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1973 GHU Letter - July 4

This letter from Grandma was sent to Peru c/o Grace with 17¢ postage to go Air Mail and is postmarked July 5, 1973.

The 4th [1973]

Dear Harold, Jean & John –

You left N.V. at the right time for Mon. morning was very foggy & of course we have a shower each day.  It looked as if we were going to have a storm last evening but had only thunder, lightening & a shower.  The morning paper said Hamilton had a small tornado with a lot of rain.  Now you will be surprised but I was in the parade today.  Alberta Rulon came yesterday & she was trying to get enough people to fill 3 cars.  So I told her I would go if she would help me get in the car.  When the car came at 12:30 Geneva Johnson was the driver & she took me, Mrs. Phillips, Bill Holmes, & Mrs. Rulon, Alberta's mother & herself (Alberta).  I wore the red, white & blue dress I had on Sun. & since I perspired I will have to wash it to-morrow.  I asked Alberta to get my large white hat & that helped some.  Bill H. finally raised up an umbrella which was in the car.

[Written on left margin:]  We had an open car, decorated with red, white & blue streamers.

They did have a nice parade & a number of people were in town but the Sr. Citizens cars were short of passengers.  The others had only Mr. Carey & Mrs. Barbee.  I can't recall who was driving (Phyllis Cluxton).  Then at 3:15 a cloud started to form then some thunder & a little rain.  The parade all over but there were things on display down town & my how the people started to run this way & that.  In an hour it was all over & the streets right now are (filled) lined up with cars.  What is going on down street or at the City Bldg. I can't say.  Margery Grey was a clown.  A good one.  The float that Mary V. helped to fix was the prettiest.  Even Rev. Lynd was with the children on our church float.

Miss Ruth S. called this morning & wanted to bring my dinner from the church as she was on her way.  Mr. W. came on the run with mine at 11:30 & everything was very good.  The beans could have had a little addition of flavor.  The chicken was tender & the size was smaller than the Lion C. I have enough left for to-morrow.  I had called Mrs. W. yesterday that I would like to have the meal not later than 11:30 since I was going to join in the parade & would like to have a piece of pie & slice of cake.  When Mr. came I wanted to pay for the desert & he said it was all taken care of. Then I gave him a $1 & told him that was for a tip.  He remarked that every dollar would help the cause.  He seem to be well pleased with the crowd.

Alberta told me that Dolye (sp) Wright had extended to join in the parade but since the death of L.B. he didn't get in.  She said that Dorothy said at the funeral home Lewis had been very depressed lately because he has this lung disease like Charles M.  I can't spell it.  [Doyle Wright, father of Dorothy Wright Johnson Bernard.  Dorothy's second husband L.B. – Lewis Bernard – died June 30, 1973.  Her first husband Bernard Trimble Johnson died in 1953.  Doyle Wright died in October 1975 at age 95, Dorothy died in 1985 at age 80.]

Doris M. [Martin] brought Serena's address down Sun. afternoon & she said to be sure & call her if I needed anything.  With about a half doz. other people telling me to call I sure have plenty of help around.  Doris was so afraid that Larry might inconvenience Mary.  As you know Mary & Bill are use to having boys around as well as open house.

Did you know Lynn Wiget?  I noticed her picture in the News J. with the details of her Presby. church wedding & since Julia was the maid of honor I cut it out to send to Roberta.  I must get a letter off to L.W. soon.  I received a package from Mary yesterday which contained a very pretty blue apron evidently made in Holland by the pictures on the large pockets.  She knows that I like pockets to put things in as I go around from room to room.  Rec'd a check Mon. from Pen-Dixie for 47.70 that is not very much money on 954 shares of stock.  It sure has room to change.  I had 42 Jack letters yesterday that was good for Tues.  I had Marie to help me make apple sauce Mon. & really it is good.  At first I wondered what we were going to do for the apples were cooked ready to put into that masher ? that isn't the right name & I went to the closet to get the thing & it simply was not there.  So I used my large mesh colander with the potatoe masher to press the apples through.  I was glad that I had help.  The papers have been at the door each time when I went to look.  Hope you had a good trip all the way –  How did Larry like his ocean swim?

Love, Mother

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