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1973 Roberta's letters -Oct.31

Roberta sends two letters for the price of one. Transcription of both follow.

October 31, 1973 
Dear Family,
Hi – I just got done taking my 2nd psychology exam.  I had hoped to do much better on this – to pull up my grade from the 1st one – but now I just hope that I did as well on it as the 1st one.  Time will tell . . . . .

Monday we got our mid terms back in Deviance class.  Before I tell you mine – I'll give you some facts – out of 60 people 28 people flunked.  I got a 'C' – nothing to brag about but I'm thankful I didn't flunk!  We won't be having any more tests in it till the final.  A lot of people are dropping the course.  I'm going to stick it out and hope for a miracle!  (ho, hum!!)

I hope you all had a good trip back to N.V. – riding in comfort in that new car! – Listening to tapes & using those electric windows!

Did you eat lunch at Miss Maratha's? (sp?)  After a few more trips we'll be able to write our own guide to restaurants.  I think I'll write one on where to eat when on a diet.

After how much I ate over the week-end I was almost scared to go to weight watchers yesterday.  But – I had another one of my dynamic weight losses – ½ of a pound!!

I also was given my permanent placing as to where I'll be working.  Starting next week - Tuesday evenings at the main office - which is on Military Trail.  I was given lots of info and material to read.

My flight home was fine.  Instead of the regular corned beef & swiss cheese sandwiches I was served my special snack - fresh fruit; rye krisps (sp?) (which I couldn't eat - not allowed) and diet pop.

I got a letter from Cheryl Rogers yesterday - she has been really sick - something about white & red blood cells!

I go back to work tomorrow - it will feel good getting back.  It's been 2 weeks Sunday since I worked.

Well - it's almost time to get to deviance class.  I'll write more later.

Please give Grandma the enclosed letter – Love, Berta

Mary V––  I have your grey coat - it was in the closet at the hotel room.  Do you want me to send it?

* * * * * * * * * *
[Oct. 31, 1973]
Dear Grandma –

Thought I would enclose this w/ the families letter - my effort to save a few cents!

We got your letter yesterday – no - day before I guess it was.  Thanks - it's still nice to get mail down here!

Everyone at Church is beginning to ask when you will be coming down to Florida.  There was really a good service this last Sunday Evening - a group of high school and/or college kids from another Methodist Church came and sang.  The Church was rally filled up but alot of the people came w/ the group.  Mrs. McGrew went with us and I think she enjoyed it.

Mrs. McGrew and I are hoping to go bike riding - out to eat - next Tuesday.  Same place down in Lantana - I'm not sure of the name of the place.

I imagine you've heard from the family all the details of the Atlanta trip.  We really had alot of fun – eating – and everything else.  Cris sent me back w/some tulip bulbs for you - from Holland.  But - in the meantime – until you come down - we're not exactly sure what to do w/them – whether to put them in the refrigerator, freezer - or what!!

I'm glad you renewed (spelling) the Wilmington News Journal.  It just ran out a couple of weeks ago.

It's almost supper time – I have broiled liver w/me – that way I just go to the cafeteria and buy a salad and vegetable - and I have a good supper.  The school cafeteria is really very good - always a choice of 4 vegetables.  Also lots of different types of salads and fruits.  The only thing that's bad is that the desserts are one shelf above the salads.  I don't know shy they have to be so close to each other.  But –– I'll brag – I didn't weaken!!

Well - better go ––

Love, Roberta
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1983 Catherine's letter -Oct.31

Catherine writes a letter and includes (on the reverse side, not scanned) a review of a new book by the daughter of Charles & Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Transcription follows.

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Thought you might be interested in this review of book by Lindbergh's daughter.

We have reservations to arrive in Phoenix on 12/25 at 8:45 P.M.  PSA #650 so we'll see you on Christmas.

I got a nice letter from Grandma on Saturday.  Ask her if she'll help me make apple dumplings while we're in Arizona.

Wendy to a Halloween party yesterday and is going to a "trick-or-treat" party at the Mormon church tonight with the family that has been babysitting her.  [She went as a smurf.]

