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Family Research: Uible, Shull Family

I notice in looking at the Clinton County Cemetery Records there is a Philip Uible listed on the Roll Call of Departed Veterans in the "Old Cemetery and Addition" in Liberty Township (Port William). This may be part of the Maple Grove Cemetery. It doesn't list him under the burials though so no birth or death info. In order to be a veteran of the War of 1812, he would have had to been born at least prior to 1800. He's the only other Uible listed in the book outside of our immediate family.  He would most likely be a generation or two prior to David Uible (born 1845) the patriarch shown below.  David's father was Johann David Uible (1822-1849) and his grand-father also Johann David (1778-1843).  After I finish going through the family history files, I may be able to speak with more authority about our connection with Philip.

Also been doing a bit of research on the Shull family as one of the pictures which Marianne loaned me had a note on the back written by Lavone Shull Conover (1907-1997) who was CJ's step-mother's (Andelia Hudson Shull Uible 1845-1937) grand-daughter. She lived in Vernon Township (Cuba area) as a young person but later moved to Cincinnati.  She writes the date, her name, and a cryptic "Do you know these folks?"

Uible Reunion Sunday April 19, 1925.  Gladys Hiestand Uible third from right standing.  Will Uible further right standing.  Presumably David Uible seated with cane and his wife Andelia Eglantine Hudson Shull Uible to his right.  Gladys would have been pregnant.  Could Mary be peeking out second to the left of David?  Where is CJ?  Possibly in the back row between two taller men.  David died the following year.

CJ's father, David Uible (1845-1926) married Sarah Elizabeth Smith (1841-1890) in 1868.  She had a daughter, Addie (1862-?) by a previous marriage, who would have been CJ's much older half-sister.  Possibly Sarah's first husband died in the Civil War, but I have been unable to confirm that.  David and Sarah had eight children:

  1. William David "Will" Uible (1869-?)
  2. Frank Crossen Uible (1871-1953)
  3. Mary Louisa Uible (1873-1893)
  4. Ennis Harris Uible (1877-1910)
  5. Clyde Uible (1879-1906)
  6. George C. Uible (1880-1906)
  7. Cecil J Uible (1883-1969)
  8. Serena Uible Reynolds (1884-1963) 
Sarah died in 1890 and David married Andelia Eglantine Hudson Shull in 1892.  She and her first husband, John Shull (1836-1878), had five children who were mostly grown by the time Andelia married David.  

To summarize, CJ had seven siblings, one older half-sister, and five older step-siblings.

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1992 Catherine's Letter to Mom/Dad - April 25

Catherine writes. Transcription follows.
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Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Just a quick letter to send with this clipping that Cecelia's mother sent her from Santa Fe.  She didn't know it was anyone related to us – [Joe?] she just thought it was neat head gear!

We are expecting our first 100° days this weekend with 101° today and 102° forecast for tomorrow.  We still wear our sweatshirts when we go out for our morning walks though.

Flux is still the theme at the library with the proposed cut in hours being attacked by one member of he City Council.

Wendy is anxious to be done with 8th grade.  Promotion is May 28!

Looking forward to seeing you in June.  [for GHU's 90th Birthday]

Love, Wendy, Gerry & Catherine

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Uible Pictures from the 1930s

More pictures borrowed from Marianne for scanning.
Mary Uible Horton, Gladys Hiestand Uible, Will Uible (CJ's older brother), CJ Uible, Harold Hiestand Uible in Florida c1934
Harold and CJ Uible with dog (Tippy?) at rental house in Florida c1934
Reynolds & CJ Uible Family 1936 in California: Front: Leslie Reynolds Jr., Serena Uible Reynolds (CJ's sister), Marjorie Reynolds, unknown man (husband?), Serena Reynolds, CJ Uible.  Back: Helen Reynolds, Mary Uible Horton, Harold Hiestand Uible.
Harold Uible (11) & his cousin Les Reynolds (14) in California 1936

NV/Clinton/Highland County related websites

Updated 4/26/12

Digitalized [Hillsboro] News-Herald searchable local paper from 1886-1914.

A variety of websites exist pertinent to those interested in the history of New Vienna, Clinton and Highland Counties.  Here are a few I have found especially interesting and/or useful:

Clinton County Biographies, Ohio Genealogy Express most from History of Clinton County, Ohio, pub. 1915

Clinton County Ohio Obituary Collection

Historical Maps of Clinton County (County Engineer's GIS office)

Clinton County Resource Guide, especially the history section (WNJ)

History of Clinton County by Pliny Durant, published in 1870s, partly scanned.

