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1955 Roberta, Catherine & Wells

These pictures appear to have been taken the same year, so will include them together.  Roberta & Catherine are modeling some possibly fashionable clothing for the mid-1950s, skirts/dresses with not always comfortable crinoline slips.  Glad that fashion didn't last long.

The Wells truck appears to be overloaded (or is it being unloaded?) but perhaps only had to go as far as the railroad tracks and not make a long journey.  The trips to and from Sandusky to pick up rubber were always an adventure.
1955 Catherine & Roberta
1955 Wells Mfg. Truck - Loaded

Friday, October 30, 2015

1965 Jean's postcard to Roberta & Catherine -Aug.18

The following postcard should have been published in August along with postcards from Roberta and Catherine who were visiting New York City with a New Vienna group, sightseeing and going to the World's Fair.  Another related correspondence was a letter from Serena while visiting the Daileys.

1965 Postcard written by Jean, sent to Roberta and Catherine
in New York City, Paramount Hotel - Aug. 18

Wed. 8/18/65
Dearest Girls,

The boys pained the go-cart today – gold and Elbert wants to buy it for $9 – very plain but they've already had alot of fun with it.  Now John is begging for a motor for it.

We went out to Bernards last nite & got eggs – saw Barbara just as we were leaving but didn't talk to her.  On to Johnsons & watched them gather cows & milk.  Tommy says he wouldn't be a farmer – too many bugs.

Aunt Va. called last nite & Serena is to go home with Tommy & Maureen on the bus tomorrow.  Haven't decided how she'll get back.  Roberta & Mary Va. are invited up there [too].

Then will only have John & Mary V here from Thurs. til Sunday.

Serena & Maureen are ironing to go on their trip!

Sure miss both of you & hope to hear from you by tomorrow.   Keep Wilma straight!  Love & XXX Daddy & Mother

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1985 Roberta & GHU - Halloween at Senior Village

Sid's great depiction of Roberta's "costume" makes up for the newsletter version of the photo, which most likely exists in living color in either Roberta's or the family archives.  Not hard to remember Grandma in the purple jogging suit – her traveling clothes – but certainly not the classic GHU look.  The paragraph (presumably written by Sid) is transcribed below.
Page 18 of the 34-page Senior Village "News and Views"
November 1985 newsletter.  


Honors for longevity at Senior Village's annual Halloween extravaganza went to Mrs. GLADYS UIBLE, 93 years young, grandmother of the Village Manager, ROBERTA UIBLE-KING.  Mrs. UIBLE, who is confined to a wheel chair, spent two weeks during late October and early November with ROBERTA and her husband, SID, flying to and from Cincinnati by herself.  Wearing a purple jogging suit and carrying a jump rope, Mrs. UIBLE appeared ready to treat the Senior Village residents to an exhibition of strenuous calisthenics.  ROBERTA entranced the residents with an outfit consisting of five items of clothing, all of clashing colors, topped with high black boots at the bottom.  Her hair was "modified punk" causing some residents to congratulate her on her splendid, better than usual, hairdo.  Ten long fingernails, all sporting unmentionable, garish colors, completed her Halloween costume.

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HH in the "5" years

1935 Harold & dog house in back yard/garden area of 69 West Main St., New Vienna Ohio
1945 (?) Cecil Uible, Robert Triplett (husband of Lucile Reynolds Triplett), Keith Pugh Jr. (son of Serena Reynolds Pugh) and Harold Uible - probably at the Triplett residence in California.
1955 Serena & HH, near Lakeside -June 11
1965 HH and Roberta - bicycle maintenance
HH, John, Jean at John's Eagle Scout Ceremony - April 1972
1985 HH -- written on back of photo: Taken Jan 1985 Harold Uible
1995 Jean, Mary Uible Horton, HH in San Francisco after China trip -Sep.29
2003 - HH & Kate
2015 HH & KC for Academic Achievement award assembly -Oct.21

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1925 Ruth Shoemaker's postcard

From the Shoemaker/Collier postcard collection  – this card was sent to Mabel and Ruth's older sisters, Blanche then age 16 and Grace, age 14.
U.S. Post Office, Chillicothe, Ohio -postcard mailed 1925
1925 Chillicothe P.O. postcard - sent to Shoemakers
[postmarked 3 Aug 1925]
North Hickory St., Chillicothe

Dear Girls:
I will now try and let you know where I'm at.  But please don't ans. as I will be back Thurs. or Friday.

