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1984 Family Letter -Nov.26

November 26, 1984
Dearest Family,

Hope that you all had a nice Thanksgiving.  We would have enjoyed having you all with us and certainly thought of each of you often.  We did have many things for which to be thankful: continued good health and much happiness and many, many other good things.  Just wish that we could get together more often and all together - those times don't come often enough -- as far as we are concerned anyway.

Mary Virginia brought home an Austrian girl who goes to the college and Mie Young was here for a couple of days.  The Culbreaths (new minister and his family) were here and Eloise Simkins so we had 13.  Mary V had also invited a mother and her son who weren't able to come at the last minute.

It has been nice having MV home -- she left this AM at 6:00 to go on bus to Philadelphia and Washington singing various places as well as getting to do some sightseeing.  Both MV and Mie Young have jobs when they get back from tour.  MV is working at the Y at the college and Mie Young got a job in a dress shop in the Factory Outlet  Mall near Kings Island.  Some girl from Adams County stayed all night with us last night so she wouldn't have so far to drive this morning.  [The estimated date on the postcard, posted here a few days ago, must have been incorrect.]

The Christmas Bazaar is this Saturday and everything is geared up for that and most of us will be glad when it is over.  That is all some think of all year long.  I wish sometimes that I were more artistic and into crafts.  Thanks to Roberta who made a number of notebook covers.

Dad is counting the days left on the Commissioners schedule.  There are seven at most including a trip to Columbus for a couple of days the second week in December.  One of the commissioner's of the  county (D.M. Fife) is president of the state group and the other commissioner is president of the district so Dad feels he really should support them at those levels.  There are so many special Christmas parties coming up in the next few weeks.  Each group thinks they have to have something special then and invite the county commissioners. (and their spouses).  Most of them are really nice but too many at one time.  David Stewart and his wife are welcome to that part of it.

Did get some mundane things done over the weekend . . like changing the oil in the cars and planting trees and shrubs in the yard.  M.V. had started them in her "nursery" and are now plenty large to move.  Last night we went to the "movies?" at the church and saw Martin Luther ('83 was the 500th anniversary of his birth).  Grandma joined us, plus had pop corn and lemonade.  After seeing the movie was motivated to re-read the article in the Natl Geographic on him.  He too had started out to e a lawyer, but had a greater calling.

Catherine sent us one of Wendy's spelling papers.  She is doing quite well in school.  Dad has more appreciation for teachers as he participated recently in "Back to School for a day in Wilmington".  About 50 adults were involved and it was an experience being on the "line" and conducting (?) a class.

[love, etc.]

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1984 Catherine's Letter -Nov.26

November 26, 1984

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Just a quick note to let you know we survived Thanksgiving!  Had quite a good dinner considering we cooked it ourselves and we ate on our best china -- the royal violet of course which made it extra special.  Wendy enjoyed drinking water out of our fancy glasses too.  She made a toast everytime she took a drink.

Friday she and Gerry went to see the arrival of Santa Claus in Colfax.  It turned out to be a very young looking Mrs. Santa.  Wendy is beginning to have her doubts anyway!  She told me later that she thought the real Santa was probably busy at the North Pole until Christmas and that all these other Santas were just dressed up to look like him.

Gerry ended up having Friday and Saturday off so it made an extra long weekend for him and Wendy.  They closed Jones T&I up for the weekend.  I am looking forward to two long weekends - a four day weekend over Christmas and three days at New Years so that will be nice.

We are hoping to go to Spokane soon to do some Christmas shopping.  Wendy has money she got for her birthday she wants to spend at Toys-r-us.

We talked to Roberta on Thanksgiving.  She always keeps us informed on all the family news.

We got out our Christmas decorations yesterday and put a few things around the house to put us in the spirit.  This house is so dreary that it helps cheer it up!

Time to go downtown.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

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1984 Roberta's Letter to GHU -Nov.25


Dear Grandma,

Happy Thanksgiving!  I called home this afternoon but you had already gone home!  I've been so COLD – here it is in high 60's - but with very chilly breeze!

We ate out today at a place called Black Angus.  It's the same place we ate last year for Thanksgiving.  Had the usual Thanksgiving Day meal – the only problem was I thought they were rushing us!  Later found out from one of the waitresses that they had taken reservations for every table every 45 minutes!  Weren't [Wouldn't] you hate to eat a big meal in less than 45 minutes!

Today the paper must have weighed about 10 pounds!  All the big stores had their own advertising section!  Then the rest of paper was about 75% Christmas ads!  The stores will sure be crowded between now and Christmas!