History of Clinton County, [Not Working, will try to find a new link] published by W.H. Beers and Co. 1916 via Heritage Pursuit, only partially available -- 11/13/11 no longer a valid website

History of Clinton County, Green Township 1882 by C.C. Bowers

New Vienna History by Olive S. Brown and Gretchen Huffman (VanPratt website)

Clinton County Bicentennial 1810-2010 Home Page
Clinton County Bicentennial Timeline
Clinton County Bicentennial Township Histories

Clinton County Board of Elections - current elected officials and historical election results (but only back to 1999)

1916 property ownership map of Highland County on

Highland County, Ohio - Maps and Gazetteers

Highland County -Careytown, Penn Township

Highland County Business History Appalachian info includes famous residents, major employers, bit of history

History of the Early Settlement of Highland County (digital book)

Genealogy Sites (Hiestand)

Highway/early roads
Pioneer Migration Routes through Ohio
Kanawha Trace

Highland Pioneer Sketches & Family Genealogies by Elsie Johnson Ayres partially transcribed at

OhioPix Picturing Ohio's History: Selections from the Ohio Historical Society's Collection (no entries for New Vienna, but you can search "Clinton County," "Highland County," Wilmington, Hillsboro, etc.)

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1982 Letter from Mom/Dad - April 25

Keeping busy in New Vienna. Transcription follows.
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Sunday Evening [April 25, 1982]

Dear Family:

This past week has been a BIG one for our two high school Seniors with the Jr.Sr. dinner on Thursday night, the dance on Friday night which ended with breakfast at our house sometime late or rather early Saturday morning for a group of their friends.  The girls each had a date and all were dressed for the occasion.  Hopefully we will have some pictures to show you later.

For M.V. her order of some 160 trees came in on Thursday.  They naturally took a back seat until Saturday when she planted most of them.  We are glad that she enjoys working with flowers and trees.  Her latest "fling is going into the landscaping business with Tim Larrick (another senior) and several contracts (guess who with) for lawn care.  [GHU?  HHU?]

Saturday was a full day for there was a library meeting in Dayton, so left here about 8 A.M., had lunch in the Oregon district in Dayton, saw Melba Harner briefly in the hospital, who unfortunately does not seem to be making much progress.  We had signed up earlier to visit Lake Cowan Saturday afternoon as the Governor had declared the day to be "State Park Day."  As one of the government invitees we had the VIP tour, both on land and water.  Never had thought of the fact, but they told us that being a man made lake it should last for 75 years before erosion fills the lake.  Hard to believe that the lake was started in 1946.  [By that figuring the lake will be filled in 2021.]  This past week a 40+# fish was caught.

In the evening we went to Wilmington College as this couple was having a musical program, the lady was Kimberly Daniels De Ocha, who is a native of the Wilmington area and was at UC at the same time as Joe Horton.  The program was great, very professionally presented so glad that we had made the effort to go.  Of the three accompanists last night one was Carmen DeLeone, one of the conductors of the Cincinnati Symphony.

Needless to say this weekend was not the ideal one for us to turn up the clock, but (I think to Grandma's surprise) we were on time for Sunday School.  Tonight was the annual Sr. Citizens Church Dinner and we were on the serving dinner committee.  Menu consisted of turkey loaf, potatoes, beans, juice and cake plus the usual odds and ends.  The program was a couple from Dayton who showed slides of wildlife, flowers and upper New England.  He had great slides - real closeups of all kinds of flowers and even rain drops.

Aunt Virginia called this evening ... she is feeling better these days.  She mentioned that Bill Dailey has passed the Maryland Bar and has quit his government job and gone into private law practice in a small town near Washington.  We hope to see him when we go to Baltimore in July.

Looking around the corner we would be glad to have any of your folks home for any and/or all of the following:  Mother's Day (two weeks) Graduation Day (four weeks) and Grandmother's Celebration Day (eight weeks).

[Love, etc.]

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1972 John's Eagle Award clipping and picture

A picture of John with his parents, but where's the one with his sisters?? Transcription of clipping follows.
HH, John, Jean at John's Eagle Scout Ceremony - April 1972
John's Eagle Scout Award - Clipping WNJ April 1972

Wilmington News Journal April 1972
Receives Eagle Award
Caption: CONGRATULATIONS – Scoutmaster Eugene Williams of Troop 97, of New Vienna, gives the congratulations handshake to John Uible at the Court of Honor Eagle ceremonies Sunday at New Vienna United Methodist Church.

John B. Uible, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Uible of New Vienna, received the Eagle rank, the highest Boy Scout honor, Sunday at ceremonies held at New Vienna United Methodist Church.  John is a member of Boy Scout Troop 97, sponsored by Buckeye Molding Co.

Mrs. Jack Croghan, organist, played the following selections: God Bless America, For Thy Name's Sake, This Land Is Your Land, To Our Beloved Country, Battle Hymn of the Republic, and America.