This is the Post Office of Chillicothe and just below this is where we are moving if we get the house which I think we will.

From, Frances Hartley

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

1985 Catherine's letter -Oct.21

 dear grandma and grandad

I hope you like this letter

please go to velvasheen

How are you   I am fine

School is great.  here is a math ptoblem for you

+   44040


p's goodbye

Love  Wendy

Monday, October 21, 1985

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi! Wendy did all the typing on the other side of this letter.  She is hoping you can go to Velvasheen and get us some matching shirts.  She has been wearing some of mine recently and they seem to fit her OK so I guess you could get her ladies size.  We understand that it will be awhile before you are able to get there!

I have continued to call this Rick Beebe about his unpaid bill but I haven't yet been able to talk to him.  It appears he is able to evade all calls – but I haven't given up.  Maybe someday on my lunch hour I'll go over to this Carpet Mill and see if I can do better in person.

I bought a make-it-yourself skeleton costume at a fabric store which I am hoping to wear for my storytime appearances at the library.  Wendy is hoping to be a cheerleader for Halloween nut we don't have an outfit for her to wear yet.  We'll see.  Hope we find something soon.

The Colfax library is closed today to move books to the remodeled side so that they can put carpet down on the part where the books were.  I volunteered to help but they said they had enough help already – using volunteers from the county jail.  Just as well, I have plenty to do on my day off.  They are still hoping to be finished with the remodeling by Nov. 15.

Tomorrow at the Moscow library is the date of our monthly branch meeting when the branch supervisors come to Moscow for a meeting.  We are going to take the whole day and tour all five of the branch libraries.  I have been to all of them but some of them have never seen the other libraries so hopefully it will be worthwhile.  It is part of my administrative duties to attend these meetings.

Well, it is about time for me to be leaving for the post office and then to Wendy's school for my monthly visit to read stories and talk about the public library.  Today I am reading The Almost Awful Day by Patricia Reilly Giff and The Witch's Hat by Tony Johnston.

Hope you are having a nice Elderhostel [India].  We look forward to hearing from you.

Catherine, Gerry
& Wendy

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

1985 Roberta's letter -Oct.20

October 20, 1985
Dear Folks (traveling folks),

Hope this letter finds you –– and finds you well & enjoying your trip!  Just remember  – the next time you go – Sid & I might try to join you.

I've got a big day planned – am to meet Anne & Gene Hamilton – Apache Junction at their new church there at 10:00 AM  It is a community church that they have actually helped to 'physically' build – considering the fact that she is a Catholic & he has never gone to Church – it is quite amazing for them to be so active!

Then will spend the day in East Mesa seeing some E. Mesa Senior Center people – last time I was over in E. Mesa was June 18th – the day Sid got home from England & the day of the accident with the Ohio women!  It's been a busy summer!

Didn't think I properly thanked you all for the good week w/ you all in New Vienna.  Always a pleasure to be at home w/ you both!

Speaking of pleasure – we are looking forward w/ great pleasure for to your time out here at Christmas.  We have reservations at a very nice travel trailer park about 5 miles North of here.  We went ahead & got the space for a month – the way it turned out that was only $6.00 more than 2 weeks!

We are planning to have the trailer there & set up for your arrival – then after you all leave in January we plan to go up for a long weekend ourselves.

The park has a heated pool – covered & spa – also square dancing!

Talked with John at the bank this past week – they will be going to New Vienna the 26th – spend the night with Grandma.

