Monday, September 30, 2013

2003 John, HH, Kate & Andrew

Back side of these pictures shows they were developed in October 2003.  Possibly having been taken when HH and Jean were in Newark for John's birthday celebration.
2003 - HH & Kate

2003 Andrew & John

Sunday, September 29, 2013

1973 Roberta's letter - Sept. 29

Roberta takes a break from studying. Transcription follows.

September 29, 1973
Dear Family,

HI! I've been studying but I figure I might as well not learn too much tonight . . . . as the first test isn't until a week from Wednesday (the tenth of October (ho, hum)

Everything here is fine.  It's hard to believe that I've been in Florida a week now, Time goes pretty darn fast between school and work.  Oh, we got your post-card . . . . . . thanks alot.

Grandma, I thought about you on Thursday.  How was your meeting?  Was the chocolate-Banana bread good?  It's a good thing I wasn't at home this last week . . . . . . . as I'm sure I would have wanted to taste it!!!  Did Mrs. Matthews make it over for your meeting?  Oh, all the women . . . the ones in your Sunday school class asked me about you last Sunday . . . . . . wanted to know when you would be down, etc. also all said hello.

Mary Virginia, Mrs. Zimmerman asked about you.  Wanted to know if you would be down any this winter. Also said to tell you hello.

Since last Monday I've really "acquired" a library.  For psychology we had to buy four books (one is a work-book to go with the main text book).  For Sociology two books . . . . . he had told us four books but then he changed it to four two books.  And then one big old thick book for criminal justice.  It's too bad I don't have the time to take one of those speed-reading courses!!!

Work is going great.  I work my Africian [sic] dress today to work . . . . with hose even and one of the ladies in Personnel told me that it wasn't appropriate for work . . . . . . in keeping with Burdine's great image.  Then later this afternoon the head woman came down and she said that they had just been talking about me in the office . . . . . how nice I looked in the dress I had on.  I told her that I had already been told, and she said "yes, she had heard, but that the dress was fine for work".  So....................

Everyone at work can't believe my new wardrobe . . . . . . thanks to you all.

Have you heard anything from Serena?  I wonder if she xhas been over to see Elton Trueblood lately???

I had a post-card from Catherine while she was on her vacation.  I haven't been able to write her, but maybe if I'm not very busy tomorrow at work I'll be able to get a few letters out, the big Ann. sale starts October 9th . . . . . we got in alot of stuff today for it.  Starting then the store will be open for business until 9:30 . . . . I think every night.  But, I'm not too sure about that !!!!

All the Hortons are fine.  Rob cut grass all day today for different people . . . . making some money on the side from his other job.  Last night there was a football game . . . . Rob played in the bad so Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary went to the game.  Guess L.W. lost something like 36 to 4.  Maybe East Clinton and Lake Worth should play each other. (ha, ha)

John, how's the Enquirer rout e coming . . . . also the good ole WNJ.  I just know you are really giving good service now . . . . . . working your way into those good Christmas tips.  All I ever got was Chocolate covered cherries!!!

Well, I better close.  Oh . . . . . I've really gotten alot of wear out of the sun-glasses . . . . . in between the rain showers down here.  They are really great as far as driving and everything goes.  Also I was thinking that I might want to wear them to classes . . . . that way I could sleep during class and the professors would never know it. (ha, ha)

Say hello to everyone for me . . . . . . . . . .

Love, Berta

P.S. –– enjoyed all the produce – it's all gone now!
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Saturday, September 28, 2013

1973 Draft letter to Pres. Nixon - Sept.

John and Roberta were happy to do their part to help President Richard Nixon in the fall of 1973 when Vice-President, Spiro Agnew, was charged with tax evasion and bribery during his tenure as governor of Maryland.  Agnew resigned as VP on October 10, 1973, resulting in the nomination of Gerald Ford, then House Minority Leader.  Transcription follows.
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Dear President Nixon,

I am sorry you are having problems with your Vice President.  I am available for the job if you ever need me.

On behalf of the Republic Party, I accept the nomination with great pride.

Also do you have a high paying job for my sister Roberta?

(from John & Roberta) Sept. 1973

Friday, September 27, 2013

1993 Trip to New England - Sept.

A trip to New England in September 1993, was chronicled by this invoice from The Terry Lodge of Isle La Motte, Vermont, where HH and Jean stayed two nights in Room 3 for $90/night + tax.  Another invoice from The Logan Airport Hilton in Boston, was also for two nights, 09/22-09/24/93, it is a faded carbonized copy with little visual appeal so is not scanned.  The rate at the Hilton was $85 + tax and included a meal at Appleton's totally $10.98.

