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Back to School in the "2" years

The beginning of the school year for the last 110 years – some of these details could be incorrect or inexact.  Corrections and additional details would be appreciated.

1902 GHU starts 4th grade, possibly at one room school on family property - she graduated in 1911

1922 MUH begins 4th grade in Hillsboro - she graduated 1931 from Hillsboro HS

1932 HH starts 2nd grade in New Vienna - he graduated 1943
1932 Jean begins 5th grade in New Cumberland WV - she graduates 1940
1932 MUH attends college in Nashville TN (or did she transfer to Ohio State after year in TN?)

1942 Jean is Junior at West Virginia University in Morgantown - she graduated in Jan. 1945
1942 HH begins senior year at New Vienna High School

1962  Catherine - 8th grade
1962  Roberta - 6th grade
1962  Serena - 2nd grade

1972  Catherine works on MLS at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo MI
1972  Roberta attends college (Univ. of Cincinnati?)
1972  Serena begins senior year at East Clinton High School
1972  John - freshman year at East Clinton (when did Exeter start, 1973?)
1972  MV - 3rd grade

1982  Serena takes paralegal classes in Chicago
1982  MV begins freshman year at Wilmington College
1982  Wendy begins Kindergarten in Metolius, Oregon

1992  Wendy in 9th grade, Centennial High School, Peoria AZ

2002  Wendy attends ASU West, Phoenix AZ
2002  Ginny in 5th grade, Dublin GA - she graduates 2010
2002  Kate in 4th grade, Granville OH - she graduates 2011

2012  Ginny attends Georgia College in Milledgeville GA
2012  Kate attends Miami University in Oxford OH
2012  Christian in 9th grade, Dublin GA
2012  Andrew - 8th grade, Granville OH
2012  KC's parents decide to wait another year before starting him in kindergarten

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1982 Family Letter - August 29

The top part of this letter must have gotten cut off on this copy as no date shows, but historical research reveals it to have been written in late August 1982.
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[August 29, 1982]
Dearest Family -

It is almost September and school is well under way.  I have finished with library instruction for the junior high and that I am always glad to get over - did all three middle school classes - 6-8th and used film this time which sure helps on the voice angle.

Mary Virginia has now retired from her rope folding - painting job at Wells - they even gave her a diploma from the School of Hard Knocks of the Toy Manufacturers of America - looks real official.  She was cat-sitting for Diane Roberts' kitten so we had quite a time – they were due back Tuesday or Weds.  - we finally called Friday and found they had come home late Tuesday but are leaving again this Thurs. sooooo I sure am not interested in looking after the cat after MV leaves - theirs or ours.  But ---- have found someone who will take ours but MV isn't too happy about it - we would take them back when she is home.  [Mother always said she liked kittens, but it was too bad they grew up to be cats.]

Hope John and X enjoyed their trip to New England and "the farm" [Hudson Guild]. We are anxious to hear about everything when they come in less than two weeks.

Mie Young called last night and is working in her aunt's restaurant in L.A. area and wants to stay there as long as possible.  Her uncle or someone there has gone to Korea to be married and she is helping while he is gone.  It was good talking to her after the trip back.  We really wondered if she would have problems coming back to the US and maybe to Wilmington College.  She still hasn't said when she'll be arriving.

Looking forward to seeing Serena this weekend - she works Saturday from 10 til 4 so won't see her til that afternoon - have called Helen Kuntzman and plan to see them Friday evening - more details about them in next letter after we have seen them but Helen is encouraged just in the last two weeks and hopes to have him out of the nursing home in Greenville and home around Thanksgiving.  He is planning to fly to Florida for Carol's wedding.

Hope every detail worked out in the sale of your house in East Mesa, Roberta - know it would be a relief not to have it but under your conditions instead of the realtor's.  Your classes certainly begin early in the morning - you'll have a full day to use after they are over - on Tuesdays at least.

Mrs. Thornburg finished your purse the same day that we took it to her, Catherine - it is much better now - she kept saying she was glad that you returned it and now she remembers how it had been and is sorry that we had to send it back and forth to Oregon.  I have those boxes of birthday party decorations - favors, etc. and wonder if you could use them for Wendy's birthday this year or want them at all?  A week from tomorrow is Wendy's first day for school and we'll be anxious to hear how she likes it.

They had a fire at Wells last Monday morning in the paint department - more damage by water than by fire.  They cut a big hole in the roof and that has to be patched - they are thinking of putting a sky light there - Wilma Croghan's former picture window which she had used and then donated it to the Go Getter's Yard Sale.

The Lions Club is having a special celebration in honor of their 35th Anniversary this coming Wednesday evening - ladies are invited.  I remember we had just gotten back from a trip (Orient, I believe – [and we can confirm]) when they celebrated the 25th.

Our apple trees have really been producing this summer - the transparent as well as the Rome (sp?) which is a very good eating apple and some say for pies. - Mrs. More is to bring us one today from the apples we gave her last week so will be able to tell you better ten.  It has been a good year for gardens.  We have so much broccoli and brussels sprouts.

