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1976 Postcards from Greece -July 19

North Gate Ancient Mycenae (Acropolis) Greece postcard - mailed 1976
1976 HH's postcard to Roberta & John at Hudson Guild - July 
We left Athens yesterday on this 3 day cruise to the islands.  Getting use to the rock & roll & appetite is good – always too much food on these ships.  Good (?) place to start a W.W. club.  Ship is good location for refreshments – as you have a captive (to say the least) crowd.  Have met people from all over – from Ohio to N.Z,  Our ship cabin is next to Brumleys.  Bet Grandma had big time.  Love, Mother & Dad

Sounion Greece postcard -mailed 1976
1976 Jean's Greece postcard to MV & Hortons -July 19
Mon. July 19, 1976
On way home now after really wonderful trip – islands were beautiful, but didn't get to see enough or stay long enough.  Hope you get to take similar trip sometime – or round the world cruise.

Not looking forward to getting into New York at midnite (too late to call New Jersey or Fla.) – or Columbus at 3 AM Tues.  Looking forward to seeing you in a few days & Hortons next month.  Much love!
Island of Santorini Greece postcard -mailed 1976
1976 Jean's Island of Santorini Greece postcard to Roberta, John & GHU at Hudson Guild -July 19
Mon. 7-19-76
Last card from Greece – now on way to Shannon - New York and home.  Wanted to call but Dad says it would be after midnight.  Have really enjoyed the trip.  Gotten many compliments on orange Indian blouse.  Also the wrap around skirt.

Had much delicious fruit that wish we could share.  Hope to make moussaka w/ eggplant & ground beef & cheese.  Have had it nearly everyday.

Please save card.  Hope business is good & cars running well.

Love, Dad & Mother

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1966 Jean's Letter to Catherine -July 21

July 21, 1966

Dearest Catherine,

We received your airmail letter this afternoon so don't think the air service is much faster than regular mail.  Enjoyed reading a typed letter from you.  I feel real guilty when I use your typewriter for I'm sure you would have enjoyed having it out there.  If it weren't so late we would send it out with Roberta.  I seem to hit so many of the wrong keys.  I just left it unguarded to put some cans back in the cupboard that Mark kept handing me.  (While I was gone he took over the typing.)  He and Jeff are here this evening for Rosalie's grandmother passed away.  I realize now what a great help older sisters are in looking after little brothers.  Just a minute ago he was gone and Serena and I went in opposite directions looking for him.  Serena found him over at Frumps having chased a ball there.  OH me!

There seems to be little new outside home.  Roberta is all excited about her trip and Serena has made numerous lists of what she should take to Camp Cartwright.  Rev. Beers is a counselor so that save two trips to Camden – we hope unless something unforeseen comes up.

I hope we are sending you everything you mentioned.  I didn't get out of town to get you anything new but no doubt you would say you don't need anything.  Roberta had Doris cut her bangs – much against her will – she had made an appointment for a week from today – and she was heartbroken when she came back – Doris had cut FAR more than I thought she might and Roberta was really heartbroken.  She can't wait til it grows back to its former length.

The Hortons have written that they are leaving for someplace the 30th of July depending on what weekend or rather week suits the Browns of Chautauqua the best.  They even have considered going to Washington the same time that we go – that not having been decided on yet by us – depending on whether you want to battle more heat and crowds in order to see Washington at its height as far as the latter two are concerned.  It is also possible that we postpone our trip to the end of October when you all have time off from school and everything else is more in our favor as far as going.  Or we could combine a trip to Washington at the same time either before or following Mary Ellen's wedding.  You can let us know via Roberta or give it a little more thought.

We went to the Lees Creek Ice Cream social last night and took Grandma and Grandaddy.  They seemed to enjoy it though the weather was on the cool side (first in many weeks) which curtailed the selling of much ice cream and perhaps deterred a few people.  Shirley Bernard's parents were there and said she had received a letter from you they thought but both she and Barbara are at camp (4-H) this week so she had not opened it of course.

Daddy has been working on cleaning up the vacant lot next to Thompsons.  He loaned Charles our new mower which is a real joy to ride compared to our old one.  It has a combination brake - clutch which is something to get used to – like driving a Volkswagen or any car without automatic transmission.  We have been mowing Rev. Beers yard and so teased him by telling he he was to mow our back field and he did most of it yesterday til the mower ran out of gas.

You might be thinking about what you want to do with that bicycle – if you have a friend you want to give it to out there – perhaps the church could give it to a deserving child or would it be worth the room it will take up to get it home with seven people in the car.  Roberta hasn't decided whether she is going to Carbondale to get you as it is the last week of Senior High camp – no one else is going from here but she has a friend who may go from someplace else.  Rev. Beers is also a counselor that week of camp.  Rev. Briggs is to go the first week of Sr. High Camp so they told her one or the other would be able to look after her.

Perhaps Dave would like a ride partway home if his grandparents don't come after him – if he could stand the trip with all the Uibles.  That would be a long way for one to come from New Jersey for a few hours of talk.  He has a long long road of studying ahead of him if he plans to become a doctor – perhaps a psychiatrist if he is taking psychology (you have never said but I figured the mice he has to take care of would not be for the computers group anyway.  [Dave became a neurologist, I saw him last summer in New Jersey.]

Serena's swimming class was cancelled this morning due to the cold – it got down to a low of 48 and noticed the weather out in St. Louis has been cooler too which should be a relief to you.

Tomorrow will be a busy day if we have to get Roberta to the train in Cincinnati by 8:00 A.M. so better close – Do appreciate your having Roberta come – her short hair almost made her cancel the trp at the last minute – but it does not look near as bad as she imagines it – it was clear down to her eyebrows.  Anyway thanks again and keep the letters coming.

Love from all of us,

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1976 GHU letter/card from Hudson Guild -July 16

Grandma's recent choice of postcards and notecards must have been limited to what was available at Hudson Guild.

Fri. morning. [July 16, 1976]

Hello Family –

I am here & there this morning.  Went to the TV room to read the N.Y. Times for no one was listening to TV & the room was light and no windows open.  Then comes a lady or 2 who wanted to talk.  After 15 min. I said I must wash my teeth & left.  Now I wanted to write & the cleaning lady has her equipment in the hall so I can't make it to the lounge to write so will stay in my room with card on my knees over papers.

Roberta told me this morning that Cris phoned last night so we are expecting him & M tomorrow from 10:30-4 – He or they had plans for the rest of the week end.  Would waited to write after their coming but wanted Mary V. to receive the picture before returning home & to mail Mon. might be too late.  The folks here all like Roberta & John very much.  R. left at 9 o'clock with 6 ladies who were to N.Y. or ? then she will return with a load.  The Van holds eight.  Hope she gets along allright.  We have had a card from the Greek travelers.  I have answered more questions than you can think, about this wheel chair.  They marvel the way I get around & to travel by plane would be unthinkable.  I have listened to some of the political talks etc. & of course to hear the Dem, – If Carter gets to be Pres. everything will be fine.  (We have heard that before.)

