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1986 Family Letter - October 1986

[October 1986]

Dearest Family –

Dad brought home a new typewriter and I did try using it but it was really different than this old one. It beeps when you misspell a word in its limited vocabulary and had alot of features this old one has.  It was nice but we ended up taking it back and will try another one later on.  I did like the correction part – either a letter or word at a time.  The same typewriter was about $100 or so cheaper through Service Merchandise so it might be a better place to shop.

We did have a wonderful trip and as always are glad to be back.  Our group was so small we really got acquainted.  There were four other men and no other women.  Two were from Puerto Rico who had been on the same Commerce Tour last year so knew their way around.  One man was from Anaheim who had recently gone through bankruptcy but very, very personable.  The other was from Boston, separated from his wife and anxious to impress her with his many purchases – furniture for his new apt/house, two tailored suits plus extra trousers from Hong Kong and more like things from Korea.  They were both quite young and very interested in importing.  The toy shows were varied – relatively little in Manila but we did tour a stuffed animal factory there which was very interesting.

Mary Greene was very nice to us [same Mary that showed us great hospitality in Hong Kong in November 2016] – sent flowers and a note to our hotel, took us with a driver south of Taipei where we visited a number of toy factories (?).  The first was actually a factory but the other two were makeshift factory/homes where one made & packaged paddles and the other made rubber balls.  That evening after dinner we went to Mary's apartment and it was luxurious.  Our living room and bedrooms would fit in hers easily and she had a balcony and also a roof garden.  She does want Roberta and Sid to come and visit and does have the space.

We did find the hotel where we had stayed 14 years ago but hardly recognized it for the whole area had changed (built up) and just about one block from our hotel this time.

The Philippines was interesting and would have been nice to have more time on our own there.  The night before we left they had a 1st grade typhoon which made it more memorable.  Also a 7 course dinner with escargot and cinnamon sherbert.

Hong Kong was fascinating – like a homecoming for we had good recollection of the beauty of the city.  We had a room with a "view" and made good use of our four days there.  Covered the area pretty well via street car, incline, boat, ferry, bus, train and taxi.  The toy show here was nothing exciting, but found that the people were more than anxious to come to your hotel to show "their wares."  H.K. seems like more of a bustling place than New York City.  Oh yes we did go back to the same tailors here we had bought items 14 years before, but we found it much more expensive but still many bargains there which we regretted not taking up on as they said Korea had same things but cheaper.

Mrs. Kim met us at the airport with Kim's sister and took over as our tour leaders.  It was good for the man who was to meet us never came to view at the airport altho he said he was there & looked for all of us.  Seoul is really a modern city with many skyscrapers and wide streets – 14 lanes wide in some places.  They use tunnels under the street to accommodate the pedestrians getting across the busy thoroughfares.  We attended the largest church perhaps in all the world –they have seven services each Sunday morning with 15,000 at each and many people standing.  Sunday school was conducted for the children in the outside area around the church.  It was a real traffic jam both before and after.  Luckily they had seven language speakers in the area where we sat so the headphones translated it very quickly.  The hymns were very familiar – the music that is and very touching to see and hear everyone participating.  The song service between services was interesting too with someone relaying the numbers to us in our area reminding us of football calls.

We said goodbye to the two Americans in Tokyo and found ourselves in business class from there to San Francisco which was a nice experience.  The many amenities spoiled us for the rest of the trip but we didn't resist too much when they luckily moved us there.

We are still recuperating – waking up in the middle of the night but can hardly hold our eyes open after 8:30 P.M.  We were glad that Roberta had come to be with Grandma the first week we were gone and then the Hortons came before she left so had a nice visit with her and stayed for three weeks.  They left Friday for the Kintners and Joe was to come for the weekend.  We are all waiting anxiously for news from Cris and Angela as the due date was last weekend.  [Laura?]

[Love, etc.]

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1976 Roberta's letter to John -Nov.29

Roberta's Return address ––
4848 Seminole Dr. [YWCA]
San Diego

John's address at Denison ––
Slayter Box 2271

Nov. 29, 1976
Hi– How's school – almost out – are you ready for finals to be over?
I'm excited about you coming out – what would you like to do?  I am thinking maybe we could take a quick trip to Mexico – should be good for a laugh –

I turned down a $975 a month w/ the Hamburger people – McDonald's.  My girl friends out here think I've lost all good sense!  Someday we'll be in New Vienna – I have that factory in my blood – I'm getting excellent business experience now – tonight somebody called up – after using their pans 4 days they want their money back!  I was speech less!  I told them I'd stop by Saturday to discuss it.  Think I'll just offer them $10 for the used set – hoping they would rather keep the pans –

What about the bus connections out here – when will you be arriving?  I'll put the $ saved by not having a calculator toward your trip – does that sound fair?

Now Tuesday AM – got my case ready to go out – think you'll want a case so you can go out selling while you're here?

What's new in New Vienna – and the factory?  I miss it all – but then I like it out here too.  How does Mom seem to you – I just hope she is not doing too much –

What do you think about a present for Cris & wife?

Love, Roberta

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1976 GHU prayer & HH letter

Grandma wrote this prayer on a portion of the back of a letter she had received from HH.  Because of the attachments mentioned and the information about Roberta's return from India we can assume the letter was written in late February or early March, 1976.

Our Father we thank thee for our church home.  As we study this lesson, different denominations are mentioned.  May we think of them as taking different highways in reaching the heavenly home which you have prepared for us.

Help us to meet indifference with patience, criticism with love and opposition with courage.

Dear Father as we approach each new day may our faith and strength be renewed as we strive to serve thee.

In Jesus name, Amen.

[Feb./March 1976]

. . . . the weekend.

The enclosed letter from Roberta came yesterday – glad she is still having a great time.  Her tentative reservation is to return home at 9 P.M. on March 12th, leaving New Delhi that morning at 1 A.M.  That will be a day.  Was talking to Mildred Terrell yesterday who just got back from visiting Rosemary and her husband in Japan and she is already talking about going back next year.

