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March 1, 1989-99

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - 19 degrees, 0 with wind chill but very sunny. G.G. Leaves for Florida. Michelle Harner and a fellow spoke on their annual trip to FFA meeting in KC. Read the book "You are what you say" -- very good, how true. Psalms 90:10-12. The PERS* [Public Employees Retirement System] check is $111.96 per month. Used 331 cubic feet of water $11.94, sewer $14.46, trash $3.30, total $29.70

Thursday 1990 - [Florida]

Friday 1991 - Jean had World Fellowship Day at church. I went to Cincy to OBA meeting on Probate Litigation at Guest Suites in Blue Ash. Their Friday evening fish buffet is $18.95. Bought gas for 96.9c.

Monday 1993 - Started on new bridge on US 62 on north edge of Hillsboro.

Tuesday 1994 - [Hawaii] Went from Hilo to Kona Village, what a low key swank place at $450/night, meals included, which were way too much -- appetizer, soup, salad, main course and sweets. We were in PT5, interesting to watch the ducks.

Wednesday 1995 - Dean Bernard had the Lions Club Program about science in toys. Rode bike out, sun just setting at 6:30 and setting just a little to the left of SR 28. Got literature about upcoming trip to Iceland on 6/13/95.

Friday 1996 - Kibler's [Lumber] opening a new store in Hillsboro.

Saturday 1997 -[to Kentucky] Drove to Somerset.

Sunday 1998 - Met Ann and Everett Bailey at [Samuel] Walkers in Wilmington, then to Voice Recital at Kelly Center, Janet Grover, wife of Asst. Minister in Wilmington.  Pastor Mike spoke on temptation, Luke 4:1-13.  Children's message about using sun glasses to avoid bright sun and temptations so the church can strengthen us.  Saw the Ralph Rannells both today and last night [at College play].  Article in NYT about Hong Kong -- liked the Garden View [YWCA] Hotel.

Monday 1999 - [Kentucky to Ohio] We took Ginny to school by 8:25 -- Victory School on Oak Hill Road. Had lunch at 11:30 at the new Applebee's In Milford. Jean had Mother's Club at NV Elementary School. Got tickets from Lyon but have to send back as too soon. [low, long?]

*HH added in 2010: the PERS reference today is Public Employees Retirement System and the amount was my monthly pension. The amount now is some $200. Even better is my insurance coverage. Peaches is covered under STRS - StateTeachers Retirement System. That Kona Village was one of the nicer places that we ever stayed as it should be at that price.

Feb. 29, 1992,96

Bonus Day!  Read more about February 29 here.

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1992 - Still recovering from chills, etc. after return from Holy Land

Thursday 1996 - School Board awards contract for new New Vienna Elementary school building at $4 million.

Added in 2010: Interesting facts about leap year, such as one notable who was born and died on 2/29. Teddy Roosevelt and I were born on 10/27. Yes, glad to say that I am feeling better than 3 years ago [2008] when I was in the SCW hospital at this time. Recall that the Harry Allens in NV bought and sold their house in NV on the same day but 50 years apart.

Elizabeth and Oscar March 13-18, 1957 (31-34 of 56)

" isn't every day we pick up all our worldly possessions and move on 5 minutes notice."

Wednesday, March 13, 1957 Cont'd - Late afternoon with the Uibles and Johnsons in NYC, HH on toy business, Jean shopping and the Johnsons getting a bit of rest before dinner.  The diary continues....

Harold knocked on the door a little later and gave us a quart of milk which sure hit the spot.

We got dressed and ate supper then went back to Rockefeller Center to the Radio City Music Hall – The showplace of the nation, we had seen it form the lobby that morning as we took the tour.  Here we saw the show, "The Spirit of St. Louis," also the famed "Rockettes."  This was quite an evening.  Just as thrilling if not more so than the Broadway play at the Alvin Theatre the night before.  It had been another full day and we were glad to get back to the hotel.  By now the Piccadilly was very much our home.

Thursday, March 14, 1957
This day we slept a little late as Harold had business and we were to be on our own again [with Jean].  First we went down to the piers to see the boats.  We went aboard the Greek Luxury ship and toured it from top to bottom.  The United States was tied up along side and we got to watch the crew have a life boat drill which was very interesting.  The US is the world's largest ship.

We took a bus for the long ride across the city, then another bus which took us past Central Park and on to Riverside Church and Grants Tomb.  We had lunch at Chock full o'Nuts.  Oscar and I left Jean here.  She to go shopping and us back to the Hotel and pack as Hildegard and David were to pick us up at 7pm.  We checked out and moved our things over to the Uible room to wait.

Then a large group of cadets from a school were checking in that afternoon and we were called and asked to be out of the Uible room so the Cadets could have the low-priced rooms.  We told them the Uibles weren't expected back until late.  We were very glad when Harold came in around 3 and took over.  They gave the Uibles another room on the 8th floor and with the help of a Bell Hop we made the move.  It was a very nice room and added a little excitement to the day.  After all it isn't every day we pick up all our worldly possessions and move on 5 minutes notice.

David and Hildegard arrived so we bid the Uibles goodbye and started the 2 hour (75 miles) drive to Orange Conn.  It was 9pm when we got there.  We had coffee and sandwiches and cake and went to bed, tired and very happy to be out in the country again.
postcard to her parents, M/M J.E. Warren, dated Sat. March 16, 1957 transcribed below

Dear Mom, Well we are at Hildegards.  She came to NY for us Thursday evening.  Its so good to be able to rest a little again.  She has a beautiful home, really fine.  Its cool here tho clear and pretty.  We leave by train Monday morning to meet the Uibles.  We have seen an awful lot of wonderful things.  But o my feet hurt. Love, Elizabeth

While in Connecticut they looked at lots of family pictures, even a "movie." Oscar helped David with his housing construction work, gathering supplies, and cutting stone.  They drove around the beautiful New England countryside, saw Yale University and the beautiful city of New Haven, especially the fine homes section.
Shore Line timetable, nine daily trains from New Haven to Providence (dated 10/28/56)

Description of services available - Mayflower had coaches, dining car and parlor car between NY and Boston

Monday, March 18, 1957
We were awake early for we were to catch an early train to Providence RI to meet the Uibles.  We drove to the New Haven RR Station where we caught the Mayflower train of the Shore Line.  It was to leave at 8:52 but was a little late.  Our only stop was New London CT.  It was a fast and beautiful ride.  We could see the ocean all the way.  The New England country side was a treat also.  It had been many years since we had rode [sic] on a train so that was a thrill in itself.

To be continued....

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March 13-18, 1957 (31-34 of 56) NYC - CT - RI
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Feb. 28 1987-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1987 - [Arizona] 2 nights spent at Stage Coach Inn in Patagonia, $64.95/night.  [I think this was actually in January as previous notes mention being in AZ in January and leaving on Feb. 3.]

Tuesday 1989 -We received 2 dozen lovely red roses from MV -- her 25th birthday.  Also Anna McCann birthday, she is 59 today.  I felt lousy, chills, etc. so stayed home.  I can play Happy Birthday [on piano] from memory.

Wednesday 1990 - [Florida]

Thursday 1991 - Open house program and reception for Gene Williams celebrating his 30 years as Scoutmaster -- 17 Eagle Scouts in those years.  Called MV for her birthday, they are having trouble getting license for their Honda.

