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1955 MUH Florida Postcard to CJU's -July 29

State Capitol, Tallahassee, Fla. postcard - mailed 1955.  Captioned: The State Capitol stands on a block-square knoll over-looking the business district.  It was completed in 1845, the year Florida became a State, and since that time numerous additions have been made to the original building.
1955 MUH Florida Postcard to CJU's -July 29
Thurs. – Tallahassee 5:30 [postmarked Bradenton]

Going to drive across University Bebgs. [Bekgs?] then move way out.  Cards mailed from Ala with Wed. should be Thurs. from Montgomery.  Do you think we'll get to L.W. by tomorrow?  Ha!  Saw old Gov.'s Mansion.  Had an auction last nite x is to be torn down.  Univ. Campus very pretty.
Love, Mary & Bill

* * * * *
According to Wikipedia a new Florida Governor's Mansion was built in 1956, and "many items in the first mansion were auctioned in 1955 to aid in furnishing the new mansion, raising $7,500."

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1975 Roberta's Letter -July 28

July 28, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  Thanks for your letter – check & folder on Marchio's. [?]   We will be there tomorrow night!  After reading it we decided we could so w/out lunch tomorrow!!

I am planning on quitting – next Monday will be my last day.  I know I would never make it till Sept. 1st so I fell I have done the best thing by giving a notice of over 1 week.  Judy Apante [?] did not want the job – which means he will have to hire probably a local.

THe plans in Montreal sound good to me – would you believe I haven't been swimming since my 1st week here?  I'm sorry J.B. won't be accompanying us.

The mail has to go out very soon – also lunch last minute details must be done – must go!

Yes – I know what a gazebo is – as there is one here at the farm!

Love, Berta
Mary V –                                      
how did you like camp this year?

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1955 MUH Alabama Postcard to CJU's -July 28

Montgomery, Alabama postcard - mailed 1955.  
Captioned: Dexter Avenue, looking east showing State Capitol Montgomery, Ala.  Dexter Avenue is the main business street of the city.  The fountain in the center of the square was erected in 1886.  It was on exhibition at the Atlanta Exposition and the purchase price was seven thousand dollars.  The State Capitol shown in the distance was the first Capitol of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis being inaugurated President on the steps of this building.
1955 MUH Alabama Postcard to CJU's -July 28
[postmarked Brundidge Ala. July 28, 1955]
Weds enroute to Tallahassee [or Lakeland?]

* a star marks spot, arrived here at 9 & visited till 11:15.  Went thru Capitol & Kids sat in Gov's chair.  We asked a lady where his office was and she . . . gave the kids each a marble from a bowl.  The town has lovely homes, we enjoyed the museum & "Little White House" of the Confederacy.  We just about cooked alive yesterday.  Some cooler today we got in such a storm thru Birmingham & we didn't see the city (6-6:30) Saw the "Vulcan" [statue] on top of Red. Mt.

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1975 Roberta's Letter -July 26

July 26, 1975
Dear Family –

Right now things seem to be up in the air – have been putting off writing till I could tell you all something definite but as of now – nothing is for sure.  

1st off I did talk to Mr. Ream about quitting and all I got was a sermon about being unfair because he wouldn't be able to find good help for just 3 weeks & it would take that long to break in someone.  Also how I took the commitment for the summer, etc.  He has a very bad temper, but I must say I have had nothing but kind words w/ him.  (But I've worked hard to please him in the dining room!)

I would stay w/out a 2nd thought except I hate the idea of being here for 2 weeks w/ no car and I.T. & Marion not here.

OH – I am letting someone I.T. knows in New Town, PA use my ticket for the play in New Hope on August 5th.  SO I'm free that day – that I know for sure!  Now Wednesday is no-one's day off in the kitchen or dining room so I hopefully will be able to get it off – as time rolls around.  When someone has a day off the rest of us just double up.

As to G'ma plans – make her reservations for August 31st.  If I should stay till the bitter end I will do it on the idea that I can leave Sunday morning.  

I got a library card at the County library in Newton – got 3 books last week on India.  One very good – "Eating the India Air" w/out television or daily paper it is hard to keep up w/ the news – but I get sketchy news from the radio.  Should India still be having its problems in Nov. we will just go to another part of the world.

Last night one of ladies in the senior citizens group gave me a fresh pineapple – so later we cut it open & mixed it w/ peaches & bananas.  It was rally good!

Yes – I got my wallet size diploma – thanks.  I hope to get some of my "business" as to my trip done in N.Y.C.  this coming Tuesday.  You know we have several men here who commute back & forth to work in N.Y.C. while their family stays here.

