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1974 MV's Old Testament Booklet -June

Most likely a 1974 Vacation Bible School project, three pages of Mary's six-page booklet are scanned below, including the title page, The Books of History and The Books of Law
1974 MV's Old Testament Booklet Cover Sheet -June

1994 MV's note -June

[6/ /94]

Dear Mom & Dad –

Found these in my office – sorry you didn't get them sooner.

Don's first Sunday went very well and he seems to be enjoying Burnside very much.

We're looking forward to seeing you next week.  Roberta asked if we would pick her up @Airport, which we will gladly do.  We will also bring Ginny;s new car seat.

My concert form Aug. 7 has been moved to Sept. 18 at 7:00 p.m.  Hope you'll be able to stay for it.

Love – M.V.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

1974 Catherine Letter -Jun25

June 25, 1974
Dear Mom, Dad, Roberta, John, and Mary,

Hi!  Thanks for your last letter.  You left us in suspense as to what happened to Dad, John, and the truck.

We have had quite a bit of damp weather (in fact, it's raining right now) but we are making very slow progress on the house.  It is taking quite a bit longer to get the forms ready for the foundation that we had thought.  They are going to be four feet deep and 16" wide which is quite alot of cement so we want to make sure the forms are well braced.  It would be quite a mess if the forms don't hold.  We will be pouring it in two sections.

I probably mentioned in my last letter that David Stone [friend from college] is here.  He is really a big help.  If I were the only one helping X things would be moving even slower.  We also have another friend here in Sanford who has been coming up one or two mornings a week and helping us.

We started a book sale at the library yesterday.  We had about 1200 books which had been discarded during the past six months which we are trying to sell for 10¢ each.  So far we've made almost $40.00 And for every 10 books you buy you get one free.  Shall I save you some?

I read "Malabar Farm" [by Louis Bromfield written in 1940s about an organic farm in Ohio, Malabar Farm State Park is in Lucas, Ohio, SW of Wooster]  I would have enjoyed going there.  Have you read any of his novels?  I think I read "The Green Bay Tree."  The scene alternated in it between urban Ohio and Paris.

Did I tell you that Sanford has a new discount department store?  It is where the Giant store used to be.  Ames [company founded in 1959 in Connecticut, became defunct in 2002] is the name of it and it seems to be quite a bit nicer than Giant but perhaps that is an unfair comparison because we only saw Giant in its dying days.  I have only been in Ames once briefly so I can't tell you if they have any Wells products.  I'll try to make it a point to check the next time.  I think they are centered in Massachusetts.  I do know that this is their first store in Maine.

I made a new couch cover out of pieces of old towels cut into 12" squares.  One of our puppies developed a real taste for the old cover and it was ruined before we were even aware what was going on.  You can tell Grandma her sewing machine got a real work-out as it seemed to take me hours and hours to get it done.  At least it helped to reduce our supply of old towels.

Alot of people do grow strawberries here.  I know of two places where you can go and pay to pick them and there are plenty of wild ones.  Last year I must have picked quite a few quarts of wild ones but this year for some reason I just haven't had time.  The season here is just now beginning and will probably peak in another two weeks.  And then comes the blueberry season which is real big thing.  I don't think there is anything much better tasting than fresh blueberries and yogurt.

It's getting late and I'm going to have to get up early in the morning so as to wake everybody else up so we can go to work on those forms somemore [sic].  that is assuming that it quits raining by then.

Write again soon!  I don't guarantee that you will too much from us during July but I'll do my best.

Love, Catherine & X

Thursday, June 26, 2014

1954 Chevy Purchased -June 23

1954 Chevy 2-door car pictured from the internet.  Ours may have been a dark blue like the one shown at left.  Current value of this car restored in good condition is $45-50,000. Original purchased price with accessories plus $65 tax and $3 license was $2258.65.
In 1954 Wells Mfg. purchased a new vehicle, a (blue?) 1954 Chevy 210, 2 door car and traded in a 1940 Ford Coupe which had a trade-in value of $400. The new vehicle list price was $1564 but then there were accessories, some of which would seem fairly essential, such as

  • $128.00  Federal Tax (~8.2%)
  • $51.75 Freight
  • $25.00 Dealer Handling
  • $16.75 Signal Light
  • $12.94 Two tone paint
  • $84.45 Heater & Defroster
  • $14.75 Oil & Fuel Filters
  • $8.95 Back up Light
  • $3.75 On-dash (?) mirror
  • $4.25 Non Glare Mirror
  • $25.00 Undercoating
  • $178.35 Power Glide (?)
  • $72.00 
  • Radio
Plus $65.70 in local taxes, $3.00 for license and registration for a total of  $1858.65.  No dealer is indicated but the salesman was Roy Bernard.

