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1993 MUH postcard Branson MO - June 30

Aunt Mary went along with Mom & Dad and a group of New Vienna folks to visit Branson, Missouri.  Uncle Bill did not go.  This card does answer the question of Sadie's last name: De Hass.  Transcription follows.
Branson MO postcard mailed 1993.  Captioned 76 Country Boulevard, Branson Missouri.  Every evening, 76 Country Boulevard in Branson becomes a "light and sound show," with spectacular building and sign lighting providing a dazzling setting for the many music stars that perform.  Branson has more than 50,000 "music seats"; indoor theatres and outdoor amphitheaters, where visitors can enjoy a wide variety of entertainment, including country, comedy, bluegrass, gospel, pops, etc.  Highway 65 crossing on Lake Taneycomo, and College of the Ozarks Airport visible at top of the photo.  James Blank Photo.  1106/C91 Ozark Postcard Publishers.
1993 MUH postcard from Branson MO - June 30

Wed. 6/30 - Branson: –

Hi "You Two"! – Sadie, plan a Trip here sometime --- another 5 yrs or so, The Town Will have grown --- construction going on everywhere.  Heard Wayne Newton last nite.  Loud, but he's very talented w/a Band, an orchestra and 5 girl singers.  Took Duck Ride this A.M.  More on that.

1963 Vacation Bible School

1963 Roberta's VBS Certificate - June 30
Roberta was in the Junior department, teachers Melba Fawley & Virginia Hildebrant, 
Wilma Croghan Director 
1963 Vacation Bible School Certificate

1963 Serena's VBS Certificate - June 30
Serena was in the Primary I department, teachers Mrs. K.A. Kuntzman & Mrs. Richard Pope

Saturday, June 29, 2013

1973 Catherine's letter - June 30

 Saturday morning, June 30, 1973

Dear Mom, Dad, Roberta, Serena (?), John and Mary,

Hi!  Thanks for sending the addresses of you and Serena for the next month.

Our big news is that we found a house which we can rent.  It has four bedrooms, 2 car garage, basement, attic, and is partly furnished.  It isn't in the country but it isn't in the middle of town either and seems to be a quiet neighborhood.  And the whole things costs the same as this dinky apartment.  The people who own the house are presently living in Grand Haven, Michigan whi ch is about 25-30 miles north of Kalamazoo.  They are going to stay here in Sanford until the first of August when we will take possession.  so you will be able to stay with us when you come.  There are two hid-a-beds, one double mattress, a twin bed and our own double bed so I think there will be plenty of room.  There is also a bathroom on the ground floor (actually 1/2 bath) in addition to the full one upstairs, so I think we could work it out so that it wouldn't be too inconvenient for Grandma.  Mr. Haggard was formerly a Methodist minister in the Cincinnati area, I guess his father is a retired Methodist minister (possibly he preached in Kentucky, I'm not sure) and he and his wife now have a cottage at Lakeside.  At any rate we seem to have alot in common with our new landlords.  We signed a two year lease.

The last we heard from X's mother she is planning to come sometime in the fall.  X's aunt has retired from her job.

Yes we still have Upjohn.  I saw in the paper where it went down 5 points yesterday.  Our stop loss order is now at 70.  I think the Jewel you gave us for a wedding gift is also depreciating.  The library does get the WSJ and also the CSM.

There is some talk about the gas crisis here although I haven't seen too many effects.  Evidently it is affecting the tourist trade slightly.  Now that we'll be living in town we are a whole lot closer to work.  It is probably still about a mile.  If we buy another bicycle we could ride our bicycles to work.  That will save some gasoline.

Sanford is also having a big 4th of July celebration with fireworks, skydivers, a parade, homing pidgeons, etc.  Coming on a Wednesday it will split the work week nicely.

Entertaining you people is the only plan we have for the week of our anniversary.  WE will be waiting for more details about where you will be flying to.

Send us some postcards from SA.  I'll have to get some aerograms so I can write to you all and to Serena.

