Tuesday, March 31, 2015

1985 Roberta's Letter -Mar.30

Dear Folks,

We just finished getting the NARFE newsletter folded, stapled, labeled & sorted as to ZIP CODE – thank goodness we don't have a Sr. Village N/L to get out this month!

I'll enclose a copy of the latest JAG [?] letter – ENVY VS LIBERTY – I'm going to send the old boy $10 – doubt if it would be tax deductible!!   HA!

It looks like we will be paying out big bucks again for Taxes.  Did I tell you we both opened up an IRA – we had talked about doing it last year – but never quite got around to it. (for 1983) –

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY – Miss Wendy Jean arrives.  So far we just have lined up 5 nights of activity – Oh!  Also a wedding for next Friday AM – we (Sid & I) are to be standing up for this couple.  It is going to be a small wedding – out in a park in Tempe – near the Lakes' area – if you remember it.  Afterwards we will all go to Hungry Tiger – a pretty nice restaurant – we have been talking about going there – even before we were married.  It is fine for Wendy Jean to go to the wedding – Sid will also be the photographer – he's happy about that – would rather be busy than just "hanging around."

Now Saturday Aftn – will sign off – We will call you this week ––

– Oh I've been subpoenaed by the State to be a witness on 4/18 – for a trespassing that took place 1/82 – at Sr. Village – when one of our houses got broken into.  Isn't that something?

Then on the 21st I have to give a 3 minute talk at Presby. Church on Sr. Village – that's enough public speaking for the entire year!

Hope all A-1.  I'm glad Grandma is back in OHIO ––

Love –––


Monday, March 30, 2015

1975 Catherine's Letter -Mar.27

March 27, 1975

Dear Mom, Dad and Mary,

Sorry you haven't hear from us in so long.  We've been pretty busy patching things up, working on the house and at the library and I have a new part-time job as cashier at the Stop-&-Go in Springvale.  I work there two hours every morning and eight hours on Sunday.  There is a chance that I could become a manager trainee and work there full-time instead of at the library but I'm not sure yet that I want to do that.  I would involve working the night shift and the pay as trainee isn't that great although after you've been a trainee for awhile if you can become an assistant manager the pay is much better.

The house is coming fairly well.  X has found some people to help him work on it.  Some of the interior walls are up now and he hopes to begin the wiring soon.  We are still in hopes of moving in during June as we have to be out of here by July 1.  But if we run out of either time or money before then we will have to rent someplace else temporarily until the house is done.  We are beginning to sort out our belongings and throw out what can be gotten rid of instead of moving it.

No visible signs of progress are yet apparent as far as the library addition goes.  The plans are to put if for bid sometime in April and then begin construction in June which means that we probably won't be in it until late fall or early winter.

We had some nice spring type weather last week but this week has reverted to winter with temperatures back down below freezing and very windy.  Hopefully with the arrival of April the temperature will rise somemore.

We went to Portland last weekend – X went to the boatshow and I did some shopping.  Bought a shirt, a bathrobe at Marshall's as you suggested, and got some god cheese and snack stuff at Hickory Farms.



Sunday, March 29, 2015

1975 GHU Letter -Mar.24

Mon. evening -24th
Dear Family,

I am sure you are all having a good time with more of the family being home. Roberta had thought of joining you all but her vacation is not long & since she had spent so much time on Sta- [Statistics] she is now getting on Science (?) with full force with a test tomorrow I believe or soon.  She still like to work at the R. House part time.  She often gets a call.

At least she is not going to work Easter.  I told her that was one day we expected her to join in with us for I had her to make reservations for our Easter dinner at a very nice Rest. – in Atlantis.  Perhaps you have eaten there at one time.  Anyway I can take it once a year.  It is about the same class as the Lamb [presumably Golden Lamb in Lebanon Ohio].  We don't have to pay for the room.  Cris will arrive Thurs.  I think Roberta will go to Miami to meet him.  The baby and parents Thurs. night arriving in W.P.B. 10 PM by plane.  The 2 Mrs. Kintners Fri. evening.  They are driving their car & will stay at Helen Brown's for they had some family leaving last week & to date to no one has rented it.  They will be leaving Sun. after noon some time.

The weather is too warm.  Bill wants the air conditioner on but Mary doesn't like it & neither do I.  It chokes us up & then Rob comes along & makes it cooler, you feel like you were in a frig – so2 days is all we have used it so far.  I certainly wouldn't like 6 more months like it has been the last week.  We did have a nice little shower with the sun coming out a little later.

