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1972 Roberta's letter - July 25

Roberta ponders her future in this letter home from Salzburg. HH is on the Philmont Scouting trip while John was too sick to travel. Transcription follows.

July 25, 1972

Dear Mom, Mary Virginia, and Grandma, (perhaps John?)

Thanks alot for your letter (yesterday) and also postcard that I got today.

The last couple of days we haven't really seen that much - except for alot of beautiful scenery.  Especially today when we drove through the Alps.  Was I sure thankful that I wasn't driving!!

Since your letters are carbon copies I've really been able to know what Serena, Catherine and X are up too.  I do hope Serena is having a good summer – I've written her a few times.  When is it she will be coming back?  Is she planning on staying longer than she first thought?

Thanks also for the articles.  That was a well-written article about Louise.  That should sure help the M.S. campaign.  I wrote her (Louise) a letter last night.  I sure agree with the article about Harley Day "leaving a void that will be hard to fill."

Did you know that John and Esther Jones went to Florida for about a week?  I guess John went on business for the town of Wilmington.  Petty nice place to go for business, huh?  I was really glad to hear that they went because I know they sure don't get out of the restaurant too often!!  A bad business to be in.

Speaking of businesses in a round-about-way – I've decided I'm going to change my major.  AT least I'm going to seriously look into some type of work with retirement centers or nursing homes.  But - don't panic - I'm going to finish my 2 year degree in police science.  When I get home I'll try to talk to different people like Mrs. Cline at Americare, etc. to see which direction I should go.  I just hope I don't have to take Biology   If that's the case - well - I don't know what I'll do.  But, I really don't think I should have too as I'm more interested in the "social work" part of it.  Time will tell.

 Has the VAN got to its "Happy Home" yet?  It's too bad that the van didn't get there in time for the New Mexico trip.  I hope John was able to fly out.  It's just a shame that the van ... or rather that the garage at 2115 Auburn wasn't built for its tenants to own a van!!  (Ho, Hum!!)

Well, the light in this hotel room is terrible so I think I'll close for now.  Besides we have a full day tomorrow!

Austria is a beautiful country.  It reminds me alot of Switzerland.  OH, we had some experience coming down the Alps.  for one thing a car hit our bus, which makes a total of three accidents we've been in.  The way these people drive I'm surprised there aren't more accidents.  There is no method to their madness!  Like turning right from the left lane and turning left from the right lane!!

3:00 p.m. July 26th

Hi!  We are now in a laundry-mat - treating our clothes (plus ourselves!) to an automatic washer!  We all ended up wearing dresses down here - because we wanted everything else washed!

We had a tour of Salzburg this morning – "The festival city"  The festival starts tonight but of course the tickets to it are sold out way in advance.  What we plan on doing tho is going down town and just watch everyone.

We got to see Mozart's birth-place.  Some university built in 1622 - and revived in 1962.  Also got to see where "The Sound of Music" was filmed.  Wow – really a pretty place.  Then we went to some Arch-Bishop place where as you walk through the gardens water comes from everywhere.  It was really alot of fun!!  I can't remember his name right now – but he must have really had a good sense of humor!!

Tomorrow morning - on the way to Vienna we are to go through a salt mine.

Austrian food is good - it's more like what we are used to.  I got some milk last night for the 1st time on the trip.  It really tasted good – and I'm not all that much of a fan of milk.  It was alot creamier & richer tasting.

It's now 8:30 p.m. - we didn't go anywhere tonight - as we had planned because it's been raining – also we're all a little bit tired.  Tomorrow is another big travelling day – up at 6:00 - this vacationing is just as hard as working!

Well, I'm going to close – I've got to repack and that will take me awhile!!

Hope you all are fine.

If you get to Americare tell everyone hello for me.

Thanks again for your letter & clippings – Now – take good care of the "you-know-what" – don't be eating anything in it . . . . like ice cream cones . . . at least not till I get home - How about an ice cream cone, Mary V. - from Sheffs?  Sounds good to me!  I can't wait to get home & have 'ice' again.  I never thought ice-cubes in coke, etc. were such a luxury.

Well – I'd better close –

Lots of Love, Bert
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