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1973 Roberta's letter -Nov.30

Grandma has arrived in Florida right on schedule, after Thanksgiving, in 1973. Transcription of Roberta's letter follows.

 November 30, 1973

Dear Family,

Hi!  Grandma and I are sitting here watching some Christmas Special on T.V.  We were watching "Winter is a special season" but we got cold just watching it! (HA!)

It really has been cold – well at least cool – down here.  It got down to 58º yesterday morning!  It had been so warm just the day before but then zap - it got COLD!

Thanks alot for everything you sent down via Grandma.  Mary V – thanks for the pictures of you.

John – Grandma told me that you passed your driver's license test – even tho you did drive a little fast. (ho, hum!) please drive carefully – don't follow in my footsteps and have any wrecks!!

Mother – I saw the Penny Pincher woman on T.V. just this last week.  Alot of her recipes sounded pretty good - but I'll have to wait until her diet cook-book comes out!  She said that they were working on it!

OH!  I lost another 1½ pounds last week.  I've lost 54 pounds now – I just want to lose 3 more pounds now!  I'm hoping to do it by Christmas!

It was this past week that all the new W.W. classes started.  Monday night I was in Lantana, Tuesday night at Boynton Beach, last night at Richard's – (out at the mall) and this morning at Penny's (also out at the mall).  I wasn't supposed to work last night but they called me up yesterday and said that there was an "emergency."

I sure sent to bed Wednesday night full (as if I usually go to bed hungry – HA! HA!) Four of us from school - after handing in our Criminal Justice papers went to the Sun War [Wak? Wah?] restaurant and eat. [sic]  John & Mary V – are you getting hungry?

Anyway - everything was really good.  We all got something different and then passed the stuff around like we all did before.  We all went way out & got the whole deal – you know the egg roll, fortune cookie, etc.

I got the emergency brake on the Buick fixed on Tuesday.  It only cost me $15.00 - I thought that was pretty good.

Today was the bazaar down at the Church.  Grandma & I went down & had lunch.  I had one all packed – tossed salad, tuna fish, celery & cucumber slices.

Then afterwards we drove out to see the ocean – then we went to the wheel-chair place and looked at light-weight wheel chairs.  They all weigh (less than) 30 pounds compared to the one she has now that weighs 46 pounds.

I sure appreciate the stamps you all sent – also the check.  I'll be paying my tuition next week so I won't have it long!

I'll send back the pictures before too long.

I'll be anxious to get to work tomorrow and see who won this week's contest.  I've heard through one of my friends that some of the full-time people didn't think that a part-time person should win.

Aunt Mary just got in – from being at the bazaar all day!

Well - I better close – I've got alot of eating yet to do before I go to bed.  My pudding and 2 fruits!!

Love, Berta
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1973 MV's message -Nov.30

Wonder what was in the "oder" ??  Christmas items?
Message was received, archived and now scanned.

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1993 MV's Messiah -Nov.28

The Music Ministry of Somerset (KY) First United Methodist Church presented Messiah by George F. Handel at 6:00 p.m. on November 28, 1993 as a community effort.  Scanned below is the inside page of the four page bulletin which includes the Order of Worship, The Chancel Choir list of members, Upcoming Events and paragraphs about six of the major participants including Marie Sears, organist and music teacher; Mary Uible Crowson, mezzo soprano and Director of Music; Virginia Bergquist Bowles, soprano and faculty member at Asbury; Leah Burgess Davis, pianist; Larry Earhart, tenor and Minister of Music at First Baptist Church; and Daniel Koehn, bass-baritone and student at Asbury.  The part about MV is transcribed below.

Messiah at Somerset First United Methodist Church 28 Nov 1993
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Mary Uible Crowson, mezzo soprano and Director of Music, is a graduate of Wilmington College (of Ohio), and holds a M.A. in Church Music from Asbury Theological Seminary.  Before coming to Somerset, she was a soloist and led music at various church and church related functions in the U.S., Canada and Europe, has served the Port William and New Vienna (Ohio) and Wilmore (Kentucky) United Methodist Churches in addition to being a musical interpreter at Shakertown (Pleasant Hill, Kentucky).  She is married to the Rev. Don Crowson, and they are parents of Ginny, age redacted.

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1953 Jean's Letter -Nov.26

The blue and red coat is the one I remember wearing while we stayed at the Johnson's during Mom & Dad's European tour which is also mentioned in the letter. The other one looks like one I remember Roberta wearing, whether it's a picture of the same one Mary Ellen wore is up for debate as the snowflakes can't be seen. Read more about coats and the Europe trip in this 1953 letter which is transcribed below.