1993 Terry Lodge, Isle La Motte, Vermont invoice - Sep. 27
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

1973 Catherine's letter - Sep 25

Catherine and X continue enjoying the great outdoors of Maine. Transcription follows.

September 25, 1973
Dear Mom, Dad, John and Mary,

Hi! Thanks for your letter of 9/7 which was here when we returned from our vacation.   We had an excellent time --spent the first week at the cabin on Moosehead Lake.  X caught a few fish (trout & salmon) which were delicious.  The second week we camped at Acadia Nat'l Park.  The camping is free there so we didn't spend too much money.  There are alot of hiking trails which we used some.  It only rained one day so we spent that in the Bar Harbor Public Library.  Not as nice as ours.  The dog did real well except for one night a racoon [sic] tried to raid our camping spot and the dog barked loud enough to wake up the whole campground.

X has gone to the New England Library Association meeting today in Portsmouth, N.H.  There is a lot of catching up to be done at the library.  Mrs. Winslow (the one who has been out all summer with her bad ulcer) isn't due back for another 2-4 weeks and Mrs. Jackson who does all the typing of catalog book cards and cards and pockets is gone for a month's vacation so I have to do all that.  It is possible that by November we will have a full staff agian [sic] and I will be able to start catching up.

Since we've been home we've been busy housecleaning, rearranging the furniture, waxing the cars, etc.  We're taking another week of vacation from Oct. 6-14.  Actually X is taking vacation, and I'm taking a leave of absence.  We're going camping with Alan Hewett and friend.  I'm not sure where.

Does Serena have any special address?  Like a room # or dorm?  Saw a recipe for "play clay" on the big size box of Baking Powder.  Would you like to have it?

X & Catherine
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

1983 Family Letter - Sep. 25

This family letter from September 1983 continues for a half page on the back side which is not scanned. Always glad to get the updates from home. Transcription follows.

Sunday, Sept. 25, 1983

Dear Family,

Last Sunday noon we were having a picnic at the Tennessee Welcome Station en route to Fontana. We felt more comfortable there this time than two years ago as we have "mastered" a few more square dance calls.  Possibly another ten years or so we will do better.  Anyway, we still enjoy it.

Catherine tells us that Wendy is enjoying school this year .. hard to believe that she is six years old.  Always see a happy face on these young children as they put their birthday money into the small church athat we use in our Sunday School.

Roberta is in Los Angeles for a few days as a "guest" of Dr. Schuller and their Chruch.  We are sure that it will be a great experience for her.  Marion has gone a diet and has lost some 30#.

Serena seems to like her job in the insurance office.  She took the tent back to Chicago to do some camping, but the weather so far has not been too cooperative.  We are planning on getting up there later this fall.

Had a nice letter from X and John.  John's birthday wxill be here October 4th.  They are going to a weekend religous [sic] seminar in October.  in Wheaton, Illinois.

Mary Virginia started her classroom observing sessions at New Vienna this past week.  She comes over twice a week for ten weeks.  She is doing it in the music area.under Eileen Cline.

Yesterday was Rob's and Cindxy's 1st anniversary . . . they are "enthralled" with their new house dog.  Angela and Cris are talking about their future celebration on their 1st anniversary.  No news on when Joe will be coming to NYC, as he is now selling some of his art works before leaving there.  [Saudi Arabia?]

The Hortons sent us some deliciousx mangoes from Florida, which we have really enjoyed.  Also took some to the square dance . . they are really a treat there . . . . quite a contrast to the usual items.

Grandma is fine . . . making plans to go to Florida and Arizona.  We are so thankful that her spirit and mind are so great.  She plans to get a "narrower" wheelchair in Florida that will be more adaptable for travel.  Know that this news will be welcome to Roberta.  She has had problems getting her in and out of doors on cruise ships, etc.

Last night was a special dance of our square dance group at Laurel Oaks.  We had a caller from Aurora, Ind. who kept us really moving. He is scheduled for several years ahead - also had a flyer about a squaredance cruise to Hawaii in 1985 but didn't sighn [sic] up for it tho it sounded like fun.  The new class this year has started off real well.  The two free sessions were the past two Tuesdays and classes officially begin this coming Tuesday.  Shirley and Donald McKamey and Wendell and Kathy Mahanes have started as well as Henry and Mary Fisher.  We haven't been there yet but hope to go to the one next Tuesday.  The second grade teacher here is going and really loves it but we need more single men for there are an abundance of single women involved.  Orville brought someone from Hillsboro the first week but was with us last Tuesday so anxious to se if he brings her back.

