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1972 Joe's letter to Uibles - Dec. 31

Joe writes a final letter of 1972 after Roberta's visit with him in Senegal.  Joe or Roberta will have to enlighten us as to what a "Boubon bou n'dawl's" might be.  Transcription follows.
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Le 31 décembre 1972
Dakar, Sénégal
Dear Uibles,
Rec'd your aerogramme yesterday.  Roberta and Julie have told you by now our adventures in Africa.  I know they had a good time and I think I did more than they.  I really enjoyed Mauritania   I bought this beautiful rug there – I love it. Roberta, I went downtown again and bought 2 more pieces of material for two more "Boubon bou n'dawl's."  I hope you wore yours off the plane!  Things are so quiet here since you left.  I'm having a hard time adjusting to it.  I liked your company - Pap and Aliou were just into say hello.  Pap has a cold and Aliou was shivering from the cold.  Roberta will tell you about this card.  We stayed not far from the mosque in the picture.  I made a black border and put the picture in a frame.  It makes a nice souvenir, I think.  Did you get all your things through customs?  Someone sent you a Christmas card so I forwarded it yesterday.  I'll do the same with others.  To celebrate the coming new year, I'm going to the movies with Aliou.  I don't feel like a big celebration!

The mother of the family where I eat lunch has been sick for a week now.  It's hard on the whole family.  She's got something wrong with her breast.  They operated at the hospital two days ago but she seemed to get worse afterwards.  I don't know what's wrong.

I would sure like to spend some with you all soon.  Homemade ice cream, a little snow, hot chocolate and a warm fire!

Roberta, I'll send the pictures as soon as I get them.  The colored ones you can send on to my parents and they can keep them.  The black and white ones are for you to keep.  Make copies of my slides that you like.  Well, Happy New Year to you all.  Love, Joe

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Agnes Morrow Scandrett book

"LIGHTS ARE BRIGHT, SIR!" The tale of two grandmothers cruising the coast of West Africa in a cargo ship. Told in actual letters from Agnes Morrow Scandrett. Published by Howal Stationary & Printing Co., New York City, 1932.

Agnes Morrow Scandrett, 1869-1953, is a first cousin 2x removed of the Ballantyne-Dailey-Uible (BDU) cousins. She is the daughter of James Elmore Morrow, whose portrait unveiling was featured in the blog on Dec. 2. Agnes was a first cousin to Lucie Brown Ballantyne, and thus the 2x generations removed for the BDU cousins.

The Library of Congress has a microfilm copy of this fancy paperbound book but there are no other public library holdings listed.  Most copies are probably now in the private libraries of family members – like us.  Partial transcription follows.

1932 Title page of  "Lights are Bright, Sir!" The tale of two Grandmothers cruising the coast of West Africa in a cargo ship.  Told in actual letters from Agnes Morrow Scandrett.  Front cover design shown from reverse on left side.

First page of  "Lights are Bright, Sir!" X'd out parts possibly marked as parts not to share during a recitation.  The transciption below will also omit the X'd parts.
December 13th [1931]
Dear Family,
Now we are enjoying life and sunny weather – but for ten days we had storms and gales and bounding billows.  This tub has surely pitched and rocked and creaked.  One night everything on the ship seemed to be loose!  Not a bit of land nor a steamer have we seen since we left New York, – nothing but rain and stormy water.  

We have only seven passengers – all white – and no one else is going as far as we are, – all the way to Angola and up the Congo.  If we take on some passengers of color father down they have a different quarter.

It is a great lark for us two grandmothers and we are looking forward to our promised adventures such as riding in a Mammy Chair – a kind of bucket.  And there is even a possibility of an airplane into the interior of the Congo!  Doesn't it sound thrilling?

At first glance our passengers looked to be rather a job lot, but as usual we found them interesting on acquaintance.  Two missionaries – not yet related; an Animal Man who goes every year to bring wild animals from Africa for zoos and circuses; a Cape Verde Island business man – Portuguese, with his little boy (a nice child, though suspiciously dark-skinned).

Pages 6-7  of  "Lights are Bright, Sir!"  Chosen for display because of the Dakar, Senegal connection.
December 14th [1931]
We have furnished everybody a lot of amusement with our appliances.  We use the vibrator every day and the Captain is giving us a room especially for it when the first passengers leave.  I suspect he wants to try it himself!  We are enjoying our wonderful boxes of food, thanks to you all, and for Mary's poetry, too (says one poet to another!)

All these things are a great aid to our popularity.  The Captain gave out a great guffaw when I told him I would bring a Frigidaire the next time!

Every morning we appear at breakfast with the coffee pot and the toaster (everyone likes our toast and coffee), and in the evening with the teapot or the tomato juice.  Did you ever notice that ships never have much use for tomatoes?  In the evenings we have parties with the cakes and candy after we play Bridge with the Captain and the Purser – sometimes the Animal Man.  We have tried Contract, but Allie is a very good player and the Captain has a "system of his own" and so we think he is a good Captain.  Not a bit of liquor has been visible since we sailed, but we do not seem to miss it. 

I really think this trip is much more fun than the de luxe cruises.  The Captain tells a few good stories, – one about the natives' mode of communication.  He said they had a few native passengers, or stevedores, a few days out of Freetown, and they passed close to another ship from which the natives could hail each other.  One thin long chap on the other boat called "Ehe! Ehe!"  The one on our boat called back "Ehe! Ehe!"  That was all.  The Captain said to his boy: "Well, what's the news?  Reply:  "He says Obadiah's wife ran away and married another man!"  And afterward the Captain verified the story and found it true!

I'll save the other stories for another time.  Take care of the cat and the dogs.  And get ready for the leopards!  I'll promise to bring no snakes!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  – Mother

Dakar, Senegal
December 16th [1931]
One of our freight ships going home is in port, so after all I ventured only two letters by air mail, as they told us these planes go over the Riff country and are frequently shot down by bandits.  Consequently it is the custom to duplicate all letters and trust to Providence only the hasty ones.  I admit I always have felt that way about air mail anyhow.  (Don't show this part to Charles and Anne [Morrow Lindbergh]).

This place was quite a surprise to us, with its up-to-date docks and quite extensive harbor, with many French cruisers anchored here.  Senegal is under French dominion and the headquarters of the French West African Army.

We enjoyed our stop here very much.  One novel sight was the mountains of uncovered peanuts on the docks, with paths and ramparts of filled bags of peanuts on which the natives walked to empty their loads.  A flock of birds perched on top would frequently and suddenly rise when disturbed by a boat whistle or other sudden noise.  We discharged a large consignment of gasoline (essence!), oil, and tobacco at this port.

All hands went up to town to get some money and helmets.  The Captain took us around and went with us for a drive to Cape Verde, the western outpost of Africa.  Just two very disreputable looking taxis were available.  I chose the open one, and my choice was surely fatal (though no one can every prove to me that the other one would have gone any better!)  We really had a walk for our money, as our car wheezed out and died after we had walked up numerous hills, Captain and chauffeur pushing, and we finally had to be brought home by a stranger, – a kind French lady driving with her baby and her dog.  My French went away up on the top shelf of my mind and she looked quite started and amused when I thanked her.  My memory seems to tell me that I said "Bon Dieu" instead of "Merci."

