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1962 GHU postcard from Florida - Nov. 28

Grandma sends a Smoky Mountain postcard addressed to Catherine in November 1962.  Typically Grandma and Granddad would go to Florida the weekend after Thanksgiving and return Easter (or Palm Sunday) weekend.  Evidently the card also served as a grocery list for celery, hot dogs, bread and cheese, in Jean's handwriting.  Transcription follows.
1962 Smoky Mountains Postcard from GHU to Uibles - Nov. 28
1962 Postcard from GHU to Uibles - Nov. 28
Weds. evening [postmarked November 28, 1962, Lake Worth FLA]
Dear Catherine & all,
We are just about settled.  The unpacking is all finished except putting a few little things in place. Aunt Mary had us over last evening for oyster stew.  Since the weather was cool.  It is warmer today but need a little heat.  Had to get out the heater the first thing.  Our northern clothes have been comfortable so far that we wear in winter.  Robbie was with us while Aunt Mary and M. went to dentist this evening.  Love to all, Grandma.  [on left margin]  No Christmas lights on that we've seen (in LW) yet.

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1972 Catherine's letter - Nov. 28

Catherine's letter to the family written in November 1972, while living, working and attending library school in Kalamazoo.  A new cache of letters from the 1970s and 80s has been delivered by Dad and Roberta from Ohio.  Several from 1972 and 1982, will catch up with the earlier ones from those years possibly in 2013. Transcription follows.
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November 28, 1972
Dear Mom, Dad, Serena, John, and Mary, [assume Roberta was at Barnesville]

Hi!  Found your letter waiting when we got home on Sunday so I assume it came on Friday or Saturday.  Hope you had a good Thanksgiving with or without the Sankers.  We had a good trip  but it wasn't much like Thanksgiving.  Bologna & cheese doesn't taste much like turkey and dressing.  

We looked at a lot of land of varying sizes and types but didn't find anything we really wanted to buy.  The weather was good in Canada, there wasn't even snow on the ground like there is here.  Coming back home through northern Michigan it began to rain and as we came further south it turned to snow.  We hit an icy patch and the car skidded all over the road & ended up 3/4 over a guard rail in the middle of the highway.  We had to get a tow truck to put us back on the highway.  Amazingly enough the only damage was a little dent on the front passenger door & some bent trim.  Lucky.

We decided that the new job opening at Upjohn is more my kind of of job so I have applied instead of X.  Mrs. Pinkham [then library director at K College] is a friend of the librarian at the business library so I think that will help my chances.  I hope to hear within the next two weeks.

Everyone here is getting in the Christmas spirit.  This is the last week of school (at K) and then exams next week.  Western doesn't end until the 16th.

We are planning to come down for Christmas.  We will have to come back to K on Christmas Day though as we both have to work on the 26th.  We are debating whether we should come on the bus instead of driving.  That way we wouldn't have to worry about traffic or the weather.

I've got to go.  Lunch hour is over.

Love, Catherine

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1982 MV's postcards from bus trip - Nov. 26-27

MV takes a bus trip from Columbus to Phoenix in 1982, during a break from her freshman year of college. Thinking of future space constraints in the family blog, she sent postcards with the exact same picture four different times.  Evidently on "bus time" Saturday preceded Friday.  Transcription follows.
Captioned: The Cape Cod Room.  In the Drake, Chicago.  Since its opening in 1933, one of the finest sea food restaurants in America.  Winner of Holiday Award for 28 years, it is a Chicago gathering place for celebrities and gourmets the world over.  The Drake, operated by Hilton International Co.
Saturday 1:00 a.m. [postmarked Indianapolis, Friday, Nov. 26, 1982]
We left Columbus about 10 minutes late - to arrive in Indianapolis about 2:00, St. Louis at 6:00 (?).  The lady at the ticket booth said this is an "express," stopping at the above and Tulsa & Albuquerque.  Love, MV

6:00 a.m. [postmarked St. Louis, Friday, Nov. 26, 1982]
Just woke up.  It is raining and we just passed Pocahontas, Ill.  I grabbed the back three seats so that I could stretch out, but there's only about 4 ft in length and about a foot across, so it is easier to sleep sitting up.  Not many on the bus, about 15-20.  My DeKalb seed corn hat got a lot of stares at the Columbus bus station.  Sorry so sloppy – road is bumpy.  Love, MV  Arrive St. Louis at 6:00 central time.

