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1954 Jean's Letter -Oct.31

1954 Jean's Letter to her mother, first and last page -Oct.31
Oct. 31, 1954
Dearest Mother,

Harold got home last night (Saturday) about 6:00.  Catherine was invited to a Halloween party at Laura Louise Hughes' – her sister Karen was entertaining her class (5th grade) & we were invited too – There were 20 fifth graders – Karen's brother Kenny, sister Laura Louise, Catherine & Roberta & four couples – John & Laura Hughes, Jean & Joe Eaton (parents of Karen's best friend, Mr & Mrs. King (she's their teacher) and us.

They had quite a good time & kept them busy keeping the children busy.  They're quite an active class.

By the way, Harold had originally planned to be away two weeks but because of some pressing legal affairs decided to come home in a week so we were glad to have him home sooner.

Tomorrow night is the Mother's Club affair – & we're planning on going again.  Its to Cincinnati & we think its to the Beverly Hills – a nightclub across the river in Covington, Ky.  So far there will be about 15 or 16 couples going – for dinner, floor show & dancing.

Florence Masters brought me down a fancy blue taffeta blouse (jacket) with pretty buttons which I plan to wear with the Velveteen skirt of Virginia's.  I had loaned her sister that black wool jersey when she needed it.

The same day Florence brot it – Laura Hughes came with a navy blue 2 pc. dress she had made for her #5. [Referring to maternity clothes, Tim is about a year older than Serena.]  I've worn it a couple of times.  I really have so many clothes to pick from now!!

Mother & Daddy Uible are going to keep the girls overnight so that simplifies our baby-sitting problem.

We're taking the Eatons and Hauses tomorrow nite and the next day is Election Day –– and I should be busy getting the Republican voters out – I'll probably have a hard enough time getting myself out – of bed after being up late.

Mother Uible is having the WSCS next Friday. She's not supposed to be the hostess but the original one can't have it & she's on the committee so offered.

Alice Rudisill invited us up for lunch last Thursday while Harold was away.  She had a very nice lunch & offered to take care of Catherine & Roberta while I went to a Stanley Party but decided not to try to do both & just went there for lunch.

We are tentatively planning to leave for Florida combining business & pleasure – about Monday, Nov. 15 & if you can arrange to go, would love to have you.  Harold hopes to also go to New Orleans and as I've never been am looking forward to going.

Roberta tries to talk more & more – love her "cocoa in a coffee cup" & will really fight for it if necessary. She's wearing the coat you gave Catherine a couple of years ago – she really looks nicer it it than C did & Mary Jean's coat does look very nice on Catherine & they're both as proud as can be of them.

Catherine was quite upset that we went to the party with her last night – she wanted us to just take her out & come out after her.  She & Laura Louise did real well in taking part in the games but I don't imagine the 5th graders appreciated them too much.

The first issue of McCalls just came the October [issue] and I enjoyed finishing the story about the couple who adopted 12 children.

Guess I'd better get to bed early since tomorrow will be a big day.

All our very best love,
Harold Jean, Catherine & Roberta

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1984 Roberta - Oct.31

Roberta is dressed for a Halloween party at Senior Village - Oct. 31, 1984
1984 Roberta dressed for Halloween - Oct.31

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1984 - Angela Horton, Jean, Harold

Cris and Angela came to visit for the last weekend in October 1984 – to see Grandma before she left for Florida and to help celebrate Dad's Birthday.
1984 - Angela Horton, Jean, Harold celebrating HH's 59th Birthday

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1984 Gladys Hiestand Uible

Looking Good – Grandma is ready to celebrate Dad's birthday!
1984 Gladys Hiestand Uible

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1984 Family Letter -Oct.21

Sunday -       
Oct. 21, 1974
Dearest Family,

There are plenty of things to do today but none very enticing especially the way the weather is outside.  It is rainy and cool!  Saw on the news where Spokane had a record low of 18º - the low in the country for two straight days !  Hope the Morgans are keeping warm and not upset by the weather for the plans for their weekend.  As I recall they were going to Madras to visit so may not have even been in the area for the cold spell.

Cris and Angela are to come to visit Grandma this coming weekend arriving on Friday and leaving Monday so hope they see some pretty leaves or rather color on the hills on their way.

Roberta has called us twice and left a message on the recorder saying nothing especially new - we called her and she wasn't there but did get to talk to Sid - Roberta had taken a group of the Senior Villagers to see "Jesus Christ Superstar" with free tickets which she had been given.  They are busy getting newsletters out for the two groups - Sid's retired federal employees of AZ and the Senior Village.  They do his production jobs on both can't let up on the precedence.

Thurs or rather Friday I went to Columbus with a group and attended the combined meeting of OLA and OELMA - Ohio Library Assoc. and Ohio Educational Media Library Assoc. which had a number of authors and roundtables.  I did enjoy hearing Marjorie Sharmat, Robert Cormier, Bette Green and Jim Trelease speak.  The latter has a book - Read Aloud Handbook and was extremely interesting.  The others were authors promoting their books but giving a little background and answering questions, etc.  Charles Kuralt spoke at the banquet.  Dad came up Friday night and we staying at the new Capitol Hyatt - think we stopped there with Roberta, Serena and Wendy the day Wendy arrived.  We checked it our for R. Reagen who is to arrive there and stay tomorrow night during his stay in Columbus.

Another highlight of the trip was a long chat on the phone with son John thanks to the Park Nat. Bank hotline from Col. to Newark.  Luckily he was working Sat. am when I called.  We are planning on going to John and X's for Thanksgiving.  Grandma may leave that same weekend for Florida so we may combine trips if it works out ok.  It will seem strange not having the family here so hope X will let us do something toward the dinner or turkey or something.  The last time we weren't home was when we went to Dayton to have dinner with the Bruces - Roberta came home unexpectedly that weekend from Barnesville - Catherine was a freshman at Kalamazoo & not with us for the first time, as I recall.  So it must have been 1967.

Dad and I had a nice lunch at a mall in Upper Arlington, a beautiful suburb of Columbus - stopped to see the UA library (impressed) and drove past Dad's old girlfriend's home - she lives in UA.  VERY nice neighborhood - I couldn't convince him to stop though their front door was open but didn't see Plummy or hubby in the yard.

Got home in time to take G'ma to the annual Halloween Carnival at the school.  Had supper there and saw the parades of various ages of masked contestants.  Only one adult in that age group was willing to parade though some others wore or had been masked - one I hadn't recognized was the minister of the NV Church of Christ.