Friday 1992 - Back in the office after 10 day trip to the Holy Land through Educational Opportunities.  Still having chills, lots of phlegm in my throat.  G.G. leaves for Florida tomorrow.  GHU is the same, didn't register that we had been gone.  Dusty Irish spoke at church.

Monday 1994 - [Kauai, Hawaii]

Tuesday 1995 - Called Annie [Arnie?] in Florida.  Rose [Cooper?] also went.  New Denver airport opened today, 18 months late and several billion over cost estimate.  Congress voting on balanced budget bill today.  Jean went to the dentist in AM and came to office in PM to work on McKibben, certified letters now cost $2.52.

Wednesday 1996 - Dr. office called [after physical yesterday] and said I was in good shape medically.  Catherine also went to the Dr., we called and she said everything was OK.  Wendy said she and Tom had broken up.

Saturday 1998 - Went to Wilmington College, saw the play "The Rose Tattoo" by Tennessee Williams.  Story of a gal whose husband was unfaithful -- he gets killed and she goes batty.  Later falls for a guy that has a rose tattoo and has a happy ending.  Made hotel reservations for Shepherdstown, WV and also at the DC Hilton for 4/3/98 [HH & JWBU's 50th Anniversary].  Jean got new battery for her watch and is typing up recipes for UMW.  In the WNJ about our Police Chief being arrested in connection with the bank robbery in New Vienna.

Sunday 1999 - [Kentucky]  Christian under the weather so Jean stayed with him.  Ginny told me I shouldn't use the church elevator since I wouldn't know what button to push, but to use the stairs.  We had reservations at the Comfort Inn, room 317 at $51.95.  Ginny loves the pool.  For supper we went to Kroger's salad bar at $3.29/pound.  MV and Don got in about 8:30 and they decided to take Christian to the hospital.

Mom & Dad with Blaze, Wendy & KC

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Feb. 27, 1987-99

HH's Diary 1987-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1987 - Catherine had interview at Tempe Public Library.

Tuesday 1990 - [Florida] Took GHU to Palm Beach Medical Center. X-rays showed compression fractures on 3 vertebrae, mass in right lung [no other info on this] and 50% bone loss, also osteoporosis. She has never complained, but more "Oh Me" concerning her back pain.

Thursday 1992 - [NYC to Ohio] Mary [MUH] and Roberta walked around midtown NYC with us, had lunch at the Plaza, cheapest entree was $12 for a salad. Roberta and Mary met Roland [Joe's friend, what's his last name?] for lunch then went to JFK airport for Delta flight. Bill flew from WPB and met us.

Saturday 1993 - [home from Guatemala] Back from Gautemala -- see notes. Round trip from Miami to Cincy was $273 including tax. G.G. had gone to Florida today so we drove their Oldsmobile home. Parking was $7 (the max per day) in the short term lot. About 8" snow on the ground.

Sunday 1994 - [Kauai, Hawaii]

Tuesday 1996 - Got our annual physicals at Main Medical. Took flowers to Virginia Hildebrant, she's staying with her daughter in Wilmington.

Thursday 1997 - Back from London.

Friday 1998 - Clarence Graham retired from WNJ as Editor.

Saturday 1999 - [Kentucky] Got haircut at Barber Shop near Walmart for $7. Ginny attended a birthday party so didn't see her until about 3:30pm.

Buzzards Glory and New Vienna, Ohio

From the 1985 County Seat Calendar page 9:

"February 25, 1827 – Buzzard's Glory becomes a town.  It is so named because Rafe Mortimer, running a tanyard on the site about 1812, became "financially embarrassed," and his stock was levied.  His hides were removed from their vats and hung on poles, attracting an innumerable throng of buzzards over the neglected tanyard.  Name is later changed to New Vienna, which is more socially acceptable but does not have that old  je ne sais quoi." 
As mentioned in a previous post on NV history, according to the WNJ:
"Buzzard’s Glory, established in 1827, was the original name of New Vienna. Although Buzzard’s Glory was established in 1827, it was not officially entered into the county deed books until 1835. The town was so named because in 1812 to 1813 there was a local tannery in operation, and when the animal hides were hung outside they would attract buzzards. Buzzard’s Glory was later renamed New Vienna by Harkens T. Van Winkle."

From History of Clinton County, published by W.H. Beers and Co. 1916:
"NEW VIENNA. By A. W. Boden.*
"Buzzard's Glory," as the town was first called, was laid off as a village April 21, 1835, by Nathan Linton, surveyor, for Thomas Hussey (father of Stephen Hussey). It was called "Buzzard's Glory" from the fact that a man by the name of Mortimer, in the early days, about 1812 or 1813, was running a tanyard over in the "Canada" part of town. [I think this was near where Huffman Lumber was later located.] It was part of the Collohill survey No. 1,078. While thus employed, he became financially embarrassed, and his stock was levied on. The hides were taken out to the vats preparatory to sale and hung on poles where they remained for several days, affording bait for an innumerable throng of buzzards, and while they were thus flocking to feed on Mortimer's hides, the place was dubbed "Buzzard's Glory." Harkens T. Van Winkle gave the town its present name of New Vienna."

* This is only one paragraph of a several page history of New Vienna which may be shared in future posts.

From Historic New Vienna by Olive S. Brown, accessed from 2/25/11:
"It seems at that time [1827] the settlers wanted a new name for their town having tired of the homely name of “Buzzards Glory.” Harkenss T. VanWinkle had the honor of giving the town its present name of New Vienna. He was born in Morris county, N.Y. February 21, 1792. In 1820 he settled in Leesburg, Ohio, coming to see New Vienna about the time it was laid out. He left for the west in 1844."

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Feb. 26, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - Lunch at Ponderosa, went to [Wilmington] College Library, then Emmaus community meeting. Had light skiff of snow last night. We have a time getting the up and down temperature changes on our thermostat. State Senator Dave Hobson [b. 10/17/36, Ohio Senate 1982-91, US Rep 1991-2009] was a pilgrim on the walk.

Monday 1990 - [Florida] Donna Sears died [at age] (63), married Bob in 1945. [Parents of Clara and Sue?]

Tuesday 1991 - [Texas to Ohio] Visited Alamo again after breakfast at the Hotel and the King William district. Flight left at 1PM and we were in Cincinnati at 6PM.

Wednesday 1992 - [Israel to NYC] Hotel wake up call at 2:30 and we left for airport at 3:30. What a long day with plane to Athens (2 hours), then a 3 hour wait to board big plane to NYC for 10 hour flight. Roberta had reservations at Best Western on 45th St, $75 for the 3 of us.

Friday 1993 - [Guatemala]

Saturday 1994 - [Kauai, Hawaii]

Sunday 1995 - Ed Johnson spoke of communication, the story of the polar bear and the pallbearer. He didn't want to sit on the ice and eat fish. John, Julie and Kate came about 1:30 for dinner and stayed until 6:30. We walked down to Wells and saw the new rooms. Still hard for me to believe that the total cost was 10M [thousand]. Kate can say "No" and also said "bye" when leaving. John said they hope to take a group to Mexico City in September for mission repair work. Had evening meeting at church.

