Friday, July 12, 2013

1983 Norway Postcards

HH and Jean on their first Elder Hostel trip doing fine as we would expect.  Transcription follows.
Bergen postcard mailed 1983.  
Captioned: Bergen: Det hanseatiske (Hanseatic) museum, Finnegården Bryggen.
Getting along fine & really like the program.  The food is great - even have buttermilk in 2 strengths - several kinds of fish at each meal & cheese galore.

Plane was full of all ages.  One lady in our group is 85.

One can read by daylight even @ 11P.M. - now we would like to go further North.  Had forgotten all about the Vikings & 10th century history until we got back in the classroom here. Love, J&H – to Oslo on Saturday.
Bergen Fantoft Stave Church postcard mailed 1983. 
Captioned: Norway Bergen: Fantoft Stave Church from 1150.  Foto: Giovanni Trimboli
Here for a visit - then to Edward Grieg's home.  Had a 14 hr. trip yesterday into fjord country was on a train, boat & bus.  Great scenery & many waterfalls.  Saw a Nazi (German) bunker from World War II.  The country reminds us so much of New Z.  So many flowers, small gardens & Big rocks everywhere - yet the hills are well tree covered & lots of wild flowers in the city too.

Heard a piano concert in Ed Grieg's home.  Piano built in 1892.  Went for a short swim - COLD.  J&H

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