I know the mail is slow but anxious to hear about the Horton's trip to Mexico -their first Elderhostel experience.  Hope it goes well for G'ma will then decide whether she wants to aixe [??] south of the border on her next trip.

The picture that Mary Virginia had taken in Newark turned out real well and she gave us a 5x7 and a couple of wallet sized ones.  In case you had forgotten that is our request for the year & she is running ahead of schedule.  She also gave us the tests [s]he has taken in her LOGIC course and know that I'd fail it but sounds fascinating.

[Love to all, etc.]

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1984 Mary Uible Horton Mexico postcards -Oct.14,21,23

Colossal Olmec head. Upper Preclassic. Olmec Culture. Gulf Coast Hall. (Mexico) National Museum of Anthropology Postcard mailed 1984
1984 MUH Mexico postcard to Uibles -Oct.14
Oct. 14 – Sun. – Market Day Tapoztlan – Morellos
Hi!  Experiment in International Living (we're the 2nd group) so we are part of the experiment!!  38 in group --- all well educated & most interesting people. "Tepot" is located in the hills -- Beautiful scenic place.  Weather perfect!  A lot going on every day.  Cobble stone every where.  Tour Cathedral & convent on Mon. Lv for home-stay Wed.  Survival Spanish this A.M. [Museum of Anthropolgy:] Great!  Saw the "Head" there!  Happy Birthday H.H.!!!  Love – M&B

El Festival de Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. The Festival at Tepoztlan.  Postcard mailed 1984. Foto por Mark Turok
1984 MUH Mexico postcard to GHU -Oct.21
Oct. 21st Sun.
Dear Mother:
No way to explain this trip on a post card!!  We are staying in a large house over the owners store – w/3 maids & 5 daughters – 3, 15 & three in their 20's.  The weather super.  Sat thru a Catholic Mass, all in Spanish.  All kind of 'trspt.' problems this wk!  (Open truck).  We leave Wed. for Cuernavaca.  We've seen beautiful hills & flowers, pyramids, churches, etc.  Taking us thru Cigar Factory tomorrow.  Quite a language barrier.  Hope you are well!  Bill has a cold + 7 others – me & 3 others okay!!  Love, Mary & Bill

Detaille Colonial de la Parroquia de San Francisco. Tenancingo, Mexico.  Postcard mailed 1984. Foto: Salvador Fematt
1984 MUH Mexico postcard to GHU -Oct.23
Oct. 23 -'84 –
Dear Mother: I have been on enough dusty, cobble stoned roads to do me for a lifetime!!  Today we're going to a Health "Spa" – Mineral Hot Springs - - mud bath, etc. (we're going to see the flowers, etc.  Some say it is very pretty) Big time, Sat. Nite, our hostess took us to a Line [or Lion or Live?] dance.  2 Bands -- mostly Mexican music.  I danced some w/ a young man in our group.  Turned out Bill was a guest of honor!  He escorted one of the seven "[???]."  We were introduced to Pres. & wives from different districts, Mex.  This is a trip to remember!  Love, Mary & Bill

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1964, 1974 John writes 100% - Oct.

First grade (or more likely Second? – seems advanced for October of first grade) and Exeter Academy – two writings from John, ten years apart  I'm wondering why he got a 100 on the dictation paper and yet that only earned him an A-.  Bit late to be questioning the teacher, though Norma Allen (if it was second grade) has a fairly good memory.  Transcription of the 1974 letter follows.  Makes me wonder what happen on June 20, 1974 in Cleveland.  

Oct. 20, 1974
Dear Dad,

It is your birthday again and I wish I could be with you to celebrate it.

Even though I am farther away from you and mom this year your expressions of love to me have made it seem that we are closer together than ever before.  It is much easier for me to face each day knowing that I have a wonderful family and especially parents who really care about me.

You have always been so generous and set a fine example for me.  I will never forget the day we spent together on June 20 of this year in Cleveland.  I know of no other person in all the world who could have remained so calm and acted in such a respectable manner as you did, Dad.

Your state of success and consideration of others are just two of your fine qualities which I truly admire and have hopes of attaining some day.

Well, I must close.  "Happy Birthday" and "Thank you."

Your son,

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1984 Roberta's Letter -Oct.19

October 19, 1984
Dear Mom & Dad,

Thanks for your long letter – got it yesterday – glad to get caught up on all the family news.  Sounds like I better be saving some $ - for the deal I made with Mary Virginia – tho at this point I'm not sure what it was!

Yesterday we were in Mesa for the day – NARFE luncheon – that lasted 2½ hours.  Long program – a Citizens Against Crime – speaker who also just happened to be selling tear gas in key chains or home containers. Lots of people ordered the stuff.  Then after the program & sales pitch for tear gas there was the regular meeting – including election of officers.  It was too long of a meeting - about half were semi-asleep by the end of the meeting.

I'm now down at the office – for a meeting that was suppose to start at 9:00 prompt – it's now 9:45 – and the gal who is supposed to be charge of the meeting isn't here yet – sure is frustrating!  Yesterday we were to go to Mesa at 10:00 AM & someone was suppose to be at Sr. Village at 9:00 AM.

Now Tuesday AM – will write more later –

Love, R–––

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1974 Roberta's Letter -Oct.18

   Oct. 18, 1974
Dear Family,

Thanks for all the letters . . . . . got one both yesterday and today from you all and one yesterday from Grandma.  I got a nice letter from Catherine today . . . . . I wish I had a Watts line to use!  Speaking of telephone calls . . . . . we haven't heard from C.W. since he went to Canada, maybe he can't use their phone like he could in Phila; and he's not a letter writer.

Today was some day at work!!!!  First of all, my alarm went off as usual at quarter of five (that sounds much better than 4:45), then I made that fatal mistake of turning it off and laying back down.  But, somehow at twenty of six I jumped up and realized what had happened.  I was down at work by just a little bit past 6:05.  (I should be there by six)  Well, the electric went off down there about eight o'clock p.m. and they had to close the place up last night . . . . so when I got there all the lights were on, the meat slicer going full steam, piles of dirty dishes, and bunches of tickets from the night before.  It was alot like last week when the register jammed up on them.

To add to all of this, I couldn't get the safe unlocked.  I kept trying the combination; which usually gives me no trouble.  I tried to get ahold of the manager to find out what had happened; but he had taken his phone off the hook--guess he was up till 2:30 this morning with the electric company getting the electric back in the restaurant.  Finally all the waitresses and myself got our money together and made up our own bank to start out with.  Before too long after that, Ben the manager called and said that combination had been changed, and he had forgotten to tell me.  Oh, did I tell you that someone stole about 60 pounds of steaks the other night.  Or at least that is when they were discovered gone.  So now all the keys were changed, etc.  They are - I think - trying to flame it off on the manager; but I don't know about that!