The Dodds boy is the new Enquirer carrier, he told us he would have it around by 5:30 so we are going to start next Monday morning.  Wonder how long he will last?

Hope the sunshine quality and quantity are improving.


1975 Federal Income Tax Return
1976 Federal Income Tax Estimate
Roberta's letter with change of address.

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1986 Velma McGrew letter to Roberta

Velma McGrew(1900-1989) was a friend of GHU, living in a building adjacent to the CJ Uible garage apartment in Lake Worth.  In 1938 she married Harry Clark McGrew (1883-1958), had been married previously and had three children by his first wife who died in 1912.  Harry and Velma were both born in the Sharonville, Ohio area.  Velma moved to Florida in about 1962.

 [Undated but estimated to have been written in September 1986]

Dear Roberta

It is high time I acknowledge your cards mailed from various parts of the world.  I do appreciate the fact that you think of me when you are on these vacation trips, and that you take time out to write me a card.

Your mountain [the Superstitions or one in Colorado?] is a new one to me; I have not seen it, and tried to picture you as you scaled its slopes.  Did you reach the top?  I have not visited the southwest in our country and I know it must be as beautiful as the northwest.

When my knee surgery was over I thought I had a few more years to travel but full recovery took 18 months; then on the heels of that I had eye surgery and a year later, water on the retina of my good eye, so these took care of any traveling.

I have had some nice trips which I can enjoy in retrospect.

I will be glad when cooler weather comes as this is about to get me.  Thanks goodness for air conditioning, even if I do not like to live with it.

Friend Viola, whom you met, and I sit out in the cool of the evenings and hate to come inside, but eventually we must.

I enjoy the fresh fruits of the season and eat my share.

The Hortons visited a few places in England this summer that I had been to in 1965.  Mary wrote me about their trip soon after their return.

With Love,

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

1976 Roberta's Letter -Nov.28

Nov. 28, 1976
Dear Family,

Hi!  I'm enjoying a lazy afternoon in bed – not that I'm sick – just too cold to be out (65º outside) – so I'm laying in bed drinking tea w/ my blanket  & sleeping bag over me!!

We had a nice Thanksgiving – it seemed funny to eat out – but of course did have its advantages too!!  We got up to Bruces about 4:00 or so.  The 1st thing I did was go to sit down where there wasn't a chair.  Somehow I thought I had seen one.  Good thing John wasn't there – he would have never quit laughing!  It was funny!

My work is going fine – so fine that when McDonalds (the Hamburger people) called on Friday & I returned their call yesterday morning – I turned down their offer at $975 a month manager candidate program.  right now I'm enjoying going door to door – making good money and with my plans unsettled I think it's an ideal job.  Actually I've almost decided to go back to school.  I want to be able to work while doing it so my selling job would be ideal.

Fred has the exclusive on selling door-to-door for all the United States with West Bend Company.  I can't figure out why West Bend would do such a thing.  All Fred has to do is to sell so many per month. He would like me to get 2 people under me and then I could make $12 off each set I sell and if I let the ones under me make $10 per set then I would make $2 off each set they sell.  It would mean more money – but alot more headaches.  I might do it just between now & Christmas.  I've enjoyed taking life easy –doing alot of reading – working the crossword puzzle everyday in the paper (sign of prosperity – I started taking the morning paper!)

The selling part I enjoy – the paper work I make very simple.  I'm getting lots of referrals now – I always try to stress the idea of limited supply – especially if hey want a gold set.  (We really have plenty – but gold is the most popular – so I try to get them thinking its now or never.)  I've got a list of telephone calls to make after a week or so – people who wanted a set – but I couldn't get them to order.

I've found where I don't get an order on the spot – it's the exception that I'll get one over the telephone from them.  so I usually try to push the idea – you should order one – in the color you want then if you change your mind – just call me.  (That's where alot of them say – I have to check w/ my husband) then gently I push for a deposit – Saturday when delivering I picked up 7 more orders.  These are all referrals – but it doesn't bother me to give out a few dollars for each order delivered.

Next week will be my biggest delivery yet – 1st of the month – I'm not even going to wait till Saturday – I'll be out there Thursday & Friday afternoon knocking on doors!!  I wish I had a good delivery boy – especially for the Watkins orders – I think its to my advantage to deliver the pans myself – in hopes of course of getting more orders.  This last week I had Watkins, Stanley & pans to deliver.  Next week will be my last Stanley order – Watkins puts out a nice catalogue –lots of good spices, extracts, health aids (some funny – like beef, iron & wine tonic).  Also has a line of cleaning products – for people that know Watkins name – they really brag about it.  Really I don't care if they buy Watkins or not – I just want a relaxed customer so they will buy the pans.

I hope you understand about my staying here over the holidays – not that I don't want to be home.  I'm glad J.B. is planning to come out – it will be good to have him out here & I know Catherine & Gerry will enjoy his being here.

They are still pushing the idea of all of us moving in a 2 bedroom apartment but I have such a good deal here – not just price wise – but location – etc.  I'm just a 15 minute walk to San Diego State University – about 10 minutes or less drive.  It's a cozy little place upstairs – and evenings & weekend we have the whole place!

I sent you all a small package – don't save it till Christmas – as far as Christmas goes, I had the brilliant idea to make some things – which of course progress is not being made like it should – so please expect delayed arrival.

Mary Virginia – I had a letter from Marian – she said she had sent your things.  I wrote her about going East & she said if I wanted to I could drive to Illinois w/ her then let her off – take the van to Ohio – could you imagine having that wild van in New Vienna?

I had Pauline & Fred's son give the Buick a tune-up.  He bought the parts & all – would take only $5 for labor so it was about $15 total.  As he said – it's in good shape – it's a good car for delivery – lots of space – and not that bad on gasoline.  Maybe some day I'll have to buy a Van – HA!  Actually – if anything I'd like to have a small car – but as long as the Buick runs ––


Just now came from seeing the Morgans – they were playing cards – I finally brought the T.V. home that I bought for $15 – Gerry fixed it – works on 3 channels – 1 of them being channel #2.