Roberta took me to see Mrs. Hobby one morning & she was expecting her daughter and Granddaughter from Bluefield, W. Va.  Mary, Roberta & I went to a luncheon & style show at the Breakers Sat. we had a very nice meal of roast beef, 3 small creamed potatoes, green beans, salad mixture containing beets so I gave them to Roberta, lime pie for dessert.  I forgot the Hard rolls, fruit cocktail, coffee or tea.

Sat. evening Mary & Bill were to play cards someplace so Roberta wanted to see the orchid display at eh W.P.B. Mall so she took me.  The flowers were beautiful & so many in different displays.  Then I decided to buy a couple of dresses.  We had quite an evening. Getting home at 10.  In time for Bed time.

I must soon decide when I may be leaving for Ohio.  Will it be an inconvenience Harold for you to meet me on a Thurs if it is cheaper that way?  For 15% off is a nice sum on a $88 ticket.  Must call up & find out from where I may leave etc.  I wondered if I should ask Mrs. Wilson if she & Becky could clean again.  She said they would last fall but conditions for Mrs. W. may be different now.  If you don't mind you might ask her & of course I am depending on Marie again.  She could clean after I get home if I am there to tell her so if the furnace will cooperate will get along al right.  I notice where the school issue fell down again.

We had a half hour of special music last Sun. before service Mrs. Rabb & Mary had practiced for 2 weeks, a lady also joined them in solo for one number & it was very pretty.

Jean it is a little late to be sending you money for a plant or flowers but enclose a $5 for same.  If not needed keep part or all of it for your plants you used for you had a bill to pay.

We had a Chorale group (32) from Drew Univ. who gave a good musical program Sun. evening at the church. Mary didn't offer to keep anyone this time.  Our Tourist class had their last class social for the season last Fri.  It was a covered dish affair with a short program.  I fixed tongue.  Would liked to have given Serena a slice.

Now have a nice Easter & wish you all a Happy Easter Day.

Love, Mother

Saturday, March 28, 2015

1975 Roberta's Letter -Mar.24

Dear Family,

Hi!  Seems I have more news for you all!  First off, did go to F.A.U. last night and got my grades . . . . . got 2 c's and one b.  Those are about the worst grades I've had since entering college . . . . . it's a good thing I'm just about done.  I've got an over-all average of 2.9 . . . . which I sure hope to bring up to above a 3.0 before graduating.

Last night I was reading want-ads and saw where Burdines was (um, were) advertising for help.  So I called them up this morning and asked them if they remembered me and told them I saw their ad in the paper.  I'm to have three days of training, two next week, and one the following week, then I'll start work, just on Sundays and maybe Saturdays.  I've decided it would be the best for me to quit Ranch House all together.  As I always seem to end up working double what I was scheduled to work.  Also the nice part about working at Burdines on Sunday is that they pay overtime, plus I would not have the responsibility there as I do at Ranch House.  But I still must keep up my friendships at the restaurant . . . . . . . in case I someday hope to work there.

I'm enclosing this thing on being honest that they gave us at UPS . . . . . thought it was good.  Because it is concerned with interstate stuff I had to give them permission to check out all the various law enforcement agencies to see if they had any records on me.

I've got a science exam tonight, so must stop and really do some concentraiting.  (however it is spelled!)

Happy Easter!



Monday, March 23, 2015

1975 Roberta's Letter -Mar.23

March 23, 1975

Dear Family,

Hi!  Can't believe that one week of my vacation is over – I've been sitting here trying to remember how I spent it!  I did work 4 days & 1 night shift.

Also I got my job at UPS which I feel is quite an accomplishment.  I had 2 interviews, an aptitude test (is that the word?) plus a physical to go through!

I was sorry that I missed your call – I had planned to call you that night & fill you in on all the news but I imagine that Grandma & Uncle Bill did a pretty good job.

At UPS I'm what they call a pre-loader.  They used to have the truck drivers doing this – but somebody figured out it would be cheaper to hire us (I'm not sure how many – but about 20 – all college students) to do the job – and then let the drivers be out on the road those extra hours.

About 68,000 packages come into W.P.B every day!  Those packages are run down a conveyor belt.  We are to stand by the belt and each one of us will have at least 1 truck – maybe more if you are near the end of the line.

