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1973 Grace's birthday letter to MV - Feb 26

An aerogramme from former Lions Exchange student, Grace in Peru to MV on the occasion of MV's 9th birthday. The pictures add a nice touch. Transcription follows.

Lima February 26, 1973

Hi Mary Virginia:
     HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. Hope you will have a very nice birthday with all the family.  I remember last year when I was with you and we went to L&K to eat dinner.  It was really a good time.  I am looking forward to see you next summer at Peru.  I missed to tell you that I received for Christmas a big teddy-bear that I have it on my desk bed. 

How is school?  Are you studying all your lessons?

It might be very cold up there.  We are now in summer, is nice here is a little hot maybe.  Everybody is going to the beach.

Many regards to all the nice people of New Vienna.

Mary Virginia when you have a little of time, please write me a little note.  I will like so much to hear from you.

Love, Grace
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

1982 GHU Letter

Another letter a year late, but ties in with the recent (1982) letter from Aunt Mary. Transcription follows.
Sun. evening [presumed date of March 1982]
Dear Folks – This letter may be mixed up as the TV is going four 6 people playing cards & Rob just came in & he is talking about attending Disney World yesterday with his girl Friend Cindy.  Have rec'd the plane ticket & have written out the check for $139 - ready to mail in the morning.  I forgot whether I change or stay on plane at Atlanta but by having a change of flight numbers I expect it means change any way I will find out and act accordingly I wondered about the seat number which I expect is to be obtained.  Hope the trip to Chicago goes well & Serena is getting along nicely.  I do hope she is watching her weight.  Frances & John [Uncle Bill's relatives] are here & she brought her supper with her & is slowly losing weight & is talking about having the loose skin removed by a plastic surgeon which hangs below her chin.  She looks so much better.  She has watched her diet faithfully since last summer & goes to the Dr. regularly every so often. It was good to read about Mary V. rating in the paper on her singing.  Aunt M. looked over the piano number in her music book & she said that number was for college music students & was beyond her now.  Anyway Mary V. is good with her music & that is something to be proud off.

At last it has warmed up with a bang.  Several ladies at Sun. S. made the remark to me this morning that they hoped I would remain through April & May & enjoy the weather.  It is down right hot unless you are in the shade & when we came out of church & into the car it was like an oven.  We have had several hard rains.  Thurs. was the U.MW general meeting I went but getting into the church was a little problem with out getting wet.  We made it & had a very interesting meeting.  A man from Hialeah spoke & showed slides about the (Meth) Retirement Home that he was representing.  Velma McGrew is to go there next month.  She should like it for it sounded and looked as if it would be a nice home.

We attended the play Funny Girl at the play house last week.  It was real good.  Mary was able to buy a single ticket for that.  They have their season tickets & the plays there are most always given for several days at $6.50 a ticket.

We ate out to-day, having lamb for a change.  It was very good & extra tender.  I wrote to Mrs. Clem's so I hope Harold you can help her if she needs something that she [cont'd on left margin of second page] don't know about.  Do hope there will be no bad leaks.  Love, to all, Mother

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

1982 MUH letter - Feb. 27

Should have scheduled this letter last year being the "2" year but here it is a year late.  Love the "Rob in love" segment and the velvet suit, not to mention the Ha! Ha!  trademark etc.  Transcription follows.

SAT. - Feb. 27th [1982] (Fellowship Class Beef dinner to serve 500 people)

Dear Family:  Every time we do this dinner we ALL SAY:  "THIS IS THE LAST TIME ! !"  Since Ray and Helen Brown head it up and he said when he brought 2 ten lb roasts to bake, This is definitely the LAST, I think they really mean it.  This class has deteriorated to the TOURIST CLASS (we had 96 in S.S. last Sunday, and everyone is in their late 70's and 80's.! ! !  Makes us one of the younger members.  HA ! ! !  Report in to work around 3 o'clock after I go over to church proper and practice the hymns for Sunday with the organist . . . . . it is ('Camp meeting Sunday) and the Director wanted me to play the piano with (the organist . . . that should be a riot ! ! !  I've been doing more and more piano playing instead of LESS, which I've been striving for as the joins are acting up and it's a big pain in the neck . . . literally . . ha and now my joints in the thumb are feeling the pressure . . . so it goes ! ! !