Roberta called on Saturday with the news that the wedding will be the 31st.

Got to go.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy
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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

NV Women to Kingwood Center -Oct.24

Grandma is pictured prominently in this clipping, presumably from the Wilmington News-Journal about the group of women traveling to Kingwood Center in Mansfield, Ohio.  Partially transcribed below.  If I lived a couple thousand miles closer to the Wilmington Library, I'd rush over there and look at the microfiche for the rest of the names.

1963 Beautiful Gardens of Kingwood Center - Oct. 24: Jean third from left, Gladys Hiestand Uible fifth from right (in black hat), and Mary Uible Horton (?) three further left from GHU.
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By Mabel Davis
Mrs. Harold Fisher, Mrs. Harold Uible and Mrs. L. Eugene Smith as hostesses of the New Vienna Woman's Club chartered a bus and arranged a trip to Kingwood Center at Mansfield for Wednesday for members of the club and guests, 35 in all.  It was a lovely ride over mostly new highways and the fall flowers were in abundance.

[Several paragraphs about the flowers]  At 12:30 we had lunch.

Those making the trip were Mrs. C.B. Eichelberger and Mrs. Harold Garrison of Blanchester, Mrs. Raymond Swartz of Hillsboro, Mrs. Samuel Ahman, Ms. Albert McKay, Mrs. Maynard Davids, Mrs. Ralph Hurley, Mrs. Charles R. Kirk, Mrs. William Levo, Mrs. E.J. McMillan, Mrs. Sam B. Rice and Mrs. Sheldon Shrieves, of Wilmington.

Mrs. Harry F. Allen, Mrs. Harry G. Allen, Mrs. Lewis Bernard Mrs. Charles Black- [and there the clipping ends, but this is most likely the list of women attending from New Vienna in alphabetical order.]

1983 CMH (Twig) -Oct.27

Jean was very active in the Clinton Memorial Hospital Guild made up of smaller groups called TWIGs (Together With Important Goals).  According to the Health Alliance of Clinton County, Ohio the Guild was formed shortly after the opening of Clinton Memorial Hospital in 1951 and by 1954 had 16 Twigs with 441 members.  "When the CMH became a for profit business in 2010, it was no longer legally possible for the Auxiliary to remain a part of CMH." They are now a non-profit, The Health Alliance of Clinton County.

This clipping from the Wilmington News-Journal, Thursday, October 27, 1983 mentions Jean as retiring vice president; and Mie Young Kim, who entertained the guild prior to the business meeting with several beautiful songs.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

1993 Wendy's postcard from Scotland -Oct.27

Wendy sends a postcard to her grandparents from Scotland.  Transcription follows.
Love from Scotland postcard mailed 1993
1993 Wendy's postcard from Scotland -Oct.27

Oct. 27, 1993
Birthday greetings from Scotland.  Happy 60 somethingth Birthday!  How are you?  Not much is new here.  I went to a disco last night for Halloween.  But I didn't dress up.  Today I'm going to Young Enterprise.  I'm the Deputy Financial Director.  Impressive.  Mom told me that you will be coming over to see me.  That's really great.  I hope you can spend as much time as possible with me.  You wouldn't be a burden at all.  There's a nice hotel near my school that you could stay at.  I am going to London soon which should be fun.  I'll send you a postcard!  The Kirkmans dog had 4 puppies.  They look like hamsters.  I'm glad I don't have a pet at home.  I think 10 months of a dog is all I can take!  Gotta Run.  Write back soon!  Love, Wendy

1973 Sarah Hinerman letter - Oct.23

[postmarked 23 Oct 1973]
Sunday aft.

Dear Jean and all,

We were so glad to get your newsy letter - glad to talk with Harold, too.  I saw in the paper an account Maude Miskelly's death and I thought maybe you all might be in this area and drop in on us.