Had my 1st Nutrition Test this past week – sure felt uneasy about it.  Especially since I missed the 1st test & the teacher said I didn't have to make up the test since I had such a good grasp of the material!  So . . . . I really felt the pressure on to produce a good grade on this test!

How is your trip?  Are you taking some good pictures?  This week Sid is back in South Bend – I'm sure he is taking some good pictures!

The airport looked like a Senior Citizens center – When I took Sid to the airport Friday – the $25 fare for people over 65 are sure filling up the planes!  Talked w/ Sid & he said not one single empty seat between Phx & Houston & also between Houston & Chicago – no empty seats!  No meal included on the $25 fare!

How do you like the Indian food – do you find it too hot?  I'm trying to lose 2 pounds myself – but it "ain't" easy!  It's especially not easy when everywhere I go people try to feed me!  So I'm trying to exercise more!

–– It is now Monday PM – have been busy studying Nutrition tonight – Anne Hamilton gave me lots of printed material yesterday on various subjects.

Again – anxious to hear more about THE TRIP!

Much Love,

Thursday, October 15, 2015

1905 Nat to Lucie Letter -Oct.17

The order of these pages seems convoluted though made slightly more sense when they were folded.  Too bad we don't have any (that have yet been seen) of Lucie's letters to Nat.
1905 Nat to Lucie Letter -Oct.17 p.2,1 
1905 Nat to Lucie Letter -Oct.17 p.3

1905 Nat to Lucie Letter -Oct.17 p.5,4

1905 Nat to Lucie Letter -Oct.17 p.6

Home. Oct. 17th [19]05
My Dear Lucie,

So I find I can take a little time this afternoon that I could not put it to better use than writing to you.  We arrived home from Wheeling on the late train last night and was good and tired.  While there wrote to you telling you had ordered the gloves from a friend of mine Mr. Franks.  Do you know him?  Well, he writes me this morning saying that he was unable to send the Driving and Gauntlett [sic] ones and tried to get them in the City but was unable to do so but had forwarded the dress ones.  Now am sorry that he did this as I wanted to send [--page two--] them all together.  Heaven hope the ones that has gone will get when up to the City.

Well Lucie it never rains but pours.  My cousin Lucile [Freeman Rogers? born about 1855] from Steubenville is visiting us and Mrs. Byerly [?] is at McAteers [?] and last Miss Lara Hill is also in town visiting Mrs. Plattenberg [?].  So you see I'm pretty busy.  Have not been to call on Miss Lara yet as she seems to like someone else better (Mr. Westlake [?] as he had her at Church Sunday eve and was down all day Sunday.  Will be there tonight and tomorrow she goes to see Fay South at Steubenville so you see she will not be liable to stay [--page three--] up late into the wee small hours on my acct. this time.  Suppose you heard about Brady's South's death.  It was certainly very sad and also very sudden.

Well Lucie you should have seen me coming home from Pittsburgh last Saturday.  Met Mrs. Byerly in the Union depot and was just in time to help her carry her packages and suitcases and took the boys in too.  Never felt so much like a family man before.  We had a fine ride and enjoy'd them so much.  Everyone who sat near us was congratulating me on my two fine boys and not a few notices their mother either for she was just looking fine.  She expects to be here for a week and may go back in McAteers Auto and do you know that Auto is still in the Barn.  Mac and one of the machinists at the Works has been working on it for a weeks and finally Mack had to get a man from the city to come down.  He came yesterday morning and has it almost ready to run.  Was down just before dinner and they all were out at the barn cleaning it up and polishing the brass work.  They cant understand why I say do not believe I cant arrange to go [--page four--] along with them on Saturday.  Lucie a dozzen [sic] Butlers wouldn't induce me to change my plans but a little dear girl in Huntington might.  Of course would like to go for the novelty of the ride but can get that again.

