girls was from Trivandrum – but working in Alleppey as a teacher  All 3 girls work in Alleppey.  I seemed to be the only transient guest there.

So this morning at 6:00 they (3 girls) woke me up and then went down to the boat jetty w/ me.  Very few times have I had to see myself off – the boat left about 7:30 & the trip was beautiful – just – little slow!  the boat was full of people – and All types of things – we made it seemed a hundred stops – w/ people getting off & on – Most of the time the boat was packed – I'm glad I made the trip – I'll never forget it.  Got to Quilon about 5:00 – and bus station was right next to boat jetty.  I had thought of staying there but all my books had no place to suggest so I went to see about next bus & it was ready to pull out – I got to Trivandrum about 6:30 – made some phone calls – YWCA, 2 other cheap places  but no rooms.  So called up MASCOT – and from last night to tonight went from Rags to Riches!  Fodor's book has it  mentioned as 1st class – reasonable!  It's also in the India on $5 & $10 a day book.  My room is 41 Rupees – but it is the NICEST I've had in India.  Has little extras like – soap, towels, even stationery (but its heavy!).  The bedroom is as big as most of the restaurants in India – I have a big sitting room and a WESTERN style bathroom w/ tub that has both HOT & COLD water!

1st thing I did was to take a bath.  And I needed one too after being on the boat & bus today.

It cost me less than $1.00 to go from Cochin to here – $1.00 + 2 days – HA!  Kerala is a beautiful state – but full of my friends the mosquitoes – Last night at the YWCA there were lizards in my room about 3-4 inches long.  Mary V. you would have liked them.

So now I'm in Trivandrum – haven't seen much of it – except the bus station & then to here.  Tomorrow I'll go to the tourist office (which is right here in the hotel) then plan to go by bus to KOUALAM Beach – it is said to be one of the finest in the world.  Only about 8 miles from here.  Then Friday plan to go to Cape Comorin [Kanyakumari] – Southern most tip of India.  Will go & come back same day.  Will go on bus from bus station – not tour – K.B. (don't know her name – but girl at Y.W. from Trivandrum) gave me explicit directions as to what buses to take – etc.  Then on Saturday I am to meet her as she is coming home for holiday – Republic Day – Jan. 26th.  I had planned to go to Ceylon that day – from Rameswarem (by ferry – city runs on Mondays & THursdays) but won't go now till 29th or 2nd.  Will finish up the South 1st – except for Madras & Pimpri-Chinchwad.  Will probably leave here Sunday or Monday for trekking.  Will talk to tourist office tomorrow about best schedules (bus & train) there.

I'm ashamed how few letter & cards I've written – esp. to Grandma & the Hortons.  I hope you pass on the news in my letters – or the letters themselves.

It is HOT in Southern India – today in the boat you could see alot of boats go by & the people in them had umbrellas over their heads.  My room has 2 big fans – nice right now – but come mid-afternoon – another story.

People are dark – look very close to a negro.  They stare at fair skinned people –

I'm enclosing some pictures from Otty – please send them on to G'ma.  Now don't I look good & healthy in them – TOO HEALTHY – too much bread, rice & potatoes!

Again – thanks for your letter – I'm anxious to see (after March 13) the new offices at Wells!  I have plenty of film – alot of times a photo doesn't get taken because it either seems inadequate or I'm too busy talking – etc.  India would be a good country to have a movie camera in.

Bombay seemed much more modern than Dakar.  Bombay is THE CITY in India.  It's the fashion city, the Industrial city, the "Hollywood", etc.

I finished up the soybeans [?] my 1st couple of weeks gone.  The space in my suitcase is OK – I did mail a small but heavy package to you all from Bangalore.  You won't be getting it for awhile – hopefully when it comes you won't have to pay duty on it.

I'm sleepy tonight – after my short night of sleep last night!  But I was glad to have the chance to talk to some Indian girls.  You do not see India girls (my age) travelling – I don't know what they do w/ themselves!

I've had 3 letters from Jackie Phalen – each time w/ only a 10¢ stamp on them and they come just as fast as yours!  Only Jackie would get by w/ it!  Every time I can plan for enough I let Banerjee know my address – then he forwards my mail on – he wonders what I'm up to – as he said I could cover the South in 3 weeks.  I'd like to get back to Bombay but I feel that while I'm in the South I should see what there is to see – also as I've said before – travelling from place to place is no picnic & I find I have to give myself time to rest up in between.