1954 Chevy Order Form -June 23

1940 Ford
Most likely not the one traded in 1954 for the Chevy, a car of this vintage can be purchased in 2014 for anywhere from $5000 to $135,000 from ads seen on the internet.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

1984 Catherine Letter -Jun23

June 23, 1984
Dear Mother, Dad & anyone else who reads this,

Hi!  Well this is the big day for Wendy the traveler.  She told me she "didn't want to see any tears at the airport."  I don't know who she thinks is going to cry – me or her.

Besides the arrival of DeeDee (date not yet set) the other two events that Wendy is involved in this summer are swimming lessons and day camp.  

They have a very nice swimming pool here.  We paid $30.00 for a family season pass and then she gets her lessons free.  I signed up for a two week pool exercise class which started last Monday.  It was rained out two days though.  Wendy's lessons will start July 9.

Day Camp is sponsered [sic] by the county for 1st-4th graders.  They bus the kids from Colfax & Pullman to Klemgard State Park for three days.  The fourth day they stay overnight at Kamiak Butte Park.  This takes place July 23-27.

I have been taking exercise classes at a workout center near our house.  I'm trying to take advantage of the extra time I have this summer to do some things I've been wanting to do.  The workout center also has a jacuzzi and a locker room with showers which is nice since we only have a bath tub at home.

We found out our house recently got a new foundation so hopefully it is stable now. (It's built on a slope.)  We hope the cracks in the walls and the crookedness of the door frames doesn't get any worse!  It does have aluminum siding & storm windows.  The owners live somewhere near Seattle.  They are asking $28,000 for it.

Joke from Wendy:  
  • Knock Knock
  • Who's there?
  • Daryl
  • Daryl who?
  • Daryl never be nicer grandparents than you
It is a nice sunny day here after 3 days of clouds and rain.  Have you had alot of rain?  The green hills of the Palouse country around Colfax are nice to look at after all the sagebrush of central Oregon.  The main crops here are wheat, lentils, barley, garbanzo beans.

I have been to the library in Pullman twice.  I hope to go a few more times.  I figure being familiar with the place might help me during the job interview.  I have also been studying some books on children's services, books, etc.  There is a real good one Mother might be interested in called This Way to Books by Bauer.  I think it is an expensive book so I don't know how easily available it is.  I borrowed it from the "office collection" of the Whitman County Library in Colfax.

We are in Spokane now [where Wendy caught the plane to Ohio] so I better close.  We'll talk to you tonight!

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

1964 Golden Lamb Menu -Jun21

Golden Lamb does not appear prominently on this menu for Sunday Dinner, June 21, 1964.  However there are clues such as:
  • Golden Lamb Cocktail Sauce with Chilled Fresh Louisiana Shrimp – 60¢
  • Country Fried Half Chicken, a Golden Lamb Favorite – $3.10
  • Deep Fried Jumbo Shrimp, Golden Lamb Cocktail Sauce [probably what I would have ordered] – $3.25
  • Golden Lamb Cheese Cake [no price listed, dessert may have been included, as were two vegetables and salad, hot rolls and preserves]
  • Pfaelzer Steaks selected in Chicago for the Golden Lamb – $5.25 includes Filet Mignon or Strip Sirloin, Mushrooms, or onion rings, vegetable, salad and dessert.
  • Serena and John would have qualified for the Children's portion of the menu – $1.50.  Mary may have gotten the softer parts of other people's food. 
  • We can assume this special dinner was in honor of Grandma's birthday.
1964 Golden Lamb Menu - Sunday Dinner, June 21

1984 MV petitions Wilmington College -Jun22

Mary decides to concentrate on attaining her academic goals. An experience many of us have dealt with in various ways. Transcription follows.

June 22, 1984
Academic Appeals Committee
Wilmington College
Wilmington, Ohio 45177

Academic Appeals Committee:

I am writing this letter as a petition for academic probation for Fall term, 1984.  In asking permission for the probationary period, I would like to explain how I plan to better my academic standing in the future.

First, I will quit all part-time employment; over the past three terms I have held 2-3 jobs each quarter off campus.  In so doing I will allow myself much more study time.