Linda Hughes Wilson has had another operation for cancer and isn't doing so well - is taking radium treatments.  They live about 40 miles south of Cincinnati in Williamstown, Ky.  She has done so well after her first operation and had planned to teach gifted children on her own time but had to give that up.

Gary and Kathy Tilton who live out where Jack and Virginia Walker used to live lost their 7 week old baby due to crib death last Friday.  Someone had said that there is a relationship between mothers who smoke and children with lung disease and this might be a possibility here.  For some reason they didn't have Rev. Thompson [NVUMC, 1981-85] but the minister from Mt. Olive conduct the services - perhaps they have been going out there.  He is so young and vibrant that many people have been going there from New Vienna.  Wish we had a livelier minister.  We had a good attendance Rally Day (two weeks ago) but it was down from 98 to60 last Sunday and back up to 75 today.  OUr being gone doesn't let us say too much but thought the group from Newark that sang last Sunday would help the attendance.  Grandma said that they didn't get out til 12:15 or so but we were out early today.

The raspberries that Dad transplanted across the street (where the pictures were taken at time of G'ma's birthday have really been doing well and are so much bigger thaxn the ones in our back yard.

Just read an article about "Self-analysis for the price of a movie" and sounds like Zelig would be a good one to see -- starring Woody Allen.  Let us know if you think Dad and I might enjoy it.  There was another article in the paper as to whether we are living or Living or LIVING and the jist [sic] of it was that we die at 35 and have a burial atx 83 in too many instances.

[Love, etc.]

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

1973 Roberta's letter - Sep. 25

Roberta has returned to Florida after a vacation which included a stay in Clinton Memorial Hospital and a trip to NYC. Transcription follows.

September 25, 1973
(three months till Christmas)
Dear Family,

First off, you will have to overlook all the typing mistakes I'll no doubt make doing this . . . . . as I've just finished typing seven pages of psychology notes. (sounds impressive-huh?) 

It's too bad that I just did what was assigned for tomorrow---I'd love to day I'm ahead . . . . but I'm sure not!!

Classes yesterdayw went fine.  I think my schedule will work out great.  Psychology looks like it will be the hardest.  Four books are required for the course.  The one main text-book is just one theory after another with a bunch of names and dates stuck inbetween.

The Criminal Justice course I think Is going to be very interesting.  We are going to have to write another paper, but the prof isn't sure yet how long.  He said that maybe we would have two tests and not quite so long of a paper.  This is the same guy that "taught" the class I took this summer.  Oh . . . . by the way . . . . . .. he asked me if I had been sick . . . . . . I said no . . . . then he said he could tell that I had lost a good deal of weight.  I thought that was kind of funny!!!

I went to weight watchers this morning.  I had lost ½ of a pound.  (a whole eight ounces this week!!!)  But, that's not bad considering I was in New York and all.  Maybe I'll be able to do better no that I'm back home with the scales and measuring cups.

I ate yesterday lunch at the student cafeteria (spelling?) they really had a good selection.  Had some four different kinds of vegebables [sic], also toss salads, etc. I had cottage cheese, toss salads, spinish [sic].   (My spelling always has been bad)  Also I had taken an orange from home so I had that later in the afternoon.  For supper I sent to Red Lobster and had my fish.  I think tomorrow I will try and eat both meals in the cafeteria.

I am enclosing the doctor bill from Dr. Hamilton.  It was here to greet me when I got here.

Have you heard anything from the insurance people??  Tomorrow (I forgot to yesterday) I am planning on going to the insurance people at FAU and see about getting some health insurance through tem [sic].  In the meantime I better stay off my bike. (ha,ha)

I wrote a letter to Serena but I didn't have her address so I sent it via New Vienna.

The Hortons sure appreciated allt the many things you all sent down.  They had bought a big bunch of apples when they were in North Carolina so it was a good thing I didn't bring any apples with me.  I had one ounce of Mom's cereal this morning and loved every bit of it.  I think its the first I've had since March or April.  As I didn't eat any of it this summer - of what you brought down.

Well, I better be closing.  I'll be working full days on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays --- also six hours on Sunday so if you don't hear from me too often it's because I'm too busy and lazy to write . . . . . not that I'm not thinking about you all.

Love, Berta
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Monday, September 23, 2013

1983 Boone Tavern - Sept. 21

Boone Tavern in Berea, Kentucky was a popular Kentucky stop, even before I-75 delivered cars there more speedily.  On this visit by HH and JBU in 1983 for a Wednesday lunch, they were accompanied by Jo and Orville Harner.  The desserts sound great for only 95¢.  Possibly they were on the way to or from a square dancing event.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

1993 MV's letter - Sep. 21

In September 1993, Ginny would have been 15 months old, keeping her parents busy, along with all their other goings on. Transcription follows.