This is short & nothing definite at that but must get going & get it in the mail – 

Love, Berta

Please send some stamps ––– both 8¢ & 10¢ ––

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1995 Roberta's Postcard - July 24

1995 Roberta's Grand Floridian Postcard - July 24
[postmarked Orlando FL 24 Jul 1995]

Hi!  We spent half of today checking out Disney Resorts – this one starts at $265 per night & the food is very expensive – but oh the bathrooms were nice!  Rob &Family came over to our value priced hotel for supper – those boys are ACTION-PACKED!  We talked much about all the fun at Estes Park!  Did you see where this year July 4th – Estes got lots of SNOW – w/ many roads closed due to SNOW!  FLA's humidity is worse than I remember it!  Bought a WSJ today – interesting times.  Lots of Coke-Cola sold at Disney / Epcot!  Love, R & S

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1975 Catherine's Letter -July 23

[A small portion of this letter has been removed for privacy reasons – this was a difficult letter to write and to read, but life does go on as we all know.  I am thankful that the ending of this relationship lead to my meeting and marrying Gerry.]

July 23, 1975
Dear Mom & Dad,

X and I split up last week.  I have moved into an apartment in Sanford and he is staying in the house.  I'm not sure if this is a permanent separation as X still thinks we can get back together and have a good marriage but I feel alot less sure of that.

The primary problem is that I . . . . him then we wouldn't have a problem.

At any rate I'm getting along fairly well on my own except for when I talk to X and then I get to feeling all guilty and shook up.

I am not seriously involved with anyone else although in some ways I think it would be easier on X if I was.  Then he would feel like I had more of a concrete reason for leaving him.

August 7 & 8 sounds OK for your coming.  Maybe I can get some time off work.

My phone # is 207-324-4078.  X has the old #.  My address: 7 Grove Ave., Sanford 04073.

Love, Catherine

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1975 Roberta's McKeown's Restaurant postcard - July 23

McKeown's Restaurant postcard - mailed 1975. Captioned: McKEOWN'S RESTAURANT R.D. 2, Box 85, Branchville, N.J. 07826 AT CULVER LAKE
1975 Roberta's McKeown's Restaurant postcard - July 23
Had some good Duck here last night – how about leaving here August 6th w/me?  I could meet you all in N.Y.C. – let me know ok?  But make G'ma's reservation for her N.E. trip – I still want to take J.B. to Exeter & want her to see his school & C&D's house!  110 in the dining room!  What a crowd!!

Love, Berta

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1965 Postcard from Jean to Catherine -July 21

Camp Indianola postcard - mailed 1965.  
Captioned: Camp Indianola, Rural Route 2, Lancaster, Ohio.
1965 Camp Indianola Postcard from Jean to Catherine -July 21
[address to Girls' School of Missions, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio]

Dearest Catherine,
Marianne has gone sailing with Weegie this morning.  She and Roberta worked til 10 – first time M has worked there this week.  She & Cris stayed with Granddaddy while Grandma & M's parents went to see Joe at a concert last night.

Daddy & boys are planning to go camping tomorrow evening.  Serena is busy getting ready for Camp Cartwright.

Love XX, Daddy & Mother

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1985 Roberta's Pacific NW Postcard - July 18

Pacific Northwest Postcard - mailed 1985. Captioned: Pines and Wheat in the Pacific Northwest.  Color by Dennis L. Dilley. Distributed by Smith-Western Co. P.O. Box 1573, Tacoma WA 98401

1985 Roberta's Pacific NW Postcard - July 18
[postmarked July 18, 1985, Los Angeles CA; mailed to Wells Mfg. "Office"]

Hi – Greetings from the great Northwest!  Grandma took off with Serena & Miss Wendy for Lake Louise Canada will end travels in Victoria before heading home.  She is a real trooper!  It's back to work for me – the ole' job seems to get in my way this summer!

Love, Roberta Uible-King

Thursday, July 16, 2015

1975 Roberta's Letter -July 17

July 17, 1975
Dear Family –

Hi!  Thanks for your post card – was surprised to hear from you from Wisconsin – hope you had a good trip.  Glad that Ruth was able to go w/ you all – had she ever been up that way?

We all had a good day off – it's just a shame it only happens once a week!  We went to Flemington, New Jersey – there are a lot of glass & pottery places there.  You could buy irregulars pretty reasonable.  I bought a coffee mug (except I'll use it for tea – HA).

