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1976 Catherine's Letter -Mar.31

Wed. March 31, 1976

Dear Mom, Dad, Roberta and Mary,

This is the morning I go bowling but I think I'll have time to  write you all a short letter so I can mail it on my way.

I got your letter which included the marriage laws yesterday.  I think you're right about it being simpler to get married in Maine.  However I certainly don't want you people to make a special trip here.  Especially since we are coming to NV right after that.  We're just having as simple a ceremony as possible which probably means no relatives.  If it would make you feel better we can have another ceremony in Ohio so that you can be there.

The book also arrived yesterday.  Glad I could be of some service.

I plan to contact John soon to see if we can get together sometime soon. I'll be looking forward to seeing you all the end of May.

Tell Grandma hello for me as I understand she is back home.  You can tell her I've been keeping busy darning socks.

I hope you get (got) the package I mailed to you.  I may also be sending you some of my winter clothes.  I won't be needing them in San Diego but I might want them later if we move to a cooler climate.  It depends on how much space we have to take things in.


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

1956 Serena's Baptism -Mar.25

New Vienna Methodist Church Bulletin
Palm Sunday, March 25, 1956
Marvin G. Schamaun, Pastor

Names mentioned in addition to Rev. Schamaun include:
  • Mrs. Henry Waits, Organist
  • Those receiving Christian Baptism:  Roderich Strupper, Donna Strupper, Serena Uible, Susan Ridgeway, John Franklin Custis, Franklin Wester Jr., Barbara Ann Mitchell, Daniel Woods, Carol Salisbury, Ronald Salisbury, John Salisbury, William Timothy Penn, Mary Rosalie Ridgway, Leon Salisbury, Esther Salisbury, Robert Salisbury, Thomas Salisbury, Charles Salisbury, and Rosemary Burton.
  • Joe Rambo, janitor.
  • Nominating Committee: Everett Penn, Joe Eaton and R.W. Mongold
Attendance Goal for Easter – 275.

Monday, March 28, 2016

1956 CJU letter about NV house -March

CJ's thoughts about a new house in New Vienna . . . .  Based on the mention of "next Monday April 2" this was written the week of March 25, 1956.  Some punctuation has been added.

if I was doing it for myself – 3 Bed R., D.R., Den, Kitchen, L.R. and plenty of closet space.  1-Bath direct off kitchen and 1 or 2 for bedrooms. Bed room section 27 x 36 and the living room den and D.R. and kitchen 30 x 48.  2 car garage under house with laundry and play room.  Garage doors to be 9' wide instead of 8.

Would have to take elevations before definite plans are completed.  Might be able to build all on one level and believe I would prefer that and above all I do want you to have a luxury home and with all convenience and everything good quality.

I guess Mom wrote you about our plans on arriving home.  You send the mail up to and including next Monday April 2.  After that hold everything.  Should arrive home Tuesday forenoon around 9 AM.


Sunday, March 27, 2016

1996 Family Letter -Mar.22

March 22, 1996

Dear Family:

Getting the enclosed respective letters from Mary Virginia and John has given us motivation for getting a letter off to each of you.  In fact, you may know for sure that we have "gone off our rocker" in getting the house air conditioned, after thirty-nine years.  Of course, with snow on the ground we have no reason to try it out yet.

John called us today and said Monday, as of now is the day for the delivery.  They have tentatively set 2 P.M. as the time.  All of our prayers need to be with them.  This experience gives us a new appreciation for normalcy.  Speaking of experiences it was on the news tonight about the couple who had six children in one delivery.

We had lunch with the Sankers in the Cincinnati area last Sunday.  Bill is still "hep" on old cars.  Would have loved to have had Serena meet us, but we have not had any response to the phone messages left on her number.  As they say, "no news is good news."

The Crowsons treated us royally in Somerset three weekends ago.  Don has started a new Sunday School class, which has all ages.  The only printed material that he uses is the Bible.  All of you would be proud to see their flower and garden activity.

Roberta and Sid had a great long weekend in San Antonio, especially with multi visits to the SAS shoe factory outlet store.  The fact that they had new styles at such low prices was a wonderful combination.