9-21-93 2:30PM

Dear Mom & Dad

I am doing after school pickup and we have 10 minutes on the playground before going to the county school to pick up.  The Tuesday group is 2nd & 3rd graders; The Thursday group is 4th & 5th.  Last year I had tried to start a Jr High group of Handbells (Gr 6-8) but it fizzled.  This year we've started with 6 that seem pretty solid.

Ginny's growth has slowed down but she is filling out more.  Yesterday at breakfast she insisted on trying to feed her doll while saying "Yum, Yum, Yum!"  Makes us wish we had a video camera on her nearly every waking hour.  She's pretty much in the habit of going to bed around 8PM and sleeping until 7AM, putting herself to sleep.

We have 2 team meetings left in October (2&16) with John, Julie & Kate coming to visit 10/9,10.  Then the last weekend in Oct. the Bishop is sponsoring a retreat in Lexington for the Probationers & spouses (probation = 2 years between being ordained Deacon and Elder.

If you would like ideas for us for Christmas, Ginny would probably enjoy a Hobby horse and/or books (she loves to look at books – not inherited from her parents!)  Or you may get ideas when you come down in November.  We would like to go to the eye doctor as we've not been in 3 years, so if that sounds good we can work out details on that.

We found out that they plan to replace the furnace at the parsonage this fall.  We found out that it is the original furnace (23 yrs old).  Next year they may have to do something with the roof as shingles come off in each storm.  There are certainly advantages to not owning a home.

Well, time to move on – Hope you enjoyed your trip & we'll talk to you soon!

Love, Mary Va & Don & Ginny
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Saturday, September 21, 2013

1983 Cris' Letter - Sept. 21

Cris writes a thank-you and news-filled letter in September 1983. Transcription follows.

Wednesday, Sept. 21st [1983]

Dear Aunt Jean & Uncle Harold,

Please don't faint but it is really your nephew, Cris and his new bride writing a note of thanks.  I hope you accept my apologies for not writing by now, but I was waiting for a special time.  I trust this tardiness doe snot diminish how special and thankful we are for what you did to make our wedding and honeymoon an unforgetable and memorable occasion.  Believe me, we love you and cherish what you did for us!

Angela and I hope we will be able to get together soon and compare notes with you.  In brief, Thurmond and the Banker's Hotel exceeded our expectations!  Ha!  Wish we could have arranged an extra day to take in the other trip.  Talking about another trip want to join us on our "1 year anniversary"?  I'm serious.  Doesn't have to be on our anniversary either.  I've got to get a piece of the Banker's homemade cherry pie which we missed because we were rushed to get to the amphitheater for the play "Honey on the Rock."  Most enjoyable!  The white water trip was well managed, organized, thrilling and scenic to say the least.  We had somewhat preferential treatment on the New River in that the guide's family was in our raft – an enjoyable day.  Got a picture of "My Peach" with the New River Gorge Bridge in the background – ominous looking!!

Back at the newly-weds home, Angela is current typing her last paper for school.  She is excited for next week is her last week.  This semester has been one of primarily internship for her.  She is real excited for she has found a dentist office which likes her and she likes too.  She will be employed beginning first week in grad October.  Graduation is also that same week.  However, we really won't be able to celebrate until after the 14th which is certification.  She has to take an all day exam!  Ugh!  Have to pray for the best!

It will be good to have both of us finally out of school.  My MBA education has been a broadening of horizons, but an experience I don't soon want to repeat.  Our study group and their spouses had a reunion down at Myrtle Beach S.C. this past weekend to respark memorable moments at good ole Babcock, Wake Forest.

The week before Angela transferred her membership to Broadstreet Methodist Church.  It sure is nice to worship together as a family.  Angela and I have a lot to be thankful for.

This past summer has been a hot one!  Eating lots of homemade ice-cream.  So dry I think we have lost two beautiful pine trees as a result.  The new planted grass reached a critical state but with the recent rains the grass will pull out of it.  Hope!  It is also very heated at work – more ways than one!  Clark Equip. just might pull this revitalization program off.  The next strategy is viability in 1984.  Closing three plants and moving them south is quite a feat!

How is Grandma?  When is her next expedition?  I'm sure she has one planned.  Angela wants to make sure that you know that if it wasn't for the promise I made with her that I would write you both, she would have written a lot sooner.  Please forgive me and many thanks.