We will be cutting down on our food the next few days!  Tuesday Mervyn's Department store brought in a huge Thanksgiving meal for Senior Village.  It was like a pot-luck – so much good food!  Then last night we ate out & had a huge meal – then of course today!

The refrigerator is full of left-overs from what residents have given me.

I'll be making my plane reservations soon for the trip to Florida in January.  Is there any place or something special you would like to do?  I'd like to get out to the ocean & get some sun-tan. (if the weather is agreeable!)

Have a happy & safe trip to Florida!



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1984 MV's Postcard -Nov.23

Penn Center Inn Postcard - mailed 1984.  
Captioned: (Philadelphia's Best Value) Market at 20th Street.
1984 MV's Postcard -Nov.23
We made it fine.  Arrived about 7:00 pm, and ate at the Burger King down the street.  We stopped in Washington, (Pa) & Breezewood on the way over.  Today we sing at Westtown & Friends Select School.  Hopefully we'll get back in time to see a few things.  Have a good trip, Grandma.


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1974 Family Letter to Serena -Nov.21


Dear Serena:

After your call last night we called up Amtrack[sic] - they have a toll free number which starts with a recorded message about how busy they have been since the bus strike started, but to hang on and one of their agents would soon be with you . . which was a minute.  Anyway, there is no train service between Dayton and Toledo.  So that leaves either private auto - which is out on this end for your Mother is in charge of the Thanksgiving party on Wed. P.M. for M.V.'s class or another bus line - how about Trailways?  Or maybe the Greyhound strike will end SOON.  We do hope that you can be with us next week, Serena.

Got your letter this afternoon - two days . . wonder when you will get this???  We got a tape from Roberta this week and Grandma could hear it quite well compared to the first - which you heard.  Ta[ed a conversation with Grandma and sent it back to her.  She has plane reservations to leave here on the 30th and got her hair fixed today.

They had a party for Phyllis at Wells today as she is being married tomorrow evening at 6:30 P.M. at the Church of Christ, and will be taking some of her vacation until next Friday the 29th.

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR SOCIOLOGY - wow what spelling - that is one advantage of these tapes, Serena, about spelling.  Got your bike tire fixed and really does pump easy - but it does skip a few teeth on the gear - hopefully that is nothing major.

Ann Norman is now the WNJ NV correspondent - in the morning broadcast she told about the Dave McCunes wedding anniversary what they were going to do today, where they were eating supper and the movie they planned to see tonight.  That is as good coverage as Pres. Ford is getting in Japan.

Since you are free Tuesday – I'll go up after you if you aren't able to get home otherwise but do try to come by Trailways or posting your interest in a ride on a bulletin board/s.  Good Luck– We'll be waiting to hear what the next step is.


                        Mother & Dad

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1974 Catherine's Letter -Nov.17

P.S. We thought we'd cash your check for $200 – that would pay for half a Jotul wood-burning stove.  Is that all right?  Please advise.

November 17, 1974
Dear Mom, Dad and Mary,

Hi!  It was good talking to you on the phone yesterday.  Sorry that I wasn't more awake and that John and X weren't here.

I think John has had a good vacation, X hasn't worked him too hard, he read all the books he brought with him, watched all the shows on TV that he had been missing, etc.

He left on the bus about two hours ago.  The last time he left here the bus was 20 minutes late, tonight it was 10 minutes early.  It didn't wait around either.  John & one other person got on and then it took off.

We were thinking of going somewhere over Thanksgiving since the library will be closed Thurs-Sun. and Miann is also closing down.  Mike Gallo may be help X put in his electricity then which would mean we would stay around.  If we do go somewhere we would probably go to visit Alan in New Haven.

John said he would write a letter on Thanksgiving so don't expect one too soon.

I wrote the preceding while watching a movie on TV but now the movie is over. [Reverse side is typed rather than handwritten.]

We did enjoy hearing that tape that you sent and it has now been mailed on to Roberta.  We were using the library's tape recorder to listen to it and it is specially designed not to record so that we won't have any problems with the libraries tapes being erased.  We did talk to somebody who has a recorder that they might loan us in the future.

It appears that I am able to get enough sleep.  I usually sleep about four hours in the morning and take about an hour nap in the evening.  And on Saturday night I go to bed about 11 and sleep until about 3 on Sunday afternoon which gets me back on the right track to start work again on Sunday night.  We get paid time and a half for working Friday nights.  There are 10 of us on the third shift.  Turnover rate is fairly fast as three new people have started since m.  There are two assembly lines and each line puts out about 2500 heels in an eight hour shift.  They also make plastic cases for eight track tapes.  I've never seen that done, though as they don't do it on our shift.  The weirdest part of the whole thing is changing from today to tomorrow without sleeping.  When we leave in the morning we say "See you tonight" instead of "See you tomorrow."