Each one of will be assigned a truck – thus a certain area we must learn.  You know the packages have to be put in in a sequence order – as they will be delivered.

It is good money – I start out at $4.25 an hour [*see below] – after 30 days we get a 25¢ raise on the hour.  Also paid holidays & other benefits.  One of the big disadvantages (?) is that we have to join the union after 30 days – $10.00 to join – and about that much a month after that!  It's a Teamsters union out of Miami.

They told me that probably the summer they could use me full time but time will tell about that!

I did get a C on my last test in statistics – which I imagine mans I'll get a C out of the class – since I had a C on the 1st test and a B on the 2nd.  It's such a good feeling to have it behind me.  Last quarter I kind of let everything slide by so I could get through it.  I'm afraid I even got a C out of a criminal justice course I had – just because I didn't have the time to spend on it properly.

Also gave up alot of working hour (making $) and some socializing hours (so was able to save $ there).

About 2 weeks ago I had a short letter from Jackie Phelan.  She apologized for not showing up as expected at the bus station – just said that an emergency came up!  She also asked me for my address (Kinda crazy huh?) so she could send me some things she got for me in Africa. About a week later I had an air mail package from her w/ a billfold, change purse, & ID card holder – all from Dakar.

Yesterday Grandma, Aunt Mary and I went to the Breakers for the luncheon & stage show for the benefit of the American Cancer Society.  It was quite an affair!  I'm glad I had the opportunity to eat there  I won the center piece at our table – it's a pretty Easter arrangement.

I'm sending you all a package.  The calculator is for John or Dad – or whoever wants it.  The red & white "thing" is for Mary V – you may have to shorten it!

I signed up for field experience for next quarter – I'm to be at Sabal [?] Palm School – which is about 2 miles away for UPS – which will work out well.  As it is now – I'm planning on going there 2 half days – after work.  Sabal Palm is where all the delinquent kids go to school – there are kids there from 8 years old – up to 17.  About 80 in all.  The 1st day I was there 3 girls ran off.  It should be very interesting.  For awhile I thought of dropping it and taking criminal law instead – but after buying the book (for $18.50 – it can be returned & I'll get my $ back) I've decided to put up w/those kids at Sabal Palm.

Aunt Mary is really getting ready for the Kintners – she has bought a big box of disposable diapers, plastic bags to put them in, bunches of baby food, has the bed, etc. ready.  Of course G'ma thinks half of all that is happening to be unnecessary!  Uncle Bill is all excited – he's made plans to take little Robert to work w/ him one day & I don't know what all else.

OH! by the way – I don't think I even told you but the calculator I'm sending you all is only about 2 weeks old. The Saturday before my final the 2's & 9's started "shorting" out on me.  They weren't all lighted up.  So I called Sears up – and they said they would send it to Atlanta & have it fixed for free – but that it would take about 6 weeks.  I gave them my sad sob story & they said if I would bring in my receipt & old one they would give me a brand new in exchange.  So I hunted high & low for the receipt – luckily I found it – under-neath by bed!  It's a good thing I don't clean up that often! (Ho-Hum!)

Rob got the catalog form Tri-County.  Did you know they also offer courses at the vocational school in Wilmington?  That would be much better for him.  He jokingly said he wanted to take "farm equipment" – I told him he could get an A out of the course if Oscar Johnson helped him.

Oh!  When I had my physical the doctor told me I was _3_ pounds over weight.  I'm no longer _15_ pounds under weight – sorry to say.

I'm enclosing an article in the Miami Herald (a poor subject after the paragraph before) I found it to be quite interesting – thought Dad would enjoy looking at it.

Last night I went to talk to a Mrs. Foreshay [?].  Grandma knows her – she came to Florida in 1913!  A real pioneer!  You know, I was suppose to talk to Mr Garnett for my science class on how Florida has changed – but I messed around & now he is on a 2 week cruise.

It was really interesting talking to Mrs. Forshay.  She told me about when there was a 1 room school house here in L.W. – and how for 3 years – every year they would add another room.  Then they built a 12 room school house & everyone thought that was really a crazy idea – because they would never be able to fill it up!  She said how they sold the land down here for $1.50 an acre because everyone knew it wasn't useful land.

She also talked about when the railroad came through in 1926.  She told me about going to Miami (by car) how it was such a long trip – especially one time when they had to stop & patch a tire - 6 times!  At that time she said Miami was about the size of Lantana!!!