Catherine is very regular in calling us early on Wednesday morning, tho we must confess that sometimes we are not too wide awake at 7 A.M., With Spring here we are stirring by 6:30.  Wendy and her Mother are still on their vegetable diet.  Wendy is doing well in college – we'd like to read the papers which she has been handing in.  She has also been doing alot of walking.

Surprised to read in the Wall Street Journal (on the front page at that) about the stadium issue that Cincinnati had before the voters.  It did pass.  They hope the business it brings will help pay for it.

New people are fixing up the Harry Allen property and plan to move there soon.  Their son and his family have been living in the area for quite a few years.  Their daughter-in-law is the librarian at Sabina School – real nice couple.  The parents had lived in Florida but wanted a change in climates and had been renting property here for awhile.

We are getting ready for the Guest Banquet of the UMW which will be April 9.  We used to call it the Mother-Daughter Banquet but got some flack about that as being limiting.  Wish that one of you were around here for me to invite.  If Roberta would be a month earlier, she could be my guest.

Appreciate all of you keeping in touch (Hint, hint to Serena, please !!!!!!!!!!!!)

Friday, March 25, 2016

1976 Catherine pictured in library clipping -Mar.18

1976 Catherine pictured in library clipping -Mar.18 Sanford Tribune p.2
Captioned: Cramped Working Area
Mrs. Cathy Hall works in the Adult Reading Room 
at the Louis B. Goodall Memorial Library where temporary office 
space has been set up until the new addition is completed.  
The opening of the expanded area is tentatively set for the third week in April.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

1986? GHU letter to John -Mar.18

Though I had originally guessed that this letter from Grandma was written in 1986, further research on the date indicates that if Cris was to arrive for Easter on Apr. 3, then the letter was probably not written in 1986 when Easter was on March 30.  Instead it most likely was written either in 1980 when Easter was on April 6, or in 1985, when Easter was on April 7.

The notecard, illustrated by Joe, is captioned: "Lantern" Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  J.U. Horton 1979

March 18 – 
Dear John & X

Your letter rec'd.  This will be the 3rd date I have made to get home.  I first said Mar. 29 then the folks had plans so I changed to Apr. 2nd so after reading your letter called the airport and canceled that date.

Now I will be glad to return north with you on Apr. 4th.  The family will be glad to have you come.  Cris is to arrive for Easter coming in Apr 3 I believe so we will have a little visit with him.

The Arabia trip that the folks were planning has been with called as the planes are now not accepting any one except wives and children as others are not allowed to enter.

Hope to see you March 30th.  Now take care & have a safe trip.

My paying for the return trip still holds good.

With love

Grandma U.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

1976 Catherine's Letter -Mar.17

March 17, 1976
Dear Mom, Dad, John & Mary,
          (Serena too?)

Hi!  Your phone call was a real surprise.  Sorry I didn't get a chance to talk longer to Mary.  I didn't realize who I was talking to right off.

I didn't understand why Roberta delayed her flight.  Did you say she sent you a cable?  Is it the 23rd now?

Gerry and I have not made any more definite plans.  I think the end of May is too soon, however.  Besides that should be John's moment of glory.  Getting married in New Vienna is a possibility.  What is the law?  Can you get married by a Justice of the Peace or does it have to be a preacher?  I think if we get married here we will just have a few witnesses – his family numbers in the hundreds.  At any rate neither of us feels that the wedding is the big thing.  The fact that we can have a good life together is obviously more important.  I'll keep you informed.

We had a pretty bad storm here last night.  The schools are all closed today.  However all us working people still have to go out.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

1906 Letter to Lucie -Mar.22

A letter from Lucie Brown Ballantyne's great aunt, Elizabeth Catherine Howlett Spalding[1] .  Notes are added after the transcription.  Paragraph breaks have been added for readability.

March 22nd [1906] Brandon [Texas][2]
Dear Lucie,

Your kind letter received sometime since I should have been answered – I cannot say exactly what I have been doing so much but I am kept very busy – cannot say I have accomplished much – yesterday I really drew my sheet of paper from the box & thought I was already to write the letter I am now trying to write – strange when one is thinking of a distant one & particularly when you wish to perform your duty to them something comes often as a reminder.

The children went to the office & brought me your school pamphlet[3].  I thank you for your remembrance of me notwithstanding my long delay in answering your letter.  The Professor's or Principal's Bereavement is certainly very sad.  I felt deeply for him.  Such a loss is hard to endure.  One can quite realize his feelings while reading of them.  She was I imagine a lovely wife & a loving devoted couple husband & wife.