Have received the new bed for our Buggy and had it put on and it just makes it look like a new buggy.  Just ready for another ride when you come back but do not suppose you will care to ride in any other than your own when you come back.  Your father seems to enjoy it so much he is out every day and the weather has been so fine for him too.  Saw Polly Craddock  [--page five--] who has been visiting your folks out and Bert has been also taking her out.  Am so anxious that we have just such weather when I go down on Saturday. Won't it be fine.

By the way almost forgot to tell you that the Cigars came and they are fine.  Many thanks.  No one will get any of these and am just going to keep them to smoke when I'm all alone and lonesome (which is quite often) and can sit and smoke and think of the one little girl who lost her bet.  See.

Now Lucie think and believe will be a go and you can just bet if I have anything to do with it that [--page six--] we will have a big blow out when you come home and especially for you and you can look forward to that.  Mrs. Smith no doubt has written to you and told you all about the Fortnightly and I neednt mention it.  In fact do not know much about their last meeting.

So Lucie havent seen Milers frame [?] as yet.  He has invited me to call at Brown to see them but do not think I will do it as we do not do any business with them now and have not much use for them.  No, do not think she is above the ordinary.

Now will say Au ReVoir as I must get down to work and hope you receive my letter written to you from the McLune and don't forget to tell me where to go when I arrive on Sat. – and if you want anything from home will be to glad to take it down so be sure and say so I am most

Affectionately Yours,

P.S. Lara Hill said to me this morning that she heard something and its all off with she & I now.  Had quite a time to make her believe otherwise and do not believe she does yet, but I changed her mind somewhat am sure.  Now some people here like to talk about other people business and affairs.  Don't they?  She has just called and wants me to go to Steubenville with them.  She asked about you.  – Nat

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1975 Catherine's Letter - Oct.17

October 17, 1975
Dear Mom and Dad,

Hi!  Well, I suppose you are about as far from Sanford, Maine as you could get.  Things are going along very well here.  I'm sorry I didn't write sooner about having gone down to see John.  I guess I assumed that he would write to you sooner than he did.  I had to go down to Boston to pick up X at the airport the Sunday before John's birthday so I left early in the afternoon and stopped to see John.  I went to Vespers with him and then we had the buffet supper at the Exeter Inn.  It was 5,95 each so you sent us just the right amount of money.  John seemed to be doing well, much more at home than the same time last year when I went down to see him.

My bookkeeping class is going well.  There are only about eight of us in the class so we get plenty of personal attention from the teacher.  We have these workbooks which is supposed to as if we were keeping all the books for a wholesale leather goods business.  I am thinking of taking an accounting course through the Community College next semester.

I will probably take some of my vacation days in November and meet you all in New York.  The weekend before that Ardy (who was married in July [I went on the New England bike trip with her and the cross country trip in the VW in 1968]) and her husband are going to be in Boston visiting some other friends so I plan to go down and see her.

The library addition is coming along.  They poured the floor the beginning of this week.  They will be breaking through into the old building about the 1st of November and tearing out the stacks behind the circulation desk and remodeling that area.  In the meantime we are trying to relocate the 9000 books which are now there.  We have books in all the windows, books on top of the stacks, books to the ceiling in the basement, books on top of the magazines in the upstairs magazine room, etc.

I was thinking about quitting my second job – Stop & Go but I'm not sure if I'm going to do it.  The extra money is nice and I still seem to have plenty of time to do other things.  As a matter of fact I am about to leave for work right now so I'll finish this off and mail it on my way.  I hope it gets there before you leave.  I'm sure you're having a good time.


Sunday, October 11, 2015

1975 Roberta & MV write to HH & Jean -Oct.

 HH & Jean have gone to Australia and New Zealand.  MV, and Roberta write a letter, and Ruth Shoemaker adds a paragraph too.

Sunday night
Dear Mom & Dad,

Hi!  Bert has been burring me to write you so here it is.  As you know I am selling Cake-walk tickets.  I got them Friday & sold 17 Friday night.  (I got 48). Saturday I sold the other 37 yesterday and ran out.  [Something is wrong with this math.]  I heard Mrs. Wolfe was at Bonnie Waters House.  So I went down there and asked her if I could have some more tickets and she said I couldn't have anymore until Monday but, told me to take orders so I took orders and counting my orders I have sold 123.