Love, Cris & Angela

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Friday, September 20, 2013

1983 Roberta's postcard - Sept. 20

Surf & Sand Hotel, Laguna Beach CA postcard [mailed 1983].  Captioned:  Surf & Sand Hotel, 1555 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach CA 92651.  This luxury resort on the ocean at Laguna Beach features 160 ocean view rooms and two spectacular restaurants.  Heated pool and summer snack bar overlooks Laguna's finest beach.
1983 Roberta's Laguna Beach postcard - Sept. 20
[postmarked 20 Sep 1983]
Hi!  Stopped here after seeing Spruce Goose & Queen Mary.  Beautiful weather – especially cool evenings!  The days [dogs? drugs? drops?] at Crystal Cathedral were most interesting – Service will be aired 10/16 – about 1200 people there from all over the USA – they provided all meals – very few sweet desserts – alot of fresh fruit /veggies.  Dad's style!

In San Diego now – going to take Trolley down today to Mexico!

Hope you & square dance trip went great!  Love, Roberta

Thursday, September 19, 2013

2003 Sagamore Hill Postcard - Sept. 20

HH wrote the message and Jean addressed this 2003 Teddy Roosevelt related postcard.  Transcription follows. 

Sagamore Hill National Historic Site, Oyster Bay NY Postcard [mailed 2003] Captioned: The North Room was added to the home in 1905 and was designed to be used for public receptions.  Roosevelt met here with foreign dignitaries and political leaders.  It quickly became a gathering place for the family and was used for parties, music, games, and quiet evenings at home.  NPS photo.
2003 Sagamore Hill Postcard - Sept. 20
[postmarked 2- Sep 2003]
Sent you an E-Mail on 9/19
Just 2 of us on the tour here.  Quite a contrast to NYC.  The house cost 16M [$16,000] in 1885.  How times have changed.
The "E" [ElderHostel] program was very good & on to Hyde Park today.
Love, Mother & Dad

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

1982 Roberta's letter - Sept. 18

September 1982 with Roberta in Arizona being a college student while running Senior Village. Transcription follows.

Dear Family,
Your schedules must be "fuller" than usual – since it's been awhile hearing from 45159!

My schedule has become lighter – dropped Biology – that should allow me to see my way through Algebra alot easier!!  The Algebra class meets from 6:30-7:45 AM – then Biology was from 8 to 9AM – so now I've developed the routine of going to the library to study after Algebra.  These Algebra assignments are getting harder & harder!!

A new Health plan in AZ is just now getting started AZ's answer to medicaid –– it affects all of our people - and me too – because w/ it comes another new group of forms!!

I'm sitting outside – the hospital – just got out of another meeting about new Health plan & it's down right COLD out!!  Nice change from our record breaking temperatures!!

I've had a streak of luck lately – buying shoes!!  Was in Shoe City & they had 4 pairs of shoes the other day marked down to $9.00 each all 11-S size – that I liked – so bought all 4 pairs!  Two pair were sandals (Hush Puppy) & 2 pair tie shoes.  All of them had a small nick or stain on them – that you can hardly see.  There was 1 pair of Famalore [?] that I liked - but they were $48.00!!!!  And I didn't get them!!

We plan to go up to the cabin tomorrow –– will have to have a fire in fireplace to keep warm.  The dogs really like it up there.  Charlie has so much energy!  I'm anxious for Grandma to meet both of the dogs!!  I'm sure she will find them very amusing!

I still need to know the flight # of Grandma's flight – Also we hope she will be here at least 2 weeks – we'd like to take Grandma to the cabin one weekend and to the Sedona area the next weekend.  We have tickets to see the play – Sound of Music – in the Civic Plaza on Oct. 3rd.  Got really good tickets – my insistence of an aisle seat for Grandma – instead of the usual handicap section.

"Hello Dolly" was at ASU this last week – I had wanted to go – but the tickets were $25 each – so instead I got shoes!!

We've been eating some of the gourmet style T.V. dinners & they come on plates that can be put in the microwave.  They have all sorts of main dishes – and really do taste good -  They are our substitute for eating out (which we can't do very often) & bringing sandwiches in!!

Gotta go – have been talking to a student nurse & now time to catch the city bus –

Love, Roberta
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

2003 Ridin'-Hy Ranch postcard - Sept.

2003 Ridin'-Hy Ranch postcard - Sept.
Ridin'-Hy Ranch Resort Postcard [mailed 2003].  Captioned: Ridin'-Hy Ranch Resort, P.O. Box 369, Warrensburg, NY 12885. Tel. (518)494-2742.  Ridin'-Hy's Quite A Spread - Located in the 6 million acre Adirondack State Park, Ridin'-Hy covers 800 acres of mountains and fresh water lakes . . . Perfect for saddle veterans . . . riding scenic trails . . . Perfect for beginners instructed and encouraged by our experience wranglers.

