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1977 John -State YAF Treasurer -May 25

Uible appointed state treasurer for YAF

GRANVILLE – The Ohio Chairman of Young Americans for Freedom, Dennis Bechtel, announced today the appointment of John Uible of New Vienna as state treasurer for the Ohio organization.  Bechtel announced the appointment at the state board meeting on Sunday.

Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) is the nation's largest conservative youth organization.  Ohio YAF has chapters on eight college campuses advocating individual freedom, free enterprise, and limited government.

Last year, Uible worked for President Ford in the New Hampshire Primary Election and campaigned for Congressman John Ashbrook (R-Oh).  During January, he served as an intern for Congressman William H. Harsha in Washington.  As chairman of Denison University YAF, Uible organized a campus rally for State Senator Donald E. (Buz) Lukens and moderated a faculty debate on gun control.

Uible is currently a sophomore majoring in Economics at Denison University in Granville.  He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Uible.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

1987 Wendy's Letter -May 21

May 21, 1987

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

I'm looking forward to seeing you again.  We have a new boy in our classroom his name is Jeff.  How is everything down in Ohio?  everything is great up here.  I'm preparing myself for picking fruit and eating fruit.  I've all ready got the outfit picked out for June 16, 1987 the day that I come visit you.  I think I passed the third grade.  Only 8 1/2 more days of school left.  I'm very excited about school getting out.  Some people are going to summer school but I'm not I'll be to busy.  On May 15, we had a third grade picnic.  It was a lot of fun we had to bring a sac lunch.  We played base ball.  And we played on the playground equiptment and stuff like that.

turn over

Wendy Jean Morgan



Thursday, May 18, 2017

1987 HH in clipping "Wells competes nationwide in toys" -May 22

"It's the simple pleasures, like toys, that keep you happy"

Wells competes nationwide in toys

Staff Writer

Wisps of white hair standing on end, Harold Uible moves soundlessly through the rooms of the Wells Manufacturing Company in New Vienna.  A slender, conservative semi-retired attorney who specializes in probate law, Uible pays little mind to the gurgling and grilling of rubber and zinc.  He pauses for a moment in the bubble-bottle room, blows a soap cloud in the factory, and disappears.

It's a serious business, he remarks, creating the nickel toy.

The owner of one of the last traditional five-and-dime store companies in the country, the New Vienna toymaker concocts a product designed to cater to the imagination.

Shipped to a distributor in New York City will be a complete line of jump ropes, jacks, pinwheels, poker chips, yoyo's, chalkboards and batons, which one day will appear on department store shelves all over the world.

Uible describes his product as the perfect idea for Christmas stocking stuffers, Easter baskets, dime store displays.

"In this business, it's variety with a V," says Uible, testing the bounce of a Fun Ball.

The red brick factory in downtown New Vienna was established in 1947 by Daytonian George Wells.  In 1949, C.J. Uible, Harold's father, bought out the firm.  One year later, Harold took over the family business.

Nickel toys became a booming business after World War II, Uible says, adding that it was a time when the smart retailer could sell anything.  Coin holders and lock boxes were the company's original best sellers, soon to be followed by the Wells trademark jacks set.

Uible talks briefly about the cutthroat competition in the toy business.  "It is an international challenge to produce the dime store toy.  Most people don't realize how much it takes to sell something that only costs 15 ents."

Now stored in the factory are all the ingredients to prepare a Wells toy -- from the plastic pellets for bubble bottles to vats of chemical compounds for rubber balls.

In the video age, the Wells toys may look simple as they sit on the shelvess, but try maintaining some finesse, Uible says, while scattering official Wells jacks for a round of "Crack the eggs," "Pigs in the Pen" or "Slugsnail."

For the amateur, Uible distributes Wells Jacks Rule books and tournament rules are available through the company.

Workers on two shifts produce jump ropes at the rate of 614 gross per day with 14 feet of rope braided per minute.