* * * * *

Mon. Hi, Jean and Harold:

I see this letter here so will add a line.  Mary V. isn't up yet.  I think she believes I am trying to starve her but I am not going to let her gain if I can help it. We went to Wooden Spoon yesterday for lunch – then over to Wilmington to Hospital to see Mrs. Oscar Johnson who went in Sat. nite for chest pains not serious said she wouldn't have to stay only couple of days resting.  I let Berta finish this up.  Have a good time – Your "Kids."

* * * * *

School went fine today.  Dad, I had to dig another garbage hole today.  The first one must not have been to deep or we must be eating more!  Ha!  We are watching "Phillis."  She takes piano when she is 8 years old and goes to a recital (sp?) and gets to teh middle of the song and can't remember anything more.

She decides to take piano lessons again.  She goes to a recital and does the same thing but when it is over and everybody is about to leave the room she tells them to go back to their seats and she plays it the whole way through.

M. V. U. 

P.S. Roberta is doing fine with piano.

* * * * *

HI!  I had such a nice dinner with Miss Octualt (sp?) last night.  She gave me several people to get in contact with in Wilmington -- like the person in charge of all the foreign students at the college, others who had worked or have been to India.  Also gave me 33 missionaries, teachers, etc. who are now in India that are supported at least by part of Methodist funds.  Gave me some magazines with articles pertaining to India, etc.  So once more I have lots to read.  The other night when I wasn't home the Doctor from India that I had called before called and talked to Mary Virginia and asked her if I was still going to be going.  SO I should call him back.

Weegie had a little girl on Saturday and Sue Smith has a little girl yesterday.  Judge Hottle's nephew spoke Sunday at Church.  We didn't get out till quarter of twelve . . . . . everyone was moving around in the pews.  The postmasters son spoke . . . . . . his hair cut makes Blaine Ballantine [sic] look long.

Yesterday Ollie Stoops and her husband bought a new car (a 73) and yesterday afternoon it caught on fire down town.  It was totally burnt.  She was very upset . . . . . as they just signed the papers for it on her noon hour.

Yesterday and the last few days have been beautiful.  It was 83 y3sterday, Grandma was outside.  Tonight she wants to go to the meeting at Riders.

Elizabeth is getting along fine in the hospital . . . she will be able to come home tomorrow.  The only thing is that Oscar has been the sick one and she worries about him.

Still no word from Saxbe.  I am going to write the missionaries in Delhi and try to meet with them during my stay there.  I got the bill for my trip today, went to the bank and a cashiers check is on its way to AAA.

Have got to go . . . . . hope you all are having a good time, we are all fine.  I had some good turkey livers for my lunch and felt it a shame that mom was there to enjoy them with me.  Ruth is taking good care of everything.


Friday, October 09, 2015

1995 Roberta's Letter -Oct.6


Thanks for making my CHINA experience such a wonderful one!  I'm enjoying all the post cards, photographs & esp the memories – now that I have caught up on my sleep!

I'll enclose info FYI – do let me know if you sign up for Journeys of Paul – I might have some PHX ladies interested in it too!  Of course you can use my name tour host # – even if I'm not on the trip I'll gain extra credits!

I have talked w/ MARES – She is very HOT for future travels – has ordered a special travelling bag for next trip!  Have signed up for Australia / New Zealand leave 11/2/96 – need to write Mildred from NC & Diamosos (Mary & Leonard from FLA) concerning the trip!  Perhaps I should give Aunt M more recovery time before I mention it!

Gotta go & Thanks again!


Thursday, October 08, 2015

1985 Roberta's Letter -Oct.6

Oct. 6, 1985
Dear Folks,

Hi – I'm cooking up the last of the Washington lentils – Via New Vienna – tonight.  Have tried several of the recipes in the cook book too.