We also went in a factory outlet for Rossanna sweaters – I got 2 sweaters & a top that matches the one sweater – for $14.00.  One sweater is the heavy-warm type – long w/pockets.

Tuesday night we went to see Funny Lady – it was OK – especially if you like Barbara S.  Interesting enough the tickets were $2.00 for the no-smoking section, $3.00 for the smoking section.

It has been raining here for the last 4 [or 9?] days – some days more than others.  I'm lucky to live so close to my work.  

One day last weekend I went down to set up for breakfast – the dining room was a disaster area.  Coffee grounds, corn flakes, rice crispies, orange juice had been thrown all over the dining room!  It was one of those times I could have quit on a minutes notice.  These kids bring their city ways here w/ them.  

The senior citizens are really great – some just stay 1 week, others 2-3 weeks, etc.

I would like the Buick here – how can it be worked out to bring it up w/ you all?  Also I would greatly appreciate some Wells samples to give to the woman who helps me w/ the clean-up after meals.  She is 72 years old – and quite a character.  Also would like some to give to Marion & I.T.

I got my hair cut – it's pretty short at the moment.  It should grow though.

Mr. R is very nice – his wife though is an alcoholic – who sometimes is quite a pain.  He asked me last night about next summer – I told him I'd like to make it 1st till Sept. 1st.

The food continues to be good – lots of fresh fruit & vegetables.  Meat too is good – nothing is deep fried – though we do have lots of potatoes (boiled or mashed) & rice.  When we have fresh fruit it's my job to cut it up – eh – so the fresh fruit is alot of work for me.

By Sept. 1st I'll be ready for a factory job – working 40 hours a week w/ weekends off!

Got to go ––––



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1835 Freeman's Landing Union Chapel

The following clippings are arranged in slightly different order than they are transcribed, due to their irregular placement on several different pages of the newspaper.  Thomas Freeman (1793-?), one of the founders of the Chapel, is the 3rd Great Grandfather of the Ballantyne-Dailey-Uible cousins.

Thomas Freeman's son James L. Freeman (1809-1892) was the father of Virginia Irene Freeman Ballantyne (1840-1906) who was the mother of our grandfather, Nathaniel Wallace (N.W.) Ballantyne (1868-1949).

Further research would be needed to determine if or how other early members, such as the Browns and Morrows are related.  Partial transcription follows.
Picture of Zalia Church and attendants at 100th anniversary of the founding.
[Identity of "Jennie" is unknown.]

Some of the pastors and officials of the church and some early and present members are pictured.  John. C. Freeman is third from left in back row, Mrs. George Freeman is third from left in front row with Miss Mary Brown fourth from left.

100th Anniversary
Union Chapel Was Founded at Freeman's Landing in 1835.  
Sunday Devoted to Celebration of Founding
The Independent, New Cumberland, West Virginia
Thursday July 18, 1935

The historic M.P. [Methodist Protestant] church at Zalia, Hancock county known in the early days as "Union Chapel of Freeman's Landing" celebrated its one hundredth anniversary of its founding with appropriate services being held Sunday, July 14, 1935.

Services began in the morning and continued throughout the day with intermissions for dinner and supper.  The food was served by the ladies of the church and several hours were spent in a social way, renewing friendships and relating past history of the chapel and its members.

Rev. I.J. Howland is the regular pastor of the church, having been assigned to the charge by the Pittsburgh conference, along with his pastorship of the New Cumberland M.P. church.

The morning sermon was preached by Rev. Samuel Spencer, a former pastor of the Zalia church and Nessly chapel and in the afternoon, Rev. C.A. Daugherty of Empire who has been occupying the pulpit at Zalia delivered the sermon in the afternoon.

Both discourses were appropriate for the occasion and in the evening Rev. Howland delivered the address and his theme was "The Passing Years."  His sermon touched on the early founders of the chapel and the people that have continued in keeping the good work going on for a hundred years.  Rev. Spencer and Rev. Daugherty took part in all the services, while Rev. Howland presided during the celebration.

Mrs. Fred Dunleavy and Mrs. Ruth Jones sang duets at the afternoon and evening meetings and Mrs. Howland gave a reading.  The evening program opened with a song service with twelve choir members, a duet by Rev. Howland and Mr. A.S. Cooper, and a duet by Rev. and Mrs. Daugherty.

Rev. Howland called upon a number of the attendants of the celebration for reminiscences of the chapel and quite a number related interesting history.  