Your family seems busy and active, as always.  I will sure take my hat off to Roberta for losing some weight as I have been trying to do so – I don't go to Weight Watchers, though, but as I understand it that is the only system. I don't get any exercise and you can't maintain much of a figure sitting in front of the TV and eating.  My "helper" (household) broke her ankle about four weeks ago and I have been chasing the dirt "solo" since then so I have been moving around a bit and really feeling better.  It's impossible to get any help in these parts and I've just been real lucky to have had her for several years.

I don't know when we'll go to Stuart [town in Florida 10 miles SW of Port St. Lucie], – Chauncey says not until nearer Christmas time as it's too long down there, – nor for me, however – I'm glad to escape the snow and winter weather.  Sarah Jane flew up from Atlanta last year and drove us clear to Stuart and is going to do same this year.  Susan came to Glen Dale with her last year and we dropped her off at Atlanta going down.

Stuart has had a Dupont office for three years and now has an office for Hutton brokers – Their Dupont office moved into a nice new building last year, – the Hutton office just opened.  Chauncey rides up town to the brokers two or three times a day – We live on the boulevard to the ocean about three miles from the main part of town.

Are you planning to come to Florida this winter?  . . . . We have lots of room.  There are lots of new eating places here now, it's sort of a joke as to where will all the people come from to patronize them.  However, they're all filled up – (new & larger Elbys, "Long John Silver" fish place, Pasquale's Pizza, etc.)  We'll let Mary Va. try them all if you come over –

Let us hear from you all and start out for Glen Dale some fine day –

Love to all, Sarah H

Hope to see Roberta
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Monday, October 28, 2013

1983 Roberta's letter - Oct.25

Roberta writes a letter to Grandma shortly after announcing her upcoming marriage to Sid. Transcription follows.

Tuesday Evening


Dear Grandma,

Hi!  Thanks for your letter!  Sure looks like you are functioning better than I am after hearing the BIG NEWS!  It's all I can do to keep from biting my finger-nails!

I have changed your Airline ticket – so now it is identical to the flights that the Hortons will be coming & going on.  The flight from West Palm Beach to Phoenix is on December 28th – then returning to Florida on the 10th of January.

I'm sorry you won't be here before Christmas – as originally planned.  BUT – Marian is being a real pain - at this time - tho it doesn't look like she will be moving out until before Christmas.  That would be the best time for her – to make a move.  SO – I might be a few days without much furniture!

I assure you by the 28th - we will have this house full of furniture again!  Sid's furniture is really going to go great in this house.  We might have to buy a few pieces of furniture.

Thank you again for sending your Christmas check – your generous Christmas gift – early.  Since it won't be used as originally planned for the cruise – It will be used toward wedding expense.  There seems to be so many details now to take care of.

I can understand why some people want to take the easy way out and run off & get married by a Justice of the Peace!  Tho we aren't tempted to do that – especially with our families making the effort to be here!

Today we took a group of Senior Village residents to a park about 30 miles form here.  They really enjoyed it - we had a picnic lunch – drove all around a lake with lots of boats in the water.  WE left here at 10:00 AM – back about 3:00 PM – and they were really TIRED!!

It's almost 11:00 PM – so I'm tired too!

Much love, Roberta
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Sunday, October 27, 2013

1973 B'day Dinner in Atlanta - Oct.27

After a 1972 birthday brunch in Michigan the 1973 celebration was held in Atlanta.  HH, Jean, John and Mary Va. were joined by Cris from North Carolina and Roberta from Florida for an excess of food at Pittypat's Porch for supper, followed by dessert at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour.  There is a note written at the top of the Pittypat's Porch menu with the date and a mention of the new Mercury, which was now in use for the road trip.  

Farrells's Ice Cream Parlours numbered 120 nationwide in 1975 but most were sold off in the 1980s.  Today there are less than half a dozen, all in California except one in Hawaii.  
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1972 Win Schuler's Menu - Oct. 29

Win Schuler's was the brunch place of choice on Sunday, October 29, 1972.  Possibly this was during a weekend visit to Michigan, as Catherine was still living there at that time.  Win's original historic and now only location is in Marshall, Michigan, about 35 miles east of Kalamazoo.  The back of the 1972 menu lists several other locations including: Jackson, Stevensville, Ft. Wayne, Ann Arbor, Grand Haven and East Lansing.   