Also this morning the one coffee machine semi-blew up.  That was quite dramatic.  It actually broke out into flames, then steamed real bad for about an hour after that!

Dad, I'm glad you are sending me that book on old constitutional law.  I need all the help I can get.  I've never taken such a time consuming course in all my college days.  I called up Judge Douglas the other day about getting ahold of some of those court cases . . . . . prior to this I had called the County law library about their hours . . . . but of course they are only open when I'm either at school or work.  So Judge Douglas was very nice . . . . said he would see that I could use the library or something be worked out . . . . . also said to tell you hello.  I think Uncle Bill was upset that I didn't go through him, to get ahold of Judge Douglas . . . he didn't think I should have bothered him myself.  I was hoping he would have some of the cases in his own library (or whatever) but he said he didn't have any of those ancient cases.  Then the next day at school I was talking to a guy in my class who said he could get ahold of the cases through Dad County Law Library and I told him (he offered) to get me a copy of them too.

I called up the health service at school today about the insurance bill and she said she had a copy of the check that was to Miami Valley hospital.  She said to ignore the letter, that 517.00 had been paid. But that still means we owe them something more.

I had my eyes tested yesterday for glacoma--no glaucoma.  I had started getting (having) my eyes to water, etc; so went in the health service about it.  (it's free)  So they told me to come back yesterday and have my eyes tested for glaucoma.  Anyway it came out negative so that is good.  They gave me a little hand-out about it all . . . . . which said I should minimize stress and strain and not drink too much tea or coffee.  Does that sound at all familiar to anyone????  I do drink alot of tea at work . . . . . especially when I work nights.  I think I know why I've been having troubles with my eyes . . . . . too much darn reading for this political science course.

We are having the second proficiency exam and also midterm this coming Thursday.  I hope that book makes it here before then.  ha, ha.

I'm happy to hear that you all are making plans to come to Florida at Christmas.  The Hortons said not to make reservations for you all but I think it would be for the best; since there will be five of you; also since you are planning on staying for a week or so.

I had a business test Thursday; think I did pretty good; at least hope so.  I do want to do good in one course this quarter . . . . . and since I'm only taking two . . . . . my business course has to come through for me!!!

We all ate out at Bonanza Steak place tonight.  The Hortons are entertaining about eight people (all playing bridge) so Aunt Mary didn't want to cook, etc.

Grandma, it is fine that you fly into Fort Lauderdale.  I will gladly come down and get you, also I know it would be fine with the Hortons.  If you would come down on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon -- after 4:30 I could just go from school to the airport to meet you -- which wouldn't be that far.  But, do whatever works out best for all of you.

Rob started his job with the school yesterday.  Guess he is grading 4th grade achievement tests.  He seems to enjoy it and it;s a good way to make some money too.  It is just a temporary job . . . . but is suppose to last through November anyway.

Somebody must be after the hub-caps on the Buick.  A couple of weeks ago I noticed one was gone; then last week noticed that another one was gone.  I think that might have been taken down at work . . . .  at night . . . . so now I've started parking the car right near me, so I can look outside and check on it . . . . . also it's right under a bit light.

Ranch House used to give free drinks and all meals half price to all police, highway patrol, etc.  Then Delray Beach got a new Police chief and he made the rounds of all restaurants and said "NO MORE."  This was all done up in the papers, etc.  I met [meant] to save out the articles, but of course forgot too.

I better close . . . . hello to Serena and John in your next letter to them.  I owe them both letters, also Catherine.  I'll try and get out short letters to them tomorrow.  Maybe at work . . . . . unless I have another day like today!!!

Love, Berta

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1984 MV news clipping -Oct.16

Miss Virginia Uible is identified as second from left in this picture of the good-looking members of the Christian Women's Club from a Wilmington News-Journal clipping dated 10-16-84.

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1954 Jean's Letter -Oct.17

1954 Jean's letter to her mother -October 17
Sunday –      
Oct. 17, 1954

Dearest Mother,

The weather certainly has changed here compared to last week.  Guess we sent yo a not with Catherine's picture she drew last Thursday.

Played canasta that night with Connie Smith's club.  She entertained at the General Denver (she never knows when she may have to cancel if she plans to entertain at home).  It was real nice but I can't get excited about Canasta.  They have 12 members (3 tables) and each table played for 1 hour and then the high ones move on & that way they don't play too late.  We only got in 2 rounds.

Yesterday Catherine complained of a toothache so Dr. Hause worked her in – said she had a loose filling & fixed it up.  Afterwards we went to Hillsboro to see Uncle Harry.  He fell two weeks ago and after 3 or 4 days of agony finally let the doctor look him over.  He (doctor) wanted him to go to the hospital for x-rays – felt he had cracked a few ribs & possibly injured his collarbone.  He refused to go but is feeling quite a bit better.  We got some groceries (over $23.00 worth).  They were having a sale on hamburger so got 8 pounds and also on lamb (got 2 legs of lamb and some loin chops).  We had one of the legs today and it was delicious.

During the night or rather early this morning, Catherine again began to complain of a tooth ache.  Off and on til time for Sunday School.  We knew we'd see Dr. Hause there and he often sees patients from 11 to 12 on appointment so made arrangements to have him look at it then.  There we discovered that the wrong tooth had been refilled yesterday.  Catherine had thought she had told him the right one yesterday.

Anyhow he fixed it temporarily & wants to hear how it is tomorrow & see it on Tuesday.  It hurt alot this morning but after she got home she began to feel better & has ever since – even managed to pull the cotton filling out & I had a heck of a time getting it back in with [out] the proper dental tools – finally managed with an orange [?] stick & haven't heard a thing since & guess she has gone to sleep.

Harold is planning a two week trip beginning next Monday (25th) out to Kansas City, Oklahoma, etc. & back home by Nov. 6th.

Then about the 15th of November we may take off for Florida – hoping you will plan to go along.  Harold wants to go to New Orleans – in fact as far as Dallas, Texas –– don't know whether we will go with him or wait in Florida or what – These places are all tentative but we do hope you'll plan on joining us.

Also wish you'd keep us company while Harold is away these coming two weeks.  I have never minded it so much til the last time he went for a week & it seemed ages.  I didn't have anything good to read and the evenings really hung heavy.  This time it will be Halloween week and we'll be barraged by masked faces calling "Trick or Treat!"  How about keeping us company – we'd love to have you.