November 26, 1953
Dearest Mother,

Thought of you so often today and wished so many times that you had been here to help us share our Thanksgiving.  Mother & Daddy Uible came down and joined us a dinner.  We had a 21½# turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, scalloped oysters, apple-sauce, cranberry salad, rolls, pumpkin pie with whipped cream.  Daddy Uible didn't feel very well – had a dreadfully sore nose – has had heat on it for a couple of days.  Just felt generally miserable.

I just finished putting six big packages of turkey & dressing in the freezer & also 5 containers of turkey gravy.  It should taste good later this winter.  And we will still have enough for a big meal tomorrow.  We gave Mother & Daddy Uible some too to take home with them.  Also sent Mr. Van Winkle over his Thanksgiving Dinner.

This has been a busy week.  Donna Cornelius called Monday morning & asked if I'd go to Cincinnati that afternoon.  So I got Mrs. Pearce & went down with Donna & her mother, Mrs. McClure.  Was really poohed when I got home – 9:00 P.M. & was in bed within 10 minutes.  Harold had to go to a Farm Bureau Advisory Council Meeting where he gave a talk on legal problems _ I didn't get home before he left so he had to take the girls up to Mother Uibles.  Of course they loved it but I felt rather guilt as we had made arrangements for them to stay the next nite (Tuesday) while we went to a Pop Concert of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

We took Mary Ruth & Bob Custis (3rd Choice) – asked Charlotte & Doc Hause but he had to work – asked Betty & Gleen [McElwee] but they were too busy – sorry we had even asked them – We were indebted to the Custises so asked them & think they did enjoy it – we did.

We had dinner in Milford & on to the concert – it poured rain but thought the evening worthwhile

Wednesday (yesterday_ the WSCS had a market so got a cake out of the freezer & iced it for the market & ½ a one for us.  I did buy 2 good pumpkin pies there and very good cranberry salad, rolls, & chicken & noodles.

The Redeemers Class meets Saturday evening at the Custises.  So it makes the week even busier.

We went out to see Oscar and Elizabeth Johnson tonight.  They had just gotten back from their family dinner.

Harold has big plans in mind now & is about to make reservations to sail for Europe – me too – thank goodness.  Right now the plan is to leave from New York about the 19th of March & return about the 10th of May.  We hope to get reservations on the Italian line and land at Naples after several stops, Lisbon, Gibraltar, Cannes, Genoa.  We hope to go from Naples to Rome, Venice & Switzerland (?), Paris, England & home on the Queen Elizabeth.

It still is too hard to believe – we haven't made any reservations but plan to through the AAA tomorrow - and hope they go through as we wish.

I didn't mean to forget or put til so late your kind gift of the pajamas.  I do appreciate them but don't really need them as I have a couple of flannel nite gowns.

Please plan to go to Florida for it does you so much good and it certainly not too late in the season to go – its just the beginning.

Are Virginia & Jim planning to go?  You couldn't possibly live in New Cumberland as cheaply as at St. Petersburg & enjoy all your friends as well as the sunshine.  Please don't give another thought to staying home this winter.

Catherine now has a new snow suit  & Roberta is wearing Catherine's old one – the one Mary Ellen used to wear with the snowflakes on it – navy blue.  I'm enclosing a picture of it – got it from Wards – it's all Nylon & I think its awfully nice – size 6X and not a bit too big - maybe I should have gotten a 7 but Roberta will be able to wear it.  Catherine weighs 45 & Roberta 35.  They're both looking for a big snow.

We got them a portable record player (plays all sizes) for Christmas.  & of course will get records to go with it – they say they don't want dolls but doll clothes so plan to outfit a couple of their dolls.

We're thinking of pooling our gifts & buying a movie camera & projector 8 milimeter [sic] which we could make good use of this spring.  Bill Sanker can get it at a good discount & we hope to make a deal with him on it.  No work yet from Jeanne but anxious to hear.

Our very best love to you – Harold, Jean, Catherine & Roberta

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1963 Serena's thankful -Nov.27

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Serena Uible November 27, 1963

I am thankful because I have a mother and father.  
I am thankful because we have food.
I am thankful because we have a teacher.
I am thankful because we have a church.
I am thankful for our earth.  I am thankful because we have eyes and ears.  I am thankful for my feet.
I am thankful for my hands.
I am thankful for my play mates.
I am thankful for my clothes.