In the South you eat off of Banana leaves – after each person thrown out.

Got J.B. letter – written Dec. 25.  I thought about him alot today as I saw many row boats coming down the river.  As I said before – it was beautiful trip – coconut trees lines the waterways.

Hope each one of you are fine – my trip is more than half over – next year (or maybe 2 years from now) I'll take a LONG trip – covering the Middle East and India Again!

My greetings to one & all –––


Monday, January 18, 2016

1976 Catherine's Letter -Jan.19

January 19, 1976
Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary,

Hi!  I'm trying to be more regular in letter writing so I am sending you another letter even though I have not yet heard from you!

I got my pictures back on Saturday.  Amazing, but most of them turned out.  I will send some of them on for you to see at a later date.  I need to look at them some more and see which ones Joe might like to have copies of.  I think I'm having more trouble readjusting to American life than I had in Africa.  My digestive system is not yet completely back to normal.

My social life seems to be picking up somewhat.  I went dancing Wednesday night and last night.  Saturday night I went to a country much show featuring Red Sovine (if you ever heard of him) and Sunday afternoon I went to a spaghetti dinner – party.

X has gone to Chicago this week so I am in charge at the library.  I hope nothing terrible happens while he's gone.  It sounds like he has a fairly good chance of getting into the doctorate program at the University of Illinois.  They don't accept very many though so time will tell.  At the moment I am very satisfied with my life in Sanford so my plans for the near future do not include moving away from here.  I was thinking though that I might spend the remaining one week of my vacation in New Vienna this year, seeing as I haven't really spent much time with you all during the last few years.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Love, Catherine

Sunday, January 17, 2016

1976 Helen Kuntzman's Letter -Jan.18

Rev. Kuntzman served as UMC minister in New Vienna from 1959-1966.  He was born in 1899 and died in 1983, survived by two daughters from his first marriage and the three children that we knew in New Vienna – Reynolds Albert "Rennie" (1952-1993), Tom and Karol.  Helen, born in 1921, died in 2009.

January 18, 1976
Dear Harold and Jean,

Well, here it is almost the end of January, my how time does fly.  As you saw in our Christmas note, Albert had another bout in the hospital but he is home, got home on Friday before Christmas.  Jody and Tory came while he was still in the hospital and Charlie came on Saturday after he got home and they staying all the next week. leaving on the 29th.  We had a most pleasant Christmas.

Did your family get home for Christmas?  It was beautiful weather up here, on Christmas eve about 3 inches of snow arrived and it was just perfect.  We have had some cold weather and snow off and on but only had to miss one day of school so far because of the weather.

We talked when we were down about your coming up sometime after the first of the xxxxxxx year so thought I'd drop you a line and extend the invitation again.  We only have two Sundays with plans and that is next Sunday the 25th and also the 29th of February, so any other Sunday you would like to come will be fine.  If you want to wait for a little longer days and less chance of bad weather o.k. but we do hope you can make it in the next few weeks.  I have been pretty busy with a lot of overtime with my job but that is leveling off now too and it is good to settle back in the groove again.

Albert is feeling pretty good, they have him on a diet and he has lost 26 pounds and is not spry as he was but I think the lack of food and the medication has something to do with that.  He is more content to stay in this cold weather and is good too but come spring I'm sure he will be out and going again.
Don't know any more news to tell you now so come when you can and we will chat then.

Helen & all

Friday, January 15, 2016

1906 Nat to Lucie letter -Jan.17

Lucie Sarah Brown married Nathaniel Ballantyne on 6 Dec 1906.  Here is another installment in the communication he sent to her prior to their marriage.  At the time of this letter Lucie, age 25, was teaching elocution at Marshall College in Huntington, West Virginia.  Nat, 37, was living in New Cumberland.

The 1900 census shows Nat living with his mother, Irene Freeman Ballantyne, born in 1840 she died in September 1906.  In 1900 Nat's brother James (1873-1957) and his wife, Maude, were also living in the household.  James and Maude, and their son, James Jr., moved to Idaho sometime between 1910-1920, and later to Oregon where they are shown living in the 1930 census.  A daughter, Helen, born 1905 died in 1910.  Later in the 1930s, Nat, Lucie & Jean traveled west by train to visit them in Oregon.