Roberta is talking more & more altho not putting words into sentences yet but she's trying hard.  She's really Dutch in her talk & Catherine is able to understand her far better than the rest of us.  She has her own words for everything.

I baked a big pumpkin pie & two little ones yesterday which I thought were very good.  Mother Uible sent down a deep apple pie so we really had the desserts this weekend and I doubt if  I've lost an ounze. onze? sp?

Harold is to go to a Republican dinner tomorrow night so we may dine on the town – perhaps at Masters – the girls think its quite a treat – I put some vegetable soup in the freezer Thursday & I think it very good but they had had it two meals & tired of it – Catherine that is; Roberta loves it like all vegetables.

All our very best love,
Harold, Jean, Catherine & Roberta

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1984 Roberta's postcard to GHU -Oct.17

Arizona State Capitol postcard mailed 1984. Captioned: State Capitol Building and Capitol Complex, Phoenix, Arizona.  Constructed of Arizona tufa stone, the original building was dedicated February 25, 1901.  Built on donated grounds at a cost of $135,744.29.  The land donated was an inclusion in the agreement when the Territorial Capitol was moved from Prescott.  The first addition to the building was made in 1918, another in 1939, and finally, the two front wings in 1960.  The entire copper roof, which weighs 13 tons and is valued at $50,000 was donated by the Arizona Mining Association.  The dome, which is Tedlar covered, will remain bright and shiny indefinitely.  The other buildings in the area are part of the Capitol Complex.
[10/17/1984 postmarked]
Hi Grandma –
It has turned COLD here – so I've got on layers of clothes!  We have tickets (FREE) to see the play Jesus Christ Superstar – about 10 residents of Sr. Village going – hope they enjoy it!  Talked w/ Wendy Jean – she can sure talk – sounds so grown up!  Love, Roberta

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1984 Scotland postcard from HH, Jean -Oct.2

First thought was that this postcard was mailed from Glasgow on 20th or 21st of October 1984.  But history tells us that the ElderHostel trip in the British Isles ended in early October as a trip to Michigan and Canada with the Goodings took place before mid-October 1984.  

Scotland postcard mailed 1984. Captioned: Scotland contains a variety of scenery and interest unsurpassed anywhere in the British Isles.  It is a land famous for its rolling hills and beautiful fishing rivers, colourful little towns and villages, long sea lochs and picturesque harbours.  Between the Firths of Clyde and Forth lie Scotland's splendid capital, Edinburgh, and its commercial capital, Glasgow.  Many towns such as Linlithgow and Stirling are reminders of Scotland's stormy history for centuries.
1984 Scotland postcard from HH, Jean to Morgans -Oct.2
[10/2/84 postmarked]
[Written by HH]  Dear Morgans - Thanks for your 2nd letter to us in Europe.  We know your library job hunt will have a happy ending.  The libraries here are very nice.  Met two women who went to Pullman to college but said they don't have any "pull" there now.  Will be interested in seeing the books recommended in "A Lifetime Reading."
[Written by Jean]  At least 3 men in our group are going up Sunday to St. Andrews to see the British National.  Am sure Uncle Bill would have if he had the chance.  Really appreciate your letter – you've been most faithful.  Did get letter from G'ma here.  Anxious to hear about interview.  Much love, Dad & Mother.

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1984 Family Letter -Oct.14

Sunday -             
October 14, 1984
Dearest Family-

Dad is taking a nap, Joe and Barbara Dailey who are visiting are watching the football game on TV so thought I'd try to get a letter started since we haven't been too good at writing lately and others are doing extremely well.

Joe and Barbara arrived Friday early afternoon - luckily I had worked that morning but didn't need to go back in the afternoon.  Mary Virginia stopped by with a girl friend that evening just as we were ready to go visit Grandma so was glad to get to visit with her - the first we had seen her in quite awhile.  She is looking real good - it really shows in her hips.  Roberta, I think she is trying to meet your deadline of Thanksgiving.  I don't know what the incentive was but it sure must have been a good one.

We went to an auction yesterday morning at a private home near Lake Cowan - the house and car went for less than I thought but the personal items which took forever to sell were mixed.  I wished that I had bid on a pressure cooker that looked like new that went for $3.  Joe bought a sturdy typing table and Dad a bookcase which were both reasonable.  The '73 Cadillac which needed quite a few things done to it - radiator and battery to name a few went for $1300 - the house for $36,000.  The worst part of it is the fact that you can't get out when the weather gets bad.  It is at the end of a private road.

We saw a little of the Wilmington College Homecoming Parade and then went to Duffs' - first time we had been there in years but Joe said that he likes smorgasbords.  We did have plenty to eat and then went to see Wilmington play Bluffton College in football.  It was a beautiful afternoon and we sat on the sunny side so got some sunburn.  Wilmington College does have new bleachers which we hadn't seen.  Went out to see the beaver pond behind Auburn Methodist Church but no sign of life there at all - no people or beavers - water level was down about 2 or 2½ so perhaps they have deserted the place - at least there was no sign of life there.

We had planned to go to Kings Island either yesterday or today but called and found that they had closed it til Thanksgiving when they open for Winterfest.  Mary Virginia was selling tickets at the game so did get to see her again - looked over Hermann Court while at the college too.

This morning Joe and Barbara went to the Catholic Church in New Vienna and then came to the Methodist Church.  Joe remembers so much about being here the last time was 17 years ago and said he and Tom went to mass there and then to our church.  They plan to leave here tomorrow though Hoe is trying to talk Barbara into staying until Tuesday.  The mornings are so foggy so hard to encourage them that way.

Real sorry we missed your calls Catherine, Wendy and Roberta but glad to have you leave a message on the recorder - thanks to Serena's still having it there.  We will miss it and may replace it when she wants it back.  We did get to talk to Wendy and Catherine early for them (6:20 AM) Saturday.  We had a message to call Serena when we got back from Michigan and glad to hear she is in her apartment and getting settled.  Her new address is Apt.610, 9xx West Winona, Chicago, IL 60640 and her phone number is 312-334-5569.  We couldn't believe that we had 23 calls on record though some people hadn't left a message & a couple of people had called twice trying to reach us.

Before I forget to tell you, Linda Hughes Wilson passed away a week ago.  She was 43 and leaves two little girls.  It is sad for she was so talented.  She and her husband lived in Williamstown, Ky below Cincinnati I believe.  Laura and John were at church this morning but I just spoke to her very briefly.  I suppose all the family including Weegie got here for the funeral.