Love, Catherine & X

After Aug 1:  21 Middle Street
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Friday, June 28, 2013

1993 Postcard to Wendy June 28

Mark Twain's Boyhood Home postcard, Hannibal MO - mailed 1993  Captioned: Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) was born in Florida, Missouri in 1835.  He spent his boyhood years in this house on Hill Street in Hannibal.  From his experiences in these early years came the tales told in Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, two of his best-loved novels.  Photo by Chick Smith.  [Lawson Mardon Post Card 1992]
1993 HH/JBU Postcard to Wendy June 28
Monday, June 28, 1993

Dearest Wendy,

Stopped in Rolla, MO on our way to Branson with G'dad & 39 others from in & around New Vienna including Aunt Mary Horton.  Uncle Bill didn't come with us.

Took Ginny to Georgetown KY yesterday where Mary Va's friend took her to Williamsburg.

Much love to you & your family, G'dad & G'ma Uible

1973 John's Scout Award - June 28

1973 John receives scout award - June 28

John Uible receives high scout award

John B. Uible, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Uible of New Vienna, received the Boy Scout God and Country Award Sunday at the morning service of the New Vienna United Methodist Church.  The award was presented by the Rev. Henry M. Lynd.  Lay Leader John M. Cooper commended John on behalf of the congregation.  Letters of congratulation were read from Bishop F. Gerald Ensley, District Superintendent Howard P. Spitnale, and Scoutmaster Eugene Williams.

John, who will be a sophomore at East Clinton High School this fall, is a member of the Administrative Board of his church and recently was elected treasurer of the Senior Methodist Youth Fellowship.  He joined Boy Scout Troop 97 in 1968, after being a Cub Scout, has earned 47 merit badges and received the Eagle Award in 1972.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

1993 Sanker Alaska Postcard - June 27

Juneau Alaska postcard mailed 1993.  Captioned:  JUNEAU – Capital of Alaska, Juneau is Southeast Alaska's scenic and recreational center.  Cruise ships make over 200 port stops here each summer.  MENDENHALL GLACIER and the ice cap are prime destinations for spectacular flightseeing trips.  Photos:  Harry Parsons & Dave Gelotte
1993 Sanker Alaska Postcard - June 27
6/27 [1993]
Hi, Jean & Harold -

Do these look familiar?  We have a beautiful day to see all the sights.  This Holland American Nordhamm cruise has been A-1 in every way & lives up to all expectations.  10 baby grand pianos in use here.  Hope you are having fun, too.

Love, Bill & Jeanne

1973 Grace's letter - June 28

Grace, former Lions Club Exchange student, is looking forward to the South America visit of the Uibles and Larry Martin. This letter was mailed to Florida, the last stop before Peru, where MV stayed with Roberta. Transcription follows.

Lima, June 28 1973

Dearest Family:

Nice to hear that you are coming and we are so anxious to see you again.  We will be at the airport to receive you.  Hope this letter will arrive on time before you leave.  I received yours yesterday and I am writing you from the office so it will a brief letter, because I want to deliver it right away.

Don't worry about a gift for my mum, but if you want to a lipstick will be fine.  Thanks a lot.

I am glad that Larry is coming.  But I am sorry too that Mary Virginia is not coming.  I would have like to see her again.  Sorry that you are not going to be for my birthday that is next 30.

Better I close now (a very small letter  but we will talk a lot when you are here.  I will mail it now.  and I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU ARE COMING.

See you soon, love

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1972 Roberta's postcards from Europe

Roberta sends some postcards from Europe, two of which she sent to Mexico, where HH, Jean, John & MV were visiting for a Lions Club convention in 1972. Transcription follow each card.

London postcard mailed 1972.  Captioned: PICCADILLY CIRCUS - Rooftop view. 1971 British Tourist Authority
1972 Roberta's postcard from London
Hello - got here about 8:00 p.m. - but almost 11:00 p.m. before we got to the hotel.  Flight over was good – tomorrow we go on the tour over London.  Hotel room is sure not Holiday Inn style.  5 girls in our room.  Tell Grandma Hi – do write!!

