Friday, December 31, 2010

Dec. 31, 1989-99 End to Beginning

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1988 - Left home at 12:15 and rode bike to Greenfield non-stop, visited with Gene Drake in hospital.  He is unique.  Roberta called, MV came from Asbury to sing at Jackson Center tomorrow am.  We stayed home, looked at book on China.  Leesburg B&L, net worth $2,501,549.  Total assets, $23,642,285.

Sunday 1989 - [Phoenix] Went to Trinity Bible, visited "Gingerbread House" with Morgans.

Monday 1990 - Jean feeling better, sorting through old Christmas cards.  Had Margaret Ross real estate closing in Hillsboro.

Tuesday 1991 - Cris and Angela called us from Huntington, they stayed overnight at a Hillsboro motel.  WE met them at Heartland, then ate at Frisch's.  Squared dance in Wilmington, 11 squares.

Thursday 1992 - We all went to Wilmington, they saw Ruth, then to the Dutch Restaurant in Waynesville, most entrees $6.95.  Gas in Xenia at 99.9¢. then to Clifton to see the lights and Young's Dairy Bar, single dip $1.10.

Friday 1993 - Went square dancing in Hillsboro.  Wendy is looking for a job.

Saturday 1994 - [Phoenix to home] Had trouble finding car key, it was in my hat, and what a relief when I took it off.  We took John, Julie and Kate to the airport, then the Kings met us and drove us around the Biltmore Estates.  The hotel opened in February 1929.  We walked around the hotel and the restaurant, entrees $22+.  Jean not feeling too peppy, we had the sampler and a cup of soup at Boston Chicken, $5.03.  Brought home new cashmere sport coat that I got at Broadway.

Sunday 1995 - Had Sunday School lesson, John 14.  Went square dancing in Wilmington, $6 each, including supper at 10pm.  Met the Dudleys from Lake Choctaw.  Jean Hender in Christ Hosptial with pneumonia.  Orville Fields friend seems real nice, she is 61.  What a fog tonight.  Also Grant Boris, lives near Farbers.

Tuesday 1996 - [Phoenix] Went to Scottsdale, visited gallery where Joe Horton has paintings, then to circus, cute dog tricks.

Wednesday 1997 - We stayed home.  Nice program on TV at Cincinnati Music Hall.  We got a towel from Joe Horton.  Moscow's 800th birthday.

Thursday 1998 - Skiff of snow this AM.  Feeding the cats this week while the Bartels aer gone.  Article in WNJ about NV paying Collins for his unused vacation and such.

Friday 1999 - [Boris] Yeltsin resigns, [first President of Russian Federation, 1991-1999].

[Happy New Year!]

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dec. 30, 1988-99 Coming to an end

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1988 - We went to Wilmington and got this book [the diary itself, a SD364 "1990 Standard Diary"] at Watsons for $21, had been $42 (but we got it a year early).  Had supper at Frisch's, total $7.80.  Jean had salad bar with spaghetti and I had liver and onions.  Unleaded gas 85.9¢m 3600 miles on the Honda.  Getting about 30mpg around town.

Saturday 1989 - [Phoenix] Went to Albertson's at 59th and Cactus [actually it's at 51st & Cactus and is one of the few Albertson's still open within 5 miles of our house, one at 59th and Olive opened in 2004, closed in 2007, replaced by Fresh & Easy (in half of former Albertson's) in 2008, closed in 2010.  Another former Albertson's at 75th and Cactus has been replaced by Lee Lee's oriental foods.]  Lunch at Safeway, salad bar, $2.39 each.  Went to Mesa, saw the Mormon Temple, beautiful lights.

Sunday 1990 - Had SS lesson, Matthew 22.  Jean called us about 1:30am re Mother's temperature at 103 degrees.  John left at 8am to meet Julie in Worthington to go to a wedding in Cleveland.  Jean not feeling up to par.  More rain.

Monday 1991 - [Nashville to home with the Sankers] Complimentary continental breakfast at the [Maxwell House] hotel, story of how Maxwell House coffee got it's name. Drove by Parthenon downtown area and then to Hermitage, $6.50 each, nice reception area.  Got tape recorder, nice visit.  Lunch at Morrison's Cafeteria, pie 89¢.  Got back to Sankers at 9pm, 666 miles later.  Gas 96.9¢.

Wednesday 1992 - Crowsons arrived, used bread maker again.  29 days on gas bill, 257 ccfs used, $140.40.  Up in the 50s today.

Thursday 1993 - Got heel plates on Timberland Shoes in Wilmington, $1.50.  LL Bean sale catalog came.

Friday 1994 - [Phoenix] We had breakfast at First Watch, too much to eat.  John, Julie, Kate, Catherine and I went to South Mountain for a hike, 3.5 miles.  Fat man squeeze on hike, nice walk.  Got back to Best West about 3pm, their salesman has cancer and not doing too well, plus lady salesman who has 5 children is having trouble with her oldest (13).  Prior to going to Red Robin [closed that location, later opened at Arrowhead] at 59th and Bell went to Price Club [now Costco, moved out of that location and opened at Arrowhead].  What a lot of clapping at Red Robin [they had a birthday song involving clapping which I adapted and used for preschool programs at the library].  Kate liked that.  What huge desserts, two of them were enough for 8 of us.

Saturday 1995 - Article in WNJ about train to Wilmington from 8/11/1853 to 7/21/1956.  Took Jean's UMC paper to gal in Springboro, walked around Dayton Mall, new JC Penney store to open 3/96.  Had supper at Sweeneys [Seafood House] in Centerville.  Light portion of salmon and 2 vegetables for $12.95.  Soup $1.95.

Monday 1996 - [Phoenix] Got our Alamo rental car and checked into the Homestead at 21st Ave. and Dunlap.  New this year, have room #305.

Thursday 1999 - Jean had MD appointment, had lunch at Jay's Landing.  Serena helped me with word processing.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dec. 29, 1988-99 Following the Dow Jones Industrial Average

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1988 -  Bill McCracken sworn in as Judge.  Big stew about Wilmington College President and Athletic Director.  Our last square dance as President.  Had 10 squares.  Finished up broccoli from our garden.

Friday 1989 - [Phoenix] Pike gas, 305 cubic feet, $165.40.  John arrived in Phoenix.  Smitty's for lunch, wouldn't go back.  Supper at Morgans, MV made fruit salad.

Saturday 1990 - MV leaves, they have a classy '86 (?) Lincoln.  John arrives.

Sunday 1991 - [to Nashville with the Sankers] We met the Sankers at 8am at their house to go to Nashville, TN.  Lunch at Cracker Barrel, next stop was Opryland Hotel.  Two huge open areas with lots of greenery and lots of cheerleaders.  They were having annual convention.  Then to Maxwell House Hotel, we were in room #835.  Sankers son had an in there for a discount rate of $45 for each couple.  Opryland was $179.  Had supper at Cork of The Walk.  Catfish is their specialty.  I just ordered beans and greens at $1.10 each, what a large serving.  At 7pm we saw the fellow playing the harp at the "O" hotel, and the dancing formations.  Beautiful outdoor lights, a "zillion" lights.

Tuesday 1992 - [Danville OH to home with the Baileys] Another nice breakfast, a big souffle, biscuits, fruit, juice and big choice of tea.  Serving at 8:30 or 9:30.  This couple, Ian and Yvonne, had just taken it over in August.  Visit to Kenyon College Bookstore, then to Mt. Vernon, got belt at leather shop, $17 and Jean got blue purse $58.  [Possibly Down Home Leather, which appears to have been there for some time.]  Lunch at Watts in Utica, the Velvet Ice Cream place in Utica didn't look too clean.  BIG flywheel at back.

Thursday 1994 - [Phoenix] We all had lunch at the Dial Building, then Jean and Julie went to Dillard's clearance store while I went to the Capitol for a tour, also the Supreme Court.

Friday 1995 - On Wall Street Program prediction of how the DJ Average will go to 6,000 in 1996 [See below to see that the prediction came true.]

Sunday 1996 - [Las Vegas to Phoenix with Wendy and Petra]  After big breakfast we left for Phoenix, lots of traffic around Boulder Dam.  Had supper with the Morgans.

Monday 1997 - [Kentucky to home] Back from Somerset, snow when we left there, but got better.  Had lunch at First Watch off Exit 6 on I-71.  Got gas at King's Island for 98.9¢.  Delta had full page ad on bargain fares through March.  CVC to London, $187.

Tuesday 1998 - Another busy day in the office.  Libby Hughes was in (had worked at Wells 20 years ago, her Dad had passed away.  Serena left for the Crowsons.  Got Delta tickets to Greensboro for trip on 1/1/99, $79 each.

Wednesday 1999 - Serena arrived about 11pm, brought 3 kinds of bread.

[From the "address" section of the diary are the Dow Jones Averages at various dates:]

Date        Dow Jones Average
1/1/87        2002
4/17/91      3004
2/23/95      4003
11/21/95    5023
10/14/96    6010
2/13/97      7000
7/16/97      8038
4/6/98        9033

[For complete list of the DJI Averages from 1928 to the present click here. Or click here for a chart showing peaks (and valleys) for the DJI from 1900-2010]

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dec. 28, 1989-99 LuAnn plate

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - [Phoenix] Had Luby's $3.59 LuAnn plate.  Got undershirts at Buy S/W [?] for $, originally $8.  Sid demonstrated hydraulic lift on Grandma.

Friday 1990 - Walkers leave for Florida. MV comes home for overnight as Don goes to Nashville.  Joyce got all excited about Mother's blood pressure, turned out the unit was haywire.  Watson sworn in as new County Commissioner.

Saturday 1991 - MV came, snow all gone, up in the 50s.