We had a nice letter from John this past week, and he wanted us to thank each of you for remembering his birthday.  Since Park National Bank bought the Fairfield Nat. Bank in Lancaster he may be driving down there a day or two a week to develop some trust business there.  He has mixed feelings about that - and I imagine even more so when the weather is not too good.  I can't think of anyone we know there but perhaps someone will come to mind - especially since Dad knows many of the commissioners now.  We can almost count the days he has left going to the courthouse for the Mondays and Thursdays.  The last social fling and business for the commissioners too is in Columbus the 2nd week of December.  If D.M. Fife weren't the illustrious president of the state group, Dad would probably not go at all.  (D.M. is one of the Clinton Co. Com.)

Ruth Shoemaker is moving to Prairie View Apartments in Wilmington as soon as there is a vacancy as the doctor wants here to be someplace there are no steps and she will have running water.  It is hard to believe she lived out by the Colliers all those years without that convenience.  Dad says the Colliers told him this morning it would be this coming week or next.  I think she will enjoy it there.

Serena, Luther Warren was married there or at the church Sept. 30.  Luther is the grandfather of friends of hers.  He is 93 and married a woman 78 and it really gives the residents there something to talk about.  Dad told some of them that they were just jealous which stirred them up even more.

Joe and Barbara were so excited that they could get to see their favorite team the Washington Redskins play the Dallas Cowboys on TV this afternoon.  It turned out really pretty but don't think they could be dragged away til its too late to do much.

Your Mother has done well in covering activities.  Yes, we got along fine with the Goodings on our trip into Ontario, including the 300 mils of train ride from S. St. Marie, was 8º above zero there.  The trees were gorgeous and the civilization of Mackinac Island looked even better.  The Grand Hotel there was very grand (it will be 100 years old in 1987) with a four poster canopy bed AND modern plumbing.  There are no cars on the island.

The Hortons are now in Mexico . . . next week will be in a private home in Mexico City and we hope that they really do enjoy it, and not have any experiences like John did.

Betty Thompson is retiring from the bank at the end of 1984, so then it will be all new faces here in N.V.  Tom Brumley is now selling monuments in Wilmington (the old Miller's Bakery location) for his son-in-law, Lee Carey . . . so no job is really secure.  That's one plus for the law business in having such a wide spectre of clients . . . we are not getting all the "boilerplate" on memory in the computer which will make it easier.  The rubber ball business at Wells remains bright, but imports have hurt the other items.  Phyllis and her husband have gone to California for two weeks to visit his brother there.  Think this is their first trip west of Ohio.

Grandma is getting ready to host her Sunday School class for their annual meeting.  She has been an avid follower of the TV political debates tho we will all be glad when the election is past tense.

Roberta, ask us if she should start saving her $ for your goal?  We had 1 of your pizzas for suppers.  How was Russellville?

Love, Mother & Dad

Sunday, October 12, 2014

1974 Roberta's Letter -Oct.12

October 12, 1974
Dear Family,

Hi!  just got done having dinner and everyone is busy watching the World Series--at least I think that is whats on.  I should be studying but I told myself I could study after I get some letters written--it should be the other way around!

I did not pass the proficiency exam--I got 21 out of 35 and you had to get 85% or 29 of them right.  But, I didn't feel too bad at all because out of about 60 people only four men passed it--and they are all cops--so they have the edge on us anyway!  I hope to be able to pass it the next time--which will be in about two weeks.

I got you alls letter--- I think the same day I mailed one to you.  How does the nes doctor seem?  I can't imagine someone living in New Vienna who has written a book!  It worked out nice for them to get the hosue that Drakes used to live in.

that is some news about Larry Martin getting married!!!  All this time living at home he should have been able to save up a bundle  HA.  How are the records selling, Mary Virginia?  Howmuch do they cost?  I'd buy one if you had been there to sing--ho, hum.

Thursday when I got your letter I also got a letter from John, and thanks Mary V. for yours.  Also we had a letter from Grandma Thursday--we really hit the jackpot!

I worked today--6:00 to 4:00---and really walked into a mess this morning.  Guess the cash register jammed up lats night about ten o'clock or so; so the night woman wasn't able to close out or nothing.  When I got there I had to get the register straightened out; then ring up all her tickets from last night, then do the paperwork from yesterday.  Before I could do anything on my own this morning.  It was almost nine o'clock A.M. before I rung up my first ticket this morning.  But everything finally got all worked out.  My manager was down there this morning taking inventory--it has to be taken every two weeks to see how we're doing budget wise.  It's unbelievable--every tea bag has to be counted!  I'm anxious to find out tomorrow how we did.  Suppose to have Sundays off-but I weakened and said I would work tomorrow night.  The night cashier is quitting--guess her husband doesn't want her to work nights anymore now that he got transferred to a day job himself.

I'm enclosing a button that a man gave me down at work.  Maybe one of you all would like to wear it.  I got one to wear myself--plan to wear it down to school; but afraid I would be fired on the spot if I wore it at work!  I will also enclose the check from Wells- thanks; but like I said before you all can keep it to help pay all the medical expenses.

I took out the major medical insurance down at school that they offer to students--like what I took out last April.  It only cost 4.00 for the entire school year so its a pretty good deal.  Last year it was only $3.50.

I have to get my hands on all these courts cases I have to read for my political science course.  The school library had them; but these crooks I go to school with ripped all the cases out of the books!  Each one of us had to pick an area of "special study." We had 5 choices given us [case names listed in letter have not been transcribed.]

Gee--didn't realize that would take me that long!!!!  At the end of the quarter we will be tested over them--can you imagine.  I don't even like to think about it. . . . . So far I just looked up one--that I was able to find.  It was the Strafford vs Wallace.  Something about the transport of meat--interstate and intrastate.  I didn't get a whole lot out of it--How to ruin a half-way decent grade-point quick!!!  Since this a requirement-- have to at least get a "C" out of it too!!!

I'm out of school the 9th of December for Christmas Break.  It's about the earliest I've ever been out. . . . and chances are I'll be done before then, as that's the day the grades have to be in by.  I don't think winter quarter starts till the 6th of January either.

Dad - we got your postcard today from Chicago.  Are you all still coming to Atlanta the end of this month?  You know C.W. is thee this weekend visiting Donna before he goes to Canada to start his new job on Tuesday.  How does Serena seem to like the new school and all?  Has she lost any weight thus far???

