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December 1, 1989-99

Dec. 1, 1989-99 Sunday School and Church

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - Roberta called us at 4:45 AM (AZ time), 6:45 here to tell us she had just talked with MV and heard about her marriage plans.

Saturday 1990 - Church Bazaar. Jean was in charge in the kitchen, everything 80¢, drinks 30¢. Took in $300 in the kitchen, $1700 total. Burned shrubbery in the AM, went to ⃞ dance in Hillsboro.

Sunday 1991 - [Phoenix] Met Kings at Carl Jr's for breakfast, then to Church with them at 1st UMC, then lunch at AZ Center, lots of new shops there [now practically no shops]. Bought maroon Allen Edmonds for $165, salesman quite a talker. All over for supper at the King's, hard to keep cat off the kitchen table.

Tuesday 1992 - To Nathan Hale to get the stitches out. Said he was quitting at the end of the year, he will be 76 in 2/93. 1) It's no longer fun, (2) he may be losing his marbles and (3) he isn't making any $ with his overhead.

Wednesday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] Still trying to get those two life estates on Hazel Clements satisfied. Lions Club program at Wooden Spoon. Bill Wolfe told a bunch of jokes (??).

Thursday 1994 - First meeting of Leadership Clinton. Don Haines hearing in Municipal Court and finally got Streber estate closed after 17 years. Working on our Christmas letter.

Friday 1995 - [Lakeland to Orlando Florida] Looked at the College of Lakeland and also a stop at the P.L. Got Frosty at Wendy's and got to Holiday Inn Express ($44) near Orlando airport. After a lot of traffic we met Hallets at Linda's Winter Park Diner on Fairbanks, they live on out past P.L. Ate at Park Ave. Grill $12.95, on a very pretty street with nice shops. Been married 53 years. He has Parkinson's and diabetes, just started with insulin.

Sunday 1996 - Jean had SS lesson on Acts 1:1-8. Hanging of the Green program at church. Sheila [King, minister's wife] was there, she had worked for App. Innovations. We had the buffet at Golden Corral, $6.39. Got expired milk at Krogers for $1.09/gal, regular $2.64 ($2.19 at Aldi's). Got standby reservation for Colorado Springs. Ticket to London $441.

Monday 1997 - Rigsby divorce hearing. Long Administrative Board meeting re church growth. Donna Smallridge to be new SS Supt.

Tuesday 1998 - [Phoenix to Cincinnati airport] We made the rounds with Roberta in meeting all the people at Senior Village. Met the Morgans and the Kings at the new baseball stadium for lunch. For Jean's birthday they brought her ice ice cream with chocolate sauce in a miniature plastic ball cap. Decent meal on the plane, plenty of room. Had room 113 at the airport Holiday Inn for $94. We used the whirlpool. The pool felt cool.

Wednesday 1999 - On Lions Christmas committee with Tom Terrell and Mitch Caskey at Laurel Oakes, nice meal for $6.50. We charged 2 for $10. Four didn't show up (the Martins and the Earlys). He charged us for 40 people. Robin McMillian sang. Had 29 there.

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November 30, 1989-99

Nov. 30, 1989-99 Last Chance

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - Big ⃞ dance Christmas party, Herschel and Betty Arnold have bought condo near Clearwater, they are going down next week.

Friday 1990 - GHU got plant from Catherine.  New mold for 32oz bubble wand came.

Saturday 1991 - [Phoenix] Visited new P.L. near 32nd St. and Union Hills [This was built as the headquarters of the County Library, later became half library half Charter School, now unknown.  The county library headquarters, administrative only is now at 2700 N. Central.]  Then to see Betty Fife, she is 73, has a nice mobile home but miles from anything.

Monday 1992 - Mother weighs 99#.

Tuesday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] Jean and the Hortons took Joe, Catherine, and Roberta to catch the plane home.  Jean told me that Ginny was pretty noisy coming home.

Wednesday 1994 - Bought 500 shares of Cracker Barrel at $19.

Thursday 1995 - [Naples to Pinellas Park Florida] Left Naples about 10, Ted and Maria there were most helpful.  Lunch at Brandenton, Exit 43.  Called Louise Waters, phone disconnected.  At La Quinta Hotel in Pinellas Park, did stop at Ponce [de Leon] Hotel, still in Bond family, just $8 a night back in the 40s.  [According to this website, the Bonds managed it for years, bought it in 1959 and sold it in 1997.]   Met Helen Kuntzman.  She's been here 12 years, he died after few months here.  Helen is 74 and wants to work another 18 months.  Ate at Luby's Cafeteria.  Their son [Reynolds "Rennie"] died at age 43 on June 11.  [For more about Kuntzmans see July 11, 1998 post.]

Saturday 1996 - Mie Young and Greg with their 1-month old baby, they live in Carmel IN.

Sunday 1997 - A wet warm day, stayed at home.  Sermon on Xmas vs Christmas.  Are we looking for a person (Jesus) or a present?  Printed final Christmas letter.  Bible study on speaking in tongues.  John Harmon telling how he had diagnosis for cancer 17 years ago, also Marie Chamberlain getting a divorce after 39 years of marriage.  Article in today's NYT about India.

Monday 1998 - [Phoenix] Back to Last Chance, then to mall at Camelback and Scottsdale Road [Scottsdale Fashion Square], a BIG place.  Had lunch at La Madeleine [all locations now closed] in the Food Court.  Nordstroms has beautiful store.  Supper with the family at Abacus [Chinese] at 35th and Thunderbird.  Roberta had coupon from Fry's.  Roberta made reservations at Glorieta NM (near Santa Fe) for 14 rooms 7/2-7/6/99,  that is all they had left.  Gal suggested their cottage with 28 people and 3 bathrooms.

Tuesday 1999 - Apparently a new passport came for Serena, though we have heard nothing from her.

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November 29, 1988-99

Luby's for breakfast

HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1988 - Supper at the Precinct in Cincinnati, $43.15 + 18%.

Wednesday 1989 - Went ⃞ dancing.  Janet Davis told the group she was transferring with Walmart to Victorville, CA.  The old deal with McCrory, they will buy if you give it to them.  Started making the 32oz. bottles.  Roberta is so good about calling GHU and sending her cards.

Friday 1991 - [Phoenix]

Sunday 1992 - Mother very sleepy, couldn't get her teeth in, pushed food away.  Bought another turkey at Bob and Carls, for 38¢/# with a $25 order, regular is 69¢.  Met C.J. (60) and Ann Moore (57) at the Denver House, the two of us was $23 with tip, then went to Murphy Theater, Gentlemen Prefer Blonds about a 35-year-old with Marilyn Monroe.