I am still for Ford regardless.  Now I am in the Lounge with several who are reading & have use of table.  Oh the food they serve.  I would rather have less food to look at & more maid service.  Clean linens were placed on the bed but you have to make your own & clean floor with mop.  I asked a lady about a mop because I wanted to get ride of the fuzz? from wool blankets.  So she gets the mop & cleaned my floor & wanted to make my bed but I told her Roberta would take care of that.  R. likes her roommate.  I always straighten up my bed each morning but don't change sheets.  The weather stays cool.

With love, Grandma

People read, crochet, knit, fish, swim, walk, card games & eat.  They have had 1 picture shown, or rather 1 evening.  1 Bingo, 1 dance, 1 singing, 1 The price is right.  It was real clever.  John drove the head lady here & myself to a retreat park about 1 mi. out of town.  A very pretty place.  It was fixed up by a priest for people to enjoy.

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1976 Greece postcards -July 14-15

Athens Greece postcard -mailed 1976

1976 Jean & HH Greece postcard to MV -July 14
Wed. – July 14, 1976
[Note from Aunt Mary – Hi, MV:  we enjoyed the card too!, Aunt Mary.]  Going to Delphi so am writing this on the bus.  Had a nice supper at restaurant overlooking the Acropolis & then saw the Sound & Light Show.  We ride the city bus around the city – quite clean & modern and tourists everywhere.

Delphi is about 100 miles & has lots of OLD history, makes our 200 yrs. seem like nothing.  Have you read about the Acropolis yet?  It is one of the Wonders of the World.  Love, Mom & Dad

[Another note from Aunt Mary – Thurs. Really HOT – Joe phoned from NYC – all O.K.!]

Ancient Corinth Greece postcard -mailed 1976

1976 HH's Ancient Corinth (Greece) postcard to Roberta, John & GHU -July 15

Hi!  Enjoying all the sights.  Here is like going back to Bible times saw where Paul spoke here, etc.  Now on way to Mycenae area that goes back to 1600 B.C. – reminds us of M.P.  J.B. except no hard boiled eggs,  a # of back packers at various sites.  Tomorrow we get on the boat to visit the islands.  Love, the 2 Travelers.

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1966 Jean's Letter to Catherine -July 18

July 18, 1966
Dearest Catherine,

Well, Bible School is over and I feel like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I can relax and do some of things I have been wanting to do.  We received two letters and a postcard last Friday so we really hit the jackpot with mail from you !  So glad to learn a little bit more about Dave.  Ship Bottom is certainly a picturesque name and believe it or not we found it on the New Jersey map as well as Wayne (on enlarged map of New York City.)  I don't see how you have time for so many things like studying, writing letters, etc. for several of your friends said they had a letter from you last week – Holly, Weegie among a few.  Weegie just got back from Washington D.C.  Holly was out for a walk and I let her read one of your letters.  She has a bad looking upper lip.  I was teasing her about it.  She said that the doctor said it was either nerves or sunburn and I vouched that she had plenty of both.  We also saw her swimming at the J-R about a week ago.  Last nite as we were going into UDF I caught a glimpse of Diana Stewart as she was leaving with two girlfriends but just had a chance to wave.  Not sure she knew me.

Sunday we went for a picnic after church.  Roberta had written to a friend she had met from Morrow.  We picked her up and went over to Fort Ancient and stopped at the J-R afterwards; it was real hot and the water felt real good.  She spent the night and they are trying to talk us into letting her stay tonight but she goes to summer school and I imagine her mother expects her home.

Mrs. Davis [Mabel Osborn Davis 1890-1968] is moving into Dorothy Johnson Bernard's house across the street (between Tom Green's and the Brown-Nordyke house). She has fallen twice and wants a house without stairs and a first floor bathroom.  Guess she wants to sell hers.

Arlene Curtis bought the little apt. next door to the restaurant that belonged to the Sheldons.  It was sold at auction and hers was the only bid of $400.

It is now Monday evening 10:30 and Roberta received you letter this evening and she is all excited about going.  We called the bus station but they were busy and said to call back. We took Janice Carroll back to Morrow this evening after having a picnic at Lake Cowan.  (It –Lake Cowan– isn't too appealing after enjoying the swimming at the J-R)  So we stopped in Wilmington on the way home but the bus station was closed so will have to call tomorrow about bus schedules and also check about train connections and perhaps she'll take a combination.  John can't understand why Roberta gets to go and none of the rest of the family but is real nice of you to let her come.  I hope it doesn't inconvenience you too much.  Patty Baker was here when your letter came so she is counting on delivering her papers.  Janice has an older sister – 16, quiet and reserved like you and two younger sisters – 10 and 4 and a baby brother – 7 or 8 months old.  Her father has a hardware in Morrow and her grandfather knew your grandfather when he built the road through Morrow.  They have a parrot about 25 years old or older and she had a real loud voce.  She wouldn't say much when we were there but talks alot at other times.

The Sabina Pool opened yesterday and the radio said there were 600 there.  They are to hold an open house next Sunday – the day Serena leaves for Camp Cartwright.  Rev.  Beers is taking her up & back so it will save a trip or two which was quite a headache last rear if you recall when Cris & Roberta were due home from Sabina the same day.

Wilma [1933-2012] has been dating a widower from Williamsburg, Ohio and due to Kevin's showing him an invitation came to the closing exercises of Bible School Friday night.  I caught a glimpse of him but they did not linger afterwards.  He has a son who is entering Ohio State this fall and a daughter 13.  But he comes up quite frequently so something may develop.  Wilma is staying with her father [William Thornburg 1891-1977]  this week while her mother [Nellie Evans Thornburg 1900-2002] attends School of Missions in Delaware this week.  Peggy Fawley, Carole Salisbury and Mrs. Fawley are also attending this week.  Mrs. Salisbury went last week.

I took Roberta, Serena, John, Wilma, Kevin, Patty Baker and Linda Allen to see Heidi Saturday evening.  Heidi was played by                    Moreton – whose mother went to New York with you all on the Heiland Tour.  She was very good.  We talked to her mother before hand and she was asking about you & said how different you and Roberta are.  She has grandchildren as old as her "Heidi" daughter and a son who is going to U. of Cincinnati next fall.  Daddy knows them through the printing co. which Mr. Moreton owns.

Grandma's paper is real modernistic with blue  and gold design on a white background and the floor – her second choice – white with blue spatter print.  She had a time getting it done but think they probably finished up today.  Serena mowed her yard this morning and will finish it up tomorrow morning.  Roberta's arm is still in sling but she plans to take it off or out Thursday when the two weeks are up.  Carolyn Thornburg loaned her the black slings which she used when she broke her arm and they are much neater looking.  It was hard for R. to keep the others clean.

