Monday, September 04, 2006

Thanks to Roberta the Laborer

As Roberta trudges off to work this morning with her trusty lunch box the rest of us in our leisure will appreciate her efforts in an indirect way, along with all the other working people of the world who don't get the luxury of today off. We're planning to walk which does not require the efforts of anyone else thankfully, and then will go to the gym later on where some dedicated gym workers are keeping the doors open for us. Hoping to get together with Wendy and Ken later today possibly and also perhaps for dinner with them and Roberta & Sid later in the week. Since Serena is now at our house she can join us for both.

Roberta, hope your efforts are rewarded by appreciation from your customers and $$ from your employer. Do you get paid double time for the holiday? Would that be a JK or a LOL?


Mary Uible Crowson said...

definitely LOL....not a ROTFLMAO. What did we do before we had this cyber shorthand?

Roberta said...

Thanks for your comments Catherine, but Mary Virginia what is that ROT.......I am watching Crocodile Dundee on Larry King, that is when he was on the show some two years ago! Tomorrow I need to rise early to get the bakery items at 6 am in Sun City. After I turn this in on both my time card and for mileage the plan will change! Stay tuned!

Mary Uible Crowson said...

ROTFLMAO=Rolling on the floor, laughing my (bleep) off.

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