Sunday 1992 - [second entry, same day as above] Bob and Bev Gooding here for lunch, went to pheasant farm and visited the Harners.  We are trying to run Print Shop on the computer.

Monday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] A busy day at the office, also eye operation, may need a cataract operation in 3-4 years.  John, Julie and Kate returned home.   Roberta had dinner with Charlie at Heartland at the Frontier Steak House.

Wednesday 1995 - [Naples Florida] Johnsons came about 9:15, walked to 3rd St., shopping area, especial the mole hole, the hat with long hair.  Then to Registry [now called Naples Grande Beach Resort, The Waldorf Astoria Collection] for lunch buffet for $9.75 (coffee $1.75).  Then to Collier county Museum "Now and Then," he misses his cattle.  They left at 5:15.  We walked over to the beach for sunset at 5:30 and then to 7-11 for breakfast food, milk and muffins.

Friday 1996 - Zurface closing date.  John, Julie and Kate left about 2pm.  Jean and I worked out at Aleda's for about 4 hours, hauled away two pick-up loads of trash.

Saturday 1997 - [Bryant IN to home] We left Bearcreek about noon, on to Ft. Recovery OH, a must stop at the P.L., lady was nice to let us in.  Had lunch at a restaurant near IGA on R. 49 in Greenville, after visit to P.L. there.  Stopped at Book & Co. on Stroop Road. [Kettering]  Oh what a selection of calendars.

Sunday 1998 - [Phoenix] Went to Luby's for breakfast with the Kings, breakfast is new at Luby's.  11am service at Trinity UMC, lots of loud music.  Met Amy and Judy at LePeep [9832 N 7th St. location closed 2009, now called Scramble] They are in process of buying a house.  Out to Canaan in the Desert, 40th St. south of Shea.  Went to Morgans for supper, very healthful meal.

New Vienna's Railroad Ave. in 1958

Two houses were demolished in New Vienna on Railroad Avenue when Wells Mfg. added a paint building.  The 1957 Chrysler was our family car.  Parallel parking in this car was a challenge.  I drove it to my summer job at the Wilmington Public Library in 1965.
1957 Chrysler.  House torn down for Wells paint building (Railroad Ave.)

1957 Chrysler in New Vienna with machine shop in background (Railroad Ave.)

See the New Vienna History Blog for more details about who was living on Pearl Street and Pass (Railroad?) Avenue in the 1930s.

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    November 28, 1989-99

    Friends, relatives, car trouble

     HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

    Tuesday 1989 - We went to Wilmington at 4pm -- Fruit stand, Christian Book Store, then Pontiac died in front of NB&T Drive-through. Towed out to AAA garage on Prairie Ave., with AAA credit it was $10. Met Jean at CMH (the test [cholesterol?] was 260) [In 1998 cholesterol = 197], need more oats? Then to library. Wendy's for supper, Super Bar $2.99 ($1 off). Then Kroger's, got Blueberry Pie, marked down.

    Thursday 1991 - [Phoenix, Thanksgiving] Thanksgiving Dinner with the Morgans.  Hard to get Wendy off the phone.

    Saturday 1992 - Went to Wilmington, ran into Madge Ann Beam in the library, she talked of how she likes Mexico, was in school there.  Lois Henson back from Australia with bad cold.  Ate at Frisch's, much quieter than Bob Evans.  Got winter jacket at Foster-Haines ($50), BVDs, plaid PJs and Buxton billfold. 

    Sunday 1993 - [Ginny visiting]

    Tuesday 1995 - [Naples Florida] Used GG's card at the library, book on FDR and Eleanor.  Had lunch at the Dock at Crayton Cove on 12th Ave. South, then visited the Lippmans, he is 93, married 6/28/1926.  Then to Martha Wallan, she had a lovely high rise apartment.  Visited the Ritz, very quiet.  Had a big salad at the Key Wester [no longer a restaurant at this address], with Piano Music.  [This entry also includes address in Princeton NJ of Luna (Gilbert) Keyser.]

    Thursday 1996 - [Thanksgiving] Put up our Christmas tree from across the street, had trouble finding the base.  Jean getting ready for the Mother's Club next Tuesday.  Crowsons left at 4pm as Don had to be at work at 6:45 tomorrow.

    Friday 1997 - [Newark to Bryant IN] We went with Julie and Kate to the mall (new Sears and Toys-R-Us) to look around, didn't buy anything.  Had lunch at Tim Horton in Westerville, on to Marysville, a stop at the P.L., passed Honda 5 miles west on US 33.  Toured Otterbein, St. Paris right on water.  Had reservations at Bearcreek Farms near Bryant IN, room 218, $79 for overnight, supper, evening snack and breakfast, good value.  It's their 26th year.  Also got 5 bear bricks [?].

    Saturday 1998 - [Phoenix] Joe Hiestand is 92. [HH's first cousin, Joseph Franklin Hiestand 1906-2004 was the son of GHU's brother Harry C. (1872-1967) and Ella Gabriel (1876-1925) Hiestand.  His siblings were Lina Ruth (1903-1918) and Paul Bryan (1909-1980).]   Lunch at Einstein Bros., a bagel + plan. Flo at Senior Village daughter is District Manager.  Then to Sam's Club, 3# bananas for 99¢.  Also Greenbacks.  Enjoyed reading Winning Every Day by Lou Holtz.  (158.1 [weight?])  Went to Phoenix Symphony with Roberta's complimentary tickets.

    Mary asked in 2010:  Re: 1995  Who is Luna Geyser in New Jersey? Would that be a daughter of Ellen?  [I tried searching on for an answer to this question but was unsuccessful.  In the family paperwork there is more about the Hiestands so the answer may be located there.  Unfortunately the archives are not yet organized enough for me to find it now.]

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    November 27, 1989-99

    Memorial Service for GHU very touching

    HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

    Monday 1989 - [Temperature] Up to 60° and a real hard rain.

    Tuesday 1990 - Up to 70°+, Mother very non-talkative, sometimes she will hold a glass, so hard for her to see.  She sleeps into about 10 in the AM.

    Wednesday 1991 - [Phoenix] Bought new pair of SAS shoes.