Only three near relatives of the founders of the church were present and they were John C. Freeman of Toronto [Toronto, Ohio is about 20 miles away], N.W. Ballantyne of New Cumberland, and Miss Mary Brown of Toronto.  Miss Mary Brown is the oldest surviving member of the church and her father, James Brown, was a cousin of the Rev. George Brown, the first pastor and one of the organizers of the chapel.  Thomas Freeman, grandfather of John C. Freeman and great-grand-father of N.W. and C.A. Ballantyne of this place was one of the founders of the church, and donated the land.  

John Freeman was a son of Samuel Freeman and the latter a son of Thos. Freeman.  Mr. Freeman gave a history of the church taken from the old family records.

Organized in 1835

The Union chapel, located near Freeman's Landing, now known as Zalia in Butler district this county [Hancock] was organized and services held in 1835.  This county was then a part of the old state of Virginia and the deed for the church property is recorded in Brooke county.  The founders of the chapel were Thomas Freeman and his wife, Thomas Anderson, (unmarried at that time_, James Black and wife, Robert White and wife and John Sutton and wife.  The first meetings were held in an old brick school house until 1857 when they erected the present church.  Rev. George Brown, who was a pastor of the Nessly chapel assisted in the organization.

The Union chapel was at one time one of the leading churches in the county, attended by the Freemans, Ballantynes, several Porter families, the Browns, the L.R. Smith and John W. Morrow families of Kings creek, the Wilson, Bradleys, Andersons, McConnell's, McAdoos, Hugh Irwin and sisters, Reuben Taylors family the families of Johnson Miller, Calvin Grimes, Wm. Jester, the Morans, the Lyons and many others.

George Porter gave the first argan [sic] to the church and Mary Porter Blackburn a daughter played the instrument for 12 years.  Misses Martha and Alice Porter, of Pittsburgh, daughters of the late George and Maria Moren Porter, sent a contribution to the church, but were unable to attend the celebration.  Their mother was a teacher in the Sunday school for many years.

 . . . . . S. B. Goucher spoke as to the early days when he attended Sunay school . . . in the time of the civil war.  He recalled that Freeman's Landing had quite a settlement of people and later yars there were ten brick yards from Kings creek to the Black Horse, New Cumberland.  Bricks were made like in the early days of Egypt, made during the summer when the sun was hot and dried by the sun rays.  In winter time the clay was dug from the hills.  THe brick were transported by Keelboats, there were no railroads in this section.

Thomas Freeman, one of the founders of the church made the first fire brick west of the Allegheny mountains.  [Family history indicates he began in the clay and brick business in 1833 at Freeman's Landing.]

N.W. Ballantyne, a great grand-son of Thomas Freeman was present and was called upon and stated that he had attended this church and Sunday School when a boy and that there was a big attendance, and annual picnics were held, and that this chapel was the leading church in this section of the county.  

* * * * * * * * * *

Union Chapel information from other sources:

The scanned clippings from The Independent  New Cumberland, West Virginia, Thursday July 18, 1935 is a write-up of the 100th Anniversary of a church, originally known as Union Chapel of Freeman's Landing" in an unincorporated community, now known as Zalia, in Hancock County, West Virginia.  According to Wikipedia [1] the community has also been known as Brickyard Bend.

The East Liverpool Historical Society reports that "The Union Chapel of the Methodist Protestant Church was built in 1835 at Freeman's Landing north of New Cumberland?  There were 877 _graves listed in 1995."[2]

THE UNION CHAPEL is described in History of the Pan-Handle in 1879: Is located near Freeman’s Landing, in Butler district.  The Methodist Protestant society of said place was organized in about 1835, by Rev. George Brown, with Thomas Freeman and wife, Thomas Anderson, James Black and wife, Robert White and wife, and John Sutton and wife. The first meetings were held in an old brick school house until 1857, when they erected the present church.  The ministers were the same as those found in the history of the Nessly Chapel.  Rev. John Gregory is the present pastor.  They have a membership of about sixty.

Sabbath School.—In connection with the church, they have had a Sabbath school for a number of years.  During the summer months they have an enrollment of one hundred scholars, T. F. Henderson is superintendent. [3]

Websites listed below were accessed in July 2015
[1] Zalia also known as Brickyard Bend:,_West_Virginia 
[2] East Liverpool Historical Society, Rest in Peace Part 4 website:
[3] History of The Pan-Handle; being historical collections of the Counties of Ohio, Brooke, Marshall and Hancock, West Virginia.  Compiled and written by J.H. Newton, G.G. Nichols and A.G. Sprankle. Wheeling, W. Va., published by J.A Caldwell, 1879.,d.cGU&cad=rja

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1985 Roberta's Letter - July 13

Dear Folks,

This letter will be old news by the time you get back – but thought you wouldn't mind to get some 'people' mail in your welcome back pile!  It does seem strange now tho to say Welcome Back today – since today is the day you take off!