Windsor Castle postcard mailed 1972.  Captioned: WINDSOR CASTLE. Aerial view from south-west
1972 Roberta's postcard from England
Hi!   Was here today, also at Hampton Court – sure beats reading a History book!!  Tomorrow I'm planning on taking the "tube" downtown and just look around.  How are all of the Lions?  John - the vans over here - are ugly!!  Just can't wait!!  Love, Bert

Paris postcard mailed 1972.  Captioned: Souvenir de Paris. Souvenir of Paris. Ein Souvenir von Paris. Un ricardo di Parigi.
1972 Roberta's postcard from Paris - June 26
June 26, 1972 [only card that is dated and only one that has a legible postmark]
Hi!  Am having a great time in Paris.  Am staying with 2 girls (sisters) from Toledo, Ohio and are really having a good time.
It's really funny to go meet the French people and try to talk to them.  The money over here is really pretty - all colors on the bills.
Hope you are having fun in Mexico – did you write Mrs. Landrum?
Love, BErt

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

1973 Catherine's letter - June 25

Monday morning, June 25, 1973

Dear Mom, Dad, Serena, John and Mary,

Hi!  Thanks for the latest letter and the clippings.  Interesting about Carolyn Collier.  Before I forget, please send me a copy of my birth certificate I need it in order to get a driver's license.

That week in August sounds fine.  Portland is alot closer to Sanford than Boston is but might be more inconvenient to fly to.  Shall I rent a wheel chair and make some reservations for motel?  Will Serena be coming?

We've looked at several ap cottages and houses during the last few weeks but haven't really found anything that suits us.  It think right now we're back to our original plan of buying acreage and living in an apartment until X can get something built on it.

I've been keeping us supplies with wild strawberries.  They certainly are good.  The blueberry bushes have formed the berries but they are still very green.  Won't be too long.  There seem to be lots of wild ones around of them too.  Can't beat the price either.  Did you read that article in a Christian Science Monitor last week about a possible food shortage?  We've been slowly building up a stockpile of canned goods and other supplies and after that article maybe I'll step it up some more.  Going back to the blueberries, I'm hoping to get enough of them to do some canning -- and see how the new pressure canner works.

Kiman is in heat so we've been keeping her inside all the time except when we can keep her under constant surveilance outside.  We are lucky that x there is lots of open space around where we can un her.  The airport is gigantic -- to walk around the perimeter of it would take several hours.  From what I understand Sanford Airport was the major airport in New England during WWII.

I met a boy the other day from Bloomington Indiana who told me how lucky he thought Serena was to go to Earlham.  We also met a couple at the beach who were vacationing here - from Columbus.  The traffic in Sanford gets worse almost every day.  The Main St is about the only street that has stores and goes through town.  At most of the intersections there aren't any stoplights.  We have to turn left on to it when we come home form the library and sometimes it seems that it is almost impossible [still is!].

We had the 1000 mile check up on the Land Rover last week.  It seems to be doing ok.  They have a safety check system here and every car has to be checked x every six months.  We're having the Toyota checked today so we can put the Maine license plates on it.  The insurance rates are lower here than in Michigan and I guess when X turns 25 we'll get a further reduction.

All of the apartments are now filled.  Supposedly they're going to have the swimming pool ready soon but they haven't even broken ground yet.  There is a Richard Hill in Apt. 19 which causes some confusion with the mail.

Do you have any address in South America?  When will you be back?  Please send the copy of the birth certificate before you go.

Love, Catherine & X
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Monday, June 24, 2013

1982 Roberta's letter - June 24

Roberta writes to her parents after being in Ohio for Grandma's 90th birthday party. Transcription follows.

Thurs. AM
Hi!  We got to Augusta [Illinois] about 6:15 PM - Wednesday - Serena spent the night here then took off early this AM for Kansas City.

We are ready to go into Quincy to check the bus schedules - to K.C. - should be interesting!