[postmarked Sept 2003]
Having fun here – much food & things to do.  Book here w/pix of Flying E at Wickenberg, AZ.  Went on boat trip this AM & to go on horse ride this afternoon – so much to do & plan to leave here on Wed AM and head back to Ohio after visiting Roosevelt homes on way.  Hope this address is your correct one.  [Love, etc.]

Monday, September 16, 2013

1993 Roberta's letter - Sept. 16

Roberta has returned from her 1993 trip to NYC. Transcription follows.



We all had a great time in "the city" – but one of the best parts was staying at the Pennington Friends House – the price was Right & we enjoyed the whole experience!  I told my boss about it & I think she will be going there w/her 16 year old daughter!

I went to the travel agent & waited & waited in line to make my reservation to Ohio.  Had actually done all the work ahead of time on the phone w/Airline - but in order to use $25.00 coupon had to wait & purchase ticket thru travel agent!

I'll arrive Continental #1124 Columbus on Thursday, Oct. 14 –4:53 pm from Houston, leave from Columbus, Tuesday - Oct. 19th 5:46 pm.

Sid will leave for South Bend on Tues - Oct 26th  – stay til Nov. 6th.

Will enclose some reading material.

Thanks again for all the NYC advice & inside info!

Love, R
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1963 Rec Room new furniture - Sept. 16

September 1963 found the family shopping for new recreation room furniture, which makes me wonder what furniture was in the room before then. Bucket-type chairs? I'm picturing plaid fabric on the new rocking love seat and I'm sure the extra material for the love seat arms & back was a useful addition.  Good discount on the lamps too.  List of purchases transcribed below.
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  • Rocker cushions 4.99
  • Boston Rocker  31.95
  • Rocking love seat 109.95
  • 2 lamps (last year) 12.95 each

  • Total  172.79
  • 3% tax   5.19
  • less discount on lamp 13.34

  • TOTAL DUE $164.64

Sunday, September 15, 2013

1982 Roberta's letter - Sept. 13

Still catching up on letters from Roberta in 1982. Transcription follows.

9:30 pm
Dear Family,
Hi! Wanted to drop you all a short note – let you all know we are all alive and well! 

Between School & Work I don't seem to have enough time – both classes are taking up alot of time – the Algebra I've been keeping up with – even got an "A" on the 1st test.

The Biology is not going that good - 1st test was today - and I'm afraid it could be VERY BAD.  Tempted to go ahead & drop it – take it next semester by itself.

We are having a 91 year old lady move in Tomorrow  – she has been taking care of her 99-year-old sister – but the older sister came down sick & the younger one finally admits it's too much on her to do it!  We've had about 3 people move out in the last month or so - so good to be getting some more!!

Sure sorry to hear about the fire at Wells – how bad was it?  Did you get the sky window in the building?

Enclosing a picture of the Dogs – in the cage - which sits in the middle of our living room.  They both seem to "enjoy" it.  Thank Goodness!

The wedding is soon approaching – I still need to know what flight Grandma will be arriving - [Hmmm, this is confusing.  Roberta & Sid's wedding was in 1983, so is this a referral to someone else's wedding??  Or is the letter mis-dated, I don't think so though as there is a 1982 postcard referring to the algebra class.]

Had a pleasant surprise in the mail today - Remember how we had paid a CPA big bucks to figure out TAXES?!  I got a check from Uncle Sam – $149.00 – due to mistake made in filing my taxes.  This CPA has me paying the state on the installment plan - due Oct. 15th - he is going to have to come up w/the penalty - if there is one!  Needless to say - we won't use this clown next year.

gotta close - love to all ––


Need Mary Virginia's mailing address!
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1963 Catherine's Sunday School promotion - Sept. 15

1963 Catherine's Sunday School promotion - Sept. 15 
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Certificate of Promotion
This certifies that
Catherine Uible
has been promoted from the
Junior Girls Department to the
9th grade Department of the
Methodist Sunday School
at New Vienna on 9/15 1963
Esther Salisbury, Teacher
Thomas W. Rudisill, Superintendent
Rev. K. Albert Kuntzman, Minister