Friday 5:00 p.m. Central Time [postmarked Tulsa, Nov. 2?, 1982]
Have done lots of cross-stitch.  We are in Okla. someplace.  Hopefully getting close OK City.  We hit a lot of obscure little towns today throughout Missouri & Oklahoma.  We have been on the interstate much.  The bus filled up a little at St. Louis and Springfield, but still have two seats to myself.  Finished the turkey sand. for lunch at Springfield.  Bought Ice Tea.  Will have peanut butter when we stop for dinner.  Thanks for making them.  I did eat the carrots.  You're probably shocked.  The trip hasn't been as bad as I expected.  Thanks for the early Christmas present and having Keven & Irmgard over.  Love, MV  – Hi, Bill!  Arrive Oklahoma City Tulsa at 5:30 Central Time

Sat. 12:20 p.m. 11/27/82 Mountain Time[postmarked Houck, AZ, Monday, Nov. 29, 1982]
Hi,  Ran into some snow in New Mexico that slowed the bus down, so we are running almost 2 hrs. late.  Called Roberta from Albuquerque to let her know.  The bus was a little crowded from Oklahoma City - had to sit with an older lady going to Tucson - but got my seat back in Albuquerque when the bus emptied out a little.  I think we have a layover in Flagstaff for lunch and then the bus heads to Phoenix and then to L.A.  We stopped at Santa Rosa, NM this morning about 6:00.  There was about 3 in. snow.  Love, MV – Arrived Ariz. State Line at 12:30 p.m. (Mountain time)

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1952 Jean's letter to her Mother - Nov. 26

A special treat from 1952 is this letter which Jean wrote to her mother, Lucie Brown Ballantyne, on Thanksgiving Day. Interesting glimpse of family life in 1952 when Catherine would have been almost 4 and Roberta 18 months.  Evidently Jean was recovering from surgery or sickness.  Transcription follows.
1952 Jean's letter to her Mother - Nov. 26
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Nov. 26, 1952
Dearest Mother,

We thought so much about you today & wish that you were here with us to help us enjoy our Thanksgiving.  I do hope you had a pleasant day.

Miss Lettie Kibler who has been staying with me was to go on a baby case about the 14th or 15th of November.  So thinking last week that she'd be going any time we asked her to stay til she was called to take care of the new baby.  No call as yet so she's still with us.  Mother Uible invited us up there for dinner but since Miss Lettie was here told her to come down.  Miss Lettie is a wonderful cook – I've let her have complete charge of the kitchen and she fixed a wonderful dinner.  We had quite a time over the dressing (stuffing). She was used to making it her mother's way & I wanted it like you fix it. It turned out fine – suitable to both.  She puts turkey broth from the giblets in it, egg, sage, cream.  Mother Uible said she always uses onion but we omitted that & the last three of Miss Lettie's ideas – egg, sage & cream & I did consent to some turkey broth, salt & pepper and that's all.  Now I'm curious just what you put in yours – all I could remember was the crumbs, salt & pepper.  We had mashed potatoes, gravy, broccoli, cranberry salad (bought at the WSCS market yesterday), hot rolls (also bought there), celery, applesauce, cake & ice cream – besides the 11# turkey Mother & Daddy Uible brought yesterday – we put it in at 7:30 this AM & was practically done at 10:30 but we cooked it real slow til 12:30.

I'm feeling better & better and think I could take over but saving my strength til Lettie leaves.  I have no stiffness except when I get on my knees and guess I just need a little exercise that way.

Catherine wants me to tell you she likes Howdy Doody and Uncle Al on television.  She is entranced by both – the latter being on 9-10 and 11-12 every morning during the week and an hour on Saturday.  She has learned so many songs, dances, to draw, etc. from it.

I forgot to mention that the broccoli came from our garden this morning and still good.

Roberta now holds our hands to say grace and babbles while saying it.  Her vocabulary is still at a standstill.  She does scream Maw-maw in an extra loud voice if things don't go her way.  She & Miss Lettie are surely attached.  Right now they are both (Catherine & Roberta) drawing (?) on the chalkboard you gave them.  Roberta insists on using the wrong side.  Catherine did draw a Santa Clause face and I was amazed how much it did look like him.  Roberta isn't happy unless she's tormenting someone – guess who they take after?

Catherine has an appointment to have her hair cut tomorrow morning and in the afternoon she & Harold are to have dental checkups.  I know you'll be glad to hear Catherine's hair is getting some attention.

Mother & Daddy Uible may go to Florida soon but aren't saying anything about it publicly.