Monday 1996 - [referring to Sunday 2/25/96] Social hour after church. We met the Goodings at 1pm at Der Dutchman in Waynesville. Meals still $6.95, had 30 minute wait, then talked until 4pm. Bev had just had an operation and they are signed up for an E.O. [Educational Opportunities, per MV a group that does tours often led by pastors or lay people] trip to Genteel England this August, going with Lisa's pastor at the big church in Dayton. Jim has moved across the street to a 5-story house.

Wednesday 1997 - [London] Visited the British Museum.

Friday 1999 - [to Kentucky] Left for Somerset as Don was gone and MV and four other women were going to Beersheba TN for a weekend.

Elizabeth and Oscar March 12-13, 1957 (28-31 of 56)

"...a feeling of really having lived, to be able to say we were at a Broadway Show in person.  And to make it more thrilling..."

Tuesday, March 12, 1957 Cont'd - Uibles and Johnsons are in NYC and have returned to the Piccadilly Hotel following a tour of the Manufacturers Trust Building.  Elizabeth calls her relative (Oscar's cousin?) Hildegard who will be picking them up on Thursday evening.

The diary continues....
After talking to Hildegarde we cleaned up and were ready for a gay evening, which was to include dinner at Toffenetti.  [Opened in 1940, Closed 1968, known for big plates of American staples, served 3,000 meals/day.] Here we ate their famous Ham and Yams.  It was a lovely place, the service was good and the food was served in generous amounts and it was delicious and not too expensive.
Postcard sent by Jean to Elizabeth in March, 1958 "Remember here?"

From there we walked to 250 West 52nd St., and the Alvin Theatre [Alvin is still open, renamed Neil Simon Theatre in 1983].  Here we attended a Broadway Hit show.  [No Time for Sergeants]  It was a thrill long to be remembered.  It gives us a feeling of really having lived, to be able to say we were at a Broadway Show in person.  And to make it more thrilling as we neared our Hotel, Charles Laughton, the great Broadway Star came out of the Morosco theatre next door and we passed so close we could have touched him.
We did the day up right by having an after the Theatre supper.  I think this could be called one of the biggest days of the entire trip.

Wednesday, March 13, 1957
The day started with breakfast at Horn and Hardart and Harold had to leave us as he had business to attend to.  Oscar, Jean and I started for Rockefeller Center and on the way we passed the building where Dave Garroway [Host of NBC's Today Show, 1952-1961] was airing his morning show so we had to stop for that.

Jean went shopping while we took a tour of the Rockefeller Center.  We rode on the world's fastest elevator as we climbed the 70 stories to the top where we had a wonderful view of the city.  It was a treat to see Central Park from the air and to see the big ships in the harbor.   We met Jean again at the St. Patrick's Church at 11.

From here we got a bus and rode back to Macy's where we all went shopping.  Oscar and I went across the street to Woolworth's for our lunch.  We met Harold and Jean at 1pm for a guided tour of one of the world's largest Post Offices.    The tour lasted over two hours and we got a complete education on how mail was handled.  An armed guard went along with our small tour group to protect the US mail.

Harold had to go back to his business and Jean wanted to go shopping so Oscar and I went back to the Hotel, stopping at Penn Station to rest for awhile and enjoyed watching the people.  Form there we walked to the new very large Bus Station and walked through it.  We walked slowly back to our Hotel so as not to miss anything, past the New Yorker Hotel where the toy Fair was in full swing and then on to New York's garment district which we had heard a lot about.  The streets were full of clothes.  It was quite hard to believe and my only question is what in the world do they do with all the clothes should it start to rain suddenly.

To be continued....
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Feb. 25, 1974,89-99

Dad's Diary 1974, 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1974 - Emma Woods passed away, born December 21, 1888.  She was my Sunday School teacher.  [I remember being in her house a few times, her white hair and calling her "Miss Emma".  Was that her parents house?]  Rev. Rider had the funeral.

Saturday 1989 - Jean to Wilmington UMC at 6:30am to work for Emmaus breakfast.  Went for bike ride in PM.  John called regarding Mary Virginia's address for sending flowers for her birthday.

Sunday 1990 - [Florida]

Monday 1991 - [Texas]  Drove out to the Gulf, up through Port Aransas and to the bird sanctuary [Aransas National Wildlife Refuge], the whooping crane winters there.   Had late lunch at Dairy Queen in Goliad.  Visited a mission and a church [Mission Espiritu Santo in Goliad State Park] lots of history there.  Then drove back to San Antonio, had reservations at Alamo Plaza Hotel (Emily Morgan Hotel), converted from an office building four years ago.  We are in Room 1104, great view of the Alamo.  $73 rate and we parked on the street.  Large room with a suite bath, large sliding doors with a whirlpool tub.

Tuesday 1992 - [Israel]  Nathan Hale's 75th birthday.

Thursday 1993 - [Guatemala]

Friday 1994 - [Kauai, Hawaii]

Saturday 1995 - Walkers leave for Naples, Florida.  Lions Club Pancake lunch and supper, I worked as cashier from 4-7, time went by pretty fast.  Roger Bahr called about greeters, he spoke at the last prayer breakfast -- while we were gone [recent trip to Kentucky] he turned 47.  Beautiful day, washed the car.  Gerald Bernard is quitting active farming.  Flowers are popping through the ground.

Sunday 1996 - Flowers and rhubarb coming through the ground.  Read article in Lions [Club] Magazine  about friendship hosting by a district in Victoria, Australia.

Tuesday 1997 - [London] Early start in London as we arrived at 6:30 AM.  Piccadilly Line [train] goes direct from Heathrow to Russell Square.  Had nice snack at coffee shop of Hotel Russell.  Saw Museum of London.

Wednesday 1998 - [North Carolina to Ohio]  Had breakfast in room with Serena.  Jean forgot watch so five miles extra each way.  Came up [US Route] 25E to Corbin [KY] and had lunch at Cracker Barrel, beans and greens are $3.99.  Got gas for 86.9c.  Called Sankers and met them at Mariemont.  Ice cream at Graeter's, small cone was $1.50.  408 miles from Asheville to New Vienna. 

New Vienna School 1878-1917

With some postcards I recently got from Mom and Dad was this one of the "old, old" New Vienna School.  Not sure why the card labels it as plural buildings, as only the one is visible.  Perhaps they are including the outhouses which are hidden in the back?
Public School Buildings, New Vienna, Ohio

Card is unmailed but addressed to Miss Mildred Pearl, New Vienna, Ohio, Clinton Co.  Message says "To Mildred, From Mumma, 1907.

According to the 1900 Census, Mildred, born in 1898 was the daughter of Edward (b. 1860), a carriage painter, and Valeria (b.1872).  In the 1910 census, Valeria and Mildred are shown as living with Valeria's parents, Thomas J. (b. 1847) and Margaret A. (b. 1850) McCune.  Thomas is listed as having his "own income."

This School was built in 1878.  It was torn down in 1917.  
The above picture is from New Vienna High School Memory Book, 1881-1963, page 8

According the the Memory Book:  In 1878 a new square brick building was erected with four rooms below, two rooms and a hall, called Whittier Hall, above.  This hall was afterwards converted into two rooms, and they were used as the laboratory.  

This building was removed from the school lot in the summer of 1917, when a new modern fireproof building was constructed and was ready for the school term starting in September 1918.

The high school was organized in 1878 and the first class graduated in 1881.  This class had three members" Hallie Baum, Will Rayburn and Charles Blackburn.  Charles was the father of Joseph and Mary Blackburn and Charles Blackburn, Jr.  