A big hello to Grandma----you will really get a big kick out of all the Hortons dieting--that is if they are still at it when you come down.  She has them basically on weight watchers . . . . . Rob can't believe how much he's allowed toe at.  Tonight we all had some good red snapper--I got it at the Quik Chek for 99¢ a pound--which isn't bad since the turbot cost 89¢ a pound!!!!

I better go---I'm getting tired and I do need to study a little bit this evening.  It's easy for me to forget I'm still going to school.


Saturday, October 11, 2014

1974 Response to MV & Kelly's Letter -Oct.11

A draft of the letter written to Banquet Foods passed in front of my eyes within the last year, but my only recollection is that the complaint might have had something to do with the peas and or other veggies.  Will post any further details when available!  Meanwhile, here is the response to a letter written to Banquet Foods by Mary and her friend Kelly in 1974.

Friday, October 10, 2014

1954 Jean's Letter -Oct.10

Letter from Jean to her mother, Lucie Brown Ballantyne - Oct., 10, 1954 - First and last pages scanned.

Had a card from Sarah Hinerman (no doubt you did too) about Sarah Jane pledging Chi Omega.

Oct. 10, 1954
Dearest Mother,

We just got in from a picnic at Wilmington Park with the Penns, Rudisills, & Shaffers – just a spur of the moment affair but we had quite a roundup of food.  I happened to have bought a canned picnic ham which I baked, got a quart of apple sauce, 3½ packages of buns and an orange chiffon cake out of the freezer & with some lemonade.  Alice happened to have 3# of hamburger, brownies, etc.  The others brought a couple of cakes, baked beans, tomatoes, salads, etc.  One brought coffee, another hot chocolate another milk & we all came home much too full.

The children all enjoyed playing on the swings and things.  Roberta can really climb to the top of the jungle jim now – a month or so ago she wouldn't or couldn't even reach first rung.

Mother's Club met last week & decided on a benefit bridge Oct. 25th and then their guest nights is Nov. 1st or 2nd when they invite their husband for a gala evening on the town – Cincinnati, I guess.  The committee keeps the details of what & where secret but it has been hinted it will be quite different – being our 1st we can't compare but I take it there'll be dining & dancing in some gay spot in Cincinnati.

Donna South injured her back – or something happened after the Mother's Club Meeting for she just got to the bed before she passed out & has been confined to her bed ever since – haven't heard the details but she's still not allowed out of bed.

Elizabeth Johnson had a real nice meeting (WSCS) out at her house last Friday.

The weather has been so beautiful here I haven't work - or rather it's been to hot to wear some of the long sleeves or wool maternity dresses.  But I've had plenty – two of Mary's have short sleeves and the two I got at Wards I've really worn.  Thanks alot for the clipping about the dresses – I really have plenty though with more being offered to me each day.  I returned to of Mary's since they were too tight across the back.

The article about comics was very interesting.  There have been quite a few lately with different groups coming out against them.

Mother Uible has offered to take care of the girls Wednesday when the Woman's Club takes their excursion to Chillicothe – we plan to see Adena – the home of Thomas C [Worthington], one of Ohio's governors & eat lunch at the McCarthy Hotel.  They have wonderful food – perhaps you remember we ate there one Sunday when Roberta was just a baby & we tried to find Adena but they were remodeling it then.

Calvin Smith is to get in tomorrow morning at Greenfield about 7:30 [About six months previously in the spring of 1954, HH & Jean visited Calvin in France.]

I had a note from Hester Newton Thrasher & they have another boy – Henry Wood & they plan to call him "Wood."

Harold stopped to see Marge & Linn Zook in Lima on his way home from Chicago & they are also expecting in January.  They want us to come up some weekend this month.  They wrote & invited us last March not knowing we were in Europe & we received the invitation in Paris in May.

Looking forward to hearing from you again soon – we're still talking about going to Florida so counting on you going too.

All our very best love,

Harold, Jean, Catherine & Roberta

Thursday, October 09, 2014

1974 Catherine's Letter -Oct.6

Sunday evening
October 6, 1974
Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Glad to get the latest news from New Vienna and all other connected points in your last letter.  As you may or may not have heard we stopped at Exeter last Tuesday on our way home from the New England Library Assoc. meeting in New Hampshire.  John was truly shocked to see us.  I have never seen such an incredulous look on this face.  I had written to tell him that we might come and the letter had arrived that day but he said that he hadn't had a chance to read it.  We saw where he lives and another boy told us that John was at crew so we found him as he was leaving there.  He seemed in good spirits generally although concerned about two papers which I took it were both to be due the latter part of this coming week.  It is rather doubtful that he will be coming to Sanford until he has the week off in November.

We have made quite a bit of visible progress on our house during the last week.  We now have all the walls of the north level up, the roof rafters on and some of the plywood nailed on to the rafters.  Next weekend we may do the same to the south level or we may shingle the other half, depending on how much we get done during this coming week. We will have an extra day next weekend due to Columbus Day Holiday the library will be closed on Monday.  The weather has been perfect this weekend with lots of sunshine and temperatures in the 60's and 70's.  If we could have two more weekends like that we would be in good shape.

I hope your packages to John got through in better shape than the package we got yesterday from X's mother.  She sent us six jars of jelly which she and her sister had made and two of the jars broke making quite a mess of the package.

Do you think you might come out here for Christmas?  We got a letter from David Stone and he thinks he may be passing through Sanford about Christmas, so of course we thought it would be appropriate for you all to be here too.

We were thinking we might use your money to buy a stove-fireplace, probably a Franklin type or something similar so we would have some eat to work by in our house and also to help keep us warm even after we move in.  Would that meet with your approval?

I finished that book on Understanding the Stock Market, and I did find that there were terms I didn't know like: puts, calls, warrants, straddles, etc.  I have also found it interesting that with all the declines during the past year there have been a few things which have stayed fairly stable, e.g. Foremost-McKesson and Time, Inc.  There are probably a few others but those are the only ones I'm aware of at the moment.

We'll be waiting for your next letter!

Catherine & X

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

1984 Catherine's Letter -Oct.5

October 5, 1984

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  I am already falling behind in my letter writing but my intention is to keep up as well as I can.

Today was the end of my first month on the job so tomorrow will be a beginning –– of my second month.  I am becoming more involved in the various operations.  Today I typed a summary of September activities (which I'll try to remember to include) which will be sent as part of a monthly packet to each of the board members.  Then I got a sample bookmark made up announcing halloween parties the library is going to have on Oct. 31 (when else?). We have a printer so they will be done in-house.  [Part mentioning family member name is scanned below the letter.]