After this episode, or adventure, we sat at a sidewalk cafe and absorbed some atmosphere to the tune of a brassy band.  It was all very gay and Frenchy and the air was mild.  Beautiful Senegalese maidens were flitting about the table selling peanuts instead of the usual cigarettes.  Many French officers were sitting about, as this is the headquarters of their African army.

We had a delicious dinner in the Cafe de Palais.  The cafe is quite a building with a lofty domed ceiling painted sea green, with voluptuous mermaids swimming about.  One dish was that nice lobster crayfish we had so often in Panama, and we had some real Sauterne.  After dinner we went to a cabaret open to the sky; some of the pillars were the trunks of trees whose tops were green.  It was quite attractive and some pretty white girls (probably slim young devils!) were dancing and singing naughty French songs, dressed at least as modestly as the ones I have seen in New York.  Our purser, who had dinner with us, brought two boys from the other ship, so we were well escorted.  These boys sailed at one o'clock that night, and most of our letters went by them to Boston.
Last page (34) of  "Lights are Bright, Sir!"  Top part of page and part of previous page transcribed below.
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On  the High Sea
February 25th  [1932]
Dear Rebekah et al:  [her daughter, Rebekah Scandrett Greathouse 1893-1957]

Here we are on our last lap, sailing with a romantic and aromatic cargo.  We are laden with cocoa beans, palm oil, huge mahogany logs, and ginger.  The ginger is right in the hatch by our door, so we are enjoying the scent mixed with the sea breezes.  Quite an improvement on the gasoline and oil we took down, but that was enclosed in drums and did not annoy us over much.

. . . . In Freetown we lost our noisy, useful and amusing Kroo men.  They lined up for the health officers in all kinds of wearing apparel from undershirts and shorts, overalls, to derby hats and shirttails out!  Then they worked like Trojans loading on ginger and at midnight departed in a weird line of boats attached to the lighter, and vanished into the solemn darkness.

Our Animal Man, whom we left in Freetown, came out to see us.  Already he has 400 animals, including snakes, an ant eater, and over a hundred monkeys or baboons and chimpanzees.  (I must say that I am rather glad he and his animals are not going back with us!)  He was very glad to see us....  I decided not to bring home the baby leopards after hearing from you all.

. . . . Farewell to Africa!  – Mother

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1972 NV-Peru Exchange

A clipping from the Wilmington News-Journal from 1972.  A letter which Grace wrote in March 1972 after leaving New Vienna was previously posted.  Transcription follows.
John Hughes, Graciela Mejia Coello "Grace" and Serena at Lions Club presentation - Feb. 1972

Mr. John Hughes, president of the New Vienna Lions Club, receives a friendship banner of the Lima, Peru Lions from Miss Graciela Mejia Coello of the Lions International Exchange program. At right, Serena Uible of New Vienna whom Miss Mejia is visiting while in Ohio.

Miss Mejia after her visit with the Harold Uible family will go to the state of Washington to visit the home of another Lions Club member.

She arrived Monday, Jan. 24 at the Port Columbus Airport having flown via Guayaquil, Quito, Panama and Miami.  She traveled with another girl of the Exchange Program, named Bertha Polo, who is with the Colville family of Johnstown.

The local zone chairman, Lion Charles Harsha of Hillsboro, was in charge of making the visitation possible.

In Lima, Miss Mejia has been studying French at the Alliance Francaise and a course for executives secretaries at the Chamber of Commerce.  She is also employed by a group of attorneys from Marcona Mining Company as a bilingual secretary.

During her stay here she has spoken about Peru at the New Vienna Woman's Club, The Sharon and New Vienna Mothers Clubs and to the seventh and eighth grades of New Vienna School.

Last Wednesday evening she spoke of her native Peru at the New Vienna Lions Club at the monthly dinner meeting.  She also showed pictures and answered questions concerning one of the most astonishing countries in the world, Peru.

Miss Serena Uible is planning to go to Lima, Peru early this summer and will be the guest of Miss Mejia's family.

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1952 Jean's letter to her mother - Dec. 26

A long letter from Jean to her Mother about Christmas 1952. Transcription follows.
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[Friday] December 26, 1952
Dearest Mother,
Was so surprised to hear of Bob's being in St. Pete, & know you enjoyed having him if for only those few days.  We received the papers Monday which also explained why the quick visit.

We thought of you so much yesterday & wished you had been with us.  This was the first time we had not been either with the Uibles or with you.  We spent a very quiet day.  The girls enjoyed their things – way too many for one day.  Catherine got a doll, piano, doll bed, colored pencils, coloring book, fancy shoestrings, socks, etc. from Santa, a pastry set & apron & purse from Bob & Harriette & boys, a musical guitar & fancy cut out books from Grandmother & Granddaddy, fancy block set from the Hortons – jumper from the Daileys.  Both the girls got coloring books and huge boxes of crayons from Calvin Smith.  Mrs. Pierce [a neighbor at the Harris apartments – who also had a giant button collection] made them both real fancy dolls out of crepe paper & ribbon – Roberta's is fuchsia & lavender & Catherine's is yellow & green.  Mrs. Campbell [Jeanne Sanker's mother] also sent things which arrived today – a huge coloring book (which Catherine says "will last for ten years," 5 giant crayons, a book with all kinds of clever things about Santa Claus.  She also sent a beautiful gay linen tea towel & a note pad-calendar set with pencil for the kitchen.

Roberta got a sweeper, hammer & long peg set, blocks, socks from Santa – apron & mittens from Bob & H, both of which she needed, overalls & pinafore from the Daileys, rocking chair (musical with name) to match Catherine's & musical hurdy-gurdy box from Grandmother & Granddaddy, a wooden pull toy from the Hortons.  Isn't all that a lot?  I plan to get Catherine & Roberta both new shoes the next time I'm out of town.  Mother & Daddy Uible also gave us money to use.  We are talking of taking Catherine & Roberta down to see Uncle Al's program so will get to Cincinnati for her birthday.

The church had a nice Christmas program last Sunday.  Catherine's class sang Jingle Bells – Mrs. Long had made bracelets out of ribbon & colored tiny bells which were tied on each child's arm – these were so fascinating to them that not many sang.  they all enjoyed the treat Santa had for them afterwards, though.

The choir gave a very nice cantata which they recorded at the same time.  They gave part of it again Sunday evening at the Baptist Church – unison services.

We all went to Turners in Leesburg afterwards and enjoyed a very good dinner there.

Mother Uible gave us some frozen turkey before they left for Florida so we had it yesterday for part of our Christmas dinner.

Harold's Uncle Harry & Aunt Mary invited us over for their family Christmas Eve dinner & celebration but as it always been with all the Uibles & Hortons we declined not knowing whether the weather would be decent.  It turned out just as well for Roberta still has a runny nose & Harold & I both have slight colds & better not to have to be around other people.

We also got an invitation to Frank & Vivian Hiestands' (that's Uncle Dorsa's son – who built the new home) for eggnog from 4-6 Christmas afternoon but again we couldn't decline one invitation & accept another & we had good reasons.