Entrees include Jumbo Fried Shrimp $5.95, Prime Rib $7.00; with the most expensive menu item being Lobster Tail for $9.75.  Beverages (doesn't mention free refills) 35¢; and an assortment of desserts for 85¢.

Win Schuler's 1972 menu (front page)

Happy Birthday, Dad!
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Saturday, October 26, 2013

1983 Cynthia's letter to Roberta -Oct.24

After learning of her father's engagement to Roberta, Sid's daughter, Cynthia, writes a letter.  Transcription follows.

Suffolk [England]
24 October, 1983

Dear Roberta,

Just a card to say hello and to tell you again how happy I am for you and my Dad.  For both of you the idea of marriage must hold lots of challenges and excitement.  Having been married for 14 years I can attest to both – and also to the difficulties of marriage.  But where love & good will abound – nothing is impossible – and so I look with hope and optimism toward this new relationship.
Although I am very happy for you, I have to confess to being doubly or even triply happy for my Dad.  Sid is a truly wonderful person but life has been very hard on him.  He responded heroically to the many disappointments and difficulties he's faced but they have all taken their toll.  And somewhere – in the fairly recent past – he got off on the wrong track and it has seemed to be a wide way – leading to sorrow.   But I see in his love for you a tremendous desire to shake his life up and turn himself back to a path of meaning and fulfillment.  And this is tremendous.  Such awareness and opportunities come rarely in life.  That it has come to my father was my deepest and most earnest prayer for him.

You will both continue to be the object of my prayers – but I believe firmly in the power of the Holy Spirit and the power of Love and I know your lives will be blessed.

[the letter continues but the remainder has been removed from this copy.]
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Friday, October 25, 2013

1973 Catherine's letter -Oct.25

Catherine writes a letter to her youngest sister.  Transcription follows.

Thurs. Morning
Oct. 25, 1973
Dear Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Thanks for your latest letter.  I got letters form Serena and Roberta the same day.  Sorry to hear that you fell off the monkey bars.  I hope the damage isn't too painful or permanent.

I'm glad you like the Carpenters record.  We haven't bought any records in a long time.  Sometimes we bring some home from the library.

I'm cooking "Saucy Chicken Breasts" for lunch.  That's what the cookbook calls it anyway.  Do you do any cooking?

Did you make the honor roll?  Did you get holidays for Columbus Day or Veteran's Day?  How was the trip to Atlanta?  Did you drive or fly?

I have to choose the books we buy for the children's room so I'd appreciate it if you'd keep me informed on the books you read and like.

It's time for lunch so I'll have to quit.  Write again soon!

Love, Cathy

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

1982 Roberta's postcard to GHU -Oct.24

Roberta travels to Las Vegas in 1982 with some of the Senior Village residents.  Transcription follows.
Caesars Palace postcard mailed 1982 - Captioned: A Palace of Pleasure, recreating the glory and grandeur that was Rome!  1720 elegant guest rooms, beautiful twin swimming pools, four gourmet restaurants, unparalleled entertainment with Cleopatra's Barge, the spectacular Circus Maximus Showroom, and the unique Omnimax, the Theatre of the Future.

1982 Roberta's postcard to GHU -Oct.24
10/24 [1982]
Hi!  Having a good time - I'm glad only 4 Senior Village people here - hard to keep my eye on all of them!

We head back today – I'm ready!!

Love, Roberta

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

1973 Catherine's letter -Oct.23

More of the bright green stationary in this 1973 letter from Maine. Transcription follows.

Tues. Evening
Oct. 23, 1973
Dear Mom, Dad, John & Mary,

Hi! Well I got letters today from Roberta, Serena & Mary. Tell Mary I'll answer her letter tomorrow. We've had some excellent weather here lately. It rained Saturday but has been sunny (altho cool) since.