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1973 Roberta's letter -Nov.25

 November 25, 1973

Dear Family,

Hi!  It's now Sunday night - I had planned on going to Church tonight but at 7:15 my good-friend Dorothy called . . . . and at 7:30 the F.B.I. came on . . . .  so I'm watching it!

After a day like today it will sure feel good to get back to school tomorrow!  I had the busiest Sunday at work that I've ever had!  It was really neat – I just stood up at the cash register most of the time and rang up sales.  If people needed help at all - it was just too bad – or they waited.  Usually Sundays drag - but today it sure didn't!  Instead I'm dragging! (HA!)

Thanks for your last letter - got it yesterday.  Also appreciated the articles - on W.W. and F.A.U.  The newspaper down there really gets alot of publicity.  There's something about it in the Miami Herald from time to time.

We saw the article in the W.N.J. about Mom talking to the Woman's Club.  We all had a good laugh about yo all having to walk up to the ~~~~ [Machu Picchu] and how they let the women walk down.  We remembered you telling us about it.

The F.B.I. just about have the bad guys.  It's a good thing too - there's only about five minutes left!!  If they don't get them soon I'm not going to have any finger nails left!!

That was quite a write-up in the W.J.J. about the trip the Janes & Schultzs took!  It sounded just like Esther Janes talking!!

I would welcome a gift of W.W. magazine prescription for Christmas.  If you need an order blank - let me know.  (ho, hum)  Or maybe you could get one from Doris.

Starting tomorrow all the new classes of W.W. open up down here.  There's been alot of ads in the paper.  Also there's a special price for the next two weeks.  Usually it cost $5.00 to join and $3.00 for the 1st week.  (It's more expensive all the way around down here) But for the net two weeks the combined fee for joining & the first week is just $5.00.  A big savings of $3.00.

I'll be working 3 classes – oh - did I tell you that I did quit Burdine's on Fridays for the next two weeks.  But told them I would be able to work Friday afternoons & evenings over Christmas break.

I hope we get lots of new members for the new classes.  I'm afraid if I hadn't already started I would wait "til the 1st of the year" to start.  If you know what I mean . . . . . .

This week on the Today Show is going to be all about the many FAT Americans.  Have you seen any of it??

Well I better go.  The F.B.I. came out OK - boy am I relieved. (HA!)

Love, Berta

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1973 Catherine's letters -Nov.25

Two letters from Oregon to Ohio written in 1983. Transcription follows.

November 25, 1983

Dear Grandma,

Hi!  I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving dinner with the family.  Sorry we couldn't be there but we will be seeing you at Christmas time which is comping up real soon now.

We had a nice dinner at the Tumalo Emporium (I think we went there with you once) with some friends of ours.  It was the second year we had been there for Thanksgiving Dinner so we knew to expect a real good dinner.

Wendy made lots of Thanksgiving decorations in school and put them all up in the window.  Now she will have to begin working on Christmas decorations.

I am going to try to start working on Christmas cards pretty soon so I will have everything done (hopefully) before we leave for our vacation.  Our plan right now is to leave Madras on December 17 or 18 for Portland.  We will be flying out of Portland to Disneyland on December 19.  After three nights there we will go to San Diego and then fly to Phoenix on Christmas evening.  We are sure looking forward to our vacation.

Today is a holiday for school for Wendy so she is going to the babysitter's as both Gerry and I have to work.  It seems strange coming back to work after a day off and having it be Friday.  Then we will be able to have another two days off after today.

Well, it's time to get moving.  I hope you have a nice trip to Florida and we will be seeing you soon!

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

* * * * * *
November 25, 1983

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  It was nice talking to part of the family yesterday and hope you had a good dinner.  We certain did.

The day was nice also with clear skies (mostly) and temperature in the 50's although 30mph winds

I thought you might be interested in Wendy's progress reports from school.  The one with the checks is her report card and other is her progress report from the E.R.C.

Only three more weeks of school for her and then we will be heading south.  It's hard to believe it will be here so quickly.  That is the same length of time we will be gone.

I don't ti have time to write much of a letter but did think of sending these off to you so . . . .

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

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1993 Gladys Hiestand Uible Obituary and Celebration of Life program -Nov.27

Grandma's celebration of life was held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 27, 1993.  Participants in the service included grandson, Joe Horton; granddaughter, Mary Uible Crowson; and grandson-in-law Rev. (Donny) Crowson.  Obituary (Nov. 26) and memorial service write-up (Nov. 29), both from Wilmington News-Journal, are transcribed below.