All the windows and doors are now on the house, except for the one door on the road side.  And the siding is 90% done.  Kuman is quite upset that she can n longer get in the house on the south side because of the sliding glass doors.

I have been playing the chord organ when I have a chance.  I bought some music for it but it seems rather expensive so didn't buy too much.  I do enjoy playing it so glad you were kind enough to bring it out.

I started reading one of John's books while he was here "The Power and the Glory" by Graham Greene and a now I have discovered that the library does not have a copy so I will have to buy one either for the library or myself to finish it.

X is still having meetings concerning the [library] addition.  The latest recommendation seems to be that the town would now give about $175,000 to put up the shell and then we could try to get the rest of the money somewhere else or from the town next year.  Town meeting is in Dec. so we'll see what happens then.

Love, Catherine & X

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1984 Catherine's Letter -Nov.15

November 15, 1984

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Sorry I missed your phone call last weekend -- Wendy told us she talked to you.  I did talk to Roberta Saturday evening.

Wendy enjoyed her Veteran's Day Holiday especially since it was on my day off (the library was closed so I got a comp day which I took the preceding weekend).  She had a "Tea Party" and invited several of her friends although a lot of them were out of town or couldn't come for other reasons.  There were two guests.

We were really pleased with our parent-teacher conference as Wendy's teacher thinks she is doing very well

mmmm wed
123345678910111213141561178191202212223 52272,./;'½-=

The above was a message from Wendy which she typed while I was fixing her lunch.  What I started to tell you about the conference was that Wendy was chosen as the one from her class to participate in what they call an "able learner" program because of her advanced reading skills.  It is for K-3 and lasts 45 minutes one day per week.  It was supposed to start this week but was postponed until next week.  Her teacher . . . .
. . . . also said she would try to give her some more challenging things to rad in class.  I think we will have exhausted all the "Easy Readers" in Whitman County Library and Moscow Library in a few months.

We got your latest letter on Thursday.  Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.  We are gong shopping tonight to buy our turkey and trimmings.  We have such a small refrigerator/freezer that we've been trying for the pat two weeks to empty if of as much as possible to make room for turkey.

Gerry and I both have to work Friday and Saturday so our babysitter will have extra work this week. Santa Claus is to arrive in Colfax on Friday so Wendy and Elizabeth (the 13-yr-old babysitter) are planning to see him.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

Monday, November 17, 2014

1984 Roberta's Letter -Nov.15

P.S. Thought the book - REAL GOOD!

Hi –––

Should you want any extras of these (or any of his books) I can get them at a discount.  Plus – I'm sure he likes to see the books sell!

Enclosing also re-classification papers – for my new classification!  Still not sure yet exactly what it means $ wise.  Tho rumor has it quite generous!

I'll probably be going night flight to Florida 22nd January, not real low fares into West Palm – just Miami & few into Fort Lauderdale.  When are you all flying into Ft. Lauderdale?  Maybe I could meet you all there!  Wish we had People's Express ––

Good thing for free lodging once there w/air fare being so HIGH!  This time I will take travellers checks – instead of cash – and you all be sure to pick up all luggage at the airport ––

Love, Roberta

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1974 Roberta's Letter -Nov.15

November 15, 1974
Dear Family –

Hi - just a short note to tell you some good news – I got a 96 on my last business exam - missed one out of 25 questions! (just like the 1st exam)

Also I finally – on the 3rd time around - passed the proficiency exam in my PCL science course.  Now - all I have left to do this quarter is to take the final exam in both courses – one is Dec. 5th and the other one is Dec. 10th.

I'm enclosing the – I think _ last of the bills.  If you would kindly pay it I would greatly appreciate it.  I just removed $200.00 from my savings this week - had to pay my tuition early at F.A.U.  so I could sign up for the  course at the junior college for free.

I tried calling the Hinermans last night at work - we have a Watts line - but just for the state of Florida.  Anyway - no luck - their # is still disconnected so maybe they aren't in Stuart yet!

Love, Berta

P.S. – We hear Itsy ––uh –– Robert cry over the telephone!

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1984 Roberta's Letter -Nov.14

Nov 14, 1984

Dear Folks,

Hi!  Thought you all would like a picture of me in my Halloween Flapper dress!  On the close-up you can see the beauty mark.!

It's beginning to be the holiday season – getting lots of calls from groups wanting to come out & do their good works & service visits.  Mostly means lots of home-made (& store bought) cookies & Christmas Carol singing!  Too bad they just come [or care?] during the Christmas season – I always put out my squeal [spiel?]  on how we welcome them but we are here 12 months a year!