[Love, etc.]

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1972 Postcard from Hong Kong - Aug. 29

Hong Kong postcard mailed 1972.  Captioned: Pleasure rides on Rickshaws – a jet age relic in Hong Kong. 
Hong Kong Rickshaw postcard from HH & Jean to family, Aug. 29, 1972.
Tues. Aug. 29, 1972
[written by Jean] Have seen these but no ride but tried about everything else.  Really fascinating place.  Went up to New Territories (as close as yo can get to border of Red China.  Saw water buffalo – Daddy ate buffalo steak.  Last night we had fried ice cream – delicious.

How is everyone – Thinking about school starting and the speech – Wish we could be there for that too.  [written by HH] Saw a walled village & coolie hats.  Part of our group are going on to Bangkok today – we leave here Thurs P.M. and get to Hawaii Thurs A.M.  Love to all - Mother & Dad

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1972 Letter from Hong Kong - Aug. 27

Back of Aerogramme from Hong Kong.  Captioned: Hong Kong by Night with fireworks

Letter from HH & Jean to family from Hong Kong, written Aug. 27, 1972
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Sun – Aug. 27, 1972

Dearest Family –

[started by Jean]  Got your looked-forward-to letters yesterday morning and also one from Grandma.  So glad to hear from all of you.  So sorry that John has been sick but take it that he is better if he is "teasing and clowning around."  It was nice of Serena to take Mary Virginia to see Winnie-the-Pooh and glad you all went to Leesburg to dinner including Grandma in your plans and also going to Americare.  Thanks too to Roberta for taking off to go to Hillsboro.

Hong Kong is really fascinating – and the most beautiful harbor!  The famous Star Ferry from Kowloon to Hong Kong is only 2¢.  Had dinner with couple from St. Clairsville in restaurant with wonderful view of both cities.

We have enjoyed whole trip with outstanding memories – so many friendly and helpful people, delicious food and interesting sights.  Found a record store where they sold new records 33.3 long playing for only 25¢ each.  Books also much cheaper.  If they just didn't weigh so much.  [finished by HH] The '72 World Book was $20, BUT in black & white only - no color.

Here in H.K. the rainy season is on – but no inconvenience – at least not of typhoon range.

Went to Union Church today – all in English.  Man there in shorts – everything very informal here.

Have ridden bus several times.  They are the double decker type, recall the one at Milford.  Even double decker street cars.

The train starts here for Europe – B.B. would like that.  But you can go only as far as China without a visa.  See you all next week.

Love to all.  Daddy & Mother

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1972 Joe's postcard from Brazil - Aug. 26

While HH and Jean were in the Orient in 1972, cousin Joe did some world traveling himself from Dakar, Senegal to Brazil.
Leblon Beach, Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil postcard mailed 1972 
Brazil Postcard from Joe to HH & Jean, mailed Aug. 26, 1972
August 26, 1972
Rio de Janeiro

Hello everyone –  Rio is nothing like Dakar – more like New York City!  I took a tour to the top of Mt. Corcovado and a fantastic view of the city.  1 day out of 4 has been sunny.  My Pan Am book said Rio gets less reain in Aug. than in any other month.  Ho Hum!  I'm not doing well speaking Portuguese – it's quite a problem.  I met a Chinese boy on a tour – since ten we've done  a lot on our own.  He speaks very good English.  The sun's coming out so we'll be going to Sugar Loaf Mountain by cable car.  Ate a delicious Brazilian dish called Feijoada – a mixture of black beans, rice and pork.  There's a fruit drink called Quarana  – very good.  Leaving for Miami Aug. 27.  See you soon.  Love, Joe

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1992 Roberta's letter to Grandma - Aug. 23

1992 - Roberta's letter to Grandma - Aug. 23 

Fuller Theological Seminary (Grand Canyon University) 1992-93 Brochure.  Roberta had plans to get a Masters in Counseling.
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Dear Grandma,

I just got off the phone with Joe Horton – after this month I'm going to really cut back on my long distance phone calls! I always enjoying talking with Joe in Santa Fe. Remember our trip there – about 3 years ago – how we went on that Indian Reservation?

I'm all excited about going back to school to get a master's degree in counseling. The school is only about 6 miles from where we live. Just think of all the schools your grandchildren have gone to. Mary Virginia the closes one – Wilmington College – but later in Kentucky. Joe also close to New Vienna – at University of Cincinnati! Then Cris in Georgia – Marianne at Lakeland, FL – Rob & I graduated from the same school in Boca Raton, Florida. Catherine in Michigan – John in Ohio & Serena in Indiana. I bet you went to a lot of those schools to visit. I remember going to music recitals with you – Joe's in Cincinnati & Mary Virginia's in Kentucky. You would write us all letters & your writing was always much better than mine!

I'll be in Ohio Friday, Sept. 11, just over 2 weeks away. Do you want me to bring anything – the Cats – or pictures of the Cats??