Visitors will bounce into the rubber production room, where the steady pounding of the rubber mill can be heard as the machine boils mounds of the spongy compound for the day's turnout of 50,000 balls.  In a quiet corner of the factory, a designer paints the balls with intricate swirls.

Uible says he gets responses about his toys from buyers all over the world.  "One father wrote in who had bought a paddle that wasn't big enough.  He requested three bigger paddles.  There all kinds of pressures in this business."

The toymaker says he frequently hears of New Vienna travelers who spotted a toy thousands of miles from home.  It's gratifying, thinking of the Wells, "Balles de Jeu" on the international circuit.

Uible says he is often asked why adults would want to spend their days making toys.

"It keeps us young," says Dorothy Pope, slapping braided jump ropes onto a conveyor belt.

His employees smile when he passes through, tease him about his obsession with bicycling, and compare their jobs with a particular "I Love Lucy" rerun when Lucy and Viv create havoc in a factory.  On Friday's they order lunch from Ralph's.

"It's the simple pleasures, like toys, that keep you happy, "says a jump rope color coordinator.

"That's what life's all about," says Uible.

[Wells was sold in 1999 to businessmen from Columbus.]

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1897 New Cumberland High School graduation program -May 21

One Hundred Twenty years before Andrew's high school graduation his great x2 uncle, Robert Morrow Brown, age 19 (1877-1946), graduated from New Cumberland [West Virginia] High School, a member of the high school's fifth graduating class.  Robert's sister, Lucie Brown [Ballantyne] (1880-1957), grandmother of the Ballantyne-Dailey-Uible cousins, and great grandmother of Andrew, was also on the program.

"Our Graduating Class" Fifth Annual Commencement of the New Cumberland High School

Robert's part of the program:  "Per aspera ad astra" is a popular Latin phrase meaning "through hardships to the stars". The phrase is one of the many Latin sayings that use the expression ad astra, meaning "to the stars". Wikipedia

Lucie, two days shy of her 17th birthday, is also on the program, doing or speaking on "Sparks from Human Dynamos."

Monday, May 15, 2017

1987 Bev Gooding Letter -May 19

May 19, 1987

Dear Roberta and Sid,

Thanks for your many post cards, keeping us up to date on your activities.  This note is long overdue.

Talked to your parents last week and we hope to go canoeing a week from Sunday, May 31.  Have not seen them since you were here last June.  I almost got panicky when I realized how long it had been.  When I called, Mary Va. answered, and I heard her tell her mother to "Move, it's long distance!"  Anyway, it was surely good talking with both Jean and Harold

Have you given up your bicycling for a while, as I would imagine it would be too hot at present.

How do you like you new home?  Does it have a swimming pool?  Hope so, as you were accustomed to taking a dip now and then.

You and Sid have certainly been getting around, and it sounds like you had a ball in Florida with John -- two "crazies" together.  Am also amazed that Grandmother Uible is still such a trooper.

Equally amazing is the fact that two Uibles have settled in the same geographic location.  That's great.  Now, you will get to see a bit more of Kathryn and make it easier on your parents -- visiting-wise.  It seems as though Wendy is really enjoying her relocation due to the fact that she gets to visit her Aunt and Uncle frequently.  Fun!!

Lisa was on the verge of calling you up a few weeks ago, as she was quite "down" after the dissolution and needs to get away.  I'm sure she could have benefitted from your sense of humor. She is still running her own business from her apartment and just got 2 more contracts -- 4 in all, so that keeps her going.

Jim is still working on his house, mainly the 3rd floor.  He tore the walls off down to the brick, so it will be a complete make-over.  He also is Treas. of the Neighborhood Council which involves a lot of time and effort in addition to writing a monthly newsletter (you know what this is).  By the way, are you still doing the newsletter?  It was interesting.