We certainly in our lives see the mysterious ways of a Loving Father – who does not willingly afflict His Children – My dear Child arrived safely.  She is restless about business & she took me with her to Dallas – after stopping at the Hotel we were invited to the "Texas Baptist University"[4] to make a visit to Katherine[5] – we had a pleasant visit – but thought a great deal was lacking to make it a desirable or progressive school.  Katherine has given up her studies & only taking vocal lessons.

Your Cousin Mary[6] is anxious to see you & her Sister whom she has not seen for many years.  I think she will be out there some day.  I have not heard from Aunt Cora[7] for some time.  I know she is very busy she really accomplishes a great deal.  I wrote to Anna but have not heard very lately from her nor do I know anything about Ella.  I had one letter from Chicago from her.  I answered it.  Lucy[6] writes she is about moving – but does not mention Ray.

I have many sorrows – today I am very deaf – it comes mostly from cold.  Sometimes worse than at other time very great affliction – we have had such disagreeable weather – so cold & dreary.

Cullen[8] would like so much to go away to school – he is near 16 – he is  model of a Boy.  I think his Mother would never let him go so far away – he would make a fine scholar if property trained.  Just received a sad letter to whom I wrote after the death of a dear Mother.  I write many letters to dear Bereaved ones.  It take time but do not consider the time lost – when I know one needs sympathy.

I have at last gotten some pictures taken.  I sent Cora one & will send your Papa one.  I think your Parthenon very nice – glad you are getting on nicely.  Give much love to all.  I hope your Papa is still improving.

Yours lovingly,

E.C. Spalding
[Elizabeth Catherine Howlett Spalding]

* * * * * * * * * *

[1] Elizabeth Catherine "E.C." Howlett Spalding (1824-1913) - sister of Lucy Howlett Brown (1823-1886) aunt of A.W. Brown, great-aunt of Lucie Brown Ballantyne, 2x great-aunt of Jean Ballantyne Uible and 3x-great-aunt of the Ballantyne-Dailey-Uible cousins.  "E.C." as she signs the letter, is living with her son James, a physician, and his family in Texas.  James (1853-1926) is married to Sallie (nee Boone).

[2] Brandon, population of 80 in 2000, is located in the central Texas hill country about 55 miles south of Dallas.  Settled in 1846 and serving as a stagecoach stop, it became a railroad town (after relocating a mile away from the original townsite in order to be near the tracks) in 1888 with the arrival of the St. Louis, Arkansas and Texas Railway.  Population peaked at 450 in 1914, but declined considerably when the railroad was removed in 1936. [Info from TSHA Texas State Historical Society.]

[3]Marshall College, where Lucie was then Prof. of Elocution  The Principal, whose title was changed to President in 1907, Lawrence J. Corbly (1862-1935),was married to Elizabeth "Lizzie" Holland of New Cumberland.  She died unexpected in 1906 and therefore earns a paragraph in this letter.  More information on Marshall College, including a picture of the library in 1910, can be found here.

[4]Texas Baptist University opened for classes in 1905 in Dallas.  Due to inadequate resources it was forced to close in 1912.

[5] Katherine (1887-1950), granddaughter of E.C., 

[6] Mary (1848-?) and Lucy (1856-?)  daughters of E.C.

[7] Cora Brown Crawford (1856-1923), niece of E.C., sister of A.W. Brown, aunt of Lucie Brown Ballantyne.  

[8] William Cullen Spalding (1889-1950), grandson of E.C., became a physician like his father.

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1966 Catherine's Letter -Mar.13

[Mailed to Hotel Taft, NYC]

Sunday, Marcy 13, 1966

Dear Mother and Daddy,

Hi!  I hope you all are having lovely weather in Puerto Rico, because the weather here has been everything but pleasant.  Yesterday it poured down rain all day.  John and Kevin were bored because they couldn't go outside to play kickball.  Roberta was (and still is for that matter, she went to Sunday School anyhow) sick so you can guess who ended up delivering papers.

Mr. Myers (my newest paper customer) told me that he delivered the News-Journal for 13 years.  That sounds almost impossible to me.

So far we have received four postcards from you.  One came on Thursday, and the other three came on Saturday.