It's late Grandma & I got to get to bed – going to go hiking tomorrow A.M. Want to get into shape to hike the Grand Canyon – I hope to be able to keep up with Dad!

Grandma, do hope you are eating and drinking enough! Remember I'm the that should eat & drink (soda pop) less!

Love, Roberta, Sid & the Cats

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1972 Taiwan postcard - Aug. 24

Postcard Shinyo (Divine Bridge), Nikko Japan - mailed 1972.  Captioned: The lacquered red bridge arches gracefully over the Diya River.  The original structure was built in 1636 for the exclusive use of Imperial and Shogun messengers.  It is now used only on ceremonial occasions.  Designated by the government as "Important Cultural Property."
Shinyo Bridge postcard from HH & Jean to family, mailed Aug. 24, 1972
Thurs. 8-24-72
[written by Jean] Just arrived in Taipei, Taiwan and will leave here tomorrow Hong Kong.  Fed cookies to tame deer yesterday – made us think of Grant's Farm at St. Louis.

[written by HH] Tonight we are going to a Mongolian barbecue I had several meals with just chop sticks, but are really getting along fine.  Get English paper daily – but not quite like WSJ.  – Mom & Dad

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1992 Catherine's letter - Aug. 17

Catherine & Gerry busy with Best West and getting ready to host exchange student.
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[Written on the back of a 1991 Final Balance Sheet for Best West.]

August 17, 1992

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi! Just a quick note as I wanted to mail the business cards to you before I had a chance to lose them in a drawer! We have been trying to get our house more organized – especially with Mette about to arrive. We've had to find new places to put all of the "stuff" that was in her room. Gerry and I are pretty good at disposing of things we no longer need but Wendy hates to part with anything. Our garage is getting fuller!

Glad to hear that you had a good time in San Francisco. What is the destination of your next trip? Will you be able to come to Arizona this fall? We'll let you know as soon as we hear when Wendy's recital is going to be in case you will be able to be here for that.

I will also include a school calendar so you can see when the school holidays are. Wendy is very excited about the possibility of going to Washington D.C. I hope we will be ale to work something out. [A trip with the exchange students – Wendy did go.]

Wendy recently got another progress report from World Vision regarding the girl in Brazil. You must have made a lifetime donation toward their cause! Also, I've been meaning to ask you about the Inc. magazine. Gerry reads it regularly. Shall I renew it for him???

As usual we have been very busy. Best West is applying for a business license to sell R.V.'s which is a much more complicated procedure than the current business license was. Much paperwork is required. Sometimes I feel like a juggler trying to keep up with everything that needs done. Gerry has been doing quite a bit of the bookkeeping work at home. Fortunately neither one of us gets overly stressed! And somehow everything does tend to get done.

Roberta and Sid have been very busy with Sally and Andy here. Wendy has been spending some time over there. Today Roberta is taking a whole troop of kids tubing on the Salt River.

Well, I better get back to emptying dresser drawers and boxing up stuffed animals! Write when you can. We think of you often. Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

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1982 Letter to family - August 22

Sunday evening – August 22, 1982

Dearest Family –

Happy Birthday Virginia [born 1914, so would be celebrating birthday #68] today - hope that the card arrived on time – we were glad to talk to you on the phone Friday morning and hope we get to chat again soon – thanks for mailing me.  I'll check with you soon.

Glad to talk to John, Serena and Roberta this week.  Hope that John and X enjoy their trip to New England including a visit to Hudson Guild Farm.  As the Morgans will tell you – I am so forgetful about anniversaries so didn't get a card to you in time but want you to know that w heave been thinking about that eventful day just three years ago – and wish you many joyous and happy-filled years together.  It was a surprise getting calls from Roberta and Serena - and a postcard from Serena besides!  Talked to Catherine just last week so feel like we've been in direct contact with all the family recently.  Wendy sounded so grown-up on the phone – hard to believe that she will be going to kindergarten this fall and really looking forward to it.

Had a letter from Mie Young this past week and she plans to come to Ohio Sept. 10th so will be running closes as college begins the 12th but hopefully she'll have enough time - it may be that someone will have to pick her up either in Columbus or Cincinnati or Dayton (and that is the same day that X and John are to come down here).  She is to call us from Los Angeles soon after she arrives (about Aug. 25th).

Mary Virginia offered to cat-sit for her friend Diane Roberts while her parents take her to college (School of the Ozarks this weekend).  So far MV's cats and "Butterscotch" have done nothing but hiss at each other.  So we have kept them separated.  Diana's cat isn't to be put outside for "she runs to the street" but luckily the couple of times I've had her out for some fresh air she come back intact.  Thought we might have to call the fire department last night when she ran up high in the tree but finally came down on her own.

Saw a little more of the Ohio State Fair Wednesday than we did last year – really enjoyed seeing and hearing the OSF Band and Youth Choir. – Vicky Butler is in the latter this year –  over 220 in it and would have like to see MV take part but perhaps it was best as it was her choice.  (That was two years ago – not this year so water long over the dam.)