The Beers have two cars and we don't see how they get them both in their garage.  I guess it takes some maneuvering but he gets it done.  Last Saturday was the first time I had seen her car but Rev. Beers and Greg Linkhart went to Columbus to a Conference meeting of MYF presidents.

By the way, Mrs. Beers, Roberta and I went over to Wilmington to the Moonlight Madness Sale at the Wilmington Plaza but it was hectic.  I've never seen so many cars there and no great sales either.  Perhaps I was just too worn out to look but we did go.  All I got was a pair of pajamas for Mary Virginia.  Roberta got some things as you know shopping is one of her hobbies.  We shared a pizza afterwards and what a place that now is – I was rather embarrassed to be taking our minister's wife there for everyone was drinking beer at the tables but she was the one that suggested we go in.  Thanks goodness not many people know her yet or vice-versa.  There were an awful lot of babies both in the stores and in the pizza place.  We were so glad we hand't taken Mark or Mary Virginia,  Serena was sorry we hadn't taken her when she found out the next morning that we had gone.

It hardly seems possible that your time is more than half-gone but in many ways it has seemed like a long summer – certainly a long hot one that you won't forget.  We will be real glad to have you back home with us.  Mary Virginia now says you are at "college".  You will probably notice how much more she talks – not in sentences yet but she has a wonderful memory and still speaks to everyone – at times to my embarrassment.

Always glad to receive your letters and cards.  Hope everything works out for Roberta's trip.  She is all excited about it.

Mother and Daddy
and the rest

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1976 GHU's "temper" postcard to MV -July 14

[Postmarked July 14, 1976]
Mon. – Hi!  How is the ocean water these days?  Roberta took me for a drive around to see the cottages, etc. after lunch.  You would be surprised to see the food that they serve here.  I will say I am the one only about that always has a clean (?) plate – at my table – after a meal for I know about how much I am going to eat.  Several at my table insist that I should eat more.  I bet they don't eat this much at home.  I took myself out to sun this forenoon for it was a beautiful morning but on the cool side.  I will miss my story while here for we eat at 12:30.  John drove to Dover to get more mdse to sell & Roberta is busy doing this & that but they are always on time to take me to meals & dodge in & out during the days.  I am fine but miss my girlie in & around to  shop.  But I don't need anything now.  Have a good time.  Love to all, Grandma

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1966 Roberta's dictated letter to Catherine -July 13

July 13, 1966
Dear Catherine,

This is being dictated by me to Mother 'cause of my arm.  (The doctor says one bone is cracked, one chipped and another was thrown out of place - in my wrist that is).

Bible School is this week.  I am helping with pre pre-school children (example - Mary Virginia).  Today we had two little kids and four kids my age or older here at the house.

I was wondering if it would be possible if I could come and stay with you a week-end?  Would it be OK if I would stay in your dorm?  If you tell me I could come, I will bring plenty of cookies and brownies for you, Dave and me.  I could also bring plenty of news from home.  I could go on the train to St. Louis and then back to Carbondale.  How about it?  ?  ?  I AM SERIOUS  !

At Girl Scout Day Camp I met Joyce Arrowsmith.  She is real nutty.  She ain't got her motorcycle yet but she's going to get it soon.  I also met her twin sister, Janice but she isn't so nutty.  Emily Clifton was there too but I like Bernice Clifton a lot better.  She is more nuttier.  [Jean's note adds (Exactly as dictated.)]

It is hot here too but it sounds like you have it worse.  June 24 went to slumber party at Charma Little's trailer for Debbie Fenner's birthday.  Did not sleep at all.

I mowed Beers'es yard but they have not paid me.  I told him, he would't have to but if he really wanted to, he could.

Our cousin, Mary Ellen is getting married Sat. Aug. 6 to some man.  (We can't find the invitation which came today).  They didn't even invite me, but I really didn't want to go.  I'd hate to take a bath twice on Saturday as she is getting married at 10 a.m.

There is going to be a Moonlight Madness Sale at Wilmington Plaza this Friday night.  If Mother doesn't drive I will ride my bicycle over - in other words I'm bound determined to go.

J-R Swim Club had a Swim Party last Saturday night.  I took Valerie Allen 'cause I thought you had to take somebody from out of Clinton County but it turned out you can take one person from anyplace and you don't even have to pay for them.  That victorious lifeguard that went in and saved Marcia (supposedly) was over there that night.  I should have asked him how it felt to get wet that night but I never.

News Journals will be increased three today.  Alot of people on vacation and it throws us off.  Last month I received $12.00 pay cause Mother said not to get any money out of the bank.  We better get more pay in August.  (She also got reimbursed $9.00 as you will for the pay of the substitute while away in June.)  Please take note of the THIRD paragraph on the first page of this letter.

Well, I've bored you enough so this is the Paroxide Kid in person saying so long til I see you in Illinois before August 12.  Take that you rat, this is no joke.


[Note from Jean:  She can write a bit with her left hand – she's improving.]

Sunday, July 24, 2016

1966 Jean's Postcard to Catherine -July 11

Dearest Catherine –

Received your letter written Saturday and you must be having a scorcher of a summer - you may be glad to get back to Ohio if just to cool off.

First day of VBS went real well – no rain til afternoon & then it poured.  Serena went to Wilm PL while Daddy was in Wilmington.  He is 5th in line for the best seller "How to avoid probate" – 1 of the books of the week this week.

Aunt Virginia called this evening and invited Daddy and I to Mary Ellen's wedding on Aug. 6th.  I held my breath for I was afraid it might be a week later.  It is to be a very small one – Sarah is matron of honor and Maureen is jr. bridesmaid.  Bill and Jan are moving to Bristol, Connecticut.  The boys are too busy to come down to N.V.

G'ma & G'dad had a letter from Joe & he seems to be enjoying his job as elevator boy. [at hotel in Chautauqua] HH Humphries [sic] is to be staying there soon among other notables.  He's looking forward to the tips that he's been told sometimes amount to $100 per day & one person even tipped $100 last year.

Roberta's arm is still in a sling.  Patty said you have never written her or answered her long letter she wrote you at Lakeside.  Called Nancy Henderson to see of she would help at VBS rest of the week & she's got a piano lesson tomorrow morning but may (?) come afterwards & B. Rudisill is coming.  Roberta & Linda had their hands full with Chad & Kirk Carey, Mark Beers & MV.  Miss you.  Do write ofen & keep well.  Love & XXX Ma & Pa & ALL

Saturday, July 23, 2016

1986 Note (to John?) -July 10

Hi.  Back home after a week in Minnesota.  Did receive a card this A.M. from M.V. and she arrived OK in Amsterdam and are starting their missionary work

Serena missed a step going to the "EL" and broke her left leg above the ankle and sprained her right leg, so is home with us right now.  Plan to take her back to Chicago this next week and she hopes to go back to work then.  She is in good spirits.

You were right about law school . . . does the trust dept. have any "bull market" suggestions -- the news always sounds worse than it is.  Hope it doesn't spoil Uncle Bill's vacation.