Bob is back working for U.D. -- in a different lab than before.  It is called the Physics Impact Lab.  The person in charge is a good friend and he needed someone with Bob's capabilities, so the job was really created with him in mind, even though it had to be advertised to the public.  The pay is about the same as his previous job, but the security is better and also the benefits.  His pension will even be picked upf rom where he left off, so he feels it is a great opportunity.  Of course, some of our friends are retiring at his age (56), and he is starting on a new career.

I'm still at my job and do like it, but just wish I could have more vacation time.  Would like to come west sometime, but feel we should have 3 weeks for it, at least.

The weather here has been gorgeous, but we do need rain badly.

Hope to see or talk with you soon.  Do take care!

Bob & Bev

Sunday, May 14, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter -May 18

[postmarked May 18, 1967]
Wednesday A.M.

Dear family,

Hi– today is "all-students day."  The kids are teaching classes, ringing bells and everything else. It is really pretty neat cause everybody is quieter than usual.  The teachers all went somewhere, all except nurse who I guess is up in her room for emeregency (sp?) use only.

Yesterday we went to the style show put on by Kirks downtown.  It was really nice, later there was this tea sort of thing we all went to.  We left the school about 1:30 and got back about 4:00 that afternoon.

Hi! (again) all the classes went really well today with the students as teachers.  Today in the mail I got my pictures, which are included with this letter.  They all turned out pretty good, don't you think?  Be sure to show them to Grandma and Granddad, OK?  I sent off to the Direct Mail photo place in Pittsburgh Monday morning and got the pictures today.  I had to send $1.40 with my used film to pa for the developing and a new film.  do you think that is a very good deal?

This week-end they will be sending out "office bills."  I'm not sure how much mine will be I did buy two sweatshirts so it won't be what you would call low.  I just bought a grey sweatshirt – it is alot nicer than the white one for it doesn't get dirty so fast but the white were necessary for gym – etc., So!  I also put my Bible books on the bill, I hope this meets with your approval.

Well, better go, will write more later in week.


Friday, May 12, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter to John -May 17

Mary 17, 1977

Dear John,

Hi!  Thanks for your letter from that ritzy hotel in Indianapolis.  It sounds like your Ohio delegation did OK.

How did you do on your exams?  I don't suppose you'll get your grades for a few days.  It must be nice to be out of school for awhile – how long will your stint at Seton Hall be?  I guess you'll be in New Vienna for the Memorial Day festivities

May 18, 1977
Roberta arrived late last night – very tired and rather discouraged with travel by bus.  She said she isn't as young as she used to be.  She also said you gave her $10 to take us out to dinner – Wow!  Thanks.  We'll let you know where we go & what we eat, etc.

She brought us some really nice shirts from the misprint shop.  We should have enough to last us awhile now.

Have you been following the National League at all?  The Dodgers sure are going strong.  The Padres are at the other end.  After yesterday's fiasco in Chicago (they lost 23-6) they have brought up two pitchers from the minor league, plus traded one to Saint Louis so maybe things will improve.

We'd like Mary Virginia to come out for all or part of the month of August.  So help her talk it up if you can.

Drop us a line if you have the time.

Cathy & Gerry

Thursday, May 11, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter -May 17

May 17, 1977

Dear Mom, Dad, John, Mary & (Serena?),

Hi!  Glad you got the flowers OK.  We are expecting to get a call from Roberta anytime and looking forward to seeing her.  Gerry and I are both taking Friday off this week so we'll have two long weekends in a row.

I think we have finally gotten rid of the fleas.  We used another bomb over the weekend and I haven't had any new bites since.

I had to throw our sour dough out because I forgot to feed it.  I had hoped to freeze some so I could start it up again at a later date but it was too late for that.

I had been making about a half gallon of yogurt a week.  The crock pot works really well to make it in.  I ran out yesterday and I thought I'd hold off making more for a few days and eat something else for a change.

Enjoyed reading the letter from Marianne which Mary Virginia enclosed.  What is a braxton-hicks contraction?  I never heard of them.  I go to the Dr. on Friday – other than that not much new.  I am gaining weight.  Less than four months now until "due" date.