Gladys Uible
   Gladys H. Uible, 101, of New Vienna, died 7:10 p.m. Wednesday (Nov. 24, 1993) at Heartland of HIllsboro.  Her husband, C.J. Uible, whom she married June 10, 1912, died Jan. 13, 1969.

Mrs. Uible was born June 22, 1892, in Hillsboro to Ira and Mary Ellen Fawley Hiestand.  She graduated from Hillsboro High School and was a member of the New Vienna United Methodist Church.  She moved to New Vienna in 1927.

She is survived by a son, Harold (Jean) of New Vienna; a daughter, Mary (William A. Horton of Lake Worth, Fla.: nine grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

Two brothers, Harry [1872-1967] and Dorsa [1876-1959] Hiestand, and a sister, Luna Mitchell [1874-1970], are deceased.

Services will be 2 p.m. Saturday at the New Vienna United Methodist Church, with the Rev. Ed Johnson officiating.  Burial will be in the New Vienna I.O.O.F. Cemetery.  L. Eugene Smith and Son funeral home, New Vienna, was in charge of the arrangements.  Contributions may be made to the New Vienna United Methodist Church, 92 S. 2nd St., New Vienna, 45159, or to one's favorite charity.

* * * * *
Memorial Service:

GLADYS UIBLE –– Memorial services were held 2 p.m. Saturday at the New Vienna United Methodist Church for Gladys H. Uible, 101, of New Vienna, who died 7:10 p.m. Wednesday at the Hartland [sic] of Hillsboro.  The Rev. Ed Johnson gave the invocation and the scripture readings.  The homily was given by the Rev. Don Crowson.  The piano prelude was played by [grandson] Joe Horton.  Granddaughter Mary Uible Crowson sang and also led the congregational singing.  Burial was in the New Vienna IOOF Cemetery.  Pallbearers were Joseph U. Horton, Marianne Kintner, Chris [sic] W. Horton, Robert Horton, Katherine [sic] Morgan, Roberta Uible-King, Serena Uible, John B. Uible and Mary U. Crowson.  Funeral arrangements were under the direciton of L. Eugene Smith and Sons funeral home, New Vienna.

1993 Gladys Hiestand Uible funeral home program -Nov.27

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Gladys Hiestand Uible 1892-1993

November 23, 1993 was the last full day of Grandma's life since she passed away on November 24.  Here are a sampling of pictures from age eight to a hundred.  Since she was born in a "2" year and passed away in a "3" year, we have now covered her birth and death but will have eight more years of memories of her yet to come, demonstrating that she will live forever in our memories.  

Grandma through the Years
Collage of Gladys Hiestand Uible from the pictures that follow
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Hiestand Family of Hillsboro Ohio 1900 - Dorsa D. Hiestand, Ira Franklin Hiestand, Luna Hiestand Mitchell, Harry C. Hiestand, Gladys Hiestand [Uible], Mary Ellen Fawley Hiestand.  Photo from Uible collection.

Gladys Hiestand Uible - High School Graduation 1911

Gladys Hiestand Uible & Friend c1910 postcard

1916 Gladys Hiestand Uible (23), Mary Uible Horton (2½) with pony - postcard

Gladys Hiestand Uible c1947 with MUH's dog, "Lover."  Dog was run over in 1951.  Grape arbor in GHU's backyard in background.  Corn cob in dog's mouth.

Serena Uible Reynolds, Cecil J Uible, Gladys Hiestand Uible 1962

CJ Uible, Gladys Hiestand Uible, [& Follmers]

CJ Uible, Gladys Hiestand Uible - June 1962 celebrating 50th Wedding Anniversary 

Gladys Hiestand Uible, CJ Uible - June 1962 - Celebrating 50th Wedding Anniversary

Gladys Hiestand Uible, Roberta Uible-King Walgren - June 1992 celebrating GHU's 100th Birthday
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1973 Catherine's letter -Nov.23

The 1973 oil crisis started in October when several Arab countries proclaimed an oil embargo which lasted until March 1974. The situation in Maine, as in other cold weather states was filled with dire forecasts.

November 23, 1973

Dear Mom, Dad, John and Mary,

Hi!  Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.  Things have been very hectic here.  Last Friday (the 16th) the new shelving for the library came.  It was put in place of and in addition to what used to be in the lobby.  So the library was closed for 4 days and we moved all the books around.  The fiction are all downstairs now and the non-fiction are on the main floor.  We worked form early in the morning until late moving books and setting fixing up the basement.  And now that they are moved, comes the hardest job – showing people how things are changed.  Several people have expressed approval – it's too bad though that those who don't like it seem so much more willing to talk loudly.