Yesterday while dining at the Blue Drummer in Washington Court House - we were surprised to have Debbie Walvoord come up and introduce herself - brought back a lot of memories of Lakeside, etc.  She looked not much older than MV but has a lot of responsibilities - has been working at Republic Steel in Canton (now going to school studying mechanical engineering, was married (again) last February and has three stepsons 16, 11 and 5.  Said she retained her maiden name but her husband's name is Wood.  Her parents now live on Route 72 east of State Route 3 near Dehan Road.

Today was the Sunday School picnic at Gene Williams farm - it is really beautiful there and they are very willing that people make use of the facilities there – Kevin and a number did go fishing, even Mrs. Nellie Thornburg went for a canoe ride.

By the way, Catherine, we got the purses yesterday and she [Mrs. Thornburg] said she's be glad to fix the one more to your liking.  Said she'd really forgotten how the other(s) had been made.

Dad had Ernie McDaniel work on the "Bubble" last week and got some of those little things taken care of.  Ernie does seem reasonable and he should be with him being the only worker in his garage.  [Which garage would this be??]  We have 21,000 [miles] on the Chevette and had the tires switched.  We are keeping the Bubble in Grandma's garage.

Did do some gardening work yesterday and gathered at least five bushels of our apples.  It seems to be a record year.  Had a card from Dr. Hause that he is going to limit his practice to making dentures and extractions.

[Love, etc.]

This copy of the letter is on the back of a gently used page of letterhead of the Clinton County Republic Committees.  The following names are listed:

Central Committee
David Bailey, Chairman
James Martin, Vice Chairman
Roger Bennett, Secretary

Executive Committee
Frank K. Cunningham, Chairman
D.M. Fife, Vice Chairman
Harold H. Uible, Secretary-Treasurer
Eloise Waring, County Chairwoman

Committee Members
Ralph Cornelius
William McCarthy
Rita Carey
Joseph K. Abell
Bruce Buckley
Charles W. Lewis
Charlotte Nichols
Eleanor D. West
Frank K. Cunningham
Vernon Fox
Harold Carder
Charles Wilkinson
Max E. Hewitt
Thomas C. McMillan
Virgil Hodson
Hubert W. Peelle
Marvin Chamberlin
Eddie Ellis
Harold H. Uible
D. M. Fife
Harold Thornburg
Clarence Vallandingham
Carl K. Williams
Paul J. Andrew
Eugene W. Williams
Carlton Binkley
David B. Hannah
Garland N. Crawfold
Lou Radcliffe
Dorothy M. Clifton
Carrie Dun
Harold Carnahan
James Martin
Homer C. Wilson
Donald Stewart
Roger Bennett
David Bailey
Coral Bland
Burton Werner
Edwin Pyle
Harold Moore
Donald Lynch
Jean C. Riley
Victor S. Compton
Richard Snyder

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1992 Picture of Jean

Women's UMC group, August 1992.

Date on the back is Aug. 1982.  Also written on the back:  "Who's the lady with the dark glasses?  A really nice one.  That's who.  [followed by indecipherable initials – could be Ppes, PPer, or Pfls with a circle drawn around them.]

I would assume this is a UMW committee group, possibly taken in Wilmington.  I don't recognize the room but the boxes and stacks of papers indicate a group getting things accomplished.  Are any of the other women recognizable?
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1972 Postcard from Japan - Aug. 20

Second day in Tokyo find HH & Jean traveling by subway to church and having a snack on the roof of a large dept. store.   I'm assuming this was their first trip to Japan.  Transcription follows.
Meiji Shrine Tokyo Japan postcard from HH and Jean to family, written Aug. 20, 1972.  
Captioned: Paying homage to shrines on New Year's Day is still widely observed by many people in Japan.

Sun. 8/20/72 - Hi -
Getting adjusted to the 13 hr. time difference.  We were here yesterday – went to Church (English protestant) this A.M. on the subway – every one is very helpful & polite.  We are now downtown on the roof of one of the large dept stores where they have a snack area.  All the big stores have an attraction on the roof.  Have had a breakfast buffet – juice, corn flakes, several fruits, bread, baked tomatoes, green beans, lettuce, eggs every way and several meats.  [Love, etc.]

Sunday, August 19, 2012

1972 Postcard from Japan - Aug. 19

August 1972 found HH and Jean traveling to the Orient.  First stop was Toyko, Japan.
New Otani Hotel, Tokyo, Japan postcard from HH and Jean to Mrs. CJ Uible, Aug. 19, 1972

Sat. A.M.  [8/19/72]  Hi -
We made it & our home here is on the 11th floor.  We were ready for bed for it was 7A.M. Ohio time when we got here & 8 P.M. Japan time.  All the signs at the airport are in English plus ? ? ?.  Even a TV channel in English plus a radio station in English.  We are to have a 1/2 day tour this afternoon of the city – 11 million here & so far looks more inviting than NYC.  Lucky on the plane – had a spare seat – so could really stretch out – plane was very full – some 300 people.  Love, Jean & Harold