All our very best love,
Harold, Jean, Catherine & Roberta

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1982 Family Letter - Nov. 26

The last family letter from November 1982 featuring Thanksgiving details, Mie Young and Mary Virginia's upcoming travels and more. Transcription follows.
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Sunday evening –
November 26, 1982
Dearest Family –

We missed having you all for Thanksgiving but was surprised to find Serena at our door Wednesday afternoon – having taken the bus to Indianapolis and riding the rest of the way with Debbie Haines.  She stayed til today when we accompanied her in the other car as far as the Salem Mall area where we all (including G'ma, Dad and I) ate at the Red Lobster and Serena went on to Chicago in the Dodge Swinger.  We looked over the Mall which we hadn't seen for ? years.  they have enlarged it – adding a Penney's and a second floor area near it.  It was also interesting to see one of the new stores there where they develop film right on the premises and you can pick it up one hour after leaving it.  The prints are 4x6 and not a bad price considering everything.  29¢ a print and $2.00 for developing.  The Thompsons had been there a few weeks ago and had told us about it.

Back to Wednesday – Mary Virginia and Mie Young came home and brought two students with them – one is an Austrian girl who lives next door to MV in her dorm and the other was a boy formerly from Greenfield whose parents now live in Cleveland.  He has been in the Navy for 4 years – had a job in Wilmington so doesn't plan to go home til Christmas.  John and X got here about 9:30 Wednesday evening so we had a full house.  They also brought Piper and little Golda but we really hardly knew they were here.  They had a full car going back for they took Mary Virginia to the bus station in Columbus to catch the bus for Phoenix to be with Roberta (and work for the Salvation Army for the month of December out there [in Phoenix – MV reports she was a bell ringer at Metro Center mall].

Mie Young left this morning to go on tour with the Chamber Singers as they have a four day trip to northern Ohio and Michigan giving concerts in schools and churches.  Luckily we didn't have to get her to Wilmington as the Kincaids picked her up at 8AM and the McCunes are to pick her up Wednesday evening at the college.

We certainly wished you all could have been with us but talked to Roberta and said she was cooking dinner for the Senior Village people.  As far as we know Cathy, Gerry and Wendy went with friends to the Tumulo Emporium the real nice (and good) restaurant between Bend an∂ Sisters – hope the weather wasn't too bad to get there.  The Hortons got back from their trip to Phoenix and were either going to Rob and Cindy's or to the Hortons (Bill's brother nearby).  Aunt Virginia saˆd that she was planning to go to Sarah and Jim's mother's in Eighty-four, PA.  So glad that she is feeling better and able to go out again.  Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill enjoyed their visit with Roberta and Roberta said they played bridge and bingo with some of the residents there who really became attached to her aunt and uncle.

Dad went to Dayton to see a new internist for his annual physical check-up.  It is the one where Beverly Gooding is employed but she doesn't work Fridays so didn't see her.  He was very impressed with Dr. Arn and thought things went much smoother than they had under Dr. Schnebley's nurse Jerri.  I am going tomorrow (and Elizabeth Johnson is going along for the ride) so hope to see Beverly then and get the news of the Goodings.

The tourist highlight of my trip to Dayton was driving around the block from the Dr's office and seeing this HUGE southern style mansion which we later learned was the home of Orville Wright and was on 17 acres.  Back to the exam the nurse gives you some "sweet liquid" and then takes another blood test two hours later, which gave me time to visit the local library.

[Much love, etc.]

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1972 - Serena does CROP walk - Nov. 27

Serena participates in a worthwhile event as reported in the Wilmington News-Journal, November 27, 1972. Transcription follows.
1972 - Students (including Serena) take CROP Hunger Walk - Nov. 27

Students Take CROP Hunger Walk

Seventy-three people in Clinton County suffered from tired feet this past weekend.  Their common activity was walking, not in itself an unusual form of exercise.  However, walking 10 miles is unusual in this day of the automobile, and 146 feet can testify.

The occasion for this phenomenon was the Hunger Walk sponsored by CROP, Christian Rural Overseas Program, now in the final stages of a campaign in Clinton County.  Seventy-three walkers began their 10 miles treks from five locations in the county: Clinton Massie High School, Port William, Reesville, Snow Hill, and Cuba.  A surprising amount of litter was collected by walkers along mile stretches; the filled trash bags were removed by a county Highway Department truck.

Some three hours after take-off at 1 p.m., all these hardy souls met at the County Courthouse in Wilmington for a very brief rally.  Then they walked about two miles to the youth building at the fairgrounds, where they were thawed by hot cocoa, ingredients donated by A&P and Farquhar's groceries.

The purpose of the Hunger Walk was the expression of concern for those in the world who are unable to feed themselves due to circumstance beyond their immediate control.  Also, it is hoped that the Walk was good campaign publicity.

Until Dec. 8, workers for CROP will ask for contributions.  Persons who wish to contribute, but who are not contacted, should send their checks, made out to CROP, to CROP, care of Maynard Davids at the Clinton County National Bank.

Farmers with crops coming out of the field are urged to make a contribution of grain at the Clinton County Landmark grain terminal, where the grain's value will be transferred to CROP.