To add to the "hecticness" Bruce & Beth got back from Europe.  We picked them up i Boston last Friday night and they left this morning.  We had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday with just the four of us.  We had an 8# turkey with cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, corn, mincemeat pie, etc.  It came out pretty good considering it was the first turkey I ever cooked.

The oil situation here does not look good.  We keep our thermostat here at home at about 61º.  Only the radiators in the living room are turned on so the rest of the house is cooler.  We will have problems if we get only a potion of last year's allocation for this house as it was vacant last year and the thermostat was set at 55º.  At the library the thermostat went down to 65º when the President first made his announcement.  The board decided that was too cool so it was raised to 68º, now they think that is too cold and they want it raised again.  The alternative is to close down one day a week.  If the oil gets too scarce we may close down for a month or more later in the winter.

We already sold Mohasco – it was Foremost-McKesson we were wondering about.  We'll assume the advice is the same.

We finally decided to get cable TV with your anniversary money.  WE had it installed last week – now we can get 15 stations including several educational and independent ones.  Watched one of the original Charlie Chaplin silent movies the other night hosted by Orson Welles.  Boston stations come in loud and clear.

Write again soon!

Love, Catherine & X
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1973 Roberta's letter -Nov.23

Life continues in Lake Worth in the fall of 1973.  Not a surprise that Roberta would win a prize for caring.  Congratulations, forty years later, Roberta, for still being tops in showing the spirit and reality of caring!  Assume the "big trip" mentioned for several of the Hortons would be to Senegal to see Joe.  Transcription follows.

November 23, 1973
Dear Family –

Hi!  I've been studying for the last hour so decided I better take a break!  HA!  I've been reading about the Puritans and how they thought the Quakers were a form of the devil!!  It's for my deviance class - we've really had lots of interesting readings for that class!!  I'm enjoying the class - even if I'm not doing so hot in it grade-wise!  (Ho, Hum!!)

Have I got news!!  First off – Burdine's is having a contest  "showing the true spirit of caring" - the contest started last week and will last for four weeks. There is a winner each week and then on of those four (the top winner) will get $100.00!!  So guess what?  I won for last week!!  I got a box of candy and a centerpiece for winning the weekly prize.  Everyone thought it was funny that I should win a box of candy.  The Hortons are all enjoying it.  It was wrapped up & everything!!

The winner is picked mostly by the other employees – but also by the personnel dept.  I guess they asked so many customers.  needless to say - I'm quite happy about winning!  I'd love to win that $100.00 -- but I feel lucky just to have won the first week!!

All day today we were so busy – (at work) - they day sure went fast!  Tomorrow I work from 9:10 till 6:10 and I imagine it will be another busy day!

It was good talking to you all last night.  John – how did the drivers license go?  Did you drive the new car so the state highway patrol man could listen to the tape player?? (HA!)

I don't think I told you all that I got my hair cut again - it feels good to have it short again!

We had a really nice Thanksgiving – except that Uncle Bill's brother was sick, and that was too bad.  We all ate out at the club-house of the trailer park where they live.  I stayed W.W. completely.  I'm bound to lose five more pounds!!

My last psychology test was the worst one yet.  Now there is only the final left.  I guess my days of getting good grades are over.  I knew it wouldn't last forever! (HA!)

Rob is really getting excited about "his big trip."  So is Cris – we usually hear from him every few days. (by phone!)

Aunt Mary sure appreciated the Malaria pills.  She divided them all up and sent Marianne & Diane enough to get them started; then Rob or Cris will take them up the rest.  Rob had all his shots all-ready.

Ralph Nader is going to speak at F.A.U. this Wednesday night.  That's the night I have class at 7:00 – but Dorothy & I are planning on leaving at 8:00 and going to hear him.  Dorothy lives in West Palm Beach and is also a Criminal Justice major.

I just now got done eating by bed-time pudding –– rasberry [sic] coconut tonight.  Also just had a half of grapefruit!  Am sure glad they (& oranges) have really come in season – as they sure are much better tasting. (AND CHEAPER!!)

Well – I've got to get to bed.

Love, Berta

P.S.  Sure hope you found a fat picture of me – as I said before I need it for W.W.
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1973 Jean's South America program -Nov.20

Jean was popular on the speaker's circuit after almost any trip, and was a great speaker on other topics as well.  In November 1973 she spoke to the New Vienna Woman's Club about the visit to Peru in the summer of 1973.    Transcription follows.

