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1983 Catherine's letter - July 12

Catherine sends a letter to Denmark.  I think the Flying E Ranch experience was in 1979.   Transcription follows.

Tues. July 12, 1983

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  How is your vacation?  Are you learning alot? Does it count as an educational experience and/or a vacation?

We got your letter as we were leaving on a weekend camping trip.  We went with some friends (Dean & Goldie Huston - he was Exalted Ruler of Elks the first year Gerry was Sec'y).  They have a trailer (14') parked at Wolf Creek campground which is about 10 miles north of Paulina.  It's about 110 miles from Madras.  Very remote area.  Wendy had a good time.  She can't remember our last major camping trip during her 1st summer – before we moved to Madras.

We thought Dee Dee was coming the 13th but she changed the date to the 25th because of a concert in San Diego.  Now that she's getting older (15) she has alot more involvements.  Wendy was very disappointed as she had been counting down the days.

I took Wendy out of Day Care and she is now going to a lady's house who babysits about 6 girls aged 5-8.  It is much more of a home atmosphere and Wendy seems to like the change.  We were having problems at Day Care as Wendy decided long ago their food wasn't fit to eat.  They require that she has a portion of each tem on her plate – seems like a good idea but she was in tears every meal.  I told her she needed to eat lunch to grow healthy and strong – she said "I only want to grow at home."  They also required naps which she has an aversion to.

The library has been very busy.  We have about 180 in the summer reading program.  It will be ending July 29.  We may have serious problems with our budget for 84-85 due to ending of Revenue Sharing.  Of the 35,000 we get from the County during 83-84, $25,000 is from revenue sharing.

Hope you get this before your return to U.S.A.  We'll talk to you then!

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy
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