Wish we could be on College Ave for Thanksgiving – but looking forward to representing the Uible-Kings in Florida mid-January!  Hope all A-1.

Sending small pkg – slow mail – tho new clothes – not 2nd hand!

Love, Roberta

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1954 Jean's Letter -Nov.14

1954 Jean's Letter to her mother, Lucie Brown Ballantyne - Nov.14
Nov. 14, 1954

Dearest Mother,

Received your letter yesterday and sorry to hear Bob is still in the hospital.

We have called off our trip to Florida.  When I went in to see Dr. Fullerton last Tuesday, he thought we were taking the trip pretty close & could easily start labor before we get home.  I'm really not disappointed for think I'd be more comfortable at home.  He set the date as between the 10th and 20th of January –– which was earlier than I had counted on.  He said so much traveling wouldn't be good.  I've passed the 150# mark by now no doubt as I weighed 149¾ that day.  Harold has more trips to make but not so far into Florida.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?  We don't want to cancel any plans you do have but if you should be at home we might plan to go home for a few days.  Harold has from Wednesday til Monday off.  If you should be busy we could come the weekend before or after.

Mother & Daddy Uible have decided to leave for Florida next Saturday (the 20th).  Mother Uible didn't want to leave so soon but Daddy Uible is anxious to get down there.

Catherine lost another tooth last nite – the front one on the right.  It was so loose during supper she couldn't chew & so she wanted Daddy Uible to take it out.  We went up & slipped a knotted piece of string around it and pop it came.  The other one is pretty loose & may be out before long.  She put the one that was pulled out under her pillow and the Good Fairy left her some money for it.

Friday night we went to see the Wilmington College players in "Stalag 17" the story of our boys in a German prisoner-of-war camp – it was done very well.  We took Herman and Kay Williamson (he's the cashier of the bank).

The bank directors & employees are planning on a party for Miss Ethel Johnson (sister of Mrs. Harley Phillips) who has worked at the bank for 30 years.  They are having a dinner at the Snow Hill Country Club – They have just finished an addition there & have the former manager of the General Denver Hotel as caterer now & have given him permission to serve parties to other than members.

I got Mrs. Davis to come take care of us after I get home from the hospital.  It was her husband who died while you were here – She is also Virginia Rulon's mother & has started to take baby cases.

The young people of the church collected 334 pounds of used clothing to send to Korea – the 2nd batch that's been sent this fall.

Alice Rudisill stopped in this afternoon with Barbara & Tommy & altho we were glad to see her – they don't leave a thing untouched & what a cyclone each room was in.  Harold straightened them up while I got a bite of supper though – which helped immensely.

Mrs. Morton has rented part of her house to an old friend of hers which will be good company for her.

All of our very best love, 
Harold, Jean, Catherine & Roberta 

P.S. Let us know of your Thanksgiving plans.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

1984 Family Letter -Nov.11

Dearest Family –

It is another cold and damp Sunday – the eight in a row for us though it hasn't rained yet.  They are holding Open House at the Wilmington Library this afternoon so we plan to go over and the Sankers are to meet us there.  They had originally planned to come for dinner but because we felt we really ought to be there we plan to have dinner later.  Grandma was here for lunch - She will be leaving for Florida the 30th of November so there won't be too many more weeks.  She is to go Florida Express - a new airline as far as we know which now leaves from Columbus to Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale and plans to start flying from Cincinnati the middle of December  They are very competitive to Peoples Express but has the advantage that you can check two pieces of luggage free.  Anxious to hear how it rally compares.  They predict that Delta will soon have a similar fare.

It is now Sunday evening and the Sankers have left.  After the Open House we went to the Lions Club Fish Fry at Lynchburg.  It was really a fried dinner plus they had a super loud band so a little hard to carry on a conversations for the only seats were right in front of the band.  We saw their pictures  of their trip this fall to France, Germany, Austria and Italy but mostly of their granddaughter - Lynn and David's 5½ month old daughter.  She is adorable and coming for 5 days at Christmas.  Bill was sick for about 10 days while they were overseas which put a damper on their traveling but he finally gained strength enough to finish their trip.  They were gone 2 weeks on business and 3 weeks on their own.

Dad is going to West Virginia tomorrow so I plan to go with him.  His appointment in or near Charleston is at 9 AM Tuesday so we plan to stay overnite there.  I'll work at the library tomorrow morning instead of Tuesday.