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1992 Roberta in Las Vegas - Aug. 14

Roberta takes time off from the excitement and fun of Las Vegas to send postcards to Wendy and Grandma.  Transcriptions follow.
Roberta's postcard to Grandma from Las Vegas - Aug. 14, 1992
[postmarked Aug. 14, 1992]
Hi, Grandma!
Do you remember when we were in Las Vegas?  This is more "fun" than I can handle!  Never a dull moment – it's as HOT here as Phoenix.  Love, Roberta

Roberta's postcard to Wendy from Las Vegas - Aug. 14, 1992
[postmarked Aug. 14, 1992]
Hi, Wendy –
This is almost more excitement than I can stand!  We checked out the strip today – ate at Hard Rock Cafe!  Had a frozen yogurt for breakfast!  Diet next week!  Love, Roberta

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1992 postcards from John, Jean - August

August 1992 found John and Julie celebrating their 1st Anniversary and HH and Jean traveling to San Francisco with Bob and GG Walker.  Transcriptions follow each card.
Montague Inn, Saginaw Michigan postcard mailed 1992
Postcard of Montague Inn from John to Roberta, mailed Aug. 10, 1992
Dear Roberta,
Julie and I stayed her last night for our 1st Anniversary.  Very nice.  How are you and Sid doing?  We're excited about next March.  [Grand Canyon]  Do you have any info on the hike?  Give our best to the Morgans.  G'ma was doing well last weekend (8/1/92).  Love from your brother, John
Julius' Castle, San Francisco CA postcard mailed 1992 
Postcard to Wendy from Julius' Castle, San Francisco CA, mailed Aug. 11, 1992
Dearest Wendy,
Had a delicious meal here & the food was sooo good.  Have enjoyed S.F. and the time has gone by quickly.  GG & Bob Walker are good company.

It has been real warm here for SF and enjoyed Muir Woods and Sausalito.  Much love, G'Dad & G'ma U.

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1972 John's list of expenses Aug. 16-Sept. 2

Interesting list of expenses kept by John during a 17 day period while HH and Jean were in the Orient and evidently Ruth Shoemaker was staying at home with the family left behind. What is J & W Recreation?

List of Expenses during Aug-Sept 1972 kept by John at home while Mom and Dad went to the Orient

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J&W Recreation



Wilmington College Play



Play at Lynchburg



Dinner at Lytle’s


All but S

Murphy Theater



J & W Recreation


All but Ro

Chicken Bar BQ (desert)






McGee’s Restaurant



Ponderosa Restaurant



School lunch Money



School newspaper



Dairy Corner (Cluxtons)


All but S

Dairy Corner (Cluxtons)



Dairy Queen (Wilmington)



Donuts (J&W)



Shoes repaired


Total $45.00

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1982 Letter to family - August 15

Sunday evening –
August 15, 1982

Dearest Family –

One more week before school begins here in New Vienna and I hate to see summer end but Dad says – next summer won't come til we get another school year in sooooo guess I'll have to see it start.  Several of the family will be going to school this fall – Roberta starts again on Aug. 23 taking biology and algebra, Serena starts her para-legal program and Wendy goes to kindergarten after Labor Day.  She also resumes her dancing classes and her birthday falls in Sept. we so it is an exciting month for her.

Talked to Aunt Virginia several times last week on the phone – she has a birthday coming up this coming Sunday.  She sounds real good, wish that she could live in an apartment outside the nursing home similar to Roberta's Senior Village; guess that isn't really an apartment but similar type housing – on her own.

Dad went to the fair a couple days this past week and the three of us went over for the square dancing Friday evening.  Several people seemed interested in taking lessons (we passed out flyers about the classes starting in September.)  Janet Terrell Achor and her husband really have enjoyed it – they began last year as did the Roger Leslies (she is Gene Drake's daughter that was married to Ron Ballinger).

Yesterday Dad and I went sailing – it was much better weather for it than the last time we went – no wind at all then.  We both got a little sunburn.  Came home and attacked the weeds in the garden and then Dad spread cotton seed meal on the garden – especially the strawberries.  The Compost bin that the Thompson's (Rev. and Mrs.) made for us is really overflowing.  We should have a good garden next year if it decomposes as it should.  (Dad just brought in two lovely quarts of raspberries which he just picked (8:30pm).

Drove down to Lake White for lunch today – food was very good but Grandma had trouble enjoying it for had so many curves on way down.  She has been sick at her stomach ever since so just called to say she was going to bed early.  We couldn't remember how long it had been since we were last there to eat but remember that Joe and Melissa were with us as well as the Hortons and they took Uncle Bill back to Cincinnati to catch a plane – almost missed it.  Must have been around 1966-70?  Can anyone remember the time?  While in Waverly we went by the home of the Maulers (remember him from Mexico City Lions Club convention, John), but no one was at home.

As you might guess Dad had a pass to the County Fair (which is also good for the county fairs (one is enough for us to go to) and the Ohio State Fair as well.  Like every group in the County, the Fair Board is always wanting the Commissioners to appropriate more money in their area.