1906 was an eventful year for Nat & Lucie with the death of her father Adrian Wilmer "A.W." Brown on May 16, his mother died on September 19, and their marriage on December 4.  Though we know that they were married 110 years ago in December, it appears from the postscript that she has not yet given him the answer to the marriage question.

The scanned 6-page letter is followed by a transcription.
1906 Letter from Nat to Lucie -Jan.17 p.1of6
1906 Letter from Nat to Lucie -Jan.17 p.2of6
1906 Letter from Nat to Lucie -Jan.17 p.3of6
1906 Letter from Nat to Lucie -Jan.17 p.4of6
1906 Letter from Nat to Lucie -Jan.17 p.5of6
1906 Letter from Nat to Lucie -Jan.17 p.6of6

Home, January 17, 1906
My Dear Lucie

Well must give you credit for being so prompt for on my arrival home last evening found your letter on my desk and was so anxious to hear from you that I just cast the others aside (if some of them did contain Checks and Orders) for I wanted to hear from you and learn how you were getting along.  Wrote to you from the City on Monday night and presume you have received it in this, and also sent you a little Box of nic-nacs.  Was into D....lings getting some for Ma and just thought that you might like a few also and had a box sent to you.  Did you receive them and what shape were they in when they arrived.

I'm glad to know you enjoy your Silver for can say that before I took them

down to you I had to look at them every night and I had them for about 3 weeks.  Must say I do admire my brush and so far have hesitated to use it for am afraid of soiling it.  Think I'll just keep it with the expectation of adding a piece from time to time and may be, some bright future day when I get a complete set can look forward to having them (yours & mine) altogether  eh . . but that will take a long time if only one piece each Xmas.  Of course it doesn't take so many for a man and then some of yours you'll have, won't you?

So you have seen "Simple Susan Simple" again.  Well it's a good play and full of fun.  Would like to see it myself again.  Fully intended to see David Garrick [?] at the Nixon on Monday night and dont you think I went down to see Heart of Maryland and didnt like it at all.  It is a Military play and the time during the Civil War.

Well Lucie have just finished with Mr. Donahoo.  Mr. McKensie and myself who

were appointed appraisers. (going over Atkinson's personal property) and we had to go over the whole house and appraise everything and you can imagine what a task we had.  Have you ever been there? their house from cellar to attic.  I hadn't ever been only in the Library to the best of my knowledge and it is certainly a "curiosity shop."  The 5 book cases full of books and old papers is certainly interesting to go through and the many pieces of bric-brac and old furniture.  Two bed room suites are of solid walnut with marble tops on the wash stands and dressers and also the curtain [?] stands and we were told cost some 150 to $200 when new.  Will hardly bring 25 or $30 today.  Also some other pieces in the parlor that were handsome pieces in their day.  Then we found so many of their golden wedding presents.  Diamond ring, watch and other pieces of jewelry and such table pieces as napkin rings, salt cellars, etc. that had never been used.  Some in the cases just as they had been presented to them.  And all the box of love letters which you have no doubt heard so much about.  We had to hurry along in order to get

through so didn't have much time [to] inspect the old curiosities as we would liked to have done.  I presume you read the Will.  Believe he will have more money than was expected and am glad to see it so.  For so many people thot [sic] he wasn't worth anything.  We were two days going over the appraisement.  So you can imagine how tedious it was.

Now almost forgot to tell you that my chickens commenced laying.  Got one egg last Friday but do not know what's the matter for that's the only one and am keeping it to show my rivals when they come in to see us.  Mrs. McAtee says she gets 20 to 25 a day and your's are laying 6 or 8.  I am doing all in power for mine.  Sent away and got some fine poultry food and am somewhat encouraged again.

Yes, am pleased to know that McAtees are going to stay over next summer.  Have been down quite a little since you left and we had some great Games (Pedro).  They often ask if I wouldnt like that you were here to play.  My Dyke has a nice layout almost every time I am there.  We play in

their room upstairs over the Dining room.  They have a great time with Mr. Byerly.  We invariably find Mr. D swaps and on one or two occasions laid himself out.  They were all away for awhile  one evening last week and he was so full when they got back home that he was helpless.  Mr. Dyke thought it a great joke.