Mrs. Foreshay drives a 1955 Packard.  Where they lived from 1913 to 1973 – had to be torn down – for I-95.  But she says that is progress!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their vacations – those of you on vacation.

John – I appreciate you doing my income tax.

Serena – what have you been up to?

I've got to go – once I sit down & start writing – I have no trouble writing – HA!

Love, Berta

P.S.  I'm to be measured April 1 for cap & gown!

  1. *The minimum wage increased to $2.00 an hour in 1974, $2.10 in 1975, and $2.30 in 1976 for all except farm workers, whose minimum initially rose to $1.60. Parity with nonfarm workers was reached at $2.30 with the 1977 amendments.
  2. History of Minimum Wage - US Department of Labor

    United States Department of Labor

Sunday, March 22, 2015

1985 Roberta's Letter -Mar.22

[3/ ~22/85]
Dear Dad & Mom

Hi!  We do want to thank you both for the Sunday Brunch at the Hyatt – it was quite an experience – and delicious!  We just can't believe it was a whole 2 weeks ago!  We were talking today about all the choices & how beautifully prepared!

We were glad to that we had invited the Stubbs – they enjoyed it as much as we did – their 1st experience of fine dining – buffet style. (something 300% plus better than Duffy's style!)  The view was beautiful – 26th floor – rotated about every 30-40 minutes!

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to put this thank-you on paper!  We sure appreciate the gift – had lots of fun deciding what & where to eat!  Next we might try AZ Biltmore Sunday Brunch!  Probably not while Miss Wendy Jean is here!

Love, Roberta

Saturday, March 21, 2015

1985 MV's letter -Mar.18

March 18, 1985
Dear Mom and Dad,

Thanks again for lunch, movie, shoes, ice cream, and the care package with fruit in it yesterday.  That was the first time I had been to the Dayton Mall since Christmas, and I really enjoyed it.  Last night I got "home" from church about 10 pm and decided to move my room around.  I am not finished yet, but I like it.  I still have to move the desks and couch.  I even changed my sheets this morning.

The college career center puts out a newsletter each week and last week they had a blurb about a nursery looking for part-time help to bale [?] and burlap trees, etc.  It's for this Spring and summer.  I may check into that.

My schedule for next quarter is: Mon-Friday, classes 8-1, Work on Wednesday & Friday 2-5, Saturday (?), Choir on Wednesday, Young Disciples, Thurs.  Basically that's about it.  If anything new develops I'll let you know.

Hope you've recuperated from Mexico & enjoy Atlanta.  Thanks again for everything yesterday.

Love, M.V.

Monday, March 16, 2015

1985 Roberta's Letter to GHU -Mar.17

July MARCH! 17, 1985
Hi Grandma!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Did you have on your green today?  We had cooked cabbage & corned beef tonight – but no green beer!

How do you like this stationary?  [Symbol of the Los Angeles 1984 Olympics is on the back.]  It was a real bargain – 12 of them for 29¢!!  Also bought some other bargains while out shopping yesterday.  One of the 'bargains' should be arriving at 1025 N. 'B' before too long!

I talked with the folks Friday night – They were going to meet with Mary Virginia today to celebrate her birthday!

Sid washed the car today – looks so bright & shiny!  He even cleaned out the inside plus the trunk!  All the time he was doing that I was in the back yard working on my sun-tan!

Love, Roberta

Friday, March 13, 2015

1975 Roberta's Letter -Mar.13

March 13, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  Thanks for your letter & tape yesterday.  Mary Virginia – we all enjoyed your music – especially Aunt Mary !!  Rob says he will help you w/ your music when (and if) he is up North this summer.

Yesterday was exam day for e – I had my criminal justice exam plus my statistics theory test.  It was really bad – we got the tests about 7:00 pm – about 7:45 a boy walks up to the professor – tears his answer sheet into about a hundred pieces, sticks all the pieces in the prof's shirt pocket than pats the prof on the cheek – and walks out!!

John – does it feel good to be home & working  instead – instead of at school & working?  I wish I could send you my income tax to do – but as of yet I haven't gotten my W-2 (or is it W-4) form from Ranch House yet!  About a week ago I told them I was going to contact Internal Revenue & let them get it for me!

Right now I'm at work – I'm working today & tomorrow – probably same next week!