    Saturday 1993 - We went down to see GHU at 11:30 at the funeral home, she looked very nice in her pink polka-dot dress.  Catherine and I walked to the cemetery at 1pm then the Memorial Service at NVUMC at 2.  Don officiated and MV sang, very touching.  The Church and especially GG brought us lots of food and had a meal here at 3pm.  Don and MV left.  Ginny is staying here until MV gets past the busy season.  Cris and Angela also went home.  Larry Kintner is having great difficulty with his Mother who is 71, mental case.

    Sunday 1994 - A wet windy Sunday.

    Monday 1995 - [Lake Worth to Naples via Fort Myers Florida] Visited Ed and Evie Johnson in Fort Myers, they have a 1929 home with a flat roof with large enclosed pool, giving ½ lot to David. They are on grid off ? Ave. near the golf course stand pipe. We had a snack with them and came down 41, built up most of the way, should have taken I-75.

    Wednesday 1996 - Aleda Purtee hearing on admission of lost will to Probate.  GG and Carolyn were the witnesses, things went well so we ate at Samuel Walkers for lunch.  The Crowsons arrived about 7 and John, Julie and Kate about 8pm.  Julie has a game where identical letters are on two different pieces of cloth and you have to guess and match.  Kate does real well.

    Thursday 1997 - [Newark, Thanksgiving] Thanksgiving dinner at John and Julie's house.  In AM cleaned windows, eaves, great weather.  Julie had a regular banquet.  In evening John and Julie went to Ashcrafts after they had a big dinner.

    Friday 1998 - [Phoenix]  Left with the Morgans for Sedona, a 2 hour drive.  Walked around Oak Creek State Park.  Lunch at the Atrium in Tlaquepaque in Sedona.  Heard that Jack Conklin lives there.  Came back to 57th and Utopia where the new Glendale PL [Foothills branch] is going up.  Catherine showed us all the options under "Portfolio."  Enjoyed reading the book Lindbergh by Scott Berg.  Also An Empire Wilderness by Robert Kaplan. 

    Saturday 1999 - Crowsons left about 10am as were to meet friends at Ponderosa in Wilmington for brunch.  They travel heavy.  Cleaned up leaves between sidewalk and street.

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    November 26, 1989-99

    Nov. 26, 1989-99 MV & Don announce engagement

     HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

    Sunday 1989 - MV called us.  Don asked for our blessing about their getting married next Aug. 25, in Wilmore.  He seems to be a nice person.

    Monday 1990 - In Wilmington for Bill Bowers (GG's brother-in-law) appraisal, supper at CMH, then grocery shopping.  Going through Gertrude Clark's things I found news clipping as follows: [Clipping attached: 142,700 PER CENT . . . Investing in Florida land has made many a people rich over the years and the big transaction this week in Hardee County where CF Industries Inc. acquired 19,555 acres for phosphate mining from the Stuart Bros. of Bartow is an example.  The Stuarts were paid $101.5 million for the land, most of it pasture and ranch.  That calculates to about $5,190 per acre.  Later, while searching land records in DeSoto County (the Stuart land area of Hardee at one time was DeSoto), Tribute Heartland staffer Arch Abernethy, discovered that the father of J.K. and W.H. Stuart (the sellers of the land this week), acquired the property in 1906, most of it for the price of $3.50 per acre.  That amounts to an estimated 142,700 per cent increase in investment, or, about 2,000 per cent per year for about 71 years.  [Which would mean this clipping is from ~1977. – Great return on investment for sure!]

    Tuesday 1991 - [Phoenix]  Off to Green Valley at 5:45 with the Morgans, who would play golf while we visited with Milt and Kate Foster.   Kate's sister, Sally and her 2nd husband came over for lunch.  New factory mall at Casa Grande [now mostly empty stores].  Catherine got new pair of shoes there.  Late supper at the Chinese Restaurant on 35th Ave.

    Thursday 1992 - [Thanksgiving] Thanksgiving, brought GHU over at noon and took her back about 7pm. She enjoyed seeing Ginny, who now weighs about 18#.  Cleaned the curb and cutter at GHU and the yard with the lawnmower.

    Friday 1993 - [Newark to home, GHU funeral pending] Left Newark about 10:30.  Julie had fixed us ham sandwiches with veggies which we ate en route home.  Made some purchases at Big Bear in WCH plus a stop at the old fashioned bakery Jim Smith came over about 4:30 and went over the "details."  Roberta brought Catherine down and also the new edition of Particular Places in Ohio.  John and Julie brought Joe for he had had several changes of planes.  Mares had driven from Boston to Lancaster where Larry started from.  Cris and Angela picked up Bill and Mary.  Cris and Angela left their children at home.  Rob didn't get in gear early enough to come.  [My recollection is that Rob claims Aunt Mary didn't tell them that Grandma had died until the night before when she asked if he would take them to the airport.]

    Saturday 1994 - Hauled two loads of wood chips over to the Church.  Went to Wilmington in the pick-up to get a book about Sol Wachtler – double life.  Stop at Foster Haines, got a white shirt, Van Heusen "Editions" + two pairs of socks and a necktie, Robert Stock, $6.50 originally $20.

    Sunday 1995 - [Lake Worth Florida] Went to SS (about 50 there).  Bob Hornback spoke.  Rob and Cindy (17 and 14 years in teaching) took us to Lucille and Otley's for lunch.  I walked to Gulf Stream Hotel.

    Tuesday 1996 - Cut our Christmas tree from across the street.   Roberta called, spoke with Joe.  He now has a gallery in Scottsdale.  Got my right eye examined.

    Wednesday 1997 - [to Newark] Drove to Newark, to Pond studio for which John had made appointment.  This guy talks so much it is hard to know when he takes picture.  Went to Church that PM with John, Julie and Kate.  Went to Amish bakery near East Main. 

    Thursday 1998 - [Thanksgiving, Phoenix] Ate at Fiesta Inn in Tempe (same ownership as Cherry Valley Lodge).  Very nice buffet.  At Kings Sid showed us how he gets on the internet to check on the "obits" in Iowa.

    Friday 1999 - Crowsons went at 9AM to see the Hannahs, then we all went to Wilmington to see Ruth and I went to the Court House.  Had lunch at Young's Dairy.  Ginny liked to feed the animals.

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    November 25, 1989-99

    Happy Thanksgiving

     HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

    Saturday 1989 - Cleaned out our ducts to the clothes dryer.  GHU fell in her bathroom and Lifeline called us.  Took some dirt away from her sewer line trench.  Called MV, she has the flu.