Well Lucie you stated in your last letter that you hoped we would be successful at our meeting that day.  Now when I arrived home went straight to the Pottery and as Mr. Carson failed to be [?] in appearance we adjourned to meet on last Thursday and he was on hand but the judge & Mr. Porter failed to be [?] in appearance so we went a head with the meeting.  We ignored them entirely just as they had been doing with us in the past and now that they have found it out they are puzzled to know what to do but you know Lucie Judge is cunning and he will try to do us if he can so we are waiting anxiously for our Meeting (Annual) on next Tuesday.  We cannot see how we can last but we may meet our

"Waterloo."  Will let you know how we come out.

Now my dear girl must leave you and am looking for a letter again on the usual day for before the day is over may want something to console me and nothing would please me more.  Unless it would be your own dear self.  Remember me to Misses Harvey, Harkney [?] & any others you can to and take good care of your dear self and do not let that cold get a hold on you.

Called in to see the folks at the Office as went by at noon and they all seemed in good spirits.  Do hope your father won't over do himself again.  He seems to be holding his own well and should he not have a back set he may get pretty well again.

Hoping you are well and happy with much love I will say Au r-Voir [sic]

Yours Affectionately,


P.S. My dear am going to ask you for that Answer some of these days in the near future.  And you must tell me, Won't You.  You know what I've said before and I mean it, every word of it too.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

1946 Photo of HH -Jan.15

1946 photo of HH 
Geibel's Photo Service, 712 Lake Ave., Lake Worth Fla. 
Jan 15 1946 

Monday, January 11, 2016

1986 Roberta's Letter -Jan.14


Hi – –

Do let us know when you all would like to spend 2-3 months in the trailer – then we would swing for the annual lease & enjoy weekends at our 2nd home throughout the rest of the year!

I go for that leisure living myself!

We had a big mtg today – Re Senior Village.  Looks like we will be hiring a part-time activity person.  Also increasing our housekeeping services, YEAH!

Hope you all are adjusting well to that COLD weather again – Sure happy to have had you all here for the holidays.

Love, RUK

Sunday, January 10, 2016

1976 Roberta's India Letter -Jan.13

January 13,1976
Dear Family,

Hi!  Remember Nov. 13th? [Evidently the day Roberta flew from NYC to India]  As it goes now I plan to make reservations to fly to New York on March 13th – the last possible day my ticket is good for!  I won't be able to make reservation now till I get to Madras.

We are now in OTTY – the Shahs came with me and we've really been busy.  It's a beautiful area – we rented a taxi for a whole day and drove here & there.  We went to a spot that is 8,600 feet above sea level.  Otty is COLD – esp. at night – central heating and electric blankets do not exist in India!

There is alot to do here – today we had a full program (All the Indian people use that word – whenever they plan anything) we went horse back riding in the morning (3 hours) and this afternoon went out in a row boat.  I wrote J.B. and told him he missed some good laughs!

We got an adequate hotel room – 12 Rupees for 3 beds!  Hot water comes in buckets every morning.  For each person 1 free bucket – for extra 50 paisa (6¢).  Also we get hot tea about 7:00 AM served in room – 25 paisa (3¢).

We came by bus here – it was a beautiful drive – esp. after Mysore.  We went through alot of wild life sanctuaries but can't say I saw much except for alot of small monkeys and goats.  Alot of cows – but they don't even register w/ me anymore.

I sent you all a post card requesting that you send a BLACK FINE CROSS PEN REFILL to .... I had a cross pen w/ me & gave it to him for Christmas – and the refill in it was no good.  I would greatly appreciate it if you sent it AIR MAIL INSURED.  Also if you would enclose a note saying how much I enjoyed the hospitality of him & the Jhangiani family.  They really went out of their way to make me feel at home.  I've got to admit I miss the good homemade preparation – esp. the YOGURT!  I thought I would never like plain yogurt!  I sent this request on a postcard but I don't really trust the mail service here – but there is NO other way to correspond – at a reasonable price.

I have really enjoyed OTTY – I'm so glad the Shahs came as it is a place that would not be much fun by yourself – but in general I've been glad I'm traveling alone.