As for when I'll be home – definitely (sp?) some time in June!  After great thought I thought it best for me to stay here.  My science course – as boring as it is – I shouldn't miss 2 weeks straight.  It won't be done w/ till April 29th.

Also – and this will shock you – I have an appointment for a job next Thursday.  It's a part time job – just mornings w/ United Parcel Service.  The pay is really good – but I don't know if I want to quit here.  (as you might recall – I quit here already about a month ago – but every time they ask me to work I break down & work)

Serena – if you are serious about the idea of coming South for the summer – let me know – ok?  I've got you a job here – you could go to F.A.U. – or perhaps get a course at the Junior College.  Would you be interested in staying at a dorm at F.A.U.?  If you would need a car I'll let you use the Buick. – (for the summer – I'm planning on being up North) as long as you don't let anything happen to my Good tires!

I better close – maybe over my vacation (starts officially March 17 – after 2nd part of statistics test) I'll get a tape off to you all ––

Thanks for letter & tape again

Love, Berta

Thursday, March 12, 2015

1975 MV's Note -Mar.10



I have my piano lesson at 5:00.  Please pick me up at 5:30.

Love, M.V.U.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

1995 Bob&Pat Letter -Mar.9

Dear Jean & Harold,

Hope this finds you both well.

We have been busy this winter trying to do cross country SKIING which is hard since mother nature hasn't been too good for us.

We both enjoy reading the Guide Post magazine each month.

Pat and I are going back to the Dude Ranch  in N.Y. this Sept. then we are planning to go to NANTUCKET Sept. 25-30.  We would really enjoy it if you both could make it there then.  If you can you can pick-out a B&B or we enjoy the B&B we stay at last year.  WE are open for your ideas.  On the cover of the book is the inn we stay at and is right down town very handy and the price is very reasonable for the area.

Give our best to the rest of the family and hope some day they all can make a trip to N. England.

Take care
Pat & Bob

[from Pat]  P.S.  I had to pull the Nantucket Guide for someone who is going down in April and the other brochure will follow later.  – Pat

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

1985 Roberta's Letter to GHU -Mar.8

Sunday pm
Dear Grandma,

Hi!  I've been cooking for the last 2 hours –– so I'm ready for a change!   Actually most of that time was spent preparing - made a whole bunch of marinated vegetables and a pumpkin mousse.  Both of these being "diet recipes."

Last nite at the Presb. Church we attend there was a potluck & special musical program.  It was a group based in Florida called Paradise of Praise – 40 singers ranging in age from 18 to 78 years old!  It was good music – but almost like an old time revival – not quite our style.  13 Resident of S.V. also attended.  The supper started at 6:00 pm & we got home at 11:00 pm.  We (had them in S.V. houses) kept 3 of the singers overnight.  It was a long evening – esp. for the residents – most of them are used to going to be at 8:00 pm!

Then it was also a short night – had to have the 3 singers back to the church at 6:00 AM – one girl couldn't find her alarm clock so I had to call her at 5:00 AM.  Sure hope it is a quiet night tonight – I've got to catch up on my sleep!

Sid drives the trailer over to California (near Palm Springs) tomorrow.  He will leave it there & then be back Tuesday afternoon.  After it gets fixed – I'll drive over with him to pick it up – and for a mini-vacation!

Today we had brunch at a down town hotel with our friends Rick & Dorothy Stubbs.  At on the 24th floor – a revolving restaurant.  So much good food!  So tonight had some yogurt with strawberries (59¢ a pint).  Sometimes it seems all we do is cook or eat –

Hope all is fine w/ you.

Love, Roberta

Monday, March 09, 2015

1985 Roberta's Letter -Mar.8

March 8, 1985
Dear Folks,

WELCOME HOME!!!  We spent the most of two evenings typing the newsletter, but then we had the ribbon in that could be corrected, so mistakes could be covered . . . . now we have the 'cheap' ribbon in so you all will just have to suffer through the mistakes!!!!

We will be anxious to hear the details of your trip.  Thanks for the two postals.  Sure sounded like you all were having a grand time, using your Spanish, etc.  Did you all take any pictures???