To all who walked on Friday afternoon, CROP as a whole extends thanks.  Most important, however is the gratitude of the people whom you have and are helping.  Citizens of Clinton County are asked to carry on the spirit by giving generously in the next two weeks.

Walkers on Friday afternoon were Richard Probasco, Kathryn Hagedorn, Maribeth Chaney, Amy Armstrong, Kevin George, Chip Ellison, Cindy Garrison, Regina Ahouse, David Ingram, Kieth Moore, Wesley Moranda, Lorilla Bevan, Patty Bevan, Mary Hodson, Robert Bevan Jr., Cynthia Faux, Donna Cough, Susan Cody, Peggy Hoffer, Jennifer Haines, Ruthanna Haines, Don Ingram, Gayle Schoenherr, Terry Stephens, Lisa Stephens, Pam Beam, Sylvia Hadley, Sylvia Ehlerding, Delbert Tanner, Rhea Jean Tanner, Lisa Sprowle, Scott Sprowle, Randy Stephens, Shelley Stephens, Dan Miller, Tim Abt and Dale Cochran.

Also, Gene Cunningham, Mitch Ostermeier, Carl Berwanger, Lisa Loftin, Pam Penquite, Elaine Reynolds, Irene Taylor, Sue Tedrick, Lisa Simpson, Kim Wilson, Rebecca Haines, Phil Cluxton Donna Dalton, Vivian Peery, Robin Peery, Doug Haag, Jean Haag, Tina Curry, Sherry Shiveley, Jim Brady, Dan Brady, John Inlow, Brenda Fisher, Cynthia Hamilton, Serena Uible, Caroline Fisher, Debbie Haines, David Haines, Marsha Haines, Dennis Perry, Cynthia Bean, Brenda Olds, Kris Hamilton, Robyn Flint, Debbie Lambcke, Claudia Bean.

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1982 Family Letter - Nov. 21

Family letter written on a Sunday evening in November 1982. Transcription follows.  Fairly obvious where the narration switches from Mom to Dad with the discussion of transportation from the Chicago airport.   Transcription follows.
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Sunday evening –
November 21, 1982
Dearest Family –

It has been awhile since we have written but have had a real nice visit with Catherine, Gerry and Wendy and also got to see Serena both going and coming.  We were just gone about 8 and a half days and they really went quickly.  We have talked to Roberta and Mary V. on the phone and tried to reach John and X several times today but no luck in getting through.  Was glad to see Mie Young at church today as she was visiting the Hauses this weekend.  We plan to go to the college tonight to see and hear the Chamber Singers – as Mie Young is in the group as well as a number of others from New Vienna.  They go on tour after Thanksgiving for a few days – up into Michigan and northern Ohio – not sure where else.

The Morgans are all fine and busy.  Luckily for us, Wendy had no school Thursday because of Veterans Day and Friday and Monday were Parent-Teacher Conferences, so she was off virtually all the time we were there.  We did see her off on the bus Tuesday morning on our way to the airport.  She goes to Metolius [about 5 miles from Madras, Oregon] as all the children in her area are sent there for kindergarten.  Wendy is really growing up and talks so big.  She is letting her hair grow long again and looks so cute with all her freckles.  She loves to be read to and of course there is no shortage of books which she can take out from her own school library as well as the Jefferson County on account of her mother's interest there.  We visited her school and were really impressed with her school library as well as her room.  They had so much that our school doesn't offer.

We drove down to Bend on Sunday and saw the new Desert Museum at Tucson [she must be mixing Bend up with Tucson as there are desert museums both places, the one in Bend is the High Desert Museum.] and really fascinating even for non-museum lovers, with live owls, porcupines, etc. and people to talk about them.  Afterwards we had dinner at a nice restaurant in Bend.  We also drove over to Sisters and ate later at the Tumalo Emporium where some of you have also eater before.  It was a really nice place to eat.  Also enjoyed Catherine's good cooking – especially her eggplant casserole with Gerry's famous tomato sauce.

It broke up the trip by driving to Chicago and of course getting to see Serena both going and coming   She gave us a loaf of her good wheat bread to bring home with us which we plan to enjoy while hopefully John and X as well as Mary V. and Mie Young are home.  Also ate in two nice restaurants with her – one was Armenian with Turkish rugs on the ceiling and very unusual food.  The other was a noted seafood restaurant.

The flight back to Chicago was right on schedule but visibility as far as sightseeing from the plane was virtually zero.  From the airport we came back the non-tourist way via public transportation at a $1 a person as contrasted with the $6 on the airport bus or $18 for a cab.

We were glad to hear from Aunt Virginia and she is much better and out of the hospital and back to her normal routine.  We understand that Maureen is getting married next June.