Calvin is coming for dinner next Tuesday and I think I'll invite Melvin & Helen Long from Atlanta, Ohio.  The boys were all good friends.

Take good care of yourself & we're looking for you back in New Vienna this spring.

All our very best love, HJC&R

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1972 Philmont Ranch trip

In July 1972 a group of Boy Scouts from New Vienna headed west to Philmont Ranch in New Mexico.  The clipping is transcribed below.  Postcards written by HH from Philmont Ranch can be found at this link:    John Uible had intended to go with this group but instead took his "vacation" in the Cincinnati hospital suffering from typhoid fever following a trip to Mexico.
Philmont Scout Ranch, Cimarron, New Mexico - July 1972 - Ben Mathews, Mark Young, Brian Smith, Jim Bernard, Kevin Croghan, Dale Hertlein, Jim Mongold, HH & ranger, Robbie Smith.  Photo taken by Gene Williams.

Local Scouts At Philmont Ranch
As Reported by ROBERT N. SMITH
Early Monday morning, eight intrepid Scouts and their two leaders left New Vienna in preparation for high adventure at Philmont Scout Ranch, Cimarron, New Mexico.

This expedition, representing the Tecumseh Council, Boy Scouts of America, consists of the following Scouts and their leaders:  Jim Bernard, Kevin Croghan, Dale Hertlein, Jim Mongold, Brian Smith, Mark Young, Harold Uible, Gene Williams and Robert Smith.

Traveling by way of two cars, the group sped across Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri; spending the night in Kansas City, Kansas.

Traveling across the rolling hills of Kansas Tuesday, the expedition moved on through the panhandle of Oklahoma and into the one of Texas.  The two-car caravan came to rest at a park outside of Dalhart.  Wednesday morning's drive took the Scouts into New Mexico and at 10:30 tey pulled in to the 347,000 acre Philmont Scout Ranch.

While driving out the group visited several roadside parks with historical backgrounds, as well as the Eisenhower Memorial in Abilene, Kansas, and Capulin Mountain, an extinct volcano now a national monument in Capulin, New Mexico.

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1982 Horton Christmas Letter

Christmas letter in 1982 from Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill includes 90th Birthday celebrations, weddings, grandchildren and more. Transcription follows.

Remembrance . . . . . like a candle, shines brightest at Christmastime ! ! !

At this time of the year, friends are closer to our hearts as we reflect upon the past with memories cherished . . . . . and upon the present with new friendships we hold dear.  These friendships, past and present, give JOY and HAPPINESS to us in our retirement years.

We have been admonished by the more experienced senior citizens as to the importance of staying busy in retirement . . . . doing the things we like to do that brief vacations before did not allow us to do.  We have adhered to this wise counsel and have found the year 1982 to be a busy and happy time!

A 'once-in-a-lifetime' occasion was Grandma Uible's 90th birthday celebration in June, in New Vienna, Ohio.  Then Sept 25th our son Robert married Cindy Bussing in Lake Worth.  Both are teachers at Kirklane Elementary, suburban L.W.; this is where they met.  Cindy's home is in Brazil, Indiana.  She is a graduate of Indiana University.  Our oldest son, Joseph, returned home from Saudia Arabia and served as Best Man. The family, all at the same time, were together for the first time in ten years!

Our annual visit to our daughter, Marianne's home in Lancaster, Pa., was gratifying this year in one very special way.  Robert (8) and Wesley (5) were the center of attention in swimming meets at their local pool . . . . winning ribbons and awarded at the end of the season with a trophy:  "As brothers the most improved swimmers."  Watching them compete was a delight for Grandma and Grandpa . . . can't wait until next summer!

In November we flew to Phoenix, Arizona, to be with our niece, Roberta Uible, Senior Village Supervisor, a project of the county Health Dept., in long term care for the elderly, was an experience long to be remembered . . . . . . . sharing in their activities of bingo, bridge, scrabble, etc.  Sight-seeing tours to various parts of the State was most enjoyable.

Several trips to our son, Cris's home in Statesville, N.C. allowed us to do several things of interest . . . . . a trip to the World's Fair in Knoxville . . . . four days attending the Azeala Festival in Wilmington, N.C. . . . . four days in Charleston, S.C. for the Spoleta Festival . . . . and the Master's Golf Tournament in Augusta.

Yes . . . . we do stay busy in retirement . . . . not to mention Bill's avid interest in Golf and Mary busy with her church affairs and Music.  We get a Bridge game in now and then.  Ha!

IT'S BEEN A GOOD YEAR . . . . . .  A WONDERFUL YEAR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"All things bright and beautiful,
All things great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all."

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1992 Roberta & Sid's Christmas Letter

Roberta & Sid's Christmas letter of 1992 – great summary of both Roberta and Sid's families. Transcription not included.
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1942 Coupon for Gasoline

Published in the New Vienna History Blog is the complete transcript of the Vienna Viewpoints of December 3, 1942.  Here's a coupon of special interest to our family.  Transcription follows.
1942 - Ad & coupon for Pure Oil Store in NV, CJ & Harold H. Uible, Props. - Dec 3 in Vienna Viewpoints (school newsletter)


The opening of your new Pure Oil Store in New Vienna 
and to commemorate the rationing of gasoline, we are 
making you this special offer:


See us for your Anti-Freeze, Thermo-Royal non-rust, 
no poisonous fumes, ceiling price $1.40 per gallon.  

OUR PRICE $1.10.

                                C. J. & Harold H. Uible, Props.

                                  Be SURE with PURE

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1982 MV in AZ - Dec. 14

 MV continues her 1982 bell ringing at Metrocenter Mall in Phoenix while staying with Roberta and Marion.  Fiesta Mall in west Mesa, mentioned below, is another struggling mall with declining business and changing demographics.  It was built in 1979.  Transcription follows.

Dear Mom, Dad & Mie Young,

Hi!  It is Tuesday already, so I decided it was time for one last letter before you come out.  What are Mie Young's plans?  As I always say, "no one ever tells me what's going on!"

I received the bill yesterday for my "continuing education."  Thought you might like to see it and perhaps take some action.  The reason for the higher tuition is the two extra hours I will [be] taking ($90 each).  I think everything else is self explanatory.  I will make an effort this quarter to finance my text books, and possibly get a part time job.  I am also putting in my grades which I would like to keep, maybe even frame!  I was really shocked to get an A from Kirk Halliday.  He very seldom gives A's and I know I had only enough points to qualify for a B.

Marion was gone over the weekend – went up North with friends to cut Christmas trees, so Roberta and I just ran around.  Went to Mesa to church, and saw Mrs. Garrett briefly.  That was the only time (in between services) that we could get together.  She asked about you all and when you were arriving here.  After church we went to Fiesta Mall (corner of Southern and Alma School) for lunch and window shopping.  (I spent $5 all day) and then went over to see the Stubb's.  They also asked about you all and couldn't believe you are coming in an RV.

I had lunch yesterday at Farrells in the Mall.  McDonald's everyday gets old fast.  So I decided I would try there   It turns out that Mon-Fri they have a luncheon special for $3 – something different every day.  Yesterday was a mini chef salad (I couldn't finish it), a cup of soup, a large glass of colored water and a sundae.  I thought it was great for the money.  I think I will be frequenting there the rest of the time.