Secondly, I plan to cut my course load from the previously registered 20 hours to a maximum of 15 hours, if granted academic probation.  I believe that would be a more realistic approach to my studies and a much easier goal to attain.

In closing, I regret no having completed the required 36 hours in the past three terms.  But, I would like to petition the committee for an academic probationary period, in order that I might apply myself and return to good standing academically in the near future.  Thank you for your time and interest.



Monday, June 23, 2014

1974 Catherine's letter to MV -Jun19

June 19, 1974
Dear Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Thanks for the letter and for the post card from Lakeside, it didn't smear too much.

What are you doing now that you are on vacation, besides mowing the lawn?  I'm sure Mom probably thinks up lots of things for you to do.

Will you be going anyplace special this summer?  Do you go to Girl Scout camp or church camp?  I always liked church camp but I never was a Girl Scout so I can't say about that.

There are two boys who live near where we are building who come over and help us sometimes.  One is nine and the other is twelve.  The one who is twelve just got a brand new 10-speed bicycle for his birthday.

I am drying my hair as I type this and since my hair is about dry I guess I better quit typing.

Write again soon!  Love, Cathy

Sunday, June 22, 2014

2004 Family emails -June

Today marks the 122nd anniversary of Grandma's birth in 1892 but we missed the 102nd celebration of Gladys & Cecil's wedding anniversary which is mentioned in the following emails. Modified transcriptions follow.

From: Harold & Jean
To: Serena, John, Roberta & Sid, Don & Mary, Gerry & Catherine, and Wendy.
Sent: Thursday, June 10, 2004
Subject 6 10 04


92 years ago today your Uible grandparents were married.  Yes, we recall the open house on their 50th anniversary and John comment on why we did not keep the front door opened.  It must have been a cool day.  That 1962 week also marked our departure for the five week out west trip, where we made the grand swing and met the Schamauns in Seattle for the Worlds Fair..

Today we are resting up (??), though we got off to a good garden start this AM with rhubarb, asparagus, peas and broccoli out of the garden.  This PM we went to Wilmington for a Doctor's help on Peach'seace's [sic] ivy itch.

Spoke with Bob Gooding this evening, said the accident happened in downtown Dayton when they were en route to Lisa's house for Sunday lunch.

Anxious to hear from MV as to her northern trip and looking forward to the families return trip later this month.

Speaking of reunions, it would be nice to get together in Newark for Kate's performance at Thanksgiving time.  You are welcome to come here to New Vienna but if you only can come for a short time perhaps Newark would be best.

Cris Horton also wrote us about getting together.  Any thoughts about this from the Newark Uibles?  I'm sure you all would be welcome to join us if you could see the light to do this.  Do let us know if you would consider this!!!!!

Dad says to send this before it disappears.  Love to each one of you!!!!!!  Mother and Dad

* * * * *
From: Roberta
To: Harold & Jean
Sent: Friday, June 11, 2004
Subject: thanks
     for the email, Mom and Dad. How bad is your poison ivy, Mom?  Any idea where you picked it up?  I do remember the Open House for Grandma and Grand-dad.  It was a real Kodak moment.  I have a plate that Grandma bought 92 years ago!  It is just one shelf above the chamber pot in the china cabinet!  Would be neat to have a Uible get together in November!  It is too early for me to be able to ask for time off form work, but by October I am hopeful that we will have another staff person so should not be a problem!  So far I do not have any furniture there [at work], but I do plan to hang two of Joe's paintings before Monday!  They will go directly from one office to the next.

Am watching Larry King so more later.  Tim Russert is on . . . . . I do have lots of empty space in the email area now.  Hint, hint, Love, Roberta.

* * * * *
From: John
To: Harold & Jean
Sent: Saturday, June 12, 2004
Subject: Re: 6 10 04

July would be the best month for us.  Do you have any plans next weekend for Father's Day?  We could meet you some where Sat. evening or Sunday afternoon if you are free.  We have a wedding this afternoon in Knox County near Gambier.  Talk to you soon.  Love, John

* * * * *
From: Harold & Jean
To: John
Sent: Thursday, June 10, 2004
Subject: Re: 6 10 04

We are open for next weekend, but please do not feel obligated as we had a get together earlier this wee.