Big NEWS around here is that Rob is "In Love" . . . . Cindy B..., from Brazil, Indiana.  She teaches 1st grade at his school and I think the whole school has been trying to set them up since Sept.  But Rob didn't get up nerve enough to ask her out until last week.  I imagine he or they are the talk of the school by now.  Mares, she is a Zeta from Indiana U.  Ixmx  She is a blonde, with pretty eyes, perfect teeth, big mouth, so has a dazzling smile.  She and her girl friend have an apt. out by the Audtitorium [sic], so we will be seeing less and less of Rob.  HA ! ! !  (This could be infatuation you know ? ?)

Now a run-down of my last week . . . can't remember when I last wrote.  I'm getting terrible . . . . I have to keep a close note-book with every move in it ! ! !  Did I mention that we went to Norton Art Gallery last week?  Interesting display of "Table Tops" from ceramics to paper dispose-alls and good exhibit of photographs of West and North West in black and white and sculptor by Graham.  Heard a Symphony form Bulgaria . . . neato . . . played Bridge on Sat. nite I played for Vespers Sunday nite then went to hear a guest harpist and baritone soloists (husband and wife) at Good Shepherd . . . Played for 1/2 hr of pop music for the VIA's (they sing) at the Finnish Nursing home . . . It's better than most I've been in.  Got a perm on Tuesday; Went to last Mission Study on Wed. AM. . . G'Ma enjoyed going to that (get credit for the UMW).  Thurs. AM was a guest at V.A.'s Johnson to her WPB MUSIC and Drama Club . . . . it was a fun time.  Wore my velvet suit with the pants and white blouse.  (It looks harp and I really like it ! ! !).  Yesterday, we dropped everything and Dossetts and us went to the matinee of "On The Golden Pond" and as everyone says, OMIT the profanity and it's a beautiful picutre [sic].  The scenes in it from New Hampshire remind me of Cris's place!!! The music theme was intriguing too.  But I don't see the point of all the cuss words.  (Tho it didn't spoil it for me))  Got home about 3:45 and we played Bridge until 5:30 . . . went out to eat, came home and played Bridge until 10 o'clock.  (My game gets worse instead of better . . . just don't play enough, or take it seriously I guess)

G'Ma is fine!!!  Always this time of year she is getting to us and we go crazy ! ! !  HA ! ! !  But I try to keep my temper and not talk back . . . and that's hard for me.  We're thankful tho that she stays well and her mind in ALERT ! ! !  She a MARVE after you take in the nursing homes.

Your Dad [Uncle Bill to us Uibles] has gone completely NUTTY over this GOLF GAME ! ! !  He doesn't want to do anything else . . . . He probably says the same thing about me with my music and church.  At least we're doing our own thing.  Right ? ? ?

Love, Mary & Bill
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Sunday, February 24, 2013

1943 Jean's letter to her parents - Feb. 28

Jean, age 20, writes a letter to her parents.   We can assume this was her Junior Year at WVU in Morgantown.  Transcription follows.
Sunday – Feb. 28, 1943

Dear Mother and Daddy,
     I tried to call you two or three times Friday night and twice Saturday worring [sic]  when it finally dawned on me that you might be in Pittsburgh.  I didn't want to go ahead and buy the suit without your permission but I thought I'd never find you.

I went down yesterday and had the suit altered and paid for it.  I think you'll really like it – it's just plain navy blue all wool and buttons up to the neck but not necessarily.  Some girl told me Friday afternoon that clothes were going to be rashioned [sic] – I think she got that rumor all over the University and Morgantown too.  Some woman bought twenty-one dresses.

Mrs. Gallop was here last Monday night (a week ago tonight) and all the girls and Mrs. Lollance liked her so much.  She told us about how things were run when she was here.  She gave us a piece of music that Mrs. Elizabeth Davis Richards wrote – My Heart's In West Virginia.  We are anxious to have her come real soon but of course – we doubt, if it will be to dinner.