Roberta is still bent on getting a schnauzer.  But Marion says no more than 2 dogs, and of course Roberta can't decide whether Charlie or Toby should go – I think Charlie would be the wise choice.

Gotta go.  Time for a shower then off to work.  It is to be in the upper 60s all week.  With all the rain, the Salt River is flooded.  See you soon.

Love, MV

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1982 MV in AZ - Dec. 5

A few weeks back we read postcards about MV's travels from Columbus to Phoenix by bus to work for the Salvation Army at Metrocenter Mall – once one of the biggest and most bustling malls in the west.  MV played her part in mall history by ringing the bell and collecting donations for the Salvation Army.  The mall, which opened early in the 1970s has been on a downward spiral since 1990. Here's an article from the Dec. 10, 2012 AZ Republic: New owner puts Phoenix Metrocenter Mall on a mission.  Transcription follows.
Dec. 5, 1982
Dear Mom and Dad,

It was nice to have the day off from work, except most of the afternoon I was bored – mostly from laziness as there is always work to be done around the house.

I was about to go crazy ringing bells (it's worse than folding jump ropes), so I asked to have Saturdays off – that was no problem as there are only 2 left before Christmas.  [Christmas was on Saturday in 1982.]  My supervisor is Lt. Bell – she's 21, been an officer in the "Army" 2-3 years. I guess she's engaged to this guy who also is in the Army, but not stationed here in Phoenix – possibly Chandler?  My boss, Maj. Pack is about 60-65, very easy going – I have seen the Maj. twice – the day I started and one night he picked up the kettles.  I only see Lt. Bell once a day, which is when she picks up my kettle at night, which takes about 30 seconds.  Otherwise I'm on my own all day.

You've obviously heard about the MCI deal where you can call anywhere (in the US) free for 3 minutes.  One of my friends in Maintenance got me VIP card that way I wouldn't have to fill out the forms – but I can't think of anyone I could call and talk to for only 3 minutes.

I tried to call the Garretts tonight to see about going over to Mesa sometime but they were walking out the door and couldn't talk.  I hope to go over Saturday and possibly spend the night.

I think Marion and Roberta are sick.  We have only been to Swenson's once since I arrived!  Roberta and I did go to Baskin & Robbins one night last week while Marion was gone.  She had a coupon – Sundaes, 2 for 1.

I finished one cross stitch project this week, and started another tonight – mostly out of boredom – I should have it finished by Wednesday.  I hope to get a couple new cross-stitch books with my paycheck Friday.  I will make Roberta, Marion, John and X's Christmas presents out of it.

I am anxious to see how much I am being paid – whether min. wage or possibly more form what I have heard.  Anyway, the first paycheck will be Friday.  I plan to buy and cook dinner or else take Roberta and Marion out.  But judging from what I've seen, they might enjoy eating in more.

Roberta & Charlie have had several run-in's lately, so Roberta is anxious to get rid of him.  She now wants a schnauzer (?).  Marion is making some kind of speech tomorrow at school.  For the occasion Roberta is taking Charlie to the groomer's – then to school for the speech.  Personally, Charlie would be the last invited if I were speaking.

Love, MV

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1982 Family Letter - Dec. 19

The last family letter from 1982 as HH and Jean are about to head west in the Salisbury's RV. Transcription follows.
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Sunday, December 19, 1982

Dear Family:

Sunday School and Church were special today with "skits" in both services.  Frank Young says he is retiring as Santa.

We were in Columbus two nights this week for the Ohio County Com. meetings, with Serena meeting us on Tuesday and then we three met X and John for supper at a Mexican restaurant.  The Ohio Extension Office always gives each Commissioner a "goody bag" with food products from different parts of Ohio, such as cheese, cookies, nuts, corn chips, apples, syrup and other tidbits.

On Friday afternoon six of were sworn in by the Ohio Chief Justice in the Clinton County Court Room for our new terms.  Had an overflow crowd, complete with TV and press coverage.  Always amazed the government runs as well as it does.

Friday evening was the annual Christmas party for the Hospital Board and their guests ... at a Cincinnati restaurant called "John Q" ... what a feast.  It is rather ironic when so many people are lacking for the basics of living.  Our church has been receiving contributions for food baskets, etc. for the needy for the Holidays.

Saturday morning we went to Salisburys to get the Winnebago and "last minute" instructions.  We talked of sleeping in it last night, but decided to enjoy the luxury of our home for another night.  Because of the cold weather we are not putting any water into the tanks for we would hate for freezing weather to burst the pipes.  The RV has so many "gadgets" that we do wonder about our capability in being a quasi-engineer.  Yes, we are looking forward to the experience.

We plan to leave tomorrow afternoon after taking care of some details at the Courthouse and at Wells.  Spring business is slowly coming in, which is good when one considers the general economic conditions.  There was an article in Friday's WSJ that 8937 retail store had gone out of business in the first 11 months of 1982 – a 40% increase over 1981.

The Church Christmas caroling group has just been here ... it was for all those that were "young at heart."  They did have a large truck load of participants.  Our Church is also going to have a 11 P.M. Christmas Eve service.

[Much love, etc.]
* * * * *
HH adds in 2012: Catherine, that trip to AZ in the Winnebago was indeed an experience and we saw many gas stations.  Peaches was always a good sport in handling challenges like that trip and travelling with four children for five weeks, as I recall, in 1962.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

1952 Jean's letter to her mother - Dec. 18

Jean finishes her Christmas cards and writes to her mother. Transcription follows
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Thurs – Dec. 18, 1952
Dearest Mother,
The Christmas cards are rolling in & I guess I've about finished with mine.  The Evans sent me one but I don't have their address – did you say 633 Fifth Avenue?  Mrs. Evans put a nice note on it – saying she's just had lunch with you.  Please thank her for me.

We were quite surprised by Mrs. Atkinson and Charles' visit last Saturday.  They wouldn't even sit down.  I presume they saw you in St. Petersburg.  They were so anxious to get beyond Cincinnati that day.

I feel fine now – all my aching joints have left me.  Seems as if it happened all of a sudden & haven't had any soreness since.

Virginia mentioned a box for the children which was to be sent from Florida.  It arrived & I couldn't keep from opening it altho the girls haven't seen it yet.  There's a darling dress – corduroy jumper with bit of jewel on the pockets & fancy buttons to match.  There's also a summer pinafore type really pretty in green and a pair of denim overalls with a fancy figure.

Harold got our Christmas tree today so we'll probably put it up tonight.

Catherine & Roberta have slight colds but it doesn't keep them from looking forward to Santa Claus.

All our very best love, H, J C & R

Monday, December 17, 2012

2012 HH volunteers

On December 8, 2012, Roberta and HH volunteered at the Festival of Cheer. Clipping is transcribed following.
2012 HH volunteers at Festival of Cheer - Dec. 8 - Clipping from Surprise [AZ] Today, Dec. 12, 2012)

Mountain of snow draws Festival of Cheer climbers
Jeff Dempsey, Today Staff

Benevilla celebrated its annual Festival of Cheer Saturday at the Peoria Sports Complex, a day dedicated to the celebration of cultures and holidays from around the world.