The board employed J.F. Fenton as principal for that year.  It was with him that Commencement Exercises were inaugurated and the first Commencement was held in the spring of 1881 in Whittier Hall.

Due to the scarcity of teachers, a Clinton-Highland Normal school was opened in NV High School in 1914.  The students did their practice teaching here also.  It was moved to Wilmington College in 1925.

[During that time] The children were taken to school by horse drawn wagons, and sleds in the winter time.

Lots more NV School History which we'll read about later.

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Feb. 24, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - Went to Hillsboro to witness Power of Attorney for Mabel Bailey (Russ Powell's sister).  Had waffles for supper.  Meeting at church re Unquenchable Fire.  Decided to have free will chicken noodle dinner on 4/2.  Carolyn Thornburg and Joann Gruber to be co-chairs, Charlene McCoppin on publicity.

Saturday 1990 - [to Florida]  Visited Don and Martha Ann Bernard, he has had a knee operation, then non-stop to West Palm Beach to meet GHU and Roberta who arrived form Phoenix.

Sunday 1991 - [Texas]  Went to UMC in Harlingen, great crowd, lunch at Luby's then drove to Corpus Christi.  Stayed at La Quinta, visited art museum, convention center, and Public Library which was open until 6pm on Sundays.  Went to H-E-B grocery and got bread and milk for supper and breakfast.

Monday 1992 - [Israel]

Wednesday 1993 - [Guatemala]

Thursday 1994 - [Kauai, Hawaii]

Friday 1995 - Wendy had all her wisdom teeth pulled.

Sunday 1996 - Social hour after church. We met the Goodings at 1pm at Der Dutchman in Waynesville. Meals still $6.95, had 30 minute wait, then talked until 4pm. Bev had just had an operation and they are signed up for an E.O. [Educational Opportunities, per MV a group that does tours often led by pastors or lay people] trip to Genteel England this August, going with Lisa's pastor at the big church in Dayton. Jim as moved across the street to a 5-story house.

Monday 1997 - [South Africa to London]  Left Johannesburg for London.  Had great room at Penn Club #1 on first floor and with large electric heater.  [Left SA but didn't actually arrive in London until 6:30am 2/25 according to tomorrow's entry.]

Tuesday 1998 - [Asheville, North Carolina]  Serena came over, went for a swim and then had lunch at place near craft store.  Went downtown to what was the Kress store, now an "antique mall," the Kress Emporium.  Parked in lot behind library.   Walked into several other shops and then had a vegetarian supper at Laughing Seed.  Serena had to work at J Crew at 7pm so we went to health food store across the river, a lot of bulk stuff.  Then to Books-A-Million.

Wednesday 1999 -  Another "Day" hearing.  Had lunch at Samuel Walkers, problem with discount coupon.  Reading the New Cumberland papers that Jeanne Sanker brought up.

Pictures from Marsha's Facebook album

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Wendy, KC & Blaze 2/22/11

Blaze Broderick arrived at 3:47 am, weighing 7 pounds, 15 ounces, 21" long.  He and Wendy will be in the hospital at least 48 hours as they both had a fever at the time of birth.  "Very low risk" said the Dr., but the 48 hours observation is necessary to eliminate the risk of possible infections.

KC was quite excited to visit his new brother and his parents at the hospital.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feb. 23, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - Had hearing aid test in Wilmington, both OK.  We both have had our eyes checked and Jean got new glasses.  Exam was $30 and the glasses $170.  Met Jean Liggett at the WPL and we ended up going to the Chinese place for supper with them.  Got new bike gloves for $24.95.  Got BIG check on sale of RJR stock.  Put it in 3 month CD at 9.2%, 6 months was 9.4%.  [Those numbers sound great compared to today's paltry CD rates.   Our credit union best rate on 6 month CD's in Feb. 2010 = 0.35%, in Feb. 2011, rate = 0.03%, have to go to 48 months to get above 1% (1.25%).]

Friday 1990 - [Georgia to Florida]  Called Helen Kuntzman, their church, Aldersgate UMC in Seminole Florida, was having a Missionary Night and potluck supper of foods from countries where the missions go.  Enrights were among guest speakers, a nice treat.  Ken Enright was a student pastor at NVUMC in the 1940s and had a great personality.  After that they went into the missionary field in the Congo where he passed away in 2006.  He created a missionary flying service. 

Saturday 1991 - [Texas]  Drove to South Padre Island, lots of traffic on the beach.  Had lunch at Sea Ranch Restaurant, $3.99 special.  Sat with Carol and Don Stout from Worthington.

Sunday 1992 - [Israel]

Tuesday 1993 - [Guatemala]

Wednesday 1994 - [Kauai, Hawaii]

Thursday 1995 - Went square dancing.  Ed and Dorothy Bailey there.  Leadership Clinton meeting.  Joni Streber quitting Ferns and starting work with Morris Beard[?] in Yellow Springs

Sunday 1997 - [South Africa]

Monday 1998 - [Kentucky to North Carolina]  Left Somerset after taking Ginny to school and Christian to babysitter.  Had lunch at Regas Restaurant in Knoxville. [Apparently as reported in late 2010, they are closed but their website lives on.  Their blog says they will be open limited hours in January 2011 for redemption of credit card type gift certificates.]  Still good.  On to Asheville where we had a reservation at Grove Park Inn.  Room 6035, (200 steps from lobby) past the room where George Bush spent a night.  Great view of mountains.  Serena had made reservations for dinner at Richmond Hill, 3 of us was $115, then Jean was sick.  Called the Zooks -- Mary's younger sister in Missouri had passed away so they were going there.

HH's Nightshirt

HH modeling the latest in men's sleepwear, which may have been a Christmas present as this picture is taken in January 1950.  He may also be wondering where his glasses are.

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Feb. 22, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - Key event study at church lead by Virginia Walker.

Thursday 1990 - [leaving for Florida] Leave for Florida, to have lunch with MV in Lexington and to "get fitted" for the tux for the big event.  We drove until 10:30 [PM] and made it south of Atlanta.

Friday 1991 - [Texas]  On to Harlingen where the Ralph Elliotts are staying and the Aaron Harpers are visiting. Staying at the Holiday Inn there for two nights, we went square dancing.

Saturday 1992 - [Israel]

Monday 1993 - [Guatemala]

Tuesday 1994 - [Kauai, Hawaii]

Wednesday 1995 - Busy day at the office.  Helen Hamilton's grandchildren were in about getting that estate started.  Serena came with her washer and dryer and found we needed more parts to get them hooked up.  Two new office rooms at Wells finished up.

Thursday 1996 - Went square dancing, after 20 years with the Clinton County square dancers, Jim Erbaugh is retiring and moving to the Port Charlotte, FL area.  Jean went to Wilmington to work on the Sc... [Schedule?] and I had Leadership Clinton, this is 10th year for that.  Enjoyed talking with Grant Boris [Beris?] at square dancing.  He got rid of his Airborne stock at $26.

Saturday 1997 - [South Africa]

Sunday 1998 - [Alabama to Kentucky with MV] Had breakfast at the Frazer Memorial UMC, regular price is $2, really organized.  Great morning sermon: Will the church be ready for the Millennium?  There are risk takers, care takers, and under takers -- where do we fit in.  Lots of rain, got back to Somerset about 7:30, 450 miles.