How are you getting along with your points in rashioning [sic]?  Did you have many cans to declare?  I was awfully sorry I wasn't able to come last week end but I imagine I'll be home the week end following mid-semesters - about March 20th or maybe its the next weekend.  Anyhow don't let that break up your plans for Florida.

I saw two of the best shows this past weekend – "Random Harvest" with Greer Garson and Ronald Colman.  You probably have hard alot about it.

The other was "Shadow of a Doubt" with Theresa Wright and Joseph Conrad [Cotten].  I hadn't expected it to be so good.  If you got see it, you want to get there at the beginning of it.  [Did they have a habit of going to the movies after the starting time?]

I didn't know Jim was leaving for Texas so soon.  It was just by chance that I called Pittsburgh after trying to get the house twice the night before & twice that same morning.

Yes we had a wonderful feast over the chicken and rolls.  Mrs. Loughkalso put in the remains of our supper that Sunday night – cheese, crackers, cakes, cold meat, etc.  It certainly did taste good.

The cookies you told me about that Virginia sent came just a few minutes after I talked to you all.  They were awfully good and it was so sweet of Virginia to send them to us.

I received the skirt this morning and I thing its awfully pretty and so springy looking.  I can't wait until it gets warm enough to wear it.

I got a letter from Hester this morning and she said her father was able to go to the office one morning last week.  She may come up some weekend soon.

Initiation is this coming Saturday and Hell Week (Preparation Week or Courtesy Week – whatever we're supposed to call it) begins tomorrow morning.  They are quite anxious to know when it all begins.

That's a good idea about you and Aunt Leora exchanging food but it seems to me you are doing much more than your part.  But it wouldn't sound like you if you weren't doing twice or more your share.

Your letter was so newsy and long – I really enjoyed it immensely and will look forward to more just like the last ones.  You certainly sound better.

Thank Daddy or whoever is responsible for sending me those grand pencils.  I've been using just stubbs without any eraser for ever so long.  It won't seem natural to use the others.  Those West Virginia stamps were quite clever – what do they come on?

Junie's father who is in the Navy is to go overseas real soon, was here for a few days.  Her mother went down to see him and they came to Chas. where Junie and Rose met them with the car SaFriday.  Ross stayed and the rest came back Sat.  Mr. Gilbert leaves tonight from Grafton for Norfolk.

The Intramural Swimming Meet took place tonight and we won the Melody Relay Race.  The Kappas got the most points, I guess.

Will look forward to your next letter – until then – I am Lovingly ....  Jean
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Saturday, February 23, 2013

1993 MV's letter - Feb. 23

MV writes a letter a few days before her birthday. Front page scanned, entire letter transcribed below.


2:30 PM

Dear Mom & Dad –
Right now I'm sitting on the playground of the Primary School in Somerset!  It's FREEZING I imagine the temperature in the 20's . . . . We are here each Tuesday; My afterschool group is grades 2&3 and go to 2 different schools.  The first School dismisses@2:15, the second at 3:07.  The first week we met, we were on the church van the whole time between.  Since then I've gotten wiser & we go to the playground until 2:50 then to school #2.  One day it rained, but otherwise it's been a good plan.  Today's a bit chilly.

Ginny has a terrible cough/cold.  It started 2/19 z- she felt bad and ran a fever for a few hours.  Since she's been congested and wants to sleep a lot.  I've not taken her to the Dr. as I keep thinking it might be related to her teething, but thus far thee is no sign of new teeth.  She has been enjoying cheerios, Rice Krispies, Green Beans & anything else non-spicy that she can gum to death.

Don is taking a "church planting" class at ATS for his required Continuing Education.  He's really enjoying it and you never know when it might come in handy.  For his project he is writing a proposal to plant a church in S.W. Somerset.

I got our Tickets from Phx–Lubbock last week – we will leave for Lubbock @1:30 PM on Monday, so I think we may go to Mesa Sunday PM & possibly spend the night with them.  Just for reference, I'll be bringing Ginny's portable play pen, which she can sleep in on the trip.