    Monday 1991 - [Santa Fe NM to Phoenix] Visited Joe's Santa Fe gallery, Jameson, though Joe has quite a time collecting on his paintings.  Lunch at the Shul [?], oh what a HOT meal.  Flew to Phoenix and got an Alamo Rental Car, $89 for the week, then to Westcourt Hotel ($39), #353.  Supper with family at Black Eyed Pea at 35th & Peoria [that location now Eyeglass World]. 

    Wednesday 1992 - John and Julie came. The Crowsons arrived 11/26 at 1:30am.

    Thursday 1993 - [Thanksgiving, to Newark] We drove to Newark for a big dinner with John and Julie.  Serena did join us.  We stayed at Mrs. Bogg's house.  MV and Don were the guests of John and Julie and the new Cherry Valley Lodge. 

    Friday 1994 - Cleaned out the pipe from the dryer, also finished cutting the grass back along the walk. 

    Saturday 1995 - [Lake Worth Florida] We walked along the west edge of Lake Worth, up to Palm Beach where we had lunch at Charlie Crab [? - can't find a restaurant with that name in PB], gal there modeling clothes.  Later went to the beach, water better than the air.  Mary said Cris and Angela have started their new house.  Mary sure loves football. 

    Monday 1996 - Had Vision 2000 meeting at church.

    Tuesday 1997 - They are patching our street where they put down the new water main.  Working on comparable value for Zurface.

    Wednesday 1998 - [Phoenix] Went to Last Chance, 19th St. & Camelback, got red belt and blue shirt.  Met the folks at the Gallery Cafe at the School of Culinary Arts at 2233 West Dunlap.  $7.50 each [now $12 for lunch, we ate there 11/16/11].

    Thursday 1999 - [Thanksgiving, Crowsons visiting]  MV had prepared an egg casserole for breakfast, complete with real maple syrup.  Had a great dinner.  John and Julie left about 3:30 as Ashcrafts were having a get together this evening and John works tomorrow.  We walked over to the school playground, what a raw wind.  Email from Catherine that they have reservations for that new [Kartchner] Cavern tour on 1/28 at 10:20am.

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    November 24, 1989-99

    Gladys Hiestand Uible (1892-1993)

    Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

    Friday 1989 - [Kentucky to home] MV had weight watchers items for our lunch.  I visited the new Lexington Public Library in the AM.  We left about 3pm, had supper at Bob Evans near Eastgate, gas 92.9¢. GHU needs help in going to the bathroom, she hears so well sometimes.  So many people already have up Christmas decorations.

    Saturday 1990 - I felt lousy, dizzy and chills.  Jean helped take the bells to the Bank for playing.  The "Business Group" having dinner and dance at school house for $10 a person.

    Sunday 1991 - [Santa Fe NM] Joe's choir group sang at the Unitarian Church in Albuquerque, the speaker on whether the test showed we were introvert or extrovert.  Earlier we drove out to where the balloons were landing and were invited to an instruction program.  The fellow was "primed" in an unusual plane.  Had lunch at Maria Teresa's in Old Town.  Joe's gallery there is really off the main tourist circuit.  Ice cream for supper, Haagen-Dazs and Ben and Jerry's (much nicer) though each was $1.75 a dip.  Joe needs some new chairs.

    Tuesday 1992 - We went to Wilmington, had 3 appointments there, item in Sunday's NYT on Guatemala.  Ate at Donatos, new pizza place, where Hardees used to be.  Had about finished eating when Wayne Gary Page came over and we talked to him for about an hour, mostly about him and his two sons bike trip in Europe this past summer.

    Wednesday 1993 - Heartland called us about 7am about GHU's condition.  Went over there, they had put her on oxygen and her color was better.  I went back about 5pm.  She wasn't breathing as hard, just resting peacefully.  She passed away about 7:15pm.  Sadie had been there all day.  [See below for timeline.]

    Thursday 1994 - [Thanksgiving] Great Thanksgiving dinner thanks to MV and Julie.  Sunny day.  John and Julie tried a little tennis, cold wind.

    Friday 1995 - [Orlando to Lake Worth Florida]  Had lunch in Vero Beach at Ocean Grill, called John Hardt, he retired there in 1983.  Went to Rob and Cindy's for recycled Thanksgiving dinner, beautiful pool.

    Sunday 1996 - Adrian Roberts had speaking trouble at start of Sunday School.  MUH buys new suitcases. Rev. Moses, Keith got him, spoke at our evening service.

    Monday 1997 - Bob and GG go to Las Vegas for 5 days.

    Tuesday 1998 - [Laughlin NV to Phoenix] Good buffet breakfast at hotel, $3.98 each. OJ being made. Pit stop at Lake Havasu, drove around London Bridge and then walked out part way.  Saw a lot of RV parks.  75mph speed limit on I-10.  Close call coming out of Cracker Barrel.  Got to Kings about 5pm.  Met Wendy and Liz at Soup and Salad at Metrocenter.  They are looking at a new apartment.  Went to Fry's and got groceries.

    Wednesday 1999 - Crowsons arrived about 5pm, had ham dinner.

    Gladys Hiestand Uible 1892-1993 - timeline (incomplete)

    22 Jun 1892 Ethel Gladys Hiestand born in Hillsboro, Ohio, parents Mary Ellen Fawley Hiestand (1853-1929) and Ira Franklin Hiestand (1851-1912), sibling to Harry C. Hiestand (1872-1967), Luna Hiestand Mitchell (1874-1970), Dorsa D. Hiestand (1876-1959), and Fawley Hiestand (1879-1881).

    10 Jun 1912 Marriage to Cecil J. Uible
    [1912-1964 many events not all of which are yet documented]
    1927  moved to New Vienna, Ohio
    June 1962  celebrated 50th Wedding Anniversary