Gerry played golf Saturday with a guy from I.H. [International Harvester]  I walked around with them – got some sunburn on my face & arms.  It was mostly cloudy so I was surprised to see how red my face got.  We had hoped to go on a picnic Sunday but the weather didn't cooperate.  Sprinkles with temperature in the 50's.  Maybe next weekend.

I'm listening to the Padres game right now – they're playing in Chicago.   They were winning 2-0 until the 3rd inning and then the Cubs got 8 runs and it is 2-8.

I still have to write to John & Mary Virginia so I better sign off.

Love, Catherine & Gerry

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

1967 Roberta's Postcard -May 17

[postmarked May 17, 1967]
Dear Family,

Hi, got post-card from Catherine today.  New camera is really great, I Have sent film to this place in Pittsburg already to get the black and white roll developed.  Will send pictures home as soon as I receive the.  Got G-o-o-d picture of all my roommates and Helen and couple of others.  Hoper the all come out.

Hard to believe we only have 18 days left.  They will go fast I'm sure.  It will be a sad day June 3rd, for I'll never see Gunhild again. (probably) It will also be happy since I get to go home

Love, Roberta

Monday, May 08, 2017

1987 Family Letter -May 16

Saturday, May 16, 1987

Dear Family:

Doesn't this paper bring back memories?  We will have to visit there again.  [Flying-E reunion was after Christmas 1979.]

Had a beautiful day last Saturday for M.V.'s graduation.  Had reservations at the Golden Lamb for our group at 2 P.M. and the time was a good guess.  It was nearly 6 when we got back to N.V.  M.V. is really on the go . . . it is a BIG event when she is home for supper.  She is getting a lot of practical education this summer.

Glad to hear that Catherine likes her new job at the Glendale Library.  Yes, we too, are looking forward to seeing their new library in early August AND to visit with the Phoenix Uibles, etc.

Roberta had another milestone this past Thursday.  Before you know it you will all be middle age like your parents.  We admire Roberta in her bike riding . . . some 60 miles into the wind en route from Tucson as 6 miles of that tires me out – do hope there are some libraries in Iowa where one can stretch theirs kegs [sic].

Serena is thru her first term at I.U. and is moving to the 3rd floor where she won't be so dependent on the elevator.  She is indeed having a busy year and is already talking of job possibilities.

John will soon be starting his 9th (correct?) year with the bank.  One of the VIP there did tell us a long time ago that John was the most promising individual that had come along since their present President.  Yes, we have indeed been most fortunate to have such a nice family.

We are glad that John, Carol, Serena, Roberta and Wendy will be here for G'Ma's 95th.  We have nothing definite planned yet – other than going to Leesburg, which is her favorite place to eat.  Any idea's etc. would be most welcome.  Did get a strap to put at the back of her wheelchair foot so that her shoe would not slip off.  Had them on order in Wilmington for several weeks and they never came, and then went to a place in Columbus last Tuesday and presto.  The occasion Tuesday was a seminar on Estate Planning sponsored by Banc Ohio, plus a bountiful breakfast buffet, with loads of fresh fruit.  It was a good day.

Took Grandma to the eye doctor said her eyes were holding up well.  Seems like it is always time to have these eyes checked.

[Love, etc.]

[Part below added on (in Jean's handwriting) to the copy sent to John]

John, you might be interested that Gene Williams started at the shop last Monday – sort of as a trouble shooter and has been doing well.  The Boy Scouts & parents had a Pancake breakfast this morning to make money for those going to Philmont – Saw one couple that looked familiar – turned out to be Jeff Aldredge's parents who have another son in our scout group – also planning on going to Philmont.  They told us Jeff & his wife are expecting their first sometime this summer.  There must be considerable age difference between the two boys – maybe like Catherine & Mary Virginia but not as many in between.