Joe H. is now with the Kings.


                                      Mother and Dad

Friday, July 22, 2016

1976 Catherine's Letters -July 10

July 10, 1976
Dear John and Roberta,

Hi!  How is life at Hudson Guild Farm?  The only thing I have heard from Mom and Dad was that you arrived and that you had trouble with the Buick in NYC.  How are you doing as a van driver, Roberta?  I hope you are keeping John from spending too much money.  Are you selling lots of stuff, John?  What do you sell most of?  When will you two be finished there?

I don't know what you have heard of our trip or our initial weeks in San Diego.  We had a good trip across country although it was very HOT.  Every place was having a heat wave.  And our first few days here were also very hot.  It got up in the 90's and 100's breaking all records for previous highs. Since then it has been been pretty comfortable.  Getting up in the 70's during the day and cooler at night.  It gets sort of cloudy-foggy every night and doesn't really clear off until late morning.  I guess this is partly due to the smog.

The first thing we did here in SD was to find an apartment.  It is a one bedroom furnished apartment and we are on the second floor.  There are only two floors so we don't have people clomping over our heads.  The furniture is sort of cruddy but we hope to buy some of our own before too long.  There is a small swimming pool which is quite refreshing on a hot afternoon.  Deedee comes over a couple times a week and she really likes the pool.

So, after we found a place to live it was necessary to find jobs so we could afford to pay for the apartment.  We went through a personnel agency which costs a hunk of money but we figure it was worth it to find a job quick.  Especially since I had never worked around here before.  [Gerry had worked/lived in San Diego ~1967-1973]

I just finished my first week as a secretary at Sullivan Storage & Transfer which is an authorized agent for United Van Lines.  It is a fairly big place.  They have seven secretaries and about 40 truck drivers, movers, packers, warehousemen, dispatch people, salesmen, etc.  I did a little bit of everything the first week.  I guess I will be working mostly in the accounting department during the summer and then I may be working in the sales department.

Gerry got a real good job working directly for International Harvester in a company owned store.  He starts Monday.  It is a union job (lots of stuff out here is union) so the pay is good and so are the benefits.  Plus it is a big place so he would have good opportunities for advancement.

Well, our address is: Apartment Y, 4025 Cherokee Ave., San Diego CA  92104

So we hope to hear soon from either or both of you!

Gerry & Cathy

 * * * * * * * * * *

[transcription of the following letter has been modified to avoid duplication from the above letter.]

July 10, 1976

Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary,

Hi!  It was good hearing from you.  Your letter arrived Tuesday after the long holiday weekend.  The package arrived on the preceding Friday so U.PS. gave you pretty good service.

Boy to look at that first paragraph you might wonder how I managed to get a job as a secretary.  I took two five minute tests though and on one I got 70 wpm with three errors and on the other I got 64wpm with no errors.  Not the best by far but I saw a lot of people at the personnel agency with speeds down in the 30's and errors to match or even beat their speed.  When I went to the interview at the insurance company the girl in front of me was taking the typing test and I was getting really nervous because it sounded like she was typing 120 wpm.  It turned out that her speed was good – 90 – but she made 37 errors.  That made me feel better however she didn't feel too good about it.

. . . . Sullivan Storage seems like a fairly interesting place.  A Mr. Stimpson owns the business but there is a general manager / controller "Chuck" who hired me.  He seems like an OK person to work for.  They have an Olivetti-Underwood bookkeeping machine which I got to play with a little bit but I haven't really been taught to do anything useful with it yet.  It doesn't seem too complicated though.  About the only other thing I did for the accounting department was to type checks, and I did do some time cards too.  They are sort of complex.  Drivers, packers, and helpers all get paid at a different rate.  If a man starts out the day as a helper and then changes to a driver in the afternoon he gets paid at the lower rate for the time he was a helper and at the higher rate for the time he was a driver.  However, if he starts as a driver and then switches to a helper he gets to stay at the driver rate for the whole day.  Then their pay has to be divided up into different categories like local household moves, local special products (I.E. non household), interstate, intrastate, offshore, Mexican, etc.

Gerry says to tell Nicky Wallen that he got a job for IH since Nicky was a big fan of theirs.  He starts on Monday.

Tell Grandma hi!  They have tongues on sale here in all the grocery stores.  Ask her to tell me again how long they have to be cooked.

Catherine & Gerry

Thursday, July 21, 2016

1966 HH & Jean letter to Catherine - July 10

July 10, 1966

Dear Catherine :

Recd your Friday's postcard yesterday afternoon, which is zipping along.  We have been talking about when your test would be and we are anxious to know what you thought about it.

Your Mother has been working at a fast pace for the opening of VBS tomorrow.  They have had skits the last three Sundays in S. S. . . .  two of which were puppet skits and today they had one using the theme of a magic carpet, which really held the attention of everyone.

Yesterday we all went to Columbus, everyone got out at Woolco while Serena and myself went on to her appointment, then we stopped at McDonalds and got things for lunch and stopped at the first roadside park on I-71 on the way home for eating.  Had our swim suits with us and spent about an hour at the JR pool.  McDonalds is now on the New York stock exchange but do not pay any dividends.

Serena goes to Church camp two weeks from today, Roberta can go in three weeks or in five weeks.  She is undecided for she wants to go when her friends go.

This past week John got a card at the bookmobile and took out five books.  Said he really enjoyed reading about Simon Kenton -- history is his favorite subject.  For I forget it, what is the rest of the University center used for as we were only on the basement floor. Is the education building the place where the swimming pool is on the ground floor.  We looked in the building while we were at the playground that evening after we left you.  Serena picked up a folder on Quality Courts and note that they expect to build a motel in Carbondale?  Should we make our reservations there for your graduation in 1971?

The roto tiller has been handy in the garden, we are going to have a ripe tomato very soon.  The new berry patch is sending out runners and the beans are good.  Atch said to tell you that he misses your sugar cookies.

How is Dave N.L.N.?  Get the point Catherine N.M.I.  Was looking over the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce literature and see that they have a little more rain ON THE AVERAGE than we do here in Ohio.  Nothing like rambling around on different subjects.

The reception is all over and there was a fair crowd there.  After it was over we set up tables and chairs, etc. for the VBS tomorrow.  Nancy Henderson, according to her mother, is very disappointed because we don't need her to help with it.  Nancy just offered today - wasn't in Sunday School two weeks ago when we passed around a slip asking for volunteers.  Peggy Fawley was missed and Eloise Simkins, I heard was hurt because she wasn't asked.

It may ease your mind to know that no one is sleeping in your room this summer except for the very hot week that Serena used it.  Mary Virginia was hardly sick at all with the mumps and except for her neck being swollen those couple of days I wouldn't have known she had them.  David Thornburg took them Friday and Clark Roberts will miss Bible School because of them.