On the Horton meeting, the weekends of July 24 and 31 are fine with us.  Would you mind checking with Cris as to those weekends.  Was it Bellefontaine that we met last year?  I recall Cris had another place in mind, but the water level in the lake was too high.  Thanks.  --Dad

* * * * *
From: John
To: Harold & Jean
Sent: Friday, June 18, 2004
Subject: Re: 6 10 04

Dad and Mom,
I talked with Cris this afternoon and he still prefers Mary Rutan Park.  He is looking for you and Mom somewhere between 1-2PM near the entrance to the swimming pool.  Since no shelter houses are available, please bring a card table and your chairs so we can have a place to set food and sit down.  We should arrive around 2 or 2:15 since I work until noon.  In case of rain, we can eat at either Ryans or Homestead, both on U. S. 68.  See you tomorrow - call if you have questions.  Love, John

1984 Grandma's 92nd Birthday

 1984 Mary Uible Horton, Gladys Hiestand Uible (92nd Birthday) & Harold Hiestand Uible -June 22
Though the picture above is dated the same as the picture below, Aunt Mary is wearing a different outfit.  The cake looks similar but the strawberries are in a different bowl than shown in the third picture.  

1984 Mary Uible Horton, Gladys Hiestand Uible (92nd Birthday) & Jean Ballantyne Uible -June 22
Grandma helps herself to the strawberries while Aunt Mary looks surprised and Jean (Don't take my picture!) looks annoyed.  
1984 Gladys & Mary -Jun22 (GHU's 92nd Birthday)
Mary not having her best day ever.
1984 Jean, Gladys, Mary V & Mary Horton -Jun24 (in Leesburg?)

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1964 Serena's Bible School Certificate -Jun15

1964 Serena's Vacation Bible School Certificate -Jun15
Awarded to Serena Uible in recognition of faithful attendance and completion of satisfactory work in the Primary II department of the Methodist Vacation Bible School.

Mrs. A.W. Hause, Director
Mrs. C.W. Smallridge & Mrs. H.D. McVey, Teachers
June 15, 1964

2004 Anniversary card to Catherine & Gerry

2014 Marks 38 years since Catherine & Gerry were married. This card from Mom & Dad arrived on their 28th anniversary.  Transcription follows.
2004 Anniversary card to Catherine & Gerry

[written by Jean] This card is rather amateurish for a long married couple like you but need to buy some more soon.

We are planning to meet Cris & family & John Uibles & perhaps the Ashcrafts like we did last year or year before for a picnic.

Hope Wendy & X must be getting moved in with all the company helping or being entertained.

Wanted to call you tonight but Dad says you'd be at work at 10:15 our time.

Praying that all goes well on your interview coming up.  Roberta had a BUSY DAY today and was worn out but good turn out for lunch and program.

Got a tape from church of Mary Virginia's group when they visited.

Bob Hodson was there last Sunday while Mike Barthel, our minister was at Lakeside.  He & Dorothy both look real good.  [rest of card written by HH]  Their 3 children were baptized @ the NVUMC.

My how the years fly – dream BIG & we will be around for your 50th.

1st time today to send a contract we had in Microsoft Word via E-Mail.  The other party has a lawyer in Dayton – so maybe some of the big time intelligence will rub off.

Yes, I recall the location of the old Cincy P.L. – it later became the home of the Cincy Enquirer – one of my earliest employers.  The Enquirer route was how John got interested in the N.H. School.

Love, The N.V. Uibles

Friday, June 20, 2014

1984 Catherine Moves to Colfax -Jun14

Minor error in this article in that we did not move to Oregon from Ohio, certainly not directly! Transcription follows.

Librarian moves to ColfaxPage 6 The Madras Pioneer June 14, 1984 Section A
Captioned: Morgan with board member Laurice Ochs
Jefferson County's librarian of the past three years, Cathy Morgan, has moved to Colfax, Wash., following her last day at work Friday.

Morgan's husband, Gerry, accepted a position as parts manager for Jones Truck and Implement there.  In Madras, he worked as parts manager at the Jefferson County Co=op.

The Morgans moved to Madras six years ago from Ohio.  Cathy Morgan, who has a master's of library science, worked previously as a librarian in Maine, where she met her husband.  She hopes to get back into library work in Colfax.

Morgan has been replaced temporarily by Debbie Stubbe, who will return to George Fox College as a senior in the fall.  Stubbe had previously worked at the library for two years as assistant.  She is majoring in elementary education at the Newburg college.

The library is currently taking applications for a permanent librarian.