I took the airport bus from Disneyland hotel – a real bargain for $9.00.  Sid & family were going to the 'beach' today – tho Sid thought I should allow lots of time I took a later bus & got to the airport still a full 25 minutes before take off – just as they were beginning to load the children of divorces, etc. – lots of kids seem to travel alone now days.

Back to the Disneyland hotel – I enjoyed about 1½ hours of shopping there before getting on the airport bus.  Except for being in a gift shop w/ a 4 & 7 year old I had not been in a Disney gift shop!  Thought about lots of buying – but actually ended up only buying 20 (more) postals & some new diet treats for myself.  Just before I came on this trip I managed to get rid of excess weight I gained in England!  Hopefully I'll be able to lose this excess before my August trip!  I've already got out the 20 cards – for a total of 70 plus.  (30 of them Senior Village ones!)  Some people send out Christmas cards – I send out postals!

This motel is very nice – low profile – just Grandma's style!  You know – she doesn't like to feel like she is making a bank payment – just wants to pay for the use of the bed!

I'm so glad to be able to join Grandma and Serena on this venture – even tho for such a short period of time!

This is the summer I'm using all the comp time I've earned – plus a vacation day or two!  The new ruling as of July 1st – County employees cannot earn comp time – must be used within 2-week pay period when earned.  It was nice while it lasted – being able to 'Bank' comp time!  Actually – w/the flexibility of my job – I can still earn & use comp time to my advantage – i.e. work a weekend before going on vacation & then take the days while gone – all w/in same work week!

I went w Lois Bruce & 2 of her little old lady friends to a movie – Cocoon (sp?) – directed by Ron Howard.  It is a real comedy – takes place in a retirement/rest home in St. Petersburg, FLA – hopefully didn't hit too close to home for them!  Think they enjoyed it.  The last movie they had seen was Passage to India.  Quite a change!

So – how was your trip?  Somehow it seems very premature for me to bring up your trip now in the past tense!

As for here & now (7/13) – I'm real tan – it dawned on me while at the pool at trailer park (camp ground) when I realized I was as dark as some of the Mexicans!  About 20 plus of our friends from the South were staying close to our trailer.  They came in a truck w/camper & 2 cars – I'm still amazed the vehicles made it out of Mexico!  They slept in their cars, on the grass – etc.  I got to talking to them at the pool – it was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime trip for them.

I'm sure Grandma will have something to say about how dark I am!

It's time for me to get ready to go to airport to pick up Grandma & Serena – more later!

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1965 Postcard from Jean to Catherine -July 11

Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial postcard - Mailed 1965. Captioned: Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial at Put-in-Bay, Ohio. Distributed by D.S. Kirkpatrick, Lakeside, Ohio.  Color Photography by Robert J. Dodge 
1965 Perry's Victory Memorial Postcard from Jean to Catherine -July 11
[Addressed to Senior MYF Camp, Methodist Campground, Sabina, Ohio, postal meter stamp of 4¢]

Sunday 7/11/65

Miss you already.  Daddy, Serena, John & Cris got to the "old cemetary" [sic] that Serena has begged to see for so long.

Hope you enjoy all your cabin mates – Found Sue's toothbrush when we got home so guess she'll borrow yours.

Cris was disappointed not to see Bonanza here tonite but we decided to get to bed earlier.

XXX Love, Mother & Daddy

Friday, July 10, 2015

1975 Roberta's Letter -July 10

July 10, 1975
Dear Family –

Hi!  Just got done w/ Breakfast – now have almost an hour free time till lunch – what a pace!

Had such a good day on Tuesday – we got to N.Y.C. about noon time – we drove the woman home from the hospital.  I got to see where most of the senior citizens we have here live.  It was a really creepy building – this woman was from Poland – most interesting to talk to.

We ate a light lunch in the park near Cloisters.  After Cloisters we went to see a friend of I.T.'s who is Secretary of "Church Women United." – her office is right next to Riverside Church.  We went into the Church – took the elevator to 20th floor – then walked to the very top.  If N.Y.C. had cleaner air the view would have been something.  On our way back (to 20th floor) we were right next to the big bells – and they started ringing.  It was really funny!  We were lucky to find good on street parking right next to Riverside Church.  Sister Luke (I.T.'s friend) lives 2 blocks from her job so we went there 1st – then took the bus to Lincoln Center.  Had thought of buying ballet tickets but the line was too long – was going to buy for another Tuesday.  We are going to try to get them through the mail now.  (getting cultured) – Ho, Hum!