I have Oct 20 off as a "Comp Day" since Columbus Day is an open holiday.  Our plans are for Gerry to take Monday off and we'll go to Madras over the three day weekend.  We had originally planned to go over Thanksgiving but by going in October we can count on better weather and less traffic.  Wendy is looking forward to seeing her special friends there.

I started carpooling this past week with a gal who is going to beauty school in Moscow.  She has to be there from 8:30-5 Tuesday to Saturday which is about the same as me unless something special is going on.  I'm paying her $10/week as she likes to drive.  That's for about 300 miles.  I appreciate not having to drive and it means we can wait awhile longer before making the purchase of another vehicle.  Irregardless we need to buy before too long.  I think we should discuss the money-loan situation further, make sure we understand each other.

The leaves are beginning to change in this area – pretty fall colors.  There are lots more hardwood trees here – Madras had very few.  Moscow, Pullman and Colfax all have tree lined streets and patches of trees in the area.

Wendy is enjoying first grade.  I visited her class last Monday (by prearrangement) and read two stories.  Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day by Viorst and a Care Bear story of Wendy's.  I have promised to visit her class one a month.  Wendy is reading better all the time.  She thinks the math they do at school is too "easy" though.

I have talked to Wendy about writing her thank you notes for her birthday presents but I haven't had time to sit down with her while she does it.  Hopefully we can do it on Sunday.

John received his annual phone call from me this week when I called him on his birthday.

It's now Saturday and I am waiting for my soup to arrive (I'm at a restaurant) so will mail this on my way back to work.

Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

* * * * *
Paragraph from the Library Staff Report -  October 5, 1984

Cathy Morgan is the new Assistant Director/Youth Services Librarian.  Cathy was formerly employed as Librarian in Madras, Oregon.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

1984 Roberta's Letter -Oct.5

Friday - Oct. 5th [1984]
Dear Dad and Mom,

Hi!  I'm getting my weekly fill of 'Dallas' - it is such a waste of time - but I do enjoy it - especially the fashions - and all the plots.

Talked on the phone yesterday to John – sure sounded good.  He had just talked to Catherine.  I haven't talked to Catherine lately - or Wendy Jean!

Did talk with Ruth Shoemaker this week - I sure enjoy those bargain calls that are made before 8:00 AM!  Ruth sure sounds positive about her upcoming MOVE.  Sara's son - Jonathan - is selling magazine subscriptions through school so asked Ruth what magazine we could give her as a gift.  Helping out the grand-children – HA!

Hope to hear about your recent trip soon - when and where in the next trip.  Are you sure you all don't want to come to Arizona at Christmas?  Not too late – and you would be breaking a habit!

We don't have travel plans till 1985 – perhaps Florida for both of us in February – and then the India [Jender? Lander? Fender?, could also end in -en, may have to wait until 1985 to see where they go.]  in May.

I'm enclosing some menus from 2 of the restaurants tried in California.  Both were really VERY GOOD.  The Skinny Haven was just 2 blocks from the motel.  The Lettuce Patch is to be coming to Phoenix this winter.

Talked with Sid this evening – he will be leaving Iowa tomorrow AM – should be home by Monday night – Of course I'm looking forward to his arrival . . . .  tho I'm not looking forward to the arrival of our PHONE BILL!!

Monday is a legal holiday for county employees – but I'll be working – both aides will be off so I'll really be on the JOB!  I took my 'holiday' off this last week in San Diego – since I was gone Thursday AM - Tuesday PM without taking any vacation days.

Did I tell you I got a wool out fit while in San Diego?  I'll have to take a trip to cold country to wear it – tho often it's COLD enough here to wear wool.  Of course – it's a beautiful suit – vest & skirt.  Looking for just the right blouse for it.  Got it at a small shop in Old Town – resisted the 100% silk blouse for $72.00 they had with the suit!

Noticed today over at Metro Mall that all the big department stores had their big Christmas Departments going strong!

Oh! Speaking of stores – there is an all new - better than the others - SHOE CITY at 43rd & Peoria.  That is almost w/in walking distance!!  And would you believe I've only been there one time since it opened – the day after I went to California – and didn't buy anything!!

Ordered a new pair of glasses today at Sears.  All their frames were on sale for $19.95 - for frame only.  After you pay for lenses, plastic, tinting, etc. -- really adds up.  New glasses are very similar to what I have now.  They should be ready within the week.

Better close – so I can get this in the mail tomorrow.  Hope all A-1.

Much love, Roberta

Monday, October 06, 2014

1984 Algoma Central Railway postcard to Catherine -Oct.6

1984 HH & Jean in the Mackinac Grand Hotel - Oct.
(Not on the train but during the same trip.)
 Algoma Central Railway Postcard -mailed 1984 to the Morgans.  Caption: Home Again – Agoma Central's tour train near the outskirts of Sault Ste. Marie after its daily trip into the wilderness of Algoma Central Country.
10/6/84 Hi! 
[written by HH] On this train to Hearst [?] Ontario, where winter has already come.  The fort for lodge [food for lunch??] was great & some great views of Lake Superior en route.

We are getting along fine w/ the Goodings & heading now for Mackinac Island – also called the "Bermuda of the North."

[written by Jean] Thought we might see some wild animals (Hearst is the Moose Capital of the World) but only perhaps some deer at a distance.

Thanks for the mail, nice picture of the library.  Get $1.30 for our U.S. $, but gas is $2 a gallon.

Love, Mother & Dad

Sunday, October 05, 2014

1984 Mackinac Island Grand Hotel postcard -Oct.4

1984 HH & Jean in front of Mackinac Grand Hotel - Oct.
 Grand Hotel - Mackinac Island, Michigan postcard to Roberta & Sid mailed 1984.  Caption: On a bluff overlooking the Straits of Mackinac, this famous hotel, with a porch 880 feet long, is the showplace of Mackinac Island.
10/4/84 – Hi
We are now at the S... Locks, w/Ontario across the river.  Very chilly wind factor.  Plan to be in Ontario tonight.  Have reservations to stay here on the way back, it is a Mobil 4 Star place.  Thanks for the clippings.  Mary Green [?] called Tues for you, she was in Calif.  Love, Mother & Dad

Saturday, October 04, 2014

1974 Roberta's Letter -Oct.3

October 3, 1974
Dear Family,

Hi!  I'm at work and it's slow right now - so thought I'd sit back & write a letter or so!  I don't mind when we're not busy but boy the waitresses really hate it – they only make 75¢ an hour - so they don't make anything unless they are busy!

Thanks for your letter Dad.  I took the bill into the health service to see what was up & the woman explained to me where I stood.  I'll enclose all the info on another page.