We ate our lunch yesterday driving down the interstate.  Thanks so much for packing it for us – Got good gas mileage – enough to offset buying lead-free gas.  That Bubble will spoil you all in lots of ways!!

Really enjoyed the time at home – with all of you – and the family.  Hope you won't be too worn out now to enjoy your Cleveland - Europe TRIP.

Thanks for all - you are & do.

Love, Roberta

Anxious to hear how Mary Vir is getting along
A small brown pkg will be coming you way.
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Saturday, June 22, 2013

1963,1983 Birthday Greetings to GHU - June 22

Did we think Grandma wouldn't know who we were without writing our last names?  Exact vintage of this card is unknown, except for being during the early 1960s, possibly 1962 when Grandma turned 70.     
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Only the signature side of this card was saved but the names indicate it was from Grandma's Sunday School class, possibly in 1983.
Signatures include:
  • Nellie Thornburg [1900-2002]
  • Gertrude Waits [1905-2003]
  • Mabel Collier [1916-2004]
  • Helen Drake [1902-Oct 1993]
  • Donna Sears [1926-1990]
  • Fanny Moore [1896-1992]
  • Vivian Cochran [1910-2006]
  • Mary Etta Penn [1915-1996]

Friday, June 21, 2013

1973 Sanker Letter - June 10

June 10, 1973

Dear Jean,

Everytime I see anything about policemen or women I think of Roberta.  There has been a lot of publicity lately about special thought being given at the University.  so, I thought I'd send this along so that you can give it to her when you see her.  Is she still in Florida?  Tell her we send a big "Hello".

I'm awfully sorry we couldn't be with you for Serena's graduation party.  I'm sure you all had a wonderful time.

Let us hear from you what all you're doing this summer.  How are the strawberries?

Mrs. Sanker has been in the Bestesday Genl. Hospital for two weeks now.  She had some kind of virus which they have been able to eliminate, but she can hardly move herself even in the bed.  They're going to try to give her some therapy which they hope will help maker her at least partially mobile, but I'm not sure what we'll do then.

Lynn is working at the Ford plant in Fairfax and finding it interesting and rewarding (both in experience and pay) summer job.  She is playing the part of Edith in Edgecliffe College Summer Theater production of "Pirates of Penzance".  It will be playing for about five week-ends, so maybe you can come to see it with us.  We'll be in touch with you on that.

Hope all is going well with you.  Drop in anytime.

Love, Jeanne

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

1973 Roberta's Letter - June 20

Roberta keeps the mail coming from Florida. Transcription follows.

June 20, 1973 

Dear Family,

Hi!  It's now 9:00 p.m. - and I just got home from taking my Math exam.  I think I did ok - by that I mean - maybe a "C".  My Science course will start on Monday - for 6 weeks - I just finished registering - paying the tuition & everything today for it.  I was kind of disappointed that the first aid class had been cancelled - mainly because Burdine's sure isn't paying for the science course - or for me to sit in the class-room either!!

I got your letter today – thanks - enjoyed the newspapers articles. The one about the W.W. chef was real good - by the way - I'm very upset about W.W. - I went yesterday and had gained 1 and 1/2 pounds.  what is so upsetting is that I don't think I broke it.  so the lecturer told me to cut out apples, the hard cheese (I really miss it – though we were only allowed 4 oz. a week!!) and see what happens!!  Yesterday I bought 5 W.W. T.V. dinners so I've been eating them at night.  They are pretty good - also the convenience is pretty nice.  Everything is good - but the price – HA!!  If I don't lose weight - I'll surely be broke - well - I'll be broke one way or another!!

My class at F.A.U. started last night - was supposed to start at 5:50 - but the prof didn't get there till almost 6:45!!  Well - get this - we won't be meeting again till July 31st - but on July 31st we are to hand in a 30 to 40 page paper - which will be the entire grade.  No tests - no nothing - just a 30 to 40 page paper!!  Our paper is suppose to be on 1 facet (sp?) of police, courts, or corrections in the U.S. and compare it to another country's.  I'm thinking about doing a paper on the training of police - or maybe about women in the police - it really depends on what information I can find.  I'm going tomorrow before work (don't have to work till 11:40) to the WPB library - then Tuesday plan to go to FAU & check out their library!!