Last night we took the Harners and the Donald Bernards to the dinner theater at the college sponsored by the AAUW.  They put on "Crimes of the Heart" with Cherie Cooper and Terri Anderson with leading roles.  It was well done but the language a little tiring with so much swearing.  We also invited the John Hughes to go with us but they had already made plans to go with the NV Senior Citizens.  They had two carloads from here for the play only.  Saw MV and her roommate very briefly afterwards - they had just been to Middletown overnight visiting her roommate's parents.

Friday we had the Bubble out and took Grandma to Wilmington for her annual fall physical checkup.  It was another rainy day sot he Bubble was handy.

Yesterday afternoon we did get into gear in putting some of our snapshots into an album. . . that has been one of our resolutions for some time.  It also refreshed our memories of the time that the snapshot had been taken.  On the other hand there are the pictures that we wonder, "Where is that."

The Saturday Wilmington News-Journal now comes on Saturday morning.  We do remember how faithful you children were in carrying the newspapers, and especially that Sunday Enquirer, which came so early on a morning that we might have slept - or rather John might have slept.

Had a long chat with the Hortons yesterday morning about the Elderhostel programs - they did enjoy their Mexican trip & are looking forward to going on another some place.

Thanksgiving really comes as early as it possibly can this year and will soon be here.  Mary Virginia is bringing an Austrian girl and possibly some other foreign students as well as Mie Young.  I am tempted to invite the Culbreaths - the new minister and his wife and four children but haven't seen them to really ask them - that should be a lively group.  We had Eloise last year (Simkins) but she came so early - but feel I really should.  We will miss John and X but hope to see them perhaps the following week after we take G'ma to the airport.

[Love, etc.]

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1994 Roberta's Letter -Nov.9


Hi –

We are soon off to the "Putting on the Ritz" – Aunt M got here fine – she had 2 lunches on the plane so wasn't hungry!  She did finish her supper about 11pm w/ Breyers ice cream (Made by KRAFT!)

Gotta go – Love to you both – will enclose some good reading . . . .

Love, Roberta

The JACKET is really good looking!

Republicans – A Good Year!

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1954 Bourne & Hollingsworth, London -receipt

When sorting paperwork the 11/5/54 seemed the date to be considered rather than the May 1954 which is more obvious in the green ink at the bottom of this receipt.  According to wikipedia Bourne & Hollingsworth was a large department store on the corner of Oxford St. and Berners St. in London, which closed in 1983.  The suit purchased there in 1954 may have lasted longer than the store!

1954 Bourne & Hollingsworth, London - receipt for Suit £9.90

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1954 Jean's Letter -Nov.8

Jean's letter to her mother, Lucie Ballantyne - November 8, 1954
First and last page scanned.
Nov. 8, 1954
Dearest Mother,

Harold left today for Toledo and Detroit but plans to be back tomorrow night.  Laura Louise Hughes has spent the day & night with Catherine.  They probably won't be asleep for hours – at least that's the way it seems now.

We had a good time last Monday night – in the end we rode with the Eatons & the Hauses rode with them too.  We went to the Beverly Hills Country Club in Covington, Ky.  They had a very good dinner & floor show, also played Bingo & enjoyed dancing.  It was a nice evening – altho the weather was terrific – rain and snow.

Tuesday I spent calling or picking up voters for the Election.  We went to the Election Day supper put on my the Christian Church women.

Wednesday was Lions Club and Mary Ruth invited the girls and I  up for a pot luck supper - Charlotte & Linda and Virginia Walker & her 3 little girls.  Mary Ruth's boys are really live-wires –they behave fairly well when she's in sight but oh! when not!  I took scalloped potatoes, jello salad with bananas and apples in it and orange chiffon cake with orange pudding icing.  Mary Ruth had meat loaf sandwiches, potato chips, salad & Charlotte peas & carrots & stewed apples, Virginia brought macaroni & cheese & cookies.  It would be a nice idea to get together on the night the men have their dinner meeting but can't say I look forward to entertaining David & Danny.

Friday Mother Uible entertained the WSCS and I also took my turn on the hospital book cart at the Clinton Co. Memorial Hospital  We went at 12:30 & worked an hour so I was back home in plenty of time to get to the meeting.  Harold took Catherine & Roberta to Sandusky with him so they had a big day too.

Saturday was a big day for Harold as they were auctioning Mrs. Ellis' house & personal goods.  [See below] Florence & Jake Masters bought it for $8300.  They did have a pretty day so they could set the things outside but it was bitterly cold.

Harold taught at Sunday School yesterday – Waldo Cornelius is to be the teacher for November but their little girl (Sharon) has been quite sick – bladder or kidney infection & it wasn't improving so they sent her to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital & so far have found nothing.  She is just about Catherine's age & has been a healthy child except for minor colds, etc.