We continue to be happy with our Honda – the only problem has been getting it licensed with the Co. Clerk's office.  Each time I go tot he C.H. with the papers they tell me I need something else. Tomorrow I hope to make my 4th and final trip.

Thanks for the birthday money.  I've used it to buy some new clothes and a couple books I've been wanting.  Wish we were with you in Guatemala (warm!).

With our love – The Crowsons
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Friday, February 22, 2013

1993 Roberta in Israel - Feb. 22

Roberta may have made trip to Israel in both February of 1992 and 1993. Or at least her parents were there in 1992. Undated postcards with indecipherable or lack of postmarks make it more difficult to determine exact dates. See previous Israel postcards at this link.  Transcription follows each card.

1993 Roberta in Israel - Feb. 22. On back of picture "Dear Roberta, Here's the souvenir of our 
pilgrim tour, taken on the 22nd of Feb. 1993.  Love, Salome

1993 Roberta's postcard to Wendy from Israel - Feb.
 [Feb. 1993]  Hi!  We are now staying night in the Sea of Galilee.  Yesterday were at the Dead Sea – it's 35% salt!  Enjoy your TRIP!  SHALOM!  Love, Roberta
Captioned: The shepherd with his flock at Shepherd's Field with Bethlehem in the background.  
Postcard from Roberta to her parents, Feb. 1993
Hi! Thought of you all w/ this picture since since you are the Shepherd, Mom!  Have had beautiful sunny weather – so far!  Today Massada & picnic by Dead Sea.  This year they sell postcards of Jerusalem & snow from 2/92!  Love, Roberta
Jerusalem in snow.  Roberta mails the postcard Feb. 1993.
Hi – spent our last nite at 7 Arches – beautiful sunny day – had a picnic outside for lunch.  Took taxi down to inside Jaffa gate – on free morning – very enjoyable!  Anxious to hear of your travels!  Had quite an experience leaving Jerusalem – protest in the street – thousands walking – holding candles – Shalom, Love, Roberta

Thursday, February 21, 2013

1983 Catherine's Letter - Feb. 22

This letter written on the back of a travel agency booking of flights to Florida in December 1983. Plans later changed due to Roberta's (first) wedding and we went to California and Arizona instead. Transcription follows.

Tuesday, February 22, 1983
Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Hope you are enjoying your stay in Florida.  I thought you might be interested in seeing our scheduled itinerary (sp?) for our Florida trip.  The dates of DeeDee's flight might change as we haven't heard from her yet regarding whether she can take that much time off but at least we have some reservations.  I did check into Amtrak but it wasn't practical.  It would have cost us $1700+ and that would have just gotten us to New Orleans.  They do have connecting bus service to Jacksonville but suggested we would be better off making our own arrangements to travel from New Orleans to Orlando.  This way we will be able to spend more time in Florida and have more money to do it with.

Making the reservations was about the only positive factor of our trip to Bend.  The truck had not been out of Jefferson County in a year and it did not want to go up Juniper Butte.  Gerry had to get out in the middle of a wind & rain storm and try to coax the truck to start so we could crawl up the hill and then we were worried that it wouldn't make it up the hill on the way back so we didn't want to wait until after dinner and have to do it in the dark.  That was just as well as on the way home Wendy got sick.  We thought it might be travel sickness since it had been a long time since she'd ridden anywhere but it lasted all night and the next day and as she got better I got worse.  It was a brief but violent case of the flu.  Now we are all better.  We have to go to Bend again on March 6 but I think we might try to ride with someone else, that is for an Elks deal.

Well, I better close.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

P.S.  Any suggestions on where to stay at Disney World?  Should we get a package deal?  We thought we'd spend 3-4 days there first.  How about accomodations [sic] in Lake Worth?
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

1973 Catherine's letter - Feb. 20

Catherine and X make plans to move to Maine after X is offered a job in Sanford as Library Director. The trip to Joliet was most memorable in retrospect for something I did not mention in the letter – being stopped by the police while out for an early morning walk. They told me it was not common to see pedestrians at that hour.   Transcription follows.