Wilmington News-Journal November 20, 1973

New Vienna Woman's Club told about 
South American trip by Mrs. Uible

Mrs. Harold Uible discussed the trip to South American she made with her family the past June, dwelling on the cities and the culture of Peru, at the meeting of the New Vienna Woman's Club Wednesday afternoon.  Mrs. Philip Levo entertained the club and Mrs. Charles Thompson, president opened the meeting reading a Thanksgiving poem.

Devotions were in charge of Mrs. Homer Bohl.

During the business meeting a donation was made to the Snow Hill Garden Club and local Business men's club to help with the Christmas program.  A card was signed by the members to send to a member, Mrs. James Terrell, who is in Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati.

Mrs. Thompson introduced the program leader.  Mrs. Uible said that Peru is the third largest country in South America and has three regions, the desert coastal strip, the sierra and the montana which comprises the eastern slope and lowland.

Lima the capital is in the arid coastal strip and is called the "City of Kings."  lima beans come from here.

It is the largest exporter of fish meal in the world.  The first University of the Americas was started here, also the first printing press.  Textiles from the Peruvian tombs are on display in the museum.

The family visited Cusco, the capital of the Incas which dates 1200 A.D.  The people were sun worshippers and thought gold was the tears of the Sun God.  They built roads, devised solar and moon calendars.

The Incas were undoubtedly the master builders of the New World.  The interlocking mortarless pieces of their stone masonry were impervious even to earth quakes that would shatter more recent and conventional masonry.

The travelers visited Machu Picchu, the city fortress high above Urahamba River Valley.  It was discovered in 1911 by Hiram Bingham, a young American historian.  It is an entire terraced city of palaces, temples, towers, military barracks, connecting stairways and fountains fed by aqueducts.

Because of a strike Mrs. Uible said they had to walk up to the city but the women and the small children were allowed to ride down in an old truck.

They visited Arequipa, called the White City because it is built of a while lave-like rock.  She told of the Convent started there in 1579.  Food and drink were discussed. Guinea pig is considered a delicacy.

While in South America, they attended the wedding of Grace Mejia's brother.  Grace had spent some time with the Uible family as an exchange student.

Mrs. Uible displayed a beautiful blanket of vicuna with designs of llamas in the center.  Also shown were sweaters, jewelry and pictures.

A dessert course was served from a tea table centered with a lovely fall arrangement of gold and brown.  Mrs. Thompson presided at the punch bowl.

Other members attending were:  Mrs. Charles Blackburn, Mrs. Thomas Brumley, Mrs. Lee Carey, Mrs. George Henderson, Mrs. Ralph Carey, Mrs. Walter Drake, Mrs. Harold Fisher, Mrs. Aaron Hause.

Mrs. Gleason Long, Mrs. Arthur McCoy, Mrs. Linley Moore, Mrs. Harley Phillips, Mrs. Gurney Terrell, Mrs. Paul Terrell, Mrs. Gary Tolle, Mrs. Homer Williams, Mrs. Joe Wood, Mrs. William Levo and guest, Mrs. John Levo of Hillsboro.

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1982 Roberta's letter -Nov.19

Keeping track of Roberta in 1973 (going to school in Florida), 1982 (taking Algebra at GCC and Hortons currently visiting), and 1983 (wedding prep) is a challenge but soon we will be on to the "4" years with most of the "2" and "3" years behind us. I do enjoy reading Roberta's entertaining letters with her trademark humor.  Transcription of this 1982 letter follows.

Friday – 11/19/82

Dear Family,

Good to talk to you this AM - Mom and Dad.  Hope you were able to warm up your Breakfasts –

We are going out tonight to Mother Tucker's to eat – remember the salad bar?  They should like the food & view!  Also taking 2 from Sr. Village – the ones who have baby sat the phone for me in the early hours so I could go to class.

Have been playing around w/ all sorts of ideas –– as to what to do this weekend.  Originally thought of going to Painted Desert – then idea of going to Flagstaff – see the Red Rocks - SEDONA (where we went when Grandma was here)   But – now with Rains & snow up North we are just planning a dog trip to the CABIN.

Last weekend was our RUMMAGE Sale – made right at $640 – not including $50 Arts/Crafts sold.  Don't think we sold anything for more than $10.00.  We are already saving stuff for next sale.  We are given lots of donations still – and we don't turn anything away!!