    9/28/64 fell and broke femur neck bone in right hip
    8/28/89 Kathy McIntosh begins caretaking
    8/31/89 to Emergency Room w/hemorrhoid problems
    9/13/89 talks of going into nursing home, wondering what to wear to MV's recital on 10/8
    9/17/89 took GHU & Helen Drake to Westboro UMC #135 anniv
    10/11/89 GHU buys 3 new dresses and new coat
    10/12/89 GHU buys a hat during Dayton shopping trip with Jean & Roberta
    10/31/89 not herself, no appetite and dizzy
    11/4/89 cleaned her gutters
    11/24/89 needs help going to bathroom
    11/25/89 GHU fell in her bathroom and Lifeline called us
    4/13/90 Weight = 96, up from low of 90
    4/17/90 Dr. Bath makes house call to NV
    7/15/90 to SS and Church and Leesburg for lunch, she likes the oysters
    10/15/90 Blood Pressure 208/80, Emergency Room visit followed by hospital stay
    10/22/90 Home from 7-days in hospital
    10/24/90 Can't remember being in hospital
    10/25/90 Physical Therapist visits
    10/27/90 joined us and Roberta for Senior Citizens potluck dinner in Wilmington
    11/8/90 wants to sleep more
    11/9/90 to Dr. Moran, cut her nails
    11/14/90 getting weaker, will only say a couple of words
    11/20/90 has bright moments but won't feed herself
    2/4/91 Enters Heartland in Hillsboro
    5/2/91 Weight = 98
    5/28/91 Heartland rates increase from $77 to $85/day (2011 rates $163/day)
    8/11/91 Sadie accompanies her to John's wedding
    8/23/91 Hortons got new fridge at GHU's $557.29
    10/6/91 comes to lunch in NV, Fannie Moore & daughter Margaret (70) visit
    10/7/91 new furnace @GHU house
    10/13/91 GHU to Sunday School and Wooden Spoon for lunch
    10/30/91 seems real good, enjoyed trick or treaters at Heartland
    11/10/91 has gained 12# since Feb, now 102
    6/25/92 article in Hillsboro paper about women over 100, including GHU
    8/13/92 Weight = 94
    8/14/92 Very uncooperative, spits out food, won't put teeth in
    9/12/92 Came to NV for Helen Drake's 90th birthday
    9/21/92 Weight = 95
    11/8/92 very alert today
    11/14/92 very good today, Roberta visiting
    11/15/92 "out"
    11/16/92 doing great today, complained about too much toilet paper
    11/26/92 came to NV for Thanksgiving, Ginny weighs 18#
    3/16/93 Weight = 103
    5/10/93 Weight = 97
    5/22/93 Weight = 98
    6/10/93 Weight = 103
    6/19-7/5/93 Hillsboro hospital for urinary infection, temp 104
    7/5/93 back to Heartland, room 206
    7/17/93 had an x-ray, temp 102
    8/12/93 weight = 94
    8/18/93 weight = 97
    8/25/93 weight = 97.6
    10/17/93 to Hillsboro hospital but not admitted, she is "out" most of the time
    10/19/93 Roberta great help in visiting
    10/20/93 sleepy and uncooperative about eating and drinking
    10/26/93 high temperature problems, not doing well
    10/30/93 really uncooperative
    11/3/93 has lost 4#, down to 85#, refuses to eat
    11/6/93 drank orange juice, can't get her teeth in
    11/14/93 drank little milk and apple juice
    11/15/93 about the same
    11/16/93 has lost 3oz.
    11/20/93 very uncooperative
    11/23/93 won't drink much liquid
    11/24/93 passes away at 7:15 pm
    8/1/95 wrote final checks on estate
    8/12/95 took surplus to Pregnancy Crisis Center garage sale
    9/18/93 doesn't want to eat or drink
    10/12/93 hard to get more than yes or no
    10/28/95 winterized house
    10/16/97 got porch fixed
    10/11/98 tore out the porch ramp wheel chair entrance

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    November 23, 1989-99

    Grandma hangs on another day 

     HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

    Thursday 1989 - [to Lexington, KY for Thanksgiving] Mother and Jean and I drove to Lexington to meet MV, Don and Sandy at L&N Seafood Restaurant (Green Roof Mall) [L&N was replaced by Regatta Seafood in 1994, and the mall is now called Lexington Green.]   Buffet $9.95.  MV felt lousy.  She (MV) is house and cat sitting for her music teacher (Virginia Bowles) at 1125 Buttonwood Ct.  What a large house, especially the bathroom suite off the mater bedroom  (he works for Salvation Army). 

    Friday 1990 - Beautiful day.  Transplanted trees and shrubs + hauled down a lot of brush from Betty Thompson's.

    Saturday 1991 - [to Santa Fe NM] Flew to Albuquerque where we rented a car and drove to Santa Fe.  Had reservations at the Picacho Hotel [no longer listed, may have changed names], then had dinner at La Casa Sena.  It's cold there.

    Tuesday 1993 - Jean got Jay Ewing to come and help put up the storm windows.  Mother still won't drink much liquid.  Sadie hopes she will hang in there until Roberta arrives.  Put some leaves on the garden.  December issue of National Geographic came.

    Wednesday 1994 - Dow Jones Index down 92 points.  John, Julie and Kate arrive.  John had sheet on Concorde flight to London from Columbus, Ohio and back on the Q.E. II at $5000 and UP.  Also talking of Izaak Walton place in Essex MT for a family get together.  Ted Wallen in hospital with kidney stones.

    Thursday 1995 - [Orlando Florida, Thanksgiving] Went to the Peabody Hotel at 11am to see the 5 ducks "run" to the fountain.  Then to Church St. Station, 1886 RR station and shop.  We ate at Lili Marlene's [not currently a restaurant with that name in Orlando], we were there 2 hours.  Next door was Brady O'Grady [possibly Rosie O'Grady's which is listed as a former entertainment place at Church Street Station, now closed] where fellow played and sang.  We walked around Lake Eola.  Back to Disney Village, what a crowd.  Had to call lock man to get into our room.

    Saturday 1996 - Back from LA and the Australia and New Zealand trip.  Joe Hiestand Family had party at Snow Hill for Joe's 90th birthday.  The plane ticket cost was $1379.

    Monday 1998 - [Death Valley to Laughlin NV] Drove to Badwater, walked out on salt, lowest spot in North America.  Sign up on hill "Sea Level."  Some rough road into Shoshone CA.  Pit stop at nice McDonald's in Pahrump NV, lots of building sites there.  Ate lunch at 160 & I-15, got potato soup and sandwich as carry out.  Then Jean went in and we got ice cream, $2 for a waffle cone.  On to Laughlin and have room 5070 at the Hilton for $17/night.  Great view of the river, also nice walk along the river.  Had supper in their diner, prime rib for $7.95, too much to eat and Jean had French Dip.  At least you can get around here without passing too many slots.  Went to movie across the street, saw Pleasantville, weird.  They didn't know what rain was and this gal falls for the artist.

    Tuesday 1999 - John, Julie and Kate arrive.  Kate likes to play librarian.  Grant was at Wells again.  Grabills [?] were in re conservation easement.  Also John Hill about the wrecked car, where title signed by P/A.  Jean had spaghetti for supper and some crispy cookies that really turned out brittle.  Dr. Weatherington called and said my blood tests were good with a low PST.  They are starting to move things out of the old NV School.  Kate is a finicky eater.