Monday 1992 - [Danville OH with the Baileys] To Holmes County.  Berlin, Heini's Cheese -- oh the samples we tried.  Big crowd at Walnut Creek Restaurant, nice librarian, Mrs. Butler (County Road 444) who takes in roomers.  [Lists her phone # which I won't repeat here.]  We ate in Sugar Creek, lots of quilts for sale.  Back through Charm and Millersburg, where we visited the P.L. and also the "M" Hotel, out to Inn at Honey Run, very nice.  Had reserved dinner at the B&B, $18 each + 15% tip, very nice, but too much food.  Very congenial group, especially Jerry and Julie D., a minister with Church of God trying to get a church going in Westerville.

Tuesday 1993 - We went to Dayton to file papers in the Ismer Smith Estate, also Helen Drake Estate.  Had supper at Waynesville.  Got gas en route to Dayton on Rt. 35 for 89¢.

Wednesday 1994 - [Phoenix] Got wool blend socks at Last Chance (Nordstorms) for 97¢.  Got brown pants at Broadway for $29.  LuAnn Plate [at Luby's] is now $4.25.  Roberta had coupons for Luby's, 2nd meal is no charge.  We had ice cream at Golden S..., more coupons.

Thursday 1995 - What a day at the office, between writing up the Moore estate and opening the Anderson and Johnson Estates.  Made medical appointment for last of February for our annual physical.  Can play Silent Night on the piano pretty well.

Saturday 1996 - [Las Vegas with Wendy and Petra] Took cab to Stratosphere Hotel, the gals took the ride for $9 each.  Had lunch there, then cab to Treasure Island, boats out front.  Saw the volcano blow up in front of the Mirage.  Nice to see the Roman figures come to life in the Caesars Palace mall.  Walked back to the Luxor.

Sunday 1997 -[Kentucky]  Jean stayed with Christian while rest of us went to SS and Church.  WE had carry-out supper from Casa Grande.  Went to movie, Titanic, 194 minutes, great filming.  $3.50 for Seniors, $6 for others.

Monday 1998 - Made reservations at the CVG Holiday Inn for 3/8 and 4/8 for $94.50 [trip to Portugal and Spain].

Tuesday 1999 - Had email from Serena that she was leaving D. M.... and would be home tomorrow evening.  A real winter day.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Dec. 27, 1988-99 Rough on Kum-ba-ya

Dad's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1988 - Took our Honda to Honda East for 3500 mile checkup.  Ate lunch at Arby's at the mall.  Still practicing on the piano.  I'm rough on Kum-ba-ya.

Wednesday 1989 - [Phoenix] Lunch at Carl Jr's in the mall.  Visited Heard Museum.  All family ate at El Torito, near mall, $104.83.  [Metrocenter, closed within the last couple years but has reopened as a Mexican restaurant with an un-rememberable name.]

Thursday 1990 - About 5" of snow fell, Jean has cold.

Friday 1991 -Don, MV and we met Serena at 5:45 at the Golden Lamb, early dinner special until 6:30, but you must ask for it, $7.95, other dinners $12.95 to $17.95, ice cream $1.75.  Lock box opening at Leesburg on R. Saunder estate.  Another beautiful day.

Sunday 1992 - [to Danville OH vis Newark] Leaving with the Baileys, Everett and Ann, to go to the White Oak Inn in Danville, Ohio.  Went to church with John and Julie at Springhill Baptist Church, a mile east of Granville, then lunch at the China Place near their house.  On to Roscoe Village, $8 each and a snack at the Warehouse Restaurant, then to White Oak Inn.  We were in the Cherry Room, $70/night.  Had brochure from Red Roof, their 20th year, rates then were $8.50 for a single.

Monday 1993 - Busy day at the office.

Tuesday 1994 - [Phoenix]

Wednesday 1995 - John, Julie and Kate left about 11:30 as were to meet a friend in Xenia at 12:30.  GG called from FL at 5:05, guess to see how we were getting along.  Per the paper this Christmas season has been one of the worst for retailers.

Friday 1996 - [Phoenix to Las Vegas] Left with Wendy and Petra [exchange student from Switzerland] for Las Vegas, 297 miles.  Room 1273 at the Luxor, we were the farthest point from the 2 elevators.  Buffet supper was $8.01.  Lunch was Denny's in Kingman.  Ugh.

Saturday 1997 - [Kentucky]

Monday 1999 - [Kentucky to home] Left Somerset, went to Public Library on 5-Mile Road, then to lunch at Bill Knapps, more showers.  Stopped in Batavia for Leach O.E.T. [Ohio Estate Tax] and by the time we got home had about 1" of snow.  Carolyn R. told me she is not too happy with Wells management.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dec. 26, 1989-99 Day After

Dad's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - [Phoenix] MV's friend, Don, arrived.  Serena treated us at Hunan Garden.

Wednesday 1990 - [Dayton to home] Drove to the mall then to PharMor, bought an adding machine.  Then to Sam's Wholesale Club, got new phone answering unit.  Then to Peasant Stock [no current info, apparently closed] at the Mall for lunch.  Went to Sparrow (?) House to visit Gertrude Waits and Helen Drake.

Saturday 1992 - Put the Automat [Auto route?] software on the computer, did print out an itinerary for GG from NV to Naples FL.  Trying out the bread machine for the first time.  On the piano finally getting the location of the keys without looking.

Sunday 1993 - [Kentucky to home] Went to SS at Williamsburg, just Nancy and Viola and me there.  Locked keys in the car.  We ate at the Holiday Inn, $4.95 buffet, very ordinary.  We left about 3pm and visited with the Sankers after having a snack at Remington Road House at 5-Mile Road and Beechmont.  [Now an Outback Steakhouse at that address, 7731 5-Mile Road.]  Found out from the police that Dan [Dave?] Stricker was sleeping in the paint building.

Monday 1994 - [Phoenix]

Tuesday 1995 - John and Julie, MV and Don and the two girls took Ruth Shoemaker out to lunch.  The Walkers left for Florida.  Sent in our deposit for the Australia trip next November.

Thursday 1996 - [Phoenix]

Friday 1997 - [Kentucky]

Saturday 1998 - Got three Christmas cards -- the Melvin Longs, Louise Robinson and Young Ho Kim.  Had fire in the fire place, Ginny likes to pick up sticks.  Terry and her husband from Urbana with 14-month-old who just started walking this week [assume these are the Urbana friends of MV]....  Don had to go to store to buy shirt and pants because he forgot to bring change of clothes so guess it is not just us middle-age folks that can be forgetful.

Sunday 1999 - [Kentucky] Sunday School and Church.  Ginny stayed overnight with us but forgot to put blouse in for her dress so she wore her pajama top.  Ate at Mexican place for lunch.  Got new Timberland boots at Somerset mall, $79.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dec. 25, 1988-99 Merry Christmas!

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1988 - Sunday School 45, Church 61, $700.10

Monday 1989 - [Phoenix]

Tuesday 1990 - [to Dayton]We stayed at Mother's until 3pm when Sadie came.  Went to Dayton via Extended Care and had reservations at Guest Suites for $59/night.  Two TVs and 2 phones plus complimentary apple juice, coffee and tea.  Serena met us and the hotel finally called us about a restaurant that was open, the Samurai Sword, just east on 725, the Mall was empty.  Serena brought us blue cheese and nuts.

Wednesday 1991 - Mother was here about 6 hours, really did quite well.  Serena, John, Julie, MV and Don were here.  Jean gave me the light sweater that she had purchased in New Zealand years ago.  Family gave us a cordless telephone.

Friday 1992 - [Kentucky to home] MV went all out with a BIG turkey dinner.  The family gave us a bread maker.  We gave each of the family 300 shares of Lincoln Telephone.  Since the Crowsons car is having a transmission replacement, Serena brought us home.  A little snow en route, but roads are OK.  Bright red sweater and socks from Wells.

Saturday 1993 - [Kentucky] MV cooked a 23# turkey, got a heating pad.

Sunday 1994 - [Phoenix] Went to "Joy" [Community Church of Joy, was at 51st south of Bell, now newer and bigger campus at 75th Ave. and Beardsley], 9:30 service, been there 10 years and planning to relocate to bigger area at 75th & Beardsley.  Had big dinner at the Morgans at 2pm.

Monday 1995 - Light snow, we sliced the turkey and made about 3 boxes to freeze.  Brought in wood for a fire.  Don called about 12 and said they were off to a slow start.  The family gave us a new sweeper.  GG gave us those NV sweat shirts.

Wednesday 1996 - [Phoenix] We all ate out at noon at Radisson Hotel, $12.95.  In the PM we went to programs at the Herberger Auditorium [Herberger Theater Center, downtown Phoenix].

Thursday 1997 - [Kentucky] The family gave us a very comfortable platform rocker.  Ginny got several of those 70+ piece sets, there ought to be a law against them.

Friday 1998 - Slept in until 8:30.  Gave Kate a magnetic map of the US and then you draw states to get to destination state from starter state.  Down to 16 degrees but warmed up to the 30s.  Went on an hour hike to Fallsville and the Crowsons arrived about 4pm.  Had nice supper, then went to Holiday Inn Express in Wilmington about 8pm where we had 2 rooms reserved, 119 and 121, had 1/2 price coupon out of book so $35 each.  Christian and Serena came home with us and got along fine.

Saturday 1999 - [Kentucky] At Crowsons for 11am brunch, joined by the 4 Garretts, their 18-year-old daughter had just received a '94 Saturn.  MV is so generous.  Got gift certificate from the family for an Ohio Lodge stay.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Dec. 24, 1989-99 Christmas Eve

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - [Phoenix]

Monday 1990 - First skiff of snow and down to 9 degrees.  Christmas Eve service at 11pm at UMC.