Hope you are all fine – I think tonight I'll sleep inside the sleeping bag!  54º out now.


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1956 College St. House Timeline - Aug.-November


Congregation Mtg after SS voted 37-36 to go ahead

Church board agreed.

(Labor Day) Plasterers arrived & did 3 bedrooms, 1 bath & hall + 4 closet ceilings

Finished plastering.

Bricklayers finally arrived after promising to come July 1.  (Did lay chimney earlier but didn't stay to do any more).  Now really on the job.

Tuesday before Thanksgiving
Waldo Cornelius & Jack Walker helped us move in!  Worked from about 7:30-12:30.  Found $12.00 on chair afterwards which no one claimed.

If you use your imagination the following picture shows the 66 East College Street residence under construction during which time the greater back yard area was still a corn field.  The garden must have had plenty of volunteer corn for years to come.

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1976 Catherine's Letter to John -Nov.27

November 27, 1976
Dear John,

Sorry we didn't reply to your reply to our reply . . . sooner.  I guess by now you have heard that you are going to Washington.  At least that is what I gathered from what Roberta told me that Mom said.  However, we are still waiting to hear whether you are coming to California.  You are welcome to come at Christmas or any other time that might fit into your schedule.  I wouldn't wait too many years though as we don't plan to live here in Calif. forever.  If you do decide to wait then you could always find out whether we had moved or not.  Family news seems to travel fairly fast.  Especially with Roberta here in San Diego.  If you are coming to Calif. at Christmas please let us know soon so that we won't mail your Christmas present to Ohio.  Of course, maybe you would rather that we did that anyway.

Did Serena forget when your birthday was?  Or is she just behind the times?  I wish I knew what to get her for Christmas.  Really the only present I have bought is one for Mary Virginia.  It's all wrapped and ready to be mailed.  We have also bought most of Deedee's stuff.  We got her a Baby Alive, Mod Hair Ken, Lite-Brite, roller skates, dictionary, and some other assorted items, including a monopoly game.

Did you go home for Thanksgiving?  We took Roberta & Deedee out to dinner at the Hanalei Hotel.  They had a buffet with both traditional turkey & trimmings as well as Hawaiian dishes.  It was a really good dinner.  Afterwards we went to the Bruces.  Mrs. Bruces brother and sister were there as well as the brother's wife and three of their children.  Their son is the same age as you.  The two daughters who were there were 24 & 28.  Altogether I guess there are six children in the family – five girls and the one son, so somebody else perhaps was in a worse situation that you.  Or better?

How is Mary Virginia doing?  She never says much on the telephone.  Do you think she will go to Hudson Guild next summer?  Are you planning to go there?  I thought maybe she could come out and spend some time with us.  Oh well, "Only the future will tell us what is to come in the days ahead."

[Love, Catherine]

Friday, November 18, 2016

1986 Roberta's Letter to GHU -Nov.26

Dear Grandma,

Hi!  Here it is almost Thanksgiving – and already the Christmas decorations are up (not at our house – yet!)  and today we got  2  Christmas cards in the mail!  But – it seems to me Halloween was just a few days ago!  We are slowly getting into the Holiday swing ourselves.

Sid has been working on our Christmas Newsletter (newsy letter).  We will get copies made & send out instead of Christmas cards.  We have a huge christmas Party to go to onDecember 19th – a Retired Federal Employee Party.

The weekend of December 13th we plan to go to East Mesa with the trailer and "camp" out for  3  nights.  That morning I have a 25 mile bike ride over there that morning.  In the afternoon Sid & I have signed up to Ring the bells for Salvation Army.  The money collected goes toward Christmas for the less fortunate.  There are so many good causes out there!

Joe called me last night.  He was getting ready to go to Washington D.C. with some friends for Thanksgiving.  He had been to the travel agent and had actually bought his ticket to come to Phoenix on February 3rd until the 17th.  He is able to fly direct from New York City to Phoenix for $99 each way.  We are so glad to have him come out.  Joe will stay with us a few days but most of the time he will be staying in the trailer.

Would you be able to come out & stay with us while Joe is here?  We would sure like for you to come!  Maybe you could come about the end of January and stay at least 2 weeks.  There is a hospital supply store close-by where I could buy anything you might need.

I would be glad to find out the best connections between West Palm Beach & Phoenix.  And with my new-found fortune I'd be glad to help finance your trip!  Please think about it – we would be so happy to have you come.  Beside I know how BAD that Florida weather can be – and by end of January you will be ready for Sunny ARIZONA.  Sid has several new recipes he would like you to try – plus alot of his good food you have tried before!  Just let me know – I'll find out about the reservations!

I'm enclosing some pictures Sid took recently of a HOT AIR BALLOON RACE held here in Phoenix.  They are quite colorful & very BIG!  The big craze is here to go up in a hot air ballon – but the cost is over $100 for 45 minutes – so we an't get too excited about it!

Also sending a picture of me taken this last summer in Colorado when we went horseback riding.  It was August & I had on long underwear under my blue-jeans and also Sid's winter coat.

Next week I am attending the Arizona's Governor's Conference on Aging.  It will be on Wednesday and Thursday.  Pearl Bailey will be one of the special guests & speaker.  The new governor will also be there.

Senior Village is being represented at the conference by a poster that we had to put together for an exhibit about shared housing for Senior Citizens.

Next weekend you will be leaving for Florida – I hope you have a good trip.  You sure have had a taste of winter in Ohio this fall.  I don't think I could take that cold weather!

There is no rush but please send these pictures back.  I'll send them on to Sid's grandchildren.  Mom & Dad can send them back in a letter – no hurry!

I better go – need to get down to Senior Village.  This is the ideal job for me to have when you come out to visit us!  I have alot of flexibility in my hours plus you inspire all these Senior Village people – many who are in need of every bit of inspiration available!