After church we went to Leesburg for dinner & stopped to see Harold's Aunt Vertie & the Polks who move to Leesburg this fall.

Last night I went to see "The Rose" here at the local movie – they have put in an extra, extra wide screen to show Cinema-Scope pictures & opened with that one.  Connie Smith (the undertaker's wife) & I went.  It was good but I was quite full of heartburn.

I plan to go to the doctor's tomorrow afternoon & bet he'll really call me down for gaining weight.  I feel as big as I did in the last weeks for Catherine & Roberta and several of the dresses I have feel quite tight – especially the 2 pc. jobs with cut-out front in the skirts.  Other than that I feel fine except when I overeat.

Do hope Bob is feeling much better & out of the hospital again – he certainly has had a time of it.

Guess Catherine will probably have her tonsils out in December now - if we go away next week.  Will probably hear more tomorrow from Dr. Fullerton about it.

All our very best love,
Harold, Jean, Catherine and Roberta
1954 Lillie Ellis Estate Sale in New Vienna.  House, on South St.,  appraised for $7750 was purchased by Jake & Florence Masters for $8300. 
--Hillsboro Press-Gazette 5Nov1954 p.15.

Friday, November 07, 2014

1984 Catherine's Letter -Nov.5

October 30, 1984
[November 5, 1984]
Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  My intentions were goon on Oct. 30, but I didn't get very far as you can see.  I have more time today though since it is my day off.  Gerry is at work and Wendy is at school.  This has been a nice long weekend for me since I also had Saturday off as a comp day for Veteran's Day which is coming up next Monday.  Wendy also has next Monday off from school so I promised her she can have a friend over for the day or we'll do something else "special."  I'm pretty sure Gerry has to work.

Halloween was a big day for me at work with three parties.  The morning pre-school party had 45 children plus lots of adults, 25 for the p.m. pre-school party and 60 for the after school party.  Volunteers helped with the pre-school parties and staff members plus volunteers helped with the after school.  I dressed like a clown (with a borrowed costume) complete with make-up and wig.  Then I wore my costume home and went Trick-or-Treating with Wendy.  She dressed as a witch with a black cape and a big pointed black hat.  We just went in our neighborhood but she got lots of candy as people were extra generous -- there were very few trick-or-treaters out.  Possibly because the temperature was 20º plus a strong wind.  She hasn't eaten hardly any of the candy (Gerry and I have eaten more than she has) as she just got a new pair of jeans and she's afraid if she eats candy then the jeans won't fit her.  She has slimmed down some recently which is why we were able to find a pair to fit her.  Before the regular sizes were too tight but the ½ sizes were too big.

I have to give a booktalk and recommend books for gifted students in grades 4-6 during December.  Their teacher was especially interested in science fiction like authors such as Norton, C.S. Lewis, and Alexander.  I was also thinking of Susan Cooper, L'Engle, Helen Cresswell . . . . .  Can you think of any other authors or specific books you would recommend?

I can't seem to find anymore paper right now so I'll use the back.

Glad to hear Dad is now Treasurer of the Friends of the Library.  Moscow's Friends provided refreshments for the Halloween parties.  There next big project is a "Give a book to the library for Christmas."  For every $10 donation a streamer gets hung on the Christmas tree.  They have a flier or letter about this – I'll see if I can get one to send to you, plus any thing else you might be able to use.

We have several things going on this week.  Tomorrow night we are going to a dinner at the Elks in honor of the Grand Exalted Ruler who is making his visit to Colfax.  He is originally from a small town near here.  He had already visited Madras and we heard good reports from people there who met him.  Thurs. evening we have a parent-teacher conference with Wendy's teacher.  Friday night there is a dinner at the golf course but I'm not sure yet if we'll go to it.  They have social events, i.e. dinners once a month throughout the winter.

It's almost lunch time so I better close.  Hope to hear from you again soon!

Love, Catherine, Gerry and Wendy

Thursday, November 06, 2014

1974 Catherine's Letter -Nov.5

Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Hi!  As you can see we got your letter.  [Family letter of 11/1/74 on the reverse side of this letter.]  The day after you left I started working 3rd shift (11-7) at Miann Plastics.  It gives us a pretty hectic schedule but so far it seems to be going well.  They make plastic shoe heels and soles, also quite a few of the platform type.  I wax the molds and spray them with a "Pam" type spray as the molds move by me on the conveyor belt.  Starting pay $2.07/hr after 15 days $2.17/hr and then $2.27 after 30 days.  [We needed $ to pay someone with more expertise than me to help with the interior of the new house.]