Monday morning – this is really an on and off letter.  We are mailing you a box today with a littler variety in it, Catherine.  Also forwarding you a shoe ad, with the zip number only on it, so let us know if you get it.  Your Saturday letter came this morning.   I think the paper business is about the same, been a number on vacation, then some of the people have stopped because of the high price.  Your mother has been watching the credit and believe you have some money coming from part of July.  Sound like your finances are in good shape.

Grandma told me that she had talked to Patty W. and C Collier who took the test Saturday.  We will mail you a picture of the house later.

Let us know how the box arrives.


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

1976 GHU Letter to Hortons from Hudson Guild -July 11

Sun. evening [July 11, 1976]
Dear Family,

Hope M.V. arrived safely.  I am sure she has been told that I left for N.J. before she left Cin.  I arrived on time in Newark ? (not N.Y.) & Roberta, John & (his roommate – that is not right) a friend from Wash. state who has charge of young peoples programs met me at the gate.  Very few people seem to be traveling.  I was surprised for that plane sure lost money.

At the present I have the room to myself & will get along nicely for John & R. will see that I get to the dining hall which is in another building & has  5  steps in the rear and more in the front.  We will all eat together ? if R. doesn't have a call.  She was on her way this morning at 7:00 to take some little girl to the hospital who had the ear ache.  She was back at 10.  These people have a cottage rented but no car so the Van driver is on call for the cottages here.

It is a very pretty place & people around want to help me get around not knowing that I can get around myself if no steps & doors cooperate as to width.  So far no trouble.  This trip was some of H's doings for he came in Thurs. afternoon & wanted to know if I would be willing to take a trip leaving Sat.  He had already talked to Roberta for she had wanted me to come up this summer but I told her I was very happy to stay in N.V.

I know that H. & J. were thinking about going somewhere but they hadn't said and I didn't ask.  I hope everyone stays well with us all scattered here & there.  They were disturbed when they went to New J. because the word got around to too many they thought.  They gave the Dr. credit for it.  Why Greece I don't know.  They just decided to go there I guess.  Any way the plans are for me to return home the 22nd.

I use a bed pan placed on a chair when getting up at night & at the present I have it turned upside down in a heavy sack for a stool & using my purse for a writing desk.  I suppose there may be a place in the lounge for writing but I am very comfortable at last the sun is trying to shine after a shower before breakfast.  If it decides to rain at meal time I may not get there for I can do without food better than to get wet.  After breakfast this morning John took me for a nice ride down a hill to the first pond.  We were afraid to go to the larger one they way the sky looked.

I want to go see his canteen I guess he calls his store.  He seems to think he is doing real well so far.  He sold over $100 worth of candy last week & said that was hard to believe & was going into Dover this week to get another supply.  That is when the Buick comes in handy.

I asked for a lighter weight blanket for my bed.  The one I had last night was heavy enough for zero weather too hot with it & too cool without it so I hope for a better night tonight.  I do have a very good comfortable bed & the pillow jut right.

I told R. the only objections I had there is no water in the room & the coat hangers (dress) are fastened to the rod.  I can't stand up & put a dress on those kind.  She had unpacked my things so as she or J. go & come I will try to think & have them to put away & take out.  Plenty closet & dresser space with a nice shelving stand between the 2 beds.  2 comfortable chairs but I use my own mostly & no rugs for which I am glad.

R. got me butter and cottage cheese & a few other things in boxes.  She has a lttle space in refrig.  We talked a little about calling Cris last evening & see if he could arrange to drive over next weekend for the day bringing M. with him.  I am sorry that he was upset over my opinion about different faith's joining together but it is only my one idea but I still would say the same to him.  It is entirely up to the couple whether it works or not.  I didn't think about Marianne giving him the letter to read.  He will have to pass up other peoples opinions when he feels he is in the right & do what he thinks best for him.  I hope the little Robbie [Robert Kintner] is all right now but he will have off times just the same as all little fellows.

The 4th is now past & your card arrived in my box the  7th  figure that one out as to timing.  The church group thought they might make $700 – since we need a new roof that amt. will come in handy.

I went to the Dr. Fri. forenoon.  Joann took me over.  He checked my heart, lungs & took some kind of blood test from 1 drop.  Everything all right he said.  At times I get a little dizzy when going to bed & getting up & he said forget about it for it was  age  & nothing else.  Dr. Hamilton had said when I had a little trouble it was nothing serious & it would go & come.  For church today I have my S.S. lesson.  There is a TV but I know how that goes.  No 2 people may want the same program or service.
Love, Mother

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

1976 HH & Jean postcards from Greece -July 12

Jean and Harold took a trip to Greece with the Women's Club in July 1976.  Unknown to them the Brumleys signed up for the same tour.  MV went to Florida to stay with Hortons and Grandma went to Hudson Guild to keep John and Roberta on their toes.
Acropolis (Greece) by Night postcard - mailed 1976 
1976 HH's Acropolis (Greece) by Night postcard to John & Roberta at Hudson Guild 
Here we are – 7 hrs ahead of N.V. & half way to Calcutta.  Went to bed after getting here – to get back on schedule.  Our hotel is right on the square – w/marble bath & high ceilings.

Have bought tickets to go to Corinth on Wed. & Delphi on Thursday.  Couldn't get off plane in N.Y.C. so wonder if you all got our card.  Bet Mother is having a good time at H.G.F. [Hudson Guild Farm]
Love from us both, Dad & Mother

Parthenon (438 B.C.) Athens Greece postcard -mailed 1976
1976 Jean's Acropolis Greece postcard to MV & Hortons -July 12
Monday 7/12/76
Arrived here this morning and saw this from the bus.  Taking tour of area tomorrow.  Youngest one on the trip is 15-year-old Boston girl traveling with her aunt.  Going to night club tonight to see authentic Greek dancers.  Hope to get our days and nights straightened out.

Anxious to hear about your flight if all arrived OK.  Weren't able to leave plane in NY during 2 hour wait so no call to N.J. to check on the 3 Uibles there.

Much love, Dad & Mother

Monday, July 18, 2016

1966 John's letter to Catherine -July 9

July 9, 1976

Dear Catherine,

I   AM   HOT.

Today we went to Columbus and on the way back we stopped at J & R.

I will send you some cookies soon.

I'm broke now and daddy hasn't given me money for those logs.  yet.  like you said he might.

Your Bothe [sic]


Saturday, July 16, 2016

1976 Gerry's Letter -July 7

July 7, 1976

Dear Harold, Jean & Mary Virginia:

I wanted to take this opportunity while I have a few moments to thank you for the hospitality you showed me in New Vienna.  I appreciate the warm welcome and sincere friendliness toward me.  It's just too bad we didn't have more time to get acquainted.  Although the time there was relatively brief, the impressions were deep and lasting.  I can easily see why Catherine is the person she is.

I never had the opportunity to sit down with you and tell you what Catherine means to me.  Words alone seem very inadequate for describing what Catherine means to me.  I can only say I love her very deeply and respect her for the fine, decent person she is.  I truly hope I can give her the happiness she deserves.