Hello to Serena & Mary Virginia & Mom and Dad.

Much Love,

Thursday, November 17, 2016

1986 MV's Letter -Nov.26

November 26, 1986

Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Uible
Box 325
New Vienna, Ohio 45159

Dear Mom and Dad,

I just wanted to thank you again for the support you gave me last night and in all the events that led up that point.  Even as far back as starting out with Action Singers and Piano lessons in second grade.  I hope you feel that all the time, energy and money invested has been worth while.  I think so.

Thanks also for everything else you've provided me with -- a stable home, financial support and standing behind me in decisions I've made.  That will always be priceless to me.

Thanks most of all for just being you, for your love and your good example to me.

I love you.
Mary Virginia

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

1986 Roberta's Letter - Nov.25


Hi ––

Here's the latest JAG [?] letter –

January would be a great month to be here.  We will probably reserve the trailer space at "The View" from 1/26 - 2/23.  That way you all can stay with us a few days & we will plan on coming East (to Apache Junction) a time or 2 to see you all.  We stopped at The View last week (or 2 ago) when we hiked & the park is filling up nicely with lots & lots of activities!  It's a real R.V. Resort!  Sid & I will plan to make the scene there between 2/17 - 2/24.

I have to work Thanksgiving – but hope to get in a bike ride in the afternoon.

Sid is planning a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner just for the 2 of us – we will enjoy leftovers – probably till Christmas for the turkey.  In time for another BIG BIRD.  (at 19¢ per pound – when you buy $50.00 groceries!)

I ordered a VCR tape of Tour de Tucson – will send you all a picture that Sid took –

Much Love –

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

1986 Catherine's Letter -Nov.24

Monday, November 24, 1986

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Thanks for your letter and the clippings.  I read Jane Brody's first book and I have seen her second one but haven't checked it out yet.  It looks interesting though.

We talked to Roberta last night and she said Serena is now in New Vienna.  (How's it going, Serena???)  At least a majority of the family made it to Mary V's "Touch of Burgundy".  How did the performance go?

We are going to do our Thanksgiving shopping today.  Wendy has planned our menu for us including most of the traditional foods.  I notice she left out a vegetable though so we'll have to add that.  I have Friday and Saturday off also so it will be an extra long weekend.

Gerry has been making lots of contacts but nothing has turned up yet.  It's the wrong time of year to get a job in parts so we'll just have to wait and see what develops.

Wendy has been working on her Christmas list.  She goes through the Christmas catalog several times a week, marking the things that catch her eye.  She is getting more difficult to buy things for though now that she is growing older and more "sophisticated" in her tastes.  I ordered her a copy of New Kid on the Block by Jack Prelutsky.  Are you familiar with that book?  It has a poem about homework which she loves to recite.

We have some errands to do downtown so I will close and get this in the mail.

Catherine, Gerry
& Wendy

Monday, November 14, 2016

1976 Roberta's Letter -Nov.22

November 22, 1976
Dear Grandma,

Hi!  How does it feel to be down in Florida again . . . . year went fast, huh? It doesn't seem like that long ago, when we went to get you at the airport last year on your trip from Florida.  I hope your wheel chair, walker, etc made the same trip you did, I'll never forget how they didn't make the same flight here in San Diego.

I'm waiting for my supper to cook.  Luckily, the office (which is really in the hallway, just outside the kitchen is so close so I can get started on this letter and at the same time within watching and smelling distance of the kitchen.

My business is going well . . . . in fact I've decided to hire a delivery boy to help me do my deliveries on Saturday.  The trouble I have is finding people home after noontime on Saturday, and I have too many to get them all done myself by that time.  My biggest deliveries will be on the first of the month . . . . alot of military people here, plus alot of welfare people.  I'm doing better than I ever dreamed, I enjoy it alot, which makes for a nice job . . . . especially when I think how I disliked it and was treated at the Restaurant.  I'll never work for a place that takes advantage of their employees.

Gerry made reservations for all of us to eat out Thanksgiving.  I think it beats all the work involved in having the traditional lunch.  How was it at my house?????  I just hope my Mother is not overdoing it.  She doesn't seem to know how to take it easy.

I've played very little cards since I hurt my finger.  I am able to use my thumb now much better, but then I'm busy doing lots of different stuff (such as organizing my work) so little time left for idle games.

I'm glad the figs made it to Ohio, you know I was thinking about dates when I got those, that is what happens when I get in too big of a hurry.  I shop at the neatest fruit and vegetable stand not far from here.  They know me there by name now.  Grapefruit have finally come to a decent price -- ten for a dollar.  Their vegetables are really good -- just wish I had someone to do all the busy work on the cooking side here.  But, the taste sure beats anything frozen or canned.  Got to go for now . . . . .


[Grandma writes: This came to-day. Tues.]

Sunday, November 13, 2016

1976 Catherine's letter - Nov.17

 November 17, 1976
Dear Mom, Dad, & Mary Virginia,

Hi!  I feel guilty since I got another letter from you all yesterday – I hadn't answered the first one before that.  Not that we're too busy – I had just put it off.

Roberta came over last night and we were discussing what your plans might be for Thanksgiving.  We certainly hope you are going out for dinner & not having a big production at home.  The Bruces invited us out up for dinner – the day we (Gerry & I, Deedee & Roberta) had already decided to eat out so we told the Bruces we would stop by later in the day for "nibbles".  They are having some of their other relatives from S.D. for dinner.

This is going to be a good weekend for us – we're getting off work early on Friday & taking Deedee & her cousin (Diane (12 yrs-old - same as M.V.) to Disneyland.  It is a special deal sponsored by Pacific Telephone.  We each pay $5 to get in & then all the rides are free.  Diane's mother works for Pacific Telephone so we got the tickets thru her.  Then we have reservations at the Motel 6 for Friday night and on Saturday we're going to Knotts Berry Farm.

My lunch hour is over now so it's back to work for me.