Tuesday, February 20, 1973
Dear Mom, Dad, Serena, John and Mary,

Hi!  We've been busy, busy, busy as I imagine you have been too.  There is an unending amount of things that we need to take care of before we leave Michigan.   Plus we went to visit Bruce and Beth in Joliet over the weekend (we combined business with pleasure as we also had to go to the Univ. of Illinois for some library research on New Zealand libraries) While in Joliet we discovered there was to be a Grateful Dead (that's a rock group) concert at the International Aphitheatr [sic] on Monday night so we stayed over for that and didn't get home until 3:30 A.M.  Back to the library, they have a new one which is really something -- 7 floors all filled with stacks and reading areas.  You have to have an I.D. to get on any floor other than the 1st.  We were able to get day passes with our W.M.U. I.D.'s.

Dad, I need to know how much my Mohasco cost so that I can figure out the tax on the capital gain.  I can't believe our income tax.  It wouldn't be so bad if they had taken out enough so that I we wouldn't be hit so hard now.  I guess though, that w had the advantage of gaining interest on the money before we pay them.  We made about 8600 not counting capital gains and they only deducted 700 so we have to pay 267 plus the tax on our gains.

Another thing we need some info on is leases.  We are going to have to rent this house (it can't be sold until X's mother dies) and we would like to have whoever rents it sign a lease.

Mrs. Sheltra (whose envelope this was) is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the library.  She has offered us her assistance in finding a suitable place for us to reside at least temporarily in Sanford.  We have to be somewhat picky in that we would like a place where we could have Kuman [Irish Setter], a garden and an extra bedroom for X's Mom.  We're going to rent a U-Haul to get our stuff out there.

I am not using this because we are out of all other people paper, but because it was by the typewriter and I figured you wouldn't mind my small x scale recyclying [sic] efforts.

Bruce and Beth are getting married on March 31.  They are just having their immediate families.  They have been going together (on and off) for 9 1/2 years so it isn't much of a surprise to their families.

When are you going to go to Floriday?  Have you already gone to New York?  Have you made plans to come to Maine yet?

Love, Catherine & X
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Sunday, February 17, 2013

1993 Guatemala postcard - Feb. 19

1993 Guatemala Postcard to Wendy from Uibles - Postmarked Feb 19

Feb. 19, 1993
Dear Wendy –
We need you here to help us with our Spanish translation, tho we do pretty well in the restaurants.

Have met alot of college students just traveling on their own.  One said "Every high school student should be an AFS exchange so make your plans before its too late.

Do hope your trip was wonderful and we'll be anxious to hear all about it when we see you in March – now soon we will see you in 1 month by the time you get this.  Love, G'ma & G'dad

Friday, February 15, 2013

1983? Article about Wells Mfg. by HH

An undated clipping probably from the Wilmington News-Journal Financial section.  Articles on the back side include a wedding shower in Sabina and a luncheon in New Burlington, along with a picture of spring fashions.  The article itself mentions toy sales in 1982, so possibly the year is after 1983.  A dated copy of this clipping may yet emerge.  Meanwhile, transcription follows.

Christmas in February? 

Vice President
Wells Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Yes, in the American toy business, Christmas does come in February, for traditionally the second and third weeks of February are the show weeks of what will be selling the following Christmas season in our nation's retail stores.

Each February, the Toy Building at 200 Fifth Avenue, New York City, has over 1,000 manufacturer's exhibiting their wares.  Buyers from throughout the world will place their orders for this merchandise.  This time lag between February and the Christmas selling season is necessary to enable the buyers to place their commitments and the manufacturers who make the merchandise, ship it to distribution points and their stores and, in turn, give the consumers time to make purchases for the Christmas holidays.

Since 1945, Wells Manufacturing Co., in New Vienna, has been in the toy business.  It is the company's work to make things that other people play with – the manufacture of everyday toys such as sponge balls, jump ropes, jack sets, baseball bats and balls, soap bubbles, chalk boards, pinwheels paddle balls and yo-yos.