 The dress arrived in plenty of time & all it needed was presses.  We went to a social hour at the St. Cyr's house before there was a dance.  There were about 6 couples there – four of which we didn't know so we got acquainted with them.  Then we went to the dance (150 couples) and there were a few people we knew.  The band was OK except we're no good at that kind of dancing.

We're watching "The President's Plane is Missing" on TV right now.  I read the book several years ago.  I don't remember too much except the ending.

Tell John good luck with his driving.  I have to take a drivers test on Oct. 31.  Written & driving and parking.  I don't think I've parallel parked since I took my first test 8 years ago. I'm going to practice this weekend.

Happy Birthday, Dad.  I had planned to send you something but I don't have it together yet.  Sorry.  Hope you have a good day though.  No snow I hope.  It's been in the 20's here but no white stuff yet.  I'm hoping we'll have a big wind to blow all our leaves away so we won't have to rake them.

Another mess we have around here is the floor in the living room which is horrible.   The vacuum sweeper isn't working properly I keep fooling with it, but to no avail yet.

You hadn't mentioned anything about the Lynd's moving.  Who is coming?  I went to a meeting last night. Something like Christian Council of Business and Professional Women.  Decided that I didn't want to join.  The meetings are held about 15-20 miles away & it costs $5.00/month (for the dinner mostly).

Well, paper & time are running out and I'm tired.

Love, Catherine & X
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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

1982 Roberta's GCC postcard to G'ma - Oct. 22

In 1982 Roberta returned to college, taking classes at Glendale Community college, about three miles west of Senior Village. She sends this now vintage postcard to Grandma. Transcription follows.
Aerial picture of GCC c1975 looking northwest, showing Olive Ave. crossing diagonally in the bottom left. Note swimming pool which is on southwest part of campus and the partial stadium in rear of photo which is on western most part of campus.  63rd Ave. is not yet in existence, showing only a row of trees in the upper part of the picture.

CAPTIONED: The college is located on 160 acres Northwest of Phoenix.  Architecturally contemporary, with touches of Spanish and Indian, the buildings are arranged to create open spaces.  Glendale Community College regards its function as the education of the whole person and offers the individual the opportunity to pursue an education suited to his unique interests and professional or vocation objectives.
1982 Roberta's GCC postcard to G'ma - Oct. 22

[postmarked 22 Oct 1982]
Hi!  This is Where I'm at 6:30 AM - 3 mornings a week for Algebra.  Got a High 'B' on last test – Talked to the Hortons Tonight - all well w/them – heading up to see Cris.  Everyone here misses you – especially the dogs - Tobey & Charlie!!  Make plans for next summer – DELTA CRUISE!  Much Love, Roberta

Monday, October 21, 2013

1973 Mercury Braugham -Oct.22

NOT the car purchased but this 1978 Mercury Brougham looks like a color Roberta might have chosen.
Bill Marine Ford - Invoice for 1973 Mercury Brougham - purchased Oct.22
Total price = $5399.71
Car purchased may have looked more like this 1973 Mercury, except it had four doors.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

2003 Steamboat postcard -Oct.17

This card postmarked Charleston, WV on Oct. 22 indicates it was sent via "Steamboat Mail."  Transcription follows.
Delta Queen postcard mailed 2003 - Captioned: A Steamboatin' vacation aboard the legendary Delta Queen, the magnificent Mississippi Queen or the grand American Queen is filled with American history and heritage.  See your Travel Agent or call to book your own river adventure.

2003 Delta Queen postcard from Uibles to Wendy - mailed Oct.17

Hope you're enjoying you're work as well as your classes.  Hope the litigation [over the truck/pedestrian accident?] goes well. Glad to get all the phone calls & cards from your mother.  She makes up for all the rest of the family.  Look forward to seeing you in December!

Much love, Granddad & Grandma U.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

1973 Roberta's letter -Oct.18

October 18, 1973

Dear Family,

Hi!  Got your long and newsy letter today . . . . thanks.  I really should have the carbon copy system like Aunt Mary to write everyone.  Today I also heard from Catherine and X, and Serena.  So I really feel like I'm up on all the family!!!