As librarian, Morgan encouraged an active Friend of the Library group, added a computer for community use, and developed more community support of the summer reading program.

She also added books and cassettes for children, as well as cameras, to the library's check-out supplies, and began using both adult and youth volunteers in the library.

I am pleased with the support and help of the community here," she said last week.  "This is a wonderful library because people support it."

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2004 Catherine's LA library postcard -Jun18

The Public Library, Los Angeles, California postcard c1935
2004 Catherine's LA library postcard -Jun18
Here's another vintage library picture.  We're headed for Flagstaff this weekend, Sat. & Sun. nights at the Rt. 66 Days Inn.  Not fancy or a B&B but adequate and within walking distance of down town.  Wendy & X had us over for supper at their new house.  They are still getting settled. Love, Catherine & Gerry

1994 Ed & Evy Johnson postcard -Jun20

Rev. Edward R. "Ed" Johnson was pastor of the New Vienna United Methodist Church from 1988-1995.  

Disney Animation postcard - mailed 1994. Captioned: On the Magic of Disney Animation, guests meet and talk to Disney artists while observing first-hand the fascinating, multi-faceted process of creating Disney animated films.
1994 Ed & Evy Johnson postcard -Jun20 postmarked Ft. Myers FL

Dear Harold & Jean,
Having a great time!  Weather not so hot and we are doing lots of swimming.  children loved Disney World & we enjoyed air conditioned shows.  God Bless You and may your trip be safe.  Love, Ed & Evy
PS Timmy got into a special art class!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

2004 Catherine's NC map postcard to Wendy -Jun18

Catherine & Gerry went to Raleigh NC on vacation in March 2004 and thus the North Carolina postcard. Wendy became a homeowner in June 2004, having now owned that house for ten years. They have rented it out since 2007.  Transcription follows.

Hi, Wendy!  Thanks for having us over for dinner on Weds. night.  We're glad to visit you in your own house.  Congrats again on the home ownership!  We're off to Flagstaff for Sat. & Sun. nights – staying at the Days Inn on Rt. 66.  Love, Mom

Monday, June 16, 2014

1984 Catherine's Note -Jun18

6-18-84                Hello!

Here is a check for Wendy's spending money.

We went shopping yesterday in Moscow, Idaho (24 miles away) at a shopping center (really nice) for some clothes for Wendy so she'll have something to wear in Ohio.  She still needs a pair of slippers (I was thinking of seeing if she could wear a pair of small ladies) and a warm up sit so maybe you could help her shop for those.

I'm sure she'll have some ideas for spending the money!

We will talk to you on Friday.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

Saturday, June 14, 2014

1994 MV's Father's Day Card

Mary sends a Father's Day card to Dad in 1994. Regarding Don's Ordination HH wrote in his diary on June 7, 1994: "We left at 1PM for a 2½ hour drive to Morehead KY for Don's ordination as an Elder.  We had room at Super 8 Motel.  Hard rain en route.  Hard to keep Ginny still during the service."
1994 MV's Father's Day Card to HH
Hope you enjoy lots of happy hours with your new limb cutter!  We look forward to seeing you in Estes Park shortly.

Thanks again for coming to Don's ordination last week.  We were glad to see you folks!

Love, M.V., Don & Ginny

Friday, June 13, 2014

2003 Ginny & Christian Father's Day card to Grandpa

 2003 Father's Day card to HH signed by Christian, Ginny & MV

I Love You –Christian

Love ya lots! –Ginny

Sorry we're not there to celebrate in person, but hope you have a wonderful day!  We're looking forward to seeing you in July. –Love MV

Thursday, June 12, 2014

1984 Quaker Square Hilton Postcard to Wendy -Jun12

 Quaker Square Hilton postcard - mailed 1984.  Captioned: A Hilton hotel in Downtown Akron with 196 round rooms constructed in the former silos at the site of the original Quaker Oats cereal mills. The Quaker Square Hilton is adjacent to Quaker Square, home of unique shops, excellent restaurants and interesting displays.  A favorite stop for Akronites and tourists alike.
1984 Quaker Square Hilton Postcard to Wendy -Jun12
6-12-84 [postmarked Akron]
Hope you like your new home in Colfax and make lots of friends there yet still willing to come to New Vienna June 23.  We'll be waiting for you at the airport and hope to meet Uncle John & Aunt X for supper.

