Monday, April 28, 2008

Pat and Dinky

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Today is Pat's last day living in Sun City West. This is a photo of her and Dinky in the Alta Loma house - taken near Christmas time.

Cactus Flowers

Photo taken this morning - right near the front door.
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Friday, April 25, 2008

Easter 2008

Ginny and Christian in front of Pine Forest UMC Easter Sunday
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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sickness and Health

I'm glad to report that I'm emerging from a bad bout of cough/fever -- about time too since today marks a week since I came down with this lingering malaise. Gerry has also been under the weather so we've both been napping lots and taking antibiotics. Now we just need to regain our strength and get back to the healthy side of life! In other news I went to my rheumatologist who says I'm making progress, but will probably need the full two years worth of forteo -- the daily injection for osteoporosis. Which means only 21 months to go and then my bones will be all healthy and strong! She also gave me a prescription for physical therapy so I'm in hopes of improving my back and abdominal exercising which have been null since my injury last summer. I hope to start the therapy after I get feeling better.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

From the Georgia Contingent

Welcome home to the NV Uibles and hope everyone is getting back to "normal"---I was thrilled to see a post from RUK, which has been much missed on the blog! After the trip to Virgina, I think we are getting back in the routine just in time for the final 5 weeks of school. It doesn't seem possible that April is more than half over!
Upcoming dates of interest...
May 4 Children's Choir (Church) Musical (Christian)
May 17 Community Girl's Choir Concert (Ginny)
May 18 Piano Recital (Ginny and Christian)
June 2-6 Youth Choir to Nashville, TN
June 8 Adult Spring Musical
June 22 Dedication of New Organ and first concert

Scottsdale trip, etc.

Sid and I went to Scottsdale today for a doctor's appointment. I've got the route to the doctor's officce via the 101 down pretty well. We did take a few umm . . . scenic detours back and ended up skipping the 101 and going Lincoln which dead-ends into Glendale Ave.

We went to Pappadeaux's for lunch - it was delicious. I had a salmon salad - which wasn't quite what I had expected. It was more a piece of salmon with some salad underneath it - but still delicious. As Sid and I were leaving I noticed a man and woman at a table - both were working on their computers. The man's was about the standard laptop size (15 inch or so size screen), but the woman's was tiny - maybe half that size. I stopped and chatted with her a bit and she said that she really liked it - it had all her programs and it was quite easy to use the keyboard. We also went to Costco.

Today was another hot day in Sun City West - 94, I think. Right now it is about 80 degrees and I am outside blogging. The rest of the neighborhood looks pretty dark.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wendy & Ken's wedding

I'm just now downloading the pictures from our camera to see if we have any good ones from the wedding event. I am happy to report that Wendy looked beautiful, Ken very handsome -- both a bit nervous but Quentin Tolby's (the Officiant) continued mispronunciation of Wendy's name as "Wednesday" brought a bit of humor to the ceremony. KC held up well and approximately 40-50 friends and family enjoyed the ceremony and party afterwards in Marsha's (Ken's mom) backyard. Wendy & Ken are now honeymooning in Sedona while KC spends the weekend with us. They return tomorrow, and back to work/reality on Tuesday. Gerry and I have both been suffering from bad coughs/fever with hot flashes and chills -- I'm feeling better today but Gerry is worse so hopefully soon we'll both be recovered. Official pictures should be available soon.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Another picture from 60 years ago

This is a photo of Granddad, Dad and Linn Zook on April 3, 1948 somewhere in/near New Cumberland. I went through most of the anniversary cards last night - there are quite a few, including one from the Zooks.
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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

HHU on Easter

The College co-ed, but what was going on in Girard, PA Easter 1946?

Items from Uible photo album