HH books and babies

Was the front room of Grandma's house next to the dining room called the parlor?  Here's HH getting in some legal reading with the stroller parked nearby as a reminder of other life priorities.

HH January, 1950

HH adds that this parlor was the guests and visitors room. CJU loved fire places and a typical evening at home would be sitting by the fire listening to Amon 'n' Andy on the radio.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Feb. 21, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - Got new adding machine and typewriter at Watsons.  A lot of static about John Tower's's nomination for Secretary of Defense. [He was not confirmed.]

Wednesday 1990 - Mary Virginia's and Don's [engagement] picture in the WNJ.

Thursday 1991 - [Texas]  Left for Laredo, town full of visitors, stayed at Motel 6.  Walked across the border, same old stuff.  Ate at Luby's, where the LuAnn plate is $3.89, a great value.

Friday 1992 - [Israel]

Sunday 1993 - [Guatemala]

Monday 1994 - [Maui to Kauai]  After a buffet lunch at our motel (East West Restaurant) we flew to Kauai where Senior Ventures met us.  This 9-day program was $1480 each plus our getting there.

Tuesday 1995 - Went to Pauline [nee Southerland] Simkins funeral.  ['17 NV, grade school teacher in 20s.  Other Simkins include: Verne NV '04, Fred, NV '11, Walter NV '18, Eloise NV '31, Allen NV '34, Marie nee Deck was the mother of Eloise and Allen.  Eloise, musically inclined, was a friend and classmate of MUH]

Friday 1997 - [South Africa]

Saturday 1998 - [Alabama w/MV]  Big day at the church.  Morning program with Wes Steele from Bethel UMC in Columbus.  Bethel has a dining area that could seat 1000 people, this seminar is limited to 600 people.

Sunday 1999 - Went to Health Sense for Seniors at CMH, program by Chris  Stromberg about stress management, laughing more often.  We had invited the Sankers and they seemed to enjoy it.  They stayed until about 6:30, they had just bought a new typewriter. Then we went to Martinsville for study program.  Russ and Edith Deegan (?) were new in our SS class.  Helen Kuntzman called.  Tom and Emily Salisbury were there, a week early as far as mission program.

Massachusetts Library Postcards

Of the 1700 total libraries in Massachusetts, there are 214 public library systems according to Wikipedia.  45 Carnegie Libraries were built according to NE Carnegies and 43 public, 5 academic according to Wikipedia.

Five library postcards in my collection are of Massachusetts libraries, two of them are Carnegies:
[Carnegie] Public Library, Leominster, Mass.
[unmailed, 1940 written in pencil on back side]

Leominster Public Library began in 1763 and had several temporary locations until the town voted to accept the gift of $27,500 from Andrew Carnegie in 1908.  The above building, designed by Hartwell, Richardson and Driver of Boston, was built in the Neo-Classical Revival Style and opened in 1910.

A 10,000 square foot, two-story addition was added to the rear and side in 1967.  In 2005, a renovation and expansion program began and was completed in 2007.  During that renovation the 1960s addition was demolished and a new addition was created, with a new entrance making the original building at the rear.  2009 pictures can be seen here.

Leominster "Pioneer Plastics City," settled in 1653 on the Nashua River, is located about 40 miles west of Boston and is known for its role in the plastics industry beginning in the late 1700s, peaking 1900-1920.

[Carnegie] The New Library, Springfield, Mass. 1912
[Mailed to Miss Harriett Rudman, Irondequoit NY from Mrs. G.A. Ashley, Springfield, postmarked 
Feb. 13, 1912.  Message: This is our new Carnegie Library that they have just moved into....)

Andrew Carnegie gave $260,000 to Springfield in 1905 for a central library and three branches according to the NE Carnegies website.  Pictured above, the Central Library was designed by Edward Lippincot Tilton, who specialized in the design of libraries (~100, many of them Carnegie) in the Italian Renaissance Revival Style.  This library was among the first to feature open shelving.  The steeple visible on the right is not part of the building.

The Springfield City Library was begun as the Springfield Library Company prior to 1796 and became a City Library in 1857.  A picture of the old library, built in 1871 is available here.   A 1998 grant enabled the restoration of the Rotunda.

Springfield, in south central part of the state on the Connecticut River, was settled in 1635 and was the first Springfield in the US, has several nicknames, including The Birthplace of Basketball.

Public Library, Boston, Mass. c1930
[Not a Carnegie, Mailed to HHUs from Catherine June 21, 2004]

Captioned: Designed after the style of the Italian Renaissance, the interior of the building is of great beauty and visitors come from all parts of the world to admire it.  Famous murals by Pierre Cecile Puvis de Chavannes, Edwin Austin Abbey, and John Singer Sargent will hold you spellbound.

Now known as the McKim Building, this building opened in Copley Square in 1895, designed by Charles Follen McKim.

I visited this library several times in the 1960-70s, the Court Yard being the most notable of my memories.

Public Library, Cambridge, Mass. [Not a Carnegie]
[Mailed to HHUs from Catherine July 29, 2004]

This historic building from 1888 is still part of the current library, part of a $90 million expansion and renovation completed in 2009.  A current picture can be found on the library's website.

Public Library, Lynn, Mass. [Not a Carnegie]
[mailed to Walter Morris, Livingston MT on April 2, 1941, message contains only name "Grace Smith."

A "Social Library" formed in Lynn in 1815 and became a free public library in 1862.  In 1893, Mrs. Elizabeth Shute gave a bequest to the city for a library building, pictured above, which opened in 1900.  According to the Library website, "George A. Moore, a nationally known architect, won the competition for the design of the building."

Although there were two Carnegie Libraries in Lynn, they were both built as branch libraries, Houghton Branch (vacant) and Haywood Branch (now Insurance/Realty office), both closed in the 1990s-early 2000s due to budget cuts and were sold.  One other branch was also sold and funds were to be used as seed money for the restoration and modernization of the main library.

Lynn was settled in 1629 and is an old industrial center about 7 miles north of Boston.

Carnegie Libraries in Massachusetts = 45
Catherine's collection = 2

Total blogged to date (ME and MA)
Carnegie Libraries = 66
Catherine's collection = 3

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Feb. 20, 1989-99

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1990 - [Philadelphia to Ohio]  Decided to take train to airport ($4 vs $8 on bus) and senior citizens ride free, 30 minutes out there.  Had lunch at Frisch's.  Senior special small fish or burger $3.70 with soup, salad and fruit bar.

Wednesday 1991 - [San Antonio TX] Visited Alamo, Rivercenter, Market Square, Public Library, etc.

Thursday 1992 - [Israel]

Saturday 1993 - [Guatemala]

Sunday 1994 - [Maui, Hawaii]  Went to church across from old court house, 95% visitors, then drove to Hana, 50+ one lane bridges + 600+ sharp curves, went on beyond to Lindbergh's burial place, a flat stone.  Born in Michigan in 1902, died in Maui 1974.  The site was covered with stone.  Had supper at the Pain at the Corner [?] restaurant, a busy place.  We had located a Safeway grocery near our motel which was handy.

Monday 1995 - [Kentucky to New Vienna]  Jean has a nasty cold.  Left Burnside about 8:30 and made a stop at Office Max to look at chairs for new office space.  Had lunch at Boston Chicken.  Got gas for 95.9c.  Kroger's had old milk at 99c/gallon.

