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1983 Family Letter - July 31

Sunday -
July 31, 1983

Dearest Family --

This seems like the first letter we have written to ALL of you for a long time.  We really appreciated hearing from you that wrote while we were gone and the calls when we got back.  We had a really wonderful trip and thoroughly enjoyed the Elderhosteling, the Scandinavian countries and getting back home as well.  Serena came home the same weekend to attend ther [sic] 10th  anniversary of her graduation from East Clinton.  (They had a big party at Buckeye Lodge followed by an early morning breakfast (Sunday) so we saw her Sunday afternoon & she took off for Chicago Sunday evening.  On way here she had two more flat tires so left the Dodge Dart to have the alignment checked as we had just gotten the Dart retired (2 new - 2 almost new when she was home in June.)  Th_ought the tires might have been stolen & replaces with old one but Bartleys say no.  Anyway she got back to Chicago safely and is waiting now to hear if John Marshall Law School will have a place for her next year in Jan. so we are rooting for that.

Mary Virginia and Mie Young got along fine while we were gone - even xxx found time in their busy schedules to each paint their own rooms which badly needed it.  Mie Young has been busy this past week getting In Young ready to go back to Korea.  Her visa ran out & she wasn't able to renew it as she is not a college student.  Her parents hope to work things out to come to this country to live soon - perhaps this fall so she left many of her things at Hannah's.

Mary Virginia has been busy helping a lady in Wilmington go through things so that she can move into Quaker Center.  She helped her every day this past week plus did yard work on several Saturdays for another lady plus working a good many hours at Wilmington Health Care (formerly Extended Care).  With those going on vacation she is working full time now.

The clerk of the Board of Commissioners was married last night at the Wilmington Baptist Church so we attended our first wedding in that church.  The reception was held at Snow Hill Country Club afterwards & they really had a full house.  It has been super hot so we didn't stary for the whole evening - MV said the honeymooner's car + others were still there when she came home from work last night.  It was a lovely occasion & better refreshments than usual for Snow Hill - Lots of h'ordoevres, [sic] etc.

Our attendance at Sunday School and church have really been down as at many churches but today we had a baptism - Charlie & Joanie Collier's 9 month old little boy with many relatives attending.  Carolyn C asked especially to be remembered to you, Catherine and hopes to see you sometime when you are home.

The Hortons (Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill) arrived last Sunday evening at G'ma's having visited with the Kintners and left to spend the weekend with Cris and Angela before returning home - gone since June 23rd.  It was good to see them for afraid they would have returned before we got back.  They enjoyed their bus trip + boats trips with group they met in Harrisburg and went to Nova Scotia via the Bay of Fundyl.  They also had a congenieal group similar to Elderhostel but were affiliated with Days Inn's September _____?______.

We all went ona [sic] picnic at Lake Cowan on Wednesday evening and then to Wilmington College to see a preview of Jesus Christ Superstar, which was very well done.  On the picnic we found a grill that someone had left with great charcoal for our meat.  Hamburger has been on sale here for 99¢ a # this past week.

Mie Young has bought a '81 Ford Pinto and is getting along great with her summer job at Wilmington College.  The Bengal practice is in full swing here.

[Love, etc.]
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