We are to be at the Hyatt at Ohio Center Thursday night – going up early that day & coming back Friday.  Ed and June Jones are planning to meet us there so that should be more fun.

[in Dad's writing]  Serena has written to you folks but had the wrong address.

Love, Mother & Dad

Sunday, May 07, 2017

1987 Roberta's Letter -May 15


Dear Folks (& the College Grad! [MV])

Thanks so much for the birthday card, the birthday check & the birthday call – esp since you tried unsuccessfully last night!

I had a very nice birthday – Wendy & Sid did a great job on the "party" after a huge Chinese meal.  Wendy had made cake & iced it with special icing.  Wendy gave me a pair of ear-rings & right away asked if she could borrow them!  Also got given several of Wendy's creative paintings and a $25 gift certificate for my favorite store – Broadway Southwest.  (it's also good at the clearance store!)

Actually – I haven't been shopping for so long – did get an Easter dress for Wendy – so I'll enjoy the excuse to get back in the store & shopping!  I'm sure I haven't forgotten how!

Sid got me several small items we needed for the trailer.  We have been thinking of getting a small microwave for the trailer – we are enjoying getting away at least once a month in the trailer & with extended use in the summer we would get alot of good out of the microwave!  It would also let us do alot of cooking and esp reheating without heating up the whole kitchen!  If we do go ahead & buy a microwave soon your bitrhday check will go toward that.  If we wait, I'll be putting the $ toward my Ohio trip.  I'm really going to be helping out the airlines this summer.

We plan to go to Prescott for a few days the 1st weekend of June.  We will be in the trailer & will take my bike along.  Sid enjoys being able to dilly-dally around "fixing" this & that while I'm out riding!

I've got on the last show of Dallas for the season – they are getting rid of (killing) the ones that will be taken off the show.

Wendy's 3rd grade had a picnic today at Cactus Park (39th Ave & Cactus) so I went up & joined them for about 1/2 hour.  The class was there from 10AM to 2PM.  By 11:45 when I left – the teacher already looked VERY TIRED!

There were several Mothers there for the picnic – along with younger brothers & sisters.  Was I ever glad to return to Senior Village!

We had a shopping trip for Senior Village residents to PIC-N-SAVE.  There is a new one at 35th & Thunderbird – the old Fry's store.  (Fry's rebuilt right across the street.)  PIC-N-SAVE is quite a popular place – lots of good buys – tho you never know exactly what they will have!  The residents always enjoy going!

I got birthday cards for both Elizabeth J. & Ruth Shoemaker.  Mary Virginia's card was real cute – we never did get one of her graduation invites!

Our old house is in the pre-moving stage – the trees, bushes, etc. are all pulled out.  It has been cut into 3 pieces – the pool has been filled w/ dirt.

It's now Sunday AM – I'll get this off in the mail drop on way to church.  We are going for 3 in a row church attendance.

Thanks again for the thoughtful cards & birthday check.

Much love,

Saturday, May 06, 2017

1967 Roberta Letter -May 15

[May 15, 1967?]
Dear family,

Hi! – got package Friday, we opened up one thing Friday, the camera.  It is really nice (you can't roll the film too far or anything).  I opened up the socks Saturday night and we were going to save all the rest of stuff till today but didn't have enough will power!

The dress is really pretty and it fits real good, now I can't decide whether to wear it or the flowered suit June 3rd.  I haven't worn either of them yet.  What do you think?

Fire alarm clock is really nice, too!  Now maybe I'll be able to get up earlier in the morning and study so my grades will go up. (ha!)  I'm sure I'll use it alot – it even fits in my purse!

Last night the room ate over at Sylvia's house it was really good chicken – the whole works!  Hi!  That was just you all on the phone!  So I guess this letter is just going to be a repeat.  Oh, well!  Back to the dinner last night, when the last [bell?] rang I went walking out of the room and those guys all called me back.  They kept saying the whole room is going to skip supper so you can't go or they would know that the four of them skipped.  Well, after about ten minutes they finally decided that we should go to supper after all and just be late.  We all waked out the door and they started sing "Happy Birthday" to me.  Then we all walked over to Sylvia's and dinner.  Boy, was I ever surprised.