Throughout the day, visitors were treated to an eclectic lineup of performances, from dancing to martial arts demonstrations.  But again, as is always the case, the most popular attraction for the children in attendance was the snow.

Two fields of snow, separated into age groups, were crowded even long after the sun had caused much of it to melt away.  John Bruner, a Peoria resident, was there with his granddaughter.  While she played in the snow, Bruner played it smart and set up his own folding chair off to the side.

"The kids are all having a lot of fun," he said.  "So far the snow and the group of kids doing Michael Jackson routines have been the big hits."  Bruner said he could not help but chuckle at his young granddaughter's antics.  "She came up to me just a minute ago," he said.  "And she said to me, 'Papa, the snow is cold.'  I said, 'No kidding?'"

Beverly Beideman, a Ventana Lakes resident, was the festival with her grandchildren.  Some of them were involved in the Girl Scout booths and therefore kept busy all day.  The rest of the grandkids, though?  "I've got the ones that are too young, and I'm walking them around," she said.  "I'm ready to quit, but I don't think they are."  Indeed, even as Beideman said that one of her grandchildren began tugging at her sweater sleeve, urging her on to the next new sight.  As Beideman was led away, she could not help but laugh.  "I'm hoping they get tired soon so I can go sit down," she said.

Harold Uible is a Sun City West resident and a longtime friend of Benevilla.  He has visited the Festival of Cheer for several years but this time he decided to help out.  "I'm volunteering today," he said.  "I'm in charge of picking up trash."

Uible was perched in a spot about in the middle of all the goings-on, and he said from his view everyone seemed to be having a good time, especially the children with all that snow.  "They enjoy it, don't they," he said.  "I think for many of them it's the first snow they've ever seen."

Uible said he has watched the festival grow over the years, and he is looking forward to next year.  "I think it gets better every year," he said.  "And I think attendance is growing too."

Saturday, December 15, 2012

1992 MV's letters - Oct 6 & 16

Ginny at four months old and other KY Crowson news from October 1982. The letter typed on Oct. 6 is transcribed first, followed by the notecard from Oct. 16.
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Dear Mom and Dad,

Sorry that I seem to have lost your itinerary and addresses on the trip [Far East trip with Liggetts, Oct. 4-27] but at least you will have some personal mail when you get home!  Marguerite Sigmon said that Harvey had heard from you last week – I hope that he has been a good help to you (I'm sure you're benefiting from his expertise).  They are a real sweet couple and have been very good to us and to Ginny.  He is getting ready to re-enter the work force.  Centenary UMC just built their new sanctuary and he is head of the audio-visual committee; the folks that installed the equipment at the church have offered Harvey a job, although I'm not sure when he will start.  He did resign from the Board of Directors of the Emmaus Community though to do the job.

We are going to Lexington on Friday to a potluck for the Fall Walk teams and while there, we will probably go to Sears and have Ginny's picture taken.  I exchanged an outfit she got as a gift at Penney's for a pair of cute red bib overalls that would do fine for a Christmas picture.  We still have yet to buy her any clothes (thank goodness) due to the generosity of many good folks.

Ginny is nearly sitting up by herself now.  She really enjoys sitting in our be (propped up with pillows) while we get dressed.  I told you that twice I've gone in to get her up in the morning to find that she has rolled over (stomach to back) but we have yet to witness it.  She is becoming more and more alert -- as I drive to work, it's almost like she can see the trees as we go by (which are just starting to turn and are gorgeous).  There will be many more developments between now and Christmas.

We are looking forward to John and Julie's visit this weekend.  We're hoping that they will get here in time to ride the train at BSNRRA.  Then I plan to make Lasagna for dinner on Saturday night.  I made muffins last night for Sunday breakfast -- Martha White has a new Lemon Poppyseed mix out that is good.  Don doesn't eat Sunday breakfast anyway, so I just made enough for us.

We have sure been enjoying our Sam's membership (warehouse).  On most things (98%) they are quite a bit cheaper; we have paid for our membership in what we have saved, I'm sure.  We always get milk (which is .40-.50 cheaper on the gallon than W-burg) and other things.  Maybe Don could take you there wile I'm on the walk or we can work out some thing else.  We could make even better use of it if we had a deep freeze like at our old house.

I'm enclosing a copy of my budget, etc. for the upcoming year.  I'll get you a copy of the Council on Ministries Handbook that we put out.  Everyone (committee wise) is to put together a budget and goals for the year.

I'll try to write again before you get back.  We miss you!  Love, MV, DL & VK

* * * * * * * * * *
Dear Mom and Dad –

Welcome home!  Hope you had a good trip & we'll be anxious to hear about it.

Ginny had her 4 month check up today and the Dr. said she was doing well.  Her height 25" and weight 14.75 lbs is higher than 3/4 girls her age.  Her head, 48cm is bigger than 90%.  He told us to start her on "ROB BAPP" – Rice, Oatmeal, Barley, Bananas, Applesauce, Peas and Peaches.  One new food each week.  She had been sleeping about 10 hrs/night until about a week ago and she's down to 6 hr stretches so hopefully this solid food will help.

Don is on the Men's Walk this weekend, so we spent last night & will spend tonight here in Lexington, go home first thing tomorrow (Sat).  And since Don won't be home, we're going to Somerset tomorrow night to sleep.

We had a nice visit with John and Julie last weekend.  The trip on the train was cool but beautiful.  The leaves were just starting to turn (this week they are really colorful).

Looking forward to seeing you in 13 days.  I sure appreciate your coming down to take care of Ginny so I can go on the walk.

Love, MV, D & G  

Thursday, December 13, 2012

1972 Roberta's letter - Dec. 10

Roberta writes a letter while on the airplane in December 1982. The letter was mailed from Spain (Espana).  From Spain, she and her friend Julie went on to Senegal to visit Joe.
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Dec. 10, 1972
9:30 pm
Tried calling you all a couple times between 6:00 and 7:00 tonight but no luck!

We had a very good trip here – in fact got to the airport a little after 1:00 p.m.!  So had plenty of time to look around, etc!

Our plane was right on time – we were lucky because a lot of the planes were delayed because of fog or something!  Before getting on the plane we all had to go through the security check.

Right after we got on they served 2 7-ups with almonds both times.  We are sitting right behind the 1st class section in the non-smoking area.  The plane isn't full at all – maybe half full!  We are flying in a 747!!

We each bought a "ear-phone deal" in order to have music plus to hear the movie "The Doberman Gang."

My luggage only weighed about 28 pounds – that's both the green suitcase plus the tote bag – all I carried on the plane was the AAA flight bag.  Julie's baggage weighed just less than mine.

[Later] We just got done seeing the movie – The Doberman Gang.  It was really funny – about 5 dogs robbing a bank!  It's now almost 11:30 p.m. US time – 5:30 a.m. Spanish time.

The ride is really getting bumpy.

Mom, sure hope you had a "Happy Birthday" – I found the birthday card I meant to mail yo in my purse tonight.  Sorry about that!