Victor Compton officially opened the Court of Honor and invocation was given by the Rev. Henry M. Lynd, pastor of the New Vienna United Methodist Church.  Scout James Curtis led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Paul D. Powell, Scoutmaster of Troop 154, Wilmington, gave the Eagle Trail in tracing John's progress through the ranks of scouting and the merit badge program in which John earned 47 merit badges.

The following scout represented the various ranks: Tenderfoot - Kenny Joy; Second Class - Jerome Walker; First Class - Donald Bickel; Star - Robert Manor; Life - James Bernard; and Eagle - Robert Smith.  Mark Young was in charge of guest registration.  The candlelighters for the occasion were cub Scouts Greg Dodd and Craig Davidson.  Ben Mathews and Douglas Young performed the duty of ushers and Kevin Croghan was the Eagle Escort.

Robert E. Hadley presented the Charge.  Eugene J. Aufderheide was in charge of the presentation of the medal and introduced Eugene Williams, Troop 97 Scoutmaster, who gave the medal to John.

A letter was read from Allen Barber, Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scout National Office congratulating John on the achievement.  W.H. Robinson, president of Buckeye Molding Co., presented John a scholarship in the National Outdoor Leadership School, whose headquarters is in Lander, Wyo.

A reception was held in the church social room, where John's sisters, Mrs. X [Catherine] of Kalamazoo, Mich., Misses Roberta, Serena and Mary Virginia assisted in the serving line.

This summer John will participate in the trip to Philmont Scout Ranch near Cimmaron, NM with Troop 97.

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1972 John's Eagle Scout Award Ceremony - April 23

It was a big event when John got his Eagle Scout Award. Transcription of inside page included below.

John's Eagle Scout Award Ceremony April 23, 1972

John Uible's Eagle Scout Award Ceremony April 23, 1972 (inside page)
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John B. Uible

John, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Uible of New Vienna, Ohio was born in Wilmington, Ohio.  He is a member of the New Vienna Methodist Church and is now in his eighth year of perfect attendance in Sunday School.  He is on the Administrative Board and is President of the Intermediate Methodist Youth Fellowship.

The year 1965 marked John's beginning as a Cub Scout in Pack 8 in New Vienna.  In October, 1968, he joined the New Vienna Boy Scout Troop No. 97 and has served as Patrol Leader, Scribe, Senior Patrol Leader and Den Chief.  John has completed the requirements for the Gold Quill Award.

He is in the eighth grade of the New Vienna Elementary School, is a Room Representative, plays trombone in the Junior High Band and is a student librarian.  John began delivering newspapers in 1964 and has had a Wilmington News-Journal route for seven years.  In 1970 he placed first in the state in the D.A.R. Essay Contest in his category.

This summer John will participate in the trip to Philmont Scout Ranch, near Cimmaron, New Mexico with Troop 97.

Tecumseh Council Executive - Virgil Watson
Tecumseh Council President - Robert Bell
Robert Hadley District Executive - David Russell
Robert Hadley District Commissioner - Richard Winters
Eagle Board of Review: Gene Aufderheide, Frederick J. Buckley, Victor Compton, M.H. Davids, Pern Griffith, Barth Littleton and George Schantz.

Sponsored by the Buckeye Molding Company
W.H. Robinson, President

Scoutmaster - Gene Williams
Assistant Scoutmaster - Ralph Matthews
Committee - David Robinson, Robert Hutchins, Hoyt Penn, Thomas Brumley, Larry Fauber

Opening - Victor Compton
Invocation - Rev. Henry Lynd
Pledge of Allegiance - Jim Curtis
The Eagle Trail - Paul D. Powell
The Charge - Robert Hadley
The Presentation - Gene Aufderheide
Benediction - Rev. Henry Lynd
Organist - Mrs. Jack Crogham
Ushers - Ben Matthews, Doug Young
Candlelighters - Greg Dodd, Craig Davidson
Eagle Escort - Kevin Croghan
Guest Registration - Mark Young
Tenderfoot - Kenny Joy
Second Class - Jerome Walker
First Class - Bob Manor
Star - Jim Bernard
Life - Jim Mongold
Eagle - Robert Smith

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Cecil, Gladys, and Harold 1930s

Shared by Marianne.
CJ Uible 1934, Age 51.  Picture taken in Florida.
Gladys Hiestand Uible 1934, Age 42.  Picture taken in Florida.
Harold Hiestand Uible c1937, Age 12.  Note the grape arbor in background.  What's hanging in the tree?

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Fealy: Hotel and GHU Neighbor

Hotel Fealy, New Vienna Ohio [later Wells Mfg.] Corner of Main & South St., Built in 1883, diagonally across from Train Depot.  c1910
Harold Hiestand Uible (~9) and Katherine McCabe Fealy (~69, born 1865) at back of her house which was next door to CJ Uible house on Main St., New Vienna, Ohio c1934

Katherine (1865-?) and her husband, William Fealy (1864-?) were both born in Ohio, though their parents were all from Ireland.  In 1900 they lived in a rental house in New Vienna along with Katherine's widowed father, James McCabe (1830-?).  Their neighbors included Ray Gilliland, Dudley & Cora Borden, Mary Leverton, Roy Brown, Pleasant & Pearl Wright, William Ruble and the Chaney family which included Harry, Clarence, and Benton.  William is listed without a occupation in the 1900 census.