Suzanne gave me these two books and Sylvia gave me 3 little note pads.  I'm including a sheet of each with this letter.

Can't think of anything else to say so I'll close for now.  Thanks so much for the presents, cake and telephone call.

Love, Roberta

P.S. that money sure will come in handy this summer.  Helen says it will cost about $150 for round trip plane ticket to her house.  Expensive, huh?

Friday, May 05, 2017

1967 Roberta Letter -May 12

Thursday A.M.
[postmarked 12 May 1967]
Dear Family,

Hi – got letter yesterday from Catherine, today I got B-I-G letter from Mom and post-card from Catherine (WOW)

About the cake for J.N. – we made a fudge marble cake for him – and did it ever turn out a mess!  First we didn't get the chocolate stuff mixed in as good as we should, then we used too small of pan so the cake went way over the top, then when we cooled it we put it in the refrigerator and it dropped on the sides.  We only let it cool 7 minutes so when we iced it the icing all melted.  So!  Helen and I divided between the two of us and took it over to the dorm.  It wasn't very much on looks but everyone seemed to think it tasted good!

Yesterday we had a softball game with the public school in Barnesville.  We won one, lost the other one.  We (Helen and I) saw J.N. drive off with this other man.  I don't think he saw us.

The letter I got today from Grandma has F-I-V-E dollars in with the card.  The card was really cute – I'll let you see it later if you haven't already.  Will have to send Grandma a thank-you note soon for the card and money.

Only two more weeks of regular classes, then one week (or less) of tests (that's bad!).  Do you think you will be able to come for commencement?

The speaker is really going to be good – she has written a bunch of books – we are reading one of hers now in Bible class.

Did you ever get the book "The Cross and the Switch-Blade"?  If you haven't and if you would be interested I could buy it in the book store here at school. (Price 50¢) It really is a good book.  I think you would like it.

Well, better go –Will try to write more later on in the week.  I'll write Catherine on Sunday if not before – ok?  Hope that meets her approval!


Thursday, May 04, 2017

1987 Catherine Letter -May 11

Monday, May 11, 1987

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  thanks for your letter and the $$ towards Wendy's travel expenses.  She is already planning what she will be wearing on the plane, what to take with her, etc.

This is my day to work 12-9 this week so I was able to ride (on my bike) with Wendy to school and then catch up with Gerry along the canal just east of 35th and accompany him to work.  He has been walking every day.  Then I went to the Auto Licensing place and got the car registered.  Last week on my morning off I had taken it to the emission testing place and failed -- had to get a new catalytic converter and a fuel intake restrictor before it would pass.  So I got that taken care of on Saturday, then passed the emissions test.  I guess that makes us official Arizonians instead of "snowbirds".

I'm really enjoying the job at the Glendale Library.  It's great to be part of a team instead of doing everything myself.  All their regular storytimes, craft programs, etc. ended in April so that May could be spent promoting summer reading.  I think all but one or two schools have scheduled (out of maybe 2-25 schools).  Two of us have been going to each school and spending 15-30 minutes with large groups (50-300) depending on how they are scheduled.  Most of the arrangements are made with the school librarian.  We are trying to see all the classes K-4.  We tell a couple stories and then talk up the summer programs.  I'll try to enclose some info.  Some classes from schools close to the library are coming in for tours.  I did a kindergarten tour last week, including a summer promo and a couple stories.  Also did a 5th grade, did booktalks for them instead of stories.  Everyone (that I've met so far anyway -- I understand there are about 60 employees altogether) is very sociable.  They take breaks together, go to lunch together, etc.  The atmosphere at work is very relaxed, yet professional.