Then we went to Monk's Inn – isn't that where you all have been?  When you sit down you get a basket of apples & breads – also a board of different kinds of cheeses.  We sat right in front of the big table full of cheese.  I had Cornish Hen – very good meal.  For dessert Marian had Chocolate Fondue – it really looked good.  Afterwards we walked around awhile then took Sister Luke back home (via bus) – then walked the block back to our car – and got back to the farm about 11:30.

Please send the miniature copy of my diploma – I need it to give proof that I've been a college student during the last year.  On our next trip to N.Y.C. I want to get my student card. (for travelling discounts, etc. in India)

This week is a busy week in the dining room – we've got 2 meals going every meal – but the large Spanish group is leaving tomorrow after lunch and things should be back to normal then.

I (meaning WE - in the Dining Room) have done really good on tips from the Rich that come here.  Those are the ones from Chelsea that have made good – but came here as a child – and still come back.  Alot of attorneys, doctors, etc.  I have made about $25-30 so far.  Not bad –at all – since I wasn't expecting anything at all.  For one person room & board is $60 a week.  Deserving people get discounts – alot are up here on what they call scholarships.  (The poor ones ) For 1 night and 3 meals it is $15 per person – but gets cheaper the longer you stay (i.e. $12.50 a day for 2 days) It's a good deal really because the food is good & the service is excellent. (HA!)

Mr. Ream has told me several times that the dining room is running so much smoother than in years before & now he has gotten alot of compliments about us.  Last night I sent a man out to put on shoes 1st before he could eat – after supper I got introduced to him.  He is head of Hudson Guild – head of everything.  He told Mr. Ream he knew the dining room was in good hands –

It sounds like you all had a big 4th of July – just wait till next year!

What did Nancy Walker decide to do?  That was a good picture of Jackie Phelan in the paper.  Glad you all caught it – I had a post card from her when she was at Disney Land – said she was having a great time and that she would rather pay a travel agent than a doctor any day.

That was some article about New Vienna in the paper ––

I would like to have the Buick here in August – would that mess up J.B.'s plans too much?  For one thing I.T. & Marion leave August 15th, Id like to leave early myself but . . . . . feel I should stay till Sept. 1st.  I didn't think I would make it through the 1st 2 weeks – but now I'm starting my 3rd week.  I'm getting a work out – most of my days consist of 3 things – breakfast, lunch & supper –––

Got to go ––

Thanks for stamps & letter!

Mary V – Write!!?
Love, Berta

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

1975 Roberta's Letter to GHU -July 8

Roberta sends Grandma a fold and seal letter while at Hudson Guild in the summer of 1975.  

July 7, 1975
Dear Grandma,

Hi!  Thanks for your letter & stamps – I'm putting them to good use!

You wouldn't believe how many people are up here now – there are so many we had to serve 2 suppers – one at 5:30 for the senior citizens and then a buffet type deal at 6:30 for a group of 50 – a Spanish Church group from Harlem – New York City.  I really feel like I've had a work-out!  And would you believe we are going to have it this way till Friday!  One group will get a cold meal, the other a hot meal. (This week only)

Luckily enough I'm off tomorrow – but I said I'd help w/ breakfast because we are not going into New York City till about 10:00 A.M.  We have to take one of the senior citizens back home (N.Y.C.) – she has spent the last few days in the hospital in Dover.

We found a big mulberry tree & I tried them – and to my surprise really liked them!  Needless to say I've made several trip back there!

How are your jack letters coming in now?  I have seen alot of jump ropes here.

As to the cats here – you know my feelings there.  I was told to feed them – but I just shook my head & said you have asked the wrong person!

Wasn't that something about Aunt Mary's fall?  Stay well ––

Love, Berta

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

1985 Family Letter -July 7

July 7, 1985
Dearest Family –
 We know that these letters are not near as personal as an individual letter to each person and even these copies are few and far between.  We do think of you all often even if we don't write or call.  Wish that we might all get together more often but glad that four of you will be getting together at Catherine's soon.  Grandma is doing fine and looking forward to her trip.  Mary Virginia is taking her to the airport at the same time she is taking us, Serena will be meeting her in Chicago and continuing on to Seattle where Roberta is joining them and head for Colfax.  Mary Virginia is planning to visit John and X after seeing us all off so there will be two mini-reunions.

