Monday, April 30, 2007

Ginny Crowson

Here's the beautiful Ginny Crowson, ringing handbells at church (3/28) and singing at "Art in the Park" (3/17), part of our St. Patrick's celebration.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Don's new "church"

Don got "officially" hired as the (part-time) chaplain at this local drug rehab facility this week! The D.S. gave him the choice of taking a church or Promise of Hope had approached him about serving as the chaplain. The website doesn't do the place justice but doing alot of good work. They dedicated their brand new chapel last Sunday and Don will have the first service in it tomorrow morning. Also soon to celebrate his one year anniversary at Johnson State Prison.

Alta Loma

The roof-mate right now is trimming up the grapefruit and orange trees in the backyard. I've chatted with him briefly and thanked him again. I did decide that something a little more tangible would be nice, so now have virtually no bread in the house - gave him most of what was left of the 100% whole wheat and also the mostly white plain bread. So, guess I'll be baking more bread this evening or tomorrow morning.

I've invited the Morgans and Kings over for a very simple brunch next week. Mainly breads and spreads. I may ask Morgans to bring some fruit salad and maybe the Kings some ice cream. (There is always room for ice cream. Still have Soy Delicious frozen ice-cream-like stuff.)

And then I suppose we will have to get together to celebrate Roberta's birthday (60, isn't it?). Anybody else up for Persian Garden?

Another photograph and questions

Above is the writing on the back of the photograph below. Which makes me rather wonder whether Debbie's last name really is (was?) Reynolds? Although I'm not sure what the name written there is.

I cropped out Spotty (the Dalmation) because one could hardly tell it was indeed him lying there on the floor and helped the faces come into closer focus. Also, cropped out the swing which was faced to swing out away from what was Dad's office and eventually John's bedroom. I don't really remember when there wasn't railing clear across the front of the porch (excluding the steps, of course).

Roberta and Wendy Jean

Roberta back in her babushka phase

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Books for Health

I haven't read this particular book, The McDougall program for a healthy heart : a life-saving approach to preventing and treating heart disease by John A. McDougall ; recipes by Mary McDougall, but have found his other books helpful and interesting. It's call # at Glendale is 616.123 so look under that number for information about heart health. Published in 1996, this book will not have the most recent information, but he presents a strong case for nutrition being the most essential part of healthy living. And if you don't have much time to cook try his cookbook, The McDougall quick & easy cookbook : over 300 delicious low-fat recipes you can prepare in fifteen minutes or less. The cookbook is cataloged with the low fat diet books at this number, 641.5638.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Left Anterior Descending blah blah blah

I have doubled the amount of medical terminology I've learned in the last week or so! My heart cath came out fine and everything looked good and "within normal limits" except for a "^" in my left anterior descending (see #2 at right)....cardiologist Rx a hypertension medication to lower the BP (normal had inched up to 150/100ish) and lower the heart rate that stayed about 90-100 bpm resting. I started that on Thursday and by Saturday could tell a difference. I actually got up from a short nap and felt rested! As HH would say, it is a vicious cycle to not exercise because you don't feel well and then you don't feel well because you don't exercise!!
The cardiac rehab center through the hospital does have a medical evaluation and then will work with you for 3 months while you exercise in their lab which I plan to see about tomorrow.....Follow up with Dr. is Friday when he lowers the boom on diet, cholesterol, etc. It will be more fun than I can stand!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Things I've seen lately

I saw a set of encyclopedias at Goodwill the last time I was there. They were $1.99 per volume which wouldn't be a bad price, but the set was 25 years old which certainly makes the price less reasonable. I didn't check to see if there were any missing volumes.

I spotted Soy Delicious (the soy equivalent of ice cream) the other day. There were about 8-10 different flavors - including Chocolate Obsession. I was in the local Basha's grocery store (a little over .5 miles from the Alta Loma place)! So, next time we go for Soy Delicious for Mother, we'll skip Trader Joe's and just go to Basha's.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Plans and battery operated stuff

I'm getting ready to go on the SCW bike riders ride this morning. I chatted with a couple of people from the group yesterday at the New Residents meet and greet yesterday. The bike ride is not at 8:00, but 7:30 now. Don't know if it gets earlier as the summer gets deeper.

I've already ruined the free pedometer I got yesterday from Sun Health. Who would have guessed that a battery operated thing wouldn't do well going through the wash this morning? I do seem to be having a sudden problem with water and battery operated things - yesterday my "water-proof" watch gave up the ghost after being fogged up for 36+ hours (strangely it did work while the water was still condensed inside the watch). Who would have guessed that a $6 Wal-Mart watch would be so temporary?(It lasted 8 months, I think).

The plan for tomorrow is that R and I (and Sid?) are going to the Peoria Goodwill in the afternoon - it is 50% off day. Then, I'll bike on to the library, or Morgans, depending on the time.

Well, need to get going.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New additions

Serena, thanks for the news now on the left side of the blog......I just discovered it this morning! I would love to have one of the more recent pictures of the family taken down in Florida at the head of the blog. BUT.....I don't know how to paste it there! I am off for a morning breakfast meeting, I hope there is going to be some good food there! More later, the clock is ticking. Roberta the poster

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

up-close and personal

From All

Bill Sanker's obituary

SANKER William Curtis (85) of Terrace Park. Beloved husband of Jeanne. Devoted father of Lynn, Lowell, and Bruce. Loving grandfather of Ben, Amy, Eric, Diana, and Cindy. Memorial Service to be held Thursday April 5, 2007 at 10 A.M. at Hyde Park Community Methodist Church, 1345 Grace Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45208. Memorials to Hyde Park Community Methodist Church.