Tuesday 1991 - Ate at NV Restaurant at noon, used our first coupon out of '92 book, entree and 2 side dishes are $3.95.  Service for Roy Frump's wife.  Three of the Scheller Family killed in Clinton County plane accident.

Thursday 1992 - [Kentucky] We ran some errands, borrowed a table from the Church, and then went to the Crowsons house.  After three calls to Roberta got through.

Friday 1993 - [Kentucky] MV and I left at 4:30 for the two Christmas Eve services at 6pm and 11pm.  In between Sue Van Hook invited us out to her house (her Mother is a real talker).  Norman Vincent Peale passed away.  He was at Marble Collegiate Church from 1932-1984, known as the Champion of Positive Thinking (Power of Positive Thinking).

Saturday 1994 - [Phoenix] Went to 7:30 service at Roberta's church.

Sunday 1995 - Jean had SS lesson on John 13.  Evening service at 11pm, about 80 people there.  Choir had the program, "Where love leads."  Easy to get confused as several songs had turn backs.

Tuesday 1996 - [to Phoenix] Went out to see Betty Terrell.  Leave at 8:30 pm for Phoenix.  Left car at Holiday Inn South.  Catherine & Gerry met us in their new Pontiac [which we gave to Gerry's brother in 2002 and bought our current Pontiac].  Staying with the Kings.

Wednesday 1997 - [Kentucky]

Thursday 1998 - John, Julie and Kate arrived about 3pm.  Cleaned out some of the old computer records at Wells.  Christmas Eve program at the Church.  Turned the lights up and down to coincide with the activities.  Nice crowd.  Heather and Harold [?] Weatherington had skit about getting ready for Christmas.  Kate seemed to enjoy it.  Serena surprised  us in arriving about 8pm.  She has quit J. Crew.  The Bartels gave us a corn set up, not too practical as far as space.

Friday 1999 - [Nashville TN to KY with Ginny] Took Jean and Ginny to Opryland Hotel and then drove back to our motel for parking.  Ginny got lost but security found her.  We were on our way an hour late.  Had lunch at Billy's O.K. Cooking in Columbia KY, (a Rudy Garrett special).  It was real country cooking.  We went to 7pm Church service, then we babysat so Mary and Don could go to the 11pm service.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dec. 23, 1989-99 Where are those things?

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - [Phoenix] Went to Flea Market with Roberta.  She has more enthusiasm than the rest of us for that.  Serena arrived.  Parking 75¢ for 1/2 hour.  Terminal 4 under construction.

Sunday 1990 - 53 at Sunday School and 100 at Church.  Mother didn't wake up until 11am, but then was in a great mood, pretty talkative.  Mrs. Moore and Margaret came to visit.

Wednesday 1992 - [to Kentucky] Took Honda to Beechmont Honda for service.  Met Serena and we had brunch at Bob Evans, then met the Crowsons in Lexington.  MV went to Somerset and the four of us went to Williamsburg.

Thursday 1993 - [Asheville NC to KY] Very quiet at the hotel, they thought the snow was so bad the help stayed at the hotel.  Left about 9am for the Zooks.  Mary still having back trouble, they both do volunteer work.  He has been retired 5 years.  Bought child's rocking chair for Ginny, $89.  Drove back to Crowsons.

Friday 1994 - [Phoenix]

Saturday 1995 - Moved the word processor into the back corner bed room and took the baby bed down.  In PM went to Wilmington.  Mrs. Hadley signed some papers.  Saw Margaret Drake and Frank D. in CMH.  Ate at Bob Evans, saw Tom and O.   Got vegetable plate for $5.19.  Tom's been retired 1.5 years.  Saw Ruth Shoemaker, she has too many problems to go to Phoenix, as Roberta suggested.

Tuesday 1997 - [Kentucky]

Wednesday 1998 - Joe Woods was in re: Simmons Estate.  From office staff got $ in Bob Evans Coupons and multicolored pullover sweater.  Up until 11 trying to find things bought in past year, but can't locate now.

Thursday 1999 - [Gulf Shores AL to Nashville TN with Ginny] Long day in driving to Nashville.  At visitors center got rate of $69 for Inn at Opryland.  Had supper at Capt. D.  Ginny always enjoys the pool.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dec. 22, 1989-99 Meals Aplenty

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - [Phoenix] Guests of the Frank Cunninghams for lunch at one of the Big 4 Restaurants nearby.  Their 6th year in Sun City West, showed me his estate plan, $900+.

Saturday 1990 - Went to Wilmington, saw "Home Alone" about a family who went to Paris and then realized they left an 8-year-old at home and the challenges he had in keeping the robbers out.  Movie admission was $3.25 before 6, and then $4.50.  Had supper at 94 South, used coupon, still $20 with tip.  The Ed Fifes were there.

Sunday 1991 - 69 at Sunday School and 104 at church.  Hard to get Mother to eat anything, won't open her mouth.  Ate at Frischs, saw Tony [?] Cain there, hopes to get his college degree in 3 more months.

Tuesday 1992 - We ate at the Senior Citizens.  Orville Harner was the Chief Cook, $2/person.  Mother alert today.  Nice day, took her outdoors.

Wednesday 1993 - [Asheville NC] Skimpy continental breakfast [at Hilton], drove to [Carl] Sandburg's home, which was closed, then to Grove Park Inn where we had a large buffet lunch.  quite a large hotel with large stone fireplaces.  We had reservations at the Biltmore Estates, $28 each, very beautiful.

Thursday 1994 - [Phoenix] We met Catherine for lunch, went to JB's her sandwich was bad and the bacon didn't come with my liver and onions so we ate for about 1/2 price.  [This was the JB's by the library which has since been the home to two other restaurants and now is being totally renovated and will open soon as a Woody's Bar-B-Q.  Their headquarters are in Jacksonville FL.]

Friday 1995 - Wendy called us about 8:15.  She and Tom are going to Bear Lake CA for the weekend to visit his parents.  More hassle on the Warren Moore estate division.  Office group game me a white sweater and turtle neck shirt.  Got Wilmington College Link, CJ Moore will retire at the end of the month after 29 years.  Roberta has made reservations to come next may for $169 RT.

Sunday 1996 - Thin coat of ice this AM, Jean took one step from our front porch and went "boom."  Took her to ER about 5pm, told us to apply ice pack for 20 minutes of every hour for first two days.  Lucky no bones broken.

Monday 1997 - [Kentucky]

Tuesday 1998 - Had three calls regarding the start of an estate this AM.  Closing on Finch property to Martha Saylor.  Surprised as cable man here to install service, thanks to John.  Down to 19 degrees but sunny.

Wednesday 1999 - [Gulf Shores AL with Ginny] Drove around the area, visited the library in both Orange Beach and Gulf Shores.  Had the breakfast buffet at the lodge [Gulf Shores State Park] for $5.50.  Nice nature walk right on main street.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dec. 21, 1989-99 Christian released from hospital

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - [Phoenix] Supper with Morgans. We got 14 cards today.

Friday 1990 - Picked broccoli in the garden.  Can struggle through Pomp and Circumstance on the piano.  The WSJ recently went to 75¢ for a single copy.

Monday 1992 - Met John and Julie at this restaurant [Christopher's American Fine Dining, receipt included below] in Columbus, 32nd floor of the Riffe Office Tower [Vern Riffe State Office Tower -- Click here for list of tallest buildings in Columbus, Ohio.  Apparently there is currently no restaurant at this location, appears to be mostly government occupied.]  We were at CPL for two hours before dinner, then 2½ at the restaurant, very nice and they had an entertainment card.  John and Julie are now going to this new Baptist Church near Granville.

Tuesday 1993 - [Knoxville TN to Asheville via Lake Junaluska] Nice continental breakfast at the Hotel [Knoxville Hilton], though very little business.  Good bowl of fresh fruit.  Had buffet lunch at Hotel at Lake Junaluska, NC, very nice facility.  Visited the historical museum [possibly the World Methodist Museum or the Canton Area Historical Museum] there.   Slow going into Asheville where we had reservations at the Hilton Hotel.  What a narrow road up to the hotel.  Glare of ice on highway coming into Asheville.

Wednesday 1994 - [to Phoenix] We left for Phoenix and had rental car and reservations at Royal Suites for $41/night, from 1/1 to 5/1 it is $69/night.  We are in room 133.  Delta has sure cut back on meal service, really a snack now.

Saturday 1996 - [to Newark and back] Left at 9AM for Newark, ate at little restaurant in Hanover, visited new Industrial Museum in Newark, interesting to see glass balls made with designs inside.  The family got us a toaster (wide mouth) and a portable phone.  Gave Jean a sweatshirt and pants for her birthday.  Got home about 10:30 after a snack at Wendy's before we left.  Ed Jones wrote that his wife, June, passed away.

Sunday 1997 - [Kentucky] We drove to Lexington and all were surprised that Christian would be discharged today.  We were dreading the experience of Ginny leaving her parents, she can become quite tearful.

Monday 1998 - In the 50s and lots of rain.  Jean had Hospital Twig Meeting here.

Tuesday 1999 - [Huntsville to Gulf Shores AL with Ginny] Toured the Space Center [U.S. Space and Rocket Center], way over our heads, had lunch there.  A drizzle of rain until we got south of Birmingham.  Had supper at  Lamberts in Foley AL, about 10 miles north of Gulf Shores.  The home of "Throw Bread" [referred to on their website as the only home of "Throwed Rolls"].  Gulf Shores State Park had plenty of room, right on the beach.  Now wonder the rates are low, about $40.