    Monday, November 21, 2011

    November 22, 1989-99

    Thanksgiving begins

     HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

    Thursday 1990 - [Thanksgiving] A damp AM, did clean the curb and cutters at GHU's.  Did not bring GHU up.  Most of the family left by 3.  MV and Don were going to Macon, GA on 11/23 for a wedding.  Serena bought oysters for dressing and MV had applesauce cake.  John and Julie are still undecided on their plans.

    Friday 1991 - [Mo-Ranch, Humble to Austin TX] End of ElderHostel at Mo-Ranch.  We took Earle Foster to Austin where we had reservation at Hilton for $45.  Visited LBJ family farm en route.

    Sunday 1992 - Dinner at church, then Serena came to help on the computer.  She makes it look so easy.  They called about GHU about her temperature though she seemed very normal in the evening.  Barnabus group at NV Church of Christ, our Bell Choir sang and also Church Choir.  Waxed the Honda, it turned 67,000 [miles].

    Tuesday 1994 - [Ginny visiting] MV and Don arrived.  Ginny is getting some toilet training.  She doesn't like sitting in the booster chair.

    Wednesday 1995 - [Orlando Florida] Left for Epcot on the bus at 8am.  We pretty well covered the place in the next 13 hours.  Had a light lunch in a food court and then had dinner at the Morocco place, $19.95 each with belly dancer, etc.  We rode the boat over and then walked the rest of the way back.  France and Canada have great pictures, felt like our seats were tilted at times and then we zoomed in.  It got cold in the evening.  Jean had a time with her clothes.

    Friday 1996 - [Trip to Australia and New Zealand through 11/22 ends]

    Saturday 1997 - Went to Hillsboro in PM to look at love seats, a long conversation with Mrs. Holthouse [?].  Got 5 for 5 at Arby's which we ate at home.  Cleaned up the rest of the leaves.

    Sunday 1998 - [Death Valley] Forgot that my watch is on AZ time so we got to Visitor Center at 8am rather than 9.  Plenty of material to read there.  They have perpetual [church] bulletins (no date) - topic WWGD, What would God do?  Picture of boy with one piece of cake, would God multiply it into many pieces?  Walked around outdoor museum and to the pool.  Talked to fellow (his wife didn't join in) who was in the pool as their home is a Motor Home (a Continental) and they pull a convertible jeep behind.  Went to Furnace Creek Inn for their Buffet, they really had some rare roast beef, $17.95 each.  Went South past Golden Canyon and made Artist's Drive loop.  The sun is behind the mountain at 4pm.  We walked over to the evening program, a "dark experience."

    Sunday, November 20, 2011

    November 21, 1987-99

    Death Valley

     HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

    Saturday 1987 - El Tour de Tucson, 109 miles, what a workout with Roberta and too much of the same food, 10 hours and 35 minutes.

    Wednesday 1990 - Mother has her bright moments, but so hard to get more than a yes or no from her.  Will hold glass, but not feed herself.  No control on going to bathroom.  MV and Don arrived about 6 and John and Julie at 10pm.  Got new Magnivox Radio, $22.95.

    Thursday 1991 - [Mo-Ranch, Humble TX through 11/22]

    Sunday 1993 - Mother very uncooperative.  Had lunch at Frisch's, bought toaster oven at Odd Lots.  Visited Frank Young at Hillsboro Nursing Home.  Washed and waxed the car.  We walked out to the cemetery.  John Hughes have a nice stone, family tree, picture of their house and NV School.

    Monday 1994 - [Ginny visiting]

    Tuesday 1995 - [to Orlando Florida] We leave for Orlando from CVG for 3 nights a the Hilton, then to LW for 3 nights with Mary and then to Naples for the Walkers condo.  There were few of us without children so got sit in Row 11, exit row with lots of leg room.  We are in Room 1005 at the Hilton at $91/night (has fax machine), near Epcot.  Ate at the Plaza, had shrimp special for $6.95, all you want.

    Thursday 1996 - [Trip to Australia and New Zealand through 11/22]

    Saturday 1998 - [Death Valley] Drove 53 miles to Scotty's Castle, for 10am tour.  Fellow [tour guide] acts like it is 1938 (when a gospel group owned it) and they had rooms for rent.  Very interesting.  We had lunch there.  Then to Ubehebe Crater, right by the road.  On the way up took trail to Harmony Borax Works - 165 miles (10 days to rail head).  On way back walked around Sand Dunes near Stovepipe Wells and Salt Creek Interpretive Trail.  Didn't see any of those little fish.  Surprising to see the water flowing.  At 5:30 we were at Furnace Creek Inn for dinner, most entrees were $22 and up.  Onion soup which came in a pastry shell was $7.  Back to visitor center for 7pm show.

    Sunday 1999 - Pledge Sunday at Church with pot luck afterward.   Still trying to reach Serena.  Walked out past school and Apple Tree apartments.  Talked to Judy ____,  Faymon Woods adopted daughter, they are going to Atlanta for Thanksgiving.  Read in NYT where Atlanta has more traffic congestion (longer commutes) than any other urban area in the US.

    Roberta & Catherine 1953 Ready for Winter

    Roberta(2), Catherine(4) ready for winter in Ohio, November 1953

    Saturday, November 19, 2011

    November 20, 1989-99

    Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

    Tuesday 1990 - DP&L breaks ground on new building on east edge of Wilmington.  DP&L 840ccf=$66.66, GHU 470ccf=$40.13.

    Wednesday 1991 - [Mo-Ranch, Humble TX through 11/22]   [Thelma Holmes dies.  She was born 30 March 1904, daughter of Bill Holmes.  Had last visited her 10/19/91 at St. Anne's hospital, Jean wrote her obituary.]

    Friday 1992 - Had our physicals at Main Medical, said I could renew the magazine subscription.  Then we took a Wells order to Jim Gooding at Gldr [?] Furniture.  Bought some fruit at Findley Market.  Met Serena at Iron Horse Restaurant in Glendale [Ohio].  Jean got blouse at regular shop.  Walked through Toedtman School of Music.  Then to computer shop where we spent about $3000 on a computer, monitor and laser printer.