We will have to get used to the time change – I know I'll feel like going to bed 1st thing in the morning!

When I called up Aunt Mary she didn't really have to much to say – said that Joe had written and how he thought he could use comic books in his teaching.

Well better close.  Hope all is fine with everyone.

Love, Bert!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

1982 Family Letter - Dec. 12

December 1982 continues in New Vienna with another week on the "go." Transcription follows.
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Sunday, December 12, 1982
Happy Birthday, Gerry on the 17th of December!
Dear Family:

We have just returned from S.S. and Church and hope to do some writing before we go out for lunch. In fact, this past week has been one on the "Go."

On Monday we went to the Fair Board Dinner at Snow Hill ... they have a new "Chef" and we appreciated it being close to home.  They always have gifts and people draw a slip of paper which contains a very short excerpt from a Christmas song, which you have to match up with another part of the song for that particular gift.

Tuesday evening was the Mother's Club meeting here ... it was a good time for Dad to go to the office.

Some of you will recall the Eveland family and how we ran into some of their relatives in Quebec.  Their musical son, Pete, has opened a restaurant between here and Cincinnati where the waiters and waitresses are students at the U of C Conservatory and they each take turns in singing.  WE were with the group of the New Vienna School and were there for about three hours.  It was a fun place to go.

Thursday evening was not so much fun as Dad went to a ditch hearing in Washington C.H. which involves four counties, possibly the name of the project "Rattlesnake Creek" tells us something.  Anyway we felt an obligation to go as it involves the expenditure of some five million dollars.

We had appointments in Dayton at 7:45 on Friday morning for some X-Rays as part of our physical and we were lucky on the weather, for just north of Dayton the roads were very slippery. Clyde Irwin and a friend cut down the big tree on our corner as it was very rotten.  Did plant two new trees yesterday.

Yesterday was birthday occasion.  Last night we went to the annual Airborne Express Christmas party...that was enough to last us for some time, but it was an experience as there were some 900 people there plus the invitation list included all the City and County officials.  We needed ear muffs for the band.

We've now had lunch at the Friendly Village Inn in Leesburg and several mentioned how our family is diminishing.  First time we've ever gone there just the two of us, on Sunday anyway.  We went after the crowds so only saw some of the Fairview people plus the Wolfroms.

Grace Long [nee Wood, born in Highland County in 1911, her husband Gleason born 1911 died in 1993] has been in the hospital and the word isn't good about her [she died March 1983].  Pam West Mann [daughter of Carl & Harriett, Pam died Dec. 19, 1982 at the age of 35] is also not so well and her parents have gone to New Hampshire – they found more tumor in an inoperable place near the brain.  Betty Thompson's mother, Addie Rulon passed away [at age 83] – she hasn't known anyone for a long time.

We go to Columbus tomorrow for a couple of days to the State Commissioners meeting.  Others are going today and stay until Thursday but that's just too long for Dad.

I've got a start on the Christmas cards but a long way to go.

[Much love to all, etc.]

Monday, December 10, 2012

1922 Bert Brown letter to Lucie Ballantyne - Dec.

Letter from Bert Brown, uncle to the newborn Jean Ballantyne, to his sister Lucie Brown Ballantyne.  The letterhead is from the Judiciary Committee of the House of Delegates, State of West Virginia, with [Robert Morrow] R.M. Brown listed as a member of the Committee.  The letter is undated but from the subject matter we can infer that it was written shortly after Jean's birth.  Transcription follows.

My dear Lucie:

We were all very proud of the new arrival in the way of another daughter in your congenial and happy family and I am delighted to be an uncle once again.  Well, Santa Claus has been wonderfully good to you and I hope you and babe will get along nicely.

I would like to have seen the happy expressions on the faces of Robert [then 12] and Virginia [8] when they were told that they had a little sister.  Scott [Bert and Leora Scott Brown's son, then age 11] was delighted and can't understand why he hasn't a sister.  Last night when I reached home Scott met me and said: "Daddy did you hear that Robert has a little baby sister," he was brimming with smiles and said, "I can't see why I don't have a sister."

We are all so anxious to see "Sister" and Mother.  Do not take any chances on getting up too soon.*  Do not worry about Christmas.  You have made us all very happy and your Christmas gift to the entire relationship is one that we hope will bring great joy and happiness to her mother and father, as I know she will, and little companion to Virginia and Robert.  Congratulate the proud father and wish a world of love to you, Robert, Virginia and baby.  I remain
Devotedly yours,
- - - - - - -
*Bert may have had good reason to be concerned about Lucie's health since their own mother had passed away at the age of 32, and Lucie, born in 1880, was 42 when Jean was born.  This family had too many early deaths, with Robert, Jean's brother, passing away at the age of 46; Aunt Virginia in 1983 at the age of 68.  Bert died in 1946 at the age of 68.  His only son, John "Scott" Brown died in 1956 at the age of 44.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Bert & Nat c1922

Robert Morrow "Bert" Brown, brother; and Nathaniel Wallace "Nat" Ballantyne c1922, husband of Lucie Brown Ballantyne

On December 11, 1922 Bert became uncle to Jean Wallace Ballantyne, youngest daughter of N.W. "Nat" and Lucie Brown Ballantyne.  This picture appears to have been taken during a warmer time of year with water and a strip of land in the background.  They are probably both holding a cigar.  Bert was Lucie's only sibling.

- - - - - -

Robert Morrow Brown 1877-1946
Lucie Sarah Brown Ballantyne 1880-1956
Nathaniel Wallace Ballantyne 1868-1949
Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible 1922-2011

Saturday, December 08, 2012

1972 Catherine's letter - Dec. 8

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December 8, 1972
Dear Mom, Dad, Serena, John, and Mary, [Roberta was on her way to Africa]

Hi! Thanks for the letters. John, I'll type a letter back to you soon. Things have been busy.

Bruce & Beth came to visit last weekend. We all went to Grand Valley State College near Grand Rapids to hear Cheech & Chong, a rock-comedian type show. Funny but also gross.

On Monday X's mother had an extreme regression so we stayed all night with her. X took her to his aunt's on Tuesday. I guess she's getting better & will come back after we get moved back out there.

X says if it isn't too late he would like one of the following two things for Christmas. They are both rated high in Consumer Reports:
Black & Decker Sander #7410 cost about $13
or Penney's Variable Speed Drill (Catalog #3052, Retail Model #4916C) about $19

Wednesday night there was a Christmas Dinner for faculty and staff of K.College, at Saga of course. I guess that completes my cycle at K.College. From serving banquets to being served. [X and I both worked for the K College library while attending graduate school at Western Michigan Univ.]

I didn't get the job at Upjohn.  So yesterday we paid our $576 to WMU which should get us through to graduation in April.

Can you get a dentist appointment for me on Friday or Saturday before Christmas?  X isn't sure yet that he can get Friday off, but we're counting on it.  he's pretty sure he can't.  We're going to get new tires either this week or next so that should make driving a little easier.

Sorry I don't have anything for your birthday, Mom.  You'll have to wait about two weeks.

Love, Catherine

PS.  X wants to make sure you don't feel obligated to buy him any of that stuff.  He doesn't want it unless you can get the exact types or models which I have written down.