We have reservations on TWA to leave here May 21st on a direct flight to London.  It does stop in NYC to refuel and such.  Then on the 4th of June I'll be returning and Sid on the 18th of June.  The tickets are $810 each.  They say the fares are going up apx first of April so to cover ourselves we will pay for ticket by then.  Of course they get you coming and going.  If I can book People's by then I'll do it.  But if not we are then going to have to go through with TWA.  If you cancel or even change the flights there is a 25% charge.  In someways I would just as soon stick with TWA - Sid's first long flight and might enjoy the comfort of TWA vs. People's.

We got a refund check for the sales returned right as you were leaving for Mexico.  It sat on the desk . . . . I kept thinking of what we could or should spend it on.  Then yesterday morning I sent Catherine a check for $200.00 -- to cover Wendy Jean's air fare and some spending money for her to leave home with.  This is a long story . . . but then I realized we could put that $119.95 toward Wendy Jean's trip.  So today I took the check and deposited it in our checking account.  Hope this is ok with you all.  Seems to me Catherine could use the extra money because when I talked with her one time concerning the trip she was saying that the truck had finally come apart . . . that they were ready to count their losses so to speak and move on to another car.  Then it looked like they would have to move and that would cost X amount of dollars.

I had said originally we would help with Wendy's trip . . . we really do look forward to having her.  Perhaps you have heard this story through Mrs. Salisbury, but at one point they weren't going to let Catherine take advantage of the super saver prices of the ticket since Wendy would be traveling alone.  Unless we knew someone in Denver.  I called up Pat and can you believe that the time Wendy arrives is not convenient with Pat due to her Church service.  Or perhaps you have heard this story from Catherine.

Of course, we had to find someone real fast because Catherine had to buy the ticket 30 days in advance.  As it turned out I had lots of offers from people who knew people in Denver.  Offers from everyone but my own distant relative Pat who is at least temporarily on my black list.  Glen Parker (our handicapped friend) has a sister-n-law there who will be meeting Wendy.  She is retired so works out nicely.  Mrs. Salisbury had lots of good ideas including the Salvation Army -- guess she had talked with Pucketts, Wendy the preacher's wife, etc.

I call up John (at work) to see if he knew anyone in Denver.  Also wanted to tell him we had sent in for the plastic money card -- and sure wanted him to get the credit.  I put his name on the outside of the form envelope, on the form itself, etc.  but you never know.  Also talked to Serena to see if she knew anyone in Denver . . . . I sure can't figure out why she lives in Chicago.  Even New Vienna would beat Chicago!!  Sid said I could have flown to Denver myself to meet her.  I could have put the price of all the phone calls I made concerning fining someone and that would have paid for one way travel!!!

We have reservations this Sunday at the Hyatt Regency for their brunch . . . . we are using the American Express "passes" . . . . thanks so much.  Have invited the Stubbs to join us.  Dorothy especially loves fine eating and doesn't have much chance.  I was surprised that Rich Stubbs was willing to go along with it.  We have invited them to be our guests.  Thought since we got to be treated we should extend the invitation.

It's now Saturday morning.  Have some good sales going on so I have to go and look over the lay of the land.  Again, welcome home, good to have you all back on the USA soil!! . . . and within reach of AT and T.

Love, Roberta

Sunday, March 08, 2015

1965 MV's Schedule & Info -Mar.8

Harold and Jean prepare for their annual trip to the Toy Show in NYC.  Must have been a new babysitter – possibly Ruth Shoemaker.  Interesting details about the everyday household schedule and daily life in New Vienna.  Transcription follows.


MV's schedule at 1 year + 1 week

7:15 Breakfast
  • MV's cereal – Pablum or Heinz (about a full bowl mixed with warm milk.
  • Glass Milk (plastic glass or cup)
7:45  Get dressed – clothes in pull out drawer above diapers

9:30 – Back to bed for approx. hour nap

12?   Lunch –
  • Jr. Food - Warm in bottle warmer or sink tho doesn't like some
  • or Soup - crazy about saltine crackers
  • Milk
1:30 or 2:00 - Back to bed

5:30 – 6:00 Supper
  • Jr. fruit in cupboard or mashed banana
  • Food from table
  • Milk
7:30 – 8:00 - Bed
  • Pajamas & sleeping bag & double diaper
Our address ––
  • Sheraton - Atlantic Hotel, 34th & Broadway, N.Y. City
  • or call Phyllis at shop (7-5181)
Notes ––

  • MV's toys are in bottom drawer of glass china closet in corner of dining room
  • Zwieback in pantry cupboard
  • Call Dr. Fullerton if needed for anything
  • Girls will get milk & anything else you may need at grocery.
  • Bedtime for John – 8:00
  • Serena – 8:30
  • Roberta – 9:30-10 or sooner
  • Catherine – 10
  • Girls know how to run dishwasher if you need help - also washer & dryer.
  • Call Charles Thompson if you have difficulty with furnace, fuses, etc.
  • Call Dayes for refrigerator, dryer, washer repair
  • Russell Ramsden of Hillsboro - furnace
  • Pepto-Bismol for upset stomach
  • Aspirin for whatever needed
Remember – You are boss & what you say goes! !  
[Written in someone younger's handwriting]  that's what she thinks!

