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1972 Roberta's Italy letter - July 6

An aerogramme from Roberta while she's on her 1972 summer European tour.  Transcription follows.

July 6, 1972

Dear Family,

Hi!  Thanks so much for your letter in Switzerland.

We arrived in Venice after a terrible bus ride!  I was sick at my stomach all day!  But feel fine today - just had a delicious Italian Ice Cream cone!!

This morning we had a tour of Venice - by boat of course.  It was really interesting.  Then after a pizza for lunch we went to the Lido beach – wow – a great day to get a sun-tan!!  Is really hot!!

We were told not to drink the water in Italy or Greece.  My coke bill will be my biggest expense here!!

Tonight we are to go on a gondola ride.  That should prove to be interesting!!

I had 4 letters waiting for me in Venice.  Which was really nice!!

Four of us have been hanging around together, Linda & Karen Fisher [Foster? Zusker?]  (from near Toledo O.) and Beth Guess from Denmark, South Carolina.  Beth was in Mexico last summer and was telling me about the cathedral you were telling me about.  Something about a real bright blanket.  Did you all see it?

What have you heard form Serena?

I'll be lucky if I get out of Italy without buying myself a pair of shoes.  Oh - my good shoes fell apart in Paris.  I was walking down the stairs and the heel fell off & I also fell or vice verse.  Did a Scarlet O'Hara.  I've still got them tho.  Did you send Joe & Peg Bernard anything?

Hope all is fine - do write when you can.  John – has the you-know-what come yet?  Do take good care of it!!!

Better be closing – Love, Bert
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