I went looking for boots tonight.  I want a pair of over shoe type but can't find any.

I'm writing a paper on the U.N. so I can win $50 and a 6 week trip to Geneva!  See you soon.

PSS  We'll be moved by the 16th.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

1982 Catherine's letter - Dec. 6

While MV is ringing the bell for Salvation Army in Phoenix, Christmas in also approaching in Oregon. Transcription follows.
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December 6, 1982

Dear Mother, Dad, and anyone else who reads this,

Hi! Ever since you left I have been thinking of writing a letter, and now almost four weeks later I am finally getting around to it. Sorry about that. We certainly had a good time while you were here and appreciate everything you gave us.  We have been making use of the dishes and the hangers.

The night you left the part-time person did not show up at all.  She had a friend of hers contact the person who had the job before she did to see if she could work.  I wasn't too impressed with that.  So the next day I called her and told her she didn't need to come in anymore.  She was real upset and wanted to know what the problem was as she thought she was doing a wonderful job.  She thought I was being very unfair and not giving her a chance but I said, sorry, I've had enough.  I worked the hours myself until the middle of last week.  That used up all of my spare time!  I still don't have anyone permanent or least not definitely permanent.  The gal I have now, DeRese [who in 2011 was made Library Manager after working there 30+ years] worked the part time job about two years ago but quit when she had a baby.  She is interested in the job and seems to enjoy it but is not sure how her husband can cope with babysitting two children as she also has a little boy the same age as Wendy.  So we are going to see how it goes.  At least she already was trained and just needed a little brushing up and it will give me a rest temporarily anyway.

Wendy is all excited about Christmas.  She has seen Santa Claus twice already and the Elks Children's Christmas party is yet to come.  I bought her a few things yesterday while she was at a birthday party and I am trying to get an order ready for Sears.  She wants everything she sees on TV plus at least 90% of what is in the catalog.  I am trying to get her to narrow down her choices a little.  I have checked on bicycles at Coast-to-Coast and think I will get her one with training wheels with your money.  We are in hopes of getting our Christmas tree next weekend and getting that decorated, instead of waiting until the last minute as we have done the last few years.

The library had its first book sale this past weekend  – both here at the library and at Kollen Hall with the Community Christmas Bazaar.  We made $256.95 so I think it was a success.  Most of the books sold for 25¢ so that is quite a few books!

This is another busy week for us.  I have meetings tonight and tomorrow and Gerry has Wednesday and Thursday filled up.  Then Friday we are going to a Christmas party.

I've got to go – time's up!  Maybe I'll be able to get another letter written before Christmas.  When are you leaving for Arizona?

Love, C, G & W

PS We had an excellent Thanksgiving dinner at Tumalo!  I saw Elva Townsend and gave her your message.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

1982 Family letter - Dec. 5

Two copies of this letter were found in the family history files. Transcription follows.
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Sunday, December 5, 1982
Dear Family:

We have been enjoying "summer weather" as it has been up in the seventies ... someone even had their lawnmower out again. Even washed and waxed the car yesterday.

Grandma got on her way to Florida last Tuesday, Elizabeth Johnson went with Dad to the Columbus airport and she was a big help as Peoples have no checked baggage facility, but that is one of the ways they keep their ticket costs down.

Wednesday was the Lions Club Ladies Night at the restaurant in Leesburg.  For entertainment they had the Walter Nichols (yes, the retired school man that grew up with Aunt Mary in Westboro, Ohio) band.  It was a pleasant evening.

Mary Virginia started her job [at Metrocenter in Phoenix] with the Salvation Army and took in $70 on her first day.  Like all jobs it will be an experience for her.  We plan to leave for Phoenix on Dec. 20 in the Salisbury's RV.  We were out there Friday evening attempting to learn how to operate all the gadgets which are almost too numerous to mention.  We did drive it a short distance and it is going to take some use in feeling comfortable.  The unit has three double beds, so that is a plus point when we do arrive in Phoenix.

Yesterday was the Church Bazaar in NV and they made something like $1650.   We all had lunch there and saw several people that we had not seen for some time, such as Bud Sweeney... some of you may recall when he had the grocery in NV... about 13 years ago.

Also yesterday we got into gear in putting up the Christmas decorations as the Mothers Club is meeting here next Tuesday night.

Today we both had Sunday School Class lessons to teach and a Gideon speaker for Church.  This was Wilmington afternoon for we went to the program and open house at the County Historical Society, the High School Musical program at the Court House, the Open Houses at the Wilmington Sr. Citizens, Extended Care and finally the grocery for some bargains (?).

Mie Young's Dad had told that he would probably be over in the U.S. this week, but he called form Korea today saying that he would not be coming, which was a disappointment to her.  She did enjoy her tour with the Chamber Signers.  Prof. Haskins of the music dept. of the college speaks very highly of her.

Anxious to hear more about MV's work "with her kettle" and how she and the dogs are coping.  Roberta has her hands full with all the "Seniors" plus another one to look after (not sr. but all this plus her class too is plenty).  Looking forward to hearing from Catherine and the Morgans – hope things worked out with the new part-time worker.  Am sure Wendy is looking forward to Christmas!  Hope that Serena got back safely and making use of the Dodge Dart for these few weeks there.  It was nice having John and X with us but it is never long enough.  Glad to hear G'ma arrived fine.

Much love to all the family....

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

1952 Jean's postcard to her Mother - Dec. 1

Jean writes a postcard to her mother who is in St. Peterburg, FL for the winter.  Transcription follows.
1952 Jean's postcard to her Mother - Dec. 1

Monday, Dec. 1, 1952
Dearest Mother,
The box arrived Saturday and I couldn't wait to open it.  [Birthday #30]  Thanks so much for the jewelry and pretty pajamas – they're so different –  a real surprise.  I needed some new jewelry too.

We had a big snow Saturday so Harold got Catherine & Roberta a sled.  They've had a wonderful time with it.  Roberta's eyes were as big as saucers and twice as bright after her first ride.  She wears her hat in the house half the time and really fights to keep her snowsuit on after she has been out.

The baby still hasn't come yet so Miss Lettie is still with us – altho I don't feel I need her so much now.  The snow brought a little stiffness back but nothing compared to what I had – guess I'll always notice damp weather at least for awhile.

The church addition is to be dedicated next Sunday with a basket dinner, songfest and tour of new part afterwards.  If weather permits, I hope to go to part of it anyway.  Dr. Fullerton had a heart attack and he's only dispensing pills.  Glad I don't need him now.  

All our very best love, H, J C & R

Sunday, December 02, 2012

James E. Morrow 1837-1904

James Elmore Morrow, born March 28, 1837, was the oldest of seven children of Alexander and Sarah Jane Wilson Morrow.  His youngest sibling, Mary Virginia Morrow Brown, 1857-1890, is the mother of Lucie Brown Ballantyne, grandmother of Jean Ballantyne Uible and the great-grandmother of the Ballantyne-Dailey-Uible cousins, making James a great-grand-uncle.  James was the grandfather of Anne Morrow Lindbergh.  James passed away December 12, 1904.
Portrait of James E. Morrow 1902.  Signed Cordially Yours, Jas. E. Morrow
Photo by D. Rosser  [According to History of Pittsburgh, David Rosser, born 1868 was one of the leading names in photography in Pittsburgh.  It is unknown whether the painted portrait mentioned in the article below was done from this photo or at a separate time.

