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1977 Catherine's Letter to John -Feb.1

Tuesday Evening
February 1, 1977
Dear John,

How do you find things back in Granville after your extended absence, also after having lived in a glamorous place like Washington D.C.?  You find them by looking, right?

Thank you for the birthday card.  It did arrive exactly on my birthday.  It was nice talking to you on the phone especially when you called here at home.  You got me so flustered when you called at work that I don't think I was capable of carrying on a conversation.  Also I was unable to tell you our big news and that is that I am pregnant.  Gerry and I are very thrilled about that.  Roberta's been dying to tell everybody.  Did she tell you?  You'll have to wait until a future letter to hear more news about the forthcoming baby, however, since it will be several months yet.

We are looking forward to seeing Mom, Mary & Ruth here next week. It should be nice for them to get out of the cold for awhile but it sounds like Mary V. may be going to school all summer to make up for what she has missed.  Do you have any suggestions on what we should do while they are here?  I guess Mary wants to go to Tijuana but that is all that I have heard.

We haven't been doing too much.  This evening we went to the library and got some books to read.

We're going to start looking for a different apartment pretty soon.  We will probably stay in this general area of the city though since it is fairly central.

The new bed we got is really nice.  It is queen size and fairly firm and is a tremendous improvement over the flea ridden one that came with the apartment.  We hope next to get a kitchen table and then perhaps we'll get some baby stuff.  Mom said she'd bring me out some of her maternity things and I said well I'd be sure and take good care of them so Mary Virginia could use them when she had a baby.  Mary got a big laugh out of that.  She said she thought I'd be better off burning them.

Well, John, write again soon and tell us what is new on the campus scene.  We always enjoy hearing from you and what is expected of you!

Catherine & Gerry

Monday, January 30, 2017

1977 Roberta's Letter to John -Jan.30

January 30, 1977
Dear John –

Hi – No more Watts line – so how come the pen & paper.  I'm carrying my plans through – broke the news to Fred – told him my father needed me for the busy spring season!  A lie – but it eased the situation.

How does it feel to be back in school?  I'm glad you had the opportunity to be in Washington – and hate to sound selfish but I'm glad you'll be at the farm this summer!  Let them have the opportunity to have us!

Let me know about the possibility of you coming to Florida?  It would be neat – but then you know what would be best for you – you might want to work at Wells – I'm hoping I can work there till June – it's been almost a year since I was there folding rope!!

The news is out – there is another Morgan on the way – you'll be an uncle – I'll be an Aunt –

I'm sure glad that Mom, Ruth & Mary Va. are coming – it will be fun – but doubt if we ride mo-peds + make any $.

Keep Warm –––


Sunday, January 29, 2017

1957 Catherine's 8th Birthday -Jan.29

Clipping from the Wilmington News-Journal, - February 2, 1982.  Must have been a slow local news day in 1957.  Note that GG is mentioned in the final paragraph as a homecoming attendant at Simon Kenton.

Friday, January 27, 2017

1987 MV's Letter -Jan.25

Dear Mom, Dad and Kings –

Are you all watching the super bowl?  I didn't even know it was on today until this morning.

Serena's second letter arrived Tuesd Friday, but other than that, no personal mail.  The Elderhostel catalogs did come.

So far I've spent the night at the college and Diane Allen stayed here Friday and Saturday night we rented a VCR from Corner Shell.  For just under $10, you get the VCR and a free movie.  We saw The Witness, which was very good, and Passage to India.  Either I fell asleep or it was too intellectual, but I got nothing out of Passage to India.

At the Christian Armory Saturday, it was a 4-hour conference where they went through a lot of new music, most of which was geared toward Easter.  We didn't find a concerto we were wild about, so we got about 9 new individual songs and plan to do our own program.

After getting my first pay check Friday, I decided eating out for lunch is too big of an expense, especially 25% of my salary goes to taxes.  I'm sure you people figure it was coming but . . . the life of luxury is fading quickly.

The Advertising manager for Brown publishing had a meeting with us Friday.  We (the 4 in advertising) were handed a non-competition agreement to sign.  It's a contract saying we won't work for any other paper in a 50 mile radius for 2 years after we leave Brown publishing.

The contract itself wasn't fishy, but the guy kept giving us a pep-talk about how great Brown Pub. is and how glad they are that they own the WNJ.  Supposedly the contract/agreement was no big deal, but they wanted them signed right then or by tomorrow morning at the latest.