Dad brought home another typewriter but I don't like it near as much as the old one – mainly because I am not used to it and the tops of some of the letters don't seem to printing [sic].  Have to see if the later can be remedied.

New Vienna had a big celebration June 28-30 with fireworks on the 30th.  Other nearby places had their celebrations on the actual 4th and days following.  Hillsboro called theirs the Festival of the bells and had a number of bell choirs including New Vienna's as part of their entertainment.  Our Young Adult Fellowship also sang there.  Wilmington had a Chicken Barbecue advertised as the First Annual but hear it (chicken) wasn't cooked long enough so hope they learned from that experience.  The Donald Bernards and us (or we?) went to Wilmington College's Dinner Theater and they put on an excellent performance of Man of La Mancha.

We are rounding up things to take on our trip – flying from Columbus to New York and on to London next Saturday.  The ABA opens in London on Monday with a speech by Margaret Thatcher, etc.  Our only plans so far are to meet the George Shillings Monday evening but hope that Cynthia and her husband will have some time available when we are free before we leave for Scoland or the following Friday.  We will rent a car and after the meetings are over there will proceed north and westward.  May turn the car back in Edinburgh or go on back to London with it.  Our address in London will be Pollock Halls of Residence, 18 Hollrood Par. Rd., Edinburgh, Scotland (Telephone 667-1971).  We plan to come back on the Queen Elizabeth II leaving England on August 1 and getting into New York on Tuesday, Aug. 6.  Mary Virginia is meeting all the returning travelers - Grandma on July 26 and us on August 6th in Columbus.

The Hortons are coming about that time and the Kintners and maybe Joe a little later so things will be busy.  Also Cris and Angela and hope that X and John can also make it to NV for the get together.    Roberta is spending the weekend with Mrs. Bruce in San Diego and then on to L.A to meet Sid.

We have been trimming shrubs and finally used our head rather than our backs in using the lawnmower to drag the things to the "fire pit."  Of course, the electric start on the new mower also makes it easier.  Do all of you recall John's campaign to buy that all electric lawnmower?

Going to have a new helper in the office starting tomorrow, a young lady who graduated from law school last year who lives near Waynesville.  She had an office in Wilmington for a while, but too many expense compared with income.  Hopefully it will be a plus.

[Love, etc.]

Most likely last two paragraphs are written by HH, previous parts of letter by Jean.

Monday, July 06, 2015

1975 Catherine's Postcard -July 8

Merit Motel postcard - mailed 1975.  Captioned: The Merit Motel & Housekeeping Cottages. With dining room, on Highway 68, close to the Ferry Dock.  12 Modern Units, picture windows with a superb view of Lake Huron, tubs and showers.  Your hosts, Bud and Anne Merritt.  Phone Tehkummah 27 R 23.  South Bay Mouth, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada.


Hi!  Our new address is: RFD Box 77, Sunset Road, Springvale ME 04083.  X's Mom & Aunt are coming out to see us the week of July 20 – their first time to Maine.  Got a post card from Roberta.  What's her address?  The library addition has gone out to bid – bids will close on the 22nd then we find out if there's enough money to build it.
Love, Catherine & X

Sunday, July 05, 2015

1975 Catherine's Postcard -July 7

Brookside Motel, Ellsworth, Maine - mailed 1975.  Postcard  Captioned: Route # 1 & 3. 52 Units – Double, Single and Family Units.  Ceramic Tile Bath with Tub and Shower.  Heated Pool, Shuffleboard, Playground. Restaurant on premises.  Telephone and T.V.  Open all year – 20 miles to Bar Harbor.  Owners and Managers – Mr. & Mrs. E.R. Grindle (1966)

July 7, 1975

Well, we finally moved in our house – things are chaotic but we got away for the weekend – had a nice four day vacation in Bar Harbor – did some sunbathing, deep sea fishing (X got 2 cod) and general sightseeing.  Got home late last night and then got a call this morning that someone broke a window and got into the library.  We went through the place with the police – only thing taken was about a dollar in change.  We still have quite a bit of work to do on the house.

Love, Catherine & X

Friday, July 03, 2015

1985 Roberta's Letter -July 3

Mask and Ceremony - Bocar Diong, Senegal UNICEF notecard - mailed 1985 
Dear Dad & Mom,

Hi – Weird picture - huh?  But didn't think you all would mind!  My travel plans have changed – I'm flying over to San Diego Saturday (7/6) AM – will stay w/ Lois Bruce till Monday A then Amtrak to L.A. & meet Sid – he will leave here Sunday Aftn w/ truck & trailer.  Judy & family will arrive in L.A. Tuesday AM – flying in from South Bend.