Wanted to send you all these pictures – thought they came out quite good.

Talked w/ Morgans tonight – Miss Wendy had been to Sunday School this AM – her request & her mother had driven her.  They have made no decision as to Christmas – Wendy's plans.

Hope to write again – or at least talk w/ you all before you take off on Sunday ––


Wednesday, October 07, 2015

1985 Family Letter -Oct.6

Sunday, October 6, 1985

Dear Family:

Heard an interview recently about how to avoid procrastination . . . just practice three words "Do It Now".  We did get into gear yesterday putting up storm windows and working the yard projects.  Just a week from today we head East . .  virtually on the same date as Roberta went ten years ago.  We leave NYC at 8:15 P.M. and arrive in New Delhi the next evening at 11P.M. (which will be 2 P.M. (Ohio time).

Kyung Ho Kim was here for supper last evening . . . their family has decided to move to the U.S. now that his parents have passed away and two of their daughters are now at Wilmington College.  Right now he is talking of settling in the Cincinnati area, with NYC as a 2nd choice.  More power to them.

Cris and Angela are expecting next Spring and Aunt Mary is trying out a hearing aid.  We enjoyed having Roberta here for a week . . . . it went so quickly.  Grandma took up her invitation to come out and is leaving for Phoenix for two weeks on October 29th.  There is a non stop 3 hour flight from Cincinnati which is great.  Mary Virginia and the tow of us are planning to go out at Christmas time and wish it was possible for more of the rest of the family to make it.

We are still enjoying our garden, no frost yet, so still have tomatoes, plus carrots, broccoli, brussel sprouts, raspberries and new lettuce, radishes and spinach.  John Hughes as the Lions Club program on Wednesday about all the dangers of chemicals in farming and about the fish kill in their pond.  Dad was also on the committee for the dinner and they had a total cost of $50.00 for the thirty people and each of the four brought home enough food for a couple of meals.

Dad has written the above and covered the high spots.  We will enclose a brief itinerary of what they have sent us.  If anyone feels so included to write – the last would be the safest as a letter we got from India recently took a good two weeks.  Happened to meet someone at the ABA meeting in London who sent us some literature about India.  We have no idea where our home stay will be located so don't know how to plan the last of the four weeks that we will be there.  We are guessing that it may not be Bombay so plan to spend our time there and possibly a couple of days in London to rest a little before the rat race of USA.

Harold Thornburg had a heart attack last Thursday and is in intensive care at Clinton Memorial.  That was the same day that Carolyn's mother was buried so quite traumatic for her.

[Love, etc.]

Sunday, October 04, 2015

John in Family History & Favorite Brother

Several of us have a favorite brother who just might be celebrating a birthday today.  In addition to the John to whom we are most closely related, there are several other John's in our family history.  In fact, in the Uible-Ballantyne-Brown-Hiestand family tree, there are currently 64 men whose names include "John".

The John's in our family to which we are most closely related are listed below.  The ones not listed are cousins, uncles, in-laws, etc. including another of our favorite relatives, John Walgren.

  • John Freeman born 1764 in Leicestershire, England, death unknown, 2nd great grandfather of Nathaniel Wallace Ballantyne (grandfather of James L. Freeman, who was grandfather of Nat), 4th great grandfather of the Ballantyne-Dailey-Uible cousins.
  • John M. Freeman, born 1825 in Pittsburgh, died in 1907 in Toronto, Jefferson County, Ohio, great uncle of Nat Ballantyne (brother of his grandfather, James Freeman), 2nd great grand uncle of the B-D-U cousins.
  • John Brown – born 1631 in Hawkedon, Suffolk, England, died in 1697 in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, 5th great grandfather of Lucie Brown Ballantyne,  great grand-father of Oliver Brown (Revolutionary War hero), 7th great grandfather of the Ballantyne-Dailey-Uible cousins.
  • John Brown – born about 1780 in Massachusetts, died in Wellsburg, Brooke County, (West) Virginia in 1852, 2nd great grandson of the above, great grandfather of Lucie Brown Ballantyne, 3rd great grandfather of the B-D-Uible cousins.
  • John D. Brown – born 1821 in Brooke County, (West) Virginia, died 1860 in Brooke County, son of the above, father of A.W. Brown, grandfather of Lucie Brown Ballantyne, 2nd great grandfather of the B-D-U cousins.