William Fealy's parents, William Sr. (1829-1914) and Ellen (1833-?) and two of their ten children, Ellen (1862-?) and Mary (1874-?) are also shown as living in Green Township.  William's occupation is listed as Hotel Keeper, though he is shown as living in a rental house.  Four boarders are also shown as living in that residence, a landlord - Thomas Rodgers (1824-?); Machinist - George Sharp (1873-?); Typesetter - Thomas Ludlen (1871-? from Ireland) and Druggist Proprietor - John Bettatas (1844-?).  The William & Lydia Fox family lived next door.  William Fox was a saloon-keeper, probably at the hotel.  A Fox family was later associated with the hotel and saloon.

In 1910 Katherine is listed as living with her 12-year-old niece, Agnes McCabe.  In 1920 Katherine is living alone on Main St. in New Vienna.  Her neighbors include: Charles & Sarah Williams, the Merrill family, Jane & Jennie Woodmansee, Ellen Honline, Isaac & Hallie Pendall, and Edward and Olive Brown.  (Olive 1862-?) is an author of an early version of New Vienna history.


  1. Catherine Uible Morgan Tue Apr 24, 11:35:00 AM 2012
    From HH: That hotel had one bathroom upstairs, it was in the farthest room from the RR station . The two front rooms of the Hotel were double rooms. As I recall CJU bought the building for $900.00 in 194?.
    From Catherine: Here's the link to the article with more history of the building: And a quote from that 1952 article:  "The company purchased the old Fox building at the railroad crossing in New Vienna at public auction in Sept. 1950. The building had gone through a disastrous fire and had to be almost entirely rebuilt. This was done with Vaughn Huffman as contractor and Mr. Uible as supervisor. Fifty-two thousand face brick were used in reconstructing the walls.  The original building was was erected in 1878 [Another source says 1883] by Truman Peale, who operated a general store in the downstairs rooms. The upstairs was used as a city hall and for roadshows, dancing, etc.  It was later remodeled and was known as the Phaley [Picture above clearly shows Fealy] House and later the Elton Hotel. In recent years the Fox Restaurant was located there and Leo Dodds had apartments upstairs. It was hit by fire in March, 1950, and Mr. Dodds' widow sold the building at public auction to Mr. Uible."

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1982 Letter from Mom/Dad - April 19

NV Senior Citizens building dedication, MV prepares for prom, George Shaffer family, religious cults in Oregon and more. Transcription follows.
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Monday morning -
April 19, 1982

Dearest Family -

We had a busy day yesterday with the opening and dedication of the Senior Citizens Center in New Vienna. (The attendance at church was really down too because of this - and noticeable because we had so many Easter morning.) They served a dinner at the center form 11-2 and had singing groups and the Hillsboro Sunshine Band made up of Sr. Citizens. Bob McEwan spoke briefly and presented a flag to the group. Then Miles Nolte (1924-2009), president of Buckeye gave a brief history of the building. One couple we got to see and talk to at length was the George Shaffers. They are both retired and seem to be enjoying it very much - Hillsboro considered them too young for their group but New Vienna made them Associate Members. Imogene is so gray I never recognized her but George look very much the same - except has longer hair than I have ever seen him wear it. They still have a daughter at home - Leslie an eighth grader and Linda and her family live right next door - she had two bright red haired children - a boy and a girl.  Her husband teaches 6th grade in Greenfield and Janis' husband, Tim Hughes teaches 6th grade in Wilmington and they have two boys - just a year apart but Linda's son will start to school this year.  The Shaffers remembered Mie Young's father so were interested in meeting her - said hey remember him writing his name at the pond in the cement there.  They no longer swim there - have pool in their back yard.

The Wilmington Christian School had a group of five homes open to the public - which we rushed to see and did get to view them all - two old ones and three very modern and unusual - one with solar panels, another built with the north end under ground - not near as dark as I had envisioned.  They were all unique and well worth viewing.

Also stopped to see Melba Harner in the hospital who hopes to go home today and saw Mrs. Matthews, Mrs. Penn and Louise at Extended Care and ate at Clinton Memorial [Hospital] - best eating out place for price in Wilmington.

Talked to Catherine on phone Saturday and decided Republic Airlines has good deal for Wendy - for 5 proof of purchase seals on the Chex cereals that Ralston Purina put out - they will pay her way (roundtrip) in June.  So you all may have to help eat the Chex if we haven't finished them up by June.  [Wendy, at age 4, would be traveling as a companion with her parents for GHU's 90th birthday get together.]