Got a letter from John today - he will be arriving on Saturday afternoon.  Also got a letter from Roger B. said they enjoyed your visit and how they like their new house, etc.

Nothing new on the library addition yet.  X is to make another speech tomorrow night.

Kuman is doing well.

I voted earlier this afternoon.  There is quite a strong independent candidate for governor so the results will be interesting.  I'll be able to hear them while I work tonight.

Time is running out!

Love, Catherine & X

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

1974 Roberta's Postcard -Nov.5

Pier 66 Postcard - mailed 1974. Captioned: Pier 66 – Fort Lauderdale's Newest Luxury Hotel on the Intracoastal Waterway.  17 stories and 258 deluxe guest room crowned by South Florida's only Sky High Revolving Pier Top Lounge reached by a spectacular glass enclosed exterior elevator.
1974 Roberta's Postcard -Nov.5
Election Day [Nov. 5, 1974]
Hi!  Glad you all had such a good time in N.Y. – When Ruth was here we went up in the elevator [of the Pier 66, pictured on the card]!

Taped my PCL course this afternoon - hopefully it will help!  I sure need HELP!

Still no news as to Mares or Rob.

92º here today!  Mary V –– write!!

Love, Berta

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

1994 Roberta's Letter -Nov.4



We sure enjoyed having you both her & appreciated all the helpful things you did.  I'm now enjoying the Granola too!

Here is a collection of reading material for you both! [+ 4 clippings written in Jean's handwriting at top of letter]  This is some paper – friend of ours had printed up from a photograph!

I did call & speak to Beverly Gooding about CHINA –– & mailed her a brochure.  Philip Morris & CHINA making the news –– Now w/NO CIG Advertising allowed will be interesting to me if prop 200 (40¢ additional tax per pkg of cigs) passes in Arizona.  It's hard not to vote your pocket book!

Gotta go – 1st of the month busy time.  Sid making cookies (oatmeal/raisin) & Bran muffins for Church Library [or Bakery?]  Sale.

Love ya Both,
Roberta (& of course Sid & the cats!)

US President Elections of the "4" Years

Though there is not U.S. Presidential election in 2014, we are going to review the past Presidential Elections that did occur in "4" years, and which of our ancestors might have been interested in the election results.  The first presidential election was in 1788 and the first one in a "4" year was 1804.
  • 1804 Jacob Hiestand III, great-grandfather of Ira Hiestand, HH's 3rd great-grandfather, would have been 54 years-old. He and wife Mary Polly Eby were living in Pennsylvania, near Lancaster.  They emigrated to Ohio in 1806.  --Thomas Jefferson was elected to his second term, defeating Charles Cotesworth Pinckney.
  • 1824  John Brown, son of the Revolutionary Soldier, Capt. Oliver Brown, was 44 years-old in 1824, born in Massachusetts, he married in Brooke, Virginia in 1806 and later moved west to what later became West Virginia.  Lucie Brown Ballantyne was his great-granddaughter, making him Jean's 2nd great grandfather.   --John Quincy Adams became the 6th President, defeating Andrew Jackson, William H. Crawford and Henry Clay.
  • 1844  Johann David Uible, grandfather of CJ, was born in Germany in 1822, dying in Warren County, Ohio in 1849.  He would be HH's great-grandfather  --Zachary Taylor was elected President, defeating Lewis Cass and Martin Van Buren.
  • 1864  Alexander Bell Ballantyne, born in 1841 in Pittsburgh, was living in Hancock County, West Virginia by 1866 when he married Virginia Irene Freeman.  They were Jean's grandparents. --Abraham Lincoln was elected to his second term, defeating George B. McClellan.
  • 1884  Ira Franklin Hiestand, father of Gladys Hiestand Uible was 33 years old at the time of this election.  Born in Hillsboro in 1851, he lived his entire life in Highland County, Ohio. --Grover Cleveland was elected for the first term (his second election was non-consecutive in 1892), defeating James G. Blaine, John St. John, and Benjamin Franklin Butler.
  • 1904  CJ Uible would have been 21-years-old and Nathaniel Ballantyne 36 in 1904.    --Theodore Roosevelt defeated Alton B. Parker, Eugene V. Debs, and Silas C. Swallow.
  • 1924  Women's suffrage 19th Amendment passed in 1920, allowing women to vote in elections.  Gladys Hiestand Uible was 32 in this year before HH was born; Lucie Brown Ballantyne was 44.  --Calvin Coolidge defeated John W. Davis and Robert M. La Follette, Sr.
  • 1944  The first presidential election in which Jean would have been able to vote.  --Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected to a fourth term, defeating Thomas E. Dewey.
  • 1964  The year the New Vienna house sported a "This House Sold on Goldwater" on the front  lawn, causing much town talk.  --Barry Goldwater was defeated by Lyndon B. Johnson.
  • 1984  By 1984 all the HH Uible "children" were old enough to vote.  The U.S. voting age changed from 21 to 18 in 1971 with the passage of the 26th Amendment. --Ronald Reagan was elected to his second term defeating Walter Mondale.
  • 2004  Wendy was first eligible to vote in 1995, thus this was her third Presidential Election.  --George W. Bush was elected to a second term, defeating John Kerry.
See the US President Elections of the "2" Years for more Uible/Ballantyne history connected with Presidential Elections.