Mrs. Smith got Donnie Achor's mother to go with her to Cincinnati.

Last night Holly and I went to see "The Prisoner."  It was pretty good but you had to think about it alot to understand it.  It only lasted 45 minutes.

In the bulletin this morning it said that the high school chorus is to sing at the Leesburg Methodist Church next Sunday.  Actually they are going to sing at the Church of Christ in Lees Creek.

Whenever we ask Mary Virginia where you guys have gone she says "Cago," and then she gives her own special interpretation of an airplane.

There were 171 at Sunday School with an offering of $39.03.  The Redeemers had the largest attendance of 23 and also the largest offering of $9.00.  How is that for a secretaries report?

The only reason Roberta went to church was because this was her 52nd consecutive Sunday.  She hasn't got her pin yet, though because she hasn't told Mr. Fisher.

Well, I better be signing off now, my program comes on pretty soon.  I hope the weather has been good for swimming.


P.S. John started a letter to you the other day but I guess he got disgusted and tore it up.  He says to be sure and bring him something.

Friday, March 18, 2016

1966 Wilma's Letter to HH & Jean -Mar.12

Saturday [March 12, 1966]
Dear Folks,

Does this paper look familiar?  All that I could find you know.  It has rained all day and the boys are really bored because they couldn't go outside and play kickball.

Sunday –
As you can see I didn't get much done yesterday on this letter.  Had a real nice day today and enjoyed the show very much for the third time.  We stopped at the Mainliner on the way home but it was so crowded we didn't get out.  We stopped at the Milford shopping center and it was full up also so we just came home.  I suppose Sheffield's got a good business this evening.

I think Roberta feels a little better this evening but still isn't too bright.  She has a terrible cold and can't seem to keep anything down.  All this good cooking and she has to miss it – isn't that a shame.  I made my famous spaghetti yesterday and we have enough to last the rest of the year.

I really can't think of any news that has happened the past week.  Catherine and Holly went to the play last night at the college.  They said it was different.

The weather has been real warm but has rained alot.  They tried to talk me into letting them sleep out in the tent Friday night – I think they would have been quite wet if they had.

Hope you had a good time soaking up all the sunshine you could in Puerto Rico.  Will be anxous to hear all about it.  Sounds like you are getting the whole family to go to New York.

Everyone wanted to know how Virginia got her wrist broken and if she did it while in New York.  Glad you got to see "Hello Dolly."

Made some butterscotch brownies this evening for Girls Scouts tomorrow.  Hope to have enough to go around.  I didn't realize that there would be 12 or more.  Will fill in with some Girl Scout cookies if I need them.


Thursday, March 17, 2016

1976 Roberta's India Letter -Mar.13

March 13, 1976
Dear Family,

It was nice talking to you this afternoon (morning for you all).  I didn't feel it necessary to call (since I telegrammed) but Banerjee thought to make sure.  I wish the connection had been better there was more I would have like to have said – and explained better.

As I tried to explain – I'm in perfect health now – just making up for the time I was sick in December.

Now – I'll either be flying on the 22nd or 23rd – thus arriving in Columbus either the 23rd or 24th flight 151 – about 8:30 pm.  Hope this is convenient for you all.  In India you don't make plane reservations w/ the ease & speed that you can make them in other parts of the world!

We may be going to Bhopal –(North) – today Banerjee is in Poona.  We were going to make the train ride as before – then company decided to fly him so I decided just to stay here in Bombay.  Spent today w/ Mehtas.  Nice family – especially the daughter-in-law – 19 years old.  Speaks little English.

Hope this reaches you – I'll wait till we can talk IN PERSON for telling you other things – still playing cards ––

Hope my change of plans have not upset anyting.  JB – I'll be home – not going to miss you – we have to talk about Dream Farm.



Wednesday, March 16, 2016

1976 Roberta's Telegram -Mar.11

My assumption is that contents of a telegram would be "telephoned" to the recipient and then a copy mailed to verify and confirm the receipt.  Note that this telegram has "Duplicate of Telephoned Telegram" stamped on the official part, envelope is postmarked the following day.
From Roberta to Uibles:


Coming 20th indefinite cant miss holi  [holy?] holiday here
Going north with Banerjee everything fine

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

1966 Puerto Rico Postcard HH & Jean -Mar.11

[postmarked Mar. 11, 1966]
Thanks for card – So glad to hear from you.  Glad to hear how cookies sales are going.

