Thursday, July 18, 2013

1983 Sweden Postcards

Postcards sent from Sweden during the ElderHostel Scandinavia tour.  Transcription follows.
Sweden Church postcard mailed 1983. Captioned: Kladesholmens kyrka, byggd 1794
Tjorn, Sweden / 7-13-83

Really enjoying trip - Norway & Sweden are both beautiful and seeing much of the countryside, staying in gorgeous folk schools.  This one is on 4th largest Swedish island.  The fjords are just as lovely as they say they are.  Spent one night in Oslo hotel between school so got to see city life too.  They keep us very busy - some lectures, on what we are to see, nature walks & much sightseeing!

48 interesting people form many place & walks of life (3 librarians)  Dad is only attorney & youngest we think but all youthful.

Sure appreciated your letters Mother Uible & MV - both rec'd yesterday.  Thanks so much!
Love from the Elder Hostelers.

Sweden postcard mailed 1983. Captioned: Marstrand, Caristens Fastning med farjan i forgrunden (Carlsten fortress in Marstrand with ferry in the foreground).
Sweden 7/1983

We were out to this island - a summer resort.  The fort here was started in 1600.  Lots of dairy products, cheese with every meal, + yogurt for breakfast & milk every meal.

Have been in Gothenberg these last 2 days - have a nice Public Library 2/ the NYT.  European Edition of WSJ is 75¢.  Rode the street car today to get around, hope to rent bikes in Denmark & there are many bikes here - even separate bike lanes.  Have seen J. Ropes & balls here, mostly H. Kong imports.  The strawberries are ripe here now.  – J&H

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