I think I told you that USA Today returned your call.  Other than that, there's really been nothing on the phone.

Sorry there's not much else new.  I had that Sausage & Sauerkraut with brussel sprouts Wednesday.  From Thursday afternoon on I found out what Sauerkraut does to your body.  Never again!  Hope everything is going well.  Enjoy the warmth.  The snow from Thursday is still on the ground.

Mary Va.

Monday, January 23, 2017

1977 Roberta's Letter -Jan.19

Roberta writes her letter (apparently to John) on the back side of The Trane Home Comfort Center appointment slips.

Hi – So how are you doing in our nation's capitol – I'm going to have my little 12 inch T.V. on all the inauguration stuff & keep my eye out for you.

I think I've written you on this paper before – it's my scrap paper – keep it in my case – I only worked 2 hours today – Freddie didn't give me enough houses – but alot of people weren't home – only got 2 orders – one of my worst days.

Right now we are working an almost all white area – it's alot harder to work – people aren't as nice – very seldom even get invited inside, etc.  But – even though I'm getting fewer orders – the ones I do get are good orders – usually w/right away delivery dates!

So what did you think of the wedding [Cris & Marita] – from the sounds of it – a big production.  Mom said Uncle Bill was really acting like hot stuff!

So what do you think of life in Wash?  Does it appeal to you?  Right now I'm getting the urge to travel – to move on – selling is fun – but not the challenge it was at first.  Just this week I've begun to feel myself get this way – I don't like the feeling – I'm not sure what to do about it – Well – enough about me –––

I had a letter from Zaz [?] she is coming out to see me – just for a weekend – probably in February – that will be exciting!  She will be a Grandma – isn't that hard to believe!  She can fly out here super cheap – her son works for TWA – but she is scared to death to fly.  Can't you just hear her now!!  I really like Zaz – even though we are so basically different.

I start adult education last week of January.  I'm taking Spanish & Auto Mechanics.  Are you laughing?  Maybe then I can help Fred fix the greenmobile – it's been out of function since Christmas – we've been going in either the Buick or Pauline's new car – a 1964 Rambler!

John – I'm sorry I haven't written – here you are my favorite brother & I haven't written you since you left.  No actually I wrote two post cards but I never got them in the mail so I doubt if you got them!!

The 3rd & 5th of the month I had all kinds of deliveries to make – about 20 [or 70?] each time.  The next delivery that will be a good one will be Feb. 1st.

I've started going to the Mormon Church near me – I'd go with the Spears but don't want them to get all excited about me going Mormon.  We have so much we could learn from them.  I've come to several conclusions about them – that the majority of them are really a special kind of people – they have a loving way about them – and they really try to live the commandments.  I've so much I could learn from them.  They have some good qualities – like they are willing to really take a stand against smoking, drinking, drugs, & be proud of their stand.

As for Joseph Smith & the book of Mormon – it has to be 1 of 2 things – the truth or one of the biggest & most imaginative stories around – and I want to – or intend to figure out which!

I'm so glad you brought out my typewriter, calculator, etc.  I've really put them both to use  – so thanks for hauling them out here –

I had a chance to go to Tijuana – you know – cross the border – Mexico tonight w/ some friends.  But I turned down the invitation – once was enough – and I really don't think I want to buy a brown leather jacket w/ strings.  But the Morgans seem very happy w/ theirs.

After you left – Deb, Morgans & I did a few things together.  She got so she never quit talking – wish we (the three of us) could have done more stuff – it's alot like it takes a week to break down all the formalities, etc.  – Maybe at another time & place ––

Have you thought anything about H.G. Farm – as far as canteen goes – so many possibilities – at least we (remember the partnership) have already learned alot from last summer – re soda, sugar candies, etc.  I think we should check out hats, we've got enough post cards.  Now here is the deal  – you do the paperwork for the canteen – 90% of the profit is yours – I'll take the driver salary ($650) – tips – we'll split or keep as given – but we'll share the work – to whatever works out best.  But thing I don't want to do – meet Skip at 1:00 AM in Dover!! HA!

I wrote Mr. Reem – told him we wanted to share jobs – he will give us no hassles.  Between the 2 of us we have 3 years seniority!