Thursday evening we road our bikes out to Don & Barbara Isaacs, a couple who live at the edge of town and have been coming to our Church, who have gone overboard on starting an apple orchard.  They put out over 200 trees this Spring and have 300 plus ordered for next Spring.  Mrs. "I" used to work in the Trust Dept. in the Wilmington Bank.  We were amazed how knowledgeable they seemed to be about Apples.  He works in Dayton in a factory job and hopes that the orchard business will develop into a livelihood for them.  [Is there still an orchard?]

This past week has been bedlam at the office as Phyllis took a week of vacation and GG was off with back trouble ... things are bound to be better this next week.

[Love to all, etc....]

Monday, August 13, 2012

Noah Fawley & Sarah Wilkin Fawley

While in Ohio we visited the Mt. Zion Cemetery in Highland County, about 6 miles SW of Hillsboro on the corner of SR-138 and Mt. Zion Road (Township Road 205).
Harold Hiestand Uible in 2012 at the gravestone of his great-grandparents, Noah Fawley (1824-1914) and Sarah Wilkin Fawley (1829-1901).  They were the parents of eight children including Mary Ellen Fawley (1853-1929) who married Ira Franklin Hiestand (1851-1912).  Their youngest daughter, Gladys Hiestand (1892-1993) married Cecil J Uible (1883-1969).

Noah was born in Rockingham County, Virginia on Sept. 28, 1824 and was the oldest of John (1795-1882) and Mary Hawk (1804-1865) Fawley's 12 children.

Sarah was the daughter of Philip (1794-1894) and Mary Ann Polly Roush (1800-1893) Wilkin.  She was born in Hamer Township, Highland County.   She had two sisters – Mary Ann Wilkin Pence (1817-1904) and Catharine Wilkin Pence (1819-1902); and one brother, Philip Wilkin (1816-1889).  The Mt. Zion Cemetery has several other Fawley gravestones and many from the Roush, Pence and Wilkin families also.

From the Hillsboro Press Gazette abstracts:

November 20, 1914
Hillsboro Gazette
Noah Fawley

NOAH FAWLEY, one of the oldest and most highly respected citizens of the county died at the home of his son, Wright Fawley, near Tile Junction last Sunday from the infirmities incident to old age, he being over 90 years old.  Funeral services were held at the church at Mt. Zion on Tuesday morning, conducted by Dr. E. R. Slutz, after which the remains were interred in the cemetery at Mt. Zion.

Friday, August 10, 2012

2002 Andrew pictured on VBS Program

Andrew is pictured amongst a collage of pictures decorating the Spring Hills Baptist Church 2002 VBS program flyer.  John sent this along with a note written on the back of a business check-sized piece of paper which says NOT NEGOTIABLE.  Note transcribed below.
Andrew pictured on Bible School Program 2002

Tuesday 7/9/02
Mom and Dad,
Thanks again for stopping to see us last week on your way home [from Chautauqua].  We enjoyed dinner and the parade with you.

Do you recognize your grandson on the cover of the VBS program?  He's holding a little girl's hands in the picture titled "Seeing your friends."

We hope to leave Newark [for Dahlonega, Georgia reunion] Friday morning July 19 - stop to see my customer in Louisville mid-day and drive to near Nashville Friday evening.  Perhaps we can get together with you and Morgans in Nashville.  I hope to drive on to Chattanooga Sat. PM.  We'll see you in about a week!  Love, John

Thursday, August 09, 2012

1982 Letter to family - August 9

Monday – August 9, 1982

Dearest Family –

Another week has rolled around - the county fair opened yesterday so we did attend the chicken barbecue and opening church service there.  We did have rain off and on yesterday but didn't dampen things too much.  With more this morning, we are having more than we need and areas not too far from us have only had about ¼ inch in weeks - wish that we could share it.

The garden has been so productive - faster than I can keep up with it.  The transparent apple tree was especially fruitful this year and though it reached the peak before we got back [from trip to Europe with Sankers] we were able to get a lot frozen in stewed apples and applesauce.  Have frozen green beans, broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, corn, cole slaw, beets, and trying to save room for tomato juice and more things yet to come.  Do so wish we could share with all of you!

Mary Virginia registered for her first college term and sounds like she'll have a busy fall.  She has orientation Sept. 12-13 and classes begin on the 14th.  The term is over Thanksgiving and starts again Jan. 3 so she'll have a long Christmas vacation.  Mie Young is due back sometime the end of August or beginning of September.

Lytle's or rather what is the Friendly Village Inn in Leesburg was the scene of a dinner theater last weekend - a community group from Highland County put on Inge's "Bus Stop."  We sent in money for tickets for three of us bud didn't know that they were all sold out before they got our money so innocently went over without tickets.  Luckily they let us in although they turned away a group ahead of us.  They could learn a lot from other dinner theaters but on the whole was very good and saw quite a few people we knew - Vivien Hiestand, John and Laura Hughes, the Harold Wallens who came and sat with us - he was celebrating his 65th birthday - and Bill and Ethel King among other.

