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1972 Roberta's letter - July 19

Roberta sends an aerogram from Greece.  I'm curious about the connection of Peg Fawley with the plane reservations, and planes playing games.  Transcription follows.

July 19, 1972

Dear Family -

Hi!  It's now 2:00 p.m. - the Greeks call it "siesta" time but we all call it "letter writing time."  It really is so hot that you don't feel like doing anything.  Except maybe eating ice cream.

Yesterday morning we went to the Island of Hydra.  It was about a 3½ hour boat ride.  Oh - did we have alot of fun there.  We went from there to another island to go swimming.  Then came back (to Hydra) and had a really good supper - then most of us went on a donkey ride!  Wow - what an experience!!

The Greek food has really been good!!  But full of surprises!!  Yesterday I bought a delicious looking pastry (sp?) well, it had stuff in the middle that tasted like cottage cheese.  Which was really a surprise since I was expecting something sweet!!

Taxi's here are really cheap!  We went in one the other day to this nice shopping district about 20 minutes away and it cost the two of us about 16¢ apiece!!  We've also ridden on the subway (on our own) it cost 2½ drachma - and a drachma is worth about 3¢ so the subway is really reasonable.

In all the other countries you could pretty much guess what alot of the words were – but not so with that Greek alphabet - I think when I get home I might try to take a foreign language - perhaps even Greek!!  Who knows?

My suitcase is getting fuller & fuller – I'm really learning to be a good packer.  I've got to much stuff now to just thrown everything in!!

About coming home – I wrote Peg Fawley to see about a plane reservation.  I'll let you know when I find out for sure.  We don't get in Wash. D.C. until 4:00 p.m.  I sure hope the planes went be playing games on August 12th (like they did on June 19th!)

When I get home I can't wait to have an All-American hamburger & eggs for breakfast - instead of bread!!  What sessions of summer school is Nancy Walker going to?

Well - hope all is fine.  Bet it's really quiet around the house!!

Love, Bert
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