Monday, November 03, 2014

1984 John's Letter to Ruth Shoemaker -Nov.3

November 3, 1984
Dear Ruth,

I have intended to write you ever since I received your birthday cad a month ago.  We were so disappointed not to get to see you when we were home in August.  Glad to hear you are feeling better.

We were surprised to hear of your move to Wilmington.  I had asked Mom to send us your new address at Prairie View so we could drop a line to you.  Hope you are happy there and all settled in by now.  I'm sure it has not been easy to move away from Mabel and Elroyd and all your friends in New Vienna.  But you will find friends in Wilmington I know.  You are too nice of a person to be without friends.  Ruth, I cannot forget all the times you took care of us.  I can still taste your great cooking – especially the mashed potatoes and gravy.  We certainly had it made when Mom & Dad went away.

X and I are doing fine.  I am still at the bank in the trust dept. and X still babysits Brooke who will be five in February.  We have gotten involved here in Newark to the point where we have not been down to New Vienna very much lately.  The next time we come down, we will make every effort to stop in and see you.  We miss you, Ruth!  You are in our prayers.  May the Lord richly bless you and bring you all the happiness and joy you desire & deserve.  You are very important to us as you share a lot of what has happened during my lifetime.  I will always consider you one of the best friends I've had and currently have.  If there is every anything we can for you please ask us.  We would consider it an honor & privilege to help you in any way we can.

We will try to stay in touch.  Bundle up for I think winter is upon us.  Thanks for your cards, your love and your friendship.  You don't know how much that means to me, Roberta, Serena & Mary Va.  We sure love you.

All our love in Christ Jesus,
John, X & Piper        

P.S. Do you have a Bible you can read everyday?  If not, we'll get you one.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

1974 Family Letter -Nov.1

Friday Evening [November 1, 1974]

Dear Family:

We are back in the swing of things on the homefront and even looked over the new monthly magazines that were here on our return.  Read someplace that the new generation does not know the meaning of "Hometown" as we are becoming such a mobile nation of people.

Took time out in Columbus to go to Gilberts to get some overshoes... the price of new shoes was enough reason to say no.  Speaking of bargains did get one on our last night out, a motel room for $8.88, it was marked extra value in the Mobil Tour Book and was very adequate.  Theses new discount motel chains seem to be at the same place that Holidays [sic] Inn were some fifteen years ago.

The news is out that Phyllis T and Edwin White (her neighbor) are going to get married.  Edwin's wife Mildred McVey (Aunt Mary will remember her and her sister Virginia) died earlier this year.  Phyllis will continue to work at Wells.  Phyllis's other neighbor, Julia Hakes, whose husband died a couple of years ago, remarried earlier this fall and moved to Sabina.

Appreciate all the birthday greetings, tho don't feel as old as the calendar coldly relates.  Isn't it a fact that one gets a letter from the President on the 100th year?

Started handing out political literature today, we have a computer print-out of the registered voters and how they voted (this cost the committee some $200.00).  It is always surprising of the people who are not even registered.  John will be able to register for the primary election in 1975.  Next week elections will be an interesting prelude to the presidential elections in 1976.

Our News-Journal carrier didn't remember our conversation about stopping the paper until our return.  See where the Sunday Enquirer is going to 50¢ unless you take the daily with which it will remain 40¢.  At that rate, Bert, that motel room was a bargain and do appreciate your effort on the same.  If Hortons "motel" has a vacancy we will plan on a few nights there after Christmas.  We talked with Hinermans in Wheeling and they plan to go to Florida this next week.

Grandma's hair has really come back in the week that we were gone - she now has enough for a knot in the back . . . which is very encouraging.

[Personalized note to Catherine]  Thanks again for the nice picture.  Let us know the details of how one finishes a roof, tho it will be a few years before our house needs one.  You two can certainly be proud of all the progress on your house.


                           All the Family

Items from Uible photo album