We saw an Amer. movie tonight McHALE'S NAVY – cost us 1.50 Rupees each (18 cents)

Write me – Bombay address –


Saturday, January 09, 2016

1976 Roberta's India Letter to John -Jan.13

January 13, 1976
Dear John,

How is it to be back in school after your Christmas Holidays?  Do you remember what happened on November 13th?

I'm really enjoying my travels – I've run into some of the nicest people.  I've also run into some real characters – like some "American Hippies" that demanded money from me!  In general I have no use for the American young people that are traveling in India!

I'm now in Otty – it is a hill station in the South part of India.  In the summer the Indians (Rich ones) come here to cool off.  We went to a place yesterday 8,600 feet above sea level.

There is alot of stuff to do here.  The Shahs came with me to Otty – we've been busy & I've often thought of you & know if you were here you would have had some GOOD LAUGHS – like this morning we went on a 3 hour horse back ride.  Then we had our lunch & then went row-boating all afternoon.  Talk about a day and a half – I'm tired tonight!

I sent to you a bunch of stamps to New Vienna.  If you did not get them please let me know.  Also – would you like more – of any stamps – how about the old issues they have out?  I just got you the ones that have come out in the last year or two.  Write to me in Bombay & let me know the situation.

Right now I'm planning on coming home March 13th – the last day my plane ticket is good!  You will be in New Vienna then won't you?

Postage rates for overseas mail went up as of the 1st of January in India.

Hope you are "enjoying" your last semester at Exeter.  Do you see Catherine very much – what is new with her?  I'm anxious to know about her trip to Africa!!

You should have been here to help us ROW today – it was funny!


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1895, 1905 C.J. Uible - the young man

On a winter day, Sunday, January 7, 1883, Cecil Uible was born in Wayne Township, rural Clermont County, Ohio.  The township borders Marion Township in Clinton County, Ohio.  His younger sister Serena was born less than two years later, Cecil was the youngest son of David and Sarah Elizabeth Smith Uible.  Seven years later his mother died.  When he was 10 his older sister, Mary Louisa died.  Older brother George Clyde died in 1906 and his brother Ennis died in 1910.

Fortunately for us, Cecil married Gladys Hiestand in 1912, when he was 29 years old and she was 19.  And thus continues our family history.

Dates on these photos are approximate as they are undated.  They are, however, identified as CJ Uible, photos property of HH Uible.  In both the 1895 photo and the 1905, a second scanning is the same photo without the framed background.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

1976 Catherine Letter -Jan.12

January 12, 1976
Dear Mom, Dad and Mary Virginia,

I'm really sorry you didn't get my correspondence from Africa.  Here in Sanford it appears that about half of the postcards I sent arrived.  I mailed them in two batches and the second batch arrived but the first one didn't.  Of course the first one were the important ones like you, the library, Grandma, etc.

I greatly appreciate your making it possible for me to go as I had a wonderful time.  Joe and I got along super-well together and I enjoyed seeing alot of Dakar and Senegal.

I am in hopes that my financial condition will improve during the coming year, especially as X and I should get our affairs settled.  I am planning to repay the money you put into the house as soon as that time arrives.  I got a raise at the library which after taxes etc. comes to about $2.50 / week.

They had some winter weather here in Sanford while I was gone.  I returned to find about two feet of snow on the ground and last night we got about eight more inches.  It has also been quite  cold and windy.  I got some suntan and a few freckles while I was in Africa but I'm afraid it is going to fade fast.

Is Mrs. [Priscilla] Walker still at the Happy Hours?  I didn't hear anything from her at Christmas.  I had some flowers sent and I'd like to make sure they arrived otherwise I can make a fuss at this end of the line anyway.

I was hoping to take accounting through the community college this coming semester but it turns out they only offer Accounting II and of course they won't let me take that until I've had Accounting I. So I have to wait until the fall semester if I want to take it from them.  I might be able to take it at Nasson which I think might be worth it if I'm really up for taking it.  Otherwise, or possibly in addition, I'm going to take either Spanish or shorthand through the high school both of which I've had before but don't remember that much of.

I went bowling Saturday night with a guy named Rick.  We had a good time and I did fairly well for a novice.