I helped tonight at the Weight Watchers meeting at Richard's.  (store out of the mall)  They are just getting classes going out there.  There were three of us us who had to give a little talk.  I had lost more weight than the other two who talked.  It was all quite exciting.

Oh, first off . . . . . . . . . . do bring the Aralon tablets with yo to Atlanta.  The Hortons would really appreciate them.

We got our psychology tests back Wednesday . . . was it just yesterday!!!!  Anyway, I got a "C", but was only one point away from a "B", so didn't do so bad after all.  I felt much better after I got the test grade back.  I would hate to flunk out of F.A.U. my first quarter. (ha)

Before too long we have to be registering for Winter quarter.  You always have to be thinking way ahead of time it seems.  I'm hoping that it will work out for me to take the same classes or at least at the same time, as some of the girls I've met from West Palm Beach that also go down there.  It would be nice as far as driving back and fourth.

Cris called the other night and I spoke to him about where I should stay in Atlanta.  Then he told me that he will get things worked out so that I could stay in the dorm (girls) on campus, that Thursday night.  I haven't yet hear from Comm. Treatment Center, but I am still planning on going to Atlanta Thursday morning.

Yes, I got the checks . / . . . . . . now, did you get them back again?????

Did you all send the newspaper article about John to us???  Somehow we never saw it.  If you have any extras hanging around bring one down to Atlanta with you, ok???  I'm anxious to hear all the details about it..  Well, I'll see you all sometime Friday morning at the Biltimore (sp??) hotel.  I looked it up in the Mobile tour guide and it sounds like an all right place to me.  Noticed it's a 3 star outfit!!

See you –––

Love, Berta

John – are you going to bring your new suit to Atlanta??
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Friday, October 18, 2013

1943 HH goes to college

A clipping from the October 1, 1943 Hillsboro Press-Gazette, shows Aunt Vertie  accompanied HH and his parents to Cleveland in the fall of 1943 though no purpose of the trip is disclosed.  Probably because it was on a need to know basis.  Transcription of Uible paragraph follows.

Aunt Vertie, as you may remember, was the (third) wife of Cecil's brother, Will Uible (1869-1942).  Verda May Burton's (1879-1966) first marriage was to Harry Quincy Barger (1871-1916) in 1899.  She married Uncle Will in 1920.  She was stepmother to F.R. (Frank Rutledge) Uible (1895-1974), the initials are incorrect in this article.  Frank holds the distinction of being the first of three Uibles to graduate from New Vienna High School.  Frank graduated 1913, Mary Uible Horton 1931 and HH in 1943.
1943 HH goes to college - Hillsboro Press-Gazette Oct 1, 1943
Mrs. Vertie Uible accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Uible and son Harold of New Vienna, to Cleveland Thursday, where they spent the remainder of the week with Mr. and Mrs. T.R. Uible and family.   

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

1983 Family Letter - Oct.17

Very big news from Roberta leads off this family letter. Transcription follows.

Monday morning -
October 17, 1983
Dearest Family -

This has been quite an eventful week with the BIG news coming to us Wednesday when Roberta called about her approaching marriage to Sis King.  We had met him briefly several years ago, thought he was very nice but didn't realize then what an important place he might have in the future.  We might have been a littler more observant.  But we do feel confident that they have carefully and prayerfully considered all the various pros and cons of such a big decision.

Roberta wanted to tell Grandma herself in a letter so it has been hard to keep such momentous news as G'ma won't get the letter until at the earliest today.  We have dropped a number of little hints so it won't come as a COMPLETE shock to her.