Receipt from Christopher's American Fine Dining 12/21/92:
1 Spring Rolls  3.95
1 Daily Soup    2.50
2 House [Salad]  5.00
2 Free Range    29.90
2 Lo-Mein        21.90
1 De-Caf Coffee 1.00
1 Crepe               3.25
1 Mousse            3.25
Subtotal             70.75
Tax                     4.07
Amount Due      74.82

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dec. 20, 1989-99 Christmas Parties

Dad's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1988 - Got our ElderHostel acceptance for the China trip next September.

Wednesday 1989 - [Phoenix] Went to Food Bank with Roberta.  Got FAX letter from Roberta.  Got take home food from Chinese Restaurant.

Thursday 1990 - Christmas lunch at Wells.  NV Senior Citizens going to Clifton to see the lights.  Really had the rain the last few days.  Ceiling around our chimney is leaking again.  The Kincaids are going to Iceland [or Ireland?] for 6 months.

Friday 1991 - Mother loved the cantaloupe.

Sunday 1992 - Mother "out" today.  The Hortons arriving from Indiana.  Went to Wilmington UMC, Christmas music program.

Monday 1993 - [Kentucky to Knoxville TN] Back tracked 25 miles when we realized we had MV's billfold in the car.  Ate at Applebee's in Oak Ridge and visited the [American Museum of Science and Energy] museum, which was over our head.  Jean took part in the "atom machine," makes our hair stand up.  Stayed at Knoxville Hilton, right across the street from the Public Library.  Had supper at Regas Restaurant, where Dave Thomas started (he started Wendy's).  Very nice, had early-bird special before 6:30pm.  [Something about] business card with our name on it.  [In late breaking news, The Knoxville New Sentinel announced on 12/12/10 that the Regas will be closing on 12/31/10 after nine decades.  They opened in 1919.  They cite multiple road construction and increased competition as the primary reasons.]

Tuesday 1994 - Wells Christmas party at NV Senior Citizens, got every one a ham and door prizes.  Jean I went to Otterbein Home re getting Finch estate started.  Had supper at Wendy's in Wilmington.  Jean got a permanent at Mary McMillins.  Two calls this am about estates.  McKibbin and Rockford.

Wednesday 1995 - UMC Choir pot luck at Marty Ames Gillespie's house, then a 1½ hour practice at the church.  Tax rate schedule in the WNJ.  NV has the highest in the County at $60.05 per thousand.  Margaret Drake fell and broke her hip.

Friday 1996 - Christmas at Wells, got plaid pull over sweater and yellow and green turtleneck shirts.  About 10°.

Saturday 1997 - [Kentucky]

Sunday 1998 - 77 at Sunday School.  Roger Bahr was Santa.  110 at church.  Minister had to borrow our car, wife had keys, so ended up taking him and Susie (Mary's sister) to Samuel Walkers, where they have ala carte rather than buffet for brunch.  Marys works at Mental Health so she cam up and joined us, had pancakes and home fries.  [Receipt, attached to 12/18, info transcribed below.]

Monday 1999 - [Kentucky to Huntsville AL with Ginny] We headed south with Wendy Ginny, toured the Saturn auto plant at Spring Hill TN.  Stayed at Research Park Holiday Inn in Huntsville AL.

Samuel Walker Receipt from 12/20/98:
2 Honey Pecan $13.90
Baked Potato $1.75
3 Cafe Salad $5.85
Soft Drink $1.50
Smothered Prime $6.95
Vegetable $1.50
Grill Chick Salad $7.25
2 Fried Potatoes $1.98
Pancakes $2.95
Snickers Cheese $2.95
Promo/Coupons -$6.95
Promo/Coupons -$1.75
Promo/Coupons -$1.95
Tax $2.16
Total $38.09

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dec. 19, 1989-99 Ginny recites Night Before Christmas

Dad's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - [Phoenix] DP&L Bill $57.08, 713kwh, 1996 Bill $65.24 for 679kwh

Wednesday 1990 - Had Ed Johnson, our pastor, over for supper.

Thursday 1991 - Went to Dr. McMullen, each had our teeth cleaned for $48 each.  Ate at chili place in Wilmington.  Broadmoor [in Colorado] and Maisonette again get 5-star rating.  [See May 16, 1996 blog entry for other info on Maisonette, which received 5-star rating for 41 consecutive years.  Didn't help them keep the doors open indefinitely though.]

Saturday 1992 - Bob Hodson spoke at Men's Prayer Breakfast.  Spoke on our great creator, the many parts of our hands, bones, muscles, about the ______. [indecipherable --  looks like "Turner few" could also be + urner fine (or fire) -- at a loss to interpret]  Ate at Pizza Hut in Hillsboro, then ⃞ dancing, won the split the pot.

Sunday 1993 - [to Kentucky with Ginny] We met the Crowsons at London KY for lunch at 3pm.  I went with Don to Pleasant View, while Jean and Ginny went with MV to Somerset.  Gas in Williamsburg was 67.9¢ [this could be the lowest gas price noted between 1989-99].

Tuesday 1995 - Electricity off at Wells for about 2 hours, lots of ice on trees, our corner tree fell over.  Jean had twig meeting in Wilmington.

Thursday 1996 - [Kentucky to home] Took Ginny to school, then to Candy (the babysitter), out past Oakwood Baptist Church.  Ate at Boone Tavern, service rather spasmodic and dirty plates did not move too fast.  Bought two games at Toy Shop on Short Street [in Berea].  Had supper at McDonalds in Blanchester, has been open four years.  Card from Gertrude Waits, she is 91.  The Crowsons have a dog, Samantha, who loves to upset water and food bowl.  Got haircut in Somerset, $6.

Friday 1997 - [Kentucky] Got haircut in Somerset, now $7.  Getting acquainted with the Library staff.  It seems that Rudy and Susan Garrett are over at the [Crowson] house every evening.

Saturday 1998 - Choir pot luck at Marty Gillespie.  40° temperature and on the damp side.  Janet Striker having problems.  Ginny called up, recited from memory The Night Before Christmas.

Sunday 1999 - [Kentucky] Special choir music at Somerset UMC.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dec. 18, 1989-99 One week

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - [Phoenix]

Tuesday 1990 - More rain, we went to Wilmington, had lunch at Chinese Restaurant.  County adopts 1991 budget.  Hard to get GHU to say anything, though her appetite remains good.  DP&L has footers in for new building.

Wednesday 1991 - Had Wells Christmas party at NV Senior Citizens, had 12 door prizes.  Sankers called up about going to Nashville.  Got "E" [Elderhostel] in between International Catalog.

Friday 1992 - Jean went to CMH for talk about diet re diabetes.

Saturday 1993 - [Ginny visiting]

Sunday 1994 - Ed Johnson in sermon: a young child's problems bothers your sleep, an older child's problems bothers your life.

Monday 1995 - Jean went to Dr. Kerr, ate at Bob Evans.  Dale Cahill and Grace Stewart were there.  Made a stop at Zurface.  GG working on winding up Warren Moore Estate.

Wednesday 1996 - [to Kentucky] Planned on going to see the Crowsons.  Left at 11am.  Had lunch at Cracker Barrel at Turfway Exit.  Ginny was in program at Church, then usual Wed. PM Service, $3 a person, $10 family.

Thursday 1997 - [to Kentucky] Went to Bar Program in Cincy, then on to Somerset.

Friday 1998 - Went out to Hendersons and got Christmas tree.  David did it ($25) and narrowed the end with his gas saw, still hard to cut it down, tree really too big for our holder and not straight.  Moral:  Never buy a tree in the dark.

Saturday 1999 - [to Kentucky] Left for Somerset, had lunch at Pazzio's Fast Italian food.  [There is a Pazzo's Pizza in Lexington, or possibly this could be Fazoli's, of which there are several.]  Staying at Comfort Inn, Room 217 for $50.

[A receipt from Samuel Walker's is attached on this page, dated 12/20/98, but not enough room for it on 12/20, will include the info from receipt on 12/20 though.]

Friday, December 17, 2010

Dec. 17, 1989-99 Gerry's Birthday

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - [Phoenix] Went to First UMC at 5500 N. Central.  Roberta had access to van with chair lift and we went to music program at Church in Castle (11420 N. 19th Ave.) [This location now Castle Sports Club.]  Supper with family at Tony Romano's (ribs).  [There is now a Tony Roma's near Macaroni Grill in north Phoenix.]

Monday 1990 - Martha Rupp (64) in fatal car wreck near Wilmington on 380.

Thursday 1992 - G. Vandermark sale in WCH.  New Big Bear Store in WCH.  Had late lunch at Frisch's, they opened 3 years ago.

Friday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] Clinton County Court House pot luck dinner, erally well organized.  Found out that Anne Ewing isn't bondable. Got striped sweater vest from office group and two $10 certificates.  Carolyn R. having trouble with her car starter.

Saturday 1994 - We went to NV Senior Citizens pot luck.  Esther had invited us.  Larry Terrell led an auction afterwards, netted $250+.  Betty Thompson is retiring as manager of Senior Citizens.  Got two cards from Tom Kurtz, the CEO of CMH, what a waste of $.  Don Chaffen spoke at Men's Breakfast at Church on Habitat, trying to get started in Clinton County.  Went to Hillsboro, series of 10 minute programs at 7 churches, said Helen Hiestand started the idea.  Saw Eddie H. + Vivian and Mary Hiestand.

Sunday 1995 - Had SS lesson on John 12.  Ate at Wooden Spoon, buffet $6.95.  Saw Pauline Anderson at Oakland Nursing Home.  Turned out she died 3 days later.

Tuesday 1996 - Jean made granola.  Paul Terrell (91 years) died.  Went to Howlands to get their mobile home title signed.  Had planned to go to Newark but since Kate had ear infection and would not be in the program we cancelled out.

Wednesday 1997 - Wells Christmas party, the office staff gave me this multi-colored sweater.