Hopefully it won't be too long before you can come out for a visit.  Both of us are looking forward to the day that happens.  John mentioned something about coming out at Christmas time.  Hopefully he will make it.

I was very impressed with grandmother Uible.  She reminded me of my great grandmother, independent, alert and full of life.  I wish we could have taken her with us.

I suppose Catherine told you about our trip across.  The heat seemed to folllow us every mile of the way.  We were both travel weary when we arrived here.  At least we're getting fairly well settled.

I had a very touching reunion with my daughter.  Needless to say, DeeDee has taken to Cathy very well.  Dee felt completely at ease with Catherine and vice versa.

Have to close for now, again thanks for everything.


Friday, July 15, 2016

1966 Jean's Letter to Catherine -July 7

July 7, 1966
Dearest Catherine,

We received your card today and always so glad to hear from you.  You mention Dave quite a few times but no last name? And tell us something about him.  You know we are all very much interested and would like to be filled in on some of the details.  Each card and letter answers a few questions but opens up many more.  We are still hanging on a cliff from the bus accident not to mention the students in the park (woods, rather).

Sorry the food isn't as good as anticipated but you won't have to worry about taking off all those pounds, perhaps.  We felt there must be something wrong when you only ate one blueberry pancake.  It is hard to get used to cooking for six at times.  I had enough waffle batter left over to freeze six squares.  We have been filling up on ham since we know it is one thing you won't miss eating too much.

Roberta came home from Day Camp with her wrist all wrapped in an elastic bandage yesterday and said she had fallen on it and sprained it.  This morning it was quite swollen but after talking to Melba Fawley decided it would be alright to let her go back to Day Camp today as they were to stay overnight tonight and she was really looking forward to that (as well as Serena).   But she called at noon today to say they had taken her to Dr. Plymire in Wilmington and had gone to the the hospital to have it x-rayed and though it isn't in a cast he told her to keep it in a sling.  She came home this afternoon but didn't want to miss the campfire tonight so went back for it & then is coming home afterwards.

John, Kevin, Louis, David and Daddy stayed all night in Lamar Thornburg's house last night.  Harold Thornburg just recently bought it and so Kevin invited them to stay in a "haunted house".  Then they all (except Daddy) spent the morning at the farm of Louis and David, and they rally had a GREAT time.  We couldn't get a word in edgewise at noon today for John's enthusiasm.

Mr. Short's address would be ok to write him at Leesburg for I'm sure he would get it.  The population of Ohio according to the 1960 census is 10,372,000 and the county is 30,014 and approximately 400 square miles in our school district.

Who addressed your letter to "Kate"?  Did you mean it was one of us?  John said it is just too hard to write letters in the summertime.  It's Roberta's right wrist so she now has an excuse.  I was going to send you Joe's address but Grandma said she was going to forward his letter to you.  If not, let us know if you want it.

Did you go to see "Kiss Me Kate" or was it rained out – you never mentioned it either.  I found some pictures of the family taken while visiting the St. Louis Zoo in 1960 (Daddy says it was 1958).

They were beginning to clear that area where the arch now stands.

Glad to hear you attended S.S. again – thought perhaps you might not have time if you were going to St. Louis.  Who else went with you?

Mr. Short would enjoy your comments on the selection of the students though I don't agree with you and I'm not entirely biased.

Please fill in more of the details and we'll try to answer your questions as they come.

All our very best love

Mother and Daddy

Thursday, July 14, 2016

1986 Wendy's Letter -July 6

[In Jean's handwriting: ]
Phoenix –––                  
w/ Roberta & Sid 
after Y Camp

July 6, 1986

Dear Grandpa and Grandma,

Thank you for the postcard and letter.  You might think this is funny but I got my ears pierced today.  Just look at the date and that will be the date that I got my ears pierced.  I got a shirt with triangle buttons which is sort of wild and it is quite hot up here.

We get to go to Las Vegas and we are staying next to a motel that is called Circus Circus and we get to bring my friend, Kellie, with us too.

I got a Baby Pony, too.  Her name is Baby Ribbons.  Well, I guess that means goodbye.


                              Wendy Jean

P.S. Write back soon.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

1976 Catherine's Postcard -July 1


Hi!  We got our phone in yesterday.  The number is 714-283-0480.  I've been on two job interviews and I'm going on another one this afternoon.  One was as a secretary for a moving and storage company and the other as a typist for Safeco Title Co.  I'm opting for the second since there is much more chance for advancement and better benefits.  The first one was offered to me but I'm holding off until I hear about Safeco.  Gerry has had one interview set up by the personnel agency but now he's going to try on his own.  The weather has cooled off some so it is more comfortable.

Love, Catherine & Gerry

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

1976 Roberta's letter to GHU -July 2

[Postmarked July 2, 1976]

Dear Grandma,

Hi! Can't believe we have been gone about 2 weeks now – I'm enjoying myself & think that John is too.

By the time you get this the 4th will have been celebrated.  How did it go in New Vienna?  Here we will have a little – but in New York City it will really be celebrated – because of that we will have a full house here of people who want to be out of the city!

Last night (as part of my job) I drove 8 people to see the movie "All the President's Men" – it's about Watergate – not really all that good.  Not too exciting – already knew exactly what was going to happen.  Once a week the mothers [?] get a night out & I drive them – hope they do something better next week.

I have tomorrow off – just plan to stay here – you know I have to save my money for my trip next fall!

Now both the Van & Buick are running in A-1 condition – I'm sure glad & hope it lasts!

My best ––


Monday, July 11, 2016

1966 Jean's letter to Catherine -July 1

Friday – 
July 1, 1966
Dearest Catherine,

I am sitting in the coolest place in the house – your room for the weather continues to be hot day after day though it hasn't reached 104 as you have experienced.  Roberta is out mowing the grass – did the Beers' first.  Serena is working on her new collection book and they have gained several new customers due to mail subscription running out – the Wm. Smallridges, Raymond Elliot (he lives with the Williams behind the Sohio station) and another one for Roberta that I can't recall.  The Curtises are just getting the paper on Wednesday now (the same ones that got it in the door.)

The Kuntzmans were all down for the two funerals (Shinkle and Mrs. Ridgeway's sister) both the same day.  I didn't see Rev. at all and only Mrs. K. briefly but the children were here a couple of hours and for lunch.  They seem to be getting acclimated in Ansonia but found out their house has alot of leaks due to a big rain they had the day before they came down.  Rennie is calling himself Al up there but I often slip and call him by his old moniker.

Patty is going to be secretary for Vacation Bible School and Carolyn is to be the pianist.  Roberta and Linda Shaffer are going to take care of any children under four – namely Mary V., David Thornburg and Mrs. Lee Carey's one or two.  IF mumps don't develop in the meantime for both David and Mary V.  Kris McGinnis and Peggy Fawley are to help Mrs. Linkhart with craft and Susan Deck is in charge of refreshments aided by Barbara D. and Cindy Burton.  Nancy Walker is to help Mrs. Hause with the youngest pre-school group.