Saturday, March 07, 2015

1975 Catherine's Postcard -Mar. 8

Mt. Katahdin, Maine from Summit of Turner's Mountain postcard mailed 1975. 
Captioned: Hikers admiring a spectacular view of the Great Basin and such famous spots as Keep Ridge, Pamola Peak, Part of the Dudley Trail and Cathedral Trail, and other well-known points of interest.  Color Photo by Paul A. Knaut, Jr.

Your letter arrived yesterday.  Things here are pretty much up in the air –– changing daily.  One day I decide one thing  & the next day I change my mind.  It has been raining alot but there is still some snow left.  Please send me the buy price of Foremost-McKesson stock when it was bought.

Love, Catherine & X

Thursday, March 05, 2015

1975 Roberta's Postcard - Mar.5

Roberta visited the Hinermans who wintered in/near Stuart, and this resort evidently was where their daughter's family stayed.
Outdoor Resorts of America at Nettles Island postcard mailed 1975. Captioned: Located on the ocean – with an island connected by causeway in the Indian River, Outdoor Resorts at Nettles Island is 130 acres of fun and excitement.  On highway A1A near Stuart, Florida, this unique recreational vehicle resort has 1585 beautifully landscaped sites with paved drives, concrete patios, picnic tables, and 5-point hookups.  There's a golden sand beach, two swimming pools, and facilities for all sports relating to the out-of-doors.  A staff of activity directors plan games, contests, and parties.

Got your letter, thanks!

Hi!  Was nice talking to you all – bet my statistics test really shocked you – now I'm really working toward a 'B'.  Its funny – at 1st I thought I'd be completely satisfied w/ a 'D'.

I've put up ads around school for ride to Ohio.  Had a good time in Stuart – this is Kengree's (sp?) place – Love, Berta

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

1975 HH speaks at Mother's Club - Mar.4

[Wilmington News-Journal March 4, 1975]

Legal Tangles New Vienna Mothers Club topic

Mr. Harold H. Uible, New Vienna Attorney, gave the program, Legal Tangles, at the New Vienna Mother's Club Tuesday night at the home of Mrs. Arthur Bernard.

Among the "Tangles" discussed were: traffic tangles, deed to properties, death and taxes, dissolution and annulment of marriage, wills and witnesses, wills and human organs, estate planning, right to recision law investments, car payments, broadness of law, law schools, municipal court, and court news in the daily paper.

Mr. Uible was introduced by the program leader, Mrs. Harold Uible.

The business meeting was opened by the president, Mrs. Lawrence Terrell by reading legend of the Easter Flower by Grace Mathew Walker.

The Bernard home was decorated with spring bouquets throughout.

A dessert was served from a tea table centered with lighted floating candles with Mrs. Lawrence Terrell presiding.

Members and guests attending were Mrs. John M. Hughes, Mrs. Paul Eltzroth, Mrs. J. Warren Terrell, Mrs. Eugene Drake, Mrs. A.W. Hause, Mrs. Linley Moore, Mrs. Ernest Cochran, Mrs. Joe A. Eaton, Mrs. Gerald Bernard, Mrs. Floyd Carey, Mrs. Wendell Walker, Mrs. J. Vinton Wolfe, Mr. and Mrs. Uible, Mrs. Charles D. Hildebrant, Mrs. Frank Meier, and Miss Kristan Meier.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

1995 Jean Hospital Auxiliary

1995 Clinton Memorial Hospital Auxiliary 
Pictured: Madge Bezona, Jeanette McKinley, Esther Conner, Kathleen Havey, Jim Chroust, Lois Allen, Peggy Bennett, Jo Miller, Jean Uible, Dorothy Adams, Mary Alexander and Phyllis Newton.

Items from Uible photo album