Thursday 1998 - Pot luck for ⃞ dance group, took gift to Ruth S.  Gas in Wilmington is 85.9¢.  Glenn Cherryholmes [?] had major heart operation in August.  Talked with Margaret McKibben, she starts work at UPS in office at 6am.  Talked of UPS time study, 8 seconds to get in truck and going.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dec. 16, 1976, 1989-99 Christmas Caroling

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1976 - Richard Rolfe opened restaurant where Ponderosa now is.  He bought the land in 5/76.

Saturday 1989 - [Phoenix] Morgans took us to see Scrooge at the Herberger Theater in downtown Phoenix.

Sunday 1990 - [Kentucky to home] SS and Church in Somerset, then ate at the church pot luck dinner.  Back to church at 4pm for children's practice for the evening service.  Had ordered 5 pizzas for the group, all gone.  We left about 6:15, 221 miles to NV and four hours with stop for gas and McDonald's.

Monday 1991 - [Kentucky to home] Went to Church to watch MV practice with her Kindergarten unit.  Walked around town, including the P.L., then to Boone Tavern for lunch, salad and special entree, $6.95, most entree $9.40.  Got gas for 103.9¢, 160 miles to NV via 68 and Maysville.  Mother eating better but one word seems to be the maximum as far as talking.

Wednesday 1992 - Church Choir meeting at Marty Gillespie's and 5 for pot luck, then went caroling and got home about 9:30.  In Wilmington on legal business, Jean went on to Lebanon to see Star Printing re UMW program printing.

Thursday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] Christmas Caroling evening, Ginny threw quite a fit when Elaine came though she settled down quickly.  Ginny loves Barney on TV.

Friday 1994 - Got passport pictures in Hillsboro at AAA, $5 for 2 pictures .  Visited Henry Edwards in Hospital.

Saturday 1995 - Jim Luck spoke at our Men's Breakfast.  He was Principal at NV for 16 years, has spent 30 years in education.  Spoke on being prepared.  Had a snack at Arby's, 5 for $5 (we ate 3 for supper).  Then at 6:30 to the various churches (5) in Wilmington.  Talked with the Robert Becks [Burk?]

Wednesday 1998 - Much ado in Washington DC about Iraq and the pending important vote.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dec. 15, 1989-99 To and from Kentucky

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - [Phoenix]

Saturday 1990 - [to Kentucky after a day trip to Brookville, Greenville, etc.] Met John at Brookville P.L. at 9:30, then to Greenville to take some of John's furniture to Serena.  Then we all came back to Brookville to meet Julie, who was coming from Illinois.  Then to NV, from which we left for Somerset, KY.  Tried to mail birthday card to Gerry, ended up at downtown PO but last mail pick up at 6pm on Saturday.  We had plans to eat at Bangkok Gardens, had called them but no answer.  Much traffic around Turfway Exit, finally found the restaurant but it was closed "for repairs," the place was in our Entertainment Book.  Had supper at Cracker Barrel at Exit 126, gas at Mobil was 106.9¢.

Sunday 1991 - [Kentucky] We went with Don to SS and church at Simpson Memorial.  38 at church.  Don seems to enjoy preaching, though he was up until 3:30 working on the sermon.  Ate at their house again then to the Somerset UMC at 4:30.  We cut up some home made ⃞'s for candle holders.  After the choir program they had a carry in dinner at the Adams.

Wednesday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] Wells Christmas party at NV Senior Citizens.  Took extra dinner to Wendell Rhoades.  Ginny spilled Ajax power in the Ladies Room.

Sunday 1996 - Met Goodings at Restaurant in Oregonia.  We were there for 3 hours.  Back to Wilmington, Arby's was having 5 for 5, a saving of $3.95.  Then to Church of Christ for their Christmas program, this is the 6th year and their last night.  Got gas for 124.9¢.

Monday 1997 - [Kentucky to home] Came back from Somerset.  Beans and greens at Cracker Barrel is $3.99.  The SA Station at Exit 126 in KY opened 9/97.

Tuesday 1998 - UMW Meeting at Hannah's.  Gas at Streber's is 87.9¢.

Wednesday 1999 - Jean went to CMH dinner and she got a new passport book.  First skiff of sow but did not stick to sidewalk.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dec. 14, 1989-99 Christian still in hospital

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - [ Phoenix]

Saturday 1991 - [to Kentucky] First time out for me in 2 days, chills, etc.  Had lunch at exit 126 at Cracker Barrel, then to Crowsons.  MV doesn't seem to want to eat out, but she does very well in feeding us.  Took them one of our home grown Christmas trees in the Honda.  Surprised to learn they had traded off their Honda for a new Ford Pickup.  We went to the Christmas program at the Baptist church.  They had a 30' Christmas tree, pre-fab though beautiful with 9 layers for people to stand, they were only visible from their make-up, said to cost $1800.

Tuesday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] UMW meeting at the Hannahs, they had a "house shower" for Clara Sears, who is moving into Apple Tree Apts.

Wednesday 1994 - Getting a lot of static from the children of Mary Ruth Young, such bickering.  Unloaded the new above ground tank at Wells.  Article in WNJ about the need of a 3-county jail.

Thursday 1995 - Jean went to Dr. Kerr.  Ate at Denver House, Chicken Sandwich was $4.99 with pasta.  The DS was there with 2 ministers.

Saturday 1996 - Sankers came about 1pm and we went to the Open Houses in Wilmington.  Two on Fawn Lake Dr, one was Bob and Kathy Lundquist's daughter.  Lundquist's now live near Mt. Gilead and go to Naples in the winter.  Helen Cast's condo at Cape May was on the tour as well as Dr. G's house.  The place on S. South was really a painter's gallery.

Sunday 1997 - [Kentucky] We took Ginny to Lexington to see her parents and Christian, quite a scrub down to see Christian.  Ginny had quite a tantrum in leaving her parents.  We had supper at Rap....  The Ronald McDonald House is quite impressive.  Cecil Puckett passed away at 71, they had just moved to Wilmington this past spring.

Monday 1998 - Got Barnes and Noble on the internet plus Amazon.

Tuesday 1999 - UMW pot luck at Joanne Gruber's.  G. Hannah is new president.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dec. 13, 1989-99 Christmas events

Dad's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - [to Phoenix] Left for Phoenix on TWA, $178.19 round trip via St. Louis for four weeks at Royal Suites Apts. on 33rd Ave., south of Peoria for $1225 + $75 for third person + 10.25% tax for total of $1433.25.

Sunday 1992 - Went to Christmas program at Wilmington Church of Christ.  Rev. Merkle has been there 39 years.  Calling hours for Fannie Moore, she was 96 last February.  Had lunch at Wilmington Ponderosa.

Monday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] Met with Gleason Long family.  Got fax that Value Merchants filed for bankruptcy, owing Wells $212,000, bad news.  Ginny sure likes to be read to, she is learning how to open the refrigerator herself.  Jean went to hospital guild meeting at Marie Coopers.

Tuesday 1994 - We went to Wilmington and got license plates for the Ford Pick-up.  Got plaque for Faymon and Irene Woods.  UMW meeting at Hannahs, had game of identifying states from their outlines.

Wednesday 1995 - Wells Christmas party at Senior Center, nice time.  Some ice so Women's Club cancelled out.  Quarterly Conference at church, 12 present.  Shirley [Cadle, DS] spoke of her meal at a German house in 1955, she is 60 now, has two children who are MBA's and a daughter going to school for the mission field.

Friday 1996 - Went to Xenia and Dayton (Campbell account) and had supper at Waynesville, refills on all drinks for 95¢, then the Hot Chocolate was $1.95 and no refills.

Saturday 1997 - [Kentucky] Took Ginny and Dakota, a girl her age who lives across the street, to see Flubber the crazy college professor, the stuff would make the basketball player really jump.  Everything that Ginny would see in the show she wanted.

Sunday 1998 - Pastor Mike spoke on being out on a limb (away from the tree trunk), Matthew 3:1-12.  Went to Martinsville about 5:15, we had parts to say in a skit, combination of Lynchburg, Martinsvillle and NV.  Had pot luck supper, then a skit and then service with communion.  Got home about 9:30.  Really went well.  Shirley [DS] spoke on appreciation and how she got from Africa University.

Monday 1999 - Jean went to the Dr. and then we had lunch at Saegus [?], take a # when you go in.  Saw Madge Ann Beam in Auditor's office.  Then saw article in NYT about the RR in 1869 when the spike was placed in Utah, was the then equivalent of the internet.  Took package to Ruth, a ...[?] plus stamps and a poinsettia.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dec. 12, 1989-99 Christian's lung problems

Dad's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1990 - Got the Christmas letter together and wrote a few.  32oz bubbles going better.  Another nice day.

Thursday 1991 - Have runny nose today and some temperature, there is some flu around.  Jean and Sadie took GHU to Hillsboro Hospital as an outpatient.  GG and others went to Tax School in Chillicothe.

Saturday 1992 - Mother in great spirits today.  We went to Micro Mall and bought computer table and stand, they were out of the hutch.  Had supper at Grand Finale, I had the Cyst.... Salad for $8.95.  More than I wanted to eat.

Sunday 1993 - [Ginny visiting]

Monday 1994 - [Kentucky to home] Had lunch at Boston Chicken, got gas for 101.9¢ in Blanchester at UDF.  Jean had Twig meeting at Virginia Hildebrant's.

Tuesday 1995 - UMW meeting at Joanne Gruber's.  Morgans sent us a nice floral piece for the table.

Thursday 1996 - Found Aleda Purtee's will -- can't get over how she saved everything.  Had Probate Court meeting on fee structure for trusts.  We went to ⃞ dance, GG and Annie to Tax School.

Friday 1997 - [Kentucky] Since baby [Christian] is having lung problems they have taken him to Lexington University Hospital.  They [Crowsons] are staying at the Ronald McDonald house, quite nice and only $7/night.