Yesterday we went to Dayton as your Mother had a library meeting and by the time we had lunch, a visit to the Mall, Extended Care and the Hospital (where we had a bowl of soup for supper) it was 12 hours later.  We went for lunch at L'Auberge – a very nice French restaurant now which was good and reasonable for lunch compared to their dinner prices.  It used to be The Inn in Kettering where we had eaten many times & enjoyed their food – especially their cinnamon rolls.

Will close this so hopefully we can drop off MV and MY's copies to them at the college.

With much love –

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1992 - Wendy & Mette

Wendy & Mette, foreign exchange student from Denmark who lived with Morgans during the 1992-93 school year, looking good on the Miniature Golf Course - 1992

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1972 Joe's letter to GHU - Nov. 6

Joe writes a letter to Grandma in 1972. Transcription follows.
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November 6, 1972
Dakar, Senegal

Dear Grandma,

I got your letter awhile back and it's taken me until now to get my pen going. It was nice to hear from you. I had a good time in New Vienna [while on vacation in the US during late summer].  It's difficult to readjust to my Senegalese way of life.

The readjusting has been less difficult this time because I've been staying in Bill Tilton's house (my TEFL Director) while he's been traveling.  I've had access to hot water, a record player, air-conditioning, and the services of a cook who has been fixing my meals at noon.

At night I've been eating with an African family.  At night because they have been fasting this month called Ramadan.  The fasting ends on Wednesday or whenever the moon appears in the sky.  We have a holiday from Tuesday evening until next Monday morning.  Life is quite easy going here!

The college is building a wall in front of our house.  It should be very attractive.

With my light teaching schedule of 15 hours this year, I'll be playing a lot of tennis.  I entered a tournament last week losing the first match to a Senegalese called M'Body.  The score being 6-0, 6-4.

I haven't heard from Roberta recently - since I've been back.  I'm wondering if she planning on coming this December.  She's always welcome.  I have nothing planned for the Christmas holidays so will be expecting her.  England was beautiful.  Hope you're well - please say hello to the Uibles.

Love, Joe

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1942 NVHS School Play

Thirty years prior to Serena's senior East Clinton High School play, HH participated in his senior New Vienna High School class play.
Cast of Play NVHS 1942.  Front row left to right: Aleda Purtee, Helen Crone Murphy, Virginia Wayland Rulon, Barbara Penn Nash, Virginia Hedrick Ludwick.  Back row: Glenn Pierson Jr., Harold Uible, Darold Whitmer, Lawrence Newbrey, Jr., and Dorsey Greene.

A few details on cast members:

Aleda Purtee, 1925-1996, daughter of Wibur and Edith Cline Purtee, became a second grade teacher at New Vienna School.

Helen Crone Murphy, 1925-1985, daughter of Harry and Elva Alice Parr Crone, was a sister to Hayward Crone and three other siblings.  She married Kenneth Murphy but divorced in 1983.

Virginia Wayland Rulon, 1925-, married Paul E. Rulon of New Vienna.

Barbara Penn Nash, 1925-2007, daughter of Howard and Hazel Penn.

Virginia Hedrick Ludwick, 1925-1991, daughter of Fred Elmer and Verda Viola Stanforth Hedrick, married Harry Wilford Ludwick in 1950.

Glenn Pierson, Jr., 1923-1959, son of Glenn McPhail and Vesta Hendee Pierson, he married Josephine Harris (now Drake), and was killed in a mill accident in 1959 at the age of 36.

Darold Whitmer, 1925-2001, son of Perry and Bertha Ann Crabtree Whitmer.

Lawrence Newbrey, Jr., 1925-2006, son of Lawrence and Evelyn West Newbrey.

Dorsey Greene, 1925-2000, son of Thomas Grover and Anna Lea Murphy Greene.

- - - - - - -
There were 17 graduates in the Class of 1943, ten of them pictured above who participated in the class play.    Other members of the class included Bruce Kinzer, Willis Davis, Melvin Long, Duane Long, Dale Everhart, Delbert Floyd, Earl Roush and Grace Backus. More about the class of 1943 as we get closer to their 70th Class Reunion.

This also will be posted on the New Vienna History Blog, scheduled for Nov. 19.

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1972 Serena's Class Play

Assumption is this was the EC Senior Class play of 1972. Serena tells me she was only involved in one play and it was probably her senior year.  The clipping is undated and there is no clue on the back except turkeys on sale for 29¢/pound. Transcription follows.
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East Clinton Play - Big Hit
by Bruce Beam (East Clinton Student)

Lu Ann Barber, above left is the character of Judy in East Clinton's fall play, Rebel Without A Cause given at the Sabina Junior High School Friday and Saturday scored a hit.  Equally able in the role James Dean made famous, Keith Pitzer portrayed a frustrated youth who was reconciled at the play's end with his parents and his environment.  James Morris is pictured at right.