    Saturday 1993 - Went to Wilmington and got Manger Scene at Christian Book Store, $225, then to Murphy Benham to look at stove and refrigerators.  Lunch at D.S. in  Waynesville, roast pork was $6.50.  Visited library there, then to appliance store in Lebanon and a quick stop at PL there.  Drove down to King's Auto mall, nice gal at Saturn.  Big Kroger Super Store there.  At Men's Breakfast this AM Stan Hannah spoke on correlation of golf and faith.

    Sunday 1994 - [Ginny visiting] Quarterly conference at Church at 3:30 with PPR committee at 2:45.   Shirley Cadle is new DS.  She is 60, has been at Mt. Airy UMC for 17 years.  Her husband has started flying lessons, as has Stan Hannah.  Evening meeting at church, program on wellness and then a video for ½ hour.  Church has bought a new TV.

    Monday 1995 - What a busy day, taking stuff to CMH for Twig Bake Sale, meeting John Z at NB&T for lock box opening and trying to re-write a trust, etc.

    Wednesday 1996 - [Trip to Australia and New Zealand through 11/22]

    Thursday 1997 - Christie hearing in Hillsboro, then in PM to Merrill Lynch for CL program at Kenwood and Cooper, just off R. Reagan in Blue Ash.  Jean went to Kenwood Mall.  Supper at Mariemont at Cowley Inn, near GG but half the price.  Gas 110.9¢.  Salesman at Wells with pizza.

    Friday 1998 - [Las Vegas to Death Valley] Walked around North end of hotel, then had breakfast about 10am in the buffet, a great spread for $8.95.  Breakfast is over at 10:30 and they had a smooth transition to lunch at 11am.  We were still there when lunch started.  Went to LVPL, seemed like a lot of homeless men sitting around, wonder how many of them were big time bettors [gamblers].  A three hour drive to Death Valley, we are in Motel Room 710.  Nice visitor center.  Went to PM program and then got items at grocery store for breakfast.

    Saturday 1999 - Helped (?) spread stone over plastic in the dug out part of the space under the Habitat house across from tennis courts.  MV told us she has put up their Christmas tree.  Roberta is participating in that ride (bike) around Tucson.

    Friday, November 18, 2011

    November 19, 1989-99

    Drive to Las Vegas from Phoenix

     HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

    Sunday 1989 - 25 years ago I-71 was opened between Cincinnati and Columbus.

    Monday 1990 - Zoning hearing by the County Commissioners. A filling at the dentist. Electric clothes dryer hooked up at GHU's.

    Tuesday 1991 - [Mo-Ranch, Humble TX through 11/22]

    Saturday 1994 - [Ginny visiting] Jack Walker of Hillsboro (who used to sell insurance) spoke at UMC Men's Breakfast. Ginny and I walked to Wells and back, a very nice day, we also visited the playground. Trimmed the grass back along the walks. Visited Louise Bloom out at the old Perkins house. Emergency squad and Lions Club having dinner today. Wendell Jack Walker telling of problem of mailing package to Spain from Hillsboro PO.

    Sunday 1995 - Wilmington retail merchants having Christmas open house. We did visit Swindlers [nursery, florist]. Ate at Frisch's. Marian Schantz is 86, she is real proud of her daughter-in-law in her balloon-hot-air hobby. The Kings brought over pumpkin bread.

    Tuesday 1996 - [Trip to Australia and New Zealand through 11/22]

    Wednesday 1997 - Went to Wilmington, saw Donna Brown. Zoning dept. has moved across the street to building next to UMC building. Danny Nixon now working at WPL. He and Rachel were married this summer. Saw Donna Cornelius and Donald Mone at Bob Evans. They were in school together at Belfast. NV is putting in new fire plugs.

    Thursday 1998 - [Phoenix to Las Vegas] Met the Kings at First Watch at 8am. Wendy was ½ hour late. Roberta had just gotten in the night before from Germany. Left about 9:30 and were in Kingman for lunch at McDonalds, where we got a shake and ate muffins and fruit from Roberta. Gas 92.9¢. Lots of road construction south of Kingman. 75mph speed limit on I-40. Had reservations at the new Belaggio Hotel in Las Vegas, room 6006 (has view of the strip), were there at 4pm, 3pm local time. Beautiful flowers in lobby area and several pools open to guests only. Still had to walk through slots, etc. to get to elevators. Took the tram to the Monte Carlo Hotel, then a long walk to the MGM Grand, more walking. First restaurant was booked but ate next door at the Brown Derby. Jean got onion soup, I got Cobb salad and a salmon dinner which we shared. Grapefruit cake for dessert. Room at Bellagio very nice, separate shower area and big tub, water shows [outside in front of hotel] every half hour. New Eiffel Tower going up across the street.

    Missouri Library Postcards

    St. Louis, Missouri received a $1 million dollar gift from Andrew Carnegie to build their new central library in 1901.  25¢ bought the postcard below about 100 years later.  Currently it is under a $70 million dollar restoration and renovation, expected to reopen in 2012.

    St. Louis Missouri library postcard c1925
    St. Louis Missouri library postcard c1925 address side mailed 5 Aug 2004 from Catherine to HHUs
    Recognize this handwriting?  I wasn't around in 1925 to write the message but saved it until 2004.  Here's my exciting message of 5 August 2004:
    Hi! Glad we were able to get our tickets to fly to Ohio at a bargain price ($99 one way) so close to Thanksgiving [family get together to see Kate perform in the Nutcracker].  Seems like fall already with kids back in school and we are immersed in planning fall programs.  Summer session of storytimes ends this week.  Total registration for children's reading program this summer was 11,333 an increase of 5% over 2003.  Next week is meeting to begin planning for 2005.  When do you leave for Asheville?  Love, Catherine & Gerry

    St. Louis Missouri library postcard c1910
    St. Louis Missouri library postcard c1910 addressed to Miss Lucy Dinsmore, Minneapolis, postmarked 17 March 1913
    St. Louis March 14 – We have gone thro this Missouri Carnegie Library and while I cannot tell how many books are on the shelvles I have noticed that the children's room is considerably larger than our library.  Interior is entirely of marble and granite.  Hope you are well.  --E.L. Koch

    This is the second postcard in my collection addressed to Miss Dinsmore, the other one of the St. Paul Minnesota library was sent by the same person E.L. (E. Louis) Koch on 27 July 1919 at which time Lucy was living in Lutsen, MN, about 250 miles north of Minneapolis on Lake Superior.