Got to go –


WRITE – when you can – Tell Serena hello.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Mary Elizabeth Fawley 1887-1888

  • Mary Elizabeth Fawley 1887-1888 is 2nd cousin to GHU or 2nd cousin twice removed of Horton-Uible cousins.
  • She is related to us through our 2nd great-grandfather Noah Fawley
  • Noah Fawley's younger brother George married Noah's wife's (Sarah Wilkin) niece Rachel Pence
  • This is confusing
  • There are at least forty-four Mary's in our family tree

Mary Elizabeth Fawley was born January 20, 1887 in Hamer Township, Highland County, Ohio, and died at the age of 19 months on August 27, 1888.   She had one sister, Bertha who was born in 1883 and married Lee Williams.

Mary Elizabeth was GHU's second cousin as their grandparents were siblings.  Therefore she would be HH's second cousin once removed and our second cousin twice removed.

GHU's mother, Mary Ellen Fawley Hiestand (1853-1929) was the daughter of Noah Fawley (1824-1914) and Sarah Wilkin (1828-1901).   Noah was the oldest of 12 children of John Fawley (1795-1892) and Mary Hawk Fawley (1804-1865).

Noah's brother, George Washington Fawley (1828-1876) and his wife Rachel Pence (1834-1913) were the parents of eight children, the fifth of which was George W. Fawley (1858-1909) who married Sarah Ollie Webster and were the parents of Mary Elizabeth Fawley.  They lived in New Market, Highland County, Ohio.

Rachel Pence Fawley's mother, Mary Ann Wilkin Pence, was the sister of Sarah Wilkin Fawley, GHU's grandmother.

    Friday, January 20, 2017

    1967 Serena's 12th Birthday

    1967 Serena opening birthday present, Mary Virginia & Roberta look on -Jan.20

    1967 Serena's 12th Birthday - Julia Murphy on left

    Wednesday, January 18, 2017

    1977 Catherine's Letter -Jan.13

    January 13, 1977
    Thursday Evening
    Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

    Thank you for all the letters we have received during the past week – including the one dated Dec. 12.  We are anxious to hear how the big wedding [Cris & Marita] came off, and your trip to and fro.

    We have not been doing too much since John and Debby left.  Roberta was down with a cold for a a few days and I missed one day of work due to some sort of bug.  It seems to be going around.

    We did buy ourselves a new bed.  We got a Ortho Supreme queen size if that means anything to you.  It is quite firm but we have both adjusted to it from the saggy thing that came with the apartment.  We had previously parked our bikes in the bedroom but with the bigger bed we have moved them back to the living room.

    Speaking of bikes, Gerry's has a flat tire.  We were all set to patch it with my tube repair kit which still has a Daye's Hardware sticker on it (I  must have bought it in 1968).  The patch was fine but the glue had all dried out so we're going to have to buy some more rubber cement I guess it is.  Did I mention that we got DeeDee a bike for Christmas, or rather we had one made over that had been her cousins.  She has not yet completely mastered the technique of balancing.

    I had no idea Linda & Barbara Rudisill were in San Diego.  Roberta sad she thought they were in L.A.

    We have been having some work done on the car.  Last week it got a brake job and this week we haven't been driving it as the muffler is about to fall off.  Frank, a guy that works with Gerry and only lives 2 blocks from us has been taking us to work.

    We've given him a ride several times when his wife needed the car or it was in the shop.  We plan to take it to Midas first thing Saturday morning.

    Winter has arrived here in San Diego.  We have had several days of rain and the temperature has gotten down into the 40s.  Not too far away it gets colder than that and I guess the snow starts around 3000'.  Alot of people drive up to the mountains on the weekends to see the snow, go sledding, etc.  We really haven't felt that much desire to see it.

    Hoping to hear from you all again soon –

    Catherine & Gerry

    Monday, January 16, 2017

    1977 Catherine's Letter to John -Jan.13

    Thursday Evening
    January 13, 1977
    Dear John,

    Hi! How are you doing in the big city of Washington?  How much of the inauguration will you get to see?  Please tell Serena "Happy Birthday" for us as we don't have her address.  We will be sending her a card to New Vienna I guess.

    We certainly were sorry you couldn't have stayed in SD longer but we did have a good time while you were here.  Since you and Debby left it doesn't seem like we have done much except work.  Roberta went on Dr. Atkins diet starting January 1 and I guess she has been sticking to it.  Pauline is also on it.  It is a diet where all you can eat is meat and cheese and fish but you can eat as much of that as you like.  Gerry and I tried it and lasted eight days but on the ninth day we went out and had a pizza.