Glad to hear you went to church last Sunday and Sunday School too I believe you mentioned.  And we are also interested in the others who went with you.  Are you finding it hard to study in this hot weather?  Or is it just hard to study (period)?  Do you have very much home work with it?  We are interested in anything you are doing and how you like it.  Hope you have a pleasant trip to Saint Louis this Sunday and all it offers.

Do you ride your bike very much?  Or go swimming?  Do you usually walk to classes?  Now that you have been there awhile is the food as appetizing?  A little weight wouldn't hurt you in the least.

Roberta and Serena went to day camp four days this week and it kept us hopping to take them over and back plus swimming lessons on Thursday.  Everyone slept in this morning.  As soon as Mary Va. was through breakfast she grabbed a camera and told us "Bye"  I asked her where she was going and she said "Girl Scouts" out of a clear blue sky.  She and Mark Beers are going to be quite companionable.  He carries around a yellow blanket that looks just like hers.  By the way, Mrs. K brought it home from Lakeside but never noticed the sheet or Serena's pillow nor found "our" watch.  I wore yours yesterday just to see how it kept time – ran for about 20 minutes and stopped completely so it definitely needs attention.

Donna Williams asked all about you last night & couldn't understand why you would want to go to school in the summer.  She did her practice driver's training this week & drove them to the meeting of VBS here last night.

We took care of the Beers baby the evening they moved in (Tues.)  He is just three weeks old today.  Mrs. Beers (Rosalie) seems very nice – red hair.  They knew the Donald Rupps from Eastern Star and so know a few people in the community.  Rev. Beers used the long communion service so had very short sermon last Sunday.  I believe Serena mentioned his short prayers.  He is also going to help with VBS.

Is there anything you would like to have sent from home – in the way of food or clothing – a CARE package perhaps.  Your new saddles arrived Wednesday.  Hope you haven't had any more blisters from the other ones.  I take it that your poison ivy is all gone for you haven't mentioned it either.  Roberta got some the first day of camp but it didn't last.  They have been wearing knee socks which no doubt help prevent it.

We plan to go swimming as soon as they are thru collecting and delivering tonight – They say they prefer the hot weather to the freezing for delivering but it has surely been plenty hot.  We went out to Shaffers last Sunday for a picnic and are invited out there for the Fourth with the two Allen families.  The Jim Allens have a membership at the Hillsboro Swim Club.  And we have seen Mark and Melissa at the J-R.

May add a note later but will close for now it is time for the papers to arrive.

Love and XXXXXX,


Grandma got her letter from you this AM & shared it with us.  Interesting about no. of applicants for NSF at SIU.

MV & I are on our way to Wilm. with Daddy to do a bit of shopping for groceries while he goes to the Court House.  We went to UDF last nite & they have changed it around. [sketch included]  Check out counter for milk & groceries on 1 side of back & ice cream on the other side of back with many more items on shelves.  They remodeled about six weeks ago she said.

Roberta talks about writing but know she'd appreciate a card from you  – also Mr. Short?

Love again, Mother

Sunday, July 10, 2016

1966 HH's letter to Catherine -July 1

July 1, 1966

Miss Catherine Uible
Room 111, Steagall Hall
S. I. U.
Carbondale, Illinois

Dear Catherine:

We are not too energetic this morning as last night was my turn at the ball park refreshment stand.  John and Serena were there until about 8:30 when Roberta came over and she stayed until about 10.  The rules are no inning will start after 10:30, but there was a tie so they played extra and did not get home until about 11:30.  Have you noticed that the Reds are having a good spell right now?

Wednesday the Kuntzmans were down, he was here for the funeral of S. Burton's father.  The children had lunch at home.

Been reading a book on the Last of the Mid-West, it tells about Shawneetown – now a wide spot in the road (the first town we passed in Illinois on our way to Carbondale) and how it was so prosperous even before Chicago was started.

The enclosed folder on St. Louis just came this morning which might be of interest to you.  Rudy was telling me last night that Linda is in Denver with the Lochrans trying to locate summer employment.

The Church redecoration is about complete -- the wood panel on the front and a light cream color paint on the walls, it does look real nice.  Also a cross on the front wall with a light behind that.  Your Mother has been working hard on Bible School plans -- which starts a week from Monday.

Looking at the map I am sure that we came home thru Missoula, but I can't really remember the town, tho on my first trip west (back in 1944) I do remember seeing the college there.  Have you been using the bike much?  Take it that you have recovered from the ivy.  Noticed that there were some healthy plants there in the "woods."  When do you take the college tests, Catherine?  Do you remember the Blairs (you had the monopoly game) in Providence R.I.?  Had a letter from them this week that he is taking a job as prof. at Univ. of Ill at Urbana.


Saturday, July 09, 2016

1976 Roberta's Letter from Hudson Guild -June 28

June 28, 1976
Dear Family –

Hi – Have put off writing – waiting for our 1st letter – but decided today that maybe you all were also waiting for our 1st letter.  The VAN has already broken down – happened Saturday in Newton – I had 9 senior citizens in it – had to go to the library – & take them shopping.  It would do nothing when I came out of the library – went inside & found a guy who pushed us & got it started.  Then in Newton it died – had to get it pushed again.  The van wouldn't even turn over – both times – no noise – no nothing.  Mr. Ream & Paul (maintenance man who also repairs vehicles) can't figure it out – so this morning some of the guys here will push it & get it started and then I'll be off to the VW Repair shop.

Other than that (except for the problem we had w/ the Buick) everything is fine.  The staff is a good one – my roommate is nice – she lives about 40 miles from here – she is wild about horses – much more than J.B. – living so close to "Black Beauty."

I've been keeping myself busy – in fact so busy – I've only written 5 letters since getting here – having written all of them the last 2 days.

I'm sure J.B. has written you – he seems to be doing VERY GOOD – he has already left for Dover today to buy more supplies.

I'm now at the VW place – finally got the van started by getting the pick-up truck to push it – sure hope the summer won't be a continuation of all this!

Your letter came today – THANKS – also appreciated the stamps – J.B. kiddingly said we could sell them.  He really shocked me the other night – J.B., Vince, Lois (my roommate ) & I all went out just to drive around – then later stopped to get a snack & he paid the WHOLE bill – no complaints – actually offered to do it!

I have to meet the 10:20 pm bus in Netcong tonight – part of the joys of being driver!  OH – the van got fixed – needed new starter.

John & Vince are youngest ones here – the US is well represented – different parts of the country that is.  Besides Marian & I.T. there is a boy from California; one from Washington state.  A girl from Johnstown PA – the rest from either Jersey or NYC.