5:10 P.M.
We're thinking of getting a two-bedroom apartment and renting one bedroom out to Roberta.  She seems agreeable & it would make it easier for us on the rent.  We may start looking soon as after Jan. 1st we can get our deposit back if we give notice.

Excuse the varying handwriting.  I have to write quite a bit by hand here at work.  It adds the "personal touch" so I ease the monotony with differing styles.

Let us know what your new box # is.

Love, Catherine & Gerry

Saturday, November 12, 2016

1986 Family Letter - Nov.16

November 16, 1986

Dear Family:

After Church today the three of us went to Leesburg to eat . . .  Mother always enjoys going there and she has enough food left over that Monday's lunch is on hand.  We are glad that she is using the microwave oven more.  Just hope that we can all be that alert when we too are 94 years plus.

Sorta wound up the yard work yesterday, cutting the spots of high grass, putting the leaves in the garden and putting up more stakes for young trees that were not straight.  Our brussel sprouts are still growing plus plenty of carrots to eat.

They announced this past week that the Wilmington News Journal and some other papers had been sold to the Brown Publishing Co. in Blanchester.  Of course, the change in tax rates in 1987 gives companies an incentive to sell in 1986. . . Wells maybe is missing the boat there.

We are looking forward to having Serena, Carol and John here for M.V.'s recital on the 25th and for an early Thanksgiving Dinner on the 26th.  M.V. said she would fix everything but the turkey for that evening.  The new steak restaurant in Wilmington has broken ground and Ponderosa there is still being remodeled.

Next Saturday is Roberta's BIG bike day (106 miles) . . . we are sure it will be an experience that she will remember.  If your Dad was younger he would still go for that cross country bike trip. [Which he did a couple years later.]

We've been calling Serena for over two weeks and leaving messages on her answering service.  Hope everything is OK with her.  We could call her at Roosevelt but now she is a temporary help someplace.

We've also tried to reach John & X to tell them we are looking for them Tuesday and will have Thanksgiving dinner late Wednesday afternoon.  M.V. has classes til 1:00 that day.

Wish we could all be together.

Much, much love,
Dad & Mother

Thursday, November 10, 2016

1976 Roberta's Letter -Nov.16

November 16, 1976

Dear Family,

Hi!  I've got a cake in the oven, so thought while I am waiting on it, I'd get a letter started.  Got your letter today, along with the many newspaper articles.  Thanks for all the reading material.  I still can't believe that they sold J and W, they were only talking about it for the last five years.  Have you been in there since it is under new management . . . . . see they expanded their hours, etc.

As far as Hungry Years soup kitchen goes, I've got the Labor Relations board on the case now.  All I want is to be paid for three days work.  I don't think that is too much to ask for.  Since I'm going through them actually I should be able to get more money, because I had to claim how many hours I had worked in those three days, then I'll get 2.30 an hour.  I talked to the nice guy (ha) that hired me today, and he wasn't super friendly.  The story was the same, the check had been put in the mail . . . . . which is the same story I was told all last week.  The way the story goes is that it was just put in the mail that morning, or maybe the evening before.

I'm still enjoying my pots and pans business, my Spanish is improving, I can make a sale completely in Spanish, of course its not as lengthy as I make in English, but I get the basic ideas across.  One Spanish woman paid me in full – which is quite all right.  I'm thinking about offering a dollar or so off if I've got a customer that can pay in full, and vice versa --- telling them I have to add a charge of a dollar if they can't put down but two dollars.  I got two telephone calls tonight (since 9:00 - when I came home from seeing the Morgans) about customers wanting to order sets for their friends.  One set I'm to deliver Saturday, the other set not till December 18th.

Had a nice card today from the Bruces, inviting us up for Turkey, etc. on Thanksgiving.  We had already decided to eat out, but am going to drop in on them later in the afternoon.  She is having all her family over . . . guess her brother who lives here, and his children who are about our age.  It was nice of her to invite us.  We called her up, and she said it would be fine for us to come in the afternoon . . . (after lunch) we didn't tell her that we were going to eat out.  It was Gerry's idea to pay them the little visit in the afternoon.

My roommate's mother is coming down this weekend -- from Santa Barbara.  I'm going to spend the night at the Morgans . . . they will be spending the weekend with Mickey Mouse, etc. at Disneyland.  This way Janice's mother can sleep in my bed, instead of on the floor as first planned.

Sally and her husband (from the farm) are going to be here at Christmas time . . . they are planning on going to the big parade on New Year's Day . . . and have invited me to go with them.  Guess the plan is now to leave early that morning . . . thus save the hassle of finding a motel, etc.  I'd like to come home, but the money part is pretty steep, and besides maybe later in the year as the weather gets better like May, or June. (ho, hum)  I'm baking my cake (blueberry -- weight watchers special) in my skillet . . . they say the handles are heat resistant, and keeps it's shine, since I always tell my customers that I want to check this out for sure.

Got to go.


Wednesday, November 09, 2016

1976 Roberta's Letter to John -Nov.14

November 14, 1976

Dear John,

Hi – Was neat to talk to you today – and to hear the news about you being in Washington D.C.  where will you live & just exactly what will you be doing?  Maybe I should come w/ my pots & pans & see if its a good selling area!!

Anyway – I'm glad for you – I just hope you can come out here before – say if you want to spend Christmas at home – then leave just after – that way you could spend a good week or so here – even maybe fly from here to D.C.

Well – I'm happy for you –– it will be good experience for you – and besides Washington is lucky to have you!

How does Mother seem to you?  Sometimes I feel like I should be at home – but then too its good that I'm out here on my own – tho – I've got the Morgans for moral & financial (if & when needed) support.  They don't offer spiritual help ––

Do you like Denison?  Is it harder / easier – or maybe a comparison can't be made w/ Exeter.

I'll probably be back at the farm next summer – I've got to admit – I like it there.  It has its problems – but that's true for life in general.