I have been on a diet since my return to Sanford as I figure I've gained about 10 pounds during the last year.  Ten pounds a year could add up pretty quick.

I think I'll bundle up now and take this to the post office and do some other errands.


Tuesday, January 05, 2016

1986 MV Letter -Jan.10


Hi –––

Here is my completed schedule.  I have only one class to add which will probably be one afternoon (approximately 1 hour).

I haven't heard from Inter Cristo yet, but the mail hasn't come today.  I am also waiting to hear from Inter Varsity about addresses for summer (music) missions.

I appreciate you're checking on insurance for my toe – also, I need a dental form for Dr. McMullen.  My appointment with him is this Friday.

I have re-arranged my room here at school, so that I now have a double bed.  It's a good thing I don't have a roommate this year because of all my "junk."  It has been nice having a single room.

I need to go to AAA for pictures and write Aunt Mary about our Florida plans.  We will probably arrive there March 21 and leave the 27th.


Monday, January 04, 2016

1976 Roberta's India Letter -Jan.8

January 8, 1976
Dear Family,

I have alot to catch you up on and just a little time – but I'll try my best.  1st of all all met the nicest Indian couple (about 35-40 years old) on the train from Hyderabad to Bangalore.  It was kinda funny because as I had written to you – the Meth. gave me a big thing of flowers to wear around my neck.  Anyway they thought at 1st I was someone very important or high up – because of the flowers.

We were in the same compartment and talked all the way from Hyderabad to Bangalore – except for getting a short nights sleep.  We made plans to meet in Bangalore and do some things.  When I (WE) got to Bangalore I called up the Meth. woman to find out about where I would stay.  She said that the school was on holiday and that everyone was gone – she was leaving that day but it had been arranged for me to have a room there.  When the Shahs found this out (they waited at the station to help me) they insisted I come to their house.  So I called the Meth. woman back up & told her that I had decided to stay in town.

The Shahs have only lived in Bangalore 5 months – are from Hyderabad.  He is in the cloth business – wholesale & they are members of the Jain religion – very religious.  Don't believe in killing anything – even have a special thing they wipe off the ground w/ before sitting down (inside the house) so as not to kill ants!  They are complete vegetarians – no eggs, fish, etc!

Since I've been here I've been learning how to cook a few Indian dishes – like vegetables, & different types of bread.  But every meal you can count on RICE – sometimes plain white rice, sometimes fried rice w/ vegetables in it, etc.

We've been very busy this week – one day we went to Nandi Hills – a small hill resort about 40 miles from here.  Went by bus early morning & back the same day.  Took 2 hours to get there and almost 3 hours getting back.  Travel – and again I repeat is – SLOW in India.  Sunday as I wrote we all went Mysore.  They have a 20-year-old adopted son who came w/ us to Mysore.

Also I've done some shopping here – went to the wholesale district and bought some rings – also material for P.J.'s – and got 2 shawls, etc.

OH – I'm learning to wear a saree – the 1st problem was finding one LONG enough – finally we found a cotton one – orange & brown print – then had a brown blouse made – later also found a blue & red print saree and got a blue blouse made for it.  Vizay (Mrs. Shah) had the blouse pieces – cost me 7 rupees to have the 2 blouses made.  The one thing that bothers me is that it is Indian custom for women to wear the blouses very tight!  After having one on you can see red marks on the skin.

I'm getting pretty good at wearing a saree – have one on all week – sometimes when I walk I step on it which causes a little problem.  I got the sarees wholesale so that helped alot on the prices – paid about $4 for each!

I'm getting a box ready to send home – but don't expect it any too soon – as I'm sending it via ship – so I might make it home before it does.  By ship it costs 13 Rupees per kilogram – which is about 2.5 pounds.  I'm sending some things for all of you – so do open it up when it comes – as the time gets closer I'll fill you in on more details.

We are now in a park – Bangalore is full of beautiful parks.  We're (Vizay and myself) are waiting on Vigee (Mr. Shah) – we've packed a lunch.  After lunch plan to go boating.  This morning saw another Hindi movie – Vizay loves the movies – and for 2 or 3 Rupees it is pretty cheap entertainment.  Their movies are full of music – scenery is always good – Also alot of customs etc. can be seen in the movies.