Tuesday 1996 - Went to Dayton for Edna Campbell lock box opening and inventory.  Had lunch at King Cole, a 3-star Mobil rating, most entrees were $8.95.  [According to this article in the Dayton Daily News, King Cole morphed into Olivia's and then in 2009 became Michael's Dining and Jazz.]  Buchanan won the New Hampshire primary election with 28%, Dole 27%, Alexander 23% and Forbes 12%.

Thursday 1997 - [South Africa]

Friday 1998 - [Kentucky to Alabama]  Left for Montgomery about 9:30 with Ken and Janelle Conn and Mary Virginia.  He is an insurance adjuster and she is a High School teacher and sings in MV's choir.  We stayed at Suites Plus.  The church has about 7000 members and 4500 attend Church on Sunday.  They have these seminars twice a year on church growth. [MV adds: We went to Montgomery, AL to Frazer Memorial UMC for their semi-annual church training "Every Member in Ministry." Group from Somerset UMC went and had cancellation so Dad went along.]

Saturday 1999 - Lions Club Pancake day $4 and $2.  Went to Wilmington.  Had long conversation with Rose Cooper, she is 60.  Ate at Bob Evans, talked with Jim Foland.

Cincinnati Times-Star February 26, 1957 Entertainment Page

We've now read the full page spread on "Your Town: New Vienna Ohio" from the Tuesday, Feb. 26, 1957 issue of the Cincinnati Times-Star*.  I'm sure you've been wondering what's on the back side of that page and here is a sampling.

TV-Radio News by Charlton Wallace

Lennon Sisters are 'Naturals' as singers.  These four teen-agers have had no formal musical training and can't even read music.  Yet their voices blend perfectly and they have attracted many fans on the Lawrence Welk programs over ABC-WCPO-TV Saturday at 9 p.m. and Monday at 9:30 p.m.  Lawrence Welk, Jr. used to date Dianne Lennon, the oldest [b.1939] and he heard the girls sing around their home.  So, he pesticated [sic] his father into giving them a chance.  Now they are regulars.

Tuesday Television Schedule is highlighted by [The Life and Legend of] Wyatt Earp who will attempt to stop a gun war between two rival railroads in a land dispute.  Other shows include To Tell the Truth, Annie Oakley, Red Skelton, Jonathan Winters [from Bellbrook Ohio] and Broken Arrow.  Television schedule is between 7a.m. and Midnight.

Radio programs include Amos 'n' Andy, Arthur Godfrey, Will Lenay and Dragnet.  Radio schedule runs 6a.m. to 1a.m.

Tab Hunter fabulous young Hollywood star and singer guest today with Jane Lynn on Ladies Home Theater.  Today's movie "The Large Rope", an exciting British crime film.

PersonalitiesRuth Lyons chalked up her 11th year and 2,860th performance Monday on the "50-50 Club" on the WLW Show.  Miss Lyons started the program on radio and switched to TV eight years ago.

Ads – 
For $22.50 your old fur coat made into a new cape or stole.  Call Milton Furs GA1-1953.

The New Remington Quiet-riter [manual typewriter] NOW in Decorator Colors! Mist Green, Desert Sage, White Sand or French Gray.  $1 a week, no money down.  Call Quality Sales AV 1-5738 for Free home demonstration.

February Clearance Sale at Mabley & Carew Lower Arcade Budget Store, bargains include New Spring Hats $1.88, Men's Cotton Washable Jackets $3.77, Men's Suits $29, Ladies No-Iron Printed Cotton Dusters [house dress] $2.88, "Abdominall" [sic] 9-inch Girdlet $2.88 and Unlined Sport Shoes AAA to C $2.97

Comics –
Comic Strips include Beetle Bailey, Hi and Lois, The Phantom, Miss Peach and Archie.
*The Cincinnati Times-Star was an afternoon paper, absorbed in 1958 by the Cincinnati Post.  According to Wikipedia, The Cincinnati Times-Star first published on June 15, 1880, when the Spirit of the Times (founded in 1840) and the Cincinnati Daily Star (founded in 1872) merged. The combined papers would be published under the name The Cincinnati Post and Times-Star until December 31, 1974; afterward it was simply The Cincinnati Post.

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Feb. 19, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1987 - Morgans moving to Phoenix.

Sunday 1989 - S.S.  dinner (?) at Wendy's, Super Salad Bar $3.19, then to Extended Care, CMH, Kroger's, Walmart (what a crowd) where we bought a telephone answering unit, then Bob and Carl's.  Made out an order to Performance Bike Shop.

Monday 1990 - [NYC to Philadelphia]  Took bus to Philadelphia at 10am, $15, train was $42, walked to Quality Hotel [Inn] $70.  Walked over to Independence area.  Amazed at the number of bedrolls on porch at FRB [Federal Reserve Bank, homeless people rather than employees I'd guess].  Had lunch at Arby's, saw visitor's center, Franklin Court and old P.O.  Jeanne Huber's [?] (her husband died about 15 years ago) son Rick, with Fireman's Fund, took us out to her house.  Had late supper (8pm) as dish was not thawed in time.  He brought us back about 10pm.

Tuesday 1991 - [NYC to Texas]  We flew to San Antonio, had Alamo rental car, $97/week with free mileage.  Reservations at Sheraton Gunter, $69 + 13% tax +$6 for garage -- very nice.  Can ride streetcar bus for 10¢.

Wednesday 1992 - [Israel]

Friday 1993 - [Guatemala]

Saturday 1994 - [Maui, Hawaii]  We were up on Ohio time, 5 hours different, and drove to volcano where the bikers were ready to coast downhill.  It was cold and we could see snow on the higher peak on the island of Hawaii.  Had breakfast at the Sandalwood, on the road up there where the bikers also stopped.  Drove over to the other side of the island, much more touristy.  Had supper at Mama's Fish House, near Paia.  Very nice and expensive, entrees in the high $20s.

Sunday 1995 - [Kentucky]  Went to 9:30 service with MV, then to SS and Church at Burnside.  MV fixed lunch, Ginny and I walked down to the piers, the church and back.  Went to MV's evening service then had bean soup afterward.

Monday 1996 - Called MUH, she has a new 30" TV set.

Wednesday 1997 - [South Africa]

Thursday 1998 - [to KY] We leave for Somerset.  Had lunch at Boston Market, supper at Rockin Robin's Cafe.  We were to babysit while MV goes with a group to Fraser UMC in Montgomery, AL.  They had a cancellation so I went with them.

Your Town: New Vienna Ohio (Part 5) Aerial Photo

New Vienna, Once Buzzard's Glory Prospers Anew in Clinton County
A full page spread in the Cincinnati Times-Star, February 26, 1957  by Mayo Mohs* [Part 5 of 5]

Aerial view of New Vienna Ohio 1957 looking south

1) NV Grade and High School, 2)Methodist Church, 3) St. Michael's Roman Catholic Mission, 4) Randall Co., 5) Carter Tool & Die, 6) Post Office & Municipal Building, 7) NV National Bank, 8) Masonic Hall, 9) Odd Fellows Hall, 10) Mongold Oil Co. 11) NV Grain Co., 12) Church of Christ, 13) Nasa Tool Co., 14) Depot, 15) Southern Ohio Tool & Die Co., 16) Farm Bureau Co-op.
Not marked is the water tower, situated right next to 5) Carter Co. [Also not marked is Wells Mfg., to the left of 14) Depot. 15 and 16 are on the far right of the map, not showing here.]