What about you – I understand you would rather be in Washington D.C. – but I hope you'll go back.  It's even neater the 2nd year – somehow you learn to accept the whole thing more.  I'd just like to do the hiring –

I hope you come out – if anything as far as me going cross country – it will be in January – Christmas will be a busy time for me business wise.

I work w/ the neatest people – they used to be Jewish – now strict Mormon.  So different than the nasty people I had to mess w/ for 3 days in Hungry Years Soup Kitchen.

Take care ––


Tuesday, November 08, 2016

US President Elections of the "6" Years

The first "6" U.S. Presidential election was held in 1796.  For previous posts about family history and Presidential Elections see US President Elections of the "4" Years and US President Elections of the "2" Years.
  • 1796 GHU's great-grandfather John Fawley, was born in northern Virginia in 1795.  His father, George Fawley 1764-1815, and George's father, John 1720-1803 would have been eligible to vote if they were property owners.  - John Adams became the second President after George Washington declined to serve a 3rd term.  The second-place candidate, Thomas Jefferson, became the Vice-President.  Other candidates in 1796 were N.Y. Senator Aaron Burr and former South Carolina governor, Thomas Pinckney.
  • 1816 Sarah Jane Wilson Morrow, grandmother of Lucie Brown Ballantyne, was born in 1812.  She died in 1885, but was never eligible to vote for President since women were not allowed to vote until the passage of the 19th amendment in 1920.  - Secretary of State James Monroe of Virginia defeated Rufus King a Senator from New York.
  • 1836 Nathaniel Ballantyne, 1812-1892, great-grandfather of Jean Wallace Ballantyne, married Sarah Wallace Ballantyne in 1835 - Martin Van Buren, the previous Vice-President, defeated four other candidates in the 1836 election – William H. Harrison of Ohio who became President in 1840; Hugh White, Senator, of Tennessee; Daniel Webster of Massachusetts, Senator; and Willie Person Mangum, Senator, of North Carolina.
  • 1856 CJ Uible's maternal grandfather, George K. Smith, an Ohio River boat captain, would have been about 40 years old - James Buchanan, from Pennsylvania, won a three-way contest for President, defeating John C. Fremont, a military man and explorer who later served as Territorial Governor of Arizona; and Millard Fillmore who had become President in 1850 after the death of Zachary Taylor, but lost the 1852 election to Franklin Pierce.
  • 1876 GHU's father, Ira Franklin Hiestand was 25 and already the father of Gladys' older siblings, Harry b.1872, Luna b.1874 and Dorsey b.1876. - Rutherford B. Hayes, Ohio Republican lawyer and former governor, defeated Governor Samuel J. Tilden of New York in a disputed election.
  • 1896 Adrian Wilmer Brown, father of Lucie Brown Ballantyne, was 42.  Lucie's brother, Robert Morrow Brown was 19 and Lucie was 16-years old in 1896.  - "Republican candidate William McKinley (a former Governor of Ohio) defeated Democrat William Jennings Bryan (a former Representative from Nebraska) in one of the most dramatic and complex races in American history."  -wikipedia
  • 1916 CJ Uible was 33 and would have voted in Westboro, Ohio.  - Incumbent President Woodrow Wilson, the Democratic candidate, was pitted against and defeated Supreme Court Justice Charles Evans Hughes, the Republican candidate.
  • 1936 Jean's sister, who turned 21 in 1935 would have been eligible to vote.  She was married in 1936 to James Dailey. - Franklin D. Roosevelt won a second term as President, defeating Alf Landon, Governor of Kansas.
  • 1956 Harold & Jean Uible, parents of three daughters, voted in New Vienna. (Where was the voting location?) - Dwight Eisenhower, popular WW2  military hero, won a 2nd term, defeating Adlai Stevenson.
  • 1976 Catherine, Roberta, Serena & John all eligible to vote. - Jimmy Carter defeated incumbent President Gerald Ford, causing some sorrow among Republicans and at least one of the aforementioned.
  • 1996 Wendy eligible to vote. - Clinton / Gore, won a second term, defeating Dole / Kemp. Businessman Ross Perot ran as candidate for the Reform Party.
  • 2016 Christian & Andrew eligible to vote. - ??? to be determined after the publication of this post.

1976 Sympathy to John after Presidential Election: Carter defeats Ford

Monday, November 07, 2016

1976 Roberta's Letter to GHU -Nov.14

Nov 14, 1976
Dear Grandma –

Hi!  Was good to talk to all the family today – but sorry I called just when dinner was ready!  I'm enclosing the card from Rob – it's only 2 months late in getting to you.  I cleaned up my room & found it – I just now wrote him – bet he'll be surprised to get a note from me. (especially one w/ a picture of a cat!)

When are you going to Florida?  Without Rob it will be quiet at 1025 North B Street.  But I'm glad Rob went away to school – it's what he needed.

I had a long letter from Aunt Mary – guess they all had a good time when Mares & family came down.    I'm glad you are planning on going to the wedding.  I think that maybe I'll try to make it – stay here at Christmas time – that way I could see everybody and also not lose out on any possible Christmas sales.  Except for an occasional day – I really enjoy my job – I'm beginning to get alot of referrals from my customers for other people who want a set – I give them a $4.00 discount off their set then – but I'm dropping that to $3.00 and see if it affects my amount of referrals.

Today I went to church – then to my friends for lunch – we went after lunch to Coronado – it's kind of like the Palm Beach of San Diego.  We went to the Del Coronado Hotel – like the Breakers – very fancy and expensive.  Just to get to the island it cost 60¢ toll each way.  President Nixon ate there in 1970 – I went w/ the woman whose refrigerator I cleaned out & her friend from Phoenix.  I looked at the breakfast menu – ham & 2 eggs – $5.95 – we just looked around – toll $ was all we spent.  People were swimming in outdoor pool.  I carry sweater w/ me.


Sunday, November 06, 2016

1976 Roberta's Letter -Nov.11

Nov. 11, 1976

Dear Family –

Hi!  Time goes by – always think I'll have more time later to write – you know how the story goes.