Saturday 1998 - Helped decorate the stair railing at UMC, got the computer back, now 233mh.  Met Sankers at 5pm at Samuel Walkers.  Tony Samchi [?] is Maitre D'.  Had pecan chicken, $10.95.  Pork Chops were $11.95.  Pat Boone show was at 8, with his 3 daughters and 9 grandchildren.  Full house.  Talked with CJ, Ann, and Dorothy Moore (their mother was with them).  Gas was 87.9¢ in Wilmington.

Sunday 1999 - Surprise 50th Anniversary party for Ralph and Opal.  Tried CD-ROM in computer.  Wet rain today.  Read in Ohio Magazine about Highland Nature Sanctuary with Hermitage BOB. 3 miles past Rainsboro, right on Cave Road.  [According to the website this is the region once known as Seven Caves.]

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dec. 11, 1989-99 Happy Birthday, Mother and Christian!

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

[Monday 1922 - Jean Wallace Ballantyne born]

Monday 1989 - Spoke with Bill Davidson re Pontiac, he would go $450.

Tuesday 1990 - [Roberta leaves] Took Roberta to Dayton airport.  Had supper at Red Lobster, cheapest entree $6.99, soup $1.99, got gas in Vandalia for 118.9¢.  Got slip over boots at Haines, they are going out of business.  Got new heels on comfortable brown shoes.

Wednesday 1991 - Serena, John and Julie surprised Jean at Heartland.  Had dinner at Wooden Spoon, $4.95 buffet.  Jean got silk poinsettia from the Morgans.

Friday 1992 - More tax school.  Gave Jean a pair of Laser scissors for #70.  She and Ann Bailey went to Springfield to shop.

Saturday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] The Sears man from Dayton called us at 8:15 about their sale from 8-10am today.  Called the Hortons.  Bill doesn't have any appetite.  A TV Guide for Jean.  Fist day we haven't had a sympathy card.

Sunday 1994 - [Kentucky] Got Jean that library bag from New Cumberland, their 40th year.  MV got her a neck rest.  Had pot luck at Don's church at noon and then another pot luck at Somerset UMC.  MV had a great musical program in the AM services.

Monday 1995 - [Kentucky to home] Left Somerset about 9am, walked around Florence Mall, ate at Morrison's Cafeteria there.  Did get some Christmas Cards there.  Revco had them 50% off, got gas for 96.9¢.  Got Jean book, Charles Kuralt's America.

Wednesday 1996 - Wells Christmas party at Senior Citizens, also honored Jim Brooks retirement, he and Roy Adams are both 77-years-old.  Jim started 1/70.  Jean had Women's Club at Denver House.  MV sent sweatshirt, grandchildren are like seeds.

Thursday 1997 - [Christian Michael Crowson born, Kentucky] Helped MV move furniture around before they went to Somerset Hospital at 10am for C-Section at noon and was over by 12:30.  Christian Michael Crowson, 9lbs 2oz, quite red.

Friday 1998 - Christian is now 32" tall and weighs 25#.  Got Jean a fire extinguisher, hardly romantic.  Had leftovers from Wilmington for lunch and extras (broccoli from garden).  Had thought we would got to D's Pizza in PM but Jean had pizza at home.  Went to Wells for about 90 minutes for free phone calls.  Called Doris Eaton Jones discovered they live in Scottsdale.  Jean worked on computer at Wells (as Harold S had ours) for Conference Report for this Sunday.  Harold S. says they are planning an Israel trip in 2001.  Catherine sent her Mother a HUGE poinsettia.

Saturday 1999 - [Cincinnati to home] Walked to Convention Center, Big 60s fun party, $10 for adults, not for us.  Up to P.L. again and had 2pm lunch there.  Looked at South at Garfield Place out of curiosity.  Then to Covenant Presbyterian Church built in 1875.  They had a Scottish band, then a magic show - how she could turn a plain notebook into color and back.  Had supper at cheap place in Mariemont (Inn built in 1926) interesting picture of how then there was a lot of open space around.  Called Howard Uible, Jane confined to room with Emphysema.  They have been at Seasons for 2 years.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Dec. 10, 1989-99 Kentucky

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - MV and Don arrived early (1am).  Taught SS lesson, Daniel 2.  John And Julia Ashcraft came about 3 and left about 7.  Open house at parsonage.

Monday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] Jean has hospital guild dinner here.  Roberta brought GHU up here for a walk.  Got fruit from the Hortons.

Tuesday 1991 - Jean had UMW meeting here, about 25, men were guests.  Ed Johnson spoke on flying.  Mother will answer you but no appetite and even hard to get her to drink.

Thursday 1992 - Fannie Moore passed away at 96.  Tax School, the predicted snow storm didn't materialize.

Friday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] Ginny really goes for raisins.

Saturday 1994 - [Kentucky] What a wet day.  A skiff of snow in NV.  We went to Sonny's in Somerset, all you can eat for $5.50.  In the evening we went to the Baptist Church for their Christmas tree (9 layers) program.

Sunday 1995 - [Kentucky] Ginny under the weather, so Jean stayed with her.  MV had special music program and Don had a solo.  Had take-out dinner from Bob Evans.  In the evening a church pot luck.  Don stayed with MV.  Really cold today.

Tuesday 1996 - Had eye appointment, ate at the deli in the new book store with Lorene Williams.  Jean had UMW meeting here, 23 present, also the Christmas program at the school.  Had a "great time" calling London England.

Wednesday 1997 - [to Kentucky] After a noon Women's Club at New Vienna Senior Citizens, we drove to Somerset and were there before 6 for their weekly dinner and program that followed, in which Ginny had a solo.

Friday 1999 - [Cincinnati] After breakfast in the room we walked around the sky walk.  Had reservation at the Maisonette [closed 2005] at 12:30.  Soup $6.50, swordfish $18.75.  Always filling the water glass.  Had supper at Pig Al's, that same day there was a negative article in the Enquirer about the restaurant.  The article accused the waiter of being too chummy.  Was surprised to see Liz McCracken working in Tiffany's, she has been there 2 years.  Her son has Woody Uible's wife as a senior cook at the Westin room service.  Continental breakfast is $9.25, cold cereal is $4.50 with fruit $5.25 + $3 delivery charge and 17% tip.  The big breakfast is $14.25.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Dec. 9, 1989-99 Ginny angelic or loud

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - Spent another night with GHU.  Jean came down and gave her a bath.  Called MUH.  Bill had had his eye removed.

Sunday 1990 - [Roberta visiting]

Monday 1991 - Bought new Zenith TV at Nolan's $369.

Wednesday 1992 - Wells Christmas party at NV Senior Citizens.  The gals did a great job.  Had all the gifts in identical boxes, then the # on the bottom of your cup told you which box.  Mother sleepy, but still drinking her 2 glasses of milk.

Thursday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] Ginny really enjoys going for a walk in her stroller.  Jean took her out to Ed and Grace Fite to see their cat and dogs.  Marg Sullivan in the hospital from heart attack.

Friday 1994 - [to Kentucky] Drove to Somerset, the Crowsons had open house, seemed like a large turnout.  Ginny can be so angelic or she can really use her lungs.

Saturday 1995 - [to Kentucky] Drove to Somerset, lunch at Boston Chicken, they had a public offering at $34.50 (a P.E. of 59).  We went out to eat at this house, we were the only ones there.

Monday 1996 - Skiff of snow.  MO up 5+ to 114 and three years ago it was low 50s.

Wednesday 1998 - Wells lunch at Senior Center.  Drew door prizes, then each successive winner could elect to take one of the previous prizes which no one did.  First prize was poinsettia with a hidden $25 which was told at the end.  Jean went to Womens Club at the Woods.

Thursday 1999 - [to Cincinnati] Jeanne S. had invited Jean to luncheon at the Hyde Park Country Club, a symphony benefit.  I went to Batavia to wind up Martha Brewer estate.  Left Sankers at 4 and had supper at Rookwood Pottery, on to the Westin, room 835, they have a new bed deal, 5 pillows on bed, plus a fluffy cover.  Had used Priceline at $100, but final bill was $89 + tax of $9.35.  Their garage was $15 but parked on street for $6.50.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Dec. 8, 1972, 1989-99 Limousines on College Street

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1972 - Pete Demas dies at 82, came to USA in 1906, NV in 1926 and worked until 1952.  His wife died 8/15/65.

Friday 1989 - 3" snowfall, first of the season.  GG drove, we did fine until we came to the big hill, several cars slid off so we turned around and came back to NV, 2½ hours after leaving.  Jean worked at Bank in PM with things left over from Church Bazaar.  At 6:30 we were on the cleanup committee at Senior Citizens, they had served over 400 meals to P.R.C. in the past 24 hours.  Had good turkey dinner.

Saturday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] Clark sale, downtown property brought $9,000, '79 Dodge $1500.  Mother slept until noon.  Cut our Christmas tree across the street.  Looks nice.  Jean made broccoli soup.

Sunday 1991 - Ate at Wooden Spoon, $5.95 buffet.  Saw the Howards there.  Roberta is off and on re coming to see GHU.  Darren Striker, his wife and sister joined church.

Tuesday 1992 - McKay deposition in Wilmington at BMW's office.  Got word perfect software.  UMW family night at the Hannah's.  She had done a nice painting of Ohio River bridge at Wheeling.  We took the Robe's, his comment how Jim as had 15 cars in 14 months.  We all had a BIG laugh about the limousine looking for College Street in NV.