The movies are a favorite past-time of the Indian people.  One thing – only in Delhi, Calcutta, Bombay & Madras is there T.V.  I was told in Hyderabad that they will get it next but probably not until 1978!

After the movie stopped at the post office to get stamps – wrote Ruth Shoemaker & G'ma and to my surprise the rates for foreign letters all went up as of January 1st!  The worst part about it was that in Hyderabad I wrote a few letters & card and posted them using the old rates!  I did mail you all a letter from there but mailed them back registered.  –– Just remembered that I sent you all plus some other post cards just a day after arriving in Bangalore.  Doubt if you will get it ––

Rates went up to 1.60 Air-ogram; 1.40 postcards, and 2.80 for letter to Ruth.  This increase means an increase in my expenses!

I've had some funny experiences since I've been at the Shahs house – for 1 thing I realized that my toothpaste was being used up fast – I hated to say anything but finally I asked them if they liked it – cam to find out one of the servants had been putting it on her face!  They have 2 full time servants & 1 part-time.  For an Indian couple they are well off – esp. since they only had 1 child – who is now old enough to work.  He works in a cloth store.

I did not tell you in the post card but on Sunday on the way back from Mysore we stopped to eat.  When getting ready to cross the road my right lens of my glasses decides to fall out.  And along comes a auto rickshaw & crushes it.  The whole thing happened so fast!  So on Monday I went to the glass & frame place w/ Mr. Shah.  Was glad he was there as they 1 st said 68 Rupees – he knew that was too much – finally settled for 45 Rupees – Have to HAGGLE every time!!

I didn't get eyes tested  but they got the prescription from my sun glasses.  I wanted to get the old ones (that I lost lens) fixed but they had no luck getting a glass to fit it.  I was sure glad for my sunglasses as it took 2 days to get new glasses.  Got them yesterday – they seem very good – no problems!

Tuesday we had a funny experience – went to the Ashoka Hotel – 5 star hotel in Bangalore.  Paid 5 Rupees each to swim.  There were lots of foreigners all around the pool but pool was empty – after jumping in we found out WHY – the pool was icy COLD!  I was in the water 5 minutes, took a hot shower & got dressed.  I'm glad I didn't check in the Ashoka hotel for purpose of swimming as single rooms there are 115 Rupees – about $14 a night.  To live in luxury here it takes lots of $ –

Tomorrow Vizay and I are going by bus to Ottachmand [Ottapalam?] – will probably be there 2 days then I'll go on to Cochin [Kochi] from there & she will come back to Bangalore.  It is supposed to be one of the best hill stations in the South.

As for mail just send to Bombay – I keep in touch with them so feel that is the best.

Have been at "home" now for last page – enjoyed boating.  Luckily we got a row boat for 6 people so we got to share the job of rowing.

My pants seem to be getting tight.  In Bombay I thought I would enjoy the good food & then diet on my tour of the South – then in Hyderabad the Methodists fed me like there was no tomorrow.  Now in Bangalore I'm eating like a queen!  They always say that everything has my name on it!  They love the sweet taste – sugar goes on & in everything – carrots, tomatoes, – in milk – you name it!

I hate to leave Bangalore – the Shahs have almost got me convinced to sop here for a few days again between Madras & Bombay.

I've been in India now 2 months – I've got to reach Madras by Feb. 13th in order to get an extension on my visa.  I should have done it in Bombay . . . .

Bangalore is suppose to have the best climate in India.  In winter its not too cold – in summer not too hot.  Nandi Hills was cool and Otty is suppose to be cold too!

I guess the house must be quiet once more – w/ John & Serena back in school.  Or I guess Serena is off for the whole month!

Every where I go people give me addresses of people to call in the places I'm going when I left Bombay I had addresses galore from Banerjee & Jhang...  Now the same is true as I leave Bangalore.  Also when I left Hyderabad . . . .  If I do have trouble they might come in handy –

Think of you all often & trust every one is doing fine.  I wish I could send you all a LONG tape to fill you in on all the details of my everyday life. I think the Astrologer was right when he said I would hate to leave India.

Saw jacks today in a store – were plastic – 2 Rupees – no ball.  Say hello to ladies at the shop – Must close – past midnight –

Love, Roberta

Items from Uible photo album