    We went to see "The Enforcer" which is a real blood & guts movie with Clint Eastwood.  A little bit of that goes a long way.  Last Saturday night we went bowling with Roberta.  We bowled three strings and she started out poorly and improved each time.  I did the best I have ever done on the first string which was 112.  I still have a ways to go.  This weekend DeeDee is staying over night on Saturday and we are talking about going to see "Wilderness Family."

    Did you go the big wedding in Philadelphia?  [Cris & Marita] You'll have to write and tell us all about it since we haven't heard.

    We've had to spend some money on the car during the last couple weeks.  Gerry took it in for what we thought was going to be a $39.95 brake job last week and it ended up costing us $117.00.  Now it needs a new muffler. We haven't driven it since Tuesday since the old muffler could fall off at any time.  Frank, the guy who works with Gerry has been taking us to work.  We're going to take it to Midas first thing Saturday morning.

    Will you be able to ride back to Ohio with Serena or does she leave before you?  When will you be back in Granville?

    We will be waiting for our first hand report of the inauguration.

    Catherine & Gerry

    Saturday, January 14, 2017

    1967 Catherine, MV, John, Serena in rocker -Jan.14

    Captioned: 1-14--67 (John had just had haircut).  Catherine, Mary, John, Serena.  We had been to Barnesville, Ohio today.  Charles Lord went with us.  

    Thursday, January 12, 2017

    1987 Catherine's Letter to John -Jan.12

    Dear John & X,

    Hi!  Thanks for your letter and the McD. coupons.  We always enjoy free food!  There is a McDonald's in Moscow.

    We had a good time in Maine.  Sanford seemed alot busier – more shopping centers, restaurants and lots of traffic.

    Haven't heard anything yet concerning the job I applied for in Tempe.  If we move it will probably be to the Phoenix area.  Our second choice would be Oregon.  Or possibly something will turn up for Gerry in this area.

    Thanks again for the coupons and hope you have a Happy New Year!


    P.S.  See you in April 1988 if not before!

    Wednesday, January 11, 2017

    1977 Joe's Letter -Jan.11

    January 11, 1977
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    Dear Uncle Harold, Aunt Jean & Mary V. –

    I enjoyed your Christmas letter which arrived this week.  It takes at least 2 weeks to get a letter from the States, you know.  I also heard from Cathy and Gerry too.

    I moved out to the desert around the 23rd of Dec.  I'm now in a 2-room apartment about 10 kilometers from Jeddah.  A bus takes me to school each morning and then brings me back home again.  The nearest habitation to my Motel-6 home is a cement factory – Occasionally there are camels that pass by on their way to munch on the the garbage the construction workers throw away near our building.

    Last weekend I, two other Americans and a Jordanian drove to the mountains of Taif and spent a day there.  Beautiful desert sands and rocky mountains.  The city is on a plateau about 6,000 feet above sea level.  It was cold – we visited the souk and then took our lunch out to a Waadi and had a picknick.  The area looks like a typical Biblical scene – barren rock – a few shrubs, sheep and camels.  It was really a nice day.

    You asked about Tunisia – I highly recommend it.  We spent a few days in Tunis and then went to the holy city of Kairouan.  We also visited Sousse which is very touristy – lots of hotels there along the beaches – much like Miami Beach.  There is a lot to do there (in Tunis), a lot to see.  The weather during the months of Nov. Dec. was ideal.  I stayed at a Hotel called Tunisia Palace on Avenue Carthage – right downtown for practically nothing.  I saw 2 art exhibits, bought a rug and met some very interesting people – One was an art teacher at the Art Institute there – Tunisia reminded me a lot of Dakar, Senegal because, I guess, of the French language and their influence on the people.  I thought Egypt was a big tourist trap but nevertheless, it really is an interesting country.  I loved Florence, Italy.

    I now work a 40 hour week – That doesn't give me much time to paint, play tennis and meet people, does it.  I work on my Arabic everyday.  It's really a challenge!

    I miss Senegal so much but the nostalgia isn't so bad now because I'm learning more and more about where I am and I'm growing to like it.  May you be blessed with the happiest of New Years ––

    Love, Joe –– Thanks for your letters!

    Tuesday, January 10, 2017

    1987 Catherine's Letter -Jan.12

    Monday, January 12, 1987
    Dear Mother, Dad & Mary Virginia,

    Hi!  This is the first time I've used the typewriter since I got it back from the repair shop (had to get a new motor belt) -- seems to be working well.  I've been thinking about getting a new one.  Just saw one advertised recently that can also be used as a computer printer.