Last Friday evening we went to the Murphy Theater and saw "E.T." which was unusual.  Just the day before there was an item in the Wilmington News-Journal about the Murphy Theater being the next white elephant in Wilmington (after the General Denver Hotel), which brings one back to the old fact of that few things are certain beyond change, taxes and death.  On the way home we made a stop at Krogers to see what they have on their mark down table, from which we have been having our supply of summer melons - usually at half price from their regular price.  Across the street United Dairy Farmers were having cones at 29¢ a dip.

Oh yes, we did go to the fair last night in the "Bubble" and IT IS a conversation piece.  It is certainly easier for Grandma to get in and out and there is plenty of stretch room for all of us ... especially when compared with our Chevette.

[Carbon must have gotten folded or torn as the left side/corner of the remaining 2 paragraphs is totally missing, but the gist is still there.]

We thought we had reservations to go to Florida on 9/24, but then a travel agent called us and said that he could not make the reservations so far ahead with Peoples Express, who are roughly 1/3 cheaper than Delta.  There is an interesting article in the Wall St. Journal today about [indecipherable] Maine to Florida and how it has changed in the past  [indecipherable] years.

The raspberries are ripe again and we've frozen many.  Tell Wendy we miss her help in picking them this time.  We have propped up the apple limbs to keep them from breaking from the weight of all the apples.

[With much love, etc.]

Monday, August 06, 2012

1982 Wendy at age 4

1982 was my first full year as Jefferson County Librarian and the first year they had much of a children's summer reading program – it was a BIG DEAL.  Carolyn Grote, who took the picture, was a good friend and supporter/promoter of library programs.
Wendy - Bend (Oregon) Bulletin clipping 3-Aug-1982

Chalk on the Walk
Heather Titus, 4 and brother Shawn, 6, along with Wendy Morgan, 4, added some art to the sidewalks at Sahalee Park in Madras Friday as they participated in the Sidewalk Art Bally-Hoo.  The celebration was part of Library Day for more than 100 children who took part in the summer reading program at the Jefferson County Library.  Celebrants were rewarded with certificates and a choice of a book, along with punch and cookies provided by a restaurant and two grocery stores.  Heather and Shawn are children of Donna and Bob Titus.  Wendy's a daughter of county librarian Cathy Morgan and husband Gerry.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

1982 Letter to family - August 1

Glad to have a family letter to read again after a two month break.  This one is not being scanned as it is rather a poor carbon copy.  Trust that I am not making it up!

Dearest Family --

Happy August! Can't believe it has been eight weeks since we last wrote a carboned letter to all of you. We have been in touch with all of you - mostly in June but also in the past week.

We did have a wonderful trip with the Sankers through France, Switzerland, bits of Austria and Germany and even less in Italy - limited to a picnic on Lake Como - never spent a cent there (or rather never a lira) but we were really on the go! We were gone just three weeks (Sat., July 3 through Sat., July 25th. We spent four days in Paris before meeting Jeanne and Bill at the railroad station (the quietest Fourth of July we ever spent but made up for it Bastille Day - July 14th - France's equivalent).  We saw many castles, chateaus, a few cathedrals - notably Chartres all of which made us wish we had boned up on world history before we left - especially of France and Bavaria.

Saw the Matterhorn from Zermatt and Gornergrat but the Jungfrau was so enclosed in clouds decided against trying to get any closer to it than Interlocken.  Had so many funny experiences like not being able to find the rooms we had rented in a tourist-like home (called a zimmer-frei) in Salzburg - knew we were in the right area but the street was so hidden. They had given us the key to the house but it did us not good til we found the street.  That is just one example and we could tell you many others but will bore you in person some time.

Now that we are home seems like a dream having been away. We were a little tired when we got home - especially for a couple of days. It was hard keeping awake at a special concert given by a pianist with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra at Wilmington College that Monday evening but think we are back to normal now.

Mary Virginia seemed to survive very well with the two kittens she acquired about June 22 – from Denise Stewart's cat litter. They were just six weeks old then both grey tigers almost identical. Kay Wolfrom stayed here at night and that seemed to be happy arrangement – don't think they saw much of each other for Kay never came much before 10:30 PM and MV had to leave about 6:30 AM to work at Wells.

Going back to the Sankers – they checked everything but one big suitcase at our hotel in Paris and managed with a minimum of clothes – Jeanne wore a navy pants suit with 3 blouses – all long sleeves and also had a navy skirt to match. Bill had two pairs of pants and 3 shirts so felt that we were flush with all our changes. Think Jeanne actually wore out a pair of shoes that she wore daily (had a pair for dress but only wore those a couple of times).

Bill enjoyed doing 99% of the driving – we had rented a four door Peugeot which was quite comfortable and economical – about 30 miles to the gallon. We drove about 3500 miles so covered a good bit of territory in those 2½ weeks. We really appreciated the Michelin guides that John loaned us and made use of the red Michelin guide which was excellent for hotels restaurants and city maps. John's were tall and slender green books on the various areas which we saw so many people carrying that we called them the "green Bibles" for many are printed in four languages. Considering all the preparation we had made before we took the trip – it really turned out VERY WELL !! Also appreciated the newspaper article that Marion sent us on walking tours of European cities and saving it for future use.