This is where we landed, 1600 miles from N.Y. 3¼ hrs.  Nice beach near by.  Had fried bananas for supper plus some things we aren't sure of.  Your card was here when we arrived.  They have F.W.W., Kresge & Sears here.  Plan to go to Virgin Islands Sat.  Have Wells jacks here – 10¢ – may bring some home.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

1966 Jean's Statute of Liberty postcard -Mar.

Statute of Liberty postcard -mailed 1966. Captioned: on Liberty Island, New York.  This 300 ft. statute illuminates the "Gateway to the New World." It has become the symbol of Liberty and was presented to the people of the United States in 1883 by the people of France.

Got letter yesterday from Aunt Mary & she & Uncle Bill are coming next week for the 3 days we will be here (16-19) & Luna Herron is meeting us Wed. to see Joe at Philharmonic Hall at Lincoln Center.

Miss all of you very much.  Hope all of you are well & to hear from you soon.


Saturday, March 12, 2016

1966 Jean's LaGuardia Airport postcard -Mar.

All set to leave for breakfast with Tatt and Aunt Virginia and then off to Puerto Rico.

"Hello Dolly" was real good.  Ginger Rogers has the part of Dolly.

Miss you all and anxious to see you.  Hope all are well and everything's going fine.

Love & XXXXX, Mother

Friday, March 11, 2016

1966 Jean's Hotel Taft postcard -Mar.8

Hotel Taft - New York postcard mailed 1966. Caption: On Times Square at Radio City, Center of Entertainment and Shopping District, 2000 Ultra Modern Air Conditioned Rooms at Sensible Rates, All with Television – Radio – Circulating Ice Water 
Walked over to Frances Bell [a restaurant?]  to find it closed for remodeling so on to Trefners.  [Restaurant then at 619 Lexington at 53rd St.]  Got in about 3 miles of walking.

Watched the salute to Girl Scouts on the Today Show – How are the cookies?

Hope everything is going fine at home – tummy aches over & weather not bad for paper delivering.  Aunt Virginia broke her right wrist but getting along fine with it in sling.

Love and XXX
Daddy & Mother

Thursday, March 10, 2016

1976 Roberta's India Letter to GHU & Hortons -Mar.10

March 10, 1976
Dear Grandma, Uncle Bill, Aunt Mary & Rob,

Here it is 2 days before my "scheduled" departure and I find an aerogram addressed to my family – so hope you don't mind the mess on the front! [New Vienna addressed crossed out, Hortons address written in BOLD print in empty spaces.]

I had a most interesting time in Kabul, Afghanistan – so glad that I made the trip there!  After being there Indian women seem very "liberated" – at least they are out & about!  There a woman (i.e. myself) out on the street alone almost needs police protection.  Jim (one of the P.C. guys) got use of a car while I was there & we drove around a good deal – out into small villages.  Quite an education – at 1st thought Kabul to be a backwards city – but after seeing the suburbs, changed my mind quick!

Getting to Kabul was in itself something.  Let me tell you the questions they ask as you enter into Pakistan –– "What do you think of Urban Renewal?"  "Should the U.S. give support to New York City?"  I nearly fell over – sure weren't expecting these questions – it felt like a current events class!

I did splurge & flew back – but you will have a hard time to believe this – Jim bargained the price down at the Airlines office to $100.00!  In Afg. you bargain for everything – that was still alot of $ but worth it to me – got to spend more time there plus bought alot of stuff there – the biggest item being an original Afghan coat – do you know what I mean?  Brown leather w/ embroidery on it – lining thick & hairy!  Well – you'll have to see it!  I also got some leather billfolds, etc. – and a pair of Afghan pants – that took ? meters of material. (Now – I have gained weight but not THAT much!)

I'm now back in Bombay – took my last Indian Train ride from Delhi to here – just 30 hours – took the fast train!  Bombay is such a nice city – it's been such a good feeling to know that I could always come back o Bombay during my travels in India.  I only wish you all could meet the Jhangiana Family & Banerjee.  He has such neat sayings – like Man makes the money – Money doesn't make a man!