It is our hope that we can all get together in Phoenix at that Time.  John and X seem to be the biggest IF.  They would like to come but Dec. 30th is a bad time to ask the bank for a vacation for more than just the weekend.  Luckily G'ma and the Morgans and Serena had already begun to make plans for that time not knowing then how important it would be.  Serena wasn't sure that the woman she has been replacing would be back but thinks she will be able to get the time off if not.  Hopefully she will get things worked out.  The Hortons are talking about coming but don't know any of their plans as we have only heard of them through Roberta.  (That is Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill.)  I have a feeling that Joe might try to come as he gets back to New York this week and it could be possible.

We have talked to most of you - Serena called Wed. night and we talked to Gerry and Wendy (Catherine had just left the house so missed her).  Gerry was busy painting the outside of the house but took time to chat about their plans.  Had supper with X and John Tuesday evening at their home and Mary Virginia was over on Thursday for her student teaching day.  She has been down to the Co. Commissioner's Office several times to get data on a schoolproject whe [sic] is working on.

Had a good trip to the Boston area a week ago . . . we rented a car at the Boston airport, had dinner with a friend we had met on the Elderhostel trip on Sat. evening in New Hampshire, and then Sunday we drove thru Sanford on our way to Laconia and seeing Harriette Ballantyne and her two sons and their families.  Roger has done a lot of work on the family tree and has a beautiful scrap book which we have on loan fromhim. [sic]

This past weekend has been a whirlwind for we went to Wright State Univ. on Saturday for a library meeting and yesterday to Lebanon UMC for a "Day on the District" which concluded with an address by the Bishop.  There was a good turnout of people there.  This was Bishop Loder last visit to the District as the bishop as he steps down next spring.  They gave him a number of gag gits [sic] one being presented by Stan Fawley to represent the Wilm Clinton Co. cluster.

Roger Ballantyne is going with a girl formerly from Sanford.  She has two children by a former marriage.  Don't think Harriette is too happy about her - she's 29 and Roger is 40.  Interesting to talk to both the boys and enjoyed dinner fixed by Bob's wife, Pat.  Except for wiring and plymbing [sic], they did the inside of the house themselves and looks real good.

[Love, etc.]
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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

1993 Kate Church Dedication -Oct.17

1993 Kate Church Dedication Spring Hills Baptist Church - Oct.17 
1993 Kate Church Dedication invitation -Oct.17
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

1973 Roberta's Letter -Oct.16

The letters from Roberta arrive with regularity despite her busy exclamation mark filled life. Transcription follows.

October 16, 1973

Dear Family,

Thought I would write a short letter and send this check on it's way back to Ohio!!!  As I said before, my U.C. insurance really came through for me!!!

We arex all keeping pretty busy down here.  Last night Aunt Mary had some sort of Church meeting here.  I got home from school just in time for the refreshments. (ho, hum)  They had punch with sherbert [sic] in it, also brownies and different kinds of cookies.  I ate my usual pudding and had two plums.  I'll sure be glad when the orange and grapefruit season starts.

Went to W.W. this morning.  I'm now on their "pay-roll" . . . . I thought I would never see the day when I would be on W.W pay-roll!!!!  Anyway, I lot another half of pound.  At this rate I should lose the 2½ pounds I still have left to lose in about five weeks!!!   Just in time for Thanksgiving!!!!!

School is going all-right.  I thought we were going to get off next Monday for Veteran's Day (we were originally supposed too) But now they have changed our little holiday to Nov 14th instead.  The worst thing was that I had told them at work that I could work that Monday and now I have to change that.  We are to have a midterm in my Sociology class next Wednesday so think that I better attend class on Monday.

I have told them at work that I won't be able to work next Thursday through Sunday.  As plans are now I think I am going to fly to Atlanta on Thursday morning.  I haven't really thought too much on where I should stay that evening.  Thursday at work I'll have to look in the travel books and figure something out.

I've been working on my criminal justice paper all afternoon.  I have great hopes of getting it done and out of the way by the first or second week in November.  It only (!) has to be 20 pages this time . . . . . mainly because we are also having class this term.

Will write more later in the week –

Hope all of you all are fine – anxious to see you in Atlanta next week end.