[Clipping undated from unknown newspaper, probably from 1941 based on info on back side of clipping about Battle of Crete in 1941.]
Portrait of Jas. E. Morrow Presented
Unveiled by a Great Grand-Daughter

An oil painted portrait of Dr. James E. Morrow who was born in Fairview, now Pughtown, Hancock county, W. Va., was presented to the Allegheny high school, Pittsburgh by the graduation class of 1899. The ceremonies were held in the Allegheny high school Tuesday evening, June. 10.

The portrait was unveiled by a great-grand-daughter of the late James E. Morrow, Nancy, 10, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Scandrett [the clipping repeatedly misspells this name as Scrandrett] of New York.  Two daughters, only surviving children of Dr. Morrow, Mrs. Agnes Morrow Scandrett [1869-1953]  and Mrs. Hilda Morrow McElvain [1874-1954] were present at the presentation.  They both reside in Englewood, N.J.  Other members of the Morrow family connection attending were Mr. and Mrs. John Miskelly, Mr. and Mrs. N.W. Ballantyne, Mr. and Mrs. R.M. Brown, New Cumberland, and Mrs. Alice Morrow Leacock of Pittsburgh.  Mrs. Miskelly, Mrs. Ballantyne and Mrs. Leacock were nieces of Dr. Morrow and R.M. Brown is a nephew.

Dr. James E. Morrow was the eldest of seven children and was born in Fairview on a farm and attended the common schools of that day; farming did not appeal to him and at the age of 15 entered Jefferson college, now Washington and Jefferson and graduated in 1856, the youngest member of a class of 57.  His intentions were to study law, but did not have sufficient money to take the law course.  He taught first at the little academy in Fairview and in 1871 he was elected president of Marshall college in Huntington W.VA., [where Lucie taught elocution in the early 1900s.]  and also served as president of West Liberty.  He married Clara Johnson of Wellsburg and eight children were born.  Three died in infancy.  Agnes, Jay, Alice, Dwight [father of Anne Morrow Lindbergh] and Hilda survived.

In 1879 Dr. Morrow went to Pittsburgh and began his work in the Allegheny schools and it was while at Allegheny that Washington and Jefferson honored him with the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

All the Morrow children were educated, Jay J. Morrow was a graduate of West Point and served as engineer commissioner of the District of Columbia, Governor of Zamboagna in the Philippines  Governor of the Panama Canal [I saw his picture there!], Chief Engineer of the First Army in France and chairman of the Tacna-Arica Boundry Commission.  [James' children would be 1st cousins 2x removed.]

Dwight Morrow graduated in high school at 14, graduated from Amherst and Columbia Law School of New York, became a leading lawyer in New York city, a partner of the J.P. Morgan Co., Ambassador to Mexico, United States Senator.  His daughter Miss Anne Morrow married Col. Charles Lindbergh.  The daughters of Dr. Morrow married, with the exception of Alice who followed teaching as her career, now only two of the immediate family survive.  [James' grand-children would be 2nd cousins 1x removed.  His great-grandchildren would be 3rd cousins.]

* * * * *
The following story was obtained from

James E. Morrow, Principal, Slippery Rock State Normal School, 1889 - 1890
James E. Morrow was appointed principal and professor of psychology and history of education in early 1889.  Assisted by the school’s six faculty members, Morrow developed the first program of studies.  The initial philosophy of the school was to make the Normal School Student, as far as possible, an educator. 
On March 9, 1889 Morrow sent an announcement of the new Normal School to the general public identifying its special advantages as follows: healthfulness; convenience; noted honesty, hospitality and religious character of community; new commodious buildings, thoroughly warmed and ventilated; and named the four protestant churches of the community.  In addition, he identified the three expenses students were expected to pay each term: tuition - $14; board, room rent, fuel and light - $32s; and transportation of student and baggage from the Kiester’s rail station - $.25.
The first term began March 26, 1889 with 168 students enrolling, 94 women and 74 men. More than two thirds of the entering class came from Butler County with neighboring counties accounting for essentially the remainder.  Two students from nearby Ohio also enrolled in the first term.
            Born in West Virginia in 1837, Morrow received the first of three academic degrees from Jefferson College (now Washington and Jefferson College) in 1856.  Practicing law when the Civil War broke out, Morrow enlisted as a Private and advanced to the rank of Captain in 1863, in Company F of the first Virginia volunteer infantry.  Following the war, he returned to education rather than law.  He married Clara J. Johnson of Cumberland, Maryland, in 1867, and raised five boys and three girls: Fred, Earle, Ralph, Jay, Dwight, and Agnes, Alice and Hilda.  One son, Dwight, gained fame as a lawyer, legislator and American Ambassador, while Dwight’s daughter, Anne married trans-Atlantic aviator, Charles Lindbergh.  It was Anne and Charles’ 20 months old son, Charles Jr. who was kidnapped in 1932 resulting in a nationally publicized investigation.
In 1878, James Morrow began teaching mathematics at the Old Central High School in Pittsburgh.  Two years later, he was appointed principal of what is now the Conroy School in Pittsburgh.  While completing his Ph.D. at Jefferson College, he was appointed principal and professor of psychology and history of education at the newly founded Slippery Rock State Normal School.
After a brief 18 months, James E. Morrow resigned as principal.  There are no written records of the Normal School during this time period due to a dramatic flood of Old Main in the early part of the 20th century.  An alumnus from the early teens whose family was associated with the Normal School at the time of Dr. Morrow’s resignation reported that Dr. and Mrs. Morrow held a wedding reception on campus for one of their children and served alcohol.  This was strictly forbidden as no alcohol was permitted on campus or within the community.  The alumnus reported that the serving of alcohol resulted with the immediate termination of employment for the Normal School’s first principal

Friday, November 30, 2012

1962 GHU postcard from Florida - Nov. 28

Grandma sends a Smoky Mountain postcard addressed to Catherine in November 1962.  Typically Grandma and Granddad would go to Florida the weekend after Thanksgiving and return Easter (or Palm Sunday) weekend.  Evidently the card also served as a grocery list for celery, hot dogs, bread and cheese, in Jean's handwriting.  Transcription follows.
1962 Smoky Mountains Postcard from GHU to Uibles - Nov. 28
1962 Postcard from GHU to Uibles - Nov. 28
Weds. evening [postmarked November 28, 1962, Lake Worth FLA]
Dear Catherine & all,
We are just about settled.  The unpacking is all finished except putting a few little things in place. Aunt Mary had us over last evening for oyster stew.  Since the weather was cool.  It is warmer today but need a little heat.  Had to get out the heater the first thing.  Our northern clothes have been comfortable so far that we wear in winter.  Robbie was with us while Aunt Mary and M. went to dentist this evening.  Love to all, Grandma.  [on left margin]  No Christmas lights on that we've seen (in LW) yet.

Items from Uible photo album