Decided on the spur of the moment to call John and X this morning and made plans to meet them in Granville so dined at the Inn there and enjoyed their good buffet. MV had been sick the last we were to meet there so just Dad and G'ma had gone. That must have been about 3 years ago.

John and X are planning to go to New England the latter part of August and stopping off at Hudson Guild Farm. John has a promotion and now has two Saturdays and 4.5 days each month. The bank sent him to a week seminar at Ashland College a couple of weeks ago which he thought was very worthwhile. They have been busy painting their garage and trim around their house and it looks real nice as does their garden. Piper looks real good – seems to be filling out – we took him for a walk to the high school where he was able to run around – it looks more like a college campus with all the separate buildings – built around 1962. We were home by 9PM so had a full day and still able to get this letter started.

Serena, John gave us material which should be helpful to you for taking the LSAT this winter – we were happy to hear about you thinking about that. John says that so many of the paralegal people he knows have felt they did so much of the hard work that they wanted to go on and get their law degrees. We wonder if you have plans for Labor Day as that might be a good time for us to go to Chicago providing it works in with your schedule. Do let us know how you feel about this. Glad to hear that you have gotten a part-time job at Roosevelt University where you will be studying this fall – the information desk should be interesting place to work. Did appreciate your phone call.

Also glad to get to talk to Catherine and Roberta too this past week. Thanks to Roberta and Mary Virginia we are getting to see many of the pictures taken the last part of June [at Grandma's 90th] Still enjoying them and haven't put them in a drawer or shoebox yet, Roberta. Thought that was a real cute picture of Wendy on the horse – looks like a real cowgirl! September will be a big month for her – starting school and celebrating her 5th birthday not to mention taking more dancing lessons. Glad to hear that DeeDee is there though sorry she wasn't able to come to Ohio in June.

Life sounds like a soap opera at Senior Village, Roberta between the dogs, the cooks and the problems of the residents there. Never a dull moment! Saw a picture of Oak Creek Canyon on Modern Maturity magazine which MV recognized. Do you get that magazine put out by the AARP? It comes out bi-monthly and we are thinking about subscribing to it for every issue has something of interest – think we first saw it in a Phoenix area library.

Looks like our next trip after Chicago will be to Lake Worth for Rob's and Cindy's wedding. Wish that we could all get together again especially since Joe will be there too in September. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that Cris and Angela are engaged and planning to get married next June!

Aunt Virginia sounded real good on the phone yesterday – talked a few minutes and then she had a visitor come in so hung up. Anyone special, Virginia? You seemed anxious to get off the phone for him.

Mie Young, Mary Virginia let us read your letter. Glad you are having a busy and interesting summer in Korea. Kelly Grooms asked about you this A.M. at Church as the Army is sending him to Korea next January. Mrs. Kim sent us a good picture of you and M.V. and the ECHS graduation. The Liggetts told us that they are going to get you a congenial roommate at WC. We are looking forward to seeing you this next month, Mie Young.

The Bengals arrived in Wilmington this past week for their annual practice session. Friday night we went over to see the play "The Pirates of Penzance" – what an action play. We have been kidding M.V. about coming over to WC a couple times a week to see her. The girls school year starts September 12.

[With much love, etc.]

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

New Cumberland trip 2012

John, Dad, Gerry and I enjoyed our day trip to New Cumberland last week.  We met second cousin, Pat Kessel, grandson of C.A. Ballantyne, for lunch at Bob Evans in Weirton.  At Pat's suggestion we visited the old High School in NC which is now the municipal building.  On the walls are hung the pictures of graduating classes and also posters and clippings about the history of New Cumberland.  The school, the third on the site due to fires, was opened in 1939 so Mother's graduating class of 1940 was the first class to graduate from that building.
Kenneth "Pat" Kessel and John Ballantyne Uible - July 2012 at Bob Evans in Weirton, WV
Clipping about "The Independent" newspaper in New Cumberland, WV.  Pictured left to right Scott Brown, F.R. Yount, Miss Jennie Sanford and R.M. Brown.  Steubenville Herald-Star July 29,1939 - on display at the former New Cumberland High School, now municipal building.

West Virginia Fire Clay Co., with pictures of N.W. Ballantyne and his brother C.A. Ballantyne 1939 - on display at the former New Cumberland High School, now municipal building.
New Cumberland High School graduating class of 1940 with Jean Ballantyne Uible and Jeanne Campbell Sanker, close-up shown below.  Ballantyne is spelled incorrectly in the caption.

1932 Class Picture of New Cumberland WV High School, with Virginia Ballantyne Dailey, bottom right.  
New Cumberland High School graduating class of 1928 with Robert Ballantyne second from right in top row.

Items from Uible photo album