Grandma – the Hortons find Charlie hard to live with –– he loves to grab something he knows he shouldn't have just to have someone chase him.  The other day within a few hours he got Aunt Mary's sweater, a bag of donuts, Aunt Mary's make-up case, etc.  I've had him in the CAGE alot – but he has to run around the house some – since w/ the RAIN – he can't be outside.

I'm glad to hear Aunt Virginia is back home now – hopefully she will continue her speedy recovery ––

Everyone at Sr. Village that met Mary Virginia in June is anxiously awaiting her arrival –– I'm so glad that all of you will have 2 weeks here ––

Where would you all like to go & do do during that time?  Uncle Bill is hooked on alot of Soap Operas!!  But they have enjoyed playing Bridge, Bingo, etc. – w/ Senior Village residents.  Like Grandma did – they are eating lunch with Residents –– they enjoy that.  (ALL SIDES.)

Better close – get this in the mail ––

Mary Virginia – Charlie, Toby, Marian & I look forward to your arrival ––

Much love, Roberta
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Monday, November 18, 2013

1973 Hinerman card -Nov.18

A Thanksgiving card from Sarah Hinerman to the "exciting" Uibles.  Transcription follows.
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[postmarked Nov 18 1973]
Enjoyed your nice long letter and will get a reply to yo soon.  Our life is blah compared to the exciting Uibles – sorry you didn't connect with the Kingrees' in Atlanta.  Don't know when our take-off date is, – When 2 inches of snow says CDH [?]!  Our love to all of you –– S

Sunday, November 17, 2013

1973 Roberta's letter -Nov.17

November 17, 1973

Dear Family,

Got your letter yesterday - I always enjoy when it is C.C. to Catherine & X - it lets me know more what they are up to.  Like what's the info on them perhaps buying some land up there?  Also thanks for the newspaper articles on East Africa.  When are you ready to go?  I'm always ready!

I registered yesterday - you'll never believe the course I'm taking.  I couldn't get in the Political Science course that I wanted to.  That's what happens when you are only a 2nd quarter junior and your last name begins w/ 'U'!  So I'm taking 2 Criminal Justice courses – :Correctional Administration," and "Manpower Development in Law Enforcement."  And one sociology course – "Social Psychology."  A total of 14 hours like what I'm dong now.  But like I said before - next quarter I won't have to go to school late but one night - Wednesday.  And on Wednesdays Nancy & I will be driving back & fourth w/each other – which will be nice.

John - my congratulations (sp?) on finishing up w/ Drivers Training.  I got a 'C' out of it – how did you do?  Gee I wonder if that says anything about my driving - "I'm a 'C' driver!"  HA!

I remember Mrs. Cross from the library - she would always eat the same thing every week, and drink sanka coffee!

Mary Virginia - how's the Action Singers now?  Are you all going to have a special Christmas program.  You'll have to tape it and send it down so we can hear it.  Also Aunt Mary often wonders how you're doing w/ piano.  Write her if you have time - she would enjoy hearing from you!

Your trip to Earlham sounded nice – I got a letter yesterday from Serena - written while she was waiting for you all.  Said she had really cleaned up the room for the occassion! [sic]

Grandma - you'll have to go down w/me sometime and see Florida Atlantic.  But - come to think about it - I'd rather make the trip to Disney World instead.  Well - we'll have to do both.

Starting the week of the 20th of November I'll be working for W.W. Monday & Tuesday nights in Lantana.  I was invited (& supposed) to go to a seminar (sp?) in Miami for W.W. a week from Monday – but can't go because I've got school that day.  I could miss 2 of my classes but the Deviance prof. doesn't go in for missing classes.  But Marcie (the head woman in WPB) said not to worry - that there would be lots others both in Miami & also North of here.

Have a "Happy Thanksgiving" ––

Love, Berta

Grandma - it's sure not long now till you'll be here –– hope you can survive the cold a few more days!!
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Saturday, November 16, 2013

1982 Roberta's Letter -Nov.16

Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill visit Roberta in Arizona.  Transcription follows.

Nov. 16, 1982
Dear Family,

Hi!  I'm waiting at the bus stop - here a few minutes early – Kinda nice to sit & catch my breath!

We've been busy touring - on Sunday had a good tour = South to Ahwatukee - Country Club for Breakfast Buffet - quite good & such a bargain for $4.25 each.  We have to put it on our list while you all are here.  Then we went to Mesa – by the condo we used to have.  We made our rounds at several golf courses _ esp. the Ariz. Biltmore.  then we drove up Camelback Mtn. – the Hortons really seemed to enjoy all the sites.