Wednesday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] Jean had Womens Club at Garnet Fishers in Wilmington.  Elaine was late getting here to babysit.  Had Bob German [?] at the house for an appraisal.  Great day weather wise.  Ran into Kathy Hanke, she and he husband had dissolution today.  She has Pres. Sales Club in 1993 with Flash Realty

Thursday 1994 - Catherine called us this AM (5:30 her time), Wendy is flying to Montreal on 12/22 for 10 days to see this fellow she met in Scotland.

Friday 1995 - Went to Centerville for Jean to see dermatologist.

Sunday 1996 - Went to the Sankers, the "Open House" show.  Then to Montgomery UMC on Pfister Road, where their grandson Ben was in the program.  We saw the "twins", six weeks old.  Jeanne S. has the New Cumberland Courier back to 1976.  Sankers have lived in T.P. for 24 years.

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Dec. 7, 1989-99 Tax School

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - Tax School in Chillicothe.  Nice day.  Had cider and apples for afternoon break.

Friday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] More Tax School, Janet Achor drove.  Roberta brought Mother an elephant, she keeps asking what kind of noise they make.  Jean and Roberta met John at 71 and 68 as he and Stu were returning from Louisville on bank business.  Then John took van back to help him move.

Saturday 1991 - Got both the yearly Wilmington College report and the School of Law, CWRU 1892-1992, 11 students that first year, now 200+.

Tuesday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] The Hortons seem to be having "hang over" from their trip here.  Surprised to get a box of fruit from Church and Kelly (Walker) Ely, for helping them on their house purchase.

Wednesday 1994 - Lions Club meeting at Senior Citizens, $8  a person, 30 present.  EC Chorus sang.  Harners cam up afterwards and took the "Back Stretcher" [?] home with them, has 37 of our blue 2½ balls in it.

Saturday 1996 - Got Christmas letter typed.  Nice day out, worked in the yard.  Did do a 709 return on the computer, an an experiment.

Sunday 1997 - Went to Samuel Walker's for lunch, talked there with Bud McConnell, he is going to have knee surgery.  Had SS lesson, whole book of Romans, had the 8 chapters this last 3 months, the rest of Romans for the next 3 months.  Spent some time at the Book Store.  LeAnne Potts in there, got Time Magazine for article on Wilmington, $2.95.  Then to Lowe's, sold out of regular sleds.  Miles Barrervia [?] is working there.  Perry Blackburn's parents having 50th Anniversary at NV Senior Citizens.  The last of 12 meetings at the Church on the Study of our talents.  Rankins were telling me that Leah (she will be 16 in 2/98) is 14 years younger than her next brother, and he is 7 years younger that his next brother.

Monday 1998 - Jean had Mothers Club meeting at Terrace Lounge in WCH, she took Leona Wolfe (she has problems) and Virginia Hildebrant.  Went to Administrative Board Meeting, acted as Secretary.  No Christmas Cards today.  Had Gary Kersey here to put value on lots across the street.  Gary commented about Walter Schutt.

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Dec. 6, 1989-99 Last Tomato

Dad's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1988 - [Kentucky] Heard MV sing in the Messiah, had lunch in Georgetown KY at Elijah's 2085 Broadway [no restaurants listed at that address now].  Very nice.  Drove by the large __________ auto plant near there.  [Evidently Toyota.]

Wednesday 1989 - Lions Club met at Wilmington College.  Mrs. Purtell [?] and David Reems had musical program.  The Hauses took us, $8 each.  New Mexican Restaurant (Taco Bell) opens in Wilmington, also Burger Chef breaks ground.  Rev. Johnson called, he is willing to stay.  Got haircut at Greg's.

Thursday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] To Tax School again, oh the complexities.  We ate at Wendy's.  Mother seems quite well.  Roberta brought her an elephant.  Wilmington Jaycees phoned about selling a Wilmington coupon book for $34.95 with delivery the same evening.

Sunday 1992 - Ate at Cockrell's [in Blanchester], most meals $6.75, then to Sankers, toured 5 homes in Terrace Park, then had a snack at their house, then drove around and saw the Luminarias, candles in a paper sack with a sand bottom.  Had SS lesson on Joshua 1.

Monday 1993 - [Ginny visiting]

Tuesday 1994 - We went to Wilmington bought cabinet at Walmart for $69 for Cherri Laymon's SS Class.  Total water, sewer, etc. bill $29 for the month.  Article about Rome and New Zealand in NYT.

Wednesday 1995 - [Clipping from WNJ, 25 years ago inserted on this date, transcribed below.] Lions met at NV Senior Citizens, $8 per person.  GG had a lady from Xenia sing.  Had cake with heavy icing.  Sat next to Bob Walkers, they got their condo in 1987.

Friday 1996 - Mary [MUH] called us, quite windy, she had just returned from NYC, she still has trouble looking for things in the middle of the night.

Sunday 1998 - In high 60s, we went on a picnic at Denver Williams Park, quite windy.  Snow Hill Park has a closed sign on it.  Got ink cartridge at Staples, $27.  Open House at the parsonage, lots of ch....[choices? cheese? chairs?].  Wrote Nancy Walker about next March [visiting her in Spain], ate our last tomato out of the garden, had pulled it with the vine.  Broccoli still growing.

Monday 1999 - [Newark to home] John had bank meeting at 8am, we had breakfast with Julie, Kate and Andrew.  Julie ran a few errands and we left about 10am.  Brief stop at Easton, still building there.  Had lunch at Wendy's, ½ way home, older gal who just works at noon.  Jean had Mothers Club at Marie Cooper's.  Roberta leaves for a week trip to Greece.

From Wilmington News Journal 12/6/95:  25 years ago, December 6, 1970.  The New Vienna Lion's Club celebrated its 23rd anniversary Wednesday with the annual Ladies Night Christmas Party at the New Elk's building.  Present were the following Lions and their wives:  Mr. and Ms. Harold Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Cochran, Mr and Mrs. John Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Eltzroth, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Fawley, Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Fenwick, Mr. and Mrs. Billy Flint, and Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Flint.  Also Mr. and Mrs. Orville Harner, Dr. and Mrs. Hause, Mr. and Mrs. Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kersey, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Ledford, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McMillan, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Penn, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Smith, Mr and Ms. Walter Tanforth, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Terrell, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Uible, Mr and Mrs. Robert Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Walker and Mr. and Mrs. Vinton Wolfe.  Guests were Laura Carey, Alice Rudisill, and Mr. and Mrs. Greg Kersey.

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Dec. 5, 1989-99, 2006 Great-grandson KC born

Dad's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - Big article in WNJ about grocery closing in Lees Creek after 117 years.

Wednesday 1990 - [Roberta arrives] Left about 3 for Dayton as Roberta was flying in.  Stop in Xenia for Jean to get material, visited several stores, then on to Dayton, another material store and then to Kitty's a restaurant [name changed to Thomato's then Mediterra which closed in 2003, 3 restaurants listed at that address now: Gallery Grille, Smitty's, and Swisher's Too]  in Citizen Federal Centre [building now called PNC Center], but Serena had called saying plane was late so went to Sears, got new pair of dress boots for wet weather then to P.L. where I got a library card.

Saturday 1992 - UMC Church Bazaar, everything [food] 85¢, drinks 30¢.  Frank Young house, next to paint building sold by Kersey Realty at auction for $26,500 - or tax duplicate [?] at $15,000.  Got Christmas letter typed on the computer.

Sunday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] Typed Christmas letter, returned last of pans to the folks who had brought food to us.  63 at SS and 89 at Church.  Called Catherine, Wendy may be coming home [from her exchange student time].

Tuesday 1995 - Had Zurface appraisal, took Henry Edwards to the dentist.  Called John, they had been to Columbus to see a MD.  He said that Roberta was in an accident yesterday, she didn't mention it in phone call today.

Saturday 1998 -  Cleaned up yard.  Joe Hiestand was here, brought box of candy (had done free legal service in 1997).  Helped decorate the SS room.  Had to get new battery for '95 Honda, 7-year guarantee.

Sunday 1999 - [to Newark] Drove to Newark in PM, got there about 4.  Went out for supper at Bunky's [opened 1998, closed 2001] at 1650 W. Church St. in what used to be a grocery.  They have a mini-brewery there.  I had [illegible] which was really too spicy.  The rolls were good.  Kate was glued to the TV going on.  She had to be at the Church at 6pm for practice.  The program started at 7:30.  Kate sang in a chorus.  We were the first ones to use their guest room in the basement, very comfortable.

[Tuesday 2006 - Great-Grandson Kenneth Charles "KC" Counts born to Wendy and Ken.]

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Dec. 4, 1989-99 Old NV School

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - Rev. Ed Johnson told us tonight that he planned to retire this next June.  He will be 65 in January.  Took GHU out to Joan Gruber for hair ($6).  Grocery in Lees Creek closed.  Connie West starts working at the Bank.

Tuesday 1990 - First snow very light, but cold wind.  Mothers Club at Virginia Walkers in Hillsboro.

Wednesday 1991 - NV Lions met at NV Senior Citizens, $16 per couple.  NVUMC bell ringers were the program.

Friday 1992 - Mother is very good today, weight up to 99#, trying to get Christmas letter off on computer.

Saturday 1993 - [Logan Ohio to home, Ginny visiting] What a long night with Ginny, she had a temperature and was VERY restless.  The room was $65, but John had it as a prize through a friend.  She mentioned that the breakfast was continental +.  A large nut roll, quiche, juice and beverages.  They have just opened this fall and have done much of the work themselves.  Their son is a pilot with Airborne and drives back and forth.  Had lunch at Bob Evans in WCH and got back to NV as we were on clean-up committee for the UMC bazaar.

Sunday 1994 - Meeting Sankers at 1pm for Tour of Homes.  We had lunch at Boston Chicken en route there.  Mary and Roger Bahr have a Japanese girl living with them.  A light sprinkle but in the 50s.