    We got your "new year's" letter last week with the Jane Brody clipping, thanks.  Also appreciated your phone call and of course the Christmas package.  We have been using the scented hot pad.  Those are nice matching watches that you sent Gerry and me.   Cute necklace for Wendy also.  We appreciate the $$ very much too!

    I got my birthday card and check from Grandma today so she is on the ball.  Also included was our Christmas check (for 1986) and a letter of apology from Aunt Mary for "forgetting" us!

    Also in today's mail was a letter from "Focus on the Family" informing us that you are giving us a gift subscription.  I am familiar with some of Dobson's books so looking forward to the "materials and magazine" they say I will receive soon.

    We have been enjoying the Betty Crocker items from Mary V.  Gerry fixed the pasta salad last week and it was quite tasty.  We checked the store here in Colfax and they don't carry it but do carry little foil dressing mixes for pasta salad.  We may try one of them next as we both like pasta salad.  Wendy and I looked through the Buffet cookbook yesterday.  Some very fancy sounding (and terrific looking) recipes.  We'll have to stock up on some more ingredients.  We all ate plenty while we were on vacation so have been trying to eat "lighter" since we have returned home.

    Saw where there was a snowstorm in the midwest -- did that hit you?  The ground remains bare here with temperatures in the 20ºs.  Road conditions have been good.  Only two more months until spring!

    Storytime is back in swing at the library.  I only had 12 for my 10:00 session lasts week but then had 42 at 11:00 so I think several mothers were just running late!  The after-school session for school age is going fairly well.  I try to get volunteers to bring snacks and it seems like the same ones are doing it all the time so I'm trying to track down the parents of those who come regularly and haven't "volunteered."  I did booktalks at the Troy (13 miles east of Moscow) elementary school last Friday.  The 6th grade girls there have a "Storytellers Group" and they read to the younger classes.

    Wendy and I are both enjoying the keyboard -- we play lots of duets with one of us playing the melody and the other the chords.  She has been practicing her hand positions and fingering.  I am impressed with its variety of rhythms and instruments.

    Always glad to hear from you . . . .

    Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

    P.S.  Forgot to mention I did call Aunt Harriett who was very vague about Roger & his wife.  (She wouldn't tell me her name or whether she was from Sanford.)  She did take my # though and Roger called a couple days later.  Both Roger & Harriett said to give you their regards.  (His wife's maiden name was Thompson – she's 11 year's younger than Roger so also younger than Gerry.)

    [Roger's wife would be Betty and she is from Sanford.  Aunt Harriett Cochran Ballantyne, 1908-1990.  Roger, 1943-2008.]

    Sunday, January 08, 2017

    1967 Uible Weekly News(paper) -Jan.9

    The date in the newsline of this edition of the Uible Weekly News is incorrect (should be 1967, not 1968 – which can be determined by the dates of the sporting events, and the trip to Barnesville).  Great glimpse of home life in 1967!

    Friday, January 06, 2017

    2007 Wendy & KC -Jan.

    2007 Wendy & baby KC (1 month old) - Jan.

    Wednesday, January 04, 2017

    1987 Family Letter -Jan.4

    Sunday, January 4, 1987

    Dear Family:

    The Christmas things are put away and we have the new calendars in place.  The tax forms and the seed catalogs have come in the mail and we can begin to see the hours of daylight growing.

    We are enjoying having M.V. home with us, she is a big help around the house.  Serena has completed moving from Chicago to Bloomington, IN. and will be home this week before her school starts.  Our thoughts will be with the Morgans today as they fly from Boston to Spokane.  John and X were going to northern Ohio this weekend and we wonder how much snow they had.  NV ended up having none of the storm.  Roberta is sending us plenty of information about bike rides.  She sent us a clipping on "Americans are dedicated to fitness, and to parking as close to the stadium as possible."  The enclosed clipping is last Wednesday's weekly health column from the NYT.

    In the Upper Room on Jan. 1st they talked of the motto: "Fifty-seven rules for making a success":  1. Deliver the goods.  2.  Never mind the other fifty-six.

    [Love. etc. ]

    Monday, January 02, 2017

    1967 John's Thank You letter -Jan.3

    College Street
    New Vienna, Ohio
    January 3, 1967
    Dear Mom and Dad,

    Thank you for the electric train.  I have a lot of fun with it.  I like to put sticks in the green car.  I really like it.

    Your son,

    Items from Uible photo album