Note what looks like a Railroad Spur track from the left of #11 (Grain Co.), crossing Main St. and curving toward West St.  Wonder if there was a business in that area at the turn of the century or earlier?

*Mayo Mohs, under whose byline the Your Town feature on New Vienna was written, was born in 1934 and became an international figure in the world of journalism, working for Times Magazine as well as the Cincinnati Post Times-Star.  The Xavier graduate of 1955 became interested in journalism while attending Xavier where he earned degrees in history and political science.  He died in a car accident near his retirement home in Santa Monica, California in 1996 at the age of 62.

This is the concluding post from New Vienna, Once Buzzard's Glory Prospers Anew in Clinton County.  Previous Posts can be found at these links:

Part 1 History
Part 2 New Vienna in 1957
Part 3 Southern Ohio Tool & Die
Part 4 Wells Mfg.
Part 5 Aerial Photo

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Feb. 18, 1989-99

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - A really sunny day but in the 20s.  About an extra hour of sunshine in the evening now.  Mary Virginia home to get dress, she is to be a maid-of-honor at wedding.  Mary [MUH] called.  Mother wanted us to check on Joan and Elaine.

Sunday 1990 - [NYC] Went to Episcopal [St. George's is very close?] first.  Wow!  and then to silent Friends meeting.  Went to Museum of City of New York -- interesting at 104th and 5th Ave.  Rode the bus for half price.  Nice roast beef dinner at Penington House.

Monday 1991 - [NYC] Went to Javits for the [toy] show, had late lunch.

Tuesday 1992 - [Israel with Roberta, MUH]

Thursday 1993 - [Guatemala with Hinshaws]

Friday 1994 - [to Hawaii] Flew to Maui via San Diego and Honolulu.  Had a car/motel deal for $50/night at the Maui Palms in Kahului, which was very adequate.  Car was through Budget.

Saturday 1995 - [NYC to KY] Went to Javits Center, an hour there was enough.  Went to Mumbles for lunch -- very poor.  Took Newark bus from Port Authority Building ($7), got to Cincy about 6:20pm and then drove to Somerset.  Article in yesterday's WSJ aboaut the small seat space in the Boeing 757 plane.

Sunday 1996 -The Wolffroms were at church.  Went to CMH program, still $2.50 each for dinner and the program was on prostate problems.  Then to Extended Care and Sabina to see Evelyn Bernard -- she has failed -- keeps phone off the hook, and Louise Bloom [?].

Tuesday 1997 - [South Africa]

Wednesday 1998 - We went to Wilmington, had tests to determine if our arteries were clogged, etc.  Each of the three [tests] are $35 or all three for $95.  Problems with Jim Miller trust.  Real Estate closing at 5:15 ran to 7pm. To Martinsville [for evening church], story of David and Goliath, we have to stretch if we are to be successful, a limp rubber band is worthless.  Had lunch at [Nancy's] Little Giant.

Your Town: New Vienna Ohio: Wells Mfg. (Part 4 of 5)

New Vienna, Once Buzzard's Glory Prospers Anew in Clinton County
A full page spread in the Cincinnati Times-Star, February 26, 1957 (p.16)  by Mayo Mohs [Part 4 of 5]

Ancient Game of Jacks is Town's Young Industry:

For children all over the world, the game of jacks, in one form or another has been a favorite since civilization began.  

In the streets of early Egypt, they played jacks with animal bones; in other places they played the game with pebbles, thus the name "jackstones."

Now, of course, almost everybody uses the familiar six-pointed metal jacks, and it is these that provide New Vienna with an industry.

The Wells Manufacturing Co., a New Vienna landmark since 1945, today sends jacks to all parts of the country and the globe.  Because of such a tremendous international use, and understandably for economy, the jacks are mass-produced like most other products of the modern world.  

Hot from the casting machine, the zinc alloy jacks come in waffle-like sheets, at the rate of several hundred a minute, are trimmed, weighed and sometimes colored in ensuing processes.
Picture captioned: City Solicitor for New Vienna, Harold Uible doubles as vice president of the Wells Manufacturing Co.  Here he checks over a pile of jacks before they are packaged.  Mrs. Ernest [Ocie] Wilson, New Vienna, left and Mrs. Mason Parr, in rear, keep busy at their packing jobs.  The company employs some 12 persons.  President of the concern is C.J. Uible, father of Harold.
This is the fourth of five posts from New Vienna, Once Buzzard's Glory Prospers Anew in Clinton County. Other posts can be found at these links:
Part 1 History
Part 2 New Vienna in 1957
Part 3 Southern Ohio Tool & Die
Part 4 Wells Mfg.
Part 5 Aerial Photo

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Feb. 17, 1989-99

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - GG out with the flu -- her sister, Anna Louise also does a good job.

Saturday 1990 -[NYC] Went to Javits Toy and Variety Show, really a waste of time. No Saturday PM meal at Penington House so we ate at Japanese Restaurant at 1st Ave. and 16th St. with chopsticks.

Sunday 1991 - [NYC] Went to UMC on 62nd St. [Lexington UMC may now be called Metropolitan Koryo UMC, a Korean UMC], met 90-year-old Irene Ayres who volunteers at Mission on 3rd Ave and 14th a couple times a week. We went there and found quite a turn out of men. They give them a bag of food at the end. Met Florence ? [looks like Itoh?] for lunch at the Dorset, buffet was $25.

Monday 1992 - [NYC to Israel] Went to Ellis Island, surprised at the crowd. Our plane for Israel left at 10:15PM. The Baileys were there, Mary (MUH), and seven from Phoenix that Roberta got. Fare on ticket to Israel was $866.

Wednesday 1993 - [Guatemala with Hinshaws]

Friday 1995 - [NYC] Bruce showed up at 7:30. He is staying in the City for the show, their daughter just turned 2. Met Jean at 1PM at Bailey's, walked from 23rd St. & 5th Ave. to City Hall, that was quite an experience and the $35 seemed modest for our two hours there. We came back to Madison and 36th for a quick trip to the Morgan Library. In the evening we went to the Strand Bookstore where Jean bought a book for $1, by Billy Graham's daughter that had originally retailed for $24.95.

Saturday 1996 - Article in the WNJ that the Wilmington P.O. is looking for a new location, present location built in 1929. Also the proposed 73 Bypass is #9 in the state. Jean went to Columbus to UMW meeting. Prayer meeting at church this AM, Keith substituted for Greg Linkhart.

Monday 1997 - [South Africa]

Wednesday 1999 - Had hearing regarding Charles Day Estate.  Wind up on Leach estate.  Bob Ballantyne called re family reunion in May in New Hampshire. Had eye appt., still 20/20 so no change in glasses.

Postcard views of New Vienna, Ohio

Hmmmm... Where did the pictures go???  I've changed the size and now maybe you can view them.




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Feb. 16, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999

Thursday 1989 - Our first square dance in a month -- nice Valentine theme.

Friday 1990 - [NYC] At the toy show, lunch with Bruce.

Saturday 1991 - [NYC] Went to Barneys, WOW the prices.  Had lunch at China Square Restaurant, good.  Visited Holography Museum [which closed in 1992, so good choice visiting in '91] and then saw movie "Iron and Silk" in Chinese.