Well, it's about time for me to prepare to leave and I need to eat some brunch or something to hold me until 4:00 which is my "supper" hour.

I'll enclose a check for Gerry's shirts at Velva-Sheen.  No great rush on them though.  Thanks.

Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

1967 Roberta Letter -May 10

[postmarked 5/10/67]
Tuesday night
Dear Family,

Hi! – have been very busy lately!  I'm trying my best to get TOP grades this last six weeks of school.

I got package yesterday in mail, thanks so much for everything.  The raisins and dates were really good – they were all gone by that afternoon!  The shoes look alot better – they almost look like new!

Included with this letter is our English assignment which was for today.  I compared a hole in a sock to the clouds in the sky.  Do you understand?  If not write and I'll tell you in more detail.

It is hard to believe that there are only 25 more days of school after today.  We are now sitting at our last tables, doing our last dish crew's and office work service.  They won't change again this year.

I haven't got really very much to say. (Nor the time to say it in)!  Everything seems to be happening around here.

The weather is really bad – it hasn't stopped raining for very long since last Friday night.

Well, better go – will write more later on in the week.


PS  Teacher Susan thinks I'm doing better in Algebra – she told me tonight after supper.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

1967 Roberta Letter -May 9

[postmarked May 9, 1967, though letter may have been in the wrong envelope as school didn't get out until early June?  Time will tell as we read through future letters!]

Dear family,

Hi!  Well – one exam taken, three more to go!  We just got done taking our Geography exam – was it ever hard.  We got to keep the middle part so you will find it included with this letter.

My next exam will be tomorrow 9:15-11:15 – Algebra.  I'm not really worried about it, because I know how to work most of the problems (all except the word problems)!  Tomorrow afternoon I have my Bible exam – 1:45-3:45.  Wednesday from 9:15-11:15 we will go to home ec  room and clean the place up instead of having an exam in that class.  Thursday 9:15-11:15 we be our English exam.  It will really be tough – he cares alot about whether we can write good essays or not – of course I don't so I guess I'll have to do really good in the other parts of the exam.  I hope all the times haven't confused you too much.

Next year I will be taking the following: English II, Ancient History, Bible II, Art I, Biology, Geometry – all of these are required – I would also like to take Spanish I but I;m not sure if I ca carry that many subjects.  I put myself down for Drivers education too!  We had to put down what we were interested in taking just this past week-end but our final choices will be made next year, the first day of school.

I checked with teacher Tom on whether I needed to take biology since I have already taken it and he said I would l need to.  I don't really mind cause I'm kinda interested in that sort of stuff anyway.

If it can be worked out, do you think I could invite somebody from near Salem, Oho to come down this summer for a few days?  Think about it and then we can discuss it later OK?

Do you know yet who will be able to come Saturday?  I got a rally big box at Binn's Saturday and have already started packing my heavy stuff and things I know I won't wear this week.  I sue will have enough stuff to take home – including my bike!

Well, suppose I better go – See some of you Saturday _ no I'll be seeing you all Saturday (at home).  If you don't know what to have Sunday – and if it's nice maybe we could go on a picnic and have some ham?  Did you get hint?

Love, Roberta

P.S. When you see me Saturday I should look different – I think you will be able to tell!  You might not cause it doesn't make me look that different!

Monday, May 01, 2017

1967 Roberta's Postcard -May 9, 19 or 29

[Postmarked May 9, 19 or 29, 1967]

Dear family,

Hi!  Got post-card from Dad yesterday – thanks alot!

Last Sunday a United States Army Helicopter landed on front campus.  The driver of it just got back from Viet-Nam, and has a brother who is a senior here.

Did you get a thing about Wilmington College from me?  I have a bunch of other stuff about the Peace Corps but because of cost to send it and also the fact that I'll be home soon I'll just give it to you all Saturday.

Had a BIG letter from Aunt Mary yesterday.  I'll have to write her back soon!  Exams! (Ugh)

Love, Roberta

Items from Uible photo album