Just talked to Roberta on the phone and hope that it works out for MV to go to Phoenix to help them drive back here the middle of June.  Roberta and Marion have bought a VW van - real pretty and had gone to Payson for the weekend.  The Morgans went to John Day [a town in eastern Oregon] for an Elks meeting over the weekend and Mary Virginia and Mie Young went up to Newark to see John and X and got to see Honeytree in a concert there as well as buy some discount jeans.  So was a traveling weekend for quite a few.

We enjoyed seeing the picture of Robert Reed which Marianne sent to G'ma in letter - he is really growing up and their whole family is busy too.  They are coming in June as I understand.  Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill got back to Lake Worth safely after visiting Cris in North Carolina.  Rob and Cindy have decided on Sept. 28 for wedding date now, I think.

The Jr.-Sr. dinner is to be at the high school this Thursday evening and the prom is Friday night so it is a busy time for the girls.  Mie Young invited a shy but very intelligent senior from Reesville and MV invited Ed Roberts - younger brother of Doug and Clark - son of Adrian and Barbara.  He thought for awhile that he might not be able to come for the Wilmington Band was to have something but that was changed to Saturday so he'll be worn out for it instead as they go to movie after prom and then 6 plan to fix breakfast here.

Saw the Gaithers on TV this morning - on the PTL Club about 6:45 - not too much of the Bakers so pleased me more.

Antelope, Oregon has been in the news with the residents trying to keep the town from being run by the Rajneesh group taking over as they own much of the property there.  (This is close to Madras  and we have mentioned the guru's group who bought so much acreage there).  [Antelope's name was changed to "Rajneesh" in 1984, shortly thereafter Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh 1931-1990, was charged with various crimes and returned to India.  The name (which was never changed by the P.O.) was changed back to Antelope in 1985.]

[Love, etc.]

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Uible Pictures from the 1920s

A selection of pictures from the 1920s which Marianne loaned me for scanning.
Harold Hiestand Uible, Gladys Hiestand Uible c1929.  Back door of New Vienna house and neighbor, Katherine Fealy's house in background.  Note the "wheel" as GHU would call it.
Harold Hiestand Uible, Gladys Hiestand Uible, Unknown c1929.  Back door of New Vienna house in background
Harold (2½), ?, Mary Uible Horton c1928.  Garage behind New Vienna House (corner of 3rd St. & Main) in background
Harold Hiestand Uible on front steps of New Vienna house c1928
CJ Uible and 1925 Packard c1927
Mary Uible Horton ~Age 9 c1922
Mary Uible Horton (left) and Margaret Henderson Rea (Nancy & David's aunt) c1929

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1982 Postcard from Aunt Mary to Grandma - April 18

Postcard written by Mary Uible Horton to her mother, Gladys H. Uible, in April 1982. Transcription follows.
Postcard captioned: GREENFIELD GARDENS - Wilmington, North Carolina.  One of the most beautiful municipal parks in the nation, especially lovely in the spring.  Five mile scenic drive through 185 acres. Free.  Photo by Lew Clemmons
Mary Uible Horton to Gladys Hiestand Uible - North Carolina postcard dated April 18, 1982
Sun. April 18 [1982] Jacksonville, FL - Driving thru 3:30 PM
Dear Mother:
Slow in the cards!!  We left Cris's in the A.M. and drove to Wilmington NC.  We were lucky – we got accommodations at the Motel 6, stayed 3 nites.  We especially enjoyed the gardens!!  Since it was weekend of Azalea Festival there were a lot of extra events going on – some free!! The azaleas and dogwood at their height!  Sat. AM was the parade – over 2 hours long.  I got sunburn on my right arm, we got to area of parade about 8:30 AM began at 9:30.  "Alfonso" [probably Almanzo, who was played by Dean Butler and married Laura in the 1981 seventh season premiere of the TV show] (Little House on the Prairie) was one of the celebrities in the parade.  Good bands and many floats.  Trying to get home tonite!  Love, Mary & Bill.
Arr. Home 8:30 PM

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1972 - Mrs. Uible speaks at Westboro on Senegal

This is at least the second program that Jean gave about Senegal. She gave the program for the New Vienna Mothers Club in January 1972, a clipping can be found here.  Jean and HH were in Senegal in April 1971 visiting Joe.  Transcription follows
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Wilmington News Journal 4-18-1972
Mrs. Uible Speaks at Westboro WSCS

Mrs. Harold Uible of New Vienna gave an interesting talk on Senegal, Africa, at the general meeting of the Westboro Women's Society of Christian Service of the United Methodist Church Wednesday afternoon.  In April of 1971 Mr. and Mrs. Uible visited a nephew in the Peace Corps at Dakar, Senegal, on the west coast of Africa.