Marianne, Diane & Aunt Mary left about 2:00 this morning for Disney World – they will be back tomorrow night.  Marianne's friend Diane really helped me alot w/ my math last night.

Cris will be getting in this Saturday night - but won't be here long - as he is supposed to be at Georgia Tech 8:00 AM – Monday Morning!!  Marianne and Diane will be leaving Monday – and then just a week and we'll be all ready for you all!

My 2 days off will be over tomorrow - so I'll be starting my work week tomorrow.  I've already got my lunch & supper both fixed - chicken, tomato, celery, and an orange for lunch, and tuna fish, mushrooms, lettuce, and another orange for supper.  I work late on Thursdays - which I don't mind - but packing both lunch & supper I don't enjoy too much.

Burdine's is going to be closed July 4th and I asked for July 5th off - so that way I'll be able to go South w/ you all.  (Well - to Miami.)

I'm glad to hear that Grandma is planning to go to Maine w/you all in August.  That will be a nice trip.

I had a letter from Cheryl Rogers yesterday and she is planning on coming down i August - then she & Maureen (another friend of mine) are planning on coming.  I'll also be out of school by then - so it will be a good time for them to come!!  As Cheryl says - "Have Money - Will Fly!!"

As for things I would like brought down – (1) Typewriter I'll sure need it now w/ that paper  (2) Sewing machine  (3) sewing box (Brown)  (4) Dresses you think I might be able to use - i.e. tan dress w/ red lady bugs on it.  Don't worry about any dresses – but if you see them handy ––  (5) if it's ok - I'd like to borrow the W.W. Cook-book that Serena bought.

Since I really never unpacked from school I know my stuff is in a general mess - I can't even think myself what all I have there - let alone where it is!!  If you all do see anything you want - or can use - you are more than welcome too.

Well, I've got to be closing –– I'll be seeing you all in about a week and a half!!  I hope Larry M. gets his passport soon!!

Grandma - you are missing another foot-ball game.

Gee – Math's all over –– it (the course) really did go fast!!

Love, Berts
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1983 Cris & Angela's Wedding Announcement - June 25

Happy Anniversary to Cris & Angela!

1983 Cris & Angela's Wedding Announcement - June 25

1983 Catherine's letter - June 19

In honor of Grandma's 91st birthday, Catherine writes a letter. Transcription follows.

June 19, 1983

Dear Grandma,

Hi!  How are things in Ohio.  We wish we could be there this year to help you celebrate your birthday.  Wendy still likes to talk about our trip to Ohio.  We hope you have lots more birthdays so we can come to another one.

It looks like our plans for Christmas this year are to go to southern California and Arizona.  Can you meet us there?  Or are you planning a trip West at a different time?

Wendy and I are taking Gerry out for pizza tonight in honor of Father's Day.  A new pizza restaurant just opened so we re going to try it.  It isn't very often we get to try new restaurants in Madras, let's hope its good!

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1963 Serena's postcard - June 18

My recollection is that 4-H started at age 10, but my memory must be faulty on that account OR the age changed to the younger by the time Serena  -- and later MV as we'll see evidence of later this month, joined the organization.  Transcription of card follows.
1963 Postcard 4-H Camp John Bryan State Park, Yellow Springs, Ohio.  Captioned: Returning from Swimming.  This bridge crosses the Little Miami River which separates the 4-H camp and John Bryan State Park.
1963 Serena's postcard - June 18
[postmarked June 18, 1963]
Dear John,
I am having fun.  I have gone swimming twice (tuesday 9:30).  I am making a lot of stuff.  [Serena]

Monday, June 17, 2013

1973 Roberta's card - June 17

Roberta sends Grandma a birthday card.  June 22, 2013 would be 121 years since GHU was born in 1892. Transcription follows.