I got your letter – Thanks – enjoyed your "note" Grandma.  I plan to work at Hudson Guild again this summer – but as driver of the bus – not going to get stuck in the dining room!  J.B. & I will have a good summer –

What's the latest w/ George – your neighborhood!  Next time I see you we'll play cards – India has been good for me in alot of ways!

Love, Berta

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

1966 HH NYC Public Library postcard -Mar.7

New York Public Library postcard -mailed 1966 Captioned: 5th Avenue and 42nd Street, New York City.  Color Photo by Ewing Galloway.

1966 HH NYC Public Library postcard -Mar.7
At the Taft on the 20th floor.  Plane was on time & had lunch at 29000 feet.  Aunt Virginia & Mrs. Fisher* got here about 5 P.M.  Have been to the Toy Show & got a directory & saw Wells jacks in F.W.W.  Isn't this picture in the World Book?  How about a [girl scout] cookie?

Mother & Dad

_ _ _ _ _ _

*Mary Elizabeth "Tatt" Ballantyne Fisher, 1906-1993, first cousin of Jean & Virginia, was daughter of Charles Alexander (C.A.) Ballantyne 1875-1957 who was brother of Nat Ballantyne.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

1966 Jean's NYC postcard -Mar.6

Springfield [Pennsylvania] Manor Motel postcard -mailed 1966  Captioned: Located just 1500 ft. west of Exit 1, Interstate 90, on Route 20 at 6N.  Eight ultra-modern units. Open all year-round.  F.A. Stohlman, Owner. West Springfield, Pa.
1966 Jean's NYC postcard -Mar.6 (Springfield Manor Motel, caption is x'd out as mailed from NYC)

[March 6, 1966]
New York
Got here about 9:30.  Arrived at Columbus airport to find time 45 minutes off on our ticket & plane was almost in.  Might have landed at Philadelphia or Boston & would have had to take train or wait because of fog.  Mist but no rain.  Planned to call you from Columbus but no time.  Thinking of you all often.  Picked up your watch, C.  

Love, Mother & Daddy

Monday, March 07, 2016

1976 Catherine's Letter -Mar.6

March 6, 1976

Dear Mom, Dad, Mary & John,

Hi!  Thanks for your latest letter which I received yesterday.  I thought I would wait until I hard from you so that our letters would not be passing in the mail.  But then I began to think that perhaps you were waiting to hear from me.

I'm glad to hear that Mary Virginia had a good birthday.  I'm going to a birthday party later today for Gerry's nephew who was eight on Wednesday.

Thank you for the letter, John. It was a shock getting a letter, I figured it must be full of valuable information if it required a letter instead of a post card.  I'll be looking forward to your visit to Sanford in April.  Gerry has a 17-year-old sister who said she would be glad to have you as an escort should the four of us care to do something.

Gerry and I are planning to be married in June and we will be leaving for the west shortly thereafter.  So we probably will be around for John's graduation and we will also be passing through New Vienna sometime.  Do you people have any special plans for the summer?  Will you be taking John and Roberta to Hudson Guild?

I have been continuing my bowling with my average around 76 so I still have plenty of room for improvement.  I go one morning a week with Carol Lombard, a good friend of mind and then Gerry and I usually go one night a week.

We went back down to Portsmouth last Saturday night making it two Saturdays in a row.  We didn't try the Blue Strawberry.  We went to hear Rick and Ron Shaw, they sing folk music and they used to perform in Sanford but they have made it much bigger now.  They may have put an album out I'm really not sure.

It won't be long now until Roberta is home.  Giver her my regards.

I heard the "Other Side of the Mountain" was good but I didn't go to see it when it was here in Sanford.  Gerry and I went up to Portland and saw "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."  I had read the book and I though they did a pretty good job with the movie.  We've been thinking about going to see "Barry Lyndon" which has been getting alot of publicity.  I guess it is taken from a novel by Thackeray.

Well, I hope to hear from you all again soon.



Wednesday, March 02, 2016

1986 GHU, Bill & Mary Horton photo -March

A moment in time 30 years ago – Grandma poses with Mary & Bill Horton for a photo in their Lake Worth, Florida home.

1956 Serena's Schedule -Mar.3 +details on Catherine & Roberta

We can assume these instructions were left when HH & Jean went to New York City for the toy show.  Possibly Miss Lettie (Kibler, 1893-1976?) was the caregiver left in charge.