Lots of love, G'ma & G'dad Uible

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2004 Catherine's postcards to MUH -June 1,5

Norman Rockwell's Freedom from Fear postcard - mailed 2004.  Captioned: World War II poster by Norman Rockwell, U.S. Office of War Information, 1943. From Leniston (ed.) World War II Posters: 24 Full-Color Cards c2001 Dover Publications, Inc.
Hi, Aunt Mary!  Here's a WWII poster in honor of the 60th anniv. of D-Day.  We watching some of the dedication of the WWII Memorial in Wash. DC which was on public television.  Very patriotic.

Sorry to hear about your fall.  Hope you are up and about without too much pain.  When Roberta told me she had talked to you I figured it was no longer a secret.

We had a good Memorial Day weekend and now comes our busiest time of year at the library – the summer reading program

Love, Catherine & Gerry

Same caption as above, substituting Freedom from Want
6/5/04 Hi, Aunt Mary!
Here's another WWII card.  I always like Norman Rockwell pictures – he captures the family spirit.  We've had two days of 110º this week but supposed to cool down to a mild 101º in a few days.  Summer is definitely here and the kids are swarming into the library so that is good.  I'm beginning to prepare for my branch manager interview which will be the end of this month.

I had a good phone conversation with you and Marianne the other day.  How are you feeling?

Love, Catherine & Gerry

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

1974 Roberta's letter -Jun 10

Roberta has returned to New Vienna since the last correspondence and is ready to start her summer job at Wells, aka "The Shop."  Meanwhile others in the family have traveled to Lakeside where, according to the envelope, they are staying at Taylors Island View Resort.  (According to the website: this is now called Taylor's on the Bay Resort, same address but in Marblehead Ohio "on beautiful Sandusky Bay."  The rooms and cabin pictured have a vintage look.

June 10, 1974
Dear Family,
Hi!  It's not quite 6:20 AM and I'm all dressed, fed & ready to go to work.  This will be short since I want to be down there to see what time everyone gets in.
Yesterday G'ma & Ruth & I ate Gold Coin [?] and then we went to Americare.  After we got back we decided to call the Hortons – to wish Rob Happy Birthday, let them know we got home OK, etc.

They were all fine – Rob is happy to have his diploma, but his audition (sp) isn't until the 21st of June.  He's to start work the 24th of June.

Ruth is supposed to come today to pick berries – if I'm still among the living maybe I'll even do same tonight.  I just hope now that I make it till the 10:00 AM break!

I'll have to tell Donna that I'm using my brains – Ho, Hum! (Not my hands)

I rode the bike yesterday quite a ways – Mary V – how are you doing w/out T.V.?  I don't think I've had it on since you all left!

How did the bikes make the trip to Lakeside?  Or going to Church all the time?

Serena – how are the donuts ––

Gotta go – don't want to be late –

Love, Berta

Monday, June 09, 2014

1994 Roberta's Letter -Jun6

Here's some reading material & details of he October hike!
The checks are beginning to arrive for Estes – Marianne & Ashcrafts today –

Estes YMCA program office open 7AM to 11PM – they suggest we wait till arrival to schedule bike riding, rafting, etc.  Tennis rackets available – $10 deposit – fully refundable!  Got crib ordered for Miss Kate.

Check in time is at 3PM – that might change your schedule for that day!

Our dining room/office is being painted –– next week the houses – including ours!  Got new Air conditioner last week for all houses. Spending over $60,000 on MAJOR REPAIRS.

All hope A-1 ––– we are all looking forward to Colorado adventures!  Thanks for making it possible for all us us!

Love, Roberta

1974 Catherine Letter -Jun2,5

June 2, 1974
Dear Mom, Dad, John and Mary,

Hi!  Sorry I haven't written in so long.  We've been busy and the time goes very quickly.  The weather has been very lousy here for the past two weeks.  The sun shone on May 20th and then disappeared from view until yesterday afternoon when it made a brief appearance and then disappeared again.  Today it was cloudy all day but at least it was fairly warm (70º).

We got up at 5 A.M. yesterday morning as the cement truck was supposed to come to pour the footings at 8 A.M. and we had to make some last minute bracings for the forms.  However, it was raining when we got up and it was still raining at 7 so we had to cancel the cement truck because we were afraid the driveway would be too slippery for it.  Then about 9 it finally quit raining and it was rearranged for the cement to be delivered at 11.  So we did finally get the footings done.  It took 13 cu. yards.  After all that frantic activity of the morning we went to a formal dance sponsored by a local sorority last night.  I wore my bridesmaid dress from Marianne's wedding which was the first time I'd worn it in three years.  We went with a couple who lives down the street so we were able to meet alot of their friends including another guy who is building his own house.  It made for a rather long day, though, and neither of us has been overly energetic today.

