Monday, July 31, 2006

Captain Oliver Brown's Tombstone

Buried at the Brooke County Cemetery Lot #27 Sect C.

His tomb stone reads as follows:

Captain Oliver Brown
Born at Lexington, Mass 1752
Died February 17, 1846 at age 94

Captain Oliver Brown of the Massachusetts Line, Rev. War.
-- He stood in front of the first cannon fired by the British on the Americans in the affray at Lexington; witnessed the tea pary in Boston Harbor; was at the battle of Bunker Hill; Commissioned by Congress January 16, 1776; commanded the volunteer pary that bore off the leaden statue of King George from the Battery of New York and made it into bullets for the American army; bore a conspicuous part in the command of artillery at The baattle of White Plains, Harlan Heights, Princeton, Trenton, Brandywine, Germantown, and Manmouth. After serving his country he enlisted in the armies of the Son of God, and surrendered to the last enemy of on the 17th day of Feb. 1846 in full assurance of a never ending peace.

(courtesy of Mary Virginia Uible Crowson)

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