She related many facts about the country.  Several European languages are spoken, French predominating, the people speak little English, only enough to be hospitable to English and American tourists.

Only one tenth of the population is Christian, the religion is Moslem.  The skin of the people is velvety black, the men wear pantaloons, the women work with their babies strapped on their backs and transport practically everything on their heads.  The people have beautiful teeth and smile often.

Mrs. Uible showed attractive beads, cloth and leather materials with designs, and dolls dressed in national attire, and Moslem prayer beads made by the men.

A main source of bread material is millet.  The women stone grind it to make into bread and cakes. Women also weave.

On Easter the Uibles attended a Protestant church and found the songs they sang were inspiring although the tunes were not familiar.

Mrs. Uible showed interested scenes taken in Senegal.

Mrs. Ben Fiscus gave the prayer following her talk.

Mrs. Paul Cooper, assisted by Mrs. Nathan Pickens and Mrs. Russell Cooper, served dessert.

Others present were Mrs. Walter N. Nichols, Mrs. Lewis Murphy, Mrs. M. L. Dininger, Mrs. Elizabeth Brandenburg, Mrs. Lauis [Louis?] Ratleiff and Mrs. G. H. Chamberlin.

Mrs. Fiscus is chairman for May and the program will be centered on spiritual growth.

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2002 - Postcard to Kings from HHUs in Cuba

2002 found HH and Jean in Cuba and HH found a job that did not appeal to him. Glad we were born in the USA!  This postcard was sent to Roberta and Sid.  Transcription follows.
HHUs Cuba tobacco postcard to Kings - April 14, 2002
Hi - Glad we are not working in a Cuban cigar factory - they are paid from $1 to $1.50 each.  The boxes are pretty.
Now in western Cuba - the Yosemite area of Cuba and fly later today to Santiago - the eastern end - near where Columbus landed in 1492.
Lots of fruit, black beans, rice and chicken.  You see tomorrow's meal on foot.  [The chickens are running around?]
Love, Mother and Dad

Friday, April 13, 2012

1972 - MV invites her Mother to a Brownie Tea

Bit late to actually attend this tea, but we can assume that Jean and Mary Virginia had a wonderful time. I appreciate the full date and love the creative spelling of cafeteria! MV can be thankful to Serena that she was able to be a Brownie.  Ten years later MV is counting the days until graduation, 20 years later the days until Ginny is born.  Forty years later - reading this blog when she has time between her myriad of other duties, responsibilities, and recreations.  Transcription follows.
MV's invitation for her Mother for Brownie Tea 29 March 1972 front
MV's invitation for her Mother for Brownie Tea 29 March 1972

[Brownie Mother's Tea - written on top by Jean]

You are invited to the Mother and Daughter tea, Wed. March 29, 1972 at 7:00 pm. at the school cufiteria. M.U.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

1982 Letter from Mom/Dad - April 12

References to Mother's love for Hawaii, John in Law School, Roberta driving the "Bubble" and managing a restaurant in Florida, MV counting the days of school until graduation, baking pies, and planting trees and flowers and much more.  Transcription follows.

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Monday - April 12, 1982

Dearest Family -

We missed having you all here for Easter yesterday - it was especially quiet - we were happy to have John and X and Grandma but didn't invite anyone else. Mrs. Matthews [Blanche Miller Matthews Feb 1886-May 1982, her husband W.T. Matthews was NV physician prior to Dr. Fullerton] is still recovering from her fall - she is able to go out to the dining room to eat at Extended Care but hated to ask her to come over after the hard time we had getting her in and out of the car last Thanksgiving. It was good talking to you all at various times on the phone lately.

We were happy that John has been accepted at Capitol University Law School and is planning to try the night courses in the beginning at least - starting the summe program May 24th. X has started needlepointing chair covers for dining room chairs. It will be a real pretty Wedgwood blue background - she has one almost completed. They plan to refinish some old dining room chairs that we have had in the basement. Do hope they will meet their expectations for they will require quite a bit of work on them. Piper is a real good dog - maybe he could help train Toby or rather Charlie. We got a big kick out of Roberta's comment on the extra training that Charlie was receiving.

We did invite Serena to come - but she didn't think she could make it - she has been working for a mortgage firm as well as a law firm learning to do all kinds of work. Glad to hear that she is still keeping up with her swimming. She has such a beautiful stroke and does it so effortlessly. At least she is planning to come in June for Grandma's [90th] birthday.

Was really surprised by Catherine's call and to hear about Wendy and all - wish we could see her practice her dancing lessons. They have really been working on the Elks business [Catherine did the bookkeeping, Gerry was secretary of Madras OR Elks Lodge] - hope that they enjoy the out of town meeting coming up. Would have loved to see Gerry in his tuxedo - how about a picture - we would like to have one of the three of you - (I got a new billfold and need some recent ones of all the family. How about it - none of our family pictures are recent except for Mary Virginia's senior pictures. By the way did you all get her small senior picture if not let us know for we didn't want to miss anyone.