We all take for granted the presence of the thousands of items on the shelves in our retail stores.  In a casual observation  making these items appears to be "simple".  Yet, the making of a sponge rubber ball includes the blending of 10 items to the rubber, in quantities ranging from a few grams to several pounds, followed by cutting, tumbling, a "curing" process and three coats of paint.

After the product is made, our merchandise is sold throughout the United States and Canada to retail units, jobbers and exporters and companies that incorporate our products into their items.

In 1982, the toy business in the United States amounted to about 5 billion dollars, of which 25 percent is represented by imports from such countries as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other low labor cost countries.  Imports continue to be a growing factor in the toy business.

The electronic age has hurt the conventional toy business.  And yet in 1982 hand held electronic games were being sold at distressed prices to reduce inventories.  An estimated 6 million American households own video game attachments, providing for an expanding market for cartridges.  Since 1980 there has been a gradual evolution from sports games to space games and now to arcade licensed games.

It is necessary to have people with skills in many areas to make and sell our products at a profit.  Like everyone, we have seen costs sky-rocket.  And yet, selling prices have not increased enough to compensate for today's cost of business   Competition does keep a tight rein on prices, and the consumer benefits from this fact.

Another trend of recent years has been the proliferation of licensed items.  It has recently been observed that more than 80 companies are marketing on the "Smurf" license.

Virtually every week we receive a print or sample of an inventor's "hot idea" for us to manufacture and sell.  Unfortunately, most toys today are sold on an impulse base.  For an item to be in a store, that item must earn a minimum amount of dollar sales per year.  Professional buyers demand a satisfactory amount of sales per square foot, that the item offer a price value ration, a satisfactory gross margin return on the inventory investment and that it complement the objective of the business.

Yes, toys are fun, but work comes first in making the items, selling them at a profit and getting paid.  That is the marvelous economic cycle.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

1993 Crowsons Valentine & Church Music Ministry Goals

Ginny celebrates her first Valentines Day and her Mom writes a note on the Valentine card sent to Ginny's grandparents and included her church music ministry goals for 1993.  Note, but not the the goals, is transcribed following the card.

Thanks so much for meeting us in Lexington this weekend and the treats (dinner, brunch & hotel).  I know we all enjoyed seeing you.

Sorry we won't see you on [MV drew a heart] day but hope you enjoy the enclosed little keepsake. I thought it was cute and is small enough to set out at home or carry along as the case my be. Tonight she ate 4 oz baby food, 9 oz formula and 3 vanilla wafers before she got full!! It must be growth spurt time.

We had a nice visit w/our friend Len & Betsy Phillips; they are doing deputation (fundraising) to go to Argentina as missionaries.  They will got to language school for a year in Costa Rica first.

Hope N.Y.C. goes well.  We'll talk to you when you return.

With our love – The Crowsons

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

1983 Furniture Invoice - Feb. 5

Kitchen table purchased from G. M. Rice – is this the same one that's in the kitchen now?
Note the 5% discount for pick up, almost balances out the 5.5% tax.
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

1963 Kim's Wedding Gift Thank You - Feb. 11

In January of 1963 a wedding invitation was received from Kyung Ho "Kim" and Miss Sang Won Suh for their wedding February 2, 1963. The thank you card was sent in a timely manner soon thereafter. What a tribute to the electric frying pan. Transcription follows.

[Feb 1963]
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Uible,
The beautiful Automatic Electric Skillets you so thoughtfully selected for Sang and me is one of our most cherished gifts.  One of the nicest things about it is that every single morning or evening, rain or shine, we shall enjoy using it.  And every time we feast our eyes on its lovely and useful, you shall be in our thoughts.  Actually something we both have wanted so much.  And now that we have it, we feel we are about the luckiest couple in the world.

We both do thank you so much and as soon as we are settled we are planning to visit all of you.  I'm attending a school three nights a week and work a full time and a new marriage life . . . You can imagine my schedules . . . well, we are looking forward to see yo before long.

Thank you again you were able to attend our wedding ceremony.