Obituary of Beverly Gooding

GOODING, Beverly (Erisman) Age 75, Died April 7, at home after a long illness which she faced with cheerfulness and courage befitting her faith and character. Survived by her husband of 54 years, Robert, who was her primary caregiver in her last years; daughter Lisa of Dayton, son James of Cincinnati, James Malone who was like a son to her and John Greer, Jr. who was like a grandson to her., as well as "adopted family" Helena Strauch and Robert Nyerges. She is also survived by her sister Eleanor (James) Woolley and brother Stewart (Betty) Erisman, as well as cousins, nieces, nephews and many friends. Preceded in death by her parents, Earl and Lela Erisman. Beverly was known for her kindness, gentle spirit, good humor and commitment to serving others, and for inviting many to share the food she prepared. A Fairview H.S. graduate, she attended Ohio University. While dedicated to her entire family, she also had a career in the workplace, beginning as assistant to the DP&L VP of Personnel in the early 1950s. Once her children were in school, she worked for Kenneth D. Arn, MD, as his assistant and office manager for 20 years, then worked for many years as Mrs. Virginia Kettering's personal assistant until shortly before Mrs. Kettering's death. Beverly's interests were many, from children, reading and antiques to travel and white water rafting. She gave many hours to community needs. Among them, she founded and led Bellbrook's first Child Conservation League in the 1950s and was an active member long after her children were grown and until her illness. She was a Girl Scout leader, served her church in many capacities including treasurer, co-founded with her husband and others the Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Historical Society, serving it in leadership roles in her quiet steadfast way. Viewing, Wed, Apr. 11, 4-8 p.m. at Conner & Koch Funeral Home, 92 W. Franklin St., Bellbrook, OH. Funeral service, Thurs, Apr 12, 2 p.m. Grace United Methodist Church, Harvard & Salem Aves., Dayton, OH. Rev. Teri Heck of Bellbrook UMC and Rev. Marla Brown, Grace UMC, co-officiating. Burial Bellbrook Cemetery. Condolences and fond memories of Beverly may be emailed to the family at Should you wish, gifts in Beverly's memory can be made to children's charities or the Greene County Council on Aging. The Gooding Family especially thanks Jeannie Adkins of the Council for the loving care she gave Beverly and Bob. We also thank dear friends Roberta Uible-King, Jerry Wright, and Ada Rife for their continuous help and Glenn Kwiat, MD, for his care.

Note: directions to church may be found: here on the church's web site.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tossed in Palm Beach Gardens

Just before Catherine, Gerry and I went to the airport we went Marianne and Larry to a really nice place called Tossed. Catherine had a Summer Salad and I had a Winter Salad - they were about $6.95 each. They had some "set" salads and then you could choose a basic salad for $3.95 and then all kinds of add-ins (at varying prices depending on the item). The food was excellent. The link for the set salads is here and the general link for the restaurants is here. Again, lunch was delicious, although not quite as filling as the Italian feast. And, of course, the company was interesting.

More Florida photographs

Monday, April 09, 2007

Sunday night

We have just finished unpacking the last of the bags (wires mostly toward the end!) and I was looking over the Uible blog and discovered the picture posted of Beverly Gooding.....what a wonderful way to remember her! I have played around with the idea of trying to come back to Ohio, but with one staff person gone this week out of three, it really is impossible.

Trust everyone had a great Easter. We did attend an excellent Easter music program at the Church on the Green last night. There was no food served. Ask the folks about that comment! More later, the sheets are calling.....

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Welcome Home, One and All

By this time tomorrow night, all of us should be back home. Interesting the AZ contingent will reach their destination first, but that is certainly the joys of modern technology/aviation! We had an enjoyable day at St. Augustine and the kids left happy. We did find some shorts at The Avenues Mall (Julie---we took the others back! Hopefully it is a lesson learned for Ginny) and had dinner at Seven Bridges Brewery and Grille, thanks to JBs AAA book. Evidently it is part of the Gordon Biersch Restaurant group...but the food was excellent and service quick and attentive. I think I've been reading too many tour books and starting to sound like one. At any rate, we will head out in the morning and glad to hear from Julie via cell phone that they had already progressed to Charlotte, NC at suppertime tonight and planned to go further. It was wonderful to see everyone and appreciate not only the folks generous hospitality but the Horton warm welcome and tolerance of the boys splashing in their pool everyday!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Life is full compromises


Sorry, this year there is no big multi-tiered cake.

Sorry, this year the honeymoon suite is already rented.

Sorry, this year you're not near Williamsburg, Virginia.

Sorry, this year there is no champagne.

Sorry, this year there is no fancy feast.

Sorry, this year, there is no music for dancing long into the night.


This year . . .

This year there is plenty of room for fresh fruit and vegetables in the motel room mini-fridge.

This year, actually, there is a honeymoon suite - Andrew and Christian are particularly enjoying it.

This year you're close to the nursing home.

This year there is plenty of tap water.

This year, we can ask your grandchildren to dance as your daughter sings.

This year, we'll have dinner at the nursing home.

Life is full of compromises, as you know after 59 years of wedded bliss. Your five children, three in-laws, four grandchildren, a niece and husband, a nephew and wife and child, plus a sister are here to wish you a


So, even though you don't have all the trimmings of 59 years ago, we're sure you'll enjoy this year's celebration with all the compromises. Next year, we have votes for Key West (complete with someone screaming that she will NOT go and if she does she will NOT have a good time), Hillsboro, Stacy's in Wilmington, an all day outing to IKEA, beans with hot sauce at a Mexican restaurant, nature hikes complete with sampling of unripe persimmons . . . So, enjoy the good times THIS year.

With love from your children

Mary Virginia

Items from Uible photo album