The play which was up-dated to present-day youth and their problems was ably directed by Edward Litteral, head of the East Clinton English Department.

Cast members who contributed to the play's success in order of appearance were: Trevor Shoemaker, Charlie Combs, Keith Pitzer, Joe Steele, Lu Ann Barber, Kevin Neel, Jane Stamn, Eileen Fisher, Jackie Morrow, Cherie Kenney, Vic Pratt, Mike Rupp, Joe Guard, Connie Pennington, Jo Etta Carnahan, David Haines, Art Beverly, Ginny Olds, Dave Holden, Debbie Haines, Jim Morris and Bob Olds.

Back Stage Crew who capably supported the actors and directors were:  Lights: Trevor Shoemaker, Props: Berle Kendle, Scott Saville, Ken Sanderson, Vicki Brown, and Bill Earley.  Make-up: Mrs. Jeanne Wilson, Ella Hart, Serena Uible, Vicki Brown, Mary Ann Bullen, Charlie Compbs, Stacy Poole, Vanessa Burrus, Cindy Adams and Lynn Pierson.

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2002 Kate & Andrew's Art Work

John sends a note to accompany pictures done by Kate and Andrew.

Dear Mom and Dad,
Kate and Andrew drew these pictures for your birthdays.  Can you guess which one is the artist?  Looking forward to seeing you on Sat. Nov. 30th.  I plan to take Friday Nov. 29 - Dec 6th for vacation so why don't you come earlier or stay longer?

Enjoy your November!  Love, John
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1982 Family Letter - Nov. 7

The first family letter of November has election news, reports of the college students (MV & MY) and more. I didn't remember that John had considered moving to NV.  Transcription follows.
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Sunday -
November 7, 1982

Dearest Family -

It has been a long time since we have written a letter to all of you - if fact we don't plan to send a copy to Serena or Catherine as we will be seeing them this coming week.

Guess we don't have any good reason for not writing last weekend - we did have John and X here Saturday - they looked at houses in the area that day.  The Vergnes, Marie Cooper's, Pat and Mark Allen's and a lot of others - none of which impressed them too greatly - either the house itself or the cost (or the price asked, rather).  They may come early Thanksgiving eve and possibly look at others if any new ones present themselves.  Damon Hughes house has been reduced but it is still high for the money.

Mary Virginia was also here with a friend from college - a girl from near Grand Rapids, Michigan.  MV sang at the Senior Citizens program after the pot-luck.  The two girls also helped us solicit for UNICEF Sunday afternoon and then we treated all the solicitors to pizza at Ralph's afterwards.  (We did collect $120.)  MV took the car back with her in order to come home and vote -- if you live in the county you aren't eligible for an absentee ballot.  The state really had a landslide of Democratic victories   Luckily D.M. Fife and Dad were retained as commissioners.  Dan was unopposed but D.M. had a man from Martinsville running against him - someone told us that the speech that he made for himself at a Democratic meeting was a sure vote for "D.M."  The man was running as an Independent but don't think he got half the votes D.M. did.

Mie Young also cam home last Monday night and left early Tuesday morning after voting   She has dropped her hardest subject - accounting and plans to take it again maybe next year but was afraid of failing it if she kept on or not giving enough time to her other subjects if she worked hard enough to pull off a passing grade.  Tonight is the International Students Pot Luck dinner at the college and we plan to go.  We heard Friday night that Don Liggett has been operated on for gall or kidney stones and they found a tumor so he is to go back next week for surgery again to remove it and hopefully it won't be malignant.  Both he and his wife have been so active with the international students.

Wilmington College put on Shakespeare's "Much Ado about Nothing" and it was quite unusual -- the setting was St Louis about 1902.  It was well done - Bill Kincaid and Cherie Cooper both had parts.

MV drove or rather rode out to see Diane Roberts at School of the Ozarks with Diane's brother.  They left Thursday afternoon and they they are to get back tonight - 10 hour drive, at least - both ways - it is on the west side of Missouri.

Went out to the Bernards (Donald) last night for a buffet supper and friends of theirs showed movies (including sound) of a trip they had taken to Europe.  Four Canadians were also visiting who had gone on the same trip.  There were about 24 of us so had a full house at movie time complete with popcorn and apples at intermission.  It was full evening as the movies lasted 2.5 hours.

The weather has been great . . . started yesterday morning with five men from NV attending a Methodist Men's Breakfast in Wilmington   Dr. Lucas (Pres. of W. College spoke and fave an excellent message on "Climb a Mountain" i.e. do things that challenge us.  The afternoon was outdoors work as virtually all the leaves are down and more than time to get things put away for winter.