Kyung Ho
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Monday, February 11, 2013

1993 Postcard from NYC - Feb. 11

The annual trip to New York for the toy fair in February 1993 is evident in this post card to Wendy. Transcription follows.
Waterfront view of Lower Manhattan Skyscrapers (including twin towers), New York City.  
Postmarked 11 Feb 1993.
1993 NYC Postcard to Wendy from grandparents - Feb. 11
Feb 11, 1993
Sorry we won't get to see you here but sure hope you have a good trip [with exchange students to NYC and Washington DC].  It will be a wonderful experience so take it all in!

Happy Valentines Day to you, Mette, & all your family.  Look forward to seeing you all in less than six weeks.

Am on the bus as I write this.  Weather is cool so be prepared w/layers.  Much love, G'ma & G'dad

Sunday, February 10, 2013

1983 Catherine's Letter and WW2 Reading List - Feb. 10

While working as Jefferson County Librarian, Catherine wrote a weekly column on books for the local newspaper. A draft of a column on books about World War Two to tie-in with the Winds of War television mini-series was enclosed with this 1983 letter. Transcription of the letter follows.
Thursday, February 10, 1983

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  It seems like every time I mail a letter to you I open my mailbox and there is a letter from you -- fast response!  I thought today I would try opening the mailbox first and then I could least acknowledge receipt before mailing this.

Everything is going fine here.  I got the lodge quarterly report done by the deadline yesterday and now I am working on the club monthly report which is due next Tuesday.  That will be followed by doing payroll on the 16th and then we will start working on the Bulletin.  This weekend the Elks are having a "Sweetheart Ball" so we will be going to that.  Before the dance they are having a German dinner with all the ladies receiving a free dinner so that should help the crowd.
Wendy was supposed to stay all night with a friend last Saturday but it was cancelled at the last minute as her friend had been misbehaving.  We rescheduled it for this Saturday night and then yesterday I got a call from her Mother saying she had forgotten they already had plans for this Saturday so now Wendy will be disappointed again.  She called late last night and I didn't have a chance to tell Wendy and I didn't want to tell her this morning before she went to Day Care so I guess I'll have to tell her tonight.  Maybe we can have one of her friends stay all night on Friday night since we already have plans for Saturday ourselves.

Did I tell you we are going to Reno in March?  It is a package deal through the Elks.  Madras Lodge is sponsoring a bus and going through a travel agent to get group deal on lodging etc.  It will cost us $85 each for transportation, two nights lodging, and one meal.  We will leave Friday morning March 18th and return Sunday evening.  It is about a 10 hour trip to Reno.  Wendy will be staying with the Bowdens, the same people she has stayed with when we went to Convention, the ones with the 12year-old twins.  Carl Bowden is going to be an Elks officer next year also so I don't know what that will do to our place to leave Wendy if they will be going to conventions also.  The next Elks convention is in May in Seaside.

Today is the Red Cross blood drive here in Madras and will make my 49th pint.  I was in charge of the calling committee but finally managed to get out of that last fall.  Now the Chairman tells me that the new person is not doing the job and she wondered if I would like to take it back again.  I don't think I need to add anything new to my schedule right now.  I am still trying to eliminate things!

Wendy decided last week that she had had enough of pre-school and she was ready to go back to kindergarten.  She was ready to "learn".  I tried to explain to her that she wouldn't be able to go back to kindergarten until September but I'm not sure that I really got through to her.  The other misconception she has is that all her friends from kindergarten will be going to K. again next year.

Are you going to Florida soon?  Roberta mentioned that she would be meeting you there.  Our tentative plans for Florida are to take two weeks off before Christmas and one week after.  And go to Disney World/EPCOT before Christmas.  We got Steve Birnbaum's (sp?) guide to Disney World and according to him it isn't crowded there until Christmas Day and after.  He says that between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the slowest time of the year.  We are still thinking of going AMTRAK although I contacted them for information and they never got back to me.  I guess I'll have to try going through a travel agent.