Saturday, September 14, 2013

1993 Catherine's postcard Sept. 14

1993 ©Current Postcard - Country house with flowers
1993 Catherine's postcard Sept. 14
Hi!  Good to talk to you on Saturday.  Thanks for calling.  9/15 - I started this while waiting at the oil change place but didn't have time to finish.  Since then we talked to Wendy, got the fax, and I talked to you this A.M.  So now I don't have too much new to day.  We are going over to Roberta's in a few minutes to drop off some old clothes we are getting rid of.  We haven't seen the pictures yet either that Roberta brought back from Ohio (the roll of film that Wendy took) I gave Roberta the $ to have them developed since she goes to Smitty's more than we do.  Have a good trip to New England!  Love, Catherine & Gerry

1993 Roberta's NYC postcard - Sept. 14

Roberta continues her 1993 trip to New York City and sends this card to Wendy in Scotland.  Transcription follows.
NYC aerial view postcard [mailed 1993].  Captioned: Aerial view of Midtown Manhattan, New York City.
1993 Roberta's NYC postcard to Wendy - Sept. 14
[postmarked 9/14/93]
Hi!  We are having a great time in NYC & have done most of the tourist spots – plus!  Had supper w/ Rollan [Roland? Polly W?] & then walked along streets of "the village."  We saw everything!  And how is Scotland?  School?  How were your travels?  Do write!  Love, Roberta

Friday, September 13, 2013

1993 Jeanne Sanker letter - Sept.14

According to the menu below Jean and Serena met Jeanne Sanker for lunch on September 13, 1993 at the White House Inn in Cincinnati.  The appetizer part of the menu is scanned below, as well as a letter from Jeanne to Jean, written on Sept. 14.  Jeanne was very efficient at writing a follow-up thank you letter which is transcribed.

1993 White House Inn (Cincinnati) Menu - Sept. 13
According to in Oct. 2012, the former White House Inn on Muhlhauser Rd. 
is now "Casa Bianca," an Italian restaurant.

1993 Jeanne Sanker letter - Sept.14
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Tues. Sept. 14, 1993
Dear Jean,

A note to tell you again how much I enjoyed yesterday -- a memorable day in so many ways, not just that it was historical with Israel and Palestine signing accords.

I loved our lunch at The White House and hope to go back there again sometime.  I hope I can take you and Serena to Embassy Swuites the next time we can get together - and that will be my treat.

I have looked over the wonderful potpourri of articles you brought along, identifying with each one.  Regarding the Thanksgiving dinner and its invitation for "mishaps", reminded me of a baby shower I had agreed to help with in 1957 -- and was so confident that my recipe for Mile High Cherry Pie (taken from the Weirton Steel Bulletin which of course featured "steel cans").  Anyway, I was so sure that everyone would just be non-plussed by this beautiful dessert that they would want the recipe for it.  So, I had Bill run copies beforehand (as you can see Ditto was the way to make copies then:)  So -- the night of the shower all the other gals who were hel½ping to make the pies had not let the canned milk stay in the refrigeratore [sic] long enough to be almost frozen-cold.  And -- the pies, instead of being "A mile high" and glorious, ran all over the plate and were truly unsightly.  Not one person asked for the recipe.  So -- I have been peddling these to everyone with whom I ever talk about food.  If you should need more copies, I have them!!

Hope you have a fine trip to New England and best wishes for happy days til I see you again.  Thanks, again, for yesterday.

With love, Jeanne

1953 Jean's letter to her mother - Sept. 13

First and last page of this 6-page 1953 letter are scanned.  Transcription of entire letter follows.

1953 Jean's letter to her mother - Sept. 13
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Sept. 13, 1953
Dearest Mother,

Its pretty cool here after our very warm weather.  Mother & Daddy Uible decided to go to Fla. Thursday after a phone call came from some man down there & they left the next morning (Friday).  Mary & Bill had gotten word they weren't coming so guess they may have been surprised today.  Haven't heard from them yet.

We had quite a catastrophe in town here last week.  Judy McElwee [age 2½] was hit by a car & her leg was broken.  She is in the Wilmington Hospital (Clinton County Memorial).  It was lucky she wasn't killed though.

Glenn [1918-1973, NV High School teacher/coach] was across the street at the lumberyard & Johnny [age 6½] ran across & Judy ran down the hill following him.  The driver saw Johnny but not Judy & her leg was fractured slightly below the hip.  She'll have to be there about a month.  This happened last Thursday.

Betty stays with her in the daytime & Glenn stays all night.  Glenn says she shows improvement every day now but is afraid of any one resembling the doctor.  (Dr. Hale, same as Harold had).  They have both legs in traction & will set the broken one in about 3 weeks.  If it had been broken below the knee he could have set it right away but where it is necessitates longer.

Three babies were baptized in church this morning – George & Imogene Shaffer's (he's the science teacher), Virginia & Jack Walker's (their 3rd girl & all younger than Catherine) [under age 4] & Bob & Mary Ruth Custis' Daniel Boyd – (dressed in overalls T-shirt & sweater for the big occasion.)