Again – my job schedule has changed – I'm no longer with Two-4-One – last night was my last night.  I really didn't mind it – except for the amount of smoke in such a small room!  And it was an experience –

So now I'm a full time pots & pans sales person – (via Stanley!).  Today I went out w/ Fred & Pauline for the morning – got 5 orders & then went out 1 hour this afternoon & got 3 orders!  It's a good combination – I enjoy it & a good profit is there.  I'm learning Spanish – from my customers – but tonight (how nice it is not to have to work!) I called the Adult Education of East San Diego – I can start Spanish lessons 1st of the year for a total of 50¢!  Registration fee – actually the class itself is cheap – and best part of it – is location of the classes is within a mile of YWCA – held in a high school.

You'll never believe this – Trane sent me a check for $3- too much.  I called them & explained it all & they said to enjoy spending it and thanks for calling.  It paid me to work for Trane – because as I said – that is how I met Pauline.

Just wish I had such luck with Hungry Years – as I'm still trying to get a check out of them – suppose to get it a week ago Wednesday.  1st they said they wouldn't mail it, then I was told it had been mailed – now today I called & again they say it was just put in the mail.  I'm ready to call the Labor Relations people – and have them in on the case.  I started to call them in the 1st place – because of the way they treat employees.  I'm very curious to see how cheap they figured they could get by paying me!

I've lost my address book – even cleaned up my room looking for it.  I found alot of stuff – but not the address book!

Went over to Morgans this afternoon – 1st time I had seen them since we went to see the Bruces.  But I talk to them over the phone alot –

I'm learning alot about Mormons – like they believe you should keep 1 years supply of food stored in your home.  They really take an anti-stand on smoking & alcohol – I really like Pauline & Fred and I'm getting used to not drinking tea – from 8 AM to night.  I eat my lunch w/ them – they invited me to have Thanksgiving w/ them – but Morgans, DeeDee & myself plan something.  How about yourselves?

And you are planning to come out at Christmas – what color of pans would be best for you?  Remember – limited supplies!  (HA!)

I can only tell that winter is coming by the time change – gets dark about 5:00-5:30 pm.  Probably start out w/ pots & pans some evenings (Now Friday morning) – Last night went to bed at 10 pm & what a difference – used to eat my supper at 10pm.

Raining – we need it.  Also will be a good day to sell – more people at home.

Hope all of you are all right – (or better),  I got a long letter from Sandy Hazelbaker – Keeps me up on the changes at the factory – such as they run paddles over on the other side now.  Good thinking!  We're selling pots & pans in some poor areas – I'v seen lots of jacks & balls!!

Got to eat & off to work –


Saturday, November 05, 2016

1976 Roberta's Letter to John -Nov.9

November 9, 1976

Dear John,

Hi!  Thanks alot for your letter, wish I had a dollar for every letter I started to you . . . . or even a penny for everytime I thought about writing!!!  I wouldn't have to be out working!!!

I'm really enjoying my job now -- it's a riot -- can you imagine me selling pots and pans door to door.  Well, that is the latest in my lifetime of jobs.  Actually, I enjoy it a whole bunch -- but more than that the money is good.  I make ten dollars for every pan set I sell -- today  sold seven -- but that is the best I've ever done.  I really like the people I work with -- very strict Mormon people.  Also good sales people!!!

I sure hope you are planning to come out at Christmas time if it is at all possible.  I understand about the Washington deal -- just hope that you can combine your plans and also come out here.

The more I'm around Catherine and Gerry the more I think how lucky Catherine really is to have Gerry.  He is really very sincere -- and understanding.  [Thanks, Roberta – good to think of  our better times. . .]

How often do you come home?  I imagine you have a long weekend Thanksgiving weekend?  Will you be home the whole time?  Mother had a pretty serious operation but I'm sure they didn't stress that part.  She just needs to take it easy for awhile -- not lift too much, etc. for awhile.

I've met alot of really nice people in San Diego.  And surprisingly enough; almost all typical white middle class. (after spending a summer on the farm with all kinds of minorities, etc. . .  it's nice to know I can still communicate with my own kind.)

I did have a really nice letter from Liz about two weeks ago.  And have heard several times from Marion and I.T.  Of course I get Curtis's letters on a rather frequent basis.

Last Saturday the Morgans and myself went up to see the Bruces.  They haven't changed much.  She wears a wig now -- they are really amazing for their age and all.  They told these stories about how Mom had the job for the local paper of finding out the local gossip around town and how she would always call and try to find out anything new and exciting.  (kind of like what Mabel Davis would do -- if that wasn't before your time)

The Buick is still running -- almost 90 thousand, just two hundred miles short of it.

Do you hear from Annie or Sally at all?  I haven't heard from them for some time . . . . . did I tell you that I went up and had dinner with Sally's son who lives just North of here.  He reminded me alot of Skip in New Jersey -- not really the fun type like Sally.  I'm glad that Annie got herself a job.  At least this way she keeps herself busy and all.

John -- its getting late -- guess you hear of all my adventures through the family anyway.  I've had some experiences job wise out here.  I'm still in cohoots [sic] with the Hungary Years Restaurant -- Labor relations board in on the act.

Think I'll have a cup of tea and go to bed . . . . don't know what tomorrow will bring selling my pots and pats.  I wish you could see me with my little brown case and all.  Come out at Christmas and see for yourself.


Friday, November 04, 2016

1976 Roberta's Letter -Nov.8

Monday pm –
[actually  Nov. 8,1976]

Dear Family,

Hi!  Thanks for calling – We had a good day with the Bruces – they both look good – their place was really neat too – stuff from all over the world – including India!

Mother, Mrs. Bruce reminds me so much of you – has a "miracle oven" and loves it – makes granola, etc!