Maine has started their campaign for tourists.  This year in addition to trying to drag people up from southern New England they are also trying to get Maine people to vacation in their own state.  The slogan is "Nobody is closer to Me. than You."

Our primary election is on June 11th so there is also quite a bit of campaigning going on for that.  There are 2 Republican and 6 Democratic candidates for governor with no incumbent so it should be an interesting contest.  We also get to vote on whether we want an oil refinery in Sanford.  The town meeting already voted to rezone the land for the refinery but some of the opposition got enough signatures to bring the question to a referendum so now we will all have a chance to make a choice.

June 5

Received your letter yesterday, thanks for yours too, Mary.  We finished taking the forms off of the cement yesterday so now we're ready to begin with the next step.  This coming weekend we have to clear an area 38 x 38' for the septic tank bed.

The Maine Library Association convention begins today and goes through Friday.  Fortunately for us it is held at the Shawmut Inn in Kennebunkport (about 20 miles from here) so most of the staff has a chance to go and we don't have to shut down the library.  X will be going all three days and I will be going tomorrow and Friday.

I haven't talked to Ellen or Tom [Walkley] since they have moved so I can give you no further news of Aunt Virginia.  I was going to call them last night and see if they are getting all settled but I forgot and now it's too early but I think I better mail this anyway or you won't get it before you go to Lakeside.

Love, Catherine & X

Sunday, June 08, 2014

2014 Christian's Voice Recital -Jun8

Always impressed by the talents, aptitudes and accomplishments of the younger generations.  Today we feature Christian's vocal talents and congratulate him on his recital!  Transcription of clipping follows.

Ad for Christian's Voice Recital – June 2014

Christian featured in newspaper article – June 2014

Sing a new song
Teens present their first recital
by Dahlia Allen

Christian Crowson and Sarrah Long have been singing as long s they can remember.  They have sung at school, at literary meets, in talent competitions and in the Pine Forest United Methodist Church youth choir.

Crowson and Long don't sing together, but they will be on the same recital program June 8 – the first recital for both of them.  Students of Dick Burrell, 16-year=old Crowson is a 10th grader at Trinity Christian School.  Long is a 15-year-old home-schooled ninth grader.

Long discovered her soprano voice when she won first place in a sixth-grade talent contest at West Laurens Middle School.  "Then at talent camp in Florida in the sixth grade, I placed in all my categories," she said.

For her, that was a beginning.  More talent contests have brought her modeling and acting agents in Atlanta and New York.  Her goal is an acting career in musical theater.

Crowson said he started singing when he was little.  "People always told me I had a nice voice," he said.  When he was about 13, his mother, Mary Crowson who is choir director at Pine Forest UMC, realized he had something special.

A tenor who also can hit low notes he he competed in the state literary meet while in the eight grade.  This competition generally is reserved for high school students.  Crowson said he plans on a career in music education but has not chosen a college.

Last year, both Crowson and Long won first place in the state at the National Association for Teachers of Singing competition at Mercer University.  In March, Crowson won first place in in [sic] musical theater in the five-state regional competition.

In the June 8 recital, each will sing classical, spiritual and musical theater solos.  Crowson's classical pieces will be Schumann's "Auf dem Rein," Scarlotti's "Gia il sole dal Gange" and Quilter's "Blow, Blow Thy Winter Wind."  In addition, he will sing "Lord I Want to be a Christian" and "De Gospel Train."  His musical theater selections will be "If I Can't Love Her" from Beauty and the Beast, "My Name" from Oliver and "On the Street Where You Live" from My Fair Lady.

Long will sing Morley's "Animal Crackers" and Giordano's "Caro mio ben" for her classical selections.  She also will sing "Go Tell it on the Mountain," "Go Down Moses," "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen," I've Got the Sun in the Morning" from Annie Get Your Gun, "Beauty and the Beast" from Beauty and the Beast and "As Long as he Needs Me" from Oliver.

Long is the daughter of Tim and Melinda Long.  Crowson is the son of Don and Mary Crowson.

the recital will be at 4:30 p.m. in the church . It is free and open to the public.

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