Maxine [Maxine Steele 1924-2012, wife of UMC pastor Paul Steele 1924-2001] was in church last Sunday – the first time since Easter.  Her mother was visiting & stayed with the baby.  Paul Wesley, Jr. "Wes" was to be baptized today but the other minister couldn't come (or Maxine is still worried about polio).  Everyone is disgusted & wishes she'd have twins or triplets & have more to think about.

School opens again tomorrow.  We haven't had enough rain but they hope they have enough water to carry thru.

Connie Smith had her bridge club last week and I filled in – I might as well join I've been filling in so regularly.  They keep such late hours tho & I'm poohed out for days afterwards.  Last week it was 2:30 & then I'm too wide awake to sleep til about 4:00.

Yesterday was the 1st meeting of the year for the Woman's Club.  It was held at Mrs. Geneva Phillips' [Geneva Conard Phillips 1870-1958, her husband Elroy Clifton Phillips died in 1916] & was very interesting.  They had a guest speaker on the [Ohio] Sesquicentennial Celebration – a woman who is extremely interested in Ohio Folklore & history.  She's written a book on the folklore of Highland County.  She was dressed in an old fashioned dress she had worn to the Sesquicentennial Ball in Columbus & told the history of it & the other dresses worn by the women who attended from Hillsboro.  Five attended & 3 of them one [won] prizes – 1 first, 1 2nd & the other 4th, I believe.

Miss Geneva served meringue with ice cream & fresh peaches, coffee, mints & nuts – very lovely.

The girls are already thinking of Santa Claus & time when they can get their sled out.  Roberta saw Arthur Godfrey's TV program a couple of weeks ago where he was in the water swimming pool of his home in Virginia & she ran & got her & Catherine's bathing suits & started to undress.
No word yet when Harold can depart – maybe next weekend.

All our very best love, Harold, Jean, Catherine & Roberta

Thursday, September 12, 2013

2003 Brooklyn Bridge Postcard - Sep. 12

Brooklyn Bridge NYC Postcard [mailed 2003]  Captioned: The Brooklyn Bridge spanning the East River with New York's Financial District in the background.
2003 Brooklyn Bridge Postcard to Wendy & Morgans - Sep. 12

[postmarked 9/12/2003]
Toured Bkln [Brooklyn] Monday on foot & walked back on the bridge, raining at times but made it.

Yesterday did the Bronx and Queens with alot more walking but interesting.  Had Indian food at noon which was well rated but some HOT dishes.  Our bus/subway ticket comes in handy.  Did 57th St. last nite with rest at Four Seasons watching people come & go.  Comfortable chairs of beaten track.  [Hurricane] Isabel headed our way – lots of news about it.  Much love, Dad & Mom

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

1973 Catherine's Moose postcard Sept. 11

Catherine and X on vacation in Maine – same general remote location that they visited in the summer of 1971 on the pre-wedding backpacking trip.  Transcription follows.
Mature Bull Moose postcard [mailed 1973] Captioned: Mature Bull Moose in the Moosehead Katahdin area of Maine.  Moose, Bear and Deer abound in this area.  Photo by Paul A. Knaut, Jr.
1973 Catherine's Moose postcard Sept. 11
Hi!  We've rented a cabin at Tomhegan Point on the west side of Moosehead Lake.  It's been windy & chilly but still very nice.  If it calms down we hope to get a boat for the day later this week.  Got a letter from the Ballantyne's wanting to know when you will be here again.  So far with your anniv. $ I bought 3 wastebaskets for $1.97 - the dust ruffle looks good on the bed & those kulattes (?) [culottes is correct spelling] fit well.  Love, X&C
[added at top] We saw 2 moose Sat. evening.  Kuman is doing well in the wild.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

1993 Roberta's NYC postcard Sept. 10

Roberta travels to NYC in 1993 with a group of women friends and stays at the Pennington House.  Transcription follows.

Statue of Liberty postcard, Spanish Version: Estatua de la Libertad [mailed 1993]
1993 Roberta's Estatua de la Libertad postcard Sept. 10
[postmarked 9/10/93]
Hi!  Having a great time – sure appreciate the Penn. House – meals / transportation closeness!  We took bus to South Ferry in AM - got to Statue of Liberty / Ellis Island before crowds!  Then walked to Wall St., World Trade Center, etc.  Last nite took bus to Chelsea to see Liz from Hudson Gu. [Guild] Farm – taxi home.  United Nations today & 5th Ave.!  Love, Roberta

Items from Uible photo album