Grandma ––

Hi!  Hope you have a very Happy Birthday - I wish I could be there to help you celebrate it!  Do eat a piece of birthday cake for me!!

I'm now at work - the store is about completely empty - except for the employees!!  It's Father's Day - also a pretty day outside - so people just aren't shopping.

They are always talking about the electrical shortage down here - I said today that if they closed the stores on Sunday that would save alot of electricity.

Starting this week I'll be pretty busy w/ school - 3 nights a week!

Now - Sunday evening 9:30 p.m.  - just got home from evening Church - as usual, not a very good crowd.  John Murphy just came - I guess they are going to show them (Aunt M & Uncle B) pictures of Europe plus John seems to have lots of pictures to show.  I've got Math to do - boy am I glad this is y last week of Math - I'm ready for a change  - new subjects!! (HA!)

Happy Birthday!  Love Bert
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

1973 Catherine's letter - June 17

 Sunday, June 17, 1973

Dear Grandma,

Hi!  I have been working diligently during the last week to finish what I wanted to send you for your birthday.  However, I'm sorry to say that I have not yet finished.  I'll try to finish it soon and get it off to you though.

We've been working hard at the library.  X has had to devise all sorts of plans to move things around and rearrange everything so that the place looks more organized and has more room for books. There is talk about building an extension to the building but the talk has been going on for about 10 years.  The land is available but the money to build is nonexistent.

I went to the beach for awhile this afternoon.  It was rather windy but the sun was hot, alot hotter than the water!  X spends alot of his free time helping build the A-Frame.  I went up with him one day and sat around talking with the other wives.  Talking all day doesn't inspire me too much so I generally stay home and do other xthings.

So far we've looked at a few pieces of property that are for sale.  Nothing has really struck our fancy yet and we're not in a terrible rush.  Tonight we're going to look at a house that is for sale.  The people are moving to florida and are giving us a chance to look at it before they list it with a real estate agent.  It sounds nice because it has a separate garage apartment where X's mother could live when/if she comes out.  We don't like the apartment where we are now very much so we have to find some place to move before November when our lease runs out.  They informed us last week that we would have to get rid of our dog houe and keep the dog inside all the time.  There is no way we could do that since for one thing she is used to being outside alot and when we're not home it would be especially difficult.  We solved the problem by getting permission from a man who owns a field which is a little ways down the road if we could put the dog house and the dog in a corner of the field.  He agreed so we still have the dog outside but near enough so that we can take her for walks and bring her inside when we want to.

We were able to get enought garden space to plant a dozen tomato plants and onxe package of radish seeds.  Not much, but at least we'll some home-grown stuff to eat.  90

I'll try to finish your birthday xpresent and get it off to you as soon as possible!

Love, Catherine

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

1983 Catherine's letter - June 16

June 16, 1983

Dear Dad and Mother,

Hi!  Sorry I have been delinquent in getting a letter off to you in the last few weeks.  I did want to get one there in time to say "Happy Father's Day" though so hope this gets there close to the day anyway.

I thought after we were done with the Elks work we would have so much more free time, which we do, but it sitill seems like there is never enought time.  Not enough time at work, not enough time at work, not enough time with Wendy or with Gerry....  However, at least things are not quite as bad as they were previously.  I just have to learn to balance my priorities better perhaps.  Any suggestions on that from you two busy people?

How was your rafting trip?  We had a good time on ours and hope to go again soon.

We have really expanded our garden this year with red & yellow tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, beans, squash & eggplant.  The tomatoes & broccoli & beans are doing well, everything else so-so.

Well, Happy Father's Day, Dad!  You've done a good job for 35 years so keep up the good work! I appreciate allt he things you've done for me.  I'm proud to be your daughter.

I love you both.

Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

P.S. Wendy is taking kindergym this summer instead of ballet.  She likes it.  The summer program at the library is in full swing.  We have about 150 signed up.  Had 45 here this a.m. for story time – we divide them into groups and have different people read.
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Friday, June 14, 2013

1973 Roberta's Letter - June 14

Roberta answers a letter from Serena. Transcription follows.