  • John Boughman – born about 1700 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, died 1763 in Lancaster, 4th great grandfather of GHU. His daughter Barbara was the mother of Anna Layman Wilkin, whose granddaughter Sarah Wilkin Fawley was the grandmother of GHU.  Thus John is the 6th great grandfather of the Uible-Horton cousins.
  • John Fawley – born 1720 and died 1803, both in Lovettsville, Loudoun County, Virginia, 3rd great grandfather of GHU.  He was great grandfather of Noah Fawley, who was GHU's grandfather.  5th great grandfather of U-H cousins.
  • John A. Fenner – born about 1764 probably in Maryland, died before 1841 in Highland County, Ohio, 2nd great grandfather of GHU (his granddaughter, Nancy Trop Hiestand was the mother of Ira), 4th great grandfather of U-H cousins.
  • John Hawk – born 1776 in Johns, Jefferson County, Alabama, die 1815 in Rockingham, Virginia, 2nd great grandfather of GHU (his grandson, Noah Fawley, was father of Mary Ellen Fawley Hiestand), 4th great grandfather of U-H cousins.
  • John Fawley – born 1795 in Loudoun County, Virginia, died 188s in Hillsboro, Ohio.  Grandson of John Fawley mentioned above, great grandfather of GHU, 3rd great grandfather of U-H cousins.
  • John H. Hiestand – born 1801 in Botetourt, Virginia, died 1872 in Highland County, Ohio, great grandfather of GHU, 3rd great grandfather of U-H cousins.

  • John (Johann) Georg Uible (Uebel) – born 1760 in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, death unknown but possibly in the USA, 2nd great grandfather of CJU, father and grandfather respectively of the two listed below, 4th great-grandfather of the U-H cousins.
  • John (Johann) David Uible – born 1778 in Germany, died 1843 in Goshen, Clermont County, Ohio in 1843.  Great-grandfather of CJU, 3rd great grandfather of the U-H cousins.
  • John (Johann) David Uible – born 1822 in Germany, son of the above, died 1849 in Pleasant Plain, Warren County, Ohio. Grandfather of CJU, 2nd great grandfather of the U-H Cousins.

Friday, October 02, 2015

1975 Mother's Club, New Zealand & TWA Postcard

A  combination of seemingly unrelated items – other than date, are combined below.  Back in the day when airlines gave out postcards, this card was evidently available on a flight from Ohio to Kansas City, a trip for Harold and Jean that resulted in their arrival in New Zealand.

The Franklin Square "theme center" and Benjamin's Restaurant in Mason, Ohio, was where the Mother's Club met on the Tuesday evening prior to the trip to New Zealand.  Evidently neither the
Square or the Restaurant lasted long as only references from 1974 and 1975 can still be found.

Postcard is transcribed below, clipping follows.
TWA Hong Kong Postcard mailed 1975
Captioned: Hong Kong: View of the Harbor.  In Flight with TWA.
1975 TWA Hong Kong Postcard HH to GHU -Oct. 7
Hi – Still at the airport – it was nice to be early – the plane is full.  K.C. is the 1st stop – then on to San Francisco.  We got these pretty post cards on the plane.  Away on schedule & nice to see the sun again above the clouds.  If they forget have them bring you J's letter that came today – Love, Jean & Harold.

1975 Wilmington News-Journal Clipping: "Franklin Square manager tells about it at New Vienna club."
[In Jean's handwriting – ] Left for NZ next day 10/6/75

Items from Uible photo album