I'm glad Mary V. is going to Fla in July.  She is more than welcome to use my suitcase  – Just drop me a post card – OK – Mary V?  Do tell Ruth S. hello from me – what is the latest on her – will she have to be operated on?

We are using the Indian bed-sheets – they add alot of color to the room.  All the senior citizens ask me about my trip – J.B. & Vince can't believe how many of them know me.  J.B. has made alot of friends here – ask him about Julia & Hildegard.  Right now – only about 30 people here – but this weekend will be packed – all the New Yorkers want to get out of the city for the 4th.

One of the senior citizens brought me as a present a 1976 Michelin guide to NYC – Right now J.B. has got it.

Food is again good – but this year I'm not able to have unlimited grapefruit – at least I'm not taking advantage of them yet.  It's nice to have friends in the kitchen.  We all miss Al – this year they will be using frozen pies – Al used to make 20 pies without making it seem like work.

As for my check – please send it here.  I've opened up an account here – also need some for operating expenses!!

What have you heard from Catherine & Gerry?  We had a post card from them in Denver.  I'm glad that they were able to stop by to see Serena –

Better close – It's late & mornings come quick.



Friday, July 08, 2016

1986 Catherine's Letter -June 27

Friday, June 27, 1986

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  I am typing this at work on a typewriter that has an extra large print ball or whatever you call those things that come in and out.  Just finished typing a letter to Wendy at camp where hopefully she is having a good time.  She called us when they got back to Arizona and it sounded like they had a good trip.

Roberta said now Wendy feels like she is "home" in Arizona whereas before they went to Ohio she was just visiting.  Our house still seems abnormally quiet and the most amazing part is that Wendy's room stays picked up!

Gerry and I have been playing lots of golf but otherwise our routines stay about the same as when Wendy was home.  We don't eat quite such regular meals however.  And both of us are probably working longer hours since it is the busy season for both of us.

The Summer Reading Program is going pretty well.  I have almost 700 signed up with about 60 having finished already.  The average weekly attendance at my programs has been totaling about 300.  And even on days when there aren't any programs the library still seems to be full of children!

We did get your letter Mother.  Thank you very much.  I will try to call again soon.  I have been going to a 6:15 exercise class in Colfax on Wednesdays and Fridays (that's AM) so that fills up those two mornings before work.  On Mondays I go to the 8:00 class since I don't have to work.  She only offers the early morning class during June and July so it is working out well for me.

Our garden is doing great.  The tomatoes, squash, and broccoli are thriving in that field in front of the house.  (sorry for the mistakes but with this print the spacing isn't such that I can use the automatic correcting ribbon).  I replanted green beans.  We also have some peas that are ready to eat – not enough for a meal but enough to add to salads!  These are the ones I planed really early.  The later one will be ready soon and there are more of them!

Back to work now . . . .

Love, Catherine & Gerry

Thursday, July 07, 2016

1966 Catherine's postcards to John from SIU -June

The Arena – Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois postcard, mailed 1966.  Captioned: Completed in 1964, this unusual building has seating capacity of 10,000.  It is the home of the Saluki Basketball Team. 
Saturday, June 25, 1966

Hi!  Remember seeing this?  It seems like a long time since you were here.  I haven't thought of anything yet that I want you to send me.  I would appreciate getting a letter from you.  I haven't been swimming, but it sure is hot!  
Love, Catherine
"Crab Orchard Lake" postcard mailed 1966.  Captioned: Crab Orchard Lake.  In Illinois Recreation Land, this big lake is ideal for water sports of all kind.  Boats, motors, and water skiers are welcome.

Tuesday, June 28, 1966

Hi!  Thank you for your letter.  Yesterday it got up to 104ยบ F.  Is it hot in Ohio?  I don't think I need a chain.  Sometimes I like to walk.  It sounds like you are going to be a good swimmer.
Love, Catherine – Tell Everyone to WRITE

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

1976 Catherine's Letter -June 27

[first letter from San Diego]
Sunday evening
June 27, 1976
Dear Mom, Dad and Mary,

Hi!  It was good talking to Mom and Mary on the phone yesterday. It still continues to be very hot here so we're lucky we have access to a cool pool.  It will be nice to have the electricity and gas (it's a gas stove) hooked up tomorrow so we can see and eat.  It's beginning to get dark now so I won't be able to write too much.

Gerry brought Deedee over yesterday and we all went swimming, played cards, etc.  She seemed to adapt to me OK which is good.  We went to her baptism this morning at a Lutheran Church near where she lives.  She and her cousin are coming over tomorrow to go swimming.

There were quite a few jobs listed in the classifieds today which sound like I might be qualified for.  Several of them were through a personnel agency so I think maybe I'll go there tomorrow and check them out.

It's getting too dark to see so I'll finish this later.

Monday evening

Well, we got our electricity today so I can now see to write even though it is dark outside.

We both went to personnel agencies today.  They take anywhere from 80-100% of the first month's salary but I guess it would be worth it if we get jobs soon.  I may go for some interviews tomorrow.  There were two jobs as receptionist-secretary at a bank and one as a legal secretary.  I said there was legal aptitude in the family  One of the questions they ask on a fact sheet at the agency is: What does your father do and how do you feel about it?

It was slightly cooler today but still (from what people tell me) unseasonably hot.  Roberta's clothes are really coming in handy.  I'm glad she has such good taste in clothes.  I don't know what I'd be wearing if we hadn't made our transaction.

We should be getting our phone within the next day or so – I'll let you know the number then.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Catherine  & Gerry

P.S. The cheese arrived OK.  We gave the cereal and some of the cheese to Serena.

Reds and Padres are on the radio right now.  Cincinnati is beating them 6-3 in the 8th inning.  First game of their series.  How is your softball team doing, Mary?

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

1966 Serena's Letter to Catherine - Summer

[June 1966]
Dear Catherine,

We got new paneling at the church with a cross in the middle of the sanctuary (the front).  It really looks different! (for once)

I'm in beginners swimming (same as John) ! ! !  I learned how to do the jellyfish (it's something like floating.)  We've been swimming over at the J & R several times since you have left.  I've jumped off the high diving board once (I used up all my nerve then.)  I've also jumped off the low board several times.

Rev. Beers prayers are a lot shorter than Rev. Kuntzman's prayers (they couldn't have gotten much longer.)  He came here for lunch.  (His family wasn't here.)

We went shopping last night at Krogers.  (John's company) and got a real nice cheese grater and some other stuff.  Then we went to Wilmington Park.  Opps! [sic] Forgot to tell you went swimming before that.

My slumber party was great even though we only got 3 (three) hours sleep.

Oh, I got a big surprise for you I've only forgotten one person! [on the paper route]  Except I forgot the wrong person.  Self-Armstrong.  (groan)

We're going to have a barbecue tomorrow at Girl Scout Camp.

Has it rained?
Do you go in the woods often?
Do you have much free time?
Do you miss your paper route??

Your sister,
Serena (U.)

P.S. Kathleen: Can you stand Catherine????????

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