Monday 1995 - Good to be back in routine [after return from Florida trip], plenty of legal work.

Wednesday 1996 - Lions club at Wooden Spoon, $8 each, 25 there.  We took the Salisburys with us.  Had sheet of 25 illustrations and then guess the Christmas song.  Hard to believe that I went all day without glasses, my old glasses do make things cloudy.

Thursday 1997 - GG and Annie to tax school.

Saturday 1999 - Auction of the old NV School, Christian School bought if for $130,000.  [Christian School operated there for ~5 years?] They finished laying up the block foundation for the new habitat house.  Got new Zagat book for NYC.

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Dec. 3, 1988-99 Lois Bruce passes away

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1988 - Jean left for first Emmaus meeting in Wilmington and left my bike in Wilmington at the WPL.  Got home in time to help clean up from the Church Bazaar.

Sunday 1989 -  Jean had SS lesson on Daniel 1.  The 3 of us ate in Leesburg.

Monday 1990 - PPR invited Rev. Johnson back for another year.

Tuesday 1991 - Both of the Mothers Clubs met.  Thelma Holmes passed away.  Roberta is excited that she has her way to Israel paid for by getting others to go.  Also Lois Bruce passed away, she was 86.

Friday 1993 - [to Logan, via Lebanon, Cincinnati, and Lancaster, Ginny visiting] Went to Otterbein Home to see the Finchs, then to Cincy to see Goldie Correll, all on legal business.  At 5 we left for Lancaster to meet John and Julie and Kate at the Apple Barrel Restaurant [nothing listed with that name near Lancaster] on US 33 N, then we drove to the Bear Run Inn near Logan.  Marcia and Bud Myers (614-385-8007) and Sue Smith Roberts (Jim Smith's daughter, [Catherine's age]) lives there.

Saturday 1994 - Beautiful day, mulched shrubbery on east side of house.  Serena came in the PM with the children's c... gift of 2 luggage bags.  She stayed for supper, then we went ⃞ dancing in Hillsboro.  Saw Bill Wical there.  Asa Flint told us he had worked for Landmark for 40 years.  Worked on Christmas letter. Article in NYT how Toys-R-Us has 21% of toy business, Walmart 12.9%, K-Mart 7%.  Harold Ludrok told me that this Dr. in Troy had helped his arthritis by [having him] eating two pieces of celery a day + herbs.

Sunday 1995 - [Cincinnati]  Went to Westwood UMC, George Brown was a DS here, left 7 years.  Message: "What time is it?"  Ate at Hardy's across the street, then to John Herrick house on Dayton Street, then to Taft home on Auburn Ave., quite interesting.

Tuesday 1996 - Made reservations with Delta for flight to Phoenix on Christmas Eve.  Marion Bledsloe in, oh the family problems.

Wednesday 1997 - Lions Ladies night at NV Senior Citizens, $8 each.  Beverly Grover singing was the program.  Card from Bill Glissman that Margaret had died in June at age 77.

Thursday 1998 - Christmas card from Ed and Evie Johnson.  Jean picked broccoli out of the garden.  Visited Elsie Satterfield.  Problems of bank account with NV Alumni with Lyle's passing.  GG and Annie to tax school.  Have I mentioned that we recently rec.... to keep the paint from flaking.

Friday 1999 - Elsie Satterfield asked me if she could go home with me, wonder if she would be happy anyplace.  Jean got invitation for Volunteer meal at CMH.  Biography of Jimmy Carter on C-Span.

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Dec. 2, 1988-99 Home again

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1988 - [to Cincinnati] We went to Cincy for Bar Assoc. and Tax meeting.  Stayed at Clarion Hotel, $49.  Several basketball teams there.  Had a nice dinner at the Phoenix Restaurant. ($33.71) Jean bought a bright pair of red corduroy pants for me.  Bought 2 pairs of slacks at McAlpins.

Sunday 1990 - GHU had temperature of 103+ so didn't go to SS or come up here to eat.  Put up some of the Christmas lights.

Monday 1991 - [Phoenix to home] Catherine joined us for breakfast in the room.  She has a small lump on her chin. [? I have no recollection of that.]  Roberta met us at airport for lunch.  Drove back to West side and had lunch at Tasters, near Piccadilly [can't find info on Tasters and no Piccadilly locations left in AZ], new management this past week, what a huge salad and cinnamon roll.  Then we went next door to drug store and had ice cream, 1 dip 59¢.  The plane was full and a hard rain for our drive to NV.

Wednesday 1992 - Linda Lorenz and Mr. East had a musical program for the NV Lions Club at the NV Senior Citizens.  Jean went to Hillsboro to see the Culbreaths.  Computer demo, also talked with Bob Hodson, he has software that will print out an auto route to X place with time and distance.

Thursday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] Carolyn R. and I went to Holiday Inn West in Columbus for all day meeting on cobra.  This is the fourth day of Haynie murder trial in Wilmington, this 17-year-old shot his 15-year-old ex-girlfriend's mother.   Set up evening for the NVUMC Bazaar.  GG and H.L. are staying overnight in Chillicothe for tax school.

Friday 1994 - Bought acorn squash for 19¢ at Aldi's and fresh pineapple at Bob and Carls for 99¢.  Jean and Betty Eltzroth working on the pecan distribution.

Saturday 1995 - [Orlando Florida to Cincinnati]  After some traffic hassles at Orlando, we left at 10:30 with plenty of room on the plane.  Had reservations at the Crowne Plaza, $69 at 15 W. 6th St. [now vacant?, Google maps, show this location as occupied by Ceilings Unlimited and National Industries Corp.], has just reopened in Oct. 1995.  We met Serena for supper and ate at Pigall's.  [127 W. 4th St.  This later changed to Tonic on 4th and is now possibly called Local 127.]  Lots of people downtown for Christmas stuff.

Monday 1996 - Cataract operation at 6:45, poor night of sleep.

Tuesday 1997 - Jean helped the Hauses and the Walkers decorate the Church.  Confusion between Gerry and his mother on her arrival in Phoenix.  [She arrived on a flight about 6 hours after she was expected, having gotten confused when she changed planes.]

Wednesday 1998 - [Cincinnati to home] After breakfast in our room made stop at Honda east about the radio.  Lunch in Midland, senior menu for $3.50 each includes entree, coleslaw, potato, vegetable and roll.  Lions Club Christmas program at NV Senior Citizens, $8.50.  Sat near Geringers, been here 15 years and Larry Blackburn, he is up at 4:00 to milk cows.  Jean Wolfe can hardly walk.

Thursday 1999 - We went to Wilmington.  Jean had mammogram at CMH at 6:30pm.  X-ray shows lump in left breast.  We had a late supper at Bob Evans, a noisy dish drop off behind our booth.

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Dec. 1, 1989-99 Sunday School and Church

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - Roberta called us at 4:45 AM (AZ time), 6:45 here to tell us she had just talked with MV and heard about her marriage plans.

Saturday 1990 - Church Bazaar.  Jean was in charge in the kitchen, everything 80¢, drinks 30¢.  Took in $300 in the kitchen, $1700 total.  Burned shrubbery in the AM, went to ⃞ dance in Hillsboro.

Sunday 1991 - [Phoenix] Met Kings at Carl Jr's for breakfast, then to Church with them at 1st UMC, then lunch at AZ Center, lots of new shops there [now practically no shops].  Bought maroon Allen Edmonds for $165, salesman quite a talker.  All over for supper at the King's, hard to keep cat off the kitchen table.

Tuesday 1992 - To Nathan Hale to get the stitches out.  Said he was quitting at the end of the year, he will be 76 in 2/93. 1) It's no longer fun, (2) he may be losing his marbles and (3) he isn't making any $ with his overhead.

Wednesday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] Still trying to get those two life estates on Hazel Clements satisfied.  Lions Club program at Wooden Spoon.  Bill Wolfe told a bunch of jokes (??).

Thursday 1994 - First meeting of Leadership Clinton.  Don Haines hearing in Municipal Court and finally got Streber estate closed after 17 years.  Working on our Christmas letter.

Friday 1995 - [Lakeland to Orlando Florida]  Looked at the College of Lakeland and also a stop at the P.L.  Got Frosty at Wendy's and got to Holiday Inn Express ($44) near Orlando airport.  After a lot of traffic we met Hallets at Linda's Winter Park Diner on Fairbanks, they live on out past P.L.  Ate at Park Ave. Grill $12.95, on a very pretty street with nice shops.  Been married 53 years.  He has Parkinson's and diabetes, just started with insulin.

Sunday 1996 - Jean had SS lesson on Acts 1:1-8.  Hanging of the Green program at church.  Sheila was there, she had worked for App. Innovations.  We had the buffet at Golden Corral, $6.39.  Got expired milk at Krogers for $1.09/gal, regular $2.64 ($2.19 at Aldi's).  Got standby reservation for Colorado Springs.  Ticket to London $441.

Monday 1997 - Rigsby divorce hearing.  Long Administrative Board meeting re church growth.  Donna Smallridge to be new SS Supt.

Tuesday 1998 - [Phoenix to Cincinnati airport] We made the rounds with Roberta in meeting all the people at Senior Village.  Met the Morgans and the Kings at the new baseball stadium for lunch.  For Jean's birthday they brought her ice ice cream with chocolate sauce in a miniature plastic ball cap.  Decent meal on the plane, plenty of room.  Had room 113 at the airport Holiday Inn for $94.  We used the whirlpool.  The pool felt cool.

Wednesday 1999 - On Lions Christmas committee with Tom Terrell and Mitch Casfry at Laurel Oakes, nice meal for $6.50.  We charged 2 for $10.  Four didn't show up (the Martins and the Earlys).  He charged us for 40 people.  Robin McMillian sang.  Had 29 there.

Items from Uible photo album