Uncle Bill wanted all the details about our dinner at the Biltmore – he's worried for you - DAD - thinks you should have put that $ in the market.

Every morning the rush is on to buy a Wall St. Journal.  But then that entertains Uncle Bill while Aunt Mary takes so long in getting ready!!

I'm now at the bus stop on the other end - waiting to be picked up by ANN to go look at Sr. Village II houses - should be a reality by June - 1983.

The Hortons are quite impressed w/ Senior Village - they have eaten a few meals in the dining Room - also played Bridge w/ 2 of the ladies there. (including the 1st nite they arrived)

Today Hortons are going out to lunch with someone Uncle Bill knew from working - they hope to get back to play Bingo at S.V.  As C.W. says - such a RIOT!!

Yesterday we went down to the County Hosp – that was an eye opener for them!  The minorities all around!!

Algebra is coming right along – did you hear I flunked the last test – so now I'm working esp. hard to make up the points on the next one!!

Not sure yet what to take next semester.

Thanks for all the letters – sure looking forward to seeing all of you at Christmas – RAIN HAT for G'MA ––
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Friday, November 15, 2013

2013 KC

KC was very proud to have his Grandpa as one of the honorees at the first annual Glendale American School's Veterans Day program.  The day before the program, however, he thought of himself as quite burdened to have to write "I will not run in the cafeteria" as punishment after he and other boys disobeyed the rules of the school's Extended Day program.

2013 KC at Glendale American Veterans Program under Gerry's Army Star

2013 Gerry's Army Star at KC's Glendale American School Veterans Day program

2013 KC's punishment for running in the cafeteria
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Thursday, November 14, 2013

1983 Family Letter -Nov.14

Monday -

Nov. 14, 1983

Dearest Family -

Doesn't seem possible that it is almost the middle of November.  We have had a beautiful fall - the rainiest weekend being when Cris and Angela came up.  We had hoped to take in the Pumpkin Festival at Circleville plus some other things but it was just too rainy and we had to substitute the Halloween Carnival here for the area's big attractions.  Didn't even make it to Fallsville.  But we have had some really beautiful weekends.  WE had our first sight of snow Friday but it didn't stick and today is a gorgeous day though cool.  There are still leaves on the trees - not many now but enough to know that a need for raking is still eminent.

Everything is still go for Roberta and Sid's wedding.  The date is Dec. 31 and the place is still not definite but Roberta leans toward having it at her home with the reception in a home nearby where Senior Village has had a number of receptions and parties (house where she used to live).  Pete Eveland formerly from Wilmington is to be the minister who is marrying them.

We really enjoyed the pictures of Wendy and a new piece of her art work which was enclosed in a recent letter.  WE are so glad to hear that the Morgans will be coming to Phoenix on Christmas evening.  We are so glad that they had already begun making plans to come to Arizona at Christmas although they originally talked about going to Florida.  Serena is to arrive Christmas eve in Phoenix.

The election was the BIG event of last week.  Dad stayed at the Court House until midnight as it has always been traditional to have the election results available  from the Commissioner's office.  Nick (brother of Pete) Eveland is the new Mayor of Wilmington.  Clinton Co. had 63% voter turnout.  We all ate out Tues. noon at the N.V. Senior Citizens.

Took Saturday off and went to Cincinnati with lunch at Ponderosa - they have a bigger salad bar and also soup.  The annual Folk Festival was at the Convention Center . . . . a lot of entertainment, but on the whole thought it was pretty commercial.  Lots of native foods on sale so we had lot of variety for supper.

Grandma probably thinks "we have cracked up" for left after Church yesterday and did not get back until after 10.  We went to Frischs for lunch . . . . they have a new salad and soup bar (two choices of soup) and also a breakfast bar . . . the usual plus fresh pineapple, melon, grapes, watermelon and etc.  The afternoon went quickly visiting some people in the hospital and in Quaker Apartments.  The local chapter of Hospice had a benefit program in the evening . . . lots of talent and a "BIG" band. None of us needed hearing aids.

In the November Readers Digest Campbell Soup has an ad about the importance of exercise, including holding of one's breath for at lest 45 seconds.  A lot of things we could all practice, etc.

Had a nice letter form Joe Horton, who is now living on 47th Street in NYC, sorry tho that he cannot make it to the wedding.

Dad has covered most of the news so will get this in the mail soon.  Looking forward to seeing all of you - Serena this weekend in Chicago.  Also Tom and Leslie Dailey in nearby Naperville.

Lots of love, Dad and Mother
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