June 14, 1973

Dear Serena -

Hi!  I enjoyed your letter & am glad you got the purse ok through the mail.  I do hope you like it - if not I do.  (HA!)

I just got off work.  I've math to do - but I can put it off for a day or two more.  We are in the Logic part of it now.  Drawing circles, etc. – I find it very confusing!!

It won't be long now till you go again to S.A. – and me - I'll spend the summer working & studying - not my exact idea of a vacation!  (Ho, Hum!)  No - I'm really looking forward to my course at F.A.U.  I was there yesterday for testing - mostly English & math (ugh) that we have to take before registering which is tomorrow.  I bet after they see how I did on those tests I'll be taking courses like Developmental Math & "Improving your English."

I liked your stationary alot -

Aunt Mary, - and all say Hello.

When do you start school in the fall ––  Is Earl--- (gee, how's it spelled?)  on quarters of semesters?  FAU is on quarters ––

Got to go –– Hello to everyone.  Have a great summer –

Love, Berts
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

1973 Roberta's card - June 13

Roberta and several of her siblings sent Father's Day cards to Dad. Here's Roberta's from 1973.

Hi!  Lost 4 1/2 pounds lasat week - so have lost a grand total of 23 pounds now.

Everything is fine down here - but HOT.

Last night saw Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill's slides - you all will have to see they - they are good!!

I go to FAU tomorrow for tests - ugh.  Only 3 more math classes left –––––

Will write longer letter soon –

Love, Berts

Serena, thanks for letter.
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

1983 Roberta's letter - June 10


Dear Family,

Glad to get to talk to Serena this AM – but sorry to hear about all the car trouble getting to New Vienna!

That's one advantage of flying – esp. happy to have a non-stop flight!!  I'm sure ready for a VACATION – life here has been like a funny farm!

Maybe some of you remember Jessie Cooper – one of the residents here - to make a LONG story short - She is now in a Nursing Home - under lock & key!  We are again - almost full – really have alot of border line cases!!

Marian flew out on Tuesday for Illinois – to spend a month with her folks.  She had talked about flying – but decided better to fly.

I've been in the grapefruit business - peeling & sectioning / freezing them.  Bought 14 boxes of grapefruit – I should have enough frozen to last till next fall when they come back in season!

Have enjoyed the pool – really refreshing – I try at least a couple of times a week to get in a few laps of swimming while I'm waiting for lunch to heat up.

Today was Rob's birthday – did get a rushed card off in the mail for him 1st of the week.  I'm not like G'ma who never forgets a BIRTHDAY!

We are having to RAISE the rates at Sr. Village – as of July about $30 per person.  With Social Security raise not coming till January – I'm sure it's not going to be a popular idea.  Going to drop the Bomb tomorrow – I'm glad to be going on VACATION after that bombshell.

Remind me to tell you all about the story of Vera (the gal in her upper 90's) – how she was in a nursing home - then got put in a private home – now thank goodness - back in a nursing home!  I'm anxious to hear the real life stories of Mary Virginia – life in the nursing home!!

The County Supervisors here have sure been mud-slinging plus with the BUDGET time being here.  Sr. Village looking for a generous amount to get a Sr. Village started in East Valley – Mesa or Tempe.  I'm not sure if I'd give up the pool to move back to the East Valley.

Trinity Bible Church (where we go - when we go) does not have Bible School at the Church - instead they have it in member's homes.  I have volunteered our home which they quickly accepted - it's while I'm gone.  In some ways I'm glad of that.  The gal in charge called me yesterday to ask if I could leave refreshments for all 5 days.  Went out tonight & bought what should be enuf.  Microwave popcorn, cookies, apples, ice cream w/cones, & crackers (sweet & salty).

I've made the arrangements for the dogs to be together while I'm gone.  They will both be staying in a home in Mesa.  Bought plenty of treats while I'm away.  Will Piper be coming to the wedding?

Much love, Roberta

Delta 7:19 pm
Flight 648 from PHX
See you all Soon!
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