Love, Berta
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Monday, October 14, 2013

1953 Jean's letter to her mother - Oct.14

Jean's Oct. 1953 letter to her mother, makes me wonder about the letters and postcards her mother sent to her. Were they not saved? Or have I not found them yet? About time to dig through the boxes that aren't totally sorted yet.... Scalloped potatoes were one of Mother's specialties.  Transcription follows.


Oct. 14, 1953
Dearest Mother,

Haven't heard from you since your two postal cards a week ago yesterday.  Hope everything is alright with you.

Harold came home Saturday from Detroit with quite a surprise.  We have been trying to get Ruth Krickbaum to come down for a long time & so he called her when coming thru Toledo & she got ready in a few minutes & came.  She used to live with Jeanne & I in Cleveland & made my wedding dress.  Do you remember her?  She's teaching in Maumee & living in Bowling Green.  She stayed til 5:00 Sunday evening – got a bus in front of our house – one change in Dayton & would get off in front of her house 11:50 in Bowling Green.

Harold & I went to a pot luck supper Sunday night in honor of Arlene & Bob Chesnut who are moving to Florida.  It was a combination farewell dinner & class meeting.

Monday Harold left for Chicago & Minneapolis & is due back next Tuesday.

Tomorrow night the Womans Club is having a noted naturalist & lecturer speak & show his big colored film on birds & wildlife at the school.  I plan to take Catherine & hope she enjoys it.  Mrs. Pierce is going to stay with Roberta.  [Mrs. Pierce lived in the corner apartment and had a big button collection which Roberta loved.]

This afternoon was Womans Club & Mother Uible stayed with the girls.  I was invited to substitute again at the usual bridge club but renegged [sic] as Harold isn't here & I couldn't get a baby sitter to stay til 2 or 3AM & didn't want to ask anyone to stay allnight.  It's not worth that many lost hours sleep.

Had a short letter from Catherine Smith Foster which I am enclosing.  Her note about her suggestion to her father sounds natural & like her old ways.  Do hope her father isn't seriously ill.

Am anxious to hear from you & would be very glad to meet you anyplace if you'd pack a few things & come down for a week or so.

The WSCS is serving a lunch Sat – Oct. 24 when three's a big all day sale in the country.  Then the next Wednesday our Society is being host to _?_ Churches in the district & will have to serve dinner to them.  Anywhere between 100&200 people.  I'm in charge of scalloped potatoes.  That same night the Home & School League is having a Halloween Carnival at the School – October is certainly a busy month.

All our very best love,
Harold, Jean, Catherine and Roberta

P.S.  Would appreciate Catherine's [Foster] letter back when you're thru with it.  I haven't answered it yet.
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Sunday, October 13, 2013

1973 Catherine to MV letter -Oct.14

Some bright stationary here in this letter to MV which is transcribed below.  Wonder if all those questions were answered in MV's next letter or if they were a deterrent to writing back??

Oct. 14, 1973
Dear Mary,

Hi! Your letter of Oct. 11 was here waiting when we got home yesterday. That was a quick reply. I wish everybody I write to would answer that quick. 

We had a good time camping.  We camped on the shore of Flagstaff Lake near the town of Stratton.  It is about 130 miles from Sanford.  It got very cool, especially at night, but it didn't rain.  Kuman bit a porcupine and got her mouth and tongue full of hundreds of quills.  We had to take her to the bet.  He gave her a shot to put her to sleep and then pulled them out.  She was like a wild dog before we got to the vets.  It took 3 of us just to hold on to her.

X went hunting and got quite a few grouse.  They taste alot like chicken.  I went swimming one day in order to take a bath and wash my hair.  The water was ice cold.

I hope your report card is good.  What subjects do you get grades in?  Do you study any current events?  Like the Israeli War or the new vice-president?  What books do you read?  Do have to read certain books or do you have a choice?  What is your favorite book so far?

The package with the dress hasn't come yet.  Maybe it will come tomorrow.

I have to write some other letters now so I'll sign off.  Write again soon.

Love, Cathy

P.S.  You & John should have been here for breakfast.  We had several extra donuts.
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