I had goose bumps all over when I heard the weather report for Ohio this morning on the Today Show.  It's turned cooler down here – but still in the 70's!  I'm lucky at work - all the customers complain about how cool the place is – but I stay plenty warm because right behind me is the grill & racks that they cook on.  They have the same kind of racks here as they have at Ponderosa to cook the hamburgers & steaks on.

My political science course in even harder than I first suspected it to be.  The prof believes in the Langdale method of study [possibly the Christopher Columbus Langdell "case method" developed at Harvard Law School in the late 1800's.  For more info see this article on Langdell in Wikipedia.]  I'd never dream of letting the prof know my father was an attorney – he would wonder why I was such a dummy!  I just hope I pass the proficiency exam – coming up on Tues.  He said anyone that had graduated from high school should be able to pass it – but – about 50% of the people don't pass it the 1st time around!

My business course – I enjoy. It's alot of theories – and names & what they said.  Today he asked who Warren Bennis was – I was the only one who knew.  He is Pres. of U.C. – also has his own ideas as to business.

Did you all send any mail to me in Delray?  If so – I never have gotten it.  I do hope no check went to that address.  By the way – don't I have a Wells check coming my way?  I won't get paid here for another -2- weeks!  Imagine going a whole month until you get paid!  Well – it will be nice when I quit!

I figure financially I'm better off here than Burdines – I make about the same – but don't have to pay out for parking & also don't have to pack or buy a lunch.  I did call Burdines up (WPB) after I found out my days here & plan to work some Saturdays nearer Christmas.  But since I'm working so many hours here I might not do it!

I'll close for now.

Love, Berta

Friday, October 03, 2014

1954 Jean's postcard to her mother -Oct.3

Sunday, Oct. 3, 1954
Dearest Mother,

Harold got back Friday evening early (about 7:30).  We really got plenty of exercise in while he was gone – did alot of walking  & some visiting.

If you don't mind just forwarding Harold's book on down.  He thought for sure it would come before one of our trips to New Cumberland last summer.

Feeling fine but have definitely given up regular clothes except couple of dresses [less than 4 months before Serena would be born].  This week is busy with Twig Meeting (I'm a co-hostess) tomorrow (Mon.) nite, Mother's Club at Jean Eaton's on Tuesday and WSCS on Friday at Elizabeth Johnson's.

Calvin Smith is to get into N.Y. Tuesday so we hope to see him soon after he gets home.

Do hope Bob is much much better.  Catherine and Roberta are fine & we send our love,

Harold, Jean, Catherine & Roberta

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

1984 Roberta's letter - Oct.1

Dear Mom and Dad,
Welcome Home – hope you all had a GRAND trip – and greetings from California.  I've sure enjoyed my trip – so much that I extended it by one day – had hoped to go an extra 2 days but thanks to the aide coverage I've got to be back by 5:00 pm Tuesday.

I'm now in Spring Valley – Lois Bruce – she sure looks good despite all she has been through – I'm sure sorry she wasn't able to go on the freighter trip that she had looked forward to.  Right now she is at a meeting here concerning a new swimming pool.  Then she is off to go w/ a lady to a

Doctor's appt.  (didn't mean to skip that line)

I'll be off w/in the hour to have supper w/ROZ – she is the gal I met at Schuller's workshop – who lives here in San Diego – and is assistant to the Director of Religious Science Intl – Two years ago she had a beautiful red porsche. (sp?)  Would you believe – I'm not sure what her last name is – not sure I've ever known it.  Weird – huh?  I've been to her office before right near Balboa Park – a beautiful place – w/water-falls – etc.  Sure different than Maricopa County offices – w/out windows.!

When I got to San Diego called the cheap heaps rental – I had called them about 10 days before and they assured me I could get an old reliable for $8.00 a day – so when I called them from the airport the best price they could offer was $15.95 per day plus 15¢ per mile!  What a raise in price!

So . . . . I called up Greyhound Rent-a-Car on the courtesy phone and they had a deal $30 some per day – or $99 per week – minimum of 5 days!  After calling up other off brand places and ended up going w/ the $99 deal w/Greyhound.  So since I could have the car – it made all the more encouragement to me to stay over!  Stayed at the Plaza Int thru last nite.

Originally I was to fly out tonite – now will leave tomorrow on a 3:00 pm flight – will be able to slide into S.V. by 5L00 pm w/out any problem!

Of course – I've been in touch w/ Sid while we are both on the road!  He has changed his plans – will be leaving Indiana tomorrow (Oct. 2nd) for his brothers in Iowa.  Then will be leaving there on the 5th or 6th – so should be back home by the 8th or 9th.  The 1st week he will be home will be extra hectic – getting out the NARFE Newsletter – and the S.V. Newsletter.  I'll be typing – typing – typing.  Needless to say – it will be great to have Sid home!

I'm anxious to see if I've gained weight on this trip – had some shark for lunch here today – wasn't all that good – tasted something like tough chicken!  I've had it at an excellent fish restaurant near us (that Serena 'discovered' for us) and it was excellent there!

Tonight w/ Roz am eating at a restaurant near Old Town – then want to go to a very original type clothing store in old town.  Went there 2 years ago w/Roz got a black/purple dress & jacket – remember it?  Very original look, – was marked down so almost reasonable in price!  Roz really appreciates her clothes – too!

Did you all watch the movie HeartSounds – on T.V. Sunday pm – I had read the book by Martha Lear.  It's a tear-jerker – story of her husband's heart attacks/surgery/death.

I've been reading a book Touching by Ashley Montagu almost too researchie for me – but good – working w/ older people I can see how important touch is ––

Read the book Prodigal based on the Billy Graham movie.  It was good – did you all see the movie?  Maybe the movie was based on the book –– I'm not sure!?

I've got my feet up and the T.V. on – 1st Gary Collins – now Divorce Court – have really enjoyed taking life in the RELAXED lane the last few days.  So different than the hectic time at Senior Village.

Brought w/ me a small tape player and the Richard Simmons Exercise tape – have been doing it every morning and evening.  This coming Thursday – if I keep my track record up will be 1 month that I've done it every morning/evening!

We are still talking about buying a VIDEO player – if after the phone bill we can afford it.  HA!!

I'm off & running – out for supper –––

–– It is now Tuesday AM – will get this in the mail today.  If it's warm enough will go for a swim this AM – if not I'll go over in my heavy sweater/pants and watch!

Again – happy homecoming – will look forward to hearing of your trip.

Love, Roberta

Items from Uible photo album