Roberta as well as Catherine and Wendy and possibly Gerry are making plans to come this June. She (Roberta) plans to drive the "Bubble" - white checkered cab back to Ohio with Marion minus the dogs. Guess some friends in the Phoenix-Mesa area will be looking after them while they are gone. There are now 22 people living in the Senior Village so plenty to keep Roberta busy - she really makes use of the message phone she has as she has to be out of the house so much. Hope they get to make use of the cabin near Payson this year - have ben up already to get things in shape for spring.

Aunt Virginia told me on the phone Saturday that she is making plans to go to Hawaii for a week with Tom Dailey and his wife as well as Mary Ellen and possibly Maureen next September. She would really enjoy it there and such a nice place for a family to get together. Bill Dailey hasn't heard yet from the Maryland Bar but do hope that he passed the exam and will be able to go into private practice there.

Talked to the Hortons while they were visiting Cris last weekend - Cris had a lot of cleanup work to do after the storm to his area - the Kintners were there too and looking forward to seeing all of them in June. We remember how beautiful the Statesville area was last year with the azaleas, and magnolias in blossom.

Mary Virginia planted five rose buses on the side of the garage toward the garden so looking forward to enjoying them too this summer. She will really have a big project when all the trees come and added to the ones she already has planted plus the flower display - it will be quite a display - it will be quite a project.

There's a possibility that Mie Young's parents and brother and sister may get to come for her graduation (May 23) at least she has written them a special invitation that the country requires to leave Korea. She also may go home this summer. Just today she received a package from Korea that had been mailed for her birthday last January 25th, but it had been sent by sea mail rather than air mail. The girls are counting the days until graduation and right now are getting their announcement ready to go.

While we think of it, yesterday we ran across some pictures taken of Grandma and MV on G's 75th birthday [1967] - you can guess who has changed the most. Hope we can remember to dig them out when June 20th comes. Also came across a tape that Roberta made in1976 when she was the manager of the Ranch House Restaurant in Florida.

We have been having a lot of church services this past week, Thursday, Friday and then on Easter Sunday started off with the Sunrise Service at 6:30, which the youth had, followed by breakfast, then Sunday School and A BIG crowd at church.  Some who were there we had not seen for years - like Eddy Eaton.  M.Y. and M.V. had a duet at Church Service, "The Holy City," and it sounded very beautiful.

Saturday afternoon we went to a farm auction where Wallens used to live.  They sold the farm in two parts and then put the two tracts together to get the highest bid, in the end the 187 acres went for $227,000, though we wonder if it really sold.  Time will tell.  Anyway farm land around here is down some 25% from two years ago.

Dad got rid of his desk at the office, i.e. it went to the secretary, whose desk in turn became the base of our new copying machine.  He now has a round table to talk "with people" and a back table to hold the dictating unit, the phone and the concentration area of hopefully making more right than wrong decisions.  Maybe we told you about the new copy machine - but do love it - hard to tell which are the originals as it uses plain paper and copies on both sides.

Grandma is well settled in ... seems as young as ever, though her hearing is not the sharpest, but then MV says that about her parents also.  She is doing the jack letters again and keeps track when they come from a new town.  M.Y. gave her a dress from Korea for a gift.

Homer Thompson (the pastor) was over Saturday at MV's request to get our garden tractor running for it needed more things done to it than adding gas.  Thanks to Homer we had the Spring overhaul.  MV "rewarded" them by baking a pecan pie for them.  In fact she has gone overboard on baking things for friends and neighbors.  She baked five pies last Saturday.

The girls have been out of school since last Thursday for Spring break - the family minus father went shopping last Thursday, then they did painting in the bathroom on Friday - looks very nice with white ceiling and pink walls.  The girls have number of "thoughts" for summer employment, so it will be interesting to see what jells in that area when the time actually arrives.

[Love, etc.]

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2002 - Postcard from Joe to Morgans

A postcard from Joe Horton to the Morgans prior to meeting Joe and the senior Kintners in Las Vegas.  Transcription follows.
Joe Horton to Morgans - Florida postcard April 12, 2002
April 12, 2002
Lantana FL
Dear Catherine, Gerry and Wendy,
I've been in FL for a week visiting Mom.  I'm still serving as a juror until the end of April.  I'm looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas with the group!  I took Mom to the casino in Margate = she won 34 dollars but of course we put some in.  She was happy to v with 12 dollars more than she went in with.  We called Roberta & Sid.  They seem to love their new surroundings! [in Sun City] I hear they're down to one cat!!  Happy Spring!  See you May 1!
Love, Cousin Joe