Got to run . . . . .   Love, C, G & W
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Saturday, February 09, 2013

1973 Catherine's letter - Feb. 9

7 A.M. Friday
February 9, 1973
Dear Mom, Dad, Serena, John & Mary,

Hi! Here I am in the laundramatte. X has got all his reservations & s ready to take off for Maine on Sunday.  We ran into quite a problem.  He had planned to fly to Portland and then rent a car to go to Sanford.  That way he could look around the countryside while he was there.  So yesterday he called Avis to reserve a car & it turns out that they won't accept cash unless you are over 25.  Otherwise you have to have Master Charge or some other big credit card.  So he checked out the bus schedule & it turns out that the only buses to Sanford from Portland are through Boston.  So now he is flying to Boston.  I'm going to drive him to the Detroit airport & stay with a friend in Ann Arbor until Monday night when he comes back.

Thanks for the money & the cards.  It is just as well that you didn't get the robe.  The money bought 3/4 of a new winter coat.  Neither of his other coats are at all dressy so it was a necessary item.
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Did Serena get the birthday present we sent her?  Hope she gets a positive response from Hope soon.

The clothes are on the last rinse already.  This is a pretty speedy place.

We picked 3 dozen carrots & some parsnips from the garden during the warm spell last week.  Excellent!  It is now 5ยบ so I guess it's back to winter again.  

Did I tell you that Dave Roeltgen is going to med school in Boston?  He is getting married in August.

The clothes are done so I guess I'll sign off & go home and hang them up.

Love, Catherine & X

Friday, February 08, 2013

1963 Furniture Invoice - Feb. 9

Roberta gets new furniture:

129.95  Dresser & Mirror 
  25.00  Bed [This seems cheap! -- a bargain of a bed if one purchased the set?]
  68.50  Desk
  19.95  Chair
  26.95  Nite stand

Purchased from Stockwell's Furniture Store on the Cincinnati Pike in Hillsboro.  See a previous Stockwell's invoice and a bit more information about the company at this link.  
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Thursday, February 07, 2013

1983 Catherine's Letter - Feb. 3

A great advantage of computer typing is not only the ability to easily correct mistakes but to use the spell check to find out the spelling of such words as subpoenaed.  Transcription follows.

February 3, 1983

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Well, here I am finally sending you Wendy's school picture along with the pictures of while you were here and one from Christmas.  We thought her school picture came out w really well.

I had a nice birthday, thank you for the card and the $$.  I don't have anything specific in mind right now.  We have been considering buying new lamps for the living room however, I'd rather spend your money on something more for myself.  It look like we will be going to Bend on February 17th so I should have a chance to do some shopping.  Gerry has been sub-poenaed (sp?) in the case of one of his former employees who had surgery dn due to an on-the-job accident and now two different insurance companies are going to court to see which one should pay.  I am going to take the afternoon off work and we will probably take Wendy and go out to an early dinner afterwards since Gerry needs to be back for Elks as it is a Thursday night.  This will be our first trip to Bend since you folks were here.  I think we'll pass on the High Desert Museum though and probably eat at Beef & Brew since I have Gerry a gift certificate to B&B for his birthday.

I am in a really hectic phase of the bookkeeping cycle [I'll skip the boring details of this paragraph but will add that the bookkeeping classes I took while in Maine, helped me do the Elks books, and both served as preparation for doing the accounting for Best West RV.]

Wendy is happy about quite a few things.  I had promised her last weekend we would go to the A & W tonight for supper.  She wanted to go there for my birthday dinner but we went elsewhere.  (We should have gone to A&W though -- the place where we did go had a poor salad bar, they were all out of every seafood listed on their menu, the steak was tough, the baked potatoes were like rocks, the rolls were OK).  Tomorrow night we are going to see Savannah Smiles & Peter Pan at the theatre.  Saturday she is invited to a birthday party in the afternoon and she is spending Saturday night with her friend Karah who lives down the street.

We have been busy at the library this week.  The children started their "Read-a-thon" this week.  Do you have that in Ohio?  They get people to pledge money according to how many books they read.  So we have been having children come in and check out large stacks of books.  Reminds us of summer.  I think the benefits go to March of Dimes.

Well, I better close.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy
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