Serena's Schedule (13 1/2 mo.)

7:30 ––

  • Gets up
  • Breakfast – Warm 1 Bottle, Make Cereal out of about 1/2 cup prepared baby cereal + 1/3 - 1/2 bottle.  Give rest of bottle to her in play pen – she'll hold bottle herself
10:00 or 10:15 –– Let crawl on floor

10:30 –– Nap

12:00  –– Lunch
  • Try some milk in cup or green plastic glass
  • Give her what rest are having unless unsuitable – baby food in cupboard
  • Finish with bottle in play pen.
2:30 –– Nap usually til about 3:30.
  • Once in awhile she (or you) may prefer just an afternoon nap which follows lunch & she should sleep a good 2 hours.  Plan pen til fussy – then out to crawl
5 –– or 6 ––  Supper followed by bottle

7 - 7:30 to bed –– with double diaper

Make this as flexible as you wish for she has learned to adjust to various schedules.  Catherine or Roberta know where most everything is & will be glad to help you.

[top few lines on second page mostly indecipherable 

. . . . Roberta . . . Rice Krispies or Cocoa (or Dot cereal) . . . . morning.  Roberta never talked much til last spring so you may have difficulty understanding her at times but tell her to talk slowly, or repeat – she gets pretty tired in the afternoon . . . . but if she naps won't go to sleep very early at night.  Use your own judgement but shouldn't be too late in going to bed.  Separate beds is the quickest way to get them to sleep the fastest.

Catherine should be ready for bed at 7:15 (bath over) and in bed at 7:30 for she's the early riser.  (She shouldn't get up before 7:00)

On Friday & Saturday nights they may stay up til 8:30.  Catherine isn't a very good eater but seems to be going thru that stage – she likes soup, sandwiches, chocolate milk, eggnog, ?? & she's good at giving supper suggestions.  Anytime you need anything at the store she can go.  Roberta can go to the Dot Store for she doesn't have to cross any streets.

Catherine should leave for school by ?? and should be home by 3:45.  Takes $1.35 to school on Monday for school lunch & milk for the week.

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

1976 Roberta's Afghanistan letter to GHU & Hortons -Mar.1

March 1, 1976

Dear Grandma, Uncle Bill, Aunt Mary & Rob,

Hi!  Bet you thought you wouldn't be hearing from me from Kabul, Afghanistan.  I's a long story why I decided to make a quick trip here, hope you all heard it from my family.

It is such a different culture here than in India.  Here women are not seen – but the few that are out are covered from head to toe – they have a 'thing' that hides their face – very dangerous as they can't see well & they walk out into the street & almost get hit.

I'm with 3 from the Peace Corps – today at lunch got together w/others from P.C. – one being a boy that graduated from Kalamazoo in 1971 – knew Catherine & X both.  He said he never dreamed of meeting Catherine's sister in Kabul!

Today went to the school where 1 of them teaches – most of the class rooms outside – school has been out for last 2 months – because of cold weather.  Still snow on the ground – and cold to me!  I have on layers of clothes –

Food here not HOT at all – but very greasy.  Fried rice is basic food – good beef here.  Also tea good here – different than India.  In India they use so much milk & sugar.  Here just sugar.

It was quite a trip from Delhi to here – I did meet – quite out of coincidence another P.C. guy in Delhi going to Kabul so had company the whole way.  From Peshawar to here most interesting – mountains w/ lots of snow – sometimes you could see layers of road as you look down. The more I travel the more it is contagious – my dream now is to go overland from London to India – then East through the Orient.  It could all be done in one trip – all it takes is time & money. (+ the 'guts' to do it!)  Travelling itself is pretty cheap – cost just $8.00 to go from Delhi to Kabul for transportation.  Of course there is not much luxury involved.  To fly the same distance is $120.00!  Overland the trip just takes 2.5 days (both nights spent on the road).

Grandma I'l be seeing you soon – and sure hope to see the rest of you all too on your trip North.  Grandma, we will have to take a vacation somewhere – here I am not even home yet & ready to go!

Rob – I'm anxious to know of your next year plans – I can't believe you are almost finished at J.C.  – time flies – My best to you all from Muslim Country – lots of beautiful mosques –-


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