Tuesday 1993 - [NYC to Guatemala with Hinshaws]

Thursday 1995 - [NYC]  Jean met Louise Robinson at the Hilton.  She had come up for the day from Washington DC and they went to the Metropolitan Art Museum.  I met Duke [Douglass] for lunch, ate at the Barnes and Noble bookstore on 6th & 22nd.  They are getting ready to open one on Union Square.

Friday 1996 - Russ Powell passed away at 84.  He retired 23 years ago.  [He was a NVHS graduate, class of 1929.  Did his wife work for the school district?  Please remind me about what he did.]

Sunday 1997 - [South Africa]

Monday 1998 - Shawnee UMC is at Exit 120 on I-75 [Lima, church of Rev. Bishman, mentioned yesterday].  Message tonight on "what we have", not on "what we don't have" about the disciples worrying about only having a loaf of bread.  Jean met friend at Chinese Restaurant in Hillsboro for lunch.  Her husband is cutting circles out of plywood -- roundtoits - "when you get around to it."

Tuesday 1999 - Plenty of work at office. [First day back after 8 day road trip to KY, TN, GA & FL for Joe's art show, etc.]  Jean had UMW at Joanne Gruber's.  Serena goes to Newark.

Elizabeth and Oscar March 11-12 (20-27 of 56)

"I had really made the grade."
"Hard to believe our feet were really touching the side walks of New York."
"The day had been full of thrilling sights."

Monday, March 11, 1957 Cont'd – Uibles and Johnsons are in NYC and have checked in to the Hotel Piccadilly.  From the Scrapbook of Elizabeth Johnson

We cleaned up and went to a Horn and Hardart Cafeteria for supper, then we took a subway ride to a TV studio where we saw Howard Barlow and the Firestone Hour [a TV program 1949-1963, radio from 1928-1956].

Transcription Included at end of post 

The studio was a little disappointing at first but as the show went on you could well realize why every thing looked as it did and also the amount of work and time it took to get ready for a TV program.  For one brief minute my face appeared on the TV Screen.  So I had really made the grade.  Several people at home also saw me.

We walked back to our hotel, past the end of Central Park and on we walked enjoying the bright lights of the big city.  We did a lot of walking ... the thrill of being there was greater when we walked, I guess it was just hard to believe our feet were really touching the side walks of New York.

The day had been full of thrilling sights.

Tuesday, March 12, 1957
Harold decided to spend the day with us so we started early with breakfast at Horn and Hardart, then to the subway for a ride to the Fulton Fish Market.  It was a wet smelly lace, but very interesting.  I never dreamed there could be so many kinds and sizes and colors of fish.  The trucks and cars and carts were thick.  At one place Jean and Harold got across the street but the traffic was so thick Oscar and I didn't make it until a friendly mounted policeman stopped the traffic long enough for us to cross.

From here we walked to Chinatown.  The only way I can describe it is dirty and smelly and I was just plain scared of the whole place.

Also visited the United Nations, had lunch at Thompson's Cafeteria, went to Grand Central Station, Chrysler Building and of course, the Public Library where Elizabeth "couldn't believe our little old Wilmington phone book was on file in such a big place."

While walking along Fifth Ave. we came to the Manufacturers Trust Building.  It was a rare one since all the walls were glass, and we could look in and see the huge door of the Bank vault which always stood open.  After viewing the main floor we took the escalator to the second floor where we were met by a lovely lady who offered to help us.  When we told her we were from out of town and merely interested in the beautiful building she asked if we would like a tour.

While waiting for the guide, Harold told her he was a director of the New Vienna Bank which did business with this bank and so we got the Deluxe tour, which included everything from a trip inside the Vault and into and through the Presidents office and private wash room.  This was one of the surprise tours that made our trip east something that will long be remembered.

Later stops that day included the Swedish Tourist Office, the Swedish Airlines Office, the RCA Building and watching the ice skaters.

Stay tuned for dinner and evening entertainment in a later post.
Transcription of Firestone Ticket Packet:
[Front of outside of packet]  Here Are Your Tickets for The VOICE of Firestone - Broadcast Simultaneously over the American Broadcasting Company Coast-to-Coast Radio Network and the ABC Television Network - MONDAY EVENING 8:30 P.M., New York City Time

[Back of outside of packet] The World's First and only blowout-safe puncture-sealing tubeless tire The New Firestone Supreme with the New Nylon Cord Body - Your Safety is our business at Firestone

[Inside of packet] Firestone Pioneered in both Radio and Television.  Be sure to be on Time!  Note your tickets carefully.  Doors close promptly at 8:20.

The VOICE of FIRESTONE is the oldest coast-to-coast radio program on the air.  It has been broadcast every year since December 3, 1928, at the same time, and with the same type of music.  On March 22, 1948, the Voice of Firestone became the first commercially-sponsored musical program to be televised and, on that same date, it became the first musical program to be broadcast simultaneously on both radio and television.

When you attend the performance for which tickets are enclosed, you will be fascinated by the split-second accuracy required, as well as the quality of music which you will hear, and we believe that once you have seen the show in person you will want to see or hear it every Monday evening.  If you have any comments please do not hesitate to send them to us.

We hope that you enjoy the show! - The Firestone Tire and Rubber Company - Akron 17, O.
If you cannot use these tickets please return them to A.B.C.

For other posts in this series see:
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Feb. 15, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999

Wednesday 1989 - Weekly church meeting on the Key Event we are having in March.

Thursday 1990 - [to NYC] We leave for NYC from Cincy via Delta.  Took cab ($18 + 2.50 toll) to Penington Friends House at 215 E. 15th St. It is a large room with 1/2 bath.  We went with the group to the play To Kill A Mockingbird, between 6th and 7th on 23rd.  The fellow at our house was the lawyer in the play.  Went to safety seminar in PM at Javits.

Friday 1991 - [NYC] Bruce came for breakfast, then I went to toy show.

Monday 1993 - Movie passes in NYC are $7.50.  Met John and Julie for lunch in Hillsboro at Magees.

Tuesday 1994 - Went to Wilmington.  Jean is bordering on being diabetic, going on 1800 calorie diet.

Wednesday 1995 - [to NYC]  Flying to NYC, will use up our 8 Delta tickets since October.  This is 1st day above 32 degrees in 12 days we have been home [since returning from Colorado Elderhostel.]  Rode Q33 bus from LaGuardia airport to end of line where we got F train to 14th Street and an easy transfer there.  Walked over to the [toy] building and got book ($10).  Jean went down to the World Trade Center, but even the twofers [to see show] were $30+.

Saturday 1997 - [South Africa]

Sunday 1998 - Great church speaker from Lima, Rev. Joseph Bishman speaking on "Where is your Treasury?" Full of life.  Went to CMH for hospital meeting.  Dr. Alexander spoke on the eyes.  Honda turns 46,000 miles and yellow light came on.  Had potluck before evening service on Zacchaeus.  "Come down" and reach out to the non-churchful. 

Monday 1999 - [Georgia to Ohio]  Had lunch at Regas Restaurant in Knoxville.  Got gas for 67.9c in Georgia.  Got to Cincinnati about 5pm.  Went to Joseph Beth bookstore at exit 6 then had supper in Mariemont.  Tonight was Lincoln Day Dinner, Senator DeWine spoke.

Items from Uible photo album