I've got the Sr. Village News Letter at the printer right now – just bought this card at the gift shop at the hospital for 10¢!

We are to take the car in tomorrow – Chevrolet dealer.  I sure appreciate your magic touch, Dad.  I am sure ready for it to be fixed – tired of everyone asking me about it & then asking if I had tried to paraell (sp?) [sic] Did I tell you damage came to apx $1100!

The visit w/ Sid's cousin Libby & husband went fine – except they told us the arrival time would be apx 2:00 pm & the doorbell rang about 10:15 AM – & it was them!  I think that is a real No-No!  We ate at Lunt Ave Club that day for lunch – ate steaks that night at home.

Just realized I'm running out of space & that the card is of ? in Senegal!

Got Grandma's nice letter yesterday!

Love, Roberta

Thursday, July 02, 2015

1975 Roberta's Letter -July 2

July 2, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  It's getting to be a busy place around here now – alot of the "old timers" are coming down for a long 4th of July weekend.  Most of the people in the dining room are senior citizens – very few families.  I think I already told you that most of the families stay in housekeeping cottages.

Yesterday was my day off – Marian & I.T. (the 2 from Arizona) also arranged to have Tuesdays off – which is ideal because they have a car & are very nice.  So we all took off yesterday about 10:00 A.M. – 1st we went to  Peddler's Village – I'll enclose a folder on it.  There were alot of nice shops – w/ unique types of stuff.  There were antique shops all around – and the other 2 are really into that stuff so we stopped at a few.  One place had so much junk there wasn't even walking room!

Then we went to New Hope & I looked up my 2nd cousin [who would this be??]  – he seemed glad we all stopped.  He's still only open from 11:30 to 2 – so we didn't get to eat there – we were there about 5:30.  He was most interesting to talk to – showed us all around – said how he wants to get customers in & out w/in 22 minutes.  He makes his $ on fast turn-over!  He menu very limited – hamburgers ($1.50) Corned Beef ($2.00) – about 4 other kinds of sandwiches.  Coffee, tea, etc. – 35¢.  Tossed Salad – 95¢ Cole slaw & potato salad – 50¢.  Also has chicken salad, tuna salad.

Part of his place is inside – part outside – looking over a mill pond. (water there was very dirty) place only seats 56 people – he has 1 waitress (2 on weekend) and 1 in kitchen helping him.  He definitely has a good thing going – goes to Germany every winter – only works June through September.  He had the following printed up about his place of business – "Mechanic Street #8 – his address etc. (Name of Rest.)

Now – he & his wife are fixing up a new place just up the street about a half block to sell donuts & coffee.  He will buy the donuts frozen.  It is to open the Saturday after the 4th.  Gee, guess that is this Saturday.  They were working there when I knocked on their restaurant door.  They said they almost didn't bother to come & see who we were or what we wanted.  Both him & his wife were very nice to us.

While we were in New Hope we went to the playhouse & shelled out $7.00 to see Sleuth (sp?) on August 5th.  Mr. Ream said that all of us could have Tuesdays off.  We were able to get good seats – all the seats were $7.00

Then we had planned to eat at the Turkey place in Chester but these other people had suggested we go to the diner there – and you would have been amazed at their menu – everything – and very reasonable.  The food was delicious – they are especially known for their desserts.  (all homemade pies, cakes, etc.)  I had blue fish – it was very good.  I'll enclose part of their menu – You all should plan on eating there when in this area in August.

I'm working very hard – factory work would be a breeze compared to that dining room.  When I think of the hours I put in & the work I do I consider myself very much under paid.  The Counselors are a pain – they must try to outdo each other in complaining & finding fault.  The senior citizens I enjoy waiting on ––

Well, got to go – next Tuesday we are going into New York City – maybe even get to leave Monday night & stay at the Guild (where we saw) overnight.  Hope all is well –––

Love, Berta
Chester Country Diner (Pennsylvania) Menu 1975

Peddlar's Village 1975 brochure Lahaska, Bucks County, PA

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

1965 Serena's Postcard -July

We can assume that Serena went to Church Camp (Sabina?) in the summer of 1965.  We can also determine that she was not homesick and that instead of mailing she brought the card home.


Dear Mom,

I'm having a wonderful time.  I'm in Mrs. Kuntzman's cabin but K clings to her Mother (whew!)  Guess who is in my cabin?  Eve Hoover! & Becky Rude.  She's the only girl that is going in 6th grade.  I'm in Cabin 14. the farth the farthest away.

Your un homesick d

Items from Uible photo album