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Aunt Luna Hiestand Mitchell

Aunt Luna Hiestand Mitchell (1874-1970) was the older sister of Gladys Hiestand Uible, being born  18 years before Grandma.  She married Robert G. Mitchell in Hillsboro on February 20, 1901 and they moved to Mound City, Missouri.
Mitchell-Hiestand Wedding Clipping 28Feb1901 Hillsboro Ohio News-Herald

They had six children: Ellen (1901), Roberta (1904), Lois (1908), Robert (1910), Gladys (1912) and Luna (1915).  They later moved from Mound City to Columbia, Missouri, in order for the children to attend college there.  Robert died in the 1930s.  We visited Aunt Luna on the trip west in 1962 and she visited New Vienna several times.  HH reports that Aunt Luna was the slowest eater he ever knew – even slower than Grandma!  Evidently a Hiestand family saying was that it may take a couple of hours to fix a meal so we shouldn't gulp it down in 10 minutes.
Robert and Luna Hiestand Mitchell c1915 postcard
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Revised the date on the (above) back of the postcard after realizing the children mentioned with the cameras would have been a bit older. Message is quite faded but was written by Luna to her mother (Mary Ellen Fawley Hiestand) and/or sister, Gladys.  Transcription follows.

This picture Ellen snap-shot as Rob. & I came from the Chare-Park at the Evangalistic (sic) service in the afternoon.  They all thought it so inferior on account of the light.  They did not want me to send it but here goes –!

Roberta will take some shortly with the children at play with her kodak.  – Luna

Monday, April 09, 2012

Mary Ruth (Mary Uible Horton) by Margaret Henderson

Margaret Henderson Rea wrote a paper during her senior year in high school, "The Ties That Bind" about herself, her friends and her brother. Featured are Mary Uible Horton, Mary Eloise Simkins, Joe Morton and George Henderson. She got a B+, though interesting and fairly well written, there are many typos, punctuation and spacing errors. Wouldn't they have loved the ease of making corrections we now have!

We could have wished Margaret were a bit more tactful, but she appears to be one who tells the good and bad whether you want to hear it or not. Scanned below is the section on Mary Ruth. Where did the Ruth part come from? Did Aunt Mary always wish for a middle name or did Margaret make that up? Transcription follows.
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Mary Ruth

As you see Mary Ruth is not pretty, but she does wear attractive clothes and has plenty of them. She is only five feet and two inches tall, has brown hair and grey-green eyes, but this only increases the contrast with her pep, and sweet temperament. Besides this she is extremely generous even though she has been in the one-child class (her brother being eleven years her junior).  Her car can always go to the show, her home is always ready for a party, her clothes can be borrowed for a special occasion or her money when yours disappears too quickly.

Her parents have been wonderful friends of mine also and they allow me to make their home mine for any night I want to stay.

Music has been the magic bond between Mary and which has tied us more closely together.  She plays the piano well and, I like to think through my influence, has taken up cello too.  Much of our time has been spent exploring this field.

Though she is my senior in years [Margaret was born 9 Feb 1914, making her six months younger] I heard all her troubles from a tooth ache to some love (?) affair.  Is there any better time for talk and secrets than under the covers with all the lights out.  That is when I learned most.

Mary has always been the president of our Mary club in work or play.  She was first on the tennis court, first in our class at school and first in music.  She is the acknowledged leader and she fits the position well.  Her term of office [as a friend] is indefinite and I hope for always as I want to know her always.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

1992 MV's postcard to Mom/Dad April 7

Must have been MV's first visit to GG's condo in Naples.  Bob and GG bought the condo in 1987.  Transcription follows.
MV to Mom/Dad - Naples, Florida postcard April 1992
Captioned: Naples, Florida.  Air view of endless waterwrap.  Photo by Larry Mulvehill
[postmarked April 9, 1992]
Had a nice visit with Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill yesterday – saw Rob & Chad (Cindy had W.W.) and their new house [but not their current house, which they had built after Uncle Bill died].  Naples makes Lake Worth look like Harlem – it's become very run down.  Walker condo is nice, clean and quiet.  You'd really enjoy it.  Supposed to drop by Lippman's* tomorrow or Thursday.  She was so excited to hear from us.  Will see you Sunday p.m. at Church?  Love, M.V. & Don

*The Lippmans lived in Naples.  They were married in June 1926.  He was born c1902.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Grandma & Aunt Mary - the early years +

I'm scanning some of the pictures Marianne gave me of her Mother's which I need to return to her next month.  Here are a few of the earliest:
 Gladys Hiestand Uible & Friend c1910 postcard
 Gladys Hiestand Uible with Mary Uible Horton 1915 - postcard
1916 Gladys Hiestand Uible (23), Mary Uible Horton (2½) with pony - postcard

Items from Uible photo album