    The Carnegie Library in Joplin, Missouri was built in 1902.  Other views and a current picture of it with more shrubbery can be seen here.  Other older pictures can also be found on the Historic Joplin website.  According to Carnegie LIbraries of the South Central StatesUnfortunately, per the library's historic views collection, the zinc roof leaked and the second floor was unable to bear the weight of its books. These were some of the reasons it was replaced in 1980.
    Carnegie Library, Joplin Missouri c1905
    Carnegie Library Joplin MO postcard address side postmarked 12 Mar 1907, to Miss Bertha Boothroyd from Uncle Joe

    Carnegie Libraries in Missouri = 33 Public and 2 Academic.  One of the academic libraries is Park College.
    Catherine's Collection = 2 (6%)

    Total blogged to date = ME, MA, MI, MT and MN
    Carnegie Libraries in those states = 244
    Catherine's collection = 12 (5%)

    Maine (1 of 21)
    Massachusetts (2 of 45)
    Michigan (3 of 61)
    Minnesota (1 of 65)

    Missouri (2 of 35)
    Montana (3 of 17)

    Totals in Catherine's collection = 12 of 244

    Thursday, November 17, 2011

    November 18, 1989-99

    Somerset UMC very friendly
     HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

    Saturday 1989 - Had lunch at NV Senior Citizens, got bushel of apples at Karns in Wilmington for $10. Cider for $2.50/gallon. DP&L 22.7 KW/day, $53.00. GHU 6.1 KW/day, $17.32.

    Sunday 1990 - [Kentucky with Serena to home] Went to Somerset UMC, very friendly. MV does good job of choir directing. Serena under the weather. Left about 3pm. Bob Evans for a snack. (Wayne and Shirley Jones with daughter who's thinking of EKU next year were there.) GHU seems pretty good.

    Monday 1991 - [Mo-Ranch, Humble TX through 11/22]

    Thursday 1993 - Had pre-trial at Municipal Court; met Jean at the WPL. Last Sunday was issue of Sophisticated Traveler. Went to Bob Evans for lunch, seems like a poor seating arrangement. Jean is getting quotes on printing for the District UMC. Came home via Sabina, saw Evelyn Bernard at Autumn Years, she is quite a talker.

    Friday 1994 - [met MV and picked up Ginny for NV stay] After a stop at Aldi's, milk $1.79/gal, Clinton County Court House, then Butler County Court House for K. Mee Estate, then to Talbot's in Cincy, a big sale now on, and then met MV and Ginny at Cracker Barrel at Exit 115. We brought Ginny home with us, while MV and _______ are going on a retreat at Shakertown for two nights.

    Saturday 1995 - [Newark to home] We took down some of the gym stuff at John and Julie's.  Then in the PM John and Julie went to a wedding and we left about 4pm, having a snack at Wendy's at Jeffersonville Mall. Got bagels 6/99¢.

    Monday 1996 - [Trip to Australia and New Zealand through 11/22]

    Tuesday 1997 - Jean had UMW meeting at Hause's. Free subscription to NYT on internet. Helped Opal turn off AC units in Church ceiling.

    Wednesday 1998 - [to Phoenix] We left for Phoenix from Cincinnati. Went to Glendale PL, got several books including biography of Charles Lindbergh. Ate at Mediterranean Restaurant, nice variety.

    Thursday 1999 - Found out today that the Meeting of the Wells buyer was in Columbus so drove up there. Grant showed me around, very impressive: 6610 Singleton off Burch Dr. Got haircut at Greg's, $7. Catherine called us about problems they are having at Best West [RV]. This Jim (Gerry's former partner) has his wife and son working there.

    Wednesday, November 16, 2011

    November 17, 1989-99

    Wells sold

     HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

    Saturday 1990 - [to Kentucky with Serena] We left at 7am with the van loaded with MV's things, met them at Wilmore and then on to Somerset, they had a U-Haul and a tow for Don's old car.  Plenty of Church members there to help and they brought chili, etc. for lunch.  In the PM we went to Waitsboro Inn.

    Sunday 1991 - [Castroville to Humble TX] Drove to Humble, went to UMC and lunch at airport restaurant which is owned by Evelyn and her daughter.  Checked in at Mo-Ranch, [Presbyterian Retreat] beautiful setting, we were in first room right next to office, in Pheasant Run.  The courses most interesting.  Good background for our future trip.  
    [Course synopsis attached:  Mo-Ranch -- Hugging the banks of the Guadalupe River in one of the most beautiful settings in the Texas Hill Country, Presbyterian Mo-Ranch is 90 miles northwest of San Antonio. Swim, fish, canoe the spring-fed waters; play tennis and hike the trails of the 434-acre conference center which offers animal and bird watchers a rare opportunity.  The ranch buildings are showplaces–a legacy from the original owner, an oil company president.  Program Charge $280.  
    Oddballs of the Bible: Introduce yourself to the ample accounts of unusual characters found in the Bible.  Look at a number of these oddballs, including Gideon, Esther, Hezekiah, Balaam, Samson, Elisha and Paul.
    Birth of the Bible: From Manuscripts to Publishers:  Trace the formation and transmission of the biblical traditions from ancient manuscripts and translations to today's Bible.  Learn the complex process by which biblical documents reached their final form.
    Geography of New Testament Israel: Learn the geography of Jesus' ministry.  Charts and maps based on recent research make the gospel account of the life of Jesus more understandable and meaningful.] 

    Tuesday 1992 - [Roberta leaves] Took Roberta back to Columbus airport.  Supper at Ala Carte on 23, 33 N. High. [Does not appear to be a restaurant at that location now.]  Had hummus, with pita bread and Jean had odd [or cold?] soup.  $24 for the two of us.

    Wednesday 1993 - More rain.  Mother lost 3oz. this past week.  Roberta plans to come on Thanksgiving.  We went out to see John Hughes, says he spits up blood.

    Friday 1995 - [to Newark] Left about 9am for Newark, had lunch with John, Julie and Kate at the Chinese Restaurant near them (buffet was $5.50).  They have two M.D. appointments in the PM, they are leaning toward going full term, have the name Joseph picked out.  Betty had us down for supper.  Joan is expecting next April.  Mo-Ranch week is now $340.  PNB raised their dividend to 35¢ from 30¢.

    Sunday 1996 - [Trip to Australia and New Zealand through 11/22]

    Wednesday 1999 - What a day, the Wells closing was first scheduled for 1:30, then kept postponing it hour by hour, finally Grant and Glenn arrived at 5:30 and I got home about 9pm.  Luckily the Wells folks had fixed us fruit pizza, cheese ball, ham and cheese sandwiches.  Glenn is now working in Hickory NC.

    Items from Uible photo album