Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1973 MV's postcard - July 24

This postcard was never mailed so we can assume that it may have been included in a letter or delivered in person a couple weeks later during a trip to Maine.  Or it may have gone directly into the file to be read 40 years later.  MV, the card is/was much appreciated and the suspense remains about the "big surprise."  Can you tell me now?  Transcription follows.
1973 MV's Delta postcard to Catherine - July 24 
July 24, 1973

Dear Cathy and X,

"Hi"!  We are going to stop in Covington tonite and someone from Wells is going to pick us up.  I have a big surprise for [you?] but I going to wait and tell you.

The plane is starting so I have to stop,

Love Mary Virginia

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Mary Crowson said...

Not a clue. I can't remember what I ate for lunch 2 days ago let alone something from 40 years ago....

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