I know this must sound crazy but I really enjoy going door to door selling Stanley – and of course my pots & pans!  (more $ in the latter)  Today I sold 5 sets – in about 3 hours total time – I enjoy the part of meeting the people – and the challenge of selling – I have the people making a decision as to what color would match their kitchen before they realize it!  I also really like the people I work for – you'll have to meet them at Christmas – only don't ask for tea or coffee around them – HA!

Also – and this will surprise you – I'm learning Spanish – just enough to make a sale – as so many Spanish (Mexican) always say – No English.  Pauline and her husband have been teaching me – I used it some today, but come to find out the ones that said "no English" – actually could speak some –  My Spanish:  "Espaniol? Pequita . . . . . comprende, Especial (they love the word) Then I show them the picture, and explain cook eggs (huevos) and cheese (chorizo) ?? and no se pega (won't stick) No graza (no grease) permanenta interior  At Sears, May Company setente dollars (seventy dollars)  Especial viente nueve nueve cinto ---- deliver .... colores  oro, verde, or cafe.

Needless to say I'll be really happy when I make my first sale in Spanish!!!

I've been at the YWCA a month now – doesn't seem possible . . . seems like I've met so many people, etc.  I'm excited about taking a beginners bridge class here starting the first of the year.  Whoever dreamed it a year ago.  Saturday night the Bruces and us played cards for an hour or so . . . it was kinda funny because I always had the worst hands possible . . . but it was alot of fun.  I got the cook book in the mail on Saturday . . . all new & different recipes . . . I've already put it to good use.  Thanks!  Yesterday I made an eggplant-onion dish.  Tomorrow morning I will have oatmeal banana cookies . . . a new recipe from the second edition of the same cook book.  I had to pay $8.50 for it . . . a terrible price . . . but then I figure it would pay for itself if I did without eating out for a while.  I've won alot of small prizes at work (two for one).  i won a neat flashlight, and tonight won a small AF/FM radio.  They try to keep us motivated with the prizes.  Friday night I did terrible (had a big day . . . and just too tired to do anything right – but tonight I sold seven – I'd like to quite the job – so I could spend more time selling pots and pans – or just to have the luxury of deciding for myself whether or not I would work every evening.  Its hard to say what I'll do -- of course Bonnie and other at work can't figure out why I want to quit.  I've enjoyed it alot – money and prizes I can't complain about either.  The only thing that does bother me – or the most is the amount of smoke in the room.  I think besides myself there is one other person who doesn't smoke.  When you consider a dozen smokers in a small room – and on this type of job – there is alot of smoking.  I've become a doodler – just imagine yourself on the telephone for four hours straight saying more or less the same thing.

Mother, I hope you are not doing too much.  I hear that Mary Virginia turned quite domestic while you were in the hospital.  Doing clothes and cooking dinner.

Last night I was called from a Pancake house for graveyard shift waitress two nights a week.  I did consider it – but turned it down.  Feel like I got enough irons in the fire for now.  Besides I had to go out and buy a white uniform, white shoes, etc. . .  which discouraged me . . . had that not been the case I would have tried it out for awhile.

It is getting late – morning always comes fast.  I want to get my rest so I can get out there in the morning and sell those pots and pans.  Actually I do pretty good selling Stanley . . . me that knows nothing about mops and such . . . I always say "good product" when even I'm questioned.  Today I got a book explaining all about Stanley goods from Pauline so I'll be experienced in the line of Stanley . . . but so far I have outsold her in Stanley except for one day!!!  Fred (her husband) doesn't push Stanley at all – just uses it to get in the door – then makes a remark about "probably too busy to look at the catalog, but I want to show you our special"  In my opinion it sure beats working at Sears . . . unless I've got a dog barking at me, or a cat trying to jump on my lap.

Hope all is well . . .


Thursday, November 03, 2016

1986 Roberta's letter to GHU -Nov.8


Dear Grandma,

I have just come from this program ["It's Time to Move" fitness for adults 50+] – but now to try to get the people at Senior Village to "move" more!

It has turned to winter in Arizona – about 45º at night – but gets up to 70º in the afternoons!  Of course – that feels COOL to me!  But – it has been great weather to BICYCLE!  I now have 485 miles on my new bike.  Tomorrow I'm signed up for a 50 mile Sunday Breakfast ride – so the miles add up quickly!

Hopefully I'll be done in enough time to get home, take a quick shower & then Sid & I can get to 11:00 church.

We had a very successful Halloween party at Senior Village – everyone was in some type of costume – most of them came from my closet!  We played various games before lunch and then after lunch had an organ player come for a sing-a-long.  There was so much food – besides the regular lunch – we had popcorn, donuts & cider, & little candies!

I was dressed as a HOBO – didn't have my fingernails done this year – like I did last year when you were here!  I'm sorry you weren't here for a visit this year – but I do understand that it is hard on you to travel!  Just let us know if you change your mind – we will be at the airport to pick you up!

My 106 mile bike trip is in 2 weeks – November 22.  If you would like to donate money to Diabetes Association feel free to send me a check made out to them.  I'm trying to raise money for the cause!

There are so many good causes – tomorrow I'm taking part in a 6 mile walk for world hunger.  There is a group going from our church and I'm going with them.  Between the Bike Ride and the walk I'll sleep well tomorrow night!  Tuesday is Veteran's Day – holiday from work – so Sid & I & a friend Doris, plan to hike an all-day hike in the Superstition Mountains over in Apache Junction. (Near where the Hamiltons live – where we went to Church.)

Last Saturday the three of us went hiking at South Mountain – we had not been there since just after we were married.  In fact we went up there then just for the ride & view when most of Sid's family & Uibles were still here.

This time of year is great for hiking – Sid has been getting out about every other day hiking!  So he is in good shape for the 12-15 mile hike we plan to do Tuesday!

Grandma – I need to get going!  Would you want to come out to Arizona when Joe is out here?  Actually we would like you to come anytime – especially during the nice months – now till April!  (But the next 2 weeks would be hectic for us – while I'm in training for the 106 mile bike ride.)  I'm hoping to do it in 6 hours – unless it is a windy day!


Items from Uible photo album