MV spent Tuesday evening with me at the Courthouse as the Commissioners Office is open to handle phone enquiries on the returns.  All the local levies carried.

Aunt Virginia is in the hospital - intensive care - not enough oxygen in her blood and Mary Pat ((Bill Dailey's wife) said "possibly pneumonia."  Anyway we do hope that she recovers soon and is able to leave the hospital.

With much love to each one of . . . . .

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

US President Elections of the "2" Years

As in 2012, every 20 years in a "2" year is a US Presidential Election.

  • 1792 - Christian Eby born 1743 in Lancaster PA, 3rd great grandfather of Gladys Hiestand Uible (her paternal grandfather's great grandfather), could have been eligible to vote if he owned property.George Washington was elected to his second term, running unopposed.

  • 1812 - Sarah Jane Wilson Morrow (1812-1885) was born in Virginia though she would have never been able to vote for president (see 1912).  She was the grandmother of Lucie Sarah Brown Ballantyne.James Madison, 4th President of the US was elected to a second term, with Elbridge Gerry as 5th V-P.  They defeated Federalist DeWitt Clinton and his running mate Jared Ingersoll.

  • 1832 - James L. Freeman, 1809-1892, grandfather of Nathaniel Wallace Ballantyne, could have votedAndrew Jackson, the incumbent was elected to a second term as 7th President with Martin Van Buren continuing as the 8th V-P.  John C. Calhoun had served as VP during Jackson's first term.

  • 1852 -Annie Ballantyne, sister of Alexander Bell Ballantyne, and aunt of Nathaniel Wallace Ballantyne was born in 1852.  She would not have been eligible to vote until 1919, however. – Franklin Pierce, Democrat, elected as 14th President, with William Rufus King as 13th V-P.  They defeated Winfield Scott, Whig candidate and John P. Hale, Free Soil candidate.
  • 1872 - [Ira Franklin Hiestand, born 1851, father of Gladys Hiestand Uible voted in his first presidential election.] – Ulysses S. Grant, the Republican incumbent, continued as 18th President.  Henry Wilson of Massachusetts became the 18th Vice-President.  The previous vice-president, Schuyler Colfax was not renominated due to a scandal involving the Union Pacific Railroad's transcontinental line and the financing thereof.  The unsuccessful candidate, a Liberal Republican (but also supported by the Democrats), was Horace Greeley and his running mate Benjamin Gratz Brown.
  • 1892 - [Gladys Hiestand Uible was born] Incumbent Benjamin Harrison, Republican of Indiana, lost to former President Grover Cleveland, Democrat of New York who became the 24th President of the US and only person in American history to be elected to a second, non-consecutive term.  Harrison's running mate was James Whitelaw Reid who was born and raised on a farm near Xenia, Ohio.  Reid, an 1856 graduate of Miami University, was the author of Ohio in the Civil War and was a longtime editor of the New York Tribune and a close friend of Horace Greeley.  Cleveland's running mate, who became the 23rd Vice President of the US, was Adlai Stevenson I, a former congressman from Illinois.

  • 1912 - [Cecil Uible marries Gladys Hiestand, Cecil would have been able to vote in this election though the 19th amendment extending voting rights to women was not ratified until June 1919.]  A four-way contest for the presidency in 1912 included the following candidates: Democrat Woodrow Wilson of NJ running with Thomas R. Marshall of Indiana; former President Theodore Roosevelt ran on the Progressive ticket with Hiram Johnson of California as his running mate; William Howard Taft, Republican was the incumbent with Nicholas Murray Butler of NJ as his running mate; and Eugene V. Debs, Socialist of Indiana ran with Emil Seidel, who was the first Socialist mayor of a major city, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1910-1912.  Woodrow Wilson was elected as the 28th President and Thomas R. Marshall served as the 28th Vice-President.
  • 1932 - [Robert Brown Ballantyne, born 1910, brother of Jean Uible votes in first presidential election] Franklin D. Roosevelt, Democrat of NY, and his running mate, John Nance Garner of Texas, defeated incumbent Herbert Hoover, Republican of California, whose running mate was Charles Curtis, the 31st VP and a long time senator from Kansas.  Garner became the 32nd Vice President and Roosevelt the 32nd President.

  • 1952 - [First presidential election in which Harold & Jean both voted as residents of New Vienna.]  Dwight D. Eisenhower, a 5-star general in the US Army during WW2, became the 34th President with Richard Nixon as the 36th VP.  They defeated Adlai Stevenson II, whose father ran for VP in 1892, and his running mate John Sparkman from Alabama.

  • 1972 - [Catherine votes in her first presidential election as voting age was reduced from 21 to 18 by ratification of the 26th Amendment in 1970.]  Richard Nixon became 37th President of the US with Spiro Agnew the 39th Vice-President.  The Democratic nominee was George McGovern.

  • 1992 - [Ginny is born, will vote for President in 2012!]  Bill Clinton became the 42nd President and Al Gore the 45th Vice-President.  The Republican nominee was George H.W. Bush and his running mate was Dan Quayle.  Ross Perot also ran as a strong independent candidate.

Monday, November 05, 2012

2002 Wendy's thank you to grandparents

Wendy sends a belated thank you card to her Uible grandparents, November 2002. Transcription follows.
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Dear Grandma & Grandpa,

Sorry that I've been out of touch.  I have been busy w/recovering, moving etc.  I feel bad that I didn't get a chance to send thanks for the birthday check, so here it is better late than never!  I am still not my normal self but getting better every day.

I hope you are doing well with your recovery Grandma!

I had to drop my classes and am not able to work either so the last month has been quite dull.  However, X and I are taking road trips the next 3 weekends in a row!  I hope I'm up for it!  I'm also going to try and read "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand (for the second time).  Have either of you read it?  Write soon!

Love, Wendy Jean

Saturday, November 03, 2012

1962 (Nov.) - Mother's Club Program

The following clipping about Uible travels pertains to a Mother's Club meeting held on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 1962.  The article on the right of which the top part is cut off is headlined "Drakes Give Program on Hong Kong" about a UMW program presented by Mr. and Mrs. M.C. Drake,  I won't transcribe that article but the names mentioned include Mrs. (Helen) Kuntzman who presided and conducted the course of study, and Mrs. Jack (Wilma) Croghan at the piano.  Uible travel article transcribed below.
WNJ Clipping - Nov. 1962 Re Family Trip

Uible Travels in West are Vienna Club Program

Mrs. Ernest Cochran welcomed the New Vienna Mother's Club to her home for its November meeting Tuesday evening.

Mrs. Thomas Rudisill, the president, opened the meeting by reading a selection, "Like Mother Used To Make," by Marjorie Holmes.  She introduced Mrs. Harold Uible who gave the program for the evening, a travelogue of her family's five weeks' vacation traveling through the western states.

Mrs. Uible made her trip enjoyable to her listeners as she related amusing experiences they had enjoyed with their children.  She told of snow on Pikes Peak, Grand Canyon's scenic beauty and swimming in the Great Salt Lake.  They took advantage of the many beautiful picnic areas as they traveled.

She also told of her children's interest in unusual and foreign eating places.  Mrs. Uible mentioned the zoo at San Diego, and Disneyland.

After visiting Southern California she told of the lovely scenic trip on to the World's Fair in Seattle, Wash.  She mentioned the beauty and the educational value found there.  She highlighted her talk with pictures of her children as they enjoyed the travels.

During the following social hour Mr. Harry Mason presented some organ selections.

Guests present were Mr. and Mrs. Mason, Mrs. Lawrence German and Mrs. Walter Drake.  Members included Mrs. Wendell Walker, Mrs. Joe Eaton, Mrs. Linley Moore, Mrs. Thomas South, Mrs. Carl West, Mrs. John Hughes, Mrs. Arthur Bernard, Mrs. Orville Harner, Mrs. Donald Bernard, Mrs. Paul Eltzroth, Mrs. Lawrence Terrell, Mrs. Gerald Bernard, Mrs. Virginia Hildebrant and Mrs. Uible.

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1982 HH and flood control - Nov. 1

The Clinton County Commissioners have more responsibilities than one might think.  Wilmington News-Journal clipping from Monday, November 1, 1982 transcribed below.
1982 HH's varied duties as Clinton County Commissioner included flood control inspection

Flood control inspection

State, county and city officials spent most of this morning making their semi-annual inspection of the Fisher Flood Control Project, which was completed in 1976.  They are shown checking out a diversion ditch just off Prairie Avenue at the city's corporation limit.  Also to be inspected were the project's two dams, one of which is located just northeast of this ditch and the other which is located near the end of Nunn Avenue.  Taking part in the second inspection of the project this year were County Commissioners DM Fife, David Bailey and Harold Uible, County Engineer Jim Nimz, City Service Director Robert Holmes, Steve Evans of the county engineer's office, Bob Coblentz of Soil Conservation Services, Guy Ashmore of Clinton Soil and Water Conservation, Dennis Pipkin, City Service Department Engineer, and Ed Everman of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR).  The project was funded in part by the city, county and ODNR.  Contacted shortly after the inspection, Fife reported that the project seems to be doing the job for which it was intended, "It just gets better every time – there were no serious problems," he said.  (Staff photo by Dana Dunn)

* * * * * *
I would